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  1. What is a preppy girl?
    13 Style 95
  2. What is preppy?
    Ok so what does preppy mean??
    6 Style 40
  3. How can you dress preppy?
    How can you dress preppy? Or watever
    6 Style 36
  4. Is this a good outfit for a concert?
    10 Style 37
  5. Should I be punk or preppy?
    Punk or preppy? Im stuck between...
    23 Style 52
  6. Preppy style
    Is the preppy style coming back?
    8 Shopping 20
  7. What types of outfits are more formal than a tuxedo?
    what are some types of outfits that are more formal than a tuxedo?
    4 Style 132
  8. What's your favorite outfit to wear (describe)?
    9 Style 165
  9. How to get the Superman outfit?
    how do you get the superman aoutfit
    3 Gaming 46
  10. What are some "hipster" outfits to wear with leggings?
    4 Style 43
  11. What accessories could i wear with this outfit?
    5 Style 31
  12. Halloween outfits?
    Any good ideas for outfits ? :D
    2 Style 11
  13. Preppy and punk?
    Where can I get clothes that are a tie between preppy and punk?
    6 Style 28
  14. what would be a good outfit too dance merengue?
    2 Style 37
  15. What is your favourite fashionable outfit?
    !!?? Just wondering!!?? lol
    6 Style 15
  16. Should I curl my hair with this outfit or keep it straight?
    5 Style 30
  17. Emo,preppy, or punk/rocker chick?
    Which one should I be?
    18 Style 99
  18. What outfits go well with red lipstick?
    4 Style 15
  19. What is the best outfit for us girls to wear during the Summer?
    7 Style 20
  20. Why do people dress up for Halloween especially in scary outfits?
    17 Entertainment 71
  21. Halloween outfits
    Wots everyone dressing up as??x
    7 Style 39
  22. What's a good, preppy look for going back to school?
    10 Style 15
  23. Short and Preppy?
    Hey I am really short and want to be you think I have a shot
    10 Style 18
  24. What's your favourite outfit?
    Whats your favourite outfit?(including the color it fits best)
    3 Style 63
  25. Where can I get punk outfits?
    for a cheap price??
    4 Shopping 20
  26. what are some fashionable summer outfits for 14-16 year olds?
    4 Money 73
  27. Whats your favorite outfit?
    Girls, whats your favorite outfit? and guys, what type of outfit do you find most attractive or appealing on a girl?
    3 Style 75
  28. What kinds of outfits can I throw together with my cute, white skirt (it's dressy)?
    3 Style 27
  29. What outfit should I wear the first day of school?
    and how can I post a likn to the picture?
    3 Education 36
  30. Tennis outfit
    in high school tennis do you have to wear those short skorts/shorts at matches??
    3 Sports 24
  31. Where can I find a costume like Max's white wolf outfit from "Where the Wild Things Are"?
    5 Shopping 8
  32. Why do girls constantly worry about things that don't really matter (hair, makeup, outfit)?
    15 Style 49
  33. Is this a good outfit for a valentine dance?
    is wearing a mini skirt and areopastale good outfit 4 a valintine dance
    7 Style 45
  34. Best stores for preppy plus size clothes?
    Whats the best preppy stores for normal cute styles and for plus sizes?
    7 Shopping 78
  35. Why are punk guys into preppy girls?
    how come most "punkish" guys and so fourth are into all the preppy girls and not so much of punkish girls I dont get it..
    4 Relationships 123
  36. How can I describe this outfit in a story?
    I have no idea on how to specifically descibe her outfit in my story. Please help and no judging. is it a camisole or something???
    10 Literature 25
  37. What are all the accessories for an outfit?
    Name all the accessories for an outfit from head to toe for girls. Where can I get them? Besides Claires and Hot Topic.
    4 Shopping 24
  38. Baby Spice outfit
    How to dress as Baby Spice without wearing a dress for sure and maybe a skirt with tights?
    2 Style 63
  39. Crazy rave outfit
    how can I get a maximum afect out of cloths I have at home for a crazy rave outfit I only have til tomorrow help !!
    3 Shopping 61
  40. Hipy outfit?
    Tommorow is Hipy day at school. What should I wear that will make me look hipy? Please help
    3 Style 40
  41. where could I get some cute outfits for school
    that won't burn a hole in my pocket? Any style Ideas?
    4 Shopping 44
  42. What is an appropriate but fashionable outfit for a 14-year-old girl to wear to Sunday school?
    3 Style 41
  43. outfit for culmination
    what kind of jewlery & shoes would look nice with this dress? its for 8th grade culmination.
    3 Style 69
  44. What wud be a cute outfit to wear when a guy is coming over?
    So I bought these cute pantys makes me feel sexy lol but what be a cute outfit not to sexy but not to granny
    4 Sex 16
  45. Is this a good first day of school outfit?
    Is this a good first day of school outfit? I only wear pajama pants for pants, so im not shure that the shirt and pants match to good..
    4 Style 19
  46. Preppy clothes 4 girls?
    Were is the best store to buy clothes for my baby sister? Shes 11 and she is really in to like really preppy clothes
    4 Style 31
  47. Techno Rave Dance Party...and I need an outfit
    ok so my school is having a techno themed dance party... and I have no idwa what to wear. help?
    2 Style 80
  48. How do you turn a summer dress into a fall outfit?
    just bought an expensive summer dress that i wana beable to wear all year around. how can i do this?
    6 Style 14
  49. Advice on some new outfits?
    Hey I was just wondering if anyone had some advice on some new outfits. I'm bored with my current style and I'm lookiong for a change. Any suggestions are welcome.
    3 Style 23
  50. What is a good outfit to wear to a New Years party?
    I'm going to a New Years party, and I'm inviting a guy I like. What's a cute outfit to wear? And how should I fix my hair?
    2 Style 48
  51. Favorite outfit :)
    I want to see how different people are. :) Post a picture of your favorite outfit THAT YOU OWN on your answer to this question and where it's from. I love clothes and fashion! Thanks, :)!
    3 Shopping 51
  52. Where could I get sexy roleplay outfits?
    Besides Spencer's Gift Shop, where could I get roleplay outfits? And I do not want to go in a porn shop. sexy outfits when you know your about to have sex. and what outfits do you guys find sexy? I am a girl.
    3 Sex 15
  53. The preppy style!!!
    Its our sprit wk and 2mar0 the seniors have 2 dress preppy so when dressing preppy what do I wear??? Oh and we have to wear uniforms pants kacky or black but we dont have to wear uniform shirt
    3 Style 30
  54. Can someone please explain to me preppy
    Can someone please explain to me preppy. Like I guess im kinda sterotyped as it but I really dont get exactly what it is. I mean I have an idea. Someone explain please
    5 Style 39
  55. Is this sweater to preppy?
    I like this sweater . and I dont think a lot of people of my school will wear it. But is it cute ... or would you think I looked stupid if I wore it?
    7 Shopping 19
  56. How do I make myself look preppy?
    people have been saying I look emo lately, I guess I do but...maybe I could like mix emo and prep what do you think?
    9 Style 62
  57. Cute Outfits?
    Okay I originally have to wear uniforms to school & tomorrow I have spirit day which means we can wear whatever we want. I wanna know a few cute outfits I can wear. help?
    3 Shopping 52
  58. What would be a good 22nd birthday outfit?
    I want it to be a "look at me" outfit. last year my dress was a long sleeve, open back sequenced dress and this year has to top that dress.
    4 Style 29
  59. Whats a good first date outfit?
    Okay so I'm going on a date tomorrow with this amazing guy...kinda like a blind date... I have no idea what to wear...whats a good first date outfit?
    9 Style 45
  60. Does this outfit look dumb?
    i know its a simple outfit, i just dont feel like dressing all nice for school tomorrow but i dont want to look dumb and i feel like it looks kinda goofy haha
    8 Style 20
  61. What do you think of this outfit?
    This shirt: with a black beanie, black skinny jeans, black jacket, and converse high tops or vans.
    10 Style 27
  62. What is a good summer outfit that you would wear on a regular day?
    i need new clothes, and i'm going shopping soon. Any suggestions?
    5 Style 15
  63. back to school outfits?
    ok so I have pretty good fashion but this fall is my first year of high school so any good like :first month" of school outfit ideas? not really first month but ideas. haha. Thanks :)
    5 Style 50
  64. Which outfit should I wear for the first day of school?
    Both dresses are lace. And I also haven't put the pink dress completely together. There will Probably be something over it. And also I haven't added the jewelry to any outfit.
    9 Style 19
  65. First Day Of School Outfit(:
    Hey im starting 8th grade and am just scared about the first day? What could I wear to make a really good impression?
    6 Style 52
  66. What is a cute outfit that isnt slutty?
    I want to wear something cute that is in that I cud throw together. But I also live where it is snowy out so try to make it warm.
    3 Style 46
  67. Which outfit should I wear to the Panic at the Disco concert on Thursday?
    Black velvet dress with creepers and frilly black and cream socks or white girly dress with pink heels and frilly socks?
    27 Style 149
  68. Whats your idea of a really cute outfit?
    Just curious of everyones opinions. I think I have my own cute style but im going to a party this weekend and im seeing if anyone has any interesting ideas :)
    5 Style 19
  69. Outfit for short guys?
    I'm only 5' 3", a mesomorph type of body and im no xpert in clothing myself...hehe..can anyone help me choose what to or what not to wear?
    2 Style 11
  70. What is a cute outfit to wear when I go skating on Saturday???
    I have outfits I can wear on a regular day but im not sure what to wear when I go skating. wats cute but also easy to skate with??? I was thinking skinny jeans but im not sure. Or how bout tna pants?
    5 Style 112
  71. How can I accomplish a preppy look?!
    I recently got some medium wash, skinny, destroyed jeans, and I'm not sure what top to wear with them. I was thinking about going for a bit of preppy look, so any suggestions? Should I layer or what?
    2 Style 15
  72. Facts of being preppy?
    I want to know the facts of being preppy. no people saying be yourdelf and things like that. like the clothing, perfume, way they talk, how to do the make-up,ect[= pllz help! thanks♥
    8 Style 83
  73. Is it possible to buy a whole outfit with £30?
    Usually I spend £200 pounds on clothes every 6 months. But I want a new in fashion outfit and I was wondering because the sales are on if anyone thinks I can get a whole outfit for £30 pounds? xx
    3 Shopping 10
  74. 1st day outfit...
    OMG!!! Help me!!! I'm starting junior highthis year, and I have NO idea what to wear any help? I'm skinny, with brown hair, blue eyes, and I'm 5'4''. HELP!!!
    5 Style 23
  75. What are some good outfits I can wear to school?
    Well what colors match what I wanna look really cute for school tomorrow when I go back evan though everyone already loves what I wear but what colors match what?:)
    2 Style 40
  76. Outfit for rememberance party
    Theres a party tomorrow night in honor of my friend Tyler who passed away on Sunday. Its located at a school and theres going to be a lot of drinking and such, so I was wondering what I should wear to it?
    6 Style 44
  77. Is a playboy bunny outfit too out of place to wear for Mardi Gras?
    I'm having a Mardi Gras themed Sweet 16 in October, and my friend wants to wear her halloween costume, a playboy bunny outfit to the party. Will she look too out of place/stupid, even with beads?
    4 Style 17
  78. Picture of a preppy guy with lip ring/snake bites
    I don't know where to post this but does anyone have a pic of a preppy looking guy with snake bites or a lip ring? (prefferably bites) I think it would help to convince my mom to let me get snake bites.
    12 Style 101
  79. Why do people think I'm preppy?
    I want to know why people think im preppy just because I like 2 go 2 the mall and dont dress like im sporty or goth (no affence) but I dont talk all cally girlish like the girl off of legaly blonde
    7 Style 78
  80. What are some outfits/ types of clothing that look good on petite girls?
    Whenever, I go through magazines or jcpenney booklets. I go "oh that's a nice outfit...on her...but it wouldn't look right on a short person". I was wondering what are things that would flatter a petite girl's body?
    8 Style 24
  81. Help with an 80's outfit?
    Me and my cousin are having our 16th birthday parties together. We're doing an 80s theme. What could I wear (inexpenisve) for an outfit? What should I do about makeup? The party's not going to be until late June / early July. But I want to get some id...
    3 Style 52
  82. What are some cute ideas for wintery outfits?
    what are some cute outfit ideas for thanksgiving? Christmas? New Moon premier? a friends college graduation? and just in general lol btw, I'm 15 and I live in northern florida so it doesn't get too too cold(:
    2 Style 45
  83. Do you think this is a cool outfit?
    Do you think this is a cool outfit? Stylish? yet unique? Slutty? Its a red tank top that goes to my thigh with a black vest on top, with a red sweater, black leggings and black, high heel converse that have pink stitching and shoe laces.
    11 Shopping 44
  84. What makes someone preppy?
    is there anything someone needs to know how to be preppy, you know like if your emo you cut yourself, adn if your goth you dress in black, if youre redneck you where boots and huge belt buckles...etc...whats the thing with the preps...what makes a pre...
    8 Style 133
  85. Outfit for a wedding?
    I need an outfit for a wedding 2moro! I completly forget .. What should I wear as I dont want my baby bump 2 show too much? I am also 2days overdue so its bad enough im going haha! Help please
    3 Style 16
  86. What am I? Like scene or preppy?
    What am I? Like scene or preppy? I wear usually dark clothing...right now im wearing black skinny jeans and a black and grey shirt... I sometimes wear balck eyeliner.. iim just wonering.. Please tell me.. I have brown hair..
    8 Style 29
  87. What is your idea of a perfect first day back to school outfit (read more)?
    Yes I'm already wanting to plan what to wear back to school. Also include hair and makeup styles please and thank u!!:)
    7 Style 45
  88. Party outfit
    to nite there is a party at my school and im going to be wearing a skirt and a tank top and I was wondering will that be sluty or what I mean I just wanted to know should I even wear it or not I think I look goo so what do I do help me somebody anybody
    3 Entertainment 23
  89. Outfit for funeral
    Im going to a funeral tonight and I was wondering if a simple black dress will be ok. Its for a friend that passed away on Sunday. I've been to 4 family members funerals before and I would wear a black skirt and a simple black&white top. But I cant fin...
    3 Style 58
  90. What is an appropriate outfit to wear to a Bar Mitzvah?
    I've never been to one before, so I'm clueless haha. I have a really cute orange and white dress, but I'm not sure if it's too flashy for this kind of thing. Also, does the dress have to be a certain length?
    9 Style 47
  91. Boring outfit
    Ok so I'm starting my new job at a thrift store, I have to wear black pants and a white button up shirt...any ideas on accessories or different things I can wear to make me more unique and not so boring but keeping in with the uniform???
    5 Style 15
  92. Ideas for cute church outfits
    Yeah I need ideas for cute church outfits. I hate dresses and ill only wear if I absolutly have to. I was thinking something like black leggings with a grayishh sweater thing on top and some color high heels. But I don't know, just show me what I shoul...
    2 Style 68
  93. Need a really nice outfit
    ok so my style is I either like go to extremes -- Bright flourescent colours like BRIGHT pink and yellow. I love roses frilly stuff frilly dresses and stuff like that I need it for an evening out and maybe impress people>?
    5 Shopping 41
  94. Advice for a librarian outfit?!
    my friends having a "L" party and I think im gunna go as a librarian, any ideas for a cute outfitt I could wear? I want it to be kinda sexy =] but I dont want to spend a whole lot of money, sugguestions?
    3 Sex 44
    What's a good cheap place to get a really pretty grad dress...and I can't find hot shoes that go with wide feet :'( HELP!!! ...I know it's early, but I wanna have a good idea where to go... Thanks <3
    5 Shopping 148
  96. Emo,goth, preppy???
    Has anyone noticed that when some one asks how to be emo or goth or something every one is a totall b*tch to them but if someone asks how to preppy every one is all nice and gives them advice I dont agree with people trying to be somet...
    17 Style 82
  97. How do I get preppy hair?
    My hair is naturally poker straight, but it's quite thick, I love the messy curly preppy hair look (like jack wills, abercrombie models) but I don't like to use tongs because it damages my hair and I don't want split ends, are there any products I can ...
    3 Style 48
  98. interview outfit
    okay, so im 14 and I have a job interview at pharmasave on thursday, I was wondering what I should wear? (dress, jeans, black pants/white blouse)? please help me =) -also what sorta shoes should I wear? (runners, skate shoes that match, flats, flip fl...
    5 Money 50
  99. those this really look like a Hanna Montana wannabe outfit??? This is my outfit for my first day of high school,and somebody wrote that it looked like a Hanna Montana wannabe outfit.Please tell me it those not look like that because the last thin...
    6 Style 43
  100. What outfits could I wear with these boots?
    I found these boots real cheap online, but I'm unsure what i could wear them with. Does anyone have long red boots? Or just any advice on what sort of outfits would go well with them? Photos would help me get an idea of what i could do with them =] ...
    7 Style 19
  101. How can nuns wear their outfit for license picture?
    I thought when you get your picture for your driver's license, you can't wear any hats, glasses, etc.. basically anything that covers your head/face. But today I was standing in line to get food, and a nun (outfit and everything) was paying for her...
    4 General 461
  102. How do I make myself preppy
    So I want to be a totally differnt person who is happier and isnt so boring and pretty... So basically the three things I am asking is how to be happier, how to not be boring and to be prettier and not so emo/ dark... I wan to get some attention from p...
    4 Style 27
  103. What are good shoes for a preppy dude?
    I have to admit that my style is preppy. and since I live in arizona I usually wear sandals everywhere but in the winter your toes just cant be out in the open, it aint pretty lol so my question is what kindo shoes do you think are good for a preppy ...
    5 Style 69
  104. Hair and clothes
    What's a cute outfit and a hair style for school I need like a preppy hair style and outfit
    4 Style 7
  105. What if I dress preppy will I look like a poser?
    I like the preppy look, but im wondering when I do go to my new school will I be judge as a poser??? I dont like to be judge I was judge in middle school but that was my falt. But this year I change I love the preppy look but just dont act like it. I'm...
    6 Style 69
  106. Preppy cheerleader? Anyone...
    Yeah so I'm captian of cheer at my school k-dubb. Anyways if your a captain of cheer are you obligated to date a damned football player? Since when had this stereotype start? All and most of football players are just dudes with a big ego on a power tri...
    4 Sports 46
  107. First day of school outfit? :)
    I neeed help! I have this tupe top with a ruffle at the top in white and a light denim mimi skirt. Would a vest look good over the shirt unbuttoned? And I would wear just white old navy flip flops and either a rose necklace or earrings. Im 5'2 and lon...
    2 Style 44
  108. Where can I find cute preppy clothes without paying to much?
    I need to go shopping for the spring but I want to cute preppy outfits my limit is 500, I'd like some shoes,assories,pants,shirts,shorts I want a very preppy look but I really dont wanna pay that much where I could go shopping at. I know hollister duh ...
    3 Shopping 80
  109. what should I get my slightly preppy sister 4 her bday?
    Okay my sisters birthday is on the Jan 5th and I have no idea what to get her-she dresses preppy and im, well, emo. we both like to read but she usually just goes to the library. she recently had a baby, and for her bday party, shes doing a dinner. im ...
    5 Shopping 28
  110. What are some stylish outfit combinations?
    At school I've sort of got into the usual and lazy trend of jeans and a tee. And sometimes a sweater. It's been going on for like years already, and if I suddenly switch to wearing something different like a skirt, people might start saying that I'm tr...
    2 Style 15
  111. Military outfit on Imagine Fashion Designer!
    I been playing the military outfit on imagine fashion designer for the past like four days and I can't pass it. I tired like every pant and every shirt I can think of. I even looked at some peoples advice on here and NOTHING works. I don't even know wh...
    3 Style 44
  112. Too "preppy"?
    It's non-uniform at my school tomorrow. I have a pink sweater, a black vest top and some pearls. I was going to wear it with my black skirt and long socks but I'm worried it's "too girly". Although outside of school I dress mostly like this I never ...
    4 Style 25
  113. What type of make up goes with this outfit?
    Ok so im going to a sweet sixteens in a couple days. its at night and I was told to wear black. so im wearing a black dress. simple. goes half way up my thigh. and 4 1/2 inch heels. I have dark brown hair and dark green eyes. I don't know what color ey...
    4 Style 44
  114. Need help on outfit ! please read (:
    on fridaii I have a yfc dinner , (young farmers dinner) and well its kinda posh but then its a discoy type.. (: ii have got a tirquise (cant spel the blue type of colour anyway) and ii dont know what type of colour to put with it ?! pink blac...
    2 Style 13
  115. What's a good date outfit?
    I'm going on a date with this guy on Saturday, we dated last year and are gonna give it a shot. I want to show that I've changed, but not too much. So, I need some help with a really amazing date outfit. Something casual, but still cute. Also makeup an...
    2 Style 35
  116. Is This A Good Joker Outfit Plan?
    I Know it's NO where close to April Fool's But I just wanted to make a plan to what I am going to do. And I can't Really Make any prakes b/c My birthday is RIGHT after April Fool's So I gonna buy some stuff off of eBay and Dress Up like the Joker!!! He...
    3 General 12
  117. Which is hotter?
    Which is hotter preppy or scene girls?
    4 Style 12
  118. Hot Outfit
    This weekend I am going to got to a family birthday party. My extremely evil, backstabbing cousin that I CANNOT stand is going to be there, probably taunting me with one of her retarded private school chums. Since it is a casual, at the park birthday p...
    4 Style 19
  119. I need to "match" my outfit with my boyfriend so we look cute in a
    My boyfriend and i are getting our pictures taken for our 6 month. I feel he is the one which is why i want some really good pictures of the two of us. I am 14 years old and he is 15 years. I am more of a prep and he is more of a skater. He wears thing...
    4 Relationships 57
  120. Need to find an outfit for a hischool house party im the hostess!!
    My friens is having a party && I have no idea what to wear... I need you're advice! I am plus size but still sexyyy! ;) I look like a mixture of danger from for the love of ray j, raven symone, jordin sparks, and the latina girl from the cheetah girl...
    2 Sex 46
  121. Is this a jumper or a apron of some kind?
    If not, then what do you call this outfit?
    5 Style 13
  122. where should I go to..
    2 Shopping 17
  123. Good First Day of School Outfit?
    okay im going into 8th grade this year and I want to look fabulous because were gonna dominate(: and we arent allowed to wear short shorts or miniskirts otherwise I would wear a mini.. im gonna wear a blue lacy abercrombie tank under the shirt. im gon...
    3 Style 54
  124. Outfit, Urgh. Please give me your opinions girls!
    I'm going to my mates 19th on Saturday night, and my boyfriends EX is really good friends with her so its obvious that she will be there, anyway me and her hate each other and his sister has decieded to be best mates with her ( even though she hated h...
    9 Style 20
  125. Why don't preppy girls ever like the little emo guy?
    dont you ever see that little emo guy in your class writin poetry and looking like a loser and who has a crush on u? why dont you ever like the kid? is it just because you don't want to look bad for all your other ''friends'' who seem to betray you an...
    11 Relationships 71
  126. How can I accessoirze myself when going to work?
    I wear formal outfits to work.
    2 Style 19
  127. What Would Be The Best Makeup To With This Outfit?
    Hi people. So I Am 13 years old. On saturday I bought this relli relli relli relli relli cute skirt and top. The skirt is like a grey-base colour and the top is just a plain base colour almost a dark cream. They both go relli relli relli nice together!...
    2 Style 22
  128. First day of school outfit?
    Ok I know a few people have already asked this question but What should I wear on the first day of school? Im a preppy girl. I like Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Wet Seal, Agaci, etc. I want to make a lot of friends this year and so I dont...
    18 Style 180
  129. What should I wear as my holiday outfit?
    I'm a boy and I've decided to start to put together my "holiday dress-up outfit" for Thanksgiving/Christmas. How does this sound? An American Eagle black pinstripe shirt, low-rise boot cut khakis, a black leather belt with silver buckle, and black dres...
    4 Style 40
  130. Are you a prep or tomboy?
    are you a prep or a tomboy?? If you had 2 choose between those what are u?? I would say im more tomboyish because I dont dress preppy on normal days but only very few days I do dress preppy!!
    9 Style 48
  131. Who is jenova (FINAL FANTASY)?
    whats her powers & what is her outfit is made of?
    15 Gaming 55
  132. Labels?
    Can someone give me a list of all the labels? (emo, preppy...etc.)
    4 General 42
  133. Where can I find cute and inexpensive clothes?
    I cant find any cute outfits at nexpencive stores
    21 Shopping 204
  134. What's your morning routine?
    Mine is: Shower, Makeup, Hair, Outfit, Coffee.
    30 General 59
  135. Are you more of a prep or more sporty??
    what do you consider urself...more of a prep or more sporty? Im not preppy AT ALL!!! because Im really more of a tomboy but sometimes I do wear preppy things but nothing like all the jewlery and stuff!! lol!! _Ciara_
    5 Style 12
  136. How will the Assassin's creed: Brotherhood multiplayer end up like?
    Does it have customizable characters, Like the outfits? Will the harlequin be customizable?
    19 Gaming 14
  137. What to wear on picture day?
    plz suggest a cute outfit...oh and airdo too...TY!~~~ ;)
    10 Style 21
  138. How many pairs of shoes do you have?
    How many pair of shoes do you have? I know people have a fetish with everything has to match there outfit lord knows I do so whats up?
    3 Shopping 16
  139. What's a Harlequin?
    Its just that I found an outfit behind a deamon door in Fable 2 called 'Harlequin trousers, shirt and cap'.
    4 Gaming 54
  140. OK Clothes For A Party?
    Hi, I have a party comming up next week and I was wondering if these clothes are ok for it. There will be dancing at this party and games like ( arches, spin the bottle, dancing comps ect. ) Also please say if you have any idea's for outfits or acce...
    8 Style 36
  141. Lady Gaga's style
    What are the swimsuit-esk pieces of outfit that shows Lady Gaga's legs from the top of the thigh and down? What is that called?
    2 Style 39
  142. How can i buy the right clothes?
    at school there are theas girls that have a new prefect outfits everyday and its soo pretty. how can i be more like that.
    7 Shopping 20
  143. What are some good websites with cute clothes for girls?
    What are some good websites with cute clothes for girls.other than ebay,delias,and alloy And I dont like preppy clothes (no offence) =)
    4 Shopping 49
  144. Can I wear a tan/brown or black beret to Target while I work?
    Or is there some kind of dress code that doesn't allow it? It will match the outfit.
    6 Money 14
  145. What should I wear while giving oral sex?
    I like would like to wear a hot/sexy outfit while giving my boyfriend oral sex, but not sure what would be best? I was thinking knee high boots with heels, but not sure what else? A friend suggested a PVC outfit because it would be easy to clean. What ...
    13 Sex 88
  146. 80's theme
    Hey thers a party soon and I want to know some costumes or outfits or anything based on an 80's theme :) all ideas welcome :)
    3 Style 45
  147. Clothes to wear to Camden?
    im looking for an outfit to wear to camden, I mean its got to be casual but still camden like if you understand. any ideas? x
    2 Shopping 13
  148. How should I do my hair and what clothes should I wear?
    how should I do my hair? like a hair cut or sumthing?? clothes? wht styles?? preppy? emo? goth? im a cheerleader so yea!
    5 Style 9
  149. Where can I get clothes like selena gomez's clothes and hair stuff?
    I would like to know what hair products selena gomez uses and where she gets them and same for the trendy outfits she wears out and about.
    4 Style 49
  150. Changing into scene
    Okay, if im considered a preppy kinda girl and I wanted to change my hairstyle into a colorful scene hairstyle would I be able to pull it off?
    2 Style 18
  151. Why do guys like skinny girls so much?
    Why do guys like skinny girls? Why do they have to be preppy? Why can they like some with a lil more extra meet? what is wrong with those people! I would liketo know!
    5 Relationships 64
  152. What kind of shirts go good with gray skinny jeans?
    So im planning my outfit out for tomorrow And I was wondering What kinda shirts go good with gray skinny jeans Like color of shirts?
    8 Style 79
  153. Scene/emo nicknames
    I am what you would consider "emo" or "scene" and well my name is maggie. And to me it sounds to preppy. And I don't like it. Does anyone knos of any good scene or emo nicknames for maggie?
    4 General 81
  154. french tips :P
    how do you do french tipz or w/e? I dont like the preppy thing, so dont suggest I do it white, I want 2 do it black. but how do you do it in general?
    2 Style 13
  155. Stylish clothes
    So what are good places to shop at? I want to get clothes that look sort of preppy but classy, like bebe clothes. What other places are there that have clothes like that? And also not too expensive
    6 Style 44
  156. a cute hairstyle thats easy to do?
    School is always hard but what make it worse is a bad hairstyle that goes with a bad outfit! How can I get a cute hairstyle thats easy to do? Please tell me!
    2 Style 44
  157. What is a good sn?
    Im not preppy more emo;I don't know I cant think of a good sn.please help me out.use your name's hillary:) Thank you.
    3 General 14
  158. What are some cute stores you shop in?
    I don't know what to ask, so tell me some cute stores you shop in. I like preppy and vintage things, I'm also obsessed with abercrombie and fitch (:
    6 Shopping 44
  159. Bad style
    Hey!! I've never been that good at choosing clothes, whenever I go shopping I buy things I like but never seem to end up with outfits that look good, I always end up feeling like I have nothing decent to wear or that looks good. Does anyone have any ad...
    3 Style 20
  160. What matches?
    What color of eyeshadow would match a cool lacey silky gray and black outfit??? (besides black and silver/gray) I like being creative..simple is okay too.
    2 Style 42
  161. What's this song?
    okay so there is this song and its this really preppy girl like talking and like "im hot ha ha im sexy" and she is all jumpy and sing and like "then lets just f***!" do you know what the song is?
    6 Sex 33
  162. How to get 50 bucks in less then a day
    I need $50 for this really cool outfit I saw at hollister co and I really want it so please ansure this question.
    4 Money 59
  163. I need screen name ideas!
    My name is Kellie. I like the number 11. I am NOT preppy, notin girly. I want something to do with my name. xx's are good. Hellppp!
    5 Technology 58
  164. 50's Fashion
    I'm having a 16th birthday party, and it's a 50's theme. I need advice on outfits, hair, shoe's all that fun stuff. (: Any ideas ? Thank you.
    2 Style 24
  165. I need to think of a dance routine quick
    its my dance comp soon, I need to think of a dance routine quick. I have no ideas and the comps like well soon and I need to get outfits too. my dance is like street dancing but not really the same I dont really know but its got no flips or anything as...
    3 Sports 49
  166. Is it okay to wear a black skirt that goes about mid-thigh with black tights and a fancy shirt for a debate?
    we are doing debates in school and we have to dress fancy.. does that outfit work?
    5 Style 11
  167. What color of shoes?
    I am wearing a cute brown short skirt, with a brown and pink polo, and I was wondering what color of high-heeled shoes should I wear with that outfit? Like brown ones, pink ones, or white ones, or what other colors can I wear with it?
    5 Style 44
  168. Why do people EVERYDAY try to talk like me and make fun of me?
    i cant help it if my voice sounds different from all those country people.. but i am country but i dont have the accent.. so why do they make fun of my preppy voice?
    5 General 52
  169. Heels or flats?
    Well I wearin like the SAME exact outfit vannessa is wearing here tomarrow && im wondering would heels or flats look better? (the green one)
    9 Style 21
  170. dress with stockings
    I just went shopping and got a dress with black stockings and I was wondering if any one has a cute hair style for short hair that would go with the outfit? and are stockings and dresses together still in style?
    2 Style 18
  171. What colour nail polish suits blonde girls?
    Im a blonde girl with blue eyes, im just wondering what colour nail polish you think suits blondes... Something that goes with all outfits preferably to :) thanks :d
    6 Style 1330
  172. stereotyping
    well. I just read a question and the answer and I cant stand an answer someone wrote they think that preppy people are all alike. fake a posers. and honestly. I cannot stand that they thing that only red neck and punk/emo/scene girls are real that...
    4 General 20
  173. Need some help
    Ok, I've been invited to a 21st next weekend and the theme is paris, and I need to wear something with pink, black and silver... and I'm not exactly good with picking out outfits, plus it'll be cold that night, so a little black dress type outfit is...
    2 Style 12
  174. How do I dress like a rich girl?
    Hi so basically I got this part in a movie being shot at my school, I'm supposed to play a "rich girl". I want it to be cute, and not too preppy. any tips?
    8 Style 148
  175. Corsets?
    I want to wear a victorian style outfit for fancy dress party. Does anyone know where I can find an affordable traditional corset? (Either online or in UK stores.)
    3 Shopping 27
  176. Selena Gomez
    hi my name iz ayreona rainey and I want 2 buy the selena gomez outfits im also 13 years old how do I get them pleaze answer this
    2 Shopping 32
  177. Change in dress style
    Hello, I just want to say that I want to change the way I dress. I want to dress preppy, but I dont know the clothes or anything, I want to know the brand of the jeans most people wear to dress like that. Can some one tell me?
    2 Style 42
  178. What are some good costumes for Halloween starting with the letter 'e'?
    'E' themed party. Preferably something that's actually attractive, ideally not too typical like emergency services. Can't be Eve, Elvira, an elf or an erection (yes, someone did already shotgun that outfit..) Thankkks, I'm so stuck. I was thinking esca...
    6 Entertainment 53
  179. High school football
    Ok so I am going to my first high school football game!:] Its this Friday, my friends and I wanna do outfits to like go with the school colors and we don't have any ideas.. The school color is Blue.. Any ideas?:] Thanks soo much! Xoxoxo
    2 Sports 37
  180. Girl highschool shoes that flatter legs?
    Ok I have an adiction to boots and finaly want to get some shoes but I dont know what to get!!! My image is preppy! Would etnies be cool or should I go more fashion?
    6 Style 16
  181. Dressing up or being chill?
    I really feel comfortable in anything I wear, but what do I look better in?? I usually dress real relaxed, but I also do preppy and on more important occasions suit and tie. The pics are on my profile page.
    3 Style 5
  182. White chicks and gang signs
    Why is it that pretty much in every picture of a preppy, Ugg-wearing, white girl on the internet they're flashing some incredibly lame and non-existent gang sign?
    7 General 58
  183. What type of clothes and hair do different styles have?
    give meh styles for meh.. like (preppy, emoo, rocker..ect..) hair: type, cut, color, ect.. clothes: polos, skinny jeans, ect.. please ndd thanks
    5 Style 49
  184. How many styles are there?
    Okay so im woundering how many "styles" there are. Like ya know.. Emo, goth, preppy ect.. .. and I know some of you dont beleave in "steriotypes" but I really dont care. I do. and I go by them so how many are there? and can ya name em?
    4 Style 24
  185. Where does Sam from iCarly get her clothes?
    Sam from iCarly is my fashion ispiration right now. I wanna dress like her. I know her style but I just have to know where she gets the stuff. And if you could type in a website with a cool outfit pic in it that'd be cool. Thanks.
    3 Style 57
  186. Black And White Dress Coded Party?
    Good Ideas For A Nice Outfit For A Black And White Dress Coded Party? I Live In The UK So I'd Have To Be Able To Get It Over Here? Its Not A Formal Thing.. Just My Best Friends Seventeenth Birthday :)
    3 Shopping 57
  187. I'm going into 6th form and need help on what to wear
    im not that pretty and im really shy so im wanting a nice outfit to wear and I mean EVERYTHING, the make - up, the clothes, the shoes, the accesories, EVERTHING so please help
    5 Style 9
  188. Can anyone tell me how to start my own fashion clothing business?
    Can anyone tell me how to start my own fashion clothing business? I'm 16 and I want to start my own business, where I design the outfits and have my own store, any advice on how to do this? I know im young but im so ambitious lol and I've got a plan x
    6 Money 42
  189. Black in or out?
    Well im pretty preppy. But im not a snoppy preppy.well anyways I painted my nails black and I love it. It looks awsome against my skin tone. Im a pretty tan tell me watcha think, or if you ever have painted your nail black and did you like it?
    11 Style 17
  190. Fairy Halloween Ideas
    My friend and I are dressing up as fairies for halloween. && We need some good ideas for the outfits, I'm going to be a "light" fairy, and she's going to be a "dark"fairy. Just want some ideas on hair & makeup, we can't wear anything "revealing", we ca...
    3 Style 41
  191. Will I look like a slut?
    Ok so I wanted to wear this outfit tomorrow for school, its a casual black dress but it only goes down to where my fingers start, so its kinda short, so I was thinking of wearing my red fishnet under it, would I look like a slut? Or would it just look ...
    14 Style 75
  192. Do you like certain colors based on function or preference?
    I know depending on the application varies the color I like. Lets say for a car I like litter colors like gray, white, and tan, but if we are going to the club I love it when my wife has pink in her outfit.
    6 General 12
  193. What could I wear to drive the boys wild?
    So I am a pole dancer and I wanted to know what is abvery sexy outfit I could wear that will drive boys wild?? Ya know right now I wear like bra,thing and fishnets, but is there anything that will just make em' hot right like Damn!?
    2 Sex 22
  194. What to wear and what not to wear?!
    I'm going to be on a red carpet and I'm going shopping what should I buy to wear? Nothing with too much white I'm gonna have a diner and I don't wanna look dirty for the paparazzi. Also what hairstyles would go with the outfit you picked. Please help.
    2 Style 17
  195. What color tights to wear with cream heels?
    What colour tights shall I wear with cream kitten heels? theyre quite fun and cute with its button detail. would black tights look odd even if I have something black and also cream in my outfit? x
    2 Style 92
  196. Where can I get clothes like Amber from F(X)?
    Mainly the outfit in the video "Electric Shock" where she has the black and white shorts and baggy top. I love her style, and it's really similar to mine. So any idea where I could get it?
    4 Style 15
  197. How can I get more chaperones for the dance?
    Me and my friends were going to go to the mall.. get manicures.. get outfits.. and everything for this big dance this saturday.. but theres a rumor that its going to be cancled because there isn't enough chaperones. Is there any way I can do this wi...
    6 Entertainment 59
  198. Sideshow Freaks
    Okay, so my boyfriend and I were invited to go to a party on Saturday. It is a halloween party with a Sideshow Freak/Circus theme. We have NO IDEA what to be. He kind of wants to dress like the joker since he is technically a clown, and he wants me to...
    3 General 39
  199. Can you believe adam didn't win american I dol
    Can you believe adam didn't win american I dol, I mean he deserved it more than chris since he actually knows how to sing. I mean all the preppys voted for Kris because he is cute not because of his voice, it was sooo not fair to adam, adam did MUCH be...
    8 Entertainment 26
  200. wan to look really old
    I work in an assited living home I want to dress like them for holloween. but I dont know how to apply my makeup right can you help? I have the perfect outfit I just need a lilttle help with make up. thank you
    4 Style 45
  201. how can I change my fashion sense/ style?
    Well I've had the same style for a long time... kinda preppy/ athletic/ girly but always comftable. I'm 13, I have light brown/ dirty blonde hair. maybe a hair change too, to go with the styleee
    3 Style 17
  202. What would you consider me
    I have short brown hair. I wear mostly dark colors and band shirts. I shop at hot topic because its the only store that sells kinda cool clothes around me. (there quality is sh** by the way.) I like heavy bands like autopsy, lamb of god, the world we k...
    7 Style 10
  203. Ways To Stlye Hair For School?
    School starts in 3 days! I'm getting bored with the same hairstyle everyday,so does anyone know some ways to style short,wavy brown hair? **I don't like preppy stuff. Eh,something emo or punk.
    7 Style 44
  204. How can I become more sociable
    Ugh I want to meet new people!. So not that I don't have any friends or anything, I have alotta friends, but its hard for me to meet new people! I'm not ugly or stinky or anything. I listen to like every kind of music (mostly indie/pop-punk, I am not ...
    5 General 41
  205. What type of girl do guys look for?
    At my school the guys go for the preppy, kind of snobby, girls. They don't notice any girl who isn't decked out in tight abercrombie shirts and hollister jeans. I want to know what most guys actually look for because it's like personality doesn't matte...
    3 Relationships 26
  206. Project runway all star challenge
    Hey! Anyone know where I can watch the episode of project runway where the all stars came back to design an outfit for nicole kidman. I have been looking everywhere for it. Please help! I love daniel vosovic! Yay so happy he won! (:
    2 Entertainment 35
  207. What is a good style for a 14 year old girl to wear?
    Ok I am 14 years old and I have blonde hair that is usually straightened but sometimes curly. I really don't like my style but I can't thnk of any other one. So I would like to try to find some cute outfits to wear to school. Thanks
    5 Style 67
  208. What kind of clothes Do girls think looks good on a guy?
    So right now I wear like sperry shoes, ruggid jeans, and usually like a nice shirt or sweater to school, so it's not really a preppy look but it's a nice look. What kind of clothes do girls like guys to wear? And like how to style them. I Dont wanna lo...
    11 Style 87
  209. What color will match my clothing?
    So I have this baby blue/light pink/lavender long sleeve plaid top. what should I wear inside? a plain fitted shirt, a tube top, or a tank top? and what color? I also want to wear a scarf with it? will it match? if so what color? and what hairstyle is ...
    5 Style 11
  210. Teen Choice Awards: Miley
    When I saw her on the Awards, I thought she looked sluttish b/c of her outfit 'cause she wasnt wearin' that much. when she started dancing with that pole I thought, "I knew this would happen one day" but I kinda knew that is was for balance also. what ...
    8 Environment 34
  211. Can I wear Navy and Brown together?
    I know men are not supposed to wear brown shoes with navy pants (only oxblood is ok). But do the same color rules apply to women? Or can we be a little more funky and get away with it. I want to wear this outfit with navy tights and dark brown shoes....
    4 Style 454
  212. Please help me create a style for myself
    I need a change...I just got a haircut but I always feel fat and self conscious..I love punk and metal bands and my style is kinda based around that so any tips for cute/funky and edgy outfits??? shirts,pants,shoes???
    7 Style 41
  213. Silverado Fashion?
    This goes to those who live in Victorville,California. I noticed that when I started up at Silverado High that everyone was dressing up all preppy like,neon colored tight pants,even the boys were,especially some of the skaters. Has the other schools be...
    2 Style 13
  214. Eighth Grade graduation clothes?
    In just a few months school will be over, but there is the Eighth grade graduation..I'm not exactly the girly type, I dress in corsets and skulls...So what do I wear? Do I surprise everyone and wear something preppy and sweet? Or should I go full o...
    4 Style 78
  215. What to wear with...?
    Okay so I have this really nice black sweater dress. It's woolen and has a cowl neck but I really don't know what to wear with it. My outfit so far is sweater dress, black leggings and black pumps, but I need something to brighten it up A LOT so I don'...
    4 Style 17
  216. What's a good 40's inspired makeup look?
    I have a play this thursday.. And im the lead so im trying to stand out the most. My outfit is navy blue high waisted shorts with red buttons and a red button down top that will be tucked it. I need a makeup look without eyeliner. Colors, pictures will...
    3 Style 17
  217. Would you rather??:
    would you rather: Lick someones dirty underwear that they have crapped in and left on 4 1 month? or Lick someones bloody pad that they wore all day?...
    7 General 11
  218. How can I create victory rolls with shorter hair?
    My friend's 18th is coming up and my outfit reminds me of something from the 1940's in terms of its pattern, so I want to recreate such a look with my hair, whilst my outfit gives it that more modern edge. The only problem I have is that my hair is jus...
    3 Style 9
  219. What's a cute hairstyle?
    I like always wear my hair up in a pony. I want to get a cute new look that only takes a couple minutes to do. My hair is a little wavy and it is medium brown. I do not have a straightener or curler so I can't use those. Also does anybody have cute out...
    3 Style 39
  220. How do I know which angel is in my photo?
    yesterday I took out a pic of me in a new outfit and at the bottom there was an image of a ghost like angel I was kinda freaked out when I saw it you can see the wings, face, eyes, nose, cheeks, ears, and a halo this angel also has a beard im ...
    6 Religion 53
  221. Um what should I think?
    my teacher comes up to meh and hes like 30 or sumtin and he says he likes mi outfit... I was wearing a black mini skirt with longblack and yellow socks a yellow shirt with a yellow and black jacket and a yellow belt... so what should I think? and t...
    3 General 27
  222. bisexual craving
    I love my man... but lately I been missing my ex girlfriend.. like really really missing her... her body and the way she touches me and the way she licks her lips when she looks at me and the way she smells and how beautyful she is and how dayum sexy s...
    8 Sex 48
  223. Songs suggestions
    I just got back from a trip with a bunch of friends, we went to places like the beach, a waterfall.. we were on a long bus ride, we dressed up in crazy outfits and did silly things in our hotel room. What kind of songs would you recommend for that kind...
    4 Music 34
  224. Should I try out?
    im thinking of trying out 4 cheerleading and that doesnt men im going to turn all preppy because im not... but I mite get nervous... I was 1 in 8th grade but we didnt have too try out.. im not really good at gymnastics I can do round offs cartwheels an...
    5 Gaming 12
  225. What are fashion trends and stores for the 2008-2009 school year?
    Ok. Im going into high school this year. Im 14. I really want to buy some really cute clothes from some good stores. I have a sort of preppy style. Give me stores to go to. Trends that are in. Everthing that you can think of for fashion. Definatly give...
    6 Shopping 43
  226. Is it hard to write with gloves on?
    I've never actually tried to write with gloves because well.. it doesn't get cold down here so I never really had the need for gloves. my hands are constantly sweating and I feel like I can't touch anything!! so I think I wanna start wearing gloves and...
    4 Literature 67
  227. What is your type of style?
    Are you like me? I don't really have a style, everyday i like to dress as something different. One day i can be preppy (like a business woman going to work) others i can be sporty, sometimes even tomboyish! lOl Ohh yeaaa and lots of times i dress l...
    9 Style 23
  228. What are some AIM screenname ideas?
    My name is amy. I want a screena name that says my name in it mabe. Like something preppy w/ like some words cute hott crunck grrr. I love hollister and abercrombie! I have blonde hair, and blue eyes. I love the beach and of course shopping! PLease hel...
    4 Technology 55
  229. My best friend likes a hoe and I dont know what to tell him
    My best friend likes this really b*tchy preppy girl and she told me she likes him I didnt know I had all these feelings for him until now I have no idea what to say to him or do I've shared every secret I've ever had with him and vice versa I geuss I...
    2 Relationships 41
  230. what to do with $50.00??
    every year if my siblings and I pass your grade my mom rewards us with $50 and this year I want to spend it on something useful but I have no ideaz what to get, should I get aan outfit, or shoes, a massage or maybe jel nails? I have no idea so if you h...
    4 Money 63
  231. What to wear to a semi formal wedding?
    I'm going to a family wedding in about a month. Its smart casual I think so im not going in a posh dress. I was think of wearing black jeans, pretty, girly, glitzy top and heals! Is it suitable to wear smart black jeans to an october wedding?! Any othe...
    3 Style 37
  232. Can someone help with my strapless shirt problems?
    i just bought this really cute tubetop for a party tomorrow. it has like a padded bra built in but it wont stay up and it doesnt look right, like i need it so my boobs dont look horrible and are preppy like they're suppose to be. how could i help the s...
    5 Style 40
  233. How can I tell if my boss is interested in me?
    he's been my boss for a coupe of years now. I see him looking at me and he pays me compliments a lot(on my hair or outfit) thing is I just "want" him. I don't want to date him or have a relationship with him I just feel a lot of sexual frustration betw...
    2 Sex 330
  234. Why do chicks write each other love notes haha
    So these girls they are cheerleaders and ya know kinda preppy (I dont mean in a bad way or anything even though its annoying lol) but they always make eachother love notes a crap like that! Anyone else have people like this? :) And why do that do that...
    7 General 48
  235. Does anyone know where to find a nice short black dress?
    For christmas day we always get a new outfit,. I am 13 and this year by the time christmas comes I will be 14 and I wanna look mature. Where could I find a really nice short short black strapless dress and a pair of black high heels in northern ire...
    2 Shopping 39
  236. Help me with dressing for a special dinner
    I have a dinner to go to with my man and the only thing I know what I am wearing is the sexiest par of black and tan animal print heels and a pair of lil maggies lucky jeans please let me know how I can put this outfit together, what color shirt what c...
    3 Sex 19
  237. youtube name
    I want to make a youtube account but I dont know what a good name is so any help please >_< heres some stuff about me: my name is jackie im not preppy my favorite color is blue( so are my eyes) my favorite number is 6 if you need any more info just lea...
    2 Technology 40
  238. How can you get gorgeous, moisturized and clean feet?
    I hate my feet. And the problem is I LOVE to be bare-foot! I don't like shoes, like dancing, and just relaxing without shoes that ruin the outfit! BUT my feet aren't very nice, because I have a high-instep, which is so unattractive, and I hate girls i...
    2 Style 48
  239. Do my friends have the right to be mad?
    well my friends are mad because I have changed. I was this preppy carefree stupid weird girl. I didnt have that many friends. and now im a emo smart rock chic that doesnt take any sh*t from no one and fits in. I mean I like that I changed. I lost some ...
    7 Relationships 31
  240. What are good shoes for a guy?
    I didnt exactly get much help the first time except from one person But i wanna know wat kind of shoes would be good for a preppy guy I'm usually wearing sandals since i live in az but i want a good pair of shoes for the winter any ideas? they shoul...
    6 Style 51
  241. Need to lose this weight by Halloween
    I'm 23 years old and since I began working a desk job I've gained about 20-25 pounds... I need to loose about 10-15 pounds and tone up because I'm wearing a skimpy outfit for halloween and I want to fit back into my clothes...please please please help...
    4 Nutritionfitness 24
  242. What are some stores to shop at if you are a scene girl?
    Well, I am trying to go from kinda "preppy" to a scene girl,I already shop at places like hot topic,pac. Sun,delias,and wet seal but I can never find any really bright coloured tees,and I just need some advise.I'm an average girl,not really skinny,not ...
    3 Shopping 41
  243. Why are my parents trying to choose my life for me?
    MY PARENTS ARE SO ANNOYING AND OVER-PROTECTIVE. Recently, I had to choose my GCSEs and my parents basically chose everything for me. If there was something I wanted to do but they didn't want me to choose it they would try and talk me into it. I also h...
    5 Family 102
  244. Yorkie party
    My yorkie who turned one two weeks ago im throwing him a party(dont laugh)im inviting my other two dogs and a couple of his dog friends im making a pizza also for them I bought him a nice party outfit. I just cant think of what to buy him and I dont kn...
    6 Pets 45
  245. What to wear to a "Sleazy 90's party" ???
    So my introduction week for my college is next week, and I just got this email in my inbox: Hi IMEM/IGAD/ART Freshman, On the second day we're having a "Sleazy 90s Party". So make sure to bring the right clothes to get dressed up for this evenin...
    2 Entertainment 67
  246. i have no clue whats wrong with me.
    I have not been emotionally stable lately. I started self harm and fasting. I was so excited for my first ever concert and now I'm crying I don't want to go because I can't find a good stupid outfit. I've been crying myself to sleep for months now, and...
    4 Health 26
  247. How do I try out for cheerleading, when I can't even skip?
    So, one of my friends want me to do cheerleader, but I am probably the worst coordinating person in my family.. And, I can't do the splits, and I hate wearing skirts. but my friend won't do it unless I do, and she really wants to do it lol. o and I'm a...
    3 Sports 38
  248. What are some make-up and/or hair ideas for Valentines?
    kk So our school is having a Semi Formal Dance This thursday, and ofcourse I'm wondering what kind of Make up to wear. I bought an Outfit and ill Describe Everything Outfit - Light Blue Long tshirt with slight ruffled sleeves, Has Silver and Black Desi...
    3 Style 40
  249. What if he wont notice...
    I really really really like this 1 guy. He is cute and blonde and has diabetis. I really want him to go out with me and go to the upcoming dance with me, and my friend asked him if he was single,and he said he was. I dont have any classes with him, and...
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  250. Why are people so jugemental?
    I don't really unerstand why people are so judgemental. I'm not saying that everyone is, and I think that most aren't. I was talking to one of my friends and she was saying that she would dress more like Selena Gomez in Wizards of Waverly Place because...
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