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Nipple darker ovulating

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  1. what are peporoni nipples?
    what are peporoni nipples?
    3 Relationships 306
  2. How to pierce nipples?
    How to pierce nipples?
    2 Style 371
  3. why do men have nipples?
    why do men have nipples?
    10 Health 121
  4. When does ovulation begin?
    When does ovulation begin?
    2 Health 42
  5. What are signs of ovulation?
    3 Health 69
  6. When do teenagers ovulate?
    2 Health 85
  7. Is It normail to have Hairy Nipples??
    Is It normail to have Hairy Nipples??
    3 Health 461
  8. nipple pain
    My both nipple are pain.why?
    3 Health 74
  9. How can women enlarge nipples?
    How can women enlarge nipples?
    5 Health 1044
  10. Can I get pregnant before I ovulate?
    Can I get pregnant before I ovulation?
    4 Health 97
  11. Why do I have 4 nipples ?
    I weirdly have 4 nipples
    4 Health 237
  12. Want a larger nipple, what should I do?
    Want a larger nipple, what should I do?
    3 Style 637
  13. How do you know when you're ovulating?
    3 Health 25
  14. Why is my girlfriend's nipple black?
    5 Health 194
  15. Are nipple piercings dangerous?
    13 Style 413
  16. Why do I have a light spot on my nipple?
    5 Health 101
  17. what size are your nipples supposed to be?
    what size are your nipples supposed to be?? just cuirious
    4 Style 216
  18. Nipple piercings on small breasts?
    Nipple piercings on small breasts?
    5 Style 1617
  19. Am I still ovulating?
    I don't get my period. Am I still ovulating?
    2 Health 23
  20. Nipple ouchy
    My nipple in sensitive to the touch. Why?
    3 Health 2299
  21. Why do guys have nipples?
    why exactly do guys have nipples? haha
    4 Relationships 46
  22. darker
    how do you make your hair darker other than coloring it?
    3 Style 18
  23. How many days is ovulating?
    How many days in a month do you ovulate?
    2 Health 54
  24. My nipples are itchy
    My nipples are this a sign of pregnancy?
    3 Health 155
  25. Is it normal for the lips of your vagina to be darker?
    Is it normal for the lips of your vagina to be darker?
    5 Health 344
  26. Piercing Which is better: nose or nipple?
    Which is better: nose or nipple?
    10 Style 341
  27. Why do your nipples get hard when you get cold?
    Why do your nipples get hard when you get cold??
    4 Health 175
  28. How can males develop female nipples?
    4 Health 364
  29. what different virgin nipple with no virgin one?
    7 Health 2441
  30. How do you give a girl a nipple stand?
    10 Relationships 1160
  31. How do I get rid of puffy nipples?
    how to get rid of them.
    7 Health 898
  32. how many days after ovulation pregnancy
    how many days after ovulation pregnancy can be tested?
    2 Health 209
  33. What could sore nipples mean?
    what could sore nipples mean other than pregnancy
    3 Health 185
  34. Why is it that the areas of skin around my mouth are darker?
    Why is it that the areas of skin around my mouth are darker?
    2 Style 41
  35. How much does it cost to get your nipples pierced???
    How much does it cost to get your nipples pierced???
    4 Style 305
  36. Do you know some women who don't have nipple?
    Is it abnormal for a woman not to have nipples?
    11 Health 114
  37. is it normal to have big boobs and little nipples?
    is it normal to have big boobs and little nipples?
    3 Health 132
  38. When you have your LH surge does that mean you ovulate?
    How come you have LH surge and you are not ovulate?
    4 Health 67
  39. Why do ladies have bigger nipples than guys?
    9 Health 54
  40. What does it mean when a girl's nipples start to hurt?
    6 Health 608
  41. Why does my right nipple hurt when I exercise or after a shower?
    7 Health 107
  42. what does it mean when tour nipples get hard?
    4 Health 173
  43. What do you think of nipple piercings?
    32 Style 196
  44. What is the color of a virgin nipple?
    Is it true that there is a brown virgin nipple for female?
    8 Relationships 4187
  45. I want to get my nipples periced should I
    Should I get my nipples and v j j periced
    7 Style 90
  46. The darker you skin the bigger your desires?
    That the darker you skin the bigger your umm.. Desires are?
    4 Relationships 23
  47. Can I get pregnant if I meet my partner during the ovulation days
    Can I get pregnant if I meet my partner during the ovulation days
    5 Health 48
  48. What color should I dye my hair? I want to go darker
    What color should I dye my hair? I want to go darker
    4 Style 17
  49. Why is my ovulation test positive for two days?
    why is my ovulation test positive 2 days?
    3 Health 86
  50. How to calculate ovulation?
    Do I wait after or while my period to calculate the 14 days before ovulation?
    2 Health 52
  51. Sore Nipples
    I have really sore nipples. They only hurt when I touch them & it's only my nipples, not my breasts. What's wrong with me?
    11 Health 15876
  52. can girls still breast feed if they have 2 nipples on each breast?
    2 Health 104
  53. How can I not wear a bra, but keep my nipples from showing through my shirt?
    10 Style 107
  54. Why does light make our skin darker but our hair lighter?
    2 Style 62
  55. Boiling nipples for baby bottles, how long and till what age?
    How long should you boil babies nipples
    7 Babies 139
  56. Why are my nipples really sore?
    okay I dont know why but my nipples are really sore what does that mean?
    4 Health 725
  57. Ovulation
    Could I tell when I was ovulating by an 5 mths pregnant
    2 Health 11
  58. Why do I have such large nipples?
    like I have large nipples that dont stick out and little boobs, what is this??Large nipples, but small boobs??
    6 Style 1675
  59. Is waxing the upper lip bad, will it grow in darker and worse?
    5 Style 153
  60. I have small dots around my nipples wellon it what does that mean?
    3 Health 198
  61. Whats the point of men having nipples?
    I mean besides being sexy, whats the point of men having them?
    4 Sex 98
  62. How do you know when your ovulating ? An when is the rite time to have sex so u can be pregos
    6 Sex 70
  63. Small nipples
    Im having small nipples will it become a problem to feed my baby in future
    2 Health 94
  64. How to fix dry and cracked nipples?
    No.Im NOT Pregnant. But My Nipples are Dry and Cracked,like Dry Skin. What can I do to Fix it?
    16 Health 2118
  65. Why are my nipples so sore?
    At times they hurt to be touched am married so we don't use protection why are my nipples sore?
    4 Health 190
  66. Am I deformed because my nipples don't pop out?
    I know it might sound weird but my nipples dont pop out am I deformed
    2 Health 154
  67. Itchy nipples after working out
    Some times after I work out my nipples start to itch what could that mean?
    3 Health 342
  68. which is right--what delays ovulation or what delays menstruation?
    just a lil confuse between the two... which is right to ask? --what delays ovulation or what delays menstruation?
    3 Health 68
  69. How do I know I am ovulating?
    I never know when I am ovulating, I feel so stupid can some one explain the process to me?
    2 Health 65
  70. what is ovulation? (2 questions)
    ok what is ovulation? and can you get pregnant while you're on your period?
    2 Health 86
  71. When is ovulation compared to menstruation?
    If I come on my period towards the end of the month when do I ovulate???
    5 Health 85
  72. Why does one of my nipples go in?
    Why does one of my nipples go in? And take a lot longer to get hard than the other one?
    3 Relationships 121
  73. is it gay if guys get their nipples pierced?
    In your opinion is it gay if guys get their nipples pierced? I've been looking into it.
    9 Style 324
  74. Pimple on the nipple???
    My friend said she got a pimple on her nipple, why?? And how could she get rid of it?
    4 Style 151
  75. Men- nipples
    will working out my chest get my nipples hard and into a better shape?
    2 Nutritionfitness 83
  76. Why are my nipples puffy?
    My nipples are really puffy. My boobs are small abut they're really nice, why are my nipples like that!?
    5 Health 189
  77. Is it true that getting a nipple piercing results in the inability to breast feed?
    2 Health 2084
  78. Can you mix acrylic paint in with regular paint to paint walls to give it a darker color?
    2 Homegarden 62
  79. Would blonde with another color go good with darker eyebrows?
    2 Style 38
  80. when am i ovulating if i have a irregular 40 day cycle. can i still get pregnant?
    6 Health 25
  81. Why is it when I put concealer on my dark circles under my eyes, they make my dark circles look darker?
    5 Style 15
  82. Why do my nipples get hard all the time?
    well my nipples get hard all the time... but im not horny they just get hard does anyone know why?
    3 Relationships 183
  83. If you pluck your eyebrows does it come back in darker?
    so if you pluck or tweeze your eyebrows does it grow back thicker and darker ? and does it hurt to pluck or tweeze them ?
    2 Style 49
  84. Do hard nipples mean I'm gaining weight?
    when my nipples get hard duz that mean im gaining weight???
    5 Nutritionfitness 68
  85. Inverted nipples
    How can I get my nipples to stay out they look so gross like big holes.
    2 Health 50
  86. How can I tell when I'm ovulating?
    My husband and I are trying to have a baby; I have problems with knowing when I am ovulating, how can I tell? We want to have a baby NOW
    4 Health 64
  87. How does ovulating work?
    Can someone please explain the ovulating process to me in simple terms. And how to calculate it.
    2 Health 93
  88. Nipple peircing
    doo nipple peircing hurtt for a girl. god they look so pain full
    4 Style 147
  89. Under my nipple.
    At the bottom of my nipple;;right under it. I have red itchy bumps. Can anyone tell me what that is, and how I can treat it.
    3 Health 84
  90. Clear stuff coming out of nipple
    Theres this clear stuff that is coming out of my right nipple. what is it? should I be worried? thanks xx
    5 Health 1819
  91. How to tell when you're ovulating?
    How do you chart your ovulation? Or tell when you are ovulating? Without those damn expensive thermometers or a trip to the doctors?
    2 Health 56
  92. Can I start ovulating and get pregnant without a period?
    If testing has shown that I am not ovulating, is there a chance I will just begin ovulating again and get pregnant without having a period?
    2 Health 55
  93. Why do my little brothers nipple go inwards, not outwards; is this normal?
    Just a little concerned..
    5 Health 81
  94. Why,My right nipple is all hard,it has an itch,and it hurts a bit .Anything wrong or just growing .?
    3 Health 243
  95. What's it called when you dye your hair light on the top and underneath it's a darker color such as brown?
    11 Style 197
  96. Does sucking of nipples change their color and size (make them bigger, darker, or more protruded)?
    i mean from its 'virginal' look..considering u haven't gotten pregnant yet.
    10 Health 3719
  97. Can black people have pink nipples?
    My friend and I were talking about boobs and he asked if black girls can have pink nipples? Is it possible?
    6 Style 611
  98. Do I have to wait to dye my hair darker?
    I just dyed my hair a blonde that is too light, can I go ahead a dye it a darker color or do I have to wait?
    2 Style 36
  99. How much aree nipple piecing?
    How much would a nipple piecing be in new york?and where could you go if your under the age
    2 Style 157
  100. What does this nipple discharge mean?
    what does it mean when your nipple is forming white crust inside and its soar?? help my cuzo out
    2 Health 646
  101. Does a nipple piercings hurt really bad?
    I really want to get my nipples pierced. I have my nose and belly down but does it hurt realll bad?
    4 Style 124
  102. Are my nipples normal?
    My nipples are like mountains and I'm 14. Is that normal or is something wrong with me??? Will I develop soon??
    7 Health 210
  103. Any chance of pregnancy without ovulating?
    Is there ANY chance of a female getting pregnant without ovulating, I've heard that there is but then again I've heard there isn't.
    5 Health 33
  104. Ovulation baby makin time
    How long does it take to ovulate after your period? How long would it take to ovulate after you've been on the Depo Provera.
    2 Health 28
  105. Nipples seem too big
    Im 16 and my nipples seem too big I have very big boobs and e cup but im very self conscience of my nipples. Are big nipples bad or a turn off?
    10 Style 1109
  106. Why are my breasts and nipples painful?
    My breasts and my nipples hurt really really bad. I can't even put a shirt on. Does anyone know why?
    2 Health 168
  107. Are the nipples stretched out whenever you get breast implants?
    I'm getting implants and I was wondering if the nipples are stretched out whenever they are implanted. I don't want my nipples to look extra small.
    2 Style 40
  108. Why are my nipples sore I am not due my periods for 2 weeks??
    I am not due my periods for two weekds am I pregnant or is it normal?
    2 Health 323
  109. Do you think blonde hair looks bad on people with pale skin and darker eyebrows?
    6 Style 114
  110. Is it normal for a kittens stool to become a bit darker and slightly soft when it begins weaning?
    2 Pets 14
  111. Is my ovulation cycle 30 days long?
    is my ovulation 30 days if my last period was aug 9? and the month before it was july 9 and so on?
    2 Health 40
  112. Making nipples hard
    I cant make my nipples hard. I've tried ice but how long should that stay on? Help me!!!pleaseee!!!
    6 Style 243
  113. How do I clean my nipple ring?
    I got my nipple pierced yetsterday I want to no how to clean it I tried moving it but it hurts is it suppose to?
    4 Style 54
  114. Should I do my hair darker?
    I have been thinking about dying my hair darker, what's your opinion? what would I look like? better off with blonde or brown hair???
    12 Style 20
  115. Inverted nipples
    this is so embarrassing! but I have inverted nipples, they stick out when um cold but its really bothering me is there any way I can fix this problem?
    5 Health 109
  116. Do any other females have hair on their nipples?
    I have hair on my breast nipples and it makes me really self conscious. I don't know if any other females are dealing with this issue?
    3 Style 90
  117. Is there something that can fix inverted nipples?
    I know there is somethning out to fix inverted nipples I was wondering what they are called please write bk
    2 Health 151
  118. why do my nipples itch?
    im 13 and im a nipples have been tickleing and itching a lot! is it normal and what should I do? sry 4 all that info but wateva
    3 Relationships 301
  119. How do guys feel about big nipples?
    I have big nipples and I'm really uncomfortable about them. My boyfriend says he likes them, but I think he's just being nice. I don't like them, do guys?
    8 Style 533
  120. My nipples go hard randomly
    I can be sitting there and my nipples will suddenly go rock solid and poke through my t-shirt, what does it mean, how and why does it do it , and what can I do about it
    4 Health 402
  121. How long do you usaully ovulate for?
    What is usaully the average amount of days that you usaully ovulate during your cycle? And how can you make your vagina smell better? Thanks(:
    3 Health 180
  122. Nipple pain, abnormal?
    when there nipples hurt ? lmfao this question is different but, mine have been hurting non stop and I don't know what to do ='( HELP!!
    4 Health 82
  123. Nipple piercings on large breast?
    I have been thinking about getting my nipples pierced and I have rather large breast! My question is what are sum of the precautions of getting your nips pierced your breast being larger!?
    5 Health 279
  124. is it normal to not have much feeling in your nipples?
    so I cant really feel anything in my nipples.. like when my boyfriend it sucking/liking them I can barely feel it! is this normal?
    3 Health 250
  125. Nasty brown liquid coming out of one of my nipples
    Ok so I have this nasty brown liquid coming out of one of my nipples.. I know I am not prego.. So what eles could it be..
    3 Health 117
  126. Are sore nipples a sign of your first period?
    My nipples are this a sign of a first period I dont feel any other symptoms just like my regular self..
    3 Health 684
  127. how does having an std prevent woman from ovulating?
    does having an std prevent woman from ovulating? my friend is trying to conceive but she says after she has sex the sperm comes back out.
    2 Sex 44
  128. clear liquid coming from nipple
    I recently noticed when there is pressure put on my breast, a clear/ milky liquid comes out of my nipple. What could it bo from?
    4 Health 3463
  129. What. If your areaols are darker could it mean your pregnant or?
    What if your areols are darker could it mean your pregnant or could it means something else like your boobs getting bigger or something?
    4 Health 27
  130. How can you darken your nipples?
    So my nipples are a medium brown... when hard. They are a lighter brown when they aren't. I really wish they were darker. How can I permanently darken my nipples without doing something absolutely rediculous?
    10 Style 17602
  131. Why do her nipples itch after being sucked?
    She says her nipples start to itch. Later she says during the day they dont stop itching and start to bug her through her shirt. Is it something im doing?
    2 Relationships 2324
  132. how will toothpaste on your nipples make you boobs grow?
    I want bigger boobs and I'm trying not to have the implants I heard tooth paste on your nipples will make you boobs grow
    9 Style 32999
  133. nipple piercings
    I am currently thinking over the possibilty of getting a nipple piercings. I was just wondering what are all fo the side affects and dangers of ahving this done?
    20 Style 1491
  134. Why didnt I ovulate this month?
    I had unprotected sex and the next day I got my period then we continued to have un protected sex everyday and I didnt ovulate why is that?
    3 Sex 99
  135. Nipples getting Dark
    How dark do your nipples get? with one week or two weeks of pregnancy? and if they get dark is that an accurate way of knowing for sure your pregnant with out a test?
    4 Health 2494
  136. Is it positive that you will get pregnant while having sex on the days you are ovulating?
    I'm very curious because some people said theres only a certain chance, but is it positive that you will get pregnant while having sex on the days you are ovulating?
    3 Sex 58
  137. My nipples are inverted, is this normal?
    Im 15 and about an A34.. however, my nipples are.. im guessing inverted? Is this normal? or should I be worried? Is there anything I can do? Please help.
    5 Health 132
  138. What do you think about a tattoos around my nipple is it nice?
    Im 19 I have been thinking about doing one in a while now and im not sure if I have to go through with it please help...
    3 Style 50
  139. Does anyone actually know of any females with 3 inch long nipples?
    A girl on the net wrote me she does and I don't believe it.
    16 General 7152
  140. What is this lump under my nipples?
    I have a big lump under my nipples and i dunno what they are. they have been there for over a year and i'm getting concerned. my nipples are abnormally big and stick out 1 and a half centimetres. what can i do or what is it please help?
    15 Health 93
  141. Third nipple!
    I have a mole underneath my boob, could it possibly be a third nipple?! or just a mole? It is darker in the middle of the mole, and I'm quite suspicious about it! aha thank you :) x x
    4 Health 196
  142. Who thinks my nipples dont fit my breasts?
    I have huge nipples! but my boobs are so so so small and their not funll on the bottom. I think they look gross! whats your oppinon?
    10 Style 90
  143. lump in my left boob and my nipple is red?
    k well I have a lump in my left boob and my nipple is red all around and it hurtss really bad when I do anythingg! whats wrong with me?
    3 Health 231
  144. Why do nipples hurt,not pregnant and 2wks from period?
    My nipples have been red,sore and aching for a week now. Im 2wks away from my period. I want to know what does this mean
    2 Health 671
  145. How to I get eyeliner to stay and make it darker?
    when I put eyeliner round my eyes it dosent stay long that you can barely see it also how do I make it darker? x
    7 Style 72
  146. How can I know when I'm supposed to ovulate?
    i want a baby so bad but i missed last months period and know i dont know when im sopose to ovulate
    3 Health 46
  147. What are these lumps around my nipples?
    yeh I'm a weirdo. I have little lumps around my nipples. Not big. They go away and come back whenever they want.
    16 Health 895
  148. How much does a nipple piercing hurt?
    how bad does it hurt, and I dont think I want kids but just in case can you still breast feed with them?
    5 Style 514
  149. Is there any way I can make my nipples stay erect or keep them out more? they're almost always just flat and they look horrible. xx
    4 Health 317
  150. Why was my nipples sore for a week now its not but now iamspotting?
    My nipples starter to hurt its been going on for a week now .this never happen a week later iam spotting and my nipples dont hurt. some on my right nipple clear discharger was going out.
    2 Health 624
  151. Are my nipples small?
    Okay im only 14 years old but I really want to know if my nipples are small. I were a size B almost a C cup but my nipples are about an 1inch up and down, side to side. Are my nipples small?
    8 Style 161
  152. Is it normal to have one nipple larger?
    alright this is weird but I am very concerned about it.. I noticed that my right nipple is bigger than my left nipple. is this normal or should I be worried? any help or advice is appretiated.
    3 Style 273
  153. Can you still get pregnant days before ovulation?
    Me and my boyfriend have been trying to have a baby but we always make time to have sex when im not ovulating and im wondering can you still get pregnant two days or so before you start ovulating???
    4 Sex 65
  154. Pregnancy and Nipple?
    People say that a early sign of pregnancy is dark nipples ! What I would like to know is do they go proper proper dark or just darker than they were before? Much love x
    3 Health 1570
  155. 5 days before and after ovulation
    is 5 days before and after ovulation is infertile? I have my period may 25 then it last 28 we had intercourse in 29 can I get pregnant? my aunt said the 5 days after ovulation is safe
    2 Health 24
  156. Why is this ovulation hurting so much?
    I'm ovulating.. And it really hurting this time more then usual... Could it be becasue that I have a bladder infection? Or something else? Any ideas?
    2 Health 34
  157. Genital piercing vs nipple piercing
    I have a vertical hood piercing. I was very scared when I was getting it done, but it wasn't that bad at all. Now I want to have my nipples pierced and I am terrified! Again :-) can you compare the pain for me if you have both?
    4 Health 619
  158. Why are my nipples always up?
    I know being horny makes your nipples erect, but mine's are just so perky all the time that I avoid wearing sports bras since you can see them up. Why are they up all the time?
    3 Relationships 81
  159. Where are my dog's nipples?
    Okay so today I was playing with our puppy (maltese dog) and I noticed that she has no nipples :( Where are they hiding? She has a shaved tummy so it's not like I can't see them amidst all of the fur...
    9 Pets 45
  160. Should I have checked with husband before I got my nipples pierced?
    Hey, I just got my nipples pierced. My husband thinks I am supposed to ask if I get pierced or tattooed. I think that is way wrong! did'nt ask by the way. what do you think? Thanx
    5 Style 219
  161. Will dying my hair black make me look darker?
    Well im kind of dark skinned. If I dyed my hair black with blue streaks under, would it make me look darker?
    3 Style 107
  162. Darker skin under my arms
    why underr my armms is it like darkerr skinn ann is derr anway 2 get ridd of it ??
    3 Health 27
  163. How do you know you're ovulating?
    Curious,because I've read a lot of things,but I'm not so sure. They tell me one thing and another tells me different.
    3 Health 22
  164. Ovulating
    If you late a birth control pill (sugar pill) late what are my chances of ovulating? Also wouldn't that mean I would right and and stop as soon as I take the pill? How can I know that I am ovulating? Thanks
    2 Health 334
  165. Breast cancer from nipple sucking?
    I have a guy friend that asks if my boyfriend has ever sucked my nipples... He'd then tease me by saying "you noe you can get breast cancer from nipple sucking"... He's just teasing rite?? How do women really get breast cancer?
    6 Health 22780
  166. hurt nipples
    my nipples are really sore.. and they're like a darkish purple with red spots on them that look like raw wounds. does anyone know why they're like this?!
    3 Health 220
  167. nipples are sore
    ok my nipples have been sore for like a few days, could that be because of my b/f sucking on them, there is no bruising or nething. and hes been doing it for quite sometime so could that just now start to kick in or something????
    5 Relationships 100
  168. Do nipple piercings hurt and what are the dangers?
    Does getting your nipplle pierced hurt and what are the dangers like could your nipple fall off like im serious and someone with experience please tell mee
    31 Style 3764
  169. What is my boyfriend thinking when he plays with my nipples?
    My boyfriend and I make out, I guess a lot, but he has started to I guess "play" with nipples and I just want to know what he would be thinking while doing this is it sex or I want to see more? advice greatly appreciated.
    5 Sex 463
  170. Nipple problem!
    ok this is embarassing. my nipples are weird. like seriously, peoples nipples are like kinda dry and like look small. but my nipples are big and they are like sticking out. they are really soft. They werent like that before but now they are like this....
    2 Health 130
  171. nipple on my breast is a little bigger than it suppose 2 b
    my nipple on my breast is a little bigger than it suppose 2 b any 1 have ideas on how 2 make it smaller and no I don't have breats cancer and no theres nuthing rong wit them a bigger nipple is normal
    2 Style 120
  172. Huge nipple, is it normal?
    I have small boobs Im 14 My nipple... Its roundish and large, inflated kinda... Just looks like a lump... Not a normal adult nipple Is that normal? Like... Puberty or sth? Or is it bad...?
    2 Health 1450
  173. Sore nipple and breasts hurts. Pregnant?
    My nipples are soring and my breasts hurts. Does that mean that I'm pregnant? But I experience no other signs of being pregnant. Is is normal for someone to have sore nipples? My period starts on the 18th every month (It's 14 days from now.)
    8 Health 2775
  174. No Nipples
    I'm a 13 year old girl and I've had my period since August. I already have boobs but I don't have nipples. I don't know if I just don't have nipples yet or if they are just inverted. And if they are inverted how can I tell. please help!
    7 Health 93
  175. How can I fix my oversized nipples?
    Okay.. So this is kind of embarrassing but my nipples are like "dinner-plate nipples" or whatever you wanna call them.. Is there anything I can do to get them fixed?? AHH help me!
    2 Style 299
  176. why is my hair gettin darker?
    kai I hhadd light blondish hairr, but over the months it became likee darrkkk blondishh,? whats up with thatt.
    5 Style 40
  177. Why do I have a ball under my nipple?
    I have read other questions similar to this. Answer was puberty. But im 13 and have a baby sized penis and no hair anywhere. WTF?
    4 Health 100
  178. Numbing nipples for nipple peircing?
    I want to get my nipples pierced.. I've wanted it for literally years! but im really nervous about the actual piercings because I know they will hurt.. however.. my friend got hers done twice and the 2nd time they use numbing cream and she said the pai...
    3 Style 4639
  179. does wash in wash out hair dye still make your hair darker?
    im dying my hair black from blonde soon, and I want to know if I just use wash in wash out to try it out, will it still make my hair a darker colour when it fades?
    3 Style 48
  180. Help...I had a positive lh test, after ovulation...wats that mean?
    I had a positive lh test two days ago...but I ovulated on the come I had a positive lh I going to see a bfp in the near future???
    2 Relationships 37
  181. Is it bad enough that a bruise I have is getting darker?
    I been leaning on my arm(like the spot next to my elbow) and a few weeks; more like a month it has gotten darker, and it's not what should I do? Other than not leaning on it, will it ever heal?
    10 Health 65
  182. Can you get pregnant after you ovulate even if the sperm comes out?
    I ovulated on march 3rd and had unprotected sex 3 times on march 6th but I think most of it came out, could I still get pregnant?
    4 Sex 77
  183. How can I mark bottle nipples for my son at daycare?
    My son goes to a day care center,and the day care providre always mixes up the nipples on the bottles with the other kids.Are there any suggestions for me to mark the nipples before I leave home.Email me at Signed, Clueless
    4 Babies 109
  184. Which color should I dye my hair,lighter or darker?
    I have dark green eyes,olive skin,and dark brown hair P.s:(I love megan fox's look)
    2 Style 147
  185. When in the female cycle other than ovulation can you get pregnant?
    If a woman has a regular cycle, once a month, can she get pregnant while she is still on her period? On the last day of a 7 day period. The cycle is usually exactly one month.
    2 Health 34
  186. why is my nipple (just one) so ichy?
    it has been ichy for like 3 weeks and its getting really anoying! dose anyone know why this is happening? P.S im 13
    3 Health 81
  187. why is my nipple area enlarging day by day...should i stop my boyfriend from sucking badly over it?
    is it a matter to worry? please help me freinds! whats this happening to me? :-( (69)
    6 Health 349
  188. Bump on my nipple
    Okayyy. Dont be pervs about this people but okayy the other day my nipple started hurting and I looked at it and theres like this hugeee bump on my actual nipple so it looks like I have 2 hurts wicked bad...what could it be? Pleasee help!
    5 Health 637
  189. Are ovulation calendars accurate?
    I found one online, it had me put in the date of the first day of my last period, and my cycle length.. after that it told me what days I was fertile... are online ovulation calendars accurate though?
    5 Health 64
  190. can feel a lump just above my nipple and im really worried
    I'm only 13 so I dont think I have breast cancer, and it doesnt run in my family. But I can feel a lump just above my nipple and im really worried. What could this be ? Thanks xo
    5 Health 72
  191. is there any way you could fix an inverted nipple without surgery?
    i lost a lot of weight last year and now one of my nipples have become inverted due to the weight loss,so i was wondering if anyone could tell me of a way i could fix the nipple without surgery or putting on weight again?
    4 Health 49
  192. What do you think is d best thing 2 do bcoz I have a puffy nipples?
    What do you think is d best thing 2 do bcoz I have a puffy nipples although my boobs are small? I have no kids but my friends said it seems that I have a kids already bcoz I have a puffy nipples. Pls help me! I am 23 y/o.
    2 Style 52
  193. How do you fix/cover up a darker upper lip?
    theres not really any hair on my upper lip, i always tweeze it or thread it , but sometimes that area gets really dark sometimes and looks like upper lip hair. how do you fix that?
    2 Style 94
  194. Nipple piercing
    I was just wandering, do nipple piercings hurt? I've been thinking about it, but 'm a bit 0.o about it aha :) how old do you have to be too? or do you need parental consent till your 18? thank you x:)
    6 Style 108
  195. How can I make my nipples come out?
    ryt, I av big boobz, but my nipples arnt always out and when they are ther very small and they don't stay out for long, I don't like it, how can I make em stay out and make em propper? please help. x x
    4 Style 214
  196. Why are my nipples turned dark
    (This is for my friend she asked this question)My nipples have gone really dark im kind of scared why the hell would that happen I've took a pregancy test and im not pregannat so...
    3 Style 225
  197. Why is clear fluid coming out of my dogs nipples?
    When I squeeze her nipples there is this stuff that comes out of her nipples. It is kind of clear and white. It's not all the time just every once in a while it will be like this. I don't know if it is infection or what. I am hoping that is nothing to ...
    4 Pets 279
  198. Do nipples change when you're developed?
    Right when your young and you first start developing, you get like grape nipples don't you? But then when you get older does that kinda grow out or does your nipples like alwats stay looking like 'grapes' lol! Haa anwsers appreciated :)
    2 Health 56
  199. Sex and ovulation
    Can you get pregnant when your not ovulating? And would I be ovulating 2 days after my period finishes, friday night could go one of 2 ways for me, I'd would use protection and get him to pull out but I wanna be safe so would I be ovulating, I might no...
    2 Sex 41
  200. When im ovulating last period was january 29 2010?
    I want to know the days I could possible have gotten pregant if my last period was january 2010 in feb when were the days I could have unprotected sex and gotting pregant.
    2 Sex 25
  201. Nipple infection
    Ok so I have like 20 peircings and I no almost everything about peircings ... I got my nipples peirces like 2 monthes ago and their still infected does anyone have any advice cause their not red not swollen their just itchy and pusing
    2 Health 94
  202. Why are my nipples red in the morning?
    One morning I woke up with both of my nipples sorta red and my heart was kinda beating fast what does this mean also I don't know if this matter's or not but im 14 so. I don't know if thats a factor =P Thanks,
    3 Health 39
  203. Why are my nipples itchy ?
    My nipples are ichy and I think that it might be a sign of breast cancer? I have a little dry skin under the bottom of my right nipple and the right itches more that the other but it seems okay during the day but when I take off my bra at night it star...
    28 Health 2900
  204. Nipple piercing peeling?
    I just got my two nipples pierced, didn't hurt as much because the piercer froze the nipples beforehand, but I am now noticing that my nipples themself are starting to peel, no not the sin around the metal, the actual nipple is peeling. now I am thinki...
    4 Style 4816
  205. Is my dog pregnant if I can't feel any puppies or make milk come out of her nipples by day 52?
    The only reason im asking is cuz the last time I breed her she didnt have any puppys but there are more sigbs that she is then the last time
    7 Pets 104
  206. Do women's nipples get hard when pregnant?
    I am not feeling very good and I am really confused about this period. I am not on my period but I am on my period it is not normal and I have a lot of blood clots but that is it there is really no reason why I am wearing a pad but I am so I can just ...
    2 Health 61
  207. Should I use a lighter foundation or darker over the winter?
    I use classic ivory its publish at day is that ok? I've seen in internet I have to wear two kinds of shades depending on the season
    3 Style 52
  208. Puffy nipples are u? Im 22 age male and I want to cure the problem tat I have but I couldnt I hope that you have the answer...I have a puff nipples sometimes tey become good and sometimes tey become puffy!! Can you help me
    2 Style 178
  209. How can I make Taylor Momsen hair a darker shade of orange red in photoshop?
    I try to use color replacement but no luck. Her hair is too light but i want to know how can i make her hair darker without making it look fake? (only for photoshop experts)
    5 Technology 11
  210. How do I make my chest grow I wear an a & I dont even have nipples?
    I'm 15 & I wear a 32 a and my nipples havent even gown yet my sister's 19 she wears double d my younger sister's already a b help!
    3 Style 21
  211. How do I make my hair darker?
    So, I have naturally dark brown hair and I got highlights... After a while they grew out and I dyed my hair all over to hide them... Now, that colour has faded like crazy and my hair is now a light brown. Is there a way I can make it darker again where...
    3 Style 34
  212. Tender nipples during pregnancy
    Im 8wks along in my pregnancy! Im very happy but lately my nipples are tender! Like BAD!!! Also my breasts are hurting so much I can't even sleep on my sides...Im just wondering id this is normal for a pregancy?
    3 Health 80
  213. Should I have the piercer re-do one of my nipples?
    I got my nipples pierced Saturday and I'm really happy with them except one of them was pierced wrong. the piercer pierced one nipple actually through the nipple but she pierced the other one under the nipple so now the ring sticks out instead of layi...
    2 Style 64
  214. Should I go blonder or darker?
    im a natural blonde. and a while back I died my hair dark brown. now its fading out. its between blonde and brown now. and im deciding whether I want to make it blonder or go darker. any advice. attatched picture(: (my hairs a bit lighter in person)
    4 Style 170
  215. Why are my nipples itchy?
    for months now I have been scratching my left nipple, I rub it, and claw it, now the skin around the nipple is flaky. I am a little embarrist in going to see the Doc, I have used a cream in it for thrush but the tube of cream is gone now, it hasnt work...
    4 Health 213
  216. What are these things on my nipples?
    they look like pimples to me and if I mash them like a zit whitish stuff comes out and its not because im pregnant, im still a virgin. is this normal? if not how do I get rid of them? please help im freaked
    2 Health 166
  217. How can I fix my nipples?
    I'm 15 and when I when my boobs started growing I was a little over weight where my "boobs" were just like man boobs but on a girl. I lost weight and now have reg boobs but still have the puffy fat nipples. How do I get rid of them? Surgery is not an o...
    2 Health 220
  218. unprotected sex during ovulation
    I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on my ovulation day and he pulled out but I am hearing that pre-cum can get you pregnant...but I have no signs that I am my breast uselly get sore and tender before my period but this time they didn't are there a...
    4 Sex 558
  219. What do you think...nipple piercings gross or sexy?
    So I wanted a nipple piercing but my boyfriend is strongly against it. I think they're awesome, but he seems to think they're nasty and take away from natural beauty. I'm not going to get it since he's going to be the one looking at my boobs but what d...
    16 Sex 278
  220. Why has my hair on my upper lip got darker?
    I am a 32 year old women, non drinker, non smoker, non tea or coffee drinker, I do not have kids, over the past 3 months have noticed my hair on my upper lip has got darker, fluffier, longer, just hoped that there was a reason for this?
    3 Style 219
  221. How can I stop new nipple ring swelling?
    I recently got nipple rings and made the stupid mistake of cleaning them with hydrogen peroxide, after a couple day I noticed they had swollen and are more irratated then before. does any one know if I clean them with a saline solution that the swellin...
    2 Health 1972
  222. Could you be pregnant and still ovulate?
    Okay this is kinda hard to explain. I heard that if you have sex like a few days after your period and you get pregnant, you never end up ovulating because theres no need for the egg to drop. so does that mean that if you did have sex (say about 5 day...
    2 Sex 66
  223. Why are my nipples hurting could I be pregnant?
    Hello well I had unprotected sex once and it has been about a month now. My nipples are hurting me alott at night and it's more my right then my left, my nipples are also discolored. Im also more hungry then I have ever been and I seem to not be able t...
    3 Sex 211
  224. Ovulating pains?
    I get these really bad pains about once a month down around where my ovaries would be. I've heard that those could be ovulation pains but my health teacher at school said that you cant feel when youre ovulating. It usually hurts on the left side and so...
    4 Health 54
  225. Why do I feel tenderness on my nipples?
    Why do I feel tenderness on my nipples?? And I mean like major hurt even when Its being rubbed against my bra! And pressure in only one of my breasts? And well I don't know if it has to do withmy period Bc my period come till like the 2...
    3 Health 93
  226. Can you still get pregnant if you're not ovulating?
    I dont understand why thay say if your trying to get pregnant why have sae every other day? I red online that sperm stays in you 3 to 5 days. so you have sex every day its harder for you to get pregnant? why every other day if sperm stays in you that l...
    4 Sex 92
  227. Darker skin
    Hey there can anyone tell me how can I lighten my darker skin at my armpit area and why is it getting dark. I use to wax it, but whenever I dont have time to do that, I just use nair removal cream or shave it off. Now I have realized that my skin color...
    2 Style 54
  228. My nipples have been hurting so much!
    My nipples have been hurting really bad for the last week and even when I sleep they hurt! its really bothering me and I have no idea why!? mi period is coming in around 12 days so I think its maybe because of that but than again my boyfriend and I had...
    2 Sex 68
  229. Getting Me Nipple Pierced - what Du Fink?
    Good idea? or Bad? I've been considering a new piercing for about 3 weeks now but wasn't sure wether to go for a belly or nipple piercing... I finally came to the decision and nipple pierced it is, my boyfriend is really keen on it too as am I. Just ...
    3 Style 221
  230. Why is milk coming out of my dog's nipples?
    She is one year old, her nipples are somewhat enlarged, milk comes out when you squeeze them. Around the 1st of January she was around a smaller male dog, but he could not reach her. It's been almost one month on the 26 of January. I have never had ...
    6 Pets 2185
  231. Substance building up in my nipples?
    Okay. So I've never had this problem until a few months ago, but I've been having a creamy color substance that builds up in my nipples and has a weird smell. I'll clean it out and everything but it just builds back up after a few hours. Clould this ...
    2 Health 253
  232. How can I make my hair darker without dying it???
    Is there like a type of shampoo or sumthn I can use just to giv my hair more of a darker tint. its already a darkish brown but I want it darker. im not aloud to dye it cause my mom dosnt want me to dammage it since I already straightren it every day. I...
    2 Style 48
  233. considering getting my nipples pierced, do they stretch out?
    im 14 but I love tatoos and piercings but my parents wont let me get either (except for a few on my ears) so.. I was considering getting my nipples pierced (because they wont find out). I just want to know what the affects are afterwards, dont your n...
    9 Style 450
  234. Safe Sex... Sore Nipples?
    My boyfriend and I have been having sex with condoms (that never broke) and I'm on birth control. Neither one of us have an STD so I'm not worried about that, but lately I've been feeling an aching pain in my lower back and stomach and my nipples (just...
    2 Sex 622
  235. Wrinkled nipples
    Okay so you know when you get cold and your nipples stick out, well is the skin around it, like the other brown part or pink or red or w.e color you may have it, supose to like wrinkle up? Or should I tell someone? Omg how embaressing, I just want to k...
    2 Relationships 548
  236. What begins with m and its darker then night?
    A word begins with m and has 5 letters if you spell it in urdu or english. Women does this once in a lifetime and men do it 3 times a day, its brighter then sun and darker then night. If you drink this it is halal and if you eat it its haraam. It is ...
    4 Religion 1116
  237. why are my nipples hard and sore?
    My nipples have been really hard and sore for about 3 days now. Also yesterday I noticed a lil bit of brown discharge in my underwear.. it was there today too. I'm late on my period but its irregular because of The depo shot I used to be on. But any th...
    5 Health 3223
  238. What does it mean if I have a dark circle around one of my nipples?
    I am 13 and I haven't started my period yet so I know I cant be pregnant but I just wondered if anybody knew what it meant because I really don't want to go to the doctor =( please help me !
    3 Health 472
  239. Bleeding after ovulation
    I'm trying to get pregant. I started bleeding the day after my supposed ovulation date. Does this mean I am not pregnant? I bleed for about 5 days. I'm not due to get my period for another week and a half. Is this my bodies way of telling me I'm not pr...
    3 Health 166
  240. Will my big nipples ever change?
    Okay Im a Little Woried, Cause my boobs are about a size C, But my nipples arn't fully devoloped Yet, & their Kinda big. But my mom Dosent have big Nippels, & I have heard that guys dont like big nipples. Will my boobs ever change? Then again im only 1...
    7 Style 125
  241. What is this lump above my left nipple ?
    I think I've asked this question before, but I keep worrying. im 13 and I have this hard lump right above my left nipple, and right now its kind of big and hard. I think it grows and get harder when im near my period, but im not sure if this is breast...
    3 Health 56
  242. What is this large lump under my nipple? Is this Normal?
    Hi I am 13 years old (girl) and my breasts are only just starting to grow and for about year or so I have had a large lump under my nipples and they are getting bigger and bigger. I looked online and it looks like they could be breast buds they are ab...
    2 Health 478
  243. Darker bump on bikini area
    For about 3 weeks I've had a small skin tone maybe slightly darker bump on my I guess bikini area. I didnt think it was anything at first but now its starting to hurt and I think it might be spreading. Any ideas of what it could be. Im scared to tell ...
    2 Health 47
  244. One Itchy Nipple!!
    My left nipple is very very itchy! I can't figure out why? It hurts to actually stratch it so I just kind of rub it lightly. It itches with or without my bra on. It stays hard all the time. Its not scaly or cracking and I don't have stuff oozing out of...
    3 Health 359
  245. Why does my breast and nipples hurt so badly I cant even sleep?
    Every time I try and sleep on my stomach, I can't...My breast kill me so badly I get migraines from the pain...And they have been like this for quite some time..(couple weeks) They have grown a little bit as well...What could the possibilities be?
    5 Health 92
  246. How is milk coming out of my nipples and I just had my period?
    I just recently had my period it started on Feb 27th an ended March 3rd and my nipples started to itch. Then a few min later around my nipples started to itch, then after that I noticed a little clear fluid coming out of my right nipple so I decided to...
    2 Health 2750
  247. Sore nipples!
    I'm experiencing a very bad pain in my nipples. I have no idea why this is, but I can't be pregnant. I had my period on the 18th of April and I finished on the 24th of April. So I wouldn't have been ovulating.. Cause you don't ovulate till the 14-18th ...
    4 Health 36
  248. unprotected sex a day before ovulation day,sore tender breast
    unprotected sex a day before ovulation day,sore tender breast, stomach feeling funny, lower pain in my stomach,using the bathroom more, eating more, really TIRED. I seen spotting-pink and brownish discharge but dont know if its implantation bleeding......
    2 Sex 653
  249. What's wrong? My nipples are sore to be touched?
    My nipples have been very sore the past few days when they are touched. What could be going on? I'm 15 by the way, if that helps. Other information: A few weeks ago my boyfriend fingered me and he MIGHT have had some of his cum on his hands, we are...
    3 Health 175
  250. Nipple Piercing
    I have had my nipples pierced for like 7 years but I've also noticed that this white crap comes out of them and it stinks. I've tried washing them everday and them finally I took one of them out to see well, I guess I dont no why I took one out but an...
    11 Health 18699