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  1. How to caress a woman?
    How to Caress a Woman?
    2 Relationships 387
  2. Whats the difference of a woman's pee to woman's squirt?
    2 Relationships 893
  3. How do you know when a woman is flirting with you
    How do you know when a woman is flirting with you.
    2 Relationships 73
  4. Do woman pee in the shower too ?
    Do woman pee in the shower too ?
    9 General 99
  5. What if I am a black woman poem?
    What if I am a black woman poem?
    2 Literature 94
  6. What makes a woman beautiful?
    What makes a woman beautiful?
    9 Style 39
  7. Which woman has the largest chests?
    Which woman has the largest chests?
    2 General 29
  8. what do you expect from your ideal woman.?
    what do you expect from your ideal woman.?
    2 Relationships 23
  9. how do you get a woman in bed?
    17 Relationships 66
  10. How many eggs can a woman have?
    6 Health 61
  11. Does every woman have implantation bleeding, or does it just depend on the woman and her body?
    3 Health 105
  12. Do any woman have pantyhose fetish?
    14 Style 409
  13. Why is it that some woman don't have maternal instincts?
    13 Family 361
  14. How to tell if a woman is really a man?
    How to tell if a woman is really a man?
    3 General 54
  15. Womanizer or Single Ladies
    What is better WOMANIZER or SINGLE LADIES???
    7 Music 14
  16. How do you get an older woman to go out with you?
    Get a older woman to go out with you?
    2 Relationships 44
  17. Who do you think is more vindictive, men or woman?
    13 Relationships 63
  18. Does the smell of woman's ejaculation same as pee?
    6 Health 901
  19. is douching good for a womans body?
    5 Health 47
  20. Who was the first woman to own her own tv studio?
    11 Entertainment 98
  21. How many calories should a woman have if they are not active at all?
    3 Nutritionfitness 23
  22. How a woman develops lean muscle mass?
    How a woman develops lean muscle mass?
    2 Nutritionfitness 23
  23. Who is the most beautiful woman according to Greek mythology?
    Who is the most beautiful woman according to Greek mythology?
    2 Style 69
  24. How much should a woman who is 5'9'' weigh?
    how much should a woman who is 5'9 weigh?
    12 Nutritionfitness 2799
  25. pregnant woman questions
    can I take percocet when pregnant?
    3 Health 28
  26. can an animal make a woman pregnant?just curious
    2 Health 106
  27. does bleaching/dying a womans pubic hair hurt?
    7 Style 100
  28. What are some unique names for a woman if she wanted to change it?
    16 General 25
  29. friendly woman or she really likes you
    How can you see the difference between a friendly woman and a woman that she likes you.
    2 Relationships 19
  30. Do you find pregnant woman attractive?
    25 Style 25
  31. Gastric bypass for a 350lb woman?
    What are your thoughts of gastric bypass?
    6 Health 107
  32. Is their any reason as to why a man should put his hands on a woman?
    15 General 65
  33. What does it mean when someone calls a woman a cougar?
    11 General 158
  34. What is the average height of a full grown woman?
    2 General 176
  35. what is the smell of woman's squirt after 2 days?or more?
    3 Health 111
  36. How can i get the woman's body bible for free???
    2 Literature 23
  37. What does a womans cum taste like?
    What does a womans cum taste like? Gross or eh?
    5 Relationships 4628
  38. How can a woman jog without decreasing breast size?
    How can a woman jog without decreasing breast size?
    2 Entertainment 42
  39. When a woman bumps her hips with a man what does that mean?
    If a woman comes up to a man and bumps his hip what does that mean?
    2 Relationships 734
  40. Oprah 'Woman & money' free copy
    Can I have the free digital copy of Oprah 'woman & money ' ?
    2 Entertainment 25
  41. How big is a baby when a woman is 29 weeks pregnant?
    How big is a baby when a woman is 29 weeks pregnant?
    3 Health 44
  42. How do you make a womans period go away quicker?
    How do you make a womans period go away quicker?
    3 Health 62
  43. Can a woman's feet be called pretty?
    Can a woman's foot or feet be concidered pretty?
    4 Style 22
  44. After sex how long does a woman take to get pregnant?
    After sex how long does a woman take to get pregnant?
    4 Sex 686
  45. Woman problem
    Can a yeast infection go away on it's own?
    5 Health 20
  46. Can a woman get infertile if she has sex with different males?
    2 Sex 19
  47. why cant a pregnant woman do a lie detector test?
    5 General 632
  48. Do you think that 'every' woman should have a right to give birth?
    5 Politics 30
  49. Why is it that when a woman chooses to have a child the man has to pay her support?
    52 Family 43
  50. How to make a woman tighter?
    how many ways is there to make a vigina tighter, and what are those ways
    2 Relationships 975
  51. Do you think it's up to the man or woman to be responsible for birth control and why?
    8 Health 47
  52. What is a favourite food a woman can make her man?
    5 Food 25
  53. Guys, what kind of perfume do you all like on a woman?
    Guys, what kind of perfume do you all like on a woman? And, what's your favorite fragrance?
    6 Style 80
  54. Are all woman crazy?
    Are all woman crazy or is it only the ones I want to date? Anybody have any idea?
    2 Relationships 14
  55. womans body bible
    has anyone tried the womans body bible? does it actually work?
    3 Relationships 36
  56. what do guys really look for a woman or girl who they respect?
    what do guys really look for a woman or girl who they can say they respect?
    2 Relationships 30
  57. Whos the best looking woman on this web site
    Whos the sexiest woman on this
    3 Sex 19
  58. if a woman needs to shave there face
    Should they use a woman's shaver or a man's?
    5 Style 27
  59. How do you think the US would be different if we had a woman as president?
    Do you think the US would fail with a woman president?
    10 Politics 26
  60. Riddle, A woman has 7 children half are boys
    A woman has 7 children, half of them are boys. How can this be possible?
    12 Entertainment 2114
  61. A virgin woman being pregnant
    Why can no other woman have a baby and be a virgin like mary did in the bible?
    4 Health 201
  62. How come there are only woman prostatutes and men only rape people.
    How come there are only woman prostatutes and men are the only gender that rape people???
    3 Relationships 28
  63. How much should a woman that is 5'4'' weigh?
    I was just wondering on average how much do woman that are 5,4 weigh and how much should they weigh?
    10 Nutritionfitness 3076
  64. How much does a womans apperance count
    by percentage lol.. How much does a womans apperance count
    4 Style 18
  65. What's a woman's size 6 converted to youth in shoes?
    What is a size 6 womens shoe converted to youth?
    5 General 6121
  66. can a man who has had a sex change to become a woman have a smear test?
    2 Sex 37
  67. What is a good and healthy way for a woman who is pregnant to gain weight?
    3 Nutritionfitness 17
  68. What woman's support groups are out there?
    I need a group who will not judge me but suppot my efforts. ?
    4 General 25
  69. Is it completely forbidden for a Muslim woman to wear a head scarf?
    3 Religion 31
  70. What does it mean if a doctor tells a woman her testonsterone levels are to high?
    8 Health 20
  71. How do you deal with the one you love is with someone else ly
    How do you deal with the one you love is with someone else lyrics?
    2 Relationships 10
  72. What kind of moisturizer can a woman put below after shaving or to prevent itching?
    7 Style 285
  73. How often should you do the Woman's Body Bible Workout for faster results?
    3 Nutritionfitness 14
  74. Buy cute cheap real rayban wayfarer womans sunglasses??
    Where can I buy cute cheap real rayban wayfarer womans sunglasses??
    2 Shopping 43
  75. hairloss what can I do as a woman?
    Help, I thought only men lost thei hair, what can I do as a woman?
    3 Health 26
  76. sex of a baby can be determined by the time or day the woman
    Is it true that the sex of a baby can be determined by the time or day the woman conceives?
    4 Sex 54
  77. Woman swallows semen often will it lower the chances of
    If a woman swallows semen often will it lower the chances of her getting pregnant?
    8 Health 147
  78. What are signs that prove that a man really loves a woman?
    What are signs that prove that a man really loves a woman? "signs for all ages" >> 14+
    3 Relationships 52
  79. How can I meet a woman?
    Hi, how can I meet a woman who needs someone to share her feelings with and who is in my area?
    3 Relationships 34
  80. How many times can a woman still get her period when she's pregnant?
    Why can a woman still get it? How common is this?
    12 Health 370
  81. Why does a man's sex drive seem to decrease with age, and a woman's sex drive increase?
    4 Sex 81
  82. Is it weird for me - a guy - to use woman's shower gel?
    It just smells so good!
    12 Health 60
  83. Where can i find a physciatrist in central new jersey that is a woman and is not indian,muslim,or any of those?
    11 Health 59
  84. Could an old woman get pregnant if she doesn't use condoms?
    11 Health 38
  85. If a man and a woman share a bed is the man supposed to have the side closest to the door, if so why?
    13 Relationships 45
  86. Was the little girl from orphan really a grown woman
    Was the little girl from orphan really a grown woman but just looked like a child?
    2 Entertainment 212
  87. Is Jeffree Star a man or woman?
    Is Jeffree star a man or woman? and when is the concert/show? tonight or tomorrow? heellpp mee.
    10 Music 2581
  88. How many pints of breast milk can a woman produce?
    How many pints of breast milk can a woman produce in 24 hours, when she is lactating?
    3 Health 719
  89. Why do woman shout during sex?
    Well I was wondering why do woman shout during sex? Is it pleasure or is it because its hurting? Cheers, Matthew
    4 Sex 146
  90. Guys what is your favorite woman celebrity?
    guys!!! whose your favorite celebrity (woman)?? who do you think is the most beautiful and has the sexiest body???
    4 Sex 35
  91. Expected from Mormon Woman ??
    What is expected out of mormon woman? Do they dress a certain way? Or they expected to do certain things? act a certain way ?? -Curious-
    7 Religion 59
  92. Do you find this woman attractive My brother thinks she is very attractive that is why i am asking.
    6 Style 26
  93. Do you think people, mostly woman who are very rude, are mainly just really self concious?
    9 General 37
  94. How do you find good woman?
    How do you know if they are the right person for you in the relationship without them cheating on you again.
    3 Relationships 39
  95. having oral with a woman
    do most women like for you to have oral sex with them after you cum in them,mine seems to love it
    3 Sex 72
  96. Is it harmful for a pregnant woman to take medicine for a cold - all within the first few months?
    4 Health 20
  97. Did you guys hear about the man dying after having his testicles squeezed by a woman?
    It happened in China
    6 Health 25
  98. Do woman shave pussy hair
    do woman shave pussy hair ? I did but it's so so itch .. could you please tell me how to take care them ?
    3 Style 160
  99. What type of woman has an analingus fetish?
    What type of woman has an analingus fetish? Eg, enjoys it when she gets her asshole liked OR enjoys doing that to a man?
    2 Relationships 133
  100. woman getting kissed in the neck?
    what goes on througha womans mind and what do you physically and mentally feel, by getting kissed in the neck?
    3 Relationships 45
  101. woman president
    how long do you think it will be untill a woman is president? and basing it just on gender does any one think it would be bad to have a woman as president? any comments
    9 Politics 21
  102. Can a christian man marry a non christian woman?
    Even if I believe it's God's will that we're together now?
    20 Religion 87
  103. How many pull-ups should a woman be able to do?
    im 15 btw, know how many i should be able to?:)
    7 Nutritionfitness 38
  104. Why does a woman feel pain during scared me?
    I had sex the other day. She started to hurt and then told me not to stop...WHY DO THEY HURT!?!?!?
    3 Sex 109
  105. In revenge and in love woman is more barbaric than man is
    In revenge and in love woman is more barbaric than man is Any comment on this? I want to know what people think. Thanks
    4 Relationships 145
  106. Pregnant woman
    How many months does a baby starts to kick and move around in the stomach
    3 Health 57
  107. Do you think mccain put a woman to get the female vote.
    Do you think mc cain put a woman like vicepresident to get the female vote.
    14 Politics 14
  108. do men find it "Sexy" or "hot" for a woman to go bra-less if so why is is such a turn on??
    9 Sex 50
  109. Beautiful woman or girl
    Why do I like beautiful woman? What is it that make me drive me really hard when I see beautiful and pretty girls? I love you all girls
    2 Relationships 36
  110. What if I love a married woman?
    I have this married woman in my life she is my nurse and I have fallen in love with her I have tried to forget her but I cant.her husband is big what should I do?
    4 Relationships 35
  111. Woman have blind faith?
    Why is it that at the foot of the cross there were only woman, even though Jesus had 12 apostles who were men?
    8 Religion 10
  112. what does a woman do that makes you think she has a lot of confidence??
    her walk, how she talks?? what is it that makes you want to like her b/c of her confidence?
    11 Relationships 10
  113. Can a gay woman get respect from her son?
    Can a women turned gay gain respect of her 16yr old son
    6 Babies 59
  114. Where can I find a good woman?
    Im looking for a good woman that is real where can I find that 24 and need tlc its been to long in a life tyme not to have a good woman in my life
    3 Relationships 15
  115. More important to see a black person or woman in office finally?
    I am an african american female.and personally it was more important for me to see a woman in office than a blsck person. My question to everyone is :was it more important to see a black person or woman in office finally?
    15 Politics 22
  116. how does having an std prevent woman from ovulating?
    does having an std prevent woman from ovulating? my friend is trying to conceive but she says after she has sex the sperm comes back out.
    2 Sex 44
  117. Does it matter if I use a man's or a woman's pee?
    If I used someone else's pee to pass a drug test, could they tell if it a woman's pee or a man's?
    4 Health 93
  118. Can a woman breastfeed her baby in public or not?
    I dont know about this, but i think is ok if a woman do that. What do you think tell me please thank you. Its just curiosity.
    13 Politics 43
  119. My Question is about woman having a baby at a old age?
    Did youll hard of woman geting pregnant,at between the ages off 60 to 80 years old?
    10 General 38
  120. Last night I got drunk and slept this this woman
    I've been married for 5 years and last night I got drunk and slept this this woman I got even know ! What should I do ! ! !
    2 Relationships 15
  121. Why cant I non muslim man marry a muslim woman
    Why cant I non muslim man marry a muslim woman but a muslim man can I know that the qoran says but why does it they that what is behind that does that not undermind women
    7 Religion 52
  122. Activities for Woman w/Alzheimer's
    What activities can I do with a woman with Alzheimer's? She's mobile and physically capable of a lot of things. I'm her nurse aide...
    2 Health 13
  123. When men have the operation for a Sex Change, do they have periods? I read somewhere a man now a woman got pregnant
    10 Sex 83
  124. Can a woman of above 30 years old start learning muscle art like karate?
    Will it be too dangerous?
    9 Nutritionfitness 37
  125. If a pregnant woman walks into a bar and wants a drink, does the bartender have to serve her?
    would that be discrimination if he doesnt?
    8 Politics 26
  126. What is the risk if a woman one or two months pregnant gets on a roller coster when she didnt know she was pregnant?
    4 Health 46
  127. Is it possible for a woman to avoid menopause?
    Just curious, I watched "That's 70's Show" last night and they talked about it.
    4 Health 13
  128. Scent of a Woman (;
    Hey guys! This is for you...what scent do you absolutely love on a woman? Warm and sensual? Fresh and fruity? Any specific brands or names?
    7 Style 43
  129. do woman find thin men to be attractive
    I'm a tall thin man who has always been very self contious about being so thin. I'm 6ft and 160lbs. Do woman find thin men to be attractive?
    7 Style 97
  130. What options do I have as woman to have children as am sterilized?
    I was sterilized very young and now I would like children with my husband is ther anyway we could have a baby of our own
    2 Health 27
  131. Woman's Health
    Does the thick sticky discharge just beford your period, then a very heavy period mean it could be the last one
    3 Health 13
  132. Do you think katie holmes is hot and sexy or is a sweet and nice woman?
    When i see this actress, i think she looks sweet not hot, but sweet and pretty. What do you think?
    2 Sex 31
  133. What's it take to find a tolerant and open minded woman?
    Is a Satanist doomed to be single in this world of excessive ignorance?
    24 Relationships 41
  134. How can I get my Sims woman to use the toilet?
    Every time I tell her to go a picture of the sink appears above her...
    5 Gaming 18
  135. What causes a woman's feet to swell when pregnant?
    does it only happen in 2nd-3rd trimester, or can it happen in early pregnancy?
    5 Health 58
  136. Woman issues
    Well for 1 is it safe 2 swim on your period?? And 2nd is it safe 2 umm swim with an ear infection??
    6 Health 76
  137. Woman squirting
    I just want to know what dose it mean when they say that woman squirting when they have sex. Is it urinate or is it a orgasim like when she cums. If it is when she cums how do you teach a woman to cum that much. Or is it only a surten amount of woman w...
    4 Sex 160
  138. Is anal sex fun for a woman?
    is it fun 4 a woman? does it please her? can she reach orgasm with it? I would like 2 do it, any advice, tips, or tricks?:)
    2 Sex 89
  139. Games for a woman's party
    I'm having an all-woman party this weekend and am trying to come up with some games that a larger group of women could play. Any suggestions?
    3 Gaming 36
  140. What do you think about a woman whose favourite movie is "The Godfather"?
    I think it's very cool thy she likes that movie is my favorite movie too. I think it's cool because most women don't like that kind of movies.What do you think?
    3 Entertainment 8
  141. Who do YOU think is the prettiest woman celebrity?
    Thats my question and this is who I think is the prettiest WOMEN celebrity well... that and she is my role model and idol! its BUFFY, or SMG!!!
    10 General 38
  142. What are the differences between a man and woman's brain?
    So?? Larger smaller heavier smarter?? Anything everything alll the differences please Cheers!
    3 Science 50
  143. How do you stop a crazy woman
    from signing you up to pathetic stupid accounts all over the place? I don't want to delete my email address xx
    2 Relationships 11
  144. What's the name of the film that stars Shia LeBeouf and an older woman?
    He jumps out of a window during the movie and dies? Talks with an accent?
    3 Entertainment 16
  145. Who has read the woman's body bible?
    Does it work? I came across it on the internet, but I don't hear anyone in everyday life referring to it.
    2 Literature 37
  146. If we have a woman as president how do we call her husband?
    We call him man in charge, or the first man or first knight. I dont have any idea, just wondering lol. What do you think?
    3 Politics 58
  147. How should a Jehovah's Witness woman behave?
    How a woman from this religion behave, i mean, what would happened if i like somebody from this religion, so what happen if a woman from this religion get divorced she can get married again or not. tellme please thank you.
    2 Religion 46
  148. Do you think a non Muslim can ask a Muslim woman to remove her hijab?
    Afew years ago, the home secretary asked a Muslim woman to remove her hijab so he could talk to her! Do you think that a non Muslim should be able to asked a Muslim woman to remove her hijab, or do you think that it was disrespectful?
    6 Religion 45
  149. How many days after sex can a woman get pregnant?
    my 27 yr. old sister and her husband are trying to start a family and she asked me "how many days after sex can a woman get pregnant?"
    4 Sex 512
  150. Why does woman fall inlove with someone who abuse them.?
    Why does woman fall inlove with someone who abuse them.?I have a friend who's going thru a situation like this.Everytime I want to step in then she covers for him.WHY???
    3 Relationships 46
  151. Can a doctor know if a woman already had sex?
    Hey I want to know if doctors can do that, or it depends on how many times that the woman did that thingy just wondering?? I hope you can help me Thanks
    5 Sex 56
  152. What do you think of the new Wonder Woman?
    NBC is rebooting the old TV series from the '70's. The new Wonder Woman is Adrianne Palicki from the TV series Friday Night Lights.
    16 Entertainment 46
  153. Who came up with woman's jean size?
    How in the can you ever be a zero, that means there is nothing there. Like in men's jeans, if it says 32, that is the inches, so you have a 32 inch waist.
    5 Style 24
  154. Your thoughts about the woman who was on the toilet for 2 years?
    What do you think about the lady who was stuck on the toilet for 2 years? Also what do you think you would have to have with you if you were stuck in one place for a long time?
    12 General 33
  155. The most successful woman leader?
    As per my opinion Indra Gandhi (PM of India) was the most successful waman leader of the world. Is there any different opinion, all the view are accepted here.
    3 Politics 48
  156. Do they cut the ambilical cord from the woman too.
    Ok I know this is kinda a dumb question but when women have babies they have like ambilical cords and they cut them to disconnect the baby what happens to the women do they then cut it from her what
    3 General 39
  157. If a woman is a Jehova's witness where I can take her?
    I mean can I invite her to the movies or that is something forbidden to her. If anybody knows tell me please thank you.
    9 Relationships 36
  158. What is something on a woman that is sexy?
    What cud I do like make up, clothes shoes whise that wud make me look really sexy. In a guys opinion
    4 Sex 24
  159. Did you guys hear about the old woman who got raped?
    It was on the news, an old woman at a retirement home was raped by a convicted sex offender who was also a resident there, has anyone heard about that?
    5 Sex 15
  160. Why do woman footballers not earn as much as male?
    In a way, I think it's a bit sexist? I mean, why would men get to earn so much money, when the woman are doing the exact same thing?
    7 Sex 38
  161. being a woman
    my bf says i'm still the same 16 yr old he fell for. he say since then i haven't blossomed into a woman. he says i haven't learned to be a woman and mature. I don't understand i don't think i act immature
    4 Relationships 20
  162. why would a woman not have her period in two years?
    my friend has not had her period in two years she dose not know why. she whighs about 165 she is 27 years old. she wants to know is something wronge with her.
    3 Health 27
  163. If you're a woman who dealt with morning sickness during pregnancy, can you answer a few questions? (read more)
    :)What week did your morning sickness seem to peak? What week did it stop? How did you deal with it? Thank you :)
    4 Health 40
  164. Is there another woman named besides Eve in scripture KJV ?
    Referring to the beginning. There had to other people for Kain and Able to impregnate. I am confused on some of these things
    2 Religion 39
  165. Best woman size
    If you had the options of these sizes in girls what would you choose size 6-8 size 14-16 size 20-24 ?? Thanks And maby why you would choose it
    5 Style 59
  166. What is that song that says, I could never be your woman?
    I used to know it well, have just forgotten. Heard it on a movie last night and can't get it out of my mind!
    2 Music 12
  167. Is it just me, or does Adam Sandler look hot as a woman?
    Jack and jill, that SNL skit, i just really like his eyes and strong female presence.
    13 Entertainment 15
  168. Ridde, A woman shoots her husband, can you guess?
    A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How can this be?
    6 General 55
  169. Do you consider Chaz (Chastity) Bono a whole man, or do you still see him as a woman?
    Chastity, daughter of Sonny and Cher, went through the process to become a man, and the government has her registered as a man, but do you still see a woman, or do you see a man?
    8 Health 29
  170. Why can a womans cum be thick and white I thought it should be cl?
    I didnt know womans cum existed. but apparently it does. I then thought it was supposed to be clearish and runny but apparently can be thich and white as well. Which is it supposed to be and does this put men off?
    3 Health 315
  171. When is a woman most and least fertile?
    Is there a certain time during a woman's cycle in which she is least likely to get pregnant? Isn't she most likely to get pregnant 12-17 days after her last she got it last that is? When is a woman least likely and most likely to get pre...
    5 Health 55
  172. What are some songs that are about pregnancy or a woman being pregnant?
    Its such a huge life moment i thought i would be able to find more but so far all i have found is Colbie Calliets - Capri.
    7 Music 16
  173. Trying to catch a an older woman when I'm 23?
    Its always been something I've wanted but I'm just not quite sure how to go about it. Ladies(if there are any on here) any advice/pointers for me? I am 23 by the way.
    2 Relationships 28
  174. Why do people say when you first get your period that's when your suddenly a woman?
    I didn't feel like a women when I got it. Could you help me make sense of this?
    14 Health 32
  175. Would a doctor normally prescribe adderall to a pregnant woman?
    Were trying to sift through some lies a friend has been telling. I though that adderall was not safe to take through a pregnancy.
    3 Health 20
  176. Ex - No Contact (Woman's View please)
    Does "No Contact" with an Ex just piss them off or make them come after you like a madman??? I am doing this to heal myself but deep down I do not want to hurt her...what would you feel or do???
    3 Relationships 10
  177. How much will a pregnant woman's tummy grow in 2 months?
    She is 4 months along and a bridesmaid in my wedding in 2 months so I'm looking for an approximate in inches. Thx :-)
    2 Health 55
  178. Who likes the song Womanizer by Brittney Spears?
    Who likes the song Womanizer by Brittney Spears? I think she is going the right direction with this new start! She hasn't had a breakdown or been the center of attention in a long time! I am proud of you Brittney!!!
    9 Music 40
  179. How does a woman become pregnant?
    do you get pregnant if the p*nis isn't inserted on the v*gina but it produced some sort of liqiud outside it..? but the v*gina didn't? and how actually does a woman become pregnant?? pls answer//
    4 Health 1440
  180. What is a woman's vagina supposed to taste like?
    I'm going round my girlfriend's house this weekend and am hoping to get a bit of fanny :p but what should I expect it to taste like?
    2 Relationships 1071
  181. what are nymphs, are they just naked woman?
    um cant find a gud descriptions of a nymph what do they look like? are they extremely beautiful? are they naked? do they have any items attached to them? - need serious answers!!!
    3 General 64
  182. What would you call it if a man and a woman have sex when they are not 'in a relationship' even though they are in love with each other?
    Is that considered 'hooking up'? I have always thought that hooking up was just have sex with someone that you don't really have feelings for. Your opinion?
    25 Sex 16
  183. What exactly do they do when a woman "has her tubes tied"?
    I know it prevents pregnancy but ever since my mother got this done 7 years ago I've been wondering on and off...
    9 Health 44
  184. Can a woman be a priest?
    I was watching this show...'What Not To Wear' and this woman is a 26 yr old priest and she is also looking for a guy to date..i didn't know a girl could be a priest and i didn't know priests were aloud to this is very interesting to me..
    21 Religion 137
  185. Who is your favorite woman on the TV show "The L Word"?
    I just bought the first season of The L Word. And, before tha I have only seen that show at my friends house and on youtube. And, I have come to like alot of woman on that show. Bette is one of them. Who is your very? And, why?
    2 Entertainment 23
  186. My womans mom walked in on us
    I was so mad at her she just walked in on us as I was eating out my woman, I looked up and she was stading thaur and asked me what the f^uck are you doing , I told her to get out and she told me that I was a pig. Now I cant look at her. So how do I tel...
    5 Relationships 58
  187. Which episode of Miami Ink did they tattoo a frog on a foot for a woman whose sister nearly died drowning?
    I find the tattoo reallyyy cool but cant find a picture of it anywhere :/
    2 Entertainment 67
  188. dating an older woman
    Is it possible for two people to be in a real relationship when theres an age difference of 20 years. Common intrests, very close friends, but is it ok to be more?
    2 Relationships 9
  189. Can a woman get pregnant with twins by two different men?
    I know it's possible with dogs lol but I was curious if that has happened with a human before. (one 'twin' being one man's child, and the other being another man's child)
    18 Health 70
  190. Where can a person find a pair of cowboy boots (woman's) size 12w?
    I have a size 11-12 foot and I want a pair of cowboys boots, I DO NOT WANT MEN'S!!!! I WILL NOT WEAR THEM!!! So I need to know where I can get a pair of cowboy boots in a size 12Wide...
    3 Shopping 8
  191. Can a woman get pregant with pre-ejaculate ?
    Can a woman get pregant with pre ejaulate ? Me and my girlfriend were messing about, and I think some of my pre ejac got on her fingers while she fingered herself, shes now 4 days overdues her period, could it just be late ?
    2 Health 558
  192. How can a woman be so self centered?
    How can a woman be so self centered? A woman who has several children from different fathers, and now lives with a man who is not related to the kids and is cheating on this guy, where are her brains when she had these kids? Plus the children don't l...
    2 Relationships 15
  193. How to please my woman?
    Me and my girlfriend have been going steady for almost two years and we are looking for ways to spice up the "sex" life though we have both agreed to wait untill we are married for sex... ideas?
    2 Sex 29
  194. I heard woman have 2 clits?
    I know we have one clit on the outside which I found years ago (thank goodness) but where is the one on the inside? Everytime I have sex with my boyfriend I can never cum because we dont know where it is?!
    2 Sex 152
  195. Are you (if you're a woman) obsessed with shoes?
    My boyfriend maintains that ALL women LOVE shoes, with no exceptions. My logic tells me that this can't be true. So now I'm doing a FUN advice survey to see if you guys also love shoes.
    39 Style 48
  196. Do you think that the growing fad of using belly wraps after childbirth will eventually have adverse effects on a woman's ability to lose weight naturally?
    Read about it here:
    5 Nutritionfitness 30
    I have never had sex, or even come close. I've had my period for almost 3 years now and this month I didnt get my period. I can't be pregnant. Whats wrong?
    4 Sex 157
  198. How to get him to treat me like a woman?
    I've got a crush on this friend(guy) but he treats me like his buddy(I'm kinda boyish) how can I make him feel that I want to be treated by him as a woman, and how can I reveal my feelings on him without sounding a flirt and stupid
    2 Relationships 28
  199. Where can I find a very warm stylish winter coat for a woman?
    I'm thinking a fashionable wool coat but the ones I've found at the store are not very thick and don't seem very warm. I'm looking for something that is very warm but stylish too. Please help.
    3 Shopping 17
  200. Could you tell if it's a man or a woman if a person is wearing a long, black jacket?
    Imagine a woman flat chested with a long black jacket like the matrix what it hides the neck,short hair and glasses would you notice if is a woman o not? Tell me please thank you.
    4 Style 24
  201. Is a girl or woman with light or lighter brown hair a brunette?
    Is a girl or woman with light or lighter brown hair a brunette? I know dark-brown or black hair, especially dark-brown hair is definitely brunette. I'm pretty sure medium brown hair can be considered brunette because brunette is sometimes defined as ha...
    3 Style 64
  202. What do you prefer your woman to look like?(men)?
    For human realtions im asking what men 15-30 prefer physically in a woman. Weather its a thin build. or very think. and every one in between. whattt do you find yourself most attracted to guys?
    5 Relationships 20
  203. Can a woman be a firefighter?
    I remember a long time ago i watched the rescueme tv show, and there were only firemen and they didnt like the idea of having a woman, because they say they would be weak in a fire. I think they are right, unless they get a big strong manly woman. Wha...
    5 Money 56
  204. Woman lets her daughter die...
    Okay today on the news there was this lady who had a daughter who had diabetes(spell error)any way she let her daughter die because she said god will heal her so does that mean god isnt real because he didnt help her daughter???and what do you think of...
    12 Religion 47
  205. Where did the saying "Hell knows no fury like a woman's scorn" come from?
    I have heard this quote a lot, and it's one of my faves. I'm wondering where it came from and why? Is us women that bad when we're angry?
    2 Literature 12
  206. FunAdvice Trivia: What woman's name was originally used in the old barbershop quartet favorite "Sweet Adeline"?
    A) Maryanne B) Rosalie C) Emma-Jean D) Caroline
    7 Funadvice 38
  207. What is the difference between calling a woman "miss" or "lady"?
    I always use miss, but i would like to try to call them lady or young lady, but i dont know how they would feel i dont want to upset them lol. What do you think ? Tell me please thank you.
    7 General 77
  208. What are your opinions of pregnant woman going to bars and/or clubs?
    Do you think they should, or are they being irresponsible? What if there is no smoking inside the club or bar? Should they still be allowed to go out and have a good time, or should they abandom that type of activity for the next 9 months?
    22 General 659
  209. Im the other woman
    What should I do? I met this guy. We have a child toather, but he is with somebody else and they been togther 4 13 years. His girlfriend dont know nothing about me. I know her and I know where she work. I dont think he is going to leave her or tell her...
    3 Relationships 57
  210. Which online community is best for a grown Woman?
    Hi I need your help I have numerous accounts with Face Book , Myspace ,Tagged,Black Plannet and Hi5 I want to keep one or two which ones should I keep and which should I delete?
    4 Technology 9
  211. Why are people offended when I address God as a woman?
    The last I checked, God claimed no gender. I happen to be a woman, so I relate best to God as a woman. I am not putting God down in any way, shape, or form. I also never stated that it was wrong to address her as a male. Mother God instead of Fathe...
    46 Religion 46
  212. If a male get a sex change, would he really be considered a woman?
    So you know how if a man hits a woman, its a huge deal? Well what if a man fist fight with a transexual? Would he be in a lot of trouble like if he were to hit a woman? (Just got me curious because this guy was fighting a transexual on Jerry Spr...
    2 Sex 40
  213. When is the best time to ask a woman for marriage?
    I want to ask my girlfriend to marry me and start a family together but my friends at work said that she might say no and screw up the relationship because she is not ready in her age (21) So what age does a woman start thinking about marriage or want...
    2 Relationships 21
  214. Hobbies a 50-year-old woman might enjoy?
    So I was just talking to my mom and she says she's been bored lately. Bored of her hobbies, bored with her life. So I told her she should try taking up something she never even considered doing. So my question is: what are some hobbies a 50-year-old wo...
    8 Entertainment 619
  215. Do you think it's safe for a woman to travel alone?
    I am 32 years old have never traveled before. I want to travel to California and vacation there for a week or 2. I don't know anyone there and would just like others opinions on whether or not you think it's safe for a woman who has never traveled bef...
    4 Travel 13
  216. What do you think about a operation(woman to Man)?
    What do you think of a woman who feels like a guy trap inside a woman body and who loves her same sex? Cause she feels like a man and she wants to get operated and she don't whan to cause GOD make her a woman and not a guy? What do you think about it. ...
    4 Sex 35
  217. Who thinks its crazy/stupid for a woman to get her tubes tied at 25?
    All of my family and friends are giving me major drama and telling me im crazy for getting my tubes tied after i have this baby, we have two though, i dont want anymore. I dont see why my age matters.
    19 Health 56
  218. How can i fix a woman heart?
    I mean i know this girl, she is a very nice person, but she had a bad relationship with a guy, the guy cheated on her, and now she has closed her heart to any relationship, and i really liked her, i dont know why most women always pick the wrong guy. ...
    3 Relationships 23
  219. Is it possible for a woman to orgasm from anal stimulation?
    My husband insists that he has been with 2 different women that were able to have an orgasim rectally with no other stimulaton. I cannot achieve an orgasim this way...were they faking or is there something wrong with me??? Please answer Thanks Vi
    6 Relationships 128
  220. Whats the acceptable age in your culture for a woman to have children?
    In mine people find it acceptable when people have children in their later 20's over 25 and if you are a pregnant teenager you will be shunned. So I'm just curious, because I must say I find it shocking to find so many young girls pregnant or trying to...
    21 Family 47
  221. Is it a lie when a man tells a woman she doesn't need makeup?
    No, this isn't some insecurity of mine. They were talking about it on the radio, and some interesting points were brought up. A man may say that just because he doesn't want to wait for his girl to put on makeup, or he could just think that she's ugly ...
    20 Relationships 73
  222. Is the ability of a woman being questioned ?
    Generic question: If a woman is running for Vice President as a Democrat, married with children and some are questioning her ability to properly take care of her family given the responsibilities of the office - and the same issue was not raised in the...
    13 Politics 34
  223. How can I feel more like a woman again?
    I have recieved some wonderfull advise so far, but one thing I want to ask is I am 28 years old and have 2 children, 2 bussineses. All around I am sucsessfull. How can I feel more like a woman again, as I feel like a piece of dirt. I always believed th...
    3 Style 28
  224. How accurate do you think a pregnant womans "gut feelings" are about the baby she is carrying?
    Do you feel there is any truth behind it, or is it just guessing. For the past couple of weeks ive kept telling Chris, i think im going to go into labor early. I have no idea where this is coming from...just something inside of me believes it.
    7 Health 22
  225. Why do men think a woman's place is in the kitchen or bedroom?
    For all of those "men" saying that a woman's only place is either in the bedroom or the kitchen, remember that it takes a man AND a woman to make a child, and that your mother didn't have to give birth to your stupid azz. My friend's little brother(he'...
    7 General 62
  226. How to get this woman off my dad?
    Seriously after being told off 20 years ago she's still at it. She's waiting for my dad to leave my mom and go with her. Uh uh b!tch. If she thinks she'll get my affection she's mistaken because she almost caused a divorce! We keep telling her off but ...
    10 Family 23
  227. Womanizer!
    Alright so, we dated loved eachother broke up faught, I got used.. And now I'm trying though I miss him, a lot! Even though I know I can't date him ever again.. I need to get over him! It's really hard.. :( I need someones help., give me some advice gu...
    2 Relationships 11
  228. What do you think makes a girl a ''Woman''?
    Everybody has different opinions on when a girl is considered a woman.. when she turns 18, when she has sex, when she has kids, etc...but what really makes us women? I don't even call myself a woman half the time.. I'm a girl lol. and what makes a guy ...
    17 Sex 23
  229. Am I so frozen woman?? Am I heartless woman?? Am I solitary??
    I DON'T listen to anybody's opinions on what I do. I DON'T do anything if I don't like to do and I NEVER bother about what people around me are thinking about me or talking about me.My parents,siblings and husband are not an exception of this. I don'...
    8 Relationships 21
  230. my womans teen kids
    tell me to f*** off when I ask them to help clean the house. I took care of them fpr 13 years. All thay do is sit in frount of the tv. Thair mother asked them to not talk like that to me and thay say ...well hes not my dad I dont leson to him..
    13 Babies 39
  231. Is it strange for a Caucasian woman wanting to study make-up artistry in Asia?
    I wanna study make up artisty in S.Korea and then Open a online store specializing in Asian Make up skin care and hair care From S.Korea, Taiwan and Japan. I only wear make up from Asia, mostly Korea but I have a few Kevin Beauty Maker products ...
    13 Style 22
  232. Texas woman forced to remove nipple ring
    In news I just came to know that a Texas woman, Mandi Hamlin who was forced to remove her artificially fixed nipple ring piercing through her nipple. It was detected by the metal detector before an check carried out on her by the security staff of the ...
    5 Travel 41
  233. How to behave when i see him with another woman?
    2 Relationships 17
  234. What if the woman I like is married but doesn't have s*x?
    ok here's the thing, im txting a married women and she wants to have s*x with me im 28 she's 35, her husband has not had s*x with her since last christmas,and they sleep in seperate beds, when she tries to pleasure him by oral s*x he doesnt like it, sh...
    7 Sex 20
  235. How do I tell my mom I need more woman products?
    I just got my period today and we're out of pads. I don't know how to tell my mom because I also need new bras and underwear. It's really personal and private and I know for sure my mom will make a huge deal of it and then even my little sister will kn...
    2 Family 71
  236. What do I do if I have a girlfriend but I love another woman?
    my girl friend brokeup a few weeks ago so i started seeing someone else.wewere together only a shorttime and eventualy moved in together.we told one another how we felt for each other and fell in love.she found out her mother has cancer and moved back ...
    3 Relationships 27
  237. Back to the crazy woman again
    She emailed me through facebook this morning saying she's reported me to the FBI for harassment, but I thought that meant threats and stuff? Not talking about animals and college? Anyway, I was under the impression she was the one doing the harassing! ...
    2 Technology 20
  238. Woman on top position
    Me and my boyfriend has been together for a year, ON & OFF!!! We love each other very much and we are both super freaky, and we always talking about we gone do this and that, and blah blah blah. And in 15 and he's 16 and he was my first!!! We have had ...
    4 Sex 79
  239. What do you think if somebody say this to a woman?
    Lets say : Hello i had a weird dream last night i saw my son from the future and told me thank you for giving him a nice and beautiful mother. (Well this stuff has not happened yet), but i dont want to dissapoint my future child and that is why i ask y...
    4 Relationships 20
  240. Living with married woman
    I have been living with my supposed girlfriend for 2 years now and she assured me she was getting divorced. That was the deal when she moved in. She always has excuses like I have the divorce papers ECT. Its hard for me especially around the holidays...
    2 Relationships 23
  241. Sex 2 question man and woman advise wanted
    Now... Hes a large boy and he lasts forever!!! I've tried everything I can think of to get him to cum but im lost now and I dont think he understands that I cant go for 6 any advise on how to get him to cum he says that he enjoys it so much ...
    3 Sex 54
  242. When is lust/sex not a sin?
    In other words, is marriage the only time you can have sex(man&woman)and not man&man,woman&woman or not a living arrangement but a true marriaged
    9 Sex 47
  243. Do you think a man or a woman can be open and/ or proud of their sexuality without sleeping around or acting provocatively?
    What's your opinion on that? I always see people saying that po.rn stars and prost.itutes are just 'open about their sexuality'. My personal opinion is that they have no self respect nor any morale. From what I see and hear, people seem to associate be...
    10 Sex 19
  244. How can a pregnant woman detox from marijuana?
    so I recently found out I was pregnant, and at my first appt, the doc drug tests me. I have been a user of marijuana for a long time now, its been something that I have been working on for a long time. but I decided to quit for the baby on new years, a...
    3 Health 15136
  245. I need insight on a womans cycle/period
    I just want to educate myself a bit on this. Okay so if a woman has a normal cycle of 28 days. How long after her period are her eggs released and available to be fertilized by sperm. How long do the eggs live how many or released to be able to become...
    4 Sex 148
  246. My bestfriend husband has other woman
    My best friend husband has other woman, I did see him for several times with the girl...but my best friend didn't know anything about it or maybe she don't feel it because her husband was sweet to her but the the truth is he's cheating plus my bestfrie...
    2 Relationships 24
  247. Don't you think that the term big boned or big woman is misleading?
    I am all for people loving their bodies, but I am also all for health and healthy living and feel that the term bigger woman is just making it ok to be unhealthy (i.e. overweight). I have a friend who is really bigger, but she is super healthy and also...
    16 Style 33
  248. Women and Orgasims
    How does a woman know when she is having a orgasim?
    15 Relationships 440
  249. good woman
    My Girlfriend tells me that I am a great lover and loves having sex with me whether it be long romantic sex or a quickie. but she also says I am bigger than eny other man shes been with and it hurts everytime I insert my penis. we havnt been having sex...
    2 Sex 35
  250. How can I get the woman of my dreams back?
    how can i get the woman of my dreams back??? we have been together for almost 5 years and we have a beautiful little boy who is almost 2. a couple years back, she cheated on me, i cheated on her also, then she did again, but she just recently found out...
    2 Relationships 59