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Get help with Masterbat.

  1. ways to masterbat
    what is the best way to masterbat and more sperm comes out and please do not call me sick
    2 Sex 288
  2. what should I use to masterbat ?
    im sick of useing hair brushes what else can you use that would really get the job done ?
    7 Sex 220
  3. whats the best way to masterbat
    im a 14 year old girl I've been masterbating for a couple of years now and getting tired of using my finger and fruit and I dont have a shower head what can I do
    2 Sex 646
  4. Periods can I masturbate during them?
    Can I masterbat during periods and how many times I can masterbat
    2 Sex 191
  5. shaving down there
    should boys shave their puibs and what is a good way to masterbat with out any toys??? pls help me
    4 Sex 278
  6. My Clit
    People say touch your clit it makes you horny I touch mine and rub it and it dont I finger but dont feel comftable what can I use for loob because im not old enough to buy that stuff what can I masterbat with except a tooth brush?
    3 Sex 379
  7. When hes away I like to masterbate
    K so when my boyfriends away which he is now for 2 weeks :( I masterbater cause hes not here to have sex with me , fingering myself isnt good enough I barley get anything out of it my boyfriend is so huge its feels so great when hes here and I like the...
    3 Sex 39