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  1. What are some really scary nursery songs?
    20 Music 51
  2. Good bed time nursery rhymes
    What are some good bedtime nursery rhymes for children
    3 Babies 19
  3. Nursery ideas?
    How would you recommend decorating a nursery, for a baby of unknown sex.
    4 Sex 43
  4. I have an interview to work in a nursery
    ok, so I have an interview on the 17th of april, 2 work with nursery children, does any body know any good tips 2 make me stand out from the rest? im guna b so nervous!!! as I havnt had many interviews as I've been in college ful time, if I get this jo...
    4 Money 25
  5. Was it little miss muffet that lived in a shoe?
    Was it little miss muffet that lived in a shoe? And who wrote that nursery rhyme?
    4 Education 35
  6. why does my baby brother keep crying is it the formula?
    because the cans are translated n spanish so i just give him up to number one milk and another number of nursery water..
    6 Babies 50
  7. where would people hire 14 year olds for jobs in manchester ?
    does anyone know anywhere that people are hiring for 14 year olds to baby sit or go to day care nurserys to work ?
    3 Babies 68
  8. Im not sure whether to leave college
    Wel, I ave a part time job in a nursery an it works out I get a hel of a lot more money than I do going to college, im doing a teaching assistant course wich I didnt want to do but it was the only thing I could do 2 work with children. I have my level ...
    7 Education 16
  9. Why is everything racist!
    Why is everything related to racism! Apparently from what I've heard you can't say the nursery rhyme "Bah Bah black sheep" or you can't say "Black board" anymore? Why not! Racism is everywhere and by stoping people from using these words isn't going...
    9 General 51
  10. Baby Confusion!!! (HELP!!!)
    I am 16 years and I have graduated cause I'm home schooled so me and my boyfriend have been together for about 5 years and we want to have a baby should I wait or should I have the baby? we have been together since I was 11 and we have been waiting sin...
    3 Relationships 18
  11. How can I be a mom to them?
    I'm 17 and in 11th grade, and having TWINS.. When I told my parents they were like "oh sweetie what have you done!!!"{joyfully}.. I was like WOW!! and I was shocked.. They have always been tough on me.. I'm having a boy and a girl so my par...
    5 Family 32
  12. Im so stressed!
    I've been ill since monday, I have the flu I was sick all day yesterday and they wouldnt let me go home, I work in a nursery and I've more than likely givin it 2 the children, and im really bad 2day so I rang in sick and now they have said they dont n...
    4 Money 13
  13. Forced to go to church
    I have been going to this one church since I was 5 years old. and I am now 16 almost 17. I started out going valentarily but then just a few years ago I started being forced to go by my parents. I have hated the church that I go to for about over 4 yea...
    15 Religion 165
  14. Is my childrens' father selfish?
    i have ben with my partner for 18 years met on my 18th birthday now we have to children and for the pass 9 years he has not helped me towards any bills, he may do the odd shopping he woks and i am a student. he comes in in the evening and call s me ev...
    3 Family 34
  15. Beatlemania
    Well...after watching "Across the Universe" which by the way was AMAZING! I soon began to wonder...about songs by the Beatles. Like what they mean? Like "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"...I know John wrote it after his son Julian came home ...
    8 Music 14
  16. Why does my guppy have a red bump on her body?
    My guppy has a red bump on her left side right below her back. i had her in a nursery for too long and put her back in the guppy tank and she was doing fine. It came suddenly (I'm thinking overnight) and she is having trouble swimming. I know she will ...
    2 Pets 57
  17. What kind of stuff does a new mom need for twins?
    My sister is almost 23 weeks (5 almost 6 months) pregnant with twin baby girls. We have decided on the names Kensen and Kassan!!! What is a good brand of baby products(Like clothes, pacifiers, those little mucus suckie thingies, car seats bath seats, e...
    6 Babies 32
  18. What to bring to a babysitting job?
    Okay, so I'm fourteen and I haven't babysat before besides my brothers and sisters who are twelve, nine, seven, and two. I do work the nursery/ childrens ministry at church with my cousin who is two months younger than I am. I was asked to babysit a f...
    2 Babies 52
  19. Son's poem
    I wrote a poem for my son. I'd like some constructive criticism on how to make it flow 'better' because I fully intend to transfer it onto a plaque in his nursery with a decoupaged photo of he and I sleeping. I know it's not the best thing ever written...
    10 Sex 35
  20. What can I do about my mean head of department at college (read more)?
    I'm at college to get qualifications to become a teaching assistant, it is my dream job because I have aspergers syndrome and I want to help children like me and with other special needs, but I have a bit of a problem. I was advised by a teacher to go ...
    3 Education 17
  21. Should I continue writing my novel?
    I'm not really sure if this is good, so could someone please read it and tell me if I should continue writing? Thanks! :) Don't Open this until your ready, Alexa. Those seven words were written in sharpie across my sister's leather bound diar...
    5 Literature 36
  22. im 14 and really want a baby
    hi there my name is katie and im 14 years of age. I know that the user name says mum2be but I am on a friends account thats all. Anyway, for years I have been wanting to have a baby and I know it sounds crazy but I have everything worked out. This migh...
    17 Family 63