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  1. Can nails grow while nail polish is on them?
    4 Style 38
  2. what designs should I do on my nails?
    what designs should I do on my nails?
    2 Style 54
  3. how do i get off nail polish that is on my nails and doesnt come off with nail polish remover?
    12 Style 42
  4. how to do nail art?
    4 Style 47
  5. Can you use acrylic nail remover as nail polish remover ?
    3 Style 33
  6. How to you get nail polish off that's stuck underneath your nail?
    4 Style 28
  7. How much does a nail art machine cost and is it as good on nails as normal nail art people do?
    2 Style 15
  8. How and where do you equip emulators on the psp?
    How and where do you equip emulators on the psp?
    2 Gaming 21
  9. How do I shape my nails?
    how do I cut my nails to shape?
    2 Style 34
  10. How can I stop biting my nails?
    how can I stop biting my nails?
    9 Style 52
  11. Nail Color?
    What color should I paint my nails?
    3 Style 30
  12. How can I make my nails grow?
    How can I make my nails grow?
    2 Style 38
  13. Can you put acrylic nail stuff on plain nails without a fake nail to help the nail polish last longer?
    or will it be bad for the nails?
    3 Style 46
  14. What are UV Gel nails?
    5 Style 68
  15. What is your favorite nail design(s)?
    7 Style 29
  16. Does it hurt to get fake nails put on at the salon?
    8 Style 43
  17. What to do when your dog's nail is bleeding?
    2 Pets 22
  18. Does wearing colored nail polish slow nail growth?
    4 Style 44
  19. Do toe nails actually grow slower than finger nails and if so why?
    6 Style 35
  20. How fast do your nails grow when you put on Sally Hansen's nail growth miracle nail polish on?
    4 Style 25
  21. Is biting your nails bad for you?
    21 Style 36
  22. Who invented nail polish?
    4 Style 43
  23. When doing my acrylic nails myself, can I take a shower the same day or will it ruin my nails?
    4 Style 514
  24. Does dark blue nail polish look good with pink nail polish?
    7 Style 20
  25. How to get nail polish out of the carpet?
    How to get nail polish out of the carpet?
    4 Homegarden 59
  26. Do you guys like fake nails?
    Do you guys like fake nails?
    10 Style 126
  27. Who supplies homer simpson with donuts?
    Who supplies homer simpson with donuts?
    3 Entertainment 79
  28. How do you make nails grow pretty?
    How do you make your nails grow pretty
    2 Style 33
  29. Why are dog booties required equipment?
    Why are dog booties required equipment?
    2 Pets 99
  30. How can I be a wholesale distibutor of miyuki beads?
    How can I be a wholesale distibutor of miyuki beads?
    2 General 41
  31. How can I get beautiful long nails?
    How can I get beautiful long nails?
    7 Style 38
  32. What are some good nail polish colors?
    What are some good nail polish colors?
    5 Style 32
  33. How can I stop chewing my nails?
    How do you stop the habit of chewing your nails?
    4 Style 51
  34. Asian nail salons?
    How come every time you go to a nail salon the people who do your nails are always asian???
    6 Style 45
  35. Are acrylic nails/tips bad for your nails?
    6 Style 43
  36. How to prevent your nails from breaking or chipping?
    3 Style 32
  37. How do you put on crackle nail polish?
    13 Style 59
  38. What are the white half-moons at the bottoms of your nails and why dont they grow with your nails?
    4 Health 19
  39. What skills and equipment were needed to be in the crusades?
    3 Religion 90
  40. Why are there bumps on my nails and how do I get rid of them?
    3 Style 159
  41. What should I do if I got nail polish in my hair?
    3 Style 98
  42. How long do fake nails last for?
    4 Style 34
  43. Can you tattoo your finger nail?
    3 Style 23
  44. What are different designs you could do on your nails?
    12 Style 18
  45. Should I do these nails for my first day of school?
    18 Style 26
  46. Is there a way to prevent ingrown nails?
    7 Style 14
  47. What's the difference between acrylic and gel nails?
    3 Style 78
  48. Must nail polish color and toe nails match?
    In wearing nail polish, must the color of your fingernails be the same with the color of your toes? :) just asking...
    7 Style 57
  49. When cutting your toe nails do you smell your toe nail?
    Yes or No. Please be honest, there is people who said yes.
    22 Style 36
  50. Why does my nail under my acrylic nail still hurt after all day (i ripped at it when trying on shoes) its so sore & hurts.
    5 Style 89
  51. Do your nails grow slower if you have fake nails glued on?
    What's an easy way to get them to come off?
    10 Style 96
  52. how do you get nail polish off of clothes without nail polish remover?
    my sister is throwing a fit
    3 Homegarden 31
  53. Nail polish bubbles
    Why do I get little bubbles under my nail polish?
    3 Style 79
  54. How remove old nail polish from the carpet?
    How remove old nail polish from the carpet?
    2 Homegarden 25
  55. Ridges in my nails
    I have rigdes in my nails. how can I get rid of that.
    3 Style 36
  56. What is a cool color to paint your nails
    What is a cool color to paint your nails, that is noticable???
    12 Style 75
  57. What kind of gel nail design should I get?
    What kind of gel nail design should I get?
    3 Style 23
  58. Usual supplies for a public high school ?
    What is the usual supplies for a public high school ??
    3 Education 39
  59. How Can You Get Nail Polish Out Of Clothes
    Ugh How Can You Get Nail Polish Out Of Clothes
    2 Homegarden 51
  60. What is a way for me to stop biting my nails ?
    What is a way for me to stop bitting my nails
    7 Style 34
  61. grow nails faster
    how 2 grow nails big faster
    4 Style 36
  62. Help ! My toes nails are dropping !
    Hello. My toes nails are dropping ! What can I do ?
    4 Health 14
  63. How do you wear contacts with long or fake nails?
    How do you wear contacts with long or fake nails?
    5 Style 162
  64. Who else likes going to tanning salons?
    Who else likes going to tanning salons ? =)
    4 Style 21
  65. nails
    I've been biting my nails do I stop?
    5 General 41
  66. Substitue for nail polish remover?
    I am out of nail polish remover, what will do the triicckk :)
    5 Style 54
  67. Nail Polish In Eyes
    How do you get nail polish out of your eye safely?
    4 Health 194
  68. Cheap salons or expensive salons for hair color?
    Which Salon would no how to do Scene hair/color dyeing/Hair exstensions?
    3 Style 10
  69. How do you make a cute nail designs at home?
    6 Style 24
  70. New Fitness Equipment -The GlideCycle
    What do you think of the GlideCycle?
    2 Nutritionfitness 23
  71. Are the chemicals in nail polish bad for you to smell?
    5 Health 31
  72. how do I keep my glued on nails longer?
    they keep falling off.
    6 Style 47
  73. Does anyone use NYC nail polish?
    7 Style 17
  74. What makes you go to a particular hair salon and why?
    5 Style 36
  75. What's the best crackle nail polish color?
    8 Style 11
  76. Why are the tips of people's nails white on some people and not others?
    3 Style 41
  77. What are some things I can do to prevent my nails from breaking on the sides?
    7 Style 32
  78. What's a good website to buy hockey equipment?
    3 Shopping 12
  79. How can you keep finger nails from splitting down the middle?
    6 Style 54
  80. How can I stop picking the skin around my nails?
    6 Health 40
  81. Why do my nails always flake and peel back?
    3 Style 47
  82. Does biting your nails and swallowing them make you a cannibal?
    11 General 106
  83. Why is it you just feel so much more pretty with painted nails?
    14 Style 64
  84. what are the best ? blonde or brown ? what is the best nail colour ?
    12 Style 35
  85. Lifetime Supply...
    If you could have a lifetime of anything, what would it be and why ??
    6 General 55
  86. What is the safest way to cut my cat's nails?
    5 Pets 16
  87. What are some summer colors for clothing and nail polish?
    12 Style 30
  88. How to light a room to photograph a model when you don't have equipment?
    5 Literature 11
  89. What colors should I paint my nails to impress a guy?
    10 Style 145
  90. How can you get your nails wet with nail decals on without ruining them?
    or will it just like fade away or stratch off or something when i get my nails wet.
    2 Style 25
  91. Should I paint my nails dark purple or lime green?
    Should I paint my nails dark purple or lime green???
    3 Style 17
  92. How do I fix an ingrown toe nail?
    My toe nail grows weird.
    4 Health 43
  93. How to get used to fake nails?
    & how can I get nail polish off easier?
    4 Style 348
  94. Acrylic nail ideas
    Ok so I need ideas for acrylic nails..
    3 Style 63
  95. How can I get schools in ohio to supply nutritious lunches?
    How can I get schools in ohio to supply nutritious lunches?
    2 Education 26
  96. What funky color should I paint my nails?
    What funky color should I paint my nails??? No special occasion...
    11 Style 28
  97. Nail growth?
    What can make my nails grow longer or faster?
    4 Style 23
  98. Cute way to paint your nails?
    Any ideas for a cute/creative/funky way to paint your nails?
    43 Style 254
  99. What is the difference between nail polish and nail enamel?
    I usually use nail polish, but I recently bought a bottle of nail enamel cause it was cheaper than the nail polish that the store had. Is there even a difference?
    2 Style 55
  100. Glue on Nails
    any glue on nails that stay on well but don't leave your nails damaged after taking them off?
    2 Style 53
  101. Fake nail glue
    My daughter just ran out of nail glue for her fake nails is there a way she can make more?
    2 Style 88
  102. What shall i study if i want to open A beauty salon ?
    6 Money 38
  103. Do black painted toe nails look bad?
    11 Style 25
  104. What is a good product to put on your nails to keep them from breaking?
    8 Style 72
  105. How can you tell if someone's nails are fake if they don't have a French manicure?
    6 Style 70
  106. What are some ways to make nail polish dry faster?
    7 Style 29
  107. Do you prefer OPI or China Glaze nail polish?
    2 Style 11
  108. How can I get my acrylic nails to stay on without breaking off?
    5 Style 26
  109. What is the name of the colour that Dulcecandy87 has on her nails? (see photo)
    3 Style 8
  110. how to get finger nail polish to stay on longer?
    6 Style 39
  111. Do your nails grow from the top white part and out or from the bottom and up?
    5 Style 199
  112. Who do my fingers always get itchy when I get my nails done?
    3 Style 64
  113. Do you use cuticle cream when wearing nail polish?
    5 Style 6
  114. Can an LED light cure gel nails?
    or does it have to be a uv light?
    2 Style 21
  115. What can cause your finger nails to turn a shade of yellow?
    6 Style 24
  116. how well do those press on nail colors actually work?
    2 Style 43
  117. What nutrients make your nails grow quicker and healthier?
    9 Style 50
  118. Is it weird that I like school supplies shopping?
    5 Shopping 59
  119. What is the white part that can grow in your nails?
    Is it bad? and how does it form?
    6 Style 14
  120. Why is the top part of your nail white and the rest is clear?
    2 Style 29
  121. What's a website to find ghost hunting equipment?
    what is a website that has a good variety of ghost hunting equipment?
    3 Technology 35
  122. Homemade Nail polish remover
    Can you make home made nail polish remover?
    3 Style 68
  123. Nail Growth
    how do I make my nails grow longer, faster, and stronger?
    3 Style 25
  124. White things on my nails don't know what they are?
    I have white things on my nails and I dont no what they are can you help me please???
    6 Style 37
  125. Removing Nail Varnish From Clothes/Bedsheets
    Does anyone know any products that Remove Nail Varnish From Clothes/Bedsheets??
    2 Homegarden 37
  126. How do I hide my nails from my mom ?
    I need to hide my nails form my mom because she doesnt let me have them , how do I do it ?
    7 Family 1264
  127. Weird to want do the hair, makeup, and nails of a dead person?
    Is it weird to want do the hair, makeup, and nails of a dead person???
    4 Style 39
  128. Acrylic nails ruin nails?
    I get my nails done regulay and im just wondering is it just my nails or does anyone else have really bad nails after they have had acrylic? Mine all peel ? X
    4 Style 77
  129. Removing Fake Nails
    Recently, I just bought some fake nails. How do you remove fake nails? And can you use them again after the first time?
    2 Style 65
  130. nail tips
    when you get crystal nail tips. how do you remove them yourself without hurting or ripping your own nail off???
    4 Style 24
  131. What nail polish goes best with light fair skin?
    12 Style 27
  132. What are some good IN & OUT salon treatments for your hair?
    For dry,damaged hair..
    2 Style 21
  133. how can I die my hair without going to a salon
    what can I do to make my hair blonde
    2 Style 97
  134. What can I do to get nail polish off my hands?
    spilt polish ALL over my hands...need to know how to get them off
    4 Style 32
  135. Is it bad to keep nail polish in a purse, like, if it breaks?
    8 Style 15
  136. Do the Kiss Curve Overlap fake nails work fine?
    4 Style 15
  137. Why do some people have milky colored nails?
    they did paint them they're natural
    4 Style 49
  138. How can you get rid of habits like biting your nails, or biting your lip?
    9 Health 61
  139. How can I get my nail polish to last longer?
    it comes off so quickly?
    12 Style 28
  140. What are some good color combos I can get to do a base color and crackle for my nail color?
    6 Style 14
  141. Is it bad to get your nails done while your pregnant?
    is the smell bad for the baby??
    6 Health 18
  142. What is the cause of white spots on nails and how would you get rid of them?
    12 Style 41
  143. Why do you have to take off your nail polish when you get your wisdom teeth taken out?
    4 Health 87
  144. does it make you fake if you have extensions,fake nails,fake eyelashes,and colored contacts?
    6 Style 68
  145. What is the difference between nail varnish and nail polish?
    I always thought they were the same thing and that english people said varnish and american's say polish, but now im not sure.
    5 Style 75
  146. Can I work at a hair salon while I'm in high school?
    how old do you have to be?
    5 Money 33
  147. Why do my finger nails get BLUE AND PURPLE color sometimes?
    7 Health 63
  148. French Tip nails.
    what do you use to get a perfect straight french tip ?? any tips
    3 Style 104
  149. Is it bad for your nails to pick/peel them?
    instead of clipping them with fingernail clippers?
    6 Style 40
  150. Is there any way to prolong nail polish from chipping off?
    5 Style 34
  151. Why does nail polish make nails yellow?
    If you paint your nails too often it make the nail a yellowy, orangey color. Why is that? And like how often do you have to paint them will they turn to that color? Also can you keep nail polish on for a long time without painting them, will they wreck...
    2 Style 44
  152. How do I cut my rabbits nails ?
    I have had my rabbit for a few months now and his nails are starting to get long. Shall I cut them myself and if so how?
    2 Pets 39
  153. Painting Nails
    What are some cool ways to paint my fingure nails for the first day of school ?
    4 Style 24
  154. Help! Nail probs!!!
    I chew my nails and I want to quit. Got any tips ?
    6 Style 13
  155. What equipment is required for XBox Live?
    what type of equipment(sp) do you need to play xbox live?
    5 Gaming 30
  156. Home remedies for nail growth?
    How to make weak nails stronger and longer?
    7 Style 42
  157. Why are my nails purple?
    Just for additional info, I never paint my nails( tomboy lol)
    9 Style 20
  158. Draw tattos in pen on my ankle and colour it in with nail varnish
    I draw tattos in pen on my ankle and colour it in with nail varnish can it damage me?
    5 Style 27
  159. Where can I get oluminus yellow nail polish?
    does anybody know were id get oluminus yellow nail polish ??
    3 Shopping 12
  160. What color of shellac nail polish should I get tomorrow?
    Love getting my nails done:)
    8 Style 15
  161. Acrylic or gel nails?
    What do you think are the best nails to get when you need them done ?
    5 Style 60
  162. Do fake nails really damage your real nails?
    I want to buy some fake nails because my real nails have broken and it feels weird, I've heard from many people that it damages your real nails and you shouldn't get them. Is it true?
    4 Style 75
  163. Nail polish
    Is there color changing nail polish? Like mood rings but in nail polish form? If so, where can I get it?
    4 Style 38
  164. Do you get paid for modeling for a salon?
    There's a salon nearby who wants people to model their hairstyles. I want to do it and I was wondering if people get paid for modeling for a salon?
    5 Money 12
  165. Unscented nail polish
    My dog hates the smell of nail polish and he won't let me paint his nails. Where can I buy unscented nail polish?
    5 Style 122
  166. Can you still tie balloons with acrylic nails?
    i have some on but just want to know can you still do it yes or no?
    7 Style 662
  167. How can i convince my mom to let me get fake nails? and about how much do they cost???
    2 Family 369
  168. Is the Katy Perry black shatter OPI nail polish out in Canada?
    4 Style 38
  169. What brand of nail polish doesn't clump while putting on the second coat?
    8 Style 22
  170. What is the best way to cut your toe nail so that it doesn't dig into your skin?
    5 Health 91
  171. How do I get fake nails to stay on longer?
    7 Style 122
  172. How does the Instant Nail Effects from Barry M Haul work?
    5 Style 30
  173. Tanning salon
    can you go in twice a day?- if so how long will you go for on like each time? (=
    2 Style 33
  174. what are some cute designs to draw on your fingernails with one of those nail art pens?
    14 Style 58
  175. Does homeowners insurance cover main water supply pipes? What about renter's insurance?
    2 Homegarden 29
  176. Can I trust heat products from Sally's Beauty Supply Store?
    4 Style 40
  177. What website can I go to to get the blue book value of lawn equipment?
    4 Homegarden 17
  178. How do you stop your nail-beds from splitting and the skin peeling (very painful!)?
    4 Style 54
  179. Would minx nails damage your real nails?
    I think it looks gorgeous but I know you have to get it done professionally which I'm considering it just depends if it damages your real nails. If it does then I don't think I'll do it. Thank you.
    6 Style 54
  180. How do you get nail glue off of a hard surface?
    i accidently got nail glue on my laptop? oops
    3 Homegarden 27
  181. Rid of nail varnish
    How can I remove pink nail varnish from my brown choclate suite ty
    2 Homegarden 37
  182. How to get nail polish out of school cloths
    These are my only pair of school pants and now I have ruent then hot do you get nail polish out of school cloths
    2 Style 13
  183. Whats your favorite colour of nail polish?
    What is your favorite colour of nail polish?? I like this sparkely purple and blue!
    9 Style 37
  184. Does Acrylic mess up you nail?
    Ok I want to know when you get your nails done with acrylic does it mess your real nail up...if soo what does it do?
    4 Style 51
  185. Yellow nails due to nail polish
    My nails are slightly yellowed due to my wearing of nail polish without much of a break. Anything I can do or any kind of home remedies that can help me remove the yellowness? Or any other advice in general? Advice much appreciated! Thanks! (:
    4 Style 60
  186. Do a lot of girls wear fake nails, acrylic, or the plastic ones at stores?
    4 Style 26
  187. Does all the hi-tech equipment used on the CSI series actually exist?
    7 Science 69
  188. How do I get nail polish and sweaty armpit stains out of a white t-shirt?
    4 Style 51
  189. What are some types of equipment that forensic scientists at crime labs use to analyze evidence?
    2 Science 41
  190. What would be a good name for a salon that we are opening in January?
    nothing too funny but nothing to serious?
    6 Style 17
  191. Removing store bought glue on nails
    How in the crap do I get these darn things off???
    4 Style 640
  192. How do you get dried, black nail polish out of light-coloured shirts?
    4 Homegarden 39
  193. how do I let my nails grow when I keep chewing on them?
    how do I let my nails grow I want to know how but I have a really bad habit on chewing on them???
    3 Style 12
  194. Nail polish color
    What nail polish color would go well with an electric blue evening dress??
    5 Style 57
  195. Stronger Finger Nails
    How can I make my finger nails stronger, because I have been growing them and they keep on chipping, breaking and peeling and are very weak.
    3 Style 53
  196. where some-one can buy supplies for Wiccian in Brisbane
    Hey I was wondering where some-one can buy supplies for Wiccian in Brisbane. And any clans? xo
    2 Religion 39
  197. How nail gun is different from other power hand tools?
    Lets know nail gun in details with all its secrets.
    8 Homegarden 40
  198. Nail polish color
    I'm wearing an ivory dress on my prom, and silver shoes. What color nail polish should I wear
    9 Style 64
  199. How can I get my nails white again?
    Please send an answer if you can help me. I want my nails to look natural.
    6 Style 70
  200. What are some standard medical supplies that are good to have?
    what are some standard medical supplies you should keep in your house in case of injury?(not including medicine)
    2 Health 44
  201. How to I get my long nails back?
    I am an expert on beauty, but I never know about nails. My nails keeps on getting short, I want them to get long. How do I do that then??
    4 Style 27
  202. Nails painted black
    I like to paint my nails black but my mom keeps trying to convince me that its gay but black is not a gay color is it ok for me to paint my nails black
    5 Style 88
  203. Nail polish brand recommendations
    Is opi really the best brand of nail polish out there? Anyone knows about voxy? Or any other good brands of nail polishes to recommend?
    3 Style 24
  204. How many people go crazy over painted nails?
    How many girls love boys nails painted? boys love girls nails painted? or anyone who loves it on anyone else?
    8 Style 39
  205. Can financial aid really help pay for school supplies including gas and food?
    4 Money 14
  206. Why is a glass nail file better than an ordinary one?
    I heard they were better for your nails so I got one and it does feel kinder to my nails compared to a normal one. But why is this?
    9 Style 40
  207. What color of nail polish for a french tip would look good with a blue jewel?
    5 Style 31
  208. Where can I buy some things that make doing nails easier?
    such as things to make dots look better and those thin brushes?
    5 Style 23
  209. Would it be the same thing to mix paint with clear nailpolish so it would be like regular nail polish?
    3 Style 21
  210. White Nail Polish?
    Is it just me or have more and more poeple bin wearing WHITE nail polish! Growing trend or Fashion DONT ?? you tell me!!
    11 Style 46
  211. how can i cut my doggies nails without hurting him or without buying that little thing that spins and files them?
    14 Pets 44
  212. Would it look stupid if I did the newspaper nail art with a light blue polish on the bottom?
    8 Style 11
  213. Dazzling Nails
    What Are Your Fav Nailpolish Colour? Guys Answer Too, What Colour Do you Like Best On Girls? :)
    12 Style 25
  214. how many times you need to go to the tanning salon
    does anyone know how many times you need to go to the tanning salon before it starts to make a difference?
    3 Style 87
  215. what colour should i paint my nails?
    i have my confirmation tomorrow and i have a white and black dress .. what colour would go with that
    14 Style 40
  216. Is it normal to feel like my acrylic nails are going to fall off?
    how long do/should they stay on?
    4 Style 527
  217. how old do you have to be to get your nails done by professionals??
    how old do you have to be to get your nails done by professionals, im 13 and my mom said im still too young
    6 Style 145
  218. Travel equipement for horses
    What is all of the travel equipement needed for a horse to travel? And where can I get it from? (I heard of nag rags but when I looked there wasnt any boots!)
    2 Pets 43
  219. What are some good ideas to stop my 9 year-old boy from biting his nails?
    21 Babies 45
  220. When you are fingering a girl, does it hurt if you have long nails?
    not long long nails I mean of course it is going to hurt. But with short nails I still think it can hurt a lot.
    6 Relationships 266
  221. What colors would be pretty on my nails?
    So, I wanna know what colors would be nice with each other. Please answer and Thank you.
    2 Style 10
  222. Do I really need a clear coat/top coat when making nail art?
    what's so important about putting on top coat when making nail art? do i need to put on top coat?
    5 Style 6
  223. What drawing supplies do you recommend?
    I don't have many good inking pens, and the colored pencils I draw with aren't that good :( Which do you recommend?
    2 Shopping 18
  224. zebra nails
    I really want some fake zebra nails, but cant find them anywhere! does anybody know where I can get them?!?!
    6 Style 42
  225. Nail Polish 4 Pale Skin?!?
    like, do pale people have to wear washed out colours only :/ ??
    4 Style 38
  226. Is it ok to take prenatal vitamins without being pregnant for hair, skin, and nail reasons?
    3 Health 11
  227. does vitamin e help hair and nails grow?
    I seen something about vitamin e helped nails and hair grow anybody know if true or not?
    2 Style 62
  228. Does acetone take off fake or acrylic nails?
    if so can you please give me a good accetone to buy.
    4 Style 23
  229. Should I make Pokemon nails or different colored zebra stripes?
    8 Style 25
  230. Prom, stop biting nails?
    I have an end of year Prom coming up and I am addicted to picking my nails, but I want to grow them for the Prom, can you help me?
    5 Style 98
  231. What are some drugstore coral nail polishes?
    Please tell me name, and brand if possible: price and number of nail polish bottle
    4 Sex 7
  232. Why do I want to paint my nails if im a boy?
    Well im 18 years old. I always want my nails painted but am too scared to do them. (black) what should I do?
    6 Style 120
  233. How do I clip a dog's nails?
    How do I clip a dogs nails without hurting him. I always am afraid to sooo yh... a little help please!!!
    5 Pets 38
  234. my nails need to grow
    how can I make my nails grow longer? likee they aren't super short but whenever they start to grow they break!!
    4 Style 24
  235. Will a salon be able to take me from brunette to blonde?
    i am brunette just now but really want to go blonde if i go to the salon will they do it in one go without having to go thriugh highlights
    3 Style 31
  236. Biteing finger nail too short
    Ok well I bite my nails and I bit one too short and it hurts is there any way to make it stop hurting
    4 Style 61
  237. Why is the power supply in a computer still dangerous even if it has no source of current?
    I was taking apart a computer. I opened up the power supply and I was told off because it was Dangerous.
    2 Technology 10
  238. What else can I use to take off nail polish?
    besides painting over it w/another cat then wiping it off if i dont have any nail polish remover?
    3 Style 62
  239. Nail polish color
    I have wedding to day my dress , is a shade of green and gold my shoes and bag are gold , what nail polish color should I put on?
    2 Style 41
  240. Where could I find party supplies to make a nightclub theme?
    like strobe lights etc?
    4 Shopping 14
  241. Would it hurt if i put nail varnish on my hair to try and get hairspray out?
    would it help and would it work ?
    6 Style 17
  242. what is the most ideal equipment for large stone crushing factory and mining industry?
    Hydraulic cone crusher
    4 General 23
  243. how do i get the ramains of acrylic nails off?
    they already fell of but theres like glue and some acrylic still left.
    5 Style 23
  244. Where is the cheapest place to buy Katy Perry's black shatter OPI nail polish in Canada?
    4 Shopping 48
  245. How do I get my nails to grow?
    whenever they grow they get really fragile and break grrr what can I do to make them grow and stay strong??
    5 Style 58
  246. Nail Biter
    I have a really bad habit of biting my nails...sometimes I just randomly find myself biting my nails...they are very short, but I want them to be long...How do I prevent nail biting, or at least stop it?
    3 Style 22
  247. Why does my nail polish have to come off so easily?
    Everytime I use black nail polish, it chips off so easily, I have to paint my nails like everyday? Then a day after it's chipping off! Why the helll does this happen?
    7 Style 183
  248. When did people start wearing nail polish?
    when did people start wearing nail polish? and why? if you think about it it's a very weird concept. but don't get me wrong, I like it, I just want to know.
    4 Style 76
  249. How to make nails grow fater
    How do I make my nails grow faster? I'v seen an ad for like, a pill or somthing that you eat... But ewww...
    4 Style 20
  250. How do you get your nails to grow?
    How do you get your nails to grow 1/2 inch in like a week. I know it seems impossible but there has 2 b a way.
    8 Style 55