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  1. How to make a nursing home ?
    How to make a nursing home ?
    2 Money 37
  2. Can a felon have a nursing career?
    Can a felon have a career in Nursing?
    2 Money 60
  3. Can I become a nurse online?
    2 Health 44
  4. what is harder being being a nurse or a teacher?
    6 Money 58
  5. how to become a nurse assassitant?
    3 Money 38
  6. Is a post RN nursing programme for persons who already have a degree in nursing?
    3 Education 12
  7. How are friar laurence and the nurse different?
    How are friar laurence and the nurse different?
    2 Health 25
  8. Can a convicted felon become a nurse?
    Can a convicted felon become a nurse?
    4 Money 167
  9. How can I find out if a hospital has a nursing union?
    How can I find out if a hospital has a nursing union?
    2 Health 20
  10. How much do school nurses make?
    How much do school nurses make?
    2 Money 42
  11. What's the difference between a Medical Assistant and a Nursing Assistant?
    2 Money 28
  12. What are pros and cons of having a nursing career?
    2 Money 21
  13. Is there any nursing camps in St.Louis for teens?
    2 General 27
  14. What's the requirements to become a neonatal nurse?
    2 Education 5
  15. Could a registered adult nurse from the UK get a job as a nurse in the USA?
    2 Money 12
  16. Can I get a job as a nurse with shopplift record?
    Can I get a job as a nurse with shopplift record
    3 Money 30
  17. How much does a nurse get paid in the us?
    How much does a nurse get paid in the us?
    2 Health 135
  18. What kind of benefits do nurses get in Alberta?
    What kind of benefits do nurses get in Alberta?
    3 Money 31
  19. can someone work in a nursing home that has had a felony?
    3 Money 26
  20. Which is better, being a doctor or a nurse?
    Which do you think is the best , to be a medical doctor or to be a nurse?
    3 Money 35
  21. How much do nurse practitioners make?
    Just that, how much money a year does a nurse practitioner make?
    2 Money 69
  22. what to feed kittens that are still nursing but dont have a mom
    what to feed kittens that are still nursing but dont have a mom
    3 Pets 48
  23. Veterinary nurse
    What qualifications would I need to become a veterinary nurse
    3 Money 10
  24. Would you ever put someone in a nursing home?
    13 Health 35
  25. Can i become a registered nurse with a junvelile shoplifting record?
    2 Money 36
  26. What kind of Schooling do you need to become a Registered Nurse?
    4 Money 25
  27. What kind of easy, but good paying nurse jobs are there?
    6 Money 15
  28. What should happen to people who abuse the elderly in the nursing home, because they are defenceless?
    6 Politics 16
  29. What shoes would go good with a cute nurse costume?
    10 Style 37
  30. Do you think nursing is a good career move considering the economy?
    7 Money 24
  31. Did you know how good nursing is?
    that nursing is one of tha best fields to get into
    2 Money 14
  32. What types of jobs pay the most in the field of Nursing (RN, LPN, etc..)?
    2 Money 26
  33. Ink stain out of white nurse's uniform?
    How do I get an ball point pen ink stain out of white nurses uniform
    3 Homegarden 266
  34. How many times you allowd to take nursing state exam in georg
    How many times you allowd to take nursing state exam in georgia?
    2 Technology 8
  35. Who is majoring in nursing?
    What classes are you required to take? How difficult is it? I'm thinking about majoring in nursing... and I just have some questions.
    9 Education 20
  36. What highschool courses do I need for nursing?
    I'm struggling to figure put the courses I need for college/university
    4 Education 42
  37. What do nurses in hospitals do exactly, and what do you have to know to be one?
    like what kind of schooling, knowing about medicine or what?
    7 Money 44
  38. How to become a registered nurse?
    I wanna get my Associates degree in nursing and i was just wondering what steps to take after that.?
    2 Education 8
  39. How can I find the address and phone ber for ivy hall nursing
    How can I find the address and phone ber for ivy hall nursing home in essex md?
    3 Sex 30
  40. Are nursing classes good preparation for vet school?
    Can a student take nursing as preparatory for veterinary medicine?
    2 Education 19
  41. Years of college to be a nurse
    How many years of college does someone who wants to be a nurse have to take? Is it 8 like a doctor, or less?
    2 Education 13
  42. Medical assistant vs Nurse
    whats the difference between a medical assistant and a nurse? Nurses give needles, take out blood, take vitals and assist in lab work, what do medical assistants do?
    3 Money 39
  43. Nursing home patients
    Hello I need help for my daughters school project! She needs 10 facts about the needs of nursing home patients Thank you
    2 Education 22
  44. Which would you be: A veterinarian, Lawyer, or Nurse?
    Please help me, give pros and cons about each and which you would chose.... Please and thank you :)
    16 Money 52
  45. Can I still become a nurse
    I was just wondering if you can still become a nurse if you have suffered from depression. I'm asking this cos I was told I couldn't and it's my dream to become one
    2 Money 29
  46. what is a doctor or nurse called who help pregant women?
    I want to know what they do and what they are called. you the people who either help watch and just help after they are delivered and also who deal with pregant women.
    2 Health 157
  47. Should I become a gym teacher or a nurse?
    I love gym and always wanted to be a high school gym teacher, but nursing sounds good too i still dont know what to do everyone is telling me to become a nurse or doctor ?
    23 Money 122
  48. Nursing help
    I want to be a nurse once I've got my a levels out the way! Do I have to go to university or can I learn some other way? Like going and being a student nurse of the nhs? Helpp pleaseee,,thanks x x
    5 Education 34
  49. Can I get a nursing license when I have a misdemeanour for prescription drug fraud?
    If I have a one time misemeanor for prescip. Drug fraud but it will be 5 years past it when I go up for nurse licensing will I have a problem?
    2 Drugs 29
  50. What are the personal characteristics of a pediatric nurse?
    I'm typing up an essay on becoming a pediatric nurse, and one of the requirements to write about was the personal characteristics of a pediatric nurse. I need atleast 5 different characteristics listed. Please & thank you. =)
    2 Health 65
  51. Nursing mother rabbit
    I have a large female lop who had 10 babys lastnight , im not sure if I should give extra food to her now she has babys ,should I give her extra food and treats
    2 Pets 41
    Im a senior in highschool and im going to graduate soon I want to be a registered nurse im going to a community college is it hard and do you have any advice for me about the job or anything else that will help me im clueless
    2 Money 9
  53. Jon and Kate plus 8 - Kate keep up nursing license by working sat?
    Does Kate keep up her nursing license by still working only Saturday? The show is very funny and educational. My daughters and I watch it every week.
    2 Entertainment 52
  54. What's the best way to wake a baby to nurse?
    What is the best way to wake up a baby to nurse? She's sleeping too long and I'm getting engorged. I don't get my pump until next week. I tried the hand and foot rubbing but it's not working.
    2 Babies 66
  55. can I be a nurse with a felony
    I was wondering if anyone has had to take a background check to get into nursing school. I want to start nursing school next semester but I have a felony and dont know how I am going to pass the criminal background check in california. does anyone know...
    5 Money 77
  56. Why does my cat nurse on things?
    He started with my trying to nurse on my hair, which was ridiculous.. and now hes nursing on everything he can get his paws on.. it drives me nuts! Also, how can i stop it?? hes only 3 to 4 months old.
    7 Pets 24
    ok so I need the number to a 24 hr nurse line I had a number but my son was playn with my phone and deleted it so pls help I need to speak to one right away...
    2 General 188
  58. Can you work in the nursing field if you are a felon
    I live in Saginaw MI. I am relocating to Dallas TEXAS, and I want to go to school for nursing. I have a felony on my record six years old from Michigan.
    2 Money 88
  59. Why is my dog nursing my cat?
    My 18 month old St.Bernard/Collie has never had puppies and has never been pregnant, but my cat started nursing off of her a few months ago and now my dog is producing milk. Has anyone else experienced this before?
    4 Pets 91
  60. nursing dog
    my maltese gave bith one week ago, and I have her on nutro can puppy food. I think it has given her soft stool, any drug I can give her that won't hurt the babies?
    3 Pets 17
  61. Mother Dog won't let her puppies nurse they are 4 1/2 weeks old
    Should I just feed them and will her Milk dry up It doesn't seem to be going away. I have to force her to feed them, She stands and won't lye down.
    4 Pets 454
  62. Cann you help me with my nursing paper?
    Help I need Notecards for my school paper on Nursing thats due tommorw!! I cant get anything!! like, the history of nursing, education requirements, nursing requirements/description, salary, job outlook anythiing will help... like, websites, comments...
    2 Education 13
  63. Nursing Is My Major & Not Sure What College Is Best For Me!!
    I'm not exactly sure about what college I want to attend. I wanna at least get into a decent college when I graduate from High School. I want to attend a 4-year college. And My major is nursing. I want to take up nursing first and then I want to take u...
    3 Education 47
  64. Should I be a doctor or a nurse?
    Well I'm thinking when I go to college I want to study for being a doctor. But I'd like to follow my family's things to my sister. I look up to he because she is very kind and caring and doesn't do anything bad. She is going to be a nurse and I thought...
    3 Money 118
  65. O you think I have a chance of being a nurse or doctor?
    Well when I'm older I might be a children's/teenager's nurse. Im in set 2 (grades c for most things, & g&f for maths but will be learning c stuff soon. Level high 4s and low 5s) do you think I have a chance of being a nurse or doctor??? *im in year 9 atm*
    3 Education 42
  66. what college you think has the best nursing program?
    So I want to know what school you think has the best nursing program. I cant even find that info online! I have to decide today...Its between Sonoma state university, san francisco state U, and San Jose U. If you have another reason I should or shouldn...
    2 Education 7
  67. How can someone with a felony charge get a nursing license?
    I know someone who has a 12 year old class C felony charge. What happened was, he was drunk and someone came after him.He didn't start the fight, but he took it too far in defending himself. He has been in a recovery program and he would like to get hi...
    3 Money 87
  68. can I work as a nurse
    can I work as a nurse even though cps founed me in a child abuse invesigation. I was never charge in any court of this and it was when I was in a nasty custody battle for my children. the reason that it I was investagated for child abuse was that I u...
    3 Money 37
  69. What do you think about nursing as a profession?
    Do you think nursing is a good profession to get into? Are there any nurses on here that would highly recommend it? I am about to start nursing school in the spring but I want to make sure I am choosing the right profession for myself. I love working w...
    3 Education 51
  70. What happened to the nurse?
    I heard that the nurse died for a prank call, but I'm not sure if she killed herself for that, because if Iam right she only put the call through to another person, but on the news it was all mixed, so if that's what happened the prank didn't have anyt...
    4 Money 43
  71. Should I quit nursing for medical school?
    This is my first question, so please be nice! Ok. Doing my nursing degree, but wondering if I should do medicine instead? At uni in brighton, so still the same site... I don't know, five years is a long time...I'd also like to do psychology as th...
    6 Education 9
  72. nursing school
    hi I am a 18/m/tn and want to become a RN and I was wondering you know any programs that offers to pay for my school or a good way to get inot medical field where its paid for???? anyone know, I know some places pay you to live expensises and sends ...
    2 Education 11
  73. Can I request the nurse to run a blood test to check for food poisoning on my brother?
    my brother is 1 yr and half hes been throwing up and has a high fever/ runny nose..i took him to his doc. several times and gave him medication and its been a week and hes only getting worse can i ask the nurse at the ER to run blood test to check if h...
    5 Health 31
  74. Who is enrolled in nurse assisant?
    Is it a good career..this is the info about it on there site" lol it doesn't mention any math yaya.. Certificate of proficiency Nurse assistant The nurse assistant (na) course prepares the student to provide services to those who need health car...
    2 Education 44
  75. Nursing career questions?
    I want to become a registered nurse and I just have a few questions: What are the legal requirements.. like do you have to be a certain age or bonded? Do you pay for the special clothing you have to wear? ..if not, who pays for it, the hospital? Wh...
    3 Education 24
  76. Dog's nipples swollen but has stopped nursing
    Just wondering, Lacey's pups are now 8 weeks old. She stopped nursing roughly 3 weeks ago. Occasionally, one of the pups will try to latch on but she will not let them now. 2 days ago I noticed 1 of her nipples was really swollen. She has no temperatur...
    2 Pets 84
  77. Question for a doctor, Nurse, or person who might know
    Hi, I've been feeling ill in the past week. Lately I have been feeling fatigued/ tired, even after a whole day of sleeping! And, weak too. I have had a very drippy nose, with the substance being very watery. My throat has been hurting/ it has been sor...
    3 Health 25
  78. Certification
    Can I become a Certified Nursing Assistant or a Licensed Practical Nurse with a felony conviction?
    4 Health 18
  79. Ugggh doctors and nurses make me sooo mad!
    Okay, let me attempt to make a long story pregnant and went to the doctor, blah blah blah, they ran some tests and all I want are the freakin results and I know they have to have them by now...seeing how the lab at our hospital is 24 hours a...
    10 Health 25
  80. can I become a nurse in NYS with a class B felony?
    hello everyone! I hope someone can shed some light on my problem without judgement. I recently was convicted of a class B felony for drugs. I really have a passion for nursing and I know I made a mistake but it's always been my dream. it is the only ch...
    2 Money 88
  81. Where should I volunteer
    Should I volunteer at the hospital or nursing home. I can't decide which one to do.
    2 General 14
  82. Military question
    What is a combat nurse? For females/?? What is it called when you want to be a nurse and go over seas and help soldiers who are injured?
    2 Politics 23
  83. worms in mother dog
    my mother dog is still nursing can I give her wormer?
    3 Pets 39
  84. Collage or university
    What would be the university or collage to go to if I want to become a nurse?
    5 Education 18
  85. How much does an RN make yearly?
    How much on average, does a registered nurse make a year?
    3 Money 76
  86. Careers in medical field_
    I wanted 2 know what were the yearly salaries for a [certified nursing assistant,medical assist,emt,patient care tech,and a nurse]
    2 Money 34
  87. breastfeeding and brith control
    I had a baby 3 months ago and am breastfeeding. this is my 4th baby and nursed all of them and never got my period while I was nursing. I just started the pill . it has no estrogen in it so it's safe to take while nursing but I was wondering if I will...
    2 Health 23
  88. I need an experienced girls or nurses advice
    hi im 15 and am very curious about my own body since no one really ever taught me anything and im wondering how can I tell if I have already broken my hymen? like how do I know if I even have one? I have a boyfriend and we are waiting at the minimum of...
    3 Sex 39
  89. need a advice!!!
    I want to be a nurse and go to college in new york but I am only in 10th grade can you halp me to find out good colleges on nursing in new york and requirements... please and thanks
    2 Education 15
  90. How do I know what to attend college for?
    How do you know what to go to college for? I know that I want to go to college. But I just don't know what I want to go for. I liked accounting in high school. Before that I thought that I would go to college for nursing. But now I don't have a clue. I...
    5 Education 16
  91. Smear test
    I had a smear test today and the nurse told me I had a retro cervix and I was wondering could anyone tell me anymore info on what that is as the nurse never explained it Thanks
    2 Health 24
  92. Period pain
    Yesterday, when I was at school, my stomach started cramping and I went down to the school nurse. Then the nurse gave me pain killers and I took them. I thought the cramping will stop right after taking the pills so I go back to my hour la...
    12 Health 76
  93. If it's a boy or a girl
    I just had my ultrasound yesterday and I figure that the nurse would tell me what I'm getting. But all she told me was 4 1/2 months pregnant. So if the nurse didn't say anything if it's going to be a boy or girl how should I find out?
    2 Health 18
  94. What is a good-paying career that doesn't require several years of study?
    Other than nursing....
    9 Education 8
  95. fainting in class
    ok, I was wondering if I fainted in my class, like on the floor, what would my teacher do? I know he cant lift me, well maybe he can, butif he cant, how does he get me down 2 the nurse. I know the nurse wont lift me. what if the kids freak out? what wo...
    11 Education 658
  96. When you grow up?
    Personally I want to be a radioactive monkey or if that fails a vet nurse, Im asking because im boreded.
    4 Money 41
  97. how do you know...
    how do you know when your period is about 2 start??? what do you do??? what if you are in school? what about if you don't have a pad with you and the nurse is not there and your in class??? plus what if the teacher is a man???
    2 Style 11
  98. What jobs to australia / america / new zealand need?
    not things like doctors, nurses, vets. just other jobs?
    3 Money 9
  99. What if I love a married woman?
    I have this married woman in my life she is my nurse and I have fallen in love with her I have tried to forget her but I cant.her husband is big what should I do?
    4 Relationships 35
  100. Activities for Woman w/Alzheimer's
    What activities can I do with a woman with Alzheimer's? She's mobile and physically capable of a lot of things. I'm her nurse aide...
    2 Health 13
  101. Evolution and helpless infants
    Evolutionists: Here is a question that came to me this morning as I watched a newborn calf nurse for his first time: If every mammal born has to nurse (from whales to bears), and they know what to do and where to find it, that they are born mostly in...
    13 Religion 77
  102. Over Seas?
    so, in a few years, I will be legally old enough to go over seas fro the war, and I want to be a nurse over there. but I also have excersised induced asthma, mild scoliosis, gastroparisis, and acid reflux, will this be a problem with them letting me go...
    2 Health 13
  103. Anyone ever watched 3's company?
    Is the female who played terry the nurse, is her real name prescilla barnes?
    2 Entertainment 12
  104. Who all is in the room when giving birth?
    Okay besides the surgen or doctor and the nurse who else is in the room looking while the babys coming out? And what is a midwife?
    2 General 11
  105. Which Career is Better
    Which job pays the most and will be the most stable? I'm in CA by the way. Heavy Equipment Operator, Paralegal, or Registered Nurse?
    2 Money 22
  106. What jobs are women given in the Marines?
    I'm really considering enlisting in the marines, but I have no clue what are the jobs women are given. I'm in college for nursing right now. Can I use that in the corps?
    4 Money 136
  107. I want to be an OB/GYN
    I'm 16 and have always wanted to be an ob/gyn. I'm currently in college in the Nursing program. But I want to switch my major so I can be an ob/gyn. How can I do this? And what courses will I need to take to be an ob/gyn?
    2 Education 48
  108. Is 7.2 pounds big for a newborn?
    Is 7.2 pounds heavy for a new born cas when my baby was born all the nurses kept tellin me how big he was and I didnt think he was big at all
    10 Babies 694
  109. How to get them to leave me alone about eating?
    if i am not eating, and my school are making have regular meetings with the nurse but the nurse wants to weigh me and i refuse to let her (this has already happened) she said tht she may have to transfer me to mental health, if i refuse to let them wei...
    6 Health 19
  110. Would you consider this a flirty comment?
    Would you consider this a flirty comment? Guy: Im gonna be a doctor Girl: Cool, im gonna be a nurse. Guy: Maybe we will meet up and ill be your doctor haha
    2 Relationships 32
  111. Kittens in trouble
    My cat dragon just had four kittens and she won't nurse them. I have experience with cats, but not a single cat I have had is acting like her. She's trying to kill them! Can anyone help me with this problem?
    8 Pets 44
  112. Where can I work over the summer?
    ok I am 14 and would like a summer job I dont work to work for youth works I would like to work maybe at a nursing home etc so can someone please help me
    3 Money 27
  113. Any other girls in year 8 having to have the Cervical cancer jab?
    I'm a female, and in year 8. The nurse at my school is offering all girls a jab to fight against cervical cancer. they said its only for year 8s and 13s. Any other girls having to have this jab?? xo
    6 Health 60
  114. Should I follow my dreams?
    ok so here's the thing: ii love business and I have a lot of goals and plans my dream is to major in business administration with a minor in public relations but here's the problem my dad [who pay's for my tuition, books, etc.] wants me to be a nurse,...
    6 Family 61
  115. Why doesn't my baby want the bottle, will she starve herself?
    I have been nursing my 4 month old since birth and she had a few bottles and didn't seem to mind them... Now she refuses to take to the bottle... I sometimes go out for about 2 hours and when I come home my husband is trying to give her a bottle but sh...
    7 Babies 112
  116. Careers for ex felons
    I wanted to know what states allow ex felons become a nurse? I also wanted to know what other careers would cosider hiring a changed ex felon after he changed his life and when to school for that specific career?
    4 Money 123
  117. Ceral feeding
    My nurse told me the other day that I could start my son on Cereal if I wanted, but she told me NOT to feed it to him in a bottle. My step father fed both of his kids ceral with a bottle and said they were just fine. Any advice?
    6 Babies 9
  118. What Career do you think is best & WHY??
    Hello. Everyday in life, most people are always trying to find something better, more money, better hours, so on and so forth. What career do you think is in highest demand with best hours and pay right now? I know nursing is in high demand, the sch...
    2 Education 17
  119. What is the best job ever?
    So, I'm 16 and still trying to find the best job ever, well, what I say is the job that I'm gonna love, I want to become a nurse or an interior decorator because I'm very creative and I love taking care of people. And sometimes I wanna be a nurse, int...
    4 Money 32
  120. real ivory elephants tusk found
    my auntie's mothers parents have moved to a nursing home. while they were clearing out the garage they came across a real ivory elephants tusk. I was just thinking how much do you think they will get for it??
    2 General 10
  121. What are the ups and downs of going into the airforce?
    I've been taking an aviation class/club in my high school which has more to do with the airforce and aviation maintenance. I was never into airplanes and all those stuff but I took the opportunity to join the class because it sounded interesting. I wan...
    5 Money 48
  122. Whats it like giving birth?
    I'm no where near getting pregnant, but I was just curious.. does it hurt? Do the nurses stare at you? Do they touch you? What about your family? Do they see your girly parts?!
    25 Health 63
  123. Is it true that since 2005, doctors have stopped cutting, burning and tying your tubes and only clamp them now?
    Yesterday afternoon one of my cousin-in-laws was telling me and my friend that when she went for a check up at her local health department, they got on the subject of the tubal ligation surgery and she told the nurse that she had it done and that she w...
    2 Health 40
  124. What is the song about waiting and looking for.?
    I am trying to find the song where it goes through a couple and their life long romance. They meet after her chores are through and by the third verse he is searching for her at the nursing home? I believe it is a country song.
    2 Music 12
  125. What should I do with my life?
    should I study nursing? All my life I’ve wanted to be a writer. But I also wanna help people. I’m really interested in medicine but am not smart enough to be a doctor. I know if I do nursing I can still write in my free time and maybe still sell my sto...
    2 Education 12
  126. How do I know if im pregnant?
    I don't know I only had sex once and he didnt cum inside of me and my parents think I am...I will get a pregnancy test from the nurse and test to see if I am but still if I am should I abort it before my parents find out? my fear is my parents finding ...
    2 Sex 41
  127. How can I get my Maltese to let her new puppies to eat ?
    My maltese just had puppies like 20 min. ago... and she wont let them nurse off of her !!And all the stores are closed so I can'[t get formula or a bottle... is there anything elts I can use for formula ?
    2 Pets 12
  128. how do I get my baby cousin to stop touching my boobs?
    My baby cousin always squeezed and touched my boobs as a baby ( i nursed him once) now hes almost five and he still touches my boobs every once in a while and even asked to see them idk how to tell him they are off limits now :(
    10 Babies 194
  129. The Right Time?
    Hi. I was just wondering if it was extremely stupid of me to WANT a babby with my fiance while I am in college pursuing a degree in Nursing. What do you think? I'm 21 years old and my fiance and I have been together for 2 years.
    2 Babies 5
  130. What does undergraduate mean?
    Im looking to become a nurse, I have left school with 5 gcses at c and abovee, I dont have a levels but I heard about an undergraduate course at university. Could I apply for this? Xx
    2 Education 35
  131. What has been your most medically awkward moment?
    I had heart surgery to repair a leaky valve and when I woke up in the ICU I had a urine bag with a plastic tube inserted into my urethra. The rubber tube went inside my p*nis all the way into my bladder to collect the urine. I had to walk with this bag...
    12 Health 32
  132. college & careers.
    what colleges are some of you planning on going to ? what do you plan on studying ? im pretty sure im going to northern virginia community college and studying nursing. has anyone heard about the college called ECPI ? they called me the other da...
    2 Education 14
  133. How do you feel about feminine boys who dress like girls?
    How do girle feel about femmine boys who curl their hair waer makeup and dress like girls? I'm a male nurse with long hair and love looking like a girl , would like to hear about other guys that you have seen like myself
    2 Relationships 129
  134. Should these people be forced ?
    President Obama has indicated he'll remove protections for pro-life medical professionals - rescinding the Conscience Clause - and force physicians and nurses to participate in abortion procedures - Should these people be forced ?
    6 Politics 41
  135. What does this quote mean, how do you interpret it?
    I stumbled onto a website while researching and found that this was their quote of the day: 'Better murder an infant in its cradle than nurse an unacted desire.' I thought to myself, what does this mean..? Does it involve unplanned pregnancies, abort...
    3 General 102
  136. What is the worst that mental health can do for eating disorders?
    the school nurse said that if i don't let her weigh me or anything, then she feels like we cant make "progress" then she is going to have to transfer me to mental health, though she told me she don't want to (yh ryt) - so my question is really , what i...
    10 Health 20
  137. My son becoming clingy
    When I put my son to sleep I usually rock him and nurse him till he is asleep, I am thinking now he is getting that bit older would it be better to give him his bottle, wind him, then lay him down to get himself to sleep? And leave the monitor next to ...
    7 Babies 44
  138. Severely disabled and masterbation
    What are the laws on a severely physically disabled 33 year old man with only the ability to move his fingers and turn is head slightly and I am on a ventilator. The laws masterbation. I have only had one intimate girlfriend in 2005. I have DMD (Duc...
    4 Sex 323
  139. pit bull had 10 puppies 1 is left out
    my pit bull just had 10 puppies and I noticed 1 of the puppies is being left out. we found it off to the side in some blankets, then we moved it to mommy. then later when I checked on her again all the puppies were asleep in the crate, and momy and th...
    6 Pets 52
  140. why can't 13 yr olds have a job?
    why can't 13 yr olds have a job I've been offered nursing jobs and jobs over the internet... but when the found out that I was 13 they took the offers back I'm asking because I don't get allowence and no 1 on my block has little kids and also my brothe...
    11 Money 67
  141. Why is a red rose placed on the chest of someone who died?
    When my 3 grandparents died as soon as the Nurse/Doctor pronounced them dead a Nurse placed a red rose on their chest. I'm curious as to why they do that,My Dad thinks it may be because red roses symbolises love or it may be something religious.
    15 General 20
  142. what are my rights 16 and prego babys dad over 18 (legal in my state)?
    Im 16 & prego & my babys dad is over 18. My mom dont want him to have anything to do with my baby:( I was wondering after I have the baby and my parents leave the hospital will the nurse tell my parents that my babys dad came to the hospital or will th...
    5 Family 28
  143. Nightmare??
    I was asleep one day when I started having a nightmare..all of a sudden im in a church and its all like 3rd person view..this nurse is taking care of a little girls knee when all of a sudden the girl says "what are those round things in the top floor?"...
    2 Religion 43
  144. What list of names for my daughter?
    She is due to be born in next may. Me her father is a medical doctor & her lovely mother is a nurse. We want our first to be born chid to have a beutifull,modern,sweet & lasting name. My name is dr solomon & her mother megnote.
    11 General 27
  145. Looking for Rn's who have Felon history???
    Hello, I was reading a lady who actually was in nursing school and had a felony. Well, thats me. I am not giving up. I am dong the right thing now, and I am tired of people telling me to "forget it" you will never get your RN licesne. I came in here...
    11 Money 329
  146. I have had my period for 14 days now
    I have had my period for 14 days now. It started with spotting and then the next week really heavy bleeding, and just when I thought It was stopped, wrong I started spotting again. I have called my doctor and the nurse said it nothing to worry about ...
    9 Health 175
  147. Breastmilk supply
    I mostly pump and sometimes nurse. Is it true that the more you pump the more you will produce? I'm not sure it's completely true. At the end of the day I don't get any more milk by pumping 3 or 4 times a day than I do if I only pumped once in the eve...
    4 Babies 37
  148. How long does the birth control control shot take to work?
    I'm not sure if I can be pregnant. I just got the birth control shot and the nurse told me to wait a week before I have sex, that way I could be sure it's fully effective. But how long does it really take for it to work? I only waited 3 days.. I'm scared.
    2 Sex 61
  149. wild baby mouse!!!
    about an hour ago I found my dogs barking at a mouse nest. the mother was dead & there was only 1 baby in it. I have the baby now and I was wanting to know if I could put him/her with one of my females that are nursing her babies right now. will she ac...
    3 Pets 40
  150. nurse/doctor.
    I want to be a childrens/teenagers ward nurse or doctor when im older. im picking my options soon so what would be best for either of those? and how many lessons do you pick? because I've already chosen I.t, media and spanish and probably drama. :S
    2 Health 11
  151. Dog having puppies.
    My dog is having puppies and she gave birth to one about 45min ago, she does not seem interested in cleaning or nursing. Is this normal? Also how long before she has the other pups? Also there is a little bloody discharge. This is the first time for h...
    6 Pets 58
  152. What Kinda G.P.A.??
    Uuuumm... I'm just concern about this..what kinda g.p.a. do you have to maintain in order to get into a unversity college??? because I plan on going to a 4-year college to become a nurse and I wanna know what kinda grades or g.p.a. do you have to have....
    2 Education 8
  153. importance of ''the pill''
    when women go on the contraceptive pill, they are told by the pharmacist/ doctor/ nurse etc that they should take it for example for 21 days at the same time on each day; Why? and is it really important that they follow this instruction? I've never co...
    4 Health 19
  154. Should I become a Doula or Midwife, or Childbirth Educator?
    I am planning on becoming an RN. But I want to go into the childbirth expect of nursing. I was wondering, to get some experience or onlook, should I go and become a doula, or maybe also on the side become a childbirth educator? I know to become a Mi...
    4 Money 13
  155. Not sure what I can do in the world with this felony
    Okay right now I'm on deferred adjudication for poss of a controlled sub. I have been clean for well over two years and I have been doing well on question is I'm getting ready to sign up 4 school but I'm not sure what I can do in the wo...
    4 Money 29
  156. episoide??? HELP!!
    hey I just saw a commercial on a Hannah Montana episode I looked for it but couldnt find it. it was like when oliver was sneaking around and lily and miley go ask the nurse or counselor why he is always there. and she said its going to take time... wh...
    3 Entertainment 23
  157. Age in FunAdvice?
    im realizing theres a lot of pre-teens in this site . I think thats great because we get to see how the youth sees things. How old are You ? p.s im not that old myself 19. <--- w/ ambitions and fullfiling my dream to be a Nurse!!! I cant wait.
    15 Funadvice 16
  158. How to get a personal loan regardless of credit?
    I need a personal loan of $8,000 or less but I have real bad credit.. the reason I need this loan is to pay for nursing school tuition and transportation due on jul 14th...can anybody give me advice I tried student loans but did not qualify...
    6 Money 226
  159. Career Choice
    Hi guys! This is mostly a question about what career path to choose. I am debating becoming a LPN (Licensed Praticioners Nurse) or a RN (Registered Nurse). Currently, the LPN program last 1 year. The RN program is 2 years. LPN do get paid less bu...
    6 Money 15
  160. How to ask my mom to go to a public school?
    How do I get my mom to let me go to a public school because the school I'm going to now my mom is soposed to be my teacher this year whene school starts but she has nursing school to worry about and she asked me and my sister if we wanted to be homesch...
    2 Education 71
  161. Why is he cheeting on his girlfriend with me ?
    Okay so im always at the nurses office helping out, and there this veryyy cute boy who has a girlfriend. But theres beds in the nurses office and I was sittin with him talking.. And once his girlfriend left he was kissin me and touching mee and he put ...
    2 Sex 97
  162. Is this implantation bleeding?
    Ok I'm really confused right now. I started bleeding the day before yesterday mostly spotting I should say a dark brown blood, now most of you say oh that's old blood BUT I got this very same thing when I was pregnant with my son! But after I had alrea...
    2 Health 107
  163. What's an original Halloween costume?
    I would like to have a cute halloween costume this year. I want something sexy but not obviously sexy (like a nurse or playboy bunny, I hate it when people dress up super skanky). but I had a few ideas like me and a few of my friends would be football ...
    6 Sex 101
  164. How to let my parents know that I wanna make my own choice?
    Okay so I am homeschooled, 16 years old and I hate it. But theres nothing I can do about it. And e ways, im starting college soon and because im still under 18 im still at home. I was planning on leaving at 18 because me and my bestfriend were ganna r...
    3 Family 22
  165. How to finally know what career to follow?
    ok im 23 years old and im a single mom with a one child! living on my own and pay my own bills! still at 23yrs old I dont whut I want to do with my life! I thought I wanted be a nurse, now I want to be a cop! I just dont no which one! I been in themedi...
    8 Money 114
  166. Does dehydration make it harder to find a vein?
    I've had bloodwork several times in the last year. For most of them, they've had to stick me more than once. The nurse at my apartment building thinks that it was because I was dehydrated. On this past Saturday, I had bloodwork done again. Before I wen...
    4 Health 196
  167. Green poop in a child?
    my son has just pooed , & the colour was olive green looking faeces. Aged care nurse here & I don't think I have ever seen a poo this kind. So what would this mean? He has Type 1 diabetes, & is 10yr. He did have a sports drink the other day that was B...
    6 Babies 72
  168. How can I tell my parents I want to be an ob/gyn?
    How can I tell my parents I want to be an ob/gyn? I'm enrolled in college already well on my way to a medical career. But I want to change my major from nursing science to gynecology. I want to specialise in adolescent gynecology, pregnancy and brea...
    2 Family 45
  169. My temperature was 95 F.
    So earlier today I kept having hot flashes in AC-ed rooms and I was sweating >.> it went on and off. then on my last class when I felt cooled down and normal I went to the nurse and she checked my temp. and it was 95. I have a cough and sneezing and ...
    2 General 53
  170. 2% Milk
    My 1 year old son hates milk! He has been drinking from a sippy cup since he was about 7 months old and my pediatrician nurse said to put him on 2% milk and he hates it. I have never had whole milk before, should I try that with him? I have a doctors a...
    5 Babies 45
  171. Do iron vitamins work?
    I went to go and give blood today but the nurse said my iron levels was to low. She said that IU was perfectly healthy and they just like it to be a little higher for giving blood. I'm going to try eating my things with iron in but would taking iron ta...
    6 Health 24
  172. What can I do about my period making me bleed to mcuh?
    ok im 13 and im asian asians have really thin blood and my period makes me bleed so much that I can feel sick or faint (like I have litarly fainted) I've told my mom and shes a nurse but she says it normal but I really dont think it is because I can ev...
    4 Health 54
  173. School Title Page Ideas
    Well I'm in 10th grade and I have to do a title page about World War 1 and a few examples my teacher showed me was like one saying, " buy victory bonds here "or for like nurses, " women can help too ". I need a saying and then an idea.. I seen anothe...
    3 Education 160
  174. I can never win with my Mom
    My moms the kinda of person that's never happy because nothin is ever good enough for her..I finally decided what I want to be and go to college for..nursing...and eventually doctors astaint..but she just laughs and says I'll believe it when I see ...
    4 Family 51
  175. I had a scan yesturday!!!
    got a scan yesturday I am 7 weeks pregnant and my baby is only 4 mm. I have to go back next thursday for another scan because the nurse said shes not sure if the baby is growing, but if they was somethink rong they wud of kept me in . im so scared,,...
    11 Health 36
  176. Should I go back?
    About a year ago my school noticed I wasn't eating. So when the new school year began the questioned me I started to see doctors, nurses, counsilors and all sorts but stop after a month or so because it wasn't helping. My school thinks im getting worse...
    3 Health 12
  177. Health Care Professions
    Hi. I'm graduating high school this year and I'm trying to decide what I want to go to college to be. I've pretty much decided that I would be best suited for a health care profession but the question is which one. I know there are tons out there an...
    2 Money 44
  178. What path to choose?
    Ok so am so confused with the whole career thing...first I wanted to be a nurse...then a fashion designer...and now I have this whole other idea of going to university to study finance and accounting or marketing and I want to make the right decision.....
    5 Education 14
  179. My cat is biting its kittens
    We have the mother cat in a cage since were gotten her weeks ago, for her to get used to the other animals my family has in the house. She has had three kittens around 3 weeks ago. All of a sudden tonight she's just been meowing non stop, and will so...
    2 Pets 324
  180. What decisions should I make for my future?
    I want to be many different things for example: sign language teacher and nurse, counselor for kids in juvy but i don't know how to decide what i will pursue so i need a lot of help deciding because I'm in my junior year of high school and next year is...
    4 Education 28
  181. I have a misdermeanor
    I have a misdermeanor for assualt with a deadly weapon... Im starting school in August what should I go to school for is there anyone out there that has the same charge as me that has made it and has a successful career. Of course like evryone else I w...
    2 Education 44
  182. What would a 17 year old want for Christmas??
    she's very girly girl..***WANTS NO GIFTCARDS*** I would like to get her some nice make-up?? Any tips?? She has a nice car and lots of clothes so a no on that...and she had a new Cell-phone so nothing to do with that either...She had an ipod also so not...
    3 Shopping 246
  183. Vein in arms
    does anybody have viens in there arms that when you get stuck in the arm they hide,bust,or dissapear as soon as they stick you 1.why do they do that??? there any way you can like find a vien fast whn the nurse needs one lol??? p.s im not a drugy...
    3 Health 45
  184. What should I do about my career choice?
    I really want to teach Kindergarten but I've always been told that there will always be jobs in healthcare. There aren't very many teaching jobs in my area so I was going to school to be a Neonatal Nurse. Then I switched to get my MOA Certificate and n...
    7 Money 18
  185. im 20 and just lost my mum, how can I cope with the grief
    my mum died the day after mothers day this year. She had Lung Cancer coursed by Asbestos. The nurse's were brilliant and she died in her sleep, but now I feel guilty becasue I feel that I didnt do enough for her when she was alive. When I found out abo...
    2 Family 30
  186. What should I do to get my parents approval?
    I am 21 years of age, a newly nursing graduate. I had 5 ex-boyfriends during my college days without my parent's knowledge. I have a suitor who happens to be my neighbor. I like him since I was in highschool, but I wasn't able to know him because I was...
    4 Family 11
  187. Can they realllyyy freakin sespend me for thisss!
    I got tookin out of honors and sespendded with 5 other friendss. heres why: we were playin tag and we were running around the whole school and pushin kids and eachother down the stairss. I know it was wrong but come on' sespendeddd! you think its r...
    12 Education 39
  188. Cysts in my fallopian tubes
    Ok, so like I keep gettin really really sharp pains where the felopien tube is, and kinda deeper, and there is swelling, I have gone one of my friends parents cause she is a nurse, and she said it is either a tubular pregnancy, (which I took two tests;...
    3 Health 104
  189. Is the birth control "Jolessa" supposed to affect your period in the first month?
    This is my first time ever taking birth control. I'm on Jolessa. I started taking it September 2nd. My last period was August 19th. My mom is a nurse & was saying it shouldn't affect my period the first few months. It's now September 21st & still no p...
    3 Health 44
  190. Why am I bleeding so heavily a few days before I'm due to take my Nuvaring out?
    It's my first month using it. I was told to expect spotting which I did get. When I inserted it, it stopped me from getting my period for that month. I'm supposed to take it out tomorrow to begin my period, but I have experienced heavy bleeding the pas...
    3 Health 51
  191. do you think this sounds crazy?
    iam meeting somebody on the internet she is a nurse, and she told me that she doesnt have parents like me, we exchange phone numbers and maybe we will hang out. i dont know i feel something like i wanna protect her, take care of her make her happy do y...
    9 Relationships 40
  192. Who has some really creative ideas for Sims 2 families?
    I play sims 2 a lot. I rarely play the same family, because I like to make new ones. I've done everything I can think of: A poor family with twin toddlers and a mom struggling to work as a nurse, a poor single mom with triplet toddlers trying to make a...
    2 Gaming 87
  193. What should I major in?
    I am not good enough in any suybject to major in, not good enough at art, or anything. Except there a major of photography? Did any of you attend East Carolina University? That is my dream to go there. please help me, I wish there wa...
    3 Education 11
  194. Why are my period so clumpy?
    Last month I had my period for 24hrs then old blood for a day or two after that rarely though then this month I was 3 days late and am having a lot of bright red almost purple blood clots thick ones and sometimes come out in strings like slime ...why? ...
    3 Health 352
  195. How can I cope with my mother's death without failing?
    My mom died in July, it was horrible she had MS and was on the end stages so she was DNR but her nursing home didn't let her die peacefully in her sleep they brought her back again and she ended up in hospital on 100% oxygen all day till midnight while...
    10 Family 50
  196. my frineds life suc*s she says so 2
    so she has this crush a a teacher.. a girl teacher. she recently got in a big fight and isent talkin to her mom... so I think she is looking for another motherly figure in her life... she says to me that she thinks she is bisexual because she thinks ab...
    3 Sex 29
  197. Why do people think that kittens won't make it without their Mom?
    Hi I have a question. Why do people say that if you find baby kittens and the mom died and the kittens are only 3 wk old that they'll die? I found five abbandon baby kittens when I was THIRTEEN and nursed them w/ a medicine dropper and KMR and they all...
    6 Pets 39
  198. California Advice?
    I am seriously thinking about moving to Los Angeles, West Hollywood particularly. I am still working on saving more money. I am NOT moving there for acting, I just HATE snow, and wintertime!!! I am going to be a surgical nurse when I am done with colle...
    2 Travel 18
  199. Is the way im going for my career okay?
    First of all, im year 11 and studying biology ,english,maths, so on and so on, i want to be a veterinarian. So i was going to complete year 11 and 12 and then do a vet nurse tafe course so if veterinarian doesnt turn out i could turn back to that, also...
    2 Money 33
  200. Newborn Puppy help
    My dog, half shitzu half terrier, gave birth for the 1st time 12-23. She wants nothing to do with the pups, thank goodness she only had 2. She will let them nurse if we hold her down but she will do nothing else, so we have been cleaning them and kee...
    11 Pets 265
  201. Why don't people respect their elders anymore?
    And it's not everybody...some people still do. But some don't. When I was growing up I called people older than me Mr. and Ms./Mrs., and I still do. It's a way to show respect. And also, why do people feel the need to just push old people aside? I...
    11 General 525
  202. How do I get over a phobia without facing it?
    I AM SUPER DUPER EXTREMELY SCARED TO FREAKING DEATH OF VOMIT!!! I'm scared of people who vomit people who think they are going to vomit I'm scared of vomit... well vomit in general. Like baby spit-up does not bother me but if a baby like shows me what ...
    3 Health 25
  203. Can I help the poor little guy?
    I came across a puppy that had taken a hard blow to the head, he fell on it and now there is a large lump on the back of his head and it's slowly going away, but he is very wobbly and it's like he is learning to walk all over again. Beginning to think...
    3 Pets 24
  204. What to tell my mom about my boyfriend geting high?
    Ok today at school my boyfriend came to 1st period high my teacher sent him to the nurse but he had a fight with the security guard lady because you know he was out of it so now he suspended for 3 days in 7th period I told him why did you come 2 schoo...
    5 Family 17
  205. I'm emergrating to states..where should I live?
    I will be finishing my nursing course, in probably no time. I know it takes a while to get moving abroad sorted, let alone to states where they have v strict exams prior to entry. but the thing is, I don't know where to live in the states?? I like a ...
    15 Travel 51
  206. What do you think about his lab partner?
    For my boyriend not to tell me about his lab partner e mails I found out accidently.she is married he said I would of overreacted so he said it was all innocent but I feel since he didnt tell me it was sneakie.she wanted to keep in touch about him get...
    2 Relationships 10
    4 Pets 50
  208. Scared to get pregnant
    My husband and I are 24 years old. We have know each other since middle school, started dating in high school, and have been married for 3 wonderful years. We have been talking about trying to have a baby for a little while now, but I am scared to ge...
    4 Family 50
  209. What should I do I'm scared cause I think I might have skin cancer?
    So like I had this ugly mole on my tummy and my mom saw it and she was like, "thats weird, I never seen that before and I don't like the way it looks.". (btw she is a registered nurse), anyways she got me a appointment with a dermatologist and she been...
    4 Health 50
  210. I let my daugh. go (part 2)
    I let my daugh. go live with her dad when she was 10 years old. She was having a bad time here at my home because of my husband. Things were really ugly. It has been three years now and she told me she doesn't want me to be a part of her life and that ...
    2 Babies 33
  211. How can I get over my fainting?
    Ok, so I'm about to go into college to study Biology and Medical Science. I want to get into the healthcare profession, maybe a nurse, midwife or dentist. The only problem is, when I see injuries or lots of blood and guts, I hate it. I faint in class w...
    2 Health 65
  212. Broken arm?
    I jumped offsome playground equipment and landed on my arm there was some slight pressure but minor pain. throughout the day the pain gradually increased. now my wrist is killing me. I went to someone who usedto be a nurse and splinted it up for me.I ...
    6 Health 24
  213. food does MAKE people taller its not just genetics.
    so my aunts are really short like 4'9 and there families are like that . yet there kids are like 6 feet tall. i asked my aunt why her kids are tall she says i feed my kids daily yogurt, smoothies, fish, peanuts, fruits and veggies, many and many liquid...
    3 Nutritionfitness 39
  214. Somewhat over-whelmed
    Having a crisis in my life. I am a empolyed nurse,3 wonderful children,good husband.6 months ago I broke my ankle, and had to have surgery. since then,ihave had another extensive, painful &tramatic surgery in which I will be in a cast for 8 weeks. T...
    2 Health 9
  215. Pain &numbness like feelings in hands
    I am having numness-tingling feelings in both my hands. It doesnt really go beyond the wrist and its not total numbness its almost like when you hit yoru funny bone and you get that strange feeling. My hands are not weak but very sore. I had an emg don...
    2 Health 50
  216. What should I do if my stomach hurts nonstop?
    okay so my friend just had to get one of her ovaries removed because she had a tumor on it and she didnt know she just went to the nurse one day and told her that her stomach was really hurting so she went to the hostpital and they said she had a tumor...
    3 Health 184
  217. How long does it take you to get ready for school in the morning?
    It takes me a few minutes to get ready for school because it takes me 1 1/4 hours?... I have more randomness!!! Do you have or are you getting braces I am on Feb 11? Are you a Virgin? I am! What was the last thing you ate? Mine was a piece of gum I sw...
    5 Education 80
  218. What do you think of my sisters situation and what our mom said
    I want to ask a question: my sister karen (55 years old) wears glasses and hearing aids. (no she is very stylish and she does not look like a geek). However, back in february karen went to her eye doctor for a checkup but karen had to use his associat...
    4 Health 26
  219. What is my weird skin rash?
    I've had this weird skin rash thing for a long time now, and it comes and goes. I can't really figure out what it is. My doctor has been...less than helpful. First he said it was shingles (c'mon, I'm only 14!), then he said it was infantigo. my grandma...
    3 Health 77
  220. Why do we have to learn history?
    honestly. thats my worst subject. we don't need it in life. unless your working at a dang nursing home. other than that you dont go an apply for a job & the say " when was thomas jefferson president ?" I mean honestly. I wonder who the fat man was that...
    10 Education 92
  221. What should I major in if I want to gain knowledge in the medical field?
    I'm about to go into my senior year and I was sure of my major until I had a bit of a crisis. As much research as I try to do I can't figure things out unless I have an actual person giving me advice. I know first and foremost I would like to be a do...
    3 Education 71
  222. How do I get them to forgive me?
    When I Was 8 My Mother Sent Me To Live With My Fathers Brother And Sister.I was There Three Months Befor My Uncle Beat me WIth A Belt That Left Bruises on The Back Of My Legs .I Went To The Nurse For Ice The Next Day And I Did BNot Know That In Doing S...
    8 Family 26
  223. How do I convince my parents to let me dance?
    okay so I have already made other question things kinda like this but I guess I went to the doctor EARLY today instead of tommaro, and my parents said I can't dance anymore because I am to underweight and the doctor SUGGESTED that I dont dance, that's ...
    5 Health 247
  224. Strep throat and a lip ring, bad combo?
    Hi! My mom is a Registered Nurse (and I already have a doctor's appointment on Monday), so PLEASE don't say anything like "Go to the doctor, tard" or anything rude because I absolutely can't stand the rude behavior. I just got my lip pierced on Thurs...
    3 Health 158
  225. Night time anxiety? someone help
    I have been experiencing anxiety around 9 pm every night, it keeps me up all night and upsets my stomach to the point of very frequent bowel movements all through the night. I sometimes get the chills, and my body feels kindof tingly. I've tried hot...
    4 Health 38
  226. What does my dream mean about a baby and crying?
    I have been having this dream for about 3 days and it is starting to scare me.I am wayy to young for kids but I really want them.I dont plan on having any until im married but I keep dreaming that me and my ''boyfriend'' in my dream, had a baby and the...
    3 General 75
  227. How to get my mind off of my Mom's sickness?
    im 15 and my moms had cancer for 5 years on and off and they thought they got rid of it and it just moved and aparently her doctor told her she wasnt going to make it long and it was servere and me and my mom are really close and me and my sister went ...
    6 Family 42
  228. How do I get people to stop calling me anorexic?
    Im 5'7'' and 108lb. I know thats a little under and I know I lost some weight (I was 140 at the end of last year) but seriously I eat and im not anorexic I just dont pig out and I dont happen to like school lunch. So seriously how do I make everyone st...
    3 Health 101
  229. Why cant I talk much?
    1st I wanna tell you guys that im new to funadvice..n I am from a nursing hv to talk to many kind of people. and I nyd to have frnds to go on in dis..but d problm is that I cant talk.if someone say to me smthng or ask,I just give...
    2 Relationships 27
  230. What is the point of wearing a bra?
    Wearing a bra has no health benefits contrary to popular beliefs that bras keep breasts perky and prevent breasts from sagging There is no medical necessisity to wear bras unless certain unavoidable conditions Bras can create permanent "grooves" in...
    23 Style 157
  231. Revised first paragraph (would you want to read this)
    “I’m sorry” she cried lying half-conscious in the cold, sterile, hospital bed. Tony, placed his warm hand on her face. “Shhh. Shhh.” he whispered softly in her ear. “It’s ok. Everything is going to be ok. We’re going to be ok”. His normally soothing vo...
    4 General 8
  232. Caught Shoplifting
    Recently me & my friend got caught taking $100 worth of items from a retail store.. Im 19..A certified nursing assistant & also a phlebotomist.. I accidently left my wallet in my vehicle & made a very stupid choice not to go get it.. I am scared th...
    11 Money 75
  233. Vaginal Question? /:
    My vagina just recently started burning, itching, smelling foul, having bloody discharge, burns a bit when I urinate, it's almost a numb feeling. I am sexually active and use protection, I do have an enlarged labia that I am going to get labiaplasty on...
    6 Sex 31
  234. Mom won't let her kittens go!
    We have three 5 week old kittens with their mother. All are still nursing and a week ago they managed to climb out of their shallow box and wander around a bit in the room they were staying. After two days of being quite mobile, the mother decided to...
    4 Pets 97
  235. Work & exercise
    Im working at an elderly nursing home and im constantly on my feet 4/5 and a half hours straight! I dont get a chance to sit except on my break because the clients are dependent on all aspects of physical care. I am on a diet to get fit so I dont get ...
    4 Nutritionfitness 27
  236. Which of the following categories would veterinarian fall under?
    I'm filling out an application, and I want to be a veterinarian, it lists these categories: Biotechnology Cisco Working Academy Electronics Engineering Manufacturing Automotive Technology Collision Repair Printing Technology Welding Technolo...
    2 Education 322
  237. I want to go university, but I'm really not good at english
    I'm in Canada and I know my people think Canadian university is much more easier to enter, compare to other countries. My average mark in grade 11 was btw 80. I was in level 1 math. Except math, other subjects in level 2. I already took Chem12 and Bio...
    5 Education 44
  238. What is this, my doctor didn't tell me what :(?
    Lately I've been having pains in my chest, found it hard to breathe, headaches, shakeyness, feeling light-headed, stomach pains and needing the toilet a lot. I got told to go to the doctor by my science teacher and school nurse, so I did. My doctor che...
    4 Health 28
  239. Does this diet work?
    Hello I am 18 years old 5'4" and weigh 160 im trying to loose 30 pounds! I started to buy slim fast shakes I take one every moring along with a vegatable, at lunch im eating a sandwich/fish/ chicken, and for dinner a very low calorie meal. Im doing a ...
    3 Nutritionfitness 30
  240. Whenn I go number twoo yeah..
    Quick time I wrote on ere before but when I go toilet I am literally upset and annoyed I dread going number too all the time. and I sweat and everything its not a nice thing,its not a phobia its just I suffer lots of pain, I get a bump that pops out ...
    3 Health 26
  241. How to find homes for my nine puppies?
    Guys I have really got myself in a cave no a do-do dutch no hells fire...with these puppies...I resued mom and now the pups are 2 months, I am losin my mind..its getting harder and harder I have a pin in my garage pretty big...I clean it twice a day fe...
    9 Pets 31
  242. What should I get for my "Big Sister"?
    I'm starting a new school soon, and we have Big Sis/Little Sis thing where a senior is paired up with an 8th/9th grader. I have known my big sis (through email) for a couple months, but have never met her in person. (I will be meeting her on the first ...
    6 General 38
  243. Found a tiny please.
    Ok so I found this really tiny mouse outside on my porch today. Its eyes and ears are still closed,it barely moves around but does shake and twitch a lot. I've been feeding it with a med. Dispenser thing although it's not drinking very much and just sl...
    7 Pets 77
  244. my mom refuses to believe me when I am sick!
    my mom doesnt beleive me when I am sick! she refuses to take me to the doctors until I have to plead with her. I have this rash now and honest to god it looks like MRSA pictures my nurse has in her office. she took me to the doctors when I only had one...
    3 Family 148
  245. Who can tell me how to help my baby chipmunk?
    My cat found a baby chipmunk a couple days ago and tried to eat it. We tried to find his/her mother but so far we've had no luck so we're trying to keep him/her and nurse him/her back to health. Unfortunatly I've never tended to a chipmunk so I dont re...
    3 Pets 90
  246. Im having chihuahua babies
    What is the average range in price for a c section for a chihuahua. My chi is due sptember 20th. This is my first time having babies. I am a nurse so I know I can handle it but I am asking for all the advice I can get. I've done my reserch and I have a...
    3 Pets 58
  247. END OF MY ROPE!
    I had my son when I was 18 and I'm now 24 and he is 6. Me and his dad have been split since just before he turned 2 so he doesn't really know what it's like to have us together. I now have a boyfriend who I have a 6 month old with. He is a very good ki...
    4 Babies 25
  248. Does anyone know anything bout bipolar disorder?
    hey does any one anything bout bipolar disorder? the symptons apart from going from big ups to extreme lows? does any body have that and tel me ways they deal with it? im a not drug kinda guy, I've just goten thru a long depression without drugs or a s...
    3 Health 62
  249. I do not believe abortion is right.
    I don't think that there is any logical reason to have an abortion because you 'just dont want it' I believe in a persons rights to make their own choices and decisions, but I don't think that abortion should be a choice. The choice was when you had se...
    18 Sex 26
  250. Could i have miscarried or had an ectopic pregnancy?
    About a week after my period I had bled a little then it stopped. the next weeks I started pain with sex, and cramps. last week I started bleeding like a period but heavier, at one point it was a dark red with almost brown like clumps. The bleeding end...
    5 Sex 46