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  1. How do you "booty pop" or "booty shake"?
    8 Sports 42
  2. How do you make your booty bigger?
    How do you make your booty bigger?
    4 Style 107
  3. More Booty
    How can I increase my booty size?
    5 Nutritionfitness 63
  4. Why are dog booties required equipment?
    Why are dog booties required equipment?
    2 Pets 99
  5. How can I get a bigger booty?
    How can I get a bigger booty?any tips?
    3 Style 89
  6. How can I get a ghetto booty quickly?
    8 Nutritionfitness 83
  7. Who sings the song "Booty Call"?
    2 Music 135
  8. how do get rid of booty hairs?
    7 Style 57
  9. Who was big booty judy atl the movie?
    Who was big booty judy atl the movie?
    2 Entertainment 436
  10. How do I get a bigger booty?
    nothing further thanx.
    2 Style 28
  11. What would you do if a man, out of the blue, pinched your booty?
    23 General 55
  12. How to get a big booty?
    3 Nutritionfitness 52
  13. All in the booty
    How can I make my butt bigger without having sex?
    3 Sex 729
  14. What is a xbox 360 phat?
    How does it differ from a regular xbox 360 or the 360 slim?
    3 Gaming 53
  15. How can I get a great booty?
    how can a get a but like kim kardashian
    2 Style 31
  16. Do you have to be real skinny to booty shake or can you be a bit chubby?
    10 General 27
  17. Who sings the song called the booty call
    Its baltimore club music.
    3 Music 55
  18. How can I get a big bootie and small waist?
    How can I get a big bootie and big this and a small weist with a 4 pack
    3 Nutritionfitness 176
  19. How to get a bigger booty?
    I want a bigger booty but I dont know what to do so can you help me please?
    2 Style 64
  20. what should i tattoo on her booty that would turn me off but make nobody else want to touch her?
    7 Style 32
  21. How can I increase the size of my booty?
    How can I increase the size of my booty without gaining weight in any other part of my body and also have it firm and plump?
    4 Nutritionfitness 116
  22. baby phat
    How can I loose sum weight? ..just a lil of baby fat..What is some good food to eat? help help help
    3 Nutritionfitness 22
  23. Why do girls nowadays wear booty shorts?
    Why do girls nowadays wear booty shorts? I feel that those shorts are uncomfortable although they do not have that thing sticking out like us guys do.
    8 Style 111
  24. How to make my booty bigger?
    Ok...I Have A Little Tooty Booty RIGHT!! Ok...I Want To Know How Can I Make It Bigger...Ya know...A Little Junk In My Trunk! Haha
    9 Style 1026
  25. Why do girls think it's cute to wear booty shorts in the winter time with Uggs?
    When its frickin butt COLD!
    16 Style 111
  26. Do guys like a white girl with a black girl booty?
    Not to be racist or anything but guys are always saying I have a black girl booty! I was wondering if thats a good thing?
    10 Relationships 126
  27. How do you get rid of a big booty???
    Ok I have a normal body, look all good and everything,but I got a big ass just stiking out, I hate my I how do you get rid of it???
    4 Nutritionfitness 48
  28. How can I get a big booty?
    how can I get a biggg boootay im gettin hella fustrated plzzz helppp nebudy everybudyyy
    5 Style 48
  29. Seeking a big booty!
    I am a small framed person, I have a large chest, but no hips and behind. how do I get my behind to become more round and form hips?
    6 Style 40
  30. does any one think that dog booties look rediculous?
    i personally think their a cute way to keep your pooches paws really toasty.
    13 Pets 22
  31. how to gain three inches to booty
    how to gain three inches to booty I want it bigger and how da hella did kim kardashian get thin and kept hur big ole a*s
    4 Nutritionfitness 85
  32. Does plain bread give you a bigger booty?
    I heard that if you want a bigger booty den you have 2 eal a lot of bread... so do you eat bread with like cheese, peanut butter, or just plainly
    2 Style 107
  33. My booty?
    How in the hell do I get it smaller,, Guys at school always look at that part and not just me!! I hate it I'm not that kind of girl... Please help me!
    3 Nutritionfitness 49
  34. How do I get a bigger booty?
    Hi, I wanted to know if anyone seriously knew how to get a bigger booty. BUT, I want to keep my small waist. I want to have a small waist, thick thighs and a big booty. Can anyone PLEASE seriously help me? Thank you.
    19 Nutritionfitness 3833
  35. How can I get a big booty?
    I want a big booty so I can be happy wit my size,what do I do or what can I eat to get one?? ASAP. is it a way I can get a big booty in weeks,I cant wait months. and how long did it take u??
    13 Nutritionfitness 117
  36. Skinny jeans/big booty
    Would sknny jeans work if you have a big booty?? Lol.. I got some hot pink ones. And im wondering, would skinny jeans work with big bums?? Lol.
    5 Style 85
  37. Can I target fat to my boobs and booty?
    If I eat what ever I want (fatty foods) to make my butt and my boobs bigger but work out the parts I don't want fat (stomach, arms, legs), will it work?
    3 Nutritionfitness 23
  38. How do you booty pop?
    This boy that ilike showed me this sonq by ludacris &ndd its called booty poppin &ndd the qirls are doin what the sonq says Ikinda know how to do it but like how do ibecome better?(other than practicinq]
    2 Music 53
  39. Baby phat???
    I was to be comfortable in a bathing suit this summer so how do I get back to the body I had before I got pregnant?I was very petite.was 103 now do I tone up the stomach especially with a bad back
    4 Nutritionfitness 20
  40. How to make my booty bigger?
    H0w du ii mak3 mii b00ty biigg3r ii m3an ii aiint g0t n0 flat b00ty ii just g0t a liil b00ty...but that aint 3n0ugh..l0lz
    5 Style 34
  41. How to get rid of tummy fat and increase booty?
    okay so my body is SO crazyy like the shape.. I have a hugee chest and skinny but not fat and no the biggest butt lmao! but,nyways how do you keep the chest get rid of the fat in your tummy and get a booty!! hehe!
    4 Nutritionfitness 110
  42. What booty shaking songs for a party?? List them please !!!?
    My friend is throwing a party tomorrow and I need music to play over there that girl will grind and dance to. Please give me fairly new music. Nothing from 2008 !!
    5 Music 88
  43. How can I lose tummy weight and gain booty weight?
    I need to know how to loose about 20 lbs in the tummy and gain an apple bottom (booty) real quick before school starts again. NO PILLS and none of those MEALS you C ON TELEVISION, (MY MOMS WON'T HAVE IT).......PEACE
    3 Nutritionfitness 141
  44. How can I get a big booty at home?
    Okay so im very skinny and do I got just a little bt more skiiny bcus I used 2 smoke do I gain wait and how do I make my butt big lol;...seriously though..!
    2 Nutritionfitness 90
  45. I smell like booty
    I smell like ass1 I take showers every day . My good friends dont know about it yet but other people in my school are starting to think about. I love girls I dont want them to find out about that. I have been to the doctors too no help at all. Help m...
    2 Health 144
  46. What is up with guys my age and not liking PHAT GIRLS?
    before I ask .. PHAT P.Pretty H. Hot A.And T.Thick.. I am 5'5 and 14 but guys my age dont get me and think I'm ugly just because im heavier and have a rack and an butt whay dont they like that? uhh guys suck sometimes..
    4 Relationships 18
  47. What's your opinion? Booty call .. Yay or nay ??
    Well as the question says ... im just wondering whats your opinion on girls having a booty call? Do you think its ok for a girl to have a guy that she can call simply just for sex when ever she wants no strings attached.. or do you think she would be a...
    2 Sex 25
  48. I want a bigger round booty don't know what to do
    helppp I want a bigger round booty I already have 1 but I want mines bigger like kim kardashian o wanna grow 3inches!! and iono what 2 do besides squats lunges doggykickz and lower stomache lifts with weights? wah else I only do it 3x a week I also do ...
    3 Nutritionfitness 43
  49. booty call?!?
    okay. I am 18 years old and I have nooo idea what to do. I like this guy a lot. We are really good friends we talk like 24/7 but there is a problem he has a girlfriend. :( soo she gets mad when I text him and stuff. he tells me he likes me and all this...
    5 Relationships 52
  50. Jeans for chics with a flat booty?
    I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit me right. I have a totally flat booty!! :( My waist is like a size 10, but my legs are super skinny and I have no butt. All the jeans that fit me around the waist are too big in the thighs and bottom. It ...
    3 Shopping 65
  51. Which body part??
    Booty or Titts ??? and why ???
    2 Relationships 10
  52. Thighs and Booty problems
    I'm a african american girl 19, 5'11 slim top but I have the HUGEST problem below. my butt is thighs are flabby and I hate them both. when its summer I have the hardest time with swimsuits because the fit me great up top, but are very tight at...
    5 Style 23
  53. Jeans are best in flattering your figure?
    Which jeans are best in flattering your figure especially your booty?
    8 Style 30
  54. booty call or possible relationship
    so theres this guy and he danced with me at 2 dances and we madeout at one. and then he was like texting me and wanted to hangout on valentines evening, but I didnt really know him that well and he took me to the beach and we made out for like an hour....
    4 Relationships 63
  55. Should I do squats?
    A have a nice booty but I would like it a lil fatter!should I do squats?
    3 Style 17
  56. For GUYS: Women...curves or not?
    Do you prefer women to have big bootys and curves or skinny and small?
    8 Gaming 23
  57. How to gain weight in my hips and thighs?
    How to gain weight in my hips and booty and keep my small waist line?
    3 Nutritionfitness 418
  58. lose the belly, not the booty
    I'm 17 years old (18 in 3 months).. 5 foot 3 & african american. my whole life I've been very thin.. too thin in my oppinion.. teased & what not. now out of nowhere I've started to gain weight. I'm 127 pounds which may not seem like a lot to you but th...
    2 Nutritionfitness 59
  59. White Girl With A Big Boty
    So I'm 16 and I have a booty like a big booty. I love it but I want to know how can I make it firmer? I use to play volleyball and it was perfet but since I got knee surgery I cant play anymore. What are some easy excersises I can do to get back my fir...
    4 Nutritionfitness 110
  60. What swimsuit do gurls wear the most
    So why do gurls wear thongs, or booty shorts or bikini style swim suits?
    4 Style 29
  61. How To: Guy-Guy relationships?
    Why can't a heterosexual guy tell a heterosexual guy that he thinks his booty is fly? Please help!
    2 Sex 38
  62. Do you like kimora lee??
    do you like Kimora lee?? And her clothes baby phat?? I like her but I dont like her clothes for some reason I dk y!
    3 Style 21
  63. How do I get a big butt?
    I want a bigger butt but I dont want a muscle booty, I want a thick bubble booty and I feel that excersice will burn fat and just make it flatter. What do I need to do to get results that actually work?
    11 Nutritionfitness 651
    14 Sex 67
  65. What do you guys think of Kelly?
    Kelly the one who sings "Let me Borrow that Top" And"Shoes" And No Booty Call,What do you think of her? I think she's so funny
    6 Music 39
  66. Where can I find shoes like these ?
    I really need to find these shoes in black theyre sometimes called booties or ankle boots where can I find these shoes on the internet ?
    2 Shopping 36
  67. What do I have to do to get a Big ghetto butt?
    My friend asked me a weird question... How can I make my butt bigger because I wanna big ghetto booty I said wow
    2 Nutritionfitness 98
  68. How to gain weight in all the right places?
    I would like to know ho to gain weight in my hips, thighs, and booty and have a slim waste line?
    4 Nutritionfitness 108
  69. Skinniness
    Why I am so skinny I hate being skinny!!! I eat eat eat but barely gain a pound and I'm flat-chested with barely having a booty!!! Whats wrong with my body type?
    4 Nutritionfitness 64
  70. way to get more junk in your trunk
    how is there a way to get more junk in your trunk .. [a bigger booty] besides squats ? is there any foods also that can help ? my jeans are very lost fitting and I hate it ... what should I do ?
    4 Nutritionfitness 118
  71. long, thick hair
    anybody know any great hairdos for long hair? like, long long? like, past my booty long hair. I am apostolic, and if anyone else is apostolic or pentecostal, that would be great!
    4 Style 22
  72. What type and kind of panties are you wearing?
    What kind and type are you wearing? -_- Lol. Im wearing some blue and green hawaiian print that Look like bootie shortz :p
    26 Style 240
  73. What are fun halloween party contests? HELP
    So I already have: booty shaking contest- chugging contest- best lap dance contest- and other good ideas? thanks guys!
    3 Entertainment 21
  74. Dance Crazes
    Wich dance move do yuu think is the best: jerk,, stanky leg,, booty dew.. 2 step,, or the walk it out??
    2 Music 46
  75. What do you consider fat?
    Can some of the suburban white girls tell me what they consider fat. cause I notice that a lot of suburban white girls have a different outlook on what is fat and what is thick. And why do suburban white girls think that having a big booty is a bad thing.
    12 Health 57
  76. What kind of clothing???
    Okay I need your opinoin on this,okay I have lots of clothing and I need your idea. I have these kind of name brand clothes which one is the coolest. Baby Phat,Coggi,Apple Bottom,and lots of more which one??? Help...
    5 Style 30
  77. Dancee a little dancee [:
    What are some good sonqs to really dance to ? Like booty shake kinda? What I mean is I can always dance to Shake - pitbull Youre a jerk - new boys
    4 Music 11
  78. Bootyyy?? Oorrr booobbiieess???
    Which do you prefer??? I'de rather have booty then have big boobs =p But I have both Go figure!! Lol So what do ya'll think?? Opionnss pleaseee
    21 Style 111
  79. How can I lose belly fat?
    2 Nutritionfitness 54
  80. Why do guys like thongs on their girl?
    So my boyfriend wants me to get a thong. I'm more a booty shorts kinda girl but no real issue with thongs. I was just wondering if all guys just really like thongs on their girl? Could you explain why you do or don't prefer them better?
    11 Style 3932
  81. What is some good workouts for the legs and the butt?
    K so want my booty and legs to look good so anybody got some good workouts. I had this one on youtube but lol I went to go do it and it started charging money lol wtf sooo
    3 Nutritionfitness 23
  82. focus on the girls eyes what do girls thnk about dis
    when im going out looking 4 girls im not at all like other dudes, they look 4 booty and titties but I focus on the girls eyes, kinda funny when I stare at her eyes I can feel and sense her feelings and mood, anyway what do girls thnk about dis and what...
    5 Relationships 19
  83. Why would you want to do that?
    I imagine sex 4 the first time will hurt okay, I can deal with that but the booty? That's really gotta hurt doesn't it? Its seems like it wud. My friends say that it hurt and they don't do it anymore. I was just curious
    2 Sex 24
  84. What to wear for pear-shaped body?
    I'm 15 and I have been having trouble finding flattering clothes for my body type. I'm torn between showing off my curves or hiding my booty. (I have very deep curve in my lower back) Any ideas? Thanks!
    2 Style 35
  85. If I wear a size 9 or 10 is that big?
    Please tell me if I wear a size 9 or 10 is that big? Or do men prefer smaller? I have a small cheast not too small tho most my fat sits down my booty im skinny ontop tho my arms im basicaly an hourglass shape do men like it or not?
    4 Style 39
  86. How can I lose weigh in 4 days with eating and exercise?
    Okay so I only weigh 118 and I play soccer and race motorcycles but I have some extra phat and don't know how to get rid of it I believe that I need to change the way I eat but I love all food...please help me
    2 Nutritionfitness 13
  87. Im fat...Diet Advice?
    Ok, Several guys said im pretty but to fat. If i would loose weight they would go out with me...I was like Im so not gonna change myself just so i can go out with you, but its happened so many times its getting REALLY annoying, So, Can someone, anyone,...
    2 Health 14
  88. What..Can you help me?
    How can I be more like Hayley Williams? On wednesday I'm getting my hair cut just like hers :D I've got her booty converse. But how can I wear her clothes, sing, make-up and sense of humour. She's my role model. I hope one day I can play/t...
    2 Style 36
  89. somethin I left out
    okay well I have been askin a lot of questions about gettin my butt in shape && workin on my butt...I failed 2 mention that im tiny...I have barley any fat & barley any butt...I don't want to gain weight so is there any chance of me gettin a ...
    3 Nutritionfitness 22
  90. I hate my moms boyfriend
    I really need help my mim got a new boyfriend and I hate his guts!!! he is always at my house and giving me retarded stuff like I actually need the crap! I need great ways to get rid of his stupid booty face asap thanks I luv you guys!!!
    10 Family 46
  91. Has anyone used "The System"?
    Hi, I purchased "The System" 8-8-07, but have not recieved it yet. They are on back order. I'm so excited that I found this website b/c I have no booty at all. So I know if it worked for you then it will work for me. I'm just waiting on the book to arr...
    2 Style 16
  92. Lose weight without lossing your curves.?
    Ok so I basically like my body except my stomach is kinda .. Well not flat but how can I work my stomach out without working out the rest of my body because I want to only lose weight thrre.. I dont want to lose my booty and boobs.. Just want to tight...
    2 Nutritionfitness 58
  93. Do you feel its appropriate for parents to post naked or almost naked pictures of their babies on their social networking sites?
    I, personally would never post a naked picture of my son online, not even just his booty. I just feel there are too many pervs in the world and also naked baby pictures are personal and not something that should be online. I have friends that post pict...
    12 Babies 68
  94. I need help.
    ok so me and my girlfriend got into it a couple days ago. we dry humped w. my boxers on n she her booty shorts on. I cumed in boxers and kept going. and after a while I put my jeans on. she still had her shorts. we kept going at it. nn I cumed again i...
    4 Health 48
  95. What to wear to add thickness
    I am ultra thin like a slice of looseleaf paper...skinny legs, small bootie, flat chest which looks like a board staright up and down...I have no curves...I am 30 years old just about with a child and people call me the baby with a baby...Help me I nee...
    3 Style 15
  96. How do I tell my friend her boyfriend is trouble?
    My friend started talking to this guy I know from school. If you went to my school you would know that this guy is the biggest player. I tried telling her he's a jerk, whenever he would randomly leave her and come back for a booty call. He comes off li...
    4 Relationships 17
  97. What if you have a flat chest, no butt, and chicken legs?
    I have a flat chest and flat pancake butt and chicken legs. let me tell you something, I get way more guys talking about how my butt is a nothing going for it butt more than they talk about my flat chest. the three main things on a woman's figure are...
    5 Sex 225
  98. How can I aprreciate myself of being skinny
    I have this insecurity about myself where I can't seem to appreciate myself of being skinny. I hate having long legs and arms and I just feel weird having them. I think I have a fast metabolism because anything I eat I can't gain it on my thighs nor my...
    2 Nutritionfitness 35
  99. Giving my ex another try?
    Ok so I was thinking about it and I was going to give my ex another try because I love him so much and he said he will change for me! And I was not going to let us go like that! And I just want to tell if he really loves me! I love him so much if he kn...
    5 Relationships 12
  100. Is it wrong being different?
    I'm black and I'm not like the other Black girl example I listen to rock,punk,reggea and like I'm really tall and I dont wear clothes like what I see the black girls like baby phat,I'm just really weird in a good way , but mostly the black kids would ...
    17 Style 32
  101. Is this considered fat or sexy?
    Hey y'all I used to model and the more I think about this the more it ticks me off okay I have big. Boobs and a big butt and my stomach is flat I'm close to having abs and the people I use to model for called me fat because of my boobs and butt. Th...
    6 Sex 70
  102. what can I do about these scars on my skin?
    well when I was younger I was soo rude I got my self a lot of scars on my I really regret it because I cant wear booty shorts or really skimpy clothes...but only 2 of them is my main on my arm and the one on th back of my leg.....
    4 Style 19
  103. another question for men
    Do guys REALLY respect the type of girl that walks around half-naked, shakes her booty on 20 guys a night at the club, gets drunk, and curses like a sailor? Is this the kind of girl a guy would take home to his mom and wife up? Or is this just him want...
    5 Relationships 23
  104. Guys, your opinion is needed.
    Ok what defines a 'perfect girl' for you? I'm talking about looks, career goals, hygiene, personality the works. What is your dream girl? This is in fact an easy little survey to tell if men prefer skinny girls or bigger girls but don't answer if you p...
    3 Relationships 34
  105. How do I get my butt and thighs to be bigger?
    My mom has a big butt and shes very curvy and is big in all the right places they say that it's suppose to run in the family but im skinny I mean I have a little booty but nuttin to look at more den 10 sec. My mom said she started getting her curves wh...
    3 Nutritionfitness 60
  106. Which perfume do you think is the best for young women, or which would you recommend?
    At this current time I use the Baby Phat Goddess kind, by Kimora Lee Simmons. I would really like to try something else, however, but I have no idea what. I'm not fussy on whether or not it's floral or whatever, I just want something that smells nice t...
    17 Sex 27
  107. How do you tell a guy you're not interested?
    Okay so like a guy will come up to me and talk to me and be like "how you doin" or like "you look good" or some of their slick lines blah blah blah and like I aint interested in guys right now (or girls lol) I just wanna do me for now. Then ill say som...
    2 Relationships 46
  108. What is at least one thing, both physical and non-physical, that you love about yourself?
    This is mainly for the girls on the site. As women we spend alot of time picking out our flaws, looking in mirrors and judging our bodies, and giving ourselves a hard time about imperfections that others usually don't even notice. I dont want to see a ...
    29 Style 46
  109. Does my ex still like me?
    I dated my ex for 2 months and slept with each other after a month of dating. He was my first(I was 21), now I'm 22 and I wanted to do it and get it over with and I was really attracted to him and we knew each other for 4 months until I decided to slee...
    3 Sex 54
  110. Why is rap so popular...?
    I'm a big into music. I know a lot about it. But have yet to find an answer to why people like rap so much. All rappers sound the same, have the same beats, dont work anywhere near as hard as "true" musicians, computer does all the work for them, they'...
    16 Sex 37
  111. Missing sex with my ex
    I dated my ex for 2 months and slept with each other after a month of dating. He was my first(I was 21) and I wanted to do it and get it over with and I was really attracted to him. We had a lot of complications during our relationship, I would usually...
    2 Sex 35
  112. What do ya'll think of these Lyrics?
    Statistics-Lyfe Jennings Alright alright alright yall settle down settle down settle down. If you don't know where you are this is STATISTICS 101 and I'm your teacher LYFE JENNINGS in the flesh baby. Books out. Let's go! [CHORUS] 25% of...
    3 Sex 10
  113. Why is my husband looking at women on YouTube (I want a man's perspective)?
    Guys, There have been so many times that I got on our computer and found that my husband has been looking at women on youtube. Not necessarily the woman, but he looks at the women's butts. His searches are always big booty, or thick women and such and...
    11 Relationships 29
  114. He wants more sex? Please help
    I had sex with this guy who I was for sure never going to come back after I gave him what he wanted which was sex. It wasn't even good because I was a virgin so it hurt a little and he smelt really bad like cigarettes. Well he texted me at 3 in the mor...
    7 Sex 15
  115. Losing weight isn't working
    okay im trying to lose like atleast 5 pounds by december 10th!! someone help me!! and like I want to do it without having to loose my boobage or because yea I mean they've gotten bigger but so has my tummy and thighs.. though my thighs ...
    5 Nutritionfitness 39
  116. Do you support my dream to become a pirate?
    What would your opinion be of a pirate who overtook other pirate's boats, stole all their money and other valuables, but sunk all their cargo, I.e. illegal drugs, etc? I want to be a pirate and sail the sea and live a free life untethered by any man o...
    3 Money 37
  117. How to deal with a sister in law I truly dislike?
    My SIL never buys anything for anyone either she's in her mid thirties makes more money than my husband and I together yet we give her stuff and she never gives anything, she's selfish and so fake it's truly annoying. She rather spend money at bars try...
    3 Family 116
  118. what if me and her are not ment for each other?
    (( sorry if this long)) this girl I knew for like over a year and a half. okay me and her fell in love ect. ect. we not dating currently. but last night we was talking about our relationship and our future. we both believe we should be together.but she...
    10 General 21
  119. is he cheating.
    ok I have never caught my husband cheating but I have so many suspicions sometimes. when I was preg. there was this girl who liked him and always has. and he told me he wasnt talking to her. I decided to check the phone records on the tmobile website a...
    2 Relationships 23
  120. What is wrong with me? Heres my story, Help please!?
    I was with my first everything for 3 1/2 years. We were so in love, would've givin my life to that guy. We often went with his friend and his friends girlfriend double dating. Well, my boyfriend ended up cheating and eventually leaving me for her. . ...
    3 Sex 37
  121. Serj tankian v.s scars on broadway
    Serj tankian v.s scars on broadway Well which do you think is better? Personally I love both but... Ill have to go with s.o.b (lol...s.o.b...) on this one Not to mention I will pt them at the top of my list for 2008 releases One of the best ...
    4 Music 46
  122. What does "give me the business" mean?
    You know the song the business by casha ft. Young berg? What does it mean in the song? Lol does it mean to like have sex ? Here's the lyrics: If you know exactly what I want to do Then I'ma give the businees to you See I ain't neva met a girl That...
    4 Sex 286
  123. So..does he love me?? Or am I just something to temporarily take up
    So..does he love me?? Or am I just something to temporarily take up his time and space. My ex and I have been hanging out and having sex since November. We were together for 9 years, have 2 children and been seperated for 4yrs. I have never stopped lov...
    2 Sex 12
  124. Why did the guy I dated ignore me?
    im 13 , My first real crush was 13 about to be 14 since the beginning of school , I tought he was cute and he always stared at me each day more. untill I had the guts to ask him to be my friend on a social site it took him two days for him to ask me o...
    2 Relationships 13
  125. Have you ever been bullied in school before?
    Yes, I hated high school. When I was in high school, I was always being bullied and harassed by the black and hispanic females and males at school. During gym the gym teacher gave the students the power to pick people to team up with. And every day no ...
    3 Education 43
  126. Why does he make me feel like a beast instead of a beauty?
    I have been seeing this guy on and off for two years now and he never seems happ with me. When Shakira came on the scence it was " babe dye your hair blonde look at Shakira! Oh babe look at that booty you need to eat more" With J Lo it's oh babe look a...
    6 Relationships 32
  127. How can I break off this friend with benefit situation?
    I've dated this guy, junior for almost 4 years now...I recently broke it off with him because he doesn't take his own life seriously. He's into the "thug life". I think the whole thing is so damn immature but I love him, and i figured maybe if i broke ...
    6 Sex 185
  128. How should I feel about this?
    Last night was my school dance..and as usual I didn't have a date, but whatever, I like going with friends anyway. Once the slow songs would come on, me and my friends would be all crazy and start swinging around in a circle (lol), while my ex was runn...
    2 Relationships 11
  129. how do I know if am dreaming to big?
    ( sorry for it being long.. there a couple of questions in here I need advice on)) almost alll my life. I wanted to go to college get a good job And move out the hood.but now am starting to hoping for a little to family don't have m...
    5 General 42
  130. I cheated on my ex, left him. Now he wants me back..
    A year ago I was in a 4 year relationship. We were both under a lot of pressure during our final year of Uni at that time and were drifting apart, but I can still remember the last time I saw him at a friends birthday and we were so happy to see each o...
    3 Relationships 45
  131. boyfriend and dating issues help!!
    im 15 by the way... ok so I've been dating this kid. and I think hes the one. we were both virgins when it started and now were not. do the math. and I promised myself id lose it to the person I love. and thats what I didsince the first time, weve had...
    5 Sex 22
  132. What to do about this painful relationship?
    What prompted me to initiate this entry is simple - my boyfriend or maybe EX-boyfriend is a major prick. We've been dating for a few months, and he's 20 years older. Originally, I was captivated by him..blinded by all the goo-goo-gaa-gaa B.S. that ne...
    5 Relationships 30