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Road trip to the usa your essential survival guide

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  1. Off roading??
    What exactly is "off roading?"
    3 Entertainment 17
  2. What are some good road trip songs?girly songs?
    8 Relationships 45
  3. Who was the youngest president of usa?
    Who was the youngest president of usa?
    2 Politics 107
  4. how does it feel to have a trip off of shrooms?
    how does it feel to have a trip off of shrooms.?
    4 Health 71
  5. who was the first president of USA?
    who was the first president of USA?
    4 Politics 59
  6. Where would be a nice place to head to on a road trip?
    4 Travel 12
  7. What job can survive any recession?
    31 Money 27
  8. What are good preparations for a cross-country road trip across the USA?
    10 Travel 17
  9. How many people (who don't live in the USA) actually like the USA?
    30 General 45
  10. Is Hawaii a part of the USA?
    4 General 38
  11. How is a senator elected (in USA)?
    3 Politics 20
  12. Why in the USA, if we are know as mainly surviving on service, then why are we outsourcing service?
    6 Money 16
  13. Is there any women violence against women in USA?
    7 General 25
  14. What do you guys think of the USA?
    11 General 34
  15. What to do on a 6 hour road trip with your sister, bestfriend, and dad?
    8 Travel 18
  16. Where whould you like to visit in the USA
    Where whould you like to visit in the USA?
    7 Travel 45
  17. Why did the chicken cross the road??
    What are all the answers for Why did the chicken cross the road??
    4 General 24
  18. Where can I watch Waterloo Road for free?
    2 Entertainment 8
  19. What is a good Navy College in the USA?
    2 Money 11
  20. Is Country the most popular music in the USA?
    16 Music 31
  21. who wins if there is a war between usa and russia???
    12 Politics 48
  22. what was your most painful trip to the hospital? and not for surgery
    32 Health 43
  23. what should you do if your parents beat you on the side of the road
    2 Relationships 27
  24. Why do they not have lanes on the roads for scooters and mopeds?
    6 Cars 31
  25. How many McDonald's restaurants are there in the USA?
    4 Food 35
  26. How can I survive my first hardcore concert?
    4 Music 38
  27. Do they celebrate bonfire night in USA?
    16 General 56
  28. what is your opinion on the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy?
    5 Literature 10
  29. Is the USA the only country that does daylight savings?
    3 General 31
  30. Who would be the most interesting person to go on a road trip with?
    Who would be the most interesting person (dead or alive) to go on a road trip with? This is for an application for school...
    6 Entertainment 19
  31. Can I travel to jamaica from the usa without a passport?
    Can I travel to jamaica from the usa without a passport?
    2 Travel 28
  32. What's some preventive action for sequential tripping?
    Preventive maintenance of sequential tripping?
    2 Health 20
  33. how long can sperm survive out of the body??
    how long can sperm survive out of the body?? thanks
    4 Health 3133
  34. How did Mr. McMahon survive the limo blowing up???
    How did Mr. McMahon survive the limo blowing up???
    3 Entertainment 67
  35. What is the average age of the seventh graders in the usa ?
    What is the average age of the seventh graders in the usa ?
    4 Education 281
  36. Why if in usa the economy is bad the other countries are bad also.
    Why if in usa the economy is bad the other countries are bad also.
    3 Politics 20
  37. fastest anyone here has driven across the USA?
    what is the fastest anyone here has driven across the USA
    3 Travel 36
  38. Who is the Youngest president of USA and which president has died in youngest age?
    Who is the Youngest president of USA and which president has died in youngest age?
    2 Politics 81
  39. Can someone survive off pickles and diet coke?
    Can someone survive off pickles and diet coke?
    8 Food 258
  40. What online travel site in USA is best?
    What online travel site in USA is best?
    3 Travel 34
  41. Can I use microsoft streets & trips in finland?
    Can I use microsoft streets & trips in finland?
    2 Technology 12
  42. Vacation in the usa?
    Where should I go on vacation too in the usa in the next month or so ???+
    6 Travel 23
  43. what do you think its the best city to live in the usa.
    what do you think its the best city to live in the usa.
    2 Travel 36
  44. What to pack on a 3 week trip to australia?
    What to pack on a 3 week trip to australia?
    2 General 79
  45. How would you survive an imminent zombie attack?
    3 Environment 17
  46. What should I send to my pen pal in Italy when I am from the USA?
    5 General 46
  47. Whats the time difference in UK and USA?
    6 Travel 48
  48. Whats better? Brittish Tv, Or USA?
    30 Entertainment 32
  49. Why are there so many illegal immigrants in USA?
    What do the government do about it?
    6 Politics 42
  50. Is it gonna snow in March in Chicago, USA?
    5 Environment 10
  51. How do I get out of going on our family trip to Chicago???
    6 Family 6
  52. Is michigan counted as eastern or Northeastern USA?
    2 Travel 10
  53. What should I bring on a long hiking trip through a cave?
    8 Travel 12
  54. Can 53 day old puppies survive?
    5 Pets 41
  55. How can someone prepare for a trip around the world?
    7 Travel 17
  56. Miss teen usa?
    can a miss teen usa contestant be in a charter school?
    2 Education 32
  57. What happened in the arkansas road house in arlington texas?
    What happened in the arkansas road house in arlington texas?
    3 General 695
  58. Is there a city or a state in usa called cambodia?
    Is there a city or a stat in usa called cambodia?
    4 General 16
  59. if you visit other countries you do things that you cant do in usa
    if you visit other countries you do things that you cant do in usa for the laws.
    3 Travel 104
  60. Olympics how many medals did the USA win so far?
    How many medals did USA win so far...
    3 Sports 64
  61. How to steal cigarettes from a gas station detailed guide?
    How to steal cigarettes from a gas station detailed guide?
    2 General 1402
  62. What do I bring to a 3 day trip to another country, as in from Ottawa, Canada, to Boston, USA?
    Like what are the necessities?
    4 Travel 17
  63. How many people survived the Vietnam War?
    how many people SERVIVED after the vietnam war was over
    2 Education 177
  64. What are conditions for a foreignerto study medicine in USA or Canada?
    2 Education 14
  65. Where should an exchange student from the USA go - France or England?
    5 Education 15
  66. What essentials should I take on an all day field trip to Busch Gardens, Tampa in the summer?
    P.S I can only take a small bag.
    5 Travel 18
  67. Health guide
    Is high tyrod harmfull during pregancy?
    2 Health 25
  68. How much does a cop make an hour in Chicago, USA?
    2 Money 31
  69. can the baby survive if its mum is 13 years of age?
    10 Health 52
  70. What would you bring on a three day trip with your school?
    6 Travel 8
  71. How Do You Survive When Your Best Friend In The World Goes To Jail??
    16 Relationships 31
  72. woh thinks usa is the best country in the world
    woh thinks this is the best country in the world
    12 Politics 30
  73. Why did the chicken cross the road?
    I dont know you tell me
    7 General 16
  74. How can I survive 8th grade when mostly everyone hates me?
    10 Education 37
  75. spots...arghhh (pimples in the USA)
    how do I get rid of spots?
    4 Style 21
  76. Which is more democratic: Old BC Rome or USA today?
    3 Politics 20
  77. Who heard that only 2 of the First Ruldolf puppets survived?
    4 Health 6
  78. Road trip
    Ok, so I'm going on a road trip with my best buds when we graduate high school, but we need some music...does anyone have any ideas for good road trip music?
    2 Music 15
  79. Who knows if a Springfield in every state in the USA?
    Does anybody know if there is a Springfield in every state in the USA. I am just curious.
    2 General 43
  80. think that USA has a really bad IMMIGRATION problem?
    Do yuh think that USA has a really bad IMMIGRATION problem?
    6 Politics 21
  81. sinking rowboat surrounded by sharks. How would you survive?
    Imagine you are in a sinking rowboat surrounded by sharks. How would you survive?
    5 General 120
  82. Who ows the plane bill clinton just make his trip to korea on
    Who ows the plane bill clinton just make his trip to korea on
    5 Politics 34
  83. Good snacks to take on trip
    What are some good snacks to take on a 4 hour car trip?
    10 Food 45
  84. what does it mean when someone says you take the high road, I'll
    what does it mean when someone says you take the high road, I'll take the low road
    2 General 88
  85. how do i decide to do this road trip?
    i want to to do a long road trip for a whole month . should i do it in just my car and use motels for showers and rest or in my truck with a slide in truck camper?
    3 Travel 8
  86. What are positives or negatives or living in Canada/ USA opposed to Mexico?
    3 General 46
  87. Can the USA get oil from Uganda just from sending those military advisors?
    8 Politics 10
  88. When is the next eclipse in usa?
    When is the next eclipse? How many years lol I just wonder!!
    2 Science 36
  89. What is the USA doing about the situation in North and South Korea?
    Is there going to be a war? What's going on??
    12 Politics 45
  90. Is it possible for a bed bug to survive after you pour soapy water on it?
    5 Health 47
  91. What are some good survival or invasion movies (action, thriller or horror)?
    5 Entertainment 16
  92. How do women feel when they re approached by a stranger on d road?
    5 Relationships 31
  93. What was the reason (the trigger) for the USA-VIETNAM war in the 1960's?
    4 Politics 78
  94. What should I bring for my trip to Asia?
    I'm going to Asia this summer, is there anything I need to bring for my trip?
    2 Travel 57
  95. road test..
    blind spots.. what are they, and how do you check them? (my road test is monday) thanks (:
    2 General 19
  96. What's this "it's the end of the road" song?
    Who sings the song "it's the end if the road" the one off so you think you can dance? And is that what the song is called?
    5 Music 28
  97. Usa always has to be the big brother for the other countries.
    Usa always has to be the big brother for the other countries or not any answer is welcome thank you.
    3 Politics 14
  98. How many days can one survive with absoulutely no food or water?
    How many days can 1 survive with absoulutely no food or water?
    3 Health 55
  99. people to people ambassadors student trips
    is the people to people ambassadors student trips good ???and how can I know how much they are paying for the 2010 trip...
    2 Travel 35
  100. Trucks on roads
    Trucks are a main cause for our road crashes,why doesnt the government make other roads just for trucks to use?
    2 Travel 7
  101. School Trip to Greece
    <p> Please suggest some places to visit around Greece.</p>
    2 Travel 32
  102. What is the proper way to trip the cuticules on your fingernails? Sorry for the bad spelling
    3 Style 12
  103. Can you give me a step-by-step guide to catch giratina in pokemon
    How do I catch giratina in pokemon diamond???
    2 Gaming 44
  104. Can people survive off of one type of food?
    like seriously? like potatoes
    16 Food 917
  105. Do you think the economic situation is really going to get better in the USA?
    12 Politics 43
  106. Could a registered adult nurse from the UK get a job as a nurse in the USA?
    2 Money 12
  107. What do you think about people planning a trip to a casino to raise money for a church?
    6 Money 24
  108. Who tnks immigrants supposed to have rights to work on USA
    who tnks that crossing immigrants supposed to hve rights to work here?
    13 Politics 60
  109. Whats a nice place to take a trip to?
    Like vegas or cali or
    5 Travel 33
  110. What sort of activities could humans do on Mercury if they were able to survive on the planet?
    5 Science 98
  111. Where can I find an episode guide for Princess hours?
    And I want one for all 24 episodes
    2 Entertainment 58
  112. What time is the solar eclipse suppose to happen in the USA?
    does anyone know what time this is suppose to happen?
    4 Science 75
  113. How old do you have to be to vote? (USA)
    In Holland it's 18. Which age do you have to be to vote in America? (vote for a president, that is)
    6 Politics 529
  114. What site has this best deals for planning a trip?
    I'm trying to plan a trip to Vegas in December. What site has the best deals?
    2 Travel 19
  115. This summer I want to take a mini trip, what state to visit?
    This summer I want to take a mini trip. But too what state?? Any ideas,or advice and why?
    4 Travel 19
  116. round trip ticket from California to Wisconsin cost for 2 months?
    How much does a round trip ticket from California to Wisconsin cost for 2 months?
    2 Travel 58
  117. What is better a quinceanera(mexican sweet 16) or a trip?
    A quinceanera(mexican sweet 16) or a trip? I have to choose between here && april!! Help?
    4 Entertainment 111
  118. When I take my road test, will I fail if my blinkers dont work?
    if my blinkers fail to work when I take my road test, will I fail? I mean, sometimes they work, but sometimes they dont
    5 General 21
  119. USA or Mexico?
    Who do you want to win, or think is going to win in the soccer match today? Mexico, or USA? I hope USA wins :)
    5 Sports 43
  120. Road Trip to the USA: Your Essential Survival Guide
    America is not only the skyscrapers of New York and the beaches of California. This country has a lot of interesting things, and in order to see all these beautiful, amazing, funny and fascinating places, you should go on a road trip. This is probably ...
    6 Travel 994
  121. What to do if ur dad wont let u ride ur bike on the frigin road?
    4 Family 18
  122. Why does my car's fuse keep tripping(Breaking) every time I put it in park?
    6 Cars 39
  123. Why is sunblock famous in USA and Europe but not here in tropical countries with intense sun ray?
    4 Health 28
  124. What do you think should be the punishment for the man who wrote the book how to rape children a pedophiles guide?
    7 General 25
  125. Do you think military disabled Vets should be allowed to use toll roads at no charge?
    14 Politics 39
  126. Do you think you would survive the zombie apocalypse?
    If it ever happened? Random question :)
    17 General 33
  127. What does it mean when you come home from a trip and all your religious items are broken, shattered, or burned?
    10 Religion 46
  128. Where can I find 3/8"nylon webbing in different colors for my dog collar in USA?
    2 Pets 21
  129. why is it that evry girl next door gets the hot guy but not the girl across the road????
    8 Relationships 12
  130. why do you get better gas mileage on interstate than on short trips around town?
    2 General 44
  131. When driving, what is the "one thing" that other drivers do on the road that makes you more angry than anything else?
    21 General 24
  132. Who was the heaviest president in the usa?
    As I said I love to learn about the past and especially presidents?thanks.
    3 Politics 62
  133. How do you guys feel when you watch movies and see the same ROADS,MARKETS,STREETS and BUILDINGS that you have been to?
    5 Entertainment 21
  134. Any psychodelic trip stories?
    I've never tripped before but I hear crazy stories that get me so interested in trippingg : )
    14 Health 47
  135. How Much Are Hair Extensions in the USA in TX?
    How Much Are Hair Extensions in the USA in TX? My hair is shoulder length but a just a few inches longer. ♥Vero
    2 Style 16
  136. How do you send things out of the usa
    How are you suppose to address a letter out of the usa? Because I have a friend in france and I have no clue what im doing.
    2 General 26
  137. Dream of becoming president of the usa
    I have a dream of becoming president of the usa,but people laugh at me.what can I do to show them my full potental??
    6 Politics 35
  138. Do you find living in the USA great ?
    I just want to ask, how do you find living in the usa, since in my country its told its awesome :)
    13 Travel 29
  139. study guide for driver's permit?
    where can you get the study guide for your drivers permit in PA? like do you go to the pendot place or what?
    3 General 20
  140. When My Trip On Weed Haunts Me Anyone Had The Same ?
    weed trip bad drink alchohol spinning hospital I was wondering if anyone had the same ?
    2 Health 60
  141. Auditions for people 13 and under in maryland,usa
    Anyone know of any auditions for people 13 and under in maryland,usa or close to that location? Thnkx
    3 Money 41
  142. Usa v uk
    How comes we(uk)get free healthcare and u(usa) have to pay for everything
    5 Money 26
  143. Can UK citizen work and live in USA
    hi I wanted to findout abt can a UK citizen can work and live in usa or not thanks
    4 Money 76
  144. Advantages of choosing a travel guide on your trip
    Selecting and planning a tour will be a burden sometimes, Selecting a hotel, transportation, and other facilities on your trip is a harder thing that cant be avoided. Selecting a tour operator on your trip can avoid this problem and make your trip awes...
    4 Travel 125
  145. How much is a fine in CA for scraping the road?
    Around how much is a fine in california for scraping the streets with your lowrider? sparking it up?
    2 General 31
  146. How to make money to survive?
    what will I do to survive?its really hard now a day..somebody there having a big heart to give me a clue?
    4 Money 43
  147. What is the USA serving?
    5 Food 22
  148. why did the chicken cross the road..?
    I know random but who knows why the chicken crossed the road?? okey no U.U..!! I feel awkardd now..!! answer anyways..!!
    4 Entertainment 8
  149. What should I give my boyfriend for his summer trip?
    My boyfriend is leaving for summer and I want to give him something of mine to take with him. Suggestions??
    2 Relationships 56
  150. How many roads must a man walk down, before you can call him a man?
    Just been listening to the song, "blowing in the wind" and was wondering how many roads must a man walk down, before you can call him a man?
    7 General 46
  151. Who where the first people in what I now called usa?
    If you don't get what im asking here Who where the first people in the wrold according to history??
    5 Politics 42
  152. Will he survive??
    Im moving to alaska in 3 weeks my cat was born in florida will he be able to survive & live in alaska with me???
    4 Pets 15
  153. Road trip from vancouver BC to california?
    im thinking about traveling on a road trip with a friend from vancouver bc to california...I havnt had my licence for very long and I never have drivin in a big city is this a dumb idea or is it worth it...has anyone ever done it?
    2 Travel 47
  154. How do you travel long trips with a cat?
    Travel cross country with to cats how do they go to the bathroom? What do I need to have in the car?
    4 Travel 14
  155. Is it true that Obama's trip to India just landed Americans 54,000 new jobs?
    2 Money 5
  156. How much will gas cost on a road trip from MA to NY (read more)?
    I'm planning a trip with my friends from MA to NY and there's about 210 miles we have to cover. We're using a Buick, I think it's a 4-cylinder. About how much would the gas cost?
    3 Travel 18
  157. What do you think of the nation wide emergency test happening in the USA?
    3 Politics 11
  158. What's the minimum calories required to survive?
    Hello. What is the minimum amount of calories per day that a human being can survive on? Thank you for help.
    2 Health 111
  159. Puerto rico vs Usa
    I saw a basketball game Puerto rico vs Usa, but if Puerto Rico Belongs to Usa , why they dont play together in one team.
    3 Sports 25
  160. Can I stop my period for my trip?
    I am going on a trip, and I need to know what can I do to stop my menstrual cycle during the days of my trip. I have a normal period, it usually last 4 days.
    3 Health 129
  161. Do you think canada is usa older brother.
    I saw the daily show yesterday and they were saying that canada is like usa older brother do you think that is true.
    2 Politics 16
  162. Canada or USA Where would you rather live?
    Your opinion... Where would you rather live? Canada or USA? Take governent, immigration, and business opportunities into consideration!
    26 Travel 177
  163. how much would it cost for a round-trip plane ticket from chicago?
    About how much would it cost for a round-trip plane ticket from chicago, il to tampa, fl?
    3 Travel 66
  164. Top 10 Boarding schools in the USA?
    Can anyone here list the top ten boarding schools (senior highs) in the USA? Thanks a lot!
    3 Education 87
  165. How long can sperm actually survive in an open air environment?
    I keep getting mixed answers.
    7 Health 115
  166. What is the pollution levels in percentage in the UK, USA, Russia, Japan and China?
    2 Environment 30
  167. Where to go on our road trip?
    so my bffs liz and elissa and I are going to go on a road trip as soon as liz and I are 18... we are always grounded and our parents are so overprotective and the whole point of the trip is going to be based on GETTING FAR AWAY AND HAVING FUN! any ide...
    8 Travel 37
  168. What will I need on a 3 week trip to China?
    What will I need on a 3 week trip to China? I am going July 3rd and want to make sure I will be completely prepared
    2 Travel 17
  169. usa where the population is mainly north american indians?
    I dont mean to sound racisit or anything like that, but is there anyplace in the usa where the population is mainly north american indians?
    4 Politics 41
  170. Is the solar eclipse going to show in the usa 2008
    I wus waithing mor moths for it now it ses not the usa ith that true
    3 Science 51
  171. Is it crazy to want to run away on my trip to Spain and France?
    I'm going on a trip with a class to France and Spain... I have seriously been considering running away while we are there... is that crazy? haha
    13 Travel 39
  172. R.I.P Here lies the USA. 1776- 2008?
    R.I.P Here lies the USA. 1776- 2008. Cause of Death: Obama. Anyone else agree that he is not cut out for president?
    23 Politics 46
  173. sheer cover, bare minerals, bare essentials?
    sheer cover... bare minerals... bare essentials... what's the difference? those of you who have one of these products what do you think? which one really works and really gives you the cover they say it will
    2 Style 44
  174. Any good tips for a road trip with a toddler?
    We will be driving eight hours to visit relatives for the first time. My daughter is 18 months old. We plan to start driving in the evening. We have a portable dvd player in the car. Any tips on how to make this trip more tolerable?
    9 Babies 43
  175. What is your essential make-up?
    Most people have make up that they HAVE to wear everyday. What's yours? Mine is eyeliner. I can't go anywhere without it. lol
    17 Style 21
  176. How can I survive my boring classes?
    I'm in art right now Any 1 got an Idea on how to survuve P.E & all the rest of my boring classes.???
    3 Education 41
  177. Money raising ideas for school trip
    I have to raise 4500 dollars in three months to go to ecudor, does anyone have any ideas?
    3 Money 13
  178. how much do you think it would cost to get a 5 pound gummybear shipped from the usa to the uk ??? E
    10 General 68
  179. USA x Australia
    how has america's attitudes values beliefs juxtaposed (contrasted) with australia's? as in: stereotypes, lifestyle, status. ?
    4 General 17
  180. What is the country song about an old man sitting on the side of the road selling some kind of food and giving advice?
    2 Music 166
  181. What are good places to go on a Senior Trip?
    Im about to graduate in may and i wanna go somewhere fun......any help???
    7 Travel 29
  182. Planning a weekend trip for our one year anniversary, where to go?
    its been an year we been together I am 22 she is 26 need help planning a weekend
    7 Travel 101
  183. What are some off the beaten path small towns around the world I can put into a fake trip around the world (no big cities please)?
    8 Travel 27
  184. What do people in USA and Europe do with the inner organs of a slaughtered cow?
    Like the lungs, liver, stomach ect.?
    15 General 21
  185. How do people feel about hunting in the southern usa?
    I go hunting sometimes and was wondering if people freak out when you hear about stuff like that.
    6 Environment 42
  186. Why doesnt Eric Clapton invite Mark Knopfler to one of his "Cross roads" Music Festivals.
    Did they have a falling out?
    2 Music 12
  187. Is Venezuela and the Islands around it there safe for USA tourist?
    Me and my wife want to take a trip to Margarita Island Venezuela, but this worries me, I would not be carrying a M16 on this trip.
    5 Travel 18
  188. South africa , how will we survive without electricity?
    How is our country going to survive without electricity? We are doing load shedding at the m0ment.does that mean we all have t0 m0ve 0verseas?
    2 Travel 9
  189. How do I survive a thirteen hour car ride with the family?
    How do I survive a thirteen hour car ride with the five other members of my family? It drives me crazy! How do you guys sleep easier in the car? Thanks:)
    11 Family 85
    My school has banned all field trips because of the economy:( Is there anything that we(the students) could possibly do to get them back? Any advice is great! Thank you.
    4 Education 36
  191. How do you survive the holidays?
    How do you survive the holidays? They are upon us. Are you ready? Sometimes, for me, it is a lot of work and drama to deal with family...but, I try to keep the peace. How about you?
    2 Family 12
  192. Could anyone help me find a virtual guide to Barcelona?
    I have an expat mission, could anyone help me please to look for a virtual guide to Barcelona? I am not familiar with place. Thanks
    4 Travel 4
  193. How many stamps do I need to send letters out of the USA?
    I just got 2 penpals. One from Scotland and one from Australia. How many stamps does it take to send them letters?
    2 Literature 28
  194. Who would win in a fight: Road Runner or Wile E. Coyote?
    Yeah, I'm making fun of these questions.
    4 Entertainment 35
  195. Bieng new to USA
    Does anybody know how it feels to go to america from africa for the first time,and how the people treat you?
    2 Politics 10
  196. How do you feel about the USA sending money to other countries, does it make you mad with the economy so bad?
    "Not To Cause An Uproar." What are your thoughts & views?
    13 Politics 59
  197. How to survive when the baby arrives?
    So I live with my boyfriend now in our appartment and everythings going fine We can affort all the food and stuff but how do we make it when the baby arrives.
    4 Family 26
  198. What's the best place for a honeymoon trip?
    My sister is getting married and want to go for honeymoon, but not able to decide where they should go for honeymoon? So please tell me about best place for honeymoon.
    3 Travel 52
  199. Where can I find chords for God Bless the Broken Road by Selah for acoustic guitar?
    Couldnt find any on, which is where I usually get my chords :-\
    5 Music 45
  200. Usa vs. Brazil
    Okay my mom is taking me to a usa womans soccer game! Its usa vs. Brazil! Im so stoked!! Brazil is a very good team but hopefully we will bet them! Who do you go for?
    12 Sports 22
  201. ATVs on roads
    Can you drive atvs on roads in ontario, I think I once read if the by-law doesnt say you can't you can in small towns or in the sub urbs of citys
    2 General 10
  202. Hi, I'm working as a service desk engineer and I'm from India, is there any way I could get a job in USA or UK?
    I want to get a job as a service desk engineer or any other job relevant to it in USA or UK, is there any way?
    3 Money 10
  203. USA motels
    In the Usa I have been to several 1000 motels why are they owned by non americans?My previous post was deleted,so I am trying to ask this question in a round about way?
    4 Travel 20
  204. Is the USA the only place where marijuana is illegal?
    I know in a couple of states it's legal. I just want to know, is it legal everywhere else? Other countries, states, regions, etc...
    12 Politics 22
  205. First trip to gyno and i m scared even though I'm almost 19?
    If I am 18 almost 19 and haven't seen a gynecologist yet should I?
    2 Health 54
  206. Fantansy trip
    Anyone think japan would be a good place to go for a few years, to embrace the culture ? Iif not, who has some place better ?
    2 Travel 15
  207. call to USA
    I want to make call to americaa with my phone housee what code should I usee so I can call there? there's some special code rite? what it iss? thnkss for answeringg
    3 Technology 22
  208. Do you think that "Al-Qaeda" can still be harmful for USA and other countries after death of Osama Bin Ladin?
    Tell me about your own opinion.
    16 Politics 15
  209. scolarship required that you have your USA Citizenship?
    the requirements of a scolarship required that you have your United States Citizenship.Does that mean you must be a citizen or you can also be a permanent resident ? or does it mean you can only be a citizen of the U.S.A ?
    2 Education 14
  210. How to save up for this road trip?
    Ok so the deal is I want to go to Minnesota then Ontario Canada for a vacation and my job search isn't going too well. If I take car it's over 5000 but if I take bus it's a lil over 1000. I'm trying to get at least 1000 by the end of June. Any ideas fo...
    3 Travel 16
  211. if someone jumped off a 5 storey building would they survive?
    My cousin was just wondering, if someone jumped off a 5 storey building and landed in a hedge would they survive? I know it's a weird question haha What do you think?
    11 General 22
  212. Horses on road
    This is a really random question, but if you are riding your horse down a road with traffic lights.. And the light goes red.. Do you have to stop your horse and wait for it to go green? X
    7 Pets 23
  213. What's the chance of survival?
    ( myelodysplastic syndrome ) pre-leukemia. What is the chance of survival when you have this? Please get back to me asap. I would really like to know. My friend has it.
    4 Health 69
  214. New movies in the USA?
    OK, So, I live in Britain and generally, new release movies are shown in the USA before they are shown over here. So what are the good ones to look out for from the last few weeks and what are the ones to miss? Kiasu
    4 Entertainment 21
  215. Why -is the usa in economic crisis?
    Okay I have to write a research paper for school about the usa economic crisis were going through but I really dont get how it started and all so can you please help thankyou =]
    13 Politics 43
  216. Can you go off alone with someone while on a school trip?
    if you go like on a school trip like camping or foreighn exchange and ure allowed too go around on your own could you like go on a date with someone like to a bar or to the beach
    2 Relationships 9
  217. Can this marriage survive?
    I love my husband but love him more as a friend, we have been together a total of 13 years married 3 years out of the 13 years and have 3 children, I don’t want to have sex with him because I am not physically attracted to him. Can this marriage sur...
    2 Sex 15
  218. Song from surviving the last frontier advert?
    whats the name of the song used in the Alaska: Surviving the last frontier advert?? It kinda sounds like Stained to me, but I dunno.. thanks! =)
    3 Music 110
  219. How to survive sex ed?
    How can I survive sex-ed. Its only 2 girls in my class, me and this girl named lindsay. If shes absent I gotta talk about it with the teacher alone!!~! Creepy!!! What do I do?
    2 Sex 73
  220. How much would a trip to the UK cost?
    How much would a trip to Ireland cost? I wouldn't need to pay for a hotel room because I know people over there willing to let me stay at theirs.
    5 Travel 46
  221. How will I survive college?
    I'm in high school now. I go to college in two years. High school is soooo hard for me. I'm passing but its soooo hard. I don't understand. If high school is hard for me, college is going to be harder!! How will I pass college if I think high school is...
    6 Education 23
  222. I need to go on a trip with my husband where should we go
    kings island or florida but we have there a bout 19 time s and kings island only once so help out besides we are not in very good shape me and my husband arent
    3 Travel 42
  223. Can somebody get a visa to come to usa if he has cancer or not?
    do you know if somebody can get a visa to come to united states for having cancer or that is not possible if you know tell me please, because i have a friend and he asked me this so if you know tell me please thank you.
    3 Politics 34
  224. how much is this trip goona cost me
    I wanted to leave to a different state for a while but I want to know how much would it cost and is it a good idead to leave where you live if there is a lot of crime?
    2 Travel 22
  225. Could a person survive on Ensure or Boost and nothing else?
    Could a person survive on an all liquid diet of meal replacement drinks like Ensure or Boost, that are full of protein and nutrients, for life?
    16 Nutritionfitness 124
  226. College in usa
    I want to go collage in usa.. So, the question is, em What test should I take other then sat or toefel? And, which college should I go? I mean the nice college in us, and which state should I stay?
    6 Education 30
  227. How do I stop tripping on my jump rope?
    I don't know what the problem is, but every time I use my jump rope I ALWAYS trip. Every time. Am I using the wrong kind of rope? Or is it too long or short? Am I just uncordinated? Any insight is great here.
    5 Nutritionfitness 588
  228. How To Conduct Roof Inspection | Step By Step Guide
    A roof inspection is an important task for every single homeowner. It helps to save the roof from future damage. Here you will get step by step guide on how to conduct roof inspection like a professional.
    11 Homegarden 86
  229. Will my chiihuahua survive the surgery
    I'm worried about getting my chihuahua fixed because it will be so small. I'm not even sure on wether to get a male or female yet. I wonna know will it survive?
    5 Pets 47
  230. Trip planning,,
    ii was thinkiing about planning a trip to Cancun Mexico with my 2 bestfriends,, Anyone have any tips on hotels...Ect. Also on how much money I should plan to save..
    2 Travel 28
  231. How do I survive in prison?
    Im 19 and weigh 121. Im on my way to prison for violating a part of my terms of my bail. what should I do or what can I do to survive without injury and getting raped. Please help me out.
    7 General 75
  232. how much does a ticket to south africa from the usa cost?
    round trip for 2 people in frist class? I've seen them for thousands of dollars. Is there a cheaper way to buy round trip tickets?
    4 Travel 48
  233. Should I go to People To People Trip To Australia?
    I got this letter to go to australia and It is a a middle school thing, should I go? A lot of my friends are planning to go, How much would it cost? Is it worth it?
    2 Travel 34
  234. Where did the phrase why did the chicken cross the road originate from?
    Everyone is always trying to answer the question, but who on earth brought it up in the first place and why did they bring it up? Just to frustrate everyone?
    6 General 41
  235. Which USA gymnasts do you think will make it to the 2011 olympics?
    Honestly, I haven't been paying as much attention as I would like to in gymnastics and I would really like to know who you think is going to make it
    3 Sports 23
  236. Does Miami Dade county have the highest crime rate in the USA at present?
    If it related to the countless number of gun shops I see or something else?
    6 Politics 10
  237. bad trips smoking weed
    has any 1 hart got super hot from somking weed and then your arms and legs go numb and you start shaking
    9 Health 126
  238. What mail does USA charge customs/duties on?
    If I ordered perfume from let's say China on Ebay, would the U.S charge customs on that? And how much would they be? Also what else do they charge customs on?
    2 Shopping 16
  239. What should I pack for my Washington D.C. trip tomorrow?
    So far I have my phone, iPod, umbrella, money, snacks for the ride, and a camera. So far that's all. Do I need anything else?
    7 Travel 28
  240. who My step dad came into my room last night and grabbed my boobs and touched my vagina he is 43 and im 14 my mom is on a business trip what should i do?
    5 Health 201
  241. Comprehensive Guide to Work with a Web Designer for Developing a Successful Website
    The following tips will ensure that you have a healthy and profitable business relationship with your web designer and translate it to a successful website.
    6 Technology 105
  242. Do you think even the worst product can survive with good marketing?
    I mean most people know that fast food is bad, but everybody eat it anyway. What do you think?
    4 Money 21
  243. How can i get myself to stop tripping so much for no reason.?
    For the past two months Mi & my boyfriend have been argueing so much. Cause i either trip over nothing & it leads to something huge!. helppp
    7 Relationships 37
  244. Should I make a trip to see him?
    okay so I've been tlkin to this guy but he lives so far away. I really feel there cud be sumthin between us. shuld I make a trip out to see him? help please!
    3 Relationships 17
  245. Survival walk to michigan
    Okeyy im planning to walk from north carolina to michigan to see my friend... Completely by foot... No car riding... Any clue on what supplys I should bring with me?
    4 Travel 29
  246. Vietnam what made it important to the USA during the 1960s
    Well what was the stragic and resource importance of vietnam? Since the withdrawal has the US suffered any significant loss do to the inability to controll the Vietnam conflict? what made vietnam important?
    3 Politics 15
  247. How would I address a letter that is leaving the USA?
    I Know Its Normaly Name Street Address, City 5 Digit Zip Code But What Else If Its Going Overseas?
    3 General 12
  248. When you're on a holiday trip...
    do you prefer staying in luxury (ie 5-star hotels) or simple accomodation (inns, motels, backpacker hostels etc)?
    2 Travel 15
  249. What do you think of criminals doing billing for toll roads?
    I heard this morning on the news that they are not only making you pay to drive on the roads you paid for, now they are going to give the money to criminals who are in incarcerated taking jobs from Americans.
    10 Politics 16
  250. How much does it cost to go on People to People Student Ambassador trips?
    I just got a letter today telling me I was invited to be a Student Ambassador and that I will be going on a trip around Europe. I was wonder how much it may cost to go and any other additional information you may know about this.
    4 Education 14