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  1. Who health definition?
    Who health definition?
    3 Health 40
  2. What's the definition of a "prep"?
    7 Style 34
  3. What's your definition of love?
    10 General 30
  4. What is your definition of the word "ACCEPTANCE"?
    7 Education 13
  5. What is the definition of a 'mature' question?
    6 Funadvice 13
  6. What is the definition of medical biotechnology?
    2 Science 102
  7. What is your idea or definition of a good person?
    7 General 36
  8. What is your definition of great customer service?
    4 Money 65
  9. Jewish definition
    2 Religion 61
  10. What are the 7 deadly sins plus definition please?
    12 Religion 56
  11. What is the definition of the Hokkien word "Cheebye"
    its a slang but what does it mean??
    2 Politics 48
  12. Whats your definition of great sex?
    Whats your definition of great and satisfying se x?
    3 Sex 25
  13. What's your definition of fitness?
    There is a lot of info out there--even federal guidelines. But, what are YOUR definitions of fitness?
    2 Nutritionfitness 11
  14. What is the definition of ED NOS ? ..
    of ENDOS ? .. and is calorie restricting one ? ...
    2 Health 49
  15. Big words with definitions?
    I need some big words [with definitions] for a potential fight with a dumb girl.
    5 Literature 15
  16. I need a definition!
    What does it mean when a guy tells a girl:"your always in my heart"??
    4 Relationships 10
  17. what is the definition of an addiction?
    hello I am doing a project. what is the definition of an addiction? its a speech about teen addiction to drugs and alcohol..
    3 General 34
  18. What's your definition of talentless?
    What's your definition of talentless? Name either people or songs or bands or actors. Thanks. :)
    4 General 19
  19. I need a hook for definition essy
    hi I need a good hook for a definition essay about love. thanks all
    3 Literature 45
  20. Definition of depression?
    Does any one know what depression is? ( these are questions I need responses to for my assessment.) thanks
    2 Health 12
  21. good definition of the word rhetoric
    OK, so I understand what a rhetorical question is, but I need a good definition of the word rhetoric. I can't find it and I don't really understand it.
    2 Literature 39
  22. Definition of Enlightenment?
    Does anyone happen to know of a good New Age-ish definition of Enlightenment?
    5 Religion 18
  23. What is your guys' definition of Love?
    Well, I just want to know what you peeps think love is!! I think everyone has their own definition of Love, so that's why I'm asking! =)
    2 Relationships 16
  24. What is your definition of a mental illness?
    I am looking for peoples understanding of mental illness? Please let me know your understanding? cheers
    2 Health 39
  25. Can someone explain to me in the simplest way the theorems for definite integrals?
    How does it work, how do you apply it to a question? What are you solving for?
    3 Education 23
  26. whats the right definition for the word "ideal"?
    like on yahoo if ur gonna for a while it says ideal and i hear girls saying "whats ur ideal guy?
    4 General 18
  27. Help! Reading definition charactor?
    What is a dynamic charactor and what is a static charactor!?! I'm writing an essay about my book and I have no idea what that is. Help...pleease? Thanks.
    3 Education 22
  28. Can you help me with these definitions? Music class..
    Stop-Timing? Hooks? Polyphonic Harmonies? Homophonice Harmoney?
    2 General 11
  29. What is the definition of 'cult'?
    aaah I need that definition of the word 'cult' I can use in an essay!!! stat!!! please please please please help. Thanx oh and if it is from a certian dictionary please mention!
    3 Religion 38
  30. Write the definition for KISS
    What is the definition of KISS :- Geometrical , Physical & Economical . Give your reply as per your experience/ knowledge. I have the answer but I want it to modified as per your advice.
    2 General 11
  31. True definition of emo
    Whats your true definiton of emo? Because I already know what it is. Im just curious to see you guys give responses to what you think emo is.
    10 Style 65
  32. cool words that start with A & definition?
    okay im trying to think of a new name, something that starts with an A because I like Angelatrocity but im using that already, any other names? just some cool words that start with A and the defenition.
    3 Literature 61
  33. Are the definitions of Insulator and Isolator the same thing?
    I'm a mechanic, and we call this small plastic block that are drilled with holes an Isolator, but other companies call it an insulator, why so? Aren't they the same kind of definition or are they put into a different way?
    2 General 37
  34. What is your definition of liberty?
    According the the definithion of liberty is "The sum of rights and exemptions possessed in common people of a community, state, ect." How would you dumb that down for an eighth grader?
    2 General 7
  35. What YOUR definition of "love"?
    my definition is someone who will love you for you and not who you pretend to be like when your with your friends,also when they just dont give a crap what people say behind your backs about your relationship they are commited and faithful and honest t...
    6 Relationships 26
  36. Definition- shizzle my nizzle??!!
    I cant get it out of my head and every I have asked have no clue what it means they just say it sounds cool but I swear it must have a definition, I think its- Shizzle mi nizzle or smetinglike that I know it rando but am bored =p
    2 General 74
  37. My own definition of terrorism
    Okay I have an history exam soon, and I need my own definition of terrorism. I have heaps of smart people in my class lol I feel really stupid but anyways.. It's gotta start with terrorism is a belief in ... blahhh any ideas of what I could write? ...
    3 Education 38
  38. Why does the definition of boyfriend or girlfriend vary?
    Why is that someones version of a girlfriend or boyfriend interpretation different from person to person? I mean someone who goes on two dates with a boy could call that guy there boyfriend or a guy asks this girl out and she says yes and he starts cal...
    3 Relationships 45
  39. What do you think courage is?
    what's your definition?
    10 General 45
  40. black metal
    what is the definition of black metal?
    6 Music 15
  41. Talking In Sleep
    Do you talk in your sleep? I definitely do.
    4 General 16
  42. What's a gangster?
    I kinda know what a gangster is. But what is a good definition? and don't give your opinion just a definition.
    4 General 28
  43. What word has this definition?
    Hey all, So I was in a lesson and a word was used that I looked up. The word means like...when you do an act, but only to benefit yourself. So, like if you helped someone out, but only because in doing so, it would make you look better...
    3 Education 23
  44. Cheap grace and costly grace
    What is the definition of cheap grace and costly grace??
    3 Religion 40
  45. Science
    What is the definition of the water cycle?
    4 Science 10
  46. Define a person that is needy?
    what is your definition of a needy person?
    3 General 35
  47. What are the differences between psychologist and psychotherapist
    what's the difference (by definition) between a psychologist and a physiotherapist
    6 Health 1538
  48. What is being in love
    I just want to hear different definitions
    4 Relationships 15
  49. Do you think that funadvice has a discretionary definition for questions?
    Is a question a question when it seeks input from the Funadvice population... or only when it meets a 2nd grade standard that is meant to inform grammatical neophytes of the difference in punctuation marks? Is the status update a catch all for anything...
    16 Funadvice 13
  50. Is it definitely over?
    I miss him... I ended it and am kicking myself now bc I miss him. The thing is, it wasn't a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship (and no it wasn't a cut-buddy thing. We didn't want the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing and avoided that. Things starte...
    3 Sex 15
  51. What is the difference between side affects and symptoms?
    is it the same definition for both words?
    7 Health 22
  52. cultural/societal defintion
    In your own definition, how do you define a "small country"?
    4 General 17
  53. Mickey Avalon(:
    Who else thinks he's the perfect definition of sexy?
    5 Sex 12
  54. Are atheists against religion or just don't believe in god?
    I'm an atheist. Just don't believe in god. But is the definition of atheist being against religion, cause I'm not!
    12 Religion 68
  55. What does the word duality mean?
    i have read definitions, but it still confuses me.
    3 Literature 50
  56. What is the 'Fertility Revolution'?
    need a definition or explanation if you have one please . . .
    2 General 555
  57. Infrequent pot smoker wants a definitive answer
    I have been seriously ill with an illness that caused extensive nerve damage. I am heavy, have a slow metabolism, am only semi-active and take lasix already for high bp. I am on lyrica and morphine for the pain from my nerve damage. The morphine makes ...
    9 Health 98
  58. Where is your favorite place to get fried chicken?
    Mine's definitely KFC.
    18 Food 35
  59. What are the three types of formals?
    what are the three types of formal all I can think of is formal and semi formal what is the third one and all three of there definitions?
    2 General 71
  60. Why is my fish eating all my other fish? (continued)
    It;s definitely a black moor, and it's with other goldfish that are bigger than him.
    4 Pets 48
  61. Who was the greatest basketball player
    In your opinion that is. Not looking for a wikipedia or other definitive answer.
    7 Sports 29
  62. Rottweilers tied together two weeks does this mean she's pregnant?
    My two rottweilers tied together two weeks ago does this mean she is definitely pregnant
    4 Pets 54
  63. How to know if you have hymen?
    How do you know if you still have a hymen?? I've used a tampon before so does that mean I have definitely broken it?? and where is it?
    2 Health 1064
  64. Delts/shoulders
    I need to get my shoulders/deltoids huge, i have to know the secrets behind anyone who has worked on their delts alot.......i want that bulk and definition, and definitely to get it stronger.......... thanks alot for help
    3 Nutritionfitness 17
  65. Open Minded?
    Do you think you are open minded? Think carefully...most who do, by most standards, truly aren't. So why do you think YOU are? And what is your definition of someone who is?
    4 General 39
  66. Is sausage made entirely of pork?
    well, some say it depends on how they cook well others say sausage is the definition of pork?
    8 Food 37
  67. What is chemosynthesis and photosynthesis?
    Please give me a short easy definition for chemosynthesis and photosynthesis! Thanks. 0_o
    4 Science 76
  68. What makes something, whether words or an act, demeaning (more)?
    By definition: 1. Cause a severe loss in the dignity of and respect for (someone or something). 2. Do something that is beneath one's dignity. With the definition in mind, what makes something beneath one's dignity? What makes something disrespectf...
    4 General 30
  69. What really exists today and what is definitely fake?
    I know this is pretty stupid but I'm just curious what's real and what's not. Like pirates and Vikings for example I know they are real for example Somali pirates. But I hear witches did exist at one point in Salem,MA. But like Greek mythology,zombies,...
    2 General 29
  70. Is a girl or woman with light or lighter brown hair a brunette?
    Is a girl or woman with light or lighter brown hair a brunette? I know dark-brown or black hair, especially dark-brown hair is definitely brunette. I'm pretty sure medium brown hair can be considered brunette because brunette is sometimes defined as ha...
    3 Style 64
  71. Why is there an entry for the word 'dictionary' in a dictionary?
    Haha here's another... seriously, what thick person would look up in a dictionary the definition of dictionary?!?! =]
    10 General 30
  72. AVCHD to Standard Def
    I was wondering if anyone knew of a good program to convert AVCHD format to standard definition?
    2 Technology 21
  73. What is polymorphism in Java and how can it be applied while coding?
    I have the textbook definition of it, but I don't understand it. Can someone explain it to me in simpler terms and explain how it can be applied to coding?
    2 Technology 14
  74. How do I get my taskbar to show when I'm using Google Chrome?
    It's only dissapearing when im using chrome and its definitely to do with chrome, not the taskbar propeties
    4 Technology 35
  75. What does the word "Democratic" mean?
    can u plse use an easy to understand definition not a complicated one?
    2 Politics 58
  76. what's weird to u?
    my professor told me that if somebody told you you are weird you should take it as a compliment..but I don't know.. so whats your definition of WEIRD?
    13 Education 63
  77. What is a fake girl?
    I am trying to get thru high school being as real as I can. Can anyone tell me their definition of a fake girl?
    3 Relationships 60
  78. Who knows what the word for "fear of Friday the 13th" is?
    It's definitely a phobia that many people share, but how many of you know what it's called?
    3 General 9
  79. How hard will it be to get black dye out?
    I accidentally dyed my hair black; it was supposed to be dark brown, which my hair naturally is. How difficult will it be (and I'm definitely going to a salon this time) and how painful on my scalp will it be to get it back to dark brown? I'm not loo...
    5 Style 76
  80. What does caress mean?
    What does caress mean? Like if your hair caresses??? I have no idea, somebody told me that their hair caressed nicely...? lol im not sure of the definition
    2 General 129
  81. Antonym / Synonym for . . .
    "prowess" definition : Bravery or ability. Skill or strength. does anyone know the antonym for "prowess" does anyone know the synonym for "prowess" please help ??!!!
    4 General 69
  82. What is a spindoctor?
    I like the rock group Spindoctors. I am embarrassed to admit I don't know the definition of a spindoctor or what an example of one would be. Anybody?
    2 Money 12
  83. Does anyone ever refer to someone as "having a chip on their shoulder" anymore?
    If you were to say or hear that, what is your? (key word there) definition?
    7 General 24
  84. Who decided which of the original books should go in each verson of the Bible?
    Why is there not simply one definitive version and why were the Apochrypha left out?
    5 Religion 28
  85. What's the Greatest Guitar Solo and Guitarist Ever?
    Greatest Guitar Solo is definitely Eruption By Eddie Van Halen Greatest Guitarist is Slash What do you say?
    11 Music 38
  86. what is some REALLY good junior chapter books?
    i don't want adult books though. but definitely chapter book! lol like junior book those are always good :D
    3 Literature 17
  87. Study tips?
    I'm trying to study for a vocab test for tomorrow. The definitions won't stick to me! Any tips on how I can study to memorize them? Thanks!<3
    4 Education 13
  88. How come guys don't ask me out?
    I know dead ugly people that have had more boyfriends then me. I'm definitely not pretty, but I wanna know why I am rarely asked out?
    15 Relationships 103
  89. What would you do if someone, in all seriousness, told you that they were a vampire?
    and by seriousness, i do mean, literally, the very definition of serious. as serious as death here! would you try and get them help? or would you just laugh?
    16 Religion 65
  90. What does it mean when someone says "I took you for granted
    What does it mean when someone says "I took you for granted" like give me the definition or use it in a sentence or what does the word granted mean I've always been so confused with this word
    3 General 535
  91. Are you smarter than a 5th grader?
    I would like to think that I was smarter than a 5th grader, but I don't think that I quite am after watching the show sometimes. I could definitely beat up a 3rd grader. Are you 'Smarter than a 5th Grader'?
    8 Entertainment 44
  92. What is tongue tornado?
    I want to know it's definition and procedure of the tongue tornado, in the movie american pie the talk about it. Please if anyone knows, I m listening.
    2 Relationships 1007
  93. Why was Pluto a planet and not any longer?
    All my life Pluto was a planet. Now it's not? Why? Did it shrink or something? Did the definition change? Did it get kicked out of the club 'cause it's so far away?
    10 Science 187
  94. What is a variation (classical music)?
    Please no technical definitions as I have read through it already, I would please like an explanation in simple terms. Thanks!!
    6 Music 42
  95. What) could you define the word bastard exactly?
    What,precisely,does the word bastard mean? I mean,I know hwht it means,but whts the complete definition?thx Xx
    2 General 13
  96. Can you wash a duvet in the washing machine?
    Cuz mine is sort of gross at the moment and it definitely needs to be washed but if it needs to be hand washed I'm just gonna throw it out >.>
    5 Technology 13
  97. How can I get Shakira's stomach?
    how can I get a shakiras stomache her stomache I so licious she got the sexi definition line and the nice wide hips how can I get that need da truth!!!1
    3 Sex 102
  98. The man who can't be moved
    Has anyone heard The Script's new song The Man Who Can't be Moved it's amazing and my favourite song of the moment, Does anyone else like it? It's definitely worth a listen
    2 Music 17
  99. Where can I find glow in the dark condoms?!
    Lol XD they definitely don't sell them at the pharmacy, and I really really want them O: do I have to buy them online or something?
    23 Health 128
  100. How can "entity" be used in a sentence?
    What's an example of using the word "entity" in a sentence? It's a vocab word and I don't understnad any definitions. So maybe if you use it in a simple sentence, I'd get it. Help is appreciated. Thanks =D
    4 Education 617
  101. Are business and engineering some good courses to major in, in college?
    I definitely want to major in business, and I would also like to do engineering. I was wondering if these are two good courses to major in, when I get into college. Should I major/minor in other courses too?
    2 Education 5
  102. Best drummer!?
    Best drummer!? Definitely joey from slipknot. But,dave grohl from foo fighters/nirvana gives a different soundd I likee. Whatta bout you?
    9 Music 15
  103. Can you get back dimples through exercise?
    Is there a way to excercise to get them, or any suggestions? They are definitely hot and I would like to know if they're just something you have or something you can get... Thanks:)
    3 Nutritionfitness 145
  104. Apple or Vaio?
    So should I get the Vaio or Apple? I'm really new to all this. No budget. But I am definitely not gettin the MacBook Air because of the trouble when wanting to use CDs.
    4 Technology 22
  105. How are oxygen and carbon dioxide transferred through the blood?
    I need a narrated informative definition. You can also provide useful link which is easy to understand
    6 Science 25
  106. Are there any sites that can help with expanding my vocabulary?
    I would like to learn a lot of new words over the summer while I have time to and I was wondering of there are any sites that can just give me new words and the definition of each.
    7 Education 11
  107. Who would say that atheism is a religion?
    I have been pondering this for a while now and attempting to debate it. I cannot seem to figure out whether it is a religion or not. I mean I can't even seem to define religion properly. There are various definitions on the web, yet I feel that certain...
    12 Religion 21
  108. What state has the lowest property tax?
    Is Oregon or Alaska the state with the lowest property tax? I am having a debate with my mom on the phone about this. She thinks it is Alaska, and I say that Oregon definitely has a lower tax rate for homes, school, and property.
    3 Homegarden 58
  109. German name meaning
    Is there anyone who could give me the definition of this German name : Hansolf. I'm not sure if the spelling is right but it would mean a lot if I could get the meaning. Thanks :)
    3 General 21
  110. Where should I get more piercings?
    So far I have six in my ears and some time next month I will have four in my hips (: I definitely want more tho! What other piercings would look good on me?
    2 Style 27
  111. razor phone
    How many people really like the motorola razor phone? Just wondering because I bought one and I HATE it! Like it really sux, definitely has nothing on the venus, which rules!!!
    2 Shopping 48
  112. How far should we go?
    How far do you think I should let him get? It's only been a week. I really don't know we haven't talked about it a lot but he's definitely horny and wants some kind of action.. I don't know what to do.
    3 Relationships 51
  113. Questioning the actions of your nation is that treason.
    When someone doesnt agree with the governemt I've heard some conservative or other (you dont have to believe that) say thats treasoness. What is by definition treason?
    4 Politics 60
  114. What are torpedo boobs?
    I heard this guy at my school making fun of a girl for having "torpedo boobs". I've heard mixed definitions so if you could please explain to me what those are and how they would look because I just do not get it.
    2 Style 387
  115. Where in the Buddhist religion is blasphemy addressed?
    From what I understand, Bhuddists don't believe in any sort of 'God', however the definition of blasphemy seems to cover insulting 'God' or anything sacred. So, is blasphemy recognised in the Bhuddist religion?
    3 Religion 13
  116. What is a good perm for long straight hair?
    I have definitely been considering getting a perm and I need to know what would look good on long straight hair that is easy to handle. I like loose curls but I don't know
    9 Style 55
  117. Why do people bully at school?
    Why do kids bully at schools? What is your definition for a bully? I'm doing an essay for school and it has to be done by tonight so I need a few pionters I am not going to copy or anything just need more opinions and facts thank you.
    8 Education 79
  118. Straightening/teasing and making your hair look like its wet
    I want to know how I can straighten my hair and have it like definitive... Like sorta teased... And I love the look of my hair when it's wet and all separated and I dont know what to put in it to make it stay like that Thanks :)
    2 Style 53
  119. What is your idea of ''taking a break''?
    To me, it's translation for: I don't wanna be with you, but I want to keep my options open with you in case my safety net fails.... People say otherwise.. What's the definition of taking a break?
    10 General 28
  120. How do I get faketan off my hands really quickly?
    They're so orange and I've definitely learnt from my mistake! But I really need it off by tomorrow! Oh and I used the wipes. Pleaseeee help!
    13 Style 28
  121. What Biology jobs are out there?
    My major at the beginning of this year was Pre-Pharmacy. I just recently changed it to Biology. What jobs are out there for biology majors? I'm looking for types of jobs that don't have to have much Chemistry at all! That's definitely my weak point.
    3 Education 14
  122. Does your hair feel/look different when you use a more expensive shampoo and conditioner?
    Just askin cuz i was using herbal essence then i switched to biolage and i been using it for a week...i definitely notice a differance in my hairs texture and smell ;)
    20 Style 40
  123. Who is your fashion celebrity icon?
    Oh come on we mostly all copy what celebs are wearing sometimes so whos you favorite? Mine is definitely jennifer aniston or katherine heigl
    4 Style 12
  124. What do you call a strict parent?
    What is overprotective and strict in your definition? I'm a very curious person and I would like to hear from the world just to gain more knowledge and know what I'm doing without regreting it..
    2 Family 128
  125. How do I make this into a compound sentence?
    ok well I have no clue how to make these sentences compound complex! they sound fine to me... what do you think? Tolerence has many different types of definitions. The most notable one is its action.
    3 Education 41
  126. What would you call thier style of music?
    Electro pop rock? I guess what we may call it is one thing and i guess the bands definition of their music could be totaly different but Just asking?
    7 Music 9
  127. Who knows of any good Celtic themed bands?
    The question pretty much says it all. I'm just looking for more Celtic music. If you know any Celtic metal that's a definite plus XD But anything will do. Thanks in advance.
    5 Music 12
  128. PC games...
    well I REALLY want to get gta 4 but I can definitely not afford a ps3 until my birthday so... in your personal opinion, are pc games better worse or the same as the console versions? just in general not only on gta
    3 Gaming 41
  129. Spanish Recipes?
    I have to make a spanish cooking video where I make an authentic spanish recipe (spanish meaning from any spanish-speaking country) and explain how to do it and then serve it! I want to do something definitely original, yet not too hard to make. Have a...
    6 Food 15
  130. dark spots under my eyes
    Hi, I have a question. I'm 17 years old and I have light blue eyes and the girls definitely like it. But, sad thing is I have dark circles under my eyes, what should I have to do to get rid of them?
    5 Health 42
  131. Character, integrity, and solid core values?
    Some on funadvice have said that John McCain is definitely best for America because he has character, integrity, and solid core values. Do people who feel that way about McCain think that Colin Powell is a man of character, integrity, and solid core...
    4 Politics 33
  132. What piercing would you recommend?
    I'm definitely going to get my first piercing soon, somewhere on my face or head. What do you guys think would be best? And I have chest-length dreadlocks.
    3 Style 124
  133. What are your thoughts on Madonna's boob flash?
    I thought it was a desperate attempt for attention, it was definitely unexpected but I guess she feels she's not as hot as she wants to she did it so she'll be one of the highlight celebs the media is talking about.
    9 Entertainment 41
  134. How beneficial would going back to highschool be?
    I dropped out and I definitely don't plan on going to University, but if I decided to go back, would just going back to highschool and only having my highschool diploma help me in the long run, like with jobs and such? Or is it even worth it if I don't...
    5 Money 18
  135. What does it mean when my left eye is twitching?
    Looking for a meaning, like a sign, not a medical definition. For example, if your palm is itching it means fortune is coming your way or if your knee is aching, it going to snow. Something like that
    3 Health 42
  136. What is the difference between the term HYDRATING and MOISTURISING?
    I was told told that moisterising and hydrating are similar but different. Hydrating (balances out oilyness and dryness) Mositerising (gives moister to dry skin) help me get the proper definitions please ^^
    4 Style 16
  137. Is weight okay for a small 13 year old
    I'm a 13 year old girl and I weigh only 5 and a half stone. Is this alright? I'm definitely small for my age and I have a problem where I eat loads, but don't gain weight! Thanks :)
    2 Nutritionfitness 71
  138. Whats the first thing that comes to mind when someone says "redneck"?
    Got into a discussion on another forum about the work redneck and apparently my definitional is completely different from other peoples. Just curious what people on here thought.
    24 General 60
  139. Should I go to the doctor?
    I'm a 17 year old girl, 18 in December and I haven't hit puberty yet. I don't even fit into a 28a bra, and I definitely haven't had my period yet. Should I go see the doctor about this?
    3 Health 61
  140. The "real" meaning of the term "Tomboy"???
    Hey. I've always been one to think that "tomboys" are simply girls who act like the stereotypical idea of how a boy should act, wear clothes that stereotyipically belong on boys, etc., but lately I've been hearing talk about how not many people really ...
    8 General 98
  141. My life is so boring
    So I definitly feel like my life is so boring. All I ever do is hang out with my boyfriend, and my one bestfriend. I dont wanna be stuck inside for like 3 to 4 nights in a row anymore, I wanna hang out with more and differnent people. What can I do ?
    3 Relationships 48
  142. Questions About Schizophrenia
    If schizophrenia does not run in the family,can you still develop it? What's the earliest age a female can develop schizophrenia? How extreme can it get? What are the types of schizophrenia (And definition,please)? How long does it take to diagnose? Ho...
    5 Health 37
  143. Example of a thematic statement?
    Okay I'm supposed to be doing themmatic statements but when I look it up the internet it gives me the definition(which does not help). Could someone please give me one or two examples of a thematic statement so I understand better or explain it. Please...
    2 Education 449
  144. Would you say "You're Spirit Filled" ?
    What does it mean to be Spirit filled according to the Holy Bible? What is the best definition? Obviously you have to be a believer first, but what's it all about if you claim to be a follower of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) ? If you don't believe, how do ...
    6 Religion 26
  145. Help me with a new hair do please?
    I am getting my hair cut next weekend but I have no idea how I want to cut it. I have black-brown hair barely past my boobs. I have no layers and no bangs. I am definitely looking for a change. Help ne out?
    2 Style 17
  146. Is Taylor Swift still mad over what Camilla Belle did to her boyfriend?
    Is Taylor still upset over Camilla Belle if so why? I mean this was like 2 years ago and Taylor is still angry about Camilla cheating on her boyfriend or something? And is she friends with Kanye West now..i heard they definitely made up.
    18 Entertainment 38
  147. Which party has enabled technological progress more?
    Who has enabled technological progress more over the years, Democrats or Republicans? What I mean is, over the years, as technology has advanced, which parties principles have they enacted to help it progress faster? Also, if possible, who has bette...
    2 Politics 15
  148. What does it mean to buy,sell stock?
    I honestly dont understand what buying, and selling a stock means. Or "sharing it". Please give me a definition that I will understand, (15 years old) of what it all means, and use good examples not all 'smart terms'. So, just put it in a simple way.
    2 Money 35
  149. Am I getting sick?
    For the past 4 hours I have been sneezing nonstop,not back to back but every 10 minutes and well just before I asked this question,am I getting sick? No I'm not coughing,and a definite no my mom will not take me to get checked out and I don't have any...
    5 Health 48
  150. Can you prove Resident evil 5 is racist?
    Well I've heard people say its racist. Im not sure what to think . Heres the questions Is resident evil 5 racist? What to you is the definition of racism? How do you know thats what the creators of the game had that in their mind for the game...
    3 Gaming 16
  151. Who's looking forward to the new Harry Potter movie?
    I am really irritated still they delayed the movie release of the new harry potter movie from last holiday season to this summer...however, I'm definitely going to see it in July when it comes out. Are you looking forward to the new movie?
    5 Entertainment 38
  152. Is it normal for a rabbit to steal another rabbit's food?
    I have two rabbits, boy and girl both neutered. The boy does not go to eat but when the girl does he goes and steals the food and eats it. It's not that bad as the female rabbit's health isn't suffering but the male is definitely fatter. Just wondering...
    3 Pets 57
  153. Child Words Please? Lol
    Definition of Political Partys::: •A political party is a political organization that seeks to attain and maintain political power within government, usually by participating in electoral campaigns. Please.. What does this mean? lol. I am doing a...
    3 Sex 48
  154. Has anyone had food poisoning?
    Ok, just discovered I have eaten something 2 weeks out of date (eeew) Thought something tasted funny, but I dismissed it. Never had food poisoning before, I know the text book definition...but what's it really like? Just worried...
    8 Health 286
  155. Not having a period at age 17? What could be wrong?
    My friend is turning 18 and I just found out she never had her period. I told her to go check with the doctor definitely, but do anyone know what could be the problem? Is this normal? And can she still get pregnant if she have sex?
    2 Sex 16
  156. Interview, I'm so nervous
    I have a job interview today and I'm so nervous, does anybody have any tips for me? The place is apparently really hard to get into, which lowers my confidence by a lot. Definitely doesn't help at all. I don't want to be so nervous to the point that I ...
    5 Money 31
  157. How do I tell my parents I was raped?
    I was raped when I was 8 years old and I haven't told my parents. I know who did it but I'm not sure if my parents will believe me. I don't want him to hurt me again. I really don't know what to do! I'm 14 now but it's still really hard. I don't want m...
    20 Family 160
  158. Lump on my dog after she got spayed.
    I got my dog spayed on the 25th and where her stitches are, theres a hard lump inside her. Do you know if this is normal? I am definitely calling the spay/neuter clinic to ask tomorrow but I would like to hear some answers at the moment. Thank you.
    3 Pets 623
  159. What course shoudl I take?
    So I am a little stuck weather to go do photography or graphics in college I have already definitely decided on maths, physics and art but I unsure on my 4th choice please give your views and opinions.
    3 Education 11
  160. Pain under my lower left rib
    For about 3 years now I have been getting this really annoying but not unbearable its not my eating habits or drinking habits because I am really good with the foods that I eat and I barely ever drink but I do want help on what this might be Defin...
    6 Health 103
  161. How to approach my Mom about her coke use?
    ok so my mom is a definite coke whore. it really pisses me off like crazy and I tried to talk to her and she just denies it. but I have proof that she is I mean I have seen her buy it. I flipped a shit brick on her yesterday about it. how do I appro...
    5 Family 15
  162. Whats a good psn for a girl?
    im tired of my psn name now and i just wanna change it but im stuck with creating one, im a chick, i love music (rock) and i definitely want it known that im a chick who can play some COD. without any game titles in the name.
    3 Gaming 31
  163. Will my cherry pop the first time that we do it?
    I was just wondering if my cherry will definitely pop the first time that me and my boyfriend do it. Does it hurt cause I've used dildos before and like its a block up there like it hurts and wont go any further. How does he really pop it? Not trying t...
    2 Relationships 127
  164. I don't know the name of this cello piece...
    There's a really sad cello piece that I heard and I think it might be by Bach, but I'm not sure... It's definitely a classical piece, I'm just not sure who wrote it and what it's called. Everytime someone plays the cello on TV or in a movie, they usual...
    2 Music 51
  165. What would you choose?
    So what would you choose; partying or being home watching a good movie? I would definitely party! I mean, yea, it's always nice to be home and watch movies, but you can do that whenever you get home from school or something. the weekend is there to me...
    11 Entertainment 54
  166. Why do girls
    Why do girls feel like having a baby would solve their problems? I feel like a woman should not even consider having a baby if she has problems that she feels she cannot overcome. How can girls be so selfish as to think bringing another life into their...
    2 Relationships 16
  167. Who is the guy in this comercial???
    U no those sour patch kids comercials? Well the one with the kid on the bike and then he slams into the wall and that sour patch guy gives him the band aid, who is that guy who slams into the wall? Im pretty sure its the guy who plays JT in degrassi, b...
    2 Music 36
  168. What could I use under my wireless mouse to make it work?
    I have a wireless mouse, and it works on most surfaces. However, my desk has recently been painted, and now it will not work. :/ I currently have a thin piece of paper taped to the desk that it works on, lol.. but it is tearing and is definitely not a ...
    9 Technology 20
  169. Friends with benifits
    Okay, the second day of school and the 4th year I knew this girl who is my best friend and I asked her to have sex with me, she said she will definitely consider it but that doesnt write it in pen and paper, so I was thinking of talking dirty to her to...
    2 Sex 7
  170. Is Nascar really a sport?
    I have been arguing with a partner of mine that Nascar is NOT a sport. He says that it most definitely is and he keeps on about talent and whatnot. I know people that commute longer than some of those races and I think that those Nascar drivers don't...
    6 Sports 46
  171. What is a fruit and what is a vegetable?
    Okay, question #1 what is a fruit? (the definition I found was a seed with an envelope and is eatable and comes from trees or from the ground Question #2 is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? (it has a seed so I guess it is a fruit ...
    3 Food 34
  172. What is the weirdest impression anyone has ever made on you?
    I was just looking back to when I met this 7'2 guy named eric he was driving his car with his feet with a huge stalk of broccoli in his mouth listening to dooms day music haha definitely weirdest impression. What about for you?
    9 General 38
  173. The sims 3: like it or not?
    I have to say im disappointed with the sims 3. It wasnt that great, definitely not as cool as I expected. Its a little too detailed and hi-tech for me, especially since im so used to the sims 2. Let me know your opinions on the game, did you like it or...
    9 Gaming 31
  174. what should tall girls wear with their dress?
    I'm tall. and I don't wear heels. normally, just flats. so I'm having a graduation prom night party on december. and I still haven't decide what should I wear with my dress! heels? any other options? my partner is 5"9" and I definitely don't want...
    7 Style 75
  175. What is this white stuff during sex (with a condom!)?
    So, me and my boyfriend were having sex with a trojan her pleasure condom and like, 2 minutes into it, he slipped out of me because I was really wet, and when I went to put it back in I felt around and when I looked at my fingers there was this white s...
    2 Sex 2417
  176. What's going on with the spoiler on my car?
    I have a spoiler on the back of my sunfire and it feels like it's rusted (it's really rough and scratchy) but it's definitely not rust. Is the paint just rubbing off, or what? It's really bothering me though, haha. I want to fix it asap so I need to kn...
    2 Cars 30
  177. Who thinks Ben Foster is the new Leonardo DiCaprio?
    Ok, this is a fun question but I want to know if any members know who this hot Hollywood star is and have you watched any of his movies. He rocks in The Messenger and Pandorum...The guys has looks and acting abilities. :) Definitely hunkyilicous and ...
    6 Entertainment 21
  178. What is this red line from the base of my penis shaft to a bump?
    I have a red line from the base of my penis until it leads to a bump (its about 2mm x 2mm x 1mm) near the head of my penis. Its definitely not a vane but looks like its been irritated. I AM STILL A VIRGIN, so I'm pretty sure I don't have any STD's... ...
    2 Health 98
  179. Workout and diet
    I am constantly working out all day (im on summer break). My body isnt fat or anything but I would like it to be more toned and I want some more definition in my abs and arms. But I take birth control for my acne and it makes me gain like crazyyy. What...
    5 Nutritionfitness 33
  180. Bad idea to fake relationship?
    So I got myself a problem with a girl at this other school that I go to for half of the day (ccoc). She likes me and she is definitely not my type... At all! So is it a good or bad idea to fake a relationship with someone not from that school so sh...
    2 Relationships 34
  181. Why does she get to be perfect?
    Okay, so the girl isn't exactly mean. But she's really annoying. She acts all "cute" and stuff. And she's just so naturally funny. And I guess i hate her cos im jealous. She's cute, funny, pretty. And she likes the guy I like. And I'm definitely not as...
    3 Relationships 32
  182. okay this is a kinda gross girl question...but I need to know
    do you ever get like sick goopy stuff coming out of your vag? like most of the time it is just in your underwear but sometimes it is a long string of it when you pee...its really gross and it definitely grosses me out. and sometimes I can feel it..its ...
    6 Health 406
  183. Why won't a Volvo's doors unlock or engine start?
    So my boyfriend has a Volvo. It's a wagon..not sure of the year, definitely 1996-1999. Anyway, it has automatic locks with one of those clickers. Today, out of absolutely nowhere, none of the doors will unlock with the clicker. When he manually unlocks...
    5 General 49
  184. Haic Test
    I need to know what a haic test is my aunts doctor ordered it for her but we didnt know what it is so I looked it up and the definition for it is hepatic artery infusion chemotherapy... and that is something bout the liver. but when my mom called her d...
    4 Health 64
  185. Do you feel there is truth to paranormal activity?
    Do you feel there is truth to paranormal activity? Have you heard noises and you know you are the only one there? Perhaps you have found a coin or coins in an odd place? As of late, I have caught several episodes of this particular show (Paranorma...
    8 Entertainment 37
  186. Do County hospitals take bills to collection?
    My boyfriend has a $600 charge from the County Hospital, for a couple xrays and an ultrasound. He definitely doesn't have the money to pay it. He heard from someone that County Hospitals get state grants annually, and pay off outstanding bills and even...
    5 Money 13
  187. Is there a way to purchase a ticket and not know a departure date?
    I am expecting a child in a few weeks and, of course, that date is never definite. My child's father is in New York and he'll need to be here for the birth in North Carolina. Is there a way to purchase an open-ended ticket, one way, the day of delivery...
    2 Travel 29
  188. Would you dump a partner if you found that they were taking drugs?
    I know for a fact I would...I wouldn't want someone like that around me..They could pressure me into it and I wouldn't want to be with someone who is damaging their body like that. If I loved them a lot and I had been with them for a few years then I...
    5 Drugs 44
  189. Whats this word?!?!?
    Whats the name of this word? I dont know what the word is... But I know the definition of it. Okay, I heard of this word like 5 years ago lol. Its like... when you do something to make it better...but it ends up worse. Its not irony. Here is an e...
    3 General 39
  190. What kind of shoes should I wear with this dress?
    I recently purchased the ballet dress in chocolate brown from the Gap... I am wearing it to a semi-casual wedding this weekend. What should I wear for shoes? I was thinking along the lines of Espadrilles... something brown/natural... perhaps some simpl...
    4 Style 94
  191. What's love to you? we've all felt it, seen it...we've all experienced love at one point or another... But what is love (to you)? I don't want a definition...just feelings... Towards it would be nice...or maybe even a quote?... Need to do a poem... And I want so...
    6 Music 3
  192. Where were you on 9/11/01?
    Where were you and what were you doing on 9/11? I bet this has been asked, but I haven't seen it since I became a member. I was in my 8th grade health class. Our social studies teacher walked in, turned on the TV, and the two planes had already hit. ...
    16 Politics 38
  193. What is a surefire way to get weed out of your system...and FAST?
    I would like to know how to get weed out of your system as fast as possible. I am not looking for any after school special type answers either. I want to make sure it doesn't show up in a urine drug test or a mouth swab. Anyone have any definite answer...
    2 Health 96
  194. Weird Bump
    On Friday during second period, I noticed this little bump on top of my hand. It looked like a pimple and it hurt when I'd pinch it. Now, almost Monday, it's still there, not as big, but definitely still there. It doesn't hurt, but when I put my fing...
    3 Health 60
  195. Bellybutton piercing
    I just pierced my own bellybutton with a safety pin. I did sterilize the pin... And I have been keeping it clean with rubbing alcohol, some kind of peroxide, and this stuff called bacteine, all which claim to prevent infections... The area is a little...
    10 Style 72
  196. Can the human eye see the difference between 1080p and 1080i?
    I know that the highest resolution stuff out there is 1080p, and 1080i is a similar but slightly different spec that is used for TV broadcasts of high definition content. However, since 1080i is slightly "inferior" to 1080p, we went with a 1080p for ou...
    2 Entertainment 68
  197. science vocabulary help
    I need to know the definitions of thses words wave, crest, trough, tide, tidal range, spring tides, neap tides, rotation, revolution, solistices, equninoxes and why seasons, day and night accur and what are the different monn phases I really suc...
    3 Education 23
  198. Why do people keep asking if they're pregnant?!!
    Why do a lot of people on this site ask "could I be pregnant if..." ??? Go to the docter or take a pregnancy test! The people on this site are most likely no more knowledgable on the subject than you yourself are. Also theres no point in asking "could ...
    10 Sex 44
  199. Urges to be pregnant, but don't want children?
    I am having urges to be pregnant, but are definitely not interested in having children and I am 30 years of age; I had hoped that I had made up my mind by now. I cringe everytime I get this urge to be pregnant because I know I don't want the end produc...
    5 Family 77
  200. What about Geos?
    I hate seeing these commercials for cars that get an "amazing" 32 mpg. My dad had a 1994 Geo metro that got 45! I definitely think that they should start making Geos again. I know that there are hybrids, but a 2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid 2WD Sport U...
    5 Environment 23
  201. Is there any way for a 16 year old to take a vacation/trip on their own in the USA?
    If they pay for the entire thing and make all the arrangements themself.... Keep in mind, no drivers license, car, or credit card. Preferibly no parental involvement (but not running away!) and definitly bringing noone with them. Budget of around $1000.
    6 Travel 47
  202. Whats supposed to happen here?
    Me and my g/f were talking one day and we figured that it was time to take another step up in our relationship. So I did what I said I was going to do. She said that she wants to "return the favor", but she says that she has never done it before. She ...
    2 Relationships 16
  203. Can someone explain, in detail and simple words, what a fallacy is, and different types within mathematical/computer science logic?
    It's not a homework question. It's rather a mathematical term that I simply cannot understand despite reading and re-reading textbook definitions and looking at mathematical websites. And something I need to understand for a test.
    2 Education 26
  204. How do I get my 2 year old to feed himself?
    How do I get my 2 yr old to feed himself?He won't even finger feed himself. I have been feeding him way to long and now it is definitely time for him to learn. he passes me a cookie from the table so I can feed him it. I try to put it to his mouth with...
    3 Babies 99
  205. Does anybody know the name of this song?
    I can't find a song from several years ago that I thought was by Reba McIntire but doesn't appear to be on any of her albums. The opening line is something like 'Used to be, love was good to me...'. It's got a definite country flavor and a progressiv...
    5 Music 18
  206. How do you even out muscle growth?
    Ok I've been working out for about a year and I've noticed that my left bicep,tricep,shoulder,upperchest,leg, forearm, and lat are all bigger, stronger, and have more definition than the rightside and when I was little I did some "intense cardio with t...
    3 Nutritionfitness 40
  207. Eid and Christmas
    **this is in no way racist, I'm definitely not that kind of person** but how come, when muslims celebrate eid and get time off from school, like 3 days, and people who don't have to stay at school then when it comes to christmas, the people who...
    19 Religion 61
  208. Who makes the best laptop for me?
    In your best opinion for someone who is reaching the big 50year old mark and who now needs the good old reading glasses and who of course does emailing, letter writing, searches the internet and who definitely wants the absolute best possible graphics...
    10 Technology 41
  209. How to become more outgoing?
    alright, so I've heard many definitions of 'prude' and im not really sure if I know exactly what it means? and is there anyway you could make yourself more outgoing? and able to feel more comfortable around people. because im wicked shy most of the tim...
    6 Relationships 49
  210. Sophie- ABC Family
    Anyone seen previews for this? I think it looks adorable! I've been trying to find a fun, fluffy show to watch...and since Secret Life is going to be gone for a bit, I'm going to need a Monday night replacement. It's definitely a girly show, but I love...
    2 Entertainment 14
  211. what should tall girls wear with their dress? [UPDATED]
    I'm tall [5"7"]. well, I'm not THAT tall really and I don't wear heels. normally, just flats. so I'm having a graduation prom night party on december. and I still haven't decide what should I wear with my dress! heels? any other options? well, I do ...
    2 Style 22
  212. What do you do when you act silly?
    You know like Something that you frequently do or enjoy..when no ones noticing...but something thats like makes you laugh, evrytime you do that thing you do.. when no ones It could one thing or a variety of things?? It should definitely be ...
    3 Entertainment 39
  213. What can i do for my health project?
    I have a health project due tomorrow, i should of been working on it yesterday & friday but i was lazy & i have a tendancy to procrastinate. It's about phobias, the phobia that i have to do is phasmophobia,the fear of ghosts, i've looked it up & there'...
    2 Education 53
  214. Define emo, why do some label themselves as emo?
    Ok first off, let me tell you what I think "emo" is. [I'm not saying it like I know this so don't come at me foul] Emo to me is an emotional person. A negative person. Someone sad and gloomy and it shows on the outside appearance as well. Well if my...
    22 Style 85
  215. I want a better stomache, how to get better abs?
    I want a better stomache. right now it's smooth, flat, and a little musceled. but I want more definition. I love running but I dont do it as much as I used to. can running give me better abs?? if not what else can?? I used to work out every morning. I...
    5 Nutritionfitness 22
  216. How can I lose weight fast?
    Im going on a ski trip in a week and I really want to lose some serious weight but how can I do so when my mum is constantly around and will definitly notice something? I've already tried to make myself vomit but I never seem to be able to. All my frie...
    3 Nutritionfitness 206
  217. Where can I find Harry Potter socks to buy my friend?
    I reallyyy need to buy my friend a pair of Harry Potter socks for the holidays. He's a 17 year old guy, so definitely an adult, male size. I tried looking online but I'm really not that good with things like this so if anyone could please look for me ...
    3 Shopping 14
  218. Who loves Funadvice with Spell Check?
    Who else really loves the spell check on here? Well I for one REALLY do. So kudos to the moderators for adding that feature although it was a while ago! It has definitely cut back on the really annoying questions that look like this: I cant git ...
    5 Funadvice 8
  219. I Am In Love With A Guy That Has A Gf
    how do i let the guy i like no i like him when he already has a gf without scaring him away ? he doesnt see her that much and hangs out with me more anyways. he also flirts alot and i definitly flirt back. i havent told him i like him even though its o...
    2 Relationships 71
  220. Is Kim Kardashian's overall appearance fake and does her personality suck?
    Hey Kim Kardashian was named the most ill mannered person in hollywood what does that mean? That she's not a nice person right...and do you think Kim's body figure and shape is fake and all she wants to date is black guys why is that the case...don't g...
    10 Entertainment 28
  221. Dry hair?
    Everyone says straightening yur hair makes it look all dry. What does that really mean? What'd the definition of dry hair? I have been straightening my hair and recently I got a nre ahir straighter. it's a tourmaline ceramic wet 2 straight one. I...
    13 Style 53
  222. What is a good food for losing weight?
    I saw your post on how you lost 25 pounds. Im in highschool and weigh 155. Im not fat, but im definitely overweight. Im only five foot one. And I should be around 130, to be healthy. Does eating salads help? Lunches in schools are so hard to get becau...
    4 Nutritionfitness 23
  223. Boyfriends christmas present
    What do I get my boyfriend for christmas? I know hes getting me jewelry. he says a zip up hoodie would be fine since I insisted he tell me, but I don't know what kind. hes definitely not an aeropostale guy. he has one acdc one and one black one with...
    2 Shopping 13
  224. Mum- raped and had an abortion.
    I remember once she told me she'd been raped. She thought I'd been raped and so she told me her story. She also told me about her abortion because she thought my sister was pregnant. I was just like "jesus!" and she told me she still cries about the ba...
    2 Family 28
  225. Advice on how to explain to someone on "how to masturbate."
    I'm a girl. My close friend doesn't know how to masturbate. And she's really determine to learn how to. I tried explaining to her how I do it, but she doesn't get it. She doesn't get the definition of being "horny." Or why people enjoy having sex or ma...
    3 Sex 31
  226. no idea what to do after high school
    I am a junior and ok, I have to be totally honest- I have absolutely no idea what I want to pursue after high school as far as a career goes. I know that I am definitely going to college and everything but I just have no idea on what I want to be. I do...
    3 Education 57
  227. What's your favorite place to buy lingerie?
    I bet most people are gonna say Victoria Secret. Mine definitely isnt because the only good thing about them is their advertisement, they put the wrong sizes on girls, bras are cheap and uncomfortable. Cute and all, but not worth it. Mine is Nordstroms...
    8 Shopping 14
  228. Can we know God in the same way that we know a tree?
    Can we know God in the same way that we know a tree? The purpose of this question is for me to see how Christians think when they think about their god. I would like to tell you something about myself. I am an atheist. As your can see from my pr...
    75 Religion 119
  229. What do you think of physical punishment?
    I believe that slapping, hitting, or any form of physical pain is wrong to put upon a child. I think that maybe parents should just stop it altogether. And if hitting your child doesnt work, then why do they keep doing it and do it harder? Honestly...
    7 Family 71
  230. When did China become Communist? This is urgent PLEASE HELP!
    Im writing an essay for my AP History class, Im almost done but then I realized that I disn't know the answer to this question- When did China become Communist?- which is a huge part of my essay. I may even have to ompletly rewrite it. I looked all ove...
    3 Politics 15
  231. Moving out check-list
    My boyfriend and I are moving in together in 9 days, we are making a list of all the basic things we still need to get but we just want to make sure we dont miss anything. Even though we have family close by if we need anything it would be nice for us ...
    6 Homegarden 56
  232. How to leave a cheating mate
    My boyfriend of 6 years , I feel is cheating on me. I do not have any proof but he's hardly around anymore, we don't go out, and sex has definitely come to a halt. He says he's going thru some things and that he loves me oh yea he also lives with me. ...
    2 Sex 19
  233. Why is my Pomeranian not pregnant?
    I bred my poms on 05/01/08 and they had 6 ties each lasting from 10-30 minutes. I took my female to the vet yesterday to have her examined to determine for sure that she was pregnant. She should be about 48 days along. The vet did an examination onl...
    3 Pets 70
  234. Seeing colorful shapes in the dark?
    I definitely know I am not crazy, but sometimes I see odd outlines in the dark or green flashes of light? Kind of like I'm seeing things in night vision or thermacam. I can see them when I close my eyes too and sometimes it freaks me out, probably beca...
    3 General 52
  235. Inner ear itch
    About a week ago I noticed a slight itch in my ear, not reachable with a q-tip, it was annoying at times, but definitely bearable. But now it's in both sides, and it is driving my nuts, I mean I can't reach the itch, and I have tried peroxide, which di...
    8 Health 100
  236. tanning problem
    today I had a sftbal tournament and now I have realy bad tan lines. my leg is white my knee is tan and my thigh is white so I definitly cant wear shorts :[ do you know of anything that could help me like is there taning oil or something to even my tan...
    2 Style 25
  237. Who has got close to someone online and really liked them?
    Has anyone gotten close to someone online and started really liking them, but the thought of meeting them is really scary.. Im 18 and quite insecure and have low self esteem and I think if I met them, they'd totally stop liking me. I definitely have th...
    5 Relationships 14
  238. what is it like having herpes?
    like I said, what is it like? does it hurt? and is it obvious that you have it? im terrfied of kissing guys sometimes because for all I know they could have it and not tell me, then I would get it, is it true that a person can contract herpes and not...
    2 Health 34
  239. Is it ok to smoke weed while pregnant?
    If u roll the weed in a dutch or a swisher && u smoke is it bad to smoke it while pregnant in the first trimester? I kno smokin a dutch && a swisher is bad, but that's when you smoke the tobacco inside it, but if u dump the tobacco out && roll up does ...
    23 Health 147
  240. When is enough, enough?
    What should I do? I am in love with a married man, we are both married with small children but can't keep our eyes, and lips away from eachother. I have tried on several occasions to end this but he won't let me go. He says he has strong feelings fo...
    2 Sex 18
  241. How can I relieve severe sinus pressure in my ear?
    Alright, before anyone says "go to the doctor," I can't until Thursday. In the meantime, the sinus pressure in one ear is feeling pretty terrible right now. It started a few hours ago with a little pain so I took Mucinex (which definitely did not work)...
    2 Health 43
  242. James McAvoy
    Does anyone here think he's charming or hot or sexy or anything like that?? because I do, and I'm not sure if it's weird, I mean my friends are huge fans of Zac Efron, Nick Jonas or Robert Pattinson, ... while I don't at all. I'm not saying that you ha...
    2 Sex 39
  243. The Holy Books and Existence of God
    When people say that they do not believe in God then who could have created these holy books long ago?Definitely not a human. For example take the Muslims holy book 'Koran'.It's language and style is such that Long ago Arab poets failed to imitate a s...
    21 Religion 22
  244. Friend losing weight
    Hey my friend was 97 pounds. shes like around 5'3 1/2". she keeps losing weight; now shes down to 90 lbs. this happened in a week. she definitely eats. shell buy two big cookies after she eats her entire meal. I eat lunch with her and we have the...
    2 Health 13
  245. Top Model material?
    I've been thinking about trying out for American's Next Top Model. I love the show and have watched almost every season. I don't really consider myself being seen as a model. I definitely don't wear heels everyday or make up everyday. I'll add some...
    5 Entertainment 17
  246. How can I prevent my scream vocals from running out?
    So... I've been doing false chord screams for about 7 months and they sound decent when I begin to scream a few songs but after about half an hour, whenever I try to scream, I'm still able to but whenever I do, I have to close my throat further to make...
    2 Music 49
  247. How do I help a blister heal faster?
    I didn't wear my shoes at the beach and walked around on the hot sand and concrete...not such a good idea because i got a big blister on each foot on the ball of my foot. It's really painful, and I have a big hiking trip in 2 1/2 days...I need to help ...
    5 Health 53
  248. What's a good gift to give in this case?
    What is a good gift to give a girl when - 1. you don't really know her very well 2. you don't want to come off as being too forward I am interested in her, but I really don't know her feelings. She seems to like me when I see her. I would like to hav...
    4 Shopping 28
  249. Why can't I get my penis into my girlfriend's vagina?
    My girlfriend and I keep trying for sex, but I can only fit my penis in about 2/3 inches, then she finds it too painful and she has too stop. My penis is only average width, so that's surely not the problem. My girlfriend is a virgin, but I don't th...
    4 Sex 1021
  250. Please help me!!!
    So my b-day was Tuesday, and I got Jonas Brothers concert tickets which I am very thankful for. But all I really wanted was a dog. I've wanted a dog for forever and this birthday I really just felt that I was mature enough to take take care of this dog...
    3 Pets 18