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Masterbating bleeding

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  1. how to masterbate with no hands
    How do you masterbate with no hands??
    3 Sex 2132
  2. masterbate with ice
    how do you masterbate with ice?
    3 Sex 1489
  3. masterbation???
    4 Sex 897
  4. What is the bump i have after masterbation?
    5 Sex 372
  5. Why am I bleeding after masterbating?
    why am I bleeding after masturbating (clit only) and sex
    5 Sex 1481
  6. tips on how to masterbate
    what ways can I masterbate?
    27 Sex 11451
  7. Do you lose your virginity when you masterbate???
    do you lose your virginity when you masterbate?
    3 Sex 1975
  8. What are some ways girls can masterbate?
    What are some ways girls can masterbate?
    5 Sex 1422
  9. Why is it when I masterbate my cum is clear?
    Why is it when I masterbate my cum is clear???
    3 Sex 1240
  10. Does masterbation delay puberty?
    can masterbation delay puberty
    5 Sex 304
  11. Is it normal to bleed when pregnant?
    Is it normal to bleed when pregnant
    3 Health 189
  12. Hellp? How do you masterbate on your period?
    How do I masterbate on my period!?
    3 Sex 1585
  13. how to masterbate
    what good ways is there to masterbate
    11 Sex 950
  14. what can i masterbate with arould the house??
    2 Sex 295
  15. Bleeding during and after sex?
    2 Sex 159
  16. what is it with that rahul123 guy and masterbating?
    8 Sex 75
  17. Why do you bleed when you get cut?
    4 Health 58
  18. how to stop bleeding instantly?
    6 Health 97
  19. How does a girl masterbate?
    How does a girl pleasure herself?
    4 Sex 912
  20. Is your vagina tight after masterbating?
    8 Sex 1205
  21. What to do when your dog's nail is bleeding?
    2 Pets 22
  22. Is it bad to masterbate when I have my period ?
    10 Sex 101
  23. What happens if you masterbate everyday
    I masterbate everyday what happens if I masterbate to much
    3 Sex 841
  24. Girl masterbation
    What is the most best way for a girl to masterbate
    3 Sex 2235
  25. What household items can I use to masterbate?
    What household items can I use to masterbate?
    5 Sex 2974
  26. why is my male kitty bleeding?
    why is my kitty (male) bleeding out of his butt?
    7 Pets 103
  27. After you lose your virginity do you bleed a lot?
    After you lose your virginity do you bleed a lot?
    4 Health 508
  28. pap smears indicate masterbation?
    Can PAP smears indicate masterbation?
    3 Sex 824
  29. How can I masterbate my boyfriend??
    How can I masterbate my boyfriend?? Detailed please!!
    3 Sex 696
  30. How do I get the best orgasim from masterbation?
    How do I get the best orgasim from masterbation?
    2 Sex 1003
  31. Can you go blind from masterbation?
    Can you go blind if you masterbate to much?
    3 Sex 170
  32. Best way for a male to masterbate
    What is the best way for a male to masterbate
    10 Sex 196126
  33. What causes a kitten to bleed from their rectum?
    kitten bleeding from rectum
    3 Pets 69
  34. Does your clit get bigger when you masterbate?
    Does your clit get bigger when you masterbate?
    3 Sex 1125
  35. masterbateing for girls
    good ideas for masterbating
    3 Sex 292
  36. What are some great ways for a girl to masterbate?
    2 Sex 364
  37. What can I do if I keep bleeding and it won't stop?
    8 Health 63
  38. Why does it hurts when i pee and causein bleeding?
    8 Health 92
  39. Femaledog be spayed when bleeding
    7 Pets 16
  40. what can i use that vibrates like a vibrator for masterbation
    2 Sex 106
  41. Why am I bleeding during sex?
    why am I bleedin durin sex?
    2 Sex 101
  42. How to fix a bleeding toenail?
    2 Pets 33
  43. How to masterbate using the Nutrogeana Wave?
    7 Sex 46
  44. how can I get an orgasm quickly from masterbation?
    how can I get an orgasm quickly...
    3 Sex 187
  45. What's implantation bleeding like; is it like a period?
    4 Health 1112
  46. what are some kinky ways for a guy to masterbate?
    8 Sex 728
  47. good masterbating tips for girl
    4 Sex 471
  48. How can i masterbate without my parents finding out?
    6 Sex 333
  49. How can I stop the bleeding from where my tooth was pulled?
    4 Health 35
  50. What age do you have be to masterbate?
    5 Sex 335
  51. how do girls masterbate
    I no its a stupid question but...?
    2 Sex 378
  52. what reasons are there for bleeding whilst taking the pill other than ordinary breakthough bleeding?
    is there anything i should be worried about?
    2 Health 28
  53. Implantation bleeding.
    How long after having sex can you get implantation bleeding?
    3 Sex 543
  54. Cant stop bleeding...
    What dose it mean when you cant stop bleeding?
    4 Health 56
  55. How exactly do you use a shower head for masterbation?
    How exactly do you use a shower head for masterbation?
    5 Sex 249
  56. get your cherry popped how long does it bleed
    If you get your cherry popped how long does it bleed...
    6 Health 3259
  57. how too masterbate
    im 13 years old how do you masterbate
    11 Sex 2953
  58. How does a girl masterbate
    How exactly does a girl masterbate??? Im hornii...
    3 Sex 175
  59. Do you bleed from the first time you are fingered?
    Do you bleed if you get fingered for the first time?
    2 Health 5016
  60. Am I too young for masterbation?
    Am I too young for masterbation? I am 14-16 is it ok for me?
    4 Sex 232
  61. What does masterbation mean?
    how do you get sperm? how do you know when you are about to sperm? what does masterbation mean?
    3 Sex 117
  62. Peeing while masterbating?
    I was masterbating and when I had an orgasm I started peeing, is that normal?
    2 Sex 647
  63. do girls enjoy masterbating as much as guys do?
    enjoy masterbating as much as guys do?
    8 Sex 189
  64. Why does my nose bleed?
    My nose bleed sometimes is that something normal or not.
    4 Health 101
  65. weird ways to masterbate
    what are the weirdest ways you have masterbated or you have heard of?
    3 Sex 312
  66. Do all virgins bleed the first time?
    When a virgin looses her virginity will she bleed?
    2 Relationships 246
  67. masterbating?!?!
    What are sum other ways besides just fingering?
    5 Sex 255
  68. Is this bleeding normal?
    Is it normal if u bleed when u masterbate? I need to know if this is normal or not.
    2 Sex 146
  69. masterbation
    when I jack off not a lot of cum comes out
    3 Sex 18
  70. Chicken bleeding
    This chicken that I have has blood al over her butt. Why?
    4 Pets 172
  71. How many times are you supposed to bleed after anal?
    How many times are you supposed to bleed after anal? Is it normal? When can you do it and NOT bleed?
    4 Relationships 1627
  72. whats the liquid coming out of your clit when you masterbate?
    14 Sex 679
  73. What would happen if I just let my nose bleed?
    6 Health 110
  74. Anal masterbation
    Can I masterbate from my butt hole also? As in is anal masterbation possible?
    12 Sex 984
  75. Masterbation
    Need new ways of materbating
    4 Sex 162
  76. How long should their tails bleed after being cut?
    How long should they bleed after being cut? When they are still puppies.
    3 Pets 50
  77. Bleeding in my pregnant dog
    Why is she bleeding she is 35 days pregnant and has had a scan?
    8 Pets 1294
  78. why am I not bleeding at all then when I have sex I do bleed?
    I'm am no longer a virgin, haven't been for a while, and all of a sudden lately I wont have any bleeding at all then when I have sex or get fingered I start to bleed?
    4 Sex 118
  79. I had my period 2 week ago in now I have light bleeding
    I had my period 2 week ago in now I have light bleeding
    2 Health 162
  80. Dog bleeding from her bum
    Why is my dog bleeding from her bum? SHe's also been vomiting. She is spayed.?
    4 Pets 91
  81. Bleeding in pregnancy
    Iam ten weeks pregnant why am I bleeding
    4 Health 69
  82. quiet masterbating?
    how do I controle my breathing when im masterbating? no noise?
    3 Sex 992
  83. Normal to bleed 2 extra days after your period?
    Is it normal to bleed 2 extra days after your period?
    3 Health 172
  84. How long are you supposed to bleed after losing your virginity?
    How long are you suppose to bleed after you lose your viriginity?
    3 Health 8309
  85. Why do my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?
    I don't press very hard, so why are my gums bleeding when I brush my teeth?
    4 Health 60
  86. sex while on your period do it make you bleed heavier?
    If you cum during sex while on your period do it make you bleed heavier?
    2 Sex 272
  87. Normal to bleed after the first time you have sex ?
    How long is it normal to bleed after the first time you have sex ???
    6 Sex 307
  88. When masterbating and inserting an object into your vagina?
    When masterbating and inserting an object into your vagina, up which hole does it go?
    2 Sex 6322
  89. How do I deal with continuous nose bleeds,nose bleeds like two to three times a day without fworring about it?
    5 Health 40
  90. Why am i bleeding after fingering myself with a fat highlighter for the first time?
    11 Health 249
  91. Can my dog be pregnant if she is bleeding still?
    3 Pets 634
  92. Why does my boyfriend's nose bleed 3 times a day?
    16 Health 48
  93. Is it normal to have random nose bleeds out of nowhere, and then have a headache?
    6 Health 61
  94. other stuff masterbation wise
    what different kind of lubrications are there?
    2 Sex 10
  95. Does every woman have implantation bleeding, or does it just depend on the woman and her body?
    3 Health 105
  96. what can I use to masterbate?
    im 14 and looking for varity
    11 Sex 1705
  97. What do i do? I had a sexual inter course with my girlfriend and she started bleeding?
    8 Sex 115
  98. Why do some people's nose start to bleed when they sneeze a lot?
    3 Health 57
  99. who masterbates? GIRLS ONLY
    I was wondering hwo other people masturbate GIRLS ONLY
    7 Sex 238
  100. implantation bleeding
    implantation bleeding can implantation bleeding start before you period? do you have cramps with implantaion bleeding and what does it look like?
    3 Health 3402
  101. Im bleeding and I am not on my period
    It hurts when I urinate and I am bleeding like I am on my period but I am not what is wrong
    3 Health 68
  102. What to do if it bleeds when pregnant?
    My friend is it is 7 months.But now it is bleeding slightly. What to do???
    5 Health 18
  103. What are the signs of a miscarriage besides the bleeding?
    so what are the signs of a miscariage besides the bleeding??? please help?
    5 Health 393
  104. Do all girls masterbate
    Do all girls masterbate cause mst girls say they dont are they just shy
    7 Sex 338
  105. why did I bleed
    when I had sex the second time I you know why this happened...?...anyone...?..
    3 Sex 79
  106. Masterbating. Addictive or not?
    Do you find masterbating addicting or not? Do you enjoy it very much and wish for more? Is it all you think about?
    2 Sex 242
  107. what is implantation bleeding
    can anyone tell me what inplantation bleeding looks like?
    2 Health 393
  108. What:If I dont masterbate for a long time will I enjoy it more?
    Yeah if I dont masterbate for a long time will it be more pleasurable when I do?
    4 Sex 188
  109. menstrual bleeding
    dose reddish brown menstrual bleeding mean pregnancy
    2 Health 401
  110. How Do You Make A Dogs Eye Stop Bleeding?
    Because My Sister Hit The Dog In Her Eye And Its Bleeding.
    2 Pets 50
  111. how masterbation ice cubes?
    ok I been hearing about ice cube masterbation how to you do that do you stick the whole ice cube up there or what?
    2 Sex 2830
  112. masterbating storys
    Who has chought someone masterbating or been chought lol tell me what happend lol
    2 Sex 1808
  113. when you have a miscarriage do you bleed tons
    have a question about it... when you have a miscarriage do you bleed tons how long those it last for and do you have cramps with it???
    2 Health 76
  114. Why am I suddenly bleeding during sex?
    What should I do if everytime I have sex I bleed and I have never bled with anyone I have had sex with? What should I do?
    7 Sex 101
  115. Can a dog have bleeding during pregnancy?
    Dog pregnancy bleeding - any information on this subject - I want to know if your dog can be pregnant and having bleeding during the pregnancy?
    8 Pets 2334
  116. masterbating
    any girls turned on by watching lesbian porn, that are straight?
    5 Sex 59
  117. Is it true that thinking perverted thoughts make your nose bleed?
    16 Health 120
  118. how can I make masterbation better
    im a boy and toys or what else
    5 Sex 3491
  119. can a girl masterbate
    I wonder because I have been having like white thing s coming out of me for a while
    4 Sex 437
  120. is bleeding normal after a wank
    some times when I wank blood comes out is it normal help!!!
    3 Health 114
  121. Can I be pregnant if I took a pregnancy test and it was positive but I'm bleeding?
    3 Health 76
  122. What happens when you're kissing someone and your nose starts bleeding?
    8 Health 68
  123. are there any veins in your lip that if you hit would bleed a lot and not heal?
    4 Style 331
    7 Pets 23
  125. Where can I get full details about nose bleeds?
    Where can I get ful details regarding causes of nose bleeding.
    4 Health 27
  126. Is it normal to bleed from being fingered?
    ok. my boyfriend fingered me for like an hour. and I started bleeding is this normal??? ?
    2 Relationships 9456
  127. My vagina started bleeding today
    What do I do my life is over my vagina started bleeding today what the f*ck??? Help me
    6 Health 22
  128. Tools besides vibrators I can use durring masterbation?
    I'm a girl what are some tools besides vibrators I can use durring masterbation?
    7 Sex 1772
  129. Is masterbating with a spoon safe?
    Im 15 and I sometimes use a spoon to masterbate. Is that safe or normal?
    3 Sex 547
  130. testicles hurt a little after I masterbate, is that normal?
    after I masterbate and im done, my testicles hurt a little.. is that normal
    3 Sex 117
  131. Where can I buy a doggie pad for my dog bleeding?
    My dog is bleeding from heat all over the house is there a protection I can buy for her ?
    3 Pets 26
  132. masterbating while pregneat
    masturbating pregnant it ok im 8weeks pregnet is it ok to masterbate
    2 Sex 120
  133. How do I masterbate?
    I want to get more pleasure from other than the butt but I am a virgin how do I gradually lose my virginity with masterbation?
    4 Sex 1520
  134. Is bleeding a lot on a period bad?
    I just started my period on the 20th and I've been bleeding a lot. Is that normal?
    5 Health 107
  135. What are more ways to masterbate?
    What are more ways to masterbate? Do you have to be older to orgasm>? Because I cant. Im only 14 help :)
    2 Sex 270
  136. Why does a girl's period bleed
    I wonder why a girl's vagina bleeds at the age of 13 - 25
    2 Health 43
  137. Is it bad to bleed after this?
    Is it bad for you to bleed after your Boyfreind fingers you? Even if its like the 100th time he has...
    6 Health 70
  138. I have just had sex with my boyfriend and im bleeding really bad
    I have just had sex with my boyfriend and im bleeding realy bad is that a bad thing???
    3 Sex 44
  139. Will I bleed the first time I have sex?
    I bled when I got fingered and I was just wonderin will I bleed for the first time when I have sex ?
    3 Sex 1280
  140. Is it possible to cry so hard, you give yourself a nose bleed?
    Is it possible to cry so hard, you give yourself a nose bleed? Hmm. Just wondering. ^_^
    3 Health 1371
  141. Du all gurls masterbate when home alone...?
    I want 2 know du all gurls masterbate when there home alone..?
    6 Sex 286
  142. Why do you bleed when you're pregnant?
    Why do you bleed when your long does it last...this question is only for mother and people who are pregnant
    10 Health 184
  143. Why is it that when I poop, my anus bleeds?
    When i clean myself there is blood stains on the paper ... is it bad ? what do i do ?
    12 Health 93
  144. Why does it bleed everytime he fingers me?
    I got my cherry popped just by a guy fingering me, is that normal?
    3 Relationships 2487
  145. What does it mean if your gums are swollen and slightly bleeding?
    (similar to the picture, those are not my teeth)
    4 Health 35
  146. What are household items that I can use to masterbate?
    What items could I use to pleasure myself. Items that I don't have to go out and buy
    4 Sex 595
  147. What are reasons for a missed period and weird, light bleeding in between (not a pregnancy question)?
    8 Health 56
  148. What do girls do to masterbate?
    Do girls use a pencil or a frozen hot dog or something?
    6 Sex 466
  149. Can a high nose became low nose after crash without bleed or hurt?
    2 Health 22
  150. male masterbation and sex
    how to make it last longer..and how to make it more statisfying any suggestions??
    2 Sex 164
  151. Why does my period bleed a lot when I'm near my crush?
    it's very uncompterable and i hate it!
    4 Health 46
  152. What should I understand about me as I have bleeding for one day ?
    I have bleeding at the 28th day of my manst. Cycle.but is was only for one I pregnant?what should I do now ?
    3 Health 415
  153. Bleeding in class
    My lips are bleeding in class and I dont have a tissue.. I cant go to the washroom what do I do?
    3 Education 87
  154. Dog bleeding
    I bread my dog two weeks ago and she is still bleeding whats wrong
    4 Pets 102
  155. Can people masterbate to much
    I'm 13 and I was wondering could I masterbate to much? If I can would it be bad for me
    5 Sex 399
  156. masterbating without popping my cherry
    how do I masterbate without putting things in my vagina? I dont wanna pop my cherry so how do I do it?
    3 Sex 535
  157. Masterbation a sin
    Is masterbation a sin? Please answer with maturity Also im of christian faith
    24 Sex 113
  158. my boyfriend asked me if I would masterbate infront of him.
    why would he ask me that ? he fingers me all the time and now he wants me to masterbate in front of him. is it me ? should I do it ?
    5 Sex 52
  159. Pregnancy and masterbating help!!
    Can you get pregnant from masterbating with your finger Just yourslef?? No one else with you
    5 Sex 1400
  160. my BUTT is bleeding
    I swear to god, my BUTT is bleeding. FROM THE INSIDE. Don't make fun. I think it's just a cut but... What do you think?
    5 Health 97
  161. confused does masterbating stop puberty from starting
    im 16 and I don't show any sins of puberty, does masterbating stop puberty from starting
    7 Sex 1399
  162. bleeding dog pregnat
    my female dog is pregnat not sure how far along but shes bleeding is that ok
    2 Pets 517
  163. Bleeding from the crotch
    What does it mean if I don't have my period and I bleed from my vagina. It is dark and it is only quarter-sized.
    2 Health 122
  164. I am 13, should I masterbate?
    I am 13, should I masterbate? I have once but nothing at all came out. any tips on what to do to get it right. fell free!
    2 Sex 97
  165. Implantaion Bleeding so soon
    Is it possible for implantation bleeding to occur 5 days after conception?
    3 Health 103
  166. Why would a non-virgin bleed during sex?
    What would cause a girl who is not a virgin to bleed during intercourse?
    4 Sex 244
  167. What is it when you bleed for 2 month and over?
    I am 20 year old and I have be bleeding for over 2 month what can be worny I have the rod in my arm
    2 Health 10
  168. Why did my boyfriend bleed?
    Last night I got a my boyfriend a bj and then he started to bleed but we dont know why. Does anyone know why he started to bleed?
    20 Health 75
  169. Non-stop Bleeding
    I was shaving my legs when all of a sudden I cut myself. It won't stop bleeding. it's been bleeding for an hour now. When will it stop?
    5 Health 65
  170. Sex or Masterbation?
    Do you like a good round of faunication or just spanking the good old monkey?
    5 Sex 52
  171. Why do i not have my period at 13? i am worried i will not be able to have children when i am older, i masterbate could this be the cause?
    31 Sex 571
  172. What is the best where to masterbate for a lad?
    What is the best where to master bate for a lad my hand is getting broing any tips ?
    3 Sex 87
  173. What could cause heavy, abnormal bleeding, back pain, and stomach cramps?
    2 Health 595
  174. How do I masterbate
    im 13 and I need some fast ways that feels reallly good
    2 Sex 81
  175. is it normal I've never masterbated?
    I know it sounds stupid, but I just never have, it grosses me out to go there.
    6 Sex 137
  176. How should i tell my little cousin that masterbating infont of people is wrong when her mom wont?
    4 Sex 32
  177. Do all pregnant women experience implanation bleeding and how long after unprotected sex does it happen?
    3 Sex 193
  178. Is bleeding normal at 13 weeks pregnant?
    I want to know if its normal to be bleeding at 13 weeks ? been getting a few blood spots, here and there?
    6 Health 84
  179. Why do I bleed while im getting fingerd?
    Last nite I was having sex I was getting fingered, while he was fingering me I started to bleed why did this happen?
    6 Sex 5127
  180. Is Masterbating Healthy ?
    I'm 14 And I Started Masterbating Since I Was 12, But I Barely Heard That It Was Healthy For You , Is It True ?
    2 Sex 86
  181. New ways to masterbate
    Please help me I am 13 and I need new ways to masterbate. Any good ideas. Other then vibrators.
    7 Sex 243
  182. Why did I start bleeding?
    I had sex with my boyfriend twice isa vigin and I just started bleeding and I had my menses for the month already.
    2 Sex 75
  183. how to masterbate with a banana?
    im gunna try masterbating w/ a banana but I wanna there a certain way I should do that?
    2 Sex 553
  184. How long is implanation bleeding?
    How many days after implantation bleeding should you wait to take a pregnancy test?
    3 Health 1260
  185. How long until you bleed after a cherry is popped?
    I am a virgin and I want to know when he first pops your cherry, how long will it take for you to start bleeding?
    3 Health 700
  186. masterbating messing up period?
    ha I know this may sound very stupid, but can a girl masterbating mess up her period schedule?
    3 Sex 1489
  187. what does the song you watch me bleed mean?
    I think the song watch me bleed is beautiful and I love it but, im not 100% sure what it means
    2 Music 142
  188. Creative ways to masterbate?
    I need some creative ways to masterbate, I'm getting bored of just fingering myself. Okay thanks!
    4 Sex 4764
  189. What are good ways of masterbating
    What are good ways of masterbating because I do it a lot but I dont get uch enjoyment out of it anymore x
    5 Sex 431
  190. Why do I get a headache after masterbating?
    Sometimes, after masterbating, I get a huge headache. Last time it lasted for two days. Why does this happen?!?!
    6 Sex 324
  191. masterbating a squirting.
    Can I squirt from just rubbing my clit, or do I have to insert something ? Does anyone else masterbate? any good techniques?
    2 Sex 235
  192. Is it normal for skinny people to bleed when pregnant?
    im a skinny person and im pregnant and it hurts really bad is it normal is it normal for skinny people to bleed
    2 Health 48
  193. Nose Bleeding
    Whenever I put my head upside down, the following day my nose would this serious?
    2 Health 60
  194. Bleeding in between periods
    I keep on bleeding a little once in a while and I am not suppose to have my period for another 2 week. What do you thinks is wrong?
    2 Health 94
  195. Ways for girls to masterbate
    I'm kind of scared to shove a pen up there are ther any other ideas for masterbating?
    19 Sex 40756
  196. Do you bleed the second time you have sex?
    When you have sex 4 the 2nd time do you bleed like when you first lose your virginity?
    3 Sex 628
  197. Masterbating while parents in the house
    Well im 11 and I want to know how to masterbate while not letting you parents hear you.
    4 Sex 368
  198. how come I bleed the second time?
    okay me and my boyfriend had sex the first time I bleed, I figured he popped my cherry; ! and we did it again && I bleed again why is that ?
    6 Sex 145
  199. any special techniques to masterbation?
    are there any better ways to masterbate. im 13 and a guy im straight and im looking for more enjoyfull masterbation. also are there any special techniques to masterbation?
    4 Sex 1626
  200. How is our class goldfish bleeding, what do we do?
    How do we make the bleeding stop? Why is it bleeding? What is going on with mario? Our fish is not that well, and we think he is bleeding because his friend died...
    3 Pets 59
  201. Why did he bleed from his penis during sex?
    hey my name is maria me and my boyfriends were having sex but when we were done we nocited that he bled from his penis what was that??
    2 Sex 58
  202. Is it true that you bleed for a whole 6 weeks after you give birth?
    does that happen to every girl?
    7 Health 16
  203. Masterbate diff ways???
    Im getting very bored with the way I masterbate what sum other ways to that feels really good for virgins???
    2 Sex 1111
  204. Does anyone know if Theocracy's new album "As the World Bleeds" is in stores anywhere in Winnipeg?
    3 Shopping 10
  205. How do I get myself wet before I masterbate?
    I wanna master bate but I can't get wet.I really don't know how to get myself wet? Any tips
    7 Sex 167
  206. Bleeding when getting fingered or having sex, what does that mean?
    when me and my boyfriend have sex or if he fingers me I start to bleed a little bit! what does that mean? is it because im pregnant?
    5 Sex 480
  207. I want to stop masterbating
    i want to stop masterbating i no its ok to do it but i fell werid like after i finish i feel viulated and i feel werid so just want to know how to stop
    2 Sex 207
  208. Dont want to use fingers so what to use to masterbate?
    Ya I know that but I dont want to use my fingers.. Eww. And not a vibratior. So what do I use?
    4 Sex 915
  209. when do girls start masterbating?
    I was just wonderin when do girls start girlfriends 14 and I've wondered if shes started yet..girls can you help me out?
    7 Sex 14008
  210. Masterbating
    I want to learn more tips and tricks for masturbation I want to feel more pleasure Please help me
    2 Sex 737
  211. 5 months pregnant and bleeding
    I'm five months pregnant and I'm bleeding? Help what wrong? I have no way to the doctor or anything///
    4 Health 56
  212. Got my industrial piercing yesterday but it still bleeds a tiny bit
    I got my industrial piercing yesterday but it still bleeds a tiny bit when I clean it? Its it nothing to worry about?
    3 Style 826
  213. What can I use? Ok I use my lipgloss to masterbate but I want something longer. What can I use. And I can't buy anything. Thanks
    5 Sex 499
  214. Why is my dog is still bleeding after being breed a week ago?
    I brought my dog to the breeders last sunday and she is still bleeding today! Can she still be preganant and bleed?
    2 Pets 581
  215. When is my rotweiler ready to mate is bleeding?
    When is my 4 year old rotwieler ready to breed does she have to be on her period
    2 Pets 35
  216. What can I do about my implant and bleeding??
    Hi I av had my implant in my arm for about 2 years now but when my period cums I bleed of 2 and more what should I do. Help please.asap
    4 Health 46
  217. How do you masterbate
    I am a girl and have bin having cravings and don't want my parents to know but I don't know about having it in real life how do you masturbate?
    4 Sex 80
  218. When you bleed while having sex can you still get pregnant?
    Me and my boyfriend were having sex. And he came. We were going for round 2 but then I started to bleed. Can I still be pregnant?
    3 Sex 92
  219. Where should I masterbate and with what?
    I need to know this and I dont want my parents to know so please answer and a boy not a girl!
    2 Sex 89
  220. finger or masterbate?
    for a girl to masturbate isnt it the same thing as fingering?? if not can you tell me the difrence please and thank you :)
    2 Sex 257
  221. Masterbate with items around the house?
    What are some things around the house that feel really good to masterbate with? Tired of the same old stuff.
    2 Sex 3043
  222. 13 year old masterbation tips
    hey im 13 and I need tips for masterbation, like have the best orgasom I can have. any tips?
    5 Sex 515
  223. Why have I only just started bleeding while on the pill? (read more)
    Im on the pill with a week break, i started that week off on wednesday and ive only just started bleeding (lightly) what was the delay?
    2 Health 37
  224. can masterbating burn calories?
    Can masterbating help me burn calories. I masterbate frequently and I intensly get into it. I cant orgasm off of masterbating without pushing. I masterbate for 2 to 5 mintes until I orgasm. Is this burning calories?
    5 Sex 3013
  225. is it ok if this happened when I masterbate???
    whenever I masterbate I pee a litte. I can't stop myself. Is this normal? How can I stop myself. Do guys mind or is it a turn off.???
    2 Sex 28
  226. masterbation--not fun! :( help
    im female, and nothing and I mean nothing about masterbation has been fun. stroking my clit, nothing insertation, nadda what can I do? =\
    3 Sex 71
  227. Does masterbation cause my pen*s to shrink if I'm only 15
    I don't know if it does or not it my be a stupid question but I don't know LOL
    4 Sex 68
  228. Why was my penis bleeding after sex?
    I had sex yesterday and I just turned 13 yesterday and when I had finished the condom broke but when I pulled my penis out it was bleeding out the tip of my penis is this normal because its still bleeding now
    4 Sex 69
  229. Is it normal to bleed after sex?
    I was wondering if its normal to bleed after you have s*x..A few years ago, me and my ex had s*x before we broke up, and my new boyfriend and I had s*x and now im bleeding a it normal or what??
    2 Sex 56
  230. when I do it with my girlfriend no bleeding why?she is virgin?
    no bleeding first time why?but I have pain she is virgin or not.she have hymen or not.I have entered my whole penis into her vagina but no bleeding why
    6 Relationships 441
  231. Bleeding vagina
    My boyfriend was masterbating me and then I noticed I was bleeding, im sure it wasn't my period, my hymens already broken, why did this happen?
    3 Sex 289
  232. Am I still a virgin if I didn't bleed?
    am i still a virgin if i have had sex but not bleed? do all girl bleed and does that meen that my cherry hasnt been popped ... could it be popped by a guy fingering me ?
    2 Sex 3176
  233. How long after sex is it normal to still be bleeding?
    I had sex for the first time two days ago and I'm still bleeding. I just want to know if it's normal to still bleed two days after having sex for the first time.
    2 Sex 63
  234. Okay to masterbate without your partner present?
    Do you think it's okay to masterbate on your own time even tho you have a partner? My girl didin like the idea of me masterbating on my own time
    3 Sex 83
  235. Is it normal to bleed after masturbating?
    Every time I m*sturb*te, the next day I bleed a little. But it's only for a day. Is this bad?
    3 Sex 375
  236. Dineying that you masterbate
    All my friends at school all ask me if I masterbate I dont answer them I ack like ui was talking to some but should I dine it
    3 Sex 55
  237. What wierd masterbation?
    Is it wierd that while masterbation I kinda want to taste p*ssy, and cause theres no girls around is it wierd to want to taste me own p*ssy?? Help me
    7 Sex 104
  238. what are sum ways for girls to masterbate,it not that hard to answer!
    could someone please reply. it isn't that hard of a question. what are some ways to masterbate
    4 Sex 223
  239. Bleeding for a month
    One week was my period but now im just lightly bleeding for three weeks now. Any reasons why this would b happining to me?
    3 Health 30
  240. "Bleeding love" eona Lewis
    anyone else loves Leona Lewis song " keep bleeding love"? I love it, it's one of my fave new songs
    6 Music 13
  241. Is this bleeding from implantation of pregnancy?
    I have had spotting for about the last 4 days. I am suppose to start my period in about a week. Could this be implantation bleeding?
    3 Health 225
  242. what if I masterbate daily?
    I am very horny guy and do not feel good if I dont masterbate. I want to know if there is any problem in that.or I can continue with it.
    4 Sex 162
  243. Why is it wrong to masterbate?
    I have a question... Is it wrong to masterbate or not... if its is not wrong then why do you feel so guilty after doing it and why do so many people ask whether its wrong or right... this is really troubleling me...
    9 Sex 120
  244. Don't bleed as heavy as my Mom and sister, is it normal?
    I started my period last month and I dont bleed heavy like my mom and my older sister. is this normal?
    3 Health 33
  245. What could cause my dog's eye to bleed and her face to swell?
    my dogs eye is bleeding, rolled back in her head & half her face is swollen, what could cause this?
    5 Pets 20
  246. Is masterbating bad
    I masterbate daily it feels good but I dont know if it is normal I do it 2-3 times a day
    3 Sex 205
  247. My cat still feels pregnant and is bleeding, help?
    the night before last my cat had 2 kittens 1 was a stillborn and now she still feels pregnant and is bleeding. help!
    3 Pets 41
  248. what is a good age for having sex and masterbating?
    what is a good/average age for: watching porn masterbateing fingering oral sex just curios. please help
    5 Sex 88
  249. How long should you bleed after your hymen breaks?
    I believe my cherry was popped recently after having sex and I just wanted to know how long will it bleed and how much.
    11 Sex 39516
  250. Masterbation Help!!
    I dont have a boyfriend and I really want to masturbate...girls what is the best way to do this if you dont have any toys?
    5 Sex 170