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  1. what posters does walmart have?
    what posters does walmart have?
    8 Shopping 61
  2. Does walmart sell figs?
    Does walmart sell figs?
    3 Food 453
  3. What are fun things to do in WalMart?
    6 Entertainment 40
  4. Where can I buy niacin pills?
    2 Drugs 100
  5. Does Walmart hire felons?
    6 Money 208
  6. Why are Americans so crazy about WalMart?
    34 Shopping 60
  7. How many Walmarts are there in the U.S.A?
    2 Shopping 52
  8. Can I apply online for a job at walmart?
    Can I apply online for a job at walmart?
    12 Money 18
  9. Can I buy sea monkeys at walmart?
    Can I buy sea monkeys at walmart?
    4 Shopping 165
  10. Will niacin get cocaine out of your system
    Will niacin get cocaine out of your system
    2 Drugs 11108
  11. will niacin pass a mouth swab
    3 Drugs 347
  12. what happens when you get a physical at walmart?
    what do they do to you?
    7 Health 59
  13. Do they sell diamond glaze at WalMart?
    2 Shopping 115
  14. Do you know anyone who has had sex in Walmart?
    14 Sex 96
  15. How can I find the name of a certain employee at a Walmart?
    How can I find the name of a certain employee at a Walmart?
    5 Money 47
  16. Does Niacin help you pass a drug test?
    Does Niacin help to pass drug test?
    42 Drugs 144788
  17. how much do color contacts cost at walmart?
    5 Style 93
  18. Whats better (cheaper) walmart or target??
    6 Shopping 42
  19. Who works at walmart?
    Is there anybody out there that works at walmart as a overnight cashier or any shift?
    2 Money 51
  20. Does niacin flush free work?
    a I want to know if niacin works for marijuana and niacin flush free works.
    2 Drugs 7570
  21. Can you build a tolerance to Niacin if you use it too many times?
    4 Drugs 369
  22. do they sell piercing kits at walmart the store not online?
    3 Shopping 170
  23. What places besides WalMart have online applications that I can fill out?
    5 Money 49
  24. How many years does walmart go back on it's background check?
    How many years does walmart go back on it's background check?
    3 Money 1344
  25. ub funkeys sold at walmart??
    Does anyone know anything about the ub funkeys sold at walmart??
    3 Shopping 86
  26. Walmart sells rated 'r' movies but edited CDs?
    Why does walmart sell rated 'r' movies but edited cds?
    5 Shopping 152
  27. Can you buy condoms in walmart?
    Can you buy condoms in walmart and do you need parental consent or something like that?
    9 Shopping 214
  28. Will Niacin help to pass a urinary drug test?
    I just wanted to know if niacin will help me to pass a urinary drug test?
    3 Drugs 3697
  29. walmart app
    I want 2 check on my application at wal mart .how can I do that?
    2 Shopping 43
  30. Which one of these stores has better deals: Target, WalMart or Best Buy?
    5 Shopping 21
  31. Which would more likely carry coconut oil - WalMart or a grocery store?
    5 Shopping 27
  32. Where can you find Pure Vitamin E Oil at Walmart?
    Where can you fine Pure Vitamin E Oil at Walmart? How much does it cost?
    2 Style 1322
  33. who knws if they sell india ink at walmart or walgreens?
    do dey sell india ink at walmart or maybe evn at walgreens
    3 Shopping 957
  34. How does niacin affect an unborn baby?
    What are the effects of niacin on an unborn baby? Approximately 35 weeks in utero?
    2 Drugs 306
  35. Who believes we should start boycotting walmart over its proposed use of RFID chips in its clothes?
    14 Politics 47
  36. How much do pore strips cost at local stores like Walmart or CVS?
    2 Shopping 70
  37. What doesnt walmart have?
    Im from australia and we dont have walmart here and I always see answers saying try walmart lol.
    21 Shopping 31
  38. Could stores like Walmart, Target, Borders, etc., have the book The Color Purple?
    5 Shopping 25
  39. Why does walmart not have a metal section?
    They dont have a metal album section with their music. At least my walmart doest. But it has a huge country section wtf?
    5 Music 18
  40. How long will it take for the niacin to clear out your system ?
    If I smoke weed/dro today will the drugs be out of my system in two days? How many niacin should I take if so?
    3 Drugs 1145
  41. How to get emo and punk clothes at Walmart?
    how do get hot punk/emo/goth clothes if you only can shop at walmart and you dont have a lot of money? can it even work?
    5 Style 229
  42. Can you use a walmart card to buy a master card ?
    I have 200$ on a walmart card, and i wanna put money on a vanilla mastercard so i can use it anywhere, am i allowed to do that ?
    8 Shopping 16
  43. Why is my dad trying to get my Bathing suit from Walmart, thats why every year i need a new one?
    6 Shopping 42
  44. Where do I buy my cod mw2 walmart or ebgames?
    Or any other places to get it cheap you can list in canada is sunday market good
    3 Technology 45
  45. Are the cameras, like cannon and nikon, still good and high quality coming from places like K-mart and Walmart?
    6 Shopping 37
  46. Walmart vs. Home Depot
    I am painting my room and I need to buy some supplies. It is a rental so I don't want high end. Which store is cheaper to get supplies Walmart or Home Depot?
    2 Homegarden 798
  47. How niacin cleans my system out from marijuana?
    I need to pass a drug test for propation I just quit which only leaves me with 9 days to clean my system out. Will niacin and lots of water clean my system out in time.
    2 Drugs 2230
  48. Would Walmart Sell Candy Corn This Time Of Year?
    I know that candycorn is more of a halloween-ish type of thing, so I'm wondering if Walmart would still sell it this time of year?
    2 Food 128
  49. how much niacin to flush cocaine out?
    I my sister did a few lines on fri. and now she goes back to the navy on mon. I know not the brightst but we're past that. will slo niacin work?
    3 Drugs 12990
  50. When does Niacin work?
    Does Niacin work if it doesn't burn? I took like 10 500mg tablets that I bought from GNC and didn't even burn and I take random drug screens.
    2 Drugs 710
  51. who knows if walmart sells an ipod cord/ usb thingy to connect to the the computer?
    i kno all that stuff comes with a new ipod but i got the ipod seperate from my brother.
    2 Technology 37
  52. does anyone still by their halloween costumes at walmart?
    ...or do they go to an actual costume store?when i was little i would get cheap walmart costumes but not anymore, now i got to costume stores. and even if you dont go to walmart, would you buy the costume if it was nice and you liked it, or would you s...
    11 Shopping 39
  53. How does Walmart treat China?
    Again im doing some questions for my economics class i tried searching for it how does wal mart treat china i have heard they treat them bad. any links will be help ul please & thank you
    6 Politics 21
  54. Who knows how much Walmart starts off paying?
    I live in Henderson, Nevada and i got a job at walmart and i'm using it as a second job since they do not offer full time, but anyways does anybody know how much they start off paying hourly?
    7 Money 72
  55. what straightner from walmart works good ?
    what straightner from walmart works good ? I was thinking to get the $100.00 one . its called infinity . well I dont know if it REALY does help your hair and it does not burn it . can soneone who has tried it please HELP ?
    4 Style 44
  56. 101 fun things to do at walmart trouble?
    ok so my cousin, friend, and I have slowly started completing the list. we don't have a lot done but we've only gone once. is there anyway to get into major trouble for doing some of those?
    12 General 195
  57. Does Niacin really work to clear drugs out of urine?
    I heard from a bunch of people that niacin will clean your system out if you take a bunch of em the day before your U.A and drink a lot of water unfortunately some of these people never had a U.A before... SO I am asking all of you or anyone that can h...
    15 Drugs 38976
  58. How can I collect unemployment from Walmart ?
    I was fired from Walmart for too many absences. In this case being 6 in one year. I had called in. They are still considered too many. No other problems. Work was done and no gross misconduct. I am worried because I was fired not laid off. Will I encou...
    2 Money 454
  59. Walmart is so rude
    In some walmarts, nobody smiles at you. They're hospitality is horrible. When you see the commercials, the employees look so nice, but when you go to a walmart, NOBODY IS NICE. Me and my mom shopped there once, and the cashier person wouldn't even talk...
    10 Shopping 70
  60. What should I do? Could I return this necklace to walmart?
    I bought this necklace from Walmart yesturday and right when I got home I tried it on and when I tried it on it broke. I didn't even tug hard on it or anything. It just broke. It was on sale. I have the reciet and bag and package thing so would I be a...
    2 Shopping 47
  61. Will niacin clean my system of THC in 3 days?
    I have to take a drug test in 3 days and I've been smoking bud multiple x's a day for like 2 years, my friends told me to take 2 niacin pills in the morning and 2 at night for 3 days and I should be clean. Will that work?
    8 Drugs 18805
  62. Can pregnant women take niacin?
    Im pregnant an I hurd myself an my baby will be drug tested after I give birth an I smoke three days ago for the first time in about a month and im due in a week and a half, it makes me nervous so I was wondering if pregnant women can take niacin
    2 Drugs 81
  63. How long for niacin pills to get THC outof your system?
    I have a drug test coming up soon to see if I've been smoking pot and so I bought detox pills (niacin) to get it out of my system and so I was just making sure that they work and I was told they get the THC out of your system in about 3-4 days, is that...
    3 Drugs 919
  64. What is the best hair dye brand at walmart?
    Please do not mention L'oreal Paris Feria. I've recently used this and the color came out after a couple of washes. Gosh I'm so bad I spent money on this. =[
    5 Style 1542
  65. USA omg! How annoying are you Walmart!! Really?
    So I was shopping today at Walmart when suddenly "Attention shoppers and associates, we would like to announce that Kate Middleton just gave birth to a baby boy!!" ______WTF!!!! Can somebody please tell me how is that relevant or have any importance?
    5 Shopping 23
  66. Fired from walmart
    I was a cashier and walmart says I cashed a check for a customer and then gave the check to the customer and they say they have it on tape but wont let me see it. I disagree but they said there was no other way but to fire me. Now I want to know if I c...
    2 Money 393
  67. Does Best Buy's buy back program work if you bought an Ipad from Walmart?
    i saw a comercal were they said they would take your device (in my case an ipad) and traid you for the newer version (ipad 2). would it still work if we didn't buy it from best buy, and also do you have to pay any extra?
    4 Shopping 34
  68. When... Will Walmart be closed on Christmas ?
    Well Christmas is almost here,infact Christmas Eve is tommorwow! There's some things we forgot to buy and we need to make a quick run be we would like to know if Walmart will be closed tommorwow and on Christmas,because if it isnt closed then we could ...
    2 Shopping 34
  69. I need to know about niacin!!! I have a drug test soon!
    I know people say it does and does not work so I need the truth if I fail this test im going to be in a lot of trouble. Does niacin work and if so I need to know people keep saying either the flush free kind or the regular kind I here they work both bu...
    2 Drugs 2619
  70. Will 250mg niacin work for piss test? please answer
    I have a Probation meeting in 2 days. I smoked weed about 6 days ago (not a lot only 1 gram). I've been taking 250mg niacin the past 4 days. 1 in the morning and 1 befor bed. I'm 120 pounds and 5'6" tall. I have had a ichy feeling and have gotten a li...
    11 Drugs 985
  71. How much does an average cheap camera cost at Walmart or any nearby store?
    I need new photos for here and FB, I don't look like them anymore, at all. And I wanna get a cheap but good quality camera from somewhere. How much would one be, thats not super cool or good, but also isn't bad? Thankkssssssssss (: Also, if you ha...
    7 Shopping 49
  72. How can I get rehired at Walmart if I was fired for being absent too much?
    I had told my supervisor that I was going through a rough time due to the passing of my father and had severe depression so I was put on an anti-depressant which I had a horrible reaction to. Before all this I was a hard punctual worker and now that I ...
    4 Money 2033
  73. THC yes or no
    Will niacine clean thc out of you?
    2 Health 478
  74. How can I get rehired at walmart if im not eligable?
    So apperently Wal-mart gave me a warning once for accidently going over on a break...Then the next time it happened they fired me. and because of this I am not eliagable for rehire. The manager told me theres a way to get rehired but he doesnt know how...
    3 Money 1406
  75. Discount Shopping
    Walmart vs Target vs Kmart
    7 Shopping 23
  76. Should I buy my girlfriend a thong?
    should I go into walmart and buy a thong for my girlfriend to make her happy
    6 Shopping 134
  77. How much are ipod headphones?
    how much does a new pair of headphone for ipods cost at walmart?
    2 Music 13
  78. (A Joke Tell me what you think) Walmart
    ( First off this is just a Joke no disrespect to walmart it A great place ^_^ Please tell me what you think If you could rate from 1-10 ) Have ya ever Heard of Walmart being the best place to buy things. no. I went there last week. never again. wha...
    17 General 60
  79. What product(s) will get rid of scars?
    No Home remedies. And you can find at Walmart.
    6 Style 51
  80. Are the clothes from Hollister expensive?
    Are the clothes from Hollister expensive? I usually just buy clothes from Target or Walmart so I don't know.
    11 Shopping 86
  81. Coloured Contacts
    Do they sell non-prescription coloured contacts at walmart? if so, how much are they?
    4 Style 42
  82. How can you pass a swab drug test?
    I know that niacin will help you pass a pee test but how can you pass a test when they swab your mouth?
    3 Drugs 344
  83. How much do the Hannah Montana shirts cost?
    does anyone know how much the hannah montana shirts cost? I think that you can get them at walmart, but do you know how much they cost?
    4 Shopping 37
  84. What is the name of the plan B pill?
    I went to walmart and tried finding it but didnt find anything. What is the name of it?
    3 Health 40
  85. What happens to unsold clearance merchandise?
    What does Walmart, target and other retailers do with the merchandise that doesn't get sold?
    6 Shopping 129
  86. Stupid questions!!
    Jokeish questions: 1. if walmart is lowering there prices everyday then how come nothin is free yet??!! 2. if a fly had no wings would it b called a walk?? Stupid questions but seriously what about the walmart question??
    5 General 53
  87. acne, and healthy skin products
    Do you guys know any acne treatments that actually works, and is affordable thats available at walmart? Oh, and also does anyone know any good skin products that's also affordable, and that is at walmart? The kind that's good for dry skin, aging ...
    7 Style 18
  88. Prepaid visa cards at walmarrt
    has anyone heard of those? I heard you can buy a credit card visa thing and prepay it and you can get it at walmart.
    3 Money 71
  89. Where to get a Trek bike?
    I could not find trek bikes at target or walmart type stores. From where I can get trek bikes? Are there any other brand names for bike which are good?
    4 Shopping 100
  90. Were can I get a green wifebeater?
    Do they make green wifebeaters I need 1 but cant find it any were p.s I check walmart and target
    2 Shopping 51
  91. Hollywood undead
    I live in sudbury on I cant find the hollywood undead cd if you live in sudbury and nowhere it is tell me I no its not a walmart I already checked
    4 Music 31
  92. Can I try to shampoo it again with a dark blond?
    I bought a "shampoo" dark ash blond at walmart; but it came out a weird color, can I try to shampoo it again with a dark blond? And how soon can a dye it again? Thank you!
    2 Style 30
  93. Which store would you prefer to shop at?
    Picture this, in your town there are only 3 department stores. They are Kmart, Target and Walmart. If you had your choice, which would be your preferred shopping place?
    7 Shopping 46
  94. Luck with lucky bamboo
    What is the bast way to grow lucky bamboo...I bought a bunch from walmart and I want to seperate them but they are still small
    2 Homegarden 19
  95. What skin product will make my face even tone or lighter?
    Any products from Walmart Kmart or Longs Drugs that will help me with my question?
    2 Style 21
  96. Where should I get my cartilaged pierced at?
    At my walmart they use needles but there also a piercing shop down the street from my house and I really need to know where to go
    3 Style 55
  97. Cleaning my lip.
    I've had my lip pierced for about a month now and I've been gargling salt water and stuff like that to clean it but is there some kind of solution I can get at walmart?
    2 Style 39
  98. Go phone vs regular phone
    Ok so wats the difference between a go phone and a regular phone because at cingular a regular moto razr is 239.00 and at walmart a go phone moto razr is 99.00??? help!!!
    2 Technology 138
  99. What companies are always hiring?
    I know like mcdonalds, walmart, superstore, grocery stores, and restraunts, etc. but what are some other places that are always hiring in canada???
    2 Money 116
  100. Silly What If...
    Okay, what if I was in a Walmart and intentionally began screaming at the top of my lungs, and then run around like a monster knocking over asiles? How would the staff handle the situation? And how often does something that strange, weird, out of the o...
    7 General 54
  101. What are some good, effective products to get rid of scars or make them lighter?
    Products that can be found at places like walmart will be extreamly helpfull!
    9 Style 28
  102. buying a thong lol
    haha this is kinda funny... um I want to buy a thong at walmart without my mom knowing and my girlfriend wanted me to get one to...should I
    4 Style 139
  103. Passing drug test
    I have qiut smokin marijuana for 3 weeks now and I took omni cleansing drink with their pills and I have been taking niacin will I pass a drug test
    3 Drugs 275
  104. What stores have good, cute, yet somewhat cheap shorts and tank tops?
    Please don't say stores like Walmart or Target or something.
    10 Shopping 33
  105. How much do bagels cost at Panera Bread?
    I have to get a doz. bagels for my swim team for our meet tomorrow?? How much do Panera Bread bagels usually cost?? And I cant go get bagels from walmart they have to be Panera Bagles
    5 Food 53
  106. what is the best condom to use?
    what condoms should my boyfriend buy were really not sure which ones the best? we were at walmart and going back in forth with what condoms to get can someone help please
    7 Relationships 54
  107. How much water and how often do I water cactus?
    How much water and how often do I water one? It is just one of those small $3.00 ones form Walmart. I have already killed 2 of them so obviously I don't know what I'm doing, lmao
    7 Homegarden 472
  108. work related
    Just applied at Walmart as a stocker. Been off of work for 2 and half years while attending college. How bad will that look on the employment history part of the background check?
    5 Money 103
  109. Where can I buy baker's white chocolate?
    Everywhere I go I can only find normal chocolate and dark chocolate, but I can't find white chocolate. I've been to bulk barn, Walmart, lots of grocery stores. Can I substitute it with just white chocolate?
    4 Food 17
  110. Why are scary movies set up in places like hospitals, houses, or jail cells?
    I want a scary movie in walmart "Clean up Aisle 13", 'But sir there is no aisle 13... (dramatic music)
    3 Entertainment 6
  111. Can you plant watermelon in any area?
    Can you plant watermelon in any area? and is it really hard to plant watermelons wherever you are? Because I bought some in walmart haha (they were only like 97 cents) and I decided to try to plant some I just want to know if I even can.
    3 Homegarden 42
  112. How do pay as you go phones work?
    I'm thinking about getting one of those pay as you go phones from walmart. I was just wondering about the minutes. When you run out of minutes does it automaticly stop or can you keep talking and get a bill?
    4 Technology 37
  113. Hair relaxers only for africian americans?
    Are hair relaxers ( from walmart) only for africian american type hair? I have crazy curly hair and I was just wondering would it make my hair go naturally stright. or would it not work becuse I have caucasion hair?
    3 Style 43
  114. The Vampire Diaries???
    are they good??? cause I was just at walmart and I read twilight, new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn. I wanted to read something else about vampires cause im kinda addicted now, so are they any good???
    11 Literature 41
  115. stealing
    im 13 and I stole 40 dollars of merchandice from walmart. I got caught and I have to go to court . I dont know what to expect .does anyone know what I shud do or say ?
    7 Shopping 23
  116. Would you have said any thing?
    I always love walking behide some "preps" at walmart and hear them laughing and about me. But I just am wounding what would you say to them? I didn't say nothing cause I was listing to my Ipod. But im just wounding.
    3 Relationships 10
  117. Is there any way to get rid of these weird goosebump-like bumps on my thighs?
    I hardly shave them because I don't want to get them irrated more: They look like goose-bumps but their not. is there something i can get from walmart to treat them ?
    7 Style 40
  118. Who knows anything about window ac units?
    I just got one from walmart it is the cheapest one and it seems to not be as cool as it was. I've cleaned the filter out but that hasn't helped... it wasn't even that dirty.
    4 Homegarden 23
  119. Will I be clean for a piss test after smoking weed for 6 days
    I have drank 8 gallons of water and took around 28 niacins within 2 days and I have a drug test tomorrow. Will I be clean?
    2 Health 277
  120. Where can I buy the Cowboy Mouth album?
    I'm a big fan of cowboy mouth, but no matter how many FYE's or walmarts I look in , I can't find their second album. I don't want to buy from ebay, anybody know where it is for sale?
    3 Music 12
  121. Where can I get owigi board?
    I want an owigi board so bad. I looked at walmart and they dont have one. Me and my friends want to test it out ourselves to see if we can really talk to spirits. Please if you no where you can?find one please let me know.
    2 Shopping 15
  122. Where can i buy a fake bellybutton, nose, and tongue piercing in concord Ca????
    We have spencers, claires, target, walmart, hot topic etc? i want a clip on bellybutton not magnetic btw thanks:)
    10 Style 86
  123. best liquid foundation ?
    Is their any good liquid foundation I can use that doesnt leave your face oily , last long , and has good coverge for pores or acne scars.One that I can find at walmart or walgreens .Please help .
    2 Style 16
  124. What can i do to be more fun to be with?
    Like i try to be fun with my friend but idk what to do for fun theres not much to do where we live? Like idk i like this girl and i try to do stuff with her but i can never think of anything fun to do. like most of the times we just like go for a ride,...
    10 Relationships 29
  125. List of things to do in Bowling Alley?
    OK im going to the bowling alley tomorrow with friends and I think it owuld be awesome if there was a list of things to do there.You know like the walmart lists and elvator and fun things to do.So any ideas about what to do in a bowling alley?
    2 Entertainment 58
  126. How and where can I buy a cell-phone without parents?
    I'm 13 and really really want my own cell-phone I'm like the only girl at shcool that has to share one with her older sister. And I only sometimes get to use it. So I'm starting to save up money to just buy one myself. But I don't want to tell my paren...
    7 Shopping 11
  127. please help me.. im going insane wondering whats wrong!!!
    last thursday I took 2 pregnancy tests one had a faint line so I went back to walmart to get a digital one to make sure.. it said pregnant..well the next day I took another one the line ones, and it came out neg, so I went back to walmart to get a digi...
    5 Health 279
  128. Who knows if this will cause her to breakout?
    My friend wants to start wering makeup anyway fake jewlery makes her break out and she has sensitive skin will makeup from like wallgreens or walmart make her skin break out. Or should she go sephora and claires
    4 Style 19
  129. Why do people at stores get mad when someone tells them the lane's closed?
    the other da at was at walmart and the cashier turned off the light that lets you know its open but people still kept getting in that line and got mad when she told them it was closed
    6 Shopping 34
  130. Where to buy skinny jeans?
    I ussually buy them at the mall, but my anty said this time is going to be at target or walmart and I want to know if they sale skinny jeans because I have never bought them... And also do they sale for woman, my anty said she wants to buy a pair to ...
    8 Shopping 42
  131. How can i make it funny/sexy?
    I have a fuck buddy and he loves batman so i went to walmart the other day and i bought him these spedo type of underwear with batman on it lol so next time we do i wanna tell him to put it on for me or do something that makes him laugh :D
    2 Sex 10
  132. Whats a good lotion that goes deep under the skin ?
    Im trying to find the perfect lotion that doesnt irritate my skin or make it dry after a while... Oh and if you tell me it has to be like at walmart or those kinda stores!!!??? Is baby gel good ?
    4 Style 43
  133. What teenage job should I get?
    Well here is the deal. I want a summer job. I was thinking about walmart but I want the best summer job ever. like, one were you do like no work and get decent cash $$$. maybe CVS or another drug store? I am 14
    5 Money 41
  134. Where do I get a toner?
    When I dyed my hair blonde, I looked for a toner at walmart and I didnt see one. I think if I would have had one I could have kept my hair blonde, but it turned out to blonde so I just dyed it back brown. What does the toner do? is it like a dye or lik...
    2 Style 148
  135. Fake fingernails
    Ok, my daughter just had them put on just before xmas, and now wrestling around with her boyfriend, one broke off taking half of her real nail. we need to how and the best way to take the rest of them off. she got them put on at a place in a local wa...
    7 Style 72
  136. what is the best and cheapest digital camera?
    ok so im looking to buying a new digital camera from walmart. I need something that is good quality but not too exspensive. like maybe within 100-150,or cheaper. and what brand is better?
    2 Shopping 9
  137. How do I get pot out of my system while pregnant?
    I am 36 weeks pregnant and I want to be sure that when I go in for my scheduled c-section in 24 days or so I will be clean from marijuana... I know that niacin works but I just want to be sure that I will not hurt my baby if I take it?
    5 Health 14277
    ok so, my daughter is going into middle school, and she wants to make her locker like over the top like a mini disco ball and locker cozies and all stuff, (not sure if they exist) so where can I get all that stuff? CHEAP. P.S. I looked, walmart and t...
    2 Shopping 60
  139. where can i get make-up that lasts for a good price?
    ive looked at ulta's website, and also eyeslipsface website. and of course, your regular stores (walmart, dollar general, etc). im esp looking for eyes and lips
    9 Shopping 18
  140. How do you know if something you're buying is safe?
    How do you know jewelery is sterilized? If I bought the jewelery at a store are there ways I can be sure they are clean and safe? Are they sealed well? I want to buy stuff from somewhere like walmart or claire's and not from a piercer because I don't h...
    2 Shopping 31
  141. Ok I'm not a frequent user but last week n a little Saturday till Sunday am early b4 sun was up I used coke.
    Its been 2 n a half days n I had a pop ua today. Now I took a shit load of flush free niacin .. anybody knows if this will work.. last time my ua I had smoke green that morning n some that week b4 took slow Flo niacin n passed. What's going to happen...
    3 Health 171
  142. how can I get marijuana out of my system?
    my husband has a drug screen on march 26th and he smoked last nite...hes on probation and basically I was wondering if niacin flush free works to clean out your system? any info would be greatly appreciated!
    4 Health 3261
  143. Want to skateboard but have no idea
    Its my first time skating... I really want a board from CCS like a zero. but some people are telling me to get a cheap one from walmart or someplace... I dont want to spend my money on that... yea but I have no idea how to skate
    5 Sports 34
  144. Why does putting a plastic bag around a Credit Card that wont read seem to help it?
    I had a CC this morning that would not swipe, just got "Card Read Error" every time. So I tried putting a plastic walmart bag over it, swiped it worked. I have used the same trick before, but does anyone have any idea why it works??
    5 General 61
  145. Can I get an old photo restored that's tattered?
    Okay so I just need an answer. I have a picture of my grandma that died... It's the onli thing I have... Yet It's kinda ripping at the corners. I was just asking can I put it to Walmart and they can make a nicer copy? I do anything.. R.I.P.
    3 Technology 66
  146. Time needed before taking drug test sent to lab
    I took a drug test today and I quit smoking 3 days bef0re ,I weigh 180 6'0ft tall,when I smoked I only smoked bout 1 time a day for a week, I have been taking niacin for 3 days, should I b ok or am I and trouble?
    2 Drugs 703
  147. What is an easy to care for type of fish that we can buy for my 2 year old?
    He loves the fish at walmart so weve decided to buy him a small fish tank with some fish. I know nothing about fish tanks and fish. I want something that isnt going to cost alot of money and are easy to care for. Also, do all fish tanks require filters...
    5 Pets 52
  148. What do you think: verizon vs. straight talk?
    Does anyone know anything about straight talk? I don't know which to choose, straight talk from walmart, which is 45 dollars a month for unlimited data, calling, and texting, or verizon (same features) give me your opinion please! and lemme know if...
    3 Technology 58
  149. Do you think the Certain Dri antiperspirant works?
    okay so i recently went to walmart and got certain dri. and i got the one where ur suppose to put it on before u go to bed. so uhm i got that now does that stuff actually work? i dont have hypohydrosis, i just have an excessive sweating disorder where ...
    12 Health 32
  150. pass a meps test
    I am joining the navy and I need to pass a drug test I havent smoked since the 25th of may until yesterday and I took two hits...wooops my bad. I am not going to take my test for 2-3 weeks. if I do this niacin thing is it really going to work and am I...
    6 Health 138
  151. Who has McAfee?
    I booght it at a Walmart last year. The box says you can use the disc on up to 3 computers. I don't however have the box anymore. Recently my computer told me my time is running out and i need to renew my McAfee. I spent 60 dollars on this disc! Do i r...
    10 Technology 36
  152. Where to buy cheap dumbells?
    Which big stores such as walmart sells cheap dumbells like 1 dollar a pound or less. Dont suggest craigstlist why?... Cause lots of creepy people and barely any ads about dumbells for sale. Dont suggest garage sales im way to lazy to go garage sale to ...
    2 Nutritionfitness 43
  153. What is a good brand for at home hair dying??
    I have pretty light brown hair and I want to dye it a dirty blonde or a really light brown...I've dyed my hair before so I am experienced in doing it but I want some opinions on good brands I can find at places like cvs,target,and walmart..please let m...
    5 Style 76
  154. What does black Friday mean to you?
    Do you go out an bust heads to get your deals? Wake up people you can get those deals shipped to your door for free.. are people really jail rioting walmarts in search of stuff thats on sale all year.. oh my... would love to hear some black friday mom...
    3 Funadvice 30
  155. Jonas Brothers Sunglasses Issue! HELP!
    Where can I find the Jonas Brothers Sunglasses at? Like which stores in Cave Creek, or at Desert Ridge? Because my mom and I have been looking for them at like 5 Walmarts and 5 Targets. And the Jonas Brothers concert is in 2 days! And we know one store...
    5 Shopping 36
  156. What's the BEST way to get THC out of your system?
    I'm 5'2 nd 102 lbs. My bro tried Niacin nd said it worked, I read that Vitamin E nd green tea works. Also, I drink water every day nd I haven't smoked in about a week.
    9 Health 75
  157. Whats this plastic triangle folder called?
    Ok, I've been looking for this thing to put like folders, or papers in. its plastic, and shaped like a triangle. You usually put it on a desk, or shelf and it can hold more than one folder at a time. Anyway, I dont know what they are called. Im sure y...
    3 General 61
  158. Do you know how to hula hoop?
    I was watching a AM2 (Anime Music and Manga) Expo on YouTube and their was a girl was hula hooping in the video. I've always wanted to learn but could never get the hang out it. I think I'm gonna go to Walmart and get me a Hula Hoop now. This girl jus...
    9 Sports 39
  159. does Jello make your hair grow faster?
    I got a bad hair cut and I want these stupid layers to grow out FAST. how can I make my hair grow faster? what things can I buy at like walmart to help it grow faster? anything?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?! im desprite! I look like a dude with a mullet!!! I can no...
    2 Style 85
  160. Why don't people stop for fundraising carwashes?
    ok this is a really rerarded question, but I figure that I might as well put it on here since im wondering... how come people never go to carwashes like for fundraisers outside walmart or the mall or wherever they are? you get your car cleaned, and it'...
    3 General 31
  161. What's a strong moisturizer to make skin soft, and not flaky?
    Since its winter, my face gets VERY dry. It even flakes/peels in certain places, (near my mouth, nose, eyebrows) and it annoys me so much, I never want to go out in public or be near my boyfriend. Whats a good moisturizer you can get at zellers or walm...
    5 Style 42
  162. How much should my total be for this iPad with the insurance and iTunes card? (read more)
    So, I am getting an Ipad tomorrow, and am buying the insurance, and a $25 Itunes card. They charge me six cents per dollar, and the insurance cost $75. So, how much should it be? The Ipads at my walmart are $400. The Ipad and Insurance, I got $503.50....
    7 Shopping 37
  163. Should I take the piercing out?
    I Got my Cartilage pierced 2 weeks ago with a gun at walmart... And it still hurts.. throbbing pain constintly acually.. red kinda warm feeling..A little swollen and hurts to move it. and there is a big bump when I take the ring out.. no pus coming ou...
    5 Style 1592
  164. My friends child?!
    I know im not fit to be a mother of any sort but I know she will do much worst at attempting to take care of her baby She was going to give him up for adoption I just couldnt let that happen Did I do somthing wrong? Every body is mad at me now an...
    6 Babies 23
  165. How do I get cash back from any store for writing a check?
    My debit card was stolen and I had to cancel it this weekend. But I also need to take a short road trip this weekend as well... However, I now have no access to the cash in my account, of which I must have access to to make this trip... Can I get cash ...
    2 Money 207
  166. Waxing around penis
    I was told to trim up my hair around my nearly 15..I tried to shave..but about had to have a blood transfusion after..rofl...would waxing be a better solution??..I mean if it is..where the hell do I get wax..I mean will look suspic...
    4 Style 108
  167. does anyone know of a store in canada that sells affordable scene clothes?!?
    my mom just lost her job and trips to the states and hot toppic shopping sprees and such are now going to be a thing of the past until she gets a new job BUT I NEED CLOTHES!!! i need 2 start back 2 school shopping and so far, walmart and zellers have b...
    10 Style 14
  168. How long does it take earthworms to propogate?
    We have a baby robin who was injured in a storm. We have been feeding him worms from walmart and bait shops. He is eating well, and costing us about four dollars a day. He has an injured leg and may never be able to be released. We would like to cu...
    2 Homegarden 40
  169. How to make myself prettier for my crush?
    don't say your perfect the way you are or blah blah blah! that isn't the answer I want. please look at my pictures, if you don't this is how I would describe myself- okay I have small boobs (witch sucks!) I am skinny (I have a realllyyy high metabolism...
    5 Style 52
  170. ear piercing swollen and sore...please help.
    I got my 3rd hole on my left ear pierced a few days ago,its been sore,red and swollen on the backk ever sense. I have 6 all together in my 2 ears and have never had this problem. there is no puss either...anyone got any ideas why its doing this?? I got...
    4 Health 116
  171. Where can I get a gel eyeliner (The kind that you dip your angled brush into)?
    I've seen girls use it in there makeup tutorial YouTube videos, but I've never seen it in stores,(but I've never actually looked when I'm there, usually i look for liquid eyeliner but i just never happened to come across it in that section). do they ha...
    10 Style 28
  172. I have a question about a 160gb ipod classic
    everytime I go to the stores like bestbuy, walmart, and target I see the 160gb ipod classic for the same price $349.99 and I dont see this particular ipod for any cheaper than $349.99 does anybody know a store where I can get this ipod for a cheaper pr...
    2 Music 14
  173. Drug test tomorrow Answer ASAP
    I smoke so much that you can roll me up and be high for a 3 days striaght...I have Niacin 500mg...just drank 2 quarts of water, popped 1...bout to pop another one...gotta test 2morrow at 8:30 AM...Should I OD starting now? (I know I should have stopped...
    4 Drugs 208
  174. Will wamart hire me if I have a misdermener on my background
    I went for a interview had two they went good they said I was hired as long as I passed my drug test and background now its been a week still no call but I got a letter in the mail saying I walmart asked for a credit repot and my misdameener for possio...
    3 Money 96
  175. Survey (if your bored maybe)
    1. Boy or girl? 2. Do you like pancakes? 3.have you everwashed a car? 4.have you ever been scubadiving? 5.have you ever bought an ipod at walmart? 6.are you a vegetarian? you havemore than one best friend? you consider yourself a nerd, geek, ...
    10 General 35
  176. Where do I get cute clothing that costs less?
    My parents don't have a lot of money. Neither do I. And I'm sick of walmart shirts and JC Penny pants. I have really cheap ugly cloths that are definatly not fashionable, yet I have a good fashion sence. Yet, its hard for me to find cloths anyway becau...
    18 Shopping 203
  177. who knows about the moisturizer,'Cetaphil'?
    my dermatologist recommended cetaphil to me,because I get extremely dry skin.I found it at walmart for 9bucks,it came in a 16oz bottle,with a pump(irrelevant?)...and it didnt really specify if it was for your face,or your body.does anyone know if its l...
    3 Style 6
  178. Illegal Police Search?
    Sunday I was parked at Walmart and I was sitting in the car with 2 of my friends, one in which was smoke a ciggarette. A cop rolled up and decided to come up to my car, he saw the person in back smoking a ciggarette and he then decided to take us all ...
    15 Politics 73
  179. How do you make something feel waxy?
    im doing a similarity project for geometry, which is where you find an object and make a replica with a bigger size. They both, however, must be proportional to eachtoher.. I decided to do a candle because there were no words & there was a pretty simp...
    3 General 9
  180. Will they call me?
    Okay I did a job interview at walmart on july 23rd. When I was finished doing the first interview, they told me that I got a second interview...during the second interview, the lady was asking me what time can I start during school days? So she told me...
    4 Money 35
  181. What kind of weight loss pills are available?
    Ok, so I'm 15 years old and I feel that I am a bit overweight for my soccer season and it's very important to be in the best shape possible. But the problem is that It starts in 3 weeks and I need to lose 5 pounds fast. So can someone tell me what kind...
    2 Nutritionfitness 33
  182. I have acne please help
    well I cant buy like the proactive or anything else because the stuff I have my mom still thinks it works but it dose not!! any way its not really bad but I want clear skin thats not flaky please help me and do remember I cant really buy tv ad stuff or...
    5 Style 40
  183. I Need A Job!! (lol)
    uuummm...This Is Kinda well as you can see im almost 17, and it's been time for me to start working, well, the big problem is... I filled out applications for walmart, target, mcdonalds, and pathmark..they was suppose to get back to me,...
    4 Money 33
  184. Is $1,500 for a bag too much?
    My neighbour recently bought a Gucci bag for about 1.500 dollar. (onethousand fivehundred). I would never spent that much money on a bag-The most expensive bag I have was 150 dollars, and I got it from my grandparents for my birthday. I don't think yo...
    16 Shopping 66
  185. Pass a drug test
    I smoked one bowl between one other person and i on feb 13, and it's march 1st. I'm 115lbs & 5'6 (i heard weight matters) and I took three niacin, but I'm not peeing, I've never been drug tested before. And I have no idea about any of this. Should I pa...
    3 Drugs 22
  186. Why must people hate us emos?
    Why do people get good feelings after making fun of a emo kid? Cause I was in walmart hanging out with emos and we got bashed soo much it wasn't funny. It almost kinda made me want to turn unemo by thats no going to happan. Someone please anwser. I kin...
    19 Style 41
  187. Marijuana and you
    I weight 175 and im 5'10" tall 25 years old...I've been smoken marijuana for bout 8 months now I had to stop because im looking for a new job its been 7 days since I've smoked im working out doing mainly cardio eating healther drinking lots of clear li...
    4 Health 77
  188. How can I get rid of the acne on my forehead and chin?
    I've tried so many things it really broke out at the end of summer and it hasn't been getting any better! I've tried clean and clear products... Neutogena.. St.ives...uhh acene clear.. Almost everything they have on the shelves at walmart. Also recentl...
    4 Style 57
    Hey...I Need to know if this is right. I have Science homework. Its on a cell. I am Compairing a Cell to Walmart. Is this right? Nucleus: Boss Cytoplasm: Air Cell Membrane: Doors Cell Wall: the Walls Nuclear Membrane: Bosss' Desk/Room Chromosomes...
    5 Science 67
  190. Why do so many people care about when a celeb gets plastic surgery?
    like Megan Fox? I was at walmart the other day waiting in line and i see this mag about Megan Fox and her new boob job and nose job and whatever. For one thing,i think she is just gorgeous! And it showed before and after pictures. She used to be flat a...
    13 Entertainment 33
  191. Throat infection, white bumps.
    Two days ago I woke up with an extremely sore throat. I could hardly breath and I was coughing like crazy. Things haven't gotten better drinking water helps calm my throat but now my eyes burn too but I don't have a temp. I havent gone to the doctor bu...
    3 Health 1166
  192. Drug test for Job need help to pass.
    So I did weed for the first time in a long time three days ago. It was the first time I think in one to two months. I smoked from a bowl, and only took three to four hits. I got a call a day ago from our local unemployment office and they found me a j...
    6 Drugs 133
  193. How can an active person lose weight?
    I have been on swimteam my whole life and workout 1-2 hours a day.. but.. I am 5'7' 160lbs. and a size 8. I was thinking about trying NV. Has anyone tried it? I am going to Florida April 1-4 and would like to be "bikini ready" by then. I would mainly l...
    3 Nutritionfitness 30
  194. thc to test in 24 hours
    ok I need some help here. I have to test in 24 hours for thc for probation im freaking out.. I tried taking 20 niacin pills and tried home test failed. tried 3 day water diet 2 gallons a day failed. took stat pills from gnc failed. help! I smoke daily...
    3 Health 143
  195. Sex Or No Sex Thats The Question
    I'm 13 and I dont know if I should do it yet. I mean I've felt up a girl before. (older people may say im to young to do that but times have changed..) and I've been given a bj, but I don't know weather or not I should do my girlfriend. I know she want...
    6 Sex 17
  196. What can I take to make me gain some weight?
    Ok I just wanted to know if taking ensure shakes or equate shakes(the walmart brand) will make me gain some weight because im 21 and I really wanna gain a little something instead of looking the way I do im 110 0r 120(one of those) skinny as what even ...
    2 Nutritionfitness 272
  197. How can I stand living with my brothers?
    I have two younger brothers,who are 8 and 9.they are extremely out of control.and when I say out of control,I dont mean like most little kids,I mean they are seiorusly,out of control.we cant even go to walmart wihtout being told to leave. The oldest ha...
    2 Family 29
  198. Why is my mom being 2 strict about everything please help?
    when my mom was my age my aunt (very close) said my mom would always watch horror movies and do a lot of things I can't do now like walk accross the street 2 walmart (I live in a small town not a huge city) my mom would walk everywhere when she was my ...
    4 Family 28
  199. Is anyone taking the Green Coffee Bean Extract and, if so, by what name brand and what are your results?
    I'm taking a generic brand by Spring Valley from Walmart for $6 dollars. I started taking it last week. But I'm not taking anything extra and is not doing any exercises, workouts, or on a special diet. But I can't tell if it's working or not because I ...
    2 Nutritionfitness 17
  200. Do you think that this is funny?
    A young blonde girl wanted to ride a horse for the first time and was really excited. She slowly got onto the horse and the horse went off at a slow pace. Then the horse started walking faster...and soon started running. The girl became very frightene...
    12 Entertainment 21
  201. How do I get over my fear of driving on the open Highway?
    Okay I've recently gotten over my fear of driving period but when I get out on the open highway I get very nervous. Especially on country roads where lots of cars come through. I took my sister home yesterday and she told me I drive fine but everytime ...
    3 General 18
  202. I'm the new Freshman.
    Okay soo I'll be 14 by the time school starts. I'm a Girl, and I moved from a total country town with ranches and horses(I live in Texas) to a city that has 10 times the population as my country town. (NOT JOKING) I'm really nervous about everything b...
    3 Education 16
  203. Question about frizzy,fluffy,thick hair?? Please read.??
    Ok so my hair has always been very thick,fluffy and frizzy. But about 3-4 days ago my friend used her straightener-chi is tha name of it. It made my hair so thin and straight it was amazing. But yesterday I washed my hair,and it was back to thick fluff...
    5 Style 35
  204. Can penicillin and steroids affect a pregnacy test?
    Last time I had Sex I wanna say was the 13 of July. I took a test from walmart I wanna say the 18th before I started 2 medications which were pencillia. And a low form of steriod (I have consistent strep throat and have to have surgery to get my tonsil...
    3 Sex 53
  205. How can I ask out a girl I've seen for awhile?
    well i have noticed this girl in walmart in my home town. and she is really pretty. and i have seen her for a long time now. i know that we have locked eyes plenty of times before and i have went up to her before but only for wire transfers. i really l...
    3 Relationships 26
  206. When I fill out a job application, what should my reason for quitting be (read details below)?
    Back in June, I upped and quit in the middle of my closing shift at a Walmart Supercenter (I was the only closing cartpusher on) because after months of worsening depression from the job while I was at work I had finally had enough being around NEGATIV...
    5 Money 42
  207. Tongue ring bump PLEASE HELP
    Okay, I got my tongue pierced on the 28th, and its the 31st. I was using listerine for the first few days until last night I looked at the bottle and it said it had alcohol in it, so I freaked out and went and bought some biotene from walmart, because ...
    5 Health 257
  208. How can you convince your mom...
    I'm a big sims maniac. And I've been waiting for sims 3 to come out since 2007 and I've been asking my mom if I can get the game. hjer most common response is I'll think about it...but she cant seem to make it to the exit doors with the game in the tar...
    4 Family 58
  209. What type or kind of place do you think this psychic woman meant?
    Well I've been getting these emails about me from a psychic and pretty much the stuff she says about me is true. But last Saturday she sent me an email saying this in it: "•You will be meeting the love of your life—VERY SOON. However, this encounter wi...
    5 Religion 15
  210. Where can I get Bows and Leggings?
    where can you get big hair bows, little hair bows, cute barrettes and such? I went to meijers and they just had colourful headbands, thin and thick. and yeha I bought them. but they didnt have bows... none what so ever. of course im shopping for thing...
    7 Shopping 45
  211. HELP on pimples , dry oily skin ?!!!!
    for the last couple of days I have been getting pimples , I dont know how I got them all of the sudden I have little pimples on my forehead.I have also goten a couple on my cheeks.I hate how they skin also have dry skin and oily skin.It looks ...
    7 Style 40
  212. ladies help!!!would you bring your kid on tha firest date
    I meet this girl online and I asked her out ,when she pulled up her 1yr old baby was in tha back seat ,so we went so I drove with her to walmart and I was pushing tha baby in tha cart thinking ,how tha fuc would I react to seeing my babymother in a s...
    2 Relationships 64
  213. My sister's fiance
    Ok so my sister is 24 and is plenty old enough to make her own decisions. But she has a boyfriend that is just ridiculous in my eyes. He is 28 and has not graduated from high school.he doesn't have his driver's liscense ad isn't even trying to get eith...
    2 Relationships 8
  214. wtf is up with this mouse?!?!
    I just bought a mouse today, he is a male and he is albino as usual, I am going to use him as a breeding mouse to my other three females. well anyways when I was taking him home I took a look in the box to see how he was doing, he jumped on my shoulder...
    4 Pets 29
  215. Stuck up girls??
    Why is this? Why do a lot of guys say personality is matter and they sometimes go for the snobby girls? Most guys seem to be attracted to them... I went to walmart today to get tea for my mom next thing you know some girl wanted to fight me because he...
    3 Relationships 54
  216. I need an experienced girls or nurses advice
    hi im 15 and am very curious about my own body since no one really ever taught me anything and im wondering how can I tell if I have already broken my hymen? like how do I know if I even have one? I have a boyfriend and we are waiting at the minimum of...
    3 Sex 39
  217. Why do I keep getting yelled at for wearing a cross?
    I wear these two pendant all the time (one is the cross of st. peter and the other is a satanic cross.) well i can see Christians getting mad at the second one, but they all seem to yell at me about the first, which is a catholic symbol. The reason i w...
    6 Religion 38
  218. How do I dye my brown hair blonde?
    my natural hair color is medium brown, well I've always wanted to go 2 a dirty blonde color for years I went to go get it professionally done in December and after of hours sitting there it ended up a strawberry blonde color more red ( I dunno i...
    9 Style 1009
  219. What can we do about my Dad's buying addiction?
    We have TONS of old cars and trucks, nice ones i have to admit, that he's been planning to fix up...But, he goes out and buys another one- and then he talks about getting rid of a nice car he's already fixed up and LOVES to brag about and drive. Like...
    6 Health 16
  220. What:: What sort of laptop should I get?
    I have been saving for a while, and finally I have $600 to buy a laptop with. Although, my parents said they would pay half for my birthday, and my aunt/uncle said they would put in $100 because I fixed their reaaallly messed up computer. So basically,...
    4 Technology 28
  221. What do I do my mom hate's me?
    well I see a lot of people's parents supposibley hate them.well I understand,I think my mom hate's me.she'll get mad or yell at me for almost anything.she is really cheap!every penny counts for her.she yells at me even when my friends are here.yes she ...
    5 Family 20
  222. Any advice on how to make it up to her?
    (it was me and ashley's one year anniversary) so I've had a sore throat from about 3 weeks and then I started to get an ear infection and a fever. So my mom took me to the hospital and took some blood out of me to run some test. Aparently everything ca...
    4 Relationships 18
  223. Why does my hair fall out a lot?
    ok lately I noticed that everytime I wash my hair it tends to fall out alot and also when I brush it after I wash my hair. Now im trying to let my hair grow out because : 1. ever since my aunt has been diagnose with breast cancer and had to lose ...
    6 Style 100
  224. The ex
    My boyfriend and I dated for a lil over month. We had been friends for a while before then so we were pretty close and comfortable with each other. I'd sleep over at his place and he'd hold me all night, we'd make out but that was as far as it went. H...
    2 Relationships 27
  225. should i just get over this?
    My fiance says that i should be over my childhood/teenage abuse. i just turned 22 in sept. i moved out of my parents house a few months before i turned 18. my mother has depression/anxiety and my dad has an anger problem. since i was born they didnt wa...
    5 Sex 19
  226. 99 Things About You/Fun Survey
    I wanna know more about as many funadvice members as possible. I told you, so now you tell me! XD 1. ONE OF YOUR SCARS, HOW DID YOU GET IT? my ankle, shaving. I'm dangerous with sharp objects. 2. WHAT IS ON THE WALLS IN YOUR ROOM? spiderwebs 3. DO ...
    5 Sex 59