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  1. how do I get rid of millipedes in my sink and why r they in my sink?
    2 Pets 72
  2. Tiny millipedes in houseplant soil, how do I get rid of them?
    Theres insects that look like tiny millipedes in houseplant soil, they are eating the leaves. How do I get rid of them ???
    3 Homegarden 155
  3. Tulips replanting
    I planted some tulips and they already died. I want to pull the bulbs out and seperate them so I have more next year. when do I pull the bulbs out and sperate them? Any techniqes? What do I do with them after I seperate them?
    3 Homegarden 58
  4. Capuchin monkeys rubbing millipedes to deter mosquitoes?
    I am reading an article about Neotropical monkeys rubbing benzoquinones-secreting millipedes to deter mosquitoes. but I dont really understand what this article is saying. If anyone read this article can you explain it to me.
    4 Science 83
  5. Millipedes or centipedes in house plants
    I have what appears to be millipedes or centipedes in my houseplants. I have bought sprays and insecticides and yet they still persist. Is there a way to get rid of these things without ruining my plants and how did they get in there since I had recen...
    5 Homegarden 3276
  6. When to pull up tulips for re-planting in fall
    We moved late last summer, and this spring were delighted to see many tulips pop up, however they are thru blooming, and we want to re-arrange the garden next year, and I would like to know if we could pull them now, and let the leaves die off, could w...
    2 Homegarden 54
  7. What is the nickname that you use for your girl parts?
    Im watching scrubs and it made me wonder what other girls call theirs lol. Mine goes by a couple of names lol, Miss. Pinky. Pink Tulip. Play Area. Lol
    24 General 56
  8. Make-out help!!
    [[me and my boyfriend are both 14. ]]me and my boyfriend have been dating for just over two months, I like about eight hous away and im going down to visit him very soon. He asked me what I wanted for my birthday, he wants to get me tulips and a neckla...
    4 Relationships 23
  9. poem...differnet from my usual stuff...
    Give me a flower Give a flower to me Someday when need be Give a flower to me Someway that I can see Give me a daisy Because innocent be I Give me a daisy For I haven’t told a lie Give me a geranium Because comfort I do know Give me ...
    6 Literature 10
  10. What would you say about this dress?
    I just recently bought a dress online. I thought it was pretty. It is a tulip dress in a light pink color and it has a black satin bow around it. It is spaghetti strap and falls about knee length. It was really cheap which is one of the main reasons I ...
    4 Style 52