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  1. Project Playlist deleting playlists
    on project playlist is it possible to delete your playlists? if so, how?
    3 Technology 54
  2. Deleting an iPod playlist?
    how do I delete an ipod playlist
    4 Music 44
  3. What are some good playlist names??
    4 Music 102
  4. syncing music
    how do I sync music from my computer to my phone
    2 Technology 41
  5. My ipod wont sync
    Why won' t my ipod sync
    3 Technology 120
  6. What do I do if the film I'm watching is out of sync?
    5 Entertainment 12
  7. How di I get my Limewire playlist, on Itunes to sync to my iPOD Classic? Getting very frustrated!!!
    2 Technology 25
  8. Ipod nano Or Ipod shuffle?
    which is a better choice? a ipod nano or ipod shuffle?
    9 Technology 18
  9. How do delete erase everything on my ipod nano?
    How do delete erase everything on my ipod nano?
    2 Technology 142
  10. Ipod nano a1236
    My ipod nano is not working so I can fomat it
    2 Technology 68
  11. How to format my iPod Nano to original settings?
    how do I format my ipod again to its original settings
    5 Technology 373
  12. How to sync a second Xbox 360 controller?
    3 Gaming 164
  13. Ipod nano chromatic
    How do fix my frozen ipod chromatic?
    5 Technology 65
  14. How do I transfer music (drag and drop method) to my Blackberry without making a playlist or having to sync?
    3 Technology 18
  15. Why won't my new laptop sync with my iPod?
    2 Technology 27
  16. How to put Limewire songs on my iPod Nano?
    how can I put my songs from limewire on the new ipod nano?
    2 Music 43
  17. How many songs can you put on an ipod nano
    How many songs can you put on an ipod nano 4gb?
    4 Music 57
  18. Delete songs I accidentally added to my ipod nano?
    How do I delete songs I accidentally added to my ipod nano?
    2 Technology 46
  19. Why is my phone making me sync it in order to get emails?
    8 Technology 8
  20. Do Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers lip sync?
    8 Music 98
  21. What do you think is a good brand name for in ipod nano and why?
    2 Relationships 13
  22. how much is a used ipod nano fourth generation worth?
    how much is a used ipod nano fourth generation worth?
    2 Technology 73
  23. ipod nano cost?
    how mutch dose the I pod nano cost new?
    2 Shopping 45
  24. download free music and put it into my ipod nano
    what are some dowloads where I can download free music and put it into my ipod nano
    4 Technology 72
  25. how many songs can a 16GB ipod nano hold?
    On an estimate how many songs can a 16GB ipod nano hold?
    3 Technology 80
  26. What does erase and sync mean?
    When I plug my ipod in my itunes say erase and sync what does that mean?
    4 Technology 101
  27. Why isn't my iPod Nano syncing?
    I have all of my playlists and everything made now but everytime that I go to sync it, It states that I dont have some kind of disc? It's not a problem with the Ipod itself because my boyfriend can sync it on his computer.
    3 Technology 85
  28. Is there an alarm I can set on my pc or my ipod nano(5th generation)?
    4 Technology 35
  29. How do I download music to my iPod Nano?
    I need help how to download music to my ipod neno
    2 Technology 201
  30. How do you delete songs off your ipod nano without useing a computer?
    4 Technology 55
  31. How to access my nano when the code has been forgotten?
    My daughter put a code in my nano and she don't remember the code. how do I access my ipod if I don't have this code?
    2 Technology 40
  32. Nano Chromatic Battery Life
    How long are the New Nano Chromatic batteries supposed to last?
    3 Music 70
  33. Why wont my new nano sync all my music?
    Have had to sync it over and over and it only adds a few at a time. Seems to have stopped at 710 songs but there are 754 and it wont put them on. All music is converted and checked. Is it broken?
    2 Technology 10
  34. How Do I Delete A Playlist From My iPod Nano 4th Generation?
    I want to delete a playlist from my 8GB iPod Nano 4th Generation WITHOUT using that stupid iTunes. I know it's possible because I've done it before. I just can't remember how I did it.
    4 Technology 125
  35. How do you make a playlist with QuickTime?
    Like on Windows Media Player. Is it possible?
    4 Technology 91
  36. What are good playlist names?
    I have all kinds of music so I'm open to anything =)
    2 Music 58
  37. Can I add music from windows media player to my ipod nano
    2 Technology 52
  38. Does Hannah Montana lip sync?
    does supper star hannah montanna lip sing?
    52 Music 165
  39. Ipod nano switch?
    I just got my iPod nano in purple and I LOVE it!!! how do I turn it off or do I just let it bee?
    5 Technology 54
  40. How many songs can a 4G Nano hold?
    how much can a 4 gig ipod nano hold? (how many songs)
    2 Technology 78
  41. I attached my I pod to pc and I tune sync. removed my data from I pod
    I attached my I pod to pc and I tune sync. removed my data from I pod now how can I get back my data ?
    3 Technology 80
  42. Why won't my ipod nano sync playlists?
    My ipod no longer sync playlists from itunes. I have the second generation ipod nano and people always tell me to click restore or refresh but the thing is that is nowhere on the screen. All the songs fit into my ipod but it won't go in there. Everytim...
    11 Technology 1658
  43. How do I get my iTunes to sync?
    I used limewire, I dragged and dropped all the songs onto my itunes, and now it wont sync... How do I get it to sync???
    2 Music 22
  44. deleting songs one by one off iPod nano
    how can I delete songs one by one off my iPod nano and how can I pull my existing songs up on my computer that's already stored in my nano?
    2 Technology 67
  45. Does anybody have the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium flst iron?
    If so what are your opinions and results?
    3 General 27
  46. what does it mean to sync?
    If I sync my ipod to my friends computer and he has his own itunes will my music get deleted?and if so can I get it back?
    2 Technology 62
  47. Where to put the code for a playlist on Myspace?
    I made a playlist at project and I got the code but where do I put the code in so that it will show up on myspace on my profile??
    2 Technology 121
  48. What Should I get a iPod nano or iPod touch??
    My dad want to get me an iPod for no reason which is okay by me but I don't know what to get an iPod touch or a nano ??? Which is better?
    4 Technology 56
  49. Anyone know of any good sites to make a music playlist?
    Anyone know of any good sites to make a music playlist that I can post on my myspace besides project playlist?
    4 Music 62
  50. How to add a playlist on windows media player to burn a cd?
    I have a windows media player for burning cd and I was wondering how do I add songs to my playlist cause its empty?
    2 Technology 42
  51. Where can I find a Nano Baby?
    where can I find those digital babys what we all used to love lol I want one agian.
    2 Shopping 68
  52. How to crack the volume lock on an iPod Nano?
    Do you know how to crack the volume lock without a password (I forgot mine)? Does anyone know how? It's an IPod nano...
    2 Technology 89
  53. Playlist on profile page on FunAdvice
    Do you think it would be cool if on this site you could have a song playlist on your profile page? x
    6 Funadvice 22
  54. can you put the playlists from on here?
    The playlists that you can get off of can you put those on here? because you can put them on facebook & stuff but not myspace anymore. but can u??? thanx! ~Ciara~
    2 Funadvice 8
  55. Why won't my app sync to my iPod?
    I downloaded an app on iTunes on my computer and when I try to sync it to my iPod iTunes says it's "preparing to sync" and then "determining which apps to sync" and then it finishes without syncing the new app.
    2 Technology 14
  56. delete ipod nano song from without pc
    I once saw someone delete a song from their ipod nano without a pc connection. Anyone have a clue how to do this?
    2 Technology 93
  57. How do I open my Griffin iClear Shade Case for Nano 5G?
    because i need to get it off my ipod
    4 Technology 42
  58. why is it when i sync my ipod it deletes half of the music i dont listen to on there & then i have to put it all back ?
    how can i make it not do that ?
    2 Technology 7
  59. How much does an original Nano cost?
    ok I want to get an ipod nano not the new tiny ones, the original nano, does anyone know how much they cost?
    8 Technology 91
  60. What color ipod nano 8gb should I get?
    What color ipod nano 8gb should I get? I'm torn etween purple,green,pink,and orange.
    2 Technology 29
  61. Syncing songs onto IPOD
    I have several songs on itunes that are MPEG Audio files but they will not sync onto my ipod. Does anyone know why and if I can solve it?
    3 Technology 20
  62. Why won't my iPod Nano sync?
    My iPod lost all of its songs. I filled it with too many songs and it created an iPod selection. I deleted the iPod selection and now it says the iPod could not be updated because the selected playlists no longer exist. I guess it means the iPod select...
    2 Technology 56
  63. Fun Pumping Playlist
    Does Anyone Know Any Good Playlists For Jogging? I Jog Daily With My Dog But I'm Getting Tired Of My Playlist. I Need A Pumping Fun One. ??? ;)
    10 Nutritionfitness 19
  64. What are some songs for my playlist?
    Mmk, so I started a new playlist with stuff, and I was wondering if anyone had some songs to contribute? I can't think of anymore, lol..
    3 Music 48
  65. How to convice my parents to let me get a nano ipod?
    My parents sayed I could get a nano ipod. But now when ever I bring up the idea they change the subject. What should I do?
    2 Family 27
  66. How do I sync my iPod Nano with the iTunes on my computer?
    I got an ipod nano for christmas, and a 50dollar itunes card. I installed i tunes and downloaded a bunch of music, but I cant figure out how to get it all onto my ipod. I know about syncronization, but i cant figure it out... lol i feel like a caveman :P
    3 Technology 14
  67. Good love playlist?
    I'm making a CD for my best friend (guy) and I want it to be love songs - any suggestions?
    6 Relationships 36
  68. Why can't I sync movies on my iPod?
    I've tried putting a couple of movies from itunes to ipod, but I wont work, please help?
    3 Technology 160
  69. How do I put movies on my ipod nano from limewire?
    I draged the video from limewire to itunes and put it in videos then a page popped up and said it couldnt put it on my ipod.
    2 Technology 49
  70. Ipod Nano
    Hi, does anyone know where I can get an ipod nano for less than £100? Is it worth getting an ipod nano and also what sort of GB is advisable? please let me know :)
    4 Technology 14
  71. Syncing my iPod
    I had an iPod nano, I think it is 2nd generation. I just got a new iPod classic, 6th generation. How do I get all my songs from the old iPod onto the new iPod?
    2 Technology 36
  72. How to delete songs from my iPod Nano?
    for my precious can I delete songs from it? theres some that...I have decided need to be removed...please help me out. thanks so much! *mwuah
    13 Technology 237
  73. how much does an 8gb ipod nano hold?
    I got an ipod for christmas but but I haven't opended it on avrage how much video pics and music does it hold?
    3 Music 77
  74. My ipod doesn't sync
    When I plug it into pc or wall charger it will not charge, and the computer doesn't reconize it, all it says is usb malfuntion
    3 Technology 48
  75. uqh. another iPod [nano] question
    can`t dwnload itunes. .. is there any other way I can put music, vids, and stuff on dis.?
    4 Technology 17
  76. 2009 hollister playlist
    I heard a song todya that was acoustic by a younger guy with a great beat anyone know what it is?
    17 Music 126
  77. How do I get the backlight on my iPod Nano to work?
    The backlight on my ipod nano wont work. Itz the ipod nano thats can video. Anyone know how I can fix it? I have to put the ipod under a light to see what im doing. It just wont light up.
    2 Technology 44
  78. Where do I find my playlist on my ipod?
    I have syncd and put a playlist on my ipod but I cant find it on my ipod. it doesnt say "playlist" or "workout mix" or anything like that anywhere on my ipod. Can anyone help me please?
    3 Technology 147
  79. How do I get songs from Spotify to sync to my iPod Nano?
    I just started using spotify yesterday, so I'm still learning. I have the free version. I clicked "sync all music to this ipod", but it still won't sync all the music. And I tried to do it manually, but it won't sync either, and on some of the categori...
    3 Technology 39
  80. Is there any way to set a picture as the background on an iPod nano 3rd generation?
    you know how on the ipod touch lock scrreen you can have a picture? can you do something like that anywhere on the ipod nano 3rd generation?
    3 Technology 14
  81. Why Wont My Nano Sync??
    I Have a 2nd Gen nano and I updated my itunes. After I updated my itunes my ipod won't even show up on an icon when I plug it in. I tried uninstalling and re-instaliing it but nothing happened I want music on my ipod. I have a long commute in the morni...
    3 Technology 57
  82. How do I sync my apps onto my ipod touch! I have done everything!!!
    How do I sync my apps onto my ipod touch! I just bought like 15 apps from the apps store and I pluged my ipod touch in, and I clicked on the ipod and clicked on the "applications" tab and clicked sync. Even after that it doesn't sync anything!!!
    2 Technology 48
  83. Erase songs from my nano
    I double songs on my ipod and I want to get them off please help me out. Its so annoying to hear each song twice as im driving
    2 Music 14
  84. What does this error mean when syncing my iPod?
    Every time I plug my ipod into the computer with the USB cord the computer has a pop up saying that there is no driver installed for it!?!?!?!?!?!
    3 Technology 41
  85. Ipod nano + Limewire 5.3.6
    Okay... I have a Ipod Nano, 4GB, & I don't have Itunes... My computer had a virus and it deleted EVERYTHING. So I downloaded Limewire 5.3.6 && I have NO IDEA how to Sync songs to my ipod... Helppp??? o_o
    2 Technology 38
  86. I had someone burn music into my ipod nano on their computer
    I had someone burn music into my ipod nano on their computer. I bought my own computer and want to burn my cds into it but I dont know how what do I need to do to restore factory settings again and also what do I need to do to transfer my music from c...
    3 Technology 43
  87. Why wont my apps sync to my ipod touch?
    Okayy, so I just got an ipod touch, and when I try to syc the apps from my computer, it wont work. it says that they synced, but when I looked at my ipod, only the oringinal things are on there. What can be wrong? And what can I do?
    3 Technology 39
  88. Do you guys think I could start a web show with my iPod nano?
    If so, give me some ideas. I'm thinking about starting one when I get my own laptop. Give me ideas peepz.
    2 Technology 24
  89. How do I put music on my ipod touch from playlist?
    Okay so I got music on my ipod touch but I want music from play list So how do I get playlist songs on to my ipod touch? I realy need help please and thankes
    2 Technology 64
  90. Why won't my iPod sync?
    I had my 30 gig ipod stollen that was 1st Gen. I recently purchased a 5th G ipod that tells me "The ipod cannot be synced. The required disc cannot be found".
    3 Technology 41
  91. My iPOD nano has 8MG but it only syncs about 960 songs.
    I have over 2000 songs in iTunes, but for some reason, around 960 songs fills all the space. I have removed the games that automatically come with it, I have removed album covers to save space. I have no vids, movies, podcasts etc on it. What am I ...
    2 Technology 50
  92. Why won't my iPod Touch sync.
    When I plug in My iPod, iTunes won't sync it. I can still view and play the music in my iPod and everything but it just won't sync. It's very annoying because any new apps I buy from the App store in the iPod won't be added to the applications library.
    3 Technology 56
  93. How do I do these things on my iPod Nano?
    My first question is where can I download free music to my iPod nano? My other question is: There is a radio on my iPod nano, and whenever I try to use it, I can't seem to change the station... what am I supposed to press to change it? I've tried ever...
    5 Music 10
  94. How do iPod Nanos work?
    do I need a certain type of computer? how do I pay for the songs? what do I hook the ipod up to in order to charge it or download songs? please help! thanks!
    7 Technology 41
  95. Sync ipod
    When I go in to windows media player it shows that there is nothing connected but in itunes is shows that im connected I want to put music on my ipod form my computer but how do I if it shows nothing is connected
    2 Technology 32
  96. How can ipod to sync again to itunes?
    I have an 80gb which I cant sync to itunes, it worked fin before but now it starts syncing and then it gives me and \"error 50 or 69\". I have tried restoring but I keep having the same problem. all software is up to date. HELP! PLEASE!!!
    2 Technology 13
  97. why won't podcasts drag into playlists like they did on my ipod?
    a friend said they need converted into audio/music files first, but I don't know how to accomplish this. Please, please help.
    2 Technology 14
  98. 2gb ipod nano is $100 too high to sell it?
    I have a 2gb ipod nano (the tall/long one with round sides) and I have no more room on it and would like to sell it. I've had it for a little over a year, is $100 too high? I don't know what I should sell it for.. help
    5 Technology 34
  99. iPod Nano
    I am 13 and me and my mom are trying to set up my iPod but my mom doesnt have a credit card and I am leaving tommorow and I just wanted to put some of my CD's on here until I got a gift card or something. Are there anyays I can do this?
    3 Technology 33
  100. What type of Ipod nano has voice recording and you can record video?
    its for my graduation present...I heard that theres an ipod that you can record voice and video and its really good to use for recording poems and songs. Can anyone help please?
    6 Technology 11
  101. My Music, My Playlists
    OK so I made this account on, and I was do you add music? It says something about clickin a plus sign next to each track but I dont understand. Help Me!!!
    2 Music 30
  102. How do you sync your iPhone to a new iTunes account without erasing data off your phone?
    I can add the new music but it says it will erase my existing tunes! thats a big NO! Help please? :)
    4 Technology 9
  103. My ipod nano won't come on
    When I connect it to the computer and go to itunes and do some stuff it says ok to disconnect them I disconnect and it wont come on.also while its connected I can listen 2 music and all that kind of stuff.
    6 Technology 42
  104. Why is my audio out of sync on my YouTube video?
    i uploaded a video to youtube and the autio was really off and i hav no idea how to fix it. plus i tried using the help center but i didnt get what i was supposed to do. does anyone no why the autio isnt in sync and how can i fix it???
    7 Technology 8
  105. How do I rip the recorded videos from my iPod Nano?
    I've been trying to think of ways over the past few months on how to do it but I've always come up empty handed. How do I take the videos I have recorded from my iPod Nano and put them on my computer? Note: I don't have a Mac
    2 Technology 29
  106. Syncing Someone Else's iPod on My iTunes
    Will I still be able to keep the exact same songs I have on my iPod,cause at the moment I'm putting songs on my friends' iPod,will it effect my iPod in anyway shape or form?
    4 Technology 72
  107. How to make a Myspace playlist?
    ok I have a mysapce and I want mroe than jsut one song playing and my friends all have playlists! but I don't know how to do that so thats what im wodnering how do I do it? also umm how do I change my extened network?
    3 Technology 40
  108. How do I put or sync music from Macbook Pro to my Samsung Reality?
    i plug it in but all my phone says is connecting to pc. and it doesnt do anything. hcan i just copy and paste music or what? help me please! just got this phone!
    2 Technology 39
  109. How do I sync music to my cellphone?
    i have a samsung reality (sch-u820) and i have a macbook pro. and i keep plugging in the usb cable but nothing pops up on the computer. can someone please help me?
    4 Technology 13
  110. Why can't I turn off the backlight to my ipod nano?
    I went to settings and clicke don backlight switched it to turn off after 5 seconds and when my music is playing and I don't touch it the light is still on I have no idea how to turn it off other than the backlight and I also reset all settings and the...
    2 Technology 74
  111. How do I unlock an ipod nano?
    I tried holding down menu and the center button; didn't work. I also revealed the hidden folders and looked for the "locked" file under the device folder but there was not one there. Any other suggestions?
    2 Technology 52
  112. How can I make/help my iPod Nano hold its charge longer?
    I had my iPod Nano on my computer all weekend long. This morning I loaded it with classic rock music. I had only listened to it for a few minutes, and then I noticed that the indicator at the top right was almost empty. My ipod is a first-gen Nano.
    3 Technology 48
  113. what are some good songs 2 do 4 a lip sync?
    at school me and my friends entered a lip sync. we have 2 dance somehow with it with props 2 make it more fun. we are totally lost. what song should we do? how should we dance to it? it has 2 b a song with more than one part. have a lot if possible!! t...
    3 Music 118
  114. Eightys Playlist
    I'm making a playlist and I want it to be the 80s :D Electric. Ha Or maybe anything close to that. Examples: Billy Idol Styx Heart Dio The Cars Help me get some more ideas of who I want on there. Please ;]
    6 Music 15
  115. Why won't my itunes give me the option to sync(I have a new ipod that I'm trying to sync my music to)?
    By the way, I downloaded the latest version of itunes. Please help me, I bought this new ipod and now its not even letting me do anything with it :( It's an ipod touch, just like my old one. I plug in the new one and itunes comes up but there is no...
    2 Technology 113
  116. How do I sync this movie to my ipod?
    Ok, so I have 10 videos, and I'm trying to put them on my 4th gen ipod nano (16gb). They're all in mpg4 format, and most of them go on with no problems, but the one that I want in particular just won't sync. It's not because of lack of memory, and it's...
    2 Technology 32
  117. What file type do videos have to be on an ipod nano?
    I have a video option on my ipod, so I tried putting one on, but it said it wasn't the correct file type or something. I'm not sure what types you can use, whether its .mov or .avi or whatever. Anyone know?!
    2 Technology 59
  118. My ipod won't sync or even register on my pc
    My Ipod won't sync or even register on my PC, please help! I have tried 3 different usb cables, but the same problem. Nothing even comes up on the computer. It's a brand new Ipod nano, only about a month old. If there is anything you can suggest, I wou...
    4 Technology 155
  119. Who has the ipod nano 5th generation, and do you like it?
    So I have been wanting to buy an ipod nano 5th generation the on with the video camera and stuff. I want to know first if ya'll like it and what are the cons on it. Thanks! Oh and if you could tell me how much you paid for it. I see some on ebay that a...
    2 Technology 17
  120. Synching an iPod Nano
    I've noticed that when I sync my iPod with my computer, I have to resynch everything all over again in order to get just new songs that I've recently added. Is there anyway to get just new songs? If I select "recently added" then it just adds this an...
    2 Technology 39
  121. Does Anyone Own An Ipod Nano?
    Just about to order one (3rd edition) online.. it seems that a lot of them seem to be out of the shops due to christmas =P Very excited to get it :) Thanks Guys & Happy New Year!!! xxx
    15 Technology 31
  122. Why won't my Wii remote sync with the Wii?
    My little brother has been bothering me to sync it for awhile so when I tried today I used the sync buttons on the back of the wii remote and the one on the wii but it never synced. Then I tried pressing 1and 2 on the wii remote but nothing. Umm we don...
    2 Gaming 14
  123. How can I sync music from Windows Media Player to my Ipod?
    I have an Ipod nano the ones with the long screen but it doesnt have a camera. I was tryng to sync music from my Windows Media Player and it worked only now I cant find the music but on my Itunes it shows that I have something else synced in the 'Other...
    2 Technology 47
  124. Why won't my iPod sync anymore?
    My ipod nano wont synch any songs or videos.When I drag the music from itunes to my ipod it wont sync the song.It worked perfectly before but now it doesnt.Normally what I would do is click the song and drag it to my ipod sign and it would like swallow...
    11 Technology 613
  125. How do I get my iPhone 4 to sync music again?
    After updating to iOS5 my iPhone 4 lost all my music. After plugging it into the computer and syncing it says that I have all my music on there, but when I click the music button on my phone, it says that there is no content also at the bottom of the i...
    5 Technology 22
  126. ipod nano 4th generation and movies
    I bought my daughter the ipod nano 4th generation and she promptly downloaded a movie from iTunes and put it on her ipod. However, when she tries to play the movie, she gets a message that says "TV out enabled. Please connect video accessory." Can't...
    6 Technology 85
  127. Can I sync iPod Touch songs to my PS3?
    I just got an iPod Touch on sunday. When I was trying to sync songs I had on my iPod to my PS3, it doesn't work. This is what I did... 1. Plugged my charger part of my cable into my ipod, and the usb part of my cable into the front usb ports on my PS3...
    2 Technology 48
  128. How To Save My iPod Nano That Went Thru Washer & Dryer?
    I made a big mistake and didn't check my pockets before doing laundry today. My iPod Nano went through the wash and dry as a result. Any suggestions on how I can save this? I've currently got it powered to a wall charger and in a cup of rice. Any o...
    6 Technology 38
  129. Why does itunes keep rejecting my Ipod Nano?
    just recently... my ipod has been getting rejected by my itunes... it says "An iPod has been detected, but it could not be identified properly. Please disconnect and reconnect your iPod, then try again." This is very recent... its bugging and gettin m...
    2 Music 137
  130. My ipod wont sync any more, how do I make it work?
    I have the Ipod nano 4 GB ( not the newest one the square looking one) and its about 2 years old and I also created a new display name on my computer. Now, my ipod doesn't sync and my computer doesn't recognise that my ipod is plugged in. I originally ...
    2 Technology 55
  131. ipod touch or new nano ?
    well for christmas iasked my mom to get me an ipod, since she basically gave away my old nano to my "friend" [ thats a whole diff story ], but anyways...iasked my mom to buy me the ipod touch. but then iwas thinking ikinda want the new nano. which one ...
    2 Technology 9
  132. Why won't my iPad sync apps?
    A couple days ago my iPad randomly took off the iTunes app and the YouTube app. I just got the chance to sync it to my computer, I even got the most recent update, but it didn't do anything. When I went to check the box for it to sync apps it wouldn't ...
    3 Technology 12
  133. What does it mean when one of my iPad apps can't be synced because it's resources have been modified?
    i'm pretty sure that's what it said. the app is garage band, it's in my iTunes library but i cant put it back onto my iPad. it says the resources have been modified or something. and i dont really want to buy it again. how can i get it back on my iP...
    2 Technology 17
  134. When I put my ipod nano on hold it freezes, any advice?
    My ipod freezes when I put it on hold and most of the time when I put it on a song it freezes and the song continues until it is over then it freezes. And I will confess I've droped it a couple of times, but I haven't droped it in a while, and it star...
    2 Technology 66
  135. What should I get? Nano or Classic?
    I need help! I got tons of money for xmas and there was a picture of an ipod stuck on there and he said its for an ipod, I was thrilled, but I'm unsure what to get. Classic is good for watching films and videos because of the screen size but theres n...
    5 Shopping 17
  136. What is a good website were I can create a playlist?
    Okay so I listen to a lot of music and I go on youtube and now im just tired of always having to type in my songs and have to resite ALL of them so I thought, hey I should create a playlist bu the problem is I dont know a good website and I cant downlo...
    5 Music 14
  137. How to delete movies off my iPod Nano?
    How do I delete movies off my ipod nano? I cannot figure out by reading the manual. It is saying to uncheck want you do want but I did that and it is not working. So I then tried to restore my ipod nano so everything would erase but that didn't work ei...
    5 Technology 185
  138. What is the difference between an ipod nano and an ipod touch?
    I mean I know one is touch screen and the other is not. But to me that seems like a bit more of a drag down. If you have to touch the screen everytime you want to do something then that means you would always have to take it out of your pocket and look...
    4 Technology 30
  139. Ipod nano? HELP
    I just got a new ipod nano for christmas and I dont have the money to pay for itunes so I was wandering if theres eny websites or enything you can go to to download music on to it for free im allso looking for southing where I can download the musi...
    5 Technology 14
  140. ..sync songs from iphone to itunes?
    Is there a way I can sync songs from an iPhone to iTunes? Okay here is the thing .. I had to restore my computer to day one .. I had to delete everything .. I put everything on a external hard drive so everything but songs that I had rip from cds tha...
    2 Technology 36
  141. Why isn't my iPod syncing?
    Okay so, this is how it all started out. A few months ago, my computer was fixed by a trusted computer technition. But this time, he lost all of my iTunes music, and then when I went to try to sync it would say everything was synced and then nothing wa...
    2 Technology 75
  142. How can I get my parents to buy me an iPod nano, 5th generation?
    I have been hinting to my Mom and Dad about getting the new iPod nano 5th gen with camera, and they keep saying "Maybe. We'll see." Blah blah blah. I'm really tight with my parents, and my parents usually get me what I want. I reallly want it, and I a...
    2 Family 63
  143. How do I get iTunes to sync music correctly?
    I just recently got a new hard drive. I moved the music from the old one to the new one, and whilst my computer was down, I bought two albums from a band. When I got it back up, I installed iTunes, and plugged in my iPod Touch. It synced one of the alb...
    2 Technology 50
  144. Why won't my newly restored iPod sync?
    Hi - I recently bought an HP laptop and had to reconfigure my iPod for the new computer, since it had originally been configured for a Mac. I was told that I needed to restore my iPod to its factory settings, so I did. (I had already backed up my music...
    2 Technology 73
  145. Sugestions for a new playlist??
    My music is getting boring to me, and I know have about 950 songs on my ipod makes it seem like I have a lot of choice, but I want to make a new playlist which I can just put on shuffle and listen to without skipping songs.. I like pretty much e...
    4 Music 20
  146. How 2 find a stolen ipod nano?
    my ipod got lost at the movie theaters on 11/20/09. rite after da movie was over I left then I checked my pockets and didnt find it. I went back inside and checked if it was were I was sitting but it wasnt there. I went to customer service and asked if...
    7 Technology 33
  147. Does Jordin Sparks Lip Sync?
    Remember the elimination night for idol gives back??? I think it was that night, the night where Michael Johns went home. Anyways, Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks sang no air..but it looked like she was lip syncing it! So what I did was opened two tabs o...
    6 Music 66
  148. How do I unfreeze my ipod nano?
    I have a ipod nano, my lock is off. when I shake my ipod it will switch songs and I can listen to it, but the whole screen is frozen and so is the scroll bar. you cannot choose song. so pretty much the screen is always black and the spinny part does no...
    3 Technology 57
  149. Ipod Syncing Trouble
    Anybody else having troublr with their ipods. I have the 80gb classic. Everytime I try to copy music onto it using itunes or just the hard drive it freezes. I have to reset it loosing all my music but it doesn't fix it. It just keeps freezing. I've tr...
    2 Technology 47
  150. iPod nano charging problems
    I've had my iPod nano for a couple of years now and have never had any problems with it. For the past week or so it hasn't been charging properly. It connects up to the PC fine, it works on iTunes; I can add and remove songs off it. It even syncs fi...
    3 Technology 74
  151. How to unlock my iPod Nano when it's frozen?
    My ipod nano is locked even though the hold switch isn't on. It wont do anything, no matter what button I press. The screen stays lit up all day. I plugged it into my computer and went on itunes and the little bar on the left side with the picture of ...
    13 Technology 197
  152. why won't my iPod sync my videos on to my computer?
    Hey! Look here, this is the dealio! I just got that new iPod nano (its pretty sweet), I shot some videos when I was on vacation and I want to put them online. Nothing pops up, they won't save. I've checked iTunes. N-O-T-H-I-N-G helped. Nothing pops...
    2 Technology 45
  153. Rap/hip-hop playlist.
    Hey everyone. I just got hired to work for club as an DJ. Do anyone know any good rap/hip-hop music? I want something that will get people to the dance floor. Something not too slow, not too fast. I want it just right. If you could make me a playlist o...
    3 Music 41
  154. iPod Question
    I Have A Regular iPod nano, and I downloaded some Podcasts, and the catagory thing is on my ipod, but the Podcasts wont sync onto my ipod. They are there, the,, catagory thing is there. How do I get them to sync on my iPod? Thanks. (:
    3 Technology 17
  155. How can I put music on my iPod Nano?
    I know I know...stupid question...but I got this itunes gift card when I got my ipod nano...and when I got home I was like: im going to put some jams on NOW! so went to and said.. "windows cannot find itunes...would you...
    2 Technology 137
  156. What type of ipod should I get?
    I had a nano, but it broke so yea. should I get an ipod touch?? are they that good? or another nano..or what?!
    3 Technology 41
  157. What's better? (iPods)
    What's better? iPod Nano, iPod Classic or iPod touch?
    7 Technology 37
  158. how long are you supposed to charge an ipod
    how long are you supposed to charge a 4g ipod nano?
    2 Technology 50
  159. Who has some good playlists?
    I've already asked this question,I got answers and I was going to go back and write some of the bands people sent me,but I can not find my question ANYwhere on here,so I need help..again haha. Ok so I only have like 276 songs on my iPod and im gett...
    7 Music 38
  160. Which is better: iPhone or a Sidekick 3?
    I'am getting a cellphone which is better IPONE or SIDEKICK 3 ...??
    15 Technology 52
  161. how do I delete songs off of my ipod?
    the ipod nano I think. I wanna delete of of themm.
    5 Technology 45
  162. videos to mp4 player
    I was given an mp4 player by a friend, it works great, I can sync music, and even pics, but when I sync a video to it it syncs but does not show up in the video/movies section, it just says "empty disk!" what format does the video have to be in and how...
    3 Technology 10
  163. How do I put videos on my ipod?
    How do I put music videos on my iPod nano (8gb) from limewire? I've already dowloaded 2 videos onto my PC and into my iTunes libary but when I press sync iPod it syncs. But when I check my iPod theres no videos? what am I doing wrong? thanxs peopl...
    5 Technology 155
  164. Musik From My Windows Media Player
    Can I transfer music from my windows media player to an ipod nano
    2 Technology 9
  165. How do I delete games from my ipod
    How can I delete the games that were on my ipod nano when I bought it. They are taking up a lot of room
    2 Technology 94
  166. how can i put youtube videos onto my ipod?
    i have the ipod nano 5th generation
    9 Technology 48
  167. What do you do when your iPod has a gray screen with an apple on it?
    My iPod is like stuck on a gray screen with a little apple on it. I have a nano, any suggestions?
    3 Technology 31
  168. paris for president
    what was the song she used it has "apple martini" in it I was wondering if it was on projecet playlist
    2 Music 7
  169. How can I download photos on my iPod touch?
    How can I download photos on my iPod touch? Do they have to be from a file on my computer? If so, how can you get your photo application to recognize your iPod so you can sync them?
    13 Technology 322
  170. Usb cord
    If I hane a usb cord how would I put things like youtube vids and my playlist on it
    2 Technology 15
  171. IPOD for christmas
    I just got the new ipod nano for christmas :) BUT it dont charge on my IPOD dock what typa of dock do I need to charge it on?
    4 Technology 18
  172. Do you know any good country songs?
    I need tons of good country songs to put on my playlist in projectplaylist now please
    7 Music 54
  173. ipod agen
    my ipod wont show up ask sync on iTunes, how do I get it to? + yes its plugged in :)
    6 Technology 10
  174. ipod is corrupted
    my ipod nano wont work, it wont do anything. my computer says its corrupted but I dont know what to do
    4 Technology 10
  175. Good music from the 70s to now
    I need all the bands and songs by any good band from the 70s to now because I what to make a huge playlist for my ipod
    5 Music 17
  176. From itunes to my ipod
    Does anyone know stepbystep how I can download music to my folder then to ultimately on the ipod nano ???
    3 Entertainment 15
  177. More iPod Troubles
    Right so, last night I ran out of room for all my music on my iPod (8gb Gen 3) My iTunes made me create a playlist with all the music I wanted, which I did. I just dragged my other playlists from the side bar. But when I was using my iPod there was ...
    3 Technology 14
  178. How to upload songs to my Zune?
    so I know how to upload songs on my ipod using itunes, but what program do I use for my zune? and how to I transfer playlists from limewire to it..??
    4 Music 93
  179. I just dont get limewire I need help w/ it...
    how do you dwnload your songs from off your limewire playlist to your mp3 playr???
    3 Technology 22
  180. What are some really good new songs that are out?
    I need nore songs in my playlist im getting tired of old songs. what are some really good new songs?
    10 Music 33
  181. deleting videos from mp3
    I have a phillips mp3. and I cant figure out how to delete the videos off of it. I tried from the playlist (from the media player) but they are still on there. how do I delete them?
    2 Technology 11
  182. ituens burn
    y cant I burn mi playlist onto cds?? on itunes...PLEASE HELP!!!
    4 Music 25
  183. Does anyone know a link to where I can watch Skins episode 6?
    Alo that has the audio synced properly with the visual?
    18 Technology 20
  184. Hannah Montana caught using body double
    Do you feel any less of her now that Hanna Montana has been caught with a body double and also lip syncing?
    7 Entertainment 36
  185. What's your favorite song?
    Im looking for songs to put on my playlist . I've already put all my favorites...Im into all kinds of music. Just give me some ideas!!!
    15 Music 15
  186. iPod...Which one should I get?
    Should I ask for the iPod touch, iPod classic, or the new iPod nano for Christmas? I want a new iPod, but I'm not sure which one to get.
    8 Shopping 41
  187. Why doesn't iTunes let you download mixtapes to your iphone/ipod?
    It allows you to download to itunes, but when you try to sync the mixtape(s) onto your device it won't let you. Why is that?
    2 Technology 23
  188. Ipod playing trouble.
    Everytime I go to play a song on my ipod it goes straight to the apple sreen for about 10mins then goes back to the main screen and I'll try to do it again but it keeps going the same thing how do I fix this? And another Q is, we had to get my comput...
    2 Technology 18
  189. Help with itunes?:(!! I've been stuck for 4days
    Okay.. I have all my songs I want to sync onto my ipod touch.. but everytime I press sync nothin happens!! its like wastin its time sayin "syncing in progress" I've tried for 4 days now and I just forgot :( how to put songs on my ipod! ughh!!! also I u...
    5 Technology 23
  190. How can I get movies onto my sansa fuze 8gb mp3 player?
    How can I get movies onto my sansa fuze 8gb mp3 player or at least how can I get movies onto my windows media player 11 so I can sync it onto my sansa fuze mp3 player
    2 Entertainment 75
  191. ipod version
    hey I have an ipod nano that somehow when I lent it to my sister it got stuck on version 1.0., and no computer recognizes it. What can I do to fix this?
    2 Technology 17
  192. What is wrong with my Zune?
    When I plug it into my computer it won't sync. It says another program is using it and I have to close that first. But, I am not aware of any other program using it.
    5 Technology 27
  193. If there a website that finds the right album art?
    I use winamp to sync my ipod and I get my music off of frostwire is there a web site that finds the right album art
    5 Technology 15
  194. How do I fix my iPod?
    My ipod is hooked up to the computer and it keeps saying DO NOT DISCONNECT. it wont let me sync my ipod to get songs on there. Whats going on?
    4 Technology 16
  195. What are some funny songs?
    I think the "Gay Barbie Song" that Syncsta lip synced is hilarious... What are some other funny, retarded songs like that? (song names and artists please)
    7 Music 48
  196. Who can tell me what happened to my iPod music (read more)?
    when i connect my ipod to itunes i can see all my music and playlists and when i disconnect it its all gone! anybody know why this is happening and what i got to do?
    5 Technology 26
  197. deleting songs off ipods.
    I've got the new ipod nano. I have a lot of songs I dont want anymore.. I have itunes 8.0 how do I delet songs?
    3 Technology 51
  198. Which iPod model do you prefer?
    I'm not sure which of the four I should get. Which do you prefer and why? iPod nano (4th or 5th gen.) iPod touch (2nd or 3rd gen.)
    5 Technology 16
  199. What is an alternative program for my ipod 5g?
    My mother just replaced my ipod nano 4g with a 5g and im really happy about it but I'm unable to download itunes to my pc so I realllyyy need to know if theres another free program I can download that will let me sync my music to my ipod. Please and th...
    2 Technology 42
  200. Why isn't iTunes working?
    When I plug my iPod into my computer..and go on iTunes..and try to sync the won't work..and the songs I try putting on it,isn't working? Is there something wrong with my iTunes?
    2 Music 33
  201. Ipod help!
    my ipod is all messed up! help me! I have the newest nano and it wont ~play any songs or videos ~ show my album artwork Help me! I dont know what to do.
    3 Music 11
  202. Does anyone know how to get free music downloads?
    I need to update my playlist but im not shure what site to download music from any one have any ideas on getting free music?
    5 Music 37
  203. Why cant I find music in library on itunes?
    I want to get rid of the crap songs that are on my ipod nano, its the new one with the video camera on it. I used my dads computer to load it and he unistalled it, by accident, so does that mean that it deleted my music too? I have reinstalled it and t...
    3 Technology 46
  204. how to start up an ipod shuffle
    how can I start my friends ipod shuffle? I have the ipod nano but I dont want (as for she wouldnt either) for my songs or her songs to come up into each others library. so how do we fix that? and I put the songs she wanted on her ipod thing (...
    2 Technology 52
  205. What are good, modern rock songs?
    Do you know any good modern rock love songs?? I'm stationed over seas and I'm making a playlist for my wife back in the states... Thanks!!!
    7 Music 60
  206. MP3 Software on Your Computer
    Do you use an MP3 software player on your computer other than Windows Media Player? I'm looking for something new that offers playlists and a search feature.
    3 Technology 18
  207. Converting Music
    Does anyone have an account on , if you do or even if you don't, can you pleese tell me (if you can do this) how do you convert the songs from your playlists on there onto either itunes, or a folder in my documents.
    2 Relationships 36
  208. itune wont burn
    why wont my itunes burn me an mp3 disc off the playlist I chose? I ripped three of my discs and want them on one mp3 disc to conserve space in my cd changer.
    2 Technology 13
  209. Why won't my ipod touch let me download/watch movies?
    I don't know if maybe I'm doing it wrong, but when I sync a movie to my ipod, I can't see it? can someone tell me what to do please?
    4 Technology 55
  210. Can you help me with my mp3 player?
    I have a new mp3 player I got from a friend and I went to sync it to my computer it keeps saying wmpinfo for the sing title then it says it is unsupported what do I do?
    2 Technology 37
  211. What is wrong with my MP3 player?
    I synced music onto my MP3 and like I was listening to it and turned it off to go to bed and this morning when I turned it on it said system file, I pressed play and it said no file. When I put it in the usb on my computer to put more music onto it it ...
    2 Technology 23
  212. How much is an iPhone 3GS on pay-as-you-go and how good is it?
    I'm trying tto get a iPone for christmas and i need a good one so should i get iphone 3gs or iphone 4 ???
    7 Technology 8
  213. How do you delete stuff off your ipod?
    how do you delete stuff off your itouch? everytime I try it just comes back. I delete it off my list but when I sync it all the music I deleted is still on my itouch and then it won't go away! help!
    2 Technology 45
  214. Whats your most embarrising song?
    Whats your most embarrising song(s) you have on your ipod/mp3? Mine wud probably be...oops I did it again-brittney spears or bye bye bye-n*sync hahah
    8 Music 12
  215. Favorite band or singer you're embarrassed to like?
    what is your favorite band/singer/musical group that you are too embarrassed to admit to liking? mine is N'SYNC! LOL. glad I got that off my chest. so what's yours?
    17 Music 123
  216. Is it a good gift?
    I'm thinking to buy one of my friends(girl) an iPod Touch for her b-day, is it a good gift, or should I buy her a nano? Which goes to a girl better?
    3 Shopping 11
  217. Why is my iPod not turning on?
    ok, so I have the new nano 5g for a month now and its been working fine. but, when I plugged it into the computer just now, its not turning on! it happened yesterday too! its completely and totally unresponsive! what should I do?
    3 Technology 9
  218. How can I earn money?
    Okay, I'm 13 and I wanna get an iPod Nano 5th Generation, but the cheapest I could find was £106.00. I have £70. How can I earn some more??
    3 Money 12
  219. How to find my ipod on itunes
    I have just shared my limewire with my itunes. When I tried to sync my ipod with the new music I just got from limewire(in the itunes page) it wont reconise my ipod . Whenever I plug my ipod in it just opens up a new file that doesnt mean anything. I s...
    2 Music 24
  220. What is your favourite song as of this year?
    I'm trying to create a new playlist for my ipod, and I like a whole different variety of music. Please help, I love music!
    12 Technology 23
  221. Indiee Films
    What are some good Indie moves like Nick & Norahs Infinite Playlist and Charlie Bartlett ? I notice that I really enjoy those types of movies.
    2 Entertainment 21
  222. Why has all my itunes music disappeared?
    I'm quite worried :o I just opened up my itunes to find that everything had disappeared! There is absolutely nothing and all my playlists have gone. What on earth is going on? Can anyone help?
    2 Technology 80
  223. Uploading photos onto ipod from a new computer
    I can't seem to put new photos onto my ipod from my new computer with out it telling me I have to sync my ipod.. Meaning it will delete all the other pictures I have on it already. Is there anyway to put new pictures onto my ipod from a new computer wi...
    2 Technology 43
  224. Why won't my iPod play songs?
    Any ideas? So, if I click on a song, it'll go to that song, then send me right back out of it to my playlist. It won't play any songs. The songs show up on my playlist, but don't play. It's been like this ever since I reset my iPod, because my 'lock'...
    4 Technology 13
  225. ipod screen
    ipod nano screen went white.. now its gray.. now its black.. tried the reset [hold menu&center button] buh that didnt work.. help.!
    2 Technology 13
  226. IPOD problems, Can anyone help.
    Ok, I recently had my computer cleaned and all of my music was deleted. My ITUNES is clear of any music at all, but my IPOD has all of mu music on it. If I plug it in, will it sync and delete my music from the IPOD. Or is there a way that I can imp...
    5 Technology 31
  227. Does Apple have an e-mail address for Customer Support?
    I checked their website and I found nothing helpful It has to do with my iPod Nano's recorded videos and their website says nothing about Windows XP
    8 Technology 15
  228. How do you put songs on an iPod touch?
    So, I got an iPod touch for Chirstmas and I put all the songs that I had on my old nano, onto my touch. I got two new cds for birthday and I was going to put them on my iPod, and it put them on iTunes, but when I plugged my touch in to my computer, it ...
    2 Technology 61
  229. When I put itunes back on and try and put new songs on it will it
    Hey so I have a ipod nano and I just got my laptop fixed(broken hard drive) and I was wondering when I put itunes back on and try and put new songs on it will it delete all my other songs..thanks guys
    2 Technology 11
  230. MP4 to MP3?
    Is there a way to convert an MP4 into an MP3? I wrote this garage band song on a Mac and sent it to my home computer (PC) but now I can't sync it to my MP3 Player. Anybody know how? Please help!
    3 Technology 41
  231. Why wont my ipod work?
    I pluged my ipod in on another user that diddnt have itunes on my compurter And I unplugged it and nowit still says it is plugged in!please help me!its the newest I pod nano with the camera!
    3 Technology 48
  232. Format micro sd card on a LG Xenon?
    When I plug my Xenon in to my usb port to sync some mp3's onto the new micro sd card I bought, my phone says it's unable to use licenses, try again after formatting card. So how do you format a micro sd card on a Xenon?
    10 Technology 122
  233. my stupid freakin ipod!!!
    Ok so I got an apple ipod the 4th generation that is 8GB and I put songs on the itunes website but I cannot sinc the ipod, how do I sync the stupid freakin ipod, I have tried everything and am super irritated!
    3 Technology 32
  234. How do you transfer music onto someone else's ipod from your comp?
    Okay so I told my friend I would put some music on his ipod from my computer, but how do I do that?? I'm afraid his ipod will sync with my computer and mess it up. any advice would be good...thanks!
    5 Technology 58
  235. Converting movies onto Ipods
    I have an Ipod Nano 3rd generation. I know you can buy movies on itunes, but how do you put movies and videos from your computer? Is there a program or something I can download for free? Please help, thanks.=]
    7 Technology 96
  236. Ipod disconection help!
    Whenever I try to "eject" (disconnect) my ipod nano it says, "this item could not be ejected because it is being used by another aplication." I have nothing else open! Help asap! What to do? Thanks! Maddie
    4 Technology 11
  237. "The required disc cannot be found"
    Somebodyyy, please help, I'm about to lose itt! Ok, my iPods being stupid! I sent it to Apple so that they could fix the problem that it had, which was that it wouldn't want to sync, but they didn't seem to do anything cause its still the same, well w...
    9 Technology 139
  238. How to put songs on an ipod
    Ok I recieved an ipod nano as a gift awhile ago and havent a clue how to put songs on there. Like I tried just the normal way plugging it in through the usb port in my computer and dragging and dropping into the ipod folder that came up But that didn...
    3 Technology 31
  239. Can you put music on a jail broken ipod?
    My grandad found an ipod and gave it to my dad and my dad erased everything off the ipod then gave it to me and when i plugged it up to the comp. my friend said itunes was suposed to automaticly pop up but it doesnt, i already got some mus...
    2 Music 48
  240. wheres a website I can get free music from for an ipod?
    im planning on getting an ipod nano but I dont want to spend anymore money on buying songs,so can anyone please tell me a website I can get ablolutely free music from?and thanks!!!
    3 Technology 37
  241. Why won't Pocket God download?
    I downloaded and payed for an application called pocket god and it shows up in my library and has a check mark by it just like everything else im about to try and sync and everything works except pocket god wont download I've tried everything what do I...
    3 Technology 83
  242. Ipod- itunes help?
    Can I take music from an ipod and move it into an empty itunes library? I just got a new one ipod touch.. but on my old ipod touch... I bought music from the itunes on my ipod.. so they weren't on my computer.. so if I sync my new one with the old lib...
    4 Technology 58
  243. What languages are in your music library?
    I only speak two languages, but my wife speaks three, and when you include close friends, the number climbs to more than a half dozen. So we have five different languages in our music playlist that we hear regularly. Do you listen to music in more lang...
    6 Music 17
  244. Whats like the best part time job ever?
    I want some cash to buy an ipod nano new version or ipod vid because everyone said it was good, but when eBay says new I doubt it
    3 Money 12
  245. Who here uses limewire?
    ok so I just got one of those old ipod nanos and now I wanna put music on it. is limewire like 100% free? like,youll NEVER have to pay ANYthing for the songs? and do I have to have itunes to do this? thnks.
    8 Technology 14
  246. What-someone with physics or scientific knowledge please help! -?
    Hey, um I'm 13 and I just found out my uncel has lung cancer and may not make it. I have heard about nanotechnology being used to kill cancer by protecting a poison with fullerine or 'buckyballs' and the nanos are lead to the cancer cells and the fulle...
    2 Health 16
  247. What happened to my MP3?
    I was listening to a song and when I backed off from the playlist(the playlist was from the same artist) I went to another artist. When I came back most of the songs in the previous thing where marked as unknown exept for 3. When I tried to get into th...
    3 Technology 36
  248. Should I get an Ipod or PSP?
    ok so my sister todl me that she'd by me an ipod or soemthing equivelant in price if I get above 95 average on my report card...and I think I did...I hope so but...Ya so I could either get the new ipod nano or a psp...which one should I get do you think?
    12 Gaming 89
  249. What's some epic songs/artists?
    Alright I've asked one like this already and got some amazing responses, I looked up everything everyone posted and got some new songs in my playlist, so anyone else know some that I may not?
    5 Music 41
  250. New songs!
    Ok so I LOVE music!! And I have a playlist but I am starting to get sick of the songs... Any ideas on new music I might like? I am into bands like: All American Rejects Lily Allen 30H!3 Paramore Lady Gaga, And so on
    5 Music 10