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Sharp stabbing pain abdoman

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  1. Why am I frequently having a sharp stabbing pain in my ribs?
    9 Health 148
  2. Love And Pain
    2 Relationships 22
  3. What is this sharp stomach pain?
    I have sharp pain in my stomach all the time
    3 Health 216
  4. What are growing pains?
    what are growing pains?
    4 Health 209
  5. How can paper be so sharp?
    12 General 61
  6. Is having a baby painful?
    3 Health 32
  7. Could Sharp Pains in your Head be a Headache?
    Could Sharp Pains in your Head be a Headache?
    2 Health 44
  8. What pain killers are really good for muscular pain?
    14 Health 72
  9. How can i relieve my back pain without pain pills?
    7 Health 36
  10. What can I do about my stomach pains from having sex?
    What can I do about my stomach pains from having sex?
    2 Sex 2027
  11. worst pain you had?
    whatz the worst pain you had?
    13 Health 51
  12. How can I cure the pain in my neck?
    7 Health 166
  13. Why does she feel pain when I finger her?
    8 Relationships 246
  14. What's the most pain you've ever been in?
    33 General 53
  15. How to stop the pain after braces?
    11 Health 31
  16. nipple pain
    My both nipple are pain.why?
    3 Health 74
  17. why do i have short sharp pains in the left corner of my head?
    6 Health 16
  18. What's the most painful piercing to get?
    8 Style 1657
  19. What does it mean to have sharp elbows?
    2 Health 73
  20. How painful is a nose job?
    17 Health 81
  21. Abdomen starts to feel like sharp stabbing pains and cramps?
    What the hell does it mean when my abdomen starts to feel like sharp stabbing pains and cramps?
    2 Health 3858
  22. What are these sharp pains in my stomach?
    What are these sharp pains in my stomach please help im in lots of pain
    4 Health 86
  23. How to deal with stomach pains from starving myself?
    How do I deal with the stomach pains when I am starving myself???
    7 Health 125
  24. What's the best supplement for joint pain?
    What is the best supplement for joint pain?
    3 Health 62
  25. Which is more painful, lip or nose piercing?
    most painful, lip or nose?
    3 Style 1065
  26. How to make cutting less painful?
    I cut, what can I do to make it less painful?
    2 Health 188
  27. Pain in my ribs, what is it?
    im having pains in my ribs what could it be ?
    11 Health 25
  28. How to get rid of eye pain?
    How can get rid of My eyes pain?
    3 Health 47
  29. How painful can it be removing my wisdom tooth?
    5 Health 48
  30. what was your most painful trip to the hospital? and not for surgery
    32 Health 43
  31. I am in pain
    how to order Percocet online
    2 Health 46
  32. Why do i get random ear pains?
    2 Health 45
  33. boner pain
    Does it hurt to break a boner? ?
    7 Health 647
  34. im pregnant having sharp pain after I eat?
    im pregnant and I've been having sharp pain after I eat a very big meal what does that mean?
    2 Health 114
  35. where is it less painful on your body to get a tattoo?
    where is it less painful on your body to get a tattoo? where is it more painful?
    9 Style 85
  36. Back pain during period
    during my period my back pain is starting. how can I cured this pain ?
    2 Health 31
  37. What type of sickness do i have with migrains,headaches,cough, stomic pains, nausia, mucle pain?
    6 Health 48
  38. What's that fetish called where you really enjoy pain?
    What's that fetish called where you really enjoy pain?
    7 General 309
  39. Would you rather feel pain or nothing?
    would you rather feel pain or feel nothing at all
    14 Health 65
  40. Does period pains hurt a lot?
    Do period pains hurt a lot? how badly?
    3 Health 68
  41. What are these upper pains i get?
    i was getting a pain on my upper stomach and idk what it is...
    2 Health 30
  42. Why are parents always a pain?
    why are your parents allways a pain? they sick.
    5 Family 34
  43. Pelvic cramps and sharp pains down my legs???
    I keep gettin cramps in my pelvic area,and sharp pains down my legs.what does this mean?
    8 Health 201
  44. Pain masturbation
    Am 21 .have Paine while masturbation,help me please
    3 Sex 37
  45. knee pain
    What does it mean when you have pain ontop of the knee cap
    2 Health 22
  46. Can I give benadryl to my dog for tooth pain?
    Can I give benadryl to my dog for tooth pain?
    3 Pets 166
  47. Why do I get pain in my belly button when I urinate?
    4 Health 109
  48. Why do i get alot of cheast pain when i excerise?
    5 Nutritionfitness 22
  49. whats the worst pain you ever felt?
    13 General 27
  50. how can I help my mom ease her fibromyalgia pain ?
    3 Health 18
  51. how do i prevent the pain of medical shots as they are being recieved?
    5 Health 32
  52. Does dehydration in adults cause ear pain?
    4 Health 25
  53. Can worrying cause chest pain?
    Can worrying cause your chest to hurt?
    2 Health 21
  54. What can help to you get rid of pain in your hands/fingers?
    3 Health 30
  55. How to get rid of consistent neck pain?
    7 Health 20
  56. Why do I get a pain in my ears when I eat something?
    6 Health 27
  57. How do you relieve stomach pain without medication?
    17 Health 59
  58. can anyone describe the pain of the baby comin out?
    3 Health 41
  59. How painful are corset piercings compared to facial piercings?
    3 Style 50
  60. Is it normal when you have a hangover to wake up on the middleof the nitght with a giant aching painful pain in ur chest????
    29 Health 28
  61. Which painkiller for which pain?
    paracetamol? ibuprofen? asprin?
    7 Health 32
  62. below the knee pain
    where can I get a heating pad from
    2 Nutritionfitness 10
  63. How can I ease the pain when running when I have period cramps?
    4 Health 24
  64. how can i reduce my lower abdominal pain when i do sex?
    4 Sex 247
  65. How painful is a tattoo on shoulder blades
    How painful is a tattoo on shoulder blades or middle of blades under the neck?
    7 Style 72
  66. Pains in my sides, right above my hip bone?
    I have pains in my sides, right above my hip bone. what could it be???
    5 Health 83
  67. What is this weird pain in my rib cage?
    there is this weird pain right between my ribs right below them and I don't know what it is do you?
    3 Health 90
  68. What's the worst pain you've ever felt?
    Whats the worst pain you've ever felt ??
    10 Health 58
  69. Knee Pain Prevention
    What is some good exercise that prevents knee pain and injury?
    2 Health 11
  70. Is anal sex painful?
    Is having anal sex painful for a girl ?? I need advice ??
    3 Sex 129
  71. Is getting a tattoo really as painful as people say it is?
    Is getting a tattoo really as painful as people say it is?
    7 Style 17
  72. How can I stop strong stomach pains?
    what can i do f i have a strong pain in my stomch
    2 Health 125
  73. Plucking eyebrows with less pain?
    does anyone know how to do it so that there is no pain when plucking the eyebrows?
    10 Style 93
  74. Stomach pains after we have sex
    After my girfriend and I have sex, she complains about stomach pains. Can you tell me why?
    4 Sex 8996
  75. How painful is getting waxed down there?
    I was just wondering if getting down there waxed painful...please and thnks!
    2 Style 42
  76. below the knee pain
    how do I stop pain thats right below my knee it is internal
    2 Health 35
  77. Are pap smears painful?
    Am I the only one who thinks that pap smears are very very painful exams?
    5 Health 71
  78. Do women or men take pain better
    What to you think. Do women or men take pain better.
    9 Health 59
  79. Is it normal to feel pain during masurbation?
    When I masturbate I feel a little pain. Is it normal?
    3 Sex 45
  80. Is sex painful if you broke your hymen already?
    if you hymen broke way before you had sex, is it as painful to have sex?
    3 Sex 79
  81. Where is th least painful place to have your fisrt tatto?
    Where is th least painful place to have your fisrt tatto???
    4 Style 126
  82. Why would I have sharp spastic pains in my left kidney that come and go occasionally since I was little?
    8 Health 36
  83. Sharp pains in chest
    I have had super sharp pains in my chest on the left mostly comes when I try and lay down. Does anybody know what this could be?
    2 Health 15
  84. What does it mean when I try to breathe and I get a pain in my ribcage?
    7 Health 46
  85. What is something physically painful my girlfriend and I could do to each other since we both have a pain fetish (we've used whipping, spanking, & biting)?
    8 Health 38
  86. Can being overweight cause severe knee and ankle pains?
    6 Health 15
  87. Why do I have a pain in my upper back on the left side by my shoulder?
    4 Health 25
  88. Does having a breast reduction really help with back pain?
    6 Health 18
  89. pain meds
    how do I buy painmeds online with no perscription
    2 Health 21
  90. What does it mean when I have a pain in my stomach and I feel faint and weak?
    3 Health 87
  91. Do you agree that (figuratively) pulling out a knife hurts more than stabbing it?
    10 Health 87
  92. Is a belly button piercing painful?
    does getting your belly button pierced hurt?
    4 Style 182
  93. How can you ease the pain of missing your boyfriend when you can't talk to him or see him?
    23 Relationships 36
  94. do chickens feel pain
    when they are slaughtered to make chicken nuggets?
    9 Food 93
  95. why have i got really bad period pains now ? when they wasnt bad before ?
    8 Health 38
  96. How do I say goodbye to him, without causing too much pain?
    22 Relationships 39
  97. When getting a small tattoo on your hand, what is the pain comparable too?
    6 Style 35
  98. What are some things I can do to keep me active and keep my mind sharp; I am 62?
    11 Health 50
  99. Horrid sharp pain in the lower right side of my stomach
    I just got this horrid sharp pain in the lower right side of my stomach..I have to curl in a ball to weaken the pain...agh, please help!
    6 Health 248
  100. sunburn make it feel less painful?
    what is a good way to make sunburn feel less painful?
    2 Health 113
  101. How to stop the pain of a twisted ankle?
    I twisted my right ankle and it hurts , how can I lessen the pain ?
    5 Health 19
  102. What's the most and least painful piercings?
    heyya!! I was wonderiin what the most and least painful piercing was?? thanks -x-
    15 Style 325
  103. Why do I get pains when I masturbate?
    whenever I masturbate I get a pain where my ovaries are whats wrong with me??
    4 Sex 97
  104. On The Treadmill And I Kept Getting This Pain In My Side?
    At Cheerleading I Was On The Treadmill And I Kept Getting This Pain In My Side. Why Is That? *I Had Just Eaten*
    4 Nutritionfitness 29
  105. I have lower back pain, can you give me help & advise?
    I need help and advise for my lower back pain, can you help?
    4 Health 55
  106. Is it normal to have a sharp pain in my vagina whilst being fingered? And a small drop of blood? And will this reoccur? Yes I am I virgin btw.
    6 Health 133
  107. Chest pains, sharp and hard to breathe
    I keep getting really sharp chest pains and then find it hardish to breathe. Why could this be?? What should I do?? Thank you x take care x
    6 Health 192
  108. why is it painful to lose your virginity?
    why is it so painful to loose it? why are you pressured into loosin it? why do gurls feel more pain than guys,or do guys feel any pain at all?
    6 Health 168
  109. What are the side effects of taking everyday pain medications?
    7 Health 48
  110. What helps make pain go away when you have cramps on your period?
    8 Health 47
  111. why when i finish eating i get a really bad pain in my stomach ?
    3 Health 87
  112. Why do I always get random knee pain?
    I don't play sports.
    6 Health 48
  113. How come when it's so hot I get uncomfortable, get stomach pain, and a headache?
    8 Health 26
  114. Can gonorrhea cause pain around the area of your kidney's or infect your kidney's?
    3 Health 82
  115. Are you allowed to take pain killers and disposable razors abroad?
    2 Travel 14
  116. Is eyebrow piercing painful?
    does eyebrow piercing hurts? because, my friends said that eyebrow piercing hurts more then your lips. does it?
    10 Style 2897
  117. Is there any way to make stretching ear cartilage less painful?
    5 Style 23
  118. What do you think of the song "She Got It" featuring T. Pain?
    do you like it? hate it? or what
    4 Music 5
  119. what does it mean when you have real sharp pain below your belly and sometimes its pressure?
    it even has pain SOMETIMES when i pee.. like sometimes if you touch the bottom of belly it hurts bad what can this be
    3 Health 971
  120. What is this pain I'm having?
    I have this weird pain in my chest on the left side. its just above my left boob when I breath in.
    2 Health 82
  121. Can a shooting sharp pain be a type of a headache?
    sometimes I get a shooting sharp pain from a certain place on my head and last for a second then comes again either the same day and or another day.
    2 Health 40
  122. Is liposuction painful and how much does it cost?
    Is Liposuction Painful? And How Old do you have to be to get it done?? And How much does It cost in the UK?
    5 Health 39
  123. Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine?!?!
    Did Thomas Jefferson and the writers of the Declaration plagiarized from Thomas Paine, Common Sense?
    2 Politics 12
  124. what does it mean when somebody says that they are immune to pain?
    what does it mean when somebody says that they are immune to pain? or anything else like that
    5 General 761
  125. Pain in right breast
    I have pain in my right breast, on the side near my armpit, what could this mean>?
    3 Health 115
  126. What is this SHARP breast pain?
    I have a SUPER SHARP pain on, and right under, my left breast. It also it pulsing rapidly and violently. I can hardly breathe, and to communicate I have to whisper. WHAT is it? Please answer!
    2 Health 56
  127. What do you think of the song silver and gold by t-pain?
    What do you think of the song silver and gold by t-pain?? What do the lyrics mean to you?
    2 Music 11
  128. Most and least painful piercings?
    What were you most painful piercings rate from least to most. I'm just curious cause I know each has there own pain tolerance.
    13 Style 3934
  129. Why do I keep getting these sharp quick pains?
    every once in awhile I get this sharp pain under my left breast. It's a quick short pain that hurts for a few seconds and then it's gone. Is this normal? My friend has the same pain in the exact area as well
    17 Health 22
  130. Getting a tattoo? Is it painful?
    When getting a tattoo is it painful? How does it feel getting a tattoo, Im thinking about getting a tattoo later and I was just wondering if it is really that painful.
    5 Style 51
  131. Why do I feel a sharp pain below my belly buttom?
    I feel this pain at various times of the day. it is mainly felt on my right side, and it feels like something is moving around in my belly.
    3 Health 52
  132. What happens if I take four pain relievers all at once?
    Or if i keep taking them to fall asleep?
    10 Health 109
  133. How many times did you have to do waxing or epilating before the pain went away?
    7 Style 22
  134. Is there a certain place on the body where you can get stabbed and not die?
    11 Health 30
  135. Could my umbilical cord hernia from when I was a baby be affecting my stomach pains now?
    2 Health 50
  136. I got a pain in my chest and I cant breathe
    it really hurts.. what is it?!!?
    6 Health 231
  137. Would it be less painful to extract wisdom teeth before they have fully grown out?
    2 Health 11
  138. Toes pain ? What could it be ?
    I only feel it on my left foot and it is not all the time is happens now and then
    2 Health 49
  139. When you get your wisdom teeth pulled, what can you use to relieve pain other than their medications?
    8 Health 13
  140. How do you stop your nail-beds from splitting and the skin peeling (very painful!)?
    4 Style 54
  141. Why am I having chest pains?
    Hey, Today what happened was my chest was hurting me do you think its growing more?
    2 Health 57
  142. What is another way to help with sharp wisdom teeth?
    Other than grind them down? D=
    2 Health 14
  143. Can you have heart (Chest) pain /burn due to lack of water intake ?
    4 Health 76
  144. What does it feel like to give birth naturally without any pain medications/interventions?
    11 Health 29
  145. Where is the most least painful spot for a tattoo?
    will hurt the least when you get a tattoo ? tell me please.
    22 Style 107
  146. painfully shy
    It really controls my life. I don't know what to do or how to get past it. :(
    5 General 25
  147. What gets rid of strong muscle pain in my arm?
    I don't know how i got it?
    6 Health 19
  148. Pain in abdoman
    I have pain at my rightside abdomen.but my doctor conformed that I dont have any problem in my kidney and lever.but he gave omecure medicine.why? please help me .what happend in my stomach?
    2 Health 96
  149. What are some good over the counter meds for pain?
    What are some good over the counter meds for pain? My face hurts like a b*tch.
    4 Health 20
  150. What to do for back pain?
    O my god can someone tell my what to do for bad back pain i am crying because it hurts so bad.
    9 Health 34
  151. Pain on right belly
    Im getting big little by little but I do get this pain on my right side of my belly am I pregnant?
    3 Health 23
  152. How would you rate the pain of getting a tattoo?
    How would you rate the pain of getting a tattoo? 10 it hurts 1 it doesnt hurt
    6 Style 39
  153. Why do I keep having heart pains?
    i have pains like where my heart is, and also when i swallow something it hurts my chest and i have sharp rib pain too.
    7 Health 84
  154. FunAdvice Trivia: Who played Richard Sharpe in the series of the books 'Sharpe'?
    A) Ewan McGregor B) Sean Bean C) Sean Connery D) Robert Carlisle
    5 Funadvice 7
  155. Jaw Pain
    My jaw hurts when I open my mouth to talk, eat,and ect. why could this be?
    4 Health 23
  156. How Do You Forget The Most Painful Of Memories When They Seem To Be On Your Mind Every Second Of Every Day??? D:
    7 Health 22
  157. What could cause heavy, abnormal bleeding, back pain, and stomach cramps?
    2 Health 595
  158. Why do people yell or scream when there in pain or hurt?
    I don't get it's not like it's gonna help.
    5 Health 191
  159. Could a reaction to pills cause stomach pain, and feeling weak and faint?
    6 Health 17
  160. What gives some men the license to have a short attention, sharp tongue and rude attitude?
    4 Relationships 20
  161. What is the most less painful way I can get a splinter out of my skin? its like in my finger where the circle is.
    17 Health 56
  162. could i start having like stomache pains from pregnancy the day aftter i had sex?
    2 Sex 2487
  163. What are some things I can do to reduce or stop the harsh pain the cramps bring just before the period starts?
    7 Health 26
  164. Who thinks it is common to get a burning sort of painful feeling up in your vagina while on your period?
    6 Health 44
  165. Why would eating strawberries at 5 AM give me really bad stomach pain?
    3 Health 34
  166. what can i do to make my back stop hurting when the pain is so bad and i cnt go to sleep because of it?
    9 Health 89
  167. Why do I get stomach and chest pain after I eat?
    It feels like air and it hurts
    5 Health 30
  168. Do you need to have a natural sign preceding the flat or sharp key in order for it become natural?
    8 Music 42
  169. Does pubic hair grow back thicker and more painful?
    Is it true if you keep shaving pubic hair that when it grows back, it keeps getting thicker and more painful?
    2 Style 325
  170. Why do I have stabbing pains in my stomach?
    ok every once in a while i get this sharp pain on my stumach it feels like somebody keeps jabbing me with a needle i lift up my shirt and nothings there some one please help?
    3 Health 295
  171. why it is painful when me and my husband are having sex?
    it was not like that before. when he's trying to go inside me it hurts and after the intercourse. but while doing it - its not that painful but uncomfortable.
    2 Sex 21
  172. Disminorea!!! I am so in pain now... ='(
    how do I make my self feeling better if if suffering from disminorea? soo painful, I can hardly sleep...:'(
    2 Health 134
  173. What are remedies to relief migraine pains?
    I often get migraine anyone have a remedy for relief of the pain besides drugs???
    3 Health 29
  174. Which is more painful?
    is it more painful to bathe in freezing cold water or boiling hot water? what do you think and why thanks xxx
    17 Health 100
  175. I need ways to cope with this pain
    My mom has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and I need ways to cope with this pain I am feeling right now
    3 Health 17
  176. Lip piercing cost and how bad is the pain?
    I want one like this. how much does it usually cost and how bad is the pain???
    16 Style 3509
  177. What could bad pain in my right hip be?
    Im having really bad pains in my right hip for like 8 weeks now what could it be?
    4 Health 65
  178. how do I get rid of period pains (girls only please)
    if I am at school and panodol dosen't help how do I get rid of period pains
    3 Health 39
  179. Why do I have stomach pain after sex?
    24 Sex 47736
  180. How painful is a tattoo making process?
    Compared to what kind of pain? toothache? What to make one but still nervous...
    7 Style 28
  181. Pain in abdomen
    Why does the right side of my abdomen(sp?) hurt? It feels like pain in my ovaries (or what I imagine pain in the ovaries would feel like).
    6 Health 52
  182. Back pain, is it growing pains?
    my back has been hurting for 8 days now my mom doesn't think its scoliosis but its not my matress what could be wrong I dont want to go to the hostpital for it if it isnt too serious could it be growing pains in my lower back???
    3 Health 17
  183. Is brown, milky discharge and sharp pains in my lower abdominals and back normal during early pregnancy?
    So i think im Pregnant; And im just asking incase i am. Is a brown, mild smelling milky discahrge normal during early pregnancy? And is it normal to come with sharp lower back, side, and abdominal pains?
    3 Health 1550
  184. Ouchie ! Sharp pains down there!!
    yikes! This question is sorta weird but today I got Afew like sharp pains down in that area lol and its not that time of month or anything so why does it hurt :( its not really hurt its just like sharp pain,like right at mi waist but a little lower.
    2 Health 77
  185. How do you deal with back pain from a herniated disk?
    How do you stop your back from hurting? I have a herniated disk and my back hurts really bad. Any tips?
    5 Health 17
  186. Why do I have random sharp pains in my back?
    It has been happening for a while, but I've disregarded it until now because I had a very painful one today. It's usually on the left side- I'll probably being going to the doctor sometime this week, but was curious as to what you may have to say.
    4 Health 39
  187. what is rihanna's new song? some words: but i like the pain... recently heard on virgin radio
    8 Music 37
  188. Pain in my belly button
    Sometimes I get this pain in my belly button I dont what it is ar why it happens has this ever happen to anyone else
    3 Health 383
  189. Why does a woman feel pain during scared me?
    I had sex the other day. She started to hurt and then told me not to stop...WHY DO THEY HURT!?!?!?
    3 Sex 109
  190. What can I do to ease the pain of a pulled back muscle?
    and what should I avoid doint that would make it worse?
    4 Health 20
  191. pain relievers
    can taking a low dose of pain reliever (ibuprofen) once a on an every other day kind of basis do any damage?
    5 Health 28
  192. What to do about a painful pimple inside ear?
    It hurts like MMN!! *is in pain* I can't pop it, because it's in a 'crook' near the top of my ear. What do I do? :(
    6 Style 47
  193. How to treat lower back pain?
    Been having back pain for 3 months now. What can I do, besides endless MRIs, doctors, and painkillers?
    4 Health 21
  194. How to subside zit pain?
    I have a zit and I don't care how it looks it just REALLY hurts a ton. Is there any way I can bring the pain down a little?
    6 Style 29
  195. Having major pains in my back, what could it be?
    I have major pains in my back. its not a bruise too. what could it be. every like 30 seconds it shots a huge pain in my body. what could it be???
    3 Health 28
  196. Is it normal for your vagina to be more tender, to the point of pain at penetration, b4 you get your monthly gift?
    6 Health 36
  197. How can I get rid of stomach pain?
    How can I get rid of stomach pain??? I get a lot of medicine but how about home made antibiotics or something please!!
    6 Health 106
  198. Can my wisdom tooth pain be related to me being pregnant?
    it just started hurting. its so annoying. any suggestions that will help?
    8 Health 25
  199. a riddle When I go in I cause pain.
    im bored so here's a riddle. When I go in I cause pain. I cause you to spit and ask you not to swallow. I can fill your hole. what am I?
    8 General 123
  200. Pain in both ovaries
    Lately I have been having pain in both of my ovaries on and off. My family don't have a history of ovary cysts so I don't think that it could be that. I am not sure if I am pregnant or not either. What do you think it is?
    5 Health 96
  201. How do I know if this is regular extraction pain or dry socket (I got 9 teeth pulled)?
    2 Health 9
  202. Sharp pain on side
    I've had this pain it's sort of on my back and side, it's come and go twice now, I guess it feels like a cramping pain but on my waist. When I apply pressure it fades but it comes back, it sort of throbs. It's really discomforting, should I see a doctor?
    2 Health 27
  203. What are these stomach pains?
    hi, I've been having these stomach pains on and off for the last couple of days and I can't figure what they're all about. Does someone know what they are?
    2 Health 93
  204. Stabbing pain below my bellybutton
    Out of nowhere...I cudnt more for abt.40minutes. There was stabbing below my belly button ..I was crying so bad...I cudnt even move my legs..I felt like someone was sticking knives trought me ! what is it ??? (((&¬ im not pregnant))) .. !?!?!?
    21 Health 6057
  205. what is a good way (other than pain releivers) to ease pain?
    my cousin was riding his bike and his foot slipped and got really cut up and he had to get 11 stitches and almost sliced a tendant and he is in tons of pain and his pain killers arent working
    5 Health 17
  206. Why do I have a sharp stabbing pain during sex?
    Well basically this is the first time it has ever happened. Me and my hubby were having sex and I got this sharp stabbing pain in my lower stomach. We changed positions but the pain got worse. It got so bad we had to stop but I couldnt move the pain wa...
    3 Sex 2089
  207. Does a natural sign cancel out the rest of the sharps in a measure?
    So this piece of music in the key of 3 sharps. So since the g sharp was cancel with a natural is the f a sharp or is it also natural? So does a natural sign cancel out the rest of the sharps in a meassure?
    4 Music 73
  208. How to reduce pain of bikini wax?
    ok i've never been for a bikini wax is they anyway to make it less painful? and on a scale of 1 to 10 how painful is it??
    5 Style 44
  209. Pain in my left side
    I keep having pain in my left side of my stomach. its not appendicitis because thats on my right side, and it isnt pain in my ovaries. what could this be? it is dull aching.
    5 Health 77
  210. Are tummy tucks painful?
    Are tummy tucks painful? I was thinking it through and I really want to get a tummy tuck and some minor lipo... I just want to know if tthe recovery period is painful
    4 Style 24
  211. Does anyone know how to get rid of a pain in your boob?
    I get a really bad pain in my boob and dont know what courses it. Can anyone think of something that might course the pain and how to get rid of it?
    5 Health 158
  212. can you hear pain?
    is their any music video in mind that you find depressing to watch? -one that is full of pain and heartache or a song that you can hear pain in the voice?
    6 Music 42
  213. Why am I crying with period pains when I am 4 days late an no sign?
    I am crying with sever period pains but I am 4-5 days late and still no sign of that period yet but why am I in server pain hellppp!!!
    2 Health 94
  214. What are my stomach pains a week after sex caused from?
    I had sex about a week and a bit again Ever since I've had pains, could the pains have anything to do with the sex or am I thinking to much into it?
    4 Sex 820
  215. Pains when breathing
    I had a op on my apendix and now im recieving bad pains adormal pains when ever I breathe should I go back to the hospital and if so what would they do?
    4 Health 20
  216. About breast pain
    I had my last period on sep.29 and till now I had no period. again last 3-4 days my breasts are paining when squeezed. What does it mean ? Am I pregnant ?
    2 Health 14
  217. Addiction to pain
    Is it kinda weird, im kinda addicted to pain, is it normal, and dont say im emo, im not a soup can so you cant label me.
    2 Health 20
  218. How to ease the pain of new braces?
    I just got braces yesterday. Is there anything i could do to ease the excruciating pain? Except for pills and oralgel?
    3 Sex 71
  219. Would it be normal for someone in a lot of pain to be suicidal?
    like if somone was suffering and struggling, if they were in antagonising pain is it normal to be suicidal, or dedtructive.
    9 Health 33
  220. Will a pap smear decrease the pain of losing my virginity?
    I recently had a smear test but had not lost my virginity. Does this now mean that when I do have sex it wont be painful??
    2 Sex 267
  221. Do animal testing animals feel pain?
    Is it really right to do it on animals? I mean they can feel pain. Why not just do it on prisioners? They have a reason to be abused. (murders that have been caught)
    16 Science 107
  222. Bad upper abdomen pains
    All day I've been having these really really bad upper abdomin pains and it is getting worse I don't know what it is??? help!
    2 Health 39
  223. pain on the side of my stomach
    can that be a sign of pregnancy??? if a girl had sex 2 or 3 days ago???
    4 Sex 932
  224. Sever pain in right hand and right ring finger.
    Can sever swelling not show the fracture in the x ray
    2 Health 49
  225. How can I make wearing heels less painful?
    I already use inserts but are there additional things I could do?
    8 Style 21
  226. Why are my breasts and nipples painful?
    My breasts and my nipples hurt really really bad. I can't even put a shirt on. Does anyone know why?
    2 Health 168
  227. What is the the proper way to dispose of very sharp knives?
    I have butcher knives and carveing knives that are old and need thrown away?
    7 General 22
  228. Brest pain while on period?
    I just started my period this week I've been on b.c for a while now but my left brest is killing me all of a sudden is that normal?
    2 Health 58
  229. Head Pains
    I've been Mad all day, I've been crying a lot, and my head is hurting me very badly, extremely badly what is wrong ?
    2 Health 102
  230. When a person gets shot and dies instantly do you think they feel any pain?
    10 Health 155
  231. Braces! Pain!!!
    How the heck do I stop my braces from hurting? I just got them on and my lips are really cut. Is there anything I can do to make them stop hurting?
    4 Health 40
  232. How to ease the pain of cramps?
    Ok, of course, I have my period, just got it 3 months ago. How do I ease the cramps now that I have it again? It kills!!!
    8 Health 28
  233. What does it mean if you drink something and you get this random pain from your chest all the way down your side to your stomach after you swallow it?
    3 Health 23
  234. Spotting and sharp pains
    ok, well yesterday I was spotting, and this morning when I woke up, I had excruciating cramps to the point where I felt like someone was stabbing me in the stomach. I got up to take some medicine and then I felt like I was going to throw-up. is this no...
    4 Health 301
  235. chest pain
    hi im 14 years old and I am getting these pains in my chest under my brest and its really bad I can hardly breathe when it comes it is so painful is there any thing I can do for my chest pains ?
    4 Health 40
  236. Chest Pains And Tingling in Left Arm
    I have been getting pains in my chest which leads to pains in my left shoulder and a tingly feeling in my left arm and hand. I'm only 22 what's wrong with me?
    4 Health 108
  237. Why dont pain pills work?
    Why dosnt pain ils work I constantly have head back and neck achs why dont they work and what sould I do to get rid of the pain
    2 Health 17
  238. Girlfriend is in pain when we try to have sex
    my girl friend feels so much pain when I try to put my penis in her hole...I nvr put it in hr can I decrease her pain???
    3 Sex 285
  239. Period pains, but no period
    I am having period like pains on my abdominal area and horrible pains in my back and I literally had my period last week so I know I'm not pregnant...what is wrong with me?
    3 Health 322
  240. what is this sharp pain im feeling when I poop or pee?
    When I use the bathroom I get this sharp pain in my lower right part of my abdoman. It feels like im giving birth! It makes me not want to go to the bathroom. I usually get this pain 2 weeks before my period but its during my period this time and worse...
    2 Health 2324
  241. sharp pain in vagina
    ok I was just layin in bed and all of a sudden I had a sharp pain inside my vagina. I am 17 and I don't know what it is. I DONT have any STDs and I don't know if im pregnant or not or if that would have anything to do with it. it just happened out of t...
    7 Health 406
  242. What can cause pain in the lower back and when urinating?
    My mom said she has had pain in her lower back, on the right side, and it hurts when she urinates. This happened for a week. What could this be?
    4 Health 16
  243. how. Could people tell me the pain of piercings in order?
    navel. nose. septum. lip. could someone name them in order of pain? please?
    4 Style 49
  244. How can I make ear stretching pain go away?
    how can I make the pain go away ?...when I went from 00 to 7/16 it bled...and got big but not from can I make it go away?
    2 Style 1187
  245. How painful are root canals?
    I'm getting a route canal on thursday and i've heard they are painful so i just want to know whats coming.
    11 Health 17
  246. What kind of pain are hip surface piercings?
    Just wondering if they are the same pain threshold as a belly button piercing? debating to get it done tomorrow!?!
    3 Style 63
  247. When I run (and sometimes when I drink alcohol) I get a pain in my right shoulder, like a growing pain/stich. What is it? And how's it caused?
    3 Health 14
  248. Is the pain in my side related to the Nuva Ring?
    I was on the nuva ring for three years, all of the sudden my left side started bothering me, what do you think it is
    3 Health 28
  249. Nipple pain, abnormal?
    when there nipples hurt ? lmfao this question is different but, mine have been hurting non stop and I don't know what to do ='( HELP!!
    4 Health 82
  250. What does it mean when the upper part of yur tummy hurts but then the pain moves to the right?
    this happens to me frequently and I don't know why.
    3 Health 18