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  1. whats you opinion of parents hiring nannies?
    6 Family 27
  2. Who thinks the show Super Nanny is educational for parents?
    9 Family 34
  3. Who thinks Mr.Sheffield from "The Nanny" is good looking and why?
    Or just the show the nanny as's maddd funny.
    10 Entertainment 43
  4. Nannies as a job?
    Is nannying a good job to go into ? Is it good pay ? How many years do you have to train to become one? Do you have to live in the persons house that you are nannying for ? Can someone answer my questions for me as I really want to go into nanny but do...
    24 Money 42
  5. How to do my hair like Fran Drescher's from The Nanny?
    I have attached a photo of my favorite hairstyle of Fran's from The nanny and I want to know how I can do that on my hair..... Although my hair is not that long, and I have long side bangs.... But what do I need and how do I do it? Please and thank you...
    2 Style 706
  6. Nanny cam maybe?
    Does anyone know where I can get a small camera that I could hide in like clevage or on a hair bow? I live in california by the way. Oh and how expencive do you think one will be?
    2 Technology 32
  7. Where can I find a nanny in romania?
    Where can I find a nanny that can take care of me? I am thirteen, female, and going to romania, both parents are unable to take care of me, because my mother has work here, and my father is out of the question, and my oma (grandma) is sick so now I n...
    2 Money 24
  8. flight nanny or self-employed doll?
    I have been given the opportunity to be a flight attendant, the thing is, I might have ZERO love life if I choose being a flight nanny. but if I'd be a business woman, bringing up my own coffee shop with 3 of my friends, I might have financial issues o...
    5 Money 25
  9. Nanny in problems
    Hi, I have started a nanny job (boy 3 and girl 8) two weeks ago and this past week of a sudden the 3 year old doesn't like me at all, he sometimes plays with me but of a sudden he'll be telling me to go, that he doesnt want me there etc. I have experie...
    4 Babies 38
  10. What words do you hate?
    some words I hate are: basket bisquit corn pus veggies Micky D's Nana (short for banana and Nanny) MeeMaw
    24 General 65
  11. Why am I crying still?
    ok my best friend nanny died 4 5 years ago but why do I still cry she has a plave in my heart all the time but why am I crying still an not over my dead aunt
    4 Family 40
  12. Sims 2 pregnant teens
    ok I had one of my teen sims get pregnant and now they wont go back to school. and yes I did hire a nanny so the baby wont be home alone
    2 Gaming 53
  13. when you were young and didnt know how to talk too good just yet how did you say certain things?
    for example, i called a banana split a "nanny spit" and i called my dog sugar "shoo-shoo" :-)
    15 General 48
  14. How do I write a letter to my senator?
    I recently asked a question about how to handle my depression about my nanny being gone. (nanny- not a grandma, a young lady who used to watch me kind of like a babysitter everyday.) She cant come back to the u.s. because of immigration laws and she do...
    3 Politics 98
  15. Question for childcare people
    I am looking for work as a nanny or something like that and I was told in whsmiths there was a magazine where there is a lot of jobs in on childcare in does anyone know whats its called ? Please write back if you do please
    4 General 8
  16. What film should I go see at the weekend with my friends ?
    Well me & my friends & boyfriend go to the cinema quite often & we want to go again .is their any films that are good out at the moment . Weve already seen * dear john * how to train your dragom * nanny mcphee * bounty hunter
    4 Entertainment 13
  17. what do you think of my poem?
    Im fifteen and I wrote this poem about my great grandma that died at 90 years love to have some input on it. its called "Nanny's Hidden Heart" soft feeble hands, so weak and trembling. 90 years of memories, Each turned into wrinklies, l...
    5 Literature 46
  18. How would I go about getting a genuine safari/explorer hats?
    I wouldnt be getting it anytime soon. But my dad has always wanted one of those cool hats, not the ones that look like a cow boy hat. I think one of the kids wore one in 'Nanny McPhee Returns' haha. i dont know what i would call the hat, or how much i...
    2 Shopping 8
  19. what is a gd name for a day and night care center (for kids)?
    I need a nice name for my new business that I'm starting, it's a day and night care bt I cnt find a proper funny name, I want it to have to do with nights too, for example if the parents wants to go somewhere, instead of getting a nanny, they put their...
    6 Money 82
  20. Is it a good idea to go see my cousin?
    My cousin just turned 16. Me & him seriously use to be best friends. But my mom hates his mom, because she's been in and out of prision so many times. She smokes, drinks, always begs my nannie for money. I'm really wanting to see him, along with his si...
    2 Family 36
  21. Does anyone else speak to people who have died?
    My nanny died about 5 year ago does anyone else do this as my nan is always near the bathroom on the 2nd floor in my house I can see her I no she is with me when ever I think about her or she is very close I cry as I no she is huggin me she looks after...
    10 Religion 43
  22. Good ideas for structured toddler play time?
    I was watching one of those nanny shows and she stressed the importance of having some structured play time every day with younger kids, where the child is given an activity, instead of just free time to play with toys. Her example on the show was pla...
    3 Babies 62
  23. Bad Mama???
    I am having my 3rd child on Valentines Day 09, and I will have to take care of her for a few months, but I was thinking I could get a job. My husband makes a good buck and we have enough to support all of them and would I be too busy working to pay att...
    3 Family 17
  24. Why are there only female sluts?
    Why is there such a double standard, in this day and age? Why are sexually promiscuous women labelled sluts? What is the male equivalent? Why would a mother be proud of her 19 year old son for finally losing his virginity to the young french nanny ...
    17 Sex 125
  25. Is it okay to break a promise?
    Okay, the other day, my mom told me abunch of people are coming over to my house on Sunday because my grandpa is going to propose to my nannie :) My mom told me to promise her that I wouldn't tell my little brother because he's a blabber mouth. But I h...
    4 Relationships 67
  26. How do you grow your baby right?
    I have a problem, my brothers girlfriend recently had a baby...we all live in one house and I look out for the baby,im like his nanny..but lately the baby has been very strange,all the time crying,waking up many times at night and crying,I cant go eve...
    5 Babies 14
  27. My 4 year old wont listen!
    Ok. I have a 4 year old girl. She has recently gotten so bad. I tell her to do something and she ignores me or tells me no. I spank(not beat her, but pop her enough for her to feel it) her and it is like it does not phase her. When we were in a store y...
    16 Babies 271
  28. Mother of 4 young children how can you get a break for a few hours?
    What can you do when you are a mother of 4 young children and you are at whitts love the kids more than anything in the world and you just need a break...just for a few hours?!! And your mom dislikes children and wont watch em and says just s...
    5 Babies 45
  29. What should I do if I've had an anorexia relapse?
    Hey, I don't know what this site is or if I am doing this right but I just had a question. I was anorexic 1 year ago, hospitillized for 3 months then rehab. I am under 18 so I was forced to do that. :(. I live in pacific palisades ca. I live with with ...
    4 Health 35
  30. Who;; I miss her so much and I don't know what to do anymore?
    I'm 14 and I had a nanny, not a grandma a lady who took care of me, and in 88 days its going to be three years since she left and moved home to czech republic. She was my sister, my best friend, and even more of a mom than my mom will ever be. She was ...
    2 Family 42
  31. Does this sound fishy?
    Hi there. I posted an ad on craigslist for my babysitting services. A couple days later(meaning today...) some emailed me this: Hello, Good Morning, My Family and I have found your resume on the Internet. We are interested in a Babysitter / Nanny...
    5 General 16
  32. How does this sound?
    i just wrote how i felt. Is It Sad to Admit.. is it sad to admit that i can't cry with anyone caring is it sad to admit that this is not the first time i've thought about suicide is it sad to admit that i've looked up ways to die fast and cle...
    3 Literature 64