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Get help with Pimple.

  1. How to prevent pimples?
    how can pimples be prevented
    7 Style 72
  2. How do I hide my pimples ?
    How do I hide my pimples ?
    5 Style 53
  3. How do I stop pimples from reoccuring?
    How do I stop pimples from reoccuring?
    4 Style 32
  4. How do you get rid of pimples?
    How do you get rid of pimples?
    5 Style 33
  5. How do you get rid of pimples?
    How do you get rid of Pimples?
    5 Style 76
  6. How do I remove pimples from my face?
    13 Style 479
  7. How do I stop getting pimples
    How do I stop getting pimples?
    6 Style 37
  8. How do you get rid of pimples?
    how do you get rid of pimples
    10 Style 45
  9. how to treat under the skin pimples?
    3 Health 64
  10. how to remove the redness of pimples?
    19 Style 37
  11. What's the difference between acne and pimples?
    4 Style 56
  12. Why do I have pimples on my arms and thighs?
    2 Style 14
  13. What's the difference between a pimple and a zit?
    4 Style 50
  14. how do you rid of twenty pimples
    how do you get rid of twenty pimples?
    3 Style 30
  15. What's the best solution for pimples?
    what is the best solution for pimples on the face?
    6 Style 58
  16. How can I stop pimples from coming?
    what can I do to stop pimples to stop appearing
    5 Style 131
  17. How can I get rid of stubborn pimples?
    how can I get rid from stubborn pimples?
    3 Style 88
  18. Pimples and acne
    How do I get red of acne and pimples?
    8 Style 32
  19. How do I get rid of pimples fast?
    how do I get rid of pimples!!!..FAST!!
    3 Style 48
  20. Does chocolate cause pimples?
    does choclotae cause pimples?
    12 Style 40
  21. How to get rid of pimples?
    How can I get rid of pimples asap !
    4 Style 44
  22. Skin/ pimples
    What is the best poduct for your skin ??
    4 Style 49
  23. Where is the weirdest place you got a pimple?
    15 Style 44
  24. What does it mean when you got pimples on pubic area?
    What does it mean when you got pimples on pubic area?
    5 Style 1405
  25. How can I get rid of a pimple in one day?
    How can I get rid of a pimple in one day?
    32 Style 388
  26. Body pimples
    I have little pimple or dots all over my body help
    3 Health 41
  27. Getting rid of an annoying pimple
    I have this anoying pimple how do I get rid of it...
    6 Style 45
  28. How do you get rid of pimples in one day?
    How do you get rid of pimples in one day?
    19 Style 229
  29. Big pimples only on my nose how to get rid of them?
    I have big pimples only on my nose how to get rid of them???
    10 Style 80
  30. Pimples!
    Is it better to pop them or just leave them alone?!
    7 Style 28
  31. how can i get rid of pimples on my upper lip?
    11 Style 34
  32. Is it ok to use face wash when you don't have any pimples?
    8 Style 36
  33. Can a person get a pimple underneath their eyebrow?
    11 Style 29
  34. What are some fast at-home pimple remedies?
    7 Health 34
  35. How to get rid of small pimples fast?
    5 Style 28
  36. How to get rid of pimples and their scars?
    how can i get rid of pimples and their marks those were once poped up
    5 Style 60
  37. one pimple... one night??
    how to get rid of a pimple in one night..
    3 Style 92
  38. Anyone know the best solution to rid pimples?
    Anyone know the best solution to rid pimples?
    8 Style 35
  39. Why do I have pimples on my chest and how do I get rid of them?
    I have some pimples on my chest. How do I get rid of them? Its really embarressing!
    10 Style 273
  40. how to get rid of pimples tell me herbal treatment
    how to get rid of pimples tell me herbal treatment
    5 Style 153
  41. How to get rid of pimples?
    how do I get rid of pimples??? they look stupid on me!! I hate them!!!
    3 Style 66
  42. People with pimples on theyre back.
    Why do people get pimples on theyre back? Is it normal?
    3 Style 25
  43. pimple on the bottom of my nose in the cornor
    I have a pimple on the bottom of my nose in the cornor, how can I get it away!!!???
    3 Style 90
  44. Pimple leg
    sumtimes I get pimples on my legs why is this and how do im get rid of it
    2 Style 50
  45. Pimples on underarms
    sometimes after I shave I get these pimples under my armpits what can I do about them
    3 Style 39
  46. Pimples on my armpit
    Help me... I have pimples on my armpit what will I do? It really looks like a pimple and why on my armpit not on my face...
    2 Health 159
  47. does mint toothpaste really reduce pimple size??
    19 Health 76
  48. is it true that if you have bangs then you could get more pimples on your forehead?
    11 Style 30
  49. spots...arghhh (pimples in the USA)
    how do I get rid of spots?
    4 Style 21
  50. How to get rid of a pimple
    What are same ways to get rid of a pimple besides using proactive?
    10 Style 54
  51. How do you get rid of a pimple fast?
    How do you get rid of a pimple fast? like in one day?
    5 Style 46
  52. Pimples, do you pop them?
    When your pimple gets all white and gross, you pop out that stuff right?
    12 Style 69
  53. Pimple removing tech.
    How can I remove pimples from my face in 2 to 3 months?
    2 Style 32
  54. What's the best way to get rid of or prevent pimples?
    What is the best way to get rid of and/or prevent pimples?
    9 Style 33
  55. What can I buy to get rid of white pimples on my vagina?
    I have these little white pimples on my vagina what can I buy to get rid of them
    2 Health 164
  56. How do I prevent pimples?
    okay, I dont want to get rid of them I want to prevent them!! how?
    6 Style 39
  57. Can apple cider vinegar lighten pimple scars on the face?
    7 Style 209
  58. Is it normal for pimples to be hot?
    a have apimple but its liek hot... could it be a boil:S
    2 Style 14
  59. Can pimples pop up right outside the pubic mound, above the clitoris?
    4 Health 159
  60. How can I get rid of pimples on my nose?
    I only have pimples on my nose! how do I get rid of them? I've tried about every facewash out there.
    11 Style 290
  61. How to remove the pimples on my face?
    I donot know what to do to those hateful stuffs ? I mean the pimples
    3 Style 23
  62. Possible to have a pimple on your lip?
    Is it really possible to have a pimple on your lip and whats the difference between it and a cold sore...
    6 Homegarden 694
  63. How can I stop picking at my pimples?
    I'm 13 and I have pimples all over I clean them and everything but during school I pick at them. How can I stop?
    4 Style 38
  64. Pimple on the nipple???
    My friend said she got a pimple on her nipple, why?? And how could she get rid of it?
    4 Style 151
  65. Getting rid of a pimple inside my nose
    I have a pimple that is inside my nose ad it really hurts how do I get rid of it.
    12 Style 85
  66. Guys having pimples
    Is it ok for guys to have pimples or pimples marks on their faces? For example for those age 16 to 20?
    6 Style 16
  67. Break-out what's good to take for pimples / acne?
    Wats good to take Of pimples/acne.
    3 Style 94
  68. How do I get rid of a pimple that's just in the corner of my eye?
    (the inside corner closest to my nose)?
    5 Style 48
  69. What if i keep getting pimple`s and zit`s all over my face , does that mean my period is coming ?
    3 Style 63
  70. How can I get rid of the pimples on my face?
    What is an at-home treatment that I can use to remove the pimples on my face?
    11 Style 70
  71. What are home remedies for pimples?
    please tell me how could remove my pimple marks from my face?please tell me some home remedies.
    4 Style 53
  72. Bad pimples how can I get rid of them fast?
    I have some bad pimples and I would like to know how I can get rid of them fast! Any help here?
    3 Style 18
  73. How do you get rid of pimples in less than two weeks?
    6 Style 31
  74. How can I reduce pimples?
    hi I'm 14 years old and I have pimples over my fore head how to reduce them
    2 Style 42
  75. Popped pimples?
    So I know when you pop a pimple you should put something on it, does anyone know if hydrogen peroxide is okay to put on them?
    6 Style 59
  76. How do I get rid of pimples?
    I usually get them on my forehead, my nose & chin. How do I get rid of them? I do was my face, btw.
    7 Style 54
  77. How do you get pimples off your face
    Cause my bro gots it bad and whats some advice how to
    6 Style 51
  78. Pimples
    Okay so this might sound a lil gross, but I have like acne on my vagina. What should I do?
    4 Relationships 85
  79. What is the best way to clear pimples fast?
    Like the day before a big date?
    8 Style 134
  80. Is it supposed to burn when you put toothpaste on a pimple ?
    I put some on before bed had to take it off because it hurt a lot ! A LOT. So is it supposed to hurt ? Or is it just my toothpaste ?
    2 Style 166
  81. What are the best ways to get rid of pimples?
    I do't have serious acne problems, but get a few pimples on my chin. What are the best ways to get rid of them/avoid getting them?
    6 Style 21
  82. Get rid of pimples
    What is the best pimple treatment out there I've been using oxy clean pads.
    5 Style 18
  83. Does a spray tan stop u from having pimples?
    cause when i used it i didnt have pimples but when i stopped i got them back from before?
    2 Style 60
  84. Fricken Huge Pimple
    Heyy, how do you get rid of a fricken huge pimple?? I mean, literally, the thing is ginormous~
    6 Style 92
  85. How can I reduce pimples?
    hi, I get very few pimples and goes of with a darker marks . what do I do to reduce those spots and even remove it.
    2 Style 122
  86. What kind of treatment will help with ance and pimples?
    What kind of treatment will help with ance and pimples!!! Thats really easy please I need help!!!
    3 Style 18
  87. What I use for my skin my skin is oily and pimples and blackheads ?
    in my face so much pimples and some blackheads I want some tips to clean my face
    5 Style 38
  88. How Can iCover My Pimples.?
    Myy Friend Has All These Pimples && She Wants To Cover Them Before We Go To School.. Any Ideas?
    3 Style 17
  89. How to get rid of pimples?
    how do I get rid of my pimples I've got too many and I wana make them go away but how?
    7 Style 79
  90. Wankk = pimples?
    Hi I heard from some one that when you wank pimple grow in your face? Is that right? Doese wank has to do some thing with pimple on the face??
    6 Health 122
  91. How do you remove a lot of pimples on your forehead?
    I have a whole bunch of pimples on my forehead! My mom even tried to remove it, so what do I do? Please help!
    3 Style 46
  92. Unwanted Pimples
    School Starts here pretty soon .. Is there anything I can use to make the pimples to be gone or less of them before school starts ?
    3 Style 43
  93. How can I avoid and get rid of pimples?
    I got a scab from a pimple and I realized that underneath it another pimple was there with a white center. How can I avoid or help this?
    3 Style 171
  94. Pop a pimple, what is the white stuff that comes out of it?
    When you pop a pimple, what is the white stuff that comes out of it? Sometimes its the liquid, and sometimes its like a hard little dot. What is it?
    11 Style 3333
  95. Does foundation and tanning cream give you pimples and blackheads?
    If so, if i stopped wearing both, would i stop getting them?
    5 Style 40
  96. Pimple Problem...!
    How do is stop this things coming out from my face... Help me please before I get ugly...
    3 Style 13
  97. Pimples after makeup?
    I am 14 years old and when I apply makeup on my face after removing it thepimples appear on my face.
    3 Style 15
  98. how to loose pimples fast naturally?
    I need a way to lose my pimples fast, and I need it done naturally does anyone know how ty :)
    5 Style 50
  99. How do you pop a pimple that won't pop?
    I have a pimple right under my nose and I want to pop it but I can't seem to do it. How do you pop it??? It won't pop. well I kinda did. because white stuff came out but my pimple is still popped out. what can I do to it?
    2 Style 135
  100. How to stop pimples?
    I get Pimples everyday. What Can help to Stop them?! Im Sick of it. Pimple Soap? or Something that Cost cheap. By The way, Im Australian
    8 Style 50
  101. Why is tightening your pores important to reduce pimples?
    why is tightening your pours (with things such as eggs and tooth paste ) important for reducing pimples... like what does tighening your pours do for you?
    3 Style 28
  102. Why do I have pimples around my public area?
    I'm married and I have small pimples around some of my pubic area, mainly around the hair part .What can cause that ?
    3 Health 68
  103. Pimples on my thighs when I wake up?
    Okay. Whenever I wear my short pajama shorts to bed, I wake up with red pimples all over my thighs. Anyone know why?
    2 Health 64
  104. How do I get rid of this very obvious pimple??
    OK I got school tomorrow and there is a huge pimple below my eye! Help me please!!!
    9 Style 90
  105. How can you safely pop a pimple?
    I have a HUGE pimple on the left corner of my bottom lip. How can I pop it so it won't leave a scar and it will be gone!?!?
    5 Health 545
  106. Will breaking a pimple leave a scar?
    Hey guys, I want to ask if you have a pimple and you go and break it, will it like leave a scar down there? if it does, how do we actually remove it?
    6 Style 452
  107. How the pimples removed from my face?
    I am 15 years old male.I have a pimples on my face and some dark spots from last 6 months
    9 Style 39
  108. Does drinking strong alcohol make you gain weight and/or cause pimple break outs?
    5 Health 54
  109. What to do about a painful pimple inside ear?
    It hurts like MMN!! *is in pain* I can't pop it, because it's in a 'crook' near the top of my ear. What do I do? :(
    6 Style 47
  110. How can you get rid of pimples?
    Im getting a pimple right on the corner of my mouth and not only does it look bad but it feels uncomfortable. What is a good, cheap, way to get rid of pimples?
    4 Style 34
  111. how to cure pimples(scraps) on the top of head(in hair)
    I got pimples on the top of the head(in between the hair) how to cure it? is there any medicine to cure it? if so will you please give details of that medicine and what things should I do daily.
    4 Style 128
  112. Why is popping pimples bad?
    Why is it bad to pop your pimples? Does it get worse or something, I heard that the bacteria inside comes out and stuff, but I'm not sure...
    6 Style 91
  113. Does the Pill give you pimples?
    I'm starting to get a lot of pimples. Could this be because I'm back on The Pill? I heard it actually gets rid of them.. :S
    2 Health 56
  114. Does toothpaste really work on Pimples
    Does toothpaste really work ??? I need a method 2 get rid of these two ugly pimples by 2morrow...helppp !!!
    8 Style 46
  115. Product to get rid of pimples?
    my boyfriend has pimples. he says they are really bad can anyone help me with a product that will get rid of them.. thankyou x
    5 Style 20
  116. How 2 get rid of pimples!
    I have this really big pimple on my nose and it hurts. I need 2 know the best ways to get rid of it. Thankss
    3 Style 13
  117. Does Erythromycin work to prevent pimples?
    im studying at a medical school and they say it's an antibiotic, though it's an antibiotic but is it liable?
    3 Style 46
  118. Do pimple lotions work?
    Does the spot loutions work or not as spots in my life is the worst thing as I want spot free skin and to have soft skin too. Which spot loutions work?
    9 Style 21
  119. Im 14, and have pimples on my neck and back. Is it normal?
    Eww. ! I have pimples on my neck and sometimes on my back too. Its grosss. I cant wear any tingtopss and I have to wear a scarve to cover the pimpled on my necl. What should I do about it? Is it normal?
    5 Style 31
  120. is it normal to have pimples on your shoulder?!
    does anyone else get pimples on their shoulders!?!!! when I get them they hurt like hell. especially when I have to wear my backpack in school. does this happen to anyone else???
    4 Health 94
  121. When do pimples go away?
    2 questions, how long does a pimple last normally, and how old are you before they stop. this one is for those who used to have them and are grown up now . :D
    3 Style 42
  122. How could I get rid of those little pimples on my forehead overnight?
    i gots little pimples on my forhead and they tend to get annoying :/ i could use some advice plz
    7 Style 41
  123. How can I stop from geting pimples?
    I am 13 and I hate pimples! I wash my face every night and still get them! It's not constant, but theyr'e there! What can I do?!! : (
    3 Style 16
  124. Ammonia on pimples
    Ammonia gets rid of bug bits well, so why not pimples? If I put, let's say, AfterBite on my acne, would it calm it down?
    3 Health 740
  125. quick fix to make the huge pimple crater go away?
    I know, I know you shouldn't pick at pimples...but I did. So now I have a major event coming there any quick fix to make the huge crater go away??
    2 Style 41
  126. Proactive for clearing small pimples?
    Isn't Proactive for acne? I just have small pimples around my face that I don't like. Would proactive work on that too or do you know another medicine?
    3 Style 38
  127. How can I get rid of forehead pimples?
    I know to prevent pimples you should wash your face everyday but how do you get rid of them? I have a few of them on my forehead and they just wont go away. please help me!
    8 Style 120
  128. How to get rid of pimples safely?
    I dont get that many pimples but when I do theyre the real nasty ones. Anyways I was wondering if there was any way to help get rid of them in a safe way?
    3 Style 21
  129. How to make a pimple go away?
    I always get a big pimple on my nose,and its really not a good looking one! What can I do to it to make it go away or make it not last that long?
    12 Style 208
  130. How do I get rid of scabs and pimples?
    I have 2 small pimple sized scabs on my face, but I have a date tomarrow! Any tips on getting rid of them in 12-14 hours?!!?!
    2 Style 71
  131. How to clear pimples quick?
    please help me beacuse im breaking out a lot lately? tell me how you may have cleared your acne?
    4 Style 11
  132. How can i cover a pimple really well with limited makeup products?
    I hav multiple shades of foundation, blush, bronzer.
    6 Style 10
  133. Tanning and pimples?
    If you go in a tanning bed, will your pimples get darker too? Or will just your skin get more tan? Because I have a dance coming up and I need to blend the scars in with my tan skin.. So what should I do? Please help.
    5 Style 111
  134. Big pimple and I have a huge party tomorrow
    ok a big pimple just popped up and for the first time I have no idea what to do. and I have a major party im hosting tommorow. HELLLPPP!!!
    19 Style 128
  135. How do you get rid of pimples or zits?
    My friend needs help! She has a little bit of pimples on her forehead and I really want to help her but how? Is there some kind of formula or something? HELP!!!
    4 Style 42
  136. Why do people get pimples on there face?
    Why do people get pimples on there face?? Mii b/f says because they have the urge to have sex or they masterbait But I dont think so Who do you agree wit Me Or Mi b/f
    3 Sex 60
  137. How can I get rid of popped pimples?
    hi I know I shouldnt pop my pimples but I have and I need them to go away in about 2 days please help..
    6 Style 61
  138. Pimple red from blood build up and its right above my vagina
    I have a pimple in my "area" and im not sure if its bad...I mean its red from blood build up and its right above my vagina where your pubic hair is, and I want to know if it bad or not
    2 Health 917
  139. Will lemon juice get rid of pimples?
    is it true that lemon juice will get rid of your pimples? I've heard it works and I've also heard that its real bad to use. im confused
    9 Style 179
  140. How do I get rid of problem pimples in 12 hours?
    ive got school id pictures and i need a clear face =)
    3 Style 22
  141. pimple looking rash on my face
    its all over my face its even above my eyes does any one know what it is or how to get rid of it please help me thanks peggy
    5 Style 83
  142. What are these pimples that hurt down there?
    I been having lil pinples in my vigina for 2 days allready and when I pee a lot it hurst alil and they ich a lil what you think it is ..
    4 Health 58
  143. Pimples down there?
    Whenever I don't shave my pubic hair I start to get these kind of pimples ( I know there pimples cause you can pop them like one) and sometimes after I shave so is this normal to have like acne or something down there ?
    2 Health 275
  144. Difficult pimple
    I've got a lot of pimples on my back and severel on my face and I need a fast acting home recipe thats works really fast because these pimples are bugging me!
    4 Style 41
  145. How do I get rid of pimples and what kinda haircut to get?
    Hey what is a good cheap way to get rid of pimples? I've tried everything. And how do I know what sort of fringe to get when it gets cut?
    5 Style 46
  146. when you stress do you get more pimples?
    when school started I tend to stress a lot because of school work and such and I got some pimples so I want to know is either because im stressing or im like growing and stuff...??
    2 Health 90
  147. How can I get rid of pimple in two days atleast?
    I have major problem of pimple it came after every day and I am so fraistated so please give me any homee simple remedy please ...
    4 Style 36
  148. How can I get my face pimple free?
    Hello, Ok heres the problem I have pimplies on my face and I wash my face every day it just seems that the pimples never go away what can I do ?
    6 Style 34
  149. How can I get pimples gone before the concert?
    I have a few pimples on my face.. Just a few tiny ones.. And I am going to a jonas brothers concert this tuesday.. How can I get them to go away before the concert?? Besides proactive please!
    5 Style 75
  150. Pimples in my forehead remedie to get rid of them?
    Well im getting pimples in my forehead.. Whats a good remedie to get rid of them at home? Not using pro-activ or that other!!
    8 Style 164
  151. how do I get rid of my pimple?...
    pimples are gross and embarassing please tell me something that can help me. I accidently popped it and it hurts a lot I tried washing but it just stays there, please help!..
    8 Style 41
  152. Pimples on my face
    I am starting to get pimples. and I don't know how to take them off. I have washed my face everyday and tried a whole bunch of stuff. NOTHING HAPPENS PLEASE HELP!
    6 Style 29
  153. Toothpaste works on pimple???
    Hey I read a lot on how to get rid of pimples everyone seems to say use toothpaste I mean does it really wrk huh >???
    6 Style 61
  154. How to get rid of a pimple under the skin?
    how to get rid of huge under the skin I squeezed it and it hurt really bad nothing came but blood and water what do I do now its a hugr scabe
    10 Style 417
  155. How to clear up a pimple
    Look. My face is usually clear. but around my period it breaks out. this is very embarassing. is there anything you can sugest to get fid of them really fast?
    5 Style 51
  156. How to get rid of pimples fast
    Ok I need help school is starting here pretty soon for me and I started to get a pimple and I was just wondering if there is a fast way to get rid of them ... because I really wouldent want to go to school with PIMPLES !! please help !!!
    2 Style 29
  157. How does toothpaste prevent pimples?
    I know a lot of people say it works when you use it over night, but what does it do? And how do you get it to stay on your face and not rub on your pillow?
    9 Style 238
  158. black marks from popping a pimple, how do I remove?
    I poped a bump on my forehead and on my chin and it turned black how can I get my skin color back its really black it
    4 Health 7182
  159. Does noxema work on pimples?
    Okay, other than the ones posted, what other kinds of acne treatment can I find, other than clearasel, etc, I do have noxema but it doesn't have benzoyl peroxide in it.
    9 Style 80
  160. Have pimples on my face and Prom is on Thursday!
    On sunday I broke out in tears & once I was done, I had PIMPLES EVERYWHERE! The worst part is, today's tuesday & they still havn't left & my PROM IS ON THRUSDAY! what should I do!?!
    5 Style 26
  161. What should I do if I have a date and have pimples on my chin?
    I have a date with a really cute lawyer. I'm a mature and sexy woman with PIMPLES on my chin today!! I already tried covering it, but you can still see it. Should I cancel?
    4 Sex 30
  162. Pimple underneath my skin
    I have this underneath the skin pimple! It is driving me insane! Do you know any good ways to get rid of it? I wash my face a lot, I just need the redness gone. Thnx
    8 Style 185
  163. Is it normal to get two pimples on your wrist and one that has the white stuff that's ready to pop?
    i dont usually and i kno u can get pimples on ur body but i didnt kno u can get ones that u can pop.
    3 Style 77
  164. Annoying pimple.
    I have an annoying zit that kinda connects to my lip, so how can I get rid of it right now! Please don't say proactiv or clearasel because I have no money, and I don't have tell me other ways to get rid of it.
    7 Style 23
  165. How do I get rid of a pimple that is starting to grow?
    K, I have a little red bump that I can tell is going to be one of those huggge ones, so I need help on how to get rid of it asap
    3 Style 93
  166. Will getting a pimple on a new tattoo ruin it?
    so lets say you get this new tattoo. next day you got a huge effing zit on it!! so... what now? is it ruined? will popping it make it worse?
    2 Style 739
  167. aloe vera for pimples ???
    hey..guys help me out ..that can I use aloe vera gel at my face??..bcox I do have that home ..n its purely natural ...please HELP ME OUT ...thnx :)
    3 Style 44
  168. How to get rid of pimples im 2 weeks?
    2 weeks to get prefect flawless skin for the dance because I want to look nice and feel good and not have to worry about my skin
    4 Style 49
  169. How can I get rid of stubborn pimple scars?
    I have had pimples and they left very dark and scary marks. It has been some time now and I have tried tens of facial treatments but they just can't "move", can any one please help?
    12 Style 152
  170. Pimple under the skin
    How do I get rid of a pimple that is under my skin, I have been putting a warm washcloth on it then try and pop it. It hurts so bad, and blood comes out. My face is swollen and I have a wedding in two weeks.
    2 Style 46
  171. White pimple inside eyelid?
    Ders a pimple like bump on the inside of my upper eyelid. It did get kinda swollen and it kinda hurtz when I blink. What could I have gotten it from? Oor does anyone know what it is?
    3 Style 315
  172. How do I get rid of pimple marks or scares?
    I have pimples and they leave marks so even when its gone it still looks like I have somthing there. I hate it! what can I do to get rid of he drak spots or to prevent myself from even getting one! helpp
    2 Style 93
  173. What to do when you have to get rid of pimples overnight?
    I have to get rid of my pimples overnight and I need help, like what do I use, does toothpaste(gel) work, how about lemon juice? petroleum jelly? cleanser? anything else?
    3 Style 553
  174. What to do for my pimple overnight..?
    Well I plan on popping it and puttting spot treatment on it. but then I heard you can put honey on it over night.. and I cant do both ovvernight really, can I? help
    2 Food 89
  175. How can I get rid of pimples and just make my face clear in all?
    Okai I dunno what else to do... My face pores really show and I have random pimples that just come and go randomly... Any moisturizers or natural things to put?
    5 Style 40
  176. How can I heal a sore on my face. It started out as a pimple?
    It started as pimple but then grew into this yellow-ish thing on my nose. There keeps on coming yellow-fluids stuff out of the wound. It's really disgusting.
    5 Health 1170
  177. How do I get rid of under the skin pimples?
    I hvae pretty ncie skin only I get breakouts under the skin... Little bumps...pimples under and it really annoying... How do I get rid of those.. I already wash my twice a day ... What face wash is the best for that?
    3 Style 70
  178. Will calamine lotion help with pimples?
    Ok so I bought calamine lotion, I want to know if it helps with pimples. If yes, then how long does it usually take to work its magic? Btw I got pimples like on my cheek and they take a long long time to go away on their own =(
    3 Style 49
  179. How do I get rid of pimple scares?
    I've had pimples on my whe face Went to my town doctors they gave me a pimple face wash, now the pimples have stopped popping out and there is hardly any pimples in my face But the pimples have left the scares My skin is brown and it shows Does ...
    5 Health 1280
  180. pimples!! ughhh
    I have a few pimples on my face &&I popped dem &&now dey look worst &&dha skin on those areas are dry &&crusty!! how can I get rid of that &&get my skin back to normal. please as much help as can!!! =/
    4 Style 43
  181. What's a good way to get rid of pimples?
    I have heaps and heaps of pimples I had only about 4 pimples when I went to the doctors for help about 5 months ago It got heaps worse from then on I went back and im now on some tabblets I have to wait 3 months till the demotoligist Does anyone h...
    4 Style 57
  182. why do i have tiny red dots on my legs (not pimples ir irritation its MY SKIN) ive had this for years and im really wondering why is it because im pale ?
    ive seen other ppl with it too. helpp how do i get rid of it ?
    10 Health 69
  183. How do I get rid of a pimple in 24 hours?
    Well I like this guy and I'm afraid he won't like me because of my acne. I haven't been there in awhile and want to impress him. Don't be like you don't need to impress him and BLAH BLAH BLAH I want how do I get rid of my acne. Thank you :)
    4 Style 38
  184. Bright pimple
    Hello, Well I recently had a pimple on my nose and when it was time I popped it like always, I had another on my forehead and I popped them at the same time, the one on my forehead is gone, but the one of my nose is now bright red and kinda pops...
    2 Style 71
  185. How do I solve my pimple + blackhead problems?
    I have tried blackhead + pimple cream but it didn't make any difference so I still don't have a answer to my problem. Is there another way to get rid of them? and if you know a good brand for creams please tell me so I can try that brand if I haven't...
    2 Style 49
  186. pimple remedies
    I've heard of toothpaste,honey,lemon,oatmeal,shaving cream..tried buh there not working too well does any one know any other ones..a mask..anything for pimples,black scars and blackheads
    4 Style 40
  187. How can I get rid of the pimples I've had for 3 years straight!?!?
    Ok since thrid grade, I've had pimples really bad. I'm in fifth grade now and everything j use NEVER works! HELP!!!
    4 Style 16
  188. How to remove pimple marks?
    hi I have black pimple marks on my face , I am sick and tired using mediciation on that, but I just gave up. please any body tell me any thing better to remove these marks I am getting married in one month time
    7 Style 232
  189. why isnt it okay to pick at pimples?
    why isnt it okay to pick at pimples? I usually do because its a habit but I dont notice any scars in particular. is there any fast homemade or store bought items that may be usefull to treat those huge white pimple (or any other kind) instead of poppin...
    2 Style 42
  190. Pimple like sore
    I have what looks like a pimple on my chest at first it was kind of sore when I rubbed but its not sore now the other night it was bleeding in the middle a little then it just kind of scabed over the next day does this sound like a pimple because I do...
    3 Health 54
  191. How to get rid of my stupid pimples?
    I really need to get rid of my stupid pimples. I feel like nothing is working. Ignoring them is not helping, and it gets to the point where I will actually break down crying (alone.) And the there are people who will say "You have a pimple." That reall...
    15 Style 43
  192. Pimples that won't go away
    okay. I have some pimples that would not go away. I also have some tiny tiny spots around my eye area. and loads of blackheads. I see all my frens face are not like tat but mine. I'm so depressed. what should I do??
    5 Style 63
  193. My pimple! :'(
    Okay so I popped a REALLY big zit on my chin about 2 days ago and now there's a giant red lump were it was and it won't go away!!! I popped it because it was big and white and it really needed to be popped. Do you know why it's like this?
    3 Health 29
  194. What is this weird seed that comes out of my pimples?
    err...sometimes there will be a weird bump on my face and if I squeeze it out its kind of like a weird seed >_>...its not that big but not that small either...maybe around twice thesize of a fullstop?...and also sometimes if my pimple accidentally pops...
    4 Style 971
  195. How do I stop pimples on my nose?
    basicly my face isnt filled with lots of spots ..its just the nose they keep poping up ther and basicly my nose is red ther eni way I can get them all to go at once or something ?thx x
    5 Style 114
  196. Is appying toothpaste on pimples gd?
    I read here that applying toothpaste on pimples can be gd .I had 5-6 small red pimples near my lips, so I applied Colgate toothpaste on them last when I wakeup I see 3 more white pimples hv come up in that area where I had applied paste and ear...
    3 Style 182
  197. Getting rid of face and back pimples
    what is the easiest way without seeing a doctor to get rid of pimples on face and back? ever since I moved to Melbourne I started getting pimples on my cheeks and back I need help to prevent them. I tried using toothpaste but it doesnt do anything so p...
    6 Style 27
  198. What's a cure for pimples?
    Hey I was just wondering if anyone knows any good face masks or anything for spots. I have so many red blotches on my face at the momment, and I just keep putting more make up on. Anyone know good creams etc? Thanks.
    4 Style 7
  199. Large pimple like thing blocking my vagina?
    I have a pretty large pimplish thing that is half blocking my vagina. I haven't got my period yet, but I know I couldn't insert a tampon - or have sex. The whole is still there to my vagina, but it's very small. What is it, and why do I have it?
    3 Sex 638
  200. Are these bumps herpes or pimples?
    I have had thes pimple liek bumps on my penis and scrodum. they dont itch or burn and they are not red. they are only on the right side but I think they are spreading in the area. I've only been sleeping with my girlfriend fro the last 4 months and she...
    3 Health 84
  201. vagina got red at the top and their was 2 small pimple like things
    Okay so I haven't had sexual intercourse. Since about april or may. Not even oral. And today I had seen that my vagina got red at the top and their was 2 small pimple like things. And it hurt to squeez them But does anyone know what to do. Or what t...
    2 Sex 227
  202. How do I eliminate pimples?
    How can I minimize the amount of spots i get, I use face cleansers and face washes but they don't seem to work? Will Eating More Fruits Help And Cutting Down On Junk Food? Will Wearing Less Makeup Prevent Them? Help
    3 Style 12
  203. How do you know when your pimple is fully popped?
    I popped my pimple last night and white puss and blood came out. Quite a lot f blood actually. And since it is red, I decided to put toothpaste on it over night. Now its really red. But im not sure if my pimple is fully popped because it still has a li...
    5 Style 1933
  204. How do I get rid of this pimple?
    Blah - I hate pimples. I have one in the corner of my nose. Its kindof big, but small at the same time? How do I get rid of it? It hurts when I go to try and pop it. Also, I can hardly pop it because its too round? (I don't know if that makes any sens...
    5 Style 60
  205. Pimple problems
    I have a few pimples, and it really lowers my self asteem. I pop them and then they turn brown, and really red and bulgy. Is there any way to prevent them? I heard something about putting salt on your face, so I tried it, and it really burned. Does ths...
    4 Style 19
  206. How do you shave "down there" without getting pimple-like dots?
    I've shaved my pubes be4 but like they would grow back in really quick and everytime I do it I start to get red dots around my pubic area or what ever and its like itchy. How can I shave my pubes without getting it??
    8 Style 628
  207. How can I get rid of my pimples?
    HI. I have a preety face, nice hair and a nice body. But i have pimples! I need to get rid of them! This guy liked me and he was cute butt I feel shy because I have pimples. I need help getting rid of them! This one girl even made fun of me. I cried at...
    5 Style 48
  208. does putting vitamin E oil(olive oil) help pimple scars fade away?
    does using vitamin oil..or vitamin oil with some olive oil in it help with pimple scars?? I feel so self sister just went on and on at me with my horrible pimples and scars when I asked her something bout her hair being permed :( mean....
    2 Style 103
  209. Bumps or pimples on balls
    I have small bumps like pimples on my ball from 3 to 4year colours is white And are large no in quantity some are small and some are big as 2mm in size If I press them I fell no pain.before some time 1 of them blast and dirty blood came from that ...
    3 Health 103
  210. What could I use to get rid of pimples, that wouldnt cost a lot?
    I really want my pimples to go away, I feel everyone stars at me funny because of them. I really don't know what to do. I want to find a way that won't cost me a lot of even anything. Something easy and fast, help!!
    4 Style 17
  211. Pimple problems and scars
    hey guys, I have been trapped with this problem. I have got pimple problems and to add salt to the wound, I have broken some of it and it seems to leave a scar which is black in color under the skin. whenever I touch the affected area, it does not seem...
    2 Style 378
  212. Will pimples effect your piercing?
    I break out very easily and a lot but I want some sort of facial piercing. I've been talking about getting my cheeks pierced for a while,but I break out on my cheeks, and I feel as if the oil and pus and blood will affect the piercing... would my pi...
    3 Style 74
  213. I hate pimples!!
    What can I do to get rid of pimple? Is their a treement that works? I have a scar in the middle of my face from popping them.. And I have a red blemish on the side of my nose! I were coverup everyday and sometimes makeup! I am 14 and I shouldn't have a...
    7 Style 54
  214. Is this pimple on my vagina a STD?
    Well.. I have had s*x about a month ago and I dont think the guy had any kind of std's.. but now I see that I have some kind of it looks like a pimple but its not very big.. on the outer lip of my vag*na.. I need to know what it is.. I think I've had i...
    3 Health 272
  215. I have horrible looking pimples on my!!!
    I have this "circle" of pimples on my forehead. it looks disgusting!!! (THANK GOD IM ON SPRING BREAK) I tried my usual remedy of toothpaste, but that sadly didnt work. does anybody have any quick, easy home remedies for this... I KNOW ITS NOT A RING...
    3 Style 27
  216. How can I get rid of this red pimple scar?
    I have a stubborn scar in the middle of my eye brows. It is very red and the size of a penny. I can't get the redness of the scar to go away. The doctor gave me a 70 doller cream of crap! it's called red eye drops, and they DON'T work. Pleazzz help thanx
    6 Style 113
  217. How do you get rid of back pimples and scars?
    Do any of you guys know how to get rid of back pimples and pimple scars? Please help. And my underarm is extremely dark, it has a few bumps on it and I have no idea how to get it out... and how do you get rid of underarm odor and sweat? Sorry but I hav...
    2 Style 122
  218. Pimples on my leg
    I keep getting pimples on my upper thigh and well almost near my bum, and no its not an std im not sexually active. But is there any way I can get rid of them? When some go away, others comeagain and they leave scars! Is thereanyways to get rid of the ...
    2 Sex 64
  219. Getting rid of a pimple.. Fast!
    I have two huge pimples on my face and I have has them for 3 days maybe? But I have a date tomorrow, and I need them gone! I dont have time to buy stuff, but I do have... 1. A face cleanser 2. A face scrub 3. Moisturizer/toner 4. Pimple treatment ...
    4 Style 65
  220. Pimples and Zits problem! ehh! HELP!
    OK so I have a lot of pimples/zits (whatever you call them)...Got school tomorrow so I want them gone...I m afraid of popping them btw...toothpaste didn't work for me and I need some home remedies...THX!!!
    12 Style 28
  221. How to get rid of pimples?
    hey im developing pipples al ova my face. I have a lotion da my mom gav me bt is nt wrking. I have an oily skin and I have small black moles ova my face. pls help. I want a beautiful skin
    6 Style 48
  222. Pimple advice
    Cheap and affective ways to get rid of acne or help it go away!cheap is the big word so under 10$ unlees it a set then no more than 20 so not proactive anyways I've tried that and I dont like it for my skin type so yeah
    3 Style 17
  223. Pimples :( how do I get rid of them fast?? please help me!
    my face is breaking out a lot lately. and I hate it!!! my boyfriend is going to the beach with me in 3 days and I want 2 get rid of these pimples before that. what can I use to get rid of them within 3 or less days??? PLEASE help... im so tired of all ...
    2 Style 54
  224. What is the best pimple and blackhead cream or remedy?
    What is the best thing for pimples and blackheads? I have blackheads on my nose and it's so annoying. I use proactive when I remember but it doesnt seem to work. I, like my dad, tend to break out a lot so I'm very sick of it, my mom never had this prob...
    3 Style 54
  225. pimples on your pussy
    recently started having sex. so I shaved the first time before I had sex..and I was fine...the next day I saw a zit like thing and when I let my hair grow seems to get a bit better...but everytime I shave(which is only before I have sex) I ge...
    11 Sex 111
  226. How to get rid of pimples fast?
    I have pimples all over my forehead and am going on a date friday!!I need help quick and add me as your friend please!!im only 12 and I do not need anything painful and I cant go buy anything!!would be great if just had to use houshold items!!thanks!...
    4 Style 41
  227. Stubborn pimples
    Okay I dont have bad acne but occasionally I get really bad huge red swollen pimples. I need an inexpensive way to treat them over night so they arnt noticeable at school the next day. Please help! I need to know some good products that clears bad pimp...
    2 Style 119
  228. Toothpaste on pimple
    It doesn't work! I want this zit gone! RIGHT NOW! It is annoying the hell out of me and I've had it for a week. I want to pop it but it hurts! Can someone tell me a way to make it just go away, I hate this, if it were on my forehead I wouldn't care, bu...
    27 Style 73
  229. How to get rid of and prevent pimple scars?
    I'm 17,don't have many scaring from pimples,but have some. I would like too know if there's anything that anyone knows of that will help them go away or prevent more. I use vitain E,and the brand OLAY on my face daily. They help very well,but out of c...
    2 Style 70
  230. little lumps in Vagina looks like goos pimples
    okay.. so other day I notice like these little round things!. they look abit like you no when you go cold and you get them goos pimples it looks like that .. there right at the top above the clit and not sure if there any underneath as cant see that fa...
    2 Health 69
  231. how can I get rid of these stupid pimples?
    ummm.. if I washed my face a lot, drink lots of water and eat healthy, will that help stop pimples? because im starrting to get them on my forehead and yeh I hate it so feed us wit sum advice yo please>>>and please tell me good ways to prevent them aii...
    7 Style 49
  232. Will lemon juice work to remove pimples?
    27 Style 314
  233. why do people get pimples and some dont?
    why is it that I get sooo much pimples but some people dont..eventhough I keep my face as clean as out of my face,always pinned up ..tied up...I wash it twice a day..if my face gets too oily I use that oil paper to remove excess oil.. b...
    3 Style 57
  234. pimple like bump on my right breast.
    I am 16 and I have had this pimple like bump before and I went to my dr and had him look at it and he popped it and puss and blood came out and it went away. that was about 3 to 4 months ago and ever since then it has been fine. But now it's here again...
    10 Health 77
  235. How can I get rid of my annoying pimples!?
    OK. Lets get to the point... I once had pimples.. but they went away when I use clearasil.. but now, I've been breaking out tons! My face is used to clearisil now so it doesnt work :( I've tried everything! I've got a party coming up on Friday and I wa...
    7 Style 27
  236. So I grew a FAT pimple under my nose
    Well it started with a little tiny dot that would've went away in 2 days if I had left it alone. But since I rarely EVER grow pimples, once I do get one, I cannot stop picking at it. So now it's HUMONGOUS. and hideous. Please tell me any tips th...
    4 Style 41
  237. Pimples on my lip?
    I got like 6 pimples in my face, by my lip, in my forehead, on my cheek, by my nose (both sides of nose). I hate going out in public because they are so red and big. I tried concealer, hot water, products, ect. But nothing works. I can't pop them eithe...
    4 Style 30
  238. Pimple Popper!!
    I have a horrid attraction to popping my pimples every time I get them. It leaves me with unsightly scars. I've been doing it for years and my mother is always complaining about how I must clean up my face and stop popping the pimples. I always try to ...
    6 Style 227
  239. Does eating yogurt help with pimples?
    Hi I just wanted to know if eating yogurt(dutch lady natural low fat yogurt) would help reduce pimples or something because for the past 4 years I've been having a major break out on my cheeks to the extent that there are scars :(..some scars have been...
    2 Style 57
  240. How do I get rid of both dryness and pimples?
    I've got kinda dry, kinda oily skin so durring the winter my face gets really dry, usually my nose and sometimes my cheeks and/or chin gets really flaky and starts to peel, but I still have a few pimples. My nose is the worst. I use lotion, but it does...
    2 Style 35
  241. What can a pimple in the inside of the upper eyelid mean?
    4 days ago I noticed my eye hurting and today I saw a pimple on the inside of my upper eyelid. what causes a pimple in that place, bacteria or a virus or what? I know I should go to the doctor but its a holiday here in my country so the clinics are clo...
    2 Health 583
  242. Little pimples?
    Ok I keep getting these little itty bitty pimples by my nose. You barely notice them at all, and if I wear foundation you can't see them. But they are annoying as hell and I would love to have perfect skin. Any tips? Proactive just dries my skin out an...
    5 Style 65
  243. Does lemon juice work?
    Does lemon juice work for pimples?
    5 Health 558
  244. Penis Pimples(?) and leg rash please help!
    I've kind of got two questions here, I'm currently 17 years old (male) and I've noticed for the past few years I have lots of small almost pimple like protrusions on the base and lower part of my penis, and recently (last 2 months) I have developed wha...
    5 Sex 79
  245. Would triple antibiotic ointment for pimples help my acne?
    so im having a problem with acne. I use proactive 1-2 times a day and doesnt seem to help. tho I dont get like connect the dot pimples...I get the very few volcanic ones. yeah wierd choice of words but yah. they hurt and stuff if you rub against em or ...
    13 Style 3988
  246. How to get rid of pimples info added
    I have tried everything infact imk even trying pro active but it shows very sloww results and I wud like somethin that wud show results within 2-3 days,...please help? I have also tried clearsil and neem wash hey does da scrubing off salt help ??? And ...
    3 Style 21
  247. Pimples" killing me!!!help
    Hi...I've been trying so hard to get rid of my pimples more than a year now unfortunately it doesnt really work out...I got lots of piplmes on my forehead and cheeks and it is so embarassing the way they look.honestly my skin was so perfect before but ...
    4 Style 18
  248. My godforsaken spots and pimples!!!
    Right, well I've had spots for years and have tried loads of diff creams and gels but I want to know if theres anything that I'm missing like home reamedies, I need them, and fast because I'm going on a trip abroad with my class and I want to look good...
    4 Style 15
  249. Pimple scars
    I have quite a lot of pimple scars :( some are pretty big and dark and some are small and self esteem has gone down a lot.I am 15 and im from malaysia and im asian.I've tried everything I can find on the internet to find little and almost no ...
    6 Style 45
  250. How to get rid of pimples on my side and back?
    Hi, as you can see my question is about pimple... I had it for about 8 dam long years... It started on my face... a lot and for some old reason... it's growing a little bit on my front chest but barely... but there's a lot on the side of my arm and my ...
    5 Style 111