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  1. sunburn how can you makeit peel faster?
    how can you makeit peel faster
    2 Health 312
  2. Prevent Peeling after a sunburn?
    How do I prevent my skin from peeling afler a sunburn?
    7 Style 329
  3. What do you do after you get a sunburn and start peeling?
    What do you do if you got a sunburn and your peeling!!?
    5 Health 748
  4. How can I hide the peeling skin on my face from a sunburn?
    4 Style 463
  5. What do you put on your face when you have a sunburn and you're peeling?
    5 Style 182
  6. Peeling back sunburns?
    im sunburned an want to keep from peeling how do I do that
    7 Health 113
  7. face peeling
    What does it mean when your face is peeling??
    5 Style 322
  8. Does sunburn turn into a tan?
    6 Style 158
  9. What do I do if I peeled the sunburn skin?
    Its raw pink, and I don't know what to do! :(
    10 Health 10280
  10. Can you cook with mango peels?
    2 Food 68
  11. Why does people's skin peel?
    9 Health 111
  12. How do you get rid of the dead skin when you peel from sunburn?
    3 Style 212
  13. How to get high off of orange peels?
    How to get high off of orange peels?
    2 General 406
  14. Ready for school
    Anyone ready to start school again?
    5 Education 12
  15. How will I know that my drawings are ready to be shown?
    How will I know that my drawings are ready to be shown
    2 General 16
  16. How to get rid of peeling skin?
    How to get rid of peeling skin
    8 Style 1484
  17. How do I convince my parents that I am ready to date?
    How do I convince my parents that I am ready to date
    4 Family 61
  18. is it healthy to peal a sunburn, if no, how to make it not peal?
    is it healthy to peal a sunburn?
    3 Style 63
  19. What does it mean if your tattoo starts to peel?
    What does it mean if your tattoo starts to peel?
    2 Style 181
  20. How to know when you're ready?
    how do you know when you;re ready to have sex?
    4 Sex 38
  21. Is america ready for a black president?
    is america ready for a black president
    21 Politics 36
  22. How do I get rid of a bad sunburn
    How do I get rid of a bad sunburn
    4 Health 131
  23. Can I go in a tanning bed while peeling?
    Can I tan in a tanning bed while peeling?
    3 Style 6158
  24. Why does the skin peel off my nose but no where else?
    9 Style 86
  25. What’s the best way to relieve a sunburn?
    8 Health 46
  26. How do you know when a watermelon is ready to pick?
    2 Homegarden 17
  27. How to make sunburns disappear?
    How do you get rid of sunburn
    4 Health 63
  28. Can I feed baby pigs potato peels?
    Can I feed baby pigs potato peels?
    2 Pets 160
  29. How to know when a male chihuahua is ready to breed?
    How do you know when a male chihuahua is ready to breed??
    4 Pets 95
  30. How old is the male pitbull when its ready to breed
    How old is the male pitbull when its ready to breed
    4 Pets 90
  31. How can I tell when my dog is ready to give birth?
    How can I tell when my dog is ready to give birth?
    2 Pets 191
  32. Sunburned skin
    How can you make sunburned skin stop hurting?
    7 Health 216
  33. Face peeling
    What would I do to get rid of face peeling?
    5 Style 152
  34. whats good to help a bad sunburn?
    whats good to help a bad sunburn
    5 Health 82
  35. How do I stop a sunburn from peeling?
    I got a sunburn, it's not bad but it's peeling a little and id really rather it didn't. How can I stop it?
    8 Style 1151
  36. What are sunburn remedies besides aloe?
    Remedies for sunburn besides aleo
    3 Health 108
  37. How can you stop the peeling of sunburned skin?
    How can you get your skin to stop peeling or slow down the process or not make it so noticeable to everyone?
    21 Health 5607
  38. Sunburn and peeling
    I have got really BAD sunburn and peeling like crazy it really itches and I cant sleep what shall I do?
    2 Health 270
  39. how do i make my sunburn go away fast???
    8 Health 50
  40. How do I convince my mom I am ready to shave my legs?
    10 Family 85
  41. Should i tell the guy thats been waiting for me for 5 months that i'm ready to go out with him or not, or am i not even ready?
    19 Relationships 45
  42. Is there any way for me to be ready for pull ups tomorrow?
    4 Nutritionfitness 17
  43. what does it mean if a guy tells you he likes you but is not ready to be with you?
    5 Relationships 15
  44. What causes peeling besides sun burn?
    5 Health 116
  45. Is it possible to die from an extremely bad sunburn?
    14 Health 104
  46. Why do my nails always flake and peel back?
    3 Style 47
  47. Who's ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow?
    26 General 8
  48. When I peel does it take away the tan
    Im a redhead and when I peel does it take away the tan
    7 Style 8823
  49. Why do people say...We're not ready for a black president?
    We're not ready for a black president? What's up with that?
    13 Politics 27
  50. whats good for sunburn if you want it to turn into tan
    whats good for sunburn if you want it to turn into tan ?
    6 Style 277
  51. Quickest way to get rid of a sunburn?
    What is the quickest way to get rid of sunburns? Without peeling?
    4 Style 197
  52. Sunburned nose is peeling?
    how can ubtreat a sunburn cause my nose was peeling really bad and its red and it hurts and gross looking I need help???
    3 Health 228
  53. Getting ready for college
    What does undergratuate admissons mean?? (for a college)
    2 Education 29
  54. how do i get rid off sunburns (having these for about 6months :@ ) on my face and hands?
    12 Health 44
  55. Are you ready to become a movie star if given an opportunity?
    10 Entertainment 25
  56. Can you really eat apple peelings and do they have nutritional values?
    8 Nutritionfitness 55
  57. Who's tired of the cold rainy weather and is ready for the sun?
    10 Environment 59
  58. When will I know if a girl is ready to take a relationship farther?
    17 Relationships 33
  59. Why do boiled eggs fall apart when I peel them?
    Why do Easter Eggs fall apart after boiling? What can I do to stop them from falling apart when I peel them?
    3 Food 671
  60. Sunburn lips
    What can you do to help get rid of white stuff on your lips from a sunburn? Help.
    3 Style 59
  61. Anybody ready to see the snow and ice go away ??
    Anybody ready to see the snow and ice go away ??
    9 General 18
  62. sunburn make it feel less painful?
    what is a good way to make sunburn feel less painful?
    2 Health 113
  63. What are the best ways to cure sunburn?
    what are the best ways to cure sunburn? and ensure you get a tan out of it ?
    3 Style 26
  64. Do you like this song "Ready, set, don't go"?
    do yall like ready set dont go?
    3 Music 9
  65. How can I make my sunburn stop peeling?
    I got a bad sunburn,And now im Peeling. Its really gross and Makes me really itchy. Are there any things I can do it make it stop peeling,or At least speed it up so itl stop soon?
    5 Health 186
  66. Do dogs actually have a time that they're ready to get out of bed?
    or when your ready there ready? Because my dog doesn't get out bed until I'm ready
    3 Pets 16
  67. why do you think people get married do young or have kids before they are ready?
    2 Relationships 10
  68. Being ready to settle down
    At what age do men decide it's time to settle down in most cases?
    2 Relationships 13
  69. How do I get my sunburn to go away fast and not turn into a tan?
    38 Style 93
  70. when you get a slight sunburn, and your face starts to peel a LiTtLe bit, wat kan you do to keep it from getting worse?
    12 Health 40
  71. Is it healthy blending a whole orange without peeling it (skin on)?
    5 Health 1317
  72. Is it weird to peel my skin when I'm bored?
    do you think its weired that I peel my skin off when im bored?
    8 Health 61
  73. How do I know if I'm ready for tampons?
    how do I know that I am ready for the tampons and stop using regular pads?
    2 Health 73
  74. girlfriend wer ready 2 have sex I couldnt put it in her ??
    When me and my girlfriend wer ready 2 have sex I couldnt put it in her ???y?
    4 Sex 57
  75. Why my skin peels off after mastrubating ?
    My skin peels off after I mastrubate how shud I stop it is it bad it bleed at times
    2 Health 194
  76. what should i do with a teenage boy who wants me to have sex with him,i am ready to have sex but i dunno what to say or do any help ?
    15 Sex 118
  77. Does Joanna Levesque get a tan or does she sunburn?
    I've never seen her tan before.
    2 Entertainment 65
  78. How do you stop your nail-beds from splitting and the skin peeling (very painful!)?
    4 Style 54
  79. should I get two more hermit crabs when I all ready have two
    I have two hermit crabs and I hear you should get them in packs you think I should get a few more or no...
    4 Pets 30
  80. is there a way 2 make a sunburn go away faster?
    How. Do you make a sunburn hurt less and. Is there a way 2 make it go way faster?
    4 Style 61
  81. What can I do so I keep my tan and dont peel.
    When I get tanned from the sun on my trip.. And if I get burnt what can I do so I keep my tan and dont peel.
    2 Style 910
  82. How to let her know I'm ready?
    I want to have sex with my girlfriend and I know she does too but I dont know how to let her know im ready...
    6 Sex 54
  83. Peeling Skin On Sholders?
    I got tan, then my sholders started peeling. What can get rid of this? and what can prevent this?
    5 Style 104
  84. Face peeling with acne products?
    How come if you use certain acne products or just nothing, your face starts to peel?
    3 Style 46
  85. Peeled Sunburn to Early
    So, I got a nasty sunburn on my face and I peeled it too soon before the layer of skin underneath was ready to be exposed. Now, the top layer is reddish-pink and very sensitive. What can I do about this to reduce redness and pain?
    3 Health 9980
  86. What's a good thing to use while tanning that won't cause bad sunburn (not tanning lotion)?
    23 Style 72
  87. How to get ready faster for school in the morning?
    I spend almost 2 hours.
    6 Style 51
  88. My Testicle Skin Is Peeling... Help.
    I Have Been Noticing That The Skin On My Testicle Sack Is Peeling. And I Dont Know Why... I AM A Virgin And I Dont Know Why Its Doing This Please Help Me...
    4 Health 573
  89. Why are hard boiled eggs sometimes hard to peel?
    I just made some hard-boiled eggs and some didn't turn out right. Why are hard boiled eggs sometimes hard to peel?
    5 Food 255
  90. When is my rotweiler ready to mate is bleeding?
    When is my 4 year old rotwieler ready to breed does she have to be on her period
    2 Pets 35
  91. Is it normal for a males skin on his pen!s to peel?
    Im not a boy, so i have no clue on this. Is it normal for the head of the pen!s or the shaft to peel?
    7 Health 40
  92. Was Jesus ready?
    Because Jesus asked the Father why have you forsaken me, makes me wonder if he was really ready to die for our sins
    9 Religion 35
  93. Is there such thing as not ready for a boyfriend?
    This ties in with the fact I don`t want a boyfriend, but am I right in saying I`m not ready for one?
    3 Relationships 17
  94. Should I peel my sunburned skin?
    Okay.. I am sunburnt and am starting to peel in spots on my back and shoulders. The top layer of skin peels off very easily if I touch it. Should I peel it? (I look like a cheeta!) or should I leave it and wish for the impossibble? (an even skin tone)???
    8 Style 5322
  95. How do get ready for summer?
    okay , so im trying to get ready for sumer? what can I do ? woork outs tans? anyhing!
    4 Style 15
  96. What if I'm not ready for sex?
    9 Sex 18
  97. How do I cure peeling?
    Im peeling all over my back...its itchy and its stinging...I've tried to put ice on it but nothing :(
    4 Health 33
  98. How can I keep studying for 9 hours per day while getting ready for final exams?
    3 Education 21
  99. What if I'm not ready?
    I really like this boy and he likes me but he wants to have s*x. I dont know if I am really ready to have s*x or get pregnat WHAT DO I DO!!
    3 Relationships 11
  100. What can help my face peeling?
    I got sunburned the other day, and now my whole face is peeling.. it looks like sh1t lol..?
    3 Style 44
  101. What if I don't think I'm ready?
    4 Relationships 15
  102. Vinegar and brown paper bag to help a sunburn?
    What can help a sunburn? I tried Aloe and it's not working at all... Help, it really hurts...
    4 Health 1239
  103. How can I stop my lip from peeling?
    ok I had my lip pierced again and now mylips are peeling like crazy and I dont bite me lip either does anyone no how to stop it peeling
    3 Style 69
  104. How do I get rid of sunburn and is it bad to peel it off?
    I went to the beach a couple of days ago and I forgot to put some sunscreen on it and then I got really burnt and now its peeling on my back and it only started today and I have peeled some of it (is peeling bad?) and I have put mosteriser on it but it...
    3 Style 168
  105. Hands are peeling how do I get ride of that?
    Heyy my hands are peeling like really badly like when someone sunburns and their skins peels thats like theirs does. How do I get ride of tha? Help!!
    5 Style 44
  106. Can red wine cause skin to peel?
    Can red wine cause skin to peel? I heard that there may be something in red wine that causes peeling skin. Is this true? If I order red wine with my next meal should I be worried?
    3 Food 85
  107. what: school. who whos ready to go back?
    whos ready to got back to school tomorrow? are you excited? im bummed to go back tommorrow. urg!!
    13 Education 48
  108. how do you know when your ready?
    how do you know your ready to have sex? sure I get feelings to but then I dont want to cus I want it to be with the right person. how do you know its the right person and the right time?
    5 Sex 25
  109. how do you know when your ready for marriage?
    How do you know when your in a relationship and are ready to get married?Is it the way you feel. Is it just natural. someone help me find out.
    3 Relationships 45
  110. How can I tell my Mom I'm ready for the "talk"?
    How can I tell my Mom I'm ready for "the talk". I have been giveing her little tiny hints, but I dont think she gets it.
    8 Family 31
  111. Not sure if I'm ready but he wants it
    my boyfriend is wants to have sex with me! I dont know if im ready sooo please help me
    4 Sex 16
  112. How to get my skin to stop peeling?
    My nose always peels and bleeds. I hate it. The only part of my face that breaks out or peels is my nose. The rest of my face is fine? And help?
    4 Style 102
  113. What is your opinion on supermarkets selling peeled bananas, wrapped up in plastic?
    I found this photo on the web. There appears to be a supermarket that peels bananas and then gives them an artificial peel by packing them in plastic.
    9 Health 47
  114. I want to be ready
    so how do you know when you get your fist period like I have gotten cramps for a week now and I just want to be ready and know when its happing? Only girls please!!
    5 Style 25
  115. ready or not?
    Is it bad to have sex at age 13 if you are realy in love with someone and have been with them for a year? I mean does age realy matter if in the end you know you are in love and are READY??
    7 Sex 28
  116. Tattoo peeling
    I got my second tattoo exactly one week ago. It hasn't started to peel yet. Is someting wrong?
    6 Style 356
  117. how do you no if ready for sex?
    how do you know if your ready for sex? I have been with my boyfriends for 11 months and he has asked me to have sex but im sure what to do can anyone help and give me advice?
    5 Sex 10
  118. Is it possible to get sunburned when you've already got a tan?
    My sister is convinced that once you're tanned you can't get sunburned so i just want someone to confirm this?
    11 Health 61
  119. Do beauty marks grow back if they are peeled off?
    my sister did it last night and I felt like smacking her... Because my moms grew back and she had peeled it off to.
    3 Style 1076
  120. Dont wanna peel
    I burned alittle in the sun today. Do you think baby lotion will keep me from peeling. I dont wanna lose this tan?
    2 Health 1539
  121. Who is ready to see Paranormal Activity 2?
    It's supposedly coming out sometime in 2010...get ready. Who's excited? (Trailer linked below)
    10 Entertainment 17
  122. What should i do?i am 14 and i am ready to have sex but how do i know if im to tight?When I finger myself i can fit two fingers.What can I do to know if I am
    too tight?or loose enough?
    8 Sex 303
  123. How do you know when bleach is ready to come off?
    Im doing my friends hair on cap for an assment and how do you know when to wash it off? can you see the development?
    2 Style 206
  124. How to I get her ready
    Kk I am hanging out with this chick I no and we always end up making out. How do I get her wanting to do more. Please help and please be specific
    7 Relationships 33
  125. Sunburn peeling leaving ugly spots
    I just got a really bad sunburn and it peeled and everything but the area that peeled is a lighter tone than the skin around it and it looks terrible, and the problem is, I gotta go to camp a week from the first day of the burn. How to I restore the na...
    7 Style 1821
  126. How can I get rid of sunburn peeling?
    I went fake and bake andgot burnt and now my back is peeling and its all in spots it looks sooo bad is there any way I can make it peel faster of get rid of it because I have a wedding in a month and dont want my back to be ugly please help as soon as ...
    35 Style 1657
  127. Are tattoos supposed to peel?
    my tattoo is peeling, I went to tha place where I got it done, && he said to stop using the a + d, when I did it got all dry and started peeling...sooo, what should I do
    17 Style 1376
  128. Free version of Adobe Image Ready?
    Is there a free version of Adobe image ready that I can download somewhere..? for those who dont know its the program that lets you create animated gif images.
    7 Technology 42
  129. What is the best way to peel an orange?
    I have been having trouble peeling oranges lately. They never seem to cooperate when I am hungry. Everyone else seems like an expert.
    2 Food 23
  130. How do you know if you're ready for sex?
    is it ok to be interesting sex education? how do you know if ur ready for sex or not? wat objects are u suppose to use during masturbation?
    2 Sex 16
  131. Why is my skin down there peeling off?
    I dont no why but all of the skin on my balls and p*nis is peeling of I something rong with me please help o ya and im 14
    5 Health 196
  132. If you take more than half an hour to get ready in the morning ?
    Right, people say that if you take more than half an hour to get ready in the morning your vain? Do you think thats true? X
    9 Style 65
  133. Badly Sunburned and Peeled
    I have a huge burn on my back and it has peeled, so some of my back is like a pink colour and the rest is a tan colour. What do you suggest would make the pinkish spots go away?? And the worst part, I got the burn like 2 weeks ago and nothing significa...
    2 Style 77
  134. Why do ready meals contain more salt?
    A paragraph wil be fine, i'm not too sure but I think the preservatives have something to do with it xD
    7 Food 20
  135. Why am I the only one that think sunburns feel good?
    I like getting sunburnt. It actually feels nice against my skin, and it doesn't hurt me at all. Why?
    11 Health 51
  136. why does my vagina hurt when i have sex and recently it looks like actual skin is peeling out of my vagina not my lips, does anyone know what this could be?
    3 Sex 193
  137. How do I get tan without getting sunburned? I hate being pale! please help me and all other people who need the question answered.
    3 Style 98
  138. Are you getting ready to go to bed or just waking up?
    Here , Western Canada , supper & a relaxing evening . How about you & where do you live ? Have fun . DD :)
    4 General 8
  139. Who is ready to see the "Eclipse" movie based off the Twilight books?
    I believe it comes out soon. Photo and trailer attached!
    26 Entertainment 42
  140. help- face peeling and school about to start!
    im sunburned and my face is going to peel soon and I dont want it peeling for school which starts in a few weeks...a few questions- I start school aug 10th, will my face still be peeling by then? when will my face start peeling if I just got the bu...
    3 Health 794
  141. Raw Skin After Sunburn
    I got sunburned like 8 days ago and I started peeling two days ago.. underneath the peeling skin is a pinkish color... is it normal/? I never had it happen after a sunburn before.. and the peeling skin is like a leathery feel
    5 Health 9467
  142. How do you keep your nail polish from chipping and peeling?
    How do you keep your nail polish from chipping and peeling? I used a clear bottom coat, one coat color, and a clear top coat and it started peeling about 5 days later
    3 Style 40
  143. Can lightbulbs give you a sunburn?
    For like an hour, I had a lightbulb directly facing me only like half a foot away, (dont ask why its a long story) and now my face is red. Did the lightbulb give me a sunburn ?
    3 Health 250
  144. what do I do if my ex girlfriend is pregnant and im not ready?
    my ex girlfriend is pregnant with my child and im not ready for this.and the worst of all is that she already got 3 children and I got none.she's 23 and im 19.what do I do???
    8 Family 91
  145. Get ready 2 rokk!
    How do yew ply the song get ready 2 rokk by freeze pop on the electric guitar,,, Strings plze! Haha lol
    3 Music 13
  146. Redness of sunburn
    How do I get rid of the redness and iriation of sunburn when my face peels my face is peeling and I tried cover up but it didnt work and I really really wan t to get rid of the redness on my skin but still kind of have a tan skin conplection
    3 Style 81
  147. wax,shave,peel ...
    is it bad if you shave your underarms ? who shaves his under arms ps:iam a girl :p I tried it once and now I want to do it again its not painful unlike waxing
    5 Style 86
  148. When my girlfriend wants to have sex but I dont know if im ready?
    Please help anything!!! Im not frigid I just dont know how to take what she wants.when where and how she thinks we can !
    3 Sex 61
  149. Get rid of peeling but stay tan
    Ok I got sun burn and after red went away I had a pefect tan but now iam peeling and my pigment going with it how do I get rid peeling but keep tan?
    6 Style 5577
  150. Sunburn, any remedys?
    I was at the beach yesterday and I put sunblock on but I guess I didn't put enough on my shoulder. Well now I have a sunburn on my shoulders. And it burns really bad. Any suggestions on how to calm the burning?
    4 Style 42
  151. Is she not ready or what?
    well I don't know what 2 do me and muy girlfriend do 4play and stuff but when were bout 2 have sex we dont. is it because shes not ready or is she thinkin I aint the special person?
    4 Sex 13
  152. Sunburn?
    I got a little bit of a sunburn today , I was wondering how you can get the burn part out of your skin the redness isnt bothering just the burn * any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!*
    3 Health 57
  153. Friend whos ready...
    If a friend comes to you and says " I think im ready to have sex" what do you respond to that? even though you love them and there your girl and all.. Are you really going to tell them go for it? And even if you think she's to young to be ready.
    2 Sex 32
  154. Please help...testicle skin is peeling off
    Hello, I have a really bad problem...why is skin coming off my testicles???its itchy and wont stop burning...can any one help???
    2 Health 126
  155. Can your eyeballs get sunburned?
    Serious Question! They are red. Me and my friend were out in the sun for like 7 hours today! with no sunglasses. dumb, We know!
    9 Health 53
  156. What should I put on my skin for a sunburn?
    i hate sun rays i am sooo sun birnt and suntanned Sunscreen doesnt work wat do i apply on my skin after sun exposure
    3 Health 77
  157. How to stop a sunburn from hurting?
    Well this past weekend I went to florida and I got bernt bad how can you stop it from hearting help pls thank you
    6 Health 126
  158. Everyone ready to go back to school?
    Everyone ready to go back to school? I know for myself, have one more week before I go back to college for the fall. I'm sort of not ready to have more homework again. Oh well. Just wondering if anyone is ready to go back to school after a long Summe...
    8 Education 35
  159. How to tell him I'm not ready for sex?
    Heyy im 14 and my boyfriend wants to go all the way and I dont because im not ready and I dont no how to tell him because im worried I will lose him please help xx
    3 Sex 31
  160. Who's ready for The Hills?
    I know I am. But I really don't like Heidi and Spencer. What a good day! A good first day at college and The Hills to top it off...gosh I sound lame. But it's an addicting show. Who's ready???
    3 Entertainment 19
  161. Who's ready for Top Model???
    I AM!!! I can't wait to watch it! I've been waiting for ever it seems like. I'm totally going to watch Tyra today too. Anyone else ready for it? What are your thoughts?
    2 Entertainment 15
  162. how to tell my mother im ready to have sex?
    okay!! me and my boyfriend went out for 1 year and 11 months.. we both agree that we are ready to have sex.. in I just dont know how to tell my parnets..
    7 Sex 146
  163. Is america ready for a female president?
    I just want to her what people half to say about her in my opinon this country is not ready for a woman presadint well as long as it isnt her so rant on about her I just want to her what people think
    19 Politics 40
  164. Any tricks to get rid of sunburn quickly
    okay, well today I was at the lake, I didnt think I was getting much sun, but then I got reddd. Any tricks to get rid of sunburn quickly? Its embarassing how red I am.
    6 Style 57
  165. Can you get physically ill from a sunburn?
    I literally got nauseous this morning, and I've had a headache. I got a really bad sunburn yesterday and I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it, or if I'm just stressed out.
    7 Health 42
  166. whats the best way to tell him how i feel without getting my feelings hurt....ive known him 4 a while but im ready to take the next step
    2 Relationships 20
  167. Ready or Not?
    I know this may sound like a stupid question but how would you your significant other that your ready for "it"??? LOL just curious...ill give the rest of the story after I read some advice! :p
    2 Relationships 12
  168. 21 and want a baby, but am I ready!
    I am 21, and really want a baby, I and my boyfriend have been together for like 6 years or just over and I want to tell him but do not know how to tell him, I really feel ready to be a mummy and I would like some, any advice to tell my boyfriend about ...
    3 Relationships 83
  169. How can I deal with a deep itching sensation I have from my sunburn?
    Aloe only makes it worse and cold water only works while I'm in the shower. Please help it is driving me insane! :(
    7 Health 14
  170. Is it normal to get two pimples on your wrist and one that has the white stuff that's ready to pop?
    i dont usually and i kno u can get pimples on ur body but i didnt kno u can get ones that u can pop.
    3 Style 77
  171. Am I ready?
    I really want to have sex for the first time, but thing is I haave just broke up with my boyfriend who I'm not sure about my feelings for him,, so 1. How do I tell if I like him as a mate or not And 2, how do you know if your ready for sex?
    3 Sex 11
  172. are y00uh ready for x-mas?
    hahaha im qoinq 2 mExicalii! where are y00uh qoinq? & are y00uh ready? lol I know random question.. okey no U.U thanx anyways ;)
    6 General 6
  173. how do I make my peeling go away?
    I went to the beach and the sunblck didnt now im peeling really badly and tomorrow im going to california and I DO NOT want to loo al gross. so how do I make it go away fast?
    3 Style 149
  174. Girls, which do you do first when getting ready?
    hey girls!! ... when you're getting ready to go out like to a party or a night out... when dolling yourself up... which do you do first??? Make up then your hair..??? OR Hair then your make up..??? just wondering what order you go in lol I te...
    13 Style 47
  175. How can I help my sunburn
    I have sunburn on my face and it really hurts I tried putting lotion on it but it makes it sting more dose anyone know something that could help it sting less or get it to heel faster
    5 Health 32
  176. Am I ready to have sex?
    I am a 14 year old girl and im extremly horny and want something in me...but I dont know if im ready like am I to young? I feel ready and all but should I wait or follow my feelings? please help me because I really want to have sex with my boyfriend bu...
    10 Sex 194
  177. Advice on Peeling Lips?
    I have a ' Peeling lip ' issue where I can't wear Lipstick without that Ugly Peeling look to it! I've tried just about everything. Lip fusions, Chapsticks, just a lot a stuff. What would be your best recommendation for COnstant Peels?/ Thanks so mu...
    7 Style 118
  178. got badly sunburned around my chest area
    I've got badly sunburned around my chest area and my shoulders and back...its really painful and its stopping me from going out in the sun for the next few days:( is there any way of getting rid of it quickly ?
    3 Health 42
  179. Take the sting out of sunburn?
    is there anyway you can take the sting of sunburn away even just a little bit coudl help.. I no vinager stuff but I dont got non.. im dieing here lol any suggestions?
    4 Health 102
  180. How do I show him I'm ready?
    I'm 16 and I have not had sex and I have not given head. I have been with him for 4 years and like we have been talking about fucking and me giving him head. I want to do it but I don't want to look like a fool doing it. I want to know how to prove and...
    4 Sex 70
  181. Do Asians get sunburns?
    I'm not being racist now or anything, i myself am half asian. I love being asian. But i know a bunch of asians. And i noticed non of them ever get sun burnt just sun tanned and i don't either just sun tanned. Do any asians get sun burnt. It's just a ra...
    7 Style 260
  182. How to tell my boyfriend I'm not ready?
    my new boyfriend and I the other night and were laying on the bed just talking and he asked about my boundaries were with sex.. im a virgin and am not ready.. im also not really into other things. I really dont know how to tell him and what he will th...
    4 Sex 34
  183. Will cold water get rid of sunburn redness?
    Okay, so I went to the beach, and tanned. After the beach, I went to a friends house to look in the mirror, and I was pink. But it didn't burn like sunburn. I'm just pink -_- Any advice how to get me unpink ?!
    3 Style 65
  184. Sunburn any remidies that any one knows about?
    I got a sunburn :( Are there any remidies that any one knows about? It also swoled my eye up. Is this s*** normal? Umm... My mother want's to take me to the doctor. Should she? It's all nasty... Eww... But, is there any way for it to stop the burning, ...
    2 Style 27
  185. when do you no?
    how do you no when your ready to have sex?
    4 Sex 10
  186. How do you know when your ready and not just horny?
    I'm 14 years old and my boyfriend is 15, He says hes ready but hes willing to wait as long as it takes. I love him a lot but I'm not ready and I don't plan on having sex any time soon, but sometimes when we are in the moment I really want to. How can I...
    3 Sex 55
  187. What should I do Im ready for sex but when its time I back out?
    My boyfriend asked me if I was ready I said yes, but I'm too worried if there's something wrong wth my thingy ma-bobz ;) And I feel ready though I don't even like the thought of being fingered.
    9 Sex 11
  188. How to heal peeling skin?
    I was using that white powder degreaser to scrub pots and my stove burners...and like an idiot decided that I didn't need gloves, so now the skin of my palms is all peeling. Any lotions or other ways of treating that you can recommend?
    5 Health 108
  189. How can I convince my sister that she's not ready for boys?
    my sister think's she's ready for a boyfriend!! she's only 13!! i try and try to tell her that boy's are tomuch for me right now and theyer way tomuch for her!!! i dont wont to see heart get hurt because of some boy!!! but she keep's on syaing that she...
    4 Relationships 54
  190. What kind of shower should I take for my sunburn
    Ok so I was outside at the beach all day and it hurts bad I might get blisters but I dont know but should I take a cold shower or a hot shower I have heard different things and I dont know what to do
    2 Health 125
  191. when are you ready?
    ok I want everyone to answer two questions the first what age do you think most kids start to have sex? ( any sort of sexual activity like blow jobs fingering exc. ) the second what age do you think they are ready to start?
    3 Sex 21
  192. Why are my palms peeling?
    For a few months now the skin on the palm of my hands have been peeling, they puff up then peel, not to mention it hurts like hell. At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to water (cause it would happen when ever water touched it) but now thats...
    12 Health 65
  193. Am I ready for sex?
    I am 18 and my boyfriend, Jay, wants to have sex ! Im not sure if I am ready for this. Will it hurt when his penis is inserted into my vagina? I really hate pain !! I dont want to disappoint Jay, I wan to please him. Btw I am still a virgin. Any advice?
    2 Sex 27
  194. Does aloe help to soothe a really bad sunburn?
    I got sunburnned really bad yesterday and I tried putting aloe on but it doesnt help is there anything else that could help it either heal faster or just make it feel better cause nothing I do seems to help.
    5 Style 55
  195. Am I ready?
    kayy welll ivee beenn fingerenn mannyy timesss. annd I wannt to have sex I just am not sure if it will hurt or im readyy all the guys im with are usally ahead of me in the sex depratment should I or shouldnt I go for it? =|
    3 Sex 5
  196. I am 17 and feel I ready to get married I love my boyfriend so much
    me and my boyfriend started talkin about statin a family and gettin married hes 19 in february adim18 in september I really want to get married to him should I go for it
    2 Relationships 14
  197. Why are my hand peeling?
    Okay so last week I saw like a bubble kinda under my skin so I picked it and my finger started to peel a lot.and the next day all my fingers started to now all my fingers are peeling and when I ut them in water or get a shower they peel even mo...
    5 Health 72
  198. Nipple piercing peeling?
    I just got my two nipples pierced, didn't hurt as much because the piercer froze the nipples beforehand, but I am now noticing that my nipples themself are starting to peel, no not the sin around the metal, the actual nipple is peeling. now I am thinki...
    4 Style 4816
  199. Do you think I am ready?
    I think im ready 2 start doin stuff with lads nw...I've sed 2 this lad hu I like that I wud start doin stuff with him because he wants 2 do stuff with me...but I dunoo if I shud...becoz he cud just b usin me for things lol... what shud I do??? x
    3 Relationships 41
  200. How to help a bad sunburn?
    ok I was at the beach to day and fell asleep in the sun and got real bad sun burn can you guys please tell me what I should use I cant take off my clothes like it hurts to move
    7 Health 93
  201. Something to soothe my blistered sunburn
    okay, so I just got back from the beach. im super burnt. my face is blistered everywhere. and so are my lips. it hurts so bad. does anyone know of anything that will soothe it without breaking me out? <3
    9 Health 57
  202. How could I make a homemade facial peel?
    I was wondering if it would be a good idea to crush a lactaid tablet and combine with water to make one (because lactaid contains lactase) , but I don't want to completely screw up my face. Any advice?
    4 Style 29
  203. Peeling Skin, Help?
    Yes, we all know, peeling skin sucks. I have it on my arms and legs because I didn't use sunscreen and got a bad burn. The burn is gone, but now here's the peeling. While reading up on it, I keep seeing, DO NOT PEEL YOURSELF. Well, too late. I've ...
    2 Health 941
  204. how can I stop that one nail from peeling?
    I am right handed... and the nail on my index finger of that hand grows out, not by much then it kind of splits and you can practically peel layers off of the nail. I like long nails, and due to my job, I am not allowed nail polish or handcream during ...
    2 Style 22
  205. Badd sunburn??
    I got sunburned today kinda bad it doesnt hurt but like under my eyes and neck its super noticable and looks really bad. Any home remedies or tricks to make redness less noticable. Suggestions??? I nedd help asap/ :(
    5 Style 39
  206. How to tell him im ready to have his baby?
    Me and my boyfriend have been together almost 3 years. He has always told me that he wanted me to have his baby but I keep tellin him not yet. We both have jobs and can afford a child.And all of a sudden I just really want to have his baby.. I don't kn...
    3 Relationships 19
  207. How can I even out my peeling skin?
    Okay, so I've only had the sunburn for two days then it instantly went tan. A few days after that. It started peeling. And now it looks sooo nasty cause I've got spots of tan where it didn't peel off still on me, while there are other parts where I'm l...
    21 Style 75794
  208. What's the best way to make a sunburn stop hurting?
    I was at the beach and my back is 100% sun burnt, and it hurts! Like legs, arms, butt, chest, stomach, top of my feet, and shoulders are burnt too, but my back hurts the most, AND i work tomorrow, any tips?
    6 Health 50
  209. My skin on fingers peeling of wdf did las year to
    my skin on my fingers, 3 - 2years ago I was at skl and my skin was peeling on on my fingers an abit on my hand peelin of too. and last ye, it peelied of on my finger tips agen!!.. but not at bad, and now I've got the skin peeling of agen on all 4 fing...
    5 Health 53
  210. How do I tell my mom I'm not ready to see her?
    my mom left me 2 years ago to live wit another guy and she was doing drugs!!she didnt even want to see me,and she moved far away and now that shes clean she wants me to visit her but I dont know if im ready? what should I do?
    2 Family 27
  211. Am I ready?
    Alright Im almost 16 and Have been in a relatsionship for about a year. I kind of just want some advice on this. My boyfriend and I are thinking about sex we have it all worked out I'm currently on the pill were using condoms. I know I am ready but do ...
    5 Sex 11
  212. how long do facial peels take to heal?
    k, I heard that TCA peels really reduce the visability of scars, and I want to get one, but I dont know how long it takes to heal... and I cant miss to much time because of school any extra info about this would be appreciated :)
    2 Style 93
  213. When will he be ready?
    My two year old will tell me when he goes pee in his pull up but when he poops I ask him and he screams no and gets mad. Anyone know why he is mad and how I can get him into pottying. Ihave tried everything suggested to mankind!! PLEASE HELP ME POTTY T...
    2 Babies 29
  214. Sunburn help?
    I went swimming for two days straight && forgot to put sunscreen on my face. =p' So now, I have a wicked sunburn on my face. I put aloe vera on it like a couple times a day. But my skin in still getting dry and peeling a little. And it's almost starti...
    6 Health 68
  215. Is it normal to not be ready for sex?
    im 15 year old virgin an d I dont think im ready to have sex this like normal even tho im a boy? cause if I dont have sex before a long time well ill have no experience while other women will have lots of experiense ... im f**ked!
    4 Sex 17
  216. Can you use white glue all over your face as a peel off facial mask?
    in some youtube videos there are people using white glue (eg. elmer's white glue) on their noses as an alternative to pore strips. I was wondering if it would be alright to use all over your face like a regular peel off mask but at a cheaper price? pl...
    5 Style 122
  217. How do I know when im ready to have sex?
    Im 18 and still a virgin, I've been waiting for that special someone. I got a boyfriend and we've been together almost 3 months now! He said we'll do it whenever im ready, but the thing is I dont wanna keep him waiting.. And I think im ready. Because w...
    3 Sex 11
  218. What should I do about getting my book ready for publishing?
    I have spent the last couple of years writing a novel. I would love to try and get it published but I am a student and have very little money. I am not sure of the process, I know I have to send my manuscript to an agent/s but I do not know if there ar...
    2 Literature 15
  219. How do I know when im ready for a real bra?
    im not sure if I need a real bra yet. if I ask my mum and we go shopping and what if it doesnt fit, if it is to big? I dunno what to do. is there anyway to know what size you will be. and accurate? im going to ask to go shopping anyway, but I want t...
    4 Style 59
  220. I'm ready for real sex
    So i have actually as weird as it sounds having sex with a giant male doll yer and it doesn't have a penis though but i have a boyfriend now and he's 13 like me and he's asked for sex and i said yes cause I'm curious but on the doll i think it was just...
    4 Sex 28
  221. Can black people get sunburned?
    I'm just curious... I know that a friend of my brother once got a real bad sunburn when he fell asleep in the sun. His mother is a white European but his father is a black African. So people who are mixed race obviously do get sunburn. Even in an aver...
    32 Health 166
  222. Pumpkin decorations, is your jack o lantern ready for halloween?
    Is your jack o lantern ready for halloween? We went to a school carnival with some friends today, and the kids did an incredible job decorating the pumpkins. Have you already decorated a pumpkin for hallloween? Any ideas on the best way to decorate a p...
    2 Homegarden 28
  223. He's not ready for sex but I am
    me and my boyfriend are in a deep and serious relationship and we have been for about a year, I love him and he loves me but when it comes to sex we just cant agree. Me and him are both virgins but we have been doing digital sex ( he fingers me, I give...
    3 Sex 19
  224. help with getting prepared and ready for grad?
    hi, I am girl graduating elementary school on monday and I was wondering if there are any tips that could help me look my best, such as perfecting skin, getting rid of pimples, and other things, that you think would help me out. I cant really come
    2 Style 7
  225. Obama rocks, but are you ready?
    YAHHH obama won...well not exactly won won but won none the less...anyway im a proud black woman/girl and im happy to see a black man finally gettin sum where in the gov...but is white america read 4 a black pres??
    12 Politics 24
  226. How do y'all get ready for summer?
    Where do you mostly spend it? I can't prepare for my summer, because i don't know what ill be doing, from the lake to horse-shows you never can tell!! But i went to hard on the tubes and kneeboard Saturday and yeah i feel like a crippled sunburnt person!
    9 General 12
  227. What should I do about sunburned breasts?
    Okay this is embarassing.. lol i always indoor tan, but its always with panties and a strapless bra, i decided to tan without a bra, and after the second time of tanning without a bra my boobs burnt, they're red and itch a lot, do i continue tanning? i...
    8 Health 119
  228. How can I preserve my hip tattoos when i decide i'm ready for children?
    I have my hips done and i'm wondering what is the best way to increase my chances of avoiding distortion. I dont get stretch marks so that will work in my benefit. I know some distortion is inevitable but i'm just wondering what will help keep it to a ...
    11 Style 18
  229. I got a really bad sunburn, how do I look more even?
    I got a really bad sunburn and now it is peeling in huge spots. But not at all in others. It has caused my skin to look hideous. I have areas where it is really dark from the burn and others (almost the length of my upper arm and lower arm) where it is...
    2 Style 115
  230. Scarred not ready yet
    Well one day my girl and I was just playin around and I rubbed my dick across her pussy but I didnt stick it in so I think I had a little pre cum so then we put on a condom and had sex but my question is can she get prego off pre cum and can she get ...
    3 Sex 198
  231. Wicked Sunburn
    So I got sunburnt really bad on my face last night, and I've been putting that green aloe stuff on it, but I herd something about vinager, anyone know what I can do ? it's like blistering a little bit, and I don't want to have to go to school like ...
    4 Health 63
  232. What can I do for a 2nd degree sunburn on my face?
    I was out in the sun all weekend, and apparently I did not apply enough sunscreen (I am usually very diligent) but my face is bright red and swollen and is forming blisters over about 25% of it. Is there anything I can do? Especially to hasten the heal...
    8 Health 41
  233. Light makeup for peeling skin
    I start school pretty soon and my skin is peeling bad because I got burnt at the beach. Everytime I put of concealer it makes my skin look horrible. Whats some good and light makeup to use for my dry skin. I also have acne so I dont want something that...
    3 Style 58
  234. Major Sunburn!!!
    Okay, my sister has a major sunburn on her legs and it's almost purple looking... She can't stand up without her legs feeling like they're going to split open. She's being a huge baby and she's tried putting lotion, Aloe Vera and even spraying it with ...
    5 Health 151
  235. Why im ready for sex?
    I've been with my boyfriend for about 3months. But we've been on and off for over 6 months. We are sure we are in love. Hes invited me to stay around his for the day. I think im ready to have sex with him, we will of course use protection. ...
    2 Sex 11
  236. How can I tell my boyfriend I'm not ready to sleep with him without him getting mad or upset?
    I asked a question a few minutes ago n the answers changed my mind. But how do I tell him I'm not ready without letting him down or him getting mad? I've been with him for a few years so were very close. And I hate it when he's mad at me for anything....
    13 Relationships 37
  237. How to convince my Mom I'm ready for a relationship?
    ok this is the deal my mom doesn't want me 2 have a boyfriend but she all0ws my younger brother 2 have a girlfriend. I know thats totally like not fair.I'm 16 & I think im ready 2 b in a relation. So I still go behind her back & get a boyfriend but I o...
    4 Family 53
  238. How do I tell my boyfriend that im not ready to move into his flat?
    im 18 and boyfriend is 24 and we've been together for 3 months now! He rents a flat and recently asked me to move into his flat with him. but im not sure if im ready for that commitment... And the thing is I dont think my parents would allow that.. a...
    2 Relationships 41
  239. How can I heal a peeling sunburn?
    What's up guys? So, I'm a very outdoor oriented person, and always tan easily, being half Brazilian. I'm freaking out because about a week ago, maybe less, I fell asleep while laying out by my pool. I got sunburned but every other time I burn I go str...
    16 Style 1226
  240. Does ready clean detoxify work?
    I need to a drug test in about 2 days and I smoke a lot of bud and now I need to take a urine drug test for a job I want, I bought ready clean detoxify because I heard it cleans your system. I'm planning on drinking lots of water and drink the drink 1 ...
    4 Health 1676
  241. Is she ready?
    Me and my girlfriend are both almost 16 and have been going out for almost a year. We have never done anything more than kiss until lately. She has been letting me do things like touch her breasts, feel her up and press against her when I'm hard and s...
    7 Sex 49
  242. Why am I suddenly feeling like I'm ready for a baby?
    im 19 turning 20 in september, I ave a fiance of 2 and a half years, I have a job where I work 2 days a week whilst im at college but I live my parents and he lives with his (he has a well paid full time job at the airport). I have recently started fee...
    4 Babies 33
  243. I am ready to move out, how do I tell my parents
    I'm 18 years old (Legal adult) And my parents are causing me a lot of stress living here. I am ready to move out, but I don't know how to tell them. My mom doesn't care that I am 18, and wont let me grow up and be an adult. And refuses to take me to g...
    15 Family 77
  244. Am I ready for sex?
    I am 15 and still a vergin ...however I am considering haveing sex with my b/f I love him so much ... I have never felt this way for someone in my life ... like I said I am a vergin and so is he but last time we got to be alone he fingered me and I rea...
    16 Sex 46
  245. How do I know when she is ready to have her pupies
    I recently took in a pregnant cocker spaniel... This is my first time ever having to deal with this.. How do I know when she is ready to have her pupies... She stopped eating yesterday and she doesnt want to get out of the box I set up for her... She g...
    5 Pets 69
  246. How to tell my parents that I'm ready for another dog?
    My collie just died in May.. he was veryyy close to the family. we all loved him! and my mom and dad both are huge dog lovers! theyve had many dogs come and go in the past, but he was my first dog, and he was seriously like my bestfriend.. I want anoth...
    6 Pets 58
  247. Is anyone else not ready for university/college?
    Im so not ready to move yet even though i have 3 years left. The school is doing a grade 10 planning course for the future and its scaring me. I have no idea were i want to go but i do have some ideas of what i want to be. Right now its just a lot of ...
    5 Education 11
  248. My friend peeled a giant chunk of skin of his foot and dared me...
    To put it on the bottom of mine...So I said what the hell, and did it. Unfortunately, I forgot I had a wound on the bottom of my foot, and when I took off my sock the next day, his skin had...grown into my foot or something. I can't get it off, and it ...
    11 Health 44
  249. why is it that people think its weird that me and my boyfriend have all ready started planning for a future family?
    we dont plan on having kids anytime soon but we are always talking about our future...we want to have two kids, and our favourite names are leo and abbey. we have already started planning for a wedding, and he has even started to save up for it (we hav...
    43 Relationships 54
  250. help me get ready for field and track
    how do I get ready for field and track because practice is ike in a week and I havent ben runnin latley and its all snow, cold and icy out. what are sum workouts that I could do in my home or sumthing? nutirisen fact that I should follow? I seriously ...
    4 Sports 32