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  1. Is this a headturner and leave?
    Is this a good comeback: Make like a bannana and split?
    5 General 15
  2. what is your favourite comfort foods?
    mine would have to be broccolli cheddar soup, bannana bread, and hashbrown casserole
    9 Food 12
  3. what are some foods that are common in your daily diet?
    for me i have at least four almonds a day, eight glasses of water, tofu or soy products, and homemade strawberry bannana smoothies :)
    17 Food 15
  4. Where can you get good emo hoodies :) ?
    I've tried blue bannana, pac sun, hot topic and grind stone. I would like a black one with pointy ear's the most. Thankyou :) x
    5 Shopping 17
  5. What's good stuff to eat on a diet?
    so im on a diet to lose 10 pounds. and I make a fruit smoothie everymorning. that has non-fat milk,bannana,strawberries,apple,and ice. do you think tha has fat ? and can you gimme some advice on what to eat. I want to lose them in 2 months.
    8 Nutritionfitness 46
  6. How do I become more "princessy"
    k,... so like I have this thing where when I try to be a girly girl ,... I put to much lip gloss on or whatever,... I also have ocd so sometimes it is something that I feel like I "have" to complete,...(if you have ocd you know what I mean ,...) I ne...
    3 Style 17
  7. How balanced is my diet? Is it possible to eat too much fruit?
    Ok so I've been trying to eat more healthily, and my new diet I though was Ok, I do still eat a lot but its supposedly good for you. So I wanna know whether this deit is ok...:) Breakfast: 1 bowl of Shreddies Lunch: Apple and an Orange Snacks: Apples ...
    2 Nutritionfitness 41
  8. What are some new songs?
    well heres a few songs I like,so if you know of any songs and think I would like them please please tell me them, thx soo much! rock buckcherry-everything,sorry,all of me linkin park-numb,in the end beatles-every song jack johnson-flake,bannana pan ca...
    2 Music 20
  9. Healthy food choices
    Aright well heres my situation, when school starts up, which it has, I starts my workouts everyday after school for around 2 hours maybe even more and I get really hungry, but I've comited ot only eating healthy foods, so basically in the morning I hav...
    4 Nutritionfitness 26