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  1. What is the best brand notebook?
    What is the best brand notebook?
    2 General 22
  2. What does mean median mode mean?
    What does mean median mode mean?
    3 Science 63
  3. Toshiba labtop
    Is Toshiba a good labtop?
    3 Shopping 11
  4. Biology What are the 6 modes of inheritance?
    What are the 6 modes of inheritance?
    2 Science 31
  5. How do I get my phone off silent mode?
    how do I get my phone off silent mode ?
    4 Technology 61
  6. How to get superman GTA mode?
    how to get superman gta mode?
    2 Gaming 70
  7. Does the Nikon D5000 have bulb mode?
    4 Technology 16
  8. How do you install an operating system on a notebook?
    4 Technology 35
  9. What do you think is the safest mode of transportation?
    15 Travel 46
  10. Can I use my Blackberry Curve as a modem for my notebook?
    Can I use my Blackberry Curve as a modem for my notebook?
    3 Technology 58
  11. What does "flight mode" mean on a cell phone?
    4 Technology 12
  12. How do you set vibrate mode on the iPod Touch?
    5 Technology 97
  13. What are some things I can do to prevent going into anorexic mode?
    10 Health 14
  14. What does airplane mode mean on ur cell phone?
    6 Technology 85
  15. "The notebook"
    I heard its really good, but whats it about anyways?
    7 Entertainment 10
  16. How do you put your ipod into disk mode? what does that even mean?
    5 Technology 17
  17. Disabling HTML mode on the internet?
    How can I disable HTML with Mozilla FireFox?
    2 Technology 14
  18. How to get two vehicales in two player mode in gta sa?
    How to get two vehicales in two player mode in gta sa?
    2 Gaming 9
  19. Does your electricity bill increase if you put your laptops on sleep mode?
    4 Money 15
  20. how do you work your webcam for a compaq presario CQ56- 112NR Notebook?
    3 Technology 60
  21. cellfone is on silent mode I wish to put it on back to make it ring
    My cellfone is on silent mode I wish to put it on back to make it ring
    4 Technology 53
  22. Where are some websites or places that sell cute notebooks and creative stuff?
    3 Shopping 50
  23. Desktop background for notebook?
    So, I was wondering if yu were able to change the desktop background on a windows 7 notebook?
    7 Technology 40
  24. Macbook has to restart when put to sleep mode
    My macbook keeps having to restart after I put it to sleep mode. How do I solve the problem and why is this happening?
    2 Technology 34
  25. Do you believe that the kind of love portrayed in movies like "The Notebook" and "Twilight" exists?
    37 Relationships 44
  26. Decorate notebooks
    I luv 2 decorate my notebooks does any body have any ideas? You know draw on them and glue stuff on them any ideas?
    5 General 58
  27. Am I crazy to fill up notebooks about him?
    I have a 2 notebooks filled with stuff about a guy I dont even date. Is that weird.
    2 Relationships 13
  28. Notebooks or binder?
    Which do you think is better? 1) a notebook for each subject 2) a binder with dividers I cant decide.
    12 Education 54
  29. When I charge my laptop will it charge faster on power saver mode?
    When I charge my laptop will it charge faster on power saver mode if im using it or does it charge at the same rate on high performance during use
    3 Technology 182
  30. Two player mode on gta san andreas?
    How do you get two player mode on grand theft auto san andraes
    2 Gaming 22
  31. What's the best gaming notebook?
    I was wondering what you guys thought the best gaming notebook is on the market as of now? Here are some examples... Dell XPS M1730 Notebooks Alienwear Notebooks..
    6 Technology 40
  32. Some questions about notebook cooler?
    My notebook is always being hot and sometimes system halted,is there any products that can cool my computer down?
    2 Shopping 10
  33. Notebook -vs- Laptop?
    Notebook -vs- Laptop What's the difference between a laptop and a noebook? (if there is one that is) I've always wanted to know. Thanks!!
    3 Technology 54
  34. does any know where i could buy CUTE (Colored not clear)laptop keyboard covers for a toshiba laptop?
    8 Technology 38
  35. Disk Defragging in safe mode
    I usually defrag my hard drive (windows x.p.) in normal mode but I was wondering if it is more effective to do so while running in safe mode.
    2 Technology 44
  36. Do you like 'The NoteBook'?
    Who else thinks that "The Notebook" is a really good movie? (: it's cute. I love to watch it. It's me and my boyfriend's favourite love movie.
    3 Entertainment 7
  37. Is only eating 1000 calories a day starvation mode?
    I just want to know if only eating 1000 calories a day is starvation mode ? people are telling me but im not sure.
    10 Nutritionfitness 103
  38. How do I know when my samsung notebook is fully charged?
    How do I know when my samsung notebook is fully charged? does the light go green or does the light just go off? because I have just got it and it says don't turn it on until it is fully charged. but I dont know WHEN it is fully charged lol
    5 Technology 95
  39. Why does my iPod lose battery life when it's in sleep mode?
    (whatever it's called when you hit the button on the top right)
    8 Technology 45
  40. If BS170 N-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor?
    can be replaced with a 2N7000 transistor?Any more technical details about both transistors?
    2 Style 10
  41. The notebook by nicholas sparks
    How many chapters are in the book the notebook by nicholas sparks...I have to do a book report due tomarrow and I've only seen the movie. But I need to know how many chapters there are..
    6 Literature 21
  42. Why when my laptop goes into sleep mode by my mistake i can't get it at out of it without shutting it down?
    it's really annoying.and when i restart sometimes it logs me out of all my websites! why is this?please.
    3 Technology 16
  43. How do I connect my notebook to my tv?
    I have got a pc setting on my tv and cannot connect my note book to it using rgb lead.please could any one help.
    2 Technology 43
  44. How come, on average, in every grade I've been in girls have always had better handwriting, neat notebooks, better drawings and cleaner desks and lockers than boys?
    9 General 42
  45. how do you calculate range, median, mode , and mean
    how do you calculate range, median, mode , and mean. also how do you calculate the area of a trapezoid see I need to know this because their is a important oat test tomorrow to see how good at math I am and I need to know these formulas
    2 Education 55
  46. Do you think the recent problems with Toshiba laptops are going to make a huge impact on their general sales?
    Some brands of Toshiba laptops have been recalled because of overheating, causing some serious burns, but do you think that people will avoid Toshiba products in general?
    3 Technology 11
  47. Useless notebooks
    I have 4 notebooks that have no use at all and I want to use them for something but I can't find what. Any ideas on what to do w/ them? One of my friends suggested charity, drawing on them, and making a pinata with them. But I found that useless so ple...
    4 General 18
  48. Ipod touch is in recovery mode-what do I do??
    my ipod kept freezing up and it went into recovery mode. It says it'll erase all my "data". All that is on the ipod touch screen is the itunes disk picture and a usb chord. Has anybody had this problem? How do I get it out of recovery mode?
    2 Technology 46
  49. how do you unlock 2 player mode on san adreas?
    2 player mode is like playing 2 people on grand theft auto. It's more fun. You can also probably rule the game. there are two players that play on it. And on the game you have to do stuff for it to earn 2 player mode. but I really want to play two play...
    4 Gaming 72
  50. Do you have to unlock multiplayer mode in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?
    If yes, then what is the mission called, if no, then where on the map is the area of multiplayer? Can you please attach screen shots or a video?
    4 Gaming 125
  51. Computer stuck in power save mode HELP!!!
    When ever I turn on my brothers computer it says 'In power save mode' no buttons I press undo it - that I know of- ANy Ideas whats wrong and a solution for it??? THanks btw
    3 Technology 48
  52. Where can I find a Toshiba Libretto 100ct keyboard in the UK?
    hey, I've been looking for ages for a replacement keyboard for a 1998 toshiba libretto keyboard. I've looked on so many sites and found a few but there in the USA. anybody got any suggestions of where I can find one? paul
    4 Technology 54
  53. Safe mode on PC
    recnetly my bro click on something and are computer got messedup preety bad. I got loads of virsus and I just got something thats helping me delet them..not to much luck there. I was going to delete the accounts but the computer some how ehnt into safe...
    9 Technology 41
  54. Can you get a wifi adapter in a dell inspiron 5150 notebook?
    ok so i have my moms old laptop its a dell inspiron 5150 and i think its like a 200o idk but is there anyway you can have a wifi built in so i can use my verizon mifi with it, if that makes any sense??? thanks:)T
    3 Technology 37
  55. What's the least amount I can eat without starvation mode?
    hey ok im 126 pounds , 5ft5 , girl and 18! what would be the minnmal amount of calories that I would have to have each day befor the body goes into starvation mood! thanks xxx
    6 Nutritionfitness 78
  56. What is better when using admin mode in Linux?
    ...sudo every time you have a admin command you want to or just us sudo su and then type any command you want to use? I use Ubuntu servers myself and I just tired of typing sudo in front of every command I run when doing be changes and have used sudo s...
    2 Technology 23
  57. how can I get my LG plasma off standby mode help please?
    hi when I turn my LG tv off and try turning it back on it goes into standby mode and it can be hours or even the next day before it comes back on I've tried turning it on and off but nothing seems to work I've even tried taking out all the wires and pu...
    2 Technology 115
  58. Netbook vs. Notebook
    I've been using a regular notebook for a while, but since I dont play any games anymore and use my computer only for internet, e-mail, facebook, some IMs, videos and open office applications I think a netbook would be more useful for me (as I would lik...
    2 Shopping 12
  59. Toshiba keyboard messed up
    the keyboard on my toshiba laptop is acting really weird, the keys arent sticking or anything but it randomly doesnt register letters, and then I go back and hit them again and it does register them... any ideas? just to show you... I'll type a bit ...
    3 Technology 86
  60. Dance dance revolution workout mode accuracy?
    Is ddr extreme 2 accurate on the calories burned? I can burn like 25-40 calories in a song. I think it is though because I've lost 60 pounds with the help of it, and my mom said it was possible. If you know, please tell me! I'm 125 pounds and want to l...
    2 Gaming 83
  61. Why is My ipod stuck in restore mode?
    Ipod Specs: Ipod Touch 4th gen. 4.3.x firmware Jailbroken The other day away from home I deleted that cydia app called Winterboard and after respringing all my apps and data were deleted for reasons unknown. I tried to restore it today but while re...
    2 Technology 17
  62. How can I wake myself from ‘sluggish zombie mode’?
    I basically don't get enough sleep at night no matter how much I try. Either I'm not tired, too tired, or something keeps me awake and I only get 4-6 hours on a good day. Sometimes I have a nap when I get home from work (if I can) and I do have my coff...
    3 Health 26
  63. Is medion a good brand?
    Is MEDION a good brand in laptops or notebooks ?
    2 Technology 62
  64. gta sandreas
    on gta how do I unlock superman mode?sandreas
    3 Gaming 44
  65. nazi zombies
    how do you get the nazi zombie mode on cod 5?
    3 Gaming 33
  66. Samsung messenger from metro pcs
    How do I take my phone off silent mode
    2 Technology 58
  67. What's a good romance/drama movie that can make you cry?
    Anything but the notebook or twighlight
    21 Entertainment 27
  68. I need some computer help
    I am having the hardest time getting the wireless internet working on my notebook ok well I got a notebook like 3 weeks ago and I have been trying ever sense to get the wireless internet working on it but it just wont work.I don't know what to do I w...
    4 Technology 43
  69. problem in school
    One of my friends took this girls notebook that had all of her secerets in it. I knew her friend so I told her friend. she really wants her notebook back but I dont know what to do cause my friend threw the notebook away and now everyones mad at me be...
    5 Education 13
  70. Sleeping computer
    My laptop suddenly went into hibernation mode now itwont wake up what can I do.
    2 Technology 10
  71. healthiest amount of calories you can restrict yourself to?
    I was wondering what is the healthiest amount of calories you can restrict yourself to ?or before your body goes into starvation mode? chloe.x
    6 Food 25
  72. My ipod wont do ANYTHING!!
    I bought a used ipod(I don't know what model). it wouldnt turn on. plugged it into my computer and it went into recovery mode. but the screen on the ipod wouldnt come on. then recovery mode popped up again and again. and the ipod wont take a charge eit...
    4 Technology 9
  73. Cellphone problem
    I have a samsung phone. For some reason it says it on silent mode. It is not. the little icon is there and it wont ring. I obviously tried changing the volume up but it says it cant play on silent mode. anyone know how to fix it?
    2 Technology 7
  74. What is the best romance movie there is out there in your opinion?
    I think the Notebook is very romantic <3 <3 what about you FA users? =D
    45 Entertainment 41
  75. Best laptop brands?
    What brands do you think are the best for laptops and why? What brands do you not recommend and why? Ex. Hp, dell, sony, toshiba, etc.
    5 Shopping 35
  76. Where can I download the Budwiser commercial?
    were can I download the budwiser commercial for the male figure skater??? I really want it because of my coach josia modes. google what?
    2 Sports 12
  77. McAfee registration
    I bought a toshiba laptop, and mcafee security came with it, the said it will expire in a week, I have the laptop for almost a month, what to do???
    2 Technology 24
  78. My computer wont start or boot !help!
    When I turn on my pc, it comes on the screen ' start windows normally' and gives me a few other options, including 'safe mode' 'safe mode with networking' and 'safe mode command prompt' . . . I click on start normally, then it says its loading then...
    4 Technology 41
  79. your Fav Movies of all Time are...
    what is some or one of your most favorite movies of all time?? I have a few... Twilight, The Notebook, Titanic, and 27 Dresses.. I lovee these movies.. they are awesome!!
    5 Entertainment 36
  80. Good Tragic or romance book
    Not Twilight or the notebook. Like a classic maybe. If you know what its about could you give me a summary too??
    2 Literature 45
  81. What are your favourite love movies? Could you describe them?
    Im thinking about watching a movie, but what are some of your favourite love movies? Like 'P.S I Love You' and 'The Notebook' Could you give me a few and describe what happens?
    2 Entertainment 14
  82. Why can't you use a cell phone on an airplane?
    I was wondering why you cant have your cell phone on in an airplane?? My phone has a setting called airplane mode, would that be okay to have on while the plane is moving??
    3 Travel 59
  83. Is it weird writing to a dead person?
    so my mom died when I was five and whenever I go through something I write to her in this that wierd? abnormal? healthy?
    15 Literature 24
  84. What Nancy Drew games have you solved?
    What Nancy Drew cases have you solved? I have completed The Haunted Carousel and Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, both in Junior mode.
    2 Gaming 46
  85. How do I print screen on my laptop?
    I have a Toshiba and where it says PRTSC, it has END on top of it. I've tried with both of the a shifts and it won't paste :S What am I doing wrong?
    3 Technology 10
  86. Possible Sp3 error
    I installed SP3 for windows xp and when it told me to restart, I restarted. When it was starting, the screen said Windows could not start because a program was installed or something like that. Then it gives me options. Safe Mode Safe Mode With Network...
    3 Technology 9
  87. Things To Bring On An Airplane
    Okay, so I'm leaving for california tomarrow and I was wondering if I could bring these items on the plane- Ipod Camera (for when I get there, I don't want it in my suitcase) pens notebooks chapstick blanket binder (to hold notebooks and all o...
    8 Travel 116
  88. Will doing this restore my computer to default settings?
    Will doing this restore my computer to default settings? Or will I still have everything on my computer? 1. Reboot your machine. 2. Press F8 before the Windows boot screen appears. * Do not press F5 as used on the NT/9x series of Windows. 3. You will ...
    4 Technology 43
  89. Who thinks I should get this Toshiba laptop, I really like it?
    From Toshiba comes a portable powerhouse you can take with you anywhere you go. The 14.0" Satellite L645D laptop PC comes to you loaded with all the advanced features you expect from Toshiba. An AMD Athlon II P320 processor and 3GB of memory keep your ...
    13 Technology 35
  90. should I sell
    I recentaly beat story mode on legend of zelda twilight princess but I do not know if I want to sell it. It was a very good game but all that is left for me to do is some sidequests.
    2 Gaming 39
  91. Which is the best laptop brand for the money?
    I am looking to buy a laptop and wanted to know which one is worth its price. Toshiba, HP, Dell or any others.
    3 Technology 39
  92. Why the internet connectin doesn't work on my laptop?
    Well, I've a desktop and a laptop Toshiba satellite. the internet connection is working very well on the desktop but when I connect it with the laptop, I've no connection with internet. I dont know where the problem exists ?
    9 Technology 48
  93. What do I do if I drop my iPhone in water?
    It still works, the only problem is that the sound doesn't work because it thinks it's in headphone mode. I tried putting in my headphones and taking it out, but nothing. :(
    5 Technology 17
  94. What are your favourite sad movies of 2010/2011?
    I want one that will inspire me in some way. They can be about anything. I know the obvious ones like Marley and Me, The Notebook etc :D
    16 Entertainment 32
  95. does WOW run okay on a iBook G4?
    just does World of Warcraft run on a cleaned out iBook G4 notebook? I know macs aren't the best for game,s but would it run okay?
    3 Gaming 14
  96. Windows problem
    This may or may not be a stupid question, but I need an immediate answer. I have Windows Vista, and I just put it in full screen mode. My question do I get it off of full screen? I cannot figure out how!
    5 Technology 15
  97. What is the best laptop company ?
    God welling im getting a laptop next week , I have no idea which one to get , hp , toshiba , dell , sony etc.,,
    5 Shopping 41
  98. Large prints and don't know what to press or do.
    Hi,I have a toshiba laptop , I was typing and all of a sudden this big prints just appear... plis help me... can someone tell me what to do pliss. Thank you.
    2 Technology 12
  99. How can I get my computer back to normal?
    Okay, so right now I am using safe mode because every time I click on start computer it wouldn't let me, normally I would type my password and it would say "profile bad, so the only option is to use safe can I fix it..what happens if I delete...
    3 Technology 53
  100. Read-only documents
    I have a Microsoft Word 2007 document that I have downloaded. It is read only and is not allowing me to type or edit anything. How do I unlock the document so I can make changes to it? If it is relevant, the document is in compatibility mode.
    5 Technology 18
  101. What happends to people who kill them selfs?
    What do you people think happends to people who kill them salfs? Do they becom ghousts do they go to hell or what? If a person had a very good reason to kill them self do you think god will forgive that person and let them in to haven?
    19 Religion 150
  102. Laptop Choices
    I'm about to purchase a laptop soon and I need to know which is better, HP, Dell, Toshiba, or Sony? I'm leaning towards a HP but im not sure yet.
    5 Technology 17
  103. How do I stop my harmful habits?
    How do you get out out of old habbites I have a habbite of salf harming but no one no's expect my mate And I want to get out of it but I dont no how and im going crazy over It so some on help please
    2 Health 24
  104. How can I get my computer screen to turn?
    my computer screen is turned to the side and I need help_ it will not go the other way and I dont know how to start it in safe mode or delete receant downloads_ can some one help me?
    3 Technology 7
  105. sims 2 ofb
    on the sims 2 open for business how do you get them new toys kids use that arent in buy mode. do you have to make them or what on or someone help me please?x
    2 Gaming 40
  106. Quotes poems...
    So I have this notebook.. I write poems and qouts in it.. Does anyone know any good ones? iam not going to publish or anything I just like how some people express in quotes and poems .. Sayings are good too
    4 Literature 40
  107. How do you get over a bad grade (F)?
    i just found out i failed the midterm now i can' get over mood is ruined and every time i am n a good mood and i think of that grade i go back to somber mode.
    7 Education 55
  108. Acer aspire webcam wont load, can you help me?
    I have an acer aspire 5920g notebook, with built in webcam. However my webcam wont load, when I want it to work it tells me that it is either in use or its not plugged in. can anyone help me please!!!
    2 Technology 10
  109. How to conncet extra graphic card to laptop
    I have a graphic card which will for desktop PC can you tell me that can I connect it with my laptop. I have Toshiba A 200. please give me details about it and which parts can I use to make it work with my laptop
    4 Technology 66
  110. PC Access to Live Broadcast TV
    How can I watch a LIVE broadcast of the NYC Ball Drop on New Years Eve on my notebook PC with wi-fi service? There is no cable TV service in the place we will be.
    2 Technology 53
  111. Is downloading Windows illegal if I have a genuine product key?
    hi, got a old toshiba qosmio, with no hard drives so no OSes. I was wondering if it was illegal to download Windows MCE? Even if i have a legal product key?? thanks :)
    2 Technology 10
  112. Why wont my computer start up?
    My computer wont like turn on. I push the button, then wait for it and it never starts up, sometimes it will others when its on SLEEP mode itll freeze and not work anymore. What could be wrong?
    2 Technology 25
  113. Mario Kart Wii
    ok in the Grand Prix mode 150 CC on the special cup can anyone recommend a kart to use. especially that's good on rainbow road. thank you (:
    3 Gaming 30
  114. How do you prove the distance formula for two points on the Cartesian plain?
    So my math teacher told us this would be a short answer thing for our midterm and I can't find it in my notebook or in the textbook...any help?
    7 Education 45
  115. Madden 09 Tricks, Cheats, Tips
    Was wondering if anyone had anything for this years edition of Madden... I remember 07 had tricks to get points in the training mode so you didn't have to do certain exercises to earn points
    2 Gaming 48
  116. Why is it flashing?
    I have a Mac OS X and when I play video's from you tube, or scroll the page, I get black or white squares flashing on the screen, or when I play the video. When I play the video it doesn't flash the squares when it's in full screen mode. how can I fi...
    3 Technology 22
  117. Betta fish is not eating for six days
    My betta fish is not eating for six days, not swimming and in a sleep mode, every minute grasping air and a lot of air bubbles around on the water surface. This happened after I replaced water in the aquarium.
    2 Pets 51
  118. Still pulling out my hair
    No matter what I do I still pull out my hair... And I already cut but now I get in panic mode because I dont know what to do... I have to tell someone I knw but im not exactly sure how to do this... I would appericiate any and all advice...
    4 Health 20
  119. computer turns off
    Does anyone know why my computer shuts down and gets really hot when I use big fish games or other sorts of games, Does it have a bug? I have a 8 month Toshiba satellite, I am overseas at the moment, Thanks
    4 Technology 14
  120. Math question
    I need to make a line plot with this data Range: 7 Minimum: 6 Median: 10 Modes: 8 and 11 But I cant think of one any help appreciated
    2 Education 37
  121. Friendship is ruined
    I have a really gud friend and now she hates me. I read her notebook w/o her knowing or permission. She found out from someone else. I wanted to tell her but I didnt know how yet. But I have a reason. I had a friend who wrote in her notebook that she w...
    3 Relationships 35
  122. Who think writing poems is weird for a boy?
    well I found out a few days ago that I like to write poems but I think peoples will judge me ect. like they might kind am gay or something or soft. I was thinking about start writing my poems I make in a notebook instead of on my computer so when am o...
    8 Literature 47
  123. Naruto for Wii problem
    On the game "Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution" for Wii when you get to Sasuke vs Gaara on mission mode it says to "Defeat Gaara using Sasuke's Chidori at its maximum power." how do you get to max power? I can use Chidori I just dont know how to get it ...
    2 Gaming 37
  124. hit man bloodmoney
    I'm playing hitman bloodmoney and I cant past the fourth mission,for PS2, and I need to know how or if theres and cheat code for god mode or healing your wounds or a gametrainer plzz
    2 Gaming 10
  125. How can I connect my laptop to my tv?
    I have a Compaq Presario C700 Notebook laptop and an 32" LG HD Ready tv, not sure on the model but it could be 32LC56 32" LCD TV. How can I get my laptop to link up with my tv so I can get sky sports etc on the tv instead of the laptop.
    2 Technology 63
  126. Diary/Journal
    Do you keep a diary or journal? If you do, what kind of things do you write in it? Do you use an online site or a notebook or something else? I want to start writing one and I was just wondering what other people did so I can get some ideas. Thanks ...
    6 General 29
  127. Where do you like to be kissed??
    I like to be kissed softly on the lips, or when in snuggling mode, I like to be kissed on the forehead and ear...also just to the side of the cheek, they are really sweet and make me feel special =3 I tell my boyfriend this and he does it to me out of ...
    10 Relationships 57
  128. Kingdom Hearts...gummi missions...
    in the last gummi missions in the 3rd mode for the flight thru the fortress...which of the floating fortresses do you hit? I'm so annoyed cause I can't beat it. I am so close to finishing all the missions ,but this one is giving me problems!! can anyon...
    2 Gaming 29
  129. Does anyone know how I can tell what my metabolism rate is?
    I have been in starvation mode for 9 months. I have been refeeding for 2 months. I can't stop exercising now that I'm eating because I am affraid my metabolism isn't back to normal. How can I tell what my metabolism rate is? Is there like a test o...
    2 Nutritionfitness 39
  130. How do you put Windows Xp on a really old laptop
    I got given this really really old latop Toshiba tecro 550CDT, It already has Windows 98 on it. I wanted to know how do you put Windows XP home edition on it I have th cd and everything. Do I have to get it wiped and then put it on or what??
    3 Technology 25
  131. Why won't iTunes recognize my iPod?
    I've already updated my iTunes to the latest version, tried turning off my computer, and have tried pluggin in my iPod to every USB on my computer. I also tried putting my iPod into recovery mode but neither iTunes nor my computer will recognize
    5 Technology 12
  132. Is this fasting good or bad?
    so if i dont eat for like 3 days and then eat normal for a day. for a while well my body go into starvation mode? also well it help to not o into starvation mode if i walk 4 miles a day after school and on hte weekends and then jump on my trampoline no...
    3 Nutritionfitness 55
  133. Why do both of my dogs (pincher & doberman) love licking baby powder off the floor or off of me?!
    I cant get them to stop once they get into this licking mode and I hate being mean but hey I dont like slobbering all over me! Is it Normal for dogs to be so obsessed with licking baby powder?! Have you had a dog that was obsessed with licking baby p...
    5 Pets 89
  134. Win xp passwords worthless?
    What`s the point?I have windows xp pro and home.if you boot in safe mode you get administative can access all files run the media what was the point in making a password if the first place.I understand the technitions advantage but...
    2 Technology 15
  135. How come my sims3 game is freezing during a move?
    I moved my sims into a new house but now I cant go into build or buy mode, or edit neighbourhood its been days but it still sais they are in the process of moving even long after they have finished. They can do everything normal but I cant change anything
    4 Gaming 63
  136. How can I get ungrounded quickly?
    I'm grounded for missing curfew and I was going to be ungrounded tonight, but I got an attitude with my mom when I got home tonight and she started attacking me about being responsible with the journalism camera for no reason, just decided to be in acc...
    6 Family 179
  137. Do you eat cereal for dinner?
    When my husband was staying in NYC during week and coming home on weekends, during the week was nice because I really did not cook, only on the weekends. During the week I could eat cereal if I wanted for my dinner :))) And you know, cereal actually t...
    10 Food 82
  138. Why do other brand name computer get virus than the other brand?
    Here are some brand name ones: Dell, hp, toshiba, sony, gateway, acer, mac, samsung... And names What im saying is does it matter what brand you get and if you do get that brand will you ctach a computer virus.? Or you will only catch it from going ...
    5 Technology 9
  139. What do you think of true love?
    Well I have always had a infatuation when it came to love. I don't know why, that's just me. I believe in love at first sight and stuff like that and I always love watching real true love in movies rather than books like The Notebook and Romeo and Juli...
    3 Relationships 31
  140. What is in your purse (for females only, no lying or skipping anything either)?
    Mine: Powder compact, wallet, deoderant, body spray, lipstick, lipgloss, keys, lollipops, babywipes, small notebook, pen, wic booklet, change purse, pink knife, sunglasses.
    61 Style 53
  141. Where can I find a cute bag for someone who's not girly?
    I can't find a bag anywhere. I need one to carry my iPad, iPod and notebooks etc. Not necessarily for school. I need one that would go with jeans and casual clothes. Not a fancy bag or anything. Oh, and I like the long shoulder kind of bags :)
    8 Shopping 23
  142. Blue screen virus
    How do I get rid of a virus called blue screen . It restars my laptop everytime I turn it on . So the only way I can use my internet is logging in on safe mode with networking . But I cant access music or pics or anything. Its driving me crazy . I have...
    3 Technology 35
  143. losing weight quick
    Im in a crunch right now and and need to lose about 20 pounds the beginning of november. I've been eating right and drinking nothing but water and exercising... but Im pretty much in crunch mode... any suggestions on how to drop pounds quick?...
    5 Nutritionfitness 10
  144. my rescue chihuahuas tail
    I just adopted a rescue dog who was previously abused. She is a chihuahua and her tail is suppposed to either curl over her back or to the side but her tail just sticks straight out normally wags when she is happy and obviously is tucked when she is sa...
    7 Pets 134
  145. What Kind Of Movie For Date?
    Hey guys...I was wondering whether anyone had suggestions for the type of movie (or even an actual movie title would be good) to watch on a night in for a date. Anyone got some ideas? We did the Notebook last time, I want to pick something he won't fee...
    4 Entertainment 40
  146. How do I get past a forgotten password on window XP "username"?
    I tried safe mode(F8) and then clicking start and then entering userpasswords2 in run box to change password but computer said "no file exists by that name" somebody help a non- techy fix his mom's computer.
    7 Technology 36
  147. How come my computer won't flash my n800?
    hi all, i managed to update my n800 on my computer twice today. i had to do it a third time because some boot software in the mer install ducked it up! i used the update wizard to try and do it but now each time i put it in update mode it dis connects ...
    2 Technology 18
  148. How to get your Diner Dash Hometown Gourmet Hero game to work?
    Now, I've own this game for probably two years now and I don't know why the story mode isn't working brand new never been used because I lost it, but now it's found. Anyway I've looked around and could not find out why it isn't working can you help or ...
    2 Gaming 52
  149. How do I get a really great orgasm?
    So I am 15 and I have maserbated a cuple times I watch porn and such I have even went to jet mode on my showerhead but I never moan is here soemthing wrong with me??? I always get the feeling were I want to hump something and I breath heavily but I nev...
    3 Relationships 99
  150. Why is my desktop not working?
    I have a DESKTOP windows Vista. A few days ago it started becoming unresponsive during sleep mode, then I will have to shut the whole power down and when I try to turn it back on, the CPU will start but the Monitor will say no signal, also it keeps say...
    2 Technology 15
  151. Why am I having these deja vu's?
    Ok yesterday I was at my friend Erin's house and me and my friend jackie were sitting in her room. Then jackie said somthing and Erin and she wanted to write it down to remember it and it was like dasha voo cause I knew she wasnt going to find the note...
    2 General 25
  152. Modeling dream
    How can I become a model? Am I even pretty enuff? Is their any freee modeliing industry in nj eastern preferablly that would take me in? My dream was always to become a model ..probably plus sizee since im not a size 0 ! Ugh just because I have more bu...
    7 Money 28
  153. How this site works
    Hi shae this is rushmie from bangalore iwant know more about this site ,how it works and how will we get paid? Do we get paid by asking questions or by answering it . I just got myself enrolled and I do not how it works it would take me some time to g...
    4 Funadvice 20
  154. Power out to computer.
    Alright, well there was one day where the computer was on. No one was using it, we have to leave it on during the day otherwise it won't start. Not sure why, but if you have solutions to that problem I'll take those too. Anyways, the computer was on, a...
    2 Technology 16
  155. How do I remove a virus on my computer and it has a black screen?
    I have tried to remove the virus from my computer and I am not able to do so because it won't even allow me to pull up the start menu. I mean in safe mode,or even after I disconneted my internet modem. It is aweful! I need my computer! Help me 911!ASAP...
    4 Technology 49
  156. How do I make him feel better?
    Ok so my boyfriend and I don't see eachother that much because of my parents. he gets depressed a lot. he told me that he just misses me and has to deal with the situation. he told me that when he gets in these moods, it doesn't mean anything and t...
    2 Relationships 16
  157. Uk shops where I can get a wireless wii guitar for guitar hero 3?
    I've got guitar hero 3 for the wii for my birthday (though not allowed to use it until the actual day :( ) Where can I get a wirless guitar on its own from, I've got one, but would like another so I can do versus mode at the same time. Any shop names ...
    6 Gaming 6
  158. Do you feel that you always get what you ask for?
    I don't mean literally and would like some viewpoints on how you would interpret the above. I know I'm asking tons of questions tonight, but I'm in a thinking mode. I was thinking that people who spend all their life looking for one thing, often gets i...
    3 General 40
  159. How can I just relax?
    So ever since my bf and I split up I've been super stressed, i can't stop thinking bout him and i can't sleep at night. I get angry at the stupidest things and every day I'm like in depression mode. I tried to relax and do something fun to take my mind...
    3 Health 23
  160. HP laptop help?
    I used to have this thing on my old computer where you could go to this application and type somehting in, and then the computer would say it. I have an HP G60-235DX notebook pc and I cant find it ANYWHERE. does anybody know where it is? I've gone to t...
    3 Technology 25
  161. How do you get rid of unwanted flooring on Sims 2?
    I'm trying to delete this unwanted square of flooring, but it's not budging, even when I use the floor tool on build mode, and try to delete with the 'ctrl' key! It's just there chilling in mid air;L Oh, and I have the same problem with stairs! It won'...
    4 Gaming 136
  162. My Ipod is being gay...HELP!! I cant sleep...
    okay well my ipod has been in my bag and has not been plugged up to anything since the last time I listened to it and I just got it out and on the screen its in black and white and its says "disk mode"..then it has a check mark then "OK to disconnect"....
    4 Technology 39
  163. What should I say to my father?
    Hey well me and my girlfriend have been going out for 2 years now and while we were at school today my girlfriends sister was cleaning their room and she found a notebook that me and my girlfriend were talking about some sexual things in and both our f...
    4 Sex 31
  164. Just knowing how to stop feeling these thoughts.
    I have been working for agency for nearly to weeks cleaning and I have been told there is no work this week 05.09.09 So I have to sign back on the dole queue but luck as it I have been offered a job back at my local doctor`s 10 hrs per week. But at ...
    3 Money 13
  165. Help with Depression
    Well lately I have been depressed. I would rather be alone majority of the time but it is impossible, well lately I have been having a lot of mode swings. This past whole week I have been getting angry at the wrong people for instance I have been yelli...
    2 Health 22
  166. Why does my laptop keep going into standby and shutting down?
    Its a HP, When i press the power button it goes to the HP invent page like normal, but then its just a black screen and the power button turns orange like its in standby or sleep mode. After about 20 minutes of that it goes to my desktop like normal bu...
    10 Technology 17
  167. Sims 2 agen lol
    I dont know if any of you are sims 2 fans, I am lol, theres this thing I downloaded on my other computer for the game and I duno wot site I got it off or what its called. Its a small square box and it goes on the ground, from the buy mode in party...
    2 Gaming 33
  168. The sims. PS2
    in the sims number one on PS2 how do you get promoted to career level four? I know its something to do with a strip poker table but I cant seem to find it in the buy and where do you get one? do you have to throw a house party first or som...
    2 Gaming 57
  169. How to use the webcam on my Compaq Presario?
    I got my new notebook few weeks ago..It's a compaq presatio f731au. It has a built in webcam. But, I just cant figure out how to use the webcam. there's this one program called cyberlink youcam. I assume it's a program that I need to use if I want to u...
    5 Technology 204
  170. Why do they say 'you marry your dad'?
    You know how they say 'you marry your dad' like, the guy you end up with could be exactly like your dad..? Is that true? Omg the guy I'm with now is JUST like my dad. But that's not exactly always a good thing. He has my dad's sense of humor, but he al...
    10 General 75
  171. Nintendo DS Frustration HELP!!!
    I bought my son a ds about 6 months ago and my 3 year old daughter got ahold of it and now everytime you turn it on it automatically goesn into the DS Download play option. It won't do anything else and I can't even get into the main menu to change the...
    2 Gaming 43
  172. Got a virus Cant install anti-virus, malware, Lost recovery disk
    Computer: Emachine Model Number: EL1200 OS: Windows Xp Problem: The screen kept going completely black, then it would pop up comand prompt, close it. Open it close it, and so on. Until it froze the whole system. I found out my mom has no anti-virus...
    5 Technology 42
  173. Where to buy a book without signing up?
    so my dad said I could buy a book from the internet but I dont now where to buy it without making myself a member of the page.. I tried amazon and the book is there but I have to sign up!.. and barnes and nobles too!!.. the book I want is the notebook ...
    6 Shopping 19
  174. Is it possible to burn this many calories?
    Well I own a copy of Dance Dance Revolution 2, and they have this Workout mode that Keeps track of how many calories you lose. Is it likely this even Works? I think it does because I have been losing Weight because of this Game. Today I burned about 11...
    6 Nutritionfitness 46
  175. How to tell your parents you want privacy?
    my mom is always coming in my room and going through stuff like my trash and my notebooks and I dont know why. then my parents are always fighting and its driving me mom is crazy literally crazy like she needs to see a doctor. I have no one to...
    4 Family 103
  176. Is masturbating with a shower jet on my clitoris safe?
    Im a teenage girl and I've been masturbating for a while now, but I don't use my hands or fingers. I have a power shower and I turn it onto the jet mode and whilst taking a shower I sit down and press it down below. I think it hits my clitoris but I'm ...
    2 Sex 353
  177. How can I improve my players in Madden 07?
    i'm playin madden 07 on the PS2 and i can never get my players overall better in franchise mode. I can have a runnin back with almost 2000 rushing yards and a QB with over 4000 passing yards with like 30 TD's and 10 INT's. After the season their overal...
    2 Gaming 89
  178. Ideas 4 poems!!
    Ok, im gonna filla whole notebook full of poetry and give it 2 a publisher, because publishig a poetry book is like my dream... But I need some ideas. I've written like 15 poems, andi want 2 know what some people like 2 hear about. So far I've written ...
    2 Literature 68
  179. How do I gain weight back slowly?
    I lost too much weight to fast eating about 500-600 calories a day. How do I gain some back without getting fat? Im not anorexic or anything I just needed to lose about 10 pounds and instead I lost close to 30. I look shitty, none of my cloths fit a...
    2 Nutritionfitness 54
  180. FunAdvice Christmas Countdown (11 days) - December 14th, 2011
    Less than two weeks until Santa's big arrival! If you're not already in prime holiday mode, lift your spirits with free Christmas desktop wallpapers! http://funadvice.c...
    3 Funadvice 13
  181. What's the best laptop to get for a student?
    im about to be a senior in high school WOOT WOOT and i need a new laptop. right now i have a toshiba. i HAD <-- past tense a dell inspiron something but it crashed and the dell people said they couldnt fix it so i got my $800 dollars back. i need one t...
    8 Technology 22
  182. Why don't quotation marks show up in posts any more?
    I've noticed this for a while now. Whenever we use double quotes, they disappear, although you can see them when you go into edit mode. This bug causes many peoples' responses to appear schizophrenic, lol. 'This sentence has single quotes around it...
    6 Funadvice 17
  183. Why isn't my mic working?
    Ok, I have a Toshiba laptop with windows vista. I go to the control panel and check sound devices, and it said I have a Realtek High Definition mic in my computer and that its working. But whenever I run sound recorder or speech configuration or anythi...
    2 Technology 39
  184. Is this cheat for Smackdown v. Raw 2007 true?
    On Smackdown vs Raw 2007 for ps2, is this cheat true?? To unlock every single wrestler of ECW you must win season mode with all of the wrestlers who competed in the Smackdown vs Raw ten men elimination tag at Survivor series 2005.The superstars from R...
    2 Gaming 15
  185. What's wrong with my XBOX or TV?
    ok so last night I hooked up my xbox to ym tv, turned it on ad when I play it...something looks messed up. If I'm standing still it looks semi-ok but then when I start to move, everything gets like a redish glow...and its hard to see whats going on it...
    2 Technology 32
  186. She makes me feel inferior and ugly :(
    She makes me feel inferior and not pretty. Ok so there is this girl at school over these hols she got a place at a modelling school somewhere because she was to be a model and I swear she doesnt like me, her friends are alright but she scares me, the w...
    9 Style 133
  187. Urgent- Windows 2000 Professional Password gone.
    Hello everyone on here, I have a Windows 2000 Professional laptop that the accounts that I knew passwords were accidentally terminated and I do not know the passwords to the old accounts. I no longer have a working floppy drive, or cd drive, (power co...
    6 Technology 22
  188. Resident Evil 4 fans!
    This is a two pronged random question. One, what is your favorite weapon in RE4? Mine is probably the handcannon. Two. how many hits did it take you to kill Salazar (the snake thing with the tentacles flying everywhere)? Took me two. A mine dart in t...
    2 Gaming 16
  189. What Antivirus program has the best protection, in your opinion?
    I have a Toshiba Satellite computer. It came installed with Norton Antivirus. It expires in 6 days and I don't know if I should reinstall Norton, or go with a different Antivirus program. What Antivirus program do you have on your computer and do you l...
    10 Technology 34
  190. How to lose that belly and more?
    I'm at exactly the healthy weight for my height. but I have a nasty stomach. like not flat. but I look good everyhwere else. so I'm thinking of losing like 10 more pounds to get rid of the stomach fat. how do I get rid of it?? and how do I stay on my d...
    3 Nutritionfitness 24
  191. How do I tell her how I feel?
    Ok so I have known this girl forever, we grew up together and are very close. We had a thing once for a little while and it was sexual but out of nowhere she just left. Now I think of her like everyday and I moved out of my house a while ago and whil...
    2 Sex 8
  192. Im dying of hunger help
    Because I have a rather bad food schedule and I used to skip breakfast a lot due to oversleeping through the day and eating whenever I felt like it which would be like 9 spoonfuls and then ill be fullup now 6months later I am feelingworse than ever I ...
    2 Health 55
  193. Do you have unexplainable pet peeves?
    what simple/shallow things annoy you? I know they should not annoy you, but you're still annoyed nonetheless. Some of my pet peeves are: - xxxrE@dInG sOMeTHiNG TyPEd LikE Th!sxxx. - I guess I just have a hard time understanding it. And wouldnt it be ...
    8 General 67
  194. How to get good at Halo 3?
    Okay, I've got 40 xp, 7 skill on lone wolves and completed the campaign on normal. Basically I would quite like to become a spartan officer (70 xp and 10 skill) which seems pretty daunting so could you give me some advice for matchmaking please. I woul...
    4 Gaming 47
  195. What's this book called (read description)?
    I've been thinking about a series of books i read around about 5-6 years ago, but i can't remember the titles at all and it's driving me crazy!! I can remember some of the details though. The first book started where a boy who had an illness of some ...
    7 Literature 30
  196. How does God see the Harry Potter series?
    According to your understanding of the content of this series of books, tapes, etc, How does this line up according to what the Bible has to say about the content? How does it affect this generation, what is the outcome, what is behind it? Is there a d...
    25 Religion 101
  197. car chasing and lead pulling nightmare
    hi, we have a 10 month old collie and she is adorable but a terror on the lead and chases cars, which puts my back out and stresses me to the max! I am not too soft on her, and do my best to assert my authority have tried many techniques, but she ...
    4 Pets 26
  198. Windows 2000 Professional lost password
    I need to know any backdoor/ other ways to get into windows 2000. I asked it earlier, but no suggestions worked. Here it is: Hello everyone on here, I have a Windows 2000 Professional laptop that the accounts that I knew passwords were accidentall...
    5 Technology 47
  199. My Second Ninja Question (Mock Situation)
    Ok you and your newly formed clan on ninjas are on chill mode, you all decide to hit the hottest clubs. your clan and you are just chillin' in the club. As your glancing through all the attending peeps, you see this other clan of ninjas giving you and ...
    3 Entertainment 30
  200. Whats this song called?
    What is the name and band of this song? It a really good song..but its old, maybe from the early 2000's or so.. It goes kinda like this... And im not sure of the kinda guessing..heres just bits and pieces of it.. Your circling your head,so...
    5 Music 55
  201. What does it mean when your clitoris is bleeding?
    Well I've been masturbating for like 7 months. I'm 15 years-old. When I was 12, I stop masturbating just because I enjoyed life too much to be thinking about it. Anyways, I use my finger but sometimes I use the hand held shower faucets. I used like the...
    5 Sex 532
  202. Why do I obsess over certain things?
    I don't think I have OCD, but there are a few things I do and I don't know why. For example, whenever I am writing, It has to be perfect. Perfect handwriting, or I erase it, or throw it away and start over (mostly throw it away because I can't stand th...
    4 Health 45
  203. Call of duty: world at war help!!!
    I just got this brand new copy of cod: waw and loaded it up on my computer. I started it up, everything was fine, installed it, and then I tried to start up sp and it came up with the splash. After the splash screen it went black for about 5 seconds th...
    2 Technology 174
  204. Why Is My Mom Mad About What My Boyfreind Said?
    I was playing paintball with my boyfriend and some friends. I got shot in the nee, then tripped down a hill. When my boyfriend and mom got their to help out,I said "God Help Me" B/c I had a gash in my leg. Then My BF said "There ain't a god to help you...
    4 Health 55
  205. What is wrong with me?
    I feel like ever since my last question my life has gone downhill. I feel that I don't have any friends because this week at school I've been banned from my lunch table by who I thought to be my best friend. So now I sit with my boyfriend and he just k...
    8 Sex 33
  206. Who there is this guy I like but he's giving me mixed feelings?
    He like your such a great friend and he'll hug other girls but he never gives me one but if we high five he'll lock his fingers into mine and just hold my hand for a couple of min hut this stoped after a guy said look at the happy couple ( the guy was ...
    2 Relationships 49
  207. What will happen if I burn off all the calories I eat?
    I don't know what's wrong with me! But I hate it. I have like 500 calories everyday, today I had about 450 I think, but I feel like a major pig? I'm not, am I? I burn off every single calorie by playing dance dance revolution because there's a workout ...
    9 Nutritionfitness 171
  208. How do I get these viruses off of my new laptop, and get it back to normal?
    I started up my laptop, and then all of a sudden the desktop background changed and said "Your PC is infected!" Then, "system tools" keeps popping up running scans, saying I have 30 infections/viruses. Trojans, spyware, malware, etc... then it wants me...
    13 Technology 52
  209. What should ugly people do
    Im a 16 yeare old girl and im ugly I bean called ugly a lot of times now whan people call me ugly I just tell tham to fu*k off . One time a tacher saw cuts on my wrists and I had to talk to a school shrink she usckt me what happend I saide nathing sh...
    18 Style 174
    I fall down a flight of steps landed on my head my faice is alvayse rad im glad that im ganna be dead sum day I shot a police man after he saide "FREEZE GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES" fu*k peace maney turnd me to satan I stabed a man showd up at his...
    6 Music 31
  211. 6 small meals a day? NO
    So I weigh, 149. I'm 14 and I'm around 5'5 -5'6. I really want to lose weight. I'm tired of my flabby stomach. I hate it so much. I seem to always lose weight in the summer because my appetite goes way down. I find myself not eating very much. I eat br...
    2 Health 38
  212. Can you tell at a very young age if a child has anxiety issues (read more)?
    i was recently watching my bf's niece who is turning 3 here soon. now i have been babysitting since i was 13 and have watched plenty of 3 year old. she is not like any of them. she has alot of minor freak out mode, almost panic attacks. i wanted to tak...
    7 Babies 20
  213. Did my blown sub destroy my amplifier?
    So, I just found out that my 12" Dual subwoofer was been blown for probably 3 weeks now. I had it bridged to a 2 channel Jensen A1000 amplifier, which I just destroyed. So, here's the story. About a month ago, my amp started going into safety mode...
    2 Technology 37
  214. Why do some people seem to look down on homeschoolers?!
    Hey. I've got a question. Why does it seem like, as soon as I mention that I'm homeschooled to most adults, unless they're parents of other homeschoolers, they immediately enter this "Shut-down Mode" where they seem to automatically deem me a total mor...
    11 Education 183
  215. How do I stop getting the Blue Screen of Death? (BSOD)
    Alright so there's a few things wrong with my computer. It's just over 1 year old and it was ""built"" by a friend of mine. First of all... if you slightly bump it(the tower), it disrupts the power source (and to get it back you just have to fiddle wi...
    6 Technology 63
  216. Why is Windows Vista so complicated ?
    ok, im really frustrated and I desperately need help, I have a dell pc with vista on it, vista always downloads updates for the computer which I thought was safe, well it isnt recently I saw where a update was said to be download which I did because I ...
    3 Technology 48
  217. Who knows if this computer system can run world of warcraft?
    I got this from directx diagnostic tool Operating system: microsoft windows xp home edition (5,1 build 2600) Language: english (regional setting: english) System manufacturer: hewlett-packard System model: hp Processor: intel(r) celeron(r) cpu 2.8...
    3 Gaming 15
  218. will I lose muscle if I have enough protein but still few calories?
    I am a teenage girl really trying to lose weight fast because I have been trying with failing for the past 2 years. For some reason I get too afraid to lose my lean muscle mass. I am 5 ft 7 and 136 pounds but I would like to be 120 because I do still h...
    3 Nutritionfitness 136
  219. I'm 13 and scared of buying?
    I'm an aspiring illustrator and there are a lot of different tools I want to buy, like derwent/ prismacolor/ sakura etc. My mum gave me £15 to spend on the cheaper materials. I went to the shop and found myself analyzing every art item. I looked at the...
    2 General 24
  220. Hatred of Running?
    Need help really badly. I'm overweight, and I am dieting along with trying (put the emphasis on TRYING) to get some exercise into my life. This includes running in my neighborhood because I don't like things like track and cross country due to my disli...
    6 Nutritionfitness 24
  221. How can I learn to accept my boyfriends daughter?
    I'm 19 and I've been dating my 24-year-old boyfriend for a few months now. We have an amazing relationship and couldn't ask for more but I feel like something is wrong. He has a 3-year-old daughter and when she's around obviously all his attention goes...
    16 Babies 261
  222. I know it's early, but anyone got xmas ideas for a broke girl?
    I start stocking Xmas presents around this time of year so I am ready when Xmas comes. I need some ideas for presents. I already have my sister a really cool wood jewelry holder that I found at goodwill. (we are super close, so she isn't going to reall...
    7 Shopping 30
  223. I still love her
    OK, well since my last question on here I ended up breaking up w/ my "girlfriend" to be with the other girl that I really like. A day before spring break got over with she told me that she didn't want to go out with me,...
    2 Relationships 19
  224. What do I need to know about living off the land in WA state?
    I am currently living by the Cascades, however I plan to live off the land for some time. What plants can I eat, what is the best way to preserve food? No bullcrap of prepackaged food items as I plan on doing this for awhile. Would it be necessary to f...
    2 Homegarden 9
  225. Why is she doing all this? does she like me?
    here's how we both are -she is very nervous, kind a shy and conscious when we meet (we meet once in a year) -on chat she is awesome friendly with me, always wants to know about me, teases me, flirts with me -if i dont message her for a long time, th...
    2 Funadvice 11
  226. My computer needs fixed.. help..:)
    Okay, So I have A compaq notebook laptop, Vista.. Im pretty sure.. So any way..It got a virus, so my sister tried restoring it to factory settings 3 times.. then that really screwd it up.. So she put in a restore harddrive c.d from another computer,...
    5 Technology 67
  227. My life is going down the drain
    This is going to be a long one, but please, please listen, I REALLY need help: I hate to go on complain mode again, but I feel like I need to get this off my chest, nobody else is listening, maybe you guys can help. I was just thinking about unfair li...
    5 Relationships 40
  228. Can I drop the diet and just train harder?
    April of last year I got very dedicated about losing weight. I restricted my calorie intake from what I estimated to be about 5000-7000 down to 2500 per day. I also began strict weight training on my bench at home, and I started running. At first I cou...
    2 Nutritionfitness 59
  229. God exists 3- the metamorphosis
    Hey hi, again. well I just want my question answered, so come on guys lets try to keep it civil this time. let's debate like civilized people so this question doesn't get locked. Here is the question for semi 1900 and anyone else interested (if you ...
    35 Religion 34
  230. Random xd rather be questions?
    You rather be: Gay or straight Eyeliner or eyeshadow Umbrella or rain on me Doctor or die of cancer Choker or diamond necklace Aeropostale or hollister Nike or dc's Converse or vans Green day or poison Fast or slow Purple or black Big or small Skinny ...
    2 Sex 18
  231. Dell Local Backup 2.0 trys 2 start but won't, grrr.
    Hi to all, I'm in desperate need of some help. I bought a new Dell Studio 15 (1555) at the end of Aug '09 and once logged on to my user profil used to get a box pop up asking me if I wanted to create a set of backup discs. Unfortunately at the tim I d...
    2 Technology 61
  232. Palin supported Buchanan. What does this say about McCain's choice?
    It turns out that Sarah Palin supported Pat Buchanan's 2000 presidential campaign. (Earlier today, Buchanan stated 'It's great for the base. She's a Buchananite!') Pat Buchanan is an outspoken opponent of Israel. It's one thing to criticize Israel, bu...
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  233. What do you think of my Prologue and 1st. chapter?
    [BEFORE you Read I just wanna say B honest whats really wrong with it? And it does contain cursing but I used a(n) X to block it out,and SORRY ITS SOOO LONG lol!!!] *Prologue* "See My Story don't start off with once upon a time, I'm gon keep it 100...
    4 Literature 27
  234. How would you critique this short story I wrote not long ago?
    My feet pounded upon the rocky road slicing my bare feet. Hammering in my chest my heart beat wildly. What have I done? Why do I precede to commit such acts of sin? The street lamps shinned a dim yellow illuminating the streets as I ran faster than I h...
    4 Literature 21
  235. Is anyone willing to adhere to this?
    "I am a Goth who cannot establish claims of an advanced age, although you cannot disregard of the Elder Goths, as they provide the foundation of the culture due to their unwavering endurance, although 'foundation' is apparent, yet is unfortunately quit...
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