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  1. Can I have a list of all the cartoons?
    Can I have a list of all the cartoons?
    2 Entertainment 46
  2. How to change my username?
    How can I change my username?
    4 Funadvice 39
  3. How do I change my username???
    How do I change my username???
    2 Funadvice 26
  4. what is on your bucket list?
    3 General 14
  5. what is on your Christmas list if you celebrate it?
    what is on your Christmas list if you celebrate it?
    4 General 13
  6. Can I have a listing of shoe stors?
    Can I have a listing of shoe stors?
    3 General 35
  7. Good username or not?
    Is marchbaby a good username?
    3 Technology 52
  8. How to edit funadvice's username?
    2 Funadvice 10
  9. What does it mean when someone refers to a celebrity as an "A list" or "B list" celebrity?
    3 General 56
  10. how do i get my 'How To' off my pending list?
    4 Funadvice 19
  11. What is a list of you favorite restaurants?
    11 Food 14
  12. whats on your bucket list?
    25 General 40
  13. Good usernames?
    What are some good usernames that I could use?
    12 Technology 1516
  14. Forgot my AOL username
    I forgot my username on aol. how do I get it
    2 Technology 996
  15. How to unblock buddy on buddy list on aol?
    How to unblock buddy on buddy list on aol?
    2 Technology 153
  16. My watch list
    How do I put a question on my watch list
    2 Funadvice 53
  17. How did you come up with your username
    How did you come up with your username, any special meaning to it?
    24 Funadvice 42
  18. Where can I get listings for an online directory?
    Where can I get listings for an online directory?
    4 Technology 8
  19. Where do I go to change my username screen?
    Where do I go to change my username screen?
    3 Technology 61
  20. mandy moore's username
    what was mandy moore's username when she was on funadvice ?
    2 Funadvice 37
  21. How do I create a different username for this site?
    How do I create a different username for this site?
    3 Funadvice 19
  22. What happens when you forget your username and password?
    4 Funadvice 29
  23. How do you stop following someone if they are not in your followers list?
    6 Funadvice 8
  24. how do you delete someone on your friends list?
    4 Funadvice 18
  25. What's on your Christmas list?
    What are some things you want for Christmas?
    7 General 10
  26. How can you search for a specific username on FunAdvice?
    3 Funadvice 56
  27. Can I have a list of romantic poems for black couples?
    Can I have a list of romantic poems for black couples?
    3 Literature 16
  28. where can I find a list of all different types of physics?
    where can I find a list of all different types of physics?
    3 Science 92
  29. username drama ?
    How can I change my profile name/ username ?
    3 Funadvice 45
  30. Where to find a list of all martial arts?
    is there anywhere I can find a list of all martial arts?
    2 Science 85
  31. AOL buddy list
    How do you unblock someone from your AOL buddy list?
    2 Technology 28
  32. Can I view my friend's Skype contact list?
    2 Technology 15
  33. Who can list a bunch of cute celebrity guys?
    22 General 31
  34. How do I find someone on FunAdvice when I only know their username?
    10 Funadvice 24
  35. Can your question be on both of these lists?
    can your question be on the recently asked list and the recently answerd list at the same time?
    3 Funadvice 44
  36. Who knows of any other sites similiar to Craig's List?
    2 General 22
  37. where can i find a list of uncaught serial killers?
    4 General 26
  38. How can I find someone who is not listed in the white pages?
    4 General 42
  39. Did you fulfill anything that was on your bucket list this year?
    9 General 11
  40. hotmail safe senders list
    how can I remove people from my safe senders list on hotmail?
    2 Technology 50
  41. craigs list picture transfer
    how do I transfer pictures from my digital cameria to craigs list
    2 Technology 124
  42. Cute nickname for a username?
    I want your opinion one a cute nickname for a username?
    4 Technology 496
  43. How do you add people to your friends lists?
    How do you add people to your friends lists( sorry 4got)???
    2 Relationships 11
  44. Your Life List
    do you have a list of things you want to do or accomplish before you die? If so...what are they?
    6 General 15
  45. What's a good vegan grocery list?
    What would be the best vegan grocery list?
    2 Nutritionfitness 66
  46. What words rhyme with each other just give me a huge a to z list if you can?
    16 Literature 59
  47. How many words can you make out of your username?
    12 Gaming 54
  48. How did you come up with your username?
    How did you come up with your user name? Some names are very unique & funny.
    25 Funadvice 71
  49. Can someone give me a list of artists like Skrillex?
    13 Music 89
  50. Where can I find a list of the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats?
    3 General 30
  51. What is on everyones christmas list this year?
    i love the holidays?
    17 General 124
  52. How to change your username on funadvice?
    How do you change your user name on funadvice? Thanks!
    2 Funadvice 29
  53. Where can I get a list of the parts and functions of Tilapia fish?
    2 Pets 394
  54. whats on your christmas list :P
    lol pretend christmas is a week from now. what is your christmas list?? lol
    3 General 32
  55. Five star rated movies list?
    Where can I find a list of all of the movies with five stars history
    2 Entertainment 64
  56. Can you give me a list of tempting desserts
    I'm looking for a long list of tempting desserts
    3 Food 21
  57. Where can I find lists of extreme numbers online?
    where can I find a list of extreme numbers online like Googolplexian?
    3 Technology 35
  58. Geting a list of folders on a server?
    Is there anyway to get a list of folders in a website ?
    2 Technology 9
  59. Can you give me a list of kid's cartoons
    I'm looking for a long list of kid's cartoons
    3 Entertainment 47
  60. awesome usernames?
    I know I answered a question like this, but what do you do to get all the awesome usernames?
    2 Technology 92
  61. List of jobs that hire felons in richmond va area?
    List of jobs that hire felons in richmond va area?
    2 Money 457
  62. Can anyone give me a list of charitys which support Poverty in Africa?
    4 General 15
  63. List of the Best Car Rental Agencies In India
    The following are the best car rental agencies.
    5 Travel 60
  64. Can anybody give a list of No Doubt songs that are classified as rock?
    2 Music 29
  65. What's the best username you've ever seen?
    It doesnt have to be on funadvice
    16 General 1929
  66. How do you make your name show up (when you comment, ect.) instead of your username?
    10 Funadvice 22
  67. Does anybody got a list of great and cool victorian music?
    4 Music 8
  68. What bucket lists do my fellow FA members have?
    things to do before you die
    20 Funadvice 52
  69. whats a list of things I could say in my about me?
    whats a list of things I could say in my about me? anything is good thanks :)
    2 General 15
  70. website that has santas naughty and nice list that my child see?
    what website that has santas naughty and nice list that my child can look at?
    2 Entertainment 74
  71. Where can I find a list of physical sciences?
    Where can I find a list of the different types of engineering and physical scinces?
    2 Science 11
  72. list of employers who hire convicted felons in houston, tx
    I am looking for a list of employers who hire convicted felons in houston, tx.
    4 Money 457
  73. Initials list
    How many people can list there intitisls so put your intitials please
    7 General 31
  74. Can anyone give me a list of animal testing free cosmetics + candy?
    Can someone give me a list of cosmetics with animal testing and a list of cosmetics animal testing free? Oh and a list of candy/snacks/softdrinks that have animal testing and a list that are animal testing free.
    7 Shopping 47
  75. Who loves anime? If you do lets play a game a keep the list of anime going. I want to see how long we can make the list. I'll start with Dragonball Z.
    14 Entertainment 15
  76. could someone list me some social and economic impacts with appropriate examples?
    2 Politics 21
  77. Do you agree with the 50 most beautiful from People magazine or do you think some of them are on the list just because they are famous?
    What do you think?
    6 Entertainment 16
  78. Can someone give me a list of smart victorian insults or name callings?
    8 Literature 77
  79. What's your XBOX username?
    what is yalls x box name ... mine is grumpy
    5 Gaming 33
  80. What's with the girl in red in Schindler's List?
    I never got why she was the only one in color
    4 Entertainment 23
  81. What's the song called that plays in Schindler's list where the girl in red appears?
    5 Music 35
  82. Can anybody give me a list of female victorian industrial bands?
    ( only victorian industrial bands and experts)
    2 Music 11
  83. What is your most hated T.V. show and list one reason why you dislike the show so much?
    15 Entertainment 43
  84. where can i find a list of all the Edgar Alan Poe stories,poems,and other stuff?
    4 Literature 42
  85. Username for youtube
    Does anybody have a suggestion for a username for a youtube account? I love horses esspecially bays.
    5 Technology 35
  86. A list of the types of Doctors?
    I want to be a doctor but I don't know what type. Can someone think of a list of type of doctors and what they do? please and thank you!
    14 Money 499
  87. Want a twitter but I want a really cool username
    Ok so I want a twitter but I want a really cool username..anyone got any suggestions?
    3 Technology 100
  88. Why did you choose your username?
    Why did you choose your username? I have seen many strange ones on here, so if that is you(you know who you are), explain yourself please! :)
    30 Funadvice 28
  89. what is a list of 2d geometric shapes?
    what is a list of 2d geometric shapes? I need 24 and I can only like think of the basics :[
    4 Education 56
  90. Do new users get to choose their UserName?
    because i noticed alot oftheirs are the same..
    6 Funadvice 12
  91. Why do you say in your profile that "labels are stupid" and that you're "not emo or goth", but your username is "Emogirl95"?
    5 Style 35
  92. What are a list of musicals that take place in the 1920-1930ish time period?
    3 Music 104
  93. Can you please list off songs from the top of your head from the 50-early 60's eras?
    3 Music 27
  94. I need a Minecraft username!
    Any suggestions? Maybe something to do with camo, I don't know lol
    2 Gaming 17
  95. where can i find a list of past and current governments (and the the names of the countries) and when they started and when they ended?
    2 Politics 18
  96. Can you give me a list of some good punk rock, pop punk, or alternative rock french bands?
    7 Music 20
  97. What is the difference between these two options in my "Followers" list (Read Description)?
    What is different between"Remove follower_____"and"Stop_____from following you"
    4 Funadvice 4
  98. What is a good boy username?
    It's hard I can't think of a good boy's username!!! They've just all run out of my head and no one else can think of one!!!
    2 General 96
  99. Why don't I see people on my friends list?
    im new to this web site how come I dont see you on my friends list?
    3 Funadvice 10
  100. What do you all think of the new username I chose?
    Wondering, what do you all think of the username I chose? Just wondering. Hope this question doesn't get deleted.
    3 Funadvice 25
  101. What is a really cool username?
    I need a really cool username for this art website and I cant think of any got any cool ideas?
    2 Technology 93
  102. What's the song list of Rihanna's new CD?
    What is the song list of Rihanna's new CD Good Girl Gone Bad? Thanks!
    2 Music 71
  103. What username can I use, with the word Ladybug in it?
    I'm trying to come up with a good username that has the word Ladybug in it. Ladybug by itself is too short. Can any of you out there, help me come up with a good Ladybug username I can use? Thanks!
    5 General 150
  104. What's a list of things vegetarians eat?
    Hi...could you give me a list of things veggies eat? please && thanx! ♥Vero
    5 Food 85
  105. What are the things on Facebook called where you use the first ten friends on your list and they tell a story?
    6 Technology 38
  106. list of differen hip hop/ rap, dances
    I need a list of differen hip hop/ rap, dances .. like tha stanky leg, dances like that
    4 Music 48
  107. Can you give me a list of good-looking actors, musicians, or athletes with green eyes?
    2 Entertainment 37
  108. Can somebody give me a list of great blog topics that would bring a lot of traffic?
    10 Technology 21
  109. Can anybody give me a list of Melora Creager's songs from her new album Sister Kinderhook?
    2 Music 7
  110. What should I do with my list of reasons?
    Can someone offer me advice about my list of reasons??? I would really appriciate the help as soon as possible...
    2 Relationships 13
  111. Phone of ebay/ craig's list
    If I buy a verizon phone off ebay how do I get my number on the new phone with all my contacts?
    3 Technology 40
  112. What is a list of random things that generally piss you off?
    i hav a huge list but i wana hear yours. make them as random as possible :)
    13 General 20
  113. Emo, Angry, and Depressing, songs please list them
    If you can list all the emo and depressing or angry songs, that you know that would be nice please and thank u.
    12 Music 741
  114. list of all the bands you listen to ?
    I need a list of all the bands you listen to because im bored with this same old music I got so please help
    12 Music 59
  115. Can someone give me a great list of modern girl twins rock bands?
    5 Music 17
  116. What should my new username be?
    my currnet aim username is really boring...I luv cheerleading,fall out boy,and pete wentz<3...what should my username be???
    4 Technology 38
  117. Butterfly Usernames!
    Just a curiosity question! If you wanted to come up with a username that applies to Butterflies, which username would you use? Can you give me some ideas please? Thanks!
    4 Technology 399
  118. Housing waiting list?
    So how can you find out if there is a waiting list for your local housing in kinston...I have tried everything but I cant find nothing??
    4 Homegarden 41
  119. I need ideas for a username
    I need ideas for a username. I love cats, am brunette and I have blue eyes. Any cute user names you can think of?
    6 Technology 110
  120. What all Stephen King movies are there - can anyone give me a list?
    I know about two off the top of my head, but there are more, I just can't think of them. Can anyone name a few, or give me a list of all the Stephen King movies?
    3 Entertainment 47
  121. Which actresses have the biggest boobs in bollywood. Please give me a list of top10 with pictures
    Please give me a list of top10 with pictures and also cup size
    2 Style 173
  122. What are some cool emo usernames?
    I need a username 4 imvu please make them emo. And dont let them have the word emo in them. Thankies
    5 General 1871
  123. Are we allowed to post the usernames of our other social network accounts on the status update wall?
    can we give our usernames (twitter, etc) on the status update wall? or no?
    5 Funadvice 19
  124. How to correct my username?
    hey ya'll I miss spelled my name on my display name and is there any way I can fix it on here
    3 Funadvice 24
  125. How to get a site listed in Google in 24 hrs?
    How can I make google to index my site in 24hrs?Is it possible?Is there any trick for that?
    2 Technology 25
  126. What is on your bucket list?
    I am busy (have been for a while now) compiling a bucket list i.e. all the things that I want to do and see still in my life. Have you got one and even if you don't what would be on your bucket list?
    10 General 24
  127. List...
    List all your fav songs and all your fav bands you need to fill my ipod please help list from hip hop to rock please and name song and artist or song and band please
    3 Music 48
  128. screamo list help
    can someone give me a list of screamo bands that are like "bring me the horizon",please no techno screamo. k thanks
    5 Music 39
  129. Can someone post up a negative food calorie list?
    so yea I think it says it all in the title. I think I spelt calorie wrong.
    4 Nutritionfitness 15
  130. why is iluvdux always the first person on every friend list?
    if you are reading this iluvedux then please answer, and other people please answer too.
    5 Funadvice 26
  131. Can I get a list of what words are not allowed? I don't recall cursing, and I'm constantly having to re-word my answers x_X
    5 Funadvice 13
  132. Why I can't delete a question from my question list
    im trying to make as anonymos one of the questions in here but it keeps coming back is there any problem or what.
    4 Funadvice 17
  133. When cashing ur points in do u use ur username to have a checked mailed or do you use your real name when filling out the form?
    38 Funadvice 63
  134. What is a good username including lime green?
    I want to find a good username for gaia online. I also want the username to be involving lime green. I do not know what to think of. something awesome!
    4 Gaming 111
  135. people from my yahoo contact list been telling me to stop sending them INAPPROPR
    people from my yahoo contact list been telling me to stop sending them INAPPROPRIATE links. what?! I never did. whats causing my email to do that?
    4 Technology 20
  136. What - -- can you give me a list of good rapping songs?
    Hey I need some good rapping songs for my youtube account. To listen too please write a list of good song please peace x
    3 Music 64
  137. How can you look at peoples friends lists on mysace?
    How can I look at my friends friend list if it is hidden??? Is there any way?? If you could tell me that would b graet ..thanks(: ~kelli
    3 Technology 8
  138. Can anyone give me a good username for a site?
    lol i want a new username but i cants really think of one :/ help please!
    6 Technology 30
  139. usernames for youtube :]
    yesh well I need a emo/scene username :] thanx you I dont ummm lable & alll its just 4 you 2 relate :]
    5 Entertainment 182
  140. Username Ideas?
    me and my friends (all of our names are Lyndsey, Lindsay, Kenzie, and Jemia) all are going to share an account on a site, what would be a good idea for our username?
    2 Technology 90
  141. Who are the Top 10 Richest Americans according to the 2010 Forbes richest Americans list?
    Or is the 2009 edition the latest (and if so, who are the top 10 last year?)
    2 Money 12
  142. Experince Wish List
    For my birthday & christmas, my mom wants my sister and I to make wish lists that form more around experinces than "things" or items. What are some good experinces that I could put on my wish list?
    2 General 13
  143. Youtube usernames
    Im gonna make a new account on youtube. I need help for usernames?? It doesnt have to have sidney in it. But I prefer somethinq wit my name in it?
    2 Technology 51
  144. List of Russian Surnames.
    My little sister called me from college and she is trying to find a list of Russian surnames for an anthropology class she is taking. Anyone know where to find such a thing?
    6 General 2242
  145. Where do I find a list that shows how many points are associated with different topics and actions? (Questions, Answers, How Tos, etc) Just curious.
    2 Funadvice 10
  146. Why does my computer keep sending emails to everyone on my contact list?
    It is an ad for Viagra so it is kinda embarassing. Plus, how can I fix this problem?
    6 Technology 45
  147. Can anyone give me a list of Creationist scientists and where they went to school?
    And maybe what they went to school for and stuff like that..doctorates, MS's, BS's, PhDs, stuff like that....
    4 Science 17
  148. Finding a good list of movies for Psychology students?
    Finding a good list of movies for Psychology students? Got any ideas. would be nice if I could find a list broken down by movie categories such as "action," "comedy," "drama" etc.
    4 Education 81
  149. What's a list of wholesale distributors for online sales?
    I've been interested in finding a list of wholesale distributors online. (Not a dropship program, just distributors.) Does anyone have a good connection that they wouldn't mind sharing?
    3 Money 28
  150. Why did I see a question being asked under my username???
    okay so I was checking out the questions that I have asked. and I saw something weird. there was a question under politics that I did not ask but it showed that I asked it. it was under my username and it had the picture I had for my profile thing. ho...
    4 Funadvice 14
  151. Can you give me a list of words?
    I'm doing something for my 4-H project. Can you give me a list of words like; hope, faith, courage, confidence, love, hate. Things like that?
    4 General 15
  152. I am sellin a phone on craigs list
    I am wondering if it will be weird when I go meet the dude or if he will just hand me the money look at the phone say thanks and leave?
    5 Technology 16
  153. School Supply Lists
    I am going to Legacy High School and I cant seem to find a school supply list. I've googled Legacy High School supply lists and nothing comes up. I've gone to and it has a link to Supply list. But when I click on it, it doesnt work. Can you...
    3 Education 32
  154. How do I make a true type font file under my list of fonts so I can use it in MSN, notepad and wordpad?
    I downloaded it off the internet, and it says its a compressed file as well?
    2 Technology 44
  155. Do the classified listings in the newspaper actually work when it comes to finding a job?
    I'm getting very impatient of not having a job. Is that another way to go to finding a job, does the newspaper classified section work?
    5 Money 11
  156. What is a webite that will list PAST and PRESENT hockey players on the Toronto Maple Leafs team?
    I alo need their picture, poition, and number.
    2 Sports 10
  157. for twitter, REALLY awesome usernames??
    So everyone is now getting a twiiter and have cool usernames. What are some REALLY awesome usernames?? like I don't know something cool and radom like H2o&vitimn3nC like I don't know can anyone give me some good advice??
    4 Technology 82
  158. Can anyone give me a pretty fat list of bomb techno songs?
    Im looking for really good techno.. Can anyone give me a pretty fat list of bomb techno songs?? ( I have an 80g ipod and im trying to fill it up!!) =]
    7 Music 40
  159. How do you get rid of the list of cookies?
    how do you get rid of the list of cookies the are threts to your laptop or computer as everytime i go on a page on the internet it pops up but i do a virous scan and everything with my laptop is fine x
    3 Technology 41
  160. Why did you pick the username you currently have?
    Hmm, eve rwonder why everyone picks the username they are using! Hmm, I picked mine cause I liek to be random! SO hwo bout you! ^ LOL that was lame! But for real.
    14 Funadvice 37
  161. Mailing lists on Outlook
    Does anyone use Outlook as an email client for mailing lists? I'm looking for a client that will allow me to send mailing list items to a large list, but keep everyone on the list hidden to the recipients except for the sender (me) and recipient (them)...
    2 Technology 11
  162. Can the internet use your friend's usernames to send you advertisements?
    This is really messed up if it's true..two times I think a bot messaged me advertising stuff using my friends' names.
    4 Technology 18
  163. Hey list your top 5 fave bands!!
    1. Guns and roses 2. Avenged sevenfold 3.bon jovi 4.disturbed 5.chiodos
    14 Music 39
  164. How much time required to get my blog listed in google?
    I have created a blog on "Product Review of Clickbank Digital Products" around 10 days before and submitted to different search engine and to google and yahoo. My blog is not listed to any where. How much time required to get listed in the search engin...
    3 Technology 41
  165. What would be at the top of your bucket list?
    You know. Like the movie. Where you only have a limited time until you die, so you create a list of everything you want to accomplish before the time comes. Just in case anyone didnt know. What would be at the top of yours?
    16 General 20
  166. How can I remove programs that do not show up in my currently installed program list?
    I'm trying to clean up my computer and I'm removing all programs I no longer need. There are things on the desktop that don't show up in my program list. Where do I find them? Or do I simply delete the shortcut?
    2 Technology 69
  167. List of things to do in Bowling Alley?
    OK im going to the bowling alley tomorrow with friends and I think it owuld be awesome if there was a list of things to do there.You know like the walmart lists and elvator and fun things to do.So any ideas about what to do in a bowling alley?
    2 Entertainment 58
  168. Scene/emo usernames
    Yesh well I want a new you tube account soo yesh if you can give meh a non poserish name pllz :] thank u
    14 Technology 27895
  169. Funadvice as a username
    Are there more than one.? Why are there so many.? Can people just change their picture to that robot and put their name as funadvice.? Because I know a guy that hella did that. One day he was theoneyoupunkrockbeezy with a picture and now he's fun advic...
    2 Funadvice 35
  170. What is a good aim username that I can use ?
    - I want a really good aim . That I can only give to friends .. But , I can't think of anything .. I want it to reflect my name .. Connie . Or anything without my name .. I don't care . Just be good and awesome . :) Or just be different .. So , any id...
    2 Technology 40
  171. Does anyone know a link to a list of section 5 firearms and section 1 firearms in the UK?
    i have a horrible feeling that the firearm that i want is section 5 D: and i want to make sure it isnt lol E
    5 Politics 10
  172. Is there a list of words we can't say on here?
    I just wrote a really long and thought provoking answer, and it didn't show up and I couldn't recover it =[ .... It could have been a word I said that's not allowed... so what words can we NOT say on here? So I don't do that again lol..
    14 General 35
  173. 6 meals few lists of examples of what I should eat every time?
    ok so I want to try the "6 small meals " a day thing. can some one give me a few lists of examples of what I should eat every time? thnx so much I relle need this help!!!
    2 Nutritionfitness 30
  174. Christmas lists..yes, already. :)
    Well, I like to start my Christmas lists early.. :) I'm thirteen and very girly. We're average/high in income. I need some ideas on what to ask for though! Thanks!
    2 Shopping 21
  175. Good Username Ideas?
    I was thinking about a good username idea, but I've gone blank. I want 2 words, three at the most - something like 'MedicatingPerfection' Something to do with Poetry, songs, deceit, hate, revenge and stuff like that?
    5 Technology 114
  176. Do you think the novel "Wet Goddess" should be removed from listings?
    It's a true story about a man's (the author) intimate relationship with a dolphin. I found many of the reviews on pretty horrifying.
    15 Literature 20
  177. Alphabetical List of Lethal Poisons?
    does anyone know where to find one on the internet? and please dont tell me to google it, I've already tried. *btw, I need it for school*
    3 Science 472
  178. How should I go about listing an unfinished degree?
    I was originally in a program called Digital Media, and then switched out two years later into Business. I wanted to add Digital Media to my resume since I did learn some relevant things in that program. How do I list that?
    3 Education 17
  179. Is there a way to add up a grocery list at home?
    I am making a grocery list, and I have a certain amount that I can't go over. Therefore, while making the list, I need to be able to add it all up... to make sure I don't go over. However, I do not know the prices of most of the items on my list, is...
    5 Shopping 22
  180. What booty shaking songs for a party?? List them please !!!?
    My friend is throwing a party tomorrow and I need music to play over there that girl will grind and dance to. Please give me fairly new music. Nothing from 2008 !!
    5 Music 88
  181. Where can i get a list of names of the children that were in the music video for another brick in th wall part 2 by pink floyd??
    i looked up alot of stuff but came up empty :( thanks
    5 Music 14
  182. What do I need to remember on my School Shopping list?
    ok, I'm going into high school this september and I made a list of stuff I need for school, but I want to make sure I'm not forgetting anything, so from enperienced high-schoolers (or former high-schoolers): what do I need to get?
    9 Education 33
  183. Ways this song called and list your favorite hip hop songs..
    Ok I need help what is this song called" sugar how you get so fine sugar sugar you gotlifted higher than the ceiling ah it's the ultimate feeling" wars the song called and list your favorite hip hop songs 2
    3 Music 14
  184. What kind of cars have column shifts? (list please)?
    I am looking for cars and what I really like in a car is the column shift. or at least I think thats what they are called... (when the gear shifter is on the steering wheel side.) but I don't know what kinds of cars have it...? help please!
    2 General 92
  185. What is a good lap dance song? I have my fav. musicians listed.
    My boyfriend and I like this kind of music Leonard Cohen Bob Dyaln John Frusciante Eric Clapton help!
    6 Music 59
  186. Can somebody give me a list of horror type of techno/electrona music?
    It can be metal-techno but I want more of a horror or zombish type of techno. For ex, like Zombie Girl. At least one song or artist.
    10 Music 24
  187. Name a list of songs I should download?
    Please give me a list of varied songs by certain bands so I can download them? I have a new music player you see, & last week we had to reboot the computer so I need some music. Im into anythigng really, so the more songs the merrier :) x
    3 Music 41
  188. What's a whole list of different words that also mean "pretty"?
    all i can think of is beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, d@ng idek. but ya any others? even long @ss words or "smart" words but ya any help?
    4 General 37
  189. Should Nelson Mandela be on the USA terrorist list?
    Apparently, he is currently on the terrorist list. Nobel prize winner Nelson Mandela made it to the infamous "terrorist watch list" and requires "special" permission to enter the US. So, do you think the war on terror is doing well? I think we need ...
    16 Politics 53
  190. Reading List
    I'm stuck between reading Pride and Prejudice Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights for school. theres a bigger list but a narrowed it down to three. I'm a 14 year old girl and not the fastest reader. any opinions would be highly appreciated!!!
    5 Literature 21
  191. Can anybody give me a good list of actors?
    Male actor- blond, looks around 18, eye color doesnt matter. Female actress-brunette, looks around 16, brown eyes. They dont have to be actors, just anybody remotely famous.
    8 Entertainment 55
  192. What is a list of ways I can get pregnant?
    am not trying to get pregnant, but i juss wanna know the different ways there are to get so. i know this sounds like a dumb question but im just doing some research. and if your gonna be answering all smart like "if u dont know then dont have sex" do...
    16 Sex 38
  193. bucket list,
    ok my teacher gave this as home work and I tought it was challangeing yet super fun THINK OF 25 THINGS YOU MUST DO BEFORE YOU DIE. it takes awhile but im curious to see what you all want to do.
    5 General 37
  194. What list of names for my daughter?
    She is due to be born in next may. Me her father is a medical doctor & her lovely mother is a nurse. We want our first to be born chid to have a beutifull,modern,sweet & lasting name. My name is dr solomon & her mother megnote.
    11 General 27
  195. Honestly, what is the list of thing needed in a percect hot14 teen?
    ok there is a group at school and they are like soo perfect!! I know I have the face shape for it and all but what are those little bits that I dont know?? popular people please answer!!
    6 Style 19
  196. Whats on your bucket list?
    Mine is: -See the northern lights -Visit Greece -Do the camino de compestella -Attend a NBA game -Sky dive (still not 100%) -Go skiing in Canada -Have a coffee in Paris
    7 General 26
  197. Planning ahead for spring vacation, what's on your must see list?
    I'm trying to plan ahead a few months for the next family vacation. So, in the spirit of planning ahead for spring vacation, what's on your must see list? I've seen a bunch of commercials for lego land, the san diego zoo, and other attractions near san...
    2 Travel 21
  198. Where can I find a listing for summer/vacation rental homes?
    I want to find a listing for summer or vacation rental homes in the that are rent-only and not timeshares. I would like somewhere with a golf course or some sort of open land around it. I only want to rent for a few weeks of the year and I don't want...
    3 Homegarden 19
  199. How did you come up with your username here in funadvice?
    Just a random question by a bored person about to sleep to bored people out here :-) I kind of got my username from silverchair's song "without you," which is an awesome song by the way. Kind of because I heard it wrong lol. The lyrics are "you brigh...
    10 Funadvice 41
  200. How come I have zero friends on my online list?
    when I log onto a social site, it says I have no online friends. I know this is not true, because when I go to my friends, many will say "online now". it will say this for a whole day, and eventually go back to normal, but it has done this three times ...
    3 Technology 40
  201. Where is there a site that lists what hourly wages can be?
    Alright so the question is is there a website that lists what big companies (regionally) pay employees per hour per position? I ask this because a lot of job applications I get ask what salary requirements I have, and I dunno what to put down thats ...
    3 Money 42
  202. What Michael Jackson site username suggestions?
    I am a REAL BIG MJ fan and I wanna join the MJ site but I can't think of a unique and cool username for it.. I don't really want something thats really obvious and used a lot of times - something kind of witty and sweet and Michael Jackson related! Tha...
    2 Music 500
  203. What if the bank account I listed and verified on my PayPal account is now closed?
    I used to have a bank account, and then I signed up for PayPal. I verified my bank account with PayPal and everything. Now, the bank account I had is closed, but it still shows up on my PayPal account as verified. Can I still use my PayPal accou...
    4 Money 42
  204. What bands have you seen in concert, if theres too many just list your favorite ones youve seen live?
    My favs ive seen: Mindless Self Indulgence, Smile Empty Soul, Shinedown, Metallica, Incubus, Dj Trashy, Theory of a Deadman, and Slipknot.
    15 Entertainment 19
  205. Why are these people in my list after they seem so angry?
    So when I ask a question, someone inevitably gets all inflamed and decides to send me a funmail full of angry ranting and threats of complaining further about said question. When it's all said and done, these irate people appear in my friends list ...
    4 Funadvice 15
  206. What are some cool emo/punk gaia usernames?
    Okay I know this sounds weird but I’m a very indecisive person. I need a really good Gaia nick name. Really good. Emo or punk please. But not anything with emo or punk in it…..just give me ideas and I’m going to check if they are taken XP XD!! Thanks!
    8 Gaming 2648
  207. What would be a good packing list for a six day trip including the drive?
    I will be in Victoria, British Columbia for six days plus 2ish days of driving and Im not to sure what to bring but I do have awhile before I go to think about it.... I may bring a dog but probably not.... Soo I just want a list or something like that ...
    2 Travel 14
  208. Fan Requests for the Set List?
    Hi Mandy! I am a 35 year-old member of your street team in Detroit and will be attending your show on 9/25 there. My question is have you been taking fan requests for songs in the setlist? I would love to hear "CRY" from Walk to Remember. Thanks! P...
    2 Entertainment 13
  209. How do I get past a forgotten password on window XP "username"?
    I tried safe mode(F8) and then clicking start and then entering userpasswords2 in run box to change password but computer said "no file exists by that name" somebody help a non- techy fix his mom's computer.
    7 Technology 36
  210. Can you have "Friends" on FA?
    Or is your following list pretty much your friends list?
    5 Funadvice 8
  211. Whats on your christmas list, I need ideas??
    What's on your christmas list? I need ideas for mine. So far I have... -Green scarf (which goes with camoflage clothing) -Tent -Camoflage waterproof jacket -Mckenzie coat -Brown uggs -Mess tins -Itunes gift card -New look gift card -Debenham...
    3 Shopping 56
  212. What's a good username?
    Alright, I'm trying to pick a username for this other site so help me decide. ;] Even combos of some would be good and if you think of better things, dont hesitate to post. :] Iffy Psychedelic helloKinky (instead of Hello Kitty haha) Temptress Aes...
    3 Technology 123
  213. Wedding reception ideas for any season, list of fun ones
    My husband and I got married a while ago, but now it seems like a lot of our friends have "caught the bug" and are planning on getting married at various times over the next year. Can somebody help me start a list of some creative wedding reception ide...
    3 Entertainment 40
  214. Shopping list, am I asking for too much?
    Does this sound like I am asking for to much? Ipod touch Camera Chi Roller skates Lava lamp $ for Shopping spree Hair products Boots American and hollister jeans Black flannel and other flats Ed Hardy perfume Jacket from Victoria secrets and Ipod acce...
    11 Shopping 16
  215. What are some melodic screamo bands like the ones I've listed?
    I really like these bands A day to remember Escape the fate Haste the day The devil wears prada Bullet for my valentine Parkway drive Five finger death punch Breaking benjamin Underoath I was wondering if there are more bands of this type...
    7 Music 30
  216. What's on your personal x-mas shopping list?
    Typically, I don't ask for much for x-mas from my wife, as most of what we can do, we do for the kids, since they're so young. However, I'm curious: what's on your personal x-mas shopping list? The few things I really, really want this year: free ti...
    5 Shopping 45
  217. Can you help me write my list of things to do by the end of the summer?
    (or by the end of the next school year) I want to take risks this year! and i want to actually have alot of fun this summer! I already got some things from other websites but i dont feel like writing them down soo even if you write something i alread...
    5 General 37
  218. Moving out check-list
    My boyfriend and I are moving in together in 9 days, we are making a list of all the basic things we still need to get but we just want to make sure we dont miss anything. Even though we have family close by if we need anything it would be nice for us ...
    6 Homegarden 56
  219. Does creating a list of do’s and don’ts help you in preparing for the upcoming Tax time?
    Before filing the taxes every business needs to get familiar with terms that will help you in getting ready for this Tax season. There are things which must be need to understand because when some people think of filing and paying their taxes, they p...
    3 Money 14
  220. Is there a "Do not send political crap to me via email" list that I can get on?
    For some reason my Yahoo mail spam filter is not taking care of this problem... I hate the emails asking for money and all that! Is there a "Do not email" list? Personally I have nothing against politics, except the bullcrap, but not in my email!!!!!!!...
    4 Politics 38
  221. Girl puppy names choose 3 or 4 from the ones I listed
    I have puppy names picked out for my girl border collie but I need you guys to decide which one atleast narrow it down to 3 or 4. No I didnt get her yet. Choose three or for names from the following names: bella, crystal, daisy, kiki, lily, molly, ruby...
    2 Relationships 37
  222. Who can help me make a cool scene/emo username?
    I want to make a new username my old one is slowlydying (not for this site) but I just need a new one . one that is scene or emo ish like =] I skate board. im 14. im a girl. my name is zoe. my initials are zen. I cant really describe myself. im differe...
    8 General 121
  223. japanese rock
    is there cool japanese rock out there and if there is list some of them
    5 Music 38
  224. Changeing user name
    Can you change your username on here??
    2 Funadvice 9
  225. Great Rappers that are alive??
    4 Music 12
  226. Is my christmas list too demanding do you think?
    This is my christmas list, I'm not expecting all of it, and my birthday is right before christmas so it's christmas and birthday combined, do you think this is too demanding seeing as its the recession? Hair clips hair curling tongs ipod nano samsung...
    9 Shopping 36
  227. What kind of music would I like based on my preferences (listed)?
    (trying to find some new material for my ipod ) Okay so, i want some new songs-if i don't i shall die of boredom. -_- in general i like alternative, emo pop/punk, rock, pop, punk and other stuff (just not classical or techno) I like bands like Artist v...
    10 Music 26
  228. What are the powers of the federal government?
    I need a list of powers of the federal government.
    3 Education 29
  229. What are the Seven Deadly Sins?
    I just need a list of all seven
    3 Religion 26
  230. what can dwarf hamsters eat?
    what can dwarf hamsters eat?, list all of them please
    2 Pets 59
  231. What's chamber music?
    Can someone give me a list of them?
    4 Music 22
  232. What do you want for Christmas?
    What would/will be on your Christmas list this year?
    7 Shopping 8
  233. Does anyone on this site play neopets?
    What's your username?
    6 Entertainment 31
  234. Is it worth it to get on birth control to stop your period if it has many side effects(List in description)?
    Less serious Lybrel side effects may include: mild nausea, vomiting, bloating, stomach cramps; breast pain, tenderness, or swelling; freckles or darkening of facial skin; increased hair growth, loss of scalp hair; changes in weight or appetite; ...
    4 Sex 70
  235. Is this food list good or do I need to add more?
    if do please tell me what food product or if i need to deduct something? Strawberries (also frozen) Rasberries (also frozen) Blue berries bananas Kiwi Kale (leaf) Spinach (leaf) Cucumber Lettuce Water Chocolate silk Vanilla silk Silk fru...
    7 Food 16
  236. What are the scariest movies from this list
    I have a bunch of scary movies I want to watch for Halloween. I want to watch them from in order from least to most scary. In your opinion, how should the order go? (starting with least scary). Just list the movies you've seen. :) 1. 28 days later ...
    3 Entertainment 24
  237. Sexy celebs
    What males calebs do you find sexy? List a few!
    4 Sex 11
  238. How to I spike the back of my hair straight up
    How to I spike the back of my hair straight up list products
    4 Style 111
  239. What are carbs?
    What are carbs and what do they doand are they good for you and make a list of what foods have carbs in
    2 Health 26
  240. Who are the hottest 3 people on this list?
    Just seeing if I can predict the outcome of a future contest. Here are the 10 people: 1. Jason Dolley 2. Pete Wentz (of Fall Out Boy) 3. Adam Levine (of Maroon 5) 4. Nathan Kress 5. Josiah Leming 6. Rob Bourdon (of Linkin Park-drummer) 7. Ryan ...
    3 Entertainment 18
  241. Reggae Songs
    Can anyone give me a good list of reggae songs
    4 Music 27
  242. what is your BIGGEST turn on
    what is your BIGGEST turn on =] make a list is necessary just curious
    5 Relationships 130
  243. Good songs!!??
    What are some really good songs?? List the title and the artist.
    11 Music 27
    3 Food 19
  245. Do any of you play runescape?
    Do any of you play runescape if you do give me your usernames and I'll add you
    6 Gaming 57
  246. The Seven Wonders of the World
    what are the seven wonders of the world, please list them all=D
    4 Travel 15
  247. Can anybody add me to their friends?
    If anyone can, please add me to your friend lists!!!:)
    7 Funadvice 16
  248. Good metal bands?
    Give me a list of good metal bands thankyou:)
    4 Music 13
  249. Online video?
    Can anyone give me a list of online video website...
    2 Technology 21
  250. What was the first funadvice question?
    What was the first question ever posted on funadvice? and what was the username!?
    2 Funadvice 13