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  1. What is a gaul stone?
    What is a gaul stone?
    2 Health 41
  2. What's the difference between a baking stone and a pizza stone or are they the same thing?
    2 Food 100
  3. What does the rosetta stone say?
    What does the rosetta stone say?
    3 General 68
  4. What are the 7 naturals of the world?
    What are the 7 naturals of the world?
    3 Travel 30
  5. Is there a way to make natural curly hair naturally straight?
    17 Style 60
  6. How to install paving stones?
    2 Homegarden 32
  7. what are the signs of having kidney stones?
    5 Health 231
  8. What's December's birth stone?
    5 Style 10
  9. How do you improve your memory naturally?
    5 General 12
  10. Natural or not?
    Is violence naturally part of life?
    3 General 24
  11. naturally lighten your hair
    how do you lighten your hair naturally and will it hurt
    5 Style 102
  12. How do I bleach my face naturally?
    How can I bleech my face naturally?
    2 Style 68
  13. Is it natural to have small boobs at 14?
    Is it natural to have small boobs at 14?
    11 Style 560
  14. What is more influential on our development - nature or nurture?
    6 Education 42
  15. Can someone have naturally purple eyes?
    6 Style 98
  16. Who has read the book 'Stone cold' ?
    4 Literature 12
  17. What's the difference between a natural birth and a water birth?
    4 Health 55
  18. Does "organic" mean naturally grown?
    6 Nutritionfitness 31
  19. What are some ways to naturally induce labor?
    4 Health 18
  20. Can Human being be allergic to natural or sun?
    7 Science 37
  21. Do you need to have a natural sign preceding the flat or sharp key in order for it become natural?
    8 Music 42
  22. Stone, how much do they weigh?
    How heavy are stones in pounds?
    2 Health 29
  23. what did women used during periods in stone age?
    what did women used during periods in stone age
    4 Health 67
  24. Kidney stone operation alternative
    Are there any alternatives to surgery for kidney stones?
    2 Health 25
  25. Natural remedy for phlegm?
    Is there a natural remedy for phelmn control
    2 Health 48
  26. Is it natural to swell down there after s*x?
    Is it natural for your...p*ssy to swell up after s*x?
    3 Health 18
  27. how to get rid of acid reflux naturally?
    how to get rid of acid reflux naturally?
    5 Health 47
  28. Vitamin Water and kidney stones
    Does Vitamin water attribute to kidney stones?
    7 Health 1514
  29. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
    who ius better the beatles or the stones
    12 Music 13
  30. Can Medusa turn Greek gods into stone?
    5 Religion 96
  31. How can I grow my breast naturally?
    How can I purchase breast grow product?
    3 Health 377
  32. Is It natural to be 5" at 16 years old?
    23 Health 231
  33. Am I overweight at 6 stone 4?
    7 Nutritionfitness 46
  34. Which is worse - man made disasters or natural disasters?
    15 Environment 79
  35. how do i clean my dry skin in natural way?
    5 Style 25
  36. What does it mean when they say the movie is "Graphic in Nature"?
    3 Entertainment 622
  37. Is there a lip liner that matches your natural lip color?
    4 Style 28
  38. Why are all my dreams about natural disasters?
    6 General 10
  39. What can I do to help with my transition of relaxed hair to natural hair?
    3 Style 13
  40. Is there a natural way to get rid of blemishes?
    4 Style 18
  41. Nature Animals
    What is a group of chickens called?
    2 Pets 17
  42. What do you think is the most beautiful landscape or architecture from your country?
    19 Travel 30
  43. Is global warming man made or natural?
    5 Environment 15
  44. What's a good natural remedy for sinus infections?
    10 Health 57
  45. How to remove a mole naturally?
    How much does it hurt?
    4 Style 51
  46. What are some things you can do to naturally improve body odor?
    7 Health 52
  47. Are there any natural herbs or foods that help anxiety?
    4 Health 30
  48. what should I eat to make my natural juices taste better?
    what should I eat to make my natural juices taste better??
    2 Relationships 2484
  49. Do the sow in weave make your natural hair fall out?
    Do the sow in weave make your natural hair fall?
    2 Style 82
  50. stones to pounds?
    how many pounds are you if your 7 stone 0? Thanx
    5 Nutritionfitness 13
  51. Can I lose a stone in a month?
    how do I lose weight fast? Can I lose a stone in a mounth?
    8 Nutritionfitness 60
  52. Natural
    how can you look pretty naturally what type of haircut? and what can you do to your face?
    3 Style 20
  53. How to make octangular flower beds with landscape timber?
    How to make octangular flower beds with landscape timber?
    2 Technology 96
  54. am I over weight if I am 5 ft an I am 9 stone?
    I am 5 ft an I am 9 stone does that mean I am over weight ??
    4 Nutritionfitness 335
  55. what does it mean when someone says leave no stone unturned?
    what does it mean when someone says leave no stone unturned?
    3 General 42
  56. What's a natural way to pass a drug test?
    what is a good natural way to pass a drug test??
    6 Drugs 240
  57. Favorite natural wonder your would want to visit is?
    Favorite natural wonder your would want to visit is?
    4 Travel 32
  58. How can I get rid of a yeast infection naturally?
    how may I get rid of yeast infections naturally>
    3 Health 268
  59. Is there a natural depression prevention/alleviation supplement that's not over-the-counter?
    7 Health 19
  60. How can I make my hair naturally curly again without destroying it?
    3 Style 57
  61. Is there a way to control the natural Melatonin your body produces?
    12 Health 35
  62. Brazillian,Bikini,or Natural
    which one of these so guys like more?
    3 Style 34
  63. what are some good natural laxatives?
    Besides prunes or prune juice
    6 Health 26
  64. How can I get natural looking full head hair?
    3 Style 20
  65. Why do naturally beautiful girls wear make-up?
    21 Style 27
  66. Can you dye your hair with it being naturally curly or do you have to get it relaxed then dye it?
    10 Style 43
  67. is it healthy to lose 4 stone in 6 weeks ?
    10 Nutritionfitness 58
  68. Is body hair natural and how can I get rid of it permenately?
    10 Style 56
  69. If Mother Nature walked the Earth...
    What would she see? What would she do?
    10 Religion 21
  70. natural remadies
    is there anything out there that works like antibiodics,
    2 Health 36
  71. what does it mean when your are trying to lose stones in a diet or whatever??/
    5 Nutritionfitness 54
  72. Why are so many natural disasters happening and the year has only begun?
    15 Environment 46
  73. What are people interested in seeing in a blog or something of that nature?
    3 General 8
  74. what are some ways i can get my hair to groow thicker naturally?
    5 Style 26
  75. How do you have natural highlights?
    Why do we have natural highlights? Like, how does your hair get highlights? I think I just confused myself...
    6 Style 87
  76. Natural male enhancement
    What is some natural ways to enhance my penis thickness and length
    8 Relationships 554
  77. Natural remedies for taking yellow out of bleached hair?
    Is there any natural remedies for taking the yellow outta my bleached hair??
    3 Style 442
  78. Do light brown freckles look natural with blonde hair?
    does light brown freckles look natural with blonde hair?
    6 Style 127
  79. Natural selection
    What is natural selection according to darwin? Does it still occur today?
    2 Education 9
  80. Why do some girls prefer to have straight rebonded hair insted of the natural hair they have ??
    4 Style 92
  81. When food or produce is labelled 'organic' or 'all natural' what does that usually entitle?
    4 Food 17
  82. What natural ways can you get really "wet" without stripping down?
    10 Relationships 64
  83. What are some natural looking makeup tips for very dark brown/black eyes?
    7 Style 37
  84. Where is a good place to travel for vacation if you love the outdoors and nature?
    9 Travel 20
  85. Is it common to get a "natural high" feeling when up late, but not exercising for the feeling?
    4 Health 6
  86. Does using lipstick really spoil the natural lip color?
    2 Style 36
  87. What does stoned and boned mean?
    Guys are saying it sometiimes..
    4 Health 60
  88. What are some natural ways to keep my face tight and younger looking??
    16 Style 86
  89. How can I deal with my hair naturally (no heating tools) if it has uneven waves?
    10 Style 29
  90. Do you wear drawstring ponytails or your natural ponytail?
    . im thinking about wear a drawstring ponytail all this winter
    6 Style 54
  91. Would it look natural if all my teeth have crowns (tooth caps)?
    6 Style 16
  92. How can a scientific controversy help advance understanding of the natural world?
    2 General 10
  93. What are some natural ways to get poison out of the body without drטgs?
    8 Health 41
  94. Natural Attraction/ Unnatrual Attraction
    What's it called when you have a natural or unnatrual attraction to something?? I think it starts with an F.
    5 General 51
  95. How do I get whiter teeth naturally?
    is there a natural ate home teeth whiting remedy
    4 Style 58
  96. What is the purpose of a Pumice stone?
    could someone please tell me what a pumice stone does..
    5 Style 70
  97. General weight for a 14 year old in stones. Not pounds or K/Kg
    General weight for a 14 year old in stones. Not pounds or K/Kg
    3 Nutritionfitness 1354
  98. How to look naturally pretty?
    how can you look pretty naturally without any make-up besides mascara?
    3 Style 12
  99. How can you naturally die your hair dark brown with natural things? becuase my mom wont let me go get it dyed anymore :( and yeah
    18 Style 29
  100. Where, in the world, do they stone people to death?
    I heard somewhere over in the middle east
    3 Politics 27
  101. Brazilian,Bikini Or Natural?
    I was just wondering which if these guys like better on a girl down there?
    3 Style 33
  102. How long does it take to wash hair dye out until it fades to your natural colour?
    13 Style 100
  103. How can you naturally moisturize dry lips without chap-stick?
    8 Style 36
  104. Is there any hair product that can make ur natural hair look good after a shower?
    2 Style 19
  105. What breast augmentation is the best for the least visible scares, and the most natural look?
    2 Style 25
  106. Do nudists shave their pubes or go au natural?
    Do nudists shave their pubes or go au natual or does it matter?
    3 Style 420
  107. What does it feel like to give birth naturally without any pain medications/interventions?
    11 Health 29
  108. How can I get rid of a scar (not an acne scar) using natural home remedies?
    4 Style 85
  109. Who knows how to naturally change your eye color?
    Just wanna know how I wanna change my eye color right now there brown
    3 Style 50
  110. Why do people live in areas known for natural disasters then complain when they happen?
    7 Homegarden 30
  111. What can I use to make my natural auburn hair brighter?
    3 Style 50
  112. what is the correct weight for someone 5ft 8, in stone & pounds please :')
    2 Nutritionfitness 109
  113. Is it natural for hair to grow in our nose?
    is it natural that hair grows on our nose too?is there any way to stop its growth?please tell me
    4 Style 25
  114. Should I keep my hair natural blond or dye it black?
    Should I keep my hair natural blond or dye it black??? which do girls think is better
    10 Style 38
  115. How do I get my hair back to natural color?
    Ok I have blone hair but I dyed. Is there any way to get it back to it's natural color?
    2 Style 43
  116. Shy guys love natural beauty?
    Guys do you like natural beautys or make-up fake beautys??
    2 Relationships 18
  117. natural remeady for kidney stones
    my husband has a kidney stone and a great fear of needles so surgery is not an option we are looking for something natural that he can take or drink to help him pass this stone he is in a great deal of pain can you please help.
    2 Health 60
  118. What is the natural enviroment of india like?
    Wot is the natural enviroment in india like, I mean like the landscape and all??? Is it good?? Thanx x
    4 Travel 41
  119. What does stoned mean?
    ok so alotta people at my school are all like ya I was so stoned... wtf (what the freak) does stoned mean???
    9 General 35
  120. can a guy's penis naturally fall off?!
    can a guys penis just somehow fall off? and can they find a wayyy to put it backk on?
    3 Relationships 18
  121. What's a good camera that's under $130 and is good for taking nature pictures and professional quality photos?
    2 Technology 51
  122. Can my skin, which has turned dark, return back to its original fair colour naturally?
    3 Style 17
  123. Is there a natural way to make your boobs grow?
    how do I make my boobs growi am inbetween 32-34 A
    13 Style 601
  124. How do you charge stones?
    I want to positivly charge my amber ring, but I dont no how, can anyone help?
    4 Religion 48
  125. When you use hair color removal kits, does the color go back to your natural color, or to white?
    3 Style 61
  126. What hairstyle is good for naturally "crimped hair"?
    ( every strand of hair is extremely wavy)
    4 Style 22
  127. What was locker's view of human nature?
    How did it influence his ideas about types of government best?
    3 Science 26
  128. am I naturally loved by all my animals
    am I naturally loved by all my animals becouse all six cats and a dog love me my family are pet freaks
    4 Pets 16
  129. kindy stone
    Can a kidney stone grow in 3 weeks. as large as10 to 12 millermeters
    2 Health 87
  130. Bichon Frises naturally grow that puffy halo-thing on their heads?
    Do Bichon Frises naturally grow that puffy halo-thing around their heads?
    2 Pets 29
  131. How can I make myself more naturally pretty?
    How can I make myself more naturally pretty... ways to apply makeup? Clothes to wear? Creams to use?
    11 Style 94
  132. 13 and 5'3 8 stone, am I overweight?
    I am 13 and I am 5 foot 3 inch I am 8 stone 8pounds am I over weight???
    2 Nutritionfitness 117
  133. Natural way to get rid of mice for free?
    how do I get rid of mice in my home I want a natural what to do it and I dont want to but anything
    2 Homegarden 34
  134. What does it mean to be a corner stone?
    i got it from the song pyro from Kings of Leon "i dont want to be your corner stone"
    8 General 38
  135. Natural Medicines
    What are some Natural Remedies to getting rid of chronic migraines, etc? Wellness in general?
    3 Health 18
  136. How many pounds in a stone?
    How many pounds are in a stone cause when you guys tlk bout weight on here you talk in pounds and I have no idea??. .
    2 Health 63
  137. What natural satellites was the first discovered?
    What planet does the natural satellites go to? What was the time was it discourerd? How long ago was it?
    2 Science 32
  138. What does "natural" really mean?
    What makes people think that just because something is natural, its good for them? I mean, arsenic is natural and also a poison.
    2 Health 18
  139. What's the difference between stones and pounds?
    hiii everyone. I was just wondering what is the diff. bewteen stones and pounds? how many pounds are in a stone? (or vise versa?)
    3 General 62
  140. What are the different shades of natural red hair color?
    I there different shades of natural red hair color and if there is then what are the different shades of natural red hair color? Also is there such things are someone having crimson red hair and if so then how can someone be born with crimson red hair?
    3 Style 153
  141. What else can I do to make my hair to look nice besides crimping, curling, natural, and straightening it?
    7 Style 13
  142. What is an easy way to lose 2 & a half stone in 3 months??
    What is an easy way to lose 2 & a half stone?!?! I really only have over 2 months! Plzzz answerrr
    8 Nutritionfitness 39
  143. how to loose pimples fast naturally?
    I need a way to lose my pimples fast, and I need it done naturally does anyone know how ty :)
    5 Style 50
  144. What is a KG in a stone?
    What Is KG IN WEIGHT and everything I dont get it please help me ? So what is each stone in KGS please help much apreciated
    4 General 180
  145. Can the color black be the name of a natural hair color?
    Can the color black be the name of a natural hair color? Or is there no such thing of black natural hair?? Because I am convinced my hair is black however, others say its just very dark brown.
    3 Style 40
  146. Allergies are there any natural remedies or anything?
    I have really bad allergies all the time. Are there any natural remedies or anything because I cant afford medication or anything right now.
    5 Health 36
  147. is it natural to not eat for 2 days and not be hungry?
    I can go two days without eating and not be hungry at all,is that considered an eating disorder?
    2 Health 15
  148. how can I grow a bigger butt for free & naturally, my ass is flat?
    My ass is flat ='( someone help me please!
    6 Nutritionfitness 85
  149. I want to lose 1 stone for the summer...
    whats a fast way to lose weight, but safe?
    4 Nutritionfitness 39
  150. How to treat yellow Teeth naturally ?
    i have yellow Teeth,i have tried many OTC medicines but it is not working.tell me some natural remedies for curing yellow teeth.
    4 Style 27
  151. How many pounds are in a stone???
    I have never heard that word befor I only go by lbs and thats it!!!
    2 Nutritionfitness 29
  152. How to naturally get rid of a headache?
    anyone know how to get rid of a head ache without medicine
    10 Health 54
  153. What does the term "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" mean?
    14 General 38
  154. Stone Cold Bush?
    What does Stone Cold Bush mean? Its a Chili Pepper Song...haha I been singin it for years not knowing what it means Heres how its used: "She's Stone Cold Bush"
    2 Music 59
  155. Quiz on sinful nature?
    Where is this scripture found in the bible? “[Life by the Spirit] So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature.”
    4 Religion 38
  156. natural breast enlargement
    are there any natural ways to enlarge breasts?.. surgury isn't an option.. but I'm tired of havin' small breasts...
    2 Health 68
  157. How can I get my natural black hair back?
    How can I get my natural black hair back? I dyed it blonde and it came out too bright. it toned down a little, but I want it back to black
    2 Style 68
  158. Natural blonde, going back blonde
    My hair is naturally blonde and I recently dyed it dark brown. It's a nice change but I miss the blonde. How should I go about being blonde again?
    2 Style 40
  159. What's the best way for someone with very fair skin to tan naturally?
    Like what oils or how long or any other information?
    10 Style 45
  160. Slipknot or Stone Sour?
    Which one is better!! This is an easy question 4 me I'd definately say Slipknot!!
    10 Music 22
  161. Who here or someone that you know has used Rosetta stone to learn a language?
    tell me how it works............. and how effective it is please............
    2 General 14
  162. How to naturally make your lips pink?
    I have some-what a redish tone lip.. And I cant stand it. How do I change it?
    3 Style 14
  163. Are there any natural treatments for poly-cystic ovarian syndrome?
    Like herbal remedies, etc.
    4 Health 12
  164. what is the most ideal equipment for large stone crushing factory and mining industry?
    Hydraulic cone crusher
    4 General 23
  165. Do you think that teas and natural herbs can be just as effective (or even more effective) for treating certain illnesses than modern medicine?
    10 Health 44
  166. Does a natural sign cancel out the rest of the sharps in a measure?
    So this piece of music in the key of 3 sharps. So since the g sharp was cancel with a natural is the f a sharp or is it also natural? So does a natural sign cancel out the rest of the sharps in a meassure?
    4 Music 73
  167. How many stones do you need to lose to go down a size?
    How many stones do you need to lose a size? (UK) like, atm I'm a size 18 so if I how many stones do I need to lose so im a size 16? xxx
    4 Nutritionfitness 41
  168. how to loosed 2 stone in a week or 2 answer please must no ergently
    how to loose 2 stone in a week or 2 need to know before 6 weeks im need to loose stone before compation in 6 weeks so please answer if you no :))) xxx
    2 Nutritionfitness 28
  169. How to naturally increase breast size?
    How do you make your breast grow larger. Without cream or something just like well naturally bigger?
    6 Style 398
  170. How to get my hair back to its natural ginger color?
    I am naturally ginger and have died my hair black quite a few times! how can I go back to my normal colour ?
    2 Style 39
  171. How long to lose 2 stone...
    How long will it take to lose 2 stone if I go to the gym everyday for 1 hour and I dont eat or snack at all???
    3 Nutritionfitness 65
  172. How To Loose A STONE ! In 27 Days ?
    How Can I Loose A Stone In 27 Days ? How Much Exercise Would I Have To Do A Day ? What Would Be A Really Healthy Lunch And Dinner Be ? :P Thankss :)
    2 Health 16
  173. Not emo really black hair make it naturally lighta???
    I've got really black hair and im sick of being called emo at skwl so how do I make it naturally lighta???
    6 Style 26
  174. How to lose half a stone?
    Hey, I Really want to Loose Half A Stone (: Whats The Best Way To Loose Weight And How Much Will I Loose In A Week ?
    2 Nutritionfitness 57
  175. Cheap makeup that gives you a natural look
    Does anyone have any names of makeup brands that are reasonably affordable and give you more of a natural look than a made-up look? Thanks!
    3 Style 14
  176. How can you make natural beauty supplies?
    beauty tips?? Does ane body have like a really good beauty tip.. or like how to make natural beauty supplies from like fruits or sumtin? =]
    5 Style 37
  177. Natural Childbirth
    I am due on Christmas Eve and I want to do it all natural no drugs or anything, Has anyone done it all natual and if so can you give me some tips
    2 Health 11
  178. What does an individual in a population need to have in order for natural selection to work?
    Umm, pretty much the title says. What does an individual in a population must have in order for natural selection to work?
    2 Education 26
  179. I am 13, 4'5 and 8 stones I need to lose weight
    I am 13, 4'5 and 8 stones I need to lose weight (will be going to the beach in june) please help
    2 Nutritionfitness 61
  180. Natural curly
    I have natural curly hair and I have no clue what to do with it so I keep it stright its a hand full but idont know what to do with it someone please help
    2 Style 23
  181. How do I naturally get rid of water retention?
    I'm bloated and I heard diuretics aren't good for you.. so how can I get rid of it?
    6 Health 35
  182. Where can I get a Rolling Stones jacket with the tongue sticking out?
    I want to buy my boyfriend that for his birthday so please help.
    3 Shopping 18
  183. How do you dye natural red hair?
    I want something different but I don't know what color would look good or how to.
    3 Style 31
  184. Creepiest Natural Eye Color?
    Or it could be fantasy. Either way. What eye color do you find the most creepy and why? Just curious... xoxo
    11 Style 552
  185. Do guys prefer their ladies all fake with fake boobs, fake butt cheeks, fake nose, fake lips....etc... or all 110% natural?
    8 Style 85
  186. how can i have a natural smile while cheerleading?
    (i dont smile normally unless im laughing and i feel stupid dancing and smiling when i don't feel happy at all)
    10 Sports 18
  187. natural kidney stone remedy
    I have a 6 mm kidney stone and the doctor wants to do surgery tomorrow I don't have insurance and money for a doctor. Let alone the hospital bill I'm going to have from an ER visit and two nights in the hospital. Help someone could you give me a na...
    4 Health 113
  188. How can I make my eyes look natural?
    I want my eyes (like my eyelids and around my eyes) to look naturally dark. I use eyeliner and stuff but it always looks kinda un-natural. how can I make them look like that but more natural?
    8 Style 44
  189. How many pounds are in a stone?
    How many pounds are in a stone...I think a stone is some type of metric unit in like europe or something...I've tried googleing it and can't find anything.
    6 Education 433
  190. How do I lose a stone
    I Am just 14 and I weigh 8 stone and I want some advice on how to loose a stone of this weight in around a month woth out my mother finding out, HELP??
    4 Nutritionfitness 25
  191. How can I naturally make my boobs bigger?
    Im a 14 b and would love a bigger bust. any suggestions on what I can do naturally as I dont want surgery?
    3 Style 1756
  192. How does a stone compare to a pound?
    every1 on this website is always talkin in 'stones' and I have absolutely no idea how much that is. im probly jus stupid
    4 Nutritionfitness 58
  193. advice on huw to make My make-up Look more natural ?
    Anyonee got any advice on huw to make My make-up Look more natural ? I fink I am starting to look reeli fake :-s what yuuz hink ?
    4 Style 41
  194. How can you get rid of lice naturally?
    How do you get rid of lice naturally without going out to a store and buy shampoo? Cause my friend has lice and I want to help her, but me and her don't want to go to a store and buy it. So please help!
    9 Health 202
  195. Ever wonder what' s going on with nature these days?
    Do you ever wonder what' s going on with nature these days? Why some much fires going on... Why so much floods going on? All I can say is ... The last day as the bible talk about is around the corner.
    18 Religion 31
  196. Rosetta Stone
    I was wondering if Rosetta Stone really works. Because I wanted to learn French, Japanese, & Italian(and maybe some others...), and I was wondering if it's worth what the costs are.
    4 General 10
  197. Natural lotion?
    Is it safe to use burts bee's milk & honey lotion for lubricant? For anal sex too? I thought it would be because its all natural but I don't know :/
    4 Sex 26
  198. Do you believe pit bulls are dangerous and aggressive by nature?
    Some people believe pit bulls are dangerous and aggressive by nature, while others believe it depends entirely on how they're raised and trained. What do you think?
    12 Pets 79
  199. Natural Law Theory
    Im doing a presentation on it in a couple days and im wondering if anyone else could give me their own description of it?
    2 Education 34
  200. Is there any natural way to lower your metabolism besides waiting until you're older?
    w/o medicenes or going to the doc. thanks :)
    8 Health 14
  201. How do I get rid of period cramps naturally?
    Period cramps how to get rid of period cramps.p;lz answer back. I need an answer b/c im on my period right now?
    11 Health 108
  202. Why is it after a series of bleaching, and using lightning shampoos and toners (even with my naturally light hair) my hair won't become white?
    7 Style 73
  203. How doi get a natural look when my face is damaged and broke out??
    I used to wear a lot of makeup and it made me brake out and it damaged my skin how can I get a naturally pretty look when my natural skin is ruined??
    2 Style 38
  204. How can I get my hair back to a natural blonde?
    I am a natural blonde and have died my hair dark brown. people say it looks great but I can't get used to it. does anyone know how I can get back to a really natural dark blonde?
    2 Style 84
  205. Stone weight measurement?
    I have seen a lot of questions on here about users saying they want to lose 2-stone or I weigh 7 stone. What exactly is it? Can someone explain?
    2 Nutritionfitness 82
  206. Should I dye my naturally red hair brown?
    I really want to dye my hair a medium brown (not too drastic) but I have naturally red hair. If I dye my hair, will my natural color come back the same if it turns out I don't like it? Help! thankyou :)
    5 Style 81
  207. What are some good ideas for natural birth?
    I'm having my baby in about a month. My first was a c-section, but I want my second child to come naturally.
    9 Health 39
  208. Origin and nature of the Universe
    I am currently taking a college class and was assigned to write a paper concerning the origin and nature of the Universe. What is your opinion on how the world was created or where did it come from.
    9 Religion 14
  209. Is there a way to gain super natural powers?
    I alway wonder is there a way to gain a power a super natural one like one where it will give you the power to turn into a Werewolf at will or one that will Turn you to a vampire Or like one where you can cast magic is there a way to gain powers like t...
    7 General 89
  210. What are home remedies for passing kidney stones?
    I need some home remedies for passing kidney stones. I am in a lot of pain for 4 days now, and I have to be well enough to work in 2 more days. Help!!
    2 Health 53
    I would like to have my breast be bigger,I dont want to use any breast cream or anything artificial. Isnt there any type of massage or any natural cream I can use?
    4 Style 138
  212. Why is it that when I smile my mouth starts twitching on the sides. People say that I dont smile naturally?
    But I thought I did, but I couldnt hold my smile for more than 3 seconds.
    5 Style 50
  213. What does stone (not the rock) mean?
    Okay I was looking at the fitness and nutrition section and people kept asking is 4stone or 2stone okay .what the frick does it mean!!
    3 Nutritionfitness 34
  214. What are the most delicate things in nature?
    e g shimmering dew drops on a leaf butterflys wings full moon etc?
    6 Science 554
  215. Can I clean a toilet ring using a lava rock instead of pumice stone?
    Pumice stones are generally expensive to buy to remove a toilet ring in the toilet bow,a lava rock sort of looks same as a pumice,can i use a lava rock instead?
    2 Homegarden 63
  216. How can I lose a stone?
    I am just wondering does anyone know how I could loose roughly a stone and a half asap!!??? (And dont say stop eating!!!>>>I love my food!!)
    2 Nutritionfitness 38
  217. Natural blonde with dyed brown hair... Wanting to go back to blonde
    Im a natural blonde. I dyed my hair dark brown, and now im wanting to go back to my semi-light blonde hair color. Help please?
    5 Style 126
  218. Natural breast enhancement?
    I'm 14. I have a D-cup. Is there any way to make my breasts naturally larger? I am quite slim and i want to stay that way. xx
    4 Style 41
  219. My hair is naturally brown. Can I dye it a lighter brown?
    Since some said I shouldn't dye my hair blond... would it be okay to dye it a lighter brown? I have blond highlights. Thanks for your help! My natural hair color is a brassy brown color.
    5 Style 40
  220. How do I get my natural hair color back??
    How do I get my natural hair color back I dyed it and now it turned orangey blonde.I dont want to cut my hair cause Im growing it long.
    4 Style 304
  221. Evolutionary reason for naturally skinny people?
    What is the evolutionary reason why there are naturally skiny and tall people like myself like its just seems like if it were the caveman days people like me would not survive when all the naturally muscled or naturally fat people are there like who se...
    3 Science 199
  222. What is 4 stone and 6 lbs in pounds?
    What is 4stone and 6lbs in pounds because im not use to like nowing how much that is oh ya is that bad
    3 Health 94
  223. Is having natural beauty a good thing or bad thing?
    Ok.I've never dyed my hair,but my hair fades from black into brown. &&believe it or not its it good or bad?
    7 Style 64
  224. What does MJ's Human Nature mean?
    After hearing the wonderful song and the beautiful lyrics, I would like to know what the meaning of the song is.. Does anyone know?? :D
    2 Music 90
  225. Landscaping ideas pictures?
    Does anybody have any landscaping ideas pictures? If you could post one in your reply to this, that'd be awesome. Our house could use a bit of improvement in the backyard, and I'm looking for some landscaping ideas - thanks.
    2 Homegarden 34
  226. Is the song "naturally" by Selena Gomez an original song?
    I swear I've heard the song before but can't find anything that says if it is or not. If it is original I'm open for any ideas of what song I'm thinking of!
    8 Music 16
  227. all natural moisturizing facewash?
    I'm trying to find a new facewash because all of the ones I've tried have ended up leaving my face DRY! Does anyone know of one that's all natural and also that moisturizes? Thanks!
    2 Style 17
  228. Getting my natural hair back?
    okay so I hve naturally curly hair & I bought dis strathner about 4 mnths ago & its been makin my hair strayth & not curly even when I don't use it..I want my natural hair back...wht do I do?..
    5 Style 14
  229. Tips on how to look naturally beautiful
    on how to look naturally beautiful :) I do not like fakery lol I only wear mascara so I would like to ask your ideas on how to have a natural looking beautiful face and what face washes are best to clear spots and keep them away?
    3 Style 16
  230. Is Emma Watson's (from Harry Potter) tan the fake sprayed type of tan or can she tan naturally?
    I have seen most of her pictures when the weather is warm and she get's tan sometime. Is her tan fake or real?
    3 Style 76
  231. What are some natural ways to cure acne?
    I need some tips on how to cure acne with homemade things like making a mask with fruits or something like that. Anything that cures acne helps, thank you!
    2 Style 16
  232. People who are naturally thin , what is their secret?
    I know someone , who is almost 6,0 feet , and weigh about 110, and this person is very healthy , I wish I were like that .
    8 Nutritionfitness 14
  233. Do natural waves look ok and dressed up enough for a party
    Do natural waves look ok and dressed up enough for a party? Its my friends 18th and not sure if they do or not or whether just to curl my hair or leave it straight. I'll be wearing a cocktail dress as it is a cocktail party.
    3 Style 14
  234. How to get bigger natural boobs
    Im 22 and im like between 38b-36c and I was wondering how to get bigger natural breast im between thick and chunky and dont seem to get bigger boobs can any one help
    7 Style 340
  235. Natural lip color?
    People are always asking me what shade of lip stick I use, but I don't wear any. I guess they are kinda pink, but this is normal right? Do people's natural lip color really vary that much?
    3 Style 17
  236. Are there natural herbal remedies to help with Rosacea?
    Is there any all natural herbal remedies to help with this? The reason I am asking this is because some spa's/salons have what is called a Rosacea facial. I have had this done and my Rosacea clears up right after the treatment. No redness whatsoever! =...
    2 Health 15
  237. Stone to pounds
    Just to check, yes or no is there 12 pounds in a stone? Because if that is the case I is seriously underweight, what is the ideal weight for a 13 year old male? Please help urgently lolage
    4 Nutritionfitness 73
  238. How to lighten naturally red lips?
    I bought a lipstick and it looked 2 shades darker on my lips than the actual lipstick . A friend who was using the same shade got lips 4 shades lighter than mine.
    10 Style 42
  239. Give me some tips how to lose weight on face naturally?
    Hi i am little bit fat and it bad effect on my face also. I decrease my confidence. Please gives me tips regarding how to lose weight on face
    5 Nutritionfitness 68
  240. I need kidney stones home remedies!
    I think I have a kidney stone and I was wondering if there is a homeopathic or home remedy for kidney stones? I don't want to pass a stone, and I am getting desperate because the pain is pretty intense. It is hard to stand, sit, walk, or lay down. ...
    14 Health 247
  241. Why don't men like naturally curly hair?
    What is it about naturally curly hair that men don't like? All I know is that men like straight hair because they can put their hands through it but what else? A lot of women love my curly hair but men just don't - my ex boyfriend hated it and my curre...
    11 Style 531
  242. If I got hilights, is it possible to get my natural colour back?
    I miss my natural complection! my blonde hilights take away from my georgeouse face's awsomeness!! :( (cries) I never should of died my hair!
    5 Style 27
  243. How much should an average 14-year-old weigh (in stones and/or KG)?
    How much should a 14-year-old female weigh (in stones and/or kg), the height is 162 cm (just over 5 ft 3"). Please answer.
    8 Nutritionfitness 3932
  244. Is it Human Nature to think about suicide?
    Is it human nature to think about suicide, I mean surely everybody thinks about it at one stage?? Like I think about it quiet a bit, not exactly attemptin it or nethin, it just passes my mind sumtime is that unhealthy
    6 Health 56
  245. How do I become a natural early riser?
    i am a late raiser and it affects me in a negative way..i am always late for school, i lost my job has of my bad do i naturally wake up early like many ppl?
    7 Health 16
  246. What are some natural tips to make your lips look bigger(nomakeup)?
    So I m 13 and I want to make my lips look bigger without make-up or if with make up the most natural (for school). Any ideas??: no bright lipsticks please or that stuff... Thanks
    7 Style 65
  247. Is it possible to lose a stone in a month?
    okay im thirteen and really overweight and its my birthady just over a month. there are loadsa great clothes I want to get into but I know I just cant! is it possible to lose over a stone in just over a month! please help!
    2 Nutritionfitness 32
  248. How quickly can I lose half a stone?
    hi! I need to know how quickly I can lose half a stone...and what is underweight for a 15 year old girl around 5ft 1 thankyou. please replie asap! =]
    2 Nutritionfitness 390
  249. Nature's Beauty
    Should they open up nature reserves and other government land for the exploration of natural resources, mainly oil and natural gas, or should the government promote and endorse other forms of energy that works with the environment such as bio-fuels ele...
    5 Environment 22
  250. Getting rid of thc naturally
    I smoked six bowls of weed and before that I had not smoked any in over a month. I have urine test in three weeks, should I avoid high fat foodsss my test?? Will I pa
    3 Health 186