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  1. What networks can you get my kid on?
    What networks can you get my kid on?
    4 Entertainment 17
  2. What is a Virtual Private Network?
    7 Technology 31
  3. Bestest Wireless Network?
    2 Technology 19
  4. How old is Cartoon Network?
    2 Entertainment 57
  5. When did the Disney network start?
    2 Entertainment 14
  6. Can I change my network from tmobile to cingular?
    Can I change my network from tmobile to cingular?
    3 Technology 22
  7. any other networking sites besides myspace?
    any other networking sites besides myspace?
    4 Funadvice 124
  8. Will cartoon network will be only for adults soon!?
    Is it me or will cartoon network will be only for adults soon!?
    8 Entertainment 16
  9. What has more channels - DISH NETWORK or COMCAST?
    2 Entertainment 20
  10. How many social networking websites do you have?
    3 Technology 18
  11. is there free games for ps3 on the network?
    2 Gaming 19
  12. How can a consultative examination prove you have an anxiety
    How can a consultative examination prove you have an anxiety disorder?
    2 General 13
  13. Social networking
    What's your favourite social networking site? A social site, or a social site? X
    2 Technology 13
  14. Can I get local channels if I get dish network?
    Can I get local channels if I get dish network?
    2 Technology 51
  15. Why is Funadvice more like other social networking sites?
    5 Funadvice 11
  16. Who watches Food Network and who's your favourite Chef?
    14 Entertainment 9
  17. How to know which pc on home network is downloading? is there any
    How to know which pc on home network is downloading? Is there any software ?
    2 Technology 45
  18. How do I have a boyfriend over a social network?
    i mean how would it work?
    13 Relationships 25
  19. What is the new social networking site by Lady Gaga?
    6 Technology 12
  20. What are some good social networking sites like myyearbook?
    10 Technology 20
  21. Which do you like the most out of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney channel?
    10 Entertainment 16
  22. Do all Blackberries come unlocked so that you can use them on any network?
    4 Technology 11
  23. Can I switch my current tmobile cell phone network to cingula
    Can I switch my current tmobile cell phone network to cingular network?
    2 Technology 23
  24. What is network security?
    I read so may times about network security but alway have confusion about it. what is the network security and how can it works?
    2 Technology 16
  25. Why would you use half duplex on a network switch anymore?
    4 Technology 12
  26. Is Apple TV monthly, and is it the same thing like Dish Network?
    2 Entertainment 20
  27. Do you think teachers should be allowed to "friend" their students on social networks?
    8 Politics 43
  28. How do tv networks know when people are watching their show on tv for statistics?
    12 Entertainment 35
  29. What network is better - Orange, Three, Vodaphone, or T-mobile?
    5 Technology 22
  30. Ps3 network
    If anyone here is on playstation network add me as a friend my name is EoghanMcg on it
    2 Gaming 7
  31. Global networks, MTN CELTEL and GLO?
    How global are these networks mtn,celtel,and glo???atimes I feel it's only in nigeria
    2 General 5
  32. Why is network speed measured in bits per second rather than bytes per second?
    2 Technology 94
  33. Can you sue a person who writes defamatory remarks to you on a social networking site?
    5 General 43
  34. What are the legal issues affecting social networking sites and the new media?
    3 Politics 10
  35. PlayStation Network
    When I try to sign up for PlayStation Network it keeps asking me for my online ID.What is an online ID?
    6 Gaming 40
  36. Can I use a linksys wireless-g usb network addapter on my ps2
    Can I use a linksys wireless-g usb network addapter on my ps2?
    2 Gaming 6
  37. Which social networking site is better?
    Which social networking site is better...facebook, twitter, netlog, zorpia or badoo?
    10 Technology 56
  38. How to get a network on the PS3?
    How do you get Network on the Playstation 3 if you don't have anything to plug the Ethernet cable into ?
    2 Gaming 42
  39. Does my I.P. address change when I'm on different networks?
    Does my I.P. address change when I'm on different networks? Like if I'm on my home wireless network and say... Starbucks' wireless network?
    4 Technology 1150
  40. What are other social networking sites?
    doing a long survey need as much info thanks
    5 Technology 11
  41. What happened with Egypt's access to social networking sites just now?
    i've heard that they can't get on them, why??
    6 Politics 17
  42. What do you think of the new show on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), "Pray the Gay Away"?
    16 Entertainment 48
  43. What is too much free service for consulting?
    I give my customers 2 hours of free consulting on each one of their new projects, am I giving to much?
    6 Money 15
  44. What does "the settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network" mean?
    I have a dell (windows vista) laptop. I go to "connect to a network" and I can't connect to our wifi it says "the settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network" and an red X next to it. How do I change the...
    2 Technology 70
  45. Does anyone know when the Playstation Network will be up and running again?
    I'm having severe black ops withdraws!!
    9 Gaming 7
  46. Who is my network?
    My phone is through cricket an I went to the store they said I have to set it up through to enternet an im lost.
    2 Technology 14
  47. Comedy network and america
    Do any americans out there get the comedy network? Or is this a canadian network? If you don't where do you watch shows like south park and the colbert report?
    2 Entertainment 13
  48. What are a few good open source network backup solutions?
    I would be nice for them to work with windows and linux.
    5 Technology 12
  49. Why is it that in social networking sites the profile and pics of Brazilians and other South American members are over exposed (half naked)?
    3 General 32
  50. Are we allowed to post the usernames of our other social network accounts on the status update wall?
    can we give our usernames (twitter, etc) on the status update wall? or no?
    5 Funadvice 19
  51. Is the Playstation Network back up?
    if it is it still wont let me play online. wht do i do? or how do i make a new accont?
    8 Gaming 6
  52. When I see like john doe is in your extended network ?
    what does it mean when I see like john doe is in your extended network ?,its when I looked up a person then went to his myspace page? thank you..
    3 Technology 37
  53. Which is better - Comcast or Quest (dish network cable)?
    pros and cons of each? internet cable and phone. (qwest cable is actually dish network) good/bad experiences with either?
    2 Entertainment 16
  54. think that Fox Network reports the news and covers the issues
    Do you think that Fox Network reports the news and covers the issues in a fair and unbiased fashion ex: Beck? Hannity? O'Reily?
    12 Politics 18
  55. Why does cartoon network not show old cartoons anymore?
    Cartoon network doesn't show cartoons like it use to. All they have now is a few good cartoons and cn real, which really stinks. They don't show the classics anymore and I don't have Boomerang.
    3 Entertainment 215
  56. Top 10 Tips To Build Your Professional Network
    Be humble, but don't be afraid to ask for the expertise of a person in your network, they'll likely be happy to show off what they can do.
    10 General 46
  57. What does the "Open Relationship" option on social networks mean?
    I've always wondered what it ment... if i knew i might use it! LOL!
    7 Relationships 31
  58. What would you do if an employer asked you for the password of your social network to see what you do online?
    I dont like that i think this has nothing to do with it. What do you think tell me please thank you.
    4 Money 9
  59. Who's your favorite Food Network person?
    still bored so I thought I'd ask random questions? so yea who is it. mine is giada she's so cool
    10 Entertainment 8
  60. how many hours per week do you spend in online social networks ?
    online social networks like FA a social site a social site twitter etc... I have this survey I have to yea can you please help me out
    6 Technology 23
  61. Why doesn't my mobile network work on my Android?
    When I am out and change my Wifi to Mobile Network it doesn't work. It says that it's on but I can't use the internet. I've turned my phone off and back on mulitple times and it still doesn't work.
    3 Technology 17
  62. What could cause a laptop to not aquire the network address when using a wireless router or when directly connected?
    Ive been searching online for hours with no luck...
    2 Technology 18
  63. Playstation Network account won't work
    why wont my account work. I am new and am trying to make a new account on the playstation netowork but it always says the combination of sighin id and password is incorrect...what do I do??
    3 Gaming 76
  64. Wifi,Open network, and trouble
    OK, I have an Itouch. Well, I was wondering if its illegal to use another'sOpen network wi-fi in the neighborhood.. And if any of you have done so. Thanks.
    4 Technology 24
  65. Where do I get the password to my network? please help?
    so I got an ipod touch and im so sick of sitting in our office to get on the internet. but I don't know how to get on the internet like I click on it and a couple network things pop up but I don't know the passwords. how do I get the password?
    2 Technology 47
  66. Literature Social Networking?
    Anyone know of any social networking site that is centered around literature? Like a site where you can tell them what types of books you like, what you have read, and they will offer suggestions for other books you might like, and connect you with ot...
    3 Technology 20
  67. how I can set up my wireless network ?
    My computer crashedso I erased everything and downloaded ubuntu. I am trying to set up a wireless network using my friends internet but they dont know the SSID, Bssid or the Mac address and I have no idea how to find out. Does anyone know how I can se...
    2 Technology 26
  68. PlayStation Network
    When I try to download this game from the PlayStation Store it keeps saying download failed.Not enough space on Memory Stick.The game is 128MB.My free space is 6,993 MB.What does this mean?
    2 Gaming 32
  69. Would it be possible for my parents to set up a wifi network where if I connected they would be able to see what I was doing?
    My parents got a new wifi thingy and they say it's faster...but I'm still worried that maybe it's just a scam for them to be able to see what I'm doing =/ would it be possible for them to do that?
    4 Technology 61
  70. How to win a girls heart through social networking?
    1) How to win a girls heart through social networking? (2nd largest socialnetwork) 2) How to win a girls heart through Instant messaging? 3) How to win a girls heart through Email? Pls I nee advice, tips, secrets, technique, hints.
    2 Relationships 77
  71. Where did "The N" go in Dish Network?
    Where did the and go in Dish Network? They said they were moving to a 24/7 network and on everyother service it has... except Dish!!! The and Channel finder on the website says that it has stayed and all day it has been kid crap where is the N!!! I CAN...
    2 Entertainment 43
  72. Why do these major televison networks use everyone they hire to sing and act?
    Like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Miranda Cosgrove. It's really annoying because they always fix their voices.
    2 Entertainment 13
  73. What is the best social networking site?
    I haven't used anything like myspace or bebo or facebook before. I know there are a lot of different ones out there but I would prefer to only use one, to keep things simple. What do you think?
    19 Technology 19
  74. How do I block someone on PlayStation Network?
    There are many perv guys that annoy me! I have no idea how to block people the button does not appear?btw i'm not a noob i just don't spend my time talking to strangers I PLAY TO WIN!
    11 Gaming 122
  75. Computer network Conect than Disconect
    My computer network ti co nnects and than soon as I click go on to the internet, it disconnects straight away and its not the adapter becus when I look at the sent and recieve thing it goes up. so can someone help thanks
    2 Technology 7
  76. Why won't my Ipod Touch connect to my wifi network?
    Can anyone offer me some advice as to how to get my iPod touch (1st gen running on 3rd gen software) connected to my wifi network? I've tried everything I can think of, even manually entering the network name, encryption type and password but it just s...
    2 Technology 45
  77. Who loves shows that come on the Food Network Channel?
    I love most of the shows about cooking and baking. Iron chef, cupcake wars, hell's kitchen, ultimate cake off, Kid in a candy store, man vs. food, etc....I love competitive cooking! What about you?
    7 Entertainment 8
  78. Wireless printer problem with home network
    Our internet is wireless and the printer is on my pc. How can I get the other computers to network together and send info to be printed off on my printer. I've tried practically everything, however they ask for name of printer or web link and nothing I...
    2 Technology 13
  79. B Kohtakte VS Live Journal? - Social Network World Domination
    B Kohtakte Vs Live Journal? What is Kotakte? Before I've seen live journal covers the whole russian country. Is Kohtakte differ from LJ? Is LJ defeated? Face Book in canada and australia My Space in USA.
    2 Technology 132
  80. How are social networking sites harmful?
    I'm doing a debate about social network sites being more harmful than good and we need to have a speech ready by tomorrow. I'm still doing research and i need some help on 1. privacy- other than hacking into peoples' accounts, how can people access oth...
    5 Technology 25
  81. Do you think social networks like Facebook should pay it's members for their content?
    Consider that Facebook wouldn't even exist these days if members didn't use the site to upload images, videos, links, etc., and engage in networking, do you think members deserve a cut of the profits made by Facebook? Read about it: http://funadvice...
    6 Technology 17
  82. Why is my wireless network doing this and how can I fix it?(read more)
    Why is my wireless network doing this and how can i fix it? I was trying to hook up my laptop to the internet and i called Comcast for help. they sent me an e-mail telling me how to change the name and password to my wireless network. i followed the i...
    3 Technology 17
  83. Which social networking site do you like most?
    Well now we have a big choice of social networking sites.Which is your favourite? The good old myspace or the newer orkut and facebook? Personally I like orkut best.Will give 8 out of ten.Then I like facebook with a score of six. And then myspace at 5...
    2 Technology 15
  84. Need CHEAP Alternative for Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter
    Ok, I seriously need an alternative for the whopping $100 buck item. I've heard about the Pelican version around $50, but I still can't afford that right now. Something maybe around $40 and under? If not, what's the cheapest deal? I've also heard that ...
    2 Gaming 61
  85. Where can I watch old Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel shows or movies?
    So i really miss the old (late 1990s - early 2000s) shows from my favorite childhood channels & i really want to watch & enjoy them again. I was wondering if you guys new any links or websites where I can watch them. Please no scams or spam websites '...
    6 Entertainment 43
  86. Is it true that when 1 person dies, 2 more people have to die because they are in your network?
    the day my father died.. he was like well 2 more people are gonna die.. im like wat are you talkin bout?? and he was like well your dad died.. i said yea but a few months ago my moms patient died.. (my mommy works for the mentally challenged) and a few...
    4 Family 81
  87. Do you feel its appropriate for parents to post naked or almost naked pictures of their babies on their social networking sites?
    I, personally would never post a naked picture of my son online, not even just his booty. I just feel there are too many pervs in the world and also naked baby pictures are personal and not something that should be online. I have friends that post pict...
    12 Babies 68
  88. What happens during a braces consultation ?
    I have been told by my doctor that I need to get braces because my jaw is giving me really bad ear pains and that's my only solution. So I did some research on local orthodontics and asked a lot of my friends who have braces and it was a clear decision...
    3 Style 85
  89. Is there any way I can reset my Playstation Network password from my PS3?
    it says i have to make a new passwrod ( because of te recent hackign) and that the instructions to do so are coming via email. well, when i made my thing i typed in the wrong email, (i forgot the numbers) so now i cnt do it tat way, and i dont wan...
    4 Technology 18
  90. Unlocking a network for Sony Ericsson K800i
    I have a Sony Ericsson K800i and Vodafone is my network. I got a new SIM card that's O2 and it says to insert the correct SIM card and my mom told me to unlock or unblock the network so it would work but I don't really know how too .. I know my IMEI ...
    5 Technology 66
  91. Protecting a small network
    We have a network of four computers in one room at our mobile home park. Three of us have admin rights via a password, and everyone else logs on as guest. How do we prevent unknown individuals (underage, we believe) from d/l objectionable images? We...
    3 Technology 56
  92. How do I network and talk to total strangers?
    I have started going to the local Chamber of Commerce events and Builders Association events in preparation for me buying the company I work at in about a 18 months. I'm trying to get people to associate me with the company, and pick up new business a...
    2 Money 36
  93. I can't get my desktop computer to connect to my network?
    I have a cable internet modem connected to a wireless router. I just got off the phone with the router tech support, who helped me set up a security enabled wireless network, which works fine on my laptop. However, I also have a desktop running windows...
    2 Technology 46
  94. What are some science fair projects dealing with social networking?
    i need a science fair project ASAP !!! like all my research has to be done by thursday. which means im going to be up all night this entire week working on this. i cant think of a good one, well one at all actually. SOOO please help , it doesnt necessa...
    2 Sex 13
  95. No limited connectivity network
    Okay my computer worked fine before I restored it, im always re storing it to the first day I got it, because I always use up all the memorey and it work slow well I did it the other day, and nowi cant get the internet to work, it was connecting and th...
    2 Technology 11
  96. Should we help you with every other social network out there?
    So we get a lot of social networking related questions. Some get removed, some don't. For the record - our site has *never* raised money from third parties. We have listed our values on our "about us" page. We're not making millions of dollars (in fact...
    6 Funadvice 7
  97. Better xbox live connection?
    How do I get it? I use the wireless network adapter and use the network linksys But sumtimes it sux How do get a better no security signal
    9 Gaming 170
  98. Who thinks this is going to be a good movie?
    It's called the social network.
    8 Entertainment 6
  99. Which satellite provider would you recommend?
    DIRECTV or Dish Network? I have DIRECTV right now, but am thinking of switching to Dish Network to get a few months of cheaper service, free HD and a DVR. Where I live, DIRECTV isn't offering local channels but Dish Network is. It would seem I have an ...
    4 Entertainment 34
  100. how do i find the password to my internet so i can connect to it on my ipod touch?
    i had the password for our network on my ipod but i reset my ipod today so it deleted it and now idk how to find it? i was looking on our router but its not there..we have verizon fios. so how can i find the password to the network so i can connect to ...
    2 Technology 10
  101. Why was the new Rosie / MSNBC show cancelled ?
    I heard that the upcoming MSNBC / Rosie deal was cancelled by the network - why ?
    3 Entertainment 7
  102. Where to find my SSID name and WEP key?
    where do I find my SSID network name and where can I find my WEP KEY. People say on the router and I cant find it. What is the easiest way to get it. I need it to set up my xboxlive with a network adapter for xbox360. thank you..
    6 Gaming 271
  103. How do you get the PS2 Slim online?
    I just wanted to know what do you need to buy if you have the ps2 slim to get it online? Do you have to buy a network adapter ?
    6 Gaming 71
  104. how do you go online with a ds lite?
    how can you go online with a ds lite softwear like cartoon network and nick for kids?
    4 Gaming 37
  105. Why kids love to watch The Discovery Channel?
    Maximum kids loves to watch discovery channel and cartoon network. I'm really confused...
    3 Entertainment 57
  106. How do I get the WiFi to work on an iPod Touch?
    It says unable to join network after putting in the password
    3 Technology 19
  107. What is this small mole when I shave?
    Whenever I shave my underarms a small mole develops there and it pains also. What is the reason? Should I consult a doctor?
    5 Health 59
  108. Computer help
    How do I reconnect my laptop pc with my wireless network I can connect to the netwoirk but as soon as I do it says no connected how do I fix this???
    2 Technology 10
  109. Which of these do you think has changed the world forever
    telegraph telephone radio computer television computer networking Internet Each of these inventions was built upon knowledge gained from past inventions. Each changed the way in which we communicate with others. But, which of these do you think...
    7 General 30
  110. How much is a crosslink cable
    How much money is a crosslink cable? its like an ethernet cable only it hooks two computers or devices and shares the network.
    2 Technology 42
  111. What does Dogma mean?
    What does Dogma mean?...Dogma and Carma... explain the differences...please... much too lazy to google it...or consult a dictionary... thanks!
    7 Religion 80
  112. What are good alternatives to Adsense?
    What are the other adsense like programs available on the net?Are they as good as adsense? Anybody used any of them? Is the yahoo publisher network similar to adsense?
    2 Money 11
  113. Who here misses cartoons from the 80,90, early 2000's?
    Cartoons from the 80,90, early2000's You know the cartoons that were on nickeloden,cartoon network, disney ch ect.
    2 Entertainment 59
  114. How do you like verizon's KIN ONE phone?
    And to use it's facebook and social networking feature do you have to have a certain plan or will it cost money?
    3 Technology 12
  115. Fox News ratings
    Most of you that are liberal refer to Fox News as Fox Noise. Let me ask you why is Fox 's News rated consisantly above any other news net work like CNN (Comunist New Network or the Clinton New Network) Does this mean there are more conservatives than l...
    4 Sex 35
  116. Mutual dating, can this be carried out?
    I am a 22 years old boy. My friend,a 27 years old boy has agreed to date my mother ( 48 ) if I accept to date his mother ( 52 ).he had consulted his mother and she is ready to date me. I have consulted my mother and she is ready to date my friend. Can...
    3 Relationships 27
  117. Directv help
    Ok,I just got directv yesterday,it's the most complicated cable service,what channels are the usa network,scifi,spike tv on?
    2 Technology 37
  118. where do I find the SSID,WEP,and the encryption key in my computer?
    im trying to hook my playstation3 to my wireless network and I need to know where to find the WEP, SSID, and the encryption key on my computer or router
    2 Technology 64
  119. Why wont my blackrain ipod touch turn on?
    I have recently jailbroken my ipod touch using blackra1n. I turned it of and now it wont turn on. When I turn it on it just come up with the connection to itunes. I know that you have to use blackra1n to turn it back on but it isint working. So I tried...
    4 Technology 38
  120. Is my picture inapropriate
    Do you think my picture is too risque to have on here or on any other social networking website? It doesn't seem too inappropriate to me because for all anyone know that could just be my bikini top right? What do you think?
    7 Funadvice 32
  121. What tv character should I dress up as?
    We have a carnival at my school tomorrow and the theme is tv network! So what is an easy character to dress up as that's obvious but wont require me to necessarily go out and get something?
    2 Entertainment 16
  122. How can i get xbox 360 live with out a router?
    how do I connect my 360 through a computer on a wireless network? my computer is like 100 feet away from the router but I have wireless net. is there a way to hook my 360 up to it?
    2 Gaming 18
  123. Why is my ps3 online not working?
    My ps3 has been working online for ages. Over the last week it ha not allowed me to sign in. When I go to network connection test it say ps3network failed.?
    2 Gaming 52
  124. How does the Samsung Intensity work?
    My parents got me a cell phone for an early birthday present. It's a Verizon Samsung Intensity. This is my first cell phone, so I'm just a little lost. My phone has texting, my parents' cell phones don't. The guy who sold my parents the phone told them...
    2 Technology 58
  125. Why is my (ex) boyfriend making it my fault?
    Why is my (ex)boyfriend making it seem like my fault when he ended it with me by deleting me off a social networking site and putting that he is in a relationship with someone else, then waited for me to find out for myself?
    8 Relationships 16
  126. Why can't I get online on my iPod Touch?
    Why can't I get on the internet on my new iPod touch? I checked the networks I joined and it says I am connected, but when I click on Safari or YouTube, it says that it cannot connect to the server. What is going on here?
    3 Technology 170
  127. Recovering deleted pictures from memory card
    I accidentally deleted pictures from my memory card(sd card 512mb).Infact it was formatted.Is there any way I can get back those pictures without consulting any expert firm? Any tips?
    3 Technology 30
    is there any way to decode this: ●●●●●●●● I want to add my new laptop to my network but I 4got the key. I used a decoder to coppy the key but it wont decode it for me! DO you KNOW HOW TO FIND THE KEY. I NEED HELP ASAP!!!
    6 Technology 32
  129. How to treat naval when it is secreting puss for 7 days?
    My naval is secreting puss for a week. I am 25 years old and dont' have any piercing done near my naval. How to treat at home without consulting a doctor?
    2 Health 39
  130. Blackberry 7290 unlocking problems
    Trying to unlock a blackberry 7290. I have AT&T, and this phone is locked to the OLD AT&T network, which isn't compatible with the new AT&T Network. AT&T Gave me an unlock code and for some reason the phone just won't unlocked. I'm told it may have bee...
    2 Technology 45
  131. The Elderly & Money + careers?
    I htink that the elderly are going to be where the money is and taking acare of them is rewarding and you learn so much from them,anyone think the same?? Top ten careers in the next Decade: Computer Programmer Day Care Provider. Elder Care Speciali...
    2 Money 17
  132. What's wrong with my eMachine power supply?
    my old emachine motherboard comes on but the power supply gives me probelms and i would like to know why because i want to use this tower for my home network system
    2 Technology 37
  133. How do I unlock my MiFi?
    How can I unlock my Verizon Wireless Mi-Fi so that I can connect to it using my iPhone 4? Everytime I go to join the network, it shows that LOCKED icon next to it. How can I unlock it and use it?
    7 Technology 86
  134. How would i sell my artwork?
    Also, I really want to do custom orders as well, but i don't know how to go about that. any tips on how much i should charge, what i should do to get customers/clients, and if i should meet the client for a consultation?
    2 Literature 20
  135. Nude in front of Family Members
    I am a 20 years old Boy. I live with my Mom,Dad and two elder sisters. I love to stay nude in front of my family members, Should I consult them all before I start doinf it ?
    19 Family 3081
  136. How to connect computers using lan?
    I have 3 systems ., I dont have server., but I want to connect it through a hub., and I almost connect it. How can I share files ?how do I configure the network settings.. I'm using windows xp ..
    3 Technology 16
  137. What is hair glaze?
    Is hair glaze just hair dye with a fancy name to it or am I missing out on hair euphymisms? My salon said I should glaze my hair and had me consult with the colorist. I couldn't tell what it was that she was talking about and I was too embarrassed to a...
    3 Style 310
  138. What does this IP Address conflict error mean?
    A message occasionally appears on my taskbar saying "You're IP address is conflicting with another user on the network." Does this mean someone is hijacking my internet connection without me knowing?
    2 Technology 68
  139. How to make a Myspace playlist?
    ok I have a mysapce and I want mroe than jsut one song playing and my friends all have playlists! but I don't know how to do that so thats what im wodnering how do I do it? also umm how do I change my extened network?
    3 Technology 40
  140. Why isn't my mobile wi-fi working?
    i have a sony ericsson w 705? when ever i switch on my mobile wi-fi is always open and when i search for wlan networks nothing turns up ,even though the wi-fi is switched on.
    4 Technology 7
  141. Anime vs. Western animation?
    I was wondering, which do y'all like better, anime (Japanese cartoons) or Western animation (what you can see by turning on cartoon network, etc.) I like anime better, but I actually also enjoy Scooby-Doo and also a few superhero cartoons (which I grew...
    10 Entertainment 105
  142. Information Assurance...
    I'm 22 and beginning to wonder how do I start living my dream life. I want to work in the IT field, more specifically, I want to work in the Information Assurance field. Currently, I am seeking to obtain A+, Network+, and Ethical Hacking Certifications...
    2 Technology 33
  143. Is there a .doc or .pdf reader app that doesn't use internet while reading?
    I've looked at Kindle and Cool Reader and I know they both use internet to 'create network sockets' but I don't understand what that means or if it's a permanent thing. Help? :D
    3 Technology 28
  144. Do You Make Friends Online For The Sake Of Friendship?
    Or do you make friends because that's one method of advancing yourself financially? There are a lot of social networking sites where pepople are joining just to advertise or make money with Adsense or other ads that can be used on the sites. Do you con...
    3 Technology 21
  145. Why can't I send/recive picture messages on my Mytouch 4g?
    I just got it on christmas and for some reason every time I try to send something it says "Generic network fail". And if I'm trying to download a picture a friend sends me it say "Unkown Error".
    4 Technology 53
  146. What are the best iPhone 4S apps that start with the letter "I"?
    They can be any,any other category, entertainment,utilities,books,finance,social Networking,medical,etc. Those are some of the categories on my iPhone 4S so can anyone tell me the best apps that start with I?? I know it sounds stupid ...
    3 Technology 26
  147. Taken photos of yourself again I see
    In todays world and social networks lots of people take photos of themself to put on the internet in the hope to attract others, does that make them vain? Or have they lost the plot? Im not just askn
    5 Style 41
  148. Why isn't the imusic on my T-mobile smart phone not working?
    When I first got my phone it worked. And I got about 16 songs. But after a couple months of having my phone every time I tried to download a song it says it has a Network error. And I still have the internet on my phone and everything.
    6 Technology 47
  149. What... PS3 error 800100f?
    ok so my husband is trying to play the ps3 and it shows an error when he trys to sign in for mw2 online. does anyone know if the ps3 network is down or something??? please help. need answers ASAP. thanks a lot.
    2 Gaming 141
  150. How do I find this on my dad's computer?
    Okay, so I got a computer right? But, the internet never worked when I got it b/c the internet was locked.. But I'm trying to fix it so I just need to find the 'internet network number' on my dad's computer.. I don'y know how to do that.. Can someone ...
    2 Technology 21
  151. Whats wrong with the wireless internet, can someone assist me?
    Im at my parents house sitting and their computer is showing they have a strong signal from the router, but the status is: aquiring network address. It cant seem to find it and im stupid when it comes to computers.
    8 Technology 10
  152. What would cause a wireless connection to keep failing?
    I'm at my sister's house and on her wireless network on my acer netbook. I've never had trouble holding a signal anywhere else, but my sister's connection doesn't fail at all on her laptop, so I'm thinking it's something to do with my netbook...any ideas?
    6 Technology 38
  153. Does anyone have a sony ericsson c510?
    I've got a sony ericsson c510 and it comes up on my screen when I turn it on it says configuration error. Please contact your network operator or service centre. Can someone please help me it wont go away x
    3 Technology 46
  154. Who could help me with my ipod touches wifi?
    Well I type in the password to my wi-fi and my wi-fi is on and it wont let me on. After I press join it says "unable to join this network. I've tried every thing. I really need help...please help if you can.
    2 Technology 75
  155. Bipolar Disease?
    I've been researching the symptoms and stuff on the net and have seen that I fit most of the criteria. I was just wondering has anyone here have bipolar, I think that if I could talk to someone who has it, I would be able to determine whether I should ...
    4 Health 50
  156. Are there products profitable to sell direct?
    I am residing at Bellary in Karnataka.At present, Is Direct Selling of Amway, Avon, Tupperware, Oriflame, Herbalife, Modicare, Hindustan Lever Network, Forever Living Products, Time Life, AMC Cookware,,etc are profitable business in Be...
    2 Money 9
  157. Mobile plans that acess msn for free?
    I live in Australia and I was just wondering if there was any networks that offered free mobile use for msn. I've'e tried using ebuddy, but its very expensive. I'm currently on an Optus turbo charge and am looking to change in order to recieve free ms...
    2 Technology 40
  158. Killzone 2 Demo
    Well I got the promotional code for the exclusive Killzone 2 demo when you reserve the game. Its says it will be availible February 5th and that's today. I tried the code and it won't work. Could anyone tell me why? I use the US playstation network ...
    3 Gaming 15
  159. Told you they were a wiccan what would you think of them?
    I am sort of getting into wicca now, I find it highly intriguing and I would love to give it a go. But I am just wondering if someone told you they were a wiccan what would you think of them? And also if anyone has some social network sites where I can...
    38 Religion 37
  160. Why do the dinos roar?
    Why do the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park movies always roar when they attack? No predator roars when it attacks. It would startle the prey. Wolves, pumas, lions, owls, eagles--they all rely on silence when they attack. Who did they consult that suggested ...
    9 Entertainment 58
  161. Should we move in together?
    My boyfriend is 22 and im 19. I am currently a freshman at college and we want to move in next fall together. As of right now, we have been dating over 6 months but by the time we actually move in it will be over a year(started dating in april of t...
    4 Relationships 16
  162. hello...x
    hey sugar you gave me infomation on my psp internet set up I have the wireless router in front of me now and there is the SSID the NETWORK KEY the CHANNEL , MAC?, SERIAL And a few on the bottom which ones do I attually need? sorry and thankyou fo...
    2 Gaming 24
  163. Is the built in windows xp firewall any good?
    I've got a healthy dose of skepticism for the product, because it's windows & microsoft. Is the built in windows xp firewall any good? Despite being a user of many MSN products, I find myself very skeptical of their firewall & always have it turned off...
    3 Technology 33
  164. Where do you go for news about politics?
    Most of us know the news programs on major TV networks are either biased or more interested in making money than reporting news fairly. Many major newspapers are not much better. So where do you usually go for your news about politics? Do you still ...
    8 Politics 27
  165. How to connect a computer to another computer?
    Ok At my V School Were Connected to the network.. but I want to get my laptop and connect to my friends computer so I can pull off a video game... is it possible to connect computer to computer and get it... hes running vista and im running xp.. Extr...
    2 Technology 55
  166. Blue screen virus
    How do I get rid of a virus called blue screen . It restars my laptop everytime I turn it on . So the only way I can use my internet is logging in on safe mode with networking . But I cant access music or pics or anything. Its driving me crazy . I have...
    3 Technology 35
  167. Why is Cisco freezing my computer?
    I live in the dorms at my university and I have to log in to cisco to access the network here. It worked fine for a month then my computer started freezing, usually when on Youtube or Netflix or Skype, but every once in awhile it will freeze no matter ...
    8 Technology 56
  168. "Jumper" commercial
    So, in the commercial for the new movie Jumper that I just saw on Cartoon Network, it has the usual action-y stuff that you'd expect, but at the end, a guy says something that I can not understand. It sounds like he has an accent, and he says something...
    3 Entertainment 14
  169. What is a good anime show?
    Okay I ran out of rosario + vampire shows to watch on youtube, and I need another show to watch online. I prefer it in the original japanese, and I DO NOT like Naruto or whatever other anime show they put on cartoon network. I like fantasy and I have a...
    6 Entertainment 29
  170. Are you doing anything to cut expenses this year?
    We dropped our dish network tv (800 bucks a year) and went back to the antenna because the tv is rarely on. Still getting about 39 channels. Good enough for the few minutes it gets watched each night. I will miss my history and national geoghraphic cha...
    9 Money 18
  171. Something seems inappropriate
    I was watching an episode of a show called 6teen on Cartoon Network. This episode mentioned breasts, sex, and one night stands. This is not a show on the Adult Swim block. I am not sure what its rating is, but this is on during its regular programming....
    2 Sex 11
  172. Possible Sp3 error
    I installed SP3 for windows xp and when it told me to restart, I restarted. When it was starting, the screen said Windows could not start because a program was installed or something like that. Then it gives me options. Safe Mode Safe Mode With Network...
    3 Technology 9
  173. Computer is being stupid
    My networking driver is messed up I've rolled it back Updated it Obviously im on now but theres like no...color preference lol Theres color everything else but not on the internet screens I assume its a virus so my sis is going to give me the ...
    5 Technology 37
  174. How can I stop these night terrors?
    My extreme phobia of needles keeps me awake at night. I thought it was insomnia but I realized every night when I close my eyes and I'm teetering on the edge of sleep I see needles going into my eyes or my heart, et cetera. I am so terrified of needles...
    2 Health 16
  175. Does it matter that we have less ads than all the larger sites?
    Do people care that we have less ads per page than any social network that's larger than us? I've been wondering this for a while. When logged in, we have less ads than myspace, facebook, bebo, hi5, answerbag, yahoo answers, wikianswers...essentially, ...
    14 Funadvice 14
  176. Where can I get high-quality but cheap business cards as fast as possible (Not Vistaprint)?
    Thanks to @thedude and @esconsult1 helping me learn SEO, now that I am healthy and happy (been a year now), I have had EXTREME interest in SEO. They were vital in laying the foundation, but I am now an offical SEO consultant--with a handful of satisfie...
    3 Money 12
  177. ipod touch wi-fi
    so, ijust got an ipod touch today. iwanna know if there is any way to get free wifi connection. like when igo to settings to the wifi networks section, it show two connections and it asks for a password...but idont know them. is there anyway to just ge...
    2 Technology 15
  178. Dark Circle and Puffness under eys
    I have dark circle and puffness under my eyes. I have tried to get rid of these problems but could not get any positive result. Of course I have not consulted with any eye optician to get help on these issues. First I tried with auervedic medicine and ...
    2 Style 41
  179. How can I go from light blonde to honey blonde?
    I bleached my hair pretty much white a few months ago but I really just want a regular blonde colour now. So does anyone know how to go from white blonde to a honey blonde? I consulted my hair dresser on how to go from white blonde to auburn brown.. sh...
    2 Style 1660
  180. How can I fix this lock on my computer?
    my parents are computer nerds so they know all the special blocks and ban lists I've learned how to unblock a few but this last one is really stuppin me everytime I try to get on it says "problem loading page connection was reset connection to the ser...
    2 Technology 31
  181. How do you put more than one picture in a single photo?
    I'm not sure if that makes any sense, so I'll make it more clear now :) I've seen people putting four pictures in one default picture on their profiles for different social networking sites (a social site, a social site, etc.) I had an idea for one,...
    4 Technology 307
  182. Want a new cell, what phone would be best?
    Im getting a new cell phone when my contract comes up in december,thing is im not shure which one to get and I want to get the best I can for what I want to use it for. I currently have a sanyo scp 3200 & am on the sprint network.. I like taking pic...
    2 Technology 21
  183. invasion of texts???
    I have the lg dare with verizon wireless. I have free texting to all verizon members and 200 a month to out of network. I went way iver the phone bill so apparently my mom said she went online to c who I was texting and about what. is there really a wa...
    5 General 38
  184. What do you think of this situation?
    I had this friend that i met a long time ago, but she had a boyfriend at that time, so i left because they were in a serious relationship, so after afew years i tried to meet other women but it didnt go well. i thought well she must be married by now a...
    4 Relationships 13
  185. Lack of energy in doing job?
    I am 23-year-old, I had a problems with working constantly. I usually do not work consistently. last time I had job of network marketing I had done this for six month and then I quit the job because I was not adjusted to the time spend in the job as I...
    2 Money 43
  186. What should I do abot this friendship dilema?
    Ok, in my close friend group there is me and 3 other friends. Two of them made up this thing and were calligmy other friend the name. They told me what it means but won't tell my other friend. She is desperate to know and won't talk to me until I tell ...
    2 Relationships 12
  187. Do you still get your photos printed out or are they mainly on your computer?
    Now that we have digital camaras and social networking sites to share photos i used to never print out pictures anymore, then our laptop crashed and i lost tons of pictures i will never be able to get back. Ive recently started to print my pictures out...
    10 Technology 28
  188. Are TV shows and movies predictors of financial markets?
    There was an article saying that this was indeed the case. Are TV shows and movies predictors of financial markets? The article was in Money magazine, and said that anytime hollywood or a major network makes a show on something financial related such a...
    3 Money 61
  189. Somebody here has to watch burn notice?
    Burn notice is an AWESOME spy show about a guy named Michael Weston who was "burned" which meant he couldn't work as a spy anymore. He ended up in Miami, trying to find out who "burned" him, and it's an awesome show where he goes around helping people ...
    5 Entertainment 6
  190. Should i get a tummy tuck?
    Hi I'm really unhappy with my body, i have 2 children and am only 22 before i had kids i was really slim but now am a hefty 12-14 so i really want a tummy tuck and have been saving for a couple of years now but am too scared. I have appointment for co...
    2 Nutritionfitness 28
  191. How to scan drawings into a mac computer?
    I am so freaking frustrated! My printer is a HP photosmart ePRINT wireless thing that comes with a built in scanner. I don't know what to do since all it tells me to do when I push the button to scan into a PC is to scan it from a PC or consult a manua...
    3 Technology 41
  192. Bulimia and chest pains
    Ok so I know this is a problem in the first place, and I am really trying to stop binging and purging, but its taking a long time...but my question is this... When I binge and when I am full I get really bad chest pains and upper arm pains. It also hu...
    4 Health 56
  193. I am suffering from smelly vagina
    I am a 50 years old lady. of late, my vagina smell very fishy. I first had this about six years back and the last time I had it was two years ago. I had consulted a female gp and she prescribed some inserts and antibiotics. after a lapse of about t...
    2 Sex 357
  194. Help! Hair Salon question!!
    So I went to a hair consultation and the stylist will charge me $200 to color my hair. The problem is that I had colored my hair black 8 months ago and I have blonde highlights, which doesn't look that great. So I want to go light brown with some hig...
    2 Style 90
  195. Why won't wi-fi work on my ipod touch?
    Normally my ipod touch just automatically joins the network router but last night i cleaned my ipod screen and i turned my ipod on today and on the top left the internet signal strength bar things aren't there. So i go onto settings to click on wi-fi b...
    6 Technology 59
  196. My computer wont start or boot !help!
    When I turn on my pc, it comes on the screen ' start windows normally' and gives me a few other options, including 'safe mode' 'safe mode with networking' and 'safe mode command prompt' . . . I click on start normally, then it says its loading then...
    4 Technology 41
  197. Laser Treatment for scars and acne - Does it really work?
    Good afternoon, I recently went for a consultation at a place called Celibre ( in Orange County, CA. My face is not that bad but I do have acne along with some dark scarring. I have taken acutain in the pa...
    8 Health 115
  198. account in Hi5, I forget my login information, what to do?
    I had an account in Hi5 ( social networking website) , I forgot its password, I have tried so hard but I just couldnt remember it. I have also even forgotten the e-mail id's password, the id I used to register in Hi5. I tried a lot to find out that pas...
    3 Technology 1245
  199. Is a good shopping site?
    There are so many shopping sites with all sorts of options, but is "" still a good site to find things like jewelry and coach handbags or is there a better place to find these things? My wife's birthday is coming up soon in a month and this...
    2 Shopping 59
  200. Vaginal Infection..please help!
    My boy friend and I had intercourse last week end. Now I have burning sensation during peeing. and today I noticed blood while urinating. I did consult ma doc but I wanted to know if this will reoccure. Will I have to take care while having S**? and ...
    2 Relationships 67
  201. What should I do with my stupid iPhone??
    So I have this app it's called 'yak' everytime I try to connect without wi-fi it says: network error: YAK can not connect to the server, please check reception or try again later. Data roaming was totally fine last month then suddenly it just stoppe...
    4 Technology 43
  202. Breastfeeding latch
    I had my daughter on tuesday. When she latches on it hurts so bad. After about 60 seconds it no longer hurts. Just the initial latch on hurts. She is latched on correct and positioned correct. So I do not understand the discomfort. I don't have cracked...
    3 Babies 53
  203. What is wrong with my laptop?
    Ok so my laptop was working this morning but when I came home it wouldn't connect to th Internet and it still won't. I ran a diagnosis and it said "the network adapter Dell wireless mini LAN card and the Marvell Yukon Ethernet controller are experienci...
    5 Technology 40
  204. Who knows if the the LG Arena KM900F mobile phone is any good?
    Need some advice from members who are mobile (cell, as Americans calls them) sassy. I'm getting the LG Arena KM900F on Tuesday and want to know if it's any good. I'm signing up with our Australian mobile tel-communication carrier Telstra, using thei...
    3 Shopping 45
  205. What is treatment for sexual infection?
    I have participated in sex for 3-4 times with a leady by wearing condom, we had a oral sex. I developed itching with redness and puss forming on my penis head.I consulted a general physician,on his recommendation I applied ointment on infected area, re...
    2 Sex 33
  206. How can I expand my social life?
    Ok, im a sportsman, like 25 hours a week exersize type sportsman, and I go to a all-guys school... But I dont get on with guys... Anyway, I was wondering is anyone had suggestions on how I could broaden my social life, btw, none of my friends throw par...
    16 Relationships 77
  207. Guess who's really behind the discrediting of Al Gore?
    Dimmock's (Fuel and mining magnate backed UK challenge to An Inconvenient Truth ) case was supported by a powerful network of business interests with close links to the fuel and mining lobbies. So, let's all keep something in mind: just because it's...
    3 Politics 41
  208. Why won't my itunes give me the option to sync(I have a new ipod that I'm trying to sync my music to)?
    By the way, I downloaded the latest version of itunes. Please help me, I bought this new ipod and now its not even letting me do anything with it :( It's an ipod touch, just like my old one. I plug in the new one and itunes comes up but there is no...
    2 Technology 113
  209. What's your dream job, and do you know how to get it?
    From the first time I learned how to build a web page in college, I wanted to have some kind of internet business. Fast forward ten years later, and without a degree in CS or anything related, I've been running an internet marketing consulting company ...
    8 Money 48
  210. Why don't they make a new channel for dumped TV show series?
    It would be cool if a new tv channel would be made for the series cancelled from the other networks. I mean these are new series and get cancelled in their first season. The channels dont even change it to another day.They just cancelled the show when ...
    2 Entertainment 20
  211. Who would...
    Its time to elect a new leader & only your vote counts.. Here are some facts about the candidates.. Candidate A. Associates wit crooked politicians and consults wih astrologers. He's had 2 mistresses He also chain smokes & drinks 8 to 10 martinis a d...
    7 Politics 53
  212. Should Liz Trotta be fired?
    Liz Trotta, a Fox News correspondant, was discussing the RFK comment by Hillary on Fox News on Sunday, and she said this: "And now we have what some are reading as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osam, uh Osama, uh Obama. Well, both, if we could....
    9 Politics 119
  213. I can't uninstall/install quicktime.
    So whenever I try to install/uninstall quicktime, I get this message: The gearture you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. Click OK to try again, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package...
    14 Technology 192
  214. black discharge
    I'm a 29 yr unmarried girl. I'm having blackish discharge for the past 5 days. My period is cyclic and i had my last period on 12.06.06. I consulted a gyn today and she gave me oinment called "Candid" and asked me to do a scan if it doesn't stops ...
    2 Sex 160
  215. Facebook: you can check in, but you can't check out.
    So, I'm not very familiar with facebook. However, they are the second largest social network in the world, and backed by the CIA (Cental Intelligence Agency in the US, which has been definitively linked to both good & bad things). Something I found out...
    10 Technology 50
  216. Is this a good idea or no - I have people telling me both?
    Instead of going to school my junior and senior year at my hometown I want to go to a trade school or whatever they're called. I want to go into cosmetology, while I'm in that program I have to have a 150 hour Apprenticeship which will be done my senio...
    9 Money 41
  217. How can I get my girlfriend to listen to me?
    Im 16 and so is my girlfriend we've been going out for over a year now but she's beginning to behave differently she's changing but not in a good way. Recently at parties her and her friend think they're being cool or whatever by smoking. This really a...
    2 Relationships 255
  218. Computer Science VS Information Technology
    Computer Science VS Information Technology Undecided Course: Computer Science VS Information Technology - Which is better in, Job opportunity, etc? HI, Im A Freshman ( Undergraduate ), 19 Years Old, From Middleast (Saudi Arabia ) Who Wants To Take...
    4 Education 64
  219. Internet isn't working?
    Ok, so I'm 'borrowing' my neighbors wireless internet connection(and they know about it) and it has worked for years. Then one day a little while ago, it stopped working.. The computer says I'm connected and everything with very good signal strength...
    3 Technology 40
  220. This guy is freaking me out
    There's a man on a networking website I signed up to that keeps putting "MINE" and "Leif's Girl" all over my pictures. I don't know the guy, and he's 48!! My boyfriend is getting really cheesed off with it as well, and wants to pretty much tell him whe...
    3 Relationships 33
  221. Am I getting over my head in this one?
    Okay, here is me a 16 year old boy who is going to joing the marine corps and im working to gain my networking degree so after the marine corps I can go to school and become a psychiatrist. well to start me and this girl have been talking a lot and she...
    5 Relationships 39
  222. Is this a good gaming PC?
    I am about to buy a gaming desktop pc and I want to make sure I buy one worth while. I plan is to have one custom build for best performance and graphics. So I want to know if these system components excel in both of those areas. Here`s the list... S...
    4 Gaming 27
  223. Crank that...
    how many crank that paradys ( the hell iwh spelling im lazy!) can you name? iknow crank that: soulja boy (orignal.. duh!) naruto uchiha oruchimoru hitler jesus freek jesus batman superman spiderman aquaman gay guy pokem...
    2 Entertainment 52
  224. What's the single biggest improvement we can make to the site?
    From time to time, I try extra hard (like now) to get feedback on how we're doing, what we could improve, and your thoughts on what you'd like us to do. Obviously, our groups feature is one of the many recent improvements we've made, as well as the ...
    7 Funadvice 11
  225. How many people feel overwhelmed by the corporate media complex?
    I only watch t.v. for news. I have noticed that the two governmental factions (Dem/Rep) seem to have influenced various news networks. For example. I see that Fox and CNN broadcast a very conservative, republican message while MSNBC and even PBS seem t...
    6 Politics 24
  226. What do you get if you add spirits together?
    If your spirit voice, your inner reading voice - your thinking voice(s), the one you generally pray with and to talk to God with in whatever manner seems best to you voice - is in your head with your spirit, does that not mean that every person’s head ...
    48 Religion 43
  227. Cartoon name?
    There is this cartoon network movie that I can't remember the name of it. It's about this girl and her parents going to "vacation" and in the beginning the parents are eating and the girl wonders off and she gets into something. When she comes running ...
    3 Entertainment 33
  228. Should I expect to never get a job?
    I have a felony conviction from 1985, and have been clean ever since. I have been told that I cannot obtain a rifle license to hunt with due to this fact. I am an honest citizen, never went back to crime, which was difficult with two college degrees, a...
    3 Sex 31
  229. How to increase my weight
    HI, I'am 21 Years old and my weight is just 50KG. My life is like sleep in day and work in night. I work in a call center. I leave home by 4 PM and come back to home by 6 AM. I am very thin and I was an athlete when I was in school. I used to do ...
    6 Sex 53
  230. Separation of religion and politics?
    Article in the NY times - University Bans Club for Democrats RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Liberty University has banned its fledgling College Democrats club, saying the group stands against the conservative Christian institution’s principles. The president o...
    3 Sex 47
  231. What if professional relation mixes with personal and effect badly?
    This man proposed me before 4 years, he is married for 13years and have two kids. He never tried to take advantage of me but helped me in many circumstances. After 4 years he has same feelings for me. He proposed me to marry him but I denied. Later on ...
    2 Relationships 13
  232. When pitching a client, do you act the fool?
    So we just had this unlucky punter pitch us on a new logo. I'm a fan of my wife's work, so naturally, I was afronted when their generic form mail said "your logo isn't very professional". 1) That's not a criticism, it's a generalism. When pitching a p...
    3 Money 34
  233. How would you reach out to Pete Cashmore of Mashable?
    So, I've been trying (without success) to get a write up about on Mashable which is the largest social networking blog out there. Given our unique one click photo integration, the recently launched http://www.funa...
    3 Money 19
  234. How do you get closure when someone hurt you?
    My boyfriend made plans to travel with his best gal pal before we met. They've been friends for about 5 years, never dated. Their relationship is kind of weird though...they're like really close and he texts her every single day. She has a boyfriend th...
    10 Relationships 51
  235. Can you help me amend my intro letter?
    Hi, I am writing the following intro letter to my direct end user, I have a retail showroom selling custom-made curtain/blinds/wallcovering/carpet. Plus help me amend it to a more appropriately expressed and persuasive letter with the correct format (b...
    2 Literature 32
  236. Funny, apparently my former employer is deleting references to us
    For those who didn't know, I was a faithful Yahoo employee for almost two years, and a contractor after that for a year. I count many (now former) Yahoo employees as friends, several of which I've continued to work with since leaving. Out of curiousit...
    7 Funadvice 42
  237. Do I still have something for the ex?
    Ok backstory .. Me and this girl met online through a 'meet match' thing on a social network and we got to talking etc and within about 3 months or so we decided to try and see what a long distance thing and I had every intention in going to meet her a...
    8 Funadvice 6
  238. Is it possible to develop feelings for someone you met online?
    I met a guy in one of those social networking websites. I wasn't looking for any sort of relationship when we met. During our first conversation he gave me this very good vibe about him, he made me feel ecstatic. There was just something about him that...
    9 Relationships 294
  239. Should I contact them to tell them about my attempted suicide even though I'm not supposed to?
    Due to struggles with alcohol, a recent family death, losing my home in the flooding, etc, I recently lost several close friends whom I am no longer supposed to contact. They are being understanding, and are willing to chat when we bump into eachother...
    3 Style 18
  240. What are these red splotches and tear on my husband's penis?
    Three questions! 1.) After sex my husband tends to have little red splotches right under and on the top of his penis. It usually goes away after he takes a quick bath and lets it rest but it's making me uncomfortable. He says it's not painful and ...
    3 Sex 115
  241. Water fasting for 90 days?
    Has anyone here ever water fasted? I've been doing losts of research lately on fasting and tried some short versions 3 to 6 days of fast. I've read about the man who fasted for 365 days, the jail-mates who went on hunger strikes and all the reli...
    4 Nutritionfitness 878
  242. Is it possible to cancel a rep-payee for SSI benefits?
    Because of the flooding and continued money issues replacing my stuff, I signed up to get a rep-payee for my SSI check that I get monthly, so I could have someone to consult with to budget my money to replace my things and be careful for the next 6-or...
    4 Money 35
  243. Verbal Agreement between roommates?
    My roommates & I had a verbal agreement for me to not help pay the utility bills They wait almost 2 years without a word, till.. I shared a place with 3 guys. I later landed a job in another state. Before leaving I told the roommates that I wouldn't be...
    2 Homegarden 39
  244. quiz for ages 16 and below.. especially boys
    how old are you? ~ what's your ethnicity? ~ what's your birthstone? ~ birthyear? ~ zodiac sign? ~ are you a straight A's and B's student? ~ what grade are you now? ~ what subjects are you good at? ~ what's the name of your school? ~ are you popular? ~ ...
    5 General 49
  245. If Vince McMahon died, why wasn't a corpse found?
    the weirdest part about the whole thing is there was no corpse found and if Vince would had died it would seem like DNA would be found at least in the limo. Most people say it was a stunt but I don't know. part of me is telling me death is for real and...
    7 Entertainment 67
  246. i want reason of his silence pls help??
    dear mam, i request u to kindly give me some solution for my love reading my story. I met one guy last year in network coaching class he used to talk very sweetly in whole class with me we became friends he asked me i have so many numbers ...
    2 Relationships 32
  247. His sick obsession has broken us :(
    Hi guys Recently I discovered my bfs login on a social networking site and much to my horror the guy is women crazy!!! Every female is hot and what not.. And many attempts to chat em up. Hes even met some of them and failed to mention these so call...
    2 Relationships 44
  248. Can any Christians clear up these problems I have with your Bible?
    I am an atheist. I would like Christians to help me understand some problems I have with your Bible (King James Version). Here are the problems: 1. Where did the horses come from? Please see Exodus 9:1-7 Let me quote Exodus 9:6-[So the Lord did this...
    84 Religion 145
  249. Do androids dream of electric sheeple?
    In an initiative Philip K. D!ck could have penned describing some near future technocratic dystopia... U.S. Information Czar Cass Sunstein seems to have gotten his wish in having paid U.S. agents fight dissent on forums, blogs, and social networking si...
    4 Technology 31
  250. Avoiding the affair
    I met a man in february. The moment he walked in the door he had my attention, and when he raised his head and looked into my eyes, we were both taken aback. After six months of being friends, sharing the same friends, music, likes and dislikes, philos...
    5 Sex 24