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  1. Any nicknames for the name chelseaa ?
    Any nicknames for the name chelseaa ?
    7 General 36
  2. What is a cool nickname for Sarina?
    What is a cool nickname for Sarina?
    5 General 272
  3. What are some nicknames for the name Kelsey?
    What are some nicknames for the name Kelsey?
    3 General 1122
  4. What are good nicknames for "Heather"?
    What are good nicknames for "Heather"?
    8 General 7821
  5. Democrat nickname
    What is the democratic partys nickname?
    3 Politics 2231
  6. What was penelope brewster's nickname?
    What was penelope brewster's nickname?
    2 General 108
  7. What are some good nicknames for Angela?
    What are some good nicknames for Angela?
    3 General 383
  8. what is a good nickname for hunter?
    what is a good nickname for hunter
    4 General 480
  9. Nicknames for breann and elicia
    Nicknames for breann and elicia
    3 General 105
  10. what nickname(s) do people call you and why?
    16 General 62
  11. Does anyone know two of Hades nicknames and why they were his nicknames?
    5 General 118
  12. What is the nickname Brandi short for?
    what is the nickname brandi short for? or is it just random...
    9 General 2785
  13. What are some uncommon nicknames for gina
    uncommon nicknames for GINA!! HELP
    8 General 1532
  14. Whats a good nickname for Stephanye?
    Whats a good nickname for Stephanye?
    7 General 84
  15. Need a nickname for me my name is salim
    I need a nickname for me my name is salim
    6 General 407
  16. Was nickname really called an ekename?
    Was nickname really called an ekename?
    3 Education 10
  17. Whats a good nickname for 'colton'?
    Whats a good nickname for 'colton'?
    10 General 999
  18. Whats cute nicknames
    Whats a cute nickname for a girlfriend
    4 Relationships 139
  19. Girlfriend nicknames
    what are some good nicknames I can give my girlfriend ??
    4 Relationships 103
  20. what are some nicknames for the name nikki? not nikk :)
    11 General 327
  21. Is a "middle name" a nickname or your dad's name?
    9 General 39
  22. what is a cool nickname for the name mohammed ?
    20 Entertainment 1516
  23. Who on here uses their real name or a nickname?
    24 Funadvice 40
  24. good nicknames for a guy named cody?
    good nicknames for a guy named cody?
    13 General 9679
  25. Is Kelly a nickname or a full name?
    Is Kelly a nickname for anything, or is that her full name?
    2 General 528
  26. Cute nicknames for emily?
    What are some good nicknames 4 emily??
    5 General 1952
  27. What's a good nickname for a boy named matt?
    What's a good nickname for a boy named matt?
    10 General 6571
  28. your favorite nickname???
    what s your favorite nickname to call your boyfriend or girlfriend???
    4 Relationships 96
  29. Anime nickname
    What is a good anime name for brooklyn?
    2 General 105
  30. How do you get rid of the nickname "Big Meat"?
    9 General 43
  31. I am female and need a nickname for my Mushtaaq.
    2 General 46
  32. what is a good nickname for me?
    What is a good nick name for the name Hayley???
    10 General 242
  33. Whats a cute nickname for olette?
    Whats a cute nickname for olette? Anyideas? thanks.
    2 General 152
  34. Any got any nicknames for my name, Lindsey ?
    My name is Lindsey and I don't have a nickname, anyone got any suggestions? :)
    9 General 5207
  35. What's a good nickname for Jennifer?
    what are nicknames for jennifer leigh besides jenn?
    15 General 15800
  36. What nickname can I give my boyfriend if his name is Jacob?
    My boyfriends name is Jacob and I don't know what nickname I should give him.
    3 General 849
  37. Cute nickname for a username?
    I want your opinion one a cute nickname for a username?
    4 Technology 496
  38. surena nicknames
    does and e 1 know and e sureña nicknames?
    2 Family 110
  39. Whats a good nickname for the name Nathan?
    whats a good nickname for nathan, and not nate
    7 General 2792
  40. whats a cute nickname i can give my friend tanner?
    4 Relationships 451
  41. whats a good nickname for a girl named crystal?
    2 General 77
  42. we need a nickname for her, any good ideas???
    my friend is named marina and we need a nickname for her, any good ideas???
    4 General 126
  43. What Nicknames For Gabriel?
    some cool nicknames for gabriel , not gaby nor gabe something else...
    5 General 1056
  44. Nicknames for conner...?
    What are good nicknames for conner except con-con.thats what my sis calls me
    5 General 1243
  45. Is the nickname "Pablo" racist?
    cause I got called a racist for nicknaming someone that
    6 General 67
  46. Nicknames for kayla?
    I need a stoner or druggie nickname for the name "kayla" can you help.?
    3 General 209
  47. What is a good nickname to call a girl in spanish?
    What is a good nickname to call a girl in spanish. I want to give my girl a nickname in spanish but I don't want it to be really long, so what is a good nickname.
    11 Relationships 6227
  48. LAN nickname
    what wud be a good nick for playing games on LAN
    2 Technology 100
  49. What's a good nickname for the name Connor? Something other than Con con :3
    31 General 155
  50. Whats the best nickname for me?
    My name is shrouq and im looking for a nickname (other than shushu) ...
    8 Entertainment 92
  51. nicknames for yvonne & darius.
    any nicknames you cud think of for the names yvonne & darius. :) thanks x
    2 General 115
  52. What is a good nickname for nevaeh grace?
    I want a good nickname for my daughter who is stillborn her name is nevaeh grace
    4 Babies 131
  53. What is another name for Aaron (Nicknames)?
    What are some good nicknames or pet names that you call your boyfriend/girlfriend?
    6 General 3273
  54. Nickname trouble. Help
    I need a good nickname for the name john Help me out please!
    4 General 58
  55. cute nicknames
    What are some cute,sexy, and/ or hot, nicknames to call a guy? like if he was your boyfriend??
    12 Sex 567
  56. Whats a good nickname
    Hi, my names kassie.. Good nicknames for me anybody..?
    3 Technology 49
  57. please helpp any nicknames ???
    do you guys have any nicknames for a guy name NELSON ??? please help thank you : ]
    5 General 33
  58. Any nicknames that go with Selena?
    Hi. As you know, my name is Selena. All my friends have a nickname except me. Any nicknames that go with Selena? Thank you.
    6 General 2228
  59. what are good nicknames that are nt really used
    Hey im nt in a gang or nothing but what are good nicknames that are nt really used
    4 General 85
  60. What is a good nickname for austin?
    I'm getting my letterman jacket and I was wondering what are some cool nicknames for austin?
    5 General 3272
  61. What are some nicknames for "timmy"?
    Timmy is his nickname because his real name is timothy but I want to call him something different
    3 General 521
  62. What are some good nicknames for rachel?
    What are some nicknames for rachel? like shorter names for it? Please help, thanks!
    5 General 1506
  63. Whats your nickname?!?
    Whats your nickname and how did you get it? My nickname is SLOWNESS and I got that name by being slow non stop!!lol <3
    17 General 72
  64. Do you have a nickname and if so, how did you get it?
    Do you have a nickname and if so, how did you get it? I got my nickname by people in middle or highschool shortening my name from 3 syllables down to one. So how about you, got a nickname & if so, how did you get it?
    7 General 48
  65. Nickname ideas for stephanie other than steph?
    My names Stephanie; and I want a good nickname. but nothing like steph; something good :)
    10 General 11613
  66. What are some cute nicknames for Alana?
    She is my girlfriend I have a nickname for her already I want one that goes with her name tho.
    4 General 142
  67. Nickname for a person???
    Does anyone know a nickname for a person who is brown and wheres clothes color only color black and white
    3 Technology 59
  68. Nicknames for Caroline?
    what are some nicknames for caroline...besides Carol!!! my friends call me olie...but I was wondering if theres any others
    3 General 81
  69. cool nickname
    I want a not too girly and not too tomboy nickname my name is Megan so please guys help!!
    3 General 89
  70. Wats a good nickname 4 a girl
    Wats a good nickname 4 a girl that laughs a lot but nr a berned nickname like giggles
    4 General 142
  71. What is a nickname for the name Allyson?
    I need help. my friend wants a nickname for his girlfriend here name is allyson. he wants her name in the nickname. but something cute kthankssbye
    6 General 1024
  72. What is a good nickname for meghan?
    My middle name is lee(if it makes any new ideas) All apreaciated:)
    3 General 82
  73. What are other nicknames for 'Jessica'?
    or your favourite... i get called Jecca and Jess or Jezzabell (by my dad lol)
    16 General 6214
  74. Why do girls give nicknames like trigga, backbone, middle finger, ace, etc to each other?
    4 General 77
  75. What is a good nickname for eclipse?
    Im writing a book just for fun and I cant think of any nicknames for the name eclipse any ideas
    4 Literature 678
  76. What's a good nickname for alyssa?
    well yeah my name's alyssa can you come up with a shorter version of the name alyssa yeah thx.
    2 General 1466
  77. Nicknames for partner
    I call my boyfriend loads of things from babes to darling. What are some things you call your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband? =] X x x
    2 Relationships 86
  78. What's a good nickname for me?
    I'd like to have a cool nickname, but, no idea where to start. So I wanted you guys to give me one!
    8 General 370
  79. Nicknames for Evelyn
    Hi, My names Evelyn and lots of people call me Evie, but does anyone know any other nicknames? Thanks (:
    4 General 328
  80. What should be a cool and mast nickname for jyoti?
    I want a nickname for jyoti...its feels gud 2 call somebody with his or her nickname.thats why...
    2 General 1600
  81. Good nickname?
    Dose anyone have a good nickname for me my name is kris and I skatboard and I need a cool nickname enybody got eny for me
    8 General 35
  82. What can my nickname be if my name is Natalie?
    Uggh, I have been searching for a nickname. My name is Natalie but I dont like it, I have asked my friends to make a nickname for me but they are too lazy. help me!!
    7 General 5278
  83. What are some nicknames for best girlfriends?
    Need new nicknames for eachother! Old ones are boring! Time for a change!
    5 General 45
  84. Need a nickname for my girlfriend
    My baby calls me chuckie hunkie monkey whats is a good nickname I can give her
    5 General 80
  85. What are some cute nicknames for your boyfriend?
    Ok im board and felt like asking something what are some cute nicknames for your boyfriend but not korny or humiliating ?
    9 Relationships 254
  86. I need an emo nickname fast
    I need an emo nickname fast!!! I am sick of everyone calling me breahna my name is breahna can someone help???ASAP
    16 Style 113
  87. nickname trouble
    does anyone know a good nickname for Kairi its japanesse and Kai is a japanesse but name so that really doesnt work
    4 Babies 16
  88. What are some nicknames for 2 girls in my story?
    ok so I need two nicknames for a girl named Lindsay and Maya in my story. please help!
    2 Literature 51
  89. nickname find
    what is the most sickest/ crazeiest/ most outraged/ randam nickname that would grab your attention by hearing it or even reading it?
    2 General 24
  90. Do you think you would be comfortable with your body if you had a 20" waist like the model nicknamed the 'Human Hourglass'?
    25 Nutritionfitness 30
  91. What is a NickName for the Name Desie?
    Yeah my names Desie, I know , not a very common name loll but im Like the olnly person who doesnt have a nickname! So what are some good nicknames?? THANKS [;
    6 General 51
  92. What is a good nickname for nyasia(pronounced ni a sha)?
    I want a new nickname because im tired of my friends calling me jacob.
    3 General 69
  93. What is a good nickname for 'May'?
    good nickname 4 "may" my friends call me" mayouka...mayoush...mayoukee...mayoukee" =) so...any ideas!!! STRANGE NAME!!! =) xoxo
    8 General 598
  94. What kind of nickname women like to be called?
    I always heard the couples call with nicknames each other like sweetie, honey and that kind of things I dont know what women like to be called most.
    2 Relationships 197
  95. bff nicknames
    Hey what are some good nicknames I can give my bff Gina? she calls herself L!l oNe but I mean I wanna come up with one of my own for her any ideas at all?
    4 Relationships 498
  96. Emo nicknames for guys?
    whats your nickname and how did you get it il start mine I emo boy becouse im emo and im a boy lol :P
    13 General 2831
  97. Whats a good nickname for leah?
    All my friends have cute lil nicknames but I dont get nothin im just leah. Its bothersom. Help! :)
    2 General 1342
  98. Need a good nickname for my girlfriend
    My baby calls me chuckie hunkie monkey whats is a good nickname I can give her her name is nikki
    5 Relationships 153
  99. what's a cute nickname for a guy i still care about?
    he calls me "sweet cheeks" so i want to give him a cute name in return. :-/
    28 Relationships 109
  100. Is this a good pet nickname for my boyfriend?
    Vanilla Sunshine? He's a tall blonde with hazel eyes and light freckles.
    5 Relationships 31
  101. how to get a nickname
    my name is Leanne and I don't have a nickname because neither of my parents like nicknames but I love nicknames sometimes my sisters friend calls me Lea or and some of my friends call me Lee or LeeLee but not all my friends do so how do I get my other ...
    13 General 503
  102. What's Your Nickname.?
    hahah.really random..but I was just wonderinq because all nicknames all have a history behind it. Mine's Jelly. I qot that nickname because I have a big butt ^^ haha the point is, there's always somethinq to a nickname..
    9 Relationships 186
  103. Nickname for a friend?! help please!
    Okay me and my friend morgan are giving each other nicknames but I can't think of a cute nickname to give her... She said that she might like a spanish nickname...but it don't have to be spanish Anyone have any good ideas?!
    6 General 67
  104. Nicknames!
    Ok so me and my cousin are hanging out and we are trying to think up some good short nicknames to call each other at the mall, and other places! Sooo got any ideas!?!?
    3 General 55
  105. What are cute nicknames for the name nick?
    the question explains it but I need cute nicknames for the name nick! please helppp! and the name cant be like babe it has to deal with his name (nick) thanks
    3 General 116
  106. What is a good nickname for a guy named Ryne?
    Me and him are kinda talking & I want a cute little nickname. like using his name. not babe or anything like that
    2 Relationships 50
  107. What do you think about the whole Kat De Luna and Jenifer Lopez spat on how Kat thinks J-Lo is using her ideas?
    14 Entertainment 14
  108. What is a good emo/scene nickname for Taylor?
    I want to make a yyoutubee acount but cant think of a username...Help mee?
    4 General 101
  109. What are some awesome nicknames for my name???
    I need cool unique nicknames for the name victoria or torie and not somethin stupid lol but something cool and yeahh it can be random! :p
    3 General 58
  110. What is a good nickname for my boyfriend corbin?
    Umm I really need a nickname for my baby I cant think of many :/ so if you could please help his name is corbin
    2 Relationships 434
  111. nickname for shana?
    ok so my friend's name is shana. it rymes with banana and I want to give her a nickname. not long or anything but short and good! she's a girl too lol
    5 General 390
  112. Scene/emo nicknames
    I am what you would consider "emo" or "scene" and well my name is maggie. And to me it sounds to preppy. And I don't like it. Does anyone knos of any good scene or emo nicknames for maggie?
    4 General 81
  113. What would be a good scene or emo nickname for the name chasity ?
    My besties name is chasity and I wanted to know what yall think I should call her because she is emo... like me
    5 General 73
  114. What is a good nickname for Rebecka?
    I have a mate called Rebecka and we are givin eachother nick names I dont know one for Rebecka. Please help??
    3 General 82
  115. hellp! I need a nickname. fastt!
    my friend and I need to make up a nickname for eacotehr for drama her name is Jill- so I chose Jilli Bean. but now we need one for me, Morgan helpp!
    5 General 88
  116. what are some cute nicknames I can give my boyfriend?
    anyway I have a boyfriend named colby, and he gave me the nickname sarbear and I love it! I want to give him a nickname but not anything stupid or gay like sugerbuns or cupcake I want it to be unique
    3 Relationships 635
  117. Nicknames for arlene?
    okay so my name is arlene and I have no nickname=/ (I dont think there is a nickname for arlene!) my friend jessica was trying to come up with an asian name for me heehee because hers is tao. I want one too!!! help please! lol
    10 General 499
  118. FunAdvice Trivia: Where did the nickname "Tennessee Volunteers" originate?
    A) The American Revolution B) During the American Civil War C) The War of 1812 D) At The Alamo
    10 Funadvice 34
  119. Nickname when playing games on LAN?
    can you suggest me a nick to be displayed when I m playing game on LAN?? I m currently using FOX...but my frnd says it sounds it so??
    3 Gaming 25
  120. What nicknames should we have?
    hey well me and my best friend need nick names because were tired of calling each other by names.. can you help us?? our names are Magda and Michelle:]
    5 General 13
  121. What are good msn nicknames?
    What are god msn nicknames? I have been trying to think for one for ages and my msn name is just boring at the moment. I wasn't thinking of anything rude or racist. Thankyouu xx
    2 Technology 31
  122. cute nicknames for my boyfriend
    I can't think of any cute nicknames for by boyfriend.. apart from baby, etc. his name is chris.. any ideas..?? nothing like cutie, babycake, etc..!! thanks x
    8 Relationships 1124
  123. Do all major US cities have nicknames (eg, the big apple for new york?)
    I know Chicago is the windy city. I don't know if San Jose, or San Francisco have nicknames (or if they do, they're not very well known.) Is there a nickname for the city you live in?
    11 Travel 28
  124. Does your family give you weird nicknames?
    The strangest one I have is Lovey-dovey Angel Baby :b Gotta love those creative thinkers
    8 Family 25
  125. What is a good nickname for my girlfriend her names morgan?
    Her names morgan she means like everything to me shes beautiful as in freakishly hot and it cant be morgasm she hates being called that
    4 General 653
  126. What is a good nickname for Mac?
    My Brother wants a really cool nickname like me. My name is Selena and my nickname is kool aid because my guy friend likes kool aid and me so he said I was his "kool aid" lol so yeah can you think of a name for my big bro?
    4 General 65
  127. What are some nicknames for "Margaret"?
    my name is margaret but I'm going to a new school next year and I want to go by a what are some nicknames for margaret? I was thinking maybe Mel because my middle name is Elizabeth...M.El basically...but maybe some more options or opinio...
    17 General 1660
  128. nicknames for my name..
    my names Alyssa, I have a few nicknames but I wanna see what you all can come up with. =]] I've had, Alyssa Jean, Lys, Lyssa, Lyssa Jean, Willson, AJ Willson, mighty mini, mini, AJ, umm and others I cant think of. =]
    4 General 87
  129. What's a good nickname for mariah?
    ok my name is mariah. any good nicknames? I have three. my family calls me riah, and my friends call me either bubbles or mimi. I want a new one though. got any ideas?
    10 General 4235
  130. What's your Nickname?
    What's your nickname and how did you get it? Mine is Sir Psycho Sexy It's a song by the Chilis but I got it for apparently being a ummm slut??? Haha anyway I like it Not too much for the reason tho lol
    23 Sex 39
  131. What are some embarrasing nicknames?
    My friend and I are writing a story and in it is a single dad with two daughters. What are some nicknames for the daughters that they would want only their family to hear. Nothing like sweetie honey baby, actual nicknames. Like one nickname we have for...
    7 Literature 51
  132. Any bad nicknames to call my cousin?
    my cousin is always calling me chillydogger !I had that nick name from him sence I was little.any names you know that I can call him back?possibly about food . and able to msay around parents?!?!?!?!?!=P
    6 Family 862
  133. Nickname for erika?
    Hi im malina and I want to find a good nick name for my friend Erika? 1st I thought of Estrella wich means star in spanish but im not sure.
    3 General 659
  134. What nicknames do you go by and why do they call you that?
    Ill start : Mandyloowho- because my friends thoughti looked like cindyloowhoo from the grinch. Snowwhite- because of my pale skin. Nips- because of my small boobs. lol
    25 General 43
  135. WHAT: the name is Richelle, and I need a new nickname?
    My name is Richelle. I've had the same nickname since elementary school. (Chelle.) It's time for a change, I just got a new look and a new/improved personality. Plus. Richelle isnt too great of a name either. A new nickname would be the perfect touch...
    13 General 377
  136. What's a good nickname for matthew?
    Ok I have a boyfriend and his name is matthew and he gave me a nickname and its soo cute and I gave him one bt its soo not well I thnk so and I thnk he thnk so bt he don't want to tell me so can you give sum advice ... And p.s. I don't want matty or ma...
    7 General 1237
  137. What is a good nickname for me??
    well my name is Yaneth or Janet I like cats icecream choclate blak and pink umm and I also like Mexico I don't know but dont put anithing rude
    3 General 40
  138. What is a good cute nickname for someone?
    Whats a good, really cute nickname for a girlfriend/boyfriend? Like, I mean so disgustingly cute that it makes other people who hear it want to puke lol! Her name is Hailey if you guys can work with that ^_^ lol.. she calls me lovebug ^_^;;;
    6 General 103
  139. Any good nicknames I can call myself?
    I want a nick name I can go by!I was thinking of buca,ritz,or smiley .they might b kind of dumb but could you give me some good nick names or say that you like the ones I kind of like?!=d
    11 General 940
  140. What is the nickname that you use for your girl parts?
    Im watching scrubs and it made me wonder what other girls call theirs lol. Mine goes by a couple of names lol, Miss. Pinky. Pink Tulip. Play Area. Lol
    24 General 56
  141. I need a nickname for Zuly
    she likes oreos,coffee,tattoos,cotton candy, stars, rain, and hello kitty she loves the color turquoise the thing she hates the most is strawberries help me out plzzz
    3 General 73
  142. What is a good nickname for my babyboy brandon ?
    Okk well my baby's name is brandon mathew nace (: and I am looking for a cute adorable nickname to call him. I already happen to call him babybear but thats to original :p I need a good but cute different one. so please help?
    2 Relationships 73
  143. What is a good nickname for me?
    Okay well I am getting old of my nickname and I cant think of anythinggg . so my name is payge perdue . I like teddy bears :]] . and yea . I really dont care what it is . as long as its somethign new and cool :D thankkksss
    4 General 27
  144. Worst nickname growing up?
    In 8th grade basketball, I got the nickname "ghost" because I was incredibly pale...really, really pale. Like, I'd light up a room kind of pale. It irritated me a bit, but I've mostly forgotten (8th grade was a long time ago, after all ;) ). When yo...
    13 General 42
  145. Creative nicknames!! Please read and take a whack at it!
    OK, so my best friend is named Christian, and he gave m a really cool nickname haha that was really funny, so now I wanna give him one. but like I don't know what. any suggestionsss??? like Chrislicious or somehting lmao
    4 General 79
  146. Nickname 2
    Which of the following nicknames would be good,advisor Mandyloo came up with them: -Demon Lover -Rag Doll -Luci (short for Lucifer) -Wicked Child -Wicked Soul -Evil Luci -Evil Doll -Dark Shadow -Broken Angel -Demon Kiss -Metal B*tch -Demonic Angel
    4 General 46
  147. What are some good nicknames for my girlfriend?
    Okay so I've been dating this chick for about a month and, she is quiet and shy. I texted her the other day with "Hey hottie" she responded with "Hey" so.. I was obviously wrong with my feelings that she didn't like that. So.. My best girlfriend told m...
    7 Relationships 47
  148. What: any nickname suggesstions good for Eden?
    Ok so l8ly my friends have decided to start calling me GARDEN BOY since my name is Eden and it's quite annoying and they obviously don't understand what I mean when I say PLEASE STOP CALLING ME THAT! So if I can give them a good one they'll drop garden...
    2 General 418
  149. Add on to my nickname
    I'm not asking for attention,I just want some opinions on the add on to my nickname,a lot of people know me by the name Raven,which I'm happy they have caught on to it,but what do you think of Raven H. (Raven Hart). The name Hart came in from pro wrest...
    3 General 36
  150. Need a cool nickname
    My real name is patricia, I have a few cool nickames but none of thm are good enough to stick! A few so far are: doktor skabs, cokie, and pisha. I just want to hear what yall think. Ima punk chick if that helps you decide!lol
    4 General 67
  151. What nicknames can I get out of Stephanie other than Steph?
    I have had quite a few nicknames in the past but I don't really see how they fit into my name :/ So far I have had; Skye / Sky. Sammaii Shay Stephieee - The only one that does go with my name. I don't particually like the name "Stephanie" so I wouldn't...
    5 General 278
  152. Do you think shimmy is a good nickname?
    I think shimmy is an odd name to call someone. especially if their name is patrick. why would someone start caling a patrick a shimmy? does he eat an abnormal amount of cocoa puffs? is he in nellys music video? is he a belly dancer? why shimmy? why??? ...
    4 General 70
  153. name is keshia Whats a nice nickname for me ?.
    My name is keshia But people call me [kee-sher](kiesha) My name my original name keshia is pronounced ker-she-yer,,keeshiiya,ka-she-ya [rote it out lots,because itshard to type out ,how its pronounced,] Whats a nice nickname for me ?. No kesh's Im goin...
    2 General 101
  154. what are some good nicknames for Alana
    Hey my names Alana (pronunced: uh-lay-nuh). I need help finding a good nickname.. I've been going by Lainy, but for some reason people don't like it, and when they say it, it sounds weird. Also, guys here are turned off by it for some reason? Last ye...
    4 General 2222
  155. Cute nicknames . .
    Lol random question, I know... I want to know what kind of nicknames you could come up with using my name. My name is Paige and these are the nicknames I've gained over the years: Paigey, Paiger, Paige-a-ree, Princess, Pagina(spanish for page in a ...
    18 General 5864
  156. Whats a good nickname for myself??
    For myself??Lol My first name is Rose and my middle name Michelle. I prefer Rose though. I was wondering if you gals have any good suggestions regarding nicknames for me. :] im a girl,5'8,17yrs old,currently blonde lol natural hair color light brown, l...
    4 General 73
  157. I hate my nickname-but do you thi nk it suits
    hii my name is danniella I am 13 years young I have jewish blood but I am not religious, I was christended. I am 100% brittish and my nick name is LI BingBING please tell me what you think my nicknamee should be ps:sorry the pic is a bit dark and har...
    6 General 52
  158. What are some unique nicknames for my novel's character?
    Im writing a novel just for fun and I cant come up with a good nickname for my main character I dont want it to be a typical nickname that people with her name usually have her name is sarah she is a bit of a tomboy she loves horse backriding, barrel r...
    6 Literature 61
  159. 18th birthday nicknames on T shirts
    Hey there, my 18th is coming up and I will be hiring a limo etc etc but me and some close friends will be going out on the town as per usual. But we all don't want fancy dress but customized tee shirts with Loz is 18 today on the front or similar. H...
    2 Entertainment 147
  160. What is another name for "Drew"?
    Real name andrew (nickname)
    4 General 74
  161. You know any?!
    Nicknames for someone named cody!! Help me?
    9 General 15
  162. Who has a good nickname for Allexiana?
    My friends name is Allexiana and she hates it! She says the only nick-names she has are Alle Alex Lexi ex-moron (hee hee hee both me and her brother call her that and she hates it heehee!!!) and cotton candy and bloo burry So what other cute nick-name...
    4 General 40
  163. Just wondering what do you call your boyfriend ?
    Like a nickname or something cute...
    12 Relationships 92
  164. Nick names for Sara...?
    My name is sara...and I have no nicknames (except sary) what are some other ones you can think of for me? THANX! ^_^
    11 General 13743
  165. Nick to the Names?
    what are some Crazy,fun,Crunk nicknames that start with K? It has to be awesome lmao?
    2 General 31
  166. Nt gang related
    Wats a good nickname 4 a girl but nt used a lot
    2 General 27
  167. Emo rock name?
    What does gore mean I see a lot of people with nicknames like that
    4 Music 38
  168. Gift Giving advice for my Guy.
    I have been seeing this guy for the past 7 months, however we aren't "officially" going out. His birthday is coming up and I want to get him this very "manly" necklace. I also want to get it engraved. Do I engrave his nickname, or can I engrave both...
    4 Relationships 21
  169. Worste nick name EVER! AHHH!!
    Whats the worste nick name you've ever recieved? what age? and why? do you have a nickname now that you like??
    12 General 45
  170. What names are better?
    ok you could only pick one which name is better: Angelina/Angie Demetria/Demi Giselle/Gissy they have to be both name itself and nickname have to be good
    12 Babies 37
  171. Scene Kid nicknamezx =P
    Omfg can't think of a scene nickname for Micaela =\ Please Helpii mehh!
    7 Style 15
  172. How much does WEC fighter, Urijah Faber weigh?
    How much does Urijah Faber weigh? What weight class does he fit into? Oh and how old is he and does he have a particular nickname?
    2 Sports 110
  173. What's a cool profile name for me?
    What is a cool name for a profile? My nickname is Buttons, I love horses and pasta. I'm a singer, and perofrmer in middle school. so... what's a good profile name?
    2 General 229
  174. Does my teacher like me?
    Ok well I have this teacher who I think is really really hot he's always making up nicknames for me like babe, darling, hunny pratically every lesson. that sounds innocent, right? but once I caught him looking at my chest, so im not too sure. He does h...
    8 Education 140
  175. Aim screename ideas?
    What are some ideas for my new aim screename. My names brianna, I was born in 95. Fav number is 23 Nickname is bre & buzz buzz. Yeah any ideas?
    3 Technology 39
  176. Is it wrong to hate my last name?
    Every time someone asks me my last name I feel ashamed to tell them what it is as if I hate my last name. Is it wrong to hate it cause I do? Hart is apart of my nickname.
    10 General 476
  177. What is an emo or scene name for the name 'Bianca'?
    I need a scene/emo nickname for the name 'Bianca'? So, if anyone could help, please give me a few ideas. Thanks, x.
    3 General 58
  178. What is something I could call my boyfriend named drake ?
    My boyfriends name is drake and I need a nickname for him . Not like "hubby,sweetypie,love,babe...etc" something that goes with his name ?? Any suggestions ?!?
    2 Relationships 14
  179. Umm...Cute names...
    What are REALLY cute nicknames for a Mary or a Kaitie...and Ashley and Andy oh maybe even a Patricia...please try your HARDEST to find some!
    3 General 63
  180. Anyone named beth?
    I hope this is not bad to say but is any one here named beth? I would like to use the nickname bethlehem with you if it would be fine advisors? I am pre I am sorrying this question if its bad!
    4 General 34
  181. ATL movie
    if yu saw the atl movie can yu tell me the nicknames of the main characters? like the one girl is nu-nu. is that sposed to be an insult? thank lemme know.
    3 Entertainment 131
  182. What's "Xoxo"?
    I see people write "xoxo" a lot and once I had a friend that "xoxo" was a part of his character's nickname in an online game. I have no idea what it means, and I'll be happy to get answers soon :P
    6 General 33
  183. The real deal.
    Okay I just met him but hes suuper sweet and hot I like him a lot I think he may be the real deal that everyone is talking about. Hes nice and I may be in love. He seems to like me and I got a nickname for him already
    3 Relationships 16
  184. cool nicknamefor me
    my name is tattiana and I've always wanted a cute girlie nickname or alter mariah carey is beyonce isto hers what name can I have that would go with me
    9 General 34
  185. I need bigger thighs!
    how do I get bigger thighs! I have a pretty nice as*... it's just I am so tall, and I have chicken legs! I hate it! that is my nickname chicken legs! AHHH what should I eat? I have tired eating really healthy and running a mile every other day!
    3 Nutritionfitness 38
  186. Spunk Ransom?
    OK, what is the meaning behind Spunk Ransom? I mean, I know that Rob Pattz said that thats what he wanted his nickname to be or something like that but my fellow twilighter friends say that there's another meaning behind it. Is there? If so, please tel...
    2 Entertainment 58
  187. any ideas for an AIM screen name?
    my sn is getting a bit boring, I've had the same one since I was 5. here's some stuff about me: -brunette/brown hair -short -nicknames are shay or shayshay -real names shayna -im a cheerleader any ideas?
    2 Technology 44
  188. What is a good, cute youtube screen name for me?
    My name is allie or allison, im 15 and im not good at picking screen names or nicknames or anything so I was hoping you guys could help me out please and thank you(: If you want to help and need anymore information just ask, thanks!
    3 Technology 58
  189. I need a signature 4 my phone...
    I need a signature for my phone name is deandrea nickname name is dede or minniemouse 3.fav color purple,blue,yellow,red just to add my fav animal whitetiger you dont have to use those I just need one
    12 Technology 213
  190. please answer I need help asap!!!
    if a guy pretends to hit me with stuff jokes qround and calls me nicknames does he like me. btw he liked me in 5th grade and just broke up with his girlfriend 3ish weeks ago. that is when he has started to do this a lot. pz answer!!!
    2 Relationships 11
  191. What a good name to call your girlfriend who's really nice ?
    Im going with my girlfriend nearly 2 months and shes really nice an polite an isnt the kinda girl who likes rushing in to things but shes not really innocent. Looking for a good nickname to call her. Somthing like baby girl or somthing not to sure. Any...
    5 Relationships 49
  192. Survey!
    Who is the last person you texted? Are you friends with them? Are you currently taken? Who was your last boyfriend/girlfriend? How long did you two last? Why? Do you like hugs more than kisses? What are you thinking about? What are you listeni...
    13 General 35
  193. Need some myspace name ideas
    Hey um my nickname is suki, kinda punk, I like dark names kinda, like gothic type, like about hurting and pain, im going thru a rocky relationship, so maybe something about a miracle...or anything would be good lol need lots of ideas
    2 Technology 49
  194. How to deal with my dad?
    .. My dad is a nice caring dad & all, but his nickname for me is 'elephant' or ' hippo' .. He is always telling me and making jokes that my legs are short, & that i look like a hippo .. I honestly dont think im 'fat'.. Maybe im not in my best shape, bu...
    4 Family 16
  195. What's a good web show name ?
    Hey I need help on what a good web show name would be asap! Our names are deanna and sophie and our nicknames are dee and soph. We want and need a really good web show name because we want to film but have a awesome web show name! Please tell me ...
    3 Entertainment 47
  196. I like him but he has a girlfriend, what should I do?
    There is this guy and we just met this year and we instantly clicked. We only have one class together but in that class we talk like crazy. We already have nicknames for each other and we haven't even known each other that long. He seems like a potent...
    2 Relationships 11
  197. Baby boy name suggestions?
    My fiancee are talking of having a baby in the next couple of years and we have talked a little about names. He like Giovanni Christopher for a boy (mind you his last name is 4 sylables) I think it is nice, but is it too long? Also, I think people woul...
    10 Babies 34
  198. Survey. (all ages)
    Whats. . . . your nickname? fav color? hair color? fav pet? age? fav number? fav country? fav show? fav song? type of music? Would you rather . . . colorguard or cheerlead? hockey or soccer? fence or box? play chess or play video games...
    8 General 62
  199. What would "hammer" mean?
    lol I was talkin to my guy friend about nicknames and he said his boys usually call him "hammer" and im like "oh y" and he told me I didnt wanna know lol so I was wonderin... like does it have to do with sex. I mean he's a normal teenage guy but he tol...
    2 Sex 18
  200. Random survey
    how old are you? 13 what is the love of your lifes' name? Edward J. Wats your initials? M.G what city/ state you live ? Riverside CA Wats your favorite color? Red Wats your least favorite color? Pink How old are you? 13 Do you have a nickname wh...
    2 General 15
  201. How can I get this guy to like me back?
    Ok so theres this guy that I really like. Hes 16 and im 14 not that big of an age difference. I dont want him to like me well I do but I want him to like me like like like me but mainly I just want to be his friend. He is so cute and his nickname is Fr...
    8 Relationships 37
  202. Which boy would you prefer (for my friendling)?
    Boy one: He is attractive except for a big nose and is really skinny, he's fast at running, he's funny, he's annoying, he isn't flirty, he gets along with everyone, he's nice, he comes up with good nicknames, he is single (I think). Boy two: He is att...
    4 Relationships 21
  203. The issues with my mother
    My mom doesn't trust or respect me and nag to me always even though I haven't done anything wrong. We get into arguments and she have said a lot of things to hurt me like "my real baby and you got switch at birth" "I'm not your real mother so go find ...
    3 Family 6
  204. A little homework help?
    I have a state report due monday!!! And I need a few things. My state is Washington. I need to know: Industrys, jobs and qualifacations for it, cool history facts, geographic feat.s like Major land forms, exciting land marks, state nickname, quotes by ...
    3 Education 28
  205. Nickmanes?
    Okay I have a lot of nicknames and I was just wondering if any of them sound offending to in anyway because whenever my friends say them to me people are always giving us dirty looks. Christmas tree Frenchie Green apple Crazy cat lady Goober Emo bi*ch...
    8 General 61
  206. Dog Survey!!!
    Dog Survey!!! 1. How Many? 2. Name(s)? 3. Gender? 4. Their Birthday? 5. Age? 6. What trick scan they do? 7. Nickname? (I call my dog, Jack, Jackers!) 8. Breed? ---On a scale of 1-10--- 9. Cute level? 10. Smartness? 11. Nice? --- Does you...
    6 Pets 56
  207. What does he expect!!!?
    Oh so I got asked out by a boy last week and I sed yh but the day he asked me out he sed not to tell anyone for a bit.but I told my mate. Thn my mae starting talking 2 him and told him I'd told her so the day after he sed he was joking to me after he f...
    4 Relationships 12
  208. am I being irrational?
    ok I am thirteen and have been going out with this totally amazing guy, I don't mean to get so jealous but some girls are starting around my boyfriend a lot more than usual at least I have noticed them a lot more. I don't exactly think of mys...
    3 Relationships 32
  209. I hate my hair - need help!
    Ok, so, I have crazy hair somewhere in between curly and wavy. It is the reason for my nickname ssuch as medusa and simba, I absolutely hate it. While many people think my hair is a pretty color, and when I get it done I get so many complements its not...
    2 Style 40
  210. What should you do when you like a person who's out of your league?
    I like one of my closest guy friends at school and I feel like he is out of my league. Practically the whole entire school knows him because he is a violin prodigy and I know a lot of girls like him. He hangs out with us during lunch and sometimes I se...
    2 Relationships 15
  211. What do you think ?
    My ex started talking to me last weekend.. which was kinda weird? And I think he was flirting with me ? He would be like "guess what?" , id say "what?" and he would say "my six pac is sexy" and im like "oh.. I didnt know that xD" and then he would say ...
    3 Sex 9
  212. Why is this guy trying to make me jealous?
    On Saturday my ex told me that he had feelings for me and I told him I still had feelings for him too. We had a long talk about it and decided that we will try to get together in the spring because we are both really busy right now and don't want to st...
    2 Relationships 87
  213. Need a change!
    Kay so I have this idea, it's crazy I told my friend about it and she said she would go along with it. So I have decided im going to change my whole life. Im going to stop talking to everyone I no, im going to change my nickname (or atleast try too)....
    2 Relationships 17
  214. How can I change my tattoo?
    Well see I got like three tattoos the other night and one was my nickname on my lower back between some stars that I already had another was my name is jaopanese on my right wrist and I got a little drunk and allegedly had asked the guy to do a j and a...
    2 Style 45
  215. What screenname should I use?
    Name :: melissa Age :: 14 Sports? :: volleyball, softball Prep? Goth? Athletic? Etc.. :: Athletic Any Nicknames :: not really Words you like :: idk Animals you like :: dogs, cats Do you want your name in your SN ::idk Love sn? (ex : iiTHiiNKY0URMiiNE...
    4 Technology 47
  216. I NEED your help!!!urgent! ASAP (life vs death situation) kinda...
    Does he like me? reasons he might: He liked me in 5th grade and im now in 8th. he calls me nicknames he hangs around me and played wit my hair once. he made up a name for my tech ed car and is going to race it.( he also named his and makes a big...
    2 Relationships 30
  217. Surveyy...if your bored..
    1. Wats your Name?? 2. wats your fav color?? 3. what color is your hair? 4. have you ever kissed the opposite sex? 5. have you ever kissed the SAME sex?? 6. how old are u? 7. wats your deepest fear? 8 what are your top 5 best friends names? 9. where di...
    16 Sex 54
  218. New nick name !
    Heya im jonathan but people normally call me jonty as a nick name as ever1 found it better accordin 2 my personality but slowly as days passed I started gettin bored of this nickname and thought wether I could change it 2 a better 1 that suits my attit...
    2 General 23
  219. Need a name for my female lead
    I just started a new short story and I need a name for my female lead. Because I only just started the story, I can't give you much information about her. (Sorry). She's 20 (ish) and was studying law at uni when she met an art student named Max. They f...
    5 Literature 21
  220. What does it mean when, in your dreams, you get what you've always wanted, but then it gets taken away from you?
    I have this dream, that turns into a nightmare. Its so incredibly surreal, and vivid that I remember it for so long afterwards. I end up crying, screaming and yelling in my sleep.. So. In reality, I would LOVE to have a kid. But Im not so stupid to g...
    7 General 34
  221. Why did he lean his head on mine?
    the guy I like, and the guy who everyone thinks likes me has been letting me lean on his shoulder. And when I did, he leaned his head on mine. and another time when I was leaning on his shoulder he played with my hand and just tickled it lightly. ...
    4 Relationships 772
  222. Why is it everyone will not stop mocking my personal lifestyle?
    I don't understand why people including friends and family won't stop making fun of things I chose to do in my life. I know I am not the only one that goes though this so I speak for everyone when I say I am sick of it. Let me just point out a few thin...
    7 Family 15
  223. Is he pushing away because of money or something else?
    Me and my bf haven't been together long but everything has been good until last week when he told me he was getting evicted. All n fair enough its hard to find that out but since then he has been pushing me away .... every time I called him he was with...
    3 Relationships 33
  224. I need help finding a screen name
    here is some stuff about me:: Name :: lauren Age :: 16 Sports? :: I like to play basketball, but I am a bowler Prep? Goth? Athletic? Etc.. :: Athletic I guess Any Nicknames :: bubbles, luren Words you like :: I don't know Animals you like :: ipenguin,...
    2 General 38
  225. Random Survey
    How amazing was your last kiss 1-10? what was the last thing you did with your right hand? worst drug you've ever done? last thing you put in your mouth? You get three wishes, you can't wish for money or more wishes, what do you wish for? Do you k...
    9 General 29
  226. What; 100 Things About You When You're Bored?
    1. Real name → Roxanne A. Bustard 002. Nickname(s)→ TOO MANY. but one I get called all the time is Roxy. 003. Zodiac sign → Aquarious 004. Male or female→ Female 005. Elementary → Roden 006. Middle School→ Bowmore 007. High School → My school now. (Art...
    5 General 44
  227. Which guy do I like more...and likes me?
    Well there are these two guys that I like very much...not sure which one I like more...and if they like me in anyway...let's call them Chocolate and Turtle. Chocolate: At first glance you'd think he was shy and not very talkative...but I got to tal...
    2 Sex 46
  228. Can best friends really fall in love?
    ok im 17 with a b/f but I've also ben best friends w/ Todd for 10 years we grew up together and he has helped me w/ everything we have always been so close hes been spending the night w/ me since I cant even remember when we've always flirted but in a ...
    13 Relationships 192
  229. My survey, 30 random Q.s
    1.)Live,Love,Laugh? 2.)Fav ice cream flavor? 3.)Do you have a nickname? 4.)Gender? 5.) Fav Dairy product? 6.)Fav Season? 7.)Ever have a high texting bill? 8.)Fav soda? 9.) How old where you when you had your first kiss? 10.)S...
    14 General 52
  230. Does he know I like him or should I tell him?
    I KNOW THIS IS LONG BUT I REALLY NEED SOME ADVICE PLEASE! THANKS!!! ok well 2day I was in 1 of my classes and my friend danielle told my other friend rob (well kinda friend, he's pretty annoying) something. (she whispered it). then rob laughed and he ...
    5 Relationships 49
  231. Does He Really Like Me or Does He Just Want Sex?
    I'm in the Army right now and going through some training for a school and there's this guy that I really like. It started when my friend and I were walking back from the PX with him and his friend John and he offered to carry my really heavy case of w...
    9 Sex 260
  232. Why would a guy do this?
    I had a guy friend who I was really good friends and I sorta liked. I thought he had liked me too because he would nickname me 'cutepie' (I didn't like it but w e) and he we would walk down the hallway with his arm around me. Or sometimes he would try ...
    4 Relationships 8
  233. What does it mean when a guy does this to you?
    I met this guy 5 months back,we began causally chatting,he was a very shy guy later he started to flirt around a bit but my friends said he badly flirted with me,then we started talking over phone for hours,he asked me out several times but I alway sai...
    3 Relationships 64
  234. How do I get out of the friend zone/friend with benefits zone?
    Well, I've been ''seeing'' or ''dating'' (what ever you call it) a guy for about 3 months now. When I was 14 we were really close friends but then we grew apart because he's 2 years older than me and was focused on getting himself back into mainstream ...
    5 Sex 79
  235. Random Survey
    THE BASICS... Full Name? Nicknames? Hometown? Current Hair Color? Natural Hair Color? Long or Short Hair? Tall or Short? Piercings? Tattoos? Righty or Lefty? Elementary School? Middle School? High School? Siblings? Wear glas...
    10 General 82
  236. He's Obviously Really Shy. (But So am I...)
    Okay, so there is this guy that likes me. He is obviously really shy because everyday his friends say, "Today's the day man, today's the day," whenever he walks past me to go sit down in our painting class. He always like sits down and just says, "No,...
    6 Relationships 51
  237. What is the conflicts of this story? Please help!!!?
    WHAT'S THE CONFLICT OF THIS??? Squire tells the story of Keladry of Mindelan's years as a squire, between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. Having passed the "big examinations", Kel becomes a squire without a knight-master. While she becomes frustr...
    2 Literature 30
  238. Stay Single or Go Forward with Engagement
    For starters... I am a single mom of two girls, who are 12 and 15... 1st: Married to an abusive man (aka BioDad), had two girls, divorced and moved out of state. 2nd: Married my high school sweetheart who helped me raise my two girls from previous...
    2 Relationships 40
  239. Share 100 fun facts about you!!!
    1. Real name → 002. Nickname(s)→ 003. Zodiac sign → 004. Male or female→ 005. Elementary → 006. Middle School→ 007. High School → 008. Hair color → 009. Long or short → 010. Loud or Quiet → 011. Sweats or Jeans → 012. Phone or Camera → 013. Hea...
    28 Sex 328
  240. 99 TRUTH ABOUT U
    WOULD you MIND ANSWERING 1. Real name →pixie corpse 002. Nickname(s)→ pixie, dusty ,loabx 003. Zodiac sign → capricon 004. Male or female→female 005. Elementary → done 006. Middle School→done 007. High School →done 008. Hair color →black 009. Long or...
    8 Sex 68
  241. Random Strange Survey
    Is there anybody you just wish would fall off the planet?: aha yeah, kind of How do you flush the toilet in public?: I rarely use public restrooms, ICK! When I do I fluch with my foot. =] Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?: Not always, no. Name on...
    3 Sex 62
  242. 99 Things About You/Fun Survey
    I wanna know more about as many funadvice members as possible. I told you, so now you tell me! XD 1. ONE OF YOUR SCARS, HOW DID YOU GET IT? my ankle, shaving. I'm dangerous with sharp objects. 2. WHAT IS ON THE WALLS IN YOUR ROOM? spiderwebs 3. DO ...
    5 Sex 59