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  1. What a perm?
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  2. How much do perms cost?
    How much do perms cost?
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  3. does getting a perm hurt or sting?
    does getting a perm hurt or sting?
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  4. Should I get a perm?
    Should I get a perm or keep my braids?
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  5. what is a great perm for black women?
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  6. What are the pro's and cons of getting a perm?
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  7. are there any hair dyes that are safe for permed hair?
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  8. How long until washing hair after a perm?
    how long after a perm can you wet and wash your hair
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  9. How long should you wait to wash your hair after a perm?
    How long should you wait to wash your hair after a perm?
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  10. Perm problems!!!
    Does a straighting perm, damage your hair?
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  11. Can you mess up your hair by giving yourself a perm?
    Can you mess up your hair by giving urself a perm??
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  12. How can I get dred locks with a perm in my hair?
    How can I get dred locks with a perm in my hair?
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  13. When is a good age for a perm?
    I just want to konw when you got your perm?
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  14. perm after color
    can I get a perm a day after I have a color put in my hair
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  15. Can I wash hair that was permed on Monday?
    I permed my hair on monday morning can I wash it today
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  16. How long should I wait to highlight after perming?
    how long should I wait to highlight parts of my hair after perming it?
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  17. Is it hard to straighten your hair if you get a curly perm?
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  18. How long (on average) does a perm stay in someone's hair?
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  19. Thinking of having my hair done in a straight perm?
    I was thinking of having my hair done in a straight perm.. Any advice?
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  20. Getting a perm
    How long should your hair be before you get a perm? My hair is as long as in the picture right now... Is that too short? How long should I wait to perm my hair?
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  21. How long do I have to wait after I get a spiral perm to go swimming?
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  22. perMs for haiR
    is there a such thing that makes your hair curly instead of straight ?
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  23. is it true that u can get a scholorship for NOT putting a perm in your hair?
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  24. Who knows if I can dye my hair a week from when I permed it?
    I want to dye my hair. but I don't know if its good after prming it. I permed my hair a week before. can I dye it now
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  25. Can I get a perm if I'm Pentecostal?
    I am a Pentecostal and I would like to get my hair permed. Is it ok ? Can I do that?
    7 Religion 268
  26. What.Is it bad to dye your hair with two boxes of hair dye and is it bad to dye it after you get a perm?
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  27. How to get rid of frizzy hair from my perm?
    I just got a perm, The perm didn't take, but it left my hair frizzy. What can I use to get rid of the frizzy hair?
    4 Style 161
  28. How can I make my hair curly without a perm?
    how to make it curly??? my hair is darn straight and I need help!!!
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  29. Perm. Magic Marker
    Is there any way to remove magic marker from a linoleum(spelling?) kitchen floor?
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  30. How can I curl my hair without getting a perm?
    I have really straight hair how can I get curl hair without getting a perm :D or going to a professional ?
    10 Style 107
  31. Do perms damage your hair?
    I have been wanting to get a perm, however I have heard that they can damage your hair. I need advice... Thanks!
    11 Style 120
  32. curly perm and hair length
    does your hair have to be of a certain length to get it curly permed? I asked my hairdresser about it and she said my hair was probably too long...
    6 Style 96
  33. Can I dread my hair with a perm in it ?
    I am a black women and I have a perm in my hair an I really want to lock my hair my hair without having to cut it any ideas
    2 Style 117
  34. bad perm
    I just got my hair permed. It feels mushy and a lot of hair comes out when I comb it. I do not know how to fix this. HELP
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  35. How much is a straightening perm?
    how much are they?? and do they make your hair fall out? and if yu get a straighten perm is it hard to curl your hair wth a curling iron?
    4 Style 55
  36. How can I undo a perm?
    my hair is curled I just got a perm a month ago but its starting 2 get on my nerves how do I get it straight again?
    5 Style 285
  37. Is it possible to perm your hair straight?
    is it possible to perm your hair straight or somthing to it to make it strait at a salon o rhair cut place
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  38. Make straight hair look like it has spiral perm
    How can I make my straight hair look like it has a spiral perm in it for special occasions? It's colored and too fried to get a real sprial perm. :)
    2 Style 244
  39. How to get rid of a perm?
    I had super strtaight hair and got a perm a few weeks ago. Now I wanted my straight hair back. Any advice?
    9 Style 62
  40. Body perm?
    Ok im planning on getting a body perm, Please tell me what would look good on me. should I go for the perm, or get high lights, or...? HELP
    2 Style 62
  41. Perm!!
    I have had my hair permed about eh, maybe 2 months and it is starting to fall out. If I use a straightener on it, and then wash it, will it still get curly after I wash it?
    3 Style 30
  42. What will happen if I stop using a perm?
    I've stopped using a perm and my hair just falls out. Is it better that I don't use it, or should I start using it again? My mom says my hair will grow again, healthier and stronger. Is that true?
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  43. Perm?
    I just got a perm yesterday and it looks I have black girl hair lol. once I wash it will it look better? what is some good stuff to put in it
    3 Style 57
  44. What would happen if I put perm 'down there' instead of on my hair?
    IDKY I Just Have To Know Promise I Wont Do It Lol Just A Random Question Lol Thanks
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  45. How long does a straight perm last?
    K so I got my perm last year in the year of july...and im sick of my straight "permed" hair! --I want my curly hair back! Geezus how long do these perms last? Itsbeen over a year and mine hasnt gone aawayy
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  46. How do I wash/dry permed hair?
    I got my hair permed Monday and I can wash it tomorrow, but it just occured to me I don't know how. Do I do it just like straight hair? I know I need a wide tooth comb, but what about the actual washing and drying?
    7 Style 58
  47. What is a good perm for long straight hair?
    I have definitely been considering getting a perm and I need to know what would look good on long straight hair that is easy to handle. I like loose curls but I don't know
    9 Style 55
  48. Will a perm ever ware off?
    My mom permed my hair in september and im really irritated now because I keep hearing that you have to grow your natural hair out and cut the relaxed hair off is that true (I want to grow my non relaxed hair out)
    6 Style 343
  49. How to get rid of perm hair
    Please help me by saying any home remedie , how to get rid of permmed hai its looking very bad I sure on god any ever I wil try it in my life .
    2 Style 90
  50. Can you straighten permed hair?
    Everyday I straighten my hair, becuase I dont like how it looks natural. I was getting sick of the straight look every single day, So I got a perm. Now I am kind of missing my striaght hair and I am not totally into the perm. Can I straighten it withou...
    2 Style 104
  51. I want to perm my hair
    Hey I really want to perm my hair, but im waiting until it grows longer. right now its down to my chest. I also want my natural hair color to grow so im not going to dye it anymore. I also wanted to know if your hair is permed are you able to straighte...
    4 Style 51
  52. Can you perm your hair and color die it the same day?
    Wa up yall, im tryna color dye ma hair and get it relaxed the same day because its really nappy! Also in black, with really nappy hair
    4 Style 66
  53. Permed hair
    I got a perm put into my hair awhile ago, and I was wondering if it was okay to try and bleach it so that I can put blue, pink, or red into it. My hair is currently a dark brown with some light brown thrown in. (roots)
    3 Style 22
  54. What can I do to loosen up this tight perm?
    I just recenty got a perm, I ask for a loose perm the owner gave me a tight perm it looks awful I called and told her she said because my hair is layered that's why it looks like this what can I do she didn't even offer a part of my money back
    2 Style 246
  55. Where can I find perm rods?
    I'm so need help in finding perm rods I no company sell them online but that b my last choice so do anybody no if they sell perm rods over the counter its those sticks to curl your hair and it got a string at the other end which that is to hold the cur...
    2 Style 139
  56. Should I get a perm?
    Okay, so I want to get a perm...My hair is long and thick. I usually curl my hair using muosse...but it still doesn't always look good, and because my hair being so think it's a pain to straighten. So does anybody know how good perms work?
    6 Style 77
  57. perm gone bad!
    ok so I got my hair permed a couple of months ago, and I hate it...I miss my straight long hair, I want to get rid of this perm but how would I do that without cutting my hair or frying it with starighting products... any idea's???
    4 Style 83
  58. Perm that hasn't gone away
    Lol my mom got a perm when she was 18 for her graduation...I always thought her hair was naturally curly..but its naturallr straight the perm just never came out!!!haha she is 46 now and when she gets out the shower her hair is really curlyy!!!Lol
    3 Style 81
  59. Why is my hair still flat after a perm?
    Ok I just got a perm last night. when my stylist took the rods out my hair was almost flat on the sides bu curly on the back. I was told it takes atleast 28 hours for a perm to settle should I be concerned my hair is flat already? I've had a perm ye...
    2 Style 1783
  60. Should I get a Perm?
    This post is for only the people who have experienced on having perms. Well I'm black and I would want a black girls' perspective/opinion. sorry. Both of my sisters have perms and I'm the only one who have my natural hair still. It's thick but I hav...
    3 Style 49
  61. Frizzy permed hair
    I have thin hair so decided to get a perm to help make it appear thicker and it did nothing but frizz to the max. I have tried mousse, gels, you name it and it is very fuzzy. any suggestions, home remedies would be nice. would using a straightener da...
    3 Style 20
  62. Perms or Body Wave?
    I really want a perm, or body wave, but I hear that people really end up hating their hair, and have really tight ringlets, and I want something loose.. or something like this.. [[The picture below]] Can I tell my styleist that I want loose curls and ...
    3 Style 126
  63. What. Should I get a perm?
    Ok so my hair is pin straight and everybody always tells me they love it so much, but I wish my hair was wavy or curly or something. should I get a perm? I don't know if it will eventually go back to being straight?like how does that work... because if...
    8 Style 56
  64. Stubborn perm. Help!!!
    I made a mistake and got a perm a year ago. You think it would relax by now, but it's still curly. I hate it. I'm going to Hawaii in 3 months, and I want it gone. AWAY WITH YOU! Like, I want to let my hair dry naturally and have it be straight... or at...
    2 Style 29
  65. Natural or permed? (African American)
    For the past 4 and a half years, I've been getting my hair pressed. The last time I got a perm was in middle school, and it broke off, and it took me a while to get it healthy again. Im leaving for college in 9 days, and I dont know what I want to do ...
    3 Style 31
  66. I'm thinking about getting a perm
    Hey, I'm thinking about getting a perm and would like to know some stuff. 1. I have long hair ( more than hafe way down my back) So what kind of curls should I get... I dont want to have short hair 2. Will it damage my hair because the only time I ...
    8 Style 53
  67. How do you texturize hair?
    How do you texturize hair? And what is the difference between perm and texturize?
    2 Style 126
  68. Falling out
    A while after my perm the sides of my hair start falling out what can I do???
    2 Style 21
  69. What would my hair do permed?
    I am 14 years old with thick, somewhat frizzy, naturally curly hair. I always get up early for band, cross country practice after school, then homework so I don't have much time to ever do much with it. I normally have it straightened and it looks fine...
    6 Style 83
  70. what hair dyes 4 restraint gray hair 4 African American women?
    I have not perm my hair for almost 3 months and would like to permantly dye my hair but my gray is very restraint. I am not interesting in perming my hair again. I have been perming my hair for many years now and would like to go natural.What dye woul...
    2 Style 49
  71. What is 'deep conditioning'?
    I've asked for some advice about a perm, and people keep typing 'deep condition'.. what is that?
    3 Style 27
  72. Natrually curly hair
    does anyone know any perms or texturizers to make my hair naturally curly ? Thanks :-)
    3 Style 32
  73. curlying hair
    my hair is naturally strait but I want to curly without a perm I heard their are shampoos but which are the best ones??
    2 Style 21
  74. Which one is beautiful and stylish??
    Which looks more stylish and beautiful for long hair with oval shape face??straight or permed hair??
    3 Style 10
  75. Why is marge simpson's hair that way?
    Why is her hair the way it is? Its, long, tall and blue. Is there a story behind it or something? Hmmm...or is it simply, a perm?
    4 Entertainment 60
  76. How can I make my hair stronger again?
    my hair is breakin off a lot because I used 2 get perms all the time, and I wanna make my hair stronger again anybody got any ideas of how.?
    2 Style 26
  77. How to get perfect waves with thin hair?
    How do I get my hair to lay down for perfect brush waves? My hair is kind of thin with very little curl. I don't want to have to use a perm, do I have any other options?
    2 Style 78
  78. How to prevent or stop hair and nail loss?
    Hair loss exactly in the back, I'm a black female with thick hair. I have stop perming my hair recently as well
    5 Health 19
  79. Should I get a fringe?
    my forehead is short... and I have long and straight hair... I permed it you see... before I permed it I had sort of curly hair... my mom said that I shouldn't get a fringe... but my friends ask me to try it might look cute... so I told my mom... she s...
    4 Style 75
  80. I want Taylor Swift's hair
    ok when you go get a perm I want taylor swifts hair what rod would I ask for ?? cause her hair is like supper curly and thick help!!!
    7 Style 113
  81. I want my hair curly!! help!!
    okay, so I have straight hair, and I REALLY want hair like taylor swift! but my parents won't let me get a perm, and I don't want to have to curl it every day! please help!
    5 Style 44
  82. how to make my hair curly but not frizzy
    so I have pretty straight hair but when it dries after showering it gets pretty frizzy. I dont want to get a perm and I dont want to use a curling iron either but is there a way I can easily make my hair have medium curls without getting frizzy or poofy?
    2 Style 37
  83. What is the best way to make hair texture match ponytail?
    My best friend has one of those ponytail extentions. She has curly african american hair. We blew it drew & then flat ironed it. Her hair isn't as shiny as the ponytail. Is there anyway to make it shiny without relaxing or perming it?
    3 Style 12
  84. I Want Curly Hair Help!!!
    Ok, I have wavy hair but I recently had to get it cut and it just doesn't look good at ths length, I'd really like super-curly hair, does anyone know an easy way to do that in the morning?? (I don't want a perm)
    9 Style 49
  85. How to get curly hair to shine?
    I have a perm:/ and so my hair is so dull and so frizzy. no frizz products work and my perm wont come out. Ive straightened my hair a lot or to make my hair look UN-frizzy i curl it. But i don't have any oil or anything so i use a product for my hair, ...
    4 Style 52
  86. Curly hair! I hate it!!!
    I have extremely naturally curly hair. It doesn't go with my personality or style. I love it when it's straight but it kills my hair and halfway through the day it gets frizzy and starts curying up again. I was wondering how getting a straigtening perm...
    3 Style 67
  87. quick hairstlyes for camp?
    I have african american hair thats permed. last year I wore my hair out and when I got in the pool and got air dried it goot really poofy! then I washed the cloreine out and put it in a pony tail and the hair started to come out of it!!! help!!
    2 Style 11
  88. What should be my first "natural" hairstyle?
    My hair is about four inches all over because Im trans-ing so I got it trimmed real short I wana say about 2 inches below my ears... My hair is very curly at the roots its like 2 and 1/2 of curly wavy and the rest is permed hair... Help please thanks :)
    6 Style 38
  89. What hair? Hayley Williams or Bella Swan?
    Ok this is a REALLY big decision for me. But should I get my hair cut like Hayley Williams (rough cut) or Bella Swan (loose perm) At the moment, I'm obssesed with Twilight. but I keep teling myself to be myself. but being myself IS being characters...
    8 Style 74
  90. does putting vitamin E oil(olive oil) help pimple scars fade away?
    does using vitamin oil..or vitamin oil with some olive oil in it help with pimple scars?? I feel so self sister just went on and on at me with my horrible pimples and scars when I asked her something bout her hair being permed :( mean....
    2 Style 103
  91. curves for your hair.
    I've always had fine, straight, limp, lifeless hair. nothing ever works on my hair it just always falls back into place. I hate the idea of a perm and I'm not really into heat products. I want to know how to to give my hair body , volume, and a boost n...
    3 Style 30
  92. How do I get rid of this aggravating flipping hair problem?
    how can I get my hair in the back to stop flipping up, the sides and front dont do that, is there a way to comb it or a type of gel or something, I dont want to iron it or get a straighter perm. I like my hair long and im trying to get it back long ...
    2 Style 123
  93. Who knows advice anything about chemically damaged hair?
    See I've been putting a lot of hair dyes and everyday I use flat iron my hair...I've bleached my hair made it two tone(purple and black)...and now my hair started to fall out right before my eyes. And what I did I went to a salon and the lady put relax...
    7 Style 19
  94. How to get my hair to look better?
    I'm a young Jamaican with hair like African Americans. It's permed and yet it still doesn't look right. I don't know what the problem is. If it's because it's not being treated properly or what. Would someone please give me some advice on how to get my...
    2 Style 11
  95. Non-permanent black hair dye
    my hair is naturally blonde, and tomorrow im dying it black. not the permanent one, one that lasts 6-8 weeks so, you know when the 8 weeks are up, will my hair colour (nat. blonde) be the same as BEFORE I dyed it? will it be a bit darker? I didnt thi...
    4 Style 57
  96. What can I do to make it wavy/curly?
    Hello, any advice is appriated (: Ok, so I got a perm about a year ago, and its still wavy ish, but not really. I dont have much gel left, and I was just wondering what are somethings I can do to get my hair to get it wavyer or curly, by tomorrow, I to...
    4 Style 48
  97. How can I straighten my hair without damaging it?
    ok.. im african american.. aand I have very curly,, kinda kinky hair.. aand I was wondering.. WHATS THE BEST TREATMENT FOR MY HAIR [NON-DAMAGING] THAT CAN MAKE IT STRAIGHT AND SILKY .. like someone caucasian. people??. [no disrespect at all].. I really...
    4 Style 31
  98. how do I keep/ and or make my hair str8
    I have really curly hair and I usuall alway str8n it with a straitner, b/c I get my hair really str8 and long so I can make my hair look really kool since im emo, well how do I str8n my hair for it to stay or simply last longer than st8ning it with a s...
    5 Style 25
  99. Long Blonde Boring hair
    I had my hair dyed red, but now it's just about washed all the way out. Now it's back to its original state, long blonde straight flat boring. I'm not sure if I should dye it back red, or leave it. Or maybe die it auburn. Honestly I have no clue, ma...
    3 Style 73
  100. How do I finish this damn dye job?
    Ok. So I've asked hair was jet black and I stripped the color, used a toner and bleached it. Disaster. So I let it be, used demi-perm colors on it and it was a gingery color. Well...I looked like an idiot with it, so I put a demi natural br...
    2 Style 96
  101. How can I get curls that stay?
    Okay. Well I have shoulder length hair, thick and straight! Everytime I try to curl it, if I brush it just ONCE, it goes completely straight again! I think my straight hair is really dull and I want to be able to put curls in it. Not just waves, but a...
    5 Style 76
  102. How should I style short, thin hair without damaging it?
    I had to get a lot of my hair cut off a few months ago because of damage and it's pretty short. It's probably about 1/2 an inch above my collar bone when its straight. I had a perm but it's not curly enough to scrunch anymore but still not straight eno...
    5 Style 41
  103. Is it wise to wash your hair everyday?
    I live in a hot climate and HATE feeling sticky and all!!!So in addition to taking a bath 3 times a day I wash my hair everyday too,usually when I come home from campus in the afternoon.Since my hair is the dry type I guess,well I don't know it feels a...
    8 Style 49
  104. Why do white guys always want to touch a black woman's hair, especially when it's in its natural state?
    I do not get perms or relaxers so my hair is natural( very curly and big) and it's alittle below my shoulders. I have a boy friend who is white and it's very frustrating to have his hands all over my hair! Just staring,pulling the curls, messing up my ...
    4 Style 47
  105. Why is he ingnoring me
    Okay, so this is really geting fustrated..I thought me and this guy was fine, I was at hes 4 weeks ago, because im mates with hes bro.. And I gave him a blow job. ( I always do I can helo my self) we've known eachother 4yrs+ and he knows I've fanceyd h...
    2 Sex 53