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Get help with Opening vigina.

    2 Relationships 465
  2. IS Target Open??today
    are all targets open today??
    8 Shopping 54
  3. how can I get my vigina tight?
    how can I get my vigina tight
    14 Relationships 1809
  4. When do kittens open their eyes?
    When do kittens open their eyes
    6 Pets 100
  5. When do a puppies' eyes open?
    When do a puppies' eyes open?
    6 Pets 78
  6. Can I make a rose open?
    Can I make a rose open?
    2 General 47
  7. What is an .iso file and how can i open it?
    3 Technology 12
  8. How long is the vigina from the viginal opening to the cervix???
    6 Relationships 816
  9. How to open a can of cheese?
    How do you opena can of cheese?
    10 Food 78
  10. How to open my pc if I forgot password
    How to open my pc if I forgot password
    5 Technology 54
  11. About vigina
    How to keep tight the vigina after sex?
    3 Sex 206
  12. Vigina
    how long fram vigina to cervix
    2 Relationships 340
  13. When do puppies open their eyes?
    When do new puppies open their eyes?
    7 Pets 189
  14. How to open dell optiplex case?
    How to open dell optiplex case?
    3 Technology 152
  15. Verizon store open on Sunday?
    is the verizon store open on sunday?
    2 Shopping 94
  16. I forget my password how can I open my PC?
    I forget my password how can I open my PC?
    5 Technology 52
  17. tight vigina
    how to get your vigina tighter
    5 Health 514
  18. Medicine for my itching vigina
    Give me medicine for my itching vigina
    3 Health 161
  19. what is the hole in the vigina?
    the spot above the poophole
    2 Relationships 266
  20. Why cant I open my "alert" link?
    7 Funadvice 21
  21. Are stores open on new years day?
    Are any stores open on new years day? !
    4 Shopping 62
  22. How late do car dealerships stay open?
    How late do car dealerships stay open?
    5 Shopping 1287
  23. what time does walgreens open?
    what time does wlgreens open usally?
    2 Shopping 86
  24. How do I open the windows of my accord with the keyless remot
    How do I open the windows of my accord with the keyless remote?
    2 Cars 10
  25. Does hot or cold water open your pores?
    Does hot or cold water open your pores???
    6 Style 80
  26. is it normal for the wet in vigina to be sticky and slimy?
    is it normal for the wet in vigina to be sticky and slimy?=/
    3 Relationships 616
  27. How do you know which jiggler key will open what car?
    How do you know which jiggler key will open what car?
    2 General 1011
  28. Is 24 hour fitness open on Easter?
    Is 24 hour fitness open on Easter?
    3 Nutritionfitness 4619
  29. think coalmines should shut down or stay open?
    Do you think coalmines should shut down or stay open?? Why or Why not??
    3 Environment 8
  30. Can I get pregnant if the condom gets stuck in my vigina
    Can I get pregnant if the condom gets stuck in my vigina
    2 Health 670
  31. Open a rar or flac file that I downloaded?
    How can I open a rar or flac file that I downloaded?
    5 Technology 38
  32. How old are kittens when they start to open their eyes?
    2 Pets 42
  33. What kind of restaurant would you want to open up and own?
    10 Food 40
  34. What does it look like when bunny's open their eyes?
    what does it look like when baby bunnies open there eyes? and when do they open there eyes?
    4 Pets 122
  35. Are there any easy and simple tips on how to open a locker?
    7 General 16
  36. When do banks close; are any open 24 hours?
    3 General 41
  37. How does someone fall asleep with their eyes open?
    2 Health 58
  38. how do i open the cd / dvd parrt on the mac ???
    3 Technology 10
  39. why is my sims 3 launcher not opening at all?? HELP!?
    2 Gaming 74
  40. When will the London Olympics venue open for tourists?
    2 Sports 9
  41. Which one do you do first - wake up or open your eyes?
    9 General 51
  42. What kind of program will open a .docx document?
    2 Technology 8
  43. Kittens and eye opening
    why has one o my kittens both eyes shut and the other one opened one shut
    3 Pets 44
  44. if a condom gets stuck in your vigina what could happen?
    if a condom gets stuck in your vigina what could happen?
    10 Relationships 5541
  45. Can I open another employees paycheck to see what they make?
    Can I open another employees paycheck to see what they make?
    7 Money 222
  46. How to open a sentry safe when key is locked inside?
    How to open a sentry safe when key is locked inside?
    2 General 166
  47. Sneezing with eyes open
    Has anyone where been told that if you sneeze with your eyes open your eyes will pop out?
    8 Health 65
  48. What does it mean when I sleep with one eye open?
    what does it mean when I sleep with one eye open and one eye closed?
    6 General 387
  49. How do you open UIF files on your computer?
    What programme do I need to open them?
    7 Technology 48
  50. How can you see through my eyes like open doors... lyrics?
    How can you see through my eyes like open doors... lyrics?
    3 Music 137
  51. are there times when an idea is too dangerous to be openly discussed or taught?
    4 General 75
  52. Do you have to refrigerate open bottles of ketchup or can you keep them in a cupboard?
    7 Food 71
  53. Anyone have any advice on how to open a stubborn c0cktail shaker?
    2 Homegarden 6
  54. How long after you open your eyes in the morning can you function properly?
    35 General 41
  55. What is the best open source video editing software?
    2 Technology 9
  56. What's the difference between the "Open relationship" and "Committed relationship" option?
    What does each represent?
    10 Relationships 281
  57. How can I best remove glass shards from an open wound?
    5 Health 62
  58. Whats word for a vigina other that pu55y?
    7 Relationships 115
  59. Why does sometimes your vigina stink after you have already taken a shower?
    2 Health 194
  60. Who sells subs in Columbus, Ohio and are opening right now?
    2 Food 14
  61. What shall i study if i want to open A beauty salon ?
    6 Money 38
  62. Why am I always wet down there (vigina)?
    Why am I always wet down there (vigina)? Please help it really inbarising
    13 Health 4082
  63. Who opened the first oyster?
    Who opened that first oyster and said, "My, my, my. Now doesn't this look yummy"?
    5 Food 12
  64. Exiled, what's the opening song?
    On Exiled (The Mtv Tv show) Who sings the opening song?
    2 Entertainment 50
  65. how old are puppies when they open their eyes?
    how old are puppies when they open their eyes? how old are puppies when they start getting teeth?
    3 Pets 77
  66. What female player won the 2000 Australian Open?
    what female tennis player won the australian open in 2000?
    2 General 45
  67. Chihuahua pup is two weeks and has not open his eyes
    My chihuahua pup is two weeks and has not open his eyes is this normal
    2 Pets 60
  68. size of vigina
    doe masturbation affect the size of your vigina?do you lose your virginity if masturbate>?
    20 Sex 6518
  69. Puppy eye opening
    Is it normal for only one eye to open in our puppy. It has been 1 day and the other eye has still not opened.
    3 Pets 51
  70. Why when I open a frozen soda, the ice turns soft and mushy?
    2 Food 50
  71. How long can an open container of frosting be in a cabinet until it gets bad?
    2 Food 41
  72. Can parents/guardians legally open a minor's mail without their consent?
    7 Family 540
  73. what kind of Bra do i need for shirts with open backs or laced backs?
    13 Style 41
  74. what should i do if my indian sea turtoise has one of his eyes swallen and it's not opening?
    3 Pets 16
  75. Do all americans leave your front doors open like in the movies?
    18 General 210
  76. Do you go to the bank in order to open up a savings account or a checking account?
    9 Money 43
  77. what things do i need to know about when i open my first banking account?
    3 Money 16
  78. How do you clean a busted open knee without rubbing alcohol?
    8 Health 34
  79. How much do I need to keep an account at Wells Fargo open?
    5 Money 40
  80. How many of you keep two FunAdvice tabs open at the same time?
    4 Funadvice 7
  81. How come when i have no fan on or window open i get a panic attack?
    2 Health 15
  82. What would you do if you opened your front door, and there was an infant laying on your steps?
    21 General 29
  83. What does it take to open a candy shop?
    What does it take to open a candy shop? any ideas on what candies should be there?how it should be dcorated?just give me your input
    2 Money 38
  84. Why won't my rubber tree plant's leaves open?
    My plant looks beautiful but the leaves won't open!
    3 Homegarden 114
  85. What is an open relationship.
    What is an open relationship anybody tell me please any answer is welcome thank you.
    3 Relationships 12
  86. When will my 2 weeks chihuahua puppies open there eyes ?
    I have 2 week old chihuahua puppies, about when are they going to open there Eyes ?
    3 Pets 105
  87. if I have a email in yahoo or msn can I open the spam or not.
    if I have a email in yahoo or msn can I open the spam or not any answer is welcome thank you.
    6 Technology 13
  88. How do I open mdf file type?
    Hi, how do I open files in the mdf or mds format? Is there any software?
    2 Technology 10
  89. I have small white bumbs on the lips of my vigina
    I have small white bumbs on the lips of my vigina and I want to know if its normal?
    2 Health 305
  90. My laptop will never open
    I have dell 1000 laptop and I try many time to open it but so far how can I open it
    3 Technology 16
  91. Why won't Disney open their eyes and realize the trend with their stars and fix it?
    9 Entertainment 22
  92. How can I make opening titles to put at the start of videos?
    is there a online title maker?
    2 Technology 21
  93. Does anyone know how to open up a laptop when the password won't let you in. What does one do?
    9 Technology 23
  94. Do you like closed toe shoes or open toed shoes better?
    I prefer closed toe shoes.
    2 Style 18
  95. Are places like camps where you can park an RV at open all year round?
    3 Travel 11
  96. Who knows--is it true that if you sneeze with your eyes open, your eyeballs will pop out of your head?
    20 General 56
  97. Is it normal for a baby kitten to have its eyes open at 8 days old?
    9 Pets 27
  98. why do I have a black stop in my vigina what can that mean?
    I have a black stop on the inside of my vigna and I just got it! it have not aways been there
    2 Health 153
  99. How long does it take for newborn pitbulls eyes to open?
    Newborn pitbulls that are two days old...when should they open their eyes
    2 Pets 56
  100. Open Minded?
    Do you think you are open minded? Think carefully...most who do, by most standards, truly aren't. So why do you think YOU are? And what is your definition of someone who is?
    4 General 39
  101. Who else cannot sleep with the curtains open?
    I cannot sleep with the curtains open it's scares me to hell! Is their anyone else who has this issuse? Or is it just me?
    10 Health 72
  102. Open toed Shoes
    Are open-toed heals ok with dress slacks and a dress shirt?
    3 Shopping 7
  103. what does a open relationship mean?
    I was just on someones fbook and it said a in a 'open relationship' what does that exactly mean? lol just courious (:
    3 Relationships 49
  104. Is Barnes and Noble open tomorrow?
    does ne one no if barnes and noble is open on christmas eve day???
    2 General 156
  105. Why can't I open my CD tray?
    I cant open my CD Disc to play music or anything on a DVD or CD disc
    2 Technology 38
  106. I can never open up
    I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year & a half now & I never can open up.. Advice?
    2 Relationships 11
  107. Does anyone know any openly Satanic metal bands?
    Does anyone know any openly Satanic metal bands? if anyone says Manson, they will be shot.
    8 Music 50
  108. Has anyone ever sneezed with their eyes open? x]
    Has anyone ever sneezed with their eyes open? Just curious, what happend? xD
    22 Health 89
  109. Tj maxx open times?
    Is tj maxx in stafford va open today(labor day)?
    2 Style 40
  110. What's a sophisticated word for "open minded"
    Hiya. I really need a sophisticated word for "open minded" thanks! xxx
    3 General 16
  111. is it true that chase*the bank* will give u 100 dollars just to open an account their!!!??
    2 Money 69
  112. Does anyone know if the song in the opening theme of "Deadliest Catch" has a full version?
    3 Music 28
  113. How can I open my Sentry electronic combo/key safe if the keys got locked inside?
    2 General 28
  114. Where to find those long, thin open vests?
    (if ya know wat i mean)
    2 Shopping 16
  115. Is there any way of getting someone to be open-minded instead of living in a box?
    13 General 28
  116. Can I open up a bank account using the money from uncashed checks?
    Sorry for all the money questions.
    3 Money 29
  117. What would be a good name for a salon that we are opening in January?
    nothing too funny but nothing to serious?
    6 Style 17
  118. Would anyone think a piercing shop would be open on New Year's Eve?
    4 Shopping 18
  119. I keep trying to open a file and I get a dll error message. How can I fix this?
    3 Technology 11
  120. Does anyone know how you open up wine cask bags so you can mix orange juice in with it?
    3 Food 16
  121. How should I get my hair cut if it's medium length and has bangs? I'm open to color?
    2 Style 17
  122. What to wear with a pair of black open-toed wedges with silver buckles?
    3 Style 15
  123. does masturbation makes your vigina loose or not?
    does masturbation makes your vigina loose or not? is it normal for a 15 year old girl to masturbate does it harm her?
    9 Sex 27293
  124. How do you get large vigina lips?
    I have seen lots of porns and I have seen that the females vigina lips get all streched out, How does that happen??
    2 Health 247
  125. How soon do baby kittens open their eyes and how much to feed?
    How soon do baby kittens open their eyes. How how much should I feed Him, He was abandoned by His birth Mother.
    3 Pets 322
  126. How to open a day care?
    Does any body know how to open a day care? To get a license do you need to pass any exams?
    2 Babies 11
  127. How is opening your eyes in water bad for you?
    Is opening your eyes in water bad for u? Because I open them in the morning when I was h my face and I was wondering can it ruin my vision?
    4 Health 16
  128. When I go down on him, should I have my eyes open or no?
    Usually when I go down on my guy, I close my eyes... But I had a random thought and wondered, would it be more exciting for him if they were open? Guys, what do you think? Eyes open or no?
    3 Relationships 66
  129. Can petroleum jelly be used on open wounds?
    i fell off a bike and have a bleeding knee with scrapes, should i use the petroleum on it?
    4 Health 114
  130. Social life and how to open up
    Like how do you make more people notice you when you dont like to talk to people that much?
    3 Relationships 32
  131. Open or not dark knight collectables?
    I have a lot of these dark knight collectables and im wondering should I open them or leave them in the box and display them in ther
    6 General 9
  132. Are dietary supplements that have never been opened, but expired 2 years ago, harmful to take?
    11 Health 36
  133. Why do married couples have alternative type relationship, like open marriage, swinging, etc?
    35 Relationships 65
  134. How do I open my Griffin iClear Shade Case for Nano 5G?
    because i need to get it off my ipod
    4 Technology 42
  135. Do you open your mouth when you put on mascara?
    Everyone I know opens their mouth when putting on mascara, except me. I find it easier to keep it shut. How about you? Britz
    10 Style 62
  136. What are some objects that can be used to cut open a package?
    I have a package that I can't open, and I need to know what I can use. I can't find anything. Would a knife work?
    4 General 34
  137. Disney Channel Open Casting Calls
    Are there going to be open casting calls for Disney Channel Avalon High, Camp Rock 2, and HSM4?
    6 Entertainment 80
  138. Is there any law against having van door opens?
    I know the weather can be brutal some days bur is there some type of law against having doors open do to safety reasons?
    3 Politics 11
  139. how to get your vigina tighter
    how to we get our vigina tight.BcZ in sexual life its need tight for enjoament.Can u give me idia for that
    4 Sex 529
  140. how come every time i want to download info on my computer it opens like 10000 pages?
    6 Technology 14
  141. Did you open a present today..
    ...since it's christmas eve?? I did. Got Pink's new cd. You??
    4 General 8
  142. What are a few good open source network backup solutions?
    I would be nice for them to work with windows and linux.
    5 Technology 12
  143. How can I bring up the topic of opening a bank account to my parents without them thinking I'm ridiculous or too young?
    12 Family 14
  144. How long can sperm actually survive in an open air environment?
    I keep getting mixed answers.
    7 Health 115
  145. What are some good open source CRMs out there?
    Right now I use vtiger, but it would be nice to know of any other good solutions out there.
    3 Technology 8
  146. Where exactly is the hymen? Is it at the opening of the vagina or inside?
    This question doesn't relate to me so don't freak out because I'm 16.
    4 Health 129
  147. I have a bump on my vigina and it itches...Is that normal
    That's right its just a little red ball above my vagina and it itches really bady...Is that normal???
    4 Health 1132
  148. what if my vigina hurts after fisting,and can you get streched out ?
    Well I have been fisting and was woundering what happens if you feel like you have been streched out to much,and can this happen?
    3 Health 1298
  149. Why cant I open up to my boyfriend?
    Ok, whenever something is up, I always say "nvm" or something like that, and its drving him mad that I cant open up to him. But I can open up to everything else. Anything I can do, to open up to him?
    2 Relationships 92
  150. How to I open this file if it is a zipped folder?
    I downloaded a music album but it is a zipped compressed file, how do I open it? I tried to open it with windows media player + it didnt work
    5 Technology 11
  151. red bumps on the outside of my vigina
    I have red bumps on the outside of my vigina they dont itch or hurt. what could it be? I noticed it a week ago when I shaved and there are more now then before. Thanks
    5 Health 120
  152. Is there a way that I can send ring tones to my phone without having to open a browser on my phone?
    jw cause if i open a browser it costs a busload of money
    4 Technology 11
  153. How can I keep a door open so it doesn't lock?
    I don't have a key for my front door (that atomatically locks) so I want to know how to keep it open without anyone noticing.
    5 Homegarden 135
  154. is it normal for a white thing to come out of your vigina everyday?
    is it normal for a white thing to come out of your vigina everyday?? I been gettin that for like 3 years allready and I don't know what it is ! help
    6 Health 192
  155. How do you consiter yourself open minded?
    There are so much controversy over everything, but I think its important to consiter different opinions and be open mided to new ideas, what do you think?
    15 Religion 38
  156. Can I wear open toed shoes and pantyhose?
    Hi there I will be attending a wedding and wearing strappy open toed shoes. Is it ok to wear nylons? Thanks for your input:)
    10 Style 169
  157. What are some Things you can do for an opening of a party?
    I was thinking about a dance or fashion show..any other ideas or advice that i should keep in mind? Thank you
    5 Entertainment 18
  158. How do you find out what type of RAM your computer has without opening the case?
    Not "how much", just what type - like DDR, DIMM, etc...
    3 Technology 34
  159. When you were younger did you ever open a christmas present early and take it to school?
    And what happen, did you get caught. lol.
    4 Babies 20
  160. What's it take to find a tolerant and open minded woman?
    Is a Satanist doomed to be single in this world of excessive ignorance?
    24 Relationships 41
  161. How to program wireless garage door openers?
    I have 2 wireless number pads for garage door openers... I cannot get them programed. One is a Chamberlin and the other is a Sears. Help!
    3 Technology 33
  162. Download a free picture opener?
    If someone email me a pic I cant openit, does anyone knows a link I could go to to download a free picture opener
    2 Technology 12
  163. What are you supposed to say when you open a present?
    Someone gives you a present. You open it. There's only so many times you can say 'OMG I love it!! Thankyou thankyou' or 'WOW, you shouldn't have!' What else is there?
    3 Family 58
  164. When you chew with your mouth open, is it bad for your health??
    I need reason for why people shouldnt chew with their mouth's open, other that it is vile and disgusting, and indecent, and not polite. Th
    2 Food 65
  165. want programs to open xls files
    I have never used microsoft excell and do not want to reformat if it ,does anyone know of another program that opens xls files?
    2 Technology 40
  166. How Do i open my CD-drive on my computer?
    the front of it broke off my computer this morning so now the butten to open it is off it, and i can't figure out how to open it now, any one know how to open it now? should i use a paperclip or something to try to press the tiny butten to open it or...
    6 Technology 32
  167. FunAdvice Trivia: What remained in Pandora's Box after she opened it?
    A) Love B) Forgiveness C) Hope D) Humanity
    13 Funadvice 36
  168. Can I open the Biotin vitamin and pour the powder in a glass of water?
    I'm scared of pills lol I know ridiculous...
    5 Health 28
  169. Are there cleansers that will help keep my open pores clear?
    I naturally have open pores so i usally get pimples here and there can anyone suggest some decent clensers to keep this under control?
    2 Style 47
  170. Kitten opening eyes
    We have a litter of kittens that were born July 26. Three of the fout have opened their eyes, but the 4th hasn't. Does this mean she is blind? She is also the smallest of the litter.
    3 Pets 31
  171. how to open remote
    I think that maybe someone spilt liquid onto key pad and it needs to be cleaned I just cant open the outer housing
    3 Technology 101
  172. Employers who are open-minded.
    Which employers in Tampa, Florida - if any, are open-minded enough to hire people with facial peircings and hair dyed unnatural colors?
    9 Money 11
  173. How can I safely open my cervix to induce labour?
    Am only half a center meter and my husband be working 24/7 but i don't know what i could take or do to open my cervix faster ?
    9 Health 42
  174. Are tanning salons open when its raining/thundering?
    I wanna go tan today. And its raining a lil and thundering. Does anybody know if tanning salons are open when weathers like this? Thanks, :).
    3 Style 32
  175. Do people have to train themselves to sleep with their eyes open?
    Does anyone just do it without trying? Hopefully that made at least a bit of sense... Britz
    6 General 49
  176. How do I create a link that will open up in a new tab when clicked?
    I am not sure how to go about making my links take people to a new tab, instead of the links just redirecting them in the same page.
    3 Technology 12
  177. What causes stress to teenagers . PLEASE Its 4 a PRoJECT OPEN.!!!
    What causees you the most stress School, Familey , Friends , Or After School Activities ? guys please answer its for a Project.
    7 Health 18
  178. Fable 2 and how to open stuff from historic ancestors
    I have Fable 2 and in the guild there is a chest that tells me to go to a site but when I do, I can't find it. Anyone know how in Fable 2?
    3 Gaming 44
  179. What does the "Open Relationship" option on social networks mean?
    I've always wondered what it ment... if i knew i might use it! LOL!
    7 Relationships 31
  180. i opened up a saving and a checking accounts.. help?
    i know it sounds stupid but this is my first time...what should i know is there a monthly fee i shoud know about?
    3 Money 14
  181. Do you guys open your room windows?
    i do expecting fresh air the rooms smell when the windows are closed but my dad disagrees he said germs enter the room??
    9 Homegarden 19
  182. My email wont open
    My main email account wont open.its been 2 weeks now and it has the most important information.when I log it in its as if its blocked or none existant
    2 Technology 14
  183. Where do I audition for an open-call audition for disney channel?
    Where can I get dates and locations on where I can find open-call auditions for disney channel and yes I do have an agent and already took some classes, so I do have some experience.
    6 Entertainment 69
  184. Worried my vigina has little bumps like tinny ones
    my vigina has little bumps like tinny ones and I don't know if its normal, they don't bother me at all, but I'm sort of worried about it! I have them in the inside part of my lips (vagina ones.
    18 Health 6376
  185. How do I look for other bands, either with an open position or forming?
    I don't mean going on websites built to look for musicians. I mean, when it comes to advertisement. Where can I look online, or is there anywhere not online I can look for a band that's either forming orhas an open position?
    7 Music 12
  186. is it true you can't sneeze with your eyes open?
    if it is, how come? o.O i know this seems like a rly stupid question but im really curious
    5 Health 51
  187. FunAdvice Trivia: The 1998 World's Fair opened in May in what country?
    A) Norway B) Holland C) Portugal D) Switzerland
    3 Funadvice 8
  188. Job Openings For Minors
    Are 14 year olds (about to be 15 year olds) allowed to work in, let's say, a fast food restaurant? Are they allowed to work ANYWHERE?
    2 Money 55
  189. Open mouth
    How do you keep your mouth closed when u are asleep ?I do it a lot and get soar or dry throat!does a fan or ac make it worse?
    2 Nutritionfitness 22
  190. How late is Target open?
    I was suppose to go out tonight but my friend bailed. Now I'm all dressed up and no where to go. Anyone know if Target is still open? Maybe I will finish my christmas shopping.
    2 Shopping 76
  191. Why wont my sims 3 open?
    i got sims 3 for christmas and it down loaded perfectly fine i meet all the requrments to have it on my dell desktop and now when i go to click on the icon it wont open! HElp!!!
    3 Gaming 67
  192. Is KFC open tomorrow?
    I live in Canada and it's a holiday tomorrow, not sure about the US but does anyone know if KFC will be open? I'd call but it's too late. (I guess I mean *today*, Friday)
    4 General 139
  193. Why cant I open bios ?
    I had a computer given to me without the password. It had been forgotten. I want to use the windows password retrieval tool but I cant get bios to open. This computer has a password on both admin and user account
    2 Technology 52
  194. What are some good tips for an open interview?
    im kind of nervous for this open interview at Forever 21. my friend told me that all they ask like "who are you" and "why do you wanna work here." what are some good tips that will help with those kind of questions?
    2 Money 44
  195. Where can i get a sofa bed that opens up into a double bed?
    They are kinda' hard to find.. I want one that'll open up into maybe not a double bed,but bigger than a single bed, also not too expensive!
    5 Homegarden 33
  196. Do you open your gifts at 12am, or do you open your gifts the next morning?
    We usually have a family party and stay up until 12. When we came here we didn't understand why people waited till next morning. For us, it was always a habit and tradition to wait. We usually are told about Santa when we are young, but are told that h...
    11 General 82
  197. What's a good opening paragraph?
    I'm writing an essay on World War I. I have the entire thing done, except a beging paragraph with a good thesis. Need ideas!
    3 Literature 41
  198. Can't open up iTunes
    Whenever I try to open up iTunes I have this error box popping up saying 'The folder "iTunes' cannot be found or created, and is required. The default location for this folder is inside the "My Music" folder.' That's all it says. Can I fix it? How?
    4 Technology 15
  199. do you think circuit city and fortunoff will re open someday.
    do you think if the economy gets better circuit city and fortunoff will re open again someday im going to miss circuit city it was a good store. Any answer is welcome thank you.
    3 Money 65
  200. How do you open up in a relationship?
    I have trust issues, especially with men/guys. Im in a relationship I really enjoy so far, but I know I have a wall up and would like to know how to open up and not be so afraid of getting hurt. Anyone know how?
    3 Relationships 47
  201. Multiple Pages Opened
    Hey, Any chance FunAdvice can let us have two windows opened simultaneously? Its annoying when your in FunMail and then you have to leave the page to view your comments on your profile etc.
    6 Technology 7
  202. userpassword to open computer
    Hi, i made a password to open my laptop computer to the windows but Have forgotten what it is. I know the hint, but don't remember what I used as a password. How do I open my laptop computer to change the user password to something I will always rememb...
    2 Technology 13
  203. What is a decent open source FTP for Ubuntu?
    I have used vsftpd and it has worked ok, but am looking for something a little easier for my techs to use for creating and removing accounts.
    2 Technology 35
  204. Cool Quotes .Or things to put under about me section .OPEN THIS please
    What are good quotes to put on my My s p a c e / F a c e B o o k they can say anything-
    2 General 74
  205. How can I open up to people after going through emotional trauma during high school?
    I was often picked on because of my Dyslexia, now I can barley look any one in the eye... can someone please give me advise on how I can open up to my peers??
    2 Education 11
  206. I notice that my vigina hole is quite small
    I just recently examined myself and I notice that my vigina hole is quite small.. mini to be exact .. its so small it look as if only a pencil could fit there :-( .. is it suppose to be that tiny or like will it get bigger .?
    5 Health 156
  207. Can my cat sleep with one eye open?
    I think my cat has gone blind in one eye. He had a virus and his eye got infected. It finally turned solid red and now it's white. That eye is open all the time. It's like he has no eyelid. Does anyone know if he can sleep with one eye open like that?
    7 Pets 130
  208. How do I open my window without bugs comin in?
    Right its absolutley scortching in my room, like way too hot I feel like im in a sauny, but whenever I open my window I get big moths and ugly bugs in my room and I hate them, how do I open my window without them comin in?
    7 General 27
  209. How to open up to my boyfriend?
    I am horrible at showing emotions. And lately my boyfriend has been asking me to open up to him. And I dont know how. I have tried. And the whole time I did I was crying. I have been afraid to open up to anyone becauseim afraid theyll leave me....
    2 Relationships 67
  210. need help worried about red bumps on my vigina
    ok I have got several red bumps on outter lips of vigina I have had one on the top part of my vigina that went away but these have been there a week or longer and they itch what could they be please
    3 Relationships 155
  211. What programme can I use to open an EPUB file?
    I know that it would be a certain e book reader, but does anyone know which one. I don't feel like downloading a few and trying, I'd just like to know.
    2 Technology 12
  212. How to open bookstore for school project?
    We are doing a slideshow on businesses we would like to open and we need to find info on costs of utilities, supplies, everything...can someone give me a good website to look on?
    2 Education 19
  213. How teens can open a bank account
    Bank accounts are not easy to open for teenagers. And in fact, it's getting harder and harder every day to do it because of global fraud. But with the help of your parents or a guardian you can actually get an account and even a debit card.
    5 Money 23
  214. How long can wet kitten food stay good after opening it?
    I'm weaning my kitten so she only eats about 3 teaspoons a day. I have a small packet of kitten wet food that I opened Thursday afternoon. Was wondering how long it can stay fresh? They don't tell you on the packet.
    4 Pets 37
  215. Open one's 3rd eye???
    I heard someone say a person can open his/her 3rd eye by just chanting somethng.. Really., how can I open my 3rd eye anyway? (I always wanted to see "others") haha xd so pls help..
    3 Religion 17
  216. Wifi,Open network, and trouble
    OK, I have an Itouch. Well, I was wondering if its illegal to use another'sOpen network wi-fi in the neighborhood.. And if any of you have done so. Thanks.
    4 Technology 24
  217. close or keep the book open
    say you still keep in contact with your ex after almost a year. he acts as if he cares by asking questions. would you move on or try in work things out???
    5 Relationships 12
  218. ichy and chapped skin on vigina
    hello i have been itching my viginia for about a week and i now have what looks like sore chapped skin around the holw of my viginia so when i have sex it hurts becasue it is streching, what do you think the problem is
    3 Sex 162
  219. Naruto shippuden new opening! :]
    Okay so theres a new shippuden opening and I've fell in love with the song >///< Its called Closer by Inoue Joe, does anyone know when the full version of the song will be realeased, theres only the TV sized version. Anyone?
    2 Music 36
  220. When Fart sounds come from your vigina?
    I have this problem wit my boyfriend when I have sex wit him!! he does mi hard and fast and after he pulls out this sound comes out of my vigina..they sound like farts bt there not farts!!! im embarrassed because my boyfriend hears them so...I need som...
    3 Sex 92
  221. How do I open a finished BitTorrent download?
    I own a PC game that recently broke, so I downloaded another through BitTorrent, and once it completed its download to 100%, I tried opening it but it won't allow me. Its current status is "seeding" which I am familiar with, but I am curious as to why...
    2 Gaming 46
  222. Loose skin on my vagina opening
    im 15 I've got this little weird piece of loose skin...its not the labia before you say that. its hanging off the actual vagina opening, its attatched to the top but not the bottom. im worried please help!!!
    3 Health 1234
  223. Is California more open minded?
    It seems California is WAY more open minded about things such as marijuana laws and gay marriages. They made gay marriage legal, it seems like Cali is the best state ever. Does anyone know why they're more laid back?
    5 Politics 91
  224. What does it take to open your own Art Studio in town?
    ok,my goal in the future is to have my own art studio. I want to know what type digree you need to get to do that, what does it take, and how long will the whole process take, including your college years too.
    3 Money 25
  225. How can I keep a MySpace message marked UNREAD after I open it?
    I've done my research and now have acess to my girlfriends myspace account to see if she is chaeting on me but after I read her mail it is no longer marked "UNREAD" is there a way to keep it marked "UNREAD" after I open it so she does not get suspiciou...
    5 Technology 85
  226. Why won't my downloaded PS3 games open?
    The other day I opened a few games I bought from play station store, they worked fine. Now it seems every time I open any games my system freezes & I have to re start it. Anyone have any suggestions on what might be wrong & what I can do to fix it?
    2 Gaming 14
  227. How do I get my photos to open with a different program?
    Okay on my computer I open my pictures in my pictures and it opens it in microsoft picture manager what I havent got and it says please enter product key and quite frankly I dont want to buy it so how do I get them all to open in windows photo gallery...
    3 Technology 60
  228. When im sleep sometimes I cant move or open my eyes at all
    Ok well sometimes when im sleep this thing happensz.I don't know what it is but when im sleep sometimes I cant move or open my eyes at all it like im awoke but I just cant move talk or open my I lay there 4 a couple of min then I move sumtimes ...
    5 Health 36
  229. What is a good sentence to open the personal statement for my university application with?
    I'm applying for a degree in modern languages and I want the sentence to be something along the lines of "languages are essential in the developing world" How can I word it so it's catchy?
    4 Education 11
  230. What would you do if someone opened up a burger joint in your town called "Fat Ho Burgers"?
    This lady here in Waco, my home town, recently opened a place called Fat Ho Burgers. The news quickly went national and even people as far as New York have heard.
    11 Food 24
  231. neighbors can see my room when open window blinds no privacy
    I like opening my window blinds during the day to get light in my room but neighbors are nosy and keep looking in to my window. I have hentai laptop theme and they might be able to see it. I just don't want people looking towards my window is there a w...
    4 General 49
  232. Who has been to a midnight movie opening and did you enjoy it?
    I would not like to go to a popular movie midnight opening mainly because I want a good sitting spot and if people rush in then I may be stuck with a bad spot. I like to sit dead center in the middle and hate sitting in the front or in the aisles.
    14 Entertainment 12
  233. Is it harmful to open a bag of Lipton tea and eat the raw tea leaves?
    i reeeaalllllyyyy like eating tea and drinking tea, i reallly cant stop eating it, i love it but my friend says its not the safest thing to do... is it? ps. i know its weird
    3 Food 68
  234. How do I open up to him?
    There's a guy on here I like; he doesn't know. he does know about my past (a brutal violent date that happened 2 years ago). I think he understands that I can't move on yet and I probly won't be able to. the trouble is...I have some feelings for him...
    2 Relationships 14
  235. When do puppies open their eyes & when should it become a concern?
    I have a litter of 3 puppies, all seem normal, but they just turned 2 weeks old today and still have their eyes closed. From my past experience, all the other litters had their eyes open by 10-14 days. I am a little concern for them, but I am not sur...
    2 Pets 79
  236. Where can I sell an un opened brand new ENV Touch cell phone for a price close to it original?
    Ebay charges now and LG has a contact with amazon so people would never buy mine on there. help?
    6 Shopping 14
  237. How can I re-open my Hotmail account after closing it?
    I need to get back into my hotmail account but I closed my account a long time ago because I didn't like hotmail but I forgot to get all of my info from that account & a lot of stuff I have linked to that I can't get into now is there any way I ...
    4 Technology 47
  238. What songs should I sing for open mic night?
    I like jazz/mellow songs. I have a fairly deep voice and can sing songs like Eliza Doolittle, Amy Whinehouse, Sara Barielles, Michael Bublé, Paolo Nutini, Ray Lamontagne Etc. What shall I sing?
    9 Music 112
  239. FunAdvice Trivia: Which of these ballparks opened the same day the Titanic sank in 1912?
    A) Ebbets Field in Brooklyn B) Fenway Park in Boston C) Tiger Stadium in Detroit D) Yankee Stadium in New York's Bronx
    5 Funadvice 15
  240. WHAT? I actudently put a peice of gum in my vigina! Please help?
    Please help! Like 5 minutes ago I actudently put a peice of gum in my vigina! and it almost didnt come out! Please help! What does that mean if you actudently put a peice of gum in your vigina?? It was really in there and I had to put my finger all t...
    7 Health 584
  241. Should I push save or open when downloading?
    hello agian hehe well I decided to download the Burger Island game- and when the downloading application window popped up, I pushed open instead of save. should I have pushed save instead of open> becuase I have dialup and it still has 2 1/2 hours to ...
    3 Technology 55
  242. Why can't I open my word document?
    Whenever I try to open a Microsoft word document on my computer, it doesn't come up but instead a message saying, "As specifed in the execution paramenters it can not be opened" or soemthing like that. And I need to open this document because it is a 1...
    2 Technology 60
  243. Why im I bleeding in my vigina area?
    Well im bleeding in my vigina area and I dont no why I havent had sex in like a year and a half and I been bleeding flor two weeks I dont no if thats a period or not last week and could it be cancer my mom had cervical cancer and she died from it 3 mo...
    4 Sex 27
  244. What kind of business should I open?
    I would like to open up my own business some day ( I am in college right now getting aa associate's degree) I have a baby girl and I need to do this from home, as I am a stay at home mom. I want your advice on what the business could be...what sells ri...
    3 Money 44
  245. How can I help her open up?
    k well I've been talking to my girlfriend and I got another question...u gave me some advise and thats wut I've been doing.... well shes tellin me that she IS comfortable around me.I thnk wut is is she thinks about the things I did in the past with oth...
    2 Relationships 11
  246. Limewire Will not open What do I do?
    I'm mad because I can't get limewire to work, it was working now it won't. I've tried reinstalling it I bet a 100 times and it still won't work. I tried the p2p Aries that's supposed to be better then limewire and I don't understand it. Help please hon...
    2 Technology 53
  247. Is sticking an orchid in the window ok for it or does the window need to be open?
    I have 2 African violet plants and they have been doing well. However, I just recently bought a $15 orchid plant and I want to make sure it has the best care because orchids are my favorite flowers and I don't want to kill it because it doesn't have en...
    3 Homegarden 18
  248. Firefox for my browser can't open some sites?
    I used Mozilla Firefox for my browser but really don't know why I can't open this two websites, the yahoo and the google. Every time I search in google, it always freeze when I click the search button. I check it on the restriction, and found that this...
    2 Technology 22
  249. How do I open up my own clinic?
    what do i need and who do i talk too? i am almost 19 and i want to be successful in something...i don't have a degree and i am not planning on getting one so please don't say earn a degree cause i heard u can open one even if u don't go to college..i j...
    4 Money 33
  250. How to change which program opens email addresses?
    The answer is probably right in front of me...but I was wondering, when you click on someone's email to email them...(ie - mailto) do you change which program opens it? As of right now, if I click on an email in a website, it opens up Outlook...
    5 Technology 25