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  1. do u run 100m and if u do how quick can u do it???
    32 Sports 41
  2. what religion are u?
    22 Religion 44
  3. what do u do when someone starts shit with u?
    5 General 57
  4. what would u do if the guy u think is cute...didnt kno u but wanted to get to kno u ...but u were really shy...? HELP!
    13 Relationships 19
  5. Who do u go to wen u need talk?
    10 Relationships 12
  6. How tall and how old are u?
    How tall and how old are u?
    25 Nutritionfitness 55
  7. what music u in2?
    10 Music 16
  8. how do u
    2 Relationships 7
  9. What does U stand for in physics?
    2 Science 106
  10. what part of the military would u join if u were made to join, and why?
    13 Money 19
  11. What do u do when ur bored?
    19 Entertainment 43
  12. how do u unfollow ppl ?
    4 Funadvice 8
  13. WHAT if u had jello as blood?
    68 Health 62
  14. what to do wen u have parents that dont trust u bcuz u did 1 think wrong?
    12 Family 19
  15. how can the mother that gave birth to u hate u soo much that she hits u n the face and tells u to get the fuck out of her house?
    31 Family 30
  16. How do u know if ur actually sick or if u jus have a cold??
    2 Health 71
  17. How long do u keep henna on before u take of the crusty stuff?
    2 Style 43
  18. what is u'r country
    u have not mention it.
    6 General 50
  19. Are egg shells good for u
    Are egg shells good for u
    5 Food 51
  20. what do u if a friend disappeared and u went to his house to find that someone broke in but u cant call the police?
    9 General 32
  21. can u grow salt stalactites?
    7 Science 26
  22. How Can U Ask A Girl If She Masturbans?
    5 Sex 74
  23. Do u have to bath ur cat??
    13 Pets 40
  24. how do u know if your 'cherry' has pooped??
    9 Relationships 397
  25. what do u like to put on your salad???
    15 Food 32
  26. would u sell your soul to the devil to get anything u desired?
    33 Religion 48
  27. What do u do if im scared of everthing?
    8 General 30
  28. What brand of Wine do u favor?
    12 Food 19
  29. what do u think of people who have autism?
    9 Health 36
  30. does it matter if u r pretty or not?
    10 Style 19
  31. How to get over someone u been with for over 2yrs.?
    3 Relationships 15
  32. How do u unflag a question?
    8 Funadvice 20
  33. why do u have to be 16 to be able to drive?
    14 General 31
  34. how do u do those basic ticks on a skateboard???
    3 Sports 38
  35. What do you do when u have a little blister on your tongue?
    6 Health 73
  36. when u shave are u suppose to shave ur arms too!?
    ..or only when its nessecery!?...i dont..but im just wondering if u can or not?
    11 Style 81
  37. how old do u think u shud legally b 2 drink and smoke?
    10 Health 14
  38. how do u say "kiss my ass u stupid son of a bitch" politically correct?
    3 Politics 71
  39. Is sugar water good 4 u?
    Is sugar water good 4 u?
    3 Health 95
  40. How many of you guys are in luv or at least think u r but the person u like doesnt like u back?
    How many of you wonder if u just want them bcuz u cant have them
    6 Relationships 18
  41. whats some good music to pump u up??
    3 Music 41
  42. Who likes smoothies and wat do u put in them?
    14 Food 23
  43. When puking what does it mean if u see blood?
    5 Health 66
  44. how do u cure borderline personality disorder??
    17 Health 31
  45. what if u had other chance with ur ex,wat wud u do to get dat person baq?
    3 Health 9
  46. how can u be confident about something if ur actually not?
    3 General 11
  47. what is a futernal*if thats how u spell it* twin?
    3 Babies 130
  48. What do u do when ur bf is not that great of a kisser?
    9 Relationships 73
  49. how old do u have to b to get lipo?
    3 Nutritionfitness 35
  50. How do u know something is wrong in your family?
    4 Family 11
  51. what type of educationd do u need to be a psychiatrist?
    10 Money 29
  52. What is a way to find a religion where u belong?
    40 Religion 65
  53. What does the abbreviation "U" mean in medical terminology
    2 Health 18
  54. where do u get ur hair extensions?
    5 Style 32
  55. Can u get viruses from using frostwire?
    6 Technology 17
  56. how can u find a person on fun advice?
    3 Funadvice 6
  57. do u know what happened on your birthday in history?
    6 General 41
  58. why does chewing tobacoo make u spit?
    9 Health 17
  59. whats wrong? u know who this is, right?
    2 Health 12
  60. does it hurt the girl when u fuck her ass?
    3 Health 90
  61. If your sister was cheatin on your friend???wud u /or wud u ...
    If your sister was cheatin on one of your friends? what would you do...tell or hush up ?
    3 Relationships 16
  62. It's All About U
    Sooo Tell Me, what Do you Think About Urself?
    21 General 13
  63. can u buy piercing kits at hot topic?
    can u buy piercing kits at hot topic?
    2 Shopping 30
  64. What does love mean to u???
    What's love to u? Why do people think love is easy? What do you all think???
    3 Relationships 23
  65. Have you ever felt like god has deserted u?
    Have you ever felt like god has deserted u?
    13 Religion 26
  66. do u HAVE TO pay on the computer at amazon's site or can u pay with the ups man or whoever brings it to u ?
    i mean i have a credit card but i dont rlly wanna put my stuff on the computer ....
    4 Technology 19
  67. who can ans this A shop sells 1 sweet @ $1 each ,U can exchnge 3 wraprs for 1 sweet. Now if u have $15 hw mny sweets can u totaly get? 99%peple ans it wrong.
    5 Entertainment 16
  68. how many points do u need too get money??
    4 Money 19
  69. What are some ways tthat a computer can be good for u?
    What are some ways tthat a computer can be good for you to have and some ways a computer can be bad to have too?
    4 Technology 17
  70. where can u find gragonballz i love that show? i cant find it no more
    17 Entertainment 17
  71. can dust kill u overtime??
    from constant exposure???
    2 Health 29
  72. what would u do if the guy u reallllllyyyy like is your best friend but liikes this total bitch and she keeps hurting him??
    5 Relationships 6
  73. is there a subject u can major in that doesn't include math?
    7 Education 14
  74. What Twilight team are u?
    What Team are you? Team Edward or Team Jacob or another?? I am Team Jacob!!
    4 Entertainment 35
  75. How do u write a introduction about urself on ur profile?
    2 Funadvice 17
  76. how do you find ur wifi password, if u forgot it???
    4 Technology 30
  77. What are some things u could do on the last day of class?
    2 Nutritionfitness 33
  78. would u ever drink and drive in midnight....?????
    43 General 32
  79. can u??
    Can you be on your period the first two months if you are pregnant??
    5 Health 18
  80. do u think the world will end anytime sooner?
    8 Science 40
  81. What do u think of that phrase "a man that trusts no one can be trusted" ? Do u think it's true or false ,i want to know ur apinion :]
    2 Literature 27
  82. How do u recieve your money after selling something on ebay?
    4 Money 55
  83. Which two teams do u think will be in the superbowl this year?
    4 Sports 9
  84. How do u order tickets for the toronto film festival?
    2 Entertainment 14
  85. how do u send text messages with songs in message?
    15 Technology 81
  86. What kinds of makeup should u wear when ur 15?
    5 Style 18
  87. How do u make ur own "like" page on facebook??
    3 Technology 44
  88. How do u apply liquid eyeliner to the bottom eyelid?
    4 Style 16
  89. What. Can u get an STD from having sex while the girl is on her period?
    15 Sex 83
  90. how much of our weight is water weight? and how can u get rid of it?
    2 Health 15
  91. do u think you should rent ur wedding dress??
    9 Shopping 53
  92. How many times on an average do u shop in a month?
    4 Shopping 22
  93. Do u like Lotta Cockka? Its my Screen Name
    2 Technology 8
  94. how big do u think the world is and what do you think happens when we all die?
    4 General 51
  95. do u think immagrints should be removed from america?..i dont='(
    14 Politics 42
  96. Why they say by riding a horse, bike, or gymnastics u can break your hymen if actually u can't break it w/out putting anything in there?
    6 Health 82
  97. Can u still get STD if your 16 or 17???
    10 Family 27
  98. What do you think ab hinder new song (without u)?
    What do you think ab hinder new song (without u)?
    3 Music 14
  99. How do you know when your ovulating ? An when is the rite time to have sex so u can be pregos
    6 Sex 70
  100. Can u really use bible pages to roll a j?
    17 General 36
  101. can u get braces only for your upper teeth?
    9 Health 49
  102. can u get abdominal stretch marks without being pregnant?
    11 Style 19
  103. what do u think this is .is it a baby snake?i found it at home in the kitchen
    9 Pets 34
  104. can u get fines and probation for stealing narcotics from a pharmacy?
    9 General 37
  105. what item do u think is better to have, A house phone or Cell phone?
    12 General 36
  106. how do you get your fringe back to how it was once u got it cut after you have had a shower?
    2 Style 38
  107. What acne solutions do u use?
    ? (Ex. Proactive) etc......
    8 Style 24
  108. how many times in your life u have seen falling stars***???
    20 Science 29
  109. How do u teach a 1 yr old baby how to read?
    14 Education 48
  110. What is the best "thought that counts" gift u can give to a girl?
    10 Shopping 13
  111. How do you noe if yuh bi if u never bin with noone before?
    2 Relationships 38
  112. who would u date "laddy gaga or katy perry??"
    13 Entertainment 28
  113. how do u get rid of scratches from cd and dvd disks?
    2 Technology 57
  114. How can u
    Tell what size you are like a b c d
    4 Entertainment 10
  115. what do u say: happy kwanza or merry kwanza?
    or whats kwanza? lol
    5 General 32
  116. Can U Fall In "Love" In 3 Weeks And It Really Be Real Love ?
    40 Relationships 212
  117. how do u change the the language an a japanese macbook pro to english
    2 Technology 46
  118. is it true that u can get a scholorship for NOT putting a perm in your hair?
    6 Style 43
  119. Do u like the old or new Avril Lavigne better?
    12 Entertainment 16
  120. Kids hiting u
    if a kid hits you TO MUCH and you get mad, what do you do?
    15 Babies 28
  121. aspartame and harming u
    Is aspartame in diet soda really that bad?
    2 Health 106
  122. is it concidered murder if u knowingly give someone AIDS?
    9 Health 48
  123. HOW can u tell if a cocktails birds are getting old are young ?
    5 Pets 12
  124. do bangs make you look like u have a small forehead??
    6 Style 73
  125. Is there a medicine or vaccine so u don't get STD when ur young?
    15 Health 44
  126. Whats the most embarrassing thing tahts eva happend to u?
    Whats the most embarrassing thing thats eva happend to u?
    5 General 23
  127. Whats the most embarassing thing thats happened 2 U?
    What is the MOST embarrassing thing thats happened 2 u?
    2 General 20
  128. What are u?!
    Wuts your religion are you christian, boodyist, athiest, muslim, Me is a muslim and proud so what are u..?
    16 Religion 37
  129. Why do u get split ends with a hair dryer and straightning iron?
    Why do u get split ends with the hair dryer and the straightning iron?
    4 Style 46
  130. Who elses boyfriend was gay before they went out wiv u?
    Who else boyfriend was gay before they went out wiv u? And how do you feeel? X
    2 Relationships 13
  131. whats a good way to style your hair if its straight, thin, and u have big ears that u dont like that stick out? embarassing...right?
    9 Style 26
  132. If u had a good paying job, would u quit if you were being bullied at work?
    If you worked a good paying job, would you quit if you were working in a hostile work environment where you were being bullied everyday by a group of co-workers?
    4 Money 65
  133. Do u think its ever okay to hit ur mom?
    Wat situations do u think its okay, if u think its ever okay?
    13 Family 55
  134. Where can u buy bio oil?
    does it work well for stretch marks? and where can I buy it at?
    4 Style 43
  135. how do u get rid of the brown dye in ur hair fast?
    8 Style 80
  136. can you get prego when you have sex on your period and he did cum in u?
    I had sex with my man and I was on my period and he didnt cum in me but can I get prego
    5 Sex 86
  137. is it true the more u shave the thicker your facial hair will grow and faster????
    51 Style 90
  138. What would u call john leenon's death? A murder or assination?
    2 Religion 22
  139. Whats a good quote to get u through a tough time in your life?
    15 Literature 40
  140. When writing the procedure in a lab report do u write it in steps or paragrraph form?
    8 General 20
  141. 20 year old virgin what do u think?
    20 year old male lonely
    8 Relationships 44
  142. when feeling up a girl 4 the first time do u go under the bra?
    2 Relationships 162
  143. How do u feel about the word Retarded?
    my school had a petition to ban thee word?
    14 General 33
  144. Say yes to this question if you hate the jonas bros, say no if u...
    Like them. I hate them
    19 Music 32
  145. Can u get pregnant from someone pouring the sperm out of a condom into their vagina?
    8 Health 2962
  146. When will the edit feature finally allow u to post somethin as private??
    3 Technology 14
  147. Can u get birth control pills at age 14 at a pharmacy?
    59 Health 64
  148. how do u know if ur account on FA, twitter or any other site has been hacked?
    3 Technology 45
  149. Whats a comeback u can say when someone calls you 4 eyes -_-' ?
    13 General 3388
  150. How do u get the weed plant emblem on modern warfare 2?
    2 Gaming 29
  151. What one would you choose hot climate or cold climate if u had a choice?
    9 General 40
    8 General 34
  153. what do u think is in hell and in heven?
    ....even if ur atheist what do u think is their?..horror..or nothing?
    35 Religion 43
    ok...this is kinda ramdom but like... WHO would want a ripped condom? and WHY!?!?! and then... WHY! would U! want a ripped condom!!!???
    3 Health 37
  155. Whats the scariest thing thats happened 2 u??
    Whats the scariest thing thats happened 2 u? That you can remember quickly!!
    4 General 13
  156. What: do u guys like when girls apply eye shadows i usually dont i use only mascara and eyeliner for an everyday look but im wondering if it looks pretty for u?
    6 Style 20
  157. how do u guys feel about what happened lastnight on the season finale on gossip girl????
    4 Entertainment 15
  158. What to do if ur dad wont let u ride ur bike on the frigin road?
    4 Family 18
  159. What are some fun sexual games to play besides truth or dare and are u nervous?
    12 Sex 669
  160. U EVIL SON OF A...
    Just what is the WORST thing a person could do in this cruel, cruel world?
    17 General 21
  161. Is it bad if u have a accent? Having a accent is a good thing or bad thing? But people still understand what you saying...
    3 General 107
  162. is it true that chase*the bank* will give u 100 dollars just to open an account their!!!??
    2 Money 69
  163. do u think im young to have sex with my boyfriend im 15 years old
    9 Sex 53
  164. do u have be 18 in order to get a credit card?
    and is a debit card a bill card? lol
    5 Money 29
  165. what do u think that ppl see when they die?
    a angel..a light?..or etc.
    22 Religion 32
  166. Can u actually eat out all the time at fast food restaurants and still be healthy?
    7 Food 35
  167. why do i feel like peeing when i get too horny?is it normal?what do u think is the problem if it is?
    11 Health 894
  168. is it bad when you break ur on arm just to get your boyfriend to give u attention??
    11 Relationships 62
  169. do u really get high off of smarties?
    some idiots in my english class were supposedly "getting high off of smarties"?
    9 General 124
  170. whats a thing that u can download, where you can make moving pictures or movies, out of cartoons?
    3 Technology 7
  171. Should I take a picture of my hair style so you guyz could tell me what u think??
    4 Style 29
  172. could you die or get a sickness if u dont eat breakfast and lunch ?????
    8 Nutritionfitness 42
  173. What well happen if u take birth control while your 2 months pregent?
    7 Health 34
  174. Do doctors really care what happens to u?
    Are doctors nice 2 you in the hospital. Do they really care what happens to u? What is going through their minds?
    5 Health 48
  175. why do doctors say if u lose weight quickly you will gain it back ,, and what do they exactly mean?
    4 Nutritionfitness 41
  176. how do u get a custom-made fortune cookie?
    3 Food 32
  177. Should I keep making pomes 4 u?
    why do I like making pomes is that good and do you make pome it is a yes or no thing so do you make pomes and do you think I should keep making them
    4 Literature 50
  178. How much is 2 GB on a wireless internet device and how long do u think that will last??
    2 Technology 70
  179. How can I get my hair to grow longer. like what are some tips to have it stay growing longer even if u get a trim?
    11 Style 34
  180. Why do guys say I love u
    Why do guys tell you that they love you when they have not know you that long it is so annoying and you have to say it back or is it just me lol
    3 Relationships 28
  181. What does that mean if u cant log into ur funadvice account.
    does funadvice delete or make it so u cant log into ur account if u havent been on in a long time????
    4 Funadvice 6
  182. How much would a contested divorce be when all u have to fight over is a child and the other parent doesn't have a lawyer?
    7 Family 13
  183. Does a spray tan stop u from having pimples?
    cause when i used it i didnt have pimples but when i stopped i got them back from before?
    2 Style 60
  184. Do you think its sad if a good friend of urs cant describe u in 3 words?
    7 Relationships 25
  185. What did u think about the new Degrassi lastnight, it was SIck how Fiona kissed her brother Declan?
    4 Entertainment 7
  186. how do u delete this site or at least stop it from even new post being sent to my hotmail?
    3 Funadvice 5
  187. How can you tell when your guy is cheating u?
    Well I think my guy is cheating on me because he's not the same person as before and he doesn't call's me that often
    2 Relationships 26
  188. when people look at your picture that u post on line do they treat u different?
    . because i feel that when i post pic of me people start being friendly to me just because i pot a pic of me going to Maine in the summer so i took it of because i didn't want to feel this way
    9 Funadvice 18
  189. How do u get cats to stop scratching the couch?
    I feel like i tried everything!!!
    4 Pets 26
  190. when the doctor says u have segmatism whats does he mean?
    i went to check my eyes lol
    4 Health 305
  191. How do u get a pup to stop biting and nibbling too hard?
    How do u get a pup to stop biting and nibbling too hard? i dont want him to be a biter when he grows up. wut should i do
    3 Pets 65
  192. when you something new to your hair everyone copys u?
    okay so is it me or does it feel like when you something new to your hair everyone copys u? its really annoyingg. watshould I do?
    6 Style 12
  193. what do u think about area 51? u belive it has stuff tha goverment iz keeping away from us?
    9 Politics 10
  194. What do u think of gothic punk style?
    Wuld u try it? I'm jus wondering(: Xoxo -mar
    28 Style 36
  195. I think I might be pregnant what to u do
    Just letting you no I'm with my bf but it is not his and I don't know who it is but haven't told my bf yet what do I do and how do u cope
    16 Health 43
  196. What happens to uour lips if u apply tanning lotion to them?
    dp they get lighter or darker or what?
    3 Style 37
  197. whats a good pet to buy if u have a small flat and have a 1 year old son?
    6 Pets 56
  198. can u guys give me some drink or food recipes that makes my boobs biger tell me some plz?
    5 Food 64
  199. How long does it take for your period to regulate after starting it? how much time does it take for ur period to be normal after u have bearly started it
    10 Health 72
  200. Which matters more to u??melody or lyrics!!!
    So the ques is ...when you like a it mostly because you like the lyrics or its melody and tempo and stuffs??which matters more?? Oh and why??
    8 Music 17
  201. what's weird to u?
    my professor told me that if somebody told you you are weird you should take it as a compliment..but I don't know.. so whats your definition of WEIRD?
    13 Education 63
  202. what is the best bank to get a bank account at that I CAN trust..that WONT charge u fees or stuff like that??
    2 Money 12
  203. when u pressurize the inside of a copper tube and seal it ends ,does that increase the thermal conductivity if the tube surface?
    3 Science 14
  204. How to treat a cavity, before u actually have a appointment?
    my mom hasnt set a date for me to go to the dentist?
    3 Health 31
  205. Did u peoples no that an average of 10 people a year die from a vending machine?
    How many people think this is weird?
    6 General 21
  206. How do u make a scar less noticable because it brite red n hard to hide in the summer ?
    3 Health 56
  207. how do u move back to your old town without being emancipated and knowing your mom wont let you?
    4 Family 21
  208. Is anal sex somewhat bad 4 u
    Is anal sex somewhat bad 4 you is it still ok to do it some times What are some of tha negatives
    3 Sex 169
  209. Is pre-cum bad for u
    Is pre-cum bad for you What are some of tha bad effects could it realy give you std's
    2 Health 237
  210. how do u tell if one of ur guy friends likes you but ur not sure how to figure it out and see if it is true?
    5 Relationships 45
  211. Should i get a WII U or a PS3?
    Im not sure, people say the WII U is better but ive played ps3 and i really liked it
    10 Gaming 34
  212. How would u guys feel about this big secret kept from u all these years??
    So I just found out that my uncle is actually my dad. And I now understand the reason my parents are divorced and why my dad and uncle hate each other. Right now, I hate them all 4 this messed up jerry springer life of mine. What do u guys think abo...
    6 Family 17
  213. can u crack this code -->(X35 P33N I hUJOH 05 W,I 35V37d 3W d73H)?
    20 General 140
  214. what is that ink that people use in India for making tattoos, that is like gunk and u leave it on, it crusts off and you have the mark of where it was?
    10 Style 44
  215. how dose the color black make u look skinnier?
    ...i dont get it ..somebody plz explain?
    5 Style 11
  216. What would u say if ur gf/bf had removed ur pixx and had a friend of the opposite sex as their wallpaper on their phone?
    11 Sex 15
  217. How would u spell a name tht sounds like juanyay?
    does anyone know the correct way to spell the name tht sounds like juanyay?
    5 Literature 84
  218. When cashing ur points in do u use ur username to have a checked mailed or do you use your real name when filling out the form?
    38 Funadvice 63
  219. How can i tell if my boy friend has had sex? I asked him and he got mad at me and said "ya do u think i don't know how to have sex". So how can i tell?
    3 Sex 17
  220. who..Have u ever had a dream and next thing,you know,your living it again but in real life like deja vu?
    10 General 9
  221. what is one thing u can't stand about a grl?
    i can't stand it when there 24/7 touching there kind gets annoying anyone?
    64 General 59
  222. Which game for xbox 360 do u think i should save up for?
    Cod Black ops, or Rock Band 3?
    7 Gaming 9
  223. is it weird for me to give my (u know) a name?
    I know a lot of girls who have names for their private areas. I mean I know it sounds weird of me asking this, but is it?
    5 Relationships 21
  224. gettin drunk sometimes bad for u?
    does getting drunk and high one weekend a month bad for u? or every 2-3 weeks?
    7 Nutritionfitness 18
  225. What religion /culture are u?
    What religion /culture are u? Im a christian...and my culture is scottish,irish,english,french and much more...but I cant speak any of the languages...
    16 Religion 46
  226. how would you noe if your pregnant on the day your man cummed on u ?
    what are da symptons of you being pregnant on da day your mann cummd in u ? how do you kill the baby inside you ?
    6 Health 74
  227. How far have u gone wit ur bfs?
    Like me nd my girl did "it" nd it hadent even been a month so wb u ladies???
    3 Relationships 35
  228. would u read a book entitled 'love souls' or 'princess attitude'?
    are the titles catch?need an opinion.
    4 Literature 15
  229. how do u know how much memory you have left on the computer?
    ok so i know this is a stupid question but idk were i can see how much mem i have
    11 Technology 33
  230. what is dance class like in a high school as a elective, if u have it, i got it and im nervous and i wanna get out of it already?
    7 General 65
  231. What are the normal needle gauges for certain piercings cuz i cant find a chart(as many as u can name plz)?
    9 Style 116
  232. How long does chlamydia take to cause u to become infertile?
    I have it and have not had a period in the last two months does that mean im infertile?
    8 Health 75
  233. Can I still return clothes back to Factory 2-U or Dollar Tree if I ripped the price tag off but still have the receipt?
    2 Shopping 90
  234. Does "ALLI" work? (Dietary pills that make u go to the bathroom) Has anyone taken them and if so how was your experience? Please Respond.
    10 Nutritionfitness 73
  235. Tired of hearing about it... are u?
    Im tired of hearing about how emos and goths and scenes are sooo mocked on!! They choose to be that whay and they can change at any moment...Do you agree?
    5 Style 35
  236. What should you do about Annoying friends who copy u?
    She always steals my ideas and claims them for her own and says some hatedul thing sometimes I just want to ditch her but can't
    2 Relationships 30
  237. What's the point in spelling "You" Y-U-H?
    I mean, it doesn't save any time, it's still a three letter word.
    15 General 28
  238. What do u guys think about the generation that raised our parents downing us?
    I mean like didn't they raise our parents and our parents raised us so that would mean it's partly their fault.
    4 Family 18
  239. Who else LOVES those new "U" by Kotex commercials?
    these are the ones that mock the stupid tampon ads where the people are dancing. haha
    6 Health 18
  240. do u guys take pride in ur funadvice points?
    cz nw i wana answer mor questns!hm
    21 Funadvice 16
  241. is drinking too much tea bad 4 u ?
    I drink every day hmm..about 10 cups of tea thats a total of 10 tea bags !!
    2 Health 30
  242. can u tell me how to loose fat!
    i no every one has there views but can u tell me how to loose fat! i have a small layer of fat on the bottom of my stomach and chest area jus any advice thanks
    3 Nutritionfitness 56
  243. Who knows what it feels like when u r writing somethin nd ur finger just gets stick nd the muscle hardens what's that called ?
    7 Nutritionfitness 19
  244. How can you tell if your boyfrined broke you hymen by fingering u?
    My boyfriend fingers me all the time but I think I have a tight vagina but yeah how can I get him to break my hymen with out sex ?
    2 Sex 370
  245. Is it ok to when u watch t.v. to always want to watch like forenics shows, like forensic files, law and order, csi, shows like that, or is it odd?
    16 Entertainment 31
  246. what do you do when your stepfather thinks he cuold rule u!?
    what do you do when your stepfather thinks he cuold rule u!? and want to move with your grandma but mom wont let u please help my house is a living hell thers no LOVE :'(
    2 Family 39
  247. Hows 2009 for U?
    I been wondering how everyone likes their first 18 days of 2009 so far.. Do you like it better than da start of 2008?
    11 General 38
  248. my mom's dog eats her own poop does this seem strange to u?
    my mom's dog eats her own poop an she also eats the cat's poop out of the litter box as soon as they're done pooh-ing! does this seem strange to u?
    11 Pets 63
  249. Would u still b concidered a virgin if you have sex with a condom?
    cuz the dick wud hav protection so it wuldnt b lik a real dick?
    20 Sex 247
  250. why can't we say bock with a c on FA??? even wen sumones question relates to that word???...u cant always say "PENIS" ya know. -___-
    8 Health 16