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  1. How to become a notery public?
    How to become a notery public?
    2 General 68
  2. How can I improve my public speaking?
    4 Education 20
  3. how to stop being self conscious in public ?
    how to stop being self conscious in public ?
    3 General 19
  4. Public or Private???
    Do you prefer kissing in public or private? I prefer kissing in private
    6 Relationships 55
  5. What is the effect that media has on public opinions?
    5 General 15
  6. Which school should I go to - catholic or public?
    13 Education 55
  7. How hard is it to ace public speaking?
    6 Education 19
  8. Whats so bad about public schooling?
    5 Education 60
  9. Are my legs too thin to go out in public?
    Are my legs too thin for public view?
    14 Nutritionfitness 85
  10. Usual supplies for a public high school ?
    What is the usual supplies for a public high school ??
    3 Education 39
  11. Are public housing and section 8 the same thing or not.
    Public housing and section 8 are the same thing or not.
    3 Homegarden 67
  12. Who gets more publicity? Celebrities? or Politicians?
    Who gets more publicity? Celebrities? or Politicians? If Celebrities, what's the reason? If Politicians, what's the reason?
    4 Entertainment 15
  13. Topless in public
    Have any of you girls ever gone topless in public
    10 General 123
  14. Should women breastfeed in public?
    Should women breast feed in public
    23 Babies 57
  15. What do you do when your at a hotel and your drunk parents are fighting in public?
    2 Money 33
  16. Why do some people enjoy correcting others in public?
    10 General 84
  17. What should I do, stay in Catholic school or go to public?
    17 Education 41
  18. How much are notary publics allowed to charge?
    does anyone know how much notary publics are allowed to charge? Is it different state by state? new york?
    2 Money 44
  19. Why does swimming in a public pool give you a headache?
    3 Health 98
  20. Why are some people embarrased to use public restrooms?
    6 General 51
  21. Should I send my kid or private school, or public school?
    18 Babies 22
  22. Why do some public schools wear uniforms and some don't?
    9 Education 51
  23. What's the best public place to have sex?
    what's the safest public place to have sex? :p
    8 Sex 83
  24. Does anyone know any examples of government public good?
    Does anyone know any examples of Government public good?
    2 Politics 42
  25. Would you prefer to go to public or private school?
    Would you prefer to go to public or private school?
    12 Education 22
  26. If I apply for public housing can I aplly for section 8 too?
    If I apply for public housing can I apply for section 8 too or not.
    2 Homegarden 43
  27. What do you think of security cameras in public high schools?
    23 Education 30
  28. Do you ever go shopping, or out in public wearing your pajamas?
    21 Style 36
  29. Should wolves be reintroduced into public lands?
    What is your opinion, should wolves be reintroduced into pulic lands, and why?
    4 Pets 67
  30. What are some public health issues?
    im not sure what the meaning is and what they are ?
    2 Health 13
  31. What are your felings on Lebron James and the stupid publicity he is getting?
    5 Sports 20
  32. What are some good things and bad that public transportation provides?
    6 Travel 225
  33. Why won't my parents let me go to public school?
    38 Family 166
  34. How To Conquer my Public Speaking Fear?
    I need some tips in how to stop the fear of public speaking... :(
    7 General 39
  35. Weirdest thing you've seen in a public place
    What is the weirdest thing you've seen someone do in public?
    6 General 44
  36. What is public school like?
    Is it really as bad as everyone says it is??
    7 Education 58
  37. Can a convicted felon hold public office?
    Are there any states where a convicted felon can hold public office and if so, which ones and what type of office?
    4 Politics 330
  38. Peeing in public
    I always hold my pee & poop in public. Dose any do this also if so how long do you hold it?
    4 Health 60
  39. How can a public school deny a student from going there?
    can a PUBLIC school not accept a student there when they belong to that district?
    7 Education 20
  40. why people use netflix if they can get any movie for free in the public library?
    7 Entertainment 27
  41. Do you believe all students in public schools should be subjected to random drug screens?
    5 Drugs 13
  42. How do I start off a public speaking career?
    How do i know the areas to concetrate more on? how exactly do i start?
    5 Money 15
  43. which public school in new york city has
    football, wrestleing, and basketball
    2 Education 93
  44. What do you think about parents who let their children act wild on public transportation?
    6 Family 46
  45. What kinds of jobs/careers can one get in the field of public health promotion?
    5 Money 22
  46. Why do some people think that love is only public affection?
    ( I have no problem with anyone who does btw)
    7 Relationships 15
  47. Is it a big, and bad change to go from being in a public school all your life to going to an online school?
    2 Education 27
  48. Private vs. Public school
    Do you think private school students are higher class and brattier than public school students?
    8 Education 38
  49. Public toilets, sit or squat?
    public toilets sit or squat I squat but I want 2 know other peoples preference
    19 Health 24
  50. Where can shares in public limited companies be bought?
    I was just wondering, where can shares in public limited companies be bought? and also, Why do firms sell shares?
    2 Money 16
  51. What will happen if you go to public pools and the ocean after getting a new lip piercing?
    5 Style 61
  52. How come everytime I go out in public by myself I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack?
    10 Health 41
  53. What are some websites where you can take online courses but still be enrolled in a public high school?
    7 Education 27
  54. Do you think it's trashy to do stuff with your boyfriend in public areas such as parks or behind places?
    4 Relationships 52
  55. What is your views on regional public schools, and would you want your kids in this type of school system?
    18 Education 36
  56. How long I have to wait for public housing in nyc.
    If I have applied for public housing in nyc how long I have to wait for an answer to know if I get the apartment or not.
    3 Homegarden 177
  57. What are some solutions to rid of violence in video games that the public could do?
    It is just for a public speaking thing. I have to offer solutions but I can't come up with any >.<
    4 Education 10
  58. Does the Political Party change it's platform based on the Presidents views if the President is well liked by the public?
    7 Politics 18
  59. Did Shia LaBeouf's recently publicized drunken brawl tarnish your opinion of the the young actor?
    6 Entertainment 24
  60. Can a university deny funding to a student newspaper promoting religious views when it provides funding to most other student publications?
    2 Education 12
  61. Is there a phobia for being afraid of public bathrooms?
    Is there a phobia of self consciously not being able to use public bathrooms or anyone elses but your own and being left alone?
    5 Health 26
  62. What is better , catholic or public school in your opinion and why?
    Becaausee like idk what hs to go tooo.
    13 Education 41
  63. Why shoud smoking NOT be banned in public?
    any statistics, facts or websites would be a great help. thanks!
    8 Politics 35
  64. Do you guys think that stars like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus get too much publicity?
    8 Entertainment 41
  65. What do you think of public affection?
    Once again, I am curious what your opinions of it is. I don't mind it as long as there isn't excessive groping involved.
    33 Relationships 52
  66. Sims 2 for pc woohoo in public?
    That's all my guy sim wants to do! But I have nooo idea where and how to do it. Please helpp!!
    3 Gaming 88
  67. Why do I have pimples around my public area?
    I'm married and I have small pimples around some of my pubic area, mainly around the hair part .What can cause that ?
    3 Health 68
  68. how would you masterbaite in public and not get cought??
    like when your around your family and your bored and horny how would you be able to cover it up!!??
    4 Sex 89
  69. Can a woman breastfeed her baby in public or not?
    I dont know about this, but i think is ok if a woman do that. What do you think tell me please thank you. Its just curiosity.
    13 Politics 43
  70. How do I avoid premature erections in public?
    I go hard anytime I see something even close to sexy. What Am I to do?
    4 Sex 75
  71. Do you think those secret documents of the FBI about the existence of aliens, that just became public, is real or just another conspiracy theory?
    5 Science 13
  72. something hot to wishper in his ear in public
    I want to get him horny in public while we are around friends wishper something in his ear and get him hard in public without touching him ex: I WANT YOU INSIDE ME...
    2 Relationships 79
  73. Is it weird that I hate pants when I'm at home but hate skirts when I'm out in public?
    I mean I'm boyish but I cant stand wearing a skirt in public or pants at home( unless they are leggings) lol
    3 Style 13
  74. How do I stop myself from masturbating in public?
    I am 13 years old. I masturbate at home. More then I should about 4-5 times a day. Now when I am in public I get this feeling gotta masturbate. How do I stop myself? Get rid of the feeling?
    3 Sex 53
  75. Why do I get red bumps from shaving my public hair?
    I don't know what to do about this because I don't want any pubic hair and I am not waxing it, I refuse to. so why do I get little red bums when I try and shave it?
    5 Style 73
  76., making profiles public?
    How do you make it so your aim profile isen't private on I am so confused.. I uploaded pictures but it says that my profile is private so no one can see it.
    2 Technology 47
  77. What do you guys feel about adding lithium to the public water supply?
    I found this on the Huffington post and well, I want to know what you guys think about it :)
    14 Politics 18
  78. What are your thoughts on putting leashes on your children when out in public?
    I personally think it's very wrong and quite disturbing to see any child on a leash. It just shows you have no control of you child.
    79 Babies 32
  79. what are sexy dirty dares for public 3 boys 3 girls?
    I some Dirty, Sexy dares to play with a group of people in public ( no sex) there are 3 girls and 3 boys ;) , 1 of the girls is going out wid the other boy but they dont mind
    2 Sex 541
  80. Where are some kinky public places to masturbate?
    Where are some kinky public places to masturbate? Im 13 years old and im tired of at my house, im wondering of places to masturbate like mcdonalds or a store changeroom... any ideas?
    5 Sex 666
  81. What should I do, the girl i like's mom doesnt like me, and so she wot allow us to hang out at her house or my house, andwe cant be seen toeather in public
    5 Relationships 29
  82. What's the fee for Umbrella public movie license?
    I own a for-profit business and want to start an outside movie theatre this summer. Has anyone out there actually gotten a license to show movies to the public ? If so what is the fee ?
    3 Entertainment 74
  83. How to get a lot of publicity for a new band?
    I want to know how to get more publicity to eventually becoming a well-known band around the world but I first need to know how to start
    2 Music 71
  84. New in public school
    for all my life I've been in a jewish school and now im going into a public school as a freshman and dont know what to do im expecting something scary I need some advice please
    2 Education 6
  85. Is it illegal to sell dogs in public locations?
    Is it illegal to sell dogs in public locations like a movie teathre? This is not a random joke. I'm a public relations agent an a client offered up that question for his movie teathre to promote the new movie chihuahua
    3 Money 25
  86. What is public opinion of the US around the world?
    I ask this because I have seen a lot of negative post on different blogs, and I would just like the opinion of users on this one.
    25 Politics 46
  87. How can I fit in at a public school?
    next year i'm going to a new school and it's a public school and i do not know anyone. i'm so frikin scared. i've gone to a private school all my life so.. any advice? how can i fit in?
    8 Education 103
  88. How do I turn my boyfriend on in public without being obvious?
    I want to be able to drive my boyfriend crazy in public but I really hate the way our friends/other people react. So how can I turn him on without anyone else noticing?
    14 Relationships 1886
  89. What do you think of Vancouver's new law banning smoking at public beaches and parks?
    Do you think the ban is going too far by now targeting outdoor public areas, or is this something you wish all cities would take on?
    8 Politics 25
  90. Can a signed notary be used for splitting time with a child?
    Ok so if we want joint custody 50/50 until she starts school. Can we sign a notary saying she will be here this month and there this month at these times? Without having someone just be able to runoff with her?
    4 Family 18
  91. What are some christian reasons for going to public school?
    I want to go to a public school... I've been homeschooled forever and I'm trying to convince my dad but its not working :( so if anyone could help me find some reasons for going to a public school in the bible that would be a big help
    3 Religion 25
  92. What are the pros and cons of going to an out-of-state public university?
    The tuition is nearly double for an out-of-state student in most schools, but would it be worth it to go to a city you've always wanted to go to?
    3 Education 26
  93. FunAdvice Trivia: What type of chocolate was first developed for public consumption in Vevey, Switzerland in 1875?
    A) Milk Chocolate B) Bittersweet Chocolate C) Cocoa D) Couverture
    6 Funadvice 109
  94. How do governments monitor public health trends?
    I see some great public health statistics and reports in the news and on national statistic websites, but I really do wonder how an earth they conduct their research? Can anyone tell me? Thanks
    4 Politics 10
  95. Should I work for the private or public sector?
    I’m pursuing a government career or a nonprofit career. Either way, I will make much less money than if I worked for the private sector. Should I do what I want or work for a private company that will have a higher salary?
    2 Money 24
  96. Can I use figure ice skates to go general public ice skating when I don't figure skate?
    Okay, I wanna buy some ice skates and found some I really like. I can't figure skate, in fact, i'm not brilliant at ice skating in the first place. Can I still use figure skates to go ice skating a public rinks or is it weird? : )
    6 Sports 13
  97. Private to public school
    I've been to private school all my life but for my sophomore year [side note: im a freshman now], im switching to a public school. Can anyone give me their opinion on what ill expect? Is it a big transition from private to public school? Tips on how to...
    3 Education 24
  98. Public Writing
    Do you know any websites I could go to, to write a story to share with others, or read other people's stories. Or it doesn't have to be stories, maybe poems or lyrics. I don't care. be great if ya could help. thanks
    5 Literature 20
  99. public school scared!
    ok im really nerveous!!! im going to a public school next year! I will be a junior and my whole life I have been in a private school. what are some tips for a public school that has over a thousand kids and im coming from a school with less than 150! a...
    9 Education 15
  100. What is your opinion on wearing swimming trunk in public showers?
    I'm male. I was talking about this camp I was going to recently with a friend and my mother over heard it. We are arguing over whether or not it would be normal for someone to wear swimming trunks into the public showers. I think it would be weird....
    3 General 15
  101. Is anyone skeptical at times to use public restrooms?
    Is anyone skeptical at times to use public restrooms? I am sometimes and don't know the reason. I'm at the college and I really don't like to use the restroom that much until I get home. Is that wrong for me to wait to use the restroom until I get hom...
    2 Health 19
  102. what.does anyone else like bein nude in public,?
    well I was walkin back frm postin a letter I forgot about so it was 2am so no one around so I walked it bck nude holdin my trackies,does anynoe else like bein nude in public,is it weird
    3 Relationships 117
  103. What are some sites where I can view public records for FREE?
    Hey I heard that there was somewhere you could go and read a persons criminal history and I was wondering if there was a site online that I could go to for FREE,NO HASSLE what so ever and view an associates of mine records.Thanks
    2 Technology 22
  104. Public Nudity?
    Have you ever almost accidentally left the house naked? aha I opened the door to go check the mail and realized I was in the nude. HAHA oops hahaha I put this under "enviornmental Issues" : ]
    9 Relationships 216
  105. What is public high school like?
    I've been homeschooled for almost three years and might be going back to public school soon but I want to know what it's like since it will be my first time at a high school. Like how different is it from middle school? Is it really hard? How do I know...
    11 Education 68
  106. How to make sure I don't touch my boobs in public?
    I love my boobs... I cant keep my hands off of them! I just started getting them wheni was 11 I'm already a 38c! I dont even notice that I do it and I touched them when I was in school, do you have any tips on how to make sure that don't happen anymore?
    4 Style 514
  107. How to ask my mom to go to a public school?
    How do I get my mom to let me go to a public school because the school I'm going to now my mom is soposed to be my teacher this year whene school starts but she has nursing school to worry about and she asked me and my sister if we wanted to be homesch...
    2 Education 71
  108. Where in public can I go to masturbate in a, "kinky way"?
    Ok, so, I love masturbating, I masturbate like 6 times a day and I'm 14. I love masturbating in public and in strange places. Does anyone know any good places to do this? I've done it at a hotel and the maid walked in, I've done it on a plane AND I lov...
    5 Sex 571
  109. Public Speaking
    Haha again, I have to make a presentation tomarrow. I know what I'm presentating and it's really like show and tell. I have to present five items imporant to me. I'm okay with that I just really don't want to be up there infront of my glass. I'm just s...
    3 Education 18
  110. Do you put toilet paper on the seat in public restrooms?
    women have it made, they all get the tiolet seat covers in their bathrooms while men don't. I don't mind pissin but wheni have to take a dump I wrap toilet paper around the outside. Is that normal, I don't want herpes
    2 Health 50
  111. What do you think of women who belch loudly in public?
    What do you think of girls/women that belch out loud in public? What (if anything) do you say to them? I had some rude woman make loud comments because my son was coughing nonstop at a restaurant. She was so immature she pretended to be coughing too...
    8 General 340
  112. How can I convince my Mom to let me into public school?
    ok so i want to go to a public high school, but i am at a boring private school! i have not always gone to a private school and i dont like it, i want to go back to public! but my mom doesnt want me to but my parents are split up and of course my dad...
    2 Family 44
  113. FunAdvice Trivia: Where did President Reagan publicly challenge Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev on June 12, 1987 'Tear down this Wall'?
    A) In divided Berlin B) During a visit to the Great Wall of China C) At the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin D) A and C
    10 Funadvice 15
  114. How can I convince my parents to let me go into public school?
    ok so I am in a private school and I am trying to convince my mom to let me go to the public high school, but my parents keep saying that god is more important than haveing a fun school, and I agree and all but just because I go to a public school does...
    4 Family 656
  115. Is it hard to transition from a big public school to a small private school?
    My parents are making me moving to a little town in South Carolina. There aren't good high schools or good elementary schools for my brother and I. So We both are going to go to the same private school with 355 kids. I've never been to a private school...
    6 Education 14
  116. Is there anything really important I should remember about public highschools?
    its been a while since ive been to public school and i cant remember anything about it except there was a lot of people and the one i was at was like crazy. there were people who couldnt speak english there and like mentally handicapped people that wou...
    13 Education 36
  117. Do you have public holidays in your country during Easter?
    In Australia, we have public holidays on Friday 22nd April, Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th....Wednesday 27th April is when everyone is back at work (unless of course you are a shift worker). Most of the large retailers also closed on these three days. ...
    5 General 70
  118. Who thinks its okay if i homeschool my 8th grade year then go back to public hs?
    Because right now my mom doesn't really have the money for new clothes and stuff and im running out of stuff to wear.Plus i don't like the enviornment,plus i have like no friends that are real except like one.and she won't be in my school district unti...
    8 Education 28
  119. What is a safe age for an infant to be taken to a public place like mall?
    I had this argument with my cousin since she insisted on taking her 28 days old infant to go shopping. I thought there is no good point at all for such young baby to be taken to be taken to a mall. On the other hand, plenty of viruses that might harm t...
    11 Babies 24
  120. Going homeschool, girlfriend in public school
    Well here it is me and my girlfriend met in and have been going to the same school but I am going be home schooled and I won't have a lot of money to spend to take her out to places like I'd like because I have to work to help pay for bills and such, s...
    3 Relationships 14
  121. Why doesn't he want to have a public relationship?
    So I have kinda been seeing one of my ex's for the past week, he comes over everyday after school and we kiss and cuddle and watch tv and generally just act like boyfriend and girlfriend. But then at school he acts like were just friends. He says that ...
    3 Relationships 16
  122. Public pools and planter warts
    Well my friend got a plantars wart on her foot and I was reading up on it on the internet and it says you can get it from wet publick pool areas and showers and stuff. So im kinda freakin out because I don't want a wart on my foot!!! So ...
    2 Health 105
  123. is having semen on you in public illegal?
    two of the guys i fool around with really like it when they cum on me, in my hair and clothes, on my feet and face. anywhere really. after they do it in the car they've been convincin me to go and buy a pop or even a bunch of banannas in the grocery st...
    7 Relationships 263
  124. Why do I start shaking when I eat or drink anything in public?
    Every time I eat out, I always start to shake whenever I eat or drink anything. It's so strange because it doesn't happen when I'm at home or school, just when I go to restaurant. Today I went to a pizza place and just after having about half a gla...
    2 Health 150
  125. Why cant I eat in public?
    I am 19 years old and I cant bring myself to eat infront of anybody not even family! If I go out to eat I get shaky when the food is in front of me and get really embaressed, also if I'm by myself eatting in my room I feel like someone is watching me e...
    8 Nutritionfitness 56
  126. Is it illegal to smoke in public underage?
    Is it illegal to smoke in public underage? I'm 14 and about to be 15 and I've only smoked like 5 cigarettes in my life and me and my friends were walking around this place and smoking cause thats the only time I would do it and a undercover cop comes u...
    3 Health 94
  127. why is public lewidness illegal?
    i think its so dumb to fine pple 4 walkin around naked ur not hurting anyone by doing it if anything u might be hurting only urself but that none of anyones buissness i know they make nudist colonies but they should let pple be nude whereever they wan...
    16 General 149
  128. how to deal with public embarrassing pictures?
    please help! someone posted very unflattering embarrassing pictures of me on a website. & embarrassing as in upskirt photos & i don't exactly have the greatest body in the world. Ive been crying since ive seen them and as a recovered anorexic i feel li...
    15 General 39
  129. Do you think it's acceptable for children to change their clothes in public?
    I'm not talking about kids after they hit like 8 but for the younger ones? I was at ballet practice and I saw a woman helping her daughter (Age: 4-6) change onto her ballet stuff and I she was standing there naked! The bathroom was free but know one se...
    5 Babies 121
  130. Why doesn't he kiss me in public anymore?
    ok so, here it goes, my boyfriend and I used to hangout all the time and like PDA all the time ( public display of affection ) just making out and stuff.. but after march break ( we didnt hang out during march break at al) he barley kisses me.. and li...
    4 Relationships 47
  131. What has your friend done that embarassed you in public?
    Mine was where we went to the mall and sat down in the food court. She was starving and when she got her burger, i swear, she acted out the scene of 'When Harry met Sally' She started banging the table with her hands yelling 'Yes!!!! Oh yes!! Dont stop...
    10 Relationships 43
  132. Attacking other members in public - not OK
    Just a friendly reminder, we're not here to attack other members. Not in public and ideally, not in private. However, we can't stop you from verbal attacks in private, but if you get reported, we will delete, disable or otherwise remove you from the sy...
    4 Funadvice 15
  133. Teaching creationism in public schools
    In Texas they recently were trying to pass a bill that would incorporate creationism(God or Intelligent Design) in a public school's science class. It failed. My friends of all religions said that they would not sit through a class on creationism, ev...
    12 Religion 36
  134. why is this kid making his issues public?
    okay, so i got into a fight with this guy on facebook from my school, hes not the most popluar kid and gets bagged because he makes stupid remarks. when we were arguing, he said this "Cause i know why people do it lol, im n ugly unsuccesful piece of sh...
    2 Health 11
  135. What would you *not* do for publicity?
    Being an entrepreneur (I've started 8 businesses, and sold 2) I'm willing to go the "extra mile" if it means getting some attention for one of my projects. Especially funadvice, as I really believe we have a huge opportunity to make the world a better ...
    4 Money 20
  136. Do you Think the Public and Soldiers Deserved the Truth?
    Friday, April 11, 2008 George Bush, explaining to ABC's Martha Raddatz his upbeat "stay the course" style rhetoric in 2006 even when Iraq was in a downward spiral -- ... the president insisted he did it to keep up troop morale. "That's as muc...
    14 Sex 14
  137. hates it
    my boyfriend hates it when I wear tank tops and mini shorts in public but loves me to wear them at home because they easy to get off why does he hate it when I were them in public
    5 Relationships 33
  138. What's the least you can be expelled for?
    In a public high school, Australia, What's the least you can be expelled for?
    4 Education 15
  139. Do you think that some states have poor education?
    Like City Public Schools, County Public Schools, or Private. Give me your opinion.
    10 Education 32
  140. How can public schools discriminate for religion?
    So, I have this group that I sorta hang out with at school and one of my friends sisters is wiccan. People were mocking it so she started to kinda explain what she believed and the principal actually BANNED her from saying anything about wicca at scho...
    13 Religion 27
  141. Does it bother you if you see a mother breastfeeding in public?
    My parents & I were at the park today, and we saw a mother beast feeding a child, Her husband was helping keep the baby's head up & stuff, and the two dogs were sitting their with heir heads-tilled watching( XD It was soo Funny). My dad said he didn'...
    22 General 29
  142. when to stop holding hands.?
    when should a parent stop holding their childs hand in public, also when did you stop holding your childs hand?
    6 Babies 23
  143. What are you afraid of?
    Im afraid losing, fire, public pools and being unseen.
    10 General 26
  144. Why don't homeless people get a job?
    why don't homeless people get a job and go to a public bathroom to wash themselves
    58 General 103
  145. How does this website know what town I live in?
    How does this website know what town I live in and how do I change it so it doesnt show it publically?
    4 Funadvice 58
  146. Why do women try and not eat as much in public?
    (the majority) so here i am today in a nice resturant with my granparenst adn my sistet, in front of me a large deliciouse bowl of pasta with lets just say mor ethen 500 calories, iim not gonna lie i could happily eat it all so as im about to tuck in...
    31 General 27
  147. someone PLEASE help me
    im doing a report on George Read and I can't find out what his "public service" was. Not his job, but a public service. Can anyone please please please help me?? or at least give me a website I can go to xoxo
    2 Education 20
  148. Who homeschooled???
    I have to write a paper and im talking about the diff. between home schooling and public if you have done both..great!! tell me more!! if you have just home schooled...thats cool to tell me more!!! I just need more about homeschool I have o...
    4 Education 27
  149. Can a christian criticize God?
    Can a christian publicly criticize his/her own god without fear for nasty retaliations from that god?
    18 Religion 44
  150. What is the fastest way to get a HS diploma?
    Besides Public school..
    7 Education 49
  151. what should I do
    my girlfriend wants our relashon ship 2 be more public and 2 show affection for her in front of other how should I do it
    5 Relationships 24
  152. OK- public education question
    I am a new member to this site- I joined roughly a week ago. It's a fun place! When I joined I figured I'd come accross the typical angsty teenage questions like, "my parents hate me-help!" and questions relating to how to get a particular girl or boy ...
    10 Sex 38
  153. Do condom machines sell different sizes?
    Does the condom machines in public bathrooms sell the three different sizes of condoms?..just wondering..
    2 Health 61
  154. What, is jewelry allowed in high school?
    Are jewelry like long necklaces or bracelets usually allowed at a public high school?
    6 Education 71
  155. How do you get married in the sims two?
    and can you get married in a public place or does it have to be at your house and how do you get prepared, and set everything up?
    4 Gaming 34
  156. Bathroom and transpersons
    How do biological women think about transgendered females using the womens public bathroom, that do not have showers?
    5 Travel 18
  157. What, exactly, is a "concept"?
    is concept an idea, word? for my public speaking class (communication) he said choose a concept?
    2 General 7
  158. school prob
    ok I want to go to a public school but I have a problem im not allowed to wear pants in public I mean I could in P.E but I really really want to go to a public school I go to a very little privite school right now where the dress code is skirt or dress...
    4 Education 14
  159. Girls answer ... What always gets girls horny?
    I dont mean in sex but I mean How could I get girl horny in public place ..
    2 Sex 1282
  160. Guys only!!!
    Do you think its gross for a girl to not shave her public hair? What do yall think abt this? Be brutally honest!!!
    7 Style 128
  161. Who is in the FunAdvice Chat room?
    Anyone in the funAdvice chat room? I'd like to test it out so if anyones interested in trying it out, I'm in the public chat room! :D
    9 Funadvice 8
  162. Should I try out for cheerleading?
    ill be a junior this year and I am changing schools from a private school to a public school because my grades are really bad. I was a varsity cheerleader my sophomore year at this privare school but im scared I wont make the varsity team at this publi...
    4 General 30
  163. Are there good punk bands that aren't overrated?
    It seems there are no good punk bands these days that aren't completely publicized. Can anybody tell me if they know of any that aren't?
    3 Music 35
  164. Why is she feeling kicks around her pubic area?
    K so my friend is on her period and she is feeling kicks around her public area. Is that just period stuff or something eles?
    3 Health 39
  165. What are good high schools in Ottawa?
    I'm planning on moving to Ottawa with my dad and I'm wondering whats a good public high school to go to?
    3 Education 10
  166. Media suicide do you think celebs set themselves up?
    In your opinion, do you think celebs set themselves up for all the bad publicity and papparazi stalkers and desearve it, or are they victims?
    4 Entertainment 21
  167. am i a good singer?
    I have never sang in public and this is the first video i have ever uploaded!
    3 Music 19
  168. During High School
    During friesman year of high school(public) taking the bus bad?? lke is it scary ...will there be enough seats ??
    9 Education 23
  169. Is this a phobia or just a silly fear of mine?
    I cannot use public toilets, it creeps me out. I really, really hate germs too. I'd rather get belly ache than use a public toilet even if there 'clean.' Even at home, i have to wipe the seat even though i know whose been on it?!
    10 Health 44
  170. new skewl 2morro..any advice?
    I went ta a private christian skewl mi whole life and than this year I went ta a public skewl and LOVED IT. than I got pulled out and put back and a christian skewl and now 2marro I start a new public skewl. I don't no a single person and am kinda nerv...
    4 Education 12
  171. Are my erections normal?
    Whenever I think about sex I erect and I can't get it down until I tuck it under my leg or between my legs. Sometimes this happens when I am in public. Is this normal or do I need to get checked out for over erecting?
    2 Sex 27
  172. How come vampires are so popular at the moment?
    Rumours of a new Buffy movie, Twilight, Being Human... how come vamps are getting all the publicity?
    17 Entertainment 18
  173. What to do when your mom slapps you?
    Please help now a days she pushes me in front of everyone in public she loves me but treats me abuseivley what can I do she loves my brother more than me
    9 Family 52
  174. What do you think of this California discrimination law?
    what do you all think of this?? In California you can't say mom or dad in the public schools cause it's considered discrimination against people who don't have a mom and/or dad.
    12 Politics 24
  175. What should be worn to a club?
    Club is a public place you may go to celebrate your birthday or to attain a function. Now what will be perfect thing to wear to go in a club?
    2 Style 28
  176. Mean Mom
    If a mom pushes you friends away by scaring them off with her meaness, pulls you out of public school, and doesn't lisen to you. Does that mean I should leave?
    4 Family 17
  177. What does W.C stand for?
    what does W.C stand for??? I've seen it on many public toilet doors over the years yet I cant figure out what it stands for..
    2 General 75
  178. Where do you get lube ?
    Can you get it in public toilets, like shopping centres ect... Can you get it in the condom machines ? I Dont want to go get it in a chemist.
    8 Shopping 80
  179. What do you think about Kim Kardashian's ten million dollar wedding and now the marriage is being anulled?
    Was it just some kind of money motivated publicity thing?
    20 Entertainment 31
  180. Who can give me advice on starting back at my old school?
    I start public school again tomorrow.I left public school in 6th grade and went to catholic i have friends there but what if my locker isn;t next to anybody i know ? i don't know my classes yet.what if i can't find anybody to sit with at lun...
    5 Education 7
  181. What's private high school like? Should I go?
    I am in middle school and my parents are thinking about high school. They want me to go to private high school. Both my 2 sisters went to the public town high school that is literally right down the block. I want to go to the public school, but I want ...
    4 Education 45
  182. When you get married where do you go and what do you have to do to change your name?
    Me and Chris got married yesterday afternoon finally, but i forgot to ask the notary how to legally change my name to take his.
    10 General 29
  183. What are International Schools like?
    I'm from the U.S. and will soon be moving to an international school in Hamburg,,,I was wondering if anyone has been to an international school before and could tell me the difference between there and a public high school here in the U.S.
    3 Education 23
  184. Pointless Laws?
    Anyone know any funny, pointless laws? For Example, it is illegal for a man to wear a strapless dress in public in the state of Florida. lol.
    3 General 39
  185. Going to japan what are their laws
    I'm going to tokyo an I dont know their laws I only know that you cant chew bubblegum in public can anyone tell me there laws so I dont get in trouble when I get there.
    3 Travel 30
  186. Video Voyeurism
    Is hiding cameras in people's homes, in public stores, and whatnot without the owner's or people's consent illegal (if not, it should be)? If so, in how many states?
    6 Technology 45
  187. PDA where do you draw the line?
    I know PDA means Public Display of Affection, but where do you draw the line? What should be considered PDA? Kissing infront of friends? Groping in public? Cause I know I don't do THAT...but my boyfriend and I were cuddling at a friends house...and he'...
    4 Relationships 478
  188. What would a "plutonic hug" be?
    In the school rules under Public Displays of Affections it says only hand holding and plutonic hugs are allowed. but I don't get what the plutonic part means or how the hug would be.
    12 Relationships 104
  189. What are some sexy games ?
    I need to know some dirty/sexy games for 3 boys and 3 girls to play (not dares but were in public but that dose not matter) Please help
    2 Sex 104
  190. Why would any mother ?
    Why would any mother of 2 boys (Celebrity/Britney or not) purposely show themselves to the camera, in public, wearing no underwear ? Should it affect a potential custody battle if it comes to that ?
    2 Family 13
  191. What are some amusing things to do?
    Hey, i'm making a cosplay video and i need some like random funny things to do in public places, so if you have any please do tell =D
    15 Entertainment 50
  192. Marijuana is illegal?
    Do you think Marijuana should be legal? I certainly do considering all the hard and proven facts. Shame the facts aren't majorly public due to government standards.
    11 Politics 47
  193. Why do people like Paris Hilton?
    Why do people like Paris Hilton, and is she REALLY trying to find a BFF on television? I mean, is it real, or just for publicity? I don't get her at all. She's rich, but, that's not a talent. Thx!
    9 Entertainment 56
  194. Do you have any unusual phobias?
    I have a fear of dark public toilets because somebody turned the light off when I was in one aged five. Scarred for life! Anybody else?
    13 Health 30
  195. What do you all think of paganism?
    If this turns into a debate, neat, but that's not it's first intention. I'm wondering how the public views paganism, so if you could give me any thoughts at all, positive/negative/confused/questions, that would be great.
    37 Religion 42
  196. Does Canada allow Americans to bring atv's / four wheelers across the border?
    And are there any public places to trail ride and camp all in one general location ?
    5 Travel 13
  197. Why... is this normal for guys?
    I frequently see guys (mostly teens to adults) "adjusting" their thingies down there in public. does this normally happen for guys? (I dont really tell my guy friends about this when I notice though)
    7 General 13
  198. Striving for pitbull freedom
    Living in Ohio, there are strick pitbull laws. He has to wear a mussle in public, and I need $100,000 liability insurance. does this happen in any other states???
    4 Pets 22
  199. What's your biggest fear?
    I'm doing a survey for school on what the most common greatest fear is...what's yours? Mine are getting my hand stuck down the garbage disposal when it's running (OUCH!) And public speaking.
    21 General 45
  200. Is anyone in Forensics?
    :) If so can you give me good sights to look information on my subject for Public Forum ; Resolved: NATO presence improves the live of afghan citizens.
    6 Education 10
  201. periods
    so I don't get it no I have never had my period it does not smell and I am a virgin. why am I getting brown discharge no cramps...yet. I think I am pmsing I don't know really help please before I am humiliated in public...please!!!
    4 Health 34
  202. Book Banning?
    My sister was telling me last night that they are banning tonds of books from schools and public libraries. Books like The Catcher in the Rye, Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, Huckelberry Finn, The Lord of the Flies, and many, many more. There...
    3 Literature 14
  203. Would you rather?...
    my question is would you rather be bald, or walk around naked all day, out in public singing kareoke songs to old people? let me know what's your answer!! jazzyisblessed
    7 Entertainment 76
  204. Fun things to do...?
    Watch a moviee Prank call people Go to a public water park/pool Beach with friends Bowling Club Eat? Lol I don't know ?
    5 Entertainment 19
  205. Nikki Catsouras crash photos
    Did anyone see the Nikki Catsouras crash photos that were leaked online? The California Highway Patrol is being sued by Nikki Catsouras's parents for letting them become public. Don't you think it's awful?
    10 General 244
  206. Do you think Christina Aguilera has a great voice, and seems to be different than others like Brittney Spears, and Miley Cyrus?
    Not just her voice...I mean, do you think *she* is different than Miley and Brittney. Brittney and Miley both seem to have had A LOT of publicity, and negative comments. What's different about Christina Aguilera?
    4 Music 18
  207. Are there any middle or high schools online?
    does anyone know any schools online Not college but highschool and middle skool Pls help me fast Or I'm going 2 die in public school and do online school cost?
    5 Education 42
  208. studying in the US
    Hey Just wondering how much it would cost to study in an average public university in USA (that is OPEN TO FOREIGN STUDENTS)? Not the Ivy League kind Thanks
    2 Education 19
  209. Paranoid
    I am 25 male and I am suffering from a psychological stress syndrom.whenever I am in a public place say a bus station I feel that every one is looking at me, when I see them I found no one doing this---but again same thing happen...till I feel paranoid...
    2 Health 11
  210. What do i decide about school?
    i went to public school from pre-k to 6th grade and now ive completed 7th and ill be in 8th in september.Sometimes I miss public school.And i wanna go to catholic hs but i just feel like..i wont be normal if i go there or it will be harder.i dont even ...
    5 Education 9
  211. How to motivate myself for online school?
    I do online school due to I had issues in my public school. I have been doing online school since january 5th this year and I did great the first week but after the first week I lost motivation to do my online work. I need some tips on how to motviate ...
    6 Education 33
  212. Something funny!
    Tell me anything as long as it is funny, share your most embarrassing moments, what your kids have done to embarrass you in public, anything! Stuff you've done with your mates, I don't car, im just really bored. Can you tell?
    3 Entertainment 29
  213. Worst place you've had sex?
    where was the worst place you had ever had sex mine is in a public bathroom but good thing the doors could like cause we did...I wont go there! lol but ya
    3 Sex 44
  214. What are the exact laws in Pennsylvania for carrying a chain whip?
    I'm in the process of buying a chain whip. What are the laws for carrying them around? They're really easy to conceal but how much trouble can I get in for having it in public?
    4 Politics 83
  215. What should you say in a dirty phone call?
    Does anyone know what you should put in a dirty phone call to turn the ladies on? I think I've kinda got one but I'd like to have some public opinion...
    3 Relationships 23
  216. Stock advice?
    Currently im thinking of investing money in my fathers/uncles co. They have an impressive setup, for a brand new company. The thing is that these stocks are not set up to be publicly traded. I am going to get them at .10 a share.(The real selling price...
    3 Money 13
  217. speech on forgiveness
    i am a member of a public speaking community. i have to give a speech on forgiveness. i am only 13 and have alot to do in studies. so i basically dont have time to spend long ours on internet searching for a speech. could you please give me a speech
    3 Literature 152
  218. moving schools...
    I've been at a private school my whole life but now I have to move schools and repeat my year because I was out sick for too long. I'm moving to a public school where I dont know anyone. I have no idea what it will be like and I'm freaking out! help?
    2 Education 39
  219. How do I help my brother get over this urinal fear?
    so my little brother is really afraid to pee at a urinal in public if there are other guys neer him, he ends up using the stalls instead, how do i help him get over this, he is too embarassed to ask our dad.
    3 Family 81
  220. Was Freddie Mercury gay?
    does anybody know if Freddie mercury was gay? or was he bi? I heard in a report that he was criticised for having kept his ethnicity, as well as his sexual orientation and HIV status, a secret from the public. I have no idea what that means
    8 Sex 116
  221. What do you think of Britney Spears these days?
    just curious what everyone thinks about her troubles with the law, drugs, drinking, and the custody of her kids. Do you think she brought it on herself for wanting to be a celebrity, thus being in the public eye, or do you think she should be left al...
    8 Entertainment 30
  222. Was it overdue for the Vatican to declare that Fernando Karadima was guilty of abusing children?
    I just read that the Vatican finally declared there was a priest that was guilty of child this overdue, or do you think that it was only a result of the constant public pressure for the Vatican to do something that they finally threw a pries...
    6 Religion 14
  223. What do you think of the new Facebook feature?
    What do you think of the new facebook facial recognition feature that names you in a photo even if you're in the background of a photo taken in public, there's been criticism of it already with many saying its too far an invasion of privacy
    12 Technology 28
  224. Do I have social anxiety disorder?
    i am going to a therapist soon. but i get nervous in public and sweat (bad) and when a teacher calls me or i go thru a test it gets worse.. i am always nervous but idk what i am so anxious about.
    5 Health 17
  225. How do I find a girl to expirment with without reviling im bi?
    Im 15yr girl and I really want to be touched sexualy by a girl. Nowon knows im bisexual. And dont want to make that public. But I really want to expirment with girls. I dont want a relationship with one
    14 Sex 39
  226. Baptisism for a new christian
    Okay, so I'm a new Christian. I did like a Public Declaration of Christianity sort of thing at my friend's church (now my church?). My question: do I get baptized right away? Or do I wait until the summer (there's like a church campout where you can ge...
    8 Religion 30
  227. not showing how I feel. is that bad?
    in public I dont really show how I feel. I always act(or try) to be happy and hyper all the time around people. mainly at school. I dont want people seeing me when I break. lately I've been going through a really hard time because I nv get to see my bo...
    3 General 29
  228. About masterbating
    Um weneva I think bout s*x or masterbate for some reason I fart!!! Is this normal because I have no idea watsoeva. If anyone else has this problem please tell because im scared I might embarras myself in public!!
    5 Sex 29
  229. How would you like your marriage proposal to be?
    How or when or where would you like to be at for a marriage proposal? (a)-in public or in,(b)-private.or so forth.cause if I get home im gonna propose to maybe if she still wants me after I get back to the states.sincerely ssgt.paul h. U.s.m.c..
    4 Relationships 20
  230. What are flashmobs?
    I mean I was watching a couple but are these things plan for public viewing or does someone random and someone with a camera set it up and then start playing a popular song and doing the choreography to it, like Bad Romance for example.
    4 Entertainment 13
  231. can I go swimming with my new belly piercing?
    I just got my navel piercing a little over a week ago and I was wondering if it would be okay to go swimming in public pools / the beach considering my friends have beach parties coming up. help ?
    5 Style 174
  232. What/ Is it true America hates Obama?
    and why apparently its because he wants socialist health service I'm british and live in a country with a socialist health service and trust me its the greatest blessing I could ever ask for to be born with socialist public services
    26 Politics 27
  233. How does the American health care system work?
    I am curious, how does the American Health care system work. Overhere we have private hospitals which are for people with medical aid (or as some would say health insurance) and then public hospitals which are for people who cannot afford health care, ...
    12 Politics 37
  234. Is it appropriate for a 14 year old to swear a lot?
    I'm 14, and I curse regularly. I swear when I get mad, tired, anything. But is it appropriate for me t be cursing around in public? cause I know my aunt gets very mad when I swear, so I try my best not curse at home.
    8 Style 473
  235. Did the Kennedy's have Marilyn Monroe killed?
    Were the Kennedy's involved, apparently she had an affair with JFK and after threatening to make the affair public, her history of faking suicide attempts was used and she was encouraged to attempt again but was left to die, it's no secret JFK was a wo...
    2 Entertainment 38
  236. How do i delete my pic from the photostream?
    i had uploaded some pics of my to the photostream by mistake, i was thinking they were going to my profile. i uploaded them 3 times not knowing where they were being uploaded to, how can i remove them? i dont like my pictures being posted in a public p...
    2 Funadvice 11
  237. im adopted and I want to find info on my real parents any ideas??
    im adopted and im interested in finding information on my real parents. I know there names I just need to figure out a way to access the information. is there a website I can look up public records for free? does anyone have any ideas?
    9 Family 78
  238. Where do you stand on the debate about our constitutional right to "bare arms", do you feel citizins should be allowed to own and carry guns or not?
    Me and my fiance both own a hand gun, and he own to rifles as well. I dont have a permit to carry mine in public because i honstly wouldnt ever do it, but he does.
    25 Politics 32
  239. What will a strict school do about lime green or purple contacts?
    Kay... im 14 years young, and am getting contacts... what do you think a very strict public school do if I get lime green, or purple contacts??? I REALLY want them and I dont feel like getting b*tched at for getting them..
    5 Style 26
  240. Where do we stand now ?
    I believe we should return to the basic tenets of capitalism - If businesses can't make a go of it, they should fail and the stockholders should be wiped out, Period - Are institutions like Bank of America and Citibank private or are they public? Are ...
    4 Politics 13
  241. Can I legally date my first cousin?
    that basicaly all I want to know we are allready seeing eachother in private bt want to know if we can make it public. please wb in serious need of info. thanks g x
    21 Family 361
  242. First Lady's email address
    I don't know why they locked your question about Laura Bush's eMail address, it is not secret. nor is President Bush's a secret: This is public information, and is available by going to t...
    5 Politics 60
  243. What do people use blogs for?
    My blog is very diary like.Personal stories,days events,etc.Mostly text.But the other blogs I've seen are basically public photo album.I have just been on the interenet for a little while so I don't know how these things work.Are there any blogs that's...
    3 Technology 8
  244. What do you think of schools in your area?
    We keep hearing about how bad American public schools are, but there is data to suggest it's not a national problem, more of a local problem. So whether it's suburban schools, inner city schools, or private schools, how do would you say the level of K...
    10 Education 24
  245. What do I do with an abusive uncle?
    Hi I have a uncle who is an emotional abuser..who used to always humiliate ,shame or try to put me down in public when I was a child...always used to test my intelligence and compare it to his I got a chance to recommend his son to a job thr...
    3 Family 36
  246. Why do you think 2/3 of Americans are obese?
    This came up in a documentary about the weight of the nation. The focus is, what do you feel is the central cause as to the spike in the weight of the nation as a whole. Is it the publicity that certain kinds of good gets, what's actually in the food, ...
    21 Nutritionfitness 36
  247. How do I get an acting agent and how will acting affect daily life?
    I want to be an actress. How do I get to be well-known? How will I continue school? Can I continue public school? I kinda need a lot of info on my career choice, but I want this life. I like all the emotion and drama of acting.
    3 Money 17
  248. Why is socialism a bad thing?
    Just to set this straight, communism is an extremist form of socialism. Socialism is the belief that the government support actions that assert assistance in the affairs of people who need it(ex welfare,public education,homeless shelters).So is sociali...
    23 Politics 128
  249. Can I sign myself out of school at the age of 18?
    Ok, I'm going to be 18 in October and I will be a senior in a Texas high school. My question is, since I will be 18 and at the legal age to move out, can I sign my self out of school, move in with my boyfriend in a different state (New Jersey) and then...
    3 Education 476
  250. Should I tell my whole year I have done graffiti?
    I have to take part in a public speaking competition. It is about Street art and graffiti. I have done some graffit (not tagging) but do you think I should mention that in my speech?? Also, do you think I should mention my personal opinion about graffi...
    2 Education 21