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  1. What are you guys getting your father's for father's day?
    7 Relationships 14
  2. What are you guys getting for your father for Father's Day?
    22 Family 29
  3. Should I tell my daughter's biological father that he is her father?
    12 Family 49
  4. What's your father's name?
    what is your father name. my father is name faryab
    9 Family 69
  5. How do you say father in scottish?
    How do you say father in scottish?
    2 Family 81
  6. Who was known as father of the constitution?
    Who was known as father of the constitution?
    2 Family 17
  7. How to deal with a father who is controlling?
    7 Family 54
  8. How can I get my father's attention?
    9 Family 61
  9. Is it normal to be attracted to your father?
    is it normal to be sexually attracted to your father
    14 Sex 441
  10. Any ideas for Fathers' Day gifts?
    Any ideas for Fathers' Day gifts?
    2 Family 21
  11. Who is the real father in the movie "Taken"?
    And what other movies are he in?
    5 Entertainment 31
  12. What are some nice songs to dedicate to your father?
    13 Music 28
  13. What are some FUNNY fathers day poems i could recite or email to my dad on Fathers day???
    4 Family 18
  14. Do father cats eat their babies?
    5 Pets 50
  15. What can I give my husband for father's day?
    24 Shopping 28
  16. Who do you look alike more your father or your mother.
    Who do you look alike more your father or your mother, me I have the same face of my mother and you who do you alike more.
    10 Family 128
  17. How to avoid conversation with my father?
    how to avoid conversation with your father with not hurting his fellings
    2 Family 10
  18. Is Darth Vader really Luke's father?
    7 Entertainment 29
  19. How do I get my daughter's father to spend more time with her?
    2 Family 5
  20. How do you convince a father to let you date his daughter?
    4 Family 62
  21. My father doesn't want me
    omg my father doesnt want me wht do I do???
    4 Family 13
  22. How would you celebrate a birthday that falls on Father's Day?
    13 Entertainment 64
  23. Why do we have Mother's and Father's day?
    like who made those days why do we have them? is there a reason?
    4 Family 15
  24. I'm a father at 13, what should I do?
    I got a kide and im 13...what should I do
    25 Health 49
  25. What are some really good father-daughter songs?
    19 Music 63
  26. searching for my father
    how can I find my father Craig Goodfella in the British Force?
    2 Family 25
  27. should the mother of a child have more rights than the father simply because she gave birth?
    19 Family 67
  28. Why is it that fathers weren't allowed in the delivery room with the mother of the child?
    15 Health 717
  29. What makes a father or mother [parents in general] sorry and useless to you ??
    2 Family 11
  30. Mother or Father.
    Which parent do you like the best Mom or Dad or like them both?
    3 Family 16
  31. having a baby without the father knowing
    what are some of the pros and cons of having a secret baby
    5 Health 54
  32. Father strugiling help!!
    Im a new father and strugling to pay the bills what should I do??
    5 Money 10
  33. Are you a stay at home father or mother
    My wife works and I stay home with our daughter, How about you? And if so what do you love about it?
    3 Family 10
  34. What is your favorite name for God (Yaweh, Jehovah, Father, etc.)?
    I think my favorite is Yaweh (:
    29 Religion 41
  35. What Do I Do If I Am Pregnant, The "to-be" Father Wants Me To Have An Abortion?
    Because He Doesn't Want To Be A Dad. But I Don't Agree With Abortion =/
    35 Health 50
  36. What should a mother tell her child when she/he asks about the father if he isn't in her life? 
    10 Family 23
  37. What can I do to help my brother deal with the loss of his son so close to Father's Day?
    4 Family 41
  38. How do I tell my mom that I don't want her to date the friend of my father who passed away?
    3 Family 51
  39. Is it bad to not have a father?
    do you think its great have a father growing up cause i didnt have mine at all i only had my mom
    5 Family 21
  40. when doing the sign of the cross with the name of the father the son and the holy spirit i should kiss it at the end?
    12 Religion 34
  41. Do you think it's normal/okay for a 13 year old boy to call his father 'daddy'?
    10 Babies 62
  42. Why for a girl its easier meeting the father than the mother and for a boy its vice versa when your in a relationship?
    4 Family 12
  43. How can I find my real father?
    I am 15 years old trying to find my father. I want to meet him and talk to him and find where he is at?
    3 Family 48
  44. What can I do if my baby's father doesn't help with caring for our child?
    Who out there has a baby and the father does not help you change diapers or feed or bathe the baby? What cAn I do?
    8 Relationships 56
  45. What's a good father's day song from son to father (read description please)?
    My baby brother passed away when he was a baby , so I'm making a video and I wanted to put a song making it seem like its from my baby brother to him .... please help(:
    23 Music 33
  46. Why don't fathers do anything?
    Why is it just the mothers job to take care of the kid why dont fathers do anything??? when they are the ones who get you pregnant???
    11 Family 41
  47. Is it healthy for my cousin's father to yell at her every day, or is it because her mother just died and the stress is tough?
    5 Family 6
  48. Do you think it is true that guys get their self-esteem from their mothers and girls from their fathers?
    7 Family 41
  49. can you have a kid and give it your fathers last name if you dont have your dads last name and you and the babys dad werent together?
    2 Babies 11
  50. My father and god
    If my own father can leave me, then what does that tell us about god.. What if god doesnt like me or want me or in all probability he hates me.?..
    18 Religion 16
  51. How can I convince a judge to take custody away from an alcoholic father?
    Is there anything other than you love your kids, you can say to a judge to get custody of them, and away from their alcoholic father?
    4 Babies 50
  52. How can I tell my baby father I cheated on him and gave him trich?
    I cheated on my baby father, and caught trich...I didnt know I had it and now he has it too... How can I tell him without him going crazy on me?
    4 Relationships 56
  53. Father-daughter and mother-son breeding
    Father-daughter and mother-son breeding... I would like to know what the big deal is...
    2 Pets 1357
  54. Why is it worse for mothers than fathers to leave the picture?
    Why is frowned upon more for a mother to feel unfit and leave her child better off, than it is for a father to up and disappear?
    3 Family 21
  55. Where can I get help for my father he's a alcoholic
    Where can I get help for my father he's a alcoholic and he dont want to get help but he needs it very bad. He is trying to hurt hisself on purpose he need help.
    2 Family 18
  56. Guy A used condom and didnt ejaculate Guy B did not use condom and ejaculated. Should I be worries who the father to my unborn child is or am i j
    3 Health 133
  57. Do you think Lizzie Borden killed her father and step-mom?
    wasn't she found not guilty?
    4 Politics 47
  58. This question is from my father
    do we as humans learn about god more as we grow or forget what we were born knowing as we become more cocky
    10 Religion 21
  59. Looking for my real father
    I want to search for my real father? My real father left me when I was just born my mom tells me about him he was in the navy I looked in the internet nothing can any body helpme?
    6 Family 46
  60. Why do sme kids look more like their father than their mother?
    Why do some kids look more like one parent than the other? Do male babies get more of heir fathers genes than from their mother?
    3 Family 318
  61. how do i change my sons last name from his fathers to mine?
    Can i do this without permission of his father? i have full custody and he only sees my son when he feels like it
    8 Babies 32
  62. Can me and my brother recieve the back child support my father is paying to my mother when we no longer live with my mother and are both over the age of 18?
    15 Family 32
  63. Is Justin Bieber really a father now?
    Honestly why should I care but still, I'm curious to know if this rumor is true or not.
    17 Entertainment 23
  64. How can I find my lost father?
    How can I find my lost father???my mom always said that he leaving us because me and my sisters are bad girl but we are I just want to search my lost father...please help me...
    2 Family 54
  65. What is the best advice your mother or father has ever given to you?
    My father told me "Dont ever let anyone make you feel bad for being who you are and being happy"
    25 Family 31
  66. Can I father twins if they don't run in my family?
    what are the chances of my producing twins? there is no history of twins in the family. my girlfriend is pregnant with twins. I'm not sure, I could be the father. please advise
    6 Babies 62
  67. Should I talk to my father???
    It's been a long time that I haven't talked to my father since I was 6.I don't know what to do if I should go to puertorico and see him or talk to him by the phone.I'm scared!!!what I should
    6 Family 30
    Even though the Wii has more consoles sold doesn't mean it is better than the XBOX 360!!How can I convince my father that the XBOX 360 is better than the Wii and that he should buy an XBOX 360 instead of a Wii?
    8 Gaming 61
  69. Do you think the allegations that Justin Bieber fathered Mariah Yeater's baby are true?
    Read about it:
    7 Entertainment 6
  70. How to tell my son his Daddy isn't his real father?
    how can I tell my little boy that his daddy is not his real daddy? he loves his dad. he's 5 years old.
    6 Family 49
  71. What do I say to the father in Pokemon Emerald?
    in emerald version what are the words that i have to say to the father to his child in Rustboro city he says to tell him the words and i dont know what to sya to him help me please!
    2 Gaming 165
  72. How can I get my childrens fathers' parental rights taken away?
    My kids' dad is in jail on megans law charges. How can I get his parental rights terminated?
    5 Family 60
  73. How to deal with losing my Father?
    how do you deal with the grief of loosing your dad?? my father has cystic fibrosis and he is very quickly deteriarting, I cant stand the thought of loosing him! how has everyone else coped with it?
    11 Family 113
  74. Is it true Obama's father was involved in Poligamy?
    Is it true Obama's father was involved in Poligamy? I heard something about it on the radio and I was just wondering if Obama had three step mothers something like that let alone his biological mother?
    3 Politics 14
  75. I don't know what to get my Dad for Father's Day
    I don't know what to get my dad for fathers dad he doesn't like ties he doesn't need tools he doesn't want any kind of things to say number one dad what should I get him?
    2 Family 54
  76. How can I get over my father abandoning me?
    My father abandoned me at the age of 21, or rather chose his wife over me. I am now 27 and still feel as though it was yesterday that I lost my dad. How can I get on with my life?
    2 Family 73
  77. What if a baby has blond hair and blue eyes, is it still possible that the father is Hispanic?
    My friend is white, and her "baby's daddy" is Hispanic. Both of them have brown hair, and brown eyes. Yet the baby has very blond hair, and bright blue eyes. I don't think the Hispanic guy is the father...what do you think?
    16 Babies 34
  78. What will my pup look like, mother shihtsu father unknown?
    I am soon to have a little puppy, the mother is a shihtsu but the father is unknown as it got into the garden, the owners say it wasn't a big dog, I am wondering what it will look like, would it be more like the mother or the father?
    2 Pets 70
  79. I just found out I'm a father, what do I do?
    what do I do this girl came to my house and said this baby was mine and pulled a baby out from under her coat and gave it too me I dont now what to do.. help me pleese!!!
    9 Family 17
  80. What car would be suitable for a young (teenage) father?
    Preferably something not new and not old. Stylish yet perfect for a family car (family of three). Thanks.
    8 Cars 8
  81. What should I do if the father doesn't want to be involved?
    Ok well I just got off the phone with the baby daddy and he just told me he don't want nothin to deal wit me or he kids. What should I do? Any advise
    4 Babies 41
  82. my 14 year old daughter choosing to live with her father
    How do I get over my 14 year old daughter choosing to live with her biological father, when he has never been a part of her life until now? I can't eat, or sleep or stop crying. I miss her so much.
    10 Babies 145
  83. Why is my father having nosebleeds?
    My father has hepititus c, he has recently started to have constant nosebleeds, is this some serous or am I just being over-worried do to his condition...I heard that nosebleeds can be signs of other things, please answer my question asap
    2 Health 25
  84. Who. If im15 and pregnant and the father is 18,will he b and trouble?
    I'm 15 and may or may not be pregnant. The guy I had sex with is 18. If I'm pregnant, will he be in any kind of trouble? besides with his family and mine of course..
    9 Sex 37
  85. What is your opinion of the father who shot his daughter's laptop for posting a disrespectful post about her parents?
    Do you think the method is effective and that she learned her lesson? Or do you think this will more likely drive the girl to be more rebellious?
    43 Family 27
  86. FunAdvice Trivia: How old was Sean "Puffy" Combs when his father died?
    A) sixteen B) twenty-five C) nine D) two
    7 Funadvice 23
  87. Can someone get his fathers inheritance if they've never met?
    What happen if somebody has never seen his father and his father dies do you think that if his father made some money and if he had a house or even an old cheap car Do you think all that can be claimed by his son that has his last name and proof that h...
    2 Family 19
  88. How can a hardworking father catch up on child support?
    What is the best way for a hard working father to get caught up on child support, while still remaining stable enough to pay for his minor living expenses?
    2 Family 70
  89. My Brothers father died. should I go to his funeral?
    I didnt know his dad well... But I feel awful otherwise I learned his funeral is this friday... Should I attend the service even if I ddint know him well?
    15 Family 92
  90. Overprotective father
    Well im 15 and I have a father that is way to over protective. and he just wont let me grow up. I need to know how to tell my dad to let me grow up and let me do more things then stay in the house all the time. please help
    5 Family 11
  91. Can you find out the father of a child before it's born?
    One of my best guy friends slept with his girlfriend, and they recently broke up. He didn't wear a condom, and she thinks she is pregnant because she has all the symptoms. He wants to know if he is the father before it is born. So is there any way that...
    5 Family 328
  92. Get for my boyfriends father for christmas
    I need an idea on something I could get for my boyfriends father for christmas. . . I got him a leather wallet last christmas and I dont think he really liked it that much. I dont know how to shop for fathers. Lol. Please help!
    9 Shopping 29
  93. What should I get my dad for fathers day?
    he doesnt really liike anything so I dont know what to get him. im pretty sure hes into that hardware store crap so my budget is60$
    6 Family 45
  94. Who is my child's father?
    I recently found out I was pregnant. THe first day of my last mestrual period was 5/18/06. I slept with my boyfriend on 5/30 and 6/1 which I have calculated as my day of ovulation. I slept with my ex on 6/4. But there was no ejaculation. What are the c...
    2 Relationships 26
  95. Are there free sites to help me find my father?
    im 14 and trying so hard to find my father that I havent seen since I was 2...but right now I have no money...and I wanted to know if there was any web sites that were free to get the information I need??
    8 Family 100
  96. How can I find my biological father?
    i know i have a father out there somewhere most likely in england. i really want to find him but i dont know where to start. i dont think he even knows my mum was pregnant so whats the chances of him checking these sites? i want to hire somebody to do ...
    3 Family 129
  97. Who is the Father?
    Who's the Father? In may I got my period around the 14th or and my boyfriend were already having unprotected sex before and after. My period was over before May 23rd a Friday came around which was prom and we had unprotected sex that frid...
    2 Sex 38
  98. Does anyone here not know who their biological father is???
    im 17 and I have no idea who my real father is I have a stepdad I consider him my dad cause he raised me as a baby...can you give me some reasons why my mom wouldnt want me to know who my real bilogical father is ??? would it be better for me not to k...
    8 Family 51
  99. What should I get my Dad for Fathers Day?
    He likes to hunt... (rabbits, raccoons, and deer) He fishes.. he even goes all night for cat fish... He has everything if it comes out and he wants it he buys it! I have no idea what to get him!
    3 Shopping 39
  100. Looking for father after 25 years
    How would I find a family member after 25 years,my mother said she dont know anything,I have tried phone books, all I know is his name and where he was born,and where is was living 25 years ago.
    2 Family 8
  101. How do I find out who the father is?
    hi, im 18 and just recently fell pregnant and want to keep it but dont know who the father is i recently split up with my x and we had been sleeping to gether after we split n i started seeing this guy n now i dont know who the father is im 7-8 weeks i...
    3 Relationships 33
  102. Where to start looking for my father?
    I would like to find my father and do not know where to start. He was last heard of in the U.S.A in the 1960`s. Can you advice me how to look, using the internet? I can`t afford to pay for my search. Are there any free services that might help me? ...
    4 Family 31
  103. 13yr.old stepdaughter wants to live with her father and myself
    my husbands 13yr.old daughter no longer wants to live with her mother she wants to live with us we intend to sue for custody but she doesn't want to wait until its done and over she wants to live with us now she is always fighting with her mother and n...
    4 Family 48
  104. How do you tell your father you're leaving?
    I'm going to live with my mother, but i don't know how to tell my dad. I love him, but not enough to deal with his wife's constant abuse. I don't want to make him think I don't love him anymore though. How do i tell him?
    6 Family 9
  105. How do I handle my father's alcoholism?
    me again i like to thank everyone on there advice, it help!!! this time its not about my health its about my father (once again part of my problem) i believe that my father is alcoholic!!! He's diabetic and because of his drinking it gets worst and he ...
    2 Family 19
  106. Do male babies get more of the father's genes than female ones?
    is true that 50% of the father's genes are passed on to baby boys and that there isn't as much percentage of genes passed down to baby girls? If I have confused people I am basically asking if baby boys get more of the fathers' genes than girl babies? ...
    9 Science 287
  107. FunAdvice Trivia: What rabbi, played by Theodore Bikel, sat shivah with Commander Ivanova for her father in the BABYLON 5 episode 'TKO'?
    A) Ivanov B) Frants C) Koslov D) Rominov
    4 Funadvice 9
  108. Who is the father?
    On may 25 was the first day of my last period, me and my boyfriend had been having sex all that week and week before several times a day, but 2 weeks before that I was with this one guy one time. Is there any way this baby is so scared and im ...
    6 Sex 24
  109. How can I get off my fathers cell phone plan?
    Every time I am having a problem with my cell phone, I ask my father what's he done to it (the plan) and he totally denies doing anything everytime. But, today my cell phone has not been able to send text messages the entire day, it just keeps coming ...
    5 Technology 48
  110. 13 year-old father alfie patten
    I was reading the sun about 2 weeks ago , and I read an article about a 13 year-old boy who recently became a father , I couldn't believe it ! 13 YEARS OLD ! , he said he thinks he's going to be a great dad , I don't know what to say about that , wha...
    2 Relationships 19
  111. Can someone give me advice on how to find my father?
    Im 16 and my mom just talked to me about my father for the first time the other day. I know his name and where he lived 16 years ago, but thats it. all the websites that I have tried require money that I dont have and I dont want to tell my mom that i...
    3 Family 38
  112. Damn my father...
    Errr I'm so annoyed! My dad won't let me sleep over at my boyfriend's house. I'm 16 years old, not 10! We were even going to sleep in separate rooms Please help me convince my dad to sleep over at his place...?
    7 Family 53
  113. Son like father
    Is that saying true? Is it true that the kid/guy is going to turn out like his dad? But what if the last thing he would want Would be to be like his dad because he was a really Bad example? what if he wants to be better than that? is there a ch...
    5 Family 19
  114. How can I obtain my father's phone number?
    I need help getting my real dads phone number I have his name his state and all these sites say free but to see the phone number you have to pay and I dont have a way to do that online cause I dont have a credit or debit card I need to get his number h...
    3 Family 97
  115. What shuld I do if the father wants full cusidy of the kid?
    Just got done talking to the ex and he said he wants to take the kid away. I really don't know what to do. He doesn't want me in the kids life cause he thinks ima be a bad example. What should I do? Any advise???
    3 Babies 54
  116. Is there any person besides your mother or father who you can trust your secrets
    I mean i live in a big city, but i dont know who i can talk about what i think or what i feel i have plenty of relatives, but talking to them is like talking to myself, because they dont really listen and most of the time i feel like im talking crazine...
    2 Family 19
  117. Can the father of your child take full custody of the child if the mother ask for child support?
    I filled for support for my child because the father refused to give me anything for the child.Now he is trying to take my child away stating that my child has lived with is since date of birth and because he makes more money than I do.I share the time...
    5 Babies 37
  118. How can I find my long-lost father?
    I dont know if this will work but I was just wondering if anybody out ther might know my father I have never seen him and I know that I have little siblings out there that have the same father . Im turning 18 on august 12th and I want to try to find hi...
    23 Family 296
  119. How can I find my father from Kuwait?
    hi! my name is kinessa and im looking for my father he is from kuwait and I dont know how to find him I have never seen him since birth and now im turning 21 on february 05. . still have no idea what he looks like, im still hoping to see him even only...
    2 Family 24
  120. Did the father who threatened kids on a school bus go too far?
    After his daughter, who has Cerebral Palsy, was the victim of several counts of bullying, the father decided to take issues into his own hands. Did he go too far, or do authorities really need to step up their game to prevent kids being from bullied? W...
    6 Family 17
  121. Father birthday?
    So my dad's birthday is on the same day I'm planning to go out with my friends... would that be messed up? But I mean, he has to work that day and will only be home for an hour... but I think we're planning to celebrate at night when he gets off of wo...
    2 Family 27
  122. How do I get over rejection from my father?
    I asked my mom if I could go live with my dad who is across the country and when she talked to him he said he would talk it over with his wife. Its been 2 weeks and Im so scared if he says no because it feels like my own dad doesn't want me what should...
    3 Family 63
  123. My boyfriend's Father
    My boyfriends father is all smiles to my face, then he talks shit about me behind my back to the rest of his family, blaming me for everything. I've done nothing but improve his sons life drastically and put him on the right track. He blames me for h...
    2 Relationships 39
  124. How can I find my long lost father?
    Hiya I have just turned 16 around about and I am trying to find my father I have never met him, my mum will just get upset if I talk about him as my step dad died in 2005. All I know is his name though. Does anyone know any good websites that are fre...
    7 Family 78
  125. Should I See My Father after 11 years?
    my father,,sexually assualted my mother in 1997 ,,when I was 6...and went to prison,,,this all happened after there divorce was finall,,he got out in 2002,,and I am not allowed to see him until I am 18,,,he has not made any attempt to find out about me...
    9 Sex 35
  126. Who fathered my baby? LMP was 9/27-10/2 had unprotected sex an he ejaculated inside of me on the 10/7 10/8 10/13. Had sex with another
    Guy on 10/16, he had a condom on but it broke an he stopped after no more then the 3rd stroke. He didn't ejaculate inside of me. Today is 11/15 im 7 weeks but I'm nervous to who fathered my baby
    2 Sex 1217
  127. Dead Beat Father
    I am 9 months pregnant and through out this whole time I have been doing everything alone. From Doctor's visits to buying baby supplies. And now I am due any day, which to my suprise now the "Baby's Father" wants to be involved in our lives. I'm not to...
    3 Relationships 14
  128. What can my father do about bleach burns?
    My father works at maple leaf and he just called me and told me that the bleach got on his skin and that it hurts and its red and it stings really really bad. This has never happened to me or anyone I know before.. What do we do? Hospital? Or...
    5 Health 8
  129. What is a good tattoo quote to get honoring my deceased father?
    My father passed away 9 years ago, and now that I am older I would like to get a tattoo of a good quote to let him know I never forget about him.. I have something but I need more ideas... "I never really lost you, where love exists there can be no loss!"
    5 Style 221
  130. How do I find my birth father without spending money?
    I would love to find my birth father for health reasons only, nothing more. The coward walked out on my mother when she informed him she was pregnant with me. Never saw a glimpse of him in my life I am now 20 years of age and have many concerns for my...
    4 Family 61
  131. How can I help my 6-month-old be less dependent on her father?
    My daughter is six months old and every time her father goes to work she screams the entire time that he's gone. I've tried everything taking her for a walk and playing with her but she is too stuck to her dad. How can i make it to where she won't frea...
    6 Babies 28
  132. Can I sue my father?
    My father bought me a computer some time ago, which is registered under my name. He claims there was an understanding that the computer would still be his, although I was under the impression the computer was mine. Now, he makes changes to my computer ...
    7 Family 61
  133. What should I do about my terrible father?
    My father is absolutely horrible. He doesn't pay child support. He doesn't feed me or take care of me at all. He thinks he's a great father because he drives me places like, once every week. Then he lies to the court and says all kinds of stuff. He ...
    6 Family 41
  134. Do you think it's wrong that my grandfather is taking my deceased father's clothes without asking?
    And were not even goin to his room but he goes in my dads room and wears the clothes in front of my mom. And my dad was a short legged man and my grandpa is super tall so the clothes look stupid on him . Oh ans its my moms dad.
    10 Family 19
  135. Who can I say is the Father?
    one day I tried to have sex with my friend, his penis was too big to fit, he couldn't get it all the way inside of me, plus he couldnot get hard, and did not cum. then a few days later I actually had sex with my boyfriend he actually fit, he came but h...
    4 Sex 48
  136. How to tell my son his Father was my rapist?
    my oldest son Edward came to me because he is all white and my other son is black and white and asked me what happened to him why is he not anthonys skin color then he was like are you my real mommy and where is my real daddy... His dad dont know he e...
    26 Family 278
  137. How do I make my father understand that I really am feeling sick?
    So I've been feeling sick all day yesterday and today when I got up it was the same. I still feel sick. My head hurts and I feel like vomiting. The thing mom believes me but my dad doesn't. He never really does..only if I have temperature. I do...
    4 Health 34
  138. Should my son see his father if his father is a sex offender??
    My son is 4 and I am 18 so that means I had my son when I was only 14. The father was 19 at that time and is now 24. My parents and the local DHHS office just now decided to file stat. rape (thats what they used to call it) on him but it didnt pass bec...
    8 Sex 151
  139. What should I expect when I go to visit my father in the hospital?
    He was diagnosed with lung cancer last year, but yesterday he had a series of seizures and he's now been diagnosed with brain cancer. I'm going to visit him today, and I'm wondering what I should expect from him? Like, hooked up to machines, not know w...
    7 Health 19
  140. Is there a way to cure my father?
    my dad has a type of cancer in his stomach and he now is in his final stages and we are tryin to do anything in our power to help him but is there a way to cure him he is in pain and wishes every night for god to take him but then he also dont wanna go...
    4 Family 10
  141. How would you take sides (to fathers)?
    First of my question was meant to be "Whose side would you take" but I had technical difficulties. I want fathers opinions on this. I and my mother argue a lot. She is very stubborn and sensitive. I do not love her exactly. I care about her and would m...
    3 Family 8
  142. Should I tell my father about these wild parties?
    Well ...khm in ours woods there are wild partys...but of course the party make some damage to the trees near it ...of course I totaly like these partys and Im always there...on other side who trust us, 13-15 years old teens makeing campfire and than ge...
    9 Family 10
  143. Having terrible thoughts about my father, how to get rid of them?
    Having terrible thoughts about my father, how to get rid of them? I've been real emotional since yesterday. I know the cause, which is my father. I've been having terrible dreams about him molesting me which isn't good! Then, I've been dreaming about m...
    4 Sex 46
  144. How can I deal with my guy being a father?
    Hey I'm 15. This guy I'm going to talk about is 17 and so is his "gf" . OK well I really like this guy and I really do think he has feelings for me. But my friend told me that she heard that he got his gf pregnant. It's been two months. She heard that ...
    5 Relationships 6
  145. What are some background Ideas for this tattoo my father just got?
    My father just got this tattoo and he thinks it needs a little something in the background. It's based on a Grateful Dead design of Robert Johnson (20's-30's blues guitarist) in skeletal form playing the guitar. In the version my father has, he's in a ...
    4 Style 18
  146. Should I let my father read this poem?
    heres a peom i wrote to my father ,u left me here and never came back,u broke my mothers heart and nevered cared, u said that u loved me, but i wasnt sure u did, cause words dont mean a thing, its something u can say or sing, one thing that my mother s...
    6 Literature 35
  147. What to do when your father lies?
    Today my father went to the bar next to my familys house I know I am an adult but he promised on my life and my sisters life he would not go over there.Then to top it off he went upstair woke my mom up to tell her he was going over and she did not give...
    6 Family 49
  148. me being overweight and my fathers opinon
    im a overweight 16 year old girl and im fine with my body and truely I can lose a few stones but I just can't. I have no surport from my father even though he would love for me to be thin because he reminds me that im not everyday whether I am eating a...
    3 Health 12
  149. I need help finding my father
    I am looking for my father Kenneth C. Shinn, now going on about 10 years that I've been looking for him, I always viseted him in Ohio, then he moved to Nevada with his "new family", and I only got 1 phone call from him when he got there then all of a s...
    2 Family 28
  150. Omgg. What would you do if your father got shot in front of u.
    K my friends dad got shot in front of him and his little brotherr. And his lil bro is 7 and my friends 14. He got a tatto that says 'r.I.p dad' And it has like flames and a rip sign;. I feel so sorrryy; like I cudnt imagine seein that hapen to my ...
    5 Family 44
  151. Will my child be normal if the father is my third cousin?
    9 Babies 76
  152. How can I get my 11-month-old to like his father?
    My 11 month old son won't go to his father. If we are in the same room(me the baby and his daddy) and I walk out of it he will follow me screaming even though his dad is there. If he picks the baby up and the baby sees me he will put out his arms and...
    4 Babies 49
  153. How to tell my Father that I'm gay?
    All of my life, I have grown up with my father. He is a very strong, hard working man who tells it how he feels. For as long as I can remember, homosexuality has been looked down upon by him. Jokes about gays, mean gestures, and inapropriate actions ar...
    4 Sex 158
  154. Im prego at 16 and fathers 20
    Ok so I know this will sound bad but im 16 pregnant the father is 20 and it was planned neither of our parents know and im afraid to tell them. But all my friends and his know that we could trust. Im only 2 months and yes I am keeping it but I don't kn...
    12 Family 57
  155. Could the first guy be the father of my child?
    I was dating a guy from my college and found out that he was a total jerk. I met someone else and we began to have conversation and get involved also. Me and the guy I dated first had sex at the end of September and never spoke again. My new interest f...
    3 Sex 12
  156. The father of my child is against me keeping it.
    I'm 17 and its really kinda stressful doing this by myself and I'm only 4 1/2wks!!! He wants me to terminate it but I cant and I dont think I have the strength to put it up for adoption after being with it so long,,, any suggestions as to what I should...
    6 Health 16
  157. How do you handle an abusive drunk of a father?
    Im 18 and have been putting up with my dads sh** my whole life! I cant take it anymore... He calls me names (hoe, slut, b***, good for nothing piece of s***, and so on) and sometimes we get into fist fights because I tell him about himself now that im ...
    5 Family 5
  158. Is God a bad father?
    Alright here is something we have all heard all of our lives, "If you do not live your life according to God's rules you will live for eturnity in hell" My asertation is this, how can an All Loving Father (God is LOVE) punish his children for eturnit...
    5 Religion 43
  159. How can I find my father for free?
    I am 30 years old, I haven't seen my father in 8 years. I was told that he passed away, but I don't believe it. I need infromation on how to find my dad with no cost. I am desperate to find him. I have been trying for 2 years now. This is killing me, I...
    4 Family 61
  160. Why does my alcoholic father always shake even while drinking?
    I've always heard of shaking due to alcohol withdrawl, but my father shakes very badly even while drinking. He drinks everyday from 11am to 10pm. He gets up around 8am and has 3 hours of being sober. His shaking has gotten so bad that he can hardly wri...
    4 Health 263
  161. What should I say to my father?
    Hey well me and my girlfriend have been going out for 2 years now and while we were at school today my girlfriends sister was cleaning their room and she found a notebook that me and my girlfriend were talking about some sexual things in and both our f...
    4 Sex 31
  162. Father and daughter problems
    My dad sometimes treats me like a little kid im 18 and I thought that he would have changed I currently have a boyfriend who I want him to meet im not sacred or anything but I am wondering that if he knws who im with he will kinda free me up a little w...
    3 Family 10
  163. care free father
    my father is so frigging care free the cable bill and internet bill is in my name he doesn't pay them now today I got a call that they will be disconnected Thurs im 18 and I go to school he is in charge of taking care of the bills which he hardly does ...
    2 Family 4
  164. How to trace long lost fathers?
    when I was younger my mother kicked my father out because he did something bad. all I know is his name but I would really like to meet him. if he's a prick at least I get closure. I can't go to the salvation army because if my mum found out she'd be an...
    4 Family 34
  165. How to sing while my father's around?
    Ok, I'm always shy to sing while my father's around, and I try to keep my recordings away from him!! I'm so shy from him! But I always sing with my siblings, mom, cousins and friends!! And I became more shy after he hurd one of my recordings! And he sa...
    2 Family 12
  166. Father problems
    Ill be 21 on sunday and my dad still treats me as a child. He watches everything I do, asks me so many questions, hates my b/f so much that he forbids me to see him so I been stuck at home for the past mnth, I want to move out so bad. I honesty cant t...
    5 Family 20
  167. How should I to my father dating a 25yo and the fact that I'm 39?
    My folks have been divorced for 10 years. He's saying it's getting "serious" and taken her and her 10yo daughter on a trip to Martinique. She looks like a Playboy model and dresses like a pole dancer from FB photos I've discovered. I have two daughters...
    5 Family 21
  168. Which of these guys is the father?
    Okay first I want to say I been seeing the guy for a year off and on I only been sexully active with him.. we been having problems.. anyways I started my period on june 2 and finished june 6 had sex with him on the the 7 of june we didnt use a condom h...
    2 Sex 28
  169. Father Issues
    Ok... I love my dad, but it seems he doesn't know how to love be back. He a lot of times isn't at all nice to me, but I have always been a daddy's girl and would kill to have the love from my father that I once had. He called me the other day and it wa...
    8 Family 20
  170. Asking my father for concent
    Me and my boyfriend have been going out for almost 3 years, im 16 and he is 19 we love each other deeply, he is in the army, I live in nj but he lives in his military base in nc... I really want to be with him, plus he is going to war on june 2009.. So...
    4 Relationships 19
  171. How Can I Find My Father For Free?
    My name is Chantel Iam 15 years old my father is Toussaint L Williams His Mother is Selena Willams who just recently died. I came to chicago in search of my father and I am not suceeding. I really want him to be apart of my life and there is so much he...
    3 Family 79
  172. If your father in law was running for president, what would you do?
    This isn't hypothetical. There are three countries in the world, this year, with elections. Obviously, we're all (in the US) fixated on the election here. For those that didn't know, Zimbabwe already had their elections. For those that have read the Fu...
    5 Politics 23
  173. Father v. boyfriend
    Ok I love my dad and my boyfriend to death and my boyfriend wants to get along but my dad is foceed on my b/f's past. How can I get my dad to compremise so that I can still c my b.f. Wit out disobying my dad. B.c he said that if I go behind his back he...
    3 Relationships 40
  174. What are some good sentimental gift ideas for my father who doesnt have too much time left?
    My dad has been fighting his battle with cancer for 7 years, and hes starting to look sicker and their running out of ideas. I really want to get him something for Christmas that will mean something and not just be another present since we never know i...
    11 Shopping 26
  175. how can I talk to my hard headed father?
    I had a fight the other day with my step mom and she brought my mother into the fight and I walked out . so I dont know what to do now we had a talk me, her, and my DAD, we sat down the reason she was acting like that was because I had bad grades. my D...
    2 Family 100
  176. A good friend is maybe being molested by father what can I do?
    I have a good friend the she told me once that occasionally she wakes up with her pjs off. She told her mum but she said that she was restless. Her father goes on business trips often, and this last time he left the pj thing didn't happen for a bit. Bu...
    4 Family 35
  177. how to know if I'm the father
    Here is my quetion: If I had sex with my X every day intel september 13,2008 and she left my house september 14,2008 and claims she had sex with a guy on september 19,2008. Then september 29,2008 she finds out she's pregnant. Then the doctor say's to h...
    4 Sex 13
  178. My boyfriend's father physically abuses him.
    My boyfriend and his father argue a lot. His father has hit him in the past and has severe issues with bi-polar/anger. My boyfriend also has some mental problems. He told me that he would never turn his dad in for hitting him because his my has mult...
    3 Family 19
  179. Father or No Father?
    I have recently given birth to a beautiful little girl. I am a single mom and have been working in a 24 hour job to support her. It has been difficult but my love for her helps me through the days. Her father, my ex, comes in and out of our lives so of...
    7 Family 24
  180. How do I stop letting my father affect me?
    I haven't lived at home in a few weeks, I really want to go back home and actually sleep in my own bed but I can't seem to go back because of him. My moms been saying she'll make him leave for as long as I can remember because she "hates" him too, I go...
    7 Family 32
  181. How can I escape my drunk father?
    My father is a drunk he is very violent and is a total jerk about things, he calls me names and all kinds of things. My mother died at age 13. I am currently mostly living with my best friend. I work for her mom and she doesn't mind me staying here. My...
    5 Family 88
  182. Why do fathers most of the time favor their sons?
    I'm not jealous, just wondering I see it a whole lot it even happens to me sometimes. I'm the only daughter of his out of three sons and well he always favors one of my brothers. What's the deal with that? This horrible feeling always comes to me like ...
    4 Family 106
  183. How do my father and I come to an understanding with each other?
    Okay so I had volleyball open gym and I was wearing a tank top and my father and I started arguing over what I was wearing. Last time my family and I went to the beach my dad wanted me to wear one of my brothers t-shirts over my swimsuit, which wasn't ...
    4 Family 16
  184. Why am I scared of my own father?
    Ok my life is very comlicated! In my life I really had 2 dads! My real father was in jail for an accident when I was born and I didnt meet him till I was in kindergarden and then he just left agian when I was in 2nd cause he thought he was confusing me...
    4 Family 38
  185. How to deal with my ex and father of my children?
    Okay So I broke up with my ex fiance 5 in half months ago..and we still talk since we have children together, he thinks I ran away from the relationship and hates me for it but yet he says he still loves me. but can be a total as* on the phone...I don...
    2 Relationships 11
  186. What polotical party in your view best represents the founders?
    What polotical party in your view best represents the founding fathers? What founding father influenced you the most?
    5 Politics 58
  187. Marry someone just because they're the father of your child?
    Okay, someone made this little comment to me about how "I will not marry but I have a baby." && I mean I have MANY reasons to NOT be married to the father of my son - I'm 17 years old for one & well Dillon's real dad decided that he didn't want to be w...
    9 Relationships 109
  188. I want my friend's father
    I'm 15 years old and I have a problem. I have a friend name Jillian, she is one of my best friends and me and her are the same age. Her father is 30. and he's so hot. I want him so bad, when he looks in my eyes or comes close to me I can't hardly speak...
    8 Sex 45
  189. Who is most likely the father?
    Okay, this may be a little long, but in your opinion who is the father? We will call them O and E. Okay, the first day of my last period was June 6. My estimated due date is March 15. I am a little over 7 months pregnant. I had sex with E mulitple tim...
    4 Sex 67
  190. Help me find my cousin to tell her that her father's passed away.
    I am trying to locate my cousin to let her know that her Grandma and her Father have passed away. I was a young girl when she moved out on her own and therefore there was no contact between me and her. When I was in my teens something happened in her ...
    3 Family 22
  191. How do I have sex with my boyfriend when it feels like I'm with my father?
    Well me and my boyfriend have been going out 4 about 3 years but as a child I was sexually abused by my father and I enjoy having sex with my boyfriend but lately I have been having bad dreams about my pasted and I all ready have treatment for this cas...
    9 Sex 165
  192. how do I tell her that I dont wanna be a father?
    okay so me and my girlfriend had se*. this happened about 4 weeks ago and I found out that she is pregnant. she told me that she is keeping it and I dont want to have a baby though. at the same time I love her with all my life and I've been with her f...
    3 Relationships 21
  193. How to tell my father I'm pregnant?
    I am 19 years of age attending college,I live with my mom and I am pregnant my boy friend wanted a child 4 so long and now his wish finally came boy friend and my mom is one so I won't have a problem tellin her...the only problem is my FATHER...
    3 Family 40
  194. how to ask my girlfriend's father for permission to marry his daughter?
    I want to ask my girlfriend to marry me. or rather im going to ask her, but I want to first ask her father. HOW!? I get extremely nervous just thinking of how. firstly he stays about 8 hours drive away from me. secondly he is a military style daddy (co...
    2 Relationships 60
  195. Is my childrens' father selfish?
    i have ben with my partner for 18 years met on my 18th birthday now we have to children and for the pass 9 years he has not helped me towards any bills, he may do the odd shopping he woks and i am a student. he comes in in the evening and call s me ev...
    3 Family 34
  196. What are the ramifications ?
    Reference the 'pregnant' father story in the news - What psychological ramifications would a child who was born from a pregnant "father" have ?
    18 Family 35
  197. I'm scared
    Should I be terrified by my own father? is it bad.
    6 Family 17
  198. Why dosent my father understand
    Ok, im a goth, meaning I like the gothic culture and all that, but my dad said id better not be a goth because he thinks its a steriotype, but im from the german visigothic bloodline and he is too! How can I make so he understands that I am myself, but...
    2 Family 23
  199. does actress/singer raven symone have kids
    does actress/singer raven symone have kids and if so who is the father
    9 Entertainment 96
  200. How do tell a father who is not mine that I look up to him?
    Well During the summer I worked at a Summer camp as a counselor and before all the kids arrive... the campus has a Family Camp where parents bring along their kids cousins ect... and take classes and do summer camp stuff as a family. As counselors, we ...
    7 Family 352
  201. How can my boyfriend's father get his other son back?
    Ok well my boyfriend(jeff)was adopted and his step brother(shawn) who is 9 and was just taken away from his dad(nick) by his mom(they are divorced) nick has had shawn and taken care of him for atleast a year! Now this lady took them to court today and ...
    2 Family 22
  202. I'm 8 weeks preg. And the babys father left
    Hello, I am 19 years old and I am over 8 weeks pregnant. The baby's father I guess couldn't handle the situation so he has left me. I plan to keep the baby anyway because I don't really believe in abortion much. But I think my family will disown me ...
    10 Relationships 35
  203. How can I get my parents to calm down about my child's father?
    I have been with my bf for 8 years. he is a great father. His jobs have been on and off for a LONG TIME. A black cloud seems to follow him around wherever he goes. My parents have gotten to the point where they won't even let him drop off my daughter t...
    4 Family 53
  204. How to tell him that he could be a father?
    I was seeing guy for a about 6 months then we broke up but I still see him and sometimes we mess around a bit. on valentines day I had sex with him I was in the middle of my period and we used a condom...I have not had a period since yet and its a day...
    2 Sex 29
  205. What can I do about my father's physical abuse?
    My dad came over to my apt. to help get rid of my sisters boyfriend, so her and her boyfriend were standing by the door,, and he started yelling at my sister saying she had to leave, and I was like no we want him gone, the boyfriend, My sister is 3 mon...
    4 Family 42
  206. 17, maybe pregnant how do I tell the father and my parents?
    How would I tell both the father and my parents that I'm pregnant? I've just turned 17 and I'm not 100% sure as to whether I'm pregnant or not, but I've got many symptons and also have missed a period. I'm going to the doctors with a friends to get a ...
    5 Family 33
  207. Useless relatives
    My uncles from my fathers side are hidding from me , I have only seen my father when I was a child then I knew he passed away and when I started asking about what my father did in his life for living I never get an answer, im looking for them because I...
    2 Family 59
  208. How can I help my friend who has just been told her father has a few weeks to live?
    One of my best friend's father has cancer. He was diagnosed a while ago. It went away and he got the all-clear. However, recently it came back. He has not been responding well to treatment and has just been let out of the hospital. Unfortunately, he ha...
    15 Family 13
  209. Issues with Father
    I have always had a strange relationship with my father. I am one of 3 girls and am in the middle. I am the only one pursuing an education past highschool and have many more goals. I believe that my father treats me differently for this reason. I am ac...
    2 Family 20
  210. Do I need to express my condolences?
    My friend's step-father's father died about a week and a half ago and I'm going to my friend's house tonight. If her step-father is there, should I say something?
    3 Family 12
  211. How to help my father adjust to retirement?
    My Dad was an air traffic controller for over 30 years. Now, he's reached the age of mandatory retirement. He's in good shape and if it were up to him he would continue this job for several more years, but he can't. I think he's feeling depresse...
    3 Family 14
  212. How could my own father be so cruel?
    My father is a nice man , but he has a strange character , where he wants things his way or no way. Im 17 years old and I am very mature for my age , I go to college , I work and I pay my dad £80 of my wages to him for rent. Hes always up, down and ou...
    3 Family 40
  213. My stupid father, how to get the courage to talk to him?
    Tjis message is super llong but please read it and bear with me... My dad is an alcoholic, smoker, and a drug addict... when he lived with us I didn't know it, my mom just barely told me and I can't stand him anymore... I hate him... (not a minor hate...
    9 Family 85
  214. Father daughter time? liar.
    I love spending time with my father. So we went to the movies to hang out today. He only stayed for the first 5-10 minutes before he told me he'll be right back. he came back about 1 hr and 15 min later and stayed for about 5 minutes. then he told me ...
    3 Family 5
  215. Can I get child support?
    Can I get child support for my son if his father is in prison?
    6 Babies 25
  216. How to deal with a verbally abusive father when mother won't get a divorce?
    He's horrible. I was sobbing last night because of the way they were fighting, and hyperventalating. I can't deal with his crap anymore, I can't do it. I want them to split..I feel I'll never be able to have a good relationship with anyone because I'm...
    6 Family 16
  217. Who can guess this riddle about the photograph?
    I was a male and if I pointed to a photo of a man and said ... Brothers and sisters I have none, but this mans father is my fathers son ... Who is the man in the photo ?
    5 Entertainment 138
  218. How to tell my son the truth?
    My babys father left when he found out I was pregnant. how do I tell my 5 year old son his father never wanted him.
    13 Babies 53
  219. How do you choose your mom from the father of your kids
    My name is suzan I am 30 years old and I met this man in 2006 whom I felt so deeply in love with and he felt the same way he asked me to marry him and when I tel my mom abt it she refused just bcause the man is nt from my country, I continue my affair ...
    2 Family 38
  220. Why are so many people willing to send someone else's kid, husband, or father to get Kony?
    if you want to do something about get a plane ticket , get a gun and go wonder through the jungle your self . every one is angry well then go f-ing do it. quite asking for my brother or my friend or my sisters husband to go solve a personal issue you h...
    39 Politics 29
  221. What do I do when my Father has stopped being there for me?
    Ok (sigh) it's like this...don't get me wrong, because I love my parents they are my everything my support system, my financial aid, my transportation for the past 15 years of my life of cource I LOVE THEM. But its my Dad. See they got a divorce when I...
    5 Family 144
  222. Should I forgive my father?
    I've had to learn how to deal with a lot growing up. My parents slept in seperate rooms for 11 years. Their relationship went to hell when I was 9 years old. I am now 20 and in my third year of college and I can't help but hate my father. My mother doe...
    5 Family 55
  223. What if my father comes around after the personal protection
    Hi this is goodgirl124, I would like to know what to do if my father starts coming around after the Personal Protection expires in June? I'll tell you all the story behind this: Well, back in 2005, I moved out into a apartment on my own, then, my fathe...
    2 Family 15
  224. Who is most likely the father of my baby?
    Well im pregnant, my due date is set for around march 9th my last period was around june 13th-18th. Can you only get pregnant after your period? Me and my boyfriend been having sex since may 31st not one time have we used a condom. But he also never se...
    6 Sex 88
  225. When is a boy too old to be in a bath tub with his mother?
    And a daughter with her father?
    21 Family 100
  226. Why do we look more like one parent than the other?
    I dont know why this happen but i look alike more to my mother then to my father, i have the same face but i dont know why i didnt get my fathers face. who do you look alike more anybody knows why this happen?
    5 Family 65
  227. Eye colour of my future kids.
    I would just like to know what are the chances that my kids have coloured eyes I have brown eyes, my mother has green eyes and my father has brown eyes. My grand-parents from my father's side both had brown eyes but my grand-parents from my mother s...
    3 Family 51
  228. How can I get a application for the show Overhaulin'?
    How do I get a application to have my father's 1979 Transam restored on your show overhaulin'? My father is disabled and can't afford to restore it himself and he can't do the physical labor either so can you help?
    2 Entertainment 149
  229. How do I sign my rights away on my son?
    I am the father of a two year old boy whom I have never seen. His mother tells me all the time I am not his father. How do I sign my rights away on him?
    5 Family 40
  230. How to get away from an abusive Father?
    my dad is constantly yelling at me. He always calls me a F-in stupid retard, and that I need to stop acting like I'm retarded or else hes going to put me in a special ed class. He makes me do almost everything for him, to looking for his socks and shoe...
    10 Family 186
  231. What to do when being goth dissapoints my father?
    Okie, I have really been wanting to change my look for a while now so my mom took me shopping. I got things "I" liked and my mom was okay with it. (These things include skinny jeans, studded belt, lots of black t-shirts, darker make-up ect.). Well I wa...
    3 Family 38
  232. How do I overcome this dislike I have for my boyfriends father?
    Hey there:-) So I've been dating this guy for a year now and he's so amazing I love him sooo much he means a lot to me and he has such an awesome family they're such nice people except for one member...his father. His dad drinks a lot and treats ...
    2 Family 17
  233. How can we reside in the U.S. ?
    Hello, my name is Sandra, okay so this is a question for my father. Me and my father are from Czech. We just got our canadian citizen ship. We are Canadian now:) But, my father wants to live in the U.S. Do we need to do anything to get into U.S. to liv...
    4 Travel 27
  234. Poem about abusive father
    Please take some time to give me some feedback on this poem! You did not know I was looking, but I saw you there with her, Your hand was raised above your head, your motion was a blur. Then I heard her screams, and heard her silent cries, I wished th...
    7 Literature 62
  235. Fishing Riddle
    Two fathers and two sons went fishing one day. They were there the whole day and only caught 3 fish. One father said, that is enough for all of us, we will have one each. How can this be possible?
    6 General 102
  236. stepdad saying he won't do anything for my kids?
    My second husband says he doesn't have to do ANYTHING for my children because he isn't their real father. Is this true? He says that their real father should do for them.He is not very kind to them either.He will only do for his kids only.
    7 Family 40
  237. How to soundproof a wall?
    hi I am asking this for my father, How do you soundproof walls? if the walls are already built. is there a way to?
    2 Homegarden 110
  238. My baby girl's blood group
    Do maby girls takes after their father's DNA or Blood group?.
    2 Family 10
  239. Am I half jewish?
    My mom or father were not born jewish, but before I was born my dad converted to judaism, am I half jewish?
    8 Religion 49
  240. I want to find my real father
    Okay so here is the dealz. Well right now I have a mom and a dad. Right? But the thing is he is not my real dad. My real dad basically got my mom pregnant and left. He saw me once when I was 3 weeks old and then never again. He did ask my mom to marry...
    4 Family 75
  241. How to adopt my little brother?
    I want to adopt my little brother because my father is not able to handle him he smoke and drink a lot an is not doing to well and also getting older so I want to adopt my brother to help my father what are the steps into adopting my brother?
    2 Family 184
  242. Father - Daughter
    I am a twenty-four year old woman and have recently found my father after twenty-three years. He left me for another woman - All my damn life I had too live with this rejection, I have never been able too have a relationship because my perception abou...
    2 Family 37
  243. Who is most likely the father of my baby?
    I am 28 weeks pregnant and before I became pregnant, for about 3 weeks, I had cheated on my boyfriend with another guy. I confronted him about it and he knew why I did it and forgave me. He knows about what I am going to ask on here and doesn't really ...
    5 Sex 65
  244. What can I do if my baby's father won't help in our child's care?
    I'm not saying I'm even close to understanding how those women feel, although lately I feel as though I have no help and as though I'm single and raising my son. My fiance is a great dad, don't get me wrong. I'm a stay at home mom right now, I lost my...
    9 Relationships 42
  245. How to control my frustration when girls hit on my father?
    My father is 16 years older than me.well both my parents are...don't He is extremely athletic tall and handsome looking man and is a kick boxer.well no not really his a businessman but he does kickboxing everyday so I kinda tell him thats wha...
    7 Family 76
  246. How do I tell my loved ones that I'm pregnant at 14?
    Well Im 14 and im pregnant I have yet to tell the father and my own father...I have yet to show but I am 2 months in...I dont know hwat to do .. HELP
    3 Family 11
  247. Repair my relationship with my son
    How do I repair my relationship with my 12 year old? I have told him that I would try to get back with his father and never did. I lied! I just can't stand to be around his father. Any suggestions on how to repair this relationship with my son.
    5 Family 245
  248. What does a tattoo feel like?
    Im 16, and I wanna get a tattoo, not just any tattoo. one that my father and older brother have on the inner forearm. if anyone has a tattoo there. can you tell me what it felt like? Because I wanna get the same one my father and older brother got.
    6 Style 39
  249. My step son and his father want to see more of each other,help?
    My step son is 12.he is a real credit to us.he lives with his mother not far away.both parents have joint custody,but she is an absolute nightmare for keep changing her mind when we can have husband and stepson are so bonded,its breaking there h...
    4 Babies 57
  250. Is Kolichnevitch a Russian surname?
    hi does any know of the surname kolichnevitch, my grand father was charle ignatii kolichnevitch is it russian
    5 Family 23