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  1. why is my message not apearing on the screen
    why is my message not apearing on the screen
    2 Funadvice 44
  2. How do I delete my screen name?
    How do I delete my screen name?
    2 Technology 21
  3. how do you make a photo out of the screen??
    6 Technology 29
  4. where can i get a lcd screen and digitizer screen for a iphone (not the internet)?
    2 Technology 23
  5. How do you Print Screen ?
    I forget how to do it =/
    4 Technology 18
  6. What ashley tisdale screen name?
    What ashley tisdale screen name?
    7 Technology 48
  7. How to remove scratches from a psp screen?
    How to remove scratches from a psp screen?
    2 Gaming 75
  8. How can you change your screen name?
    How can you change your screen names, if possible?
    2 Funadvice 10
  9. Are LCD screens better for your eyes?
    Are Lcd screens better for the eye?
    6 Technology 52
  10. How do you change your screen name for this site?
    How do you change your screen name for this site???
    2 Funadvice 5
  11. Where do I go to change my username screen?
    Where do I go to change my username screen?
    3 Technology 61
  12. Why do they use a green screen in filming?
    12 Entertainment 41
  13. How do you exit off of sharing screen on ichat?
    3 Technology 18
  14. How do I recover my AOL screen name?
    11 Technology 290
  15. Where can I get my phone screen fixed?
    3 Technology 13
  16. How do I get water out from under my phone screen?
    3 Technology 19
  17. What should I use to clean my computer screen?
    6 Technology 9
  18. How do I flip my screen right side up again?
    My screen just flipped upside down.
    6 Technology 45
  19. Cleaning the screen on a Sidekick LX?
    How do I clean em screen on lx
    3 Technology 53
  20. What do I when I drop my phone and my screen turns white?
    3 Technology 13
  21. How do you take a "screen shot"(on/of computer)?
    3 Technology 8
  22. What are the buttons you press for screen shot on your laptop?
    18 Technology 46
  23. How do you screen print things onto a shirt?
    2 Homegarden 30
  24. How can I get the blue line out of my computer screen?
    9 Technology 54
  25. Can cracked laptop screens be replaced?
    my laptop screen cracked can it be replaced for a reasonable price ?
    4 Technology 54
  26. cleaning ipod screens?
    What are some safe things to clean you're ipod screen with?
    2 Music 39
  27. How do I add an AOL screen name to an account?
    How do I add a new screen name to my AOL account?
    2 Technology 72
  28. How to pass a drug screen?
    need advice for tomorrow on how to pass a drug screen
    3 Drugs 65
  29. What are the controls to turn your computer screen up the right way?
    2 Technology 57
  30. What is the cause of the white screen of death on iPod touch?
    2 Technology 15
  31. Why does it say I'm logged out when I go to the home screen?
    5 Funadvice 16
  32. Is there a way of getting rid of scratches on the iPhone screen?
    2 Technology 31
  33. What does it mean when my ipod touch screen turns white?
    7 Technology 70
  34. How can I make the screen on my laptop go black and white?
    3 Technology 20
  35. Do u like Lotta Cockka? Its my Screen Name
    2 Technology 8
  36. How much do green screens cost?
    What Websites Sell Them?
    4 Shopping 43
  37. How long is a flat screen computer monitor good for?
    10 Technology 9
  38. can some spy on my msn or computer screen
    can some spy on my msn or computer screen or my wecam without me knowing
    5 Technology 49
  39. What are these things on the Vista screen called?
    what are the things on the far right of the screen called on windows vista?
    2 Technology 12
  40. What's a cool Screen Name?
    I need a cool screen name and my name is Stephy! Please Help!
    4 Technology 85
  41. How do you make videos of your computer screen, instead of screen shots?
    You know how some people make instructional videos, and it shows their computer screen, what they click on, what they type, etc...? How do you do that? I know how to take screen shots, just not the videos. :[
    8 Technology 64
  42. Free screen capturing programs?
    do you guys know of any good, free screen capturing programs? :]
    5 Technology 22
  43. What is a free video editing site I can use for my green screen?
    2 Technology 9
  44. How much does it cost to get your screen changed on your phone?
    4 Technology 38
  45. Does dimming,or turning down the light on your computer screen save your battery?
    5 Technology 17
  46. Why did my computer screen suddenly go black then come back on ?
    11 Technology 80
  47. Are there any screen recording applications for Mac that don't lag when I try to record gameplay?
    5 Technology 44
  48. What's a good screen capturing software that's free and records audio?
    5 Technology 10
  49. How much does a screen printer for making t-shirts cost?
    5 Shopping 23
  50. Who can tell me how to get these bubbles off my blackberry curve screen protector?
    20 Technology 46
  51. How do I make my screen lighter?
    i turned on my computer and the screen is dark you can hardly see.
    5 Technology 90
  52. How do you take a picture of your computer screen?
    How do you take a picture(I guess) of your computer screen? What buttons do you push? Thanks:)
    6 Technology 55
  53. How can I get a Yahoo! Mail icon on my screen?
    How can I get the yahoo mail icon on my screen? You know where all the other icons show up before you get on line.
    3 Technology 425
  54. keyboard dont work any at all can I use an on screen keyboard?
    my keyboard dont work any at all. I have to be using my on screen keyboard .what can I do to resolve this problem please
    4 Technology 22
  55. is a computer screen damaging to the eyes?
    I've heard computer screens are damaging to the eyes, is that true? and if so is there anything to do about it?
    2 Technology 14
  56. aim screen names
    my friend and I are making her an aim..any suggestions for a screen name?? her name is kennah. thanks
    2 Gaming 28
  57. Is there a device to shield a computer screen from the sun?
    Is there any device to shield a computer screen so I can work outside in the sun and still work on my computer?
    3 Technology 46
  58. Wheres print screen?
    Where is print screen on my compac laptop I cnt see it enywhere,
    5 Technology 51
  59. Computer screen looks faded?
    My computer screen looks like everything is faded to the right Like on my computer screen after everything on the screen on the right there is a shadow going to the right What can I do to fix this?
    2 Technology 124
  60. Print screen button.
    You know how computers/laptops like acer (Windows) have the print screen button? Do apples (Mac) have that? Or any button that can print screen the screen?
    2 Technology 11
  61. What do you call that gray bar up there that was the website you're on and the search bar on it (on computer screen)?
    2 Technology 9
  62. How do you fix a broken screen on a digital camera?
    The camera model is a Kodak EasyShareC743
    7 Technology 18
  63. is it safe to delete the screen savers that came with windows vista basic?
    5 Technology 8
  64. Is there any danger of repairing my iPod screen, personally, instead of taking it to Apple?
    8 Technology 23
  65. Can the Panasonic SDR-S45 record my tv screen?
    And not just point it at the TV
    5 Technology 12
  66. How come my iTunes is frozen on my computer screen and it wont let me exit off ??
    7 Technology 58
  67. 'Big Screen'
    What is a very good movie that's out now!? I haven't been to the movies since "White Chicks!"
    4 Entertainment 12
  68. Do you believe all students in public schools should be subjected to random drug screens?
    5 Drugs 13
  69. How do you move a "messaging" icon to the bottom of the screen on an Android?
    where the home button and all that is?
    6 Technology 34
  70. How do you make your screen light up on a Blackberry Storm2 when you receive a text message?
    4 Technology 10
  71. How can I get Yahoo messenger not to pop up on my main screen when I turn on my computer?
    11 Technology 15
  72. Can I order a new screen for my blackberry instead of getting a whole new phone?
    9 Technology 20
  73. What do I do if my computer screen goes white?
    My computer screen went white with little gray lines through it. How can I fix it?
    2 Technology 51
  74. Is it possible to fix the screen on my phone and how much would it cost?
    i dropped it but the phone does turn and but not the screen.
    2 Technology 25
  75. What would be a good screen name for me?
    What would be a good screen name for me? I like art, Building thing, and other cool things.
    4 Technology 41
  76. Who has never walked through a screen door?
    Who can honestly say they havn't or don't know anyone who has walked into a screen door?
    6 General 32
  77. What do you do when your iPod has a gray screen with an apple on it?
    My iPod is like stuck on a gray screen with a little apple on it. I have a nano, any suggestions?
    3 Technology 31
  78. Fix Computer screen
    My computer screen turned around, upside down, how do I get it back to normal?
    4 Technology 29
  79. Why is my computer screen half the size it should be?
    My computer screen got little and its like half screen now. How can I make it get to its normal size?
    2 Technology 161
  80. How can I clean my flat screen tv?
    Will Windex be okay? I'm afraid of ruining it :)
    5 Technology 54
  81. why cant i make my screen resolution higher than 1024 600 on windoes 7?
    5 Technology 6
  82. What are some cool pranks I can do to my sister's computer, like turning her screen upside down and stuff like that?
    14 General 48
  83. How can you change your name on this thing like screen name I guess
    I don't like my name I wanna change it from what it is to something else. How can you do that.??
    2 Funadvice 39
  84. What do I do my laptop screen turned sideways im on my desktop?
    I was using my laptop and then my screen turned sideways please help any ideas
    3 Technology 62
  85. how to deal with the blue screen of death
    Hey, I just got the blue screen of death on my laptop. any suggestions on how best to fix it?
    2 Technology 17
  86. Why is my computer screen turning black when I turn it on?
    What's wrong with my computer everytime I turn it off n turn it back on the screen goes black, how can I fick it?
    3 Technology 42
  87. How do I change my screen name on here?
    How do I change my screen name on here because I dont have a baby bump anymore haha =] help please!?
    5 Funadvice 46
  88. Is there a program which allows you to film screen activity?
    Like a screen shot but a video, so it lets you film it..
    3 Technology 9
  89. Thc and drug screens
    Is it possable to pass a drug screen fro ths 2 weeks after I smoke
    3 Drugs 1612
  90. Why is everything so big on my screen lol it looks weird?
    On my screen all my icons are do make them smaller (the way they were)?
    2 Technology 39
  91. What is the best way to clean my iPod touch screen?
    My screen is really dirty but I don't know how to clean it or what to use to clean it.
    11 Technology 57
  92. computer has like a blue screen, how do I take it off?
    my computer has like a blue screen and I tried shutting it down and it still is the same way so how could I take it off?
    4 Technology 37
  93. Why is my computer screen size unstable?
    When I try to scroll using the arrows at the side of my screen, the screen itself constantly resizes
    4 Technology 40
  94. How do I change my master screen name?
    I don't want my e-mail address to show on my blogs. How do I change my master screen name?
    4 Technology 75
  95. Scene Screen Name
    Okay. I need a screen name for my online accounts...,ect. My name is Shay, And I want the screen name to be scene. please help?
    3 Technology 50
  96. how do I fix nintendo ds lite top screen from falling back
    how do I fix my nintendo ds lite top screen from always falling back, the little plastic peace fell off my ds and now the screen always falls back how do I fix it
    2 Technology 107
  97. Computer will get a blue tent on the screen
    Every now and then my computer will get a blue tent on the screen and all the color gets mixed up it makes me angry. Any ideas as to why it would do that???
    4 Technology 92
  98. What's the screen name of the computer robot on AIM?
    Is it smart kid Its a screen name of an automatic robot that responds to you Nayone know it??? Helppp
    6 Technology 465
  99. record whats on my screen using my PC
    how can I record whats happening on my computer screen using my computer?like im watching a movie and I wna record it while watching it
    4 Technology 55
  100. Are there any free video editing programs/software simple to use with chroma key that I can use to do effects with a green screen?
    5 Technology 22
  101. can anyone tell me how to fix my task bar on the destop screen i was on my computer and somehow its n the side. anyone?
    2 Technology 50
  102. How exactly would you make a green screen?
    If i use green material, what else would i need, and how do i get it to work?
    10 Technology 30
  103. How do I relocate my tool bar to bottom of screen?
    My tool bar went to the side of my screen, I want too put it back on bottom of page. I can't figure how to move it.
    3 Technology 55
  104. How to do screen capture on Samsung Galaxy?
    I have a samsung galaxy ace.Sometime when I press middle button it captures & many times dosen't.... So, can anyone here tell me how to capture screen....? :-)
    2 Technology 9
  105. What are some good AIM screen names??
    I have blonde hair... and im kinda slow... :] haha and I LOVE smileys.
    3 Technology 84
  106. What type of Veriozon phone should I get if I'm looking for something with a touch screen that isn't too difficult to use?
    4 Technology 18
  107. How do I change my screen saver in my mobile???
    I have a samsung sgh-a877, and I need help changing my screensaver pictures.
    2 Technology 65
  108. do any of you have any good ideas for my screen name in aim?
    do any of you have any good ideas for my screen name in aim. I have no ides on what to decide. I like music, dancing, cartoons, dogs,singing just help me think of a good screen name
    4 Gaming 50
  109. What websites have visual effects for green screens?
    What Websites Have Visual Effects For Green Screens I Got A Green Screen I Just Need Site To Edit Video Maybe Like Effects Like And Explosions Or Fake Ballons?
    2 Technology 8
  110. How can I play sims 2 but not as a full screen program?
    Is there any way that I can play sims 2, but not as a full screen programme, so I would be able to minimise it, etc and do other stuff aswell. ??
    3 Gaming 83
  111. What is a good scene Skype screen name for "Alyssa"?
    Well I've been convinced to get skype yet I cannot choose a screen name. any advice?
    4 General 214
  112. Ipod screen frozen beeps twice?
    My ipod is frozen and the screen is completely white. And everytime I try to reset it, it beeps at me twice. I dont know how to get it unfrozen.
    2 Technology 38
  113. How do you minimize a full screen GAME with the KEYBOARD ?
    just need to know :] plase do not tell me to click the little line becasue that is not there in a full screen game and yeah...
    3 General 46
  114. What are some cute & unique screen names ?
    Like for aim or aol ? I want cute & unique one like the one I have now is biitch iim meh x
    3 General 54
  115. How do I paste a picture into Word after using the print screen button?
    Also, do I just press prnt scrn or do I have to press alt then prnt scrn or something?
    8 Technology 35
  116. How do people steal flat screens or t.v's?
    It's not like you can just put it in your pants and walk out of the store unnoticed. And no, I'm not planning on stealing a t.v.
    5 General 11
  117. Touch screen Computer ( Cool?)
    think about what if they made a touch screen computer. all you would need is a keyboard. no mouse needed cause it touch screen. I think that would be freaking GREAT!!!. who else think this would be a nice idea
    6 Technology 10
  118. how to get hairspray off of kindle fire screen?
    So I was doin my hair listening to music on my kindle fire, and my sister came and hair sprayed her hair and it got onto my fire's screen. How do I get it off without ruining my screen?!?!
    2 Technology 115
  119. How do I get my laptop screen back to normal?
    My dog jumped onto my knee when I was on the laptop and he pressed something to make the whole screen turn sideways. What do I press to get it back? :/
    3 Technology 14
  120. How do I set the screen saver on my Samsung Solstice(A887)?
    I can't figure out how to change the photo for when I press the hold button and the screen savor appears, any ideas?
    2 Technology 56
  121. How do I print screen on my laptop?
    I have a Toshiba and where it says PRTSC, it has END on top of it. I've tried with both of the a shifts and it won't paste :S What am I doing wrong?
    3 Technology 10
  122. Razr has white screen
    So I got a used razr & then like I took a picture & then the screen just kept going white & now I cant see anithing at all like I can get calls & text messages But my screen is white What should I do
    4 Technology 35
  123. Aim screen name
    Can someone please make my friend an aim screen name? She doesnt have a computer she only has a cell phone but she can go on aim on it. I just made myself a new screen name yesterday so it wont let me. Please?!?
    3 Technology 52
  124. lapton screen problems?
    there is a gray box at the bottom of my screen on my Acer laptop and it wont go away and I can't see the start up menu ,what could be wrong with it
    2 Technology 8
  125. How do I take a screenshot of my screen?
    the PRT SC button is on the same key as the HOME button; i can never make it work. Ive tried ALT PRT SC too, it just takes me to google.
    7 Technology 52
  126. What are some new touch screen phones that recently came out that I can upgrade my phone to?
    what do u think is the best? what is ur pinion on which phone i should get?(with good features)
    9 Technology 8
  127. How can u fix a computer screen which has gone sideways?
    yeah my 5 yr old bro has terned the computer screen sidways and has no clue how that was done.Does anyone know who to fix it ?
    4 Technology 48
  128. How to fix a cell with water on the screen?
    Ok so I kinda dropped my cell in water and the screen has moisture on the top and I was wondering if there was any way to get rid of it faster or to jst let it go
    6 Technology 24
  129. Camera black screen!
    Camera black screen~ My konika minolta x20 camera turns on but everything is black..the pictures I take and even when it opens it just turns is soo irritating..pls help!!
    2 Technology 8
  130. Why is my screen smaller?
    So I log onto my laptop, and everything is smaller. The text, the pictures, everything, and not just for this site, but everywhere, and it's weird because it made the icons on my desktop bigger... Help?
    3 Technology 18
  131. I need screen name ideas!
    My name is Kellie. I like the number 11. I am NOT preppy, notin girly. I want something to do with my name. xx's are good. Hellppp!
    5 Technology 58
  132. What is a good new screen name?
    What is a good screen name? To use on here and other sites. I want one that is fun,clever, sexy and unique. Can yall help me out? or is the one I have good enough? Thanks xoxo, New member
    3 Sex 46
  133. How can I get my computer screen to turn?
    my computer screen is turned to the side and I need help_ it will not go the other way and I dont know how to start it in safe mode or delete receant downloads_ can some one help me?
    3 Technology 7
  134. How do I make the computer screen go back to its original size?
    I clicked a couple random keys on the keyboard accidently and the words, pictures, everything on my screen has shruck a little. How do i make it go back??
    3 Technology 45
  135. Screen recording
    I need help! I want to record something from the computer using a screen recorder. But I need a totally free one. I want to record audio from the laptop but don't know which one will give the sound from the laptop on the computer. Any ideas and...
    3 Technology 13
  136. ipod screen
    ipod nano screen went white.. now its gray.. now its black.. tried the reset [hold menu&center button] buh that didnt work.. help.!
    2 Technology 13
  137. Remove Smudges From iPod Screen
    I just got an iPod video and just curious what the best ways are to remove smudges from the screen are. I've done good not touching the screen yet, but knowing me... it will happen sooner or later. Thanks, lifeoftheparty20
    3 Relationships 13
  138. Can your purchase just the screen to replace on an iphone and where could i purchase a decent priced one?
    My fiances sister gave him her old iphone, it works perfectly but the screen is cracked extremely bad. Can you purchase just the screens and where are some affordable places to buy them?
    3 Technology 9
  139. Why has my laptop screen turned sideways?
    Yesterday, I was trying to do an alt code, but my alt key was sticky, so I used the alt gr button. The screen went grey, then when I came back to my laptop the screen had turned sideways, so I have to hold it like a book. How can I put my screen back ...
    3 Technology 20
  140. Can you use a logo on an image if you are having it screen printed for your own use?
    I was making some customized clothing and put images on them, one happened to be a logo. I am trying to cancel my order now because I realized this, but I am not sure what the legalities are
    2 Technology 20
  141. What are some AIM screen names ideas?
    I have blonde haire and love to shop and go to the beach! I also love dogs dance sigging. Please help me figure some out?
    17 Technology 459
  142. Will I be able to pass a urine screen today?
    I smoked pot 6 days ago and normally do not smoke. I took 2 hits off the bowl. I always drink a lot of water. Will I be able to pass a urine screen today?
    2 Health 165
  143. Can I replace/fix the viewing screen on a JVC Everio video camer?
    (Unfortunately the viewing screen on our video camera got broken. The camera itself still works perfectly and it can still be used with the broken viewing screen, but obviously is not as nice to use. Does anyone know if and how we can fix it ourselves?...
    8 Technology 33
  144. How do I take screen shots from my Computer?
    For example, it there is a web page that I want to show someone because maybe I am giving them directions on what to click, how would I do that? Do I need a certain program, or computer?
    6 Technology 9
  145. I need a new screen name for aim, 3-16 characters?
    Okay,so I need a new screen name for aim. And I wan tone that no one would think of but I want it to be like a quote. Like myspace... 3-16 charecters. Helpp.?
    2 Technology 55
  146. How do you switch your screen on your MacBook laptop (read more)?
    you know how some people can like switch between screens by like pressing a button or something? how do you do that? is it like a special app or something i have to download to do that cuz i really want to do it. well thanks c:
    2 Technology 7
  147. wht screen name?
    what screen name should I have for aim??? I like abercrombie and hollister, I love monkeys(animals),my name is GABBY, and I like to go to the mall a lot.And I also like to hang out with my friends!!! ♥♥ Ö Ü ♥♥ lol!!
    6 Shopping 14
  148. Broke my PSP screen, Dad is mad
    today I broke my psp screen by lifting weights and dropping it on it. My dad got really mad and I need help. I want to make him happy or at least forgive me what should I do I dont want him to get mad at me!!! HELP ME
    3 Family 41
  149. computer screen lighting?
    okay so on the screen thing I presed the button to make the screen light go down, well I turned it to where it's kind of dark, and now, I want it back normal, and I tried to click it back up, but it says that this dark is the highest it can go. ho...
    2 Technology 7
  150. What to do when "Vista Antivirus 2012 Alert" pops up on your screen?
    My mother, nor did I download/install this program. We know it's not a real antivirus thing. It's a popup, we know not to click anything on it but the 'X'. What can I do to get it off my computer and to keep it from popping up?
    5 Technology 29
  151. I need an AIM screen name!
    Hello my name Is Morgan and I really want a new AIM a little help please? I want something cute! I love being outside and I love animals. Something with my name in it would be nice!
    3 Technology 46
  152. Need some good screen name ideas
    hey what are some good sn ideas? im fun I love the beach I have blue yea oh and I love to have my music =P
    2 Technology 25
  153. How can you get the qwerty keybord to pop up on your computer screen?
    My laptops qwerty keyboard stoped working and everything else works I jusr need to know how to make that come up with out typing something in.
    4 Technology 14
  154. Did you know if you type your screen name into Google...
    it shows all your answers on here? So I guess if someone knows what name you use, they can track what you do online. Freaky! That is if it doesn't mean somethng else. If you have a distinct name it will come up with your profile and answers.
    3 Funadvice 54
  155. what are those programs which record the screen of your computer
    Hey umm I need to know something from you guys because up till now I have been useing my phone to record and make youtube videos and I realised the quality is crappy so I need to know what are those programs which record the screen of your computer whi...
    3 Technology 14
  156. I need a new screen name
    I need a new sn. I dont know what it should be. im 16 I am a blonde. I want it to do with love because I've been in love for 2 years but I cant think of an sn haha. please help me out!
    6 Technology 42
  157. Who has ahh neew screen name on aimm for mee?
    My name is - Dominique . Nicknamee - Domo , Loliee , Nique . Love - basketball . Faav # - 14 ( thass my b`ball # ] PLSSS any SUGGESTIONSS ?
    2 Technology 24
  158. Can someone please help me make a fun aim screen name for myself?
    I have red hair and green eyes. I am very tall (5' 11''). I love everything about drama. My favorite color is green.
    2 Technology 47
  159. How did my screen name become my best friend on AIM?
    Well yesterday I was board so I typed a random screen name into the add a buddy thing on AIM. I really didn't expect anything to happen, but it turns out it was real. I looked on the buddy info and it had my screen name and then it said "my screen name...
    5 Technology 35
  160. What 's wrong w/my laptop it has a blue screen and is saying...?
    ...its saying ... Stop: c0000135 (unable to locate component) this application has failed to start because rpcrt4.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem. ... And its a blue screen. Thankx
    2 Technology 17
  161. What is a good, cute youtube screen name for me?
    My name is allie or allison, im 15 and im not good at picking screen names or nicknames or anything so I was hoping you guys could help me out please and thank you(: If you want to help and need anymore information just ask, thanks!
    3 Technology 58
  162. How to cover up a crack in my cell phone screen?
    Ok I've cracked my phone screen and my mum doesn't know so I've been hiding my phone for the past week and she wants to see it because she thinks I've done something to it which I have so I need to cover the crack up as soon as possible. Any ideas? Tha...
    3 Technology 336
  163. Why does the caller ID stay on my flip phone blackberry screen even after I close the call?
    it seems to do it as well if i dont answer it and it is really fricking annoying cuz i have to pull the battery every time
    3 Technology 35
  164. Help me pick a new screen name!
    Ok I need ideas for a new screen name. I love anything pink. I do cheerleading, basketball and I love to dance. I'm daring,wild ,outgoing,outrageous,random and fun loving. I love to camp and shopping. Please help me get a name!!
    8 Technology 118
  165. any ideas for an AIM screen name?
    my sn is getting a bit boring, I've had the same one since I was 5. here's some stuff about me: -brunette/brown hair -short -nicknames are shay or shayshay -real names shayna -im a cheerleader any ideas?
    2 Technology 44
  166. What movie had had you screaming at the screen in annoyance most?
    for me i'd have to say "district nine" aggravated me immensely and at the moment i'm watching "open waters 2: adrift" and theres a simple solution to all there problems but there to dumb to see it and it's annoying =/
    4 Entertainment 5
  167. Why does my phone(samsun rant) screen randomly freeze up,and takes forever to start back?
    And i usuallx hold down the end button for it to un freeze, am i the only one!! and i cnt take it to the Sprint store right nw either lol.
    13 Technology 23
  168. How can i get past the "select wifi" screen if in am getting on to my nexus 7 for the first time?
    I just bought a google nexus 7 tablet. I am stuck on a screen that says "select wifi". if found my internet connection, but it keeps on jumping from "authenticating" to "connecting", but it doesn't budge other than that. I need some help ASAP PLEASE...
    3 Technology 10
  169. What does this screen mean on myspace?
    Well I was on myspace like 5 minutes ago and when I was messaging and all of a sudden the screen changes and says your leaving myspace and it said something about someone is trying to get my password. So I just closed the screen so should I go back but...
    5 Technology 27
  170. Blue screen virus
    How do I get rid of a virus called blue screen . It restars my laptop everytime I turn it on . So the only way I can use my internet is logging in on safe mode with networking . But I cant access music or pics or anything. Its driving me crazy . I have...
    3 Technology 35
  171. What should my new screen name be?
    I made a new screen name not too long ago but want a new one. I like animals, sports ( soccer,volleyball,and softball), I like to draw, love music, love going on the computer, I'm a little weird, love hanging out with my friends, boys, I'm italian. Any...
    5 Technology 110
  172. What is that program called that takes a snapshot of your computer screen?
    okay i know ive asked this before, but since i have to re-build my computer i have to ask again. someone gave me a really good answer last time and i like fell in love with the program..
    2 Technology 26
  173. repearing a laptop screen???
    yesterday I droped my laptop and the screend scrached so I think it s the surfes layer only that dameged .. can anyone tell me how much it will cost me 2 fx it it s a toshba and it s brand new ..I don t want 2 ask my parents 4 mony!
    2 Technology 14
  174. Motorola Razr screen is pitch black
    My Motorola Razr screen is black/blank. I can still receive and make calls, but I can't see anything. I tried the "press the left hand corner of the screen" but it went out and that trick want work at all! Should I take it to a TMobile store and let...
    3 Technology 56
  175. How can I repair my Ipod touch if tha screen is cracked?
    I was walking home and listening to my Ipod,I accidentally dropped it .. I wasn't worried because it has a case and a screen protector,until I picked it up and flipped it over it I found out that it was CRACKED! I'm wondering where and how can I repair...
    5 Technology 44
  176. What kind of performance glasses are effective for looking at the computer screen?
    So i've been playing videogames and looking at screens a lot and i want to protect my eyes from the lights from them. so far i have seached and found out that the Gunner brand works well but there is others and i don't know which one is the best. i'm l...
    2 Health 16
  177. Aim screen name help
    Okay well my name is Kayle And im a huge blondeyy. [usually called Kay] and I was wondering if someone could help me make a new screen name. Cause everyone I know copyed minee. Soo... if you cud, please help. thanksss. something with Kay or Kayle in it...
    3 Technology 36
  178. Lap Top Screen?
    what's wrong with my dad's lap top screen? Like it's not bright at all, very dim, you CANNOT see what you're doing. You can kinda see what's going on but its very very very dim, like you have to look RIGHT at the screen and try to see what's going on...
    6 Technology 38
  179. What are ideas for a new screen name?
    I want to get a new sn for AIM but I don't know what it should be. Im very unique so it should be something different. Any Ideas? I love anything having to do with wicked and rent(the musicals) and harry potter. MY last name is Smith and something with...
    3 Technology 67
  180. touch screen broke
    My phone started being stupid like idk if its cus my phone was left in the bathroom while i was showering or. so the screen isnt cracked or anything its just when i touch it nothing happens like it doesnt know that im usiing you. i cant use the touch s...
    2 Technology 17
  181. My laptop screen.
    So last summer I dropped my laptop. Half of my right screen is black, and there's like one maybe two black spots in the middle, and half of the bottom flashes. My mom told me that I can get a CD and instal it, to fix my screen, but I'm not sure where I...
    6 Technology 12
  182. How do I remove a virus on my computer and it has a black screen?
    I have tried to remove the virus from my computer and I am not able to do so because it won't even allow me to pull up the start menu. I mean in safe mode,or even after I disconneted my internet modem. It is aweful! I need my computer! Help me 911!ASAP...
    4 Technology 49
  183. Are there cheap screen printing companies based in Atlanta?
    Hey, I have been researching gift shops because I want to start one. I particularly want to have a line of t-shirts. I know everyone's doing it, but I have an idea that sets me apart. Anyhow, I am looking for a screen printing company that's based in ...
    4 Shopping 48
  184. Could the Screen Make you go Blind?
    Is it Possible that you could go blind by sitting in front of the computer just about every day for hours starring at the computer screen? I do, but I once read that you should take 20 second breaks by looking away from the screen to reduce the risk o...
    7 Technology 134
  185. Can you sweat out and test negative for a drug screen?
    Is it possible to go into a sauna, excersise like crazy. I have script for valium ...but the job I am trying to get does not care... No drugs period weather they are prescribed or not. I am 30 pounds over weight so valium likes to stay in fat cells fo...
    3 Drugs 272
  186. Have you been through the new TSA screen pat down yet?
    I know that as of November first, they're mandatory but if the airport has a scanner (there are about 80 or so with scanners) then you have the option of getting felt up, OR simply going through the full body scan. I'm a bit concerned with all the hype...
    10 Travel 40
  187. Ok, so one of my computers have a blue screen on startup..
    It's known as Blue screen of Death(BSOD). far, looks like there is no reviving from it. What causes this, and how do I get rid of it? It gives me a message and in exact words it says "STOP:C000007B {Bad Image} The application or DLL \??\C:\W...
    3 Technology 25
  188. Hover over the top part of my screen with my mouse, the little tab
    Dear all funadvice users I have a little computer system glitch that most people probably wouldn't understand...see, every time I hover over the top part of my screen with my mouse, the little tab thing will pop up that lets you type in a web adress o...
    2 Technology 11
  189. How do I cure the blue screen of death on Sims 3?
    Ok so on Friday I bought Sims 3, and I installed it and everything, when I either go to play as a pre-made family or go to make my own, a blue screen comes up and says I have to shut down. When I went to play it the first time (I've tried to play it ma...
    2 Gaming 43
  190. My favorite places
    How do I get my favorite places on screen?
    2 Technology 44
  191. How do I hack into someone's AIM?
    How do I hack into people's aim screen names? Or, is there a site with people's aim screen names passwords?
    2 Technology 221
  192. Why are there no full cancer screening checkups?
    In terminally ill cancer patients the main problem is the lack of time the disease was found. if cancer found earlier is more readily treated, then why have the government not set up specific cancer screening clinics? i mean, if the government set it u...
    4 Health 18
  193. how much does a new psp lcd screen cost or repair?
    I have bought myself a new psp and I sat on it the first day and im pretty sure the screeen is not to be cracked or show stripes of mainly black and color so I was wondering how much would it cost to get it fixed and I live in nyc b.t.w so I need to fi...
    4 Technology 128
  194. should i pass my pre-employment drug screen?...heres 5'1" and weight 95 pounds havent smoked in 26 days and smoked about everyday for two
    months. I can eat whatever I want and dont gain weight. I didnt smoke at all before that, had some serious depression and coped with it that way, please dont judge just want some advice. I took a couple at home tests and they had very faint lines. Neve...
    6 Drugs 282
  195. How do I fix my iPhone if it's stuck with an apple on the screen?
    So this morning I was using my phone and it was fully charged at 100%. All of a sudden, the screen went black at about 98% and it would not respond to anything (I tried pressing the top button and the home button and I tried pressing them at the same t...
    3 Technology 9
  196. Passing a drug screen?
    I bought a 7 day detox kit and have been drinking lots of water. I have now added cranberry pills to the mix. I've been on the detox for 5 days and have not smoked for over a week, but when I took an at home drug test it came back positive. I understan...
    2 Drugs 93
  197. Can I have touch screen support on Windows XP home/professional/media centre?
    I know this is an odd question! but my uncle just gave me an old tablet PC from 2001, its a fujitsu stylistic 3400 :) the good thing is that, it works!! only down side is that it has windows 2000 "/ I don't have windows xp tablet edition on disc an...
    2 Technology 64
  198. Why Laptop screen goes black?
    ... Processor blinks for 3 times along with the DVD player... then it stop... but the light of the turn on button is lit... I've found a site that says you have to take out battery and unplug your wire. Press the On button for 30 to 60 seconds. It wo...
    3 Technology 60
  199. What is a good sunscreen?
    whats a good sun screen?
    3 Style 44
  200. What: Blue screen of death!?
    I download sims 2 custom content on a regular basis, mostly from The Sims Resource. A few months ago, I was downloading something, and suddenly I got the blue screen of death. I freaked, restarted my comp, then ran a virus scan with avg and malwarebyte...
    7 Technology 34
  201. how can i fix my sidekick 08?
    the screen completely blacked out
    4 Technology 35
  202. How come my questions dont show up on this site?
    How come my questions dont show up on the screen on this site?
    3 Funadvice 4
  203. Poloroid Camera
    I let someone borrow my camera and when they gave it back to me I noticed the screen had water damage and the screen doesn't work any more. Its a poloroid i631. does anyone happen to know how to fix the screen.
    4 Technology 12
  204. Computer, button to zoom out?
    What do you press to zoom out on the screen? X
    3 Technology 63
  205. Is there a home remedy to pass a drug test?
    I would like to know the answers to this question, are there home remedys for drug screens? specifically the saliva drug screen.
    2 Drugs 120
  206. How do you log into this site in Firefox?
    I can log in with IE, but firefox does not show the login screen.
    11 Funadvice 38
  207. Where can I get a greenscreen?
    Where can I get a green screen and how much would it cost?
    4 Technology 12
  208. Myspace Name
    Help me pick a screen name please! My name is Maddie.
    2 Technology 9
  209. physical memory dump
    computer is stating physical memory dump complete. contact your system administrator( this is a blue screen). I can not get past the Win XP start up screen which then brings me back to a black screen asking how to start computer that does not work. Wha...
    4 Technology 50
  210. computer help plzzz
    okay so the screen thingy on my computer is huge. how do I make it smaller? like I have to scroll over to press log in and stuff like that how do I make the internet screen smaller?
    10 Technology 44
  211. How do I stop getting the Blue Screen of Death? (BSOD)
    Alright so there's a few things wrong with my computer. It's just over 1 year old and it was ""built"" by a friend of mine. First of all... if you slightly bump it(the tower), it disrupts the power source (and to get it back you just have to fiddle wi...
    6 Technology 63
  212. Still Sitting
    How many of you are still sitting infront of your computer screens eventhough it's midnight?I am.
    6 General 16
  213. Black out cell
    Ok I drop my cell phone and the screen had went out and now my screen is black But I can still call people on it I need to know can I get it repaired or do I need to get ahole new cell phone
    2 Technology 36
  214. Windows problem
    This may or may not be a stupid question, but I need an immediate answer. I have Windows Vista, and I just put it in full screen mode. My question do I get it off of full screen? I cannot figure out how!
    5 Technology 15
  215. I need help finding a screen name
    here is some stuff about me:: Name :: lauren Age :: 16 Sports? :: I like to play basketball, but I am a bowler Prep? Goth? Athletic? Etc.. :: Athletic I guess Any Nicknames :: bubbles, luren Words you like :: I don't know Animals you like :: ipenguin,...
    2 General 38
  216. aim screename
    im thirteen my name is daniel what is a good aim screen name for me ?
    3 Technology 51
  217. LCD or Plasma TV
    I want to buy a new big screen TV, should I buy LCD or Plasma?
    6 Shopping 12
  218. Forget combination
    I forget my own combnation Then I couldnot un louck the screen luck
    2 Technology 10
  219. LG Viewty phone?
    Does anyone know if it's a good phone? If anyone knows anything about it that'd be great. I'd love a touch screen phone, so if anyone knows any other touch screen phones you can get in the UK I'd be thrilled if you could tell me :)
    2 Technology 47
  220. how do I make my computer settings smaller?
    ok my computer when I use it it looks large on the screen, so I want it small and I looks at documents and I have no idea what to do. I need to make the screen settings less bold or like smaller
    2 Technology 48
  221. Who here has already watched "The Help"?
    I'm dying to watch it but don't have any theaters near me screening the movie :(
    8 Entertainment 9
  222. How do I un-freeze my Ipod?
    my ipod cromatic has froozen on the 'connected' screen how do I un-freeze it? thanks.
    6 Technology 75
  223. iPod shuffle to TV
    I need to know how I can hook my iPod Shuffle to a flat screen TV set?
    2 Technology 13
  224. Sensational thought.
    How can I make a Nokia 3310 mobile into a touch screen with Camera ?
    4 Technology 10
  225. Is there a reason why my computer turns on but it does not work?
    My computer turns on, but it just lights on but the screen is complitly black and it does not do anathing after I turn it on? Is there a reason for this?
    5 Technology 11
  226. Is my camera broken?
    I have a canon powere shot and it started getting lines through the screen now the screen is just black, I can still see my preveously taken pictures so I know my screen is not totally broken but I was wandering if it was a gonner or if mabe the little...
    4 Technology 34
  227. Do you use sunscreen on your face?
    I have a oil-free moisturizer spf-15. I'm afraid it will make my face extremely oily. Would I use that instead of normal sun screen? Or should I use sun screen instead?
    16 Style 27
  228. Why is it flashing?
    I have a Mac OS X and when I play video's from you tube, or scroll the page, I get black or white squares flashing on the screen, or when I play the video. When I play the video it doesn't flash the squares when it's in full screen mode. how can I fi...
    3 Technology 22
  229. What does this mean for Mac comps?
    whats it mean when there is a question mark over where a program should be, in the program bar at the bottom of the screen?
    2 Technology 17
  230. What to do if someone hacked onto my AIM account?
    What do I do if someone hacked onto my aol instant messenger screen name?
    4 Technology 72
  231. Why cant I add any more pictures?
    it always goes to some open window screen with a video of a dog...
    2 Funadvice 12
  232. will this harm me?
    Sometime When Im watching tv or on the computer I sometimes blanky stare into the screen. will this harm my eyes?
    2 General 11
  233. Cleaning Computer Components
    How do I clean a computer? What is the best way to do it? How do I get the dust off the keyboards and what is the safest way to clean the screen?
    3 Technology 40
  234. How do you save a screenshot?
    :L eg: print screen a convo to put on..err Facebook? ;L
    25 Technology 37
  235. What is the difference between an ipod nano and an ipod touch?
    I mean I know one is touch screen and the other is not. But to me that seems like a bit more of a drag down. If you have to touch the screen everytime you want to do something then that means you would always have to take it out of your pocket and look...
    4 Technology 30
  236. How to get my mom to get me a new phone(it is for a needed reason)?
    Ok so my phone is all messes up on the screen it takes up about a 1/3 of the screen and I want a new phone and the 1 I like is only $80 somodd dollars and compared to most phones that is cheap how do I sell her on the idea???
    2 Shopping 39
  237. Should I get a touchscreen phone or one with keyboard??? HELP
    Im getting a new phone, and I'm trying to decide whether I should get one with all touch screen (no keyboard) or one with a keyboard. So I wanted to know is touch screen irritating or annoying for anybody? and which would you prefer?
    4 Technology 19
  238. Convert wmv to mp4 videos
    How do I convert a video file from wmv format to mp4 format for free without the advertisements showing up at the screen?
    5 Technology 22
  239. Computer on tv
    The only kind of cords I have are ones for a PlayStation2 and a USB cord,could I hook the USB cord from my computer to a flat screen TV?
    3 Technology 23
  240. Would technology improve for the blind?
    Since I'm blind and using a computer, would technology improve? I have a screen reader that I had to install and I was also wondering if in the future, people will come out with advanced screen readers? Just wondering your opinions on this. I think ...
    2 Technology 13
  241. Its a boy, any good names?
    I just found out im having a little baby boy I saw him on the screen hes so cute Any names now
    14 Babies 42
  242. I need help with my ipod!!!
    I have an iTouch and it's screen just turned white. I can't get it to do anything or turn it off. What's wrong with it and how do I fix it?
    2 Technology 14
  243. Is there a free software to burn music and lyrics for a karaoke machine?
    How do I burn a cd for my little cousins karaoke machine? with on screen lyrics? is there a free software?
    3 Technology 7
  244. Is there a way to find someone's AIM screenname?
    I wanna find my friends AIM screen name but I dont know how. Is there a way to find it?
    6 Technology 1270
  245. how do i unlock a i turn on the blackberry and its loading up but thats all it do its stays like that allday how can i go to the main
    3 Technology 44
  246. Is there a video editing website BESIDES Windows Movie Maker?
    Like i want to be able to do other stuff such as: Having one video playing on half the screen while another plays on the OTHER half of the screen at the same time, and be able to change the speed of videos and KEEp it the way, etc!
    9 Technology 13
  247. Restore the green color on my monitor?
    how do I restore the green portion of color on my computer screen. everything is orange and blue because of the lack of green
    3 Technology 19
  248. How do I delete ALL my texts on an LG enV3?
    Just my luck, my LG enV3 broke today. The inside screen no longer works. Can someone PLEASE tell me all the steps on how to delete all my messages in my inbox and sent? From the inside. The buttons still work, the screen doesn't. HELP!!
    6 Technology 137
  249. "Virus Heat Anti Spywear"
    This has appeared on my screen and I cannot get rid of it. Any help? Thanks
    10 Technology 118
  250. I asked a computer question & it hasnt shown up here
    why? its a pretty urgent question :( can anyone else see this question about the computer screen?
    2 Funadvice 7