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  1. What networks can you get my kid on?
    What networks can you get my kid on?
    4 Entertainment 17
  2. When did the Disney network start?
    2 Entertainment 14
  3. What is a Virtual Private Network?
    7 Technology 31
  4. Bestest Wireless Network?
    2 Technology 19
  5. How old is Cartoon Network?
    2 Entertainment 57
  6. Will cartoon network will be only for adults soon!?
    Is it me or will cartoon network will be only for adults soon!?
    8 Entertainment 16
  7. Saline solution, how do I make it at home?
    How do I make saline solution at home?
    2 General 47
  8. any other networking sites besides myspace?
    any other networking sites besides myspace?
    4 Funadvice 124
  9. Can I change my network from tmobile to cingular?
    Can I change my network from tmobile to cingular?
    3 Technology 22
  10. What's the best solution for pimples?
    what is the best solution for pimples on the face?
    6 Style 58
  11. is there free games for ps3 on the network?
    2 Gaming 19
  12. What has more channels - DISH NETWORK or COMCAST?
    2 Entertainment 20
  13. Why are 'taxes' constantly pushed but not 'solutions'?
    4 Politics 35
  14. How many social networking websites do you have?
    3 Technology 18
  15. Social networking
    What's your favourite social networking site? A social site, or a social site? X
    2 Technology 13
  16. Can I get local channels if I get dish network?
    Can I get local channels if I get dish network?
    2 Technology 51
  17. How do I make a saline solution for nasal rinse?
    3 Health 23
  18. What is Umbrella Corporation of International Biological Solutions?
    3 General 66
  19. What is the cause, effect, and solution on lack of socializing?
    4 Education 44
  20. Who watches Food Network and who's your favourite Chef?
    14 Entertainment 9
  21. Why is Funadvice more like other social networking sites?
    5 Funadvice 11
  22. Is it okay to put contact solution on my new belly button piercing in place of a saline solution?
    4 Style 40
  23. Is there a solution for huge traffic problem in some cities?
    2 Cars 10
  24. Is brushing regularly the only solution for Bad Breath?
    5 Health 18
  25. Does anyone have any solutions for acne and acne scars?
    Does anyone have any solutions for acne & the scars, something that works for both?
    7 Style 49
  26. Anyone know the best solution to rid pimples?
    Anyone know the best solution to rid pimples?
    8 Style 35
  27. How to know which pc on home network is downloading? is there any
    How to know which pc on home network is downloading? Is there any software ?
    2 Technology 45
  28. What are a few good open source network backup solutions?
    I would be nice for them to work with windows and linux.
    5 Technology 12
  29. Do all Blackberries come unlocked so that you can use them on any network?
    4 Technology 11
  30. What is the new social networking site by Lady Gaga?
    6 Technology 12
  31. Which do you like the most out of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney channel?
    10 Entertainment 16
  32. What are some good social networking sites like myyearbook?
    10 Technology 20
  33. How do I have a boyfriend over a social network?
    i mean how would it work?
    13 Relationships 25
  34. Can I switch my current tmobile cell phone network to cingula
    Can I switch my current tmobile cell phone network to cingular network?
    2 Technology 23
  35. What is network security?
    I read so may times about network security but alway have confusion about it. what is the network security and how can it works?
    2 Technology 16
  36. What network is better - Orange, Three, Vodaphone, or T-mobile?
    5 Technology 22
  37. Do you think teachers should be allowed to "friend" their students on social networks?
    8 Politics 43
  38. Why would you use half duplex on a network switch anymore?
    4 Technology 12
  39. Is abortion a wise solution for a 15 year old girl?
    10 Nutritionfitness 60
  40. Is Apple TV monthly, and is it the same thing like Dish Network?
    2 Entertainment 20
  41. What acne solutions do u use?
    ? (Ex. Proactive) etc......
    8 Style 24
  42. What solutions has the world tried to solve the freedom of religion issue?
    10 Religion 41
  43. How do tv networks know when people are watching their show on tv for statistics?
    12 Entertainment 35
  44. Global networks, MTN CELTEL and GLO?
    How global are these networks mtn,celtel,and glo???atimes I feel it's only in nigeria
    2 General 5
  45. Ps3 network
    If anyone here is on playstation network add me as a friend my name is EoghanMcg on it
    2 Gaming 7
  46. Can you sue a person who writes defamatory remarks to you on a social networking site?
    5 General 43
  47. What kind of solution is blood to the red blood cell?
    Hypertonic, hypotonic or isotonic? And why?
    3 Health 60
  48. What will happen if a person drank a solution of Potassium permangnate (KMnO4) in water?
    5 Health 1167
  49. Why is network speed measured in bits per second rather than bytes per second?
    2 Technology 94
  50. What are the legal issues affecting social networking sites and the new media?
    3 Politics 10
  51. Can you clean contact lenses with hydrogen peroxide topical solution usp?
    2 Health 80
  52. weight: prolem or solution?
    am I fat for being 13 5"3 and 127??
    7 Food 11
  53. Which social networking site is better?
    Which social networking site is better...facebook, twitter, netlog, zorpia or badoo?
    10 Technology 56
  54. PlayStation Network
    When I try to sign up for PlayStation Network it keeps asking me for my online ID.What is an online ID?
    6 Gaming 40
  55. Can I use a linksys wireless-g usb network addapter on my ps2
    Can I use a linksys wireless-g usb network addapter on my ps2?
    2 Gaming 6
  56. Does Obama have a Health Care Solution?
    Has Obama proposed a specific solution to the Health Care Crisis? How does it stack up against the other candidates?
    3 Politics 26
  57. How to get a network on the PS3?
    How do you get Network on the Playstation 3 if you don't have anything to plug the Ethernet cable into ?
    2 Gaming 42
  58. Does my I.P. address change when I'm on different networks?
    Does my I.P. address change when I'm on different networks? Like if I'm on my home wireless network and say... Starbucks' wireless network?
    4 Technology 1150
  59. What do you think of the new show on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), "Pray the Gay Away"?
    16 Entertainment 48
  60. What happened with Egypt's access to social networking sites just now?
    i've heard that they can't get on them, why??
    6 Politics 17
  61. What are other social networking sites?
    doing a long survey need as much info thanks
    5 Technology 11
  62. What is its solution??
    Solve for x. 4^x+4^1/x=18 How can I find the value of x?
    2 Education 15
  63. Boredom solution!
    Aghh... Im really bored. So watcha doin when you guys bored?
    8 General 8
  64. What's the name for a solution that cannot dissolve more salt?
    what word is given to describe a solution in which no more salt will dissolve? e.g dissolving salt into water.
    2 General 12
  65. What does "the settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network" mean?
    I have a dell (windows vista) laptop. I go to "connect to a network" and I can't connect to our wifi it says "the settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network" and an red X next to it. How do I change the...
    2 Technology 70
  66. What are some solutions to rid of violence in video games that the public could do?
    It is just for a public speaking thing. I have to offer solutions but I can't come up with any >.<
    4 Education 10
  67. Does anyone know when the Playstation Network will be up and running again?
    I'm having severe black ops withdraws!!
    9 Gaming 7
  68. Who is my network?
    My phone is through cricket an I went to the store they said I have to set it up through to enternet an im lost.
    2 Technology 14
  69. what is a subtance that does NOT conduct an electic current when it forms a solution is a A. Eletrolyte B.Nonelectrolyte C.Liquid D.Solid ?
    3 Science 36
  70. Comedy network and america
    Do any americans out there get the comedy network? Or is this a canadian network? If you don't where do you watch shows like south park and the colbert report?
    2 Entertainment 13
  71. I want to become fat and height so tell me good solution
    hi actually im so short and thin I want to become fat and height so tell me good solution ,
    4 Health 47
  72. What solutions should Australia use to solve their refugee problem?
    pls answer in relatively simply words
    4 Politics 14
  73. Why is it that in social networking sites the profile and pics of Brazilians and other South American members are over exposed (half naked)?
    3 General 32
  74. Is the Playstation Network back up?
    if it is it still wont let me play online. wht do i do? or how do i make a new accont?
    8 Gaming 6
  75. Are we allowed to post the usernames of our other social network accounts on the status update wall?
    can we give our usernames (twitter, etc) on the status update wall? or no?
    5 Funadvice 19
  76. When I see like john doe is in your extended network ?
    what does it mean when I see like john doe is in your extended network ?,its when I looked up a person then went to his myspace page? thank you..
    3 Technology 37
  77. Top 10 Tips To Build Your Professional Network
    Be humble, but don't be afraid to ask for the expertise of a person in your network, they'll likely be happy to show off what they can do.
    10 General 46
  78. Why does cartoon network not show old cartoons anymore?
    Cartoon network doesn't show cartoons like it use to. All they have now is a few good cartoons and cn real, which really stinks. They don't show the classics anymore and I don't have Boomerang.
    3 Entertainment 215
  79. Which is better - Comcast or Quest (dish network cable)?
    pros and cons of each? internet cable and phone. (qwest cable is actually dish network) good/bad experiences with either?
    2 Entertainment 16
  80. think that Fox Network reports the news and covers the issues
    Do you think that Fox Network reports the news and covers the issues in a fair and unbiased fashion ex: Beck? Hannity? O'Reily?
    12 Politics 18
  81. What does the "Open Relationship" option on social networks mean?
    I've always wondered what it ment... if i knew i might use it! LOL!
    7 Relationships 31
  82. Proactive solution
    does proactive soultion really work? im useing it right now and its my first time. I just really hope these pimples will go away:(
    3 Style 17
  83. Tanning solutions
    How to get a nice tan because my white skin seems to relflect sun and none of the tanning lotions work I've tried them all!!!
    3 Style 112
  84. What is a solution to my iPod touch problem?
    My iPod touch freezes and now it won't start. When I plug my iPod in to my comp. it won't even pull up on iTunes! Can someone help me?
    2 Technology 5
  85. Can I use contact solution to rinse out my eyes?
    ive been in the pool and the chlorine is stinging my eyes and all i have that could possibly work to rinse them out is my contact solution. im just wondering if its ok to use it that way
    3 Health 29
  86. Money problem solution.
    Why if the usa makes the money in a factory, why they dont make more money and then give that money to the people and then the financial crisis will be over I mean they have to make that money in some big factory right what do you think.
    4 Money 53
  87. Who's your favorite Food Network person?
    still bored so I thought I'd ask random questions? so yea who is it. mine is giada she's so cool
    10 Entertainment 8
  88. What would you do if an employer asked you for the password of your social network to see what you do online?
    I dont like that i think this has nothing to do with it. What do you think tell me please thank you.
    4 Money 9
  89. Why doesn't my mobile network work on my Android?
    When I am out and change my Wifi to Mobile Network it doesn't work. It says that it's on but I can't use the internet. I've turned my phone off and back on mulitple times and it still doesn't work.
    3 Technology 17
  90. Does anybody know any quick solutions for sleeping?
    Ok I'm so over tired that I'm wide awake, but at the same time my body is exhausted, but my mind isn't because I'm so stressed out... Anybody got any quick solutions?
    6 General 7
  91. how many hours per week do you spend in online social networks ?
    online social networks like FA a social site a social site twitter etc... I have this survey I have to yea can you please help me out
    6 Technology 23
  92. What could cause a laptop to not aquire the network address when using a wireless router or when directly connected?
    Ive been searching online for hours with no luck...
    2 Technology 18
  93. Playstation Network account won't work
    why wont my account work. I am new and am trying to make a new account on the playstation netowork but it always says the combination of sighin id and password is incorrect...what do I do??
    3 Gaming 76
  94. Where do I get the password to my network? please help?
    so I got an ipod touch and im so sick of sitting in our office to get on the internet. but I don't know how to get on the internet like I click on it and a couple network things pop up but I don't know the passwords. how do I get the password?
    2 Technology 47
  95. Wifi,Open network, and trouble
    OK, I have an Itouch. Well, I was wondering if its illegal to use another'sOpen network wi-fi in the neighborhood.. And if any of you have done so. Thanks.
    4 Technology 24
  96. Literature Social Networking?
    Anyone know of any social networking site that is centered around literature? Like a site where you can tell them what types of books you like, what you have read, and they will offer suggestions for other books you might like, and connect you with ot...
    3 Technology 20
  97. how I can set up my wireless network ?
    My computer crashedso I erased everything and downloaded ubuntu. I am trying to set up a wireless network using my friends internet but they dont know the SSID, Bssid or the Mac address and I have no idea how to find out. Does anyone know how I can se...
    2 Technology 26
  98. How do you find the solution set for this math problem?
    I'm having a very hard time finding the solution set for this math problem. The problem is as follows... What is the solution set that makes the system of equation true? y = x^2 -4x - 5 y = -2x - 6 Please help!
    4 Education 50
  99. Would it be possible for my parents to set up a wifi network where if I connected they would be able to see what I was doing?
    My parents got a new wifi thingy and they say it's faster...but I'm still worried that maybe it's just a scam for them to be able to see what I'm doing =/ would it be possible for them to do that?
    4 Technology 61
  100. PlayStation Network
    When I try to download this game from the PlayStation Store it keeps saying download failed.Not enough space on Memory Stick.The game is 128MB.My free space is 6,993 MB.What does this mean?
    2 Gaming 32
  101. How to win a girls heart through social networking?
    1) How to win a girls heart through social networking? (2nd largest socialnetwork) 2) How to win a girls heart through Instant messaging? 3) How to win a girls heart through Email? Pls I nee advice, tips, secrets, technique, hints.
    2 Relationships 77
  102. Where did "The N" go in Dish Network?
    Where did the and go in Dish Network? They said they were moving to a 24/7 network and on everyother service it has... except Dish!!! The and Channel finder on the website says that it has stayed and all day it has been kid crap where is the N!!! I CAN...
    2 Entertainment 43
  103. What solution would you offer ?
    Election Issue: Illegal immigration should be a concern to all American citizens in this election year. After all, unless the tide is stemmed, it will deprive taxpayers of enormous, hard-earned benefits in years to come - What solution would you offer ?
    3 Politics 9
  104. Why do these major televison networks use everyone they hire to sing and act?
    Like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Miranda Cosgrove. It's really annoying because they always fix their voices.
    2 Entertainment 13
  105. Basset Snoring solution.
    Seriously my basset snores like mad and it's cold tonight and she is inside, does anyone maybe have an idea how to make her stop, EXCEPT for actually waking her every 5 minutes?
    6 Pets 19
  106. I have bad spots on my face - any solutions?
    I use many types of facial washes, spot creams, the lot, and I wondered if anyyone has found a partically good remedy for achievin good skin. PLEASE HLP!!!
    6 Health 97
  107. How do I block someone on PlayStation Network?
    There are many perv guys that annoy me! I have no idea how to block people the button does not appear?btw i'm not a noob i just don't spend my time talking to strangers I PLAY TO WIN!
    11 Gaming 122
  108. What are some reliable and affordable scar removal solutions(excluding laser/surgery)?
    While in MEPS I will need to show my entire body(excluding the privates) so the doctor might see that I have a scar on my stomach from a young age. How do I get it to be not as noticeable for MEPS?
    5 Style 61
  109. What is the best social networking site?
    I haven't used anything like myspace or bebo or facebook before. I know there are a lot of different ones out there but I would prefer to only use one, to keep things simple. What do you think?
    19 Technology 19
  110. Computer network Conect than Disconect
    My computer network ti co nnects and than soon as I click go on to the internet, it disconnects straight away and its not the adapter becus when I look at the sent and recieve thing it goes up. so can someone help thanks
    2 Technology 7
  111. what could be the possible answer or solution for all z problems za
    for the problems we got at this moment in this world, don't you thing having a pure, honest, and loving heart is z answer? problems like z fall of z world economy, z war in Gaza, z darfur case...
    5 Religion 18
  112. Why won't my Ipod Touch connect to my wifi network?
    Can anyone offer me some advice as to how to get my iPod touch (1st gen running on 3rd gen software) connected to my wifi network? I've tried everything I can think of, even manually entering the network name, encryption type and password but it just s...
    2 Technology 45
  113. What would you says a good solution to my dilemma; any good ideas?
    I feel that if I were to lose some weight I would gain a lot of self-confidence. I've always been thick and big-boned but I would love to make that change.
    2 Nutritionfitness 17
  114. Who loves shows that come on the Food Network Channel?
    I love most of the shows about cooking and baking. Iron chef, cupcake wars, hell's kitchen, ultimate cake off, Kid in a candy store, man vs. food, etc....I love competitive cooking! What about you?
    7 Entertainment 8
  115. Wireless printer problem with home network
    Our internet is wireless and the printer is on my pc. How can I get the other computers to network together and send info to be printed off on my printer. I've tried practically everything, however they ask for name of printer or web link and nothing I...
    2 Technology 13
  116. how I can find another solution to do instead of hurting myself
    when I get really angry I have a problem. I have a tendicy to punch things or throw things no matter what it is. I always end up hurting myself thow. I never hurt anyone else just myself and I want to know how I can find another solution to do instead ...
    4 Health 24
  117. Permanent Solution to Temporary Problem?
    that has got to be the most stupid thing to say to someone who is suicidal, because to them their life is always going to be screwed up. I hate that when people say it to me, because again when I am having a depressive episode it seems as if nothing wi...
    3 Health 14
  118. A permanent solution to allergy.
    My son has been having this allergy which is hard for me to identify.They feed in school. I have enquired but the food is no different from what he is used to.Is there a permanent solution to allergies apart from drugs.How can one deal with the spots ...
    6 Health 95
  119. B Kohtakte VS Live Journal? - Social Network World Domination
    B Kohtakte Vs Live Journal? What is Kotakte? Before I've seen live journal covers the whole russian country. Is Kohtakte differ from LJ? Is LJ defeated? Face Book in canada and australia My Space in USA.
    2 Technology 132
  120. How are social networking sites harmful?
    I'm doing a debate about social network sites being more harmful than good and we need to have a speech ready by tomorrow. I'm still doing research and i need some help on 1. privacy- other than hacking into peoples' accounts, how can people access oth...
    5 Technology 25
  121. Do you think social networks like Facebook should pay it's members for their content?
    Consider that Facebook wouldn't even exist these days if members didn't use the site to upload images, videos, links, etc., and engage in networking, do you think members deserve a cut of the profits made by Facebook? Read about it: http://funadvice...
    6 Technology 17
  122. Solutions needed for my confidence
    Im 18 this year and im a guy, and I think my waist is rather small where every pants that I wear makes me look disproportionate..are there any solutions to this? It kept tearing my confidence apart when I go out..I just aint look nice, in other words,...
    2 Nutritionfitness 5
  123. Why is my wireless network doing this and how can I fix it?(read more)
    Why is my wireless network doing this and how can i fix it? I was trying to hook up my laptop to the internet and i called Comcast for help. they sent me an e-mail telling me how to change the name and password to my wireless network. i followed the i...
    3 Technology 17
  124. Solute To The Troops
    Well I know many families have lost loved ones in the Iraq war well I might be in the same situation soon,hopefully not,I am asking that if everyone that knows me,wish my bro luck in Janruary as he heads there,like I told somoene else that if I lose hi...
    4 Politics 22
  125. Which social networking site do you like most?
    Well now we have a big choice of social networking sites.Which is your favourite? The good old myspace or the newer orkut and facebook? Personally I like orkut best.Will give 8 out of ten.Then I like facebook with a score of six. And then myspace at 5...
    2 Technology 15
  126. Where can I watch old Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel shows or movies?
    So i really miss the old (late 1990s - early 2000s) shows from my favorite childhood channels & i really want to watch & enjoy them again. I was wondering if you guys new any links or websites where I can watch them. Please no scams or spam websites '...
    6 Entertainment 43
  127. Need CHEAP Alternative for Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter
    Ok, I seriously need an alternative for the whopping $100 buck item. I've heard about the Pelican version around $50, but I still can't afford that right now. Something maybe around $40 and under? If not, what's the cheapest deal? I've also heard that ...
    2 Gaming 61
  128. Is it true that when 1 person dies, 2 more people have to die because they are in your network?
    the day my father died.. he was like well 2 more people are gonna die.. im like wat are you talkin bout?? and he was like well your dad died.. i said yea but a few months ago my moms patient died.. (my mommy works for the mentally challenged) and a few...
    4 Family 81
  129. Do you feel its appropriate for parents to post naked or almost naked pictures of their babies on their social networking sites?
    I, personally would never post a naked picture of my son online, not even just his booty. I just feel there are too many pervs in the world and also naked baby pictures are personal and not something that should be online. I have friends that post pict...
    12 Babies 68
  130. What's a solution for tattoo problem?
    Alright, so. I wanna get a tattoo below my waistline but above my d*ck. So like where my belt would be. I was wondering if there's be an issue with like hair down there? I shave mostly 3 times a week. But if I get a tattoo there would hair be a proble...
    4 Style 45
  131. Is there any way I can reset my Playstation Network password from my PS3?
    it says i have to make a new passwrod ( because of te recent hackign) and that the instructions to do so are coming via email. well, when i made my thing i typed in the wrong email, (i forgot the numbers) so now i cnt do it tat way, and i dont wan...
    4 Technology 18
  132. Who can help me think of a solution to store jewelry?
    So, I'm looking for a creative, but simple way to store jewelry, so that it's organized and not hard to keep that way. I'd like ideas using household items that can be recycled to hold earings/necklaces/bracelets or all three. I find that when I just t...
    3 Style 9
  133. Unlocking a network for Sony Ericsson K800i
    I have a Sony Ericsson K800i and Vodafone is my network. I got a new SIM card that's O2 and it says to insert the correct SIM card and my mom told me to unlock or unblock the network so it would work but I don't really know how too .. I know my IMEI ...
    5 Technology 66
  134. What do you think of these solutions to three of America's problems
    What do you think of these solutions to three of America's problems ? 1) immigration - dig a moat the entire length of the border THEN 2) new orleans - using that dirt, raise new orleans above sea level THEN 3) Florida - gather up the excess Gators,...
    4 Politics 34
  135. Protecting a small network
    We have a network of four computers in one room at our mobile home park. Three of us have admin rights via a password, and everyone else logs on as guest. How do we prevent unknown individuals (underage, we believe) from d/l objectionable images? We...
    3 Technology 56
  136. How do I network and talk to total strangers?
    I have started going to the local Chamber of Commerce events and Builders Association events in preparation for me buying the company I work at in about a 18 months. I'm trying to get people to associate me with the company, and pick up new business a...
    2 Money 36
  137. What cheap solutions will help reduce the redness from the acne?
    Normally it's the hormones that cause acne and the redness and it's really noticeable and embarrassing to me to have it...there. So I was curious to as if any household items like juice or something to help clear the redness and the dryness it has. I a...
    4 Style 20
  138. I can't get my desktop computer to connect to my network?
    I have a cable internet modem connected to a wireless router. I just got off the phone with the router tech support, who helped me set up a security enabled wireless network, which works fine on my laptop. However, I also have a desktop running windows...
    2 Technology 46
  139. What are some science fair projects dealing with social networking?
    i need a science fair project ASAP !!! like all my research has to be done by thursday. which means im going to be up all night this entire week working on this. i cant think of a good one, well one at all actually. SOOO please help , it doesnt necessa...
    2 Sex 13
  140. Noisy neighbors - any solutions ?
    My neighbors are making too many noises they keep playing football in front of my house and sometimes I have seen one of them playing in my front garden ... They are all round 12 years old ... They are getting on my nerves and I feel like im going to...
    4 Babies 44
  141. Need a weight loss solution to kill my cravings
    Im a 13 year old girl who weighs 155 pounds...I need to lose weight asap...I dont go to the beach because I look like a whale in a 1 piece bathing suit..I have stretch marks and viens on my thighs I feel disgusting walking near my skinny friends I want...
    4 Nutritionfitness 47
  142. No limited connectivity network
    Okay my computer worked fine before I restored it, im always re storing it to the first day I got it, because I always use up all the memorey and it work slow well I did it the other day, and nowi cant get the internet to work, it was connecting and th...
    2 Technology 11
  143. how do you stop your cuticles from pilling?
    my cuticles pill need a solution. have any?
    8 General 24
  144. Severe morning sickness
    Is there any solution for severe morning sickness other than the doctor??
    7 Health 45
  145. why am I itching? burning? im running out of solutions?
    Alright so I've had this problem since january 2009 so for about a little more then a year... my problem is that EVERYTIME I have sex with my boyfriend I have very very very bad pain and I also get itchy down there... it sometimes smells funky too... n...
    2 Sex 222
  146. I NEED a solution and soon
    I had unprotected sex last night, and I just got off of my period last week. I need to get plan B as soon as possible, I only have two days left to get it before I chance getting pregnant. I don't have to $50 dollars it takes to pay to get the prescrip...
    3 Sex 21
  147. Should we help you with every other social network out there?
    So we get a lot of social networking related questions. Some get removed, some don't. For the record - our site has *never* raised money from third parties. We have listed our values on our "about us" page. We're not making millions of dollars (in fact...
    6 Funadvice 7
  148. Are student loan consolidation programs good?
    Is student loan consolidation program is good solution for students?
    2 Money 8
  149. how can grow my penish
    how can grow my penish please tel me the solution and medicien please...
    3 Relationships 46
  150. I'm in dire need of a solution!
    My mom blames everything on me! She lost her check: My fault. The baby won't take his bottle: My fault. My little brother got a stain on his shirt: MY FAULT! I hate it and talking won't help! I try so hard to be better and make her happy but it doesn't...
    8 Family 25
  151. How to get Dreamweaver free?
    ...or some program like it. Any one have a solution?
    3 Technology 77
  152. Energy crisis in Africa
    What do you think is the energy solution to africa esspecially Nigeria
    2 Environment 16
  153. Better xbox live connection?
    How do I get it? I use the wireless network adapter and use the network linksys But sumtimes it sux How do get a better no security signal
    9 Gaming 170
  154. Who thinks this is going to be a good movie?
    It's called the social network.
    8 Entertainment 6
  155. Which satellite provider would you recommend?
    DIRECTV or Dish Network? I have DIRECTV right now, but am thinking of switching to Dish Network to get a few months of cheaper service, free HD and a DVR. Where I live, DIRECTV isn't offering local channels but Dish Network is. It would seem I have an ...
    4 Entertainment 34
  156. how do i find the password to my internet so i can connect to it on my ipod touch?
    i had the password for our network on my ipod but i reset my ipod today so it deleted it and now idk how to find it? i was looking on our router but its not there..we have verizon fios. so how can i find the password to the network so i can connect to ...
    2 Technology 10
  157. How to make your hair shiny??
    How to make your hair shiny and smooth and sleep and GAWJUS! :) any easy solutions??...
    4 Style 17
  158. How can I delete history simply from my cache files?
    How can I delete history simply from my cache files? anyone know? any solutions?
    6 Technology 38
  159. What do you think about immigration Laws?
    First, this is not homework I need help with. There is a contest I am entering about the solution to immigration and I was wondering what people think about the and and about I good solution (I already wrote mine, I am just curious)
    4 Politics 66
  160. Homesick... Thinking Too Much... Lonely
    I only talk to myself. Most of the time Im alone. So Is there any solution for this?
    9 General 45
  161. Getting cat urine odor out of the carpet?
    does anyone know the best solution to get cat urine odor out the carpet?
    5 Pets 51
  162. Why was the new Rosie / MSNBC show cancelled ?
    I heard that the upcoming MSNBC / Rosie deal was cancelled by the network - why ?
    3 Entertainment 7
  163. how toget strong errection during sex
    I fail to hold the erection while sex making .what is the solution for this
    2 Sex 48
  164. Big Big porblem need a solution and fast
    0ok s0o im 15 and pregent I live wid my 7 brohters because my parents died along time ago ...I started acting werid and one 0of my brothers notice hesz like my twin(even tho hes like 2 yearsz older den me) He found out that in I was pregnet and he wasn...
    4 Relationships 11
  165. Government healthcare
    What makes government the solution and why cant people go with out healthcare or insurrance companies
    2 Health 15
  166. Painting Easter Eggs, does food coloring work?
    Does food coloring work for painting Easter eggs, or is there some speical solution needed to paint them?
    5 Homegarden 39
  167. Where to find my SSID name and WEP key?
    where do I find my SSID network name and where can I find my WEP KEY. People say on the router and I cant find it. What is the easiest way to get it. I need it to set up my xboxlive with a network adapter for xbox360. thank you..
    6 Gaming 271
  168. How do you get the PS2 Slim online?
    I just wanted to know what do you need to buy if you have the ps2 slim to get it online? Do you have to buy a network adapter ?
    6 Gaming 71
  169. how do you go online with a ds lite?
    how can you go online with a ds lite softwear like cartoon network and nick for kids?
    4 Gaming 37
  170. I can not control my wireless mouse pointer, it is moving by itself
    I can not control my wireless mouse pointer, it is moving by itself alone from place to other. Why? Is there any solution please? Thank you!
    3 Technology 43
  171. wants longer thicker hair
    my hair keeps breaking off. I have tried all kinds of products and solutions. what can I do?
    3 Style 15
  172. Peace in Middle-East
    Is a two state policy in the Middle East for Israel and Palestine a peace solution?
    4 Politics 17
  173. How to help my friend who cuts herself?
    I just recently found out that my friend cuts herself. I want to help. What are some other "solutions" that could help her with her problems beside cutting?
    4 Health 72
  174. Msn stop working
    my msn has stop working everytime I try to sign in a bar pops up and sid that "You messager has stop working" "a problem has cause it to stop working" I dont know what the problem is and what the Solution is? the laptop cant find whats wrong with t...
    2 Technology 62
  175. How do I get the WiFi to work on an iPod Touch?
    It says unable to join network after putting in the password
    3 Technology 19
  176. Why kids love to watch The Discovery Channel?
    Maximum kids loves to watch discovery channel and cartoon network. I'm really confused...
    3 Entertainment 57
  177. What are some good open source CRMs out there?
    Right now I use vtiger, but it would be nice to know of any other good solutions out there.
    3 Technology 8
  178. Do you think there's too much traffic?
    Do you think more people should get on the bus or use a bicycle? What is this caused by? What would be a good solution for this?
    6 Environment 43
  179. Computer help
    How do I reconnect my laptop pc with my wireless network I can connect to the netwoirk but as soon as I do it says no connected how do I fix this???
    2 Technology 10
  180. Which of these do you think has changed the world forever
    telegraph telephone radio computer television computer networking Internet Each of these inventions was built upon knowledge gained from past inventions. Each changed the way in which we communicate with others. But, which of these do you think...
    7 General 30
  181. Should overweight employees be penalized?
    Some companies are charging overweight employees to help with health care costs. Do you think this is a good solution? Should overweight employees be penalized?
    8 Money 49
  182. I'm always upset
    and angry and said ,how cani get off it and be happy although I am not into the society.I need a solution
    2 Health 36
  183. How much is a crosslink cable
    How much money is a crosslink cable? its like an ethernet cable only it hooks two computers or devices and shares the network.
    2 Technology 42
  184. What could I use under my wireless mouse to make it work?
    I have a wireless mouse, and it works on most surfaces. However, my desk has recently been painted, and now it will not work. :/ I currently have a thin piece of paper taped to the desk that it works on, lol.. but it is tearing and is definitely not a ...
    9 Technology 20
  185. Who here misses cartoons from the 80,90, early 2000's?
    Cartoons from the 80,90, early2000's You know the cartoons that were on nickeloden,cartoon network, disney ch ect.
    2 Entertainment 59
  186. can we love peoples as JESUS did?
    without any thing, can we give love 2 peoples as Z ALMIGHTY JESUS DID? I think love is a solution 2 our world problem.
    10 Religion 21
  187. How can I get rid of a blister?
    I have new shoes, and they've given me blisters on the bottom of my feet :'( is there a solution that can get rid of them, or make them less painful?
    6 Health 19
  188. What are good alternatives to Adsense?
    What are the other adsense like programs available on the net?Are they as good as adsense? Anybody used any of them? Is the yahoo publisher network similar to adsense?
    2 Money 11
  189. What home remedie exists to test for semen?
    If there were a solution that could be made at home to detect the presence of semen one could find out if there daughter were having sex.
    3 Sex 833
  190. Cleaning my lip.
    I've had my lip pierced for about a month now and I've been gargling salt water and stuff like that to clean it but is there some kind of solution I can get at walmart?
    2 Style 39
  191. When logging on to windows, I get a pop up, what does this mean?
    When I log on to windows, I get a pop up that says, Click to have windows check for solutions to computer problems online. What does this mean? By the way, I have Windows Vista.
    2 Technology 36
  192. Directv help
    Ok,I just got directv yesterday,it's the most complicated cable service,what channels are the usa network,scifi,spike tv on?
    2 Technology 37
  193. Is there a way to get my hair to grow back?
    my hair used to be very long.until i got it cut. now it just wont grow back. is there a solution to this? i want my hair to be as long as it was ...
    4 Style 105
  194. Why cant I sleep. Im tired but dont wonna sleep?
    Im tired but I dont wonna sleep what do I do? Its ten already and I have school tomorrow. My body wants to rest but I dont. Solutions?
    2 Health 23
  195. How do you like verizon's KIN ONE phone?
    And to use it's facebook and social networking feature do you have to have a certain plan or will it cost money?
    3 Technology 12
  196. getting marijuana out your system
    if you smoke weed everyday and your getting a blood test for weed in 1 - 3 months, whats the best solution to get weed out of your system?
    5 Health 96
  197. Fox News ratings
    Most of you that are liberal refer to Fox News as Fox Noise. Let me ask you why is Fox 's News rated consisantly above any other news net work like CNN (Comunist New Network or the Clinton New Network) Does this mean there are more conservatives than l...
    4 Sex 35
  198. How do I fix PS2 controller ports?
    I was in the middle of a game and it just STOPPED working. Also, my Guitar Hero guitars won't connect. Wtfffffffff, solutions?? :)
    2 Gaming 12
  199. where do I find the SSID,WEP,and the encryption key in my computer?
    im trying to hook my playstation3 to my wireless network and I need to know where to find the WEP, SSID, and the encryption key on my computer or router
    2 Technology 64
  200. How can I whiten my sunburnt face in 1 day???
    Hi I have got a sunburn just a while ago on my face..and I've got classes tomorrow...I need a solution!!! Please!!!
    3 Style 69
  201. Hydrochloric Acid Safety
    What solution of Hydrocholoric Acid would be safe to use around kids? Specifically to be used in rock and mineral testing excercises.
    3 Science 57
  202. Alcohol?
    I just pierced my ears out of bordem. and now I need to clean them, can I use rrubbing alcohol? because I dont have any ear cleaning stuff, or anything else. what about salt water solution?
    5 Style 44
  203. How to loose weight fast and change my life as im at it?
    I am 15 years old and I weigh 265 pounds... I need a solution to loose weight... not just a little weight... but life changing weight...
    3 Nutritionfitness 31
  204. Why wont my blackrain ipod touch turn on?
    I have recently jailbroken my ipod touch using blackra1n. I turned it of and now it wont turn on. When I turn it on it just come up with the connection to itunes. I know that you have to use blackra1n to turn it back on but it isint working. So I tried...
    4 Technology 38
  205. How can i get xbox 360 live with out a router?
    how do I connect my 360 through a computer on a wireless network? my computer is like 100 feet away from the router but I have wireless net. is there a way to hook my 360 up to it?
    2 Gaming 18
  206. What tv character should I dress up as?
    We have a carnival at my school tomorrow and the theme is tv network! So what is an easy character to dress up as that's obvious but wont require me to necessarily go out and get something?
    2 Entertainment 16
  207. My dog
    I have a six month old puppy, who was recently fixed. He humps this round pillow that I have and at times, his wewe comes out. Have any solutions as to what I can do to control this behavior?
    3 Pets 11
  208. Face redness. Need help now
    How can I get rid of the redness of my face? I have a few pimples and it doesn't look bad, but with the redness it looks pretty bad! Help!!!(don't recommend proactive solution, because I have tried it and it doesn't work.)
    2 Style 54
  209. Salute Your Shorts
    does anybody remember that show solute your shorts from the late 80s early 90s on nickolodean? it was one of my favorites as a kid but NONE of my other friends remember it at all!
    5 Entertainment 54
  210. Why is my ps3 online not working?
    My ps3 has been working online for ages. Over the last week it ha not allowed me to sign in. When I go to network connection test it say ps3network failed.?
    2 Gaming 52
  211. How to fix this swmenu.dll error?
    I just went to one website game called sherwood, and its say can't play it because the swmenu.dll is missing from your computer!Do anyone have a solution? thank you!
    3 Technology 36
  212. Is my picture inapropriate
    Do you think my picture is too risque to have on here or on any other social networking website? It doesn't seem too inappropriate to me because for all anyone know that could just be my bikini top right? What do you think?
    7 Funadvice 32
  213. What is a cure for Werewolves?
    First off, this is research For A book. ( If you would like to know more about it, Fun mail me.) I need a good, Believable, cure for werewolves. I have one I mind, I've heard of a recipe for a solution that you would make and sprinkle on the werewo...
    9 Literature 94
  214. How does the Samsung Intensity work?
    My parents got me a cell phone for an early birthday present. It's a Verizon Samsung Intensity. This is my first cell phone, so I'm just a little lost. My phone has texting, my parents' cell phones don't. The guy who sold my parents the phone told them...
    2 Technology 58
  215. how can i go to sleep
    I can't go asleep early like if i go bed 10:30 i would sleep around about 3:00 am and i wake up late has anybody got a solution
    3 Health 17
  216. Why is my (ex) boyfriend making it my fault?
    Why is my (ex)boyfriend making it seem like my fault when he ended it with me by deleting me off a social networking site and putting that he is in a relationship with someone else, then waited for me to find out for myself?
    8 Relationships 16
  217. How can I gain weight?
    i want to become fat so tell me how can i become fat i am 18 and still look like a 13 year old boy? so please give me solution
    2 Relationships 20
  218. How to wake up easily?
    How to wake up easily? Im really hard to wake up. I got used to sleep late at night and wake up early by 4am... Someone has to wake me up. is there any best solution? Tips? tmx
    4 Health 20
  219. How can I gain 5 kg in a month?
    hi, friends I'm very thin and I want to gain 5 kg weight in a month...I discussed this with my parents and my doctor too but no solution have come. now I want a help from you peoples.
    3 Nutritionfitness 161
  220. Why can't I get online on my iPod Touch?
    Why can't I get on the internet on my new iPod touch? I checked the networks I joined and it says I am connected, but when I click on Safari or YouTube, it says that it cannot connect to the server. What is going on here?
    3 Technology 170
  221. Hair thining
    Is there any products that can help you thin your hair? I have thick, hard to straiten hair and schools coming and I want to look cute so I thought thining it would be the best solution.
    3 Style 20
  222. What is wrong with democracy?
    I have to big problems with democracy. 1. Any government is forced to only stay in power for between 4 and 6 years. In that time they must impress the population enough to be reelected. This does not give enough time for long term solutions to be put...
    12 Politics 46
    is there any way to decode this: ●●●●●●●● I want to add my new laptop to my network but I 4got the key. I used a decoder to coppy the key but it wont decode it for me! DO you KNOW HOW TO FIND THE KEY. I NEED HELP ASAP!!!
    6 Technology 32
  224. How to be a sexy emo girl?
    well I am kinda flabby...and I have bloude ish.brown hair and I want to know how to be sexy enogh to get the hott emo boys..?please help if you know a solution..?
    4 Sex 83
  225. How do I make my forehead smaller?
    How do I make my forehead smaller? How do you make pimples disappear faster? Shid I'm using toothpaste and it works a little bit however I need to find a better solution.
    3 Style 76
  226. Math of investment
    Accumulate 30,000 from january 31 to september 20,2000 at 7% simple interest. ..pls give me a solution.. Thanks..
    2 Education 25
  227. Blackberry 7290 unlocking problems
    Trying to unlock a blackberry 7290. I have AT&T, and this phone is locked to the OLD AT&T network, which isn't compatible with the new AT&T Network. AT&T Gave me an unlock code and for some reason the phone just won't unlocked. I'm told it may have bee...
    2 Technology 45
  228. What's wrong with my eMachine power supply?
    my old emachine motherboard comes on but the power supply gives me probelms and i would like to know why because i want to use this tower for my home network system
    2 Technology 37
  229. How do I unlock my MiFi?
    How can I unlock my Verizon Wireless Mi-Fi so that I can connect to it using my iPhone 4? Everytime I go to join the network, it shows that LOCKED icon next to it. How can I unlock it and use it?
    7 Technology 86
  230. How to delete unwanted pictures from my computer?
    I have tried deleting them by highlighting but it hasn't worked. I know there must be a simple solution to the problem but it beats me what it is. Can someone please help? Thank you in advance.
    2 Technology 386
  231. How can I get fatter legs?
    I have chicken legs and dont look good in shorts. I am 15 and would like to look good in some shorts. Could you please help me find a solution to gain more wait on my legs and arms?
    2 Nutritionfitness 878
  232. What home remedies is good to use to pass a crystal meth test?
    I heard vinegar helps but I failed my last test with that then I here baking soda helps and possibly bleach is this a certain solution?
    3 Health 460
  233. anything I can do to clean septum after I got it pierced?
    I recently had my septum pierced!! it doesnt really hurt but I think its infected! I gave the cleaning solution they gave me a shot but I had an allergic reaction to it! it would be so helpful if you could tell me anything I can do to clean it
    2 Style 43
  234. Want to Deep Condition my Hair fast
    anyone have a fast (under 30 minute) solution for just totally deep conditioning my hair? I usually try to deep condition my hair about once or twice a month...but I just want to know if anyone has any good ideas...or good brand names to try... tha...
    2 Style 37
  235. Computer stuck in power save mode HELP!!!
    When ever I turn on my brothers computer it says 'In power save mode' no buttons I press undo it - that I know of- ANy Ideas whats wrong and a solution for it??? THanks btw
    3 Technology 48
  236. how much to shave down there?
    how much to shave down south? just a trim? leave it "natural"? all off? whts good to shave, that low maintance, but will still make you feel clean & groomed? ho does a girl shave down there? Solutions & steps pls!
    5 Style 59
  237. What does this IP Address conflict error mean?
    A message occasionally appears on my taskbar saying "You're IP address is conflicting with another user on the network." Does this mean someone is hijacking my internet connection without me knowing?
    2 Technology 68
  238. Proactive it useful ???
    Iam an indian...the odr day I was watching a telemarketing show and they were showing a u.s based product called proactive solution for acne and pimples...has anyone used it ??? How is it ??? Its very expensive...I it worth buying ???
    6 Style 66
  239. Messed up sleeping pattern. :(
    Hey, It was the holidays so I started going to sleep at 4:00am and waking up when ever. Now I have school (fantastic), anyone have a quick solution? And drugs are out of the question, I'm broke.
    2 Health 19
  240. How to connect computers using lan?
    I have 3 systems ., I dont have server., but I want to connect it through a hub., and I almost connect it. How can I share files ?how do I configure the network settings.. I'm using windows xp ..
    3 Technology 16
  241. Nuclear War-Will it happen in my lifetime?
    Will Nuclear War likely happen in my lifetime? This is one thing I'm very worried about...I have major issues since I found out about this permanent end-of-the-earth solution. What do you think?
    6 Education 50
  242. Want to get taller and bigger
    Am 21 years. is it possible to become very height & fat. Now I look 10th standard student. I am very lean & I am only 4.5 height only. can you give good solution for my problem
    2 Nutritionfitness 28
  243. How to make a Myspace playlist?
    ok I have a mysapce and I want mroe than jsut one song playing and my friends all have playlists! but I don't know how to do that so thats what im wodnering how do I do it? also umm how do I change my extened network?
    3 Technology 40
  244. Why isn't my mobile wi-fi working?
    i have a sony ericsson w 705? when ever i switch on my mobile wi-fi is always open and when i search for wlan networks nothing turns up ,even though the wi-fi is switched on.
    4 Technology 7
  245. Anime vs. Western animation?
    I was wondering, which do y'all like better, anime (Japanese cartoons) or Western animation (what you can see by turning on cartoon network, etc.) I like anime better, but I actually also enjoy Scooby-Doo and also a few superhero cartoons (which I grew...
    10 Entertainment 105
  246. What's some good and easy songs to play on guitar?
    I have been playing for about 3 months now and can play songs like hypnotize, enter sandman, guitar boogie, one, theres no solution, tears from heaven, and mama said. thanks for your help
    4 Music 39
  247. How can I stop being weird?
    My entire life,I have been a weird person, I admit it,I have lost some friends because of it and it's hard getting them back. I'm tired of that side of me,give me some tips or a solution to fix this,I need serious help!
    3 General 38
  248. How do I get my female cat to stop humping?
    For the past month, our female cat, whom is under 1 years old, has begun humping my wife's arms and legs, and she is starting to get irritated by it. What solutions are available that we could do that would be free and easy to do?
    4 Pets 153
  249. Why can't I send/recive picture messages on my Mytouch 4g?
    I just got it on christmas and for some reason every time I try to send something it says "Generic network fail". And if I'm trying to download a picture a friend sends me it say "Unkown Error".
    4 Technology 53
  250. What kind of materials are there for nose rings?
    I want to buy a gift for my close friend and she is allergic to certain metals (real gold and real silver). She has some sort of a plastic or some other type of plastic - like material. Does anyone have any solutions or ideas?
    2 Style 20