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  1. Why is pot illigal?
    6 Politics 20
  2. Can pot kill you
    16 Health 140
  3. What to wear on a plane?
    10 Travel 41
  4. Do you have to have a passport to get on a plane?
    Do you have to have a passport to get on a plane?
    5 Travel 161
  5. Is smoking pot wrong?
    Is smoking pot wrong?
    42 Health 50
  6. plane travels being pregnant ?
    plane travels being pregnant ?
    2 Health 19
  7. Parents and pot
    What if you found out your parents smokes pot
    27 Family 52
  8. Air plane :|
    What can you not carry on a plane just curious???
    4 Travel 16
  9. How old where you when you first went on a plane?
    How old where you when you first went on a plane?
    9 Travel 33
  10. Curling iron on a plane?
    Can I take curling iron on a plane?
    5 Travel 102
  11. Can I take baby bottle on plane
    Can I take baby bottle on plane
    3 Travel 50
  12. Do you know when there legalizing pot in california?
    5 Politics 21
  13. What are some good crock pot recipes?
    2 Food 28
  14. Could you live off of pot noodles?
    6 Health 40
  15. Why do my ears hurt when the plane is landing?
    4 Travel 60
  16. How old do you have to be to buy a plane ticket?
    5 Travel 42
  17. How do you make pot brownies?
    9 Food 56
  18. How many grams is an 8th of pot?
    4 General 61
  19. who knows if pot will be legalized in Houston?
    8 Politics 10
  20. Which airlines have free wifi on the plane?
    4 Technology 30
  21. Pot or ciggs?
    Which isd worse for you? Pot of ciggarets?
    2 Health 24
  22. What is worse, smoking pot or cigs?
    What iz worse smoking pot or cigs?
    10 Health 81
  23. Being pressured to smoke pot
    my frends are pressuring me to smoke pot? what shud I do?
    15 Health 42
  24. Is it bad to smoke pot like once a week?
    To smoke pot like once a week?
    11 Health 188
  25. How old do you have to be to be on a plane by yourself?
    How old do you have to be to be on a plane by yourself or ferri, but with parents permission?
    3 Travel 912
  26. Has anyone tried the Neti Pot?
    Has anyone actually tried the Neti Pot?
    2 Health 12
  27. Snakes on a Plane?
    Has anyone seen it? If so, what did you think?
    3 Entertainment 22
  28. How can I get grease stains out of pots and pans?
    5 Homegarden 52
  29. Why are there no aethiests on a sinking ship or a hijacked plane ?
    5 Religion 20
  30. What do you think of pot smokers?
    I just want to know...
    14 Health 23
  31. Does Justin Bieber really smoke pot??
    13 Entertainment 35
  32. should pot be legal
    Do you think pot should be legal. And think about this, alcohol is so so so so so much worse for you.
    11 Politics 32
  33. Occasional pot and infertility?
    Can I be infertile because I smoke pot occasionally? If so, what can I do to help myself ovulate again?
    2 Health 15
  34. Eating pot
    If you eat pot will you get a high just like smokin it???
    3 Health 42
  35. Is pot an addictive drug to some one?
    Is pot an addictive drug to some one without an addictive personality
    11 Drugs 84
  36. Does anyone know why Aaliyah's (the singer) plane crashed?
    2 Entertainment 89
  37. If a plane crashed in Egypt, where would you bury the survivors?
    14 General 41
  38. What's something I could do to pot pies to make them more interesting?
    4 Food 8
  39. is it really illegal to jizz on a plane ?
    or am i just really gullible ? E
    8 Travel 75
  40. Do you think it was the plane that made the WTC building tumble down?
    21 Politics 47
  41. What does it feel like being on a plane?
    Do you get butterfly's or is it more of sickness feeling?
    4 General 45
  42. Why does the jug boil faster than a pot of water on the stove?
    3 Science 26
  43. Can you make chicken pot pie in this shape (photo)?
    5 Food 28
  44. Can I bring a midwakh (search it up) and Iranian tobacco/dokha into a plane?
    2 Travel 77
  45. How old was George Washinon when he started smoking pot?
    2 Politics 17
  46. Do you need photo ID to board a plane?
    Do you need photo ID to board an airplane?
    3 Travel 68
  47. Who made the Airborne (like the stuff that you drink on a plane)?
    2 Food 8
  48. What effects does smoking pot have??
    I smoke pot once a week to relax. Which effects does it have will it have any long term effects on me if I only smoke it once a week?
    5 Health 17
  49. Who ows the plane bill clinton just make his trip to korea on
    Who ows the plane bill clinton just make his trip to korea on
    5 Politics 34
  50. what does it mean when someone says that the pot calling the kettle
    what does it mean when someone says that the pot calling the kettle black?
    3 General 64
  51. is smoking pot bad for your lungs?
    I dont do it, but my friend does, and I worry about her... what does smoking pot do to you?
    4 Health 64
  52. Pregnancy? and Pot?
    Why do people smoke pot during pregnancy? Isn't bad for the baby.
    4 Health 33
  53. Does your church have Pot Lucks every other Sunday or something?
    Does your church have Pot Lucks every other Sunday or something? Just wondering.
    4 Religion 13
  54. What's a good website to buy plane tickets at a cheap price?
    3 Travel 28
  55. What are your favourite potted plants (actual plant specimens and/or species)?
    6 Homegarden 29
  56. plane humor
    If air travel is so safe, why do they call it a “terminal”?
    9 Travel 7
  57. What is cheaper - buying a plane ticket in a travel agency or buying the ticket online?
    6 Travel 19
  58. Why is it that when the plane takes flight, or lands, you cannot use your electronics?
    2 Travel 10
  59. How long is going to canada by plane from new york?
    Can you tellme how long is going to canada from new york by plane and how much is it.
    3 Travel 103
  60. How can I tell if my mom is on pot?
    ok here is the deal I think my mom is on pot how do you tell and what does it look like
    9 Family 33
  61. would you prefer a plane or cash?
    if you were to be given a plane or cash worth the plane which would you take??? I will prefere the plane dont know of u
    6 General 15
  62. Does smoking pot affect sperm count?
    Does smokin weed have effect on sperm count?
    3 Health 63
  63. What's the cheapest ticket to get from Southern CA, to Texas - by train or plane?
    3 Travel 36
  64. How do i get the sticky stuff off my pots, pans, and cookie sheets?
    13 Homegarden 65
  65. What can and can't take on plane?
    What can I and can't I take with me when I am traveling. if I take toothbrush and toothpaste and deodarant do they have to be a certain size?
    2 Travel 47
  66. Cruise or Plane??
    Me and my friends have been talking and I think cruiseing is safer then flying. so tell me what do you think is safer flying or cruiseing?? and why.
    4 Travel 54
  67. is it true that a plane can b above the rain?
    depending on were your going? or if your going to another country?
    5 Travel 83
  68. What is a good coffee pot to get? I have a bunn right now, is there one better out there
    2 Health 34
  69. Am I a bad person if I smoke pot?
    I already have my own opinion about this, but I like to hear other ppls opinion, am I a bad person if I smoke pot?
    12 Health 204
  70. what are some ways to flush your system of pot quiqly?
    I need some information on how to flush a humans system that has been smoking pot?
    6 Health 81
  71. Where can I get an RC plane that looks like a real airplane?
    where can I get an rc plane that looks like a real airplane from an international airport?
    2 Shopping 21
  72. someone says thats the pot callin the keddle black?
    what does it mean whn someone says thats the pot callin the keddle black???
    3 General 34
  73. Will water remove pot from your system?
    Will water take weed out of system. I only smoked One J
    8 Health 110
  74. Do you find it cute/ a turn on when a guy smokes pot or cigarettes?
    I don't know why I find it soo cute.
    34 Health 69
  75. is it wrong to put in 5 dollars with your co workers for a fantasy football pot?
    4 Religion 9
  76. What to bring on plane?
    I am going on an airplane tomorrow the flight is about six hours! Any ideas???
    6 Travel 16
  77. where can i go shopping for kitchen stuff like pots, pans,etc what store?
    2 Shopping 12
  78. How much would a plane ticket cost to new york from michigan?
    How much would a plane ticket cost to new york from michigan? pleasee helppp :):)
    2 Travel 73
  79. What is the difference between legal pot and illegal pot?
    i mean in some states they allow pot for medical uses, but its the same pot or not. Is this a healthier pot or its the same only with a permit to buy it. I have never tried this so i dont know just curiosity. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    7 Politics 50
  80. How can I get pot out of my system?
    How do you get pot outta your system! I gotta drug test tues ! last night I smoked pot!
    5 Health 547
  81. What is the lowest C rate I could go with on my RC plane and still have the power for flight?
    2 Technology 28
  82. Fly like paper get high like planes
    Anyone love this song as much as I do??
    3 Music 45
  83. What kinds of things do you pack in a carry-on bag for a 5-hour plane journey?
    7 Travel 25
  84. I just got caught smoking pot
    I just got caught smoking pot, my parents are flipping out. What do I do to calm them down and let them know ill never do it again?
    19 Family 131
  85. Do I need an ID on a plane if I'm a minor?
    Just checking because I don't really want to bring that with me. XD
    5 Travel 43
  86. Why cannabis sativa or "pot" is illegal in the u.s
    I am a recreational pot smoker, and I have one and only question, I want a reasonable answer why cannabis sativa or "pot" is illegal in the u.s
    12 Politics 54
  87. Will I fail a urine test after two hits of pot?
    I just took two hits of pot after not smoking for a long time. will I fail a ua?
    5 Health 277
  88. I wanna try pot.
    WTF? I do wanna try it but I don't know if ill get addicted to it or something... what will happen if I try it???
    15 Health 26
  89. Girl from Snakes in a Plane
    what was the name of the girl in the movie "snakes in a plane" who had that cute chihuahua dog? I meant her real name.. if not, her character's name...
    3 Entertainment 55
  90. Why the Pilots walks fast on the way to Plane?
    I have seen most of the times the pilots walks very fast ofcourse smartly on their way to the plane. Is there any technicla or historical meaning of it?
    5 General 10
  91. Panic attacks from smoking pot
    Every time I smoke pot I get theses really bad panic attacks.why is this and how can I stop it?
    100 Health 10767
  92. What should I do about my mom being a pot head?
    What should I do? My mom is a pot head from the 70's. She gets medical weed but it makes me mad. She doesn't want to share.
    5 Family 57
  93. Inhaling pot smoke
    Is it possible to get high from inhaling the excess smoke if you're around people smoking pot, even if you dont have any for yourself?
    5 Health 54
  94. Singer of Paper Planes, is she black?
    Is the woman singing Paper Planes Black/African American, or something else? Please tell me.
    2 Music 59
  95. Did anyone else hear Travis Barker was in a plane crash?
    Ohmigod, Travis from Blink 182 was in a plane crash DID ANYONE HERE ABOUT THAT! He's in the hospital right now.
    17 Music 40
  96. how much would it cost for a round-trip plane ticket from chicago?
    About how much would it cost for a round-trip plane ticket from chicago, il to tampa, fl?
    3 Travel 66
  97. How to get pot out of my system for a saliva drug test?
    what home remedies are there to get pot out of my system for a saliva drug test in 48 hours? I smoke everyday!
    6 Drugs 47
  98. Should I call children services or can i call them if my baby;s mom is smoking pot around our 10 month old?
    8 Health 70
  99. How long after smoking pot can I breast feed?
    Did not do it yet ...but wanted to be safe for my baby.I am not a reg. User
    9 Health 161
  100. how many hours does it take to get from durham north carolina to new orleans lousiana by plane?
    4 Travel 65
  101. When you masterbate is it unsafe to use a pot handle if it fits?
    I was with my friends and we were bored and decided to try to masterbate... I used a pot handle.. I felt good! but is it unsafe?
    2 Sex 27
  102. Cell Phones On Planes
    Okay, this is related to my other question and I would like to know. Can you bring a cell phone on a plane as a carry- on as long as it is turned off?
    7 Travel 34
  103. Does pot really give you acne???
    Does pot really give you acne??? And does it really make you loose weight? im sick of hearing all these stupid things haha.
    9 Health 53
  104. Ever smoked weed a.k.a marijuana a.k.a pot
    Have you ever smoked weed a.k.a marijuana a.k.a pot a.k.a bud a.k.a mota a.k.a canabis sativa lol well I have and I was just wonderin if you have and if you liked it??
    15 Health 53
  105. What is a really good book? Or your favorite book? im going on a plane tomorrow for like 8 hour so i want to get a good book.
    10 Relationships 11
  106. What is a good site to buy a plane ticket?
    I need to buy tickets to Texas from Baltimore and wanted to know some of the best sites to book online.
    3 Travel 13
  107. What all are you allowed to take on a plane?
    What all are you allowed to take on a plane? Im a insulin dependant diabetic so Id need that stuff. but what about shampoo/conditioner/deoderant/hair straighener/makeup? hair brush stuff like that?
    3 Travel 55
  108. How much does it cost to go skydiving out of a plane?
    I know it can't be free. They must charge something for people to get up there and jump out of planes. About how much would something like that cost?
    2 Sports 27
  109. How much is a plane ticket from pa to florida?
    I mean my 7th grade marching band class and I are going to disney world in florida and I was just wondering about how much a plane ticket is.
    2 Travel 105
  110. How deep of a pot do I need to grow jalapenos?
    I'm trying my hand at indoor gardening, and I have these jalapenos I'm starting to grow. How deep should a pot be for a full grown jalapeno plant? Thanks!
    2 Homegarden 57
  111. Panic attacks and pot
    I started smoking pot about a year ago and in the last few months whenever I smoke I get panic attacks and think I am about to die. why does this happen? and should I just stop smoking.?
    7 Health 95
  112. free work out planes
    hey does anyone know where I can find a work out plane for free I really wanna lose some of these pounds but I need a plan because dont know what to do and how long to do it
    3 Nutritionfitness 51
  113. Parachuting from a plane.
    Who likes to / or would like to parachute outta a airplane cause its great to do so,would you do it? Also its a Thrill an better then a Amusement park ride.
    3 Entertainment 10
  114. Would you be allowed to bring a hedgehog with you on vacation via plane?
    You'd probably have to call before hand, but I just wanna know how it would go about.
    2 Travel 80
  115. Fun stuff to do on a plane
    if you've ever been on a plane, you know how boring it can be. I am going to san diego in about a week and I need some fun ideas to do on the plane ride there. please help! -Cassidy
    7 Travel 60
  116. Why do people think smoking pot is so bad?
    Why do so many people think that it is bad to smoke pot ? I do it everyday and love it. I graduated on honor roll and went to college and I have been doing it since 7th grade
    22 Health 117
  117. When George W. Bush flew in an F18 Hornet when he was President, did that plane's call sign switch to Airforce one?
    Any plane the president travels on is supposed to be called airforce one. Just wondering.
    4 Politics 61
  118. Is it possible to not get high your first time smoking pot?
    Is it possible to not get high your first time smoking pot? Because I took 3 hits and didn't feel much different. What should you feel like when you're high?
    7 Health 53
  119. Can I cook a smoked pork shoulder in the crock pot?
    I usually cook my smoked picnic with beans, but would like to cook it in a crock pot. Is there a good recipe for doing this or is it not recommended since it has already been smoked?
    2 Food 87
  120. How soon can newborn fly on a plane?
    How soon can newborn fly on a plane? I need to take a flight that will take around 4hours. Is this healthy for my baby or should I wait till a certain age and plan on taking trains till then? Will a plane damage my baby?
    8 Travel 473
  121. Why can't we use cell phone while flying in a plane?
    so I'm watching CNN and I saw this story that a man was charged after using a cellphone during a fliet(when the airplane was flying)so why can't we use cellphone when airplanes are flying???
    6 Technology 215
  122. What can be done to get my dog out of the potted plants?
    My dog, for some reason, loves to sleep in a pot. The only this is she keeps on digging the dirt out and destroying my dads plant in the process what can be done to keep her out of it? Is there anything I can spray around the pot to keep her away from ...
    13 Pets 60
  123. Does smoking pot lower my libido?
    Are there any big sexual risks if I smoke pot? Saying I do it once or twice maybe a little more a week. Well this drive my sexual ability go down? Or anything?
    15 Sex 476
  124. My boyfriend smokes pot
    Should I break up with my pothead boyfriend? He smokes pot all of the time and he is always high. He claims he really likes me but what if it is just the weed talking? I really need help because I am really starting to like him a lot.
    9 Relationships 142
  125. What is the best way to stop smoking pot?
    whats the best way to get off weed with out going to rehab or somthing like that im just wondering not asking it like im on it or anything
    10 Health 90
  126. where do you stand on pot?
    do you think it is ok to smoke pot? .. if so why? if not why not? have you ever done it before? I have done it a few times before I am just wondering what other people think of it. yes I know its agents the law. blah blah blah lots of things are t...
    17 Politics 153
  127. Where is the plane and its crew and Passengers then?
    OK Conspiracy theorists, if it was not a jetliner that crashed into the pentagon, then where in the hell is that plane and all of its passengers? I believe Our government is corrupt and used 9/11 to further its agenda, But we need to be realistic.
    12 Politics 37
  128. What's it like traveling on a plane?
    What's it like traveling on a plane? I am terrified of heights, just thinking about being so high in the air scares me! Is it really that scary when you are on a plane? Do your ears pop when it takes off and when it lands? Basically, what is the whole ...
    10 Travel 490
  129. Do I need a I.D if im under 18 traveling on a plane
    ok im 16 and on tuesday im going on a plane my aunt orderd and printed my ticket and she wont be with me when I go to the airport I dont have an I.D or anything can I can still board my plane
    4 Travel 138
  130. How do I convince my parents that my boyfriend doesn't smoke pot?
    Ok, so im dating my brothers best friend... My brother used to do pot... And my parents know that... But my brother quick because he went to the ng. And my boyfriend don't do that. How do I convince them that he don't do that when the will refuse to ge...
    2 Family 140
  131. my ears hurt on the plane!
    ok, everytime the plane takes off or lands my ears hurt really bad! do and then the seem to get sore afterwards. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do? please give me good advice...really need it!
    6 Health 130
  132. why does everyone smoke pot?
    I smoke pot.. regularly and I have no problem with it. But the thing is ,is that I've been noticing many people that I would have never thought of in the past, smoking weed. Why is everyone smoking pot? I mean I have no problem with it. I was just wond...
    12 Health 172
  133. found a "Pot of Gold", what would you do with it ?
    My son's homework says. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. If you found a "Pot of Gold", what would you do with it ? Write a few sentences and tell me. I have no clue about The Pot of Gold thing. Can someone help me please. I will appreciate it so much.
    8 Money 1201
  134. Have to take a plane and I'm scared, any ideas?
    Ok im going to washington d.c in 3 days and I have to take a plane there and im freaking out.!!! I've never been on a plane and im scared, like really scared. Is it as scarey as I think.? What are some good ideas for me.? Help.?
    3 Travel 61
  135. when smoking pot,how long can it be revealed?
    when smoking pot,how long can it be revealed like when going to a doctor? like when taking a drug test or urnin test , and you have been clean for a week can they find out? how long is it in your system for? say you only smoke about once a week? pleas...
    4 Health 175
  136. Good crock pot?
    Hi, I am not too good at cooking, but I hear the crock pot makes it easier. Just throw it in and let it cook for hours, right? But what is a good brand or model of crockpot to buy at a reasonable price? Thank you for your time.
    4 Food 20
  137. What is the omni cleansing liq.and does it work for pot on a urine?
    Does the omni cleansing for a drug test for pot.I smoke one hit a day,I weigh 225,am 6;3 and smoke tobacco
    2 Health 140
  138. Why Do I Get Really Bad Stomach Pains After Smoking Pot?
    I'm a regular pot smoker I usually do it a couple times a day but I get really bad stomach paind to the point where I'm in tears and puking every 2 minutes. But if I smoke again the pain goes away. Why do I get these stomach pains after smoking pot
    3 Health 53
  139. Where can I find a 900MHz 1000mW or higher mW audio video transmitter light enough for an RC plane?
    I am looking to setup a FPV on a RC vehicle, the hardest thing to find is high powered transmitter.
    3 Technology 13
  140. When I go on the plane to go across the country in July, will I have to take out my piercings?
    I think most of them are surgical steel. I'm only worried about this cause my parents don't know about ALL of them. If so, then i guess i'm gonna have to get plastic ? :L
    13 Travel 14
  141. Confused and depressed leading me to pot
    recently I've been depressd and been feeling like I want to smoke weed with my friends. I never have done this before and I really dont want to but im just stuck and I don't know what to do
    4 Health 29
  142. periods and planes
    ok so im gonna be on my period on the same day I take a 9 hour plane flight to florida and I hate plane toilets I have serious clostrephobia <cant spell and hate flying as it is, anyway I can make my period a day late or something help asap
    4 Nutritionfitness 28
  143. Where to find toy r/c planes?
    I have a few Air Hogs brand r/c planes and I want to know where to find similar planes like them. They were really cheap at only $30 or so and they were super easy to fly right out of the box. I want something that can fly serious distance, have var...
    2 Entertainment 19
  144. Why is pot illegal while aspirin is legal?
    teal me this if I told you to smoke a pound of pot the only thing that wood happen is you wood fall asleep but if I told you to take a hole bottle of Aspirin I beat you that it will be your last headache you will ever have again. now understand I do...
    16 Politics 196
  145. Plane Fight Bus Trip...
    how much is a plane ticket or bus ticket from oklahoma city oklahoma to memphis tennessee I know there are websites for this kind of stuff but I wanna know if anybody on here knows first before I do the real search work need answers kwik!!!
    5 Travel 33
  146. How long does pot stay in your system?
    I have a drug test in like 5 days.. I smoked one bowl today.. How can I get it out of my system in time before the test..I have no money tho so I cant get drinks for it or anything
    7 Health 115
  147. What if I love smoking pot and I don't want to?
    I've never really smoked weed, I've only done it three times, and it feels like I'm almost..addicted to it. I think its so fun, and I love doing it. I'm really upset with myself, I hate the fact that I like it, what do I do?
    14 Health 20
  148. Whats the best way to clean candle wax off of counter tops and from the inside of pots?
    (I was making candles for Yule gifts and spilled some melted wax on the inside of the pot and on the counter. The majority was easily peeled off, but there is still a waxy film I'm having problems removing.)
    10 Homegarden 96
  149. What should I wear on a plane journey?
    I read somewhere to wear kinda heavy stuff to save weight in your back plus it can get cold on planes? then get changed at the air port but someone else said were comfortable stuff, light + layers? so..
    5 Travel 44
  150. who)) have you ever heard of pot suckers?
    I was driving my car and heard something over the radio about pot suckers... I did not hear the hole thing but I was like WTF! haha I was driving so I was more worried about driven then about the suckers also lol but if anyone knows what I am talki...
    5 General 9
  151. Flying on a plane
    Ok so im going to fly out to see my family bymyself this monthh. &; I don't know if im allowed to put like.. My face cleansing stuff in my suticase thats going on the plane..not in my carry on bag. What are you allowed to put in there? Let me knoww p...
    3 Travel 29
  152. people continue to say that the United States is the Melting Pot
    Why do people continue to say that the United States is the "Melting Pot of the world"? The reason why I ask this question is because they are indeed wrong. The Melting Pot theory within itself is a racist concept. The actual melting pot theory says t...
    2 Politics 31
  153. smoking pot...I need help please please please with sugar on top!!!
    is smoking weed harmful to your body? like is it kinda of a sin if you do? people say god put it on earth but I don't know im confused. is it bad or not? pleasse help!!
    21 Health 53
  154. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Cajun Pot Roast
    Resolving to eat healthier doesn't mean you need to sacrifice flavour. Kick up dinnertime with this spicy roast beef with rice dish.
    2 Food 9
  155. How do I get pot out of my system while pregnant?
    I am 36 weeks pregnant and I want to be sure that when I go in for my scheduled c-section in 24 days or so I will be clean from marijuana... I know that niacin works but I just want to be sure that I will not hurt my baby if I take it?
    5 Health 14277
  156. smoked pot last night feel sick today can anyone help!!
    I smoked pot last night ( I dont smoke that often) , and ever sence then I have felt sick,(nausious) tired, and dizzy I have smoked before without this affect and I dont know whats wrong with me. im getting worried. does anyone have any ideas of whats...
    9 Health 126
  157. Can I crock-pot cook sirloin pork loin roasts?
    I have 2 small sirloin pork loin roasts. Can I crockpot them? Too small to roast, plus no lovely layer of fat on them. Should I brine or marinate them or is that inapproriate for the crockpot? Will they get tender or dry and tough? Thanks. painfra...
    3 Food 62
  158. Can I get pregnant from unprotected sex if he smokes pot?
    hi im 16 years old and me and my boyfriend have unprocted sex he cums on me all tha time can there be a chance I could get pregnet?BUT he smokes weed all tha time at least 3 to 4 time a day
    9 Sex 260
  159. Pot and xanax
    I have not smoked in 4 months or so. Last night I took 4 hits of a blunt and took a 1 mg xanax. How can I get this out of my system quick? Since I have quite for 4 months and only took 4 hits will it get out quicker??? And what about the xanax I took w...
    3 Health 48
  160. First time going on a plane by myself?
    Well its my first time on a plain and my two kids wont be with me. Im going to Quebec to see my grandmother and my kids are with there father. But im so scared but im a grown lady and I feel silly but what should I do to bring my nurves down. Yours tru...
    8 Travel 45
  161. Can I take my toothpaste on the plane now?
    I am travelling to Spain next week and I was hoping to brush my teeth on the flight. I hear that it might still be banned to take my toothpaste on the plane. Should I take the risk and bring it for the sake of dental hygiene? Or should I leave it an...
    2 Travel 206
  162. Anesthesthia + pot?
    Im getting my wisdom teeth removed sometime next week and I went for a pre-op. They told me to tell them about any drugs that I've I asume they mean prescription which...I havnt taken any. Is it ok to smoke pot before? Im not sure. =s
    3 Health 37
  163. why couldnt the people on the plane stop 9/11
    I dont want to sound disrespectful to people who lost family or friends in the 9/11 crashes but why didnt the people rise up against the terrorist they only had boxcutters and a low number of them and then the flight attendent could fly to safety. sor...
    9 General 235
  164. Can I bring a shaving razor on a plane in my suitcase?
    Not my carry on obviously. But, is my bag gonna be like destroyed or left at the airport xD. Cause I'm not really sure if I should. I guess I could just buy one when I get there. But... That would be awkward. xD. Ahah.
    7 Travel 54
  165. How to get my Dad to stop smoking pot?
    I recently found a stash of a tiny amount of weed in a medicine bottle in our bathroom. I have found one other stash before, and I asked him about it, and he flat out denied that he does. He currently has no job, and asks my grandmother often for money...
    8 Family 59
  166. What should I write on my steel pot helmet?
    i have a steel pot helmet that ive spray painted flat black, and i would like some inspiration on what i should write/draw on the outside of it, im looking for some kind of quote, phrase, or picture for an intimidation effect... so dose anyone have any...
    2 Literature 16
  167. How long before pot is out of system for bloodwork?
    I'm getting a blood test soon and I was wondering would weed and cigarettes show up on the blood test? How do you get rid of both quick? I haven't smoke weed in 3 weeks and cigarettes in a week. My dad is going to check if I smoke or not -_-. Can anyon...
    5 Health 143
  168. Is it legal to carry prescribed medication gel aboard a plane to Thailand?
    It is legal to carry prescribed medication gel/cream/liquid aboard a plane to Thailand? Is it legal or not? my doctor prescribed a special gel that I would need to use every day on my vacation in Thailand, and I need to know if i'd be able to have it i...
    8 Travel 51
  169. Why do I have to take blood pot test when I passed urine?
    I have alrdy passed urine test 4 pot now my doc said I am 2 submitt blood 4 glucose testing.problem is when I saw parts on the paper blckd out I looked harder and saw orders 4 pot testing, in med terms o long does pot stay in blood?I rarely ...
    2 Health 87
  170. Why do I feel like this when I smoke pot?
    when i smoke i feel like i am aboutto die my whole body goes numb i feel my blood and heart rushing i hate it but i pretend to smoke cause all my friends do ( i know pretty bad) i fake inahale it. But i love the smell of it and i want to be high i kno...
    9 Health 64
  171. What can I carry my fish in when I move on the plane?
    I have a beloved goldfish i cannot leave behind. Im moving to california from wisconsin next month for a job. I know the 311 for airplanes but will they allow me to brimg my fish on the plane? I do not want to ship him kuz hell die.. Any help? If not i...
    9 Pets 51
  172. How do I tell my dad that I smoked pot and got caught?
    Well, there was this one day at school, I started smoking pot. And then a week went by and I got caught. Well, my sister has been going to my treatment thing for me and my dad hasnt found out yet. How Do I tell him that I have a diversion next week? M...
    4 Family 19
  173. Is anyone here planing on watching Megan want's a millionair
    Sorry if you could'nt see the full title it's suppose to say Megan want's a millionaire, I've seen a sneak peak and all I have to say wow she has to be the biggest Gold Digger I've seen so far, Incase your wondering who she is she was on Bret Michale'...
    6 Entertainment 28
  174. Prostitution
    Should it be legalized? And what about pot?
    7 General 19
  175. What are some of your experiences with smoking pot?
    Iv been smoking pot for the past 2-3 years, im sad to say that its become somewhat a need for the life im living right now, im not afraid that i cant quit cause i know after this certain age my responsibilities will filter that out...anyways was just w...
    12 Health 31
  176. pot. I've always been taught its bad.
    I've always been taught pot is bad. That if you do it you will get addicted & eventully die. I have a friend who smokes it. I want him to stop & im bugging him about it. When I looked up on the comp info to show him how bad it is I realilized its not @...
    14 Health 52
  177. Why does one of my eyes get lazy when I smoke pot??
    Not always but sometimes my right eye becomes like a lazy eye when I smoke and it looks bad! First I felt it and thought that I was just imagining it because of "thinking too much" but then I looked into the mirror and it was actually happening. It mak...
    5 Health 1714
  178. How do you kill the magic pot in Final Fantasy 12?
    ok every time I hit it it dose 0 but it has to be killable cause I have everything in my beastery exept the magic pot and omega ohh and magic dosnt hurt it either so any ideas on how to kill it or do I need the zodiach spear? ps if any of you have kil...
    5 Gaming 511
  179. Can you bring cigarettes on a plane?
    Security regulations keep changing so im confused about what exactly you can and can't do. Lots of people say that you can take it as carry-on or checked luggage, but last time i was told that my mum had to pay for the carton she had in her checked lug...
    5 Travel 64
  180. Is there really a majority of people that smoke pot?
    I know several people in my so called 'friend' group that smoke pot often. I personally don't smoke pot, but the people who do make a big stink about it. I have nothing against it, I just don't do it, so when they smoke pot I don't join them, or if the...
    20 Health 45
  181. How to make someone get over their fear of flying on a plane?
    See, my boyfriend has a fear of flying... now I'm the type of girl who loves to go abroad and the fastest way is by plane... It's not that he fears flying its just... he hates the fact he can't be in control of it, he's not a control freak at all, I...
    8 General 23
  182. Am I allergic to pot?
    Am I allergic to weed? I used to smoke some, not to often, but everytime I did my nose got runny a stuffy, but nothing bad an only when the smoke was around, I can smell the leaf fine and everything its juts to smoke. but then one time, 24 hours after ...
    4 Health 48
  183. Smoking pot responsibly
    So I was answering a question, and someone disagreed with me. I was wondering your opinions. I personally think that people are able to responsibly smoke pot. I'm not at all encouraging people to smoke it, its just a statement. There are all these peop...
    15 Health 79
  184. Is this a true way to tell if a guy smokes pot ?
    Ok so theres a lot of people who say their boyfriend smokes pot and if they swallow his cum they will get sick within a few mins or the next morning. Well my boyfriend dont smoke pot or anything im 100% sure, he only drinks. Well a couple of guys that...
    4 Relationships 23
  185. How can I enjoy pot?
    I've been smoking pot for a while now but I cant seem to get used to it's rotten flavour and it hurts my throat. I love the feeling so I've been taking other things instead like ice, speed and eccy's but im only 14 and I dont want to be a junkie when i...
    12 Health 49
  186. Miniature Pot belly pig
    ok I looked every were for a miniature pot belly pig that grows up to 30lbs everywhere in want ads and internet I can find one any where in the new england area. if you know where there is one to buy for cheap in the Ct Mass or Ri area please tell me!!...
    2 Pets 21
  187. Have we hit the jack-pot and God has nothing to do with it?
    We have hit the jack-pot and God has nothing to do with it! You are the winner already... ( well, if you can not see that life itself is the magical, divine force, you must be blind for all the goodness of... your life. Please do not wait for your deat...
    6 Religion 17
  188. What is something fun to do on a plane?
    I am traveling to Florida again for a vacation this year. I have gone on a plane a lot and now that I am older I have no clue what to bring. I used to bring small things like coloring to do but now... I do have a laptop, but I would rather not use it t...
    4 Travel 21
  189. another pot head that wants to keep smoking
    okay everybody is looking for ways to get thc out I know and sum of you are like well dont do drugs( asses we know that) my questions is if I only smoke a bowl or two once ot twice a week how long do I have to stop before seeing my po. ? I'm 105ibs. an...
    4 Health 27
  190. How do you feel about a child being taking to foster care for a pot smoking mom?
    I have heard recently about a 3 year old child who got put into foster care because her mom was smoking weed. After put in foster care the child was rap.ed by the foster parent. The mother was not leaving her pot out for the child to get.. She was just...
    3 Family 30
  191. What if my friend found cigarettes and pot in his brother's truck?
    ok so my buddy don't smoke he didn't relay know I smoke but he was like dude I found a bunch of cigs and cigars and grass in my older bros truck im friends with him too and I knew he smokes but my buddy is like what should I do I don't want to make my ...
    3 Family 18
  192. How can I get him to choose me over pot?
    Me and my boyfriend dated for 7 months. He smoked pot in the beginning and I told him I wouldn't be with a person who does that. He said he always told himself he would stop for the girl he was going to marry so he quit. We started fighting and he star...
    2 Relationships 44
  193. What if I found out my Dad smokes pot?
    ok. Im 17. I just found out yesterday that my dad smokes weed. I found it in his drawer, and seeds in his trash can. Its not like him at all. Hes a very succesfull buisness man. he has a great family. Why might he be doing this? And what do I do? Am I ...
    13 Family 549
  194. Why is marijuana illegal while cigarettes are legal?
    Can anyone tell me the difference between pot and everyday cigarettes? Why is it that pot is illegal?
    117 Politics 285
  195. My parents smoke pot...
    Yes they do. They have forever, but I found out when I was like seven maybe. What really killed me was when I overheard that they were going to quit, but after a few weeks they began to smoke again. It is illegal so please do not say that I should let...
    10 Family 76
  196. How do I repot a money tree?
    i have purchased a small money tree plant that needs to be repotted in a 6" pot, what do I need and how do I do the potting.
    2 Homegarden 101
  197. Was the pot laced with some other drug?
    Me and other people smoked a blunt/pot. I felt weird after smoking it. Yes I couldn't stop lauhing but after I felt Dizzy, paranoid, non stop twiching! Also my mouth was really dry, when I moved my head from side to side everything was going by really ...
    9 Drugs 64
  198. Why do I get so paranoid?
    I don't smoke pot, so that can't be a reason.
    63 Health 52
  199. What do you need for a baby shower?
    how do you plane an what do you need 4 a baby shower...
    2 Babies 55
  200. How long does it take from Vancouver to Ottawa?
    4 Travel 34
  201. Going on a plane?
    Ok so here's the deal I want to go to texas to visit my girlfriend and well I looked at the flights and they went from 321 down to 274 and I'm like great and I showed my mom and said I can't go b/c she's afraid I'll get killed or something.She over exa...
    3 Travel 50
  202. Plain tees!
    How can I accsesorize my plane t shirts?
    2 Style 13
  203. Am I too old to be an unattended minor on a plane?
    My mom is a bit overprotective sometimes, me being an only child. This year I flew on an airplane by myself for the first time to Poland. My mom signed me up as an 'unattended MINOR'. I'm 14 years old! And since I'm tall and quite mature looking I look...
    3 Travel 55
  204. paraniod mother thinks daughter smokes pot.
    So, me and my friend Taylor have been good friends since 2nd grade. Im in 10th grade and 15, and so is she. We hangout everyday and we're soo close that I dont see myself close with anyone like that. I trust her 99.9% of the time. My problem is that my...
    4 Family 46
  205. Do you need ID
    do you need valid photo ID to board a plane
    6 Travel 38
  206. pencil sharpener??
    can I bring a pencil sharpener on a carry on bag on a plane?
    3 Travel 85
  207. How much gas does a 767 use?
    how much gas dose a plane use (767)
    2 Travel 49
  208. Ridding your system of THC
    how to clean pot out of your system naturally
    6 Health 235
  209. Math math and more math
    Do planes only contain exactly three points??
    2 Education 15
  210. What should I do if I found pot in my sister's backpack?
    I found pot in my 19 year old sister's backpack. I've know she smoked for a while now, but never really had any hard evidence. I've been trying to hint to my mom that she smokes, but she doesn't believe me. I mean, its not like I want her to get in tro...
    11 Family 24
  211. Infrequent pot smoker wants a definitive answer
    I have been seriously ill with an illness that caused extensive nerve damage. I am heavy, have a slow metabolism, am only semi-active and take lasix already for high bp. I am on lyrica and morphine for the pain from my nerve damage. The morphine makes ...
    9 Health 98
  212. Dope/pot and my Dad
    my dad smokes pot, and tabbacco. but should I be really worried about the pot?? I mean I no a bit about it... but can you get sick from smoking to much at a time?? is he likely to get high?? can you tell me more about pot>?? is it really that much wors...
    12 Health 28
  213. angle of incidence and angle of reflection compare in a reflection
    How do the angle of incidence and angle of reflection compare in a reflection from a regular, plane mirror?
    3 Science 423
  214. How to pass a blood test?
    How to pass a blood test for pot...the test is in august and I smoked in february
    2 Health 59
  215. Alcohol vs. Pot. Why is one legal?
    Both Alcohol and Marijuana are intoxicants, however one is legal and the other is not. Why is that? Alcohol is more addictive, kills brain cells, and invokes violent behavior, while ultimately screwing you up. Marijuana is a mild psychadelic dru...
    8 Politics 73
  216. How can I get over my boyfriend who is in love with pot?
    So just two days ago, my boyfriend and I, which weve been going out for 9 months, broke up. he started really getting obsessed with weed. he bought about 200$ worthof it.. I told him that its getting wayy too far and that he needs to make a decision b...
    2 Relationships 38
  217. Warplane games world war ii
    Anybody here knows what your best war plane games?? I want to download it right now... Please let me know your best war plane games for all times?
    4 Gaming 50
  218. am I over or under watering
    Some of the leaves on my outside pot plants have gone yellow. I don,t know if I am over or under watering them
    2 Homegarden 30
  219. Ron Paul, Republican, Says States Have Right to Legalize Pot??
    Is this the kind of thing that had the republican government under Bush going the other way on traditional republican values (especially states rights?). It's interesting to me that he said while states should legalize and regulate, people should *not*...
    8 Politics 40
  220. smoking and birth control.
    im taking the pill. does smoking pot cancel it out??
    2 Health 47
  221. How can I pass a urine drug test in one day?
    how to pass a drug ua in one day. pot is my choice of drug
    4 Drugs 344
  222. What is the... cockpit of a boat called?
    The bit that the captain steers from, what you would classify as a cockpit on a plane, what would it be called on a boat?
    2 General 1810
  223. Negative UA result?
    how do you make a ua come up negative if you smoked pot in the last month?
    3 Health 80
  224. My dad goes through all of my txt messages
    My dad goes through all of my txt messages and I told someone that the guy I like was a serious pot head and now my dad knows and he wont let me talk to this guy or see him and I think my dad thinks im a pot head too now. What do I do?
    2 Family 14
  225. Home remedies for urine drug test passing
    What home remedies work for zanax and pot
    3 Drugs 1495
  226. dumb questions
    you're the pilot of an air plane that travels from new york to chicago - a distance of 800miles. the plane travels at 200mph and makes a stop for 30 minutes. whats the pilots name?
    3 General 8
  227. Fear of flying after 9-11
    I haven't been on a plane since 9-11 I started taking the train, and I have sorta grown a fear aginst it. But know I have to take a plane to get to a confrence in Cleveland with my job. Help!!
    9 Travel 54
  228. Moving bouganvilla plants that have grown into ground
    I recently moved two potted bouganvilla plants from the front yard to a more sunny spot in the back yard. The roots had grown into the ground on both pots and are now sticking out of the bottom holes about 3-4 inches. Should I repot these into larger...
    2 Homegarden 47
  229. too much salt in beans
    is there anyway to reduce the salt flovor if your husband put too much salt in a pot of lima beans.
    3 Food 107
  230. When can you fly with my baby
    I want to take my baby on a plane the flight is 26 hours waht age can they fly
    3 Babies 62
  231. geometry question.
    Is it possible to have two points, point A and point B, on plane X, and not have a line that connects them?
    3 Science 17
  232. Whats the best "wardrobe" to wear with skinny jeans?
    Kk, I was planing on wearing skinny jeans when I go out, and I was wondering, whats the best "wardrobe" to wear when wearing them.
    11 Style 20
  233. How long roughly does it take to fly form virginia (US) to turkey?
    How long roughly does it take to fly a jet plane from Virginia (US) to Turkey?
    2 Travel 116
  234. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Copy Cat Starbuck's White Chocolate Mocha
    Make a pot of strong coffee and place it next to the crock pot along with the whipping cream, cinnamon or white chocolate shavings. Then your guests can make their own White Chocolate Mocha's. Or if you plan early enough you can just prepare the entire...
    4 Food 14
  235. Unaccompanied minor flight question
    This is a very important question. I am a minor and I might be flying on a plane soon by myself. My mom probably wants me to be kept an eye on, just in case. that and the fact I've never flown before lol So how much does it cost to have someone lik...
    5 Travel 56
  236. Who Thinks Aerial Wolf Hunting Is Wrong?
    Aerial wolf hunting is when you use a Low flying plane in the winter to track wolves and shoot them from the planes, half the times the wolves don't die on the first shot so they suffer a brutal death.
    7 Pets 22
  237. Potty Training
    Hi, I have a 7 year old who still poops in his pants and is scared to go on the pot and tells me he will never go on the pot. I really need some advice because I dont know what else to do anymore with him.
    5 Babies 7
  238. Traveling without parents
    Do they sell plane tickets to people under the age of 18? If they do do you have to have your paretns permission or their id with u? And wud I need an id to buy the ticket? And can you buy the plane ticket at the airport, the day your plane leaves? O...
    3 Travel 49
  239. Needs cutting back its huge
    My plant is hughe and not room to get bigger pot how do I cut it back please
    2 Homegarden 8
  240. Clean urine
    How can I pass a urine test after smoking pot will bleach help if you dont know dont answer
    6 Health 268
  241. What happens if you take the pill while youre pregnant?
    What happens if you take the pill when you pregnant? Not that im planing on doing that im just wondering like what if you don't know your prego?
    2 Health 79
  242. How much would thes cost...(approxiament)
    About how much would air plane tickets from usa to sweden and back cost...for each ticket?
    5 Travel 61
  243. Is Windows Vista good or not?
    IM planing on geting a new computer that has vista it it a good or not right know I have xp
    5 Technology 24
  244. What passes a drug test?
    I smoke one hit of pot a day after drinking beer will I pass a urine test
    7 Drugs 119
  245. Eating weed?
    I was making buttered noodles for dinner the other day and for whatever reason, the seasoning made me think of pot. For this example's sake, if you sprinkled pot on buttered noodles, would you get anything from it? "Get anything from it" meaning goo...
    3 Health 43
  246. Why do you have to bleach your hair to have coontails?
    I am planing on dyeing my hair jet black but I want my bangs to have blue coontails would I have to bleach my bangs.
    2 Style 29
  247. Have you ever thought this??
    When I first heard about smoking pot and weed (I was between 5-7 years old), I thought that smoking weed was that you got a weed, like from the garden, and you smoked it. I thought smoking pot was when you smoke a cigarrette over a pot from the kitchen...
    3 General 23
  248. Are rice cookers only for lazy people?
    I don't cook much rice, but when I do, I use a pot to cook it in. However, those rice cookers in the stores always look pretty easy & convenient to use...but, it's not like it would be much less (any?) less work than using a regular pot to cook the ric...
    4 Food 68
  249. Clearing the air
    In my last ? I talked about pot but im not wanting to try it or anything. My friend who does pot told me it wasnt an addictive drug so I just thot I wud ask and find out on here. Im not going to get into drugs. I got too much going for me right now to ...
    5 Health 40
  250. Big boobs
    My boobs are too big! Is there any way I can make them stop growing my cup size is a b and I have a kind of pot belly
    5 Nutritionfitness 70