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Male nair pubic region

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  1. can the male have VD?
    can the male have VD???
    2 Health 32
  2. How do you catherize a male?
    How do you catherize a male?
    2 Pets 70
  3. How to shave male pubic hairs?
    How to shave male pubic hairs?
    2 Style 334
  4. Why is it acceptable for males to have sex with other females, but not acceptable for females to have sex with other males?
    6 Sex 384
  5. is it safe to use nair on the pubic area?
    21 Style 257
  6. What is a male horse called?
    What is a male horse called?
    4 Pets 45
  7. What is a male dog called?
    What is a male dog called?
    2 Pets 94
  8. What do you call a male dog?
    What do you call a male dog?
    3 Pets 241
  9. Is Palestine a country or a region?
    If its a region then of which country?
    3 Travel 31
  10. How to shave my pubic hair
    How can I shave my pubic hair
    3 Style 1586
  11. How to do a male genital exam?
    2 Health 73
  12. What do you call male ballerinas?
    3 General 70
  13. Who is the funniest males or females?
    4 Pets 24
  14. How can you tell if a parrot is male or female?
    How can you tell if a parrot is male or female?
    3 Pets 79
  15. Why do guys shave their pubic hair
    Why do guys shave their pubic hair
    5 Style 474
  16. when should I start shaving pubic hair
    when should I start shaving pubic hair
    5 Style 166
  17. Do you guys shave you pubic hair
    Do you guys shave you pubic hair
    5 Style 227
  18. Can I have two male puppies in my house?
    Can I have two male puppies in my house?
    4 Pets 49
  19. Is nair good to shave your vagina with?
    Is nair good to shave the vagina with
    4 Style 1436
  20. Shaving or Nair
    Does shaving or nair work better
    5 Style 149
  21. Should you not use Nair on your vagina or is it okay to?
    Should you not use Nair on your vagina or is it okay to?
    5 Style 173
  22. How can you tell if a duck is male or female?
    how can you tell male and female
    2 Pets 22
  23. Best way for a male to masterbate
    What is the best way for a male to masterbate
    10 Sex 196126
  24. why is my male kitty bleeding?
    why is my kitty (male) bleeding out of his butt?
    7 Pets 103
  25. Whats a nad and a nair for men.?
    Whats a nad and a nair for men.?
    3 General 39
  26. What or who are alpha males?
    What are alpha males ? Are they a diffrnet race or what?
    5 General 29
  27. Male cat after neutering
    My male sprays now, will he after neutering
    2 Pets 46
  28. Can you get pubic lice if you have no pubic hair?
    This question has just been on my mind for a while XD I don't have pubic lice, just wondering.
    13 Health 137
  29. How can males develop female nipples?
    4 Health 364
  30. Should I get a male or female Betta, and why?
    7 Pets 54
  31. what happens after a male ejaculates(cums)?
    6 Relationships 377
  32. what if male wanna be a girl is that upnormal?
    5 Health 17
  33. Are male genitals or female genitals more sensitive?
    16 Health 102
  34. How do you tell the difference between male and female robins?
    how do you tell the differance between males and females?
    2 Pets 181
  35. Do female cats pee more than male cats?
    Do femail cats pee more than male cats?
    4 Pets 230
  36. How old is the male pitbull when its ready to breed
    How old is the male pitbull when its ready to breed
    4 Pets 90
  37. How do I get rid of pubic hair easily?
    How do I get rid of pubic hair easily?
    11 Style 190
  38. How to know when a male chihuahua is ready to breed?
    How do you know when a male chihuahua is ready to breed??
    4 Pets 95
  39. What causes dark yellow male semen?
    What causes dark yellow male semen?
    2 Health 525
  40. What does it mean when you got pimples on pubic area?
    What does it mean when you got pimples on pubic area?
    5 Style 1402
  41. When buying a yorkie what's better male or female?
    When buying a yorkie what's better male or female?
    2 Shopping 57
  42. Is it wrong for a male teacher to wink at students?
    7 Education 66
  43. Male Cumming...
    How can a guy Cum less? is there any way?
    5 Relationships 151
  44. Why is my male chihuahua dog so over protective with my female chihuahua dog?
    4 Pets 106
  45. Why do males have longer eye lashes than females?
    9 Style 34
  46. Why is it hard to get a job being a black male?
    12 Money 53
  47. does bleaching/dying a womans pubic hair hurt?
    7 Style 100
  48. Why do male dogs hike their leg to pee but other male animals don't?
    Just curious and I know a dumb question
    4 Pets 56
  49. How long does it take male pubic hair to grow back?
    Is a male ment to shave his pubic hair and if he dose how log dose it take to grow back
    2 Style 1227
  50. whats the average size of an adult male?
    2 Style 123
  51. Is it true that male cats don't chase mice?
    12 Pets 57
  52. How to tell if your marijuana plant is a male or female?
    2 Homegarden 44
  53. Do you shave your pubic hair?
    do you shave bubic hairs on you croch?
    5 Style 154
  54. How do you tell if a fantail fish is female or male ?
    4 Pets 49
  55. is it gay if a male gets his "navel pierced"??
    5 Style 168
  56. pubic shave design
    what is the sexiest shaved design to have on pubes
    4 Sex 74
  57. Should I shave or trim my pubic hair
    11 Style 182
  58. What were some popular male slave names in the 1800's?
    18 Education 134
  59. Any pubic shave styles/sites?
    3 Style 77
  60. What is the life expectancy of a male who has prostate cancer?
    6 Health 29
  61. How to stop pubic hair from growing back?
    5 Style 2417
  62. How to shave my pubic hair correctly?
    2 Style 668
  63. What does an infected ingrown hair pubic hair look like?
    What does an infected ingrown hair pubic hair look like?
    2 Style 2952
  64. Human girls & male cats
    Can a human girl get pregnant from a male cat?
    11 Pets 57
  65. how old are you normally when you start having pubic hair?
    how old are you normally when you start having pubic hairs ? how old are most people ?
    3 Health 245
  66. how to get waves with stright hair im a male
    how to get waves with stright hair im a male
    2 Style 57
  67. I believe I can fly male singer
    Who's the male singer who sang the song I believe I can fly?
    3 Music 75
  68. Are the male people of Italy and Spain are not circumcised?
    Are the male people of Italy and Spain are not circumcised???he...he..he... They are SUPOT!!!
    3 Health 31
  69. Male Stripper
    How can I become a male stripper, and what places can I go to strip
    5 Money 89
  70. After shaving your pubic hair, what if there is stubble?
    After shaving your pubic hair, what if its stubbly!!! I just want it to be smooth :(
    5 Style 8259
  71. Gift ideas for an 18 year old male
    Gift ideas for an 18 year old male
    2 Shopping 123
  72. How do I stop irritatin when shaving pubic hair, I'm male?
    I am a male and shave all the pubic hair for health reasons but how can I stop the irritation I get between my legs after shaving that area?
    3 Style 155
  73. Is Nair for Men good for pubic hair removal?
    is nair good for your pubic area?? has anyone tired it?? does anyone know any other hair removal products that work in the genital areas?
    19 Style 13477
  74. What should I get my 50 year old male therapist?
    14 Shopping 31
  75. What do you call a guy when he only has friends that are females and no friends that are males?
    35 Relationships 156
  76. What type of male deo do girls like the smell of?
    7 Relationships 44
  77. Do males get stomach cramps, like females?
    9 General 72
  78. How does the male reproductive system of a dog differ to a cat's?
    2 Pets 14
  79. How can you tell what region dvds your dvd player will play?
    2 Technology 33
  80. Are Some Male Enhancement Pills Still Tainted with Drugs?
    3 Drugs 59
  81. Are males ticklish on their private parts?
    are men ticklish in the weiner
    2 General 325
  82. How bad does it hurt when you get your pubic hair waxed?
    14 Style 60
  83. What's The Average Male And Female Height In America and England?
    4 Style 97
  84. How do you tell whether snails for aquariums are male or female?
    3 Pets 45
  85. Can a woman get infertile if she has sex with different males?
    2 Sex 19
  86. Who would do a male virgin?
    Would you do a male virgin older than 21, or would you think that he is a looser?
    4 Relationships 29
  87. Should I shave my pubic hair?
    should I shave my pubic hair? Im a guy and im not sure if I should shave and if so will it hurt?
    6 Style 244
  88. in what way the sex relations give a male child birth ?
    in what way the sex relations give a male child birth ?
    3 Sex 59
  89. What fish can live with a male betta?
    what type of fish can live in the tank with male beta fish?
    10 Pets 207
  90. What are these bumps filled with puss and blood in pubic area?
    I get these bumps are my pubic area filled with puss and blood. What are they?
    2 Health 547
  91. r girls grossed out by guys havin pubic hair
    are girls grossed out by guys who have pubic hair
    3 Style 536
  92. Does sex make a male pee funny?
    is it true if a male has sex is it true that he will pie funny
    2 Sex 151
  93. male shaving pubic hair
    how does a male shave their pubic hair? can you use an electric razor? what can you do to prevent itchiness and irritation or lessen the symptoms? I need info
    4 Style 481
  94. Why is my 15 month old chessy male neutared male acting agressive
    My male 15 month old fixed chesapek bay retriever is acting aggressive all the sudden
    2 Pets 41
  95. Can anyone suggest me a shamanic teacher or shamanic School in Asian Region ?
    4 Education 8
  96. Does a neutered male cat lose the urge to mate with a female?
    3 Pets 78
  97. Natural male enhancement
    What is some natural ways to enhance my penis thickness and length
    8 Relationships 554
  98. How many girlies can feel a male ejaculation inside their vagina ?
    3 Relationships 884
  99. Which do you think is worse - female bullies, male bullies, or do you think they're equal?
    26 General 37
  100. Why Does It Seem So Right To Be Accepted If Your A Female Homosexual But So Wrong If Males Are Homosexual?
    5 Sex 23
  101. Does Nair make your leg hair thicker like what shaving does ?
    8 Style 267
  102. Which do dudes prefer? Only male responses
    Do dudes prefer big boobs or a big butt??
    3 Relationships 239
  103. How would a Pisces male and a Virgo female sign work out?
    15 Relationships 72
  104. Can a male Maltese impregnate a female cat?
    4 Pets 85
  105. Do you think males are more sexual than females?
    If yes, a reasonable reason will be appreciated.
    7 Sex 29
  106. how to make my computer drive change to region 0 for free?
    2 Technology 5
  107. Can pimples pop up right outside the pubic mound, above the clitoris?
    4 Health 159
  108. Why is my male guinea pig biting the babies?
    My male guinea pig is biting the babies why ? Di I have to take him out of the cage
    8 Pets 54
  109. male kangarros have two penises
    male kangarros have two penises and female kangaroos have 3 vaginas
    7 Pets 41
  110. How to tell if a red eared slider turtle is male or female?
    how can you tell if a red eard slider turtle is male or female
    7 Pets 102
  111. how can I get a male and a female beta fish to breed?
    how can I get a male and a female beta to breed. The play with each other all the time.
    2 Pets 50
  112. How often should you groom your pubic hair?
    How often shuold you groom your pubic hair as well as what shaps and how long should it be?
    3 Style 99
  113. Pubic hair styling
    I wish to know if there is such a thing as pubic styling in perth wa
    7 Style 311
  114. Why am I growing breasts if I'm male?
    I am male and my chest is coming out like a girls breast so what should I do for it
    5 Health 144
  115. Pubic Shaving
    I shaved my pubic hair and I got those little hair bumps... how do I get rid of them??
    6 Style 320
  116. Oldest Seniors, male and female, on Fun Advice?
    Just out of curiosity, who is the oldest male and female on Fun Advice? I'm male and 67.
    5 Funadvice 20
  117. Do you think more females should be allowed to play football, or do you think it's solely a male sport?
    19 Sports 66
  118. How to tell if a male dog is in heat?
    3 Pets 86
  119. male masterbation and sex
    how to make it last longer..and how to make it more statisfying any suggestions??
    2 Sex 164
  120. Pubic shave
    Whenever I shave ,some sores appear after like 3 days what are these?
    4 Style 207
  121. Is it possible for female Cockatiels to talk like the males do?
    4 Pets 24
  122. Will shaving your pubic hair make your penis look bigger?
    Does it really make you penis look bigger if you shave down there?
    5 Relationships 2287
  123. What would happen if you exceed 10 minutes of Nair lotion application ?
    8 Style 588
  124. Whats the name of an organism that is not male nor female?
    I think its asexual, I don't remember.
    7 Sex 43
  125. Is it strange for a male teacher to tell a female student they have beautiful eyes?
    8 Education 19
  126. Are females born on February 18 and males born on July 23 compatible?
    8 Pets 26
  127. Is There Such A Thing as Male PMS?
    Is There Such A Thing Cause I Know Of Some Guys that Act Like It?
    4 Health 60
  128. Can a male use female hormones pills to soften the features on their body?
    9 Health 116
  129. Why does schizophrenia show up so late in life and are males or females more likely to get it?
    10 Pets 21
  130. Is it better to get a male or female dog?
    what are the advantages and disadvantages of getting either. which do you have, if you have a dog?
    10 Pets 104
  131. How to become a male porn star
    I want to find porn acting jobs
    2 Money 86
  132. Tips for shaving pubic area?
    :] I need a good, close, clean shave.
    17 Style 735
  133. would you have better hygine if you trimmed your pubic hair?like on a vagina?:)
    12 Style 63
  134. what does it mean if my boyfriend is hiding me from his male roommate
    we are in our forties so its pretty weird
    2 Relationships 15
  135. shave pubic hiar
    is it normel for guys to shave there pubic hair beacuse I do and im 14
    3 Style 152
  136. Is it normal for two male dogs to hump?
    I've got 2 male dogs and they hump together ... is this normal???
    2 Pets 34
  137. What is the fungus like substance on the pubic hairs?
    What is the fungus like substance on the pubic hairs? Not on all hairs just the ones in the crease between the thighs and the vagna?
    3 Health 186
  138. Why am I scared to shave my pubic hair?
    Is there any girls thats dont shave or trim their pubic hair? And if you dont, how come? And if you do, how come?
    14 Style 1889
  139. neutered male cat physical changes
    Does the size of a male cat's head become smaller after neutering?
    5 Pets 178
  140. Should I get a female or male rottwiler puppy?
    Should I get a female or male rottwiler puppy?I need help piking?lol
    7 Pets 25
  141. pubic hair crisis
    I'm 21 and I noticed that my pubic hair is a lot longer than my penis...what can I do about this?
    7 Relationships 92
  142. Neutered male cat and pregnancy
    can my just neutered male cat get my female cat, thats in heat, pregnant?
    8 Pets 63
  143. Are there any girls who don't shave their pubic hair?
    are there any girls that go natural and do not shave their pubic hair? I notice most girls do these days just curious...
    5 Style 233
  144. pubic hairz
    I have like 2 pimple lukin thingz in my pubic hairz. what could that mean?
    6 Style 64
  145. How old does my male need to be for stud
    How old does my male have to be for stud??.. He is nearly a year old, could I put him up for stud??or is he too young?
    15 Pets 173
  146. What about veet instead of nair
    I hear that veet doesnt smell as bad as nair to use on my arms ?
    5 Style 170
  147. Is it okay to go to the gyno, at fifteen, with a shaved pubic region?
    Because I shave, so I don't have to deal with pesky problems in that region, and because it just works better for me. I'd just like to know if that's okay at the GYNOCOLOGISTS OFFICE. I don't like to be judged.
    8 Health 31
  148. does the color of a males cum acutally matter? like white = is good clear = is ??
    11 Health 1530
  149. male feminization
    how many men out there would like to have female shaped breast?
    4 General 93
  150. What is your views on regional public schools, and would you want your kids in this type of school system?
    18 Education 36
  151. Is it normal to hurt after physical therapy on your pelvic region?
    If so how bad is it supposed to hurt and for how long
    2 Health 18
  152. Are there alternatives to testosterone shots for female to male transgenders(something not involving needles)?
    6 Health 16
  153. Im a male who wants to dress up as elvira for halloween, thoughts?
    Im a regular guy who has been wanting to dress as elvira for a while now for halloween. Any thoughts on that?
    3 Style 150
  154. Male ear piercing
    My |male| Friend wants to know if getting both his earsz pierced is condidered qayy.?
    6 Style 156
  155. Does pubic hair grow back thicker and more painful?
    Is it true if you keep shaving pubic hair that when it grows back, it keeps getting thicker and more painful?
    2 Style 325
  156. shaved my pubic hair, should I shave up to belly button?
    I shaved my pubic hair and I'm a guy... should I shave the air that goes up my stomach to my belly button to?
    5 Style 370
  157. Do male enhancements actually work?
    do male inhancements actually work? I DONT NEED THEM :) im just wondering. lol
    7 Nutritionfitness 42
  158. Vaginal itching on pubic area
    I have a rash with a burning and king of painful burning in the pubic hair area can you tell me why.
    2 Health 1103
  159. How can I get a male child?
    Ofcourse I like girl child a lot. But my wife insist me to have a male. Is there any legal way by which I can get a male child?
    4 Health 168
  160. Do girls like males to shave pubic hair?
    im male.. I hv shavd my pubic area only once and it was damn itchy. nt doing it aftr that. Now its bushy.. girls pls tel me whthr 2 shave it or nt.. how do girls prefr for males 2 hv pubic area.. bushy? trimmd? shavd?
    10 Style 1813
  161. Mating a male poodle and female schnauzer
    The male is a minature poodle which is half the size of the female. She is in heat and the male can not reach her. What can I do to help him?
    2 Pets 38
  162. How/ Its it true freemasons are an all male society?
    Are Freemasons all males or do they allow female members? Because there are claims Madonna is a Freemason when I thought it was an all male group
    3 General 19
  163. if a male cat is fixed, how can you tell it is really a male
    I have a cat that came to my house and has stayed. It does not act like my other cat, which is female. It doesn't bathe itself as much. It is more playful and loves more attention than she does. Could it be because it has been fixed? Thanks
    4 Pets 89
  164. Male problems
    ok so im 15 and I seem to have a problem with getting erections very often...anything I can do?
    2 Health 36
  165. How to shave pubic hair without razor bumps?
    whats the best way to shave the vagina without razor bumps?
    11 Style 3368
  166. male "hair"
    ok I am from the middle east so im naturally hairy. so for down there what do I do to trim or "maintain" the "hair"?
    2 Health 41
  167. Male body hair
    If you shave/wax your chest hair, do you have to shave/wax the line of hair that goes from your navel, and do you also have to shave/wax your legs?
    4 Style 89
  168. what breed are my new hamster? 3 month old males, 4 inches wide.
    2 Pets 17
  169. My friend give me a male dog
    I got a new dog ist you hv any sexy name for my dog
    3 Sex 38
  170. Verydark pubic thighs
    The inside of my upper thigh or the pubic area is relatively much darker than the rest of the body why is that
    3 Health 176
  171. How do you style your pubic hair?
    Hi how do you style your pubic hair because I don't want to shave it all off but I want it well trimmed and short can anyone help me?
    6 Style 316
  172. black male emo people hair cuts
    lol it sounds lame , but what if there is a black emo ,, what hair cut should they get
    3 Style 53
  173. How can you tell the difference between a male and female Fire-bellied toad?
    How can you tell from the male and female fire belly toads how do they mate and how do they lay their eggs.
    2 Pets 116
  174. Normal height for 15 year old male?
    Am I the normal height for a 15 year old male I'm 6'3 160 pounds
    16 Nutritionfitness 5822
  175. Can a 6 week old male kitten mate and get another cat pregnant?
    5 Pets 93
  176. What are some good male country singers/songs?
    What are some good country songs // singer's ?? Ohh ∧ not girl's singing country just guy's singing country !
    3 Music 68
  177. Is it normal for a males skin on his pen!s to peel?
    Im not a boy, so i have no clue on this. Is it normal for the head of the pen!s or the shaft to peel?
    7 Health 40
  178. Nair - Hair Removing Cream on pubic hair?
    Hi, I went through the website of Nair and its written that it should be applied on genitals ! now as I asked in my earlier questions, I want to remove the pubic hair from my private parts so is it advicable to use the hair removing cream like Nair ?...
    7 Style 1943
  179. Will nair harm my tattoo?
    I use the new nair shower power but I just got a new tattoo ... will it cause the ink to pulll out?
    2 Style 130
  180. Why does my 2 month old male kitten stare into my eyes till I look away?
    17 Pets 171
  181. Male Celebrity
    who is the sexiest male celebrity and why? which male celebrity has the cutest butt? and last but certinly not least which male celebrity has appeared nude in either television and/or the movies?
    2 Sex 47
  182. How fast do pubic hairs grow back?
    I just want to know how fast pubic hairs grow back. Even if you can give me a rough estimate, its helpful.
    3 Health 143
  183. I have a female chihuahua and a male beagle...
    if dogs are stuck together do they still get pregnant? Like the male dog still ejaculates, or what?
    3 Pets 160
  184. When is a male not concidered a virgin anymore?
    Im just wondering, when does a male lose his virginity? I think I have a good idea but not really sure.
    2 Relationships 108
  185. Should guys shave their pubic hair?
    im a male and I was wondering if I should shave my pubes. I know I should do what I want, but I was just wondering what all of you girls think out there
    22 Style 3376
  186. Is it better to wax or shave your pubic hair for girls?
    Ohkay so I heard you should shave you should wax and then some one else told me to shave what should I do?
    4 Style 59
  187. Would you tell an administrator if you saw a male student who you knew argue with and hit a female student after school?
    7 Politics 15
  188. How do you get a younger male cat to stop humping the older one?
    4 Pets 31
  189. what can I get my male friend for valentines day?
    he is just afriend and he has a girl friend his bday is on the day before valentines day but I don't know what to get him...u tell me
    4 Shopping 78
  190. I am a straight male and I don't like sports. Is that strange?
    When I tell other men that I don't like sport they think that there is something wrong with me or they think I am gay. Why is that?
    7 Sports 113
  191. What would i get in a litter of shichi puppies if i have a long coat male chihuahua and a shih tzu?
    3 Pets 76
  192. Is it just me or are there more female spammers joining FA rather than male ones?
    Lol I know, its random but still:/
    9 Funadvice 11
  193. What is the region coding for XBox 360 games?
    what is the native system for xbox 360 console/games games in india? is it NTSC U/J?
    2 Gaming 8
  194. Anybody know the name of this male model?
    I found him randomly on an article but it didn't say his name. Anyone know it?
    3 General 44
  195. would it be ilegal for someone to male and detonate an emp device in scotland ?
    23 General 24
  196. is it possible to get pubic lice if your crotch is shaved?
    Well Is IT??? I NEED TO KNOW!!!1 Tell Me NOW!!!
    3 Health 195
  197. do women see that types of bad dreams as male does?
    means that kind of dreams which make them discharge their semen
    4 General 39
  198. Will Nair irritate my pubic hair area?
    I need another way to get rid of pubic hair because shaving it makes it break out in lil red dots so would Nair work on it? Shaving leaves some still there anyways because I don't have good razors and my mom wont get me any more.
    17 Style 2244
  199. Who Knows A Slow Song (Male) For Talent Show?
    I Need Help Picking out a song for the talent show. A slow song that paople wave hands to and It's from a male thanks.
    3 Music 270
  200. valentine's day present for male
    I have no idea what to get my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. does anyone (male suggests would be great) know what to get a guy for Valentines' day?
    3 Shopping 59
  201. How do I handle 3 young out of control male boys?
    How do I handle 3 young out of control male boys? they are always at each others throats and whining and tattle telling grrrr.
    4 Babies 53
  202. how can I get my male best friend to give me head?
    How can I get my best friend that is a male also to give me head? whould it be to wrong to get him wasted then ask him. because he will not remember it in the morning.
    3 Pets 303
  203. Male Voice Change Ages
    What is the AVERAGE age for males in developed nations to begin voice change? Does it vary around the world or is there an international mean?
    2 General 139
  204. Would a male or female companion be better?
    I have a 10 month old female cockapoo (spayed) and would like to get her a playmate. Would a male or female be better?
    2 Pets 30
  205. Male stripper
    Okay well im going to be a male stripper at a 18th bday party tonight... Im quite nervous any moves you I should do??
    5 Entertainment 24
  206. waxing pubic hair
    I think it would hurt but does it get less painful evenually and how long does it last
    9 Style 52
  207. Is there any way to get a male cat to stop spraying?
    i dont want to loose my cat but if i cant get him to stop spraying we have to give him away.
    4 Pets 48
  208. im 15 years male want a six pack
    i want to have a six pack can some one tell me the fastes way to get one?
    3 Nutritionfitness 64
  209. Why is she feeling kicks around her pubic area?
    K so my friend is on her period and she is feeling kicks around her public area. Is that just period stuff or something eles?
    3 Health 39
  210. Bob haircuts for males...any ideas?
    I am thinking of cutting my shoulder length hair shorter, and am considering getting a bob.
    2 Style 11
  211. When should a male lab drop his testicals?
    He is 6 months old and doesnt have his balls yet and I just wondered if this was normal.
    3 Pets 64
  212. The differences between Females and Males
    What are some of the things women are better at than men? I think we are better with cleaning, being patience and with our financial matters. What do you think?
    14 General 43
  213. how do I introduce one male dog to another male dog?
    I have a 40lb very strong male mix breed and today was offered a chocolate lab I really really want him and am trying to convince my dad to let me get him but I don't know if they will get along. what is the best way to introduce two male dogs? help1...
    4 Pets 119
  214. Would it better to get a male or female dog in this situation?
    My parents have a male pomeranian/chihuahua puppy and an older female lab/cross and wish to get another pom/chi, would it be better to get a male for female.
    2 Pets 60
  215. how do I get male dog to stop trying to hump his male puppy?
    Male dog is not fixed yet he will be 4yrs in Jan, female dog went into heat. He's confused and trying to hump his male puppy. How do I stop him? I've already tried seperating them, bathing the puppy nothing has worked I've even went out and bought a...
    3 Pets 64
  216. Until what age does a males height increase?
    What is the age at which he height of a male stops growing? what can be done to boost height growth? and also what things can be avoided that affect low growth of height?
    2 Nutritionfitness 360
  217. Can a girl have a male penpal in Islam?
    What do you think? According to Islam can a girl have a pen friend or e-pal who is a boy? If she can then I want you to be my e-pal.
    2 Religion 13
  218. What is the answer?:Group Male Masturbation?
    I've heard a lot about how guys group masturbate, is this true?? or normal?? me and my friends wanna know.
    2 Sex 240
  219. Should the male in a relationship always be the one to initiate conversation?
    I am always the one that has to text her first! If i never text her she never does. But i know for a fact we really really love each other! What do i do?
    16 Relationships 49
  220. is it true that lady ga ga is 1/2 male ?
    people are telling me that lady ga ga is have mael and female ? I just want to know the truth . thank you
    5 Entertainment 36
  221. When I get my male cat nutered will he stop going all over?
    My cat uses the entire house as a cat box will it stop if I get him nutered. He poops on the couch even
    3 Pets 38
  222. Male masterbation dares
    me and my friend have been doing some dares over texting and she cant think of any. I am 15 and it has been fun but she cant think of anything. can you help me find some dares for her to ask me?
    12 Sex 1049
  223. Why my pubic hair grow back ichey and dry?
    Its itchey and dry and grows and certain spots not all over and it also have lumps growing up to sumtimes they are sore
    2 Style 116
  224. What are some species (animals, plants etc) that males have it harder than females?
    For debating at school the moot is 'males have it easier than females' and we're negating, and I'm covering males in other species in other species such as animals and plants etc. So does anyone know any species where males have it harder than females?
    9 Education 29
  225. Period before pubic hair
    I am having all the signs before my period but I don't have pubic hair. I have herd that it is possible not to have pubic hair before her period. I am 13 and have had discharge For a long time I just think it is going to come before my pubic hair do...
    2 Health 174
  226. Male chi want leave female chi alone
    My female chihuahua is in heat and my male chihuahua ia constantly humping her. I was told once the female is pregnant the male will stop humping the female. Help please!
    2 Pets 19
  227. How can I introduce a female small puppy to an adult male cat?
    How can I introduce a small female puppy to an adult male cat? The male cat is a siamese tabby, and is kind of strange/aggressive when meeting new humans, so I don't know how he will react to a puppy.
    2 Pets 44
  228. how tall will I be I'm a 15 year old male and 6'4
    how tall will I be I'm a 15 year old male and 6'4 and my dad is 5'10 and mom is 5'8 and will I grow anymore
    4 Nutritionfitness 193
  229. Can you get pregnant from cum on your pubic hair?
    if your boyfriend cums on your pubic hair can you get pregnant? btw I've never had sex, I dont think you can just checkin thnx x
    2 Sex 201
  230. How should my pubic hair be 4 my 1st time?
    Me and my boyfriend have decided 2 do 'it' 4 the 1st time but I dunno how my pubic hair should look :s Brazillian wax?trim?natural? Help!!!
    5 Style 21
  231. male sexual self torture
    Has anyone shoved a foreign object (pen or pencil) into his urethra (cock/penis) just for the FUN of IT? 8/19/09
    4 Sex 122
  232. How do I get my six year old male cat to poop in the litter box?
    We recently adopted him but he won't use the litter box he is terrified of it
    4 Pets 28
  233. Do guys like it when girls shave their pubic hair?
    17 Style 3204
  234. What do I do if my male teacher saw my cutting?
    He says hes worried and talked to to my school counselor and friend. I hate having a teacher be worried about me. Advice please?!
    3 Health 125
  235. Is Christanity a male-dominated religion?
    in bible god the father is a man .jesus is a man .the books written in bible are written all by men.please comment.
    8 Religion 81
  236. Why is my 2yr old male dog trying to hump my 8 week old female dog?
    I have a 2yr old male chihuauaha who is neutered and just got two more that are 8 weeks old. a female and male. my male is trying to hump the female and actually I think he's trying to hump the male as well...I need help, I need to get him to stop this
    3 Pets 137
  237. Why do I always picture myself as a male when I think of my future?
    (I'm 14) Whenever I think of my self as an adult, I want to be a vet, I always think of myself as a male (I'm a female) and I have to remind myself that I am a female. Am I gay or something?
    6 Pets 39
  238. How difficult is it to train a female over a male?
    I have always had male dogs . Are females harder to train as far as house breaking and what can I expect from a chihuahua-terrier mix puppy?
    2 Pets 20
  239. Male or female Dog?
    I have a 1 year old toy Female Yorkie, I want to get a Teacup Maltese. Would it be better to get a Male or Female Maltese? Will my Yorkie get along with the Maltese puppy?
    6 Pets 74
  240. Why do pubic hairs have a white tip?
    COMPLETELY RANDOM BUT... why does pubic hairs have a white tip? and why does hair that has been plucked before if you pluck em again, the tip is black... (this 2nd question is not about pubes< more about eyebrows, lol) ... ??... answer pleezz!!! :-)
    5 Style 15342
  241. Why Can They Say Cocaine On The Radio, But You Cant Male A Reffrence Towards Weed?
    I was listening to Eric Claptons "Cocaine" On The Radio And A Song After Had The Word Weed In It And It Got Censored.
    3 Drugs 186
  242. Is there any fun ways to masturbate? (male)
    I am 14 and I get so horny but I am starting to get tired of the original rub. Does anyone know of more interesting ways to masterbate?
    5 Sex 3232
  243. What kind of job could my mysterious, quiet male character in my story have?
    For a story I'm writing I need a job for the main man. He is quiet and secluded from others....
    9 Literature 20
  244. Why do we have armpit and pubic hair?
    Since many people, specially women, shave those parts, when humans further evolve, who knows how many thousands of years from now, will armpit and pubic hair cease to exist?
    11 Health 78
  245. Male stripper song and moves
    Hi there, Im being a male stripper for a friends 18th birthday, she doesnt know yet:p so I just wanted to know what songs do you think I should use and any tipps for moves?
    2 Entertainment 115
  246. Attractive ginger male models/celebs?
    Does anybody know of an attractive, young male with red hair? Can't seem to find any ginger models that are actually attactive. Think Gaspard Ulliel with red hair :)
    5 General 100
  247. what can i do if i left nair on to long?
    i used nair on my uper lip and i guess i left it on to long now my uper lip is really red and i have a big date tomorrow! what can i do to get rid of this redness quickly!? please help
    2 Style 156
  248. male rats.
    I have 2 male rats one I've had for 2months before and I got another male rat to keep him company but the new rat only seems to be staying in the corner even when my other rat isnt in the cage ..please help
    4 Pets 18
  249. I love the male characters of Naruto!
    anyone else like in love with one (or a few) of them?=D I love Kiba and Shikamaru! more later, lol. let's not forget Kakashi, lol, I love him!
    7 Entertainment 17
  250. Any Male Occupational Therapists out there?
    Just wondering what makes a guy enter a career in Occupational Therapy. Most of th OT's I know are women but there are a few men who are in this field also
    4 Money 208