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  1. Karaoke software?
    What's the best karaoke software???
    2 Technology 17
  2. What's the best blogging software?
    What's the best blogging software?
    3 Technology 18
  3. What are some fun computer softwares?
    What are some fun computer softwares??
    2 Technology 25
  4. How to choose a LAN software ?
    How to choose a LAN software ?
    2 Technology 16
  5. Are Apple laptops and desktops compatible with all windows software and other software on the net?
    3 Technology 9
  6. Download Forex Software
    Do you know where can I download Forex software ??
    2 Technology 11
  7. What is the best software to download movies ?
    What is the best software to download movies ?
    2 Technology 14
  8. Anti virus software
    Which anti virus software should I use?
    5 Technology 15
  9. What are some good video editing softwares?
    13 Technology 15
  10. What is more important in a computer - hardware or software?
    4 Technology 12
  11. What is the best cd and dvd burning software?
    What is the best cd and dvd burning software?
    3 Technology 27
  12. Can we form our own music beats using any software?
    2 Music 8
  13. How many online software training institutes are there?
    4 Education 90
  14. Is there any software that boosts internet speed for Mac?
    4 Technology 23
  15. where can i download the computer software for my nokia n97?
    3 Technology 11
  16. Is there a software that can help me to track what my brother is doing with my laptop?
    9 Technology 47
  17. Is there a software for adding world clocks to your desktop?
    2 Technology 6
  18. Experience with the photo editing software gimp?
    Does anybody here have any experience with the photo editing software gimp?
    2 Technology 18
  19. What software can I use to improve my English speaking ?
    What software can I use to improve my enlish speaking ?
    2 Education 39
  20. Why do people try to break the trial software limitations to make the software run forever and full version?
    9 Technology 34
  21. Anti virus software query
    What is the difference between anti virus software and internet security software?
    2 Technology 17
  22. What is the software used to make pro videos on Mac?
    3 Technology 12
  23. What is the best video player software in pc ?
    4 Technology 25
  24. What kind of video editing software would you recommend?
    12 Technology 37
  25. Where can i download for free the guitar pro software on the net???
    3 Technology 20
  26. What is the best downloading software?
    What Is The Best Downloading Like utorrent That Thing
    3 Technology 13
  27. What is a good ingame recording software that can pause and edit?
    4 Technology 16
  28. What is the best open source video editing software?
    2 Technology 9
  29. Which is the most reliable antivirus software?
    which is the most reliable antivirus norton worth the trouble to keep it?
    5 Technology 183
  30. Is there a software to edit my voice to make it sound better?
    Is there a software I can use to edit my voice to make it sound better?
    2 Technology 37
  31. What software can edit pictures?
    what software on the net can edit pictures to make your teeth whiter
    2 Technology 18
  32. How do I find the CD key for software I have purchased?
    How do I find the CD key for software I have purchased but lost the box?
    3 Technology 17
  33. Whats the difference between OS and software?
    Whats the difference between opperating systems and application software?
    2 Technology 28
  34. What is a free antivirus software for n95
    Free antivirus software for nokia n95 , please help
    2 Technology 12
  35. best torrent sites to download latest software torrents?
    Tell me a best torrent sites to download latest software torrents??
    2 Technology 92
  36. What is an easy, good, free/inexpensive software I can use to edit videos?
    6 Technology 11
  37. whats the best video editing software to make pro videos?
    6 Technology 34
  38. Where do i find software for my computer to record music on, that's cheap and useful?
    4 Technology 12
  39. What's a good screen capturing software that's free and records audio?
    5 Technology 10
  40. Best (free) software
    What is the best (free) software to protect my private files from being viewed by others
    2 Technology 11
  41. What is meant by software testing?
    what you mean by software testing and what id the difference between manual testing and automated testing?
    2 Technology 37
  42. Fashion design software
    does anyone know which is the better fashion design software? Optitex or fashion toolbox
    2 Technology 22
  43. What photo editing software do you use?
    What type of Photo Editing Software do you use. What do you like about it and is it difficult to learn?
    7 Technology 54
  44. What is the best organization web-based project management software?
    2 Technology 24
  45. Where can I download Tegan and Sara music for free without downloading any extra software?
    2 Music 12
  46. What software do I need to install so that I am able to watch movies on Windows Media?
    5 Technology 15
  47. What are the new features added to the iPhone with the iOS 4 Software Update?
    2 Technology 14
  48. how to display the tv to computer what software do you use?
    i have all the cables hooked in the back of the cpu but what software do i use???
    2 Technology 11
  49. Free software for ebook cover creation?
    can you please tell me where can I find free software for ebook cover creator?
    2 Technology 16
  50. Where can I find a free download files recovery software?
    Where can I find a free download files recovery software that I can download...can you give the software name or the website...tanks.
    2 Technology 18
  51. What is a good writing software?
    i need one for my schools Young Author Program
    9 Technology 32
  52. How to make cool flyers or software that gives you ideas?
    Are there any websites that let you make cool flyers or give you ideas? I need to make cool flyers
    4 Money 60
  53. What kind of Video making Software should I buy,If I want to make AMVs(Anime Music Video)?
    5 Technology 46
  54. Where's the software for a Sims Digital Recorder?
    Where can I find the software needed to install my Sims Digital Recorder SVR-M935?
    5 Technology 202
  55. What's a good calendar software that can notify you on important days?
    like Christmas, Halloween , events
    4 Technology 11
  56. Music downloading software , other than . Limewire and bearshare ?
    What is a good music downloading software , other than . Limewire and bearshare ? Limwire is full of viruses and bearshare does not work in my computer
    6 Music 51
  57. what web site can i get free music making software from and what type of shop can i buy some from?
    3 Music 14
  58. Is there a free software to burn music and lyrics for a karaoke machine?
    How do I burn a cd for my little cousins karaoke machine? with on screen lyrics? is there a free software?
    3 Technology 7
  59. What software is best for making and editing HTML?
    What software do you find best for making and editing HTML web pages? Which is easiest to learn? Which has the most important features?
    2 Technology 11
  60. Why do people download illegal software?
    why cant they buy the real version of it where its safe and secure and no viruses
    23 Technology 39
  61. How can I make mp3 files sound clearer and louder without downloading software?
    like so I can do it online?
    3 Technology 118
  62. Where do I get antivirus software for free?
    4 Technology 14
  63. Anti-virus software
    Well my anti-virus software is due soon. I have Norton, anyone have a better one? who, anyone like kaspersky?
    2 Technology 9
  64. Who knows if AVG VIRUS SOFTWARE is a scam?
    Because it is saying i have a hella'of alot of viruses, and plus no virus protection is free.Now i don't know where to turn.
    13 Technology 52
  65. Which video editing software do you prefer?
    For those of you who do video editing for your job or hobby, do you prefer Vegas, Avid XPress Pro, or Adobe After Effects?
    5 Technology 8
  66. What's a good antivirus software?
    Can you recommend me a good Anti Virus software! I have been using symantec for the last 2 months but it has made my computer very slow!
    6 Technology 59
  67. How/// Does any noe a software I can use for my webcan pllzzz ?
    need a software 4 ma webcam because ma computer didnt come with one pllzzz any 1
    2 Technology 12
  68. What is your most favorite software which you love to use everyday and why?
    What is your most favorite software which you love to use everyday and why.. I love Photoshop , Ccleaner and my yahoo messenger as my top favorite softwares . (Microsoft office of course as the mos useful one)
    6 Technology 11
  69. MP3 Software on Your Computer
    Do you use an MP3 software player on your computer other than Windows Media Player? I'm looking for something new that offers playlists and a search feature.
    3 Technology 18
  70. N70 Softwares?
    I have Nokia N70 mobile. I don't find any downloadable '.sis' softwares. please tell me frm where I can get downloadable (FREE FROM COST) applications for N70 ? Thanks.
    2 Technology 9
  71. Who can suggest some good editing software?
    Suggest some good video editing software. I'd like for it to be fairly cheap and easy to use. I need it for a project I plan on working on this summer.
    5 Technology 29
  72. Do I need software to put videos onto my MP4 player?
    is there any way of putting videos on to my mp4 player (creative zen neeon 2) through media player or do I need a certain type of software? thanks
    5 Technology 52
  73. What(if any)are thenames of the virus protection software for macs?
    So my computers have been going extremely slow,and we think its a virus. So I was wondering if there was any type of virus protection software stuff or what ever its called. Thanks (:
    3 Technology 10
  74. Who knows a software I can use 2 record videos for free?
    I need a video recordin software daht I can use becuzz I have a webcam on my laptop but iht didnt come with a software and I have a hp mini
    2 Technology 33
  75. Is a new version of iPhone software on the way?
    Is a new version of iphone software on the way? I was going to buy an unlocked iphone.But read on some forums that a new version is on the way that will disable unlocked phones. Any truth in that? If apple updates the iphone software will the unlocked ...
    2 Technology 11
  76. What is a really good video editing software?
    I really want to make my own trailers, with credits kinda like this : What do i use?
    4 Technology 17
  77. Where to download free backup software?
    Where to download free backup software? Hi friends I am in need to download free backup software as I worked on a very sofisticated data management system. Frequently I need to use the stored data in the dvd. But the dvd are not reliable to use. So nee...
    2 Technology 12
  78. Keylogger installation
    How do install keylogger?can anybody tell me th esteps from the beginning to the end?a slight problem has occured when I tried to install it,it can not work bcoz of the directory name.plzz help me?
    2 Technology 9
  79. Software that lets you create your own music?
    Anyone know of any software that lets you create your own music and is free to download? One that lets you do things like put drum beats in it and piano,guitar etc.
    3 Music 8
  80. What's the best software to create a website?
    I was looking to start a website from scratch and wanted to know which software I should use? Frontpage is now gone. I was looking into Yahoo geocities package and also dreamweaver. According to you which is the better software for newbies and not prog...
    3 Technology 8
  81. Why is free Accounting software not reliable?
    I am going to start a new business , For managing my accounts my friends suggested me to use free online accounting software’s… I just want to know are they reliable… Among many software available in the market I was suggested to use, by my ...
    2 Technology 33
  82. Software to edit my personal photo?
    where can I find a softwear where I can repreduce my own pic form one original me into few others in new postion?I got one good pic of me and really want to try and make more from this one.
    3 Technology 49
  83. What's a high quality payroll software provider?
    Payroll software of high quality and dignity. My organization is planning to change the currenly using payroll software to some high quality and with advanced facility one. Is there any dignified software company preferably in Mumbai to provide us dign...
    2 Technology 28
  84. What are some good software programs to add to a new computer?
    I have to do a final project for my intro to personal computers class and I'm having a total brainfart outside of word, powerpoint, excel and rest of office.
    7 Technology 26
  85. Is there a software that can teach me photo editing?
    I need to know the basic, like how to cut & paste photos. I have lynda tutorials, it came with my photo software, COREL PAINT SHOP PRO PHOTO X2. It's not basic enough for me. Is there some kind of software that has the basic? I took some pictures from...
    3 Technology 11
  86. Does Anyone Know Really Good editing softwares that I can download for editing videos??
    I looovvveee making videos and i need to edit them. I hatttteeeeeeeeeeeeeee windows movie maker so does anyone have anything different that helps a lot ---- and thats easy
    3 Technology 13
  87. How and where can I download the real Compass Testing software for free?
    My friend is trying to pass the english and writing part on the Compass test in order to take a course at the college I go to. Does anyone know a website where I can download the real Compass Test for free? Thanks!
    3 Education 13
  88. Is this a keylogger?
    Looking on the right side of my screen, I saw something that popped up, and it said "STACK" written vertically if this helps, and it showed a full picture of MY inbox on myspace, MY comments, etc. When I wasn't even on that page, it had recorded it or ...
    3 Technology 7
  89. Where to get the installation CD for Creative Zen software?
    I have a creative zen neeon 2 but my disc drive on my computer doesn't work. I was wondering if anyone out there knew a place I could download a free copy of the installation cd? thanks
    4 Technology 89
  90. What's the best anti-virus software for an HP laptop, in your opinion?
    I recently bought a new HP and my free anti-virus is about to run out. I've heard good and bad things about Norton, Trend and Webroot. Any suggestions?
    19 Technology 37
  91. Can I download software for my webcam?
    I just got a web cam and my computer broke the disk or it was already broken idiot me never bothered to check the disk before I put it in the drive soo I don't no it it was already broken or if my comp broke it but anyways is there a downloadable sof...
    2 Technology 31
  92. Voice Recording Software?
    hey I was wondering if anybody knew any voice recording programs or software that I can like, sing into my mic, and have it save it for me cause I hate that I write songs and forget the melodies I wrote them to, or like voice recorder on a PC that las...
    4 Technology 6
  93. What is a good software to manage websites?
    Web content management software. Hi I am a webmaster of course very low experience in the world of internet. I have prepared almost a couple of websites. Now it will be very helpful to find some web content management software free for me. As I will m...
    2 Technology 15
  94. What program or software can I use to create a brochure without leaving my home?
    I have the information, and its a 3 page brochure (6 sides). I need something other than Microsoft Publisher. If possible, can it have options to make a creative brochure, because I don't want it to be very plain.
    3 Technology 15
  95. Who knows any free software that can draw circles?
    Hey everyone, I am looking for any free software that transform, edit, draw, contort circles, semi-circles, curves or arks. You know I want to draw something like a badge but its comprised of many circles in one and there should be text in them. All ...
    4 Technology 21
  96. Sites or software for downloading songs
    My internet is abit slow as I live in spain up in the mountains but theres songs I would like to get so I was wondering whats the best site or software to download my songs quick and easy that wont slow my computer 2 dwnn ! .. pleasee helpp (: ! .. x x x
    2 Music 18
  97. which is the best antivirus software?
    hi, I recently download bit defender anti virus s/w free version. this s/w is only about to 7 months. what should I do when the free version period is get over? which s/w is best suitable for free version? can any body suggest me the best ...
    2 Technology 16
  98. Can a felon get a job as a computer software developer?
    I am currently going to school and majoring in medical office assistant. But I am going to change it to computer software development. I just want to know if it's going to be difficult to pursue a career in that field like it would be in the medical fi...
    2 Money 235
  99. DVD software for computer?
    Ok does anybody know where I can find a DVD player software for my computer thats not a demo?Windows Media Player won't play it sayin that no compatible codec was found and my computer didn't come with the DVD software and I downloaded a couple after i...
    8 Technology 31
  100. Payroll Software.
    What is the best software to use to balance all business books as well as manage payroll? There are so many Payroll Software programs available that I am not sure which one to choose and I would liket to make the right decision from the beginning. I ha...
    2 Technology 29
  101. Have you used evernote or another memory / knowledge management software before?
    I'm reading a book where the author mentions devonthink, but evernote seems similar and is free :) But, while these things seem popular (kind of like a software version of a commonplace book)...well, I haven't used one so I'm not sure the value. Any ex...
    4 Technology 12
  102. Uninstall software
    I tried to install a older version of pro tools to my windows vista computer. It couldn't work so I use the windows compatibility wizard to try it. My display turned a different strange colour and now I want to uninstall or delete the program but I can...
    2 Technology 11
  103. What are the best tips to get a good software development job?
    I am doing the final year of my bachelors course in computer science and want to get a good software development job within a few months after completing my bachelors. So please do give a clear idea on how to prepare for interviews and related tips (ot...
    3 Money 44
  104. How to download MP4 player software?
    Hi, just received a MP4 player in the mail, and it came with this small disc that does not fit into my lap top. So how can I down load the software. ? I dont know really what I am doing, and I need total help,,, it came with very vague discription, ...
    3 Technology 38
  105. I need video editing software
    I don't like windows movie maker stupid thing. I want to download some freeware thing so I can take the digital video from my camera and turn it into a movie and cut and move around the clips and do a bunch of stuff with the audio. And it has to wo...
    3 Technology 18
  106. What software can allow you to send maximum of e-mails per day?
    I am Searching for a Free site or a software from which I could send maximum of emails every day. I have actually tried Gmail Nonetheless, it only permits u to send 1000 emails in 24 hours: (Yahoo, Hotmail etc are all scrap. cant even deliver 100 em...
    3 Technology 21
  107. Looking for an email marketing tool, either website or software,..
    Looking for an email marketing tool, either website or software as long as it can help me send to a huge mailing list. I have tried Gmail Nevertheless, it just enables u to send 1000 emails in twenty four hrs: (Yahoo, Hotmail etc are all scrap, they...
    3 Technology 21
  108. How safe are keyloggers?
    Hello there, I have a thirteen year old cousin who is a little know-it-all. I am concerned that she is talking to the wrong kind of people on some sites: a social site or a social site or even AIM. She is extremely gorgeous and looks much older. I am ...
    10 Technology 1087
  109. How can I hide my ip ?
    Please ,, is there a free software for that
    6 Technology 14
  110. Can I use the Nokia 6233 as a webcam?
    which softwares are the ones needed for a java phone?? I use nokia 6233.. is there any software with which you can use it as a webcam?
    3 Technology 48
  111. Cd burning
    Is there a free software where you can burn cds for free??
    6 Technology 49
  112. How to know which pc on home network is downloading? is there any
    How to know which pc on home network is downloading? Is there any software ?
    2 Technology 45
  113. free powerpoint?
    Can I get the powerpoint software 100% free anywhere?
    2 Technology 12
  114. Mp4 to flv , mp3 converter???
    Is there a software that lets convert mp4 to flv and mp3?
    6 Technology 14
  115. Animation shop
    Where can I download free software to make animations?
    3 Technology 23
  116. Unlimited sound recorder?
    Do you know any sound recorder software that I can record sounds for unlimited amount of time
    2 Technology 48
  117. How do you copy a dongle?
    Is there any free software available to copy a dongle, just in case it is lost?
    2 Technology 154
  118. Questions about windows vista
    Is windows vista good or not ?> does all softwares that works with xp , work with vista?
    2 Technology 17
  119. How to put DVDs on an iPod?
    Is there a way to put your dvds on your iPod easier than ripping it with software?
    2 Technology 21
  120. strong anti virus
    can any one list for me the latest anti virus software?
    10 Technology 60
  121. Watch satellite TV online free
    We all know that there is something like satellite TV and is it possible to watch that satellite TV in my computer online for free. Is this mandatory to download some software to watch the satellite TV with thousands of world channel. Do any body know ...
    2 Entertainment 79
  122. How do I open mdf file type?
    Hi, how do I open files in the mdf or mds format? Is there any software?
    2 Technology 10
  123. Is using a crack or patch or keygen illegal?
    is it illegal if you used a crack or a patch or a keygen to activate or unlock any software because I do it all the time
    3 Technology 95
  124. How to speed up my internet connection?
    I am using internet connection, dial up. It gives only practically 20 kbps. I have heard of that in the internet there is a software program which can boost up my internet speed in many multiplication. Should I use those software to boost up my conncet...
    4 Technology 47
  125. whats the best DivX multimedia player ?
    Not software, but rather, hardware media player.
    5 Technology 9
  126. paint for macbook?
    where can I download a free software for macbook that lets me paint like in a pc in PAINT. freee!
    4 Technology 49
  127. How to download r4 memory card?
    How do I download games onto r4 game card without the cd software? (I do have the memory card)
    2 Technology 19
  128. Where can I download free music?
    Ok So I am an Music Downloading Freak!! But these days there doesn't seem to be any type of software that works I used to use WIN MX, Bear Share, and Morpheus. And None Of these Softwares work anymore. So is anyone using a software that actually works ...
    6 Technology 53
  129. What is the best way to get nero for my computer.
    What is the best way to get nero for my computer downloading on the internet or buying the cd/dvd software.
    2 Technology 32
  130. What are the positives and negatives of Torrent downloads?
    For all the torrent users out there, what do you think the Positives and Negatives for Torrents are? Like downloading games, movies, and software.
    2 Technology 83
  131. What camera would you suggest for taking professional-style pictures?
    and if at all, what editing software?
    5 Technology 8
  132. How can I start a blog?
    Many of my friends have blogs. How can I start one? What software do I need? Is there a service that offers free blogging services?
    3 Technology 12
  133. What is a good program to create an interactive training program?
    Is there an easy to use software program that I can creat an interactive training program that will print quiz results?
    2 Technology 18
  134. Downlading music
    Is there any websites that I can use to downlad musc without having to download any software... somewhere I can download the music strait from the internet.
    4 Music 13
  135. How to erase everything off your computer?
    How do you like erase everything on your computer? Like when it was brand new and had nothing downloaded? Can it be simple or do you have to buy software?
    3 Technology 82
  136. Want to backup and restore my AD
    Want a Active Directory Backup software that will allows us to backup or snapshot of our AD and restore individual users/objects from that backup
    2 Technology 9
  137. Ichalky app
    Theres this app called "ichalky" And I want to buy it :p The thing is... This is what it says: Requirments: Compatible with ipone or ipod touch Requires iphone 2.0 software update I have an ipod touch, but I dunno about the 2.0 software... ...
    2 Technology 13
  138. Who knows a bit about Frostwire and has experience in it?
    Is the software safe for any computer, as in, does it have virus' attached like Limewire does? What's it capable of?
    6 Technology 26
  139. tell me how
    can any body tell me how to detect weather I had one of the spy software or key guard logger is already in my computer or not. thank you
    2 Technology 10
  140. My webcam won't work
    My webcam isn't working and I don't know why. I don't have the disk for it, but I used a website to download the software. It worked on my laptop, but it's not working on my other computer. Anyyone know why?
    2 Technology 46
  141. What type of equipment can I use to record my own music ?
    I'm trying to record my own music using my computer. what kind of software or programs can I use. I don't have a big budget.
    2 Technology 9
  142. how do i make my own music?
    im working my way up into the rap industry and some software to make my own music so if anyone knows of anything about this let me know plz?
    3 Music 18
  143. LG KS360 Data Transfer
    How do I transfer photos and music from my phone to my pc? I've loaded the software but there is nowhere to transfer the pics!!!???
    2 Technology 74
  144. Does anyone know about any pc photo kiosks?
    i want to get a photo kiosk software for my self, but most of them are expansive, and i dont really need it for a long time, does anyone know where i can download a free pc photo kiosk software ? If i have to buy which brand is better, might as well g...
    2 Technology 19
  145. Web design
    I need to set up a website. Is there software that makes this really easy for someone who has had no experience with web design. I want it to look professional.
    11 Technology 26
  146. How do I design a site that supports accounts?
    Pls help... How can I desing a website where people can sign up.. what software or resources do I need
    2 Technology 11
  147. what PRO RAT help?
    Okay I need to know a few thing about the pro rat software. I've got a lot of question but first off is it illegal?
    2 Technology 13
  148. How can I get into friendster if it's blocked.
    How can I get into friendster if it's blocked. I've tried ultrasurf but friendster page shows Temporary maintenance. So is there any other software like ultrsurf that would get me into friendster? Thank you
    2 Technology 47
  149. How a person access you computer just knowing your ip?
    Can someone access your pc from other states by just knowing your ip address?? I know that you have to have a software called (teamviewer) or using dhcp or remote access...
    3 Technology 72
  150. How do I burn a DVD?
    Can anyone out there tell me how I can burn a video that I downloaded on Limewire onto a DVD? Is it possible? Do I need additional software? I can burn music CDs just fine...
    5 Technology 34
  151. S-video cable for laptop to TV
    I have an S-video cable and I am trying to hook my laptop up to my tv so I can see whats on my laptop on the tv screen. Do I just need the S-video cable or do I need some type of software to make this work?
    2 Technology 42
  152. How do I debrand my sony ericsson k800i?
    Can some one please help me debrand my k800i? I've downloaded numerous softwares to no success. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
    6 Technology 69
  153. How can I create word search puzzles myself?
    I was just curious, do you guys know any decent software or add-ons that can help with making word searches. Thanks!
    2 Homegarden 12
  154. IMac Camera
    I have a new IMac which has a built-in camera. The problem is that when I open Photobooth {the software} there is an icon of a camera with a line across it signalling no camera! I have tried checking other programs like IChat to see if the camera is be...
    3 Technology 79
  155. Dell Local Backup 2.0 trys 2 start but won't, grrr.
    Hi to all, I'm in desperate need of some help. I bought a new Dell Studio 15 (1555) at the end of Aug '09 and once logged on to my user profil used to get a box pop up asking me if I wanted to create a set of backup discs. Unfortunately at the tim I d...
    2 Technology 61
  156. What's a good spyware detection guide?
    Spyware detection help and guide please. It is now very very pathetic conditon to use intenet safe. There are number of thousands of viruses, spyware, horses , trojons are now spreaded all over the internet. Use internet safe is now a day dream. So it ...
    3 Technology 8
  157. How to password protect my Sony Ericsson w660i mobile?
    HI folks, Am using SE w660i mobile. I want to password protect some of my folders . is there any inbuilt option or any softwares available.
    3 Technology 70
  158. how can I make a flyer using my comp?
    is for my club im starting at school is cosmetology and ihave my permission I just need to post flyers and I need a way to do it what software can I use to make em?
    2 Technology 33
  159. Is it possible to remove the music from a song, and only keeping the vocals?
    As I'm doing a Music GCSE, and playing guitar to a song, I want it just to be the vocals and my guitar. Is there any free software I could use to do this? Thanks!
    3 Music 37
  160. How can you save pictures with your webcam?
    I have a webcam builded in to my laptop and I want to take pics so I can put them on funadvice does anyone know how to do this or does anyone know anywhere were I can get a free software to do this x
    3 Funadvice 41
  161. Parental control to limit time spent on the Internet?
    My child spends long hours on the Internet. I am thinking about installing a parental control software on my computer, but there are thousands of choices. Do you have any recommendations?
    3 Family 44
  162. Who has downloaded the psp game creator?
    I keep trying to download the psp constructor (game maker) and when I click download it brings it up as a wierd file...and says "find, save" Does anyone know how to download this software!?
    2 Gaming 16
  163. Free Yearly Horoscopes
    anyone here knows the good site from where I can get my free yearly horoscope predictions. I had earlier softwares bt now I lost them. all the sites I try ask for money and they give daily not yearly
    2 Religion 39
  164. Photo editing programs that are free?
    Does anybody know of some good but yet a bit advanced photo editing software that are free of charge that has some of the top tools? I'm getting tired of PhotoFiltre.
    9 Technology 48
  165. Why does internet explorer keep popping up?
    I've updated my anti virus software and everything, but internet explorer keeps pooping up these ads like it has a virus on it and I don't know what to do. Please, if anyone knows what to do, let me know. Thank you so much!
    7 Technology 37
  166. How do I transfer my videos from my Blackberry Bold 9900 to my MacBook Pro?
    My phone's memory is full and I want to put it on my laptop. I downloaded Blackberry Media software from the blackberry website but I can only find how to stuff on my phone.
    6 Technology 15
  167. Where to download the driver of this camera?
    1.3mp Night Vision VGA Webcam+mic Model Number : 310 Where can I download the driver of this CAMERA? I really need to install it in my computer. Please suggest me if there is a software.
    3 Technology 12
  168. How can ipod to sync again to itunes?
    I have an 80gb which I cant sync to itunes, it worked fin before but now it starts syncing and then it gives me and \"error 50 or 69\". I have tried restoring but I keep having the same problem. all software is up to date. HELP! PLEASE!!!
    2 Technology 13
  169. How can I increase the volume of mp3s?
    please can u tell me the free download of software to increase the volume of mp3 songs???please help me...& an mp3 player for 7610,im using symbian products already,plz help me
    2 Technology 25
  170. Why is still always a beta
    2 years back when I first used it was a beta service..Why is it still a beta service?Will google stop its free email service once the beta period is over..Is there any guidelines how long a software can be called a beta version?
    2 Technology 129
  171. Where I can download music for free?
    Anyone know where I can download music for free? I don't want to download software e.g. Bearshare, limewire... But I have been on a few websites such as beemp3/mp3ify/ 4share/ Anyone else know any others? Please I'm despurate I love music! All woul...
    3 Music 19
  172. tweak to make my internet faster
    sir I have a adsl connection of internet, and my speed is very slow ! can you give some tip to make my interne tfaster during bwosing and downloading without using a software booster? or upgrading technology?
    2 Technology 58
  173. Will I loose my unlocked and jailbroken features or no?
    I have the first iphone. Its unlocked and jailbroken. For all of you who dont know what that means.. Unlocked means I can use the iphone with any sim card and jailbroken means that I can download all apps for free etc.. My question is that if I upgrade...
    3 Technology 22
  174. I want to install a new anti virus program
    I want to install a new anti virus program, but then I cant completely install the new one, because my old antivirus software still remains. But I could not find it in add/remove programs.. what should I do to completely delete it? where do I find it, ...
    2 Technology 23
  175. How do you put several photos into one picture (like a collage maybe)?
    Imagine this, A photo of a happy family. Then I will put another one inside of a photo. It is something like pasting another photo from one photo. is there an editing software that is done via online? thanks@
    6 Literature 37
  176. Free Ringtones for the lg scoop!
    I just got the lg scoop and I cannot use a ring tone that someone sends to me in pic message or via bluetooth. Is there any new ringtone sites that work with alltels new software? Please help.
    6 Technology 47
  177. Why wont my blackrain ipod touch turn on?
    I have recently jailbroken my ipod touch using blackra1n. I turned it of and now it wont turn on. When I turn it on it just come up with the connection to itunes. I know that you have to use blackra1n to turn it back on but it isint working. So I tried...
    4 Technology 38
  178. Securing my port
    How do I secure a port to ensure only users of my software application can access my server? My server has been hacked by unscrupulous geeks. I can use only static IP addresses to allow entry but that would exclude people using laptops that use d...
    2 Technology 45
  179. How to download flv video from jw player?
    can anyone help me out I have tried to download a flv video from some anime sites like blazinanime but when I try I fail to download it.. I have been using IDM but it doest bring the link to download,if anyone knows any software that can help me out...
    7 Technology 341
  180. Another S.A.T question
    Skeptics ___the company's decision to use new computer software, believing it would be ___ wasting money and hindering efficiency A.Rejected,Provident B.Opposed,Uneconomical C.Admired,Frugal D.Ignored,Expedient
    2 Education 6
  181. Can anybody tell me if I would be able to use the Paypal or Square card reader on my smartphone?
    I just got a Verizon LG Lucid 4G LTE smartphone. I just looked up my software information on my phone and it says I have a 4.0.4 Android version. Would I be able to use the Paypal or Square card reader on it?
    2 Money 13
  182. How to get MSN Messenger on a Mac?
    well, I need to install msn messanger on my laptop, but whenever I try to, I little window pops up saying that I don't have any software to open this application. any1 know how 2 do this? im so bad at computers!
    3 Technology 104
  183. Talk me into buying an apple! Please : )
    I've been using a PC for ever and really like Macs software and applications. I'm thinking about finally making the switch but am still a little hesitant. Can someone please make a case for making the switch? Please talk me into it : ) Scott
    3 Technology 16
  184. If you use a web analytics product, what's your favorite?
    I've used omniture, hitwise, web trends, webalizer, custom stats packages I wrote, friend's packages they wrote, google analytics, and a package we built & sold (with Ericson, one of my co-founders here) years ago. However, hands down, the best one ...
    3 Technology 12
  185. Big project due tmrow help me!!!
    I just got a new dell inspiron laptop and I need to make a powerpoint for science class. Im pretty sure I have the software but I don't know how to open the program and make the sllides. Plzzz hlp!
    2 Technology 12
  186. Why do other brand name computer get virus than the other brand?
    Here are some brand name ones: Dell, hp, toshiba, sony, gateway, acer, mac, samsung... And names What im saying is does it matter what brand you get and if you do get that brand will you ctach a computer virus.? Or you will only catch it from going ...
    5 Technology 9
  187. Is there a PC version of Final Cut Pro?
    I would really love to start making and editing videos like I do at school, but I don't have a Mac, and they are WAY to expensive for me to buy, so is there any good editing software that has the same tools and layout of final cut pro, and if so is the...
    4 Technology 21
  188. Wireless printer problem with home network
    Our internet is wireless and the printer is on my pc. How can I get the other computers to network together and send info to be printed off on my printer. I've tried practically everything, however they ask for name of printer or web link and nothing I...
    2 Technology 13
  189. History of Computer Usage
    Is there a way to find out if my computer was turned on last Tues. anytime between 5 a.m. and 3 p.m? It has been turned on at approx. 3:30 p.m. every day after my work. I don't have a keylogger installed. My system is Win XP on a Compaq Presario. T...
    4 Technology 53
  190. how to remove pen drive virus?
    hi, I using many pen drives in my of my friends pen drive has been infected by virus .tat spreads in my sys.when I inserted my pen drive virus affects m pen drive also. I dono how to remove completely virus in pen drive? so please ...
    3 Technology 36
  191. How come my computer won't flash my n800?
    hi all, i managed to update my n800 on my computer twice today. i had to do it a third time because some boot software in the mer install ducked it up! i used the update wizard to try and do it but now each time i put it in update mode it dis connects ...
    2 Technology 18
  192. Why is my Windows Installer working?
    On my laptop nothing will install, so I did a scan and it said I have loads of problems. the major one I need to fix is Windows installer wont install (ironic) and I cant download anything. I NEED it to work if im going to download another anti-virus...
    7 Technology 28
  193. Can You REALLY Make Money Online?
    Are those websites that say you can make money by taking surveys ect. real? Id LOVE to sit here and make money doing ANYTHING online,Im constantly on the computer. But every website I've heard of where you make money,you have to sign up for thingsor yo...
    10 Money 107
  194. Why won't my Ipod Touch connect to my wifi network?
    Can anyone offer me some advice as to how to get my iPod touch (1st gen running on 3rd gen software) connected to my wifi network? I've tried everything I can think of, even manually entering the network name, encryption type and password but it just s...
    2 Technology 45
  195. Computer is being stupid
    My networking driver is messed up I've rolled it back Updated it Obviously im on now but theres like no...color preference lol Theres color everything else but not on the internet screens I assume its a virus so my sis is going to give me the ...
    5 Technology 37
  196. Where can I find a program to read someone elses text messages?
    I am sensing some foul play in my relationship and I need to know how to read the texts and Possibly e-mail and pics too without the other person knowing! I know there is a program out there that you can pay for and obtain this info! It may be illegal ...
    4 Technology 104
  197. How to get rid of Antivirus 2009!
    Why every time I open my browser, the Antivirus 2009 always appear on the second tab and order me that it is recommended to install their software for the reason that my pc is infected with malicious program, then they they automatically scanned my pc...
    7 Technology 129
  198. Free english typing tutorial
    I m trying to learn typing fast to help in my job. Pls if anybdy know which software to download, pls help. I tried 1-2 , bt hey get locked after 2-3 lessons in trial version. I want the full course. Pls give me the names of full courses for english ty...
    2 Technology 50
  199. Why isn't the printer working?
    We just installed an HP deskjet 656c series printer into my computer, but for some reason nothing will print. As far as I can tell the software is completely installed, and when I go into like Microsoft Word, for example, I can choose the correct pr...
    5 Technology 29
  200. How to fix a Windows error that keeps my computer from booting up?
    My computer will not start, I get this message: We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this. And it says to use the up and down arrow keys to choose an optio...
    3 Technology 11
  201. How can I put all my videos together?
    Ok, so on my old camera, you could hit "pause" and then you could start another scene of your video. On my new Nikon, you can't pause it - or at least I don't think you can. So all my videos come out as... well, different videos. Windows movie maker ...
    3 Technology 48
  202. How can I open Port 443 (secure SSL)?
    would like to know how to open port 443 (secure ssl). i have a problem one of the software scottdale elite did not work, one of the scotdale tech adviser send me e-mail open port 443 to access this softeare. i tried many times but failed, please need h...
    3 Technology 184
  203. Illegal downloads?
    Who is breaking the law? The person that offers stuff for downloading (eg mp3s, videos, software) or the person that actually downloads it? Does this differ from country to country? I reside in the netherlands. Someone told me recently that the p...
    5 Technology 11
  204. 241 pizza home order taker??
    hey everyone has anyone ever been or currently is a 241 pizza home order taker? whats this job like? is understanding the software easy or hard? how much do you get paid per call? if anyone knows this, please let me starting training in a week...
    2 Money 149
  205. How I format my system?
    Hi friends, My system got some problem.when I open 3 or more application. It becomes very slow . I cant do further operations. So please help me to solve this problem. I dono whether my system gets affected by virus. Please suggest a suitab...
    2 Technology 28
  206. How to write a song?
    I've always wanted to write a song! I was just wondering what would you really base the song on? Whats a good topic to sing about? I'm not the greatest person for coming up with rhymes either so does every 2 lines 'have' to end with rhyming couplets? A...
    2 Music 17
  207. Are HP's good laptops?
    I am planning to buy a laptop, and have being seeing some at Amazon, im was really interested in HP´s, but i did some research on them, and read bad things about them. People say they brake easily, they give software errors, and wont last too long. I d...
    3 Technology 14
  208. Electronic ballot fraud
    So, anyone have problems with an electronic voting machine switching Obama to McCain, or automatically inserting McCain's name regardless of whether the Dem or Repub autofill button was pressed? I'm only asking because of the reports of this happeni...
    2 Politics 20
  209. Old Emachines Desktop Computer Freezes, Is It A Hard Drive Issue?
    The old emachines desktop computer I used to use had some problems, the screen / software could continously freeze on my and I don't know what the problem is. My guess is that the hard disk / drive had some kind of issue, since my dad mentioned that ol...
    4 Technology 149
  210. windows to mac OS urgent!!
    hii... I just want to know if a normal HP lap top can have two Operating systems installed on it... as in have windows and mac and allow users to switch when required? please let me know fast!!! and if it is possible couuld some one tell me how I can c...
    3 Technology 10
  211. How can I earn money on clickbank?
    Can anybody provide some information on how to make money free from clickbank by selling digital products like ebook and useful software. Is there any free useful ebook available in the net which I can download and use to make money through click bank,...
    3 Money 37
  212. How much of this do you think I would be able to fit on a 6GB laptop before it starts to really slow down?
    So I just got a new laptop for college and I have all these things I want to put on it but I'm obviously going to need it most for college work. Anyway the things that I want(not need) to put on the laptop are: -iTunes -a video editing software like ...
    2 Technology 23
  213. Best lap top model
    hi all, I want to buy a laptop with the following configurations. 2 or more GB RAM Atleast 120 GB HDD DVD Combo Wb cam, usb and other basic features Screen size : 15 pricing should be at the range of $540 - $ 700. can some on...
    3 Technology 20
  214. I need help my computer is so slow and annoying all the sudden ,
    You see my computer has been acting up lately and like I don't know what it can be. For instance when I click the link at the bottom of my screen I have to click it like 10 times before it comes up. My lime wire skipp's a lot >=[ And I play this game...
    4 Technology 43
  215. Dell laptop: What is the source of the problem?
    I have an Inspiron 6400 laptop. Recently, my computer has been giving me a blue error screen saying that hardware I have installed needs new drivers or it may be a problem with new software. IT suggested downloading new drivers or doing a system resto...
    3 Technology 11
  216. Why is My ipod stuck in restore mode?
    Ipod Specs: Ipod Touch 4th gen. 4.3.x firmware Jailbroken The other day away from home I deleted that cydia app called Winterboard and after respringing all my apps and data were deleted for reasons unknown. I tried to restore it today but while re...
    2 Technology 17
  217. Computer Science VS Information Technology
    Computer Science VS Information Technology Undecided Course: Computer Science VS Information Technology - Which is better in, Job opportunity, etc? HI, Im A Freshman ( Undergraduate ), 19 Years Old, From Middleast (Saudi Arabia ) Who Wants To Take...
    4 Education 64
  218. I wanna be a vet
    Hi, I was just wondering, can anyone refer me to a website or tell me a bit about what I would need to know to be a small animal veterinary surgeon. I am only 14... but... My Dad is like a computer genious he knows how to do anything and everythi...
    2 Education 12
  219. Who likes miley cyrus?
    who like miley cyrus?? If you do I dont know why she is nothing special. Just a girl who got in the business because of her dad. You guys think she can sing yea she probably can but not that good they change it all the notes and everything on computer ...
    7 Entertainment 12
  220. How do I murder this virus :)?
    Okiedokies, amigos. I've been attacked with windows security alerts virus. It installed system defender and then I get these fake alerts saying I have all these terrible things and tells me to download their software to get rid of it. I ran ad-ware and...
    5 Technology 31
  221. Sony ericsson w810i keeps flashing.
    Well a little while ago my brother plugged his w810i into the pc with a usb cable but something happend and now when ever you try to turn it on the screen just flashes black & white. I've read about this happening to other people on the internet and ap...
    2 Technology 65
  222. What does this virus error message mean?
    I was on the computer for a while and then my internet said this: ''Your browser was hijacked! Some results was changed by porn advertising! You need to clean your system immediately to prevent it. Download the newest antispyware software!''' For one...
    3 Technology 90
  223. What the heck is up with my computer?! Is it a virus?
    First of all, I have AVG freeware version 9.0, and Malwarebytes freeware, newest version. Before I get any replies about that, YES they are compatible together, because they are different kinds of programs. Anyways, I just got a webcam, new, off ebay. ...
    3 Technology 65
  224. Power out to computer.
    Alright, well there was one day where the computer was on. No one was using it, we have to leave it on during the day otherwise it won't start. Not sure why, but if you have solutions to that problem I'll take those too. Anyways, the computer was on, a...
    2 Technology 16
  225. Licences Question
    Is a piece of software containing images that from other people considered a Collective Works or a Derived Work Definitions "Collective Work" means a work, such as a periodical issue, anthology or encyclopedia, in which the Work in its entirety in u...
    2 General 15
  226. Putting a Video on a website
    When I click on a video on line, it starts playing immediately...even if the video plays for an hour or two. It'll do that about everywhere I go on line... except my web site. When I upload a video to my website, that plays for only 15 minutes, ...
    2 Technology 9
  227. What are some return excuses for Apple devices?
    Okay so when I got my ipod touch 3gen it comes with a 3.1.2 firmware software. I had my ipod jailbroken. Every so often I like to back up and restore my ipod touch and re-jailbreak. The problem is that the last time I restored it, I accidentally agree...
    4 Technology 35
  228. How can I get my parents to like him again?
    I've been dating my boyfriend for almost 3 years now. For 2 years of the relationship, I wasn't allowed to date him. My boyfriend quit school and my parents told me I wasn't allowed to see him anymore. We were dating for a year at that point and I wasn...
    2 Family 43
  229. Communication Skills
    Iam 35+ and working as software professioanl from past ten years. In this period I have worked for many organizations and I have never make a good career in any of the company due to lack of problems. I have never worked in any of the company for more ...
    4 Money 21
  230. Computer virus - it will not be removed, help
    I have a virus/trojan/keylogger/whatever on my computer. it is giving me very limited internet access. when I use google, the page takes at least 5 minutes to load (I suspect that the page is being scanned for means to remove the virus by the virus i...
    11 Technology 45
  231. Will doing this restore my computer to default settings?
    Will doing this restore my computer to default settings? Or will I still have everything on my computer? 1. Reboot your machine. 2. Press F8 before the Windows boot screen appears. * Do not press F5 as used on the NT/9x series of Windows. 3. You will ...
    4 Technology 43
  232. Computer infected
    I went on the internet and al of a sudden it kinda shut down and this thing cam eup saying that all my files had been infected with tonns of worms, trojons (?) and stuff like that and saying that my documents and my c: drive was too. It was strange bec...
    2 Technology 21
  233. Who thinks I should get this Toshiba laptop, I really like it?
    From Toshiba comes a portable powerhouse you can take with you anywhere you go. The 14.0" Satellite L645D laptop PC comes to you loaded with all the advanced features you expect from Toshiba. An AMD Athlon II P320 processor and 3GB of memory keep your ...
    13 Technology 35
  234. What if my wife has been cheating on me?
    Ours was typical tamil arranged marriage .. for about 1-2 years frankly I was depressed she wasn't any match to me .. had insulted her sometimes also ..but also good took care of her ..then we had a kid, after which I started loving her like hell ..but...
    2 Sex 17
  235. My computer needs fixed.. help..:)
    Okay, So I have A compaq notebook laptop, Vista.. Im pretty sure.. So any way..It got a virus, so my sister tried restoring it to factory settings 3 times.. then that really screwd it up.. So she put in a restore harddrive c.d from another computer,...
    5 Technology 67
  236. Oil from bug poo?
    What do you think of this? (from AMERICANS could one day be filling their tanks with the genetically modified excretions of tiny bugs if one Silicone Valley start-up has its way. LS9 says it is just one month away from beginning it...
    6 Science 54
  237. ex fiance and letting go
    My fiance and I Were supposed to get married on Aug 16, 2008. I had a problem with a depersonalization disorder that caused me to lose reality for several months prior to the wedding. I did some things that I had no control over.. One being that my fia...
    5 Relationships 64
  238. Do androids dream of electric sheeple?
    In an initiative Philip K. D!ck could have penned describing some near future technocratic dystopia... U.S. Information Czar Cass Sunstein seems to have gotten his wish in having paid U.S. agents fight dissent on forums, blogs, and social networking si...
    4 Technology 31
  239. How different people have sex,
    How they have sex, think of more? Post it:) Accountants are good with figures. Actors do it on cue. Advertisers use the "new, improved" method. Ambulance drivers come quicker. Ansi does it in the standard way Archeologists like it old...
    6 Sex 42