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  1. Thc clean?
    What will clean thc out of you?
    2 Health 893
  2. How do I clean a laptop?
    how do i clean a laptop?
    7 Technology 32
  3. How to clean telephone?
    How to clean telephone?
    6 Homegarden 41
  4. cleaning your vag...?
    How do you clean and keep clean your vag?
    6 Health 156
  5. Can you really clean an oil spill with cleaning detergent?
    7 Environment 36
  6. How to clean marijuana pipes?
    How to clean marijuana pipes?
    5 General 183
  7. How do you get out of cleaning house?
    How do you get out of cleaning house?
    2 Homegarden 19
  8. How to clean mini blinds?
    How to clean mini blinds?
    2 Homegarden 23
  9. How to clean my liver at home?
    How to clean my liver at home?
    2 Health 145
  10. How to clean THC from your system?
    what can you do to clean the THC out of your system
    3 Health 672
  11. How to clean granite headstones?
    How to clean granite headstones?
    3 General 161
  12. How do I clean my spa filter?
    How do I clean my spa filter?
    2 Homegarden 60
  13. How do I clean my piercing?
    I have a piercing on my lip! How do I clean it?
    4 Style 111
  14. How do you clean your ears with gauges in them?
    2 Style 89
  15. Where can I buy niacin pills?
    2 Drugs 100
  16. How do you fully get into cleaning?
    3 Homegarden 19
  17. Clean weed out of my system
    How do I clean weed out of my system at home?
    4 Health 151
  18. How to clean Timberland boots?
    how to clean wheat timberland boots?
    2 Style 65
  19. Will niacin get cocaine out of your system
    Will niacin get cocaine out of your system
    2 Drugs 11108
  20. How do you clean out your system of thc fast?
    How do you clean your system of thc fast?
    2 Health 3117
  21. How can I clean my gold jewelry?
    How can I clean my gold jewlery?
    6 General 42
  22. How can I clean cushions on lawn chairs?
    How can I clean cushions on lawn chairs?
    2 Style 12
  23. How do I clean my system of meth in 24hrs
    4 Health 614
  24. What can I do to make the floor shiny when cleaning it?
    7 Homegarden 10
  25. Is cleaning your teeth by the dentist optional?
    5 Health 23
  26. How could you clean all of the scratches off of a c.d?
    6 Technology 23
  27. will niacin pass a mouth swab
    3 Drugs 347
  28. How do I clean my white tennis shoes?
    4 Homegarden 47
  29. when are you gonna clean your ferret cage?
    5 Pets 37
  30. Cleaning eyeliner
    How do you take off eyeliner... Good
    10 Style 27
  31. How and when do I know when to clean my betta's bowl?
    2 Pets 30
  32. is there a program to clean up duplicate contacts???
    2 Technology 19
  33. What should I use to clean my computer screen?
    6 Technology 9
  34. Does clean & clear blackhead eraser work?
    does Clean & clear's blackhead eraser work ?
    3 Style 77
  35. Can I clean my glasses with windex?
    Can I clean my glasses with windex??? What if its similar to windex but a a glass cleaner?
    4 General 89
  36. Is it ok to clean your lip piercing with alcohol?
    Is it ok to clean your lip piercing with alcohol
    3 Health 133
  37. Ways to clean infected pirecing.
    How should I clean the infected piercing? With what?
    3 Style 26
  38. Does clean & clear really work?
    Does clean & clear really work? lol
    5 Style 25
  39. When cleaning my teeth should I floss first or brush first?
    When cleaning my teeth should I floss first or brush first?
    3 Style 48
  40. Cleaning the screen on a Sidekick LX?
    How do I clean em screen on lx
    3 Technology 53
  41. Hygiene and proper cleaning
    how can I clean my private parts properly?
    2 Health 55
  42. What is the best way to clean out my system while pregnant?
    What is the best way to clean out my system while pregnant?
    2 Health 3235
  43. Does Niacin help you pass a drug test?
    Does Niacin help to pass drug test?
    42 Drugs 144793
  44. What’s the best way to clean my white shoelaces?
    What’s the best way to clean my white shoelaces?
    4 Style 81
  45. clean the house by itself spell?
    does anyone know a clean the house by itself spell?
    10 Religion 69
  46. How can I clean my system in 24 hours?
    how can you clean your system in less then 24 hours
    5 Health 5856
  47. How do I clean my tongue rings ?
    7 Style 155
  48. How do you clean your nose ring if you got a bloody nose?
    17 Style 61
  49. does clean and clear morning burst work?
    4 Style 76
  50. What medication or remedies can you take to clean your stomach out?
    10 Health 66
  51. Why do your parents care so much about your room being clean?
    19 Family 120
  52. Cumputer clean up.
    I want to clean up my cumputer so that it will run faster because it is slowing down. How do I clean up the cumputer?
    2 Technology 63
  53. Is it better to dye your hair when it's clean or dirty?
    7 Style 142
  54. how do i clean my dry skin in natural way?
    5 Style 25
  55. How do you get clean after 8 hours of caving?
    6 Style 24
  56. How do you clean your BlackBerry Curve 8330 keyboard?
    5 Technology 49
  57. What is the best way for me to clean my laptop screeeeen?
    5 Technology 15
  58. Is Comet with Bleach..bad to clean shoes?
    Bad to clean colored shoes with?
    3 Style 607
  59. What are some good truth or dare questions, Clean or Dirty.
    What are some good truth or dare questions, Clean or Dirty.
    8 Gaming 726
  60. How do you wash or clean your retainer?
    Someone please help. how do you wash or clean your retainer?
    5 Nutritionfitness 62
  61. How to be clean in 24 hrs for probation
    Cleaning meth out of system in 24 hrs for probation
    3 Health 1004
  62. What is the easiest way to clean leather furniture?
    what is the easiest & fastest way to clean leather furniture
    3 Homegarden 98
  63. Can I use hydrogen peroxide to clean dogs ears?
    Can I use hydrogen peroxide to clean dogs ears?
    2 Pets 95
  64. How can I pass a spit test or what could I do to clean out my body?
    How can I pass a spit test or what could I do to clean out my body.
    3 Health 191
  65. cleaning ipod screens?
    What are some safe things to clean you're ipod screen with?
    2 Music 39
  66. ok to clean infected ear piercings with peroxcide?
    is it ok to clean infected ear piercings with peroxcide?
    5 Health 179
  67. What is a good cleaning technique for keeping your room clean?
    my room is always a mess and I need some methods to help me! do you have any good advice?
    4 Homegarden 19
  68. Does niacin flush free work?
    a I want to know if niacin works for marijuana and niacin flush free works.
    2 Drugs 7570
  69. Drug cleaning
    How can I get marijuana out of my system in just a few days
    2 Drugs 105
  70. Could there be something wrong with a cat if it never cleans itself?
    11 Pets 20
  71. Can you build a tolerance to Niacin if you use it too many times?
    4 Drugs 369
  72. How often should I completely clean (inside and out) my computer tower?
    8 Technology 88
  73. Is there an alternative to Clean&Clear?
    Something that is not used on animals.
    2 Style 24
  74. How do they clean up the oil from oil spills, like the current BP spill?
    3 Environment 30
  75. Proactive or clean & clear??
    Which works best, or qukestt?
    7 Style 245
  76. What is a good way of cleaning out my system of toxins while being pregnant?
    3 Health 504
  77. My computer is slow. What's the best way to clean up my pc?
    2 Technology 8
  78. Would it be alright to clean the inside of my oven with Comet?
    3 Homegarden 53
  79. How can you clean a rusted iron banister?
    How do you get a very old rusted rod iron banister clean?
    2 Homegarden 78
  80. Are there house hold items I can use to clean my ua
    What can I use at home to clean my ua
    2 Technology 231
  81. Cleaning a thermal shirt
    Should a thermal shirt be cleaned in a washing machine and dried in a dryer?
    3 General 29
  82. What's a good idea to clean a pool after a cat died in it?
    How could I clean a pool after a cat died in it?
    2 Pets 94
  83. Does espom salt help clean out thc out of your system?
    Does epsom salt help clean out thc out of your system?
    3 Health 1173
  84. Does clean and clear facial scrub actully work?
    Does clean and clear facial scrub actully work? - thanx:)
    2 Style 49
  85. How to clean white stuffed animals?
    What is a quick simple way to clean white stuffed animals?
    5 General 40
  86. Did you know that household cleaning products are dangerous?
    Do you know that the chemicals that are in your household cleaning products are dangerous to your health?
    3 Health 31
  87. How can I clean THC out of my system?
    how can I clean my system of THC in 2 weeks? please HELP!!!
    13 Health 2753
  88. How do I clean gravel in a fish tank?
    Like how do I clean out all the fish poop out of gravel on the bottom of a fish tank?
    6 Pets 34
  89. How do you clean shoe laces?
    how do you clean shoe laces without washing them in the Washer MAchine
    2 General 99
  90. Can a teacher get fired for making a student clean a microwave/ cleaning with the fumes from the water?
    Well maybe not fired but they still shouldn't do it?
    9 Education 45
  91. What is "eating clean" or a "clean" diet?
    I know it's suppose to be healthy but im not sure what types of foods they eat or avoid and if I wanted to start eating "clean"foods what are some foods I should buy?
    8 Nutritionfitness 13
  92. How niacin cleans my system out from marijuana?
    I need to pass a drug test for propation I just quit which only leaves me with 9 days to clean my system out. Will niacin and lots of water clean my system out in time.
    2 Drugs 2230
  93. How long do you think it will take them to finally clean up the oil spill?
    5 Environment 17
  94. Is this clean and clear morning burst making my skin so dry?
    9 Style 98
  95. How do you clean a busted open knee without rubbing alcohol?
    8 Health 34
  96. Will Niacin help to pass a urinary drug test?
    I just wanted to know if niacin will help me to pass a urinary drug test?
    3 Drugs 3697
  97. What's the best product for cleaning tile?
    does anyone know what the best product for cleaning tile floors in my kitchen?
    2 Homegarden 26
  98. Clean Help??
    how can I clean out my vag. so it never smells w/o using a douche
    2 Health 236
  99. how can I clean my system safley while pregnant?
    I am pregnant and need to know how to have me and my baby clean of marijuana
    9 Health 25754
  100. How do I clean stainless steel appliances & remove water marks?
    How do I clean stainless steel appliances, I have water marks that I can't get out.
    14 Homegarden 957
  101. Can you clean contact lenses with hydrogen peroxide topical solution usp?
    2 Health 80
  102. Slogan for cleaning houses??
    I need a good one, my mind is blank.
    3 Money 99
  103. clean blood
    how long dose it take for your blood to clear up from smokin weed
    4 Health 49
  104. How do you clean Vans?
    how can you wash/clean slip on vans so that the color wont fade away?
    3 Style 85
  105. Whats the best way to get an old tile floor clean?
    13 Homegarden 29
  106. What is the best/easiest way to clean window blinds?
    (the horizontal type mini blind type)
    9 Homegarden 34
  107. What can i clean an old 4 karrot diamond (with gold band) ring?
    14 Style 47
  108. What are some good, clean, useful, and valid websites where i can find scholarships?
    2 Education 14
  109. How to clean blackheads with new nose ring?
    How do you clean your black heads if you have your nose newly peirced?!
    5 Style 535
  110. What is a home remedy for cleaning your system of crack cocaine?
    I need to clean my system of crack cocaine---quickly! I need a verified home remedy.
    2 Drugs 24135
  111. Does drinking Rockstar help clean your urine?
    can drinking rockstar and a lot of water help with a clean pee test
    3 Health 319
  112. What are some clean truth or dare questions?
    Hi! Do you know of any truth or dare questions that are clean? Nothing dirty please!
    30 Entertainment 10281
  113. How do I clean my laptop? (macbook)?
    my laptop is kinda dirty and isnt as white as when I got it. any ideas on how to clean it?
    2 Technology 15
  114. Cocaine user, will I be clean in 3 months?
    I have a blood test in 3 months but I do cocaine will I be clean by then please help!!!
    3 Drugs 794
  115. How does niacin affect an unborn baby?
    What are the effects of niacin on an unborn baby? Approximately 35 weeks in utero?
    2 Drugs 306
  116. how to clean "down there"
    is soap good for when your washing your "southern area". If not what is the best way to clean urself down there?
    3 Health 102
  117. How to clean my system?
    Ok I was suppose to go test already and im dirty what can I do to clean my system now?
    2 Health 1724
  118. good household products to clean my shoes?
    So I just ran out of my shoe cleaner... What are some good household products I could use to clean my shoes?
    2 General 90
  119. How many times a day do I clean my navel piercing?
    like how much time do i have to wait after i clean it once?
    7 Style 27
  120. Best ear cleaning methods?
    What are the best methods of cleaning the ear canal? hydrogen peroxide safe?..and how to use it?
    2 Health 78
  121. What is the best way to clean my iPod touch screen?
    My screen is really dirty but I don't know how to clean it or what to use to clean it.
    11 Technology 57
  122. Cleaning Computer Components
    How do I clean a computer? What is the best way to do it? How do I get the dust off the keyboards and what is the safest way to clean the screen?
    3 Technology 40
  123. Clean ua
    What is quickest and most reliable way to pass a ua for a heavy meth user?
    5 Health 1238
  124. How do you clean jewerly?
    I have a little problem... how do you get the dirt out of jewerly? my necklace is getting dirty, but I don't know how to get dirt out;{
    10 Style 20
  125. have to do a urine drug test and i have used crystal meth WHAT WORKS FOR A CLEAN UA?
    4 Drugs 1890
  126. When I tease my hair is it better when it is clean?
    I was wondering if it is better to tease hair after you shower or when your hair still has hairspray from the day before?
    2 Style 333
  127. How can I motivate myself to do more homework and cleaning?
    I'm VERY lazy and I can't seam to motivate myself to get up and work! Any tricks on how to get myself motivated?
    5 Education 40
  128. How to pass a drug test if I'm been clean for 2 weeks?
    4 Drugs 491
  129. How can I clean my flat screen tv?
    Will Windex be okay? I'm afraid of ruining it :)
    5 Technology 54
  130. New ear piercing cleaning
    Is it better to clean new ear piercings with sea salt and water or rubbing alcohol?
    3 Health 37
  131. Clean urine sample after using meth?
    Is there anything I could add to my urine to make it test clean from meth?
    12 Health 5863
  132. Clean and clear acne advantage kit
    How is the clean and clear advantage kit? Would it work welll for sensitive skin?
    2 Style 45
  133. Can I clean my 8 months baby's gum?
    Can I clean my 8 months baby's gum? She just cut a tooth. And what can I use apart from tooth paste. Of do they have paste for babies?
    2 Babies 34
  134. What do you guys think of window cleaning?
    my mom and dad clean windows and I think it sucks I don't like it and I need some opinions?what do you guys think of cleaning window?just curious?
    4 Money 15
  135. Fun cleaning house?
    Im cleaning house today and dont exacly feel like it... So does anyone have fun ways to clean?
    5 Homegarden 18
  136. Where do I go to clean my eyebrows?
    I want to know where, if theres a place that does the thread. I live in murrieta
    3 Style 12
  137. How to clean system of meth 24 hrs
    What are all the ways and products I can use to get meth out my system in less then 24 hrs
    7 Health 5917
  138. Clean urine?
    Are there any specific foods that I can eat to cleanse ny body, or fat cells?
    3 Health 114
  139. Clean fuel
    Anyone heard of the fischer tropsch gas to liquid process for a cleaner fuel?
    2 Technology 15
  140. How can I get a clean shave down by my vag?
    It always hurts the skin to shave and never shaves all the way.. what can I do?
    9 Style 70
  141. How do I clean my system from meth?
    Im pregnant and going to have my babby next month sometime and I need to clean my system out of meth how do I do it?
    8 Health 492
  142. Clean sap off of car
    How do I clean sap off of my car? What would I use? Someone told me to try hairspray but that doesn't work at all.
    2 Homegarden 53
  143. Where does the phrase "Simple and Clean by Utada" come from?
    It's in some kinda of Japanese anime or game, but I can't remember what.
    4 General 41
  144. Always clean pads
    I bought some of those Always Clean Pads, the ones that come with that little wipe. What are you suposed to do with that? Like wipe yourself or what? HelP!!
    3 Style 31
  145. Who ever came up with the idea of using an onion to clean up the grill?
    ....i surely dont know
    11 Food 19
  146. How to remove a hard drive and clean it ?
    How do you remove a hard drive from your computor --clean it --and re-install it--so it will not have any information on it please help.
    5 Technology 55
  147. How do I clean my room without it being so frustrating?
    my room looks like a tornado hit it an I never can get it clean. does anybody have tips on how they clean there room and keep it clean???
    8 Homegarden 67
  148. Who is doing the eat-clean diet?
    If you are how many lbs per week did you loose in the beginning?
    2 Nutritionfitness 49
  149. What can I buy to clean my computer?
    this little thingy always pop ot saying my computer is at risk ..?
    11 Technology 17
  150. Detox , clean system
    How do I clean out my system is there and home remedies or over the counter stuff need help im bloated ...
    2 Health 248
  151. How do you clean piercing clamps?
    I have a forcep clamp that I just bought. I haven't used it yet, but I was just wondering how you clean them. Do you just clean it with soap and water, and then with alcohol before use?
    9 Style 378
  152. How do car dealerships get the inside of windshields so clean and streak free?
    I can't seem to do it as well as they can.
    4 Cars 92
  153. Why doesnt my kitten I just got wont go in the litter box, I take him all the time and it's clean?
    9 Pets 24
  154. Pregnant I been cleaned of marijuana for 33 days will a drug test come up postitive or negative?
    2 Drugs 993
  155. How do I clean my nipple ring?
    I got my nipple pierced yetsterday I want to no how to clean it I tried moving it but it hurts is it suppose to?
    4 Style 54
  156. Will niacin clean my system of THC in 3 days?
    I have to take a drug test in 3 days and I've been smoking bud multiple x's a day for like 2 years, my friends told me to take 2 niacin pills in the morning and 2 at night for 3 days and I should be clean. Will that work?
    8 Drugs 18805
  157. how to clean that part
    I was wondering how do yu clean down in that area. im a girl. I just want to know how to keep it clean and how to keep it smellin good. thanks.
    4 Health 43
  158. How to clean your cat's ears?
    I used a wet cotton wool to clean the outside of her ears, and she has black stuff in there, is there a safe way to clean out her ears more throughly?
    6 Pets 43
  159. What is the best thing to clean windows with?
    I was hired to clean windows both on the inside and outside of a house. I know how to clean windows, my own windows, just not sure how a professional would do it. Anyone know?
    5 Technology 43
  160. How long will it take for the niacin to clear out your system ?
    If I smoke weed/dro today will the drugs be out of my system in two days? How many niacin should I take if so?
    3 Drugs 1145
  161. why non alcohol mouthwash to clean lip piercings?
    why do I have to use non alcohol mouthwash to clean my lip piercing? because I've been using mouthwash that isnt non alcohol and it doesnt burn or anything
    5 Style 969
  162. Clean & clear or neutrogena?
    I'm getting a new facial system and I can't choose between neutrogena and clean & clear so which one? Or any other suggestions? Thanks :)
    2 General 39
  163. What household products could I use to clean my newly pierced ear?
    I got my ear pierced yesterday, what can I use to clean it that I can find in my house?
    4 Style 116
  164. What can permanently clean thc from my system?
    I'm about to stop smoking for good, and I need to get my system clean within a week.
    2 Health 1218
  165. How to clean my trumpet?
    How do you clean your trumpet in the bath. Do you use soapy water or plain. And do you need to yake out the valves and the tuneing slides or just the valves?
    3 Music 155
  166. What does it mean when you clean yourself and you find blood but it doesn't come out?
    so my gf told me that she was in the restroom and told when when she was cleaning up she saw blood but when she saw it it didn't come out it just stayed there
    5 Health 25
  167. How long to clean and when to change a piercing?
    how long do i have to clean my peircing? and how long until i can change it? and can i go swimming afterwards? and does it affect taking xrays as a occupation at all?
    2 Style 175
  168. How often should a person clean their "tobacco" pipe?
    Mine is about 2 inches and gets used almost daily how often should I clean it?
    2 General 32
  169. Clean urine
    How can I pass a urine test after smoking pot will bleach help if you dont know dont answer
    6 Health 268
  170. How do I clean a swollen and infected industrial bar?
    Well I THINK it's infected or at least getting there, so at the very least, I want to prevent it.
    5 Style 64
  171. What is a beverage or food that cleans you out.
    I don't know detoxifies or whatever that word is can someone just tell me what works. Thankks.
    4 Nutritionfitness 26
  172. Do you think cleaning is a good way to burn off steam (read more)?
    Cause whenever I get pissed, I clean. And when I say clean, I mean CLEAN. Lol. How do you burn off anger?
    6 Health 44
  173. How can I keep my oven clean?
    How do I keep my oven clean so that it doesn't get dirty often? Is ther an oven liner or oven dripping pan type device that I can use to keep the oven clean?
    4 Homegarden 55
  174. How do I know if I'm really clean down there?
    Because well every time I take a shower I try to clean it well. But it just turns out to sting a lot
    3 Health 122
  175. how often do you have to clean a bearded dragons cage?
    I am buying a male bearded dragon and id like to know if they are easy to take care of and how often you should clean their cage
    2 Pets 269
  176. Do they clean eyebrows at salons?
    I wanted to just clean them, and my mom said that they only do it a spa places. do they do it at solns though? if so then do you think that they will be open today?
    2 Style 31
  177. It's time to clean my oven
    It's time to clean my oven! Which one do you recommend me? Easy Off Fume Free Max or Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner What's the difference?
    5 Homegarden 45
  178. How do you clean a lip piercing ?
    Well I had my lip pierced yesterday!!! :d I just wanna know how you clean the inside of the piercing like in your mouth. Anyone know ? X
    2 Style 45
  179. How do I clean my system of thc within hours?
    Im trying to clean my system of thc within the next few hours. I've been smoking for quite a while. So anything will work
    4 Health 1303
  180. What else can I use to clean my nose piercing?
    What can I use to clean my nose ring I just got it pierced, would ear piercing cleaner from peoples work fine? ..
    2 Health 264
  181. Virus, how to clean hard drive?
    I have a virus and need to redo everything. You know, make my computer start from scratch. How do you do that?
    2 Technology 22
  182. how to clean my gutair
    I haven't played it for a long time and now it all dusty and some of the dust is stuck yo the gutair do I put water in it
    3 Music 17
  183. What are some clean games for kids?
    What are the computer games that you allow your kids to play at home because you deem they are "more pleasant" than the others in many aspects?
    4 Gaming 17
  184. I need help organizing and cleaning my room
    My room is probably the messiest room ever. I need help claeaning it but I don't know where to begin. Can anybody help!!!
    8 Homegarden 47
  185. Is it harmless or not if I use antiseptic (that's for human-use) to clean a small pus wound on my bunny's front leg?
    4 Health 18
  186. Which is better to clean your navel piercing - sea salt or anti-bacterial soft-soap?
    9 Health 49
  187. How to keep things clean and organized?
    Why is it so hard to keep an apartment clean... I clean everyday and by the end of the night it gets 10 times worse then it was when I first started!!! Any ideas on how to keep things clean and organized?
    3 Homegarden 45
  188. I heard sweating cleans out thc in youre body
    I heard sweating cleans out thc in youre body so you think.Would a hot tub becouse it supplies heat and saunas and both of them make you sweat clean out thc out of youre system?
    2 Health 796
  189. How do I clean my pussy???
    Okayy. Well my boyfriend wants to lick me out but he thinks that I should clean out my pu*sy first. Does anyonee have any ideas to clean my pu*sy out??? . Thanks muchly (:
    8 Health 334
  190. What a good soap to clean vagina?
    Ok so I have heard that you need a mild soap to clean your vagina... Well I was wondering whats a good soap to use and how do you clean your vagina so it dosent smell bad?
    2 Health 902
  191. How can you clean your tongue after piercing?
    Every morning before school when I brush my teeth, I use a "tongue scraper" to clean my tongue. After pierceing my tongue, will I still be able to use this, or should I find a different way to clean my tongue?
    2 Style 163
  192. Clean my system
    I smoked crack on tuesday and getting a piss test on friday at9am .what can I do to clean my system out using stuff thats in my home
    5 Health 78
  193. Cleaning and stop ejaculating in sleep
    My brother is circumcised should he clean his penis with soap every time he urinates also he ejaculates in his sleep once in 15 day how to stop it
    3 Relationships 63
  194. How do I clean up my computer ?
    Like how do I clean it up so my computer will run faster for an example if a user on my computer watcher pornagraphic material how do I delete that stuff like it never exsisted
    4 Technology 16
  195. what can I use to clean my Ipod touch w/o harming it?
    The screen is greasy and I was wondering what I could use to clean it. I don't want anything to leak into it. Thanks! =)
    2 Technology 40
  196. Cleaning my lip.
    I've had my lip pierced for about a month now and I've been gargling salt water and stuff like that to clean it but is there some kind of solution I can get at walmart?
    2 Style 39
  197. How is I properly clean my coins
    I wonted to clean my coins so I put them in vinegar, baking soda, and salt but, it got them all rusty. So I put them in lemon juice but that discolored them. What do I do?
    3 Science 37
  198. How, Self clean oven and plastic, HEEELLLPP?
    There is some melted plastic in my oven, I got most of it out but is it safe to use the "self clean" setting? Without releasing poisonous fumes?
    2 Homegarden 48
  199. Trying to get clean asap
    Aight lets say your trying to get clean asap, and your accustomed to wake'nbakes What would you suggest??? Time frame??
    2 Health 26
  200. Can we get back together if I stay clean?
    My partner left me because of my chemical dependency. If I can remain clean for at least 6 months, is there a chance we can get back together?
    2 Relationships 10
  201. How do you properly clean make up brushes?
    I have eyeshadow brushes, and those little applicators that kind of look like q-tips. The are stained with eyeshadow. How do I properly clean them?
    2 Style 20
  202. How do you clean the dirt from the suede part of your shoes?
    Advice anyone. I got some dirt on the suede part of my Hare VIIs. I need help ASAP!
    2 Shopping 17
  203. How can I start my own cleaning business?
    I would like residental but can would also do small offices. Do I need a permit and how does it work out with the IRS?
    4 Money 9
  204. What can I do so my face can look smooth and clean?
    Sometimes I break-out, sometimes my skin gets oily, sometimes I get pale, my skin is very can I get beautiful skin?
    6 Health 128
  205. How can make my elbows and knees clean?
    Hi Frens.. My elbows and knees are darker than the other parts of my body.Please let me know how can I make them of the same tone.
    9 Style 57
  206. when you are not clean for 48 hours will rescue detox drinks work?
    the hints say to stay clean of all toxins for 48 hours before using but its not under the directions...will it still clean my system even though I have not been clean for 48 hours
    3 Health 1189
  207. What to clean my belly button piercing with?
    I got my bellybutton pierced and I've been cleaning it with anti bacterial soap and I was wondering if anything els would work for a better clean?
    6 Health 155
  208. Will clean and clear black head earser work?
    I have couple of black heads on my cheeks, and nose..I can't stand them I bought netruogena duo and clear products and the clean and clear black head earser..does it work?
    3 Style 49
  209. Can I get a disease if he's clean?
    Okay, me and my boyfriend were both fully tested. And we are both fully clean. I was told that I cannot get anything by Giving him head without a condom becuase he was tested and is clean. Is this true??
    2 Health 18
  210. Cleaning your system
    Ok so I have not smoked weed in two days making the end of today my 3rd day I have a drug test toorrow is their any way I can clean my system by then
    3 Health 71
  211. How to clean wooden floors without scratching them?
    I have hard wooden floors and bamboo wooden floors, dont want to scratch them but they scratch so easily, how and what do I use instead of getting on my hands and knees to clean them???
    4 Homegarden 38
  212. Clean & Clear Acne Control Kit
    I'm getting ready to was my face, but there is 3 bottles. Do I use all three of them on after another?
    2 Style 16
  213. How to clean urself when wet?
    Okay...boys always ask if im wet and I dont no what to sy and if I am there always like well you should take care of it well how do you?
    3 Health 218
  214. How can I completely clean out my system?
    I am a big guy and I stopped smoking a week ago how can I gey weed out of my system completely for my next drug test which is next week
    6 Health 256
  215. Is there anyway to keep white shirts clean and white?
    I love white shirts and how they look on you. But I can never seem to keep them "clean and white" without getting any stains on them. Usually on my white shirts I get weird stains that I have no idea how they got there. Any tips on keeping them white a...
    12 Style 39
  216. How can I safely clean my iPad 2?
    I don't have a micro fiber cloth. I have a fine fiber cloth though (the cloths you use to clean glasses) would that be ok? If I spray windex on it would it work the same as a micro fiber cloth?
    7 Shopping 39
  217. How do you use powdered pectin and Gatorade to clean out the system for a drug test?
    I have to pass a drug test I 20 hrs I have Gatorade and the powdered pecti What should I do? Will it clean out opiates a And roxi plus meth
    4 Drugs 1090
  218. How much does it cost to get my harddrive wiped clean
    How much does it cost to get my harddrive wiped clean and everything reinstalled that my computer came with. So basically erasing all the changes and putting it back to new?
    4 Technology 99
  219. How do I clean a muddy stable?
    how do I clean my horses stable when it muddy in wet, because my horse is get skinny in I need to get him back fat in in shape but his stable is so muddy that he loses weight just trying to move in it all day
    4 Pets 49
  220. How do I clean some old rusty necklace and earrings?
    My cousin salon been abandon for several yrs and i went today to get a handful of accessories but there alot rusty and old..what can i clean them with?
    15 Style 138
  221. How can you clean scratched glasses?
    ok So my mom bearly bought some glasses & we alSo got a new puppy & the puppy got the glasses off the table and scratched dem how can you get rid of the scratches?
    2 General 36
  222. How can I get gun rights back if I've been clean over 20 years?
    I was convicted of felonies over 20 years ago and want to know if theres a away to get rights back
    4 Politics 36
  223. How to get a clean-shaved vagina?
    I shave down there, and it looks decent, but I can never get it completely smooth such as my legs. Are there any tips or tricks to get rid of the stubble? :/
    14 Style 2086
  224. My hair never stays clean smelling
    I can get a shower, dry off, and 2 or 3 hours later, my hair will smell oily/dirty. How can I prevent my hair from smelling so bad?
    7 Style 178
  225. How to clean up more space on my computer?
    does anyone know of any good ways to get more space on my computer I know ways but im looking for more I have a lot of music that I want to keep and I want more so can anyone help?
    7 Technology 39
  226. Dose have any cleaning company in montreal
    I am David. I am banker. I need to clean my home carpet and furniture. How can i higher a professional cleaning company in my local area. If have any suggestion please provide company link.
    2 Travel 13
  227. how much niacin to flush cocaine out?
    I my sister did a few lines on fri. and now she goes back to the navy on mon. I know not the brightst but we're past that. will slo niacin work?
    3 Drugs 12991
  228. What is the best, and safest way to clean dust off a laptop's keyboard?
    My laptop's keyboard is starting to collect dust, in between the keys. I'm not sure how to go about cleaning it, because it's hard to get in between the keys, and I don't want to mess it up.
    5 Technology 34
  229. When does Niacin work?
    Does Niacin work if it doesn't burn? I took like 10 500mg tablets that I bought from GNC and didn't even burn and I take random drug screens.
    2 Drugs 710
  230. Cleaning Shoelaces?
    What can I use to clean my shoelaces and make them look reallly white? I dont want to buy new ones because they always end up looking a lot whiter than my shoes?
    3 Style 75
  231. What is a good way to clean wood laminate flooring?
    You cant mop them with a mop and water because it will ruin them, we have been using a swifter but it just isnt cleaning them as good as i would like. Anyone know a proper way to clean this type of floor.
    6 Homegarden 48
  232. Will I be clean for a piss test after smoking weed for 6 days
    I have drank 8 gallons of water and took around 28 niacins within 2 days and I have a drug test tomorrow. Will I be clean?
    2 Health 277
  233. Do girls like clean shaved guys or ones with facial hair?
    hi, do girls like a clean shaved guys or one with beard or mustach.I look good cute on clean shave and more matured with abeard and mustach. which style would be good
    14 Style 327
  234. Can I clean my tongue piercing with normal salt?
    Hi I pierced my tongue 3 days ago but I have been cleaning it with normal salt. Can I use normal salt to clean it aswell if I dont have sea salt? Because its the third day and its got a bit of a yellow color around it now.
    5 Style 2026
  235. how can I clean my body of weed for a drug test in 3 days?
    I haven't smoked for a month and I have a drug test in 3 days. does anybody think I will pass it without taking anything?
    2 Drugs 531
  236. Can I clean a toilet ring using a lava rock instead of pumice stone?
    Pumice stones are generally expensive to buy to remove a toilet ring in the toilet bow,a lava rock sort of looks same as a pumice,can i use a lava rock instead?
    2 Homegarden 63
  237. How would you clean the fabric on bright pink Chuck Taylors?
    I got a new pair for christmas, just like to know incase they get dirty.
    6 Style 22
  238. hi i have intirnal bleeding wen i go to the toilet and i poop, clean blood
    this is the first time that this has happened. I have had hemorrhoids but never this can someone help
    2 Health 34
  239. How do I clean my whole computer?
    My computer is slowing down, it has a lot of things installed that aren't even necessary..I wanna just clean everything..delete everything on there..I have assignment since I was 7th grade..
    3 Technology 78
  240. Will I be clean in 2 1/2 weeks from thc?
    Dude if I fail this test in 2 1/2 weeks from my dad im so screwed pleeze do you think ill be clean by then if I drink a lot of diretic fluid?
    5 Health 141
  241. How do you clean a tv remote control?
    How do you clean a tv remote control? I took a picture of the dirt thats in the remote and it is quite disgusting. Any ideas would be helpful. I tried blowing air into it with an air can but that didn't work :(
    5 Technology 435
  242. How do I clean out the bookmarks on Firefox?
    How do I clean out the bookmarks on Firefox? There is so much crap saved in there its not even funny and I think that that is the main reason why my computers slowing down so badly lately on the internet. Anyways, thank you.
    3 Technology 19
  243. anything I can do to clean septum after I got it pierced?
    I recently had my septum pierced!! it doesnt really hurt but I think its infected! I gave the cleaning solution they gave me a shot but I had an allergic reaction to it! it would be so helpful if you could tell me anything I can do to clean it
    2 Style 43
  244. How long do I clean my new piercing?
    Hey, just wondering how long I clean my new tragus piercing (for how many months, weeks, whatever) before its all nice and healed. Also, what's an easy way to clean the back of the piercing, its hard to get to (it's a stud)?
    2 Health 92
  245. What can I use to clean my earrings I got at a thrift store with?
    would wound wash saline work? I dont think i have any rubbing alcohol. and i dont got no peroxide of any sort :/
    6 Style 24
  246. Cleaning Jewlery I dont know??
    Hey so I wanted to clean my rings and necklaces. So I have a bowl of baking soda with water and my gold rings are in there. But as I was cleaning all my jewlery that I regualry wear I remembered I should also clean my necklace. My boyfriend got it for ...
    3 Style 27
  247. How can I clean my keyboard if its sticky?
    I accidently spilled some pepsi on my keyboard, and now its hard to type because about 5 of they keys stick when I try to type. I already cleaned my whole keyboard once, and it didnt really help, those keys are still sticky. What sould I do?!?
    4 Technology 74
  248. What will happen if I dont clean my belly pierce ?
    Im kina of a lazy person Is it okay if I dont have to like clean it every single day before this and before that etc.. And is it that bad if I sleep on my side with it ?
    3 Style 189
  249. Is there a good way to clean my bike?
    Stupid question but my mountain bike is dirty and stuff and its in my house and i was wondering if there is any good ways to clean it. Im not riding it for awhile cuz its winter but i want it shiny lol
    4 Homegarden 16
  250. Can someone please explain the correct way to clean your lady part?
    They say clean the outside and use warm water and I'm not sure exactly what that means. I've always used soap to clean everything.
    8 Health 28