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  1. What is playboy magazine?
    what is the playboy magizine?
    3 Relationships 10
  2. How to go by making a Magazine???
    7 Literature 18
  3. How often do you read the newspaper?
    13 Literature 78
  4. Why can't we use newspapers and magazines when writing in APA format?
    2 Literature 16
  5. How can I get a thrasher magazine for free?
    How can I get a thrasher magazine for free?
    3 Health 34
  6. What does it mean for a Newspaper to be Partisan?
    2 Literature 35
  7. How long are magazines on news stands until they they take them off
    How long are magazines on news stands until they they take them off?
    2 General 88
  8. How do you descide on a good horoscope for a school newspaper?
    2 General 23
  9. Why is it important to read the newspaper every day?
    3 Literature 15
  10. What is a good name for a middle age newspaper?
    2 Education 87
  11. Does anyone know where to get the Yikes magazine?
    2 Literature 22
  12. Whats Your Favourite Magazine??
    ..Idunno -curious- Any magazine works for me.
    9 General 41
  13. Does anyone read gaming magazines?
    Does anyone read gaming magazines, and which one is the best?
    3 Gaming 36
  14. How many times is it possible to fold a newspaper in half?
    How many times is it possible to fold a newspaper in half?
    4 General 110
  15. When I send my article off to the newspaper, what should I say to them when asking them if they will submit it?
    4 Literature 21
  16. Why are L'oreal ads in a magazine good ads?
    3 General 29
  17. Who else reads seventeen magazine?
    12 Literature 11
  18. how do i write a good newspaper article?
    4 Literature 38
  19. does anyone know where you can get newspapers in indianapolis india
    does anyone know where you can get newspapers in indianapolis indiana
    2 Literature 18
  20. Why are the horoscopes in the newspapers, websites, or magazines only directed to women?
    I have never found a horoscope for men why is that? just curiosity tell me please thank you.
    7 Religion 27
  21. Did they photoshop, etc the people on the cover of a magazine years ago?
    7 Style 26
  22. How do I go about finding literature magazines that I could submit my poetry to?
    2 Literature 10
  23. write an essay for my school newspaper what should I use??
    I have to write an essay for my school newspaper but I;m not sure what I should write about. Have any ideas??
    6 Literature 53
  24. Magazine (of your choice)
    If you could pick a new magazine to come out what would it be called and what would be in it?
    4 Literature 13
  25. Where to find a uk newspaper online from 1996?
    I was in the newspaper when I was born in 1996 is there a good website where I can find this?
    3 Literature 17
  26. How many of you guys actually read magazines?
    I wanna know how many people actually read magazines. Do people even buy magazines? Or how many of you guys buy and read magazines?
    11 General 18
  27. Do you agree with the 50 most beautiful from People magazine or do you think some of them are on the list just because they are famous?
    What do you think?
    6 Entertainment 16
  28. Why is a newspaper ten times more interesting when somebody across the table is reading it?
    5 General 40
  29. What section of the newspaper has movie postings?
    If you live in Monterey county, what section in The Herald has movie postings
    2 Entertainment 11
  30. What's a good name for a magazine aimed at 11-17 year olds?
    3 Literature 28
  31. Are there any websites or free magazine subscriptions with information on good, prestigious colleges/universities?
    3 Education 14
  32. The best magazine for makeup and fashion?
    What Magazine has the best make up and fashion tips???So far, my favorite is Seventeen.
    6 Style 19
  33. What is a good name for a fashion magazine?
    creating a fashion magazine and need a catchy name. Please help me.
    3 Style 418
  34. How do I work for a magazine?
    Im wanting to work for the magazine POPSTAR! really bad. Its my favorite magazine ever! What will I have to do in order to work for them?
    2 Money 39
  35. Magazines worth reading?
    Which magazines do you guys think are worth reading? Ma choice is record and reader's digest
    2 General 42
  36. Where can I put pictures of my pets to get them in a magazine?
    Does anyone know any sites I can put pictures of my cats/dog on and get them in some sort of pet magazine?
    6 Pets 44
  37. Baazar or Elle Magazine?
    what magazine do you think is more helpful and interesting? need your advice <3 Cintia :]
    3 Entertainment 9
    does anyone know any magazines that a 14 year old girl would like.
    4 Entertainment 7
  39. My true magazine
    I have a magazine called "true magazine" and I need ideas. I've only made up the first magazine and I want cool and fun ideas for the next one. Any ideas?
    4 Literature 19
  40. Would it look stupid if I did the newspaper nail art with a light blue polish on the bottom?
    8 Style 11
  41. Best fashion magazine in your opinion?
    What is your favorite fashion magazine (ex; teen vouge, vouge, allure, glamour..etc)
    2 Style 7
  42. How do I get my car into this magazine?
    Anyone know what it takes to get my car into ? haha, and win of course.
    2 Technology 50
  43. Can a university deny funding to a student newspaper promoting religious views when it provides funding to most other student publications?
    2 Education 12
  44. What is a good, trustworthy literature magazine or journal that I could get my poetry published in and for money?
    4 Literature 12
  45. Ideas for the name of a music magazine?
    For media I need to produce a music magazine, but I need help coming up with a catchy good name. Any ideas folks?? thankss
    7 Education 413
  46. What fashion magazines and columns do you read?
    What fashion mags do you read? Who's your favorite advice columnist? (I'm an intern for E. Jean Carroll of Elle magazine...)
    2 Style 35
  47. hip hop magazine
    I getting ready to start a hip hop magazine, and Im looking for some issues to address. Please help me with some ideas and topics.
    3 Music 12
  48. Can you have magazines and stuff sent to you from a different continent?
    I've always wanted to know because I want to know if I am able to get stuff from Korea & Japan.
    12 Literature 26
  49. How to start a magazine?
    once I'm done with the design and the planning period, how do I go about putting my plans into action?? any ideas or suggestions are appreciated
    5 Money 23
  50. Wich Newspaper is Biased? The Washington post, or New York times?
    Which newspaper is biest? Washington Post or New York times? If any of you read these newspapers, are they in your own opinions biest or pretty conservative? If they're biest, how liberal are they? Just wondering.
    2 Politics 9
  51. Do the classified listings in the newspaper actually work when it comes to finding a job?
    I'm getting very impatient of not having a job. Is that another way to go to finding a job, does the newspaper classified section work?
    5 Money 11
  52. Cheapest place for People Magazine subscription?
    Anyone know a website or vendor with the cheapest subscription to People magazine? Ordering from People directly is over $100/year. Seems like a lot...
    2 Shopping 161
  53. Online Travel Magazine
    I would like to publish a online travelling magazine about my country. It will be available on my website to download each month. Do you think it will sell and people will be interested?
    2 Travel 14
  54. Dog Fancy or Dog world magazine
    Witch magazine is better Dog world or Dog Fancy? I already get Dogs for kids! But I am wondering witch magazine is better. I want it to have cool and fun tips traning, storys or other cool stuff in it!! So is dog fancy better or is dog world better?
    2 Pets 37
  55. Cosmo Girl what's your favorite section of the magazine?
    Okay, so people know the magazine CosmoGirl. Well, what is your favorite section in the mag? Mine would be about like Life&&Advice.
    4 Entertainment 52
  56. What are good magazines to read for beauty and style tips?
    I like learning new beauty and style tips, but it seems like they are all really similar. Please answer and thank you.
    2 Style 15
  57. Where can I buy Kerrang magazine in the U.S.?
    I want the new issue of Kerrang, but I can't fing it in the U.S. I don't want to order it online. Does any one know a store that would sell it?
    2 Shopping 437
  58. What magazines do you subscribe too?
    We get Cosmopolitan, Playboy, Hustler, Skin & Ink, International Tattoo, and i buy Bizzarre monthy only because i cant subscribe because its from the uk.
    15 Literature 11
  59. Riddle - Newspaper Divider
    Tom and his younger sister were fighting. Their mother was tired of the fighting, and decided to punish them by making them stand on the same piece of newspaper in such a way that they couldn't touch each other. How did she accomplish this?
    3 General 88
  60. How do I get a print copy of Zaobao, the Singapore newspaper?
    I live in California, however, an incredibly nice reporter from the Zaobao newspaper asked me some questions & said that the write up would appear in their Thursday newspaper. So...does anybody know how to get a copy of a Chinese newspaper from Singapo...
    4 General 35
  61. How do I find the newspaper name?
    I'm looking for the website for the newpaper that goes to Soperton, Georgia. (?) I'm going there in the summer and I'm looking for pug puppies in that area.. help? :)
    3 General 43
  62. How to make a magazine
    for a living I would like to make a magazine. Ones like "Seventeen", "Teen vogue" etc. but I want to know how I can get started, what are some good colleges in the U.S that I could go to.
    2 Money 13
  63. How do I go about becoming an advice columnist for a newspaper?
    How do I go about becoming an advice columnist for a newspaper? As much as I would love to just sit out front of a newspaper and spout random bits of advice to people, I think they would probably frown on that and I might get arrested. So, anyone hav...
    3 Money 13
  64. Do you read people style watch magazine?
    I own like 7 people style watch magazines in my home. And I received the February 2014 issue 3 days ago in my mailbox with my name and address printed on it. I'm a female and that's the kind of magazine females read.
    2 Style 16
  65. Is it wrong to be afraid of things in the newspaper?
    I'm always reading things in the newspaper and places and I`m scared of: 1) Having sex (I`m 13, virgin) 2) Getting raped by the way I`m NOT thinking of having sex until I`m 18 just in case your wondering! What's wrong with me?
    2 Sex 20
  66. How can I make a newspaper dress?
    I saw this girl in a dress made fully from newspaper and it looked really good! I want to make one but I dont know how, does anyone know how or know a website that could help? By the way these looked like real dresses not ones made by kids.
    8 Style 113
  67. What should my newspaper be titled?
    I read a book in my English class, The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, and I have to write a newpaper covering the frog race it talks about it that story. It takes place in 1872. I don't know a name I could call my newspaper. Any ideas?
    2 Literature 30
  68. If you found a playboy or similar magazine in your teens room would you leave it or throw it away?
    Chris's parents recently found some playboys that chris had gave to his 16 year old brother and they threw them away...i dont see the harm. If my teenage boy had them i would just leave them and not mention it. Its just a magazine.
    12 General 72
  69. seventeen magazine
    the offer is 36 issues for $18 what do I do? fill out the little card thing then what send in the money in an envolope? or money order? what do I do please explain I dont usually do these kinds of things oh and the 36 issues are for each month? for...
    4 Shopping 38
  70. FunAdvice Trivia: What sci-fi television persona edited SURFING magazine for 13 years?
    A) Stephen Spielberg B) Chris Carter C) Patrick Stewart D) Gene Roddenberry
    3 Funadvice 19
  71. FunAdvice Trivia: In the Cheers TV show, for what purpose are Cliff and Norm getting 'People' magazine?
    A) Check out the lingerie models B) Read their horoscopes C) Black out people's teeth D) To read it from back to front
    4 Funadvice 33
  72. How to put an ad in the newspaper? Does it cost?
    Okay so I want to do some babysitting as a summer job because I am really needing to pay dig money to my mum and I just finished college so I am thinking about putting an AD into the newspapers about helping babysit but what do I write? would this b...
    2 Money 62
  73. Is the seventh wedding anniversary a significant milestone worthy of an announcement in the local newspaper?
    (read more) I see them all the time for 5, 10, 20, 30 year ect., But wondered if placing one for the 7th year would be out of place or look stupid.
    25 Relationships 27
  74. Who thinks Globe Magazine did the RIGHT thing, when they published Gary Coleman's deathbed photo?
    Apparently, his wife (although they were divorced at the time of his death) took the photo, sold it to Globe, and profited off it. Do you think Globe should have published it? I'll include the photo because it's not too explicit and can be seen on ne...
    4 Entertainment 10
  75. What should I call my magazine?
    hey everyone, I'm having a little trouble on choosing a name for my magazine. =[ The magazine is mainly for females. Giving tips on a better sex life, beauty tips, celeb gossip, top 10 working diets etc. basically entertainment for women Please sen...
    2 Sex 174
  76. Where did Money Magazine name the best place to live, this year?
    Where did Money Magazine name the best place to live? Every year, I check out the issue but I didn't have time to pick it up this week. I heard the issue is out though (thanks, Dad). Last year, it was some tiny town in Minnesota. But that's one acce...
    2 Homegarden 14
  77. Why don't the newspapers follow punctuation and grammar rules?
    I took eng 101 and i studied the grammar and the puntuaction but when i read the newspaper they dont follow these rules. For example i read in the neswpaper this : the blah blah. and after the period the other sentence started like this And , and what ...
    5 Literature 13
  78. Romeo and Juliet newspaper assiment trouble
    Im supposed to write a two page newspaper story about what happened to Romeo and Juliet.Be sure to include a headline and information telling Who,What,When Where, and How.If you type the article,be sure to double space.Type size 12.Lol please help me I...
    5 Literature 97
  79. What would be good articles for a teen magazine?
    I need to produce a teen mag for an English project but I don't know what to put in it. What would you like to read in a teen girl mag? What would appeal to you to buy it? If you have any ideas of fun articles about absolutley anything, please tell :) ...
    2 Entertainment 18
  80. Im addicted to magazines
    For a really strange reason, I am completely addicted to magazines! Like, seventeen, gl, cosmogirl, ect. It's like if I dont have the latest magazine I'll spaz out inside a feel like I have to have it!!! I l-o-v-e magazines so much and I dont want to s...
    3 Entertainment 10
  81. When the babysitter finds "nudie" magazines?
    What would you advise a teenage girl to do if she was babysitting and Playboy magazines were left all over the house. They were on the toilet and sitting next to the one phone in the apartment. She kind of freaked out, thinking the parents left them ...
    5 Money 62
  82. Magazine company keeps saying that I owe them money?
    Ok I got a little problem I've been getting these notices from this magazines I used to read I'm not gonna say what kind they are so please don't ask. Any way they keep telling me I own them money which I don't because I never asked to have my subcrip...
    7 Money 161
  83. Newspaper Story
    Okie Dokie. So I'm doing really bad with my grades right now. And my teacher said that 3rd term grades are all my teachers next year are gonna care about. Now, I'm trying to get all my homework completed but I'm really bad when it comes to writeing st...
    3 Literature 29
  84. Im writing an article for a mens magazine - suggestions?
    Hey Guys. I would really appreciate your input (from both guys & girls). My friend has started up a magazine which will be both produced & distributed locally in my area. It is a magazine which is mainly about cars but will also have pictures of girls ...
    2 Literature 7
  85. What is a common element in all crossword puzzles?
    from newspaper to magazine, elsewhere, the common thing in an crossword is same. find it out..................
    4 Gaming 8
  86. how can I get hold of yesteday sun?
    how can I get hold of yestedays sun newspaper?
    3 Literature 13
  87. Bunnies
    Are bunnies suppose to eat newspaper because mine does?
    2 Pets 12
  88. Why Don't ii Look like The Girls In The Magazine???
    Its not that I'm not popular (ii Am) Its not that anyone teases me (No One Does) And its not that ii don't look like the magazines Back up yes it is. I no everyone says "You can't look like the girls in magazine, they are not that special" Or "Your ...
    5 Style 41
  89. what is a monologue? & how do I make one?
    what is a monologue? & how do I make one? and in modeling what is a model magic magazine? and how do I make one of those?
    2 Money 51
  90. Is beyonce 5ft6 or 5ft3
    Some people say that she said she was 5ft6 in her earlier career and some people say 2 magazines(one of which was ebony magazine) said she is a petite 5ft3
    4 Entertainment 47
  91. whats a good horroscope for scorpios?
    its for newspaper, i have to do, a "horoscope of the month" :)
    8 General 23
  92. How do photographers make their money?
    do they sell their photographs to magazine companys, online, or just art shows?
    5 Money 44
  93. What are some credible sources that I can get news from?
    Besides televised news which I REALLY, emphasis on the really, want to avoid, which newspapers, magazines, etc have a good reputation for reporting non-biased news?
    17 Politics 19
  94. What is church
    Why do christians leave denominational religion? Is there a site or magazine for believers that have had it with forms with no power religion?
    13 Religion 28
  95. Should I have breast reduction surgery so I can model?
    Hey everyone! I am an aspiring model. I want to do coverspreads in magazines like elle and seventeen. I've been to a few go-sees but the only magazine that wants me is maxim. I'm not sure im right for that kind of modeling. What do you think? The other...
    8 Money 25
  96. What does it mean to be headstrong?
    Whats it mean to be a head strong person? I seen it in a magazine describing Selena Gomez.
    4 General 195
  97. Does Brendon Urie Have A Girlfriend?
    ok, so I was reading this article in a magazine that said that he was married, and in a article on google that said he had a girlfriend. now I am confused...
    11 Entertainment 179
  98. How would I know if sombody has my social security #?
    How would I know if sombody has my social security #? because I been gettin magazines through the mail that I never ordered and they are "tv guide" does anybody else get those or any other kind of magazines without ordering them? Somebody help me plea...
    4 General 38
  99. What do you know about D. B. Cooper?
    Recently I came across a name DB Cooper in the newspaper as a skyhijaker. What you know about the story of DB Cooper?
    3 General 32
  100. Does your zodiac sign suit your personality?
    Okay, so whenever you read the horiscope for your sign, does it follow what is going on in your life? Do you think that the description of your sign suits your personality? With me, the description is on, but the daily horiscope is not always, depend...
    24 Religion 137
  101. Whats a free way to advertise my website?
    okay so I just made a new online newspaper and I need a free way to advertise it... any ideas?
    2 Technology 8
  102. Trace Cyrus and Demi Lovato ? O.o
    I read in a magazine that there going out? I thought trace and hanna beth were a couple?
    3 General 11
  103. My hair is thin
    So I have the worlds thinnist hair. You can like read the newspaper through it. Its healthy and grows well its just super thin. Is there anything I can do about this?
    4 Style 33
  104. Does dog litter work?
    I have a new puppy and the newspaper thing is getting gross fast. Does dog litter work? Will the dog really use the litter, and will it smell?
    3 Pets 107
  105. Is vitamin water really worse than soda?
    Is vitamin water really worse then soda...? Because I love the XXX kind. And it said in a magazine that vitamin water is worse then soda because it has more sugar in it. TRUE OR FALSE...?
    10 Food 246
  106. What does it mean to feel sorry for objects?
    I feel sorry for random objects, like walking throught the street, and if see a random newspaper on the floor, I feel sorry for it. What does it psychologicaly mean?
    6 General 94
  107. Kittens!
    Well, my cat had kittens a couple of weeks ago, and we need homes!! What can I do to try to find homes, should I contact the vet? or newspaper?
    4 Pets 19
  108. What does sase mean?
    What does it mean when I see an advertisment in a magazine or someting that says "send sase to (insert address here). I guess what I'm asking is, what does sase mean?
    3 General 31
  109. Where Can I Find the Prom Dress of My Dreams?
    Okay so I was reading the magazine "Seventeen" around maybe April or May of 2009 I think, and I saw the most GORGOUS prom dress ever. Now I cant find the magazine. It was a yellow dress I think with some blue and pink in it. Does anyone know which mont...
    3 Shopping 47
  110. Improvements in the world since 1963?
    Alright, so I'm writing an article for the school newspaper (I should let you know that it is not for an assignment) I am looking for improvements in the since 1963...
    2 Education 7
  111. How old do you have to be an underwear model?
    Ok so I was looking at this victoria secret magazine, and I was looking in PINK section, and it looked like there was girls that were 13! modeling BRA'S. Why?
    5 Money 977
  112. FunAdvice Trivia: Which of the following words did not come into English from Arabic?
    A) Magazine B) Cipher C) Guitar D) Cypress
    5 Funadvice 11
  113. would you pay to see 32 A girl
    Mens only!! Would you buy a magazine (Nuts, Zoo, Playboy...) to se a girl with a 32 A size boobs?
    4 Relationships 44
  114. Literature Section?
    It would be nice for all those poems and stories to have a place of their own. A literature section would also be great for discussing books and magazines, as well. What do you say? (dude?) :-)
    7 Funadvice 10
  115. Blood brothers
    I wanna write a report on blood brothers for the school newspaper What shud I write bout? And do you think the good and bad points were? Thankz X
    2 General 45
  116. Does ProActive really work to clear your face?
    I've got a lot of magazines, and it's in there like everywhere! So I'm wondering, is it worth it to buy it?
    11 Style 56
  117. How can I get paper off my wooden table?
    I accidentally spilt some nail polish remover on my wooden table and put a magazine over the top and now there's paper stuck on the table which won't peal off. What can I do to remove it?
    3 Homegarden 19
  118. How do I get something published?
    I write a bunch of poetry, and I was wondering if I could possibly get it published for cheap in a magazine or mini book or something. any one do anything?
    3 Literature 69
  119. Interview with a band
    Tomorrow me and some friends are interveiwing a band for a media music magazine. we have a few good questions. But we need some really good ones!! any ideas? xx
    3 Music 15
  120. Is it dangerous to be a medical research subject?
    I saw this ad in the newspaper about paying 1000 dollars for being part of a medical research about the diabetes but do you think that would be dangerous or not. Tell me what you think thank you.
    5 Money 13
  121. the movie taken
    hey has anyone seen the movie taken and have good or bag reviews on it I would love to hear them. I`m in journalism and would love to put them in our newspaper thanks
    3 Entertainment 37
  122. Fekkai Hair Color
    I read Oprah's magazine faithfully and wondered where to buy Frederick Fekkai's hair color to do at home. Do you have to go to a beauty supply store to purchase it?
    3 Style 58
  123. What happens after first Jehova's Witness door-to-door visit?
    Had a Jehovas Witness show up early this morning - was too tired to be rude so I listened to him read a verse from a Bible. He then gave me two Watchtower magazines and left. He never stated he was a Jehovas Witness, but the magazines make this fact ...
    4 Religion 28
  124. What do you think of when you hear the word may?
    At school we have a School magazine my class is in "charge" of it and I was thinking about what could be on the cover for mays issue. So what coould be on the cover?? what do you think of when you hear the word may or is there something that makes you ...
    2 General 24
  125. How can I meet Nat Wolff?
    How can I meet the super hott Nat wolff! Iam the same age as him and in BOP he says hes looking for a girlfriend, what else can I do except wait for a contest in the magazine?
    6 Entertainment 70
  126. What's good about M.A.C cosmetics?
    Magazines and people are always raving about how good this brand of makeup is, but what are their top products that are really good, and is it just because they come in lots of colours, or are they made with good ingredients?
    3 Style 23
  127. Who Do You Think the Sexiest Man Alive is?
    I'm curious. I heard a lot of complaints about Matt Damon being People Magazine's choice for the sexiest man alive. My pick is Matthew McConaughey !
    12 Sex 52
  128. Guys, I'd love to hear what you think about this:
    According to a recent magazine article, men don't judge you for having sex on a first date. True? Why or why not? What are you personal beliefs on this subject?
    3 Sex 25
  129. How can I increase my knowledge?
    I wanna improve my general knowledge, but I dunno how 2 go about it...I dont like readin newspapers or watchin news channels... but I like 2 net can I polish my knowledge???
    3 General 176
  130. Are Large Areolas Unattractive To TeenAge Boys
    They normal look at models in porn magazines and stuff but they normally have little nipples but I have large ones mines are 2.5 by 2.5 im only 13 is that unattractive to teenage boys?
    2 Relationships 152
  131. How do recyclable materials get sterilized or disinfected before becoming new items?
    ie: Old newspapers become pizza boxes and pop bottles becoming milk jugs ect.
    8 Environment 65
  132. What is the best site to help find a job in your area?
    K so I need need need a job and I've looked in newspaper and I cant find anything so is there a good site that is free that will help show job places around here?
    3 Money 36
  133. Dreams of my Mom dying...?
    Ok 3 nights ago I had a dream that my mom was dead, I found that out in a newspaper. The next night I have a dream that my brother pushed my mom down the stairs and she died again... And I love her to death and this is creeping me out lol. Why am I hav...
    5 General 63
  134. Are titleist golf clubs the best or is there another one?
    I've read a review of titleist golf clubs in a golfing magazine recently, and want to know if titleist golf clubs are the best ones? If not, can somebody tell me what brand of golf club I should buy? Thanks!
    2 Shopping 10
  135. hairy girls
    When I look in magazines or watch a movie NO girl has hair around the belly button leading down to the vagina, I understand that Vaginal hair is normal. But I have hair around my belly button and leading down, I was wondering if this is normal or if th...
    8 Style 729
  136. Who sings this?
    part of the song is ''now I know how far you'll go to be the next freak show american psycho cover on the magazine wish I never heard your name''
    4 Music 8
  137. What's the name of this song?
    Girl, you got the body of a goddess face like an angel, girl i'm being honest i can see you up on the cover of a magazine Help i need to know what it is called!
    3 Music 14
  138. Why is there always naked women everywhere you look?
    Why do we as women always need to watch other naked women because its life? We feel we need to compare to them because that is what our partners is watching whether on tv, magazines, everywhere. I want advice to stop feeling this, I want to call it j...
    4 Entertainment 146
  139. How do I get a job, im 13!?
    I am 13 and I want to get a job. I already know what I allowed to do - walk dog, grocery store, newspaper rounds - but I dont know how to get a job. What should I do? The internet gives me no help when it comes to how I can get a job!
    3 Money 59
  140. How to go down form a size 14 to a size 8?
    Please I look really fat and I want to look good before a comptition im going to enter to be a model for a magazine please help me beutitips anything!
    9 Style 185
  141. sally hanson nail art pens. where sold?
    hey, I was online and I looking for something I saw in a magazine. does anyone know where the sally hanson nail art pens are sold? I need a store. and quick if you can. thx ppls!!!
    2 Style 40
  142. How to write a successful cover letter?
    I applied for an intership in seventeen magazine and they asking for a resume and a cover letter... any ideas or tips on how to do a nice cover letter that will get me accepted =] any advice will be greatly appreciated Thanxxx !!
    2 Literature 55
  143. Question for childcare people
    I am looking for work as a nanny or something like that and I was told in whsmiths there was a magazine where there is a lot of jobs in on childcare in does anyone know whats its called ? Please write back if you do please
    4 General 8
  144. Why Lindsay Lohan do not like to be photographed from her back
    Topped Maxim magazine's list of the 100 hottest women in 2007. Lindsay has gone from Disney teen queen to starlet to rehab. Why she at all do not want to be photographed from her back?
    3 Entertainment 21
  145. Why are black and latino women thicker than white women?
    I'm in middle school and I live in S.C. All of the Latino and African Americans girls are thicker than the white girls.And it's the same thing when I look in magazines and on T/V. I don't thing it's a bad thing,I just wonder why.
    5 Nutritionfitness 1024
  146. Something new.
    I usually either wear my hair curling with mouse and hair spray or I striaghten it. but I am getting tired of doing the same thing everytime and I have looked at magazines to get ideas but I can never get them to turn out right or look right, what can ...
    6 Style 15
  147. More money for meee
    I have three good jobs but how can I make even more money I wanna know some ideas no babysitting newspaper rout mowing lawns or anything childish like that lol sry
    4 Money 23
  148. Do you think it will work? I think I will get him!
    Well, I read in a magazine that if you write what you want to happen on a paper and then stick it in a jar of honey then it will come true. So I'm waiting a week and then I'll see what happens.
    3 Relationships 16
  149. The Media, bad for kids in this generation?
    I feel so bad. I love the media and everything, but I feel bad for kids in this generation mostly because they look at magazines and want to be exactally like those models and then become depressed if they cant. I was like that I know how it is. To all...
    2 Style 13
  150. How do you check a rifle to see if it's safe?
    How do you rsp a rifle (safety check it)? All I know already is put the safety on, then pull the bolt back, then I check to see if there's no magazines, but then what do I do?? Don't worry I'm not wishing to kill anyone, it's for my test at cadets.
    2 Sports 15
  151. Where can I work in Alabama at 15?
    2 Money 88
  152. Jobro craze?
    Why is it that almost all teenage magazines has the jobros in it? Its so unfair how they feature newbees so much leaving the famous stayers out.. Same goes with the diney channel stars miley demi selena etc..
    2 Entertainment 6
  153. What is a catchy title for this article?
    Im writing an article for my school newspaper about sunblock and its importance, how ti can lead to skin cancer, all that stuff (its coming out in the summer) and I need a catchy title! If you have any ideas please let me know!
    4 Literature 136
  154. I want a job but can't find one
    I am turning 16 on May 29th and I live in Newton. It's soooooo difficult to find a job here. And I really want a nice job during for the spring and during the summer, and if I like forth. But I can't seem to find one. Do you know any good plac...
    2 Money 22
  155. Anemic
    Ok so my mom told me that eating a lot tums can make you anemic And I eat tums like a fat guys eats cake And yes I mean tums the stomach medicine It was in hte newspaper and so yea Help Is it true Do you think it is true
    2 Health 20
  156. Why does everyone want to be skinny?
    Girl, yeah it's important to be healthy but seriously, stop beating yourself up because of your weight. When you feel fat and ugly you look it. You can still be pretty. and stop reading magazines, I dont, they just make you feel imperfect.
    4 Health 253
  157. Where can I go to give away my cookbooks?
    I have, literally, thousands of cookbooks, cooking magazines, etc., and I've been indexing my favourite recipes out of each one so I don't need the book any more. I'd like to give them to someone who can use them ... any ideas? (not Craigslist - we don...
    10 General 73
  158. Diabete signs
    In my magazine it said that some signs of diabetes is when your thirsty and you need the toilet more and I have like every sign but my parents say its probably nothing but im not sure, how could I be postitive I dont have it without going to a doctor o...
    2 Health 41
  159. Child Abuse
    okay, I need two ONLINE articles about Child Abuse, but I can't seem to find any good ones. no, my teacher won't let me use newspaper.. she want's it printed.. so does anyone know where I could find some?
    2 Education 19
  160. How do I get hair like Amanda Bynes?
    I no I no I have posted like five hundred questions bout curly hair but the pics were not quite what I wanted till I was looking in a magazine and the pic is of amanda bynes got milk add...ok so ihow do I get hair like this?:
    3 Style 68
  161. who here has heard of the artist kagan mcleod?
    he does images for the national post and many other magazines and he has a comic book series called "infinate kungfu". hes also my cousin...i just want to see if anyone here knows of him
    4 Literature 13
  162. How can this be true when they say its healthy to have a big butt?
    I was reading to this one peace in a magazine it said thats its healthy to have a big butt they say scientists say its better to have a big bum than to have fat around your wayst or heaps do you guys believe that they say its better to have those fat r...
    4 Nutritionfitness 37
  163. What are some outfits/ types of clothing that look good on petite girls?
    Whenever, I go through magazines or jcpenney booklets. I go "oh that's a nice outfit...on her...but it wouldn't look right on a short person". I was wondering what are things that would flatter a petite girl's body?
    8 Style 24
  164. swallowing cum
    ok im a magazine I saw this comic thing where there were 2 sperms and one asked are we there yet and the other one said no we just passes the tonsels. in other words can you get pregnant by giving someone a blow job?
    7 Sex 55
  165. Who can help me with a project idea?
    It is a WRITTEN project on two (2) companies but i want a creative way to present it like a magazine for example. Someone is already doing that and i can hardly think of anything else. Any ideas? They will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    2 Education 10
  166. School homework help. Due tomorrow. HELP!!!
    OK we're doing like this magazine project and I have to write a compare and contrast essay. I picked my subjects to be the difference between elementary and middle school. Please help me!!! It's due tomorrow and I don't know what I'm gonna do!!!
    2 Education 22
  167. The Next Epidemic?
    I have seen so many people not just girls, but boys to so worried about there weight, skipping meals, dieting.. when clearly they dont need too... Is this the next epedimic? What is causing all this fuss? Maybe Goss magazines... who knows. What do...
    2 Health 12
  168. Where can I advertise babysitting?
    Hey, I've wanted to be a babysitter since I was about 10 and now that im old enough to do it, I've put up an add in our local newspaper... But so far, no calls and I was thinking, where else could I advertise my services? Anyone got any ideas?
    4 Money 36
  169. Where to call to report this fire?
    My neighboors house caught on fire like 5 minutes ago and I took really good pictures of the fire and the people, everyones okay! Who or where can I call here in Houston, Texas to sell or give the pictures? Like what website,newspaper,news
    2 General 11
  170. ~little miss sunshine~
    I was at my uncles house a few days ago, looking threw the adds for the newspaper, and I saw a "little mis sunshine" shirt for 5$. I want to get it, but my uncle threw out the paper, so I dont no what store it was at. I was just wondering if anyone had...
    3 Shopping 11
  171. What are the answers to these word problems?
    I have a 3-page math homework. I finished it all but im just struggling with these word problems: If you can just find me the answers ... I would appreciate it!!! don't FORGET TO WRITE AN EQUATION!!! 1. The perimieter of a triangle is 15 ft. Tw...
    4 Education 24
  172. Girls views on the medias high standards for women
    I would like to know how many women get negative self images from magazines. I know as a woman that when I look through a magazine and see mens unrealistic views of women I tend to feel like I am fat. But I always realize that im perfect the way I am. ...
    8 Style 16
  173. Is it true that Britney's sister is pregnant?
    I live in a country where there is no English books, let alone magazines, so I saw Hollywood uncensored last night and they said that Britney spears' sister jamie spears is pregnant, already 16weeks I think.. is this true?? omg, what a family..
    9 Health 18
  174. Best punishment for a rapist???
    Today I read in the my local newspaper that a man entered a house, robbed a 75 year old woman and then raped her before he left!! What would be the best punishment for this rapist?? Sentencing them to several years in a prison would not fair to t...
    19 General 93
  175. HHow to house break my puppies?
    I have 2 puppies that I am trying to housebreak I have tried newspaper at night puppy pads and even buying dog litter for them and its not going very well is there something else I can do to house break them I am living in an apartment so I reall dont ...
    2 Pets 19
  176. Tatoos on women... trampy?
    Do you think having tattoo's makes a woman trampy? I was reading my local newspaper and the people of my wonderful Bible-thumping town are against women having tatoos. It seems kind of silly to me (probably because I have 4 tats). What do ya'll think? Sam
    9 Style 43
  177. What exactly do bulimic people do?
    It's not that I want to become bulimic or anything, it's just that I am wondering how people find joy in this, and how bad it really is for you. and I want to know what they do... do they stick their hand down there or what. the reason I am asking this...
    17 Nutritionfitness 391
  178. Halloween ideas (homemade)
    Well we have this party coming up and me and my friend want to make up cool halloween decorations. We found a couple out of a magazine like make coffin and put food in it to feel like body parts but the festival is tomarrow and we dont have enough time...
    3 Style 35
  179. different size boobs?
    if I had different size boobs does that mean I'm going to have breaste cancer when I'm older.. I DONT HAVE DIFFERENT SIZED BOOBS BTW IM ASKING THIS FOR A FRIEND. because in a magazine I read this diary of someone who has breaste cancer and one of...
    5 Style 70
  180. How do I take care of a cold wet baby bird?
    I found a baby bird it was wet and cold I made a nest and I have it and been smashing up worms and feeding it what else should I feed it? What all do I need to do??? I made a nest out of a bowl and I added dryerlent and newspaper? I see doves around my...
    3 Pets 127
  181. internet links deleted?
    how can you delete a link or site that you've been to or someone's been on your computer? you know like if its for example: you type in www. (whatever you like).com in the bar how do you delete the history on your computer that you went ...
    3 Technology 10
  182. How do I get this embarrassing picture off of Google (read description)?
    Ok so i was in the newspaper. And there is this super ugly pic of me. I want it off bc ppl in my school jus look it up for no reason and tease me about it. Likee i rlly need that off of google images. Can someone please help me?
    5 Technology 10
  183. Is it normal for me to watch 30 minutes of televisions daily?
    I don't know when the habit kicked in maybe during my first years in college...I was too busy studying...I only keep up with world news and prefer to listen to my portable radio on the beach...Do you think it's going to work against me not keeping up w...
    6 Entertainment 10
  184. What do people think of little children wearing make-up?
    Hiyyya :D In English we have do write an arguement on a emotive topic, mine is small children wearing make-up (as it as been in magazines a lot latley) Please could you put your opinions so I have an idea of what other peoples opinions are on this top...
    7 Style 47
  185. Where do you go for news about politics?
    Most of us know the news programs on major TV networks are either biased or more interested in making money than reporting news fairly. Many major newspapers are not much better. So where do you usually go for your news about politics? Do you still ...
    8 Politics 27
  186. Did the judge overstep her bounds ?
    A Canadian judge ruled that a 12-year-old girl was "excessively" punished when her father told her she could not go on a school camping trip because she had broken family-rules for use of the Internet - Did the judge overstep her bounds ? The Globe ...
    9 Family 44
  187. Whats happening to metal?
    So damn... I was reading metal hammer magazine And I was looking in the gigs section Now metal hammer usually features good bands. Such as turisas, amon amarth, belphegor, in flames, opeth, anthrax, slayer etc etc And amongst them I saw my chemical rom...
    19 Music 59
  188. Reading Makes Me Sick (literally)
    Why is it that when I read books, I find myself becoming sick? My eyes don't get stressed or anything...and I don't get sick while reading text from far away or on the web. I remember the last time I read the newspaper I had acquired a headache and nau...
    5 Health 491
  189. why people is so nice to me
    last friday my supervisor gave me her lunch and yesterday I was having a breakfast at dunkin donuts and an old lady gave her newspaper I was surprised like oh thank you , I dont complain about this but I dont know why people is so nice to me I like it ...
    2 General 29
  190. Hurts when he cums
    I cant figure out what is wrong, when my boyfriend and I have sex with a condom on its fine and nothing hurts but when we dont and he cums inside me it really burns and I get swollen down there. What could be wrong? I read in a magazine before that you...
    4 Sex 160
  191. What's a good gift for my husband?
    My husband of two years and I are very open to each other, and recently I've been thinking of what to get him. His birth and Christmas are only about 2 weeks apart, and the only thing I came up with (being the perverted wife i am) was to get him a play...
    9 Shopping 29
  192. Ehmagawd! I just realized something
    GOD, My mom subscribed my to Tiger Beat (dont know why. I hate that magazine) and everytime they mention what stars like, basically NO ONE says that they like Linkin Park. WHY!!! Does disney not like them? Are they not allowed to say so? Or if I beca...
    2 General 7
  193. Do venus embrace razor work better than others
    So I was reading star magazine and they did this thing about some of the best products like best shampoo and makeup stuff but they said that venus works best im just wondering if it dose because im razors take forever to get rid of hair and also how mu...
    2 Style 14
  194. Any good ideas for scrapbooking layouts?
    I know, sounds like something that a 14 year old doesn't usually do, but hey, that's me for you. Does anyone know of any sites, or books, or know themselves of some good ideas for scrapbooking layouts? I have used up all the ideas that I can think up, ...
    2 Entertainment 8
  195. Extreme jealousy
    Theres this relationship, a couple who have been together for a little over 3 years. They love eachother and have 3 kids together. Sounds nice, but theres bad. The girl is extremely jealous. Her guy cannot watch tv, unless its rated "g", maybe "pg-13"....
    3 Relationships 11
  196. Help with Stockings?
    I'm getting into dresses now and I am not much of a show off with my legs so I want to try Colorful stockings instead. The kinds I see in magazines on models. I really like those but is there a certain size? How do I know which size to wear? Plus its ...
    2 Shopping 26
  197. Where can a 14-year-old make some money?
    I would like to make some money but I dunt know of anything except from newspaper rounds that 14 year olds can do... Please can someone help me!! I live in the lake district in Maryport. It is a usuall town with all the normal shops. Please help, I nee...
    3 Money 41
  198. Small summer job?
    I need help findin a small summer job! Like babysitting.. I live in el paso btw :) Ndd im only 14 Should I get the daily, sunday, ndd army newspapers for classifactions?? Or babysittin jobs... Ooo ndd I love babys :) Thought I'd throw that in
    4 Money 45
  199. If you were in the Army, what would you take with you?
    a. I would take my knife to butter my toast b toilet paper to wipe my as with paper and not anything else ( you never know) c. porn magazines to take my mind off things d. tranquilizers (in case I am wounded or am about to die) e. flashlight ( =D I LO...
    9 Money 6
  200. Did Obama forget to talk about Obamacare and the microchip for people in the democratic convention?
    He forgot or he will tell that after he wins the election. I have heard that the document of Obamacare that has like 2000 pages said in the page 1000 about the microchip for people, but where i can get a copy of that document to know its not something ...
    14 Politics 41
  201. too fat to club?!
    I've just read an article in a magazine that said woman were turned away from a club for being to fat! it has a size 12 (uk size) and under policy, and even a big busted size 12 was turned away! I personaly think that is discusting! a size 12, 18, 28 ...
    6 Sex 40
  202. Can horoscopes predict when a person is going to have a child?
    by saying in aweekly newspaper in the horoscope section it said that a capricon has to call in order to hear why children bring major news your way?? is this basically saying that they gonna find out they gonna have a child in the next week and is this...
    3 Religion 22
  203. What's the best boxed DIY Hair Dye?
    I want to dye my hair a lighter color than it is now. My hair is kind of dark though,and I find it difficult to dye it lighter sometimes. So what do you guys recommend? I want to do black on the bottom;; Blonde on the top,Like almost white.I want it r...
    4 Style 105
  204. What kind of litter box for my bunny?
    Hi just got a netherland dwarf, 10 weeks old. I got a cage and some food and the neccesitys like that, but I dont know what to do about litter? I want to train it, is there anything I sohuld buy? Or do I use newspaper? Please help I really ...
    2 Pets 32
  205. Glamour Models
    There are so many lads magazines with large breasted women parading around in next to nothing flashing off there bits. I was just wondering what youre opinions are on Glamour models. Do you think its harmless fun or derogatory towards women? Also ...
    4 Style 38
  206. Is this a lame excuse from McDonald's for not honouring my coupon? (read more)
    I was going to buy hot cakes with this coupon discount, for 1.50 and when i showed him the coupon the guy toldme that the cash register wasnt set up yet, with the offer, but the right thing to do would be to set up the cash register first and then put...
    7 Food 13
  207. What do you want?
    If you could fill this out it would really help me, it won't take long, thanks :) 1) What do you expect on a flight? 2) What do you think is missing from your flight entertainment? 3) Would you expect a free pack of some sort on a flight of 3...
    2 Entertainment 30
  208. Are TV shows and movies predictors of financial markets?
    There was an article saying that this was indeed the case. Are TV shows and movies predictors of financial markets? The article was in Money magazine, and said that anytime hollywood or a major network makes a show on something financial related such a...
    3 Money 60
  209. Man's hair cut
    I am asked by the stylist, "how do you want your hair?" (I never go to a barber because they don't ask just cut.) I ask if they have a menu but they just laugh. I can never find a picture in the magazine to explain my wish since most of the style is...
    2 Style 14
  210. What is your opinion on cyber bullying??
    Ok so I'm going to do an article so I can post it on the newspaper, but I would like to know what people outhere think about cyber bullying. Meaning bullying people on a computer, text. e.c.t Many people think that is ok because you are not achuall...
    2 Education 100
  211. How do I get more people to my website?
    I had a new site built and am having trouble getting people there.. Even my friends aren't taking it seriously. Basically it's an online newspaper written by you...a site where anyone can post anything they want... articles of opinion.. maybe I just ne...
    6 Technology 14
  212. Here's a thought for all believers.
    I'm going to try to go 90 days w/out getting into worldly things. Without reading magazines,W/o gossip/listening to people who like to do these things and only have conversations about non sinful things.Who else would like to try this? I really think i...
    7 Religion 17
  213. How am I masturbating wrong?
    I read in a health magazine that when you ejaculate it should shoot out like a stream of urine. When I ejaculate a big drop of semen just kind of squirts a tiny bit, and then I get some small drops of it that fall out. When I'm masturbating I'm laying ...
    3 Sex 75
  214. When voting do you support or reject the church's position ?
    For Catholics only please: Cardinal Edward Egan of New York, the leading Catholic prelate, declared abortion "no less heinous than what was perpetrated by Hitler and Stalin," the Boston Globe reported. The newspaper column was illustrated with a pictur...
    11 Politics 41
  215. Nipple Discharge?
    Hi, I'm, not pregnant, and lately I've been noticing a little bit of clear and shiny stuff on my left nipple, and part of that nipple is a little bent into the center. Also I sometimes see white stuff but I thought that might be lint or something... I ...
    10 Health 8187
  216. Would hate me if I did the following?
    Would you hate me if I diod all of the following chorus select chorus band honors band student council newspaper cross country basketball scorekeeper internal basketball yearbook track the morning announce ossaconally track volunteered youth group lea...
    4 Education 29
  217. How can I lose 2 inches off my waist in 2 weeks, before summer?
    So in two weeks school will be out. I want to lose 2 inches off my waist in two weeks! #1: is it even possible? #2: if it is, if I follow this plan I put together, will it WORK? Plan: take a walk for 30 minutes, do stair-steps for cardio for 15 minu...
    3 Nutritionfitness 104
  218. What is possible for this submachine gun?
    Another question regarding my stealth-action game, you see my favorite submachine gun is the PP-19 Bizon, but I'm not exactly what you'd call knowledgeable of weapons. Is it in the realms of the reality for a PP-19 Bizon to be customized? Like using 5...
    3 Gaming 17
  219. What does this dream mean if everything is red?
    I read this article in a magazine once and it said that dreams are the brain's way of making sense of the world, and also a way that your subconscious 'speaks to you'. Sometimes your subconscious knows something is wrong where your mind doesn't so I've...
    4 General 56
  220. Haircut short in the back long in the front?
    Okay so has anyone seen the long version of The haircut thats short in the back and long in the front? Well I did in a haircut magazine the other day and I liked it a lot.. But I know I wouldnt look so great wit short hair plus that im used to be...
    2 Style 26
  221. Getting another cat
    Hi, My mom was looking in the newspaper and she found this ad, there was this lady that were selling ragdoll kittens! Me and mom mom luvvv them and wanted to get one. Well, we already have a cat thats about 1 1/2 years old (human years) and she was ...
    3 Pets 16
  222. What are some ways I can get even with someone?
    I have this guy friend and it's gotten really ugly between us, this doesn't bother me infact I'm doing my share to contribute to the uglyness. What I've got so far is to suscribe to about a hundren differnt magazines in his name with the bill me later...
    7 Relationships 77
  223. Cool survey if you're bored
    Name: Age: Gender: Hometown: Siblings: Pets: Hair colour: Eye colour: Shoe size: Weight: Height: Fave song: Fave male singer: Fave female singer: Fave tv show: Fave lesson at shool: Where are you right now: What are you wearing: Best physical feature: ...
    26 General 64
  224. Another club penguin question!
    Ok, this other problem is pissing me off too!! Everytime I try to read the newspapers or go anywhere or go to my igloo or even log in, it takes ages in loading then it says: trying again(attempt:1..2.3...4..100) then it logs in!! And it never reach...
    3 Gaming 18
  225. McCopy cat?
    I was reading the newspaper today. (I'm a nerdy teen) And on the front it had a picture of McCain (Hiding the side of his face that is buldging out, due to his cancer, of course) and it said. "Change is coming." as the heading. Can this be said from...
    3 Politics 11
  226. losing weight healthily (sp?)
    ok. so my mom and dad surprised me and my brother with a beach trip to florida for a week in 3-4 weeks. I saw this advice in seventeen magazine that says monday, job (cardio) 30 mins. [then do their exercises with 3-5 lb weights 2 times] tuesday, rest,...
    3 Nutritionfitness 33
  227. Who knows if cash4books is a scam?
    I needed to make some extra cash, so I decided to sell a bunch of my old books. Seventeen (the magazine) recommended Chegg in their January '10 issue, but I went to the site and they only buy textbooks. So, I found Cash4books. They mail you a box for s...
    6 Money 1127
  228. the end of the world on wednesday?
    I was reading an article in the newspaper about some people in switzerland testing stephen hawkings theory on black holes (or something to do with that), and from what I understand, theyre trying to speed some atoms up faster than the speed of light (s...
    7 Science 49
  229. My bird got out yesterday
    Ok my bird got out yesterday I walked out side and she flew to my shoudler and I didnt even feel her on my shoulder and then all of a sudden she flew off well it is going on the 2nd day she has been gone but we have put all the info in the local newspa...
    6 Pets 34
  230. FunAdvice Christmas Countdown (9 days) - December 16th, 2011
    We're now in our final days before Christmas and it's time to start organizing those Christmas dinner recipes. Here are some delicious traditional holiday feast recipes for you to try: The best roast turkey for Christmas (or any time) - Jamie Oliver...
    3 Funadvice 17
  231. house breaking a 6 month old puppy
    I have a 6 month old american eskimo/chihuahua mix that I got when she was 4 months old. I can not completely house break her, I have 2 other dogs and have never had such a problem training. she will soil her crate if left in it . she will stay out ...
    4 Pets 70
  232. Who's wearing pink tomorrow to support Anti-bullying day?
    The Vancouver Sun newspaper states that tomorrow is "Anti-bullying day", and Education Minister Shirley Bond, is encouraging everyone to wear pink for the occasion. "As part of the awareness campaign, Bond also urged people across the province to we...
    10 Education 67
  233. Confused about future career
    Im sooo confused about what to take in college next year :( I love fashion design but its hard to get into and you only make good money if your famous, and I cant sew. I love fashion and art... So does anyone know what course to take in college that in...
    2 Education 19
  234. What do you think is the truth about being the proper weight?
    I see a lot of girls coming on this site concerned about their weight, thinking they are overweight, worrying about being bigger than average. It seems they have been staring at too many magazines and tv shows where the models are airbrused or unhealth...
    37 Nutritionfitness 77
  235. Am I being paranoid?
    Ok so si have this problem with my boyfriend...he um...I trust my boyfriend but sometime I feel like he looks at other girl behind my bk...he says I am paranoid ...last week we were in the train and there was the newspaper and in it was a girl in a swi...
    4 Sex 30
  236. Hey! :) Update and also, maybe help me out? ^^
    Hey guys! Another update on things. Had quite a dramatic month; february. With SAT results coming out and all, it was tough and there is still 8 more days to go. My SAT score was around 1790 and mostly the negative marking gulped down my score but my w...
    4 Technology 33
  237. Vanessa Anne Hudgens hates/dislikes her Fans?
    In my J14 Magazine I recently purchased on the cover it said "What Annoys Vanessa" or something like that and I read the article and she was saying she appeared in HSM/HSM2 to become a Celebrity and she is so annoyed by Fans coming up to her asking for...
    5 Entertainment 56
  238. Name that scary movie!
    It was awhile ago, the killer was a young man who would take these girls out and then kill them. He always kept one of their earings and that was what got him busted when someone opened up a box he had in his room and noticed all these unmatched earing...
    5 Entertainment 14
  239. Correct action taken ?
    A New Jersey second-grader's drawing of a stick figure shooting a gun has earned him a one-day school suspension. Seven-year-old Kyle Walker's mom told an The Press newspaper of Atlantic City that her son was suspended for violating the district's zer...
    2 Education 31
  240. How to sell clothes faster?
    I've been trying to sell my clothes for like maybe 4 months now off & on I'm having no luck at all! Most of the clothes are new & still have tags on them! I've tried posting ads on the online classifieds in my state (its like the newspaper but onli...
    10 Shopping 33
  241. About ceo and steve and work
    Steve wrote this letter and mailed it today to the ceo‘s home: I think it was a good idea what do you think Dear ceo: I am writing this letter with a little trepidation. In spite of my apprehension to send you another letter, I am very impressed wit...
    2 Money 33
  242. Skinny vs fat
    Ok it seems that all the fat and chubby people keep saying that slim and skinyn people are unhealthy... And alost everyone on this site said I was unhealthy but my doc and soem bmi charts say im at a healthy rate and should stay at this weight... But t...
    10 Nutritionfitness 46
  243. Ugly or just imagining it?
    I look at pictures of my friends and just sigh. They all look so gorgeous no matter what pose, hairstyle or makeup theyre wearing. But when I look in the mirror I just feel repulsed. People sometimes say "oh you look lovely," or stuff like that and I j...
    8 Style 29
  244. I need an opinion (girl's name)
    I'm not pregnant yet, however, if we have another girl the next time around I've got some names in mind and need an outside opinion. Katherine will probably (I'll say it's a 95% chance) be the middle name because it was my Father's mother's name, she d...
    9 Babies 23
  245. Did Hilary Duff have an eating disorder?
    I can't believe it! Today I went to the stor to buy my protein bar, but you know at the stores there is those stupid magazins, well there is toons of stupid things but I can't help but read them. Anyway, there it was! On the frount page << Hilary duff ...
    4 Sex 182
  246. How do you build an egg protector with limited supplies?
    For my Tech Ed class we have to make a egg protector that will protect an egg from a 16 ft. drop using limited supplies. The supplies are: a plastic bag, half a piece of newspaper, 1/2 a filing folder,24 inces of strin, 8 inches of tape,a cupcake liner...
    12 Education 79
  247. Is this wrong?
    The other day I read a story in the newspaper about a 60 year old chrisitan woman. All her life she had adopted children (I think it was over 600 in total) and she had recently bought a bigger house in the country with a horse to make their stay with h...
    8 Religion 14
  248. Wife thinks I'm a cheater how can I make her see that I'm not?
    My wife thinks I'm cheating on her. I'm not. All I've done was talk to people in chat rooms online(nothing in a sexual nature).I might look at porn every once in a while but I don't do that online due to her expressed consern. She has no problem with m...
    4 Sex 60
  249. A toned but thin body, what do you think?
    So I've been thinking about it, and I dont want a really skinny body. I dont want a really built body either. if you have ever noticed the wrestling divas (maria especially) or the girls on the fitness magazines, that is what I want. A very toned, thi...
    4 Nutritionfitness 51
  250. Obama-some people are unbelievable.
    So I'm not REALLY going to say anything about Obama, but Popstar Magazine posted a blog yesterday on there myspace like, "Obama for president! What is your opinion about him?". They also told us that Obama's daughters are crazy in love with the Jonas B...
    10 Politics 14