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  1. Do vampires exist?
    10 General 54
  2. Who founded Microsoft?
    Who founded Microsoft?
    2 Technology 24
  3. What are control devices?
    5 Education 37
  4. Do you think aliens exist?
    Do think aliens exist?
    23 Science 60
  5. What city is Microsoft Headquarters in?
    What city is Microsoft Headquarters in?
    2 Technology 57
  6. Need sound on my computer
    need sound on my computer
    3 Technology 46
  7. How many colors exist?
    How many colors exist?
    2 General 87
  8. What sound does a girafe make?
    What sound does a girafe make?
    2 Pets 46
  9. Does the KKK still exist
    Does the KKK still exist? If so where at?
    9 General 139
  10. Does the imaginary world exist?
    the imaginary world exist?
    13 Religion 34
  11. microsoft silverlight? whats that?
    what is Microsoft silverlight?
    2 Technology 11
  12. Microsoft or mac?
    what is better Microsoft or mac? why?
    4 Technology 10
  13. Does God exist and why?
    do you think that God does exist. why?
    203 Religion 116
  14. How to find Microsoft Word?
    can't find microsoft word
    4 Technology 16
  15. How to detect tracking devices?
    How to detect tracking devices?
    2 General 34
  16. can you proove the existence of Disinfectant
    can you proove the existence of Disinfectant
    5 General 13
  17. What is Silverlight on Microsoft and can I delete it?
    2 Technology 14
  18. What can I do with Microsoft office 2010?
    2 Technology 168
  19. What are some unique sounding bands?
    11 Music 32
  20. how do you spell the sound for a sigh?
    3 Technology 162
  21. Why don't I make sounds when I cry?
    6 General 68
  22. Is it me or does Skrillex's songs all sound the same?
    6 Music 15
  23. Does bootlegging still exist?
    4 Politics 97
  24. How to double space on Microsoft?
    2 Technology 28
  25. What do you believe is your reason for existence?
    30 Religion 50
  26. Do mermaids really exist?
    3 General 16
  27. are you living or existing in this world?
    4 General 10
  28. Can fish hear sounds?
    8 Pets 46
  29. Why is it that racism still exists?
    Just wondering, why does racism still exist.
    11 Politics 44
  30. what sounds better a clarinet or a trumpet?
    what sounds better a clarinet or a trumpet?
    5 Music 42
  31. Funadvice How long has this site existed?
    How long has this site existed?
    3 Funadvice 5
  32. What computers are better mac or microsoft?
    What computers are better mac or microsoft?
    9 Technology 18
  33. How are a cats sound limited by instincts?
    How are a cats sound limited by instincts?
    2 Pets 13
  34. How do you say "surround sound" in French?
    4 Education 82
  35. what are other words for yes that sounds professional?
    10 Literature 22
  36. Microsoft powerpoint
    How do you get powerpoint on your computer?
    4 Technology 13
  37. Existing jobs
    Jobs at Dow Corning ?
    2 Money 9
  38. What are some bands/singers that have the same sort of sound as Cocorosie?
    3 Music 21
  39. What is the key filter in Microsoft Windows?
    2 Technology 9
  40. Do other worlds exist?
    do you think is there other world exsixt ?
    9 Science 54
  41. Cellular device ; )
    What are some sweet phones out ?
    3 Technology 7
  42. Do you have to pay to download Microsoft Wword?
    4 Technology 34
  43. Do a sheep and a goat make the same sound?
    6 General 23
  44. How often should you update a GPS device?
    2 Technology 11
  45. What are some songs that have a lot of poetic devices in them?
    5 Music 461
  46. What are some "futuristic" sounding names for a guy and what are some "homeless guy" sounding names?
    For a story Im working on.
    5 Literature 50
  47. Why do we sound good in the shower when we sing?
    10 Music 45
  48. What street is Microsoft Corporate Headquarters located on?
    What street is Microsoft Corporate Headquarters located on?
    2 Technology 158
  49. how do I convert a microsoft word document to pdf?
    how do I convert a microsoft word document to pdf?
    4 Technology 18
  50. What's the difference between Comcast and Microsoft?
    Whats the difference between "Comcast.'' and "Microsoft.'' What exactly are they??
    2 Technology 87
  51. Are there any bands that sound like the Beatles?
    Are there any good bands that sound like the Beatles or the Who?
    2 Music 64
  52. laptop wont play sound
    my hp laptop wont play sound, what should I do?
    6 Technology 41
  53. How rich is Bill Gates and when did he found Microsoft?
    How rich is Bill Gates and when did he found Microsoft?
    2 Money 17
  54. Love existence
    Do you think that there are still a pure love existing?
    7 Relationships 10
  55. Where is Microsoft's Texas office?
    where is the microsoft company in texas located?
    2 Technology 54
  56. Do converse (shoe brand) exist in Switzerland?
    do converse (shoe brand) exist in Switzerland?
    2 Shopping 36
  57. Can I use microsoft streets & trips in finland?
    Can I use microsoft streets & trips in finland?
    2 Technology 12
  58. Does anyone think Hannah Montana exists?
    does anyone think Hannah Montana exists?
    10 Entertainment 54
  59. How do you write Roman Numerals on Microsoft Word?
    4 Technology 33
  60. What is the most beautiful sounding instrument?
    19 Music 66
  61. Can either time or space exist without the other?
    8 Relationships 29
  62. Is God real; does HE exists?
    if yes is there any proof?
    25 Religion 40
  63. do you think that there is more than one universe in existence today?
    8 Science 27
  64. Why is Android better than iOS devices?
    4 Technology 16
  65. What (real) surnames are there that sound particularly evil?
    5 General 120
  66. Who wishes the Jonas brothers didn't exist?
    18 Music 14
  67. Is Sound Proof Ceiling really effective?
    2 Homegarden 12
  68. Reincarnation - Does it Exist?
    Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, please explain why.
    11 Religion 36
  69. Why does my percussion drum set sound so bad?
    4 Music 12
  70. How do you spell the guys name that sounds like "Why - it"?
    5 General 59
  71. Is it possible to prove that god *doesn't* exist?
    75 Religion 57
  72. What do i do when i have scratched off my Microsoft Points Number to hard?
    5 Gaming 12
  73. Do I need to change the type of Microsoft word if I have Microsoft 2003 and my school has Microsoft 2007?
    I have a few documents that I need to print and the file type is Microsoft 2003 and I'd like to print the documents at school but do I need to convert it to 2007 or will it open up in school anyway?
    2 Technology 20
  74. Sound problem
    I have a sound in my computer then I change my window and now there is no sound can I got my sound back
    3 Technology 14
  75. Sounds is measured
    Sounds is measured in what unit ? its my last questions ok !!!
    2 Science 49
  76. Can Google Docs really replace Microsoft Word?
    Can Google Docs really replace Microsoft Word?
    2 Technology 39
  77. Why do some gay guys sound like girls?
    Why do some gay guys sound like girls and some dont?
    5 Relationships 74
  78. Sound words
    I want to know 20 sound words for "questioned"
    3 Education 51
  79. Do you know if cancer didnt exist before.
    Do you know if cancer didnt exist before or it happened suddenly.
    3 Health 45
  80. What is a good intense sounding opera piece that would sound good in the background of a modern day radio song?
    2 Music 14
  81. she said it does't exist but it existed later, what is it?
    i do't know if its a history or not. but i was asked to give an answer. so dear friends help
    2 General 20
  82. Unlimited sound recorder?
    Do you know any sound recorder software that I can record sounds for unlimited amount of time
    2 Technology 48
  83. Video (picture and sound) into mp3 format (only sound)?
    What program can I use so I can make a video (picture and sound) into mp3 format (only sound)? Please help me I really need this ... Thanks to all :)
    3 Technology 39
  84. How can I download Adobe Sound Booth from the internet for free?
    2 Technology 8
  85. Why does my computer give a beep sound now when i start the system?
    3 Technology 9
  86. What's the best mobile wifi hot spot device?
    4 Technology 27
  87. Why do I randomly hear sort of a vibrating/drumming sound in my ear?
    2 Health 45
  88. Is it ok to allow the handicap and disabled from birth to exist?
    79 Politics 37
  89. What vocal artists sound similar to Amy Whinehouse?
    2 Music 40
  90. what sounds bettr?
    Emilee Krajewsky Emilee Harrison Emilee Allpal
    4 Music 9
  91. What sounds better: 'just another vampire' or 'love to fangirl'?
    9 Literature 19
  92. What is the point of having a best friend if they don't even know you exist?
    8 Relationships 18
  93. How do I talk to a boy that doesn't even know I exist??
    2 Relationships 16
  94. Why does music sound so "different" nowadays?
    (and by different I mean terrible)
    7 Music 23
  95. Which organs of speech produce the SH and H sound?
    5 Science 13
  96. Does this sound heavy?
    5'5'' ; 135 pounds, size 5
    4 Health 27
  97. Can you give me some bands that sound like All Time Low?
    6 Music 41
  98. How do you explain the cave men if you think they ever existed?
    47 Religion 37
  99. Do people with multiple personality disorders actually exist?
    12 Health 17
  100. Why does my dog jumps in fear to the sound of a car horn?
    4 Pets 11
  101. What does it mean when an essay is double spacedand how do I do that on Microsoft Word?
    6 Technology 41
  102. How can I download Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows 7?
    2 Technology 9
  103. How do you get rid of an earache caused by loud sounds?
    2 Health 16
  104. How much money is 150 Microsoft Points, in US money?
    2 Money 45
  105. In love and he doesn't know I exist
    I'm in love with a boy but he dosent no I exist!!! What should I do???
    12 Relationships 314
  106. Ultra sound ?
    I have to go for an ultra sound. I am nervous. Does it hurt to get one???
    4 Health 26
  107. What name sounds better Holly Millar or Holly Sutherland ?
    What name do you think sounds better holly millar or holly Sutherland ?
    8 General 25
  108. Is there a software to edit my voice to make it sound better?
    Is there a software I can use to edit my voice to make it sound better?
    2 Technology 37
  109. Sound System + PS3?
    Can you hook up a surround sound system to a Playstation 3?
    3 Gaming 9
  110. Hardware devices...
    School project...laser printer...what kind of hardware device is it?
    5 Technology 14
  111. Does the Illuminati really exist?
    ...and if ''yes'' why?...does church of satan also exist???
    10 Religion 48
  112. How to make my voice sound good?
    Is there any food or anything that can make my voice sounds Good and stronger??
    4 Music 69
  113. How do I get sound back on my computer?
    I accidently deleted my sound device on my computer, any ideas how to get it back?
    3 Technology 54
  114. Is it a RAM problem as my computer gets me an creeping sound when i start up?
    5 Technology 13
  115. When you tighten your jaw, why does it sound like you hear less then when your jaw is relaxed?
    2 Health 17
  116. How do people flush their toilets if they have a phobia of the sound the toilet pump makes?
    11 General 26
  117. Can anyone find scholarly articles on the existence of Noah's Ark?
    3 Religion 65
  118. How many app's do you have on your iPhone or Android device?
    Currently I have 81 app's in my iPhone.
    12 Technology 32
  119. this sounds relly sad but..
    what does jizz in my pants mean?!!!
    2 General 81
  120. What does it mean if you start to hear a high pitch ring sound?
    4 Health 22
  121. Why is my Windows Media Player not making sound even if it's not muted?
    5 Technology 35
  122. why did i suddenly lose the ability to make high pitched sounds?
    16 Health 44
  123. How many computers and other devices currently connected to the internet are in you house?
    20 Technology 58
  124. What would the world be like if fast food no longer existed?
    11 Food 16
  125. If a tree falls down and nobodys around, does it make a sound?
    8 General 31
  126. What is the best way to make the most out of the sound quality of mp3 files?
    2 Technology 15
  127. Who else loves the sound of a roaring engine on a classic mustang?
    13 Cars 29
  128. "continuous as the stars that shine", what literary device?
    "continuous as the stars that shine" what literature is being used?
    3 Literature 204
  129. how would the human society and our lives be if money didn't exist?
    5 General 7
  130. How do you make a group singing sounds good?
    It's hard to hear yourself in a group, but how do you make it sounds decent?
    2 Music 35
  131. Did jesus exist?
    I there any real, actual proof of Jesus's existance? ( Please don't say the bible ).
    27 Religion 28
  132. What are the uses of sound energy? Help! This is for my report tom.
    Pls. Answer.what are the uses of sound energy?.
    3 Science 3681
  133. Why cant I sleep without sound?
    I cant sleep without it if theres no sound I feel really uncomfortable. Why is this?
    4 Health 32
  134. Why do I sound totally different when I record my voice?
    And which one do i really sound like?
    6 General 35
  135. Is there a device to shield a computer screen from the sun?
    Is there any device to shield a computer screen so I can work outside in the sun and still work on my computer?
    3 Technology 46
  136. How do I show him I exist?
    I like this boy but I don't think he even knows that I exists what shall I do?
    2 Relationships 12
  137. How do I install sims on my cruzer USB device?
    I got a cruzer USB device and I'm trying to install the sims on it. How do I do that?
    2 Gaming 76
  138. How do I restore sound on my computer?
    Sound card is installed but volume is at 0. how do I get sound back?
    3 Technology 139
  139. What are some good artist that sound similar to grand national?
    What are some good bands or artists that sound similar to grand national or have that indie alternative sound
    3 Music 52
  140. Is it true that man-eating plants exist in some dense forests?
    5 Environment 45
  141. why is my six my old puppie wake up in the middle of the night with choking sounds?
    11 Pets 65
  142. Would you like to live in a world in which memories are non-existent?
    16 General 32
  143. Does anyone know if vampires exist?
    Im looking for people who know if vampires are real, does anyone out there know?
    19 General 68
  144. Do any free online background checks actually exist, or is there some kind of catch to all of them?
    3 Money 40
  145. How can stop the sound of the Vuvuzelas when I'm watching a world cup game?
    2 Sports 19
  146. What website could I go to to record my voice and make it sound better?
    2 Technology 20
  147. How to know if my virgin blood still exists or not without going to the doctor?
    7 Health 336
  148. Do you think humans would exist if dinosaurs didn't go extinct?
    9 Science 6
  149. Why do people use Microsoft Excel to handle budgets, taxes, etc.?
    2 Technology 11
  150. I know this might sound stupid but...
    in what hole does a guys penis go in?
    4 Relationships 130
  151. Why does my stomach make weird sounds when I lay on my side?
    Every time i lay on my side, my stomach makes odd sounds, what makes it do that?
    3 Health 220
  152. Microsoft Project Natal
    What is the microsoft's project natal? Is it a new gaming console? Or is it an additional controller to xbox360?
    2 Gaming 40
  153. What sound does a zebra make?
    i recently got a stuffed animal that is a zebra, and it hit me. i have no idea what sound a zebra makes !
    3 Pets 74
  154. Do vampires really exist?
    Do vampires really exist? If they do,which specific place could they be possibly found? vinz here :-)
    6 General 18
  155. What if Microsoft went "crazy professor" on us?
    What would happen if Microsoft decided to go "crazy professor" on us?
    4 Technology 20
  156. What is the purpose of microsoft excel ?
    Hi, What is the purpose of microsoft excel ?? , I need a short but detailed description x
    3 Technology 11
  157. How to detect listening devices or hidden cameras?
    How can I know if there have been listening devices or hidden cameras placed in my home or vehicle?
    6 Technology 498
  158. Which name sounds better?
    What sounds better: Danikka Plummer (dan-ik-a) or Bailey Plummer?
    2 Relationships 18
  159. Door sounds on my computer
    Can someone tell me why I get the sound of opening and closing doors on my pc?
    7 Technology 82
  160. Sound device on lapotp not working?
    On my new laptop, less than a year old, it says that my computer has no sound devices installed. It used to have perfect sound, but now its completly silent. What do I do to get it back? And when/ how did it get uninstalled?!
    2 Technology 62
  161. How can I make my voice sound older when I sing?
    I love singing but whenever I sing I sound really young! How can I make my voice sound more mature??
    4 Music 325
  162. In America, does this opportunity exist ?
    This is America, and every woman can walk through every door of opportunity - True or False ?
    14 Politics 39
  163. would you spray on a play-doh or earthworm scented perfume?? they do exist.
    6 Style 39
  164. How come my boyfriend always moans or makes sounds of agony when i'm pleasuring him?
    5 Relationships 88
  165. Is there a site online I can buy microsoft office, cheap?
    Or is there a site I can download it free? Thanks
    9 Technology 6
  166. Polarity Bewteen Gender=NON EXISTENT
    Do you believe that the polarity between the genders is all a figment of the human mind?
    2 Relationships 13
  167. Discuss: Should schools allow mobile devices to be used as educational tools?
    6 Education 28
  168. How does a strawberry-lemon cake with chocolate chips and white frosting sound?
    11 Food 41
  169. How do I get Microsoft Excel 2010 to automatically plot points for me on a scatter chart?
    2 Technology 44
  170. Do you believe that the kind of love portrayed in movies like "The Notebook" and "Twilight" exists?
    37 Relationships 44
  171. what last name sounds good with Kennedy? Suarez, livingston, peaslee or todd?
    19 General 19
  172. Is it normal to hear high pitch sounds better in one ear and hear bass better in the other?
    2 Health 22
  173. If any world could exist...
    Which one would you pick? Or what magic powers do you want and why?
    5 General 12
  174. Where is the spirit exist?
    Is the spirit realy with us or within us?Can you feal spirit?I m interested to know about spirit.
    9 Religion 28
  175. Does all the hi-tech equipment used on the CSI series actually exist?
    7 Science 69
  176. Who can tell me (ok this might sound strange) if this is a big ass? or do guys like this?
    5 Style 64
  177. Would man even think about flying if birds or flying creatures didn't exist?
    5 General 7
  178. What do you call those devices that you plug into your ear to talk on a cellphone hands-free?
    9 Technology 47
  179. What are some good sites to get brochure templates online that work for Microsoft Word?
    2 Technology 9
  180. Is there a program where I can pick which sound I hear from each of my devices?
    I want to hear some sounds from different applications on my headset, but some on my computer. How can I do this? A download? or a preset option I haven't seen? I run Win 7 64bit.
    2 Technology 10
  181. How do I get sound back on my computer
    I was on the computer and I was messing with the sound and I deleted it I have tried everything to get it back but nothing works how do I get it back
    3 Technology 72
  182. Vampires want to know if they exist
    Guys I really want to know if they exist am dieing 2 meet one ???
    7 General 43
  183. Microsoft thingy. Help!!!
    I wanna put a picture in the backround, and then write my facts on the picturee. I have microsoft thingy. Help?!?!?!?
    3 Technology 34
  184. Why can't I get to microsoft's website?
    I have been trying to go to microsoft's website but it says faild to cennect , every other website works ,,,??
    3 Technology 9
  185. Where is this clicking sound coming from when I chew?
    When i chew theres this clicking sound coming from somewhere in my head i dont know where but should i be worried?
    3 Health 46
  186. Does my period sound normal?
    I had my period the 10th to the 15th in July. I started again on the 30th and am still on it. Does it sound normal or irregular?
    5 Health 19
  187. No audio device?
    now the volume icon on the bottom right of my labtop says no audio output device installed? what should I do?
    2 Technology 13
  188. Experiment that proves matter exist in a gas, liquid, or solid?
    I need an experiment that proves matter exist in a gas, liquid, or solid. Can some one help me?
    7 Science 139
  189. Dentist Hygenist or Ultra sound technician?
    Dentist Hygenist or Ultra sound technician? I cant decide! I want to be both! Whats good?
    4 Money 40
  190. Why can't I get sounds from my computer?
    I GET NO SOUNDS FROM MY COMPUTER (Compaq). I PUT A SOUND CARD IN STILL, NO SOUNDS. ACTUALLY, I CAN HEAR THIS ONE SOUND (it sounds like a radio station that's not tuned in).
    2 Technology 120
  191. speaker sound problem
    i have a samsung N100sp netbook, but i cant hear music outloud. WHY?
    4 Technology 13
  192. Would you buy a brand name electronic device, if there are rumors going around that it's defective?
    2 Shopping 16
  193. What is the microsoft word used in school?
    what is the microsoft word in school with wordart and clipart and a lot of fonts. is there a free download? thanks
    4 Technology 36
  194. Why can I not make a sounds while being fingered?
    Like when I get fingered for some reason I can not make a noise I just gasp and bit my lip?
    2 Relationships 1036
  195. what characteristics of a sound wave allow you to
    Explain what characteristics of a sound wave allow you to be able to distinguish between a car horn and the trumpeting sound of an elephant. What characteristic of a sound wave determines its loudness?
    3 Science 25
  196. Why won't my Windows Movie Maker or Audacity play sounds, and is there a better download I can use?
    2 Technology 28
  197. How do you dubble space a paper on microsoft???
    plzzz someone help!!!I am riteing a paper for lit and it needs to be dubble spaced!!!
    2 Technology 10
  198. When I finger myself is it okay to moan and make sounds?
    Ok I been fingering myself for awhile and never really moaned or anything so should I moan
    2 Relationships 480
  199. Why does the sound not play when i watch a video from the net.on my comp.?
    Other wise i can play music or run a DVD< then there is no problem with the sound.
    5 Technology 42
  200. How did God come to exist then...?
    If there is a God, how did he come to exist??? I've heard of the big bang theory... but I havent heard of any theories of how God came to exist? Anyone know?
    36 Religion 43
  201. If somebody would make a device for women to pee standing women would use it?
    Just curious about that. What do you think?
    6 General 20
  202. Computer start-up sound
    Does anyone know how to put a sound on the start up of window... the first sounds you hear when you start your computer... tnx..
    2 Technology 14
  203. Do you think soon racism will no longer exist, or do you think it will become worse sort of like it used to be?
    9 General 14
  204. How can I become a sound foly artist?
    Pretty much what the titel says people lol
    3 Money 44
  205. Can girls make their "screamo" voice sound like guys?
    Cause that would be awesome :)
    13 Music 373
  206. How do I turn on the sound on my Kodak camera?
    my friend has a kodak and she asked me how to turn the sound on when video taping..i have no idea..any tips? lol i have a kodak too and the sound just is automatically on.
    2 Technology 82
  207. What first and middle names sound good with my last name White?
    I am 4 months pregnant and looking for names that sound good with my last name White.
    5 General 314
  208. How much is 2 GB on a wireless internet device and how long do u think that will last??
    2 Technology 70
  209. If life was discovered on another planet, do you think that would prove "God" doesn't exist?
    9 Religion 23
  210. Are Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher, A++, and IC3 good 7 certificates?
    5 Technology 21
  211. How do you tell someone you love that they are being ungrateful without sounding like a total b!tch?
    9 Relationships 66
  212. Does global warming really exist?
    Does global warming really exist?? why does it, like what proof is there?? can anyone give me some sites?? thanx!! :D
    11 Environment 109
  213. Are Microsoft Quick Books and First Aid plus CPR good to put on a resume?
    2 Money 33
  214. How to find out if God exists?
    I actually refer to myself as agnostic but I would be interested in knowing how you could find out the existence or non-existence of God.
    19 Religion 52
  215. What do you listen for in songs:nice sounding lyrics with a good beat, meaningful lyrics, or something else?
    4 Music 25
  216. why a transformer is an AC device and not a DC device
    A phone charger is a common use of a transformer. Explain why a transformer is an AC device and not a DC device. If the voltage of the wall outlet is 120 v and the output of the transformer is 3 v, is this a step-up or a step-down transformer? Describ...
    3 Science 47
  217. No sound on my computer
    I deleted my sound max off my computer. Now theirs no sound. On my device managerit says no multimedia audio controller, I've tried to restore it but with no luck.
    3 Technology 36
  218. Why isn't there sound on movies on my iPod?
    I have an ipod touch and I have a few movies. there is sound when the movies are on itunes, but when I convert it to the format for them to go on my iopd, there is no sound.. any ideas why or how to fix that?
    3 Technology 36
  219. How can I restore sound on my laptop?
    my sigmatel audio was removed by my son an now I have no sound and cant get anything to give me sound please help
    2 Technology 57
  220. When going to a haunted place does a digital camera pick up ghost sounds?
    Like talking, gun sounds etc...?
    2 Entertainment 9
  221. What sounds do guys like hearing during sex?
    What sounds do guys like hearing during sex, foreplay, bj's/hj's? Also... What things can I do for foreplay? What are good things to say during sex?
    3 Sex 160
  222. if god existed...
    if god realy existed why do things happen like rape and murder and animal abuse? doesnt he care?
    35 Religion 39
  223. Why does my iPod make my voice sound different?
    My iPod makes my voice sound bad whenever I record a video of me singing. But my phone and my friends phone don't.
    3 Technology 26
  224. How would u spell a name tht sounds like juanyay?
    does anyone know the correct way to spell the name tht sounds like juanyay?
    5 Literature 84
  225. How to spell the sounds of...
    Ok, Any other ways to spell out the sounds of a whipping lol? heres a few I got -Whipsssh -Fpheeeuuuwww-KKKAAA
    4 Technology 60
  226. How will the Microsoft Yahoo merger affect the Internet?
    How will the microsoft yahoo merger affect the virtual world...Will it be the ultimate blow to privacy or will it be a killer blow to google?
    5 Technology 34
  227. How crazy do I sound to say I want an owl?
    I really want an owl. I was wondering if that just made me sound like some crazy lady obsessed with animals. Does it?
    6 Pets 30
  228. name that you think sounds cute?
    pick a name that you think sounds cute: 1. Kyle 2. Sean 3. Kevin 4Tyler
    13 Babies 15
  229. Why is my MSN sound not working but everything else does?
    How do I fix it? My msn sounds, email, and stuff won't work, but everything else does. If I watch videos, or anything it works.
    2 Technology 100
  230. Does this sound like a guy's name or a girl's name?
    Rinad but you pronounce the A as in Alligator btw im a girl, and thats my name.
    3 Family 9
  231. How can I make mp3 files sound clearer and louder without downloading software?
    like so I can do it online?
    3 Technology 118
  232. would it be ilegal for someone to male and detonate an emp device in scotland ?
    23 General 24
  233. What are some great vocal exericises to increase your vocal sound better? I want my voice and my voice in singing to be even better, any ideas?
    4 Entertainment 11
  234. Can someone please give me a link to download Microsoft Powerpoint to my computer?
    i need it for a school project
    8 Technology 91
  235. Which operating system has the greatest performance, Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, or OpenSource Linux?
    15 Technology 32
  236. How were the mountains formed and shaped in the Milford Sound area in New Zealand and what is it like to live and work in the area?
    4 General 82
  237. Do you ever wonder what other (more common) FA members sound like/look like... what accents, voice etc?
    40 Funadvice 52
  238. Does anyone else think these Radio Disney Next Best Thing singers sound terrible?
    2 Music 20
  239. Does she sound like Doris Day when she sings?
    This is not me, but many people tell her she does:
    2 Music 17
  240. How to Protect Your Android Device?
    Are you using an Android device? Let's make your device highly secure. Here I am going to tell you 4 tips that will help you for this. So, let's start this:
    4 Technology 133
  241. How do I get the sound clicking back on my mac laptop?
    The actual sound is working, it's just that when I push the sound up and down buttons they have stopped making that clicky noise. How do I get the noise back?
    2 Technology 21
  242. What law should exist that doesnt already?
    What law do you think should exist? I need to write a law that I think should exist for my government class, and I cant think of anything... help? do you have any personal opinions on laws that should be there?
    6 General 88
  243. How do I get sound on a laptop?
    Hi my boyfriend has a laptop and had sound. But when his teacher dumped it and cleaned it out or whatever. Something happened. How do you get it back because it did work.
    2 Technology 12
  244. how do I say M2AMF NO without sounding like a jerk.
    ok so theres this fat chick in my 5th period class that likes how do I say M2AMF NO without sounding like a jerk.
    2 Relationships 58
  245. How does my sonnet sound?
    I'm writing a Shakespearean sonnet for my english class and I just wanted an opinion on how it sounds. What grade would you give me? lol
    2 Literature 23
  246. What are Some Artists or Songs that Sound Like the Killers?
    songs that sound like the killers or similar to them. && an example could be Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge thanks;;
    3 Music 83
  247. Why do people insist there is evidence that "God" exists, what exactly are they saying is evidence?
    I don't know of any evidence, and I don't think there is any...proving that "God" exists. What are some people saying is evidence? I often hear people say there is evidence, but they never say what that evidence is.
    141 Religion 116
  248. Joe the plumber does he really exist?
    I was watching the debate between obama and mc cain and most of the debate they were talking about joe the plumber this guy really exists or they made it up. Lol
    7 Politics 36
  249. Does anyone know any new bands that kinda sound like Weezer, Cage the Elephant, & Charlotte Sometimes??
    2 Music 12
  250. How devastated would we guys be if video games didn't exist?
    I would be born dead :/ yes Im way in to video games
    15 Gaming 39