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  1. Base on balls in baseball?
    In baseball what is a base on balls
    3 Sports 11
  2. Balls
    Does both penis balls have to be of same size.
    3 Health 219
  3. why to my balls hurt after masturbation?
    why to my balls hurt after masturbation?
    5 Sex 199
  4. how do you shave ya balls
    how do you shave ya balls
    11 Style 123
  5. How to make a cheese ball?
    3 Health 37
  6. What are moth balls used for?
    8 Homegarden 38
  7. How do I claena a paint ball gun?
    How do I claena a paint ball gun?
    2 Gaming 17
  8. How do I make my dick and ball smaller?
    How do I make my dick and ball smaller?
    7 Health 161
  9. Should you not use Nair on your vagina or is it okay to?
    Should you not use Nair on your vagina or is it okay to?
    5 Style 173
  10. Is nair good to shave your vagina with?
    Is nair good to shave the vagina with
    4 Style 1436
  11. Where can I get an original super ball?
    where can I get an original super ball?
    8 Shopping 91
  12. Whats a nad and a nair for men.?
    Whats a nad and a nair for men.?
    3 General 39
  13. What does ball dropping mean?
    What does it mean when a guy's balls drop?
    6 Health 142
  14. How do you copy a master ball on pokemon?
    How do you copy a master ball on pokemon?
    2 Gaming 59
  15. Shaving or Nair
    Does shaving or nair work better
    5 Style 149
  16. What is the difference between Drangon Ball and Drangon Ball Z Kai? All the episodes seem the same.....I think?
    All the episodes seem the same.....I think?
    2 Entertainment 45
  17. When the baseball pitcher throws the ball, why do they sometimes say "ball" instead of "strike"?
    9 Sports 15
  18. What is a good brand name bowling ball to get as a starter ball?
    2 Sports 27
  19. Where can you buy stress relief balls?
    5 Shopping 15
  20. If a ball has a mass of 2.0 kilograms, what is the mass in grams?
    If a ball has a mass of 2.0 kilograms, what is the mass in grams?
    3 Science 110
  21. How do you clone the master ball pokemon crystal?
    How do you clone the master ball pokemon crystal?
    2 Gaming 157
  22. How do I hook up a sports ball to a helium pump?
    how do I hook up a ball to a helium pump to pump it up?
    4 Sports 65
  23. balls piercing
    do girls think piercings in the balls are hot
    12 Relationships 256
  24. is it safe to use nair on the pubic area?
    21 Style 257
  25. One of their balls not dropping
    What happens if it does not drop what is the treatment for that
    2 Health 15
  26. Who is your favorite Dragon Ball Z character(s)?
    4 Entertainment 15
  27. What can I do to make the ball of my nose appear thinner?
    3 Style 75
  28. Does the size of the top ball of a bellyring matter ?
    3 Style 9
  29. My balls hurt when i pee?
    It hurt my balls and burns my stomach went I pee
    5 Health 137
  30. How do I know my balls have dropped?
    how can I like tell my balls have droped
    10 Health 707
  31. How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?
    How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?
    2 General 77
  32. Why do my balls itch after s*xual stuff?
    Why do my balls itch after anything sexual?
    2 Sex 84
  33. How can I copy a master ball on Pokemon?
    how do you copy a master ball on leaf green?
    11 Gaming 215
  34. Dragon ball z for xbox 360
    Are there any dragon ball z games for xbox 360
    5 Gaming 23
  35. What are some soccer drills for ball control?
    does any body have any new soccer drills for ball control?
    5 Sports 36
  36. eye ball or ear?
    would you rather eat an eye ball or an ear?
    10 Food 43
  37. Answers to the ar test to the book "summer ball"?
    What is the answers to the ar test to the book "summer ball"?
    3 Education 5416
  38. My balls hurt
    I think I might have blue balls help
    3 Health 87
  39. Golden Ball Award
    Who Cristiano Ronaldo won Golden Ball Award?
    3 Sports 15
  40. What should I know about ball pythons before I get one tomorrow ?
    3 Pets 10
  41. Why do girls think it is fun to kick guys in the balls?
    38 General 1480
  42. Is the concept of the gravitational force of a Fushigi Ball a hoax?
    3 Science 14
  43. what kind of dress would be good for military ball?
    2 Style 15
  44. What is this hard ball thing in my vagina?
    5 Health 854
  45. which Pokemon should i use my master ball on in fire red?
    4 Gaming 104
  46. Dragon Ball Z
    Does any one know where you can buy a dragon Ball Z book at?
    2 Shopping 17
  47. How many balls?
    How many people have a non-standard number of balls?
    4 Science 42
  48. Rubber Band Ball
    How do you start a rubber band ball? I can't seem to figure out how to get a new rubber band ball started.
    5 Gaming 58
  49. What kind of cigarette commercial did Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz do?
    4 Entertainment 84
  50. Does Nair make your leg hair thicker like what shaving does ?
    8 Style 267
  51. What color dress should I wear for my snow flake ball at school?
    8 Style 28
  52. What is the round white ball hanging from my female Betta fish?
    4 Pets 70
  53. What weight should my bowling ball be?
    I weigh 85 to 100 pounds.
    5 Sports 79
  54. how can i improve my ball handling skills for basketball and how can i improve my shot gesture
    39 Health 34
  55. How does that fushigi ball work?
    Because i heard it was a peice of ish. lol
    5 Gaming 43
  56. What does it mean when a guys balls drop?
    What does it mean when some one says "his balls have not dropped" have mine I am 14
    5 Health 127
  57. How do I find master balls?
    How do I get master balls in pokemon diamond game, they are just to hard to find???
    2 Gaming 41
  58. Will it mess my balls up???!!!
    My sister always kicks me or punches me in my balls,because she thinks its funny will that do something to my balls
    7 Health 243
  59. What can i do when i play BrickBreaker on my Blackberry and in the middle of the game the ball just goes away??
    2 Technology 15
  60. What would happen if you exceed 10 minutes of Nair lotion application ?
    8 Style 588
  61. Would it be ok to wear a long black dress to a military ball?
    3 Style 13
  62. What's that one Lucille Ball movie where she always said, "I have 8 children"?
    4 Entertainment 29
  63. magic 8 ball
    do you think it really works? lol what about psycics?
    5 General 40
  64. why dont dogs get fur balls like cats do when they lick themselves?
    5 Pets 70
  65. What about veet instead of nair
    I hear that veet doesnt smell as bad as nair to use on my arms ?
    5 Style 170
  66. When do Guys Cut there balls hair?
    I'm a girl and I want to know if guys cut there hair like girls do, you know down there.
    6 Health 81
  67. what kind of balls are usually on bioplast tongue rings? are they acrylic or steel? help!
    6 Style 45
  68. what is the name of the new like ball things that you put in water and they get bigger?
    2 Homegarden 61
  69. Does squeezing a tennis ball make you play guitar faster?
    9 Music 66
  70. Basket ball belly or watermelon?
    when your havinq a qirl or boy do you qet a basketball belly or watermelon ?
    2 Health 93
  71. Do Puppies Grow Balls?
    my puppy has a weenie,butnot balls hes a month old. will he grow some? hes a chihauhapomeranian mix
    9 Pets 248
  72. Cotton Ball? Why?
    Why do vitamin jars come with cotton balls? What purpose do they serve? and should I leave it in there after I've opened it?
    2 Health 53
  73. How do I make getting hit in the balls hurt less?
    How do I make getting hit in the balls hurt less while it is happening. I get hit in the balls on occassion and need help how to make if hurt less. Owww...
    7 Health 358
  74. Will nair harm my tattoo?
    I use the new nair shower power but I just got a new tattoo ... will it cause the ink to pulll out?
    2 Style 130
  75. when a guy shaves his pubes(for all you rookies this is "ball hair") does a blowjob really feel better for him?
    3 Sex 73
  76. How do you play eight ball or pool? How do you rack em up for 8 ba
    what are the real rules for 8 ball and how do you properly rack them up?
    7 Gaming 63
  77. How come we cant feel the little ball at the back of our throat?
    How come we cant feel the little ball at the back of our throats when it touches our tounge is it numb or something?
    2 Health 36
  78. Where can I buy Replica of the Dragon Balls in the UK?
    I've been looking and looking and I can't find any decent replicas of the Dragon Balls that I can buy. Can anyone help me out?
    5 Shopping 17
  79. Bowling ball curve
    ok so im really wondering right now, when your bowling, to make the ball curve you want to throw it slower right?
    2 Sports 40
  80. When you wank too much , will it make your balls smaller?
    I am concerned about this case, if continious wanking may change your balls sack size
    4 Health 124
  81. Should i wear this dress to my holiday ball?
    Our holiday ball at school is our winter semi, and idk if i should wear this or not! It's indoors so dont worry about it being too cold
    7 Style 25
  82. Giant Human Rolly-Balls?
    what are those balls called where they are like an inflatable cage, where a human can hop in it and roll down a hill?
    3 Entertainment 67
  83. Are ball shaped piercings gay?
    I just got a ball shaped ear piercing on my left ear and a friend of mine told me that it represents homosexuality is this true? And is there anythig gay about a ball shaped ear piercing?
    7 Sex 98
  84. What do I wear to a winter ball??
    My school is having a winter ball. I don't know what to wear cause its my first dance. its between tights and a nice shirt or a dress. Sooo what do I wear???
    3 Style 91
  85. Do you lose brain cells if you hit a soccer ball with your head?
    K so someone told me that if you hit the ball with your head in soccer when it comes to you, you lose braincells. Is that true?
    2 Sports 115
  86. Is Nair for Men good for pubic hair removal?
    is nair good for your pubic area?? has anyone tired it?? does anyone know any other hair removal products that work in the genital areas?
    19 Style 13477
  87. Who here has heard of the Fushigi The Magic Gravity Ball and would like to have one?
    Saw this commercial and thought it was cool. :)
    3 Shopping 38
  88. Why does The Back Of My Mouth Hurt Like Where the dangling Ball Is?
    for some reason the back of my mouth where that dangling ball is it hurts all near there and I don't know why:( an it hurts to swallow an if I drink like soda it itrritates my mouth back there help!! :( :(
    4 Health 58
  89. fat+calories in solid milk chocolate balls?
    how much fat are in ONE of those little solid chocolate tinfoil wrapped 'pumpkin' balls? the tinfoil is orange and has a little pumpkin face on it.
    2 Food 75
  90. What is the little white ball in my vagina hole?
    What is the white thing in my vagina hole? And I havent started my period ever and im a virgin. Is it a cist?
    4 Health 1372
  91. my girlfriend hit me in the head with a golf ball
    Um hi um my girlfriend hit me in the noodle with a golf ball when she was teeing off. I am outraged and flabergasted. What should I do now? Should I tell her she is a dummy? please help, golf ball hitted guy
    2 Relationships 70
  92. Do stress balls help?
    I've heard that stress balls (the things you squeeze and roll in your hands) really do help you release street, and help you concentrate. Have you ever tried it? Does it help?
    2 Health 16
  93. Matza ball soup?
    Does anyone know how to make it? I've had it twice while visiting family, once at Canter's in LA and once in New Jersey.
    3 Food 44
  94. WorkOuts with the ball :)
    sooo I've been workingout for the Looongest.. I want to know more ways to work out with the ball that's will help me burn More fat! any ideas??? thanks!
    2 Nutritionfitness 12
  95. Which dress should I wear for a Masquerade Ball?
    I'm going to a Masquerade Ball and can't decide which dress to wear... I've never really been into parties or dances and things like that so I'm pretty inexperienced. :s
    4 Style 33
  96. Where can I find Dragon Ball mangas?
    The bookstore in our area, (Borders,) is now shut I have nowhere to get my mangas, and I was in the middle of saving up for Dragon Ball. Now that I have enough money for them, I can't buy them anywhere.
    6 Literature 12
  97. How to give a guy blue balls?
    Uh this might seem kind of stupid to yall but uh what does it mean a guy says his balls are blue please tell me because I`m confussed
    3 Relationships 881
  98. How to teach your dog how to ficth a ball?
    Well my dog she is soo lazy but I get bored sooo I just want her to know how to ficth a ball for I could go to the park and play
    3 Pets 23
  99. Would it be okay if I sleep with my lip piercings, with just the post and no ball?
    I'm assuming it'll be fine, but i'm scared i'll end up swallowing it. o.o
    5 Style 664
  100. Why do I have a ball under my nipple?
    I have read other questions similar to this. Answer was puberty. But im 13 and have a baby sized penis and no hair anywhere. WTF?
    4 Health 100
  101. lacross or manage boys base ball?
    I'm a freshmen and I've never played lacross or maneged anything I have a chance to do one but not both. And opinions?
    2 Sports 8
  102. what can i do if i left nair on to long?
    i used nair on my uper lip and i guess i left it on to long now my uper lip is really red and i have a big date tomorrow! what can i do to get rid of this redness quickly!? please help
    2 Style 156
  103. How can I fix my mouse that doesn't move due to the ball?
    My mouse is not working properly when I move it around it will get stuck and it's irritating. My brother fixed it before by rubbing it or sumthing I don't remember. how can I fix this?
    3 Technology 71
  104. Paintball gun ball gets stuck
    I have a spyder m1 not sure if that matters but sometimes when I shoot it the ball will get stuck right after going through the elbow and going into the chamber. Is that because I dont have a auto hopper or what?
    2 Gaming 35
  105. How do you take out your lip ring(the ball of the stud)?
    I have a lip ring and its a stud, but I need to go to school and they have a real strict policy about any piercings on your body, so I want to take my lip ring off but I dont know how to take the ball off and by the way I have studs not hoops.
    4 Style 108
  106. Does my ball python look okay; I don't know much about shedding ?
    His skin looks really wrinkly & I don't know if thats a part of shedding or dehydration. I know forsure he is shedding in these pictures but I don't know if the wrinklyness is normal ?
    3 Pets 33
  107. What is better Veet Or Nair?
    What is better veet or nair? but not just for legs and arms and underarms but for bikini and all of that area. I heared there not made for there but a lot of people use them but which is better? And do they cause irritation, cause shaving caused me ras...
    5 Style 568
  108. What is this ball above my vagina?
    Like ever since I was 8 or so I've noticed once in a while like once every few monthes or something a ball sorta thing pops out right above my vagina! And if you feel it it is exactly the same size/shape of a testical! What is it???
    4 Health 1483
  109. where is the best place to go shopping in New York to find a couture gown to wear to a ball thing for your dad's together something that no one else would have?
    2 Shopping 41
  110. How to make tapioca balls very sweet in bubble tea???
    I make bubble tea and one time I went and bought it at frulattie anyways the bubbles(tapioca balls) were very sweet.they were sweeter then the actually smoothie!! how do I cook the bubble tea so the they are very sweet? any tips on bubble tea are also ...
    2 Food 47
  111. What are those balls that have those lights that you can touch and drag?
    It's a sphere it's clear, and you can drag one of the lines anywhere you want, it taszers you kind of. I would like to know spherical ball thing what's the name and how much do they run up to?
    3 Gaming 19
  112. Is Nair a good product?
    okay so is nair a good product because I want to get the new shower power kind because my razor sucks and my hair grows back way too fast. answer please and thank you.
    6 Style 81
  113. Is it possible that I got blue balls by cumming when I was semi-erect?
    My balls don't hurt as much as they would if I had blue balls but they sort of ache. This started about 2 days ago. Masturbating hasn't helped. How can I get rid of this?
    4 Sex 90
  114. Nair - Hair Removing Cream on pubic hair?
    Hi, I went through the website of Nair and its written that it should be applied on genitals ! now as I asked in my earlier questions, I want to remove the pubic hair from my private parts so is it advicable to use the hair removing cream like Nair ?...
    7 Style 1943
  115. What can I use instead of a stability ball or bench for working out?
    The other day, I bought a workout system called Supreme 90 Day. Some exercises require a stability ball. I don't think that any stability balls won't hold my weight, all 278 lbs. Also, I don't have the kind of room in my apartment for a ball or bench.
    2 Nutritionfitness 58
  116. How soon can I change my ball on my tongue ring?
    I just got my tongue pierced about 5 days ago, the long bar is getting really aggravating when I try to eat. I was wondering how soon could I change from the long bar to the shorter bar?
    7 Style 3246
  117. Nair? Smart or stupid?
    Nair? I have been using that nair cream but im told it will/can give me a 3rd degree burn, bad skin, irritated skin, bad rashes? Im not sure I get dry skin but alil lotion helps that. Should I stop useing it tho? It works tho
    10 Style 129
    ok so, my daughter is going into middle school, and she wants to make her locker like over the top like a mini disco ball and locker cozies and all stuff, (not sure if they exist) so where can I get all that stuff? CHEAP. P.S. I looked, walmart and t...
    2 Shopping 60
  119. bender ball?
    I just got a bender ball and have yet to use it...I was wondering if anyone else has used one and gotten great results also...I wanna try the leg magic machine...but I don't wanna spend the money if it isn't worth it thanks.
    2 Nutritionfitness 49
  120. gymnastics volley ball and tennis and swimming
    does anyone have any tips on how to get on junior varsity for any of these sports or like what do you think would be good ideas for me to practice to get on the team whether its freshmen varsity or junior varsity ~thanx~
    3 Sports 19
  121. How can I get the ball gown look?
    okay so halloween is coming up soon and I have to make my own costume. I was hoping I could get that 1600's ripped up depressing looking ballgown look. any ideas on how to get that? also I could use some makeup ideas! thanks!
    2 Style 8
  122. Paint Ball - is it painful???
    Got a paint ball session this weekend and never been to one before...for those who have played paint-ball before, does it hurt when you get "shot" and will you bruise later on?? My boyfriend reckons I will be bruised as a strawberry so at the moment I...
    9 Sports 12
  123. What's a good tip for keeping the body steady when throwing a bowling ball?
    I have an average of 175, I'm 20 years old and I use a 15 pound ball and I'm a stroker. I have difficulties with keeping my body steady while walking down the approach towards the foul line.
    3 Sports 58
  124. Do you think the banning of soccer balls in school after a parent was injured is excessive?
    A Toronto school has banned soccer balls after one of the parents was hit with one and suffered a concussion. Do you think this is excessive behaviour over a rare occurrence, or are school administrators reacting within reason? Read about it: htt...
    6 Politics 16
  125. Ball inside vagina
    I was feeling inside my vagina with my finger and noticed a ball shaped thing in it. I'm a virgin, so I don't know how it's supposed to feel. I'm just worried that it might be something bad or (this might sound extremely stupid) if I'm a hermaphrodite ...
    2 Health 245
  126. Will Nair irritate my pubic hair area?
    I need another way to get rid of pubic hair because shaving it makes it break out in lil red dots so would Nair work on it? Shaving leaves some still there anyways because I don't have good razors and my mom wont get me any more.
    17 Style 2244
  127. Lip Ring Ball Fell Off
    Ok I have just gotten my lip pierced about two weeks ago and im still not supposed to take the ring out but the lil captive ball fell out and wont go bck in place.. how do I get it bck in place cus the ring keeps commin out?
    3 Style 1738
  128. Bumps or pimples on balls
    I have small bumps like pimples on my ball from 3 to 4year colours is white And are large no in quantity some are small and some are big as 2mm in size If I press them I fell no pain.before some time 1 of them blast and dirty blood came from that ...
    3 Health 103
  129. Year 11 ball
    Ok so in september I will be going into the english year 11 which is 15 going on 16 years old and like most girls im already thinking of what to wear for the ball that on june 19th 2009 lol, I just wanted to know what kind of dress you wear, if a ball ...
    4 Style 23
  130. nair..
    has anyone used nair on their face and then afterwards they've had like a really bad burning feeling after you wiped it off or while it was on and its never happened before??? is that a bad sign?? I used one and it even left my skin red and feeli...
    7 Style 244
  131. What are those little marble like balls that swell in water?
    My little neighbor down the street gave them to me in a cup and told me I cannot throw them out, and I have them on my counter waiting for something to happen. They look like marbles, but they have this slimy rubbery like texture and I still don't what...
    8 General 14
  132. Think Im going to invest in a blender to make smoothies with and get one of those big balls you do situps and pushups on.
    I really want to get myself together, Ive been wating to, but now Im going to. 'Bout time. Shut up, inner voice. What I say? Youre such an ass. -.-
    4 Food 16
  133. Will my balls drop or stay like this forever?
    ok I've seen like balls that sag and others that hang. But like this is irritating me I got balls that like hang up and that dont sag. and like every guy I've seen at the shower in my school I've seen has sagging balls and its making me self conscience...
    2 Health 46
  134. Whats the name of that flower thing that looks like a ball of fluff and you blow it and it all flies away?
    It spreads it's seeds or somin when it does that....but i need it's name cos for english we have to create an ad for a new perfume, and im doing a photo of me blowing that flower and it's gotta be called somin like 'La *flowers name*' THANK YOU xx
    3 Homegarden 88
  135. Did my mom have to ball my song up
    When I got on the computer 20 min ago,my mom started complaining about my song Boy Gothic that I wrote,she started complaining about the cuss words I put into it,I told her 4 times it was just a song. At least I didn't record it,she then adds on saying...
    3 Family 22
  136. Nasty little ball in armpit pore
    Has anyone ever had a nasty little ball of white stuff built up in a pore under their arm?I had one that was sore like a pimple,with a long hair caught under the skin.I know it's an ingrown hair,but I'm curious what the white stuff made a small c...
    3 Health 427
  137. I got hit in the face with a ball and now everyone's laughing at me
    LOL so today at school I was in gym and we were playing kick ball. So when it was my turn I kicked the ball and made it to first base ... When some person tried to get me out and hit me right on the face... I was fine I didn't cry or anything but EVER...
    4 General 23
  138. What do you think a gum-ball cannon would look like?
    My and some friends of are thinkin of building a gum-ball cannon but we dont ever know where to start and I still have my plans from the last time I made one but the only problem was the barrel of the cannon blew up and I almost caught a tree on fire f...
    2 Science 18
  139. Ball Pythons vs. Corn Snakes
    I'm considering getting a pet snake, and the two candidates are corn snake and ball python. I've read up on them and they seem pretty similar in care, but the only thing is that I've read that sometimes a ball python will stop eating, and one of the th...
    6 Pets 64
  140. Line drive foul ball hit somebody, will they be ok?
    I was at a scrappers game last night, and one of the players hit a line drive foul ball, in the stands, and this little kid got hit (he looked around 7 years) and he got nailed somewhere on his face, and the ball bounced of his face to the first basema...
    5 Sports 53
  141. Is this nice for a masked ball?
    I will leave the links in an answer in capital letters so you can see them, I will add the dress picture to this question Im 15 years old, blonde and pink hair which is really long and im 5 foot 2 size 8 in uk sizes Do you think this will be goo...
    4 Style 33
  142. What are these weird moving thing in my ball pythons belly??
    Tonight I noticed when my python was streching out that he had some weird movement underneath him inside his belly?? Like on the film Alien if you have evre seen it?? It was really stange but im worried sick what can it be??? I cant explain properly wh...
    2 Pets 50
  143. What goes on at a highschool military ball?
    My best friend wants me and my boyfriend to go with her and her boyfriend. The thing is it's ganna be my last night seeing them for a really long time so I want to know it would be fun. I already know my boyfriend dosn't want to go(i'm making him anywa...
    2 Entertainment 18
  144. Did I get blue balls?
    Me and my girlfriend had did a lot of sexual things and she finished and after we did it nothing would happen and after she left. I would cum in my pants . I hate it and one day after we did anal my dick hurt so bad that I felt like I had a period. I k...
    3 Sex 216
  145. How do you work with blue balls?
    okay, so I was making out with a guy, and rubbing against his parts right, and I knew he had a boner and we had done this for about 2 hrs. Then we stopped and he started having severe pains, like I mean BAD. He was hopping around trying to make the pa...
    3 Relationships 126
  146. Nair question
    I feel kind of stupid asking this but hey I never used this stuff before today... and so I was wondering how do you use nair's binkini cream? I put some on today and did what the directions said leave on for 3 mins then take cloth and wash off... but w...
    2 Style 29
  147. Who likes doing mudding, paint ball and laser tag?
    Okay, im just wondering, who likes doing this stuff? Mudding, paint ball wars, lazer tag etc. I LOVE going mudding! My friends Marcus Nick Kenny and Vannessa came to pick me up one time during last summer. We went to Nick's ranch and they laft hoses o...
    3 Entertainment 23
  148. furballs
    can a dog have fur balls ,
    8 Pets 50
  149. Nair or shaving?
    Ok, so I have really hairy arms and it bothers me so much because im very self conscience and my hair is extremely dark. I've never shaved them before because I heard it just grows back within like a day and then its prickly until you shave again/. How...
    4 Style 127
  150. Lip ring ball fell out, no spare
    Ok a few minutes ago I was watching tv and my lip ring ball at the front fell out, I saw it fall and went to pick it up but it slipped under the arm of the chair & now I cant find it. I've looked in under the couch, under it, beside it and all round th...
    6 Style 3476
  151. Having the balls to dye my hair?
    I really want to dye my hair black My parents are cool with it (at last...) And now the problem is me! I have blonde hair now and im still in school so basically Everyone will notice which is good But I really dont want 100's of poeple coming up t...
    4 Style 24
  152. Pubirty - sweating balls, croch area, smells really bad! help!
    Ok, this isnt really a relationship question but, When I work and even on hot days when I move around or even just sitting there, I sweat a lot, and especially my croch area, and it smells REALLY bad. I was wondering if there was any stuff that I can ...
    4 Health 3441
  153. Why do guys use blue-balls as an excuse?
    Sooo, I was this kickback all drunk. I ended up not coming home that night or the next day. The day after, this guy I had met the night before comes to the room with me, and it was just us two, no one else wasn't in the room. And out of no where he j...
    3 Sex 147
  154. Weird white/clear balls tangled in pubic hair?
    Okay so I know this is really gross and personal, but what the heck, right? It's the Internet! Okay, so it's been happening for like three months now. I go to the bathroom and these weird, like gunk balls, are tangled in my pubic hair. I know when I ha...
    8 Sex 574
  155. How to use an exercise ball?
    Alright so im thinking about purchasing an exercise ball. I know that I have to get a 65cm based on my height (5'5). Was wondering if anyone has used one to lose weight, and if it was effective? Also, if I were to do 45-60 minutes of speed walking on a...
    2 Nutritionfitness 24
  156. How can a tennis ball throw itself; is it cursed?
    Well what happened was me and my friend were down at our school at about 6:30 - 7:00 and we were just coming into the school when a tennis ball rolled down the middle of the yard and we thought that someone had rolled it to scare us so we looked to see...
    9 Religion 68
  157. What can I do about my injuries from a lacrosse ball?
    so, the other day at practice we were doing drills and i wasn't looking and someone threw a LACROSSE ball at me and it hit me in the face..its on the left side of my nose. i didn't say anything, but the next day i went to the ER and got cat scans. i ha...
    2 Health 62
  158. What to do at this military ball?
    Ok my njrotc is having a huge military ball. I got my ticket and it go from 8pm-12:30am. It not one of them ghetto party where girl shake there a** on boy. It a decent ball I hear. And the boys have to wear there uniform and the girls have to wear a dr...
    2 General 43
  159. How to shave
    how do I shave my ball sack because when I do heir is still there
    4 Style 84
  160. Who would want to go to the marine corps ball anyways?
    So my friend Eric is on leave and asked me to go to the marine corps ball with him. I asked him the other day if we were still going and he said no. He wasnt going to tell me he couldnt go cuz apparently he has known this. My whole family is expecting ...
    2 Entertainment 35
  161. Pokemon platinum
    Is it possible to copy a master ball on pokemon platinum?
    2 Gaming 45
  162. I can't chane my tongue bar help???/
    can't unscrew the ball
    5 Style 91
  163. what does this mean?
    ''if ima do nothin, ima ball.'' ???help??? thanks =]
    2 General 28
  164. Will this help with shaving?
    If I wanted to shave 'down there', would Nair work?
    6 Style 92
  165. Favorite sport, bowling or basketball?
    Favorite sport, bowling or basket ball? Just wondering.
    6 Sports 20
  166. What are the rules of netball ?
    All I know is that you cant run with the ball and you cant lift you landing foot of the ground untill you've thrown the ball to some one
    3 Sports 44
  167. In Baseball can you?
    In Baseball is it legal to smash into the catch when going home if he has the ball?
    3 Sports 13
  168. How do I take out medusa/monro piercing
    It is the piercing above my lip Its a bar with a ball on top How do I take it out the ball seems very tightly screwed on. I need to take it out for school on wednesday please help
    2 Style 922
  169. how do I stop my arm from hurting from baseball ?
    I need to know so I can throw the base ball with out hurting because I want to get better at baseball because this is my first year playing base ball.
    3 Sports 54
  170. Ball Python respiratory problems
    I have a young ball python that I have had for about one month. He is around 17 inches long. He has been eating regularly once a week every week and is very tame. The humidity is in between 50 and 70 at all times and the temperature is in the mid to hi...
    2 Pets 76
  171. How can I practice soccer in my backyard?
    How can I practice soccer in my backyard I know I should just dribble the ball around my apartments and I want to know how to cross a ball, shoot a ball, and other like cool moves too please help I need the practice for my next game in tuesday and I ne...
    2 Sports 14
  172. losen weigh
    how do you lose weigh if you playbasket ball then go 2 the store
    2 Nutritionfitness 21
  173. Do cocks get smaller when you're old?
    Or are my balls just getting bigger? Seriously.
    10 Health 20
  174. My mouse pointer
    Thanks for your answer, but it idoesn't contain any ball, it is a wireless.
    2 Technology 12
  175. Science Project
    would the temperture efect the bounce height of a ball?
    2 Babies 21
  176. I want to get my monroe pierced
    I want my monroe pierced. does it hurt and how big is the ball when you first get it pierced ?
    5 Style 50
  177. Side kick
    Side kick- Can the rolly ball on the side kick be fixed or do you have to get a new phone?
    2 Technology 118
  178. re: beauty
    so mens balls are wrinkley because the wack too much? lol
    5 Music 9
  179. The 3 Birds Pokemon Platinum
    I just found out that I can catch the 3 rare birds, what type of poke'ball should I use to catch them? I love them and I would like to know what ball would work best with them
    3 Gaming 35
  180. Hair removal?
    What is better than nair... Nair doesnt work for me and it stinks and it irritates my skin. What kind of hair removal stuff is easy to use and leaves your legs smooth and silky???
    9 Style 38
  181. Ink stain out of white nurse's uniform?
    How do I get an ball point pen ink stain out of white nurses uniform
    3 Homegarden 266
  182. How do I end it with my boyfriend?
    He's a little unstable and we both know it's not working out, neither of us have the balls to do end it.
    18 Relationships 39
  183. How often can you change your nose studs?
    How often can you change your nose studs?? [w/ the ball on the end that you have to push the hole?]
    3 Style 95
  184. Girls shaving down there?
    Girls I need your advice- Do you shave down there, or use nair, or what? Also at what age did you start?
    4 Style 112
  185. What is a good name for a snake?
    I was thinking of cinnamon. but I want some more suggestions. Its a ball python snake.
    9 Pets 31
  186. Lump on virgina
    I have a lump on my virgina it hurts when I touch it and looks like a tinny little ball. What is that?
    2 Health 135
  187. Is it better to shave with razors or Veet?
    Alrighty...on the whole shaving issue...I was it better to shave...or just use like a cream or you know how theres Veet...or Nair... im not that big on is it okay if I replace just...using Nair or ...
    5 Style 159
  188. Got a new mouse!
    I got a mouse today and I have the tank, food water, and a little house for it, plus a ball. It's all set up in it's new home and I was just wondering how many times should I put it in it's ball and can you teach a mouse tricks?
    2 Pets 35
  189. Why do they scream 4 before hitting a shot in golf ?
    In cartoons I always see before hitting the ball in golf , they scream FOUR! why is that ?
    4 Sports 147
  190. What do I do about my arms?
    alrite I have some hair on my arms and I want 2 no what 2 do if you dont want it I shave it or do I use like nair?
    10 Style 221
  191. Does anyone know the name of this old iPhone game (read more)?
    Basically you have a square of little balls and you have to segment off the square trapping the balls or making the square smaller, its a very old game and i can't think of the name of it! any clues would be good, thanks
    2 Gaming 9
  192. How can emo/scene guys wear
    Those really tight pants?? it would effin hurt my balls.
    5 Relationships 37
  193. What my is My girlfreidns name
    Magic 8 Ball Will my Girlfriends name be Jennifer in the 80s when I'm born Again
    4 Relationships 13
  194. Where to get cheap tongue rings?
    Do any one know where (as in a website) I can get some tongue ring mainly the balls for a cheap price?
    2 Shopping 46
  195. Will you Marry me
    Magic 8 Ball Will I marry all the Girls from Fun Advice ones who are hot of Course
    5 Relationships 31
  196. confused..2
    so im always saying "suck my ballz" and (im a girl) and my mom is like "I didnt know you have balls" and I was like "im only kidding.." and shes like "well you do have one ball, all girls do" and she wont explain. So do you know what she means?
    2 Health 35
  197. School dance
    Ok, so at my school... We are going to have a halloween dance thingie on the 24th of october... Its called something like a maskaqer ball...or somethin like that. Any ideas for costumes? (its like a ball where like everyone wears a mask) lol Thx
    4 Education 20
  198. what would happen?
    what would happen if I put nair all over my body except for the hair on my head and my eyebrows? please answer
    3 Health 37
  199. What website can I go to to watch old tv shows like "I Love Lucy" and "The Lucy Show"?
    I just love Lucille Ball
    6 Entertainment 35
  200. How do I make hair disappear
    If I have sensitive skin an razors brake me out. What do I use besides that stinky nair?
    4 Style 81
  201. How much does itcost for a nose piercing on average just a stud?
    How much on average does it cost to get a silver ball pierced in the side of my nose.
    3 Style 96
  202. what would hit the ground first
    if a bowling ball and a feather were dropped from the empire state building which would hit the ground first
    11 Science 87
  203. How hard do infielders throw?
    When a ball is hit to short stop or third base, how fast, in mph will the ball be thrown to first? everyone talks about how hard pitchers throw but I have to assume short stops and third basemen have to be throwing around 70 mph. Does anyone know?
    2 Sports 67
  204. Men Thoughts?
    Hey, I was wondering if a man cuts off his balls will he become asexual, or will he still have sexual thoughts? Just wondering.
    3 Sex 55
  205. I have a bump on my vigina and it itches...Is that normal
    That's right its just a little red ball above my vagina and it itches really bady...Is that normal???
    4 Health 1132
  206. Blood clots
    Are blood clots the size of a golf ball normal.I pass them at least seven times a day
    2 Health 134
  207. healing
    I got my tongue pierced last Saturday. The ball has left an indention/hole at the top of my tongue is this normal?
    3 Style 43
  208. How much do snakes cost?
    I want to buy a piebald ball python but i have noooo idea where to buy one or how much it will cost. Any ideas?
    3 Pets 34
  209. Why is one Testicle longer then the other???
    I want to no when my balls drop one is always a little bit lowwer then the other help
    6 General 99
  210. Monroe Piercing
    Okiies, so look. I have 5 piercings already on my face. So I thought, hey, I'll get something different & get a monroe done. Well, I got the redness, I got the white skin underneath in my mouth. I got all the normal symptoms. But one thing . . My mouth...
    5 Style 111
  211. Physical science
    What do you think the answer is? I know it do you? A bowler lifts her bowling ball a distance of 0.5 meters using 35 joules of energy. If, on earth, a 1.0 kilogram mass weighs 9.8 newtons, the mass of the bowling ball used by this bowler is about:
    2 Science 171
  212. How do you spike the volleyball?
    I can do anything eles but yet not spike the ball, i set, bump, and serve like a beast but i just cant spike
    3 Sports 17
  213. Volleyball serve
    My overhand serve (in volleyball) is horrible. I through the ball up in the air hit it, but it slams to the ground too soon. Whats wrong with my serve?
    3 Sports 24
  214. When should a male lab drop his testicals?
    He is 6 months old and doesnt have his balls yet and I just wondered if this was normal.
    3 Pets 64
  215. Possible for a neutered shihtzu to get another one pregnant?
    Is it possible for a neutered Shih tzu, who's ball did not drop, get a female Shih Tzu pregnant?
    2 Pets 33
  216. Football qb
    I play football and im mostly always a pocket thrower I usually dont run the ball but only when I see a chance or I have too. Does anyone know any special tips on how to run the ball. I cant run that much know because of my bad knee (I dislocated my k...
    2 Sports 31
  217. How do I play with my old dog
    my old dog can get wild but I dont know how to play with her. She does not fetch balls or play tug or anything puppys do.
    6 Pets 110
  218. How can I take out my anger?
    How can I take out my anger? I tried a punching bag and broke it. I tried a stress ball and broke it. I tried to talk to somebody and that did not help either.
    6 Health 16
  219. Awesome Riddle
    You are stuck in a room with no windows or doors. the walls are unbreakable. All you have is a baseball ball and a baseball bat. How do you get out?
    3 General 75
  220. whats the wierdest dream you've ever had?
    whats the wierdest dream you've ever had? lol mine was that I was delivering cheese balls to china??? WTF! lol
    11 General 43
  221. Is my dog going to be OK after eating clay?
    My dog ate a Huge ball of Crayola Model Magic Clay. Is he going to be alright?!?!?!?!?
    4 Pets 2062
  222. Hood Piercing ?!
    Why do people do that ?? I dont get it. Doesnt it hurt?? And what's the peircing called when guys peirce they're balls?
    2 Style 74
  223. How can I remove the smell from a mothball
    My mother (who has dementia) poured nearly an entire box of moth balls into a heating duct. we only have a small crawl space under our house and there is no way anyone can get back to the area to remove the duct work. My father used the shop vac and r...
    5 Homegarden 204
  224. Why is it so hard to get my lip ring out?
    I've tried so many times to get my lip ring..out and the ball won't screw that good or bad..?
    7 Style 122
  225. help! my yorkie has developed a lump...
    in the space between his balls and his anus any ideas on what it can be or if its really serious I relly need to no this is my baby :/
    10 Pets 353
  226. What are some good themes for a scene/emo sweet sixteen party?
    i was thinking zombie ball, but i would like some input and ideas on other themes.
    8 Entertainment 306
  227. How serious is it to get an operation for my boy's testicles?
    how serious is it to have my little boys balls droped, by the looks of it they are stuck up in his belly, im very scared about this,
    7 Health 242
  228. What do you think of my song?
    I wrote this song! It goes to the tune of do your ears hang low... Do your balls hang low do they wobble to and fro and that's all I got. Any ideas?
    2 Music 87
  229. how much should I charge?
    how much would you pay for 10 hockey sticks 10 hockey balls 2 training ladders & 50 cones
    5 Shopping 13
  230. Animtion Programs?
    What's a good animation program?Like something that is similar to the anime series like Dragon Ball Z something that is like that good,I need it for a project.
    2 Technology 11
  231. Dog poop
    my puppy is only a week old and when he poops it comes out mostly in like these lil balls and he only drinks formula is this normal?
    3 Pets 17
  232. Why is four called in golf?
    Golfer shout four when a golf ball is heading in the direction of people, I would like to know why this number is called
    4 Sports 81
  233. Why won't Omega fight in FF12?
    I found him but he"s curled up in a ball that mimics are and wont let me exzamin him please tell me why this is happining
    4 Gaming 62
  234. Why dugouts?
    Any idea why baseball uses a dugout? I mean obviously it is for safety when a foul ball is hit but why not just a fence? And how did it ever get started?
    3 Sports 61
  235. what positen should I play in football
    im 5"6 when I put my mind to it I can run fast I can catch the football ok I can also run the ball ok
    5 Sports 21
  236. Underarm hair!!!
    Ok so I use Nair for my legs/underarms and bikini line and it works great and leaves my skin perfectly smooth. BUT I have an issue. My underarm hair starts showing faster than my leg hair. I hate the fact that my underarms start getting hair back a few...
    4 Style 186
  237. How do I know if my dog is blind in one eye?
    I was playing fetch with my dog, and when I thew the ball, it hit his eye.The ball has little rubber spikes on the end of it, and once it hit him, he started to squeal.His eye went shut for a few minuets, then I opened up again.Every here and there he ...
    5 Pets 167
  238. Why is my skin down there peeling off?
    I dont no why but all of the skin on my balls and p*nis is peeling of I something rong with me please help o ya and im 14
    5 Health 196
  239. Why is it when something hits your head, you see white below your eyes?
    I got hit with a soccer ball today (on my forehead) and I blinked and saw white like below my eyes...
    2 Health 59
  240. how do I take out my bellybar?
    I can't take out my belly bar, I've had it pierced for several months now and just can unscrew the top ball? I dont know what to do? any suggestions?
    4 Style 137
  241. Where to download this song?
    I cant find a website that has the song "DEAD BABY KICK BALL" on it. Help me!!! And im not going to use limewire.
    2 Music 12
  242. Mean neighbors
    Well we have mean neighbors and well they get mad because we step on their yard to get a ball or something I mean what should I do we want to do something at night time but with out them knowing is us!!what should I do???
    2 Homegarden 26
  243. How badly does it really hurt to get hit in the nuts?
    When a guy gets kicked in the balls Does it hurt as much as they make it seem? Sorry its so random.
    14 Health 87
  244. Horrid sharp pain in the lower right side of my stomach
    I just got this horrid sharp pain in the lower right side of my stomach..I have to curl in a ball to weaken the pain...agh, please help!
    6 Health 248
  245. Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat
    My cat was accidentaly locked in a shed for three days with moth balls that were placed there to kill mice. Now he reeks! How do I get the smell off of him?
    3 Pets 27
  246. Does masturbation make you sterile?
    ok one does jackin off a lot really make you sterile??? and two, one of my balls is bigger than the other I know its not normal but am I all good down there still???
    3 Sex 69
  247. How can I get mi lip ring out?
    I have mi lip pierced a few days ago and I had a stud ball lip ring and that came out so then I decided to put a different lip ring in and I did and now it wont unscrew
    3 Style 210
  248. Pubic Hair Removal Quesiton.
    I am a 14 year old girl and I want to get rid of it all. I don't want to wax because that's a lot of money and hurts real bad. So what is the best way to get rid of it? Smooth Away? Veet? Nair? Shaving? Oh, and how do you use Veet and Nair? Should ...
    8 Style 158
  249. What is making my laundry all fuzzy?
    I am having a bit of trouble with my laundry... I admit I haven't been doing my own for very long but I live with my dad so it's up to me :P What could it be that is making my laundry have fuzz balls all over, and what can I do to make it stop?
    2 Homegarden 181
  250. So how much is actually taken out of a paycheck for taxes?
    So how much is actually taken out of a paycheck for taxes? Federal-? Social security-? If its an estimate I just need ball park figure. Thanks, D
    3 Money 80