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  1. What can I do to be a member?
    What can I do to be a member?
    2 Technology 14
  2. Can I bath with my family members?
    Can I bath with my family members
    9 Family 326
  3. do you hate one or more family members?
    do you hate one or more family members???
    6 Family 55
  4. How do I convince a family member to stop smoking?
    15 Family 78
  5. Funadvice member
    How can I become a member of funadvice
    2 Funadvice 10
  6. How long have you been a member of Funadvice?
    How long have you been a member?
    15 Funadvice 40
  7. What do you do during family time?
    What do you usually do during family time?
    2 Family 38
  8. How can I pray for my troubled family?
    How can I pray for my troubled family?
    2 Family 32
  9. Members in england
    Is there any members in england on here or is it all just america
    3 Funadvice 9
  10. What do I do when my family argues?
    What do I do when my family argues to much.
    7 Family 31
  11. What happens when you report a member?
    What happens when you report a member?
    2 Funadvice 15
  12. Did they cancel No Ordinary Family?
    4 Entertainment 37
  13. What are all the benefits of being a member in Runescape?
    4 Gaming 45
  14. how can i fix my dysfunctional family?
    14 Family 67
  15. Could you kill a family member if they turned zombie?
    13 Family 51
  16. Who watches No Ordinary Family?
    5 Entertainment 12
  17. How do you react to family emergencies?
    9 General 49
  18. How do i cope with a death in the family? . . .
    6 Family 39
  19. Is it wrong to be jealous of a family member's time or is that considered a sin by being jealous?
    11 Family 91
  20. What is the easiest way to quit a job where your employed by a family member?
    2 Money 22
  21. How do you tell a crazy family member that you smoke marijuana?
    3 Family 61
  22. nude if front of family members
    Has anyone ever been nude if front of family members, and I don't mean when you were little kids. Like in your teen years, and have you seen other family members nude.
    33 Family 48089
  23. Good family movies
    What are some really good family movies?
    4 Entertainment 15
  24. Do you have any friends or family who is doctor??
    Do you have any family or friends who is doctor?? And how it like ??
    4 Family 57
  25. How to get rid of an alcholic family?
    How to get rid of an alcholic family?
    2 Family 38
  26. Family Guy, how good is it?
    How good is Family Guy? Really now
    11 Entertainment 44
  27. How do I tell my family and friends I am now pregnant?
    How do I tell my family and friends I am now pregnant?
    3 Health 38
  28. Family guy online
    Where can I watch family guy online?
    4 Entertainment 17
  29. Do you prefer 'The Simpsons' or 'Family Guy'?
    I prefer 'Family Guy'! :)
    26 Entertainment 48
  30. favorite on family guy
    who is your favorite character on family guy??
    12 Entertainment 18
  31. nude around family
    Has anyone ever been nude around family members, and if so what was the reason and did you feel comfortable
    5 Family 1568
  32. What does it mean to be the "black sheep" of the family?
    9 Family 49
  33. is it bad that some families grow up sexist?
    6 Sex 27
  34. What was Christopher Columbus's family occupation?
    2 Politics 206
  35. Would you call the police if you saw a family member getting attacked ?
    11 Family 37
  36. How does the site selected suggested members?
    3 Funadvice 7
  37. What ways are there of getting rid of hatred for a family member that has passed away?
    12 Family 44
  38. Who in your family do you hope to live the longest?
    8 Family 18
  39. who plays peter on family guy?
    3 Entertainment 19
  40. Are spoiled kids from wealthy families?
    10 General 39
  41. Why are the suggested members always the same people?
    4 Funadvice 13
  42. Why is it always the same suggested members?
    4 Funadvice 11
  43. Who is a member on FA since 2003?
    2 Funadvice 7
  44. What should I do when I meet my teachers with my family at stores?
    13 Education 17
  45. What is average of age of Funadvice members ?
    3 Funadvice 11
  46. Does your family have a traditional Thanksgiving prayer?
    16 Religion 15
  47. What are good movies to watch with your family?
    9 Entertainment 47
  48. How many members are in the House?
    How many memebers are there to be in the house?
    2 Politics 7
  49. Can my friend move in with me and my family at 13?
    11 Family 44
  50. What's the best nude lipstick at drugstores?
    2 Drugs 37
  51. Family guy or South Park
    Family guy or South Park? I like Family Guy
    17 Entertainment 39
  52. What should a girl do if she is under 18, pregnant, and doesn't know how to tell her mom or her family members?
    13 Family 32
  53. Who would take a family member to court to sue them for money or anything else?
    6 Family 13
  54. which family guy episode do you think is the best?
    which family guy episode do you think is the best
    8 Entertainment 36
  55. Did Vanessa Hudgens do nude pictures?
    did vanessa hudgens do nude pic
    8 Entertainment 35
  56. What names members band panic at the disco?
    What names members band panic at the disco?
    4 Technology 97
  57. How to spend time with my family when I work all the time?
    3 Family 23
  58. Family guy which one is the best episode
    Family guy which one is the best episode
    3 Entertainment 15
  59. Can I attend lutheran churches if I m not a member?
    Can I attend lutheran churches if I m not a member?
    2 Politics 18
  60. Is this site Sharing adsense revenue to its members?
    Is this site Sharing adsense revenue to its members?
    3 Funadvice 15
  61. How did florence and the medici family become so wealthy?
    How did florence and the medici family become so wealthy?
    2 Family 150
  62. Is it legal to practice nudism at home, and do I need consent from other family members to do so?
    I would like to practice nudism at home. Is this legal ? Should I consent other members of the family to do so ?
    6 General 288
  63. Family and age?
    How old are you and how many people do you have in your family?
    10 Family 35
  64. Is there a golden rule that you and your family live by?
    Is there a golden rule that you and your family live by or go by ?
    6 Family 19
  65. What website can I go to find out who my other family members are?
    I'm curious to know who else is in my family and where they live.
    3 Family 13
  66. How to go about finding a family member
    Does anyone know how to go about finding a family member (or anyone for that matter...) assuming you dont know all of the proper info.?
    4 Family 33
  67. What are the responsibilities of a member in parliament, a senator, and a premier???
    2 Politics 26
  68. What are some good last names for my Sim family?
    19 Family 78
  69. Famous Families
    Does any one have any famous cousins or siblings? I have one.
    6 Entertainment 31
  70. Is anyone on here an active member of Weight Watchers?
    3 Nutritionfitness 21
  71. What are the proper ways of sharing family responsibilities?
    4 Family 8
  72. Moving In With Another Family Member
    I am 14, am I old enogh to make a decision to move in with my nana?
    2 Relationships 48
  73. What was Helen Keller's family life like?
    4 Family 9
  74. how are the nat west family pigs worth
    2 Pets 70
  75. Does your family get on your last nerve?
    Does your family get on your last nerve? My family gets on my nerve to the point were I don't like them at all
    4 Family 36
  76. Should I believe a family member who's lied before?
    i was lied to from a family member before more then once. Should i believe him again? i dont kno if i can't trush him right ow. plezz help me out
    3 Family 32
  77. Is payday loan available for international members?
    4 Money 17
  78. Does anyone have bffs, b/gfs, or family who are on drugs?
    8 Drugs 27
  79. How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? is it something big in your family?
    2 General 13
  80. How to run away from your family?
    do you think I should run away from home
    10 Family 47
  81. What should I give someone who lost a family member?
    i can draw so, give me some ideas or anything else please.
    10 General 23
  82. How do u know something is wrong in your family?
    4 Family 11
  83. What was marriage and family like in the Elizabethan times?
    3 General 32
  84. How do I get out of going on our family trip to Chicago???
    6 Family 6
  85. what is tradition your family follow when someone dies?
    11 Family 59
  86. Which would you defend first - friend or family and why?
    30 Family 32
  87. Why are some of my family members freaking out about me dating a 16, soon to be 17, year old guy?
    13 Family 22
  88. Does anyone have any "coming out" stories? To friends or family?
    6 Family 20
  89. family resturants TGI Fridays Applebees or Chil's
    family resturants TGI Fridays Applebees or Chil's
    5 Food 45
  90. How old is Brian from Family Guy?
    How old is Brian the dog from family guy and what kind of dog is he?
    3 Entertainment 30
  91. How young is too young to want to start a family?
    How young is too young to want to start a family? Should you be married first?
    9 Family 23
  92. How do I know if a movie is suitable for my family?
    How do I know if a movie is suitable for my family besides the rating ?
    4 Entertainment 22
  93. member of funadvice that is not from/doesnt live in the US?
    is there anybody that is a member of funadvice that is not from/doesnt live in the US?
    11 Funadvice 19
  94. What if I don't know half my family?
    what do I do if I dont no half my family... I kant stand it... what SHOULD I DO!?!
    2 Family 29
  95. Could a job offer life insurance to you an your family?
    Could a job offer life insurance to you an your family ?
    3 Money 15
  96. Black or nude colored reinforced toe pantyhose?
    Black or nude colored reinforced toe pantyhose?
    10 Style 98
  97. How to block a member from sending me Fun Mail?
    How can i block a funadvice member from sending me mail?
    2 Funadvice 24
  98. annoying family
    How do I deal with my annoying family?... would it be best if I just ignore them?!
    2 Family 18
  99. Family guy movie download.
    Is there somewhere I can download the Family Guy movie for free?
    3 Entertainment 216
  100. Family guy: funny or offensive?
    Do you find family guy funny or offensive?why?lol
    8 Entertainment 32
  101. What channel does family guy come on?
    what channel does family guy come on, and what time. I have comcast.
    7 Entertainment 339
  102. What happens if your family member is in need of blood but your blood type is a different one; do they still expect you to share?
    5 Health 47
  103. Why do family members get humiliated if their daughter is pregnant with out marriage and she's young?
    is it like scaring your family and shaming them all life?
    7 Family 25
  104. Nude in front of Family Members
    I am a 20 years old Boy. I live with my Mom,Dad and two elder sisters. I love to stay nude in front of my family members, Should I consult them all before I start doinf it ?
    19 Family 3081
  105. Whats it called when like do stuff with a family member?
    Whats it called when like do stuff with a family member?I hecka forgot and my friend wont stop asking lol.
    9 Family 110
  106. What are some good, easy vegetarian meals to make for a family?
    3 Food 52
  107. Military Veterans in your Family.
    How many of you have a relative in the military?/ Or a relative whos a Veteran?
    3 Family 10
  108. nude or pjs?
    what do you usually wear when you go to bed?
    22 Style 181
  109. What are the odds of a person getting cancer who has no background of cancer in their family?
    8 Health 19
  110. Would you ever choose the love of your life over your family?
    22 Family 96
  111. What would happen if you yell at the people in your family?
    How would they react?
    4 Family 62
  112. hello FA family, how is everyone on this wonderful day
    7 Relationships 17
  113. What makes you want to follow a certain FA member & why?
    11 Funadvice 14
  114. How to get a new kitty that was abandon to warm up to me and my family?
    14 Pets 37
  115. Do black labs make good family dogs?
    9 Pets 54
  116. what do you see as the pros and cons of owning a family pet?
    7 Pets 20
  117. Is it illegal to take nude pictures of youself?
    10 Politics 148
  118. Family dog?
    If you had a family and you wanted a dog.. What breed would you choose and why?
    5 Pets 17
  119. How to get my family to stop bugging me?
    how do I tell my family to stop bugging me with out making them mad?
    4 Family 37
  120. How can I come out as bi to my family?
    I'm bisexual and coming out to my family is hard. What should I say?
    4 Sex 34
  121. What's better family guy or charm school and dasiy of love?
    What's better family guy or charm school and dasiy of love
    4 Entertainment 19
  122. Do you think family force 5 iz da bomb
    Do you think family force 5 iz da bomb
    3 Music 34
  123. Have any members parents died lately?
    Sorry, this is depressing, bout have any members parents died lately?
    5 Family 30
  124. How does FunAdvice pay its members?
    pls can someone tell me how funadvice pay it members and by what means?
    4 Funadvice 7
  125. Should we start a family when my boyfriend gets out of jail?
    My boyfriend is in jail and he's getting out soon so do you think we should start a family?
    8 Family 50
  126. What would you say to a girl dating a gang member
    What would you say to a girl dating a gang member if you had the chance?
    8 Relationships 76
  127. Is anyone on here a member of imvu?
    Is anyone on here a member of imvu? Also does anyone no how I can get free credits on imvu
    5 Technology 48
  128. How do you get over almost losing your family?
    how do you get over almost losing your family and your own life many times
    3 Family 29
  129. What's your favorite Wiggles member?
    Who was your favourite Wiggles member? Mine was the yellow one.
    5 Entertainment 19
  130. How many of you are more scared of actually hearing a ghost story told by a family member (that is supposedly true) to watching it on tv ?
    5 Religion 12
  131. family rape!!!
    wld you keep your baby if a family member raped you and you got preggos???
    15 Family 138
  132. Who are the members of "The Coon" on South Park?
    Like who is each 'super hero' ???
    3 Entertainment 16
  133. Do anyone have endometriosis and know if they have gotten it passed down the line of family?
    2 Health 21
  134. Does Victoria's Secret have good nude lipsticks?
    tell me your review :)
    5 Shopping 35
  135. Does anybody find that The Simpsons is feeling the squeeze from Family Guy?
    8 Entertainment 19
  136. Who is going to be the 200th member of the weight loss goal group?
    7 Nutritionfitness 20
  137. what are some places thast help needy families in st.pete florida?
    3 Money 11
  138. How can I tell my family that I'm bisexual the right way?
    With out pissing them off???
    4 Sex 33
  139. What are some things you could do to help yourself deal with being the "Black Sheep" of the family?
    7 Family 21
  140. Is there a way to trace my family tree without hiring a geneologist?
    6 Family 25
  141. What to do when everyone in your family is in a bad mood, and your mother is pms'ing?
    8 General 15
  142. Do all the Disney World cast members actually LIVE in Florida?
    4 Entertainment 18
  143. What bucket lists do my fellow FA members have?
    things to do before you die
    20 Funadvice 52
  144. What do you do when a guy you work with went through your phone and sent himself a nude picture of yourself?
    7 Relationships 38
  145. Who is responsible for financial recessions - us, or banks, or the members of parliament?
    7 Politics 20
  146. Do you think a lot of members will leave the site now that there are no cash for points?
    32 Funadvice 100
  147. What is a good time span in between getting family photos done?
    7 Family 32
  148. Which group was a member decapitated in an accident?
    TLC or Destiny's Child?
    15 Entertainment 139
  149. Why is family mean and make you feel unwanted?
    why are famitlys so mean. and make you feel unwated :'(?
    8 Family 154
  150. Do I have to have parental permission to get emancipated from my family when I'm 17?
    12 Family 42
  151. would i be more at risk of getting cancer if 5 of my family members died of cancer?
    on my moms side of the family 5 people died of cancer so would i be more at risk of getting cancer. because ive heard its passed through the genes.
    9 Health 25
  152. would you finance your family members house for free?
    If your family member asked you to finance a house for them, but let it still be theirs not yours. Not rent it from you, just help them out would you do it?? They make pmts and dwn pmt but its in your name...
    2 Homegarden 9
  153. Is there a way to filter the search for members?
    Is there a way to filter the search results for members so you get those closest to you first?
    2 Funadvice 14
  154. afraid of your family's thoughts
    if you are bi what should you do when you are afraid to admite it to other people and your family because you are afraid of what they will think of u?
    9 Family 9
  155. Anyone else in miley cyrus's family famous besides her and her Dad?
    Is anyone else in miley cyrus' family that is famous besides her and her dad?
    5 Entertainment 55
  156. Family guy or Robot Chicken?
    I am asking you! Yes, YOU! If you like Family Guy or Robot Chicken! So which is better?
    12 Entertainment 44
  157. What are some of your family's (or your own) Christmas traditions?
    My family watches The Christmas Story while we put up our Christmas the Sunday after Thanksgiving. :)
    13 Religion 26
  158. What's the word for marriage in the family?
    What's the word for when you marry someone in your family? Like your brother or your cousin?
    5 General 52
  159. Pregnancy test dont work on the females in my family
    But pregnancy test dont work on the females in my family our hormone are messed up so what do I do
    4 Health 52
  160. What is sexier nude or black pantyhose?
    Guys what do you think what is sexier wearing nude or black pantyhose? Or none?
    4 Sex 220
  161. What do you think about other family members who are jealous of the other having a baby?
    My sister in law is jealous of me going to have a baby. She has a 2 year old daughter and thinks that she will be pushed away as an outcast just because there will be a new member of our family.
    5 Family 28
  162. Family guy or the simpsons
    I had an argument lol with my friend about who's better family guy or the simpsons I said family guy but he said the simpsons, what do you guys think?
    22 Entertainment 46
  163. Getting along with family members?
    Does anyone have a hard time getting along with family members? If so, what's the problems? I don't get along with my family since I've been having issues with my mother and father. I moved out but, still, I can't seem to make up with any of my siblin...
    2 Family 68
  164. How to tell my family I'm bulimic?
    How do you tell your family you are bulimic? I really want help, but don't want to bother my family. Any suggestions!
    3 Health 12
  165. How would you feel if your best friend goes to your family members to find out information about you that you have already told them?
    That them going to the family member was a way in seeing if you were truthful or not. Personally it would offend me.
    7 Relationships 15
  166. What is one thing you have learned about financial literacy that you could help your family with?
    2 Money 12
  167. Does anyone else on this entire website with 245,633 members have Minecraft?
    5 Gaming 11
  168. Is it ever 'ok' to disown someone in your family and what would be a good reason for it?
    16 Family 111
  169. How come Family Guy is getting funnier and the Simpsons is getting less funny?
    9 Entertainment 31
  170. How to get members to my forum?
    I creating new forum and I want to get memebers and visitors. How can I get more memebers to my forum??
    2 Technology 14
  171. How do I stop my insecurities from getting in the way with my relationships; friends, boyfriend and family?
    19 Relationships 66
  172. Do you think moving out would help getting away from family drama?
    8 Family 38
  173. How to convince my parents to move closer to family?
    How can I convince my parents to move to a different city closer to our relatives?
    2 Family 64
  174. How much money does the average middle class family make yearly?
    3 Money 39
  175. What is the proper attire to wear to a family reunion?
    if there is oue or do you just wear something comfortable?
    11 Style 77
  176. where can I go to find a member I am looking for without having to scroll through friends and followers?
    6 Funadvice 18
  177. Who likes The Naked Brothers Band, and if so, what's ur favorite song and member?
    16 Music 26
  178. what's the hardest lesson you've leared on love (bf/gf, family, or friend)?
    32 Relationships 20
  179. What percentage of your household expenditure would you ask for from a person who was to move in with your family?
    4 Family 11
  180. Who likes Family Guy?
    Who likes Family guy? Wts your fav episode? who's your fav character? I luv that show!!!
    18 Entertainment 33
  181. How long have I been a Funadvice member?
    Okay I've been on funadvice since december 6th can you tell me how long I've been a member/
    6 Funadvice 8
  182. Member searching...
    I've forgotten how to remove myself from member searching. I know I can do it, but how? I need to know tonight! Thanks...
    2 Funadvice 8
  183. Favorite character on family guy
    Whats your favorite character on family guy? Mine is the evil monkey and brain
    8 Entertainment 11
  184. A family question
    Are dog or cats better for a family of 6 or even a bird rabbit?
    5 Pets 7
  185. do you like best...simpson's, south park or family guy?
    which one do you like best...simpson's, south park or family guy? I just can't choose!
    11 Entertainment 26
  186. Should I go to Detroit for two days with my family?
    family from alabama r going to visit the 1s in detroit..should i go?
    9 Family 6
  187. How come family members treat those with disabilities differently?
    How come family members treat those with disabilities differently? What's so different when being treated either cruel, or other ways? compared to sighted people? I have a visual impairment and my family just treated me like I was nobody. What causes ...
    2 Family 15
  188. How can you invite non-members?
    They are not a member . I just need to know how to invite non members , please Happy Sunday . DD :)
    2 Funadvice 7
  189. Can you help me find members of my family?
    I want to find some members of family that I have never met or lost contact with but I don't know how to as I have tried so many websites but they never work for me! does anyone no of any good websites that might help me? kaylie xxx
    4 Family 14
  190. What do I do if my family hates me
    Everything I do everybody yells at me and I dont get to do anything to have fun
    3 Family 63
  191. What is the best way to tell other team members to be serious about doing their job without offending them?
    11 Money 28
  192. What is this family relationship?
    What is the relationship for my 1st daughter's son to my second daughter's mother in-law?
    2 Family 14
  193. Should we abolish the British Royal Family?
    for an english essay, help with arguments for and against, thanks
    12 Politics 32
  194. Family feud!
    A brother and another brother are feuding. One brother is going to destory the other brothers car should I warn the brother?
    3 Family 41
  195. Where is a good website - with no viruses - to watch free, unlimited Family Guy episodes?
    5 Entertainment 13
  196. Is there any country where roaming on the street nude is legal?
    i want to roam around naked in the street. But other people should be naked too
    9 Travel 338
  197. Who is your favorate Bee Gees Member ?
    Barry Gibb Robin Gibb Maurice Gibb and y ?
    3 Music 37
  198. Family and health
    My mom is a little heavy how should I tell her nicly to lose some weight?
    2 Family 11
  199. Is there a free website with NO dowload where you can play fun games such as family feud, etc. ?
    8 Gaming 24
  200. What do you think is a good size home in square foot, for a 4 person family?
    11 Homegarden 40
  201. What do Member Ratings mean?
    Mine says 87% What does this mean? Please explain. Thanks!
    2 Funadvice 45
  202. do you ever get offended whenever you wach family guy?
    or do you just laugh and shrugg it off?
    12 Entertainment 12
  203. why, i am really wet right now, and i cant do anything about it, my family is here so i don't have a place to myself.......please help!!!!?
    9 Relationships 42
  204. How many slightly older members are still on here constantly that have a name instead of a number?
    23 Funadvice 23
  205. How come single family homes look so tiny but condos look so much bigger?
    5 Homegarden 9
  206. Should I ignore a family member who doesn't like my boyfriend?
    my boyfriend's name is jacklon and he is 15 years old. he is colored. someone in my family has a really big problem with this. do you think that I should ignore the person or break up with my boyfriend?
    6 Family 72
  207. what are some unique christmas/holiday traditions your family does?
    my family gets together and we have a party and goof off and have a bolderdash competition :)
    4 Entertainment 17
  208. how come my family hates me a
    how come my family hates me and so do all the people at school I have never done anything to any living soul!
    9 Family 74
  209. Ringo Star's family tree
    Would anyone be able to locate Ringo Star's family tree for me? Thanks heaps.
    4 General 204
  210. My family is sleeping, what should I do?
    mnt. standard time it is 7:20 am. The weekend. My family is still sleepin. What should I do?
    2 Family 31
  211. Are KKK members really voting for Obama?
    The KKK are aculy voteing Obama, it goes against them but KKK members are aculy voteing Obama, dose this sound stupid to you as it dose to me?
    14 Politics 61
  212. Gang member
    this guy asked me out but my friends say he's a gang member of pbs or something like that.what should I do?
    4 Relationships 15
  213. Nude Pictures
    Is it wrong for spouses to take nude photos of each other with the others consent? For Christians, I mean.
    8 Religion 74
  214. You know in family guy
    You know in family guy, when stewie, chris, peter, and brian all drink that stuff and puke? what is it they drink?
    3 Relationships 23
  215. Young Family
    I'm 13 and my boyfriend wants a family in a couple of years but im not sure if im up to it, what should I do?
    2 Relationships 12
  216. Can cancer run through families?
    I don't know if this is a stupid question or not, but quite a few of my family members have had or died from cancer, and I am quite worried if I might get it. Does it run through families?
    4 Health 69
  217. Are group members automatically added?
    Are group members added automatically? I created a new group, and within seconds it said I had 68 members, but I don't think any of them knew they were members! What is up with this?
    4 Funadvice 13
  218. Older for a lad's family
    I am off to wales to go meet my boyfriend's family the thing is he has told them I am 15 but I am 13
    2 Relationships 48
  219. Members from nj?
    I don't know is there any members on funadvice that live in jersey? I don't know im not a stalker im just curious. I FEEL SO LONELY :(
    3 Funadvice 12
  220. who thinks i should play mean tricks or scare my sleeping family? and if so what would be some good ways ?
    3 Health 26
  221. What's the song from Family Guy?
    Whats that song from Family Guy that is played when Chris gets pulled through the freezers in the grocery store?
    3 Music 44
  222. Family guy song? 'this song is sang by a gay guy'
    It was a song that he sang And he said 'this song is sang by a gay guy' And it was a george micheal song I think! Help!
    2 Music 160
  223. How many members are on FunAdvice?
    Does anyone know exactly how many people are on fa? Like how many are mebers?
    5 Funadvice 11
  224. What are the names of the band members of Maroon 5?
    Haha just wondering. I know the drummer is from Nebraska, but I don't know their names.
    3 Music 49
  225. Who watches abc family shows?
    I watch make it or break it and secret life of a american teenager do any of you watch those shows
    5 Entertainment 9
  226. What's a math family factor?
    What is a math family facter? And if im correct about it 4,14, and 5 can not be done, right?
    2 General 33
  227. Who are the most well known/liked/respected members on wattpad?
    I'm pretty sure colleen is one of them but who else?
    6 Literature 16
  228. Am I cooking harmful food for my family?
    Ilove to cook. I usually cook big meals for my family. am I ultimately starting my family down the road to obesity?
    4 Food 16
  229. What's a great family-friendly beach for a weekend?
    I wanted to know if there are any beach in particular which is the better for a weekend trip. I want a family friendly beach.
    6 Travel 29
  230. Marriage to someone my family doesn't like
    hey I have a question, what do I do if I want to marry a man that my family doesnt like?
    5 Family 13
  231. What if my sister's friends like me but they're like family?
    a couple of my sisters friends like me but they aren't my type plus i have come to think of them as family what do i do
    3 Relationships 13
  232. Is my member too small?
    my dik is so small OMG Its only like 4 and a half how do you make it longer? D:
    10 Relationships 64
  233. Who do you think is the hottest One Direction member?
    Who do you think haas the best personality in 1 Direction? And who is your favorite overall 1 Direction member?
    12 Music 16
  234. Did the Michael Jackson family burry him?
    omg do any one know if da jackson family burry micheal`s body just asking
    2 Entertainment 40
  235. How can I get my family to stop talking about my period?
    How can you get your family to stop talking about you having your period. Ever since I told them I had my period, alls my gramma and mom have been talking to me about is my period
    6 Family 85
  236. Deceptive family
    What do you do when an ex husband turns your owne family bagainst you ? When they dont listen to any reasoning other than attacking you .
    3 Family 25
  237. How hard is it to have a family while in the military?
    I know it must be tough, but anyone with any experience can you tell me how hard it is to keep a family while in the military. Thanx
    2 Money 36
  238. How often do you and your family eat meals together at the table?
    How often do you and your family eat meals together at the table? And how much value do you put into this? Is it important to you? Enjoyable?
    21 Food 46
  239. What is a good way to ask your family to eat healthier in order to benefit, not only yourself, but everyone else?
    6 Health 28
  240. How can I get my ex and his family to stop calling me?
    I just broke up with my boyfriend and now he hates me and his family won't stop calling me and he won't either and I told him to stop what do I do ?
    7 Relationships 32
  241. How can your family doctor check if your a virgin?
    Is that ture can your doctor check if your a virgin or not? Someone told me that the doctor can check if you are, no matter if your a boy or girl.
    4 Health 223
  242. What if you are the last peron to carry on you family name ?
    If your in the marines and you are the last person to carry on your family name do you still have to go on deployment and fight
    2 Money 65
  243. how old do you have to be to move in with non family members
    okay heres my problem I dont like my mom or my dad and I dont want to live with them, im 16 1/2 and I want to move in with this lady friend of mine who is just a good friend how old do I have to be to move out and move in with her
    4 Family 37
  244. How can I find my family history?
    I need to find some good info on the history of my family but I don't know where to start. Can you show me some good websites??? Please I really want to know about my family history.
    3 Family 41
  245. Who is the current oldest member of funadvice?
    Who is the current oldest member of funadvice?except our pioneering wiz,thedudue and all other staff members?I mean the first ever outsider ?
    7 Funadvice 10
  246. How do I have a positive attitude around my family?
    How do I improve a much better attitude around my family like I do when I'm at church? Right now it's not the best
    4 Family 14
  247. what does the bible say about looking at nude pictures?
    Thats about it, wondering if it's a sin to look at porn, nude bodies, etc. thx
    3 Relationships 67
  248. family issuse
    My boyfrinds mother has stated she doesn't want him anymore. I am 24 and I am not ready for a real family yet.
    5 Relationships 24
  249. Well I always give attitude to my family how do I stop?
    Well I always give attitude to my family. I try to stop but I can't becuase they always get me so mad! How do I stop?? Please helpp =]
    7 Family 26
  250. way on here to see how many members are online?
    Is there any way on here to see how many members are online?? If not, then I think it would be a very good and useful thing to have that "option" on here. Thanks
    2 Funadvice 8