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  1. How to masturbate quickly?
    how to quickly masterbate quickly
    3 Sex 226
  2. How do I get strong quickly?
    How do I get strong quickly?
    4 Nutritionfitness 19
  3. How do you lose weight quickly?
    How can you lose weights quickly
    4 Politics 38
  4. how can i get muscular quickly?
    2 Nutritionfitness 37
  5. Personal loan quick
    How to get a quick personal loan? Quick
    3 Money 31
  6. How can I grow boobs quickly?
    How can I grow boobs quickly??help!!!
    3 Style 352
  7. how can I get an orgasm quickly from masterbation?
    how can I get an orgasm quickly...
    3 Sex 187
  8. Money how to make quick cash
    How to make quick cash
    6 Money 28
  9. Losing weight quickly
    How can I loose weight quickly?
    3 Nutritionfitness 39
  10. do u run 100m and if u do how quick can u do it???
    32 Sports 41
  11. What's a quick cure for a blocked nose?
    5 Health 39
  12. How can you quickly gain more followers on Tumblr?
    3 Technology 15
  13. How can I get my rat to connect with me quickly?
    10 Pets 21
  14. What are some ways to whiten teeth quickly?
    4 Style 30
  15. How can I get a ghetto booty quickly?
    8 Nutritionfitness 83
  16. How can I get over the stomach flu quickly?
    9 Health 50
  17. What is your favourite and quick breakfast meal?
    13 Food 18
  18. Whats a quick way to earn money?
    Whats a quick way to earn money?
    6 Money 21
  19. any quick and tasty recipe?
    any quick and tasty recipe? like spicy
    2 Food 14
  20. Making quick money in Tucson, Arizona?
    how can I make quick money in tucson arizona?
    3 Money 182
  21. Why do some guys fall so deep for girls so quick
    Why do some guys fall so deep for girls so quick ???
    3 Relationships 33
  22. What are good, quick methods to grow your hair out?
    6 Style 40
  23. How to make quick money?
    how to make money maybe internet
    2 Money 62
  24. What are some quick (and legal) ways to earn money?
    5 Money 38
  25. What are some foods that fill you up quick and keep you full?
    14 Food 15
  26. What are some good quick scoping techniques for MW2?
    2 Gaming 7
  27. how can i learn maths quickly?
    7 Education 21
  28. How do I get Manic Panic out of my hair quickly?
    8 Style 138
  29. Why am I likely to use the restroom when I eat quickly?
    2 Health 19
  30. How can i get my scorpion cheering position quickly?
    2 Sports 40
  31. How can you calm yourself quickly when you're really nervous?
    7 Health 39
  32. How to lose weight quickly?
    How can I lose weight quickly without damaging my health?
    4 Health 45
  33. Making hair grow fast and quick?
    how can you make your hair grow realy fast realy quick
    6 Style 34
  34. What is a quick way to lose weight?
    whats a quick way to loose weight?
    4 Nutritionfitness 28
  35. How to lose weight quickly?
    Whats a quick & fast way of losing weight ?
    2 Nutritionfitness 34
  36. How can I improve in Soccer quickly??? so i can make the Varsity Soccer team
    4 Sports 14
  37. How can I make my boobs bigger quick?
    how to make your boobs grow bigger quicker
    4 Health 358
  38. Lose Weight in a Quick amount of Time?
    How can I lose weight... Fast!!
    5 Nutritionfitness 39
  39. Quick health question
    What is the differenve between crunches and a sit up?
    2 Nutritionfitness 17
  40. How can you quickly de-charge a static jumper?
    2 Style 11
  41. How can I make money quick without getting a job?
    25 Money 40
  42. What's a quick summary of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami?
    2 Environment 10
  43. What are some quick and simple desserts or dessert drinks that involve coffee?
    8 Food 30
  44. Does any1 kno how i can make a quick fifty bucks?
    5 Money 21
  45. how can I earn quick cash
    I need to earn quick cash because im going shopping but how ?:)
    3 Money 36
  46. Anybody know of a quick way to lose 15 pounds?
    Anybody know of a quick way to lose 15 pounds?
    3 Nutritionfitness 34
  47. How too lose weigt really quick
    How too lose weigt really quick without surgery or pills!
    4 Nutritionfitness 53
  48. How to quickly lose a tiny bit of weight?
    Does Anyone know how to lose a tiny bit of weight. But lose it quick
    9 Nutritionfitness 34
  49. Quick and easy recipe using potatoes.
    Can anyone give me a quick and easy recipe using potatoes.
    5 Food 12
    Whats a good scene name for Megan?
    7 General 29
  51. I need a cool name and quick!!
    I need a name that no celeb has pleez help
    4 Entertainment 17
  52. Where is a good place to go for a quick lunch?
    About 30 minute lunch.
    7 Nutritionfitness 43
  53. Getting a job quick!
    How can I get a job on a spot when I finsh high school?
    2 Money 16
  54. how to lose weight quick
    how to lose about 20 pounds in a weight? or maybe 10?
    4 Nutritionfitness 22
  55. How can dry my hair really quickly without a blow dryer?
    12 Style 19
  56. What is a quick easy way to learn German ,with out speading a fortone?
    16 Music 13
  57. How do I get money quick?
    I am 11 and my mom has stop soupporting me with money what should I do.
    6 Money 17
  58. How to memorize quickly and efficiently ?
    I have lots of biology lessons and I have to memorize them , in a wek or so ,. So how can I do it ,, ?
    2 Education 64
  59. What's the best way to lose about 15 pounds quickly and healthy?
    5 Nutritionfitness 28
  60. loose weight quickly
    Does anyone know how I can loose weight and get a flab stomach quickly.
    3 Nutritionfitness 46
  61. How can I get money quick without working?
    How can I get money quick without working or having a job at the age of 14?
    2 Money 67
  62. $2500 auto loan with horrible credit
    Any ideas where to get an auto loan for $2500 when you have terrible credit.
    3 Money 101
  63. Quick ways to make money?
    Does anyone know some quick ways to make money? I really need to know
    19 Money 202
  64. What are some simple and quick dinner ideas that you can make using very basic ingredients ?
    4 Food 23
  65. How can I achieve Extreme weight loss quick?
    It doesnt have to be healthy... just FASTTTT.
    4 Nutritionfitness 55
  66. What's a quick way to get rid of razorburn? Much needed help!
    5 Style 118
  67. who know math really good...i need help quick...i need a math teacher.who can help me?
    11 Education 22
  68. How do I reduce the redness in spots quickly?
    Ive got a party tonight :S
    8 Style 19
  69. What's wrong with my dog he's taking quick and short breaths and he's shaking?
    5 Pets 99
  70. What is a quick way to whiten teeth?
    hey, I need I quick way to whiten my teeth, beside teeth strips... I need a cheap way
    14 Style 53
  71. How to make Play Doh dry super quick?
    how do I make playdoh dry super quick??? PLEASE HELP!!!
    4 General 1473
  72. Losing weight quickly?
    any advice on how to loose weight quickly and nt overli dangerous??
    3 Nutritionfitness 15
  73. How can I lose 10 pounds quick?
    does anyone know? I want to lose at least 10 pounds and quick any advice?
    7 Nutritionfitness 65
  74. Is there a quick way to get rid of hair follicles/black dot pores from legs?
    3 Style 32
  75. Baby elephant names- QUICK
    what are some good names for a new born female elephant? FAST
    11 Babies 46
  76. What is the best thing to put on your skin for a relatively quick, really good tan ?
    6 Style 59
  77. Why does my Nokia 5230 battery heat up so quick?
    The Touchscreen one, not the normal keypad.
    3 Technology 40
  78. how do I lose weight quickly
    I need to lose weight fast before my schools talent show. Help!!
    7 Nutritionfitness 10
  79. How can you get rid of acne scabs quick?
    (i know kinda gross) haha
    3 Style 77
  80. what---Guitar hero/rock band help quick!?
    they are both wii but is the guitar from guitar hero compatable with the rock band?
    2 Gaming 16
  81. Study and memorize quick.
    Well I forgot about my test. and I need to memorize and study chap. 9 and 10 how can I do this quickly
    6 Education 33
  82. How to get pregnant quick?
    I want to have a baby with my partner, we have tried but nothing happened help how can you get pregnant quick?
    12 Health 122
  83. How to lose weight quickly?
    I am 5'3-5'4ish and I am 115 how do I lose weight QUICKLY!!! im a girl
    6 Nutritionfitness 35
  84. Cum's too quickly.
    Would you say a girls to something good or bad when a guy cums to quickly during sex ?
    3 Sex 146
  85. quick diet
    what is a diet that you can quickly loose weight asap??? isn't there like a green tea diet? or ones like it?
    3 Nutritionfitness 27
  86. how do you get small thighs quick
    I have bigg thighs becoz of my gymnastics so how do I gett them smaller and really quick ???
    2 Nutritionfitness 55
  87. how can I make some quick cash seriously?
    Does any one have any good ways to make a quick buck without a job?
    4 Money 38
  88. how to get rid of razor burn quickly?
    does anyone know how to get rid of razor burn quickly? (it was a dull razor incident haha)
    2 Style 304
  89. How can I make some money quickly?
    Looking for ideas to quickly supplement my income easily, legally and morally.
    3 Sex 38
  90. Is there a way to make my hair grow really quickly besides mane and tail shampoo?
    7 Style 30
  91. what is a diet pill that will make me use a lot of weight quick ? and is kinda low in price
    8 Nutritionfitness 14
  92. What do I do if my iPod battery dies quickly?
    the battery dies quickly and i did what people say when they said to get rid of all the multitasking stuff but it still dies quickly
    10 Technology 8
  93. How to lose weight quickly?
    does anyone know how to lose 10 lbs + in a short period of time??
    2 Nutritionfitness 21
  94. Quick its my horse
    my horse is outside right now, dying.he wont get up off the ground and we are trying to get him up??? what can we do to save him
    4 Pets 37
  95. What are some of the best and extremely quick ways to get rid of head lice?
    And, can they live on animals?
    3 Health 35
  96. Does anyone have any tips for for quick and efficent packing?
    (We are moving to a new home at the end of the month)
    4 Homegarden 13
  97. How can I make my boyfriend cum quick?
    How can I make my boyfriend cum quick instead of taking ages 2 cum? any ideass?? thanks x
    4 Relationships 119
  98. How can I keep a good friendship without getting so attached to the person so quickly and annoying them a lot?
    12 Relationships 43
  99. Are Microsoft Quick Books and First Aid plus CPR good to put on a resume?
    2 Money 33
  100. What is a quick way to relieve constipation?
    What is a quick way to relieve constipation? I obviously dont agree with mac donalds haha :p
    4 Health 71
  101. How can I get pregnant quick???
    My fiance' and me want a child so bad we have been trying for 2 years! what can I do???
    3 Health 17
  102. Can you get pregnant after a quick pull?
    If you aren't wearing protection and you don't cum in a girl, can she still get pregnant??
    5 Relationships 37
  103. Quick tips on how to learn german language
    Quick tips on how to learn german language in an easy steps that I would remember fast..thanx!
    3 Education 27
  104. why do doctors say if u lose weight quickly you will gain it back ,, and what do they exactly mean?
    4 Nutritionfitness 41
  105. good low cal diets for quick weightloss?
    Who knows any good low cal diets for quick weightloss? Maybe ones that last for a week? Thanks
    2 Nutritionfitness 11
  106. whats the quickes way to make money ??
    Ok me and my band need to make money whats the quickes way !! please Give me some Good Ideas
    2 Money 39
  107. I need to lose some weight QUICK before I go see him
    I am supposed to go see my old high school love. I need to lose some weight QUICK before I go see him. How can I lose some weight ASAP?
    3 Nutritionfitness 25
  108. Anyone know a quick and easy way to become a size 0?
    hey does anyone know a quick and easy way to become a size 0? please I need help
    7 Nutritionfitness 103
  109. How long does it take to get REALLY quick at touch typing?
    How long does it take to get REALLY quick at touch typing? Eg. hours, days, weeks, months???
    5 Technology 111
  110. Quick ways to get money?
    How can I get quick money without doin any thing illegal well atleast not getting caught lolz???
    3 Money 55
  111. What are the differences between them? I need a quick answer!!?
    What are the differences between the selectivly permeable and the fully permeable cell mebrane diffusion??? I need a quick answer please!! Thanks!!
    2 Education 18
  112. how do i establish credit quickly?
    I cant get a car loan, department store card, etc.
    2 Money 14
  113. What can I make with pork chops quickly?
    I've got a lot to do tommarow and don't knwo what to make for supper D:
    5 Food 22
  114. What's quick food to make?
    any one got a quick food mix thats good and is easy to make becuase I am so freaking HUNGRY right now!
    4 Food 7
  115. Styling my hair quick and easy
    Ok so my hair is wavy and I was wondering if anybody knows how I should style it. Like a really quick and easy way to style it. Does anybody have any ideas?
    2 Style 51
  116. Who knows if its good that a guy ejaculates quickly?
    If a guy ejaculates quickly is that a bad or good thing? Im curious because my friend wants to know. ASAP thank you.
    3 Relationships 42
  117. Why does chemical weathering occur more quickly in a hot climate?
    Why does chemical weathering occur more quickly in a hot climate? Can anoybody help me out here im trying to do my homework and I can find it anywhere!
    5 Science 1100
  118. How do I lose 5lbs quickly?
    I really want to know if anyone could give me some good advice on losing 5 pounds quickly?
    2 Nutritionfitness 26
  119. Stretch marks quick and easy ways to get rid them?
    I recently lost weight and am trying to get rid of imbarassing stretchmarks. What are quick and easy ways to get rid of them?
    3 Style 25
  120. quick zit relief
    anyone know any quick tricks to help clear any zits. school is coming for me and I dont want to have any! any tips?
    5 Style 43
  121. How do you get rid of a corn on the bottom of your foot quickly?
    I've had it for over a month, it's really hurting and really affecting my walking.
    4 Health 31
  122. How do I get rid of the nasty crap in my nose quickly and effectively?
    I hate blowing my nose and that's the only part of my cold that's left.
    11 Health 71
  123. How do I lose ten pounds quickly?
    And without starving myself? I want to lose say abou ten pounds in three weeks? Thanks.
    2 Nutritionfitness 25
  124. How do i lose ten pounds really quick? I don't weigh too much but i wanna tone it up a bit for summer. Any tips?
    3 Nutritionfitness 22
  125. quick fix to make the huge pimple crater go away?
    I know, I know you shouldn't pick at pimples...but I did. So now I have a major event coming there any quick fix to make the huge crater go away??
    2 Style 41
  126. Why do you think Monday comes so quickly?
    Why do you think Monday comes so quickly? It seems like it takes forever for the weekend to arrive, but Monday jumps out at you before you even have time to relax! Why do you think this is?
    4 Entertainment 12
  127. Getting quick money
    I really need money so I can get out of where I am ... does anyone know any quick ways other than choress bc they wont give me money for that!!! I neeeddd helllppp!
    4 Money 18
  128. What are quick ways to lose weight from home?
    anyone know any good tricks to losing weight fast by doing things from home and not going to a gym?
    2 Nutritionfitness 43
  129. How do I cum quick?
    I am male and was wondering what is the quickest way to cum when having intercourse, because sometimes I dont cum inside my girlfriend and we will masterbate each other untill we cum?
    3 Sex 392
  130. Any possible way to lose 100lbs quick?
    im tired of this bull I want to lose 100 lbs by the end of this year..but how?
    6 Nutritionfitness 20
  131. How to clear pimples quick?
    please help me beacuse im breaking out a lot lately? tell me how you may have cleared your acne?
    4 Style 11
  132. how can I not be bored very quickly?
    I have notin to do and my mom will not take to get a video game. why does this thing not shut up when I try to just type something.
    2 Babies 31
  133. Who can suggest me but make it quick?
    Ya I want to buy a cheap but excellent gift for my brother would anyone please suggest me
    3 Relationships 19
  134. How is Christianity able to spread so quickly among the people in Umuofia in the book "Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe?
    4 Religion 21
  135. What's a quick but healthy way to lose a little weight?
    What is the quickest, healthiest way to lose 5 to 10 pounds for a special event?
    2 Nutritionfitness 23
  136. quick help! Plzz
    well my boyfriend wants me to give him a hickey but I have no clue how can anybody help me out on this pllzzz, thank u =]
    3 Relationships 75
  137. How do I get rid of my spots quickly?
    I have really bad spots on my face I've tried the old toothpaste trick but it seems to make them worse! How do I get rid of my spots quickly?
    3 Style 16
  138. Make money quick without parents knowing?
    Do I have to ask again? How do I make money quick without my parents knowing??? Please don't ssay the usual stuff lllik.e dog walk... My parents would know then
    9 Money 1699
  139. How can I get over a cold quickly?
    I have a cold and I don't want my son catching it. And it's hard to take care of him when I feel like crap. Help please!
    4 Health 28
  140. What reduces blister pain quickly and efficiently?
    It's on my little toe, oh my goodness. It is sore. Plasters wont help! They wont work! What do?!
    2 Health 22
  141. What is a quick way to gain 5lbs ?
    So im like 5 pounds under weight, and I was just wondering.. what's a fast way to gain 5lbs ? thaanks. x
    5 Nutritionfitness 42
  142. Where can i find piano sheet music of lady gaga's song bad romance !!!!!? must be free and no quick!!
    7 Technology 36
  143. What are someways to make quick cash?
    I need money but I don't got a job and my parents won't give me any... So I need a way to generate some money!! Got ideas?
    6 Money 15
  144. How can I make quick hairstyles in the morning?
    Everymorning a have different hair .1 time wavy 1 time curly and I don`t know what to do with that. Pls help.
    2 Style 47
  145. How can I make lots of money quick?
    I'm saving for a guitar, and I need to get $100 fast. How do I make $100 dollars fast? P.S. I'm only 14
    7 Money 36
  146. Why is it that people are quick to judge lesbians but dont see any thing wrong with 12 or 13 year olds getting pregnant..??
    36 General 70
  147. Omg help quick cat just given birth
    Omg my cat just given bith under my bed, it was crying and it popped iout now she crying agen !! Wot do I doo. !!
    5 Pets 20
  148. Darvocet...need to know quick
    I took a half of a darvocet and 6 days later was urine drug tested...will it show up in drug test..
    2 Health 22
  149. How do I gain muscle quick?
    so I've been trying to gain more muscle and nothing seems to work I need some advice on how I should go about doing this. Like tips and stuff
    2 Nutritionfitness 14
  150. I need some quick easy hairsyles for school
    What something I can quickly do for school??? I have no more then 5min to do my hair usally. I have medium length hair, thick, frizzy, and no bangs. Plzzz I need more then a ponytail!!!
    2 Style 17
  151. How to get rid of bruises quickly?
    I had a fight with my boyfriend and I have some dark bruises on my face. Make up isnt covering it and I want to know if there is a way to get rid of bruises quickly? Or a better way to hide them?
    8 Style 101
  152. How do I get wet quick?
    I need help getting wet quick. I love to masturbade, but humping my pillow and gyrating is getting old. I think I'm ready for some penatration. What should I use and how?
    4 Sex 239
  153. How to stop cuming quickly?
    Ok, I can last for hours in having sex as long as it is not the missionary position. However, the missionary position is my girlfriends favorite. So, how can I last longer in that position. Also, why is this the only position I cum quickly in.
    2 Sex 120
  154. How to loose a belly quick enoughh?
    I reaaaly wanna loose my belly..its not realy big buh it still makes mee kinda
    2 Nutritionfitness 42
  155. How to remove hair dye quickly?
    Please help me remove my hair dye semi-perminant I have very un attractive roots! Remedy or fix needed!
    6 Style 281
  156. How can I defrost frozen chicken breasts quickly?
    I have a completely frozen set of chicken breasts....Is there a fast way to thaw them out? They're already sitting in warm water.
    13 Food 79
  157. Quick way to wash a dog?
    whats a quik and easy way to wash a dog and make them smell real good within like 15 min.?
    3 Pets 26
  158. How can I get a Flat gut Quick?
    Guys Please Help me Out SUmmer is comingg. I wanna eating Ideas & tips & Stomach excises
    2 Nutritionfitness 44
  159. Make time pass quickly
    What is something I can do to make time pass quickly? I am sooo eager for school tomorrow and I just want to go to bed already. I have nothing to do but sit here on this damned computer!
    8 General 130
  160. What is a quick way to earn a lot of money?
    Im looking to buy a new phone and its quite expensive. Im 14 and my parents wont help me pay for it. How can i quickly earn money?
    6 Money 39
  161. Getting a good upstyle quickly?
    pleasee help me get a good "uop" hair style quickly, I gtg in a minuet--my hair is wet AND SUPER POOFY SO NO NARUAL SUGGESTIONS please!! (:
    6 Style 19
  162. How can I lose weight in a healthy way quick?
    I am going on holiday really soon and would like to lose weight in my bum and legs. Need a way of doing it quick and an easy method if possible?
    2 Nutritionfitness 9
  163. Does anybody know any quick solutions for sleeping?
    Ok I'm so over tired that I'm wide awake, but at the same time my body is exhausted, but my mind isn't because I'm so stressed out... Anybody got any quick solutions?
    6 General 7
  164. Any tricks to get rid of sunburn quickly
    okay, well today I was at the lake, I didnt think I was getting much sun, but then I got reddd. Any tricks to get rid of sunburn quickly? Its embarassing how red I am.
    6 Style 57
  165. Easy hairstyle for thick hair that you can do quickly?
    I have kinda long hair that is wavy and is really really thick. I need an easy hairstyle that I can do quickly. to make it actually look good it takes a long time. any help?
    4 Style 35
  166. What can I take to help me loose weight quick?
    I need to loose weight in 2 weeks quickly in like 2 weeks or less without eating and excersising. I have to loose a lot of weight like 20 lbs in 2 weeks. What can I take to make me loose that weight or what can I do to help me loose weight.
    2 Nutritionfitness 44
  167. Are there any quick ways to reduce a spot?
    Are there any quick ways to reduce a spot? I have one on my chin -_-'' It's really annoying me! Is there anything I can do to reduce the size quick? I know you can't get rid of it completely, but there must be some way to settle it down? Thanks in adv...
    2 Style 52
  168. What are some healthy breakfast ideas I can make quickly?
    Keep in mind, I am trying to eat in small portions. So, no more than 2 cups of food for breakfast. I have about 3 ideas for breakfast, but I just need a few more.
    16 Food 26
  169. How to lose weight very quickly?
    I just need to lose about 5-10 pounds in a couple of days for a doctor appointment I dont care to gain it back just need to lose it. Thnx
    7 Nutritionfitness 118
  170. What can i do with this can of yams thats quick and simple?
    I have a can of yams chris's mother sent home one day, were out of brown sugar...whats a good way to fix them?
    4 Food 11
  171. Quick condom question
    Does the "Trojan Non-Lubricated Condoms" Require lube? I mean I'm getting mixed reviews on these things... Any help?
    4 Health 39
  172. What's your opinion about Lindsay Lohan stealing a $2500 necklace from a jewelry store?
    I think Lindsay is too smart to steal a necklace Isn't she too dumb to steal a necklace despite being known as a celebrity
    21 Entertainment 14
  173. Help quick which game is better??
    Which game is better.. Guitar hero 3 world tour or legends of rock??? Help quick I'm thiking of getting one of them today but dunno which one to get??
    4 Gaming 6
  174. how to get rid of huge painful zit quickly!
    hey guys! so tomorrows the first day of school and I have this huge painful zit on my face. any ideas that work to clear acne QUICKLY? thanksss! :)
    2 Style 56
  175. Why gets very soft so quick after I come?
    Well, as title says, my penis gets very soft so quickly when I come so I cant keep going and have to wait a bit till I get hard again.. Is that bad or just normal?
    2 Relationships 14
  176. Why do I keep getting these sharp quick pains?
    every once in awhile I get this sharp pain under my left breast. It's a quick short pain that hurts for a few seconds and then it's gone. Is this normal? My friend has the same pain in the exact area as well
    17 Health 22
  177. Whats a quick snack I cud makee
    ??? A quick nice snack without using the stovee( im too lazy) But using the microwavee is okayy. Something good thoughhh. Chankss ;d
    5 Food 43
  178. People Judge Me Too Quickly
    People judge me too quickly because of some things written about me in my past. What is a good way to show people I am a good person? Its really bothering me that im never given a chance. Luka Magnotta
    3 Relationships 47
  179. How to quickly heal pulled muscles?
    I have pulld or torn muslces in my inner thigh from dance, but i cant stop dancing due to pratice and tryouts...anyway to heal them fast??
    2 Health 67
  180. whats your secret to loosing quick weight?
    I have been trying to loose weight since last year. im not seeing improvements. I really need good advice. if you have a secret to loosing weight, can you share it with me?
    6 Nutritionfitness 17
  181. Need a song quick !!
    Sooo , im leaving soonnies ,(school) and I really need some good lyrics or songs,quotes etc poems , anyone knoiw any xx
    2 Music 21
  182. What is a quick way to make $200?
    I am 13 years old and have no job, am semi-talanted, have a youtube account, and have junk to sell to total about $60.
    3 Money 33
  183. help quick status
    I need to know fast I'm talking to dis girl right now right now..and how kan I get her too like me like me???what would be some stufff too say
    2 Relationships 5
  184. Quick survey - what is the min/max you'd date?
    Quick survey What is your min and max age ranges of people you would go out with? Simply state your age, and the minimum age you would have as a partner. And most of all, be honest! ... Please... Lol
    5 General 16
  185. advice quick??? help fast
    I just meet a girl on line last night ,she sounds really cool how long should we wate befor I give her my number or ask to meet in person help quick???
    9 Relationships 24
  186. Is there any quick way to relieve paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia?
    I inherited it from my father who has a different type of abnormal heart rhythm (Arrhythmia) and would like to find a quick remedy please.
    2 Health 36
  187. How can I lose weight easily & quickly?
    Okay so im 13 & im really tall. Im about 5'5 & I HATE being tall. Im not fat either. I weigh 97 pounds. Im scared thats over weight. How can I loose weight easily & quickly?
    5 Nutritionfitness 30
  188. How quickly can I lose half a stone?
    hi! I need to know how quickly I can lose half a stone...and what is underweight for a 15 year old girl around 5ft 1 thankyou. please replie asap! =]
    2 Nutritionfitness 390
  189. How do I make money quick?
    I need to make 20 dollars by tomorrow. How should I do it? I don't have any skills or a lawn mower to mow peoples yard. I don't have any family to borrow money from. What the hell should I do? Help, fast!
    6 Money 15
  190. What kinds of ways are there to straighten your hair quick?
    I want to be able to straighten my hair in less than 20 minutes in the morning. Is there any types of methods that work good? And yes, I have a very good straightening iron. xD
    6 Style 16
  191. I realii need bigger boobs quick!
    im going 2 my boyfriend haloween party and im wearin a boob chube dress and I want my boobs to bigger so that I look better in the dress help???
    3 Style 85
  192. Why does my leg hair grow back so quickly?
    It grows back literally half a day after I remove the hair! How do I keep them hairless for longer? I've tried shaving, waxing, epilator ect...!!!
    4 Style 129
  193. How do I get faketan off my hands really quickly?
    They're so orange and I've definitely learnt from my mistake! But I really need it off by tomorrow! Oh and I used the wipes. Pleaseeee help!
    13 Style 28
  194. Get rich quick (WoW)
    I'm level 52 in WoW and I need to make a lot of money so that I can buy my epic mount when I reach 60. Does anyone know any good get rich quick schemes?
    4 Gaming 48
  195. How can I lose weight quickly?
    how can I lose weight quickly? I exercise and try to eat right, but nothing seems to work! I dont care if I need to throw up or just stop eating, but I need to lose weight fast! pleeze help me, I hate being fat! :-(
    5 Nutritionfitness 42
  196. Why do I ejaculate so quickly during m*sturbation?
    I need some help, why do I ejaculate so quickly while masturb*ting? is it normal? would it be the same while making love or it would be different? it will take time longer, because I ejaculate in about 2 to 3 minutes, please help help,
    2 Sex 328
  197. how can I save money quickly??
    this mobile that I've been waiting 4 is now in stores and I really want it,and there's this sony camera that am dying 2 have I have no money and my parents won't buy them 4 me.. what shall I do,how can I save money quickly?? thnks..
    2 Money 12
  198. please need help quick emergency contraception help needed
    I really need the morning after pill! does anyone know how you can get it and how much it costs at the planned parenthood at sunnyvale,ca?? I need help ASAP!!
    5 Health 15
  199. what homemade mixture can i put on my hair to make it grow quickly?
    I now have a pixie because my brother cut my hair when i was sleeping. My mom said i can fix it in whatever way i want. I think this is easiest.
    4 Style 33
  200. How can I get my hair to grow long quick
    How can I get my hair to grow quick bc I like really need it to grow atleat two to three inches by the next 3 weeks... What can I do any ideas please help? Thanx a lot
    6 Style 76
  201. How can I quickly get rid of my acne.
    I have really bad acne on my forehead and chin. I wash my face in the morning and night, use a mask every Friday night, use peroxide wipes, and exercise and eat healthy. How can I quickly get rid of my acne.
    6 Style 46
  202. How quickly can you get pregnant?
    I had sex this weekend and am not on the pill and didnt use protection, and I am supposed 2 be on today How quickly does it take for sperm to reach an egg, and even if you do come on, can there still be a chance of the egg being fertilised?
    4 Sex 46
  203. Help quick! Baking for a class and I need to know now!
    I am baking a cake type thing for a spanish class and it calls for beaten cream. what is that and how do I do it? is it like half and half or something? I mean its supposed to go on top of this cake thing. so I don't know what it is...
    3 Food 10
  204. Massive spot on my chin way of getting rid quick?
    Okya so im a singer I have a really big gig coming up on saturday this saturday. But I have a massive spot on my chin it covers up with make up and stuff but people will be asking for pictures with me and stuff and will see it. Any way of getting rid q...
    5 Style 78
  205. Any quick way to get rid of bags under the eyes?
    I just realized I have kind of a big thing tomorrow, and the past few nights I haven't been getting that much sleep. So are there any other quick ways to get rid of then by taking painkillers and going to sleep really early tonight?
    6 Style 47
  206. Whats a quick way to make money?
    I am a Ex exotic dancer and I dont wanna go back to it but a lot of bills have piled up and I am looking I only stopped working a wk ago so I need quick money..
    4 Money 35
  207. Would anyone be willing to take a quick test to see how well your short term memory is for my psychology class?
    If you are can you send me a message and i will tell you what to do. I really need more subjects x.x
    13 Health 15
  208. How can I get better quickly?
    How can I get better quickly? I have a horrible fever and a runny nose and a sore throat and I have thrown up twice in four hours, and I really want to go skiing because I only have a few more days up in the mountains. I have been taking advil/tylenol,...
    3 Health 43
  209. How can I lose weight really quick?
    I'm 14 years old, about 5'7 and 130lb. I am desperate to lose weight about 10lbs and have a flatter stomach. Does anyone have a quick solution like exercises, diets, food to avoid?
    10 Nutritionfitness 36
  210. Help quick?? My tv won't stay on what's wrong??
    We have a Rca big screen tv, my boyfriend and his friend were trying to hook up a antena and now our tv won't stay on.Everytime you turn it on it shuts off a minute later. What's wong ???
    5 Technology 54
  211. My boyfriend cums very quickly
    Hi, my boyfriend cums very quickly. I can see him getting frustrated and I know it is annoying for him. I've told him it's ok. Just recently though, we haven't had as much sex, I think he's trying to avoid it because of this problem. What can I do to...
    3 Sex 76
  212. Why is my cell phone battery dying quickly?
    I have the LG FUSIC and my battery has been dying quickly. Or a lot of the time it goes from 1 battery bar to 3, then to 2 then 1. Its making me sooo angry. I just wanna throw it away! Why is it doing that? And is there a way I can make it stop?
    4 Technology 210
  213. How can I gain weight as quickly as possible?
    Im 15 years and im really thin im 164 cm and I weight only 45 kg / 101 pounds Anybody have an idea of gaining weight as quickly as possible but without anything outside home... Help
    4 Nutritionfitness 22
  214. what are some really quick but cute hairstyles for school?
    I need some new haristyles for school. im sice of a ponytail and I hate my hair down. I have thick medium lenght hair, no bangs, and make sure theyre quick because I have no more then 5 minutes to do my hair in the morning!
    8 Style 56
  215. How do I lose weight Proper quickly ?
    Yeah im 14 , 5'2 , 115 pounds , anddd , I want to lose some weight quickly , but I dont want to get a funny matabalisum and but it starte back on again ? Sorry im kinda a bad speller =S
    2 Nutritionfitness 184
  216. I need to lose 20 lbs quick
    if posible im looking for advice from a person that know show I can do this please give me the best diet you know... I need to lose 20 lbs a.s.a.p. im willing to b dedicated I just need quick results to stay motivated ;)
    3 Nutritionfitness 63
  217. I need a job quick...
    Hey my name is mary and I dropped out of high school do to personal reasons...and I need a job to pay for school to get my high school deploma...I'm only 17 years old...where can I find a job??please help
    4 Money 57
  218. Why do I keep angry so quickly?
    Okay, I keep getting super annoyed when I'm around my family and they don't even do anything. I could just sit in the same room as them and I'm annoyed, someone in my family could look at me and I feel like yelling at them. Is that even normal??
    5 Health 31
  219. My digicam's rechargeable battery takes a day to recharge and quick
    Is there something wrong with my battery? First I have to recharge it for one or two days and when I use it my digicam beep and turns off! And then I recharge it for one hour and it works and it only last for one day or two!!! Before it last for one...
    4 Technology 36
  220. How can I tone my abs quickly and cheaply?
    How can I tone my abs on very little money and very little time? I'm 44yrs old, 5ft 2inchs, and I feel very flabby at 9 stone. I used to be 6st 3lb until I gave up smoking.
    2 Nutritionfitness 46
  221. Quick weight loss tips?
    I need to lose weight REALLY REALLY soon!!! I am 5' 3" and 104lbs and I want to be 95 in like 2 weeks. I cant be ana!!! Maybe mia. IDK! what do i do?!?!
    4 Nutritionfitness 50
  222. A quick question about my period
    My period started about 5 days ago. Well now it's acting like it's already done. Usually my periods last 7 days. Is it normal if it ends 2 days early? I do have irregular periods, so is that just part of it?
    3 Health 20
  223. How can I entertain myself and make work go by more quickly?
    I sell tickets to a go-cart track and we do stay pretty busy usually, but when we're not. I literally just sit play on my phone and stare at the wall.
    4 Entertainment 69
  224. quick bikini diet!!! help
    ok so im excersing and eating healthy but any reccomendations to get a bikini body in like 2 weeks? I need to focus on my lower stomach but I dont know how
    2 Nutritionfitness 22
  225. Quick meal ideas?
    In my house my parents don't have much time to cook big meals because of work, cleaning, and things like that. We are getting tired of eating the same quick meals all of the time and are looking for new things that are quick and easy to make. What do ...
    3 Food 15
  226. What is a quick, fun place I can go to in New York?
    Like a fun interesting museum that has like waxes of movie stars or like a ripley museum or somthing fun, and quick. And maybe like a petting zoo or wildlife park or zoo or something like that. just something quick and fun. around the Buffalo area or f...
    4 Travel 10
  227. In need of $2500
    I have bad credit. But, I have had the same steady job for the past 4 years and need money to pay some things off. I've had lots of medical bills in the last year and the need for a cheap car to get me to and from work. Any suggestions?
    2 Money 48
  228. Does anybody know a quick, tasty fudge recipe?
    My grandparents are coming over for afternoon tea, short on notice. Anyway, my grandpa absolutely loves fudge and I need a recipe that could be ready within 3 hours? :)
    8 Food 20
  229. How do you make spots/acne go away quickly?
    I have spots on my forehead, which I just noticed, they aint big they are really small but there are quite a few of them. My fringe covers them, but I want to clip back my fringe before school, only if my spots go away! Help, please. thanks
    2 Style 25
  230. Does anyone no any easy methods of losing weight quick and easy?
    Does anyone no any easy methods of losing weight quick and easy, im a bridesmaid at my older sisters wedding, just only yesderday we had a dress rehursal and have gained a few pounds now the zip wont do up , please help ! I dont care if the methods sou...
    3 Nutritionfitness 11
  231. What is a quick way for me to get my I.D.(prove my age)?
    Hey so I never got a drivers license or permit, long story, and my college I.D. doesn't have my birthday on it. I want to get MW3 the day it comes out but I have no proof of age. So any help?
    3 Politics 12
  232. I am 16 years old,and I need a job quick.
    can somebody help me found a job please,because I need to get into the working business before I go to college and be on my own,in about another year.also,I never worked before and I need some help to find me a job and if it can happen,I would do my be...
    5 Money 277
  233. Where can I get a loan for $2500 with bad credit?
    I am young and I have bad credit from bad decision I have made. I have a family emergency and I am trying to get a loan. I have a good job and I am able to pay 200 a month to pay it back. don't want high interest rates either.
    4 Money 165
  234. Why does my hair get greasy quickly :(?
    So for awhile now my hairs been rather annoying. I never used to wash it everyday but then I had to start washing it everyday because it got really greasy. Its so annoying and I dont know what to do; its so much effort to wash it everyday and it cant b...
    5 Style 54
  235. How to make breasts harder and bigger naturally and quickly?
    well, my breasts are VERY VERY LOOSE and also not so big. I want big and hard, stiff breasts. What exercises can help it (the exercises which I can do in my bathroom ..) please mention how long I should do these exercises? and also can this happen with...
    5 Style 268
  236. How do I get over the flu quickly?
    help I just got the flu and I want to know how to cure it I am taking advil every 6 hrs like the doc sed an di have ben drinkin liquids a lot but what else? please help
    7 Health 48
  237. how can I loose my virginity quick?
    im 15 and I want to know how can I loose my virginity quick cause im tired of masterbating and all my friends are doing it and when they ask me if im a virgin I deny it but is not really a bigg issue cause im focusing on basketball and school but I jus...
    6 Sex 119
  238. I need advice quick! Is it possible I am bipolar?
    I have been having mood swings for months now. I also feel like I have higher sex drive (I am ashamed of it) and I am more quick tempered than usual. The past month I have been depressed on and off. My mood swings aren't severe but I do notice them af...
    3 Sex 15
  239. How can I dry my hair super super quick?
    You no when you jump out of the shower, realise you have no time to air dry your hair (what I like to do) and have hardlly enough time to blow dry proply, normally what happens is I dry 1/2 or less of my hair, then it goes all fruzzy and gross and if I...
    3 Style 30
  240. What are quick and easy ways to get rid of a cold?
    Im am going on holiday for two weeks next week, i refuse to be on holiday and have a cold. I am already blowing my nose constantly and washing my hands but does anyone know of anything else i can do to get rid of it before next monday?
    5 Health 40
  241. ok, ummm quickly help me!
    Ok, So last night I decided to put off with my boyfriend and masterbate... and I grad the firt thing I could find... turns out that was a hair brush... today, my Vagina is really itchy... is it possible that I have and std?
    2 Sex 387
  242. A quick homemade halloween costume!!!
    I just got invited to go trick or treating this weekend with a bunch of people and I have noo time or money to buy a costume so whats somthing I can make that can look decent but if possible kinda hot looking?
    4 Style 58
  243. Quick ways to earn money?
    Ok... I am a 13 years old and I am unable tgo get a job... But I need $50 to fix my cell phone. Duz anyone know any ways to make money fast and easy??? Thx:)
    5 Money 50
  244. Answer This As Quickly as Possible Funadvicers
    When you are pregnant do you pass a lot of gas(farting) I never use to do it so much until I got knocked up. I'll be one month on monday coming. Plus if you are one month pregnant if you squeeze your tummy in can you feel something.Q
    3 Health 97
  245. Any Quick Ways to make Cash??
    I found a really nice Vehicle for sale and I need only a few hundred more to purchase it. Any Ideas on what I could do to Make Quick Easy Cash Fast?? I'm serious folks, I gotta get this Car before ANY ONE ELSE!!! Thanks for your Time and Help!
    2 Money 53
  246. What food to eat to gain weight quickly?
    Well I want to gain 12 -15 lbs quickly I eat everything and I drin a lot of milk,eat cheese and chips evrything and nothing there a pill I can take or a something I can drink... Reply asap pls Thank you...
    6 Nutritionfitness 65
  247. Why did my eyes get bad quickly?
    So I didn't really ever have a problem with my eyes but now for some reason when I read I get headaches and sometimes it's hard to see the board in school. and now I have to get reading and like school glasses. But I just wanted to know what can cause ...
    5 Health 351
  248. How can I finish this consequence from my teacher quickly?
    Ok..soo the teacher caught me copying my homework from my friend, so she wants me to write the rules 10 times as my punishment. Its like 1 page and a quarter 10 TIMES!!! ughh.. how cn I finish it reallyy fast???
    3 Education 24
  249. What can I do to stregthen my ankle quickly?
    So I broke my ankle awhile ago, and my cast came off about a month ago but my ankle still is not back to normal. It hurts when it is in the same position for a long time and the pain spreads to my knee. I have gained a bunch of weight since this breaka...
    4 Health 72
  250. Hard riddle How quickly can you find out what is unusual about this
    How quickly can you find out what is unusual about this paragraph? It looks so ordinary that you would think that nothing is wrong with it at all-- and, in fact, nothing is. But it is a bit odd. Why? If you study it and think about it, you may find out...
    12 General 72