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  1. What is club volleyball?
    What is club volleyball?
    3 Sports 49
  2. what is beta club?
    3 General 22
  3. What is the 4H club about?
    5 General 27
  4. How do I start my own bike club
    How do I start my own bike club
    2 Entertainment 51
  5. How do I contact club pogo?
    How do I contact club pogo?
    3 Entertainment 265
  6. A romantic night
    what is your idea of a romantic night?
    3 Relationships 32
  7. How do day and night occur?
    How do day and night occur?
    2 General 72
  8. How can I start my own motorcycle club?
    How can I start my own motorcycle club?
    8 Sports 4988
  9. How to start an motorcycle club?
    How to start an motorcycle club?
    2 Sports 103
  10. Why am I so afraid about first night?
    4 Health 32
  11. What night is so you think you can dance on?
    Is so you think you can dance on ?
    3 Entertainment 14
  12. What do kids in a 4H club do?
    3 Babies 36
  13. Where are some of the best clubs to go to?
    3 General 38
  14. How do we get rid of the strip clubs?
    How do we get rid of the strip clubs?
    3 Money 28
  15. When should my baby sleep through the night?
    when should my baby girl sleep through the night ?
    2 Babies 53
  16. What do you think of one night stands?
    What do you think of one night stands?
    8 Relationships 38
  17. How can I fall asleep easier at night?
    How can I fall asleep easier at night?
    5 Health 24
  18. What are the best things to do at night?
    { its night on my side}
    10 Entertainment 32
  19. Prom Night movie. is it good?
    Prom Night movie. is it good?
    4 Entertainment 10
  20. Eating at night?
    What is the latest time that you should eat at night?
    8 Nutritionfitness 121
  21. What is there to do on a Friday night?
    What is there to do on a Friday night? When you don't have that much money...
    2 Entertainment 20
  22. High and remember what happened the night before?
    If your high do you remember what you did the night before?
    6 Health 45
  23. What does the 'S' in "S Club 7" actually stand for?
    10 General 75
  24. What do you like to do on a cold, chilly night?
    11 General 16
  25. What is your favorite thing to do on a Friday night?
    18 Entertainment 12
    2 Technology 19
  27. Is it better to exercise at night or in the morning?
    14 Nutritionfitness 50
  28. Do they celebrate bonfire night in USA?
    16 General 56
  29. Is it harmful to sleep on your stomach all night?
    5 Health 96
  30. When do you feel more beautiful: morning or at night?
    32 Style 71
  31. Why do girls sleep naked at night?
    28 General 270
  32. Do clubs hire female bouncers?
    4 Money 46
  33. How do you start a scooter club?
    how do I start a scooter club or gang or bike club or gang.
    3 Entertainment 148
  34. Favourite club music
    LIke any kinda club music (like music your likely to here in a club) :)
    5 Music 14
  35. Over night weight loss
    How do you lose weight over night? Lol
    6 Nutritionfitness 44
  36. Who's going to drive you home at night lyrics?
    Who's going to drive you home at night lyrics?
    2 Homegarden 139
  37. How do you make a baby sleep throughout the night?
    How do you make a baby sleep throughout the night?
    6 Babies 48
  38. How do I get pink highlights for one night?
    How do I get pink highlights but only for one night?
    5 Style 24
  39. What did you dream last night?
    What did you dream last night? What is your crazyest dream ever?
    4 General 23
  40. Clothing at the clubs
    What are some brands of clothes you would wear to the clubs?
    3 Style 23
  41. Kid cudi song day & night...
    What is kid cudis song day&night about???
    3 Music 46
  42. Does your metabolism slow down at night?
    Is it a lie that metabolism really slows at night???
    3 Nutritionfitness 142
  43. Is it wierd or healthy to cry every night?
    3 Health 49
  44. Is it bad to be in a bunch of clubs freshmen year?
    6 Education 14
  45. what you usually eat for dinner on sunday nights?
    21 Food 28
  46. Are there any under age clubs near or in Ohio?
    if so where and how old do you have to be?
    2 Entertainment 70
  47. So what'd everyone do friday night?
    11 Funadvice 20
  48. What're some good school clubs to join?
    7 Education 42
  49. Is it weird to dream about my ex every night?
    3 General 47
  50. What do you guys do when your parents leave the house for the night?
    26 General 32
  51. Does the 11:11 wish rule apply at 11:11 at night?
    12 General 105
  52. Who knows if it Is safe to masturbate every night?
    6 Sex 77
  53. What is the best thing about going to clubs, in your opinion?
    10 Entertainment 24
  54. Who has trouble sleeping at night?
    I know I do... What do you do that helps?
    8 Health 39
  55. Why is it that I can never fall asleep on Sunday nights?
    6 Health 42
  56. Why is it I think way more clear at night then during the day?
    5 General 35
  57. What did you dream last night?
    9 General 12
  58. Are there any clubs for under 18?
    for younger than 18 ??? if so where and what are the requirements to get in?
    5 Entertainment 34
  59. What, if anything, can I do to stop night sweats from being in menopause?
    24 Health 37
  60. What's the meaning behind "the last night" by skillet?
    11 Music 14
  61. Who had an amazing time at nocturnal last night?
    Who had an amazing time at nocturnal last night?! :D
    4 General 13
  62. Bad Girls Club
    Who anyone here like to watch the Bad Girls Club?
    5 Entertainment 16
  63. Club Penguin Secret Items?
    here can you find secret items on Club Panguin?!
    4 Gaming 41
  64. What happened last night on RAW?
    What happened last night on raw? Who got drafted?
    2 Entertainment 13
  65. How much does an average stripper get paid a night
    How much does an average stripper get paid a night
    5 Money 839
  66. night work-out
    is it okay to workout during night time?
    4 Nutritionfitness 24
  67. Do you know of a poetry club in Charlotte, NC?
    Does anyone know of a poetry club in Charlotte, NC?
    2 Literature 31
  68. cook first night married
    what is something to cook the first night I'm married?
    4 Food 44
  69. How 'bout a wild friday night at my house 20night.htm?
    How 'bout a wild friday night at my house 20night.htm?
    2 General 35
  70. What should I write in a club resignation letter?
    I am resigning from a private club, what should I include in the letter?
    3 Literature 2731
  71. Motorbike Club
    How does one register a motorbike club in South Africa?
    2 Travel 38
  72. one pimple... one night??
    how to get rid of a pimple in one night..
    3 Style 92
  73. How about a night club themed sweet 16?
    I want to have a night club themed party and I was wondering some stuff that I really need please help!!!
    3 Entertainment 90
  74. What night clubs will let me in at 18?
    what night clubs will let you in when your 18 because im going out on me on me 18th bday but were shall I go?? I will bring my provisional license for id
    8 Entertainment 34
  75. What can make me fall asleep at night, other than sleeping pills?
    11 Health 36
  76. When does the movie"prom night" come out?
    Does it come out this friday or next or when???
    2 Entertainment 119
  77. Anyone have any ideas for prom night?
    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what they want to do after prom?
    7 Entertainment 46
  78. fridayyy night
    it's friday, and theres nothing to do. any suggestions?
    6 General 7
  79. How to start a glee club?
    like what do we have to know and how can we prepare?
    2 Entertainment 46
  80. Why does the sky randomly turn yellow when its 10 at night?
    5 Style 54
  81. Whats the last song in the movie The Breakfast Club?
    4 Music 66
  82. Is it possible to gain about an inch or even more on your stomach over night ?
    4 Nutritionfitness 63
  83. Can having nightmares every night be a sign of early pregnancy?
    7 Health 51
  84. What are side effects of getting drunk every night?
    15 Health 70
  85. Should I be suspcious if a guy wants a picture of me late at night?
    8 General 72
  86. Do clubs accept a photocopied passport as proof of age?
    4 Travel 62
  87. Are there any other websites that are like FML and Texts From Last Night?
    7 General 79
  88. what happens when someone reports you on club penguin??
    7 Gaming 122
  89. What is a unique and fun name for a Food and Cooking Club?
    11 Food 45
  90. Why do I always get my menstrual cramps in the morning and night?
    3 Health 125
  91. How can I get babygirl to sleep at night without screaming?
    5 Babies 41
  92. Is having constant "Night Terrors" (Nightmares) a medical condition?
    4 Health 12
  93. For one night, who would you pick?
    If you could have one night only with the person of your dreams who would it be?
    13 Entertainment 14
  94. How do I write a letter to resign from a club?
    What can I put in a letter stating that I am resinging from a club?
    2 Literature 1042
  95. Who ...Are one night stands okaye to have occasionally ?
    is it okay to have a one night stand ? Should I ? Does it feel the same as love should ?
    5 Health 20
  96. Ever dealt with your children having night terrors
    Has anyone ever dealt with their children having night terrors? Or have you experienced them yourself?
    3 Babies 8
  97. Best strip club to work at in London?
    what do you think: the best strip club in london is...(I mean for work)
    3 Money 149
  98. When is mid-night sun (twilight seris) coming out
    When is mid-night sun (twilight seris) coming out
    4 Literature 47
  99. Great Friday Night!?
    What do you call a Great Friday night!? Me hanging out with my friends partying all night long!
    5 General 13
  100. Why do night sweats only come at night and not everytime you go to sleep?
    Like I get night sweats at night but when takein a nap or something in bed dureing the day the sweats don't happen
    5 Health 66
  101. What do i take to holland on wednesday night?
    is it cold, hot, warm???
    4 Travel 8
  102. What kind of music helps a baby go to sleep at night?
    12 Babies 37
  103. when I grind with a girl in a club or what ever...
    does she want me to have a boner or not? or does it depned on the girl?
    5 Relationships 177
  104. How can a bat swing around in night time without any problems?
    4 Pets 15
  105. Who thinks JB is going to be good on CSI tomorrow night?
    9 Entertainment 9
  106. When does Awakened, 8th instalment of the House of Night hit stores?
    2 Literature 14
  107. How many hours of sleep are we supposed to get every night?
    6 Health 36
  108. What are your favorite, or the easiest, or really cool school clubs to join?
    5 Education 14
  109. Does anyone here have night terrors? i would have them every night when i was little. id scream and cry. then wake up the next morning and not remember a thing.
    6 Health 20
  110. Why do I lose one sock when sleeping almost every night?
    8 General 496
  111. Why do you get nights when you can't sleep even though you are really tired?
    8 Health 15
  112. What's better going on a late night jog or an early morning jog?
    9 Nutritionfitness 53
  113. is it normal for 15 year olds to go clubbing regulary?
    8 Money 28
  114. Anyone play Club Penguin?
    I do! I do! lol. I'm just bored...
    6 Gaming 53
  115. Hens Night?
    Does anyone know why a hen's night is called that? Is there a story behind it or is that simply what it's called?
    2 General 47
  116. My dogs mated last night
    Dogs mated last night. Is there anything I can give my dog so she wouldnt have puppies?
    7 Pets 43
  117. The Fight Club movie..
    Is anybody else watching the Fight Club? How do you like it?
    2 Entertainment 19
  118. Cant sleep at night
    What do you do when you cant sleep at night? Cant have no tv on, cant get on comp or internet and cant have on the lights.
    4 Health 14
  119. How to fall asleep faster at night?
    How can I get to sleep at night faster? It takes forever!! What should I do?
    4 Health 28
  120. Under 18 clubs.
    How old do youu have to be to go to one of thosee under 18 clubs? Lol.
    5 Entertainment 138
  121. How many nights a week should I do yoga?
    I watch these online videos and do yoga... but how many nights a week should I do it to progress?
    2 Nutritionfitness 49
  122. How do I reheat fish sticks left over from previous night's d
    How do I reheat fish sticks left over from previous night's dinner?
    2 Food 568
  123. What did you think of the debate last night?
    What did you think of the debate last night? I think obama did pretty good in my opinion!!
    7 Politics 45
  124. How to stay up all night?
    how to stay up all night and still be able to concentrate the entire day and not fall asleep until night?
    3 Health 21
  125. What should I wear to an all ages night club?
    Its coming up soon so it will be in the winter, and im only 15 please send links of websites, or just list what I should wear, thanks :) ?
    4 Style 21
  126. ..are we all conceived at night?? Any morning babies??lol
    Are we all conceived at night?? Any morning babies??lol Because all I've seen..its always the night time!!
    6 Health 12
  127. day drteams at night?
    can you have day dreams at night? because I just had a day dream but it night time so do I call it a night dream but then I would have to be sleeping??? HELP!!!1
    4 General 58
  128. Why do people spend all day at work talking about going to the bar, then spend all night at the bar talking about work?
    4 General 25
  129. why is my six my old puppie wake up in the middle of the night with choking sounds?
    11 Pets 65
  130. How are all ages night clubs?
    I might be going to a night club tomorrow night and im curious, is it all going to be grinding? what should I wear ? annnd is it dark ? like are most night clubs just flashing lights or what, please explain I've never been yet
    5 Entertainment 49
  131. Over night acne treatment with no store bought materials
    How do I get am overnight acne treatment
    4 Style 29
  132. Long Night Of Thinking
    What do you do when your world goes so dark that you have lost all hope?
    6 General 33
  133. Who: Secrets,Secret club?
    Secret for secret. What's somthin no one knows about you that you are holding in and wanna say?
    2 Entertainment 10
  134. Can cat see things clearly at night time in total darkness?
    2 Pets 49
  135. Is anyone going to see JLS at the KC stadium tomorrow night?
    2 Entertainment 13
  136. Who wants Katy to be voted off X-Factor tomorow night?!
    6 Entertainment 19
  137. Is drinking green tea in the morning, and then chamomile tea at night too much caffeine?
    5 Nutritionfitness 93
  138. How old do you have to be to rent a hotel room for a night, alone, in Hull, UK?
    8 Travel 46
  139. Why is it that when I finally get a good night sleep, I feel more tired than when I don't sleep well?
    10 Health 49
  140. Who- does anybody give themselves a shot at night, if so can you tell if you gave yourself a shot w/a bubble in it?
    6 Health 21
  141. Ouran High School Host Club
    I love that show why did they make no more?
    3 Entertainment 35
  142. Is it healthy to eat wheat rice at night?
    will it affect or give health?
    3 Nutritionfitness 16
  143. Can I wash my hair on Saturday with regular shampoo/conditioner after dying my hair Thursday night ?
    3 Style 34
  144. what is a good way to stay up all night and still go to school in the morning?
    3 Health 11
  145. Is 30 Days of Night any good?
    Has anyone seen it? It is it good, dumb? Worth it or no?
    2 Entertainment 10
  146. Are night contacts breathable enough to wear all night, or are there any negative side effects for using them?
    I am refering to the contacts you wear all night and not need to wear in the morning. My mom is concerned that they are not breathable enough for 8 hours of sleep.
    6 Health 23
  147. What happened to Vince McMahon's limo on Monday Night Raw?
    what happened to Vince McMahon's limo on Monday night raw? Did he commit suside?
    13 Entertainment 165
  148. Hollyoaks late night
    does anyone one know the date of when late night hollyoaks starts? thanks
    2 Entertainment 31
  149. My dog kahla rae barks at the tv all night
    What do I do if my dog kahla rae barks at the tv all night and day but I love sleeping with her?
    4 Pets 11
  150. 300 crunches per night
    If I did 300 crunches every night how soon would I see results?
    5 Nutritionfitness 97
  151. M. Night Shyamalamadingdong
    do you find M. Night Shyamalam (ya know... the director) attractive?
    4 Entertainment 96
  152. Why does my cat cry all night.?
    My cat crys and crys all day and night. And she is a kitten now I don't know why she is driving me insane... ? <(= _>?
    6 Pets 614
  153. Did you see Miley Cyrus on Jay Leno last night?
    did you see miley cyrus last night on jay leno she drunk kechup
    5 Entertainment 25
  154. What should I discuss in for my Japanese Club?
    I am the president of the Japanese Club and I was wondering what I should talk about. What activities should we do? any suggestions? Please :)
    2 General 17
  155. What are the best clubs in Miami?
    Ok, so I just moved out to Miami and I was wondering where all the good clubs were at! Let me know!! ;)
    5 Entertainment 53
  156. How to sleep the night before school?
    I always get excited the night before school and have problems sleeping... How do I sleep I am just soo excited I cant sleep!!!
    3 Education 44
  157. Is it bad that I've been sleeping only about 3 to 4 hours a night for the past month now?
    13 Health 24
  158. Starting motorcycle club
    How many members do I need to start my club/gang? I live in Az.
    2 Entertainment 64
  159. What would the ballpark price be if I stayed 1 night at Disneyland hotel and a day at Disneyland?
    2 Travel 12
  160. Do you prefer to see the new year in with loved ones, or partying the night away?
    10 General 18
  161. What do you think of the New Monday night Raw. With viki guerrero as the genral manager?
    3 Entertainment 15
  162. How can I really act like "Peach Blosssom" when auditioning for Midsummer's Night Dream?
    2 Entertainment 16
  163. Does wearing eyeliner at night ruin your eyelashes?
    Wearing eyeliner overnight does that ruin your eyelashes at all? And also how can you get eyeliner off easier?
    2 Style 60
  164. Why does my belly inflate halfway through the day but in morning and night it goes back to normal?
    3 Nutritionfitness 40
  165. Is it bad that at night I run my fingers through my hair for like an hour getting hair out of it? Like I don't rip it out, I just run my fingers through.
    3 Style 20
  166. who had read the "house of night series"?
    if u have what is ur favoite one so far?
    6 Literature 6
  167. Friday nights
    Which do you like playing the computer or watching tv give me your comments
    5 Entertainment 10
  168. How do I contact POGO Game Club Customer Service. Unable to pull up game sites
    2 Gaming 85
  169. Who knows if Will 'Weird Al' Yankovic ever hosted Saturday Night Live?
    3 Entertainment 22
  170. Why do I have dreams every night about my uncle John who has been dead for a little over a month and a half?
    11 General 42
  171. Is someone considered an alcoholic if they need a drink every night to go to sleep?
    11 Health 43
  172. Who hated the movie The Dark Night?
    I LOVED IT!! I just want to know if there is people out there who actually hate it.
    8 Entertainment 8
  173. Is having the Sally Beauty Club card a good thing?
    like does it actually help or what?
    4 General 20
  174. I wake up a lot during the night what could this be?
    I wake up a few times during the night what coul this be its onlylike 2 or 3 times not ussually more
    11 Health 114
  175. Is a person a bad parent if their child spends the night at his/her grandparents several nights every week?
    A discussion im having with a friend of mine. Do you think it makes a person a bad parent if their child spends the night elsewhere 2-3 nights every week?
    9 Babies 60
  176. Have you ever done one night stands?
    Have you ever done one night stands? Llike have sex with a person on the day you meet him or her?
    4 Sex 16
  177. House of Night
    has anyone read the house of night series? oh goth I love vampire novels!
    5 Literature 37
  178. Why do spiders eat food at night?
    We need to know why spiders eat food at night, it is homework o give in tomorrow
    2 Pets 54
  179. What are good night jobs?
    What careers can I go into that are primarily at night so I can spend day hours in the sun.
    4 Money 70
  180. Did you watch Kid Nation last night?
    Did you watch Kid Nation last night (October 10th)? If you did, then can you tell me the name of the episode? And what the kids did?
    3 Entertainment 18
  181. Are there any good teen clubs (like for 15 year olds) in NYC or Philidelphia?
    or any clubs that have teen night on a thursday?
    3 Entertainment 63
  182. Are there any Spanish clubs around D.C.?
    I just moved to haymarket, virginia... so is there any clubs around in this area... manassas, washigton.. ?? any spanish clubs?
    2 General 61
  183. How many hours should a 13 year old girl sleep every night?
    7 Health 69
  184. 3 Year Old Is Always Hungry At Night.
    My three year old is always hungry at night what do I do to prevent this and to encourage him to eat more during the day?
    4 Babies 57
  185. Night classes, anyone have info?
    Me and my bofriend want to start taking night classes. does anyone know any thing on night classes at all ? fill me in please
    2 Education 11
  186. what games are like club penguin that's fun?
    I'v been trying to find a game like clubpenguin but I can't find one that's fun like it.
    4 Gaming 41
  187. Will eating two bowls of cereal at night make me gain weight?
    Does eating two bowls of cereal at night make me gain weight?do you know how I can loose this weight fast
    6 Nutritionfitness 179
  188. school work club ed
    which state capital is the largest producer of maple syrup?
    2 Education 17
  189. What to do on a Saturday night?
    what can I do on a saturday night, ther's no party's, no nothing in this town.. Can somebody give me an advice ?! thaNks
    2 Entertainment 57
  190. What's a good set of golf clubs for a beginner?
    I am just starting golfing and I want to get a good set of golf clubs, but I dont want a cheap beginners set. what would be a good set of golf clubs for me to get and where can I get one?
    3 Sports 49
  191. What does it smell like in a strip club?
    weirdo question I know,but I've always wondered. ...
    3 General 497
  192. What is wrong, my stomach starts to hurt at night?
    My stomach keeps hurting at about 8 every night and some times durring the day
    2 Health 98
  193. What ever happened to S Club 7, anyone know?
    What ever happened to S Club 7, anyone know? They were pretty awesome, obviously they split, but I mean other then that.
    3 Entertainment 51
  194. When will house of nights come out if it will?
    Marked the first book of hon will it come out really really want to no I love the books
    5 Literature 11
  195. In your school, how many students are actively involved in programs such as student government, sports, clubs, etc?
    7 Education 36
  196. How come when I answered questions on my phone last night they never showed up?
    3 Funadvice 8
  197. How can I resist the temptation to eat at night?
    My most difficult time is late evenings. How can I resist the temptation to snack at this time of day?
    3 Nutritionfitness 49
  198. I straightened my hair last night but its all dry and smells funny
    WHY WHY WHY!! it smells gross, its all dry and I can barley move it
    3 Style 64
  199. Is it normal to weigh more at night than in the morning?
    normally when I weight myself in the mornings im 120 but during the afternoon I weight 125 isd this just food weight. Is it normal to weigh more at night than in the morning?
    2 Nutritionfitness 1225
  200. Whats a better club song sexy b!tch or hotel room service?
    3 Sex 40
  201. Toilet breaks at least twice a night, every night
    what is with that and is it normal? I have to drink lots of water but don't think it is excessive. why can't I just stay asleep and not wke for toilet breaks? And will a guy every except me if I wake multiple times in the night to pee???
    3 Health 40
  202. Who can explain the movie "Fight Club" for me?
    Right last night i saw fight club the movie, i thought it was good but i didnt get it... can abyone explain it to me?
    9 Entertainment 78
  203. What should be worn to a club?
    Club is a public place you may go to celebrate your birthday or to attain a function. Now what will be perfect thing to wear to go in a club?
    2 Style 28
  204. Are there any strip clubs that allow 18 year olds in?
    Can an 18 year old get into a strip club when they're accompanied by someone above the age of 21?
    5 General 395
  205. What can I do about my chinchilla biting the cage at night?
    My chinchilla, Gizmo, likes to bite his cage at night and wake me up at 4am! D: Can I do ANYTHINGGG to stop himm? D:
    4 Pets 197
  206. Where do the stars go at night?
    this is not a scientific question or any of that because I know the answer, but more of a poetic thoughtful question in your eyes, mind or heart, where do all the stars go at night?
    9 General 45
  207. Anyone have good snacks to eat at night?
    Anyone have good snacks to eat at night? I'm hungry lol. "chips. Umm cookies. Etc. "
    3 Food 31
  208. Motorcycle clubs, names already in use
    Anyone know where I can find a list of m/c (motorcycle clubs) names that are already taken or currently in use
    4 Sports 265
  209. Last night I got drunk and slept this this woman
    I've been married for 5 years and last night I got drunk and slept this this woman I got even know ! What should I do ! ! !
    2 Relationships 15
  210. What to do on prom night?
    What to do on prom night? Like what activities do you do before and after prom? Its my first time and Im a freshman that cant drive. (strick mom too)
    2 Entertainment 62
  211. Mischief Night or devils night...
    Ok so me and my friends are going out the night before halloween for some fun :) we want to mess with my neighbors we already got some silly string and stuff and were going to do the tape over the door so when they walk outside they walk into tape but...
    3 General 43
  212. What to do when your bored on a saterday night?
    Ok im really bored. What should I do besides sleep or read? Sldfhas;ldfh
    4 Entertainment 13
  213. What to do for the night?
    I want to do something tonight. All my friends are gone. No boyfriend or girlfriend. Parents are busy. So what do I do? Any suggestions?
    4 Relationships 26
  214. How can I help my (almost) 5 year old girl stop wearing diapers at night time?
    12 Babies 47
  215. How come I've been so restless when trying to fall asleep at night lately?
    I haven't been doing anything different.
    2 Health 42
  216. can anyone think of why i cant ever sleep? i get about 2 hours of sleep every night....any ideas why?
    13 Health 25
  217. Age group for club penguin?
    If you had to say, what would be the age group for cp? Like 7-17?? Etc?
    2 Gaming 108
  218. What are some things to do while your friends are staying the night?
    we might be sleeping in a tent or in my house, depends on the weather so what are some ideas for both?
    6 Entertainment 14
  219. Best Advice of the Night Award goes to Maryam for:
    "...take some pills good luck" :D
    5 Entertainment 19
  220. Why do I get depressed more often at night?
    I know its when im alone and have more time to think, but its to the point of thinking suicidal.
    12 Health 54
  221. Who heard about the 3 year old boy who got shot tuesday night && the 9 year old boy who drowned ):?
    4 Babies 31
  222. Who got off tila tequila last night?
    On june 3rd 2008 eeekkk I didnt watch who got off?
    4 Entertainment 13
  223. Would it b wrong if I'm dating a girl but I have a sex fantasy of a night stand with with some random girl?
    9 Sex 33
  224. how many nights will you have candles to burn?
    One whole candle can be made from 4 candle stubs, left in the candle-holder after the candles burn down. If each candle burns down to a stub after one night and if you have purchased 16 candles, then for how many nights will you have candles to burn?
    2 Education 67
  225. Is leftover medium-rare steak from three nights ago still good?
    Is leftover medium-rare steak from three nights ago still safe to eat if it's been refridgerated?
    2 Food 160
  226. What are some good songs for a night club/bar?
    Im writing a story and part of it takes place in a night club/bar. I need some good song!!! Please help me!!!
    4 Music 44
  227. Do you like The Breakfast Club?
    I was just watching an episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, and there was a question about the movie The Breakfast Club. It made me think that it is a great movie. What do you guys think?
    4 Entertainment 19
  228. Anyone watch the bad girls club?
    Ok does anybody watch the bad girls club if soo what do you think about it I love it but I just want to see what other people think...
    4 Entertainment 18
  229. Night clothing
    Where is the best place to buy night clothing? Not lingerie or anything like that, but cute stuff that is reasonably priced. Thanks :]
    3 Shopping 34
  230. How can I decide who stays the night at my party?
    ok so heres the deal 4 my birthday party i can only have 3 friends stay the night and i was just wondering how do i deceid who can stay???
    2 Entertainment 21
  231. So did any one have fun last night?
    So did any one have fun last night, caues I did. I got so fu#ked up no joke I dont know how the fu#k I got
    3 General 16
  232. How to pass a drug test in one night?
    I took two hit off a little bowl last night. How could I pass a test today?
    3 Drugs 1288
  233. How to feel better after puking all night?
    what should I do / eat to feel better, I've been puking all night. I cant sleep cause every time I fall asleep, I puke.
    3 Health 67
  234. Did you go see Prom Night the movie?
    Did anyone go see the movie Prom Night? I went and saw it, I thought it was okay. If you went and saw it what did you think of it? If you didn't go see it, are you planning to?
    6 Entertainment 42
  235. Fun ideas of things couples can do together at home on a sat night
    Is there any fun games/things couples can do at home on a sat night that would be fun besides watch a movie together.
    5 Relationships 42
  236. Scared to ask my Mom if he can spend the night
    ok my boyfriend wants to stay the night with me but im to scared to ask my mom if he can im 19 but still im to chicken to ask what should I do???
    4 Family 84
  237. what exactly are night and weekend minutes?
    I have verizon-my boyfriend has t-mobile. I have free nights and weekends, but is that only for verizon customers, or can I talk to him for free at those times?
    4 Technology 60
  238. Do you look at the sky at night just to admire it?
    I do, where I live is really dark and you can see a lot of stars... it's so beautiful. I love it
    6 General 10
  239. What is your favorite snack food late at night?
    I usually break out the doritos or try to make nachos if I have all of the ingredients.
    26 Food 29
  240. Drunken night out
    Last friday I got drunk and got off with a friend and fingered her, now we find it hard to talk like before, what to do?
    3 Relationships 54
  241. What do I do if this guy calls me every night??
    This guy keeps calling me and it's getting really annoying!! I tried to tell him to stop, but he never did. What do I do??
    3 General 47
  242. Who here watches Bad Girls Club on Oxygen?
    this show is HILARIOUS gotta watch it the reunion iis coming up and it will be AMAZZINGGG
    4 Entertainment 39
  243. How does this look for a movie date (at night)?
    Im wearing a plain white cardigan and a two toned dress
    10 Style 10
  244. Is it normal if I dream about my ex for a couple nights after we break up?
    bc we broke up tuesday and iv been dreaming about him and i never normaly dream.
    20 Relationships 27
  245. What are some fun things to do for family night?
    Age appropriate as well for kids 10 and 6 years old
    11 Family 18
  246. How come when people are stressed our or they have cried a lot they get tired and go to sleep even if they slept all night?
    4 Health 11
  247. What kind of invitations for an Arabian Nights party?
    I needa no what kinda invitations I need to have for ma sis party and it needa be perfect any guesses
    2 Shopping 46
  248. Is it true that if you put a night vision lens in front of a infrared lens that you can make x-ray specs?
    6 General 12
  249. What websites sell cheap club dresses?
    Cheap as in avg $20. Both Jr and Plus sizes. Fast Shipping.
    8 Shopping 14
  250. Girls night in.
    I'm having a sleepover with 5 of my mates and I was wondering wether anyone has had a relly good sleepover and has any good ideas of what to do.
    6 Entertainment 20