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  1. how can my arms get lighter
    how can my arms get lighter???
    3 Style 51
  2. Is lighter skin better?
    Is lighter skin better
    8 Style 23
  3. How to steal wireless internet?
    How to steal wireless internet?
    2 Technology 76
  4. How do I get my skin lighter?
    How do I get my skin lighter
    6 Style 95
  5. Why do people steal?
    5 General 17
  6. is it stealing to use a crack or a keygen ?
    is it stealing to use a crack or a keygen ?
    5 Technology 29
  7. How long can you be put in jail for stealing?
    How long can you be put in jail for stealing?
    11 Shopping 4283
  8. Getting lighter skin
    how do I get liter skin
    3 Style 49
  9. What should I steal from school?
    What is worthwhile to steal from school that isn't too difficult?
    10 Education 1610
  10. Can I color over newly dark hair color with lighter color?
    Can I color over newly dark hair color with lighter color?
    2 Style 307
  11. Steal pennys.
    how much is a 1943 steal penny worth? :]
    6 Money 61
  12. is it illegal to buy lighters under the age of eighteen?
    11 Shopping 238
  13. Why does my dog love to steal peoples tissues?
    9 Pets 45
  14. Stealing Something, have you done it?
    Have you stole something from somewhere?
    9 General 34
  15. Stealing someone girlfrind
    I need some tips how to do that?
    8 Relationships 14
  16. When you're on the pill do your periods become lighter?
    7 Health 33
  17. Where can you buy a lighter if you're under 18 in Canada?
    6 Shopping 150
  18. What is the punishment for stealing a set of rims?
    Well I don't know. What is the punishment for stealing a set of rims?
    7 General 162
  19. zippo butane lighter
    How do you fill a Zippo Multi Purpose Butane Lighter?
    2 Homegarden 13
  20. How to steal cigarettes from a gas station detailed guide?
    How to steal cigarettes from a gas station detailed guide?
    2 General 1398
  21. Where can I listen to Chin Up Baby - Stealing O'Neal?
    5 Music 14
  22. How long can you go to jail for stealing perscription pills?
    2 Shopping 28
  23. Can I use grilling lighter fluid in my Zippo instead of Zippo fluid?
    8 General 35
  24. Why does light make our skin darker but our hair lighter?
    2 Style 62
  25. What is Lighter than a feather.??
    eventhough you can't hold it for a minute even.
    9 General 36
  26. Do you believe that every state should have the death penalty issued?
    7 Politics 33
  27. Refilling Zippo Lighters
    Do Zippo Lighters work with regular lighter fluid, or do you have to buy the Zippo Brand of lighter fluid?
    2 General 137
  28. can viruses still steal passwords when the computer is off?
    can viruses still steal passwords and personal info when the computer is off?
    11 Technology 49
  29. Does squeezing lemon in dark brown hair make it lighter?
    Does squeezing lemon in dark brown hair make it lighter??
    6 Style 164
  30. How to get lighter skin?
    You see my pic. I want to make my skin lighter. How do I do that??
    8 Style 110
  31. How do you make roots go away when dying it lighter?
    How do you make roots go away when dying it lighter??? My roots are horrribbbleee
    2 Style 190
  32. can u get fines and probation for stealing narcotics from a pharmacy?
    9 General 37
  33. What are your feelings on the death penalty?
    I see both sides and I honestly have no idea how I feel about it
    20 Politics 44
  34. Does dying your leg hair help make it lighter and is it safe?
    7 Style 260
  35. Is it true that you shouldn't wear an eyeshadow color that is lighter than your skin?
    3 Style 19
  36. Where are good places to store a lighter in my room?
    (Bic lighter) (Somewhere hidden, but good)
    8 Homegarden 33
  37. Zippo lighter fuel
    Hey I was wondering what fuel you need for zippo lighters because I bought on and I need fuel for it, thank you
    4 General 48
  38. Internet stealing
    Is there any way using a psp or ps3 I can steal my neighbours wireless internet
    2 Technology 24
  39. Why would a friend steal from a friend?
    Why would a friend steal from a friend?? One of my friends has stolen make up, jewelry from me and a couple of my other friends...why??
    13 General 693
  40. make your eyes lighter besides contact lenses?
    Is their anyway to make your eyes lighter besides contact lenses? Will looking at the sun make them lighter?
    7 Style 563
  41. Why do criminals sentenced to the death penalty get to choose their last meal?
    8 Politics 53
  42. How do I make my screen lighter?
    i turned on my computer and the screen is dark you can hardly see.
    5 Technology 90
  43. I want my eyes to get a liittle bit lighter
    Lol is that possible? Lol if so, how?
    2 Style 73
  44. Something to make your skin lighter?
    Is there some thing that will make a persons skin lighter,like a Lotion are any thing alits.
    5 Style 47
  45. How do you make your skin lighter?
    Uuuummm...I just have a curiousty, LOL:) I just wanna know how do people make their skin lighter???
    8 Style 64
  46. what are the effective ways to make my inner thigh, anal area and pussy lighter?
    2 Style 295
  47. Jail time for stealing car?
    How long can you go to jail for grand theft auto
    3 General 105
  48. Should a person call the authorities if someone steals another person's video on YouTube to impersonate him or her?
    3 Politics 39
  49. So I dyed my hair and now my roots are lighter ..
    than the rest of my hair! What do I do?! Do you have an pictures where this actually looks nice?
    3 Style 3860
  50. How can I get a lighter complexion?
    Im indian, I was fair and now im darker How can I lighten my complexion? And maintain it :)
    3 Style 54
  51. How can I get lighter lips?
    A lot of the time my lips get red which I dont like . how can I get lighter pinker lips naturally?
    4 Style 77
  52. How can I make my arm hair lighter?
    so I have embarassiny hair arms and im tired of them. shaving is not an option. are there any home remedies to make the hairs lighter?
    3 Style 98
  53. What would happen if I steal a car?
    Im fourteen and if I steal a car from my parents would I go to juvie? I live in colorado
    4 General 21
  54. What are your thoughts on the US government making people get health insurance or face penalties?
    26 Politics 52
  55. Why is stealing wrong?
    We all know it is, but can you list ten reasons why? I had to do this for school. a lot tougher than you think.
    4 General 48
  56. Death Penalty?
    Should mental instability disqualify convicted murders from the death penalty? Please list your reason/s for yes or no?
    6 Politics 34
  57. how to start a fire without lighter and matches?
    want to start a fire with out matches or lighter I need some steps on how to do that like if iwas in the wild
    2 Environment 44
  58. Death penalty
    What do you think about the death penalty?? Is ot right in some cases? Which ones? why are there 14 states that dont allow it?
    25 Religion 57
  59. Does dying hair blonde more than once make it lighter?
    would dying hair blonde more than once help turn it lighter each time or does it not change, if not , what would, thanks all !!!
    5 Style 288
  60. Does lemon juice make your hair lighter?
    loads of people say that if you apply lemon juice to your hair and go and sit in the sun it will go lighter so -if you only apply it to the ends of your hair will only the ends of your hair go lighter/
    10 Style 218
  61. Is changing price tags stealing?
    I have a question. Is it stealing if you change the price tags on an item and buy it? It is stealing, right? Because my old friend did it and fought with me saying it wasn't!
    17 Shopping 2132
  62. How old do you have to be to buy a lighter?
    if I'm a 15 year old girl will I be able to purchase one of those little individual lighters?
    6 Shopping 235
  63. Why are my eyes getting lighter?
    my eyes are getting lighter and I don't know why! they used to be black and now they are an almost ligh type of brown. is there something wrong?
    2 Style 14398
  64. If today is World stealing day...
    What is the first thing you would steal even if you were allowed to but without it's owner knowing it?
    6 General 23
  65. can you get accused of stealing even if you were not caught or have been seen on a video taking the money in you'r pocket?
    2 General 23
  66. Where do I find an editor that won't steal my ideas?
    I need an editor badly but i cant get any of my friends that i trust to do it.
    4 Literature 9
  67. is this still stealing?
    if you get two dollars from somebody without knowing BUT you return it back without knowing they got the dollars?
    14 General 16
  68. How can I convince my parents that I didn't steal alcohol?
    what do I do if my parents think I stole alcohol but I really didnt an they dont believe me?
    14 Family 93
  69. Where can I post original photos and/or written works without the website stealing it & giving it their own copyright?
    4 Funadvice 16
  70. Lighter skin tone?
    How can I get a lighter skin tone like light brown?Like an even lighter shade that I am? And also how come my skin gets darker throughout the day?
    2 Style 84
  71. Lemon or lime for lighter hair ?
    I hear that if you put lemon on dark brown hair, & go in the sun, it makes it lighter ? Would lime work ? Or only lemons ?
    3 Style 169
  72. How do people steal flat screens or t.v's?
    It's not like you can just put it in your pants and walk out of the store unnoticed. And no, I'm not planning on stealing a t.v.
    5 General 11
  73. why do people rape,kill or steal kids teens and elders?
    ...i mean i think its sick and deppressing that people do that=\ u?
    10 General 45
  74. does coloured red hair become lighter with every wash? cuz mine dosnt look as red as i want it too
    6 Style 39
  75. What are ALL of the consequences of stealing a car in the state of New Hampshire?
    The car wouldn't be damaged in any way, keep in mind, so that issue can be ignored. :)
    5 Politics 62
  76. If someone becomes mentally ill while serving a d*ath penalty sentence should they still have to do the punishment?
    or is it considered inhumane?
    17 Politics 16
  77. What skin product will make my face even tone or lighter?
    Any products from Walmart Kmart or Longs Drugs that will help me with my question?
    2 Style 21
  78. What's your opinion about Lindsay Lohan stealing a $2500 necklace from a jewelry store?
    I think Lindsay is too smart to steal a necklace Isn't she too dumb to steal a necklace despite being known as a celebrity
    21 Entertainment 14
  79. What are some good, effective products to get rid of scars or make them lighter?
    Products that can be found at places like walmart will be extreamly helpfull!
    9 Style 28
  80. Can someone steal your identity from these sites?
    I was just wondering, like if you sign up for certain things like family video, ebay, things like that, can someone steal your identity from myspace, yahoo, gmail, hotmail, any of those sites because i am on those.
    4 Technology 39
  81. How do you light a lighter?
    I have one of thouse cheap lighters you get at the gas starting and its not working out for me. how do I use it. I've always been terrible with it. helpp!?!?!? its thouse simple chea ones
    2 General 45
  82. how can I make my dark brown hair lighter without dying it?
    I have dark brown hair but I dont want to dye it or it will damage my rihanna styled hair? how can I make it lighter please help ??? thanks
    7 Style 121
  83. Which is lighter: hot air or cold air?
    ok I guess hot water is lighter than cold water but what about hot air and cold air? we can breathe cold air but not hot air so how does that work? is it because hot air is heavier than cold air? and if you put the covers over your head you can't stay ...
    5 Science 87
  84. What are some home remedies to fade(make lighter) stretch marks?
    Im very aware that stretch marks are permanent.But I also know that there are ways to make them lighter so the question is HOW??? please help
    7 Style 95
  85. What color should I use to get my hair lighter?
    ive recently bleached my hair a few shades from dark brown, now its a coppery colour. What colour should i use so i can go blonder or a lot lighter
    6 Style 59
  86. My hair is naturally brown. Can I dye it a lighter brown?
    Since some said I shouldn't dye my hair blond... would it be okay to dye it a lighter brown? I have blond highlights. Thanks for your help! My natural hair color is a brassy brown color.
    5 Style 40
  87. When someone steals your Identity and buys say 1,000 woth of stuff before you find out who it is Do you get your money back after they go to Jail?
    3 Money 14
  88. Keep it dark or go lighter?
    So I have naturally light brown hair but it's dyed dark brown...should I go light again or stay dark? I have pretty fair skin and dark brown eyes...suggestions???
    2 Style 86
  89. Thinking of getting my hair dyed to a lighter colour.
    I have hazel eyes and black hair, and since its summer now I was thinking of getting my hair dyed to a lighter colour. What do you think will brighten my eyes and skin?. I'm somewhat darker toned.
    6 Style 54
  90. How can I make my face and skin lighter or pale looking?
    can i use baby power or what? also i want something that will last longer on my skin. (no rude comments)
    5 Style 41
  91. Which color should I dye my hair,lighter or darker?
    I have dark green eyes,olive skin,and dark brown hair P.s:(I love megan fox's look)
    2 Style 147
  92. what do you think the maximum penalty would be for this crime?
    Someone I know recently got caught with an oz & a half of pot on them, & it's their first offense. in the state of Illinois what do you think the penalty of this might be?
    4 Politics 39
  93. What does putting a lighter near a wound do?
    I just saw it in the movie vampires. daniel baldwin put a lighter to his wound, after being bitten. was this a thing to prevent from turning into a vampire or does this help heal the wound or stop blood flow?
    3 Religion 30
  94. lighter hair color
    My natural hair color is a sandy blonde. I dyed it to a dark auburn reddish color. How can I get my hair back to a lighter color by february or may(idc) without damaging it too much?
    2 Style 26
  95. Death Penalty.
    I think death penalty should be allowed, 'cause why should we share air with some one thats a mass murderer, or a rapist, its not fair for us to have thoose insane people to be alive.
    12 Politics 26
  96. Dark blonde lighter?
    Somy hair is dark blonde... Like the picture below.. And I would love it to be a little lighter... Is there any natural thing I could use without chemicals... Thanks!!
    3 Style 32
  97. Stealing pics
    Why do people be puttin emo and scene girls as there pics when it is not really them because like on every social site that I go on I will see the same girls but with different names..if so wickked!
    5 General 31
  98. How can someone steal my e-mail account?
    I was signing into a dating chat line. When I entered my e-mail adress,I was told someone else was using my account and I am new to computers.
    2 Technology 74
  99. How can I steal video clips???
    Well its not call stealing its called barrowing lol anyway how do I take some one self video and put it 2 mines like if im talking about it and I wanna show it how do they do and how???
    3 Technology 33
  100. What is your opinion on the death penalty?
    Okay so my speech class is holding debates. Tomorrow, we are discussing the Death Penalty...what I would like to what the awesome people on this site think...about the Death Penalty...are you for or against? Why or Why Not? (I need some ideas...
    25 Politics 48
  101. How can I get paler skin so that I can get lighter hair.?
    I have tan skin but I want to get platinum blonde hair but my mom says it would look weird with tan skin so I want to lighten my tone anyone know how.?
    3 Style 22
  102. stealing
    im 13 and I stole 40 dollars of merchandice from walmart. I got caught and I have to go to court . I dont know what to expect .does anyone know what I shud do or say ?
    7 Shopping 23
  103. how do I get lighter if I'm tanned?
    okay well I'm 15 and swimming season is over. and I look super dark like I'm burned eggs or bacon so can anyone help me by telling me how can you get lighter please!!!??
    10 Style 45
  104. What does death penalty mean? Do they actually kill the person?
    Im doing a paper for my history class..and im kinda confused what is the death penalty?? Do they actually kill people?? does anyone know any good websites I could find info?? and the democrats are against the death penalty right??
    7 Politics 72
  105. Is a girl or woman with light or lighter brown hair a brunette?
    Is a girl or woman with light or lighter brown hair a brunette? I know dark-brown or black hair, especially dark-brown hair is definitely brunette. I'm pretty sure medium brown hair can be considered brunette because brunette is sometimes defined as ha...
    3 Style 64
  106. How do I fix my hair when my roots are lighter than the rest?
    So. I colored my hair blonde after it was a medium brown. My hair was grown out about 2 inches so my natural color soaked up all of the blonde and the rest of it...not so much. So now the top of my head is the perfect color blonde and the rest is a dar...
    2 Style 844
  107. Should I use a lighter foundation or darker over the winter?
    I use classic ivory its publish at day is that ok? I've seen in internet I have to wear two kinds of shades depending on the season
    3 Style 52
  108. how can i get my period to go lighter ?
    my period isnt very light but its not that that heavy but still want it to die down. i dont like having my period and im reallly wanting it to die down, like go lighter and flow out slower. no meds please, and baths just dont help. please help asap?!
    8 Health 27
  109. How can I get my period flow to be way lighter?
    My period is like really heavy and stuff. and I hate it. esp the cramps. but anyway. I was wondering how can I get it lighter besides taking birthcontrol. cause I'm on that and that sure doesn't help me with the flow. So how can I get my period flow t...
    2 Health 146
  110. Do you feel anything when you make a fireball with a lighter?
    like i watched a how-to video. you make a fist with your hand, stick the lighter on the top, press the button for the fluid and then flick the lighter on. but yeaah. like does it hurt? or is there any chance your hand could catch on fire?
    3 General 40
  111. Is it normal for a rabbit to steal another rabbit's food?
    I have two rabbits, boy and girl both neutered. The boy does not go to eat but when the girl does he goes and steals the food and eats it. It's not that bad as the female rabbit's health isn't suffering but the male is definitely fatter. Just wondering...
    3 Pets 57
  112. What penalty, if any, do you think US soldiers deserve for urinating on the Taliban dead?
    A YouTube video shows US soldiers urinating on the dead bodies of the Taliban ... what kind of disciplinary action should be taken? Read about it:
    17 Politics 27
  113. How can I get my highlights to be lighter?
    k, well I got my hair dyed dark brown with chunky blonde highlights, and my boyfriend and I both hate it! I want it lighter, but not like wow blonde. I don't know what color to do>? any suggestions...please help!!!
    4 Style 355
  114. How to get dyed hair back to something lighter?
    I was trying to dye my dark blonde hair to dark brown and it turned out jet black...I had it done by a stylist and want to go lighter but dont want red tones at all? What would you suggest?
    3 Style 124
  115. Would the sun naturally make my hair a lot lighter?
    I have medium to light brown hair and its pretty much all the same...never had it died colored etc. So I was wondering if I was in the sun enough maybe an hour a day would it start to get lighter?? How much?
    3 Style 46
  116. What happens if the mail carrier leaves your shipped item outside or in your mail box and someone steals it?
    I ordered extensions, but what do I do if someone just snoops around my neighborhood and thinks its a phone and just stills it or something, Im just wondering.
    4 General 67
  117. How can I make my brown hair get lighter?
    i have been dyeing my hair dark brown for about 2 years now, and i would like it to get back to my natural hair color dirty blond. at the moment i have blond hilights but it looks kinda funny lol ( becaus my hair is realy dark and then blond hilights) ...
    7 Style 184
  118. Period wouldnt come and it's lighter than usual
    Okay so im 16 I recently had sex with my boyfriend. We used a condom. But I just couldnt help but stress out when my period wouldnt come and wuldnt come then it finally came but it was a lot lighter then usual so someone please help me. What could this...
    3 Sex 56
  119. Lighter eyes?
    Heyy I have kinda brown eyes they kiiinda changeto hazel like kinda And I really want them to change the color Or maake them lighterrr and stuff Xsumthin like that and I was wondering if you look at the sun will it make em lighter or just f#ck em up
    4 Style 23
  120. how can i get my mom to stop stealing?
    she knows my whole family social security and she has been taking money from my family. every time i talk to her she yells at me and im underage but my either family knows she steals but they haven't lock her up because of my sake but i just want her t...
    3 Family 32
  121. Are my periods getting lighter from masturbating?
    I have masturbated during my period a lot of times now but i stopped (even when its not my period) when the blood coming out is getting lighter ( its been 2 periods already). I usually have heavy periods. I don't know why its happening, im scared it ...
    3 Sex 305
  122. how do I change my black dyed hair to a lighter brown?
    I dyed my hair about a week ago and it turned out REALLY dark brown well you can say black and I want to change it to a light brown but can I use a store bought color? How long do I have to wait to dye my hair again? What color do I use to lighten from...
    4 Style 461
  123. Abortion and the Death penalty
    why does it seem that most christians who are republicans are for the death penalty but against abortion? I just find it so ironic. I know that people who are sentenced to death have done something horrible but don't you guys believe "god created us ...
    26 Religion 59
  124. Is it bad to steal but then give to charity?
    when ever I go to a store and I see something like little and I like it but its kinda of expensive.. I just put it in my purse.. but to make up for it I donate to people who really need it like cancer and things like that. Is that so wrong???
    12 Shopping 114
  125. The death penalty for child molesters/rapists?
    The supreme court ruled that a person may not be put to death for raping an adult, however, in 5 states, a child rapist may be put to death if found guilty. Since this is a far worse crime for the victim than a murder, beause the child will have to liv...
    16 Politics 66
  126. Did a fairy steal my money?
    I left my money sitting on my table, and when I went to get it for Church, it was gone!!! My mom, dad, and grandma would never do that. I was reading a story that said faries move stuff and take things. What do you think??? I don't think a fairy really...
    6 Money 22
  127. Lighter Hair Color?
    I have naturally light blonde hair, but when I was a child, it was even lighter (as is normal, from what I've heard). I would really love to go back to that, but I can't find anything to use to lighten it myself. I've looked in several stores, and none...
    2 Style 39
  128. Why is my period getting lighter every month?
    Ive been on the pill since i was 14 and i am now 19 my periods have only just started getting lighter and lighter i am not even filling up a tampon for light flow but the pain is getting worse and im also having hot flushes all the time even when its c...
    8 Health 67
  129. Is it good or bad to steal from ATMs?
    I found a fullproof way of stealing money from ATM machines. I can make 1000 dollars a night. I'm not really stealing the money since the machines reset in the next day and more money will be added. I'm not hacking accounts, just working around the fla...
    13 Money 26
  130. What is the penalty for stealing another persons clothes?
    My friends boyfriend spit on me, headbutted me, and pushed me into a pole, that left a bruise on my lower back. we pressed charges about 2 weeks ago, and havent heard anything from the cops. i went to my "friends" house, to hangout with her sister. (my...
    3 General 47
  131. Myspace photo stealing
    I have someone who I believ got a look at my private profile through an old friend. I believe they might have added pics of my dughter to there profile. I had my profile private to prevent this from happening. How can I go about seeing if this is the c...
    3 Technology 14
  132. What should I do about my grandmother stealing medication?
    My grandmother is up visiting and I know she has a problem with abusing medications, after the second day of her staying here a large portion of the medications in the house went missing. I confronted her about it and she played the "oh im just a poor ...
    3 Family 48
  133. what is this considered stealing?
    okay so I needed my pain pills and I asked my firend to get tem for me and she said that she wasnt home so I went there and went through the doorwitch was unlocked and I grabed my pain pills ,. so now she is trying to say that she can get me fo stealin...
    9 General 41
  134. How to make my eyebrows lighter without using dye?
    I use lemon juice in my hair, so my hair is much more blonder. But my eyebrows are brown and it looks really dark, doesn't match my hair.I don't want to dye it bcoz it might turn out lighter than my hair.My hair has natural highlights so it's not all b...
    6 Style 49
  135. What if I got caught stealing and im 17, will I go to jail?
    I got caught stealing a 40 dollar bathing suit and im 17 but I have never done anything really bad or put on record in my life. if I do everything I can to correct the situation and show the judge that I will not ever do it again and ihave been punish...
    4 General 76
  136. hair dye for brown hair would like to go a lighter blond
    I have natuly dark brown curly hair && I striaten it every day for the past 3 years!!! and I want to go blonde! like a lil lighter then dirty blonde so could you give me advice plse!???? adn I want to get bangs too!! side swept so give the BEST adivce ...
    3 Style 118
  137. How can I dye my dark brown hair lighter?
    I don't have the money to get it done so am planning on using a box dye I have dark brown hair and I want it like a medium brown.. But I don't want it to turn redish and I don't want to bleach it! Is it true that if I get a ash color it won't turn ...
    3 Style 258
  138. Stealing Pictures... :/
    I was on a social site earlier and my friend Fay sent me someone else's profile to look at that she found. And they had my pictures as theirs. :/ Pretending to be me. It ticks me off. It gets to my nerves! :/ Why must people do that? Should I c...
    13 General 151
  139. Do you think she's going to steal my topic for communication class? (read more)
    this grl in my communication class said what will i be doing for my topic and i said it and she sound so fascinated in it, when a girl asked her what shell be doing she looked at me and said don't know yet. I feel like she might snatch it cause shes re...
    9 Education 32
  140. Will my friend get caught for stealing?
    Ok so my friend told me that he steals from places like target and he doesnt think that he will get caught. He told me that when he steals things like undies ( I dont know why anyone would steal undies but hey??? lol ) That he takes them into the chang...
    3 General 27
  141. Is it possible to dye black hair lighter?
    I am a black female with long dreads...I am thinking about dying them...nothing drastic of course, (maybe like a reddish brown), since I can't cut them unless I want to start from scratch...and I just don't know if it is possible to dye my black hair a...
    5 Style 51
  142. How can I become 15 pounds lighter?
    Im Nari I'm 13 years old and I weigh 129 pounds and I want to lose the other 15 pounds or so and keep it off my friend says I shouldn't eat for 2 weeks and exercise then eat only veggies and fruits and protien stuff...and I think I should too... But...
    6 Nutritionfitness 37
  143. How may I make my armpits lighter, theyre dark yucky :(?
    I scrub the crap outta my pits and dey remain dark, and oh man if I wear black shirts it makes them a lot darker... I literally use like a foot scrub bar to scrape and nope, they'll still dark... What kind of product may I use>?? Thanks
    4 Style 70
  144. I'm accused of stealing someones boyfriend.
    I'm 15 and met this really cool guy. He was going out with my old friend. They broke up slightly after we started talking. Shortly after that my friends we're telling me she thought I 'stole' him ? All I ever did was talk to him. He invited me to the m...
    4 Relationships 67
  145. Is this considered stealing? :(
    I work at a grocery store and well obviously we can't sell things that are expired right? Well I work in the dairy department and for everything that goes rotten we have a bin where we throw it and every night they empty the bin in the garbage. S...
    11 General 34
  146. brothers friends stealing my cash!
    ok well my brothers friend needed cash and he went to our house to try to get sum from my brother.well my brother didnt have any and my purse was like ryte ther! so now there's sum money missing.I mean,its only 20 bucks but im scared it might start to ...
    3 Money 40
  147. What color does someone dye her hair to make my eyes look lighter?
    Hi. Well my hair is currently brown. And I have noticed I have really pretty eyes. Kinda like kim kardashians that red brownish. I want them to stand out. But I dont know how. I dont know if I should dye it super black so the color can stand out...
    2 Style 137
  148. Can hair dyed black with Feria be dyed lighter w/o consequences?
    I just dyed my hair blue-black with Feria. I wanted to dye the underside of my bangs a "natural color" of bright orange-red. I was told that if you dye your hair darker with Feria and then try to lighten it you get some really unpredictable-non-natural...
    4 Style 78
  149. Should I confront my Mom about stealing money during taxes?
    My mom claimed me on her taxes and she said that I owe the government money but I don't even make enough- I should be getting money back. i talked to my sister who is an accountant and she agreed so did my boyfriend but its too late to do anything sinc...
    2 Family 44
  150. How to make dark hair lighter?
    Hey, My hair was about 3 colors (blond, brown, darkish brown) so I decided to to a salon and get it one color. I decided to get it back to my natural brown hair (which is a light brown color). The problem is it came out WAY too dark brown, almost bl...
    5 Style 167
  151. How do I dye my hair lighter?
    Ok I have natural medium brown hair. I've dyed darker browns, and auburn/brown colors, but I've always gone darker. I want to dye my hair again and everyone is telling me to go lighter. I was really aprehensive about it at first but now I want to do it...
    14 Style 93
  152. Isn't birth control supposed to make your period lighter?
    Ever since I have been taking my birth control my periods are way heavier and they last like four days longer. I get really bad cramps, headaches, fatigue, everyting. I never got that before I went on birth control and they were only like two-three day...
    7 Health 106
  153. HELP ME OUT
    2 General 29
  154. How to apologize for almost stealing my best friend's boyfriend?
    hi everyone!!! I did smthing really stupid!!! I almost stole my best friends boyfriend...and she is really mad she dnt even wants to hear for me!!! I told her that I am sorry million times but she dnt cares!!!1 just 4 days ago we were best friends and ...
    3 Relationships 137
  155. my older sister steals the spotlight
    okay so I love to sing and everyone whos heard me thinks I'm really good at it. But my older sisters really good too, and since shes in choir and is older everyone kinda ignores me and I never get the chance to show them what I've got. my sisters goin...
    2 Family 42
  156. How to handle my guy-stealing sister?
    Okay what should I do with my sister? She does everything I do. its not like she is some 5 year old that wants to do everything I do. I eat a certain way and she copies how I eat. She says that the way I eat is "interesting". If im doing something she ...
    3 Family 32
  157. What do I do if I'm accused of stealing and I didn't?
    Some of my parents jewlery is missing and they are blaming me for it and i honestly did not do it or know who did it. I got caught shoplifting like 5 years ago and have not been in trouble since. It seems like everthing that goes missing they blame me ...
    5 General 43
  158. My best friend is trying to steal him away
    I dated this guy for a couple weeks, (ok maybe 10 days) and I still have feelings about him My best friend knows about this, she gave me bad advice when we were still dating, like dont see him everyday, play hard to get! So I thought she was being a...
    2 Relationships 39
  159. How to get back at the girl that tried to steal my man
    a few months ago a girl tried to cum on to my boyfriend. he told her no and he explained everything to me the next day. I dont understand why she would have done it when she knew me and him were in a realtionship. it sounds chilish but I realy want to ...
    2 Relationships 30
  160. Will lemon juice turn my hair a good lighter color?
    I know that it will be lighter but I still have some questions; First of all and I guess [sadly] more importantly, if I do this will it turn my hair a color my parents with freak out at? I'm a pretty dark brunette and I do want it blonde but my mom wou...
    2 Style 63
  161. How can I lighten my hair color?
    if i want to lighten up my hair from dark brunette almost black to a light brown do i need to decap my hair first or just apply the lighter color, and if its just apply the lighter color should i get the lighter color a little lighter than what i want ...
    2 Style 191
  162. I'm being accused of stealing when I didnt do it!
    I work at a jewelry store as a second job. at the end of every shift the manager does bag checks to make sure no one is stealing jewelry. so I grabbed my purse before I left and when I opened it for her to check it, there was a $500 necklace in the poc...
    9 Money 236
  163. Sister steals food
    When I try to bake or cook something, my sister stands around in the kitchen the whole time and steals whatever she can. she steals my cookie dough, shell take the ingredients for what im making or the finished product (she'll take the salad veggies w...
    11 Family 36
  164. What are most people against?
    except abortion or the Death Penalty
    14 Politics 28
  165. How can I make my tan lighter or go away?
    About a week ago, I got a sunburn (only the 2nd one in my lifee) and since I was wearing a oval neck tee, I have horrid tan lines on my arms and above my boobs !!! eek !! What can I do to fade away the tan so tan lines can't be seen? Also I heard ...
    3 Style 107
  166. What are the penalties for a minor driving without a license in fl?
    What are the consequences for a minor driving without a license or permit in the state of florida? I'm 16 and I recently went to court for driving without a license I drove without a license at the begingind of may and rear ended someone but no one...
    2 General 89
  167. Lie, cheat, steal, love survey
    ***l*I*e*** How often do you lie? Are you a good liar? Do you get away with it? What is the worst (horrible) lie you have ever told? What is the worst (stupid) lie you have ever told? Are white lies okay? What is the last white lie you told? D...
    13 General 45
  168. This girl really tries to steal my boyfriend
    There is this girl that since the begining of last school year tried to be friends with my boyfriend and he didn't like her. She kept coming to him all time and around the end of this year they kinda became friends. Then she started to spend more time ...
    3 Relationships 14
  169. Dying Dyed Hair
    My hair is naturally a light brown/dark blonde. I dyed it a lighter blonde a couple days ago. If I want to go a couple shades lighter, do I just need to dye it an even lighter blonde now?
    4 Style 312
  170. accused of stealing at work
    I Have just started working in this shop that sells cards and before my last day I was accused of stealing £40. at the end of every shift we are expected to count the takings that was made and put it in a box which everyone has a key to and that day I...
    3 Money 54
  171. My friend steals my stuff
    I have this friend.she loves play all the time,but when I say stop she's gets mad at me.somtime I can't think when she's around and I move she gets mad at me.when I was leaving school I said bye.she yelled at me "you ain't goning to said bye to my mom....
    2 Relationships 68
  172. ~light hair~
    how can I get lighter hair without dyeing it?
    5 Style 19
  173. Whats the dumbest thing you done
    Whats the dumbest thing you done mine is steal
    8 General 15
  174. Can the sun change the color of my hair?
    Can the sun change my hair into a lighter blode?! my hair is already blonde, I'm the only one in the family who has the lightest color,(blonde) The rest are all brown or black or brownish redish, so they all keep telling me that my hair is getti...
    6 Style 45
  175. accused of stealing
    our son was accused of stealing goggles recently. Initially, I believed him to be guilty. Being 13, I thought perhaps- an impluse? But, we had discussed buying these goggles, and I had told him to pick out a pair, and I would come and see them since ...
    2 Shopping 28
  176. Why is she like, stealing from me ?
    So, one of my best friends, yeah i know i have another question about her, so first, yes she copies me, yes she still does it & it annoys me very much but i'll suck it up & get over it. But what bothers me, this bothers me SO MUCH, i HATE, HATE HATE HA...
    17 Relationships 47
  177. If someone was driving drunk?
    would it be moral, or immoral to steal their car? On one hand, you are stealing, but on the other you are keeping a drunk driver off the road? which is it, moral or immoral
    4 Sex 17
  178. What can I do
    To make my brown hair lighter that doesnt envolve dying it?? And some one told me that if I spray lemon juice on that it will help make it lighter will it.
    4 Style 58
  179. This girl is trying to steal my boyfriend and he's letting her?!!!
    I talked to my mom about this and I just want someone's opinion. My boyfriend keeps in contact with some of his ex-girlfriends but that's fine with me. I have another issue which is really bothering me. There's this girl I didn't know about who's late...
    6 Sex 215
  180. What do you think of this co worker?
    I have a co worker, everytime a customer comes in the store with a nice size shoulder bag, she thinks the customer is going to steal. I saw a man with thick money in his hands(closed palm). He was standing a bit far from this co worker, this co worker ...
    4 Money 42
  181. What color will bring out dark blue eyes?
    what color would bring out my darker blue eyes if I have red hair and a lighter skin tone? any ideas to make the color lighter?
    7 Style 94
  182. Do we penalise individuals who bring their nation or religion into disrepute?
    FIFA has a penalty for bringing the game into disrepute. Many corporations and industry associations have penalties for employees or companies doing the same.
    6 Politics 24
  183. Can salons make brown hair blonde in one day?
    hey I have brown hair and I want it back to blonde can I goto the salon and they do that in one day? or do I have to keep going back and getting it lighter in lighter?
    3 Style 204
  184. GUYS and Friends?
    how do you handle a friend that likes every guy you like and steals him when you almost have the chance?
    3 Relationships 14
  185. Are robbery and theft the same???
    Are robbery and theft the same or are they different like do you have to steal so much stuff for it to be considered robbery or theft
    3 General 16
  186. Morality?
    In your opinion is da death penalty right or wrong (moral or immoral)
    17 Sex 34
  187. How to raise $90?
    Do any of you guys have any idea's on how to raise about $90 with in like a week? With out stealing or anything like that?
    3 Money 11
  188. How do you know between implantation blood and your period?
    How do you know bettween inplantation blood and your period??? Just not the fact that its lighter...
    2 Health 2130
  189. Which horse will win?
    If there are 2 horses competing in showjumping,and the 1st horse finishes at lets say 30 seconds with no penalties and the 2nd horse finnished at 25 seconds with 4 penalties,which horse will win?
    3 Pets 11
  190. What hair color is in now? Dark or light?
    I have dark brown hair and I hate it!!! Should I go lighter or what???
    4 Style 46
  191. Daily Bible Quiz
    Where is this scripture found in the bible ? "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, ...
    3 Religion 33
  192. Can I put a prelighter on dyed brown hair to make it blonde?
    Can I put pre lighter on dyed brown hair to make it blonde again ???
    2 Style 269
  193. trying to get pregant
    can I steal concevie 5 days befor my cycle
    4 Health 32
  194. Issue with my boyfriend stealing
    I been with my boyfriend a little over 4 years. He hasnt kept a job more then 3 months and is a thief and constant liar. I know im stupid to stay with him but I broke it off like 5 imes on and off but he knows how to have me right back in his arms. I l...
    8 Money 502
  195. What happened with the Casey and Caylee Anthony case in the end?
    Did the mom have the death penalty or what
    7 Politics 20
  196. Where can I buy chamomile water?
    I want to get my eyes lighter, and I hear that chamomile water works. have any idea where I can get one? && I dont know what it really is so how do I use it to make my eyes lighter in the first place?
    3 Shopping 182
  197. Fire spell
    Is there any spell to light a candle without the use of matches, lighters etc?
    7 Religion 39
  198. What's the worst thing you've been caught doing?
    Just curious, like drugs, stealing ect...
    27 General 40
  199. Should I go lighter or darker? (Hair)
    There's a recent picture of me. As you can see, I have medium/dark brown hair, blue eyes, and SUPER pale skin. I'm planning on dying my hair for the first time ever, but I don't know if I should go lighter or darker. Not blonde or black, but a dark or ...
    6 Style 24
  200. How do I convice my sister that I did not steal from her graduation money?
    Okay. So I have a slightly checkered past. By this I mean I have been guilty of taking money from my brother before. But. Before you go and tell me that it is wrong and how could you do such a thing, I know this. I know that it is not right and it is n...
    3 Sex 74
  201. A question about concealer
    Okay does anyone know how much lighter your conceler is suppose to be from your regular skin tone? I mean like some say two tones lighter than your regular color..but is it two or one tone..or none? Just the same shade?
    2 Style 13
  202. Dying your hair at home
    is there somthing you can use to dye your hair lighter at home like lemons or somthing thanks
    5 Style 49
  203. Does surgical steel set off metal detectors at the airport?
    My piercings are surgical steal.. And I can't take them out. Will they set off the metal detector?
    4 Travel 1389
  204. Can my eye color lighten?
    my eyes are brown and I feel like they're getting lighter!! is that possible? and if it is, how?!!!
    5 Style 119
  205. Covering dark hair
    I dyed my hair black and am now ready to have it lighter again. Do I have to bleach it or will a color work at all?
    2 Style 15
  206. Eye brows?
    How can you dye your eyebrows natrually? Orrr... dye them too look natural Lighter thow not darker?
    4 Style 24
  207. Does anyone know this Nickleback song?
    what song is this by nickleback "I dont want to be a wise man, I dont want to be a poor man stealing" thnx
    4 Music 19
  208. What happens to uour lips if u apply tanning lotion to them?
    dp they get lighter or darker or what?
    3 Style 37
  209. How long do eyebrows stay dyed?
    If I dye my eyebrows lighter will they stay that way or will my natural color come back?
    4 Style 256
  210. Bible references
    What would be a good reference in the bible when you are going to teach about people's sins and how jesuspaid the penalty for all of us?
    2 Religion 11
  211. Your Music.
    I'd like to know what your favorite song(s) are at the moment. I'd like to steal some songs to put on my iPod. ha. [:
    5 Music 41
  212. How can I get black dye out of my hair fast?
    I dyed my hair black and my hair is a golden blonde kinda light brown and the dye is getting lighter right now my hair is a dark brownish color but it's going part ginger so I'm scared to get it lighter so help me plz how can i get it out as fast as i ...
    5 Style 126
  213. household bleach face bleaching
    can I use household bleach on my face im african american and I lost a bunch of weight and I want to be lighter??
    6 Style 368
  214. How do I become a flyer?
    I am the second flyer but the others determined that the other girl was lighter. So now I'm a mini flyer. There is 7 people on my squad.
    4 Sports 87
  215. Hydrogen Peroxide in My Hair?
    What will hydrogen peroxide do to my hair? Does it bleach it? If so is there anything I can do to just have the peroxide turn it a bit lighter instead? How should I apply it to my hair if I decide to? Thanks!
    2 Style 106
  216. Why do they have a do not remove tag on mattresses?
    Have you ever wondered why they put the "do not remove under penalty of law" tags a mattress. Like really now...who is going to know?!?
    4 Homegarden 63
  217. Help him find friends?
    How do I help my boyfriend finds friends that don't do drugs, sleep around or steal? I want him to find good people to hangout with.
    3 Relationships 13
  218. Why didn't the dye work in my hair?
    I was trying to dye my hair from dark brown to a little lighter and the only thing that took were my roots.
    3 Style 96
  219. Why does my skin change colors?
    when i wear a jacket, my skin looks a lot lighter. when i am cold and hot my skin turns dark.
    3 Style 37
  220. Back from Black
    My hair is store bought dyed black. Is there a way to lift the colour so I can dye it a lighter shade?
    2 Style 102
  221. How to "lighten" hair color
    I have brown hair. But in the summer it gets lighter. Is it possiable to make my hair light without bleaching it?
    3 Style 84
  222. What color hair brings out blue eyes?
    I have blue eyes and I really want them to show out more? Like lighter hair or darker hair a certain color?
    6 Style 128
  223. Word Game 1
    How many words can you make out of penalty box? Each word must have at least 4 letters and no letter may be used more than once in the same word.
    5 Gaming 44
  224. How much weight will I loose on the low carb diet in a month?
    I want to loose weight and lost of people loose weight on this diet but I want to be a lot lighter before july.
    2 Nutritionfitness 14
  225. Will lemon juice lighten my hair?
    I used to have a dirty blonde hair color but now it is dark brown should I use lemon juice to lighten my hair or will it damage it and how can I get my hair lighter with out damaging it?
    2 Style 61
  226. How can I hack back my Gaia account?
    I had this one account and it got hacked I want to be a hacker and steal back my account can someone show me a way to where I can hack into accounts so I can be cruel?
    10 Technology 315
  227. How can I lighten my black eyebrows?
    I have light blonde hair but I have black eyebrows, and its nasty looking!! I dont want to dye them because I dont want it to be too noticeable. Like I want it to maybe get to a lighter brown color, with something used over time. I dont want it to be ...
    4 Style 83
  228. Getting unwanted color out
    How do I get this bleach out of my hair it left streaks and the right side is lighter than the left. I just want it to be brownish blonde. What should I do?
    3 Style 42
  229. Is there a middle ground between being pro-life and pro-choice?
    Like I believe in the death penalty but I'm 100% against abortion.
    9 Religion 131
  230. What should you do about Annoying friends who copy u?
    She always steals my ideas and claims them for her own and says some hatedul thing sometimes I just want to ditch her but can't
    2 Relationships 30
  231. Has anyone here been victim of identity theft?
    I don’t always check my credit card statements as carefully as I should. Has anyone here been victim of identity theft? What can I do to make sure no one steals my identity?
    5 Money 42
  232. Riddle what? Is able to be seen with the naked eye
    What? Is able to be seen with the naked eye, doesn't take up any space(has no mass), weightless, but when you put it in a bucket; the bucket becomes lighter?
    4 General 28
  233. Should I buy the clothes from china
    Should I buy the clothes and some stuff from the website at china and can I trust them and sent them the money by paypal .does they gonna steal my money without I get my order ?
    5 Shopping 47
  234. How to dye your hair light?
    I want to dye my hair light brown but my hair is soft balack does anyone no how to make it lighter without a orange brassy color???
    3 Style 34
  235. Light Skin, Light Brown Hair
    I have light skin (im mixed with black and canadian) and I just wanted to know how light I can dye my hair before it looks bad..can anyone help me? I dont want to go blonde, but I just want to dye it lighter brown. but maybe much lighter. right now I...
    2 Style 48
  236. How do I block people from bouncing off my internet?
    I was wondering how I can make a password or whatever to keep people from stealing my internet. If anyone knows, please answer. Thanks. =]
    4 Technology 158
  237. Bleach Blonde
    I am a mousey blonde but I want my hair to go lighter should I bleach it? I dont want black roots and I dont want to ruin it is there anything I can do to avoid that? please help!
    3 Style 40
  238. 3 to 4 items you always have on you?
    Besides any kind of clothing...what are 3 to 4 items you all ways have on you? For me it would be: Cell Phone, Mp3 player, lighter, and a Sharpie.
    21 General 19
  239. Who knows a website where you can post your story with copyrights?
    Is there a website on the internet where you can post stories that you write and get good feedback but there is a good copyright system? Where you can copyright all of your work so no-one can steal it.
    3 Literature 33
  240. Good ways to lose weight fast.
    I need to lose 17 lbs to wrestle a lighter weight I need to know what are some good ways to lose that much weight in like 6 weeks??
    3 Nutritionfitness 14
  241. Why do my eyes lighten in color when I hold my girlfriend?
    Girlfriend said that my eyes seemed to lighen in color from their normal dark brown, to a lighter brown. Is that possable? And if it is why dose it happen?
    3 Health 99
  242. When I apply for a job online do I have to give them my social security number or not?
    How do i know if they are not going to steal my identity. What do you think tell me please thank you.
    3 Money 88
  243. Blackkish hair? :s
    My hair was blonde and then I dyed it brown but it turned out really dark almost black I hate it,should I redye it? Or is there anyway I can get it lighter..?
    2 Style 116
  244. Tried to dye my hair brown, it turned black
    Yesterday I dyed my hair "Brown" but it turned out black , YIKES! I didnt go to school today because of it, it makes my skin look so pale and I hate it! so today we went to get some different hair dye meant for dark hair and I want to make it way light...
    3 Style 406
  245. How can you darken your nipples?
    So my nipples are a medium brown... when hard. They are a lighter brown when they aren't. I really wish they were darker. How can I permanently darken my nipples without doing something absolutely rediculous?
    10 Style 17602
  246. What are hair color options for someone with short curly hair?
    I have short curly hair, its darkish brown, what other choices do i have than just lighter brown or black?? I don't care if its any other color of the rainbow. much obliged
    8 Style 10
  247. Dark hair on hands
    Hi, I m an indian I have lot of growth of dark coloured hair on I can make it lighter which lasts for long...and look normal.
    5 Style 16
  248. How can I strip my dyed brown hair back to my natural ash blonde?
    So the story is...I have ashy blonde hair NATURALLY. and I used to dye it a shade or 2 lighter (champagne blonde). Then my BFF and her sister and my sister said I should try brown ( I also didnt like my dyed champagne blonde hair that much becaue it pr...
    6 Style 672
  249. What's the best boxed DIY Hair Dye?
    I want to dye my hair a lighter color than it is now. My hair is kind of dark though,and I find it difficult to dye it lighter sometimes. So what do you guys recommend? I want to do black on the bottom;; Blonde on the top,Like almost white.I want it r...
    4 Style 105
  250. Girls, how can I make my period go away?
    Ok so I've had my period for 4 days now. usually on the 3rd day it starts getting much lighter and goes away by the 4th or 5th day. but its not getting any lighter!! I go to the club every thursday night, and I NEED it to be gone by then. does anyone h...
    7 Health 170