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  1. Do birds pee?
    8 Pets 26
  2. I lay me down to sleep or I lie down to sleep?
    I lay me down to sleep or I lie down to sleep?
    4 Education 21
  3. How do birds lay their eggs?
    How do birds lay their eggs?
    2 Pets 39
  4. How do elephants pee?
    How do elephants pee :o?
    4 Pets 200
  5. Why does my cat pee on the stove?,
    why does the cat pee on the stove?
    5 Pets 100
  6. Why do my cats pee everywhere
    Why do my cats pee everywhere
    6 Pets 60
  7. Do woman pee in the shower too ?
    Do woman pee in the shower too ?
    9 General 99
  8. why do snakes pee but not poop?
    why do snakes pee but not poop!!???
    7 Pets 63
  9. Why is it bad to lay down after you eat?
    6 Health 57
  10. Why is pee sometimes hot?
    4 Health 31
  11. Do chickens lay eggs?
    19 Pets 26
  12. Why do I shiver sometimes when I pee?
    7 Health 28
  13. Why do you pee when you laugh to much?
    5 General 51
  14. Is it bad to hold in your Pee?
    6 Health 71
  15. Does anyone actually like peeing in your pants or peeing outside?
    I know this is very random but does anyone actually like peeing in your pants or peeing outside?!
    5 Health 143
  16. Why wont my parakeets lay eggs?
    Why wont my parakeets lay eggs?
    6 Pets 283
  17. What if my dog has the urge to pee a lot?
    my dog has the urge to pee a lot,what should I do
    7 Pets 70
  18. How can I stop my cat from peeing on everything?
    I have a cat who pee's on everything how can I stop that?
    5 Pets 70
  19. How do I lay out "music videos or music" on my blog?
    9 Technology 22
  20. Why does my Vagina Ich and burn when i pee?
    2 Health 260
  21. How do people pee if they have a chastity belt on?
    5 General 168
  22. Why does it hurts when i pee and causein bleeding?
    8 Health 92
  23. does my boobs flattin when i lay on my stomach?
    6 Health 37
  24. Why does it burn to pee when I'm on my period?
    9 Health 283
  25. Can you tan better in the water or just laying out?
    11 Style 267
  26. Does the smell of woman's ejaculation same as pee?
    6 Health 901
  27. What does it mean when my dog will pee outside in one area then a little pee again in another then another lol?
    7 Pets 29
  28. Is it true that Panda Bears pee through their body; like they don't use their private parts to pee?
    4 Pets 48
  29. I need more advise than to go and pee on a stick
    I need more advise than to go and pee on a stick
    3 Health 24
  30. What does funny smelling pee mean?
    what does it mean if when you pee it smells funi?
    7 Health 287
  31. Is peeing once or twice a day normal?
    I usually only pee once or twice a day. Is that normal?
    3 Health 349
  32. Vagina is hurting and it burns/hurts when I go pee?
    My vagina is hurting and it burns/hurts when I go pee?
    3 Health 349
  33. when I get horny I always need a pee why is this ?
    when I get horny I always need a pee why is this ??
    3 Relationships 409
  34. Do female cats pee more than male cats?
    Do femail cats pee more than male cats?
    4 Pets 230
  35. Why is it hard to pee after sex?
    Why is it after you have sex..why when you pee its hard to and it kinda hurts.?
    2 Sex 165
  36. when I get horny,it feels like I have to pee why is this?
    when I get horny,it feels like I have to pee why is this?
    2 Relationships 244
  37. Is As I Lay Dying a Christian band?
    is as I lay dying a christian screamo band
    5 Music 47
  38. Peeing while masterbating?
    I was masterbating and when I had an orgasm I started peeing, is that normal?
    2 Sex 647
  39. if liquor is supposed to dehydrate you why do you pee more when you drink?
    4 Health 21
  40. What makes you have to pee more when you're about to start your cycle?
    3 Health 16
  41. Why does one of my chickens lay green eggs?
    13 Pets 35
  42. Why is it that girls feel like they have to pee during sex?
    7 Sex 370
  43. Laying on your stomache
    If you sleep on your stomache ...does it flatten your boobs??
    7 Health 52
  44. How can I get my bangs to not lay flat against my face?
    9 Style 81
  45. Why do dogs pee on fire hydrants?
    Or is it just in cartoons?
    7 Pets 97
  46. What causes pee to be yellow besides dehydration?
    8 Health 55
  47. Why does the end of my spine hurt when i lay down or bend over?
    5 Health 72
  48. Whats the difference of a woman's pee to woman's squirt?
    2 Relationships 893
  49. Lay-Away
    Does Target have lay-away and if not, do you no any big stores that do?
    4 General 11
  50. Who has to go pee?
    anyone have to go pee,but to lazy to get up and go? hhaha[:
    22 Health 45
  51. Peeing a lot on my period- normal?
    everytime I come on my period I have to pee a this normal?
    5 Health 4092
  52. Do sheep lay eggs or is it lamb?
    Do sheep lay eggs or is it lamb? I can never remember
    5 Pets 345
  53. How to get my hair to lay flatter?
    My hair is...poofy. And I need it to lay flatter.
    6 Style 86
  54. Dog peeing in floor
    How do I get my dog to stop peeing on hardwood floors
    3 Pets 115
  55. Everytime I get horny I feel like I have to pee, why is that?
    Everytime I get horny I feel like I have to pee, why is that?
    3 Health 874
  56. What happens if someone constantly pees?
    what happens if someone just like ... constantly needs pee?
    2 Health 56
  57. Pee sneeze..wierd..I know?
    Is it normal to pee alittle when you sneeze. ? I know..its wierd.!
    10 Health 55
  58. Is it normal for my puppy to pee when she is scared?
    When my puppy is scared or nervous she pees, is this normal and if so will she outgrow it?
    4 Pets 51
  59. My balls hurt when i pee?
    It hurt my balls and burns my stomach went I pee
    5 Health 137
  60. when a kid pees the bed his room smells like pee whats the best way to get rid of the smell?
    3 Homegarden 24
  61. Do you have to pee every 15 minutes when you have a bladder infection?
    7 Health 85
  62. Why do I pee when I masturbate?
    Also ...can I come and not spell any liquid?
    2 Sex 128
  63. is it possible when fingering a girl to put a finger in the hole she pees from?
    10 Health 612
  64. Can laying on your stomach increase or decrease the size of your boobs?
    5 Style 194
  65. Why do I get the urge to pee, but end up not discharging urine?
    5 Health 47
  66. How do I know if my Parakeet will lay eggs?
    how do I have my parakeet lay eggs? I have a male and if she dose lay eggs what should I do? how do I tell if she is going to lay eggs?
    3 Pets 145
  67. Every time I Laugh I have to pee
    Every time I Laugh even if its a light laugh I have to pee how can I stop t his?
    2 Health 70
  68. Can you get pregnant with pee?
    Hey, I was wondering, can you get pregnant with pee??? I'm not joking.
    5 Health 89
  69. Hold pee for too long
    If you hld your pee to long does it mess up your bladder or sumn?
    13 Health 136
  70. Cat peeing on furniture
    My daugher's cat is peeing on my new couch, how do I stop him.
    5 Pets 88
  71. How many floors would my pee reach if I was to pee off a building?
    How many floors would a persons pee reach if they were to pee off a really high building. An average person passes 40 to 60 ounces of pee per day?
    2 Health 23
  72. What would you do if you opened your front door, and there was an infant laying on your steps?
    21 General 29
  73. Does sex make a male pee funny?
    is it true if a male has sex is it true that he will pie funny
    2 Sex 151
  74. is there any specific cage size for parakeet to mate or lay egg?
    4 Pets 53
  75. Why do I get cramps after I pee?
    It doesn't matter if im on or off my period.
    3 Health 46
  76. Why do I feel things move when I lay on my stomach?
    what does it mean when I lay on my stamach I can feel little things move?
    8 Health 1927
  77. Peeing in public
    I always hold my pee & poop in public. Dose any do this also if so how long do you hold it?
    4 Health 60
  78. What does DP5E mean for a pee test?
    hey I went for a pee test and it was a DP5E, does anybody know what that is?
    3 Health 37
  79. Why do people pee themselves when scared?
    Really, is there a scientific reason for why people pee themselves when theyre scared? Or any answer?
    3 Health 194
  80. Can I get pregnant if my boyfriend pees in me?
    Could I be pregnant if my boyfriend pees in me? Like, he hasn't, but I was just wondering.
    11 Health 386
  81. What is the average number of times a person should pee?
    What is the average amount of times should a person pee in one day
    4 Health 251
  82. Why am I peeing so much in one day?
    Why am I peeing so much in one day? I hardly even drink anything in the day
    4 Health 179
  83. Peeing on his pillow
    Why is my male pit bull puppy peeing on all the stuff he lays on? (blankets,pillows)
    3 Pets 88
  84. dog pee
    how can I get my dog to stop peeing in the house we ahve a doggy door but he keeps peeing in the house
    5 Pets 73
  85. How do you train a dog to pee in the proper place and without hiring a trainer?
    3 Pets 21
  86. Is it normal for a little pee to come out of a girl, while having sex?
    9 Sex 177
  87. When I first masturbated (today) I had to pee every 10 minuets?
    WHen I first masturbated I had to pee every 10 minuestes after is that normal?
    8 Sex 97
  88. My old dog is peeing everywhere
    my rottweiler is 13 years old and for a few weeks now hes been peeing everywhere what can I do
    7 Pets 287
  89. Why do I feel like I have to pee?
    When me and my boyfriend have sex, right towards the end I feel like I have to pee. Why do I get that feeling?
    4 Sex 128
  90. Why does my stomach make weird sounds when I lay on my side?
    Every time i lay on my side, my stomach makes odd sounds, what makes it do that?
    3 Health 220
  91. Should it burn when peeing after losing your virginity?
    my friend was telling me that it burns to pee the first time after loseing your virginity is this true?
    3 Health 684
  92. my dog seems to pee a lot when she is outside why is this?
    we are not sure why she seems to pee a lot she is 1 years old
    2 Pets 38
  93. how many times a day is one supposed to pee ??
    how many times a day is one supposed to pee ?? random I know but I am wondering
    3 Health 89
  94. Why is my puppy peeing when people speak to her?
    what is causing my puppy to pee when ever she is spoken to by some people at different times?
    4 Pets 141
  95. Why does my dog always lay around
    Why does my dog always lay around he acts wierd and never wants to be bothered..why is that???
    3 Pets 59
  96. Is it normal to have to pee after you've been fingered?
    Is it normal to have to pee after you've been fingered? I've been fingered, 2 in the past like week probably, and after each time I've had to pee
    5 Relationships 939
  97. Lay on back or stomach with a stuffy nose?
    I have a stuffy nose. Would it be better to lie on my back, or my belly?
    2 Health 70
  98. why do i feel like peeing when i get too horny?is it normal?what do u think is the problem if it is?
    11 Health 894
  99. how come when i hold my *pee* its starts to burn real bad?
    ..iz it real bad or just normal?
    9 Health 3240
  100. why dose my cat lay on top of me and rub my neck when im trying to sleep?
    9 Pets 29
  101. What would you do if Justin Bieber was laying on your bed naked with rose petals?
    26 Entertainment 50
  102. Laying on your boobs
    If you lie on your boobs when you sleep, do they get smaller?and is it bad if you do (sleep on your stoomache)... Thanks =]
    5 Style 85
  103. Why does it hurt to pee when on period?
    When I'm on my period it usually hurts when I pee a little. It never happens any other time. Is this normal?
    4 Health 10180
  104. Peeing in Bath water
    I herd that peeing in the bath water while bathing in it is good for your skin to me this is being gross and Dirty. is this Trew or False. ?
    3 Health 1101
  105. know if the metal band "as I lay dying " gunna make new album?
    does anybody know if the metal band "as I lay dying " gunna make new album?
    4 Music 38
  106. how do I lay when I get fingered?
    ok so my boyfriend wants to finger me but I don't know how I shuld lay when he does it...and what do I do or say???
    3 Relationships 256
  107. burning pee
    when I pee it kinda feels like a burning itching sensation, what does this mean? am I pregnant ? do I have an STD?
    5 Health 110
  108. Drug test pee
    How do I use my friends pee to pass a piss test ? How to keep it warm and where to put it?
    3 Drugs 234
  109. Can you pee with a tampon in?
    can you pee with a tampon in? my mom says no, but I'm not entirely sure. I can't afford to keep changing them when I have to pee. any advice?
    8 Health 344
  110. Peeing exessivley ?
    I keep peeing like every 5 minnuits . Like I pee and then only a little . Wht could that mean
    4 Health 19
  111. How do ladies pee
    like I know we sit and pee, but like how does it go through the body to the desination point. AKA the toilet
    4 Health 61
  112. Why is it that when a guy fingers you you start to pee?
    I was wondering if its normal for when your boyfriend starts fingering you I start to pee and its not a little bit sometimes its a lot.
    4 Relationships 664
  113. When I pee out little drops of blood
    I am having a hard time peeing and when I do pee ,,I sometimes pee in drops,and sometime I pee out alittle drop pf blood?...please help I want to know what I can doo?
    3 Health 236
  114. vagina started hurting and it feels like I need to pee
    I had sex recently and my vagina started hurting and it feels like I need to pee whats wrong
    3 Sex 318
  115. Why do I got to pee after asking a good question?
    Why is a typical HS history class, so boring?
    2 Education 15
  116. If somebody would make a device for women to pee standing women would use it?
    Just curious about that. What do you think?
    6 General 20
  117. Why does my penis hurt after peeing?
    If ones penis starts to hurt after pissing in the toilet for about 5minutes, is that a sign of a STD?
    3 Health 125
  118. Why do male dogs hike their leg to pee but other male animals don't?
    Just curious and I know a dumb question
    4 Pets 56
  119. Why, everytime I walk into my dorm, I have the sudden urge to pee?
    It's so bad that I almost can't make it to the bathroom
    3 Health 44
  120. Does it matter if I use a man's or a woman's pee?
    If I used someone else's pee to pass a drug test, could they tell if it a woman's pee or a man's?
    4 Health 93
  121. is it normal to bled heavy for two days an pee alot after your first time having sex?
    4 Sex 81
  122. How do I make out laying down?
    My boyfriend wants me to make out with him laying down but I don't know what to do! like he said he wants to feel me up and I don't know what to do to him and how to make out laying down..we mad eout pleantly of times normally
    6 Relationships 840
  123. Why do I start to pee when I get horny?
    when I start to get horny I really start to need to pee. Then I ignore it and start to masterbate but when I start to like it I have to stop because I feel like I am going to pee. what should I do just keep going or what??
    4 Sex 3109
  124. When should I take it out, beforeor after I pee?
    This is the first time I've used a tampon and I have to pee but I was wonderin if I have to take it out before I pee I think so but I wanted to make sure
    3 Health 68
  125. Do fish poop and pee?
    like do they have butt holes and pee holes?,because i never see them and the fish tank never shows anything and do they sleep?
    4 Pets 121
  126. is it normal to pee a little but while having an orgasam??
    Masterbation, sometimes I pee a little when having an orgasam. I can't help it. Is this normal. A bad or good thing. And what do guys think??
    3 Sex 170
  127. When she pees it looks like snot comes out?
    Kk my friend sarah told me when she pees it looks like snot comes out she wants to know what it means!
    7 Health 1924
  128. how to take a pregnancy test...BTW I Gotta pee now!
    k I need to pee like now so answers quick! how do I take one?
    6 Health 38
  129. When your a month pregnant do you pee a lot?
    My friend thinks she might be a month prego. She said shes been peeing a lot. Is it too early for signs?
    7 Health 72
  130. whenever im horny I feel as though I have to pee?
    whenever im horny( it sounds like such a sick word) sometimes I feel as though I have to pee? explanation?
    2 Health 1582
  131. Peeing puppy
    My 6 month old german shep mix won't stop peeing and pooing on the carpet
    2 Pets 65
  132. i missed my period and when i stand up my lower belly is hard but when i lay down its soft but i feel weird. an i pregnant?
    6 Health 250
  133. What are some good song quotes about relaxing or being layed back in life?
    and post the song and band name aswell
    6 Music 24
  134. Po pee test
    I have one day befor I see my po I smoked to day is there any way I can clean my system befor I see her.
    2 Health 49
  135. Is it true that if you soak your hair in lemon juice then lay it out in the sun for an hour that it will come out really blonde???
    3 Style 55
  136. What does it mean when boxer puppies lay on their backs when I'm playing with them?
    im guessing its a good thing?
    10 Pets 26
  137. why do my panties always smell like pee and I wipe myself good
    after I come from the bathroom after peeing an hour later if I go back my panties smell like pee and I wash myself good
    2 Health 1542
  138. How come my back hurts when I lay down?
    Sometimes when lay down anywhere i get this pain in my back for a few seconds and then it relaxes again...& sometimes it's in my chest too, and its only when i lay down, idk why :( anyone know?
    6 Health 64
  139. How to help my friend who pees constantly?
    my friend alex has a peeing problem. She pees every other mintue. She goes to the bathroom 16 times a class period. How can I help her?
    3 Health 104
  140. Why is there blood in my pee after sex?
    I did it with my boyfriend yesterday. And today we were freaking out. I kept feeling the need to pee. And today when I pee, there was blood. So am I like pregnant? Or is it something else? It was only yesterday.
    3 Sex 194
  141. Hurts after I pee when I wipe while I'm on my period?
    I have went pee a few times and I havnt been peeing blood but I have been wipping blood and it hurts after I wipe.I dont think im on my period
    2 Health 895
  142. Pee smells strong, what's wrong?
    For the last couple of days my pee has smelt reali strong and horrible. Does anyone myt no what it is? X
    9 Health 157
  143. I always have to pee after masturbating
    When ever I play with myself, I always end up having to pee. I'll go to the bathroom before, but it doesn't matter. Any advice or comments?
    10 Sex 139
  144. Why is it hard to pee after having an orgasm?
    Everytime I have sex and get an orgasm it makes me have to pee really bad but when I go nothing comes out... Is that normal?
    4 Sex 505
  145. why does my pee stink bad after strting to have sex w/ my boyfriend?
    my boyfriend and I just starting having sex. I noticed that pee stinks really bad now when I use the restroom. is this bad? why is this happening?
    2 Sex 312
  146. How can a dr tell if your pee is snythic or real uran?
    If you have to take an uren test can the dr tell if it is synethic or not for a drug test in his office?
    5 Health 71
  147. Is it safe to lay down after eating dinner?
    How long after dinner can you go to sleep ? I heard its not good to sleep or lie down right after eating a meal
    4 Food 171
  148. How to get rid of the phobia that somebody is standing behind me and going to kill me while I close my eyes and lay on my side?
    15 Health 46
  149. What lay behind the horrors of the slave trade?
    I don't really understand the question/what kind of answer is required. Any ideas?
    4 Politics 43
  150. Pee pee pains/bleeding
    Starting today everytime I go to the restroom about halfway through I start to get this pain. Its not a burning but a pain. It gets worse until I finish peeing. Also when I wipe there is a pinkish hue, its blood, just not a lot. Its a very very light p...
    4 Health 628
  151. Is there anything in the eggs my parakeet is laying?
    I have a parakeet and there was a male parakeet but it died. But it died in the summer and my bird just recently started laying eggs.. Is there any chance that there is something in the eggs or is she just laying them because birds do that every year?
    5 Pets 81
  152. burns when I pee
    before I pee my stomach hurts bad!! when I pee it burns bad then ill wipe and it will get really dry and so ill wipe with a wipy it will still hurt then I put petroleum jelly on it and it still hurt so what should I do??
    3 Health 714
  153. Difference between stand up and lay down tanning?
    Is there a difference in lay down or stand up tanningbeds as far as how tan you get? Because I've heard you get tanner in a lay down and I wanted to know if that's true. Also, I heard that your legs get tanner in a stand up, is that true too?
    5 Style 198
  154. when I pee it stings what can this mean?
    I've already had sex about 8 times with my boyfriend, it feels good while doing it but the next morning it hurts, and when I pee it stings. what can this mean?
    3 Sex 142
  155. Why does my pee look like chicken noodle soup?
    uhmmm... this is awkward to ask... but its bugging me My pee is the colour of chicken noodle soup and just as translucent.. Is this normal?
    4 Health 561
  156. get rid of the cat pee smell when it's already dried in?
    how do you get rid of the cat pee smell when it's already dried in?! we are considering moving into a house, and the carpet wreaks of cat spray..thanks.
    3 Pets 49
  157. Why is there a pain in my stomach when I lay down and take a deep breathe?
    Im studying for exams and I'm pretty nervous so i just sort of layed down..
    10 Health 22
  158. What does it mean if I am peeing a lot and it is clear?
    Lately I have been peeing a lot and it has been clear. About twice an hour maybe. Is it possible I could be pregnant or something. Let me know.
    6 Health 4322
  159. which Christian metalcore band do you like better As I lay dying, D
    which Christian metalcore band do you like better As I lay dying, Devil wears prada, or august burns red
    7 Music 35
  160. My cat is peeing on our beds.
    How do I stop my Cat from peeing on our beds? He is almost six months old and pees in his litter box. But when the bedroom doors are open he pees on the beds. We have a dog but has never done that. He only pees on the beds. It really needs to stop...
    5 Pets 75
  161. What is from Alaska, and lays under tropical fruit?
    It weighs 5 ounces. Has a grainy bed. Looks good with cross marks.
    3 General 9
  162. What is a way to or is there a way to get a smellof pee
    Is there a way and whar is the way to get the smell from a 14 year old wetting the bed out of clothes and the matress?
    2 Family 16
  163. What does cloudy pee for days after sex mean?
    is it normal to have cloudy urine after intercourse? and there is also a sensation of having to use the bathroom when I already did
    3 Sex 2551
  164. Why is it gooey when I pee?
    it is clear thick and kind of like snot do a lot of girls get it I dont know what to do help
    3 Health 519
  165. What does it mean if a person has to pee about every half-hour or hour?
    I know this is kind of a gross question, but does it mean they have a bladder problem?
    22 Health 128
  166. how to try to hold it when you have to go pee
    i have 7 people living in the house. we only have 2 bathrooms. most of the time some one is in the bathroom when i have to go. thank you
    2 Health 28
  167. Dog peeing on greeting
    My neighbours little jack russel has a terribel habit of peeing when she greets people, how can we cure this as I am fed up with her peeing in my house when she comes in to say hello?
    5 Pets 179
  168. I need to know if its normal to pee a lot one day but not the next
    I had to pee a lot one day and I didn't drink very much but the next day I din't really have to pee at all but maybe a couple times is that normal?
    2 Health 203
  169. Why do I have to pee often?
    Everytime I go to the restroom I have to pee. and as soon as I am done peeying I have to pee again. and when I pee I don't pee as much as I did the first time. it is way less. and it really hurts a lot. but I dont know what it might be.
    2 Health 224
  170. Why does my pee have a foul odor and it is cloudy?
    My urine has a foul odor to it and is cloudy, especially in the mornings. It doesn't burn or hurt to pee though. Can anyone tell me what may be wrong?
    3 Health 166
  171. can my flatscreen monitor die if my cat lays in front of it?
    I was told if my cat lays in front of my monitor it could kill it because of the hair flying and that she sheds. Is there a way to keep her off the desk?
    2 Technology 37
  172. Why do I need to pee, but I just did?
    Probably a bit too much info for all of you that know me, but whatever... I'll pee, then like 2 minutes later I need to go again. It's only lately and I don't know why!
    19 Health 52
  173. What's the difference bettween peeing and ejaculating?
    I'm 14 and lastnite I jacked off and when stuff came out my dick I did not known if it was pee or sperm pls help me
    4 Health 690
  174. Why do I pee all the time?
    I dont drink a lot of water but I do like tea but I pee every 15min !? I need help please am I going to die?
    4 Health 27
  175. Peeing in the shower!
    Alright. This takes guts to ask. Does anyone pee in the shower??? I do! And on signfeld george does too. So I just want to know. Does anyone else do it? Please! Say yes!
    18 Health 105
  176. Why is pee yellow?
    I just really don't understand how your pee can be yellow if you drink tea shouldn't it we brownish, or lomonade "then" it should be yellow, but like mountain dew, then it should be a greenish yellow.. Why is it yellow all the time?
    2 Health 62
  177. Why does my vagina itch , and when I itch it it starts hurting and when I pee it BURNS ? And I also think I feel a cut , what would I put on it/do to help ?
    4 Health 451
  178. Peeing a lot while on Birth Control
    I was just recently put on birth control, and for some reason I have been going to the bathroom a lot...I had even peed on myself twice already...Is that normal?
    3 Health 546
  179. I pee a lot!
    when I go to the bathroom it doesnt hurt or burn but then I always have to go back like a couple minutes later. What can be wrong???
    7 Health 180
  180. what if my girl is laying next to me, naked, what should I do???
    Alright, so im laying in bed, with my girlfriends laptop right now. She is laying next to me in just blue lacy undies and a sports bra. shes practically naked next to me!!! what do I do?!!!
    3 Relationships 187
  181. Can you use two different pregnancy tests on the same pee?
    I did the first pregnancy test with my pee and it showed a dark line and a fainted one.....I did it again right after that one and it showed only one using the same pee a bad idea? can it affect results?
    6 Health 38
  182. As I Lay Dying
    Does anyone else like the band as I lay dying, I have only recently found out about them and already love the music. not as good as avenged sevenfold but still...:P
    6 Music 17
  183. How Can Istop my cat from peeing on furniture?
    I have 2 cats 1 is 18 weeks old and the other is 20. The youngest one always pees on furniture. Especially beds. How can I stop it?
    4 Pets 60
  184. Does your vagina smell like pee!!!
    Does your vagina smell and taste like pee??? Some people say its a fishy smell or a sweet smell if you eat fruit but I think mine just smells like pee!!! No joke!!! Haha lolz this is kinda funny!
    8 Health 4124
  185. Why is my scalp always so itchy when i lay down to go to sleep at night?
    I take a shower everyday,and i usually condition it like a few times a week.
    7 Health 693
  186. Why do my hands and/or feet go asleep when I'm laying on them or sitting on my feet?
    How do I make the prickly feeling go away because it like really hurts
    2 Health 48
  187. My dog is acting really different, just laying around
    My dog is acting really Different. Shes a lab and loves tom play but latiley Shes been just lieing around. Any advice.please help.
    5 Pets 608
  188. Why does my pee smells like this?
    I have bin taking notice of the smell of my has a sweetish smell.. I sometimes wonder if it have something to do with my amniotic fluid.. Any help on what it can be?
    3 Health 212
  189. When i hold my pee it stinks?
    I hold my pee for a long time... like today I had to go in the moring around 10am and I use the bathroom around 2pm... so I hold it for about 4 hours. but the point is that everytime I hold my pee for a long time my pee stinks. and when I usally pee ...
    5 Health 563
  190. Is girl's orgasm liquid pee or cum?
    I've watched porn videos before, and some of the ladies "cum"or "squirt".. but it seems to be just urine.. so is it cum or urine? Any girls here cum like that before?
    2 Relationships 158
  191. My pee smells like fish!!
    In the past three days my pee has been smelling like fish and everytime I have to pee I feel ticklish down there after I am done, but it seemes like I need to keep on peeing even though nothing is coming out...please help!!!
    3 Health 741
  192. Can women pee through their vagina?
    Ok, so its obvious that women pee through their butt, but I heard yesterday that they can also pee through their va-ja-ja, that seems unheard of to me, I never heard of such a thing. can you girls really do that? if so, how can you control were you pee...
    7 Health 729
  193. My cat has started to pee on couch
    My son just left to go to Marine boot camp and he was very close to the cat. Could this be the reason he is peeing on the couch, same spot everytime. He has never done this?
    4 Pets 68
  194. Why is my pee cloudy and smells like metal?
    My pee is clowdy and smells like copper or metal of some sort . This has been happening for a long time. I am not a fan of doctor visits and have put this off long enough. Anybody?
    3 Health 156
  195. my dog is peeing in my bed!
    my dog is peeing in my bed! and I am tired of in he hasent been doing it untill recently he is 3 years old and I have had him for 2 years he is completely house broke but recently he has been peeing on my bed it seems like he only does it when my frie...
    4 Pets 85
  196. Do ducks lay brown eggs?
    Well... I got some hatching eggs from one of my friends. He said they were duck but they were brown and I never seen a brown egg before. I never raised ducks except the pekin breed so I don't know if theres a breed that lays brown eggs. does anyone kno...
    2 Pets 590
  197. Why are my hips locking when I lay down and aching when I walk (cont'd)?
    and why am i having dizzy light headed spells every time i stand up no matter how slow i stand up?
    3 Health 22
  198. Why does my dog growl and show his teeth, but then lay on his back to pet his belly?
    He has done this for three years. I think he likes it. He does this to me, my husband, kids, stangers
    2 Pets 48
  199. Vitamins ; cause neon pee?
    Lol my mom has me taking these anti-stress vitamins for my anxiety and every time I take them I piss neon yellowish green. Why?
    2 Health 39
  200. What are the unspoken rules of peeing in a urinal?
    Hahaha, is it like no eye contact, no looking below the shoulders (or maybe some of you peek?) don't wear colorful boxers.... Just asking! :)
    12 General 66
  201. Who thinks it is normal, that when a girl takes out her tampon, for a lot of liquid or pee to shoot out of the v@gina and onto the floor without even feeling
    4 Health 116
  202. Why does it always hurt to pee after my boyfriend fingers me?
    I know that you get sore from that and everything, but it burns. And is there anything I could put on it to make it hurt less or soothe it?
    4 Health 232
  203. How do I lay on top of my boyfriend while making out?
    Whenever I get on top, later on he jokes around telling me how I hurt him and stuff. I just wanna know how to position my legs and stuff.
    3 Relationships 1015
  204. how to get my kitty to stop peeing in the house
    ok so I have a kitten of 7 months old and has been neutered and he pees in the do I get him to stop or do I get him de-balled so he wont mark territory
    2 Pets 42
  205. My dog pees in my house
    Ok we had my dog a year and a half. He has peeded for the first week or so but then we trained him to go outside. now 1 year later he is peeing all over the house again but he still goes outside. is there anything I can do to stop him
    2 Pets 113
  206. hmy dog today just wont do nothing she lays around
    my dog today just wont do nothing she lays around. I let her out side today and she ate grass. when I let her in she got in my bath tub for some reason. right now she is in my bed and she has been shaking.
    5 Pets 40
  207. How many "skip cards" can you lay down in Uno when it's your turn?
    Ok how many skip cards can you lay down when its your turn? I was playing with my boyfrind and he laided down like 5 different color skip cards in a row... thats not right is it you cant do that?
    3 Gaming 1197
  208. Shitzu wont eat and pees everywhere,
    My friend's shitzu approx 3 years old had spine surgery a week and a half ago and she wouldnt eat at all and pees everywhere , now she is eating a little bit better but keeps peeing everywhere what can we do ?
    6 Pets 68
  209. why do I have to pee when im haveing sex???
    why is it that everytime my boyfriend and I have sex I feel like I need to pee real bad, and I think I do but the thing is that it doesnt smell like pee it smells way defferent and no it does not stink Please help???
    3 Sex 972
  210. How do I get my cat and kitten to stop peeing everywhere?
    How do I get my cat and kitten(her daughter) to stop peeing everywhere?!! do I need to just put them outside? I work an 8 hr a day job, and I can't just follow them around all day to make sure they don't pee on anything.
    2 Pets 66
  211. Why I am having to pee so much today ?
    well today from the morning I am having so much pee and don't know why but every time I eat something I feel pee and it is first time like this,is there a problem? because I am having pee after every 10minutes even when I didn't drink water i am afraid...
    12 Health 126
  212. can anyone tell me why everytime i go pee i have a yellowish/white discharge on my underwear..?
    i know white discharge is normal but idk about yellowish. im getting worried. thank you.
    2 Health 1030
  213. Im peeing a lot but had no symptoms. Does that mean im pregnant?
    My boyfriend and I had sex about 2 weeks ago, and ever since then we've been having more sex...but when we had sex 2 weeks ago he but in me ever since. I haven't had any symptoms of anything yet. Am I pregnant?
    5 Sex 338
  214. Cat Peeing
    I moved my cat's litter box day before yesterday and showed her where it is. Last night she peed on the very corner of my bed. Is this a result of moving the litter box? Yes, the litter box is cleaned frequently.
    3 Pets 62
  215. Is it normal to have to pee?
    Okay everytime that I get horny..or some people call it.. I have to pee.. Is that weired.? Or normal.. Or what? P.s. Srry I ask so many questions..its just this is a great source of information.!!!
    2 Relationships 116
  216. Why is it that when you have to pee REALLY BADLY when you're sitting down, when you stand up you don't have to that badly anymore?
    This question has been on my mind for a while D: I just find it soooo weird. Like, shouldn't you have to pee the same no matter what you're doing? It's like that with when you're hungry and tired so why is this different?
    6 Relationships 34
  217. why do I pee small amounts and bleed after sex?
    umm im 16 years old and I had sex twice but I peeing in small amounts and I have specks of blood in it and im really really scared please give mesome answers
    3 Sex 114
  218. Pain during sex and when peeing
    I have had one or two yeast infections and I have pain during sex after and before when me and my man have sex it hurts like I have a cut or something then when I go pee it hurts and it be hard for me to sit down and my vaginal has irration but my man ...
    5 Sex 34
  219. Hurts when I pee after having sex
    Help, I am 14 years old and I had sex 3 days ago. I have started to notice that it hurts when I pee and its coming out in small amounts. I have now noticed that there is blood in my pee too. I am really scared that im pregnant. Is that a possibility?
    5 Sex 149
  220. How can I make my cat stop peeing everywhere?
    I have purchased every product made to remove urine smell yet my cat continues to pee on the sofas, rugs. I had taken him to the vet about a year ago, and he was fine yet he continues to pee. What can I do
    6 Pets 51
  221. When I pee for my boyfriend for a drug test will he pass it ?
    I have a boyfriend that smokes weed and hes got a drug test comeing up tomorow I am going to pee for him but we dont know if itll show up as a girl will he be able to pass with my pee in a bottle or what I really need to know?
    4 Drugs 395
  222. How do dogs manage to pee so much?
    I swear, I have these teeny tiny little dogs but they can manage to pee in like 15 different places during one potty break. It's insane! I just want to know how they manage to make that much pee come out of those tiny creatures.
    3 Pets 42
  223. What is a comfortable way to sit or lay down with really bad period pain?
    One day of my period is really, really sore and i find sleeping soo painfull. So any advice?? Please help :(
    7 Health 73
  224. Do men like to lay in bed with a girl with a bra on or no bra?..
    Because last night i went to take my bra off and my Boyfriend goes no no no no leave it on i was like O.o.. I had a shirt on btw.. so shirt n no bra or shirt with a bra?..
    37 Relationships 295
  225. How to stop feeling like I have to pee in school?
    Im Really Stressed Out Because Of All My COursework :[ At School I Need To Pee All The Time But We Arent Aloud To Leave Our Lessons Which Last For An Hour :[ Is There Anything That Can Stop Me From Feeling Like I've Got To Pee All The Time?? Thanks x
    5 Education 42
  226. Who else cant pee infront of your girlfriend
    shed be there brushing her teeth and im like hey I need to pee and she says well pee then im just standing there for 2 minutes with no action. anyways how long does it take to get over it
    5 Relationships 93
  227. Has my first pee on 15 aug 2009 had sex with condom am I pregnant
    Has my first period on 15 august 2009 and had intercourse with condom it never broke on 26 august 2009 then had my periods early on 12 september 2009. I am feeling bloated can I be pregnant
    3 Sex 201
  228. How can I stop my cat from peeing on my furniture?
    I have two cats, one is 6 years old and she started urinating on the furniture when I adopted another kitten. This has been going on for one year can I stop this? Is there a scent or something I can spray on the furniture? Thank you
    16 Pets 358
  229. How come my hamster is peeing blood?
    My hamster fell off the table and he started to walk strangely. Then he started urinating blood. every few minutes he would keep urinating blood. he's still kind of active but after a while he fell asleep. What should I do? Is this serious?
    4 Pets 305
  230. Peeing Sperm
    I was taking a poop and while pushing hard sperm came out of my "manhood" if anyone knows if this is bad let me know. It did not burn and it looked normal. I was not hard or anything before pooping so I don't know what could of cause dit.
    4 Health 167
  231. How can I stop my dog peeing on the carpet?
    I have had my puppy for about 4 and a half months now and he still wees on the floor inside. It is disgusting. We have tried putting him outside and taking him out but he is not getting the idea. how can we stop him?
    3 Pets 48
  232. Where are some places to go to lay out during the summer?
    I live near fairhaven, ma and I'd like to know a few places that I can go to that wont close their gates at night. Like a park or something. I hate living in the city during the summer.
    7 Travel 8
  233. Why do I always have to pee after fingering myself?
    Every night I finger myself before I go to sleep.. After I have done it why do I always feel like I have to go and pee.. Also what are some good techniques of fingering to make it feel even better but less painful!? PLEASE HELP
    9 Relationships 3690
  234. Why does my ferret just lay down on its stomach?
    When my ferret is playing with us she will get all hyper, then she will just lay down on her stomach, flat and streched out. I thought it was just her playing that that she wanted me to come to her, but she didnt do anything, just laid there. I laid do...
    3 Pets 260
  235. My cat is peeing on furniture
    My cat got a rabies shot on Sunday and then started peeing on the furniture on Monday. Are these two connected? We also changed the cat litter brand. Help. if it doesn't stop I don't know how much more we can take.
    6 Pets 55
  236. It burns when I Pee :(
    when I pee it burns.Then after I wipe it still stings. Its been like this for 2 weeks or so,But I dont want to tell my mom. What can I do to make it stop hurting without telling my mom first.But if it gets way worst I will
    6 Health 214
  237. It hurts so bad when i pee what can it be?
    Im peeing every 10 minutes and it hurts so bad when I do, full bladder each time and im not drinking much, nothing in 3-5 hrs. Help I dont know if I should go to the hospital or what...all I know is it hurts so bad.
    8 Health 143
  238. Been peeing a lot could they be pregnant ?
    If someone had unprotected sex with someone else about 3 weeks ago and stopped taking their birth control about 2 days before that and their boobs have been sore for about 6 days and they've been peeing a lot could they be pregnant ?
    3 Sex 83
  239. Why do I have to pee when I'm having sex?
    I've been having sex. Buttt theres a big problemm I always have to pee Like alll the time now And its very annoying !! Whats wrong with mee?? Pleaseee answer this I need to know Whats going on with mee !!! :( :( :(
    6 Sex 385
  240. Peeing and squirting
    Well I know that with a woman that cause we have more then one hole we can pee and squirt at the same time so how do we know if we will pee like how can we assure that where not going to when a guy is having sex with us ore eating use out ? I have just...
    8 Sex 191
  241. Crying when peeing
    My two year son will always cry and say mama pee pee.. I thought that he had an infection or so . Since he had no other signs for that I was wondering if it can be a way of him saying that he is ready for potty training. Could this be it?? Pls addvise....
    3 Babies 92
  242. Cat pees by my door
    My cat has a tendency to pee by my door and you can smell it down all the way downstairs. How do I train him to stop peeing by the end of the week I need help or else we might put him in the garage or get rid of him and I don' t want that.please help ...
    8 Pets 150
  243. Why has my 4 year old cat started peeing on my bed?
    My little female tortie cat has started peeing on beds/sofa! Why? I got a new kitten about 4 weeks ago...But in the last 4 days my older cat has started peeing on my bed...will she stop, is she upset, what is wrong?!!? help...
    4 Pets 108
  244. How do you know if your gunna come or pee?
    I have never experience to cum. My boyfriend wants me to cum but I dont know ho to. Iget to the point where it feels really good but it feels like im gunna pee so im holding it im afraid I might pee in front of him. Can anybody tell me what it feels li...
    3 Relationships 247
  245. steamy pee?
    for the past couple of months, when ever I pee.. I see my pee steaming. Is this normal? I don't feel like anythings wrong with me, I also had pap tests preformed before I noticed this and everything came back fine. Thank you.
    2 Health 1423
  246. Will anything happen if pee gets your tampon string wet?
    this questin might be alittle stupid but.. im dumb so yeah . when you have a tampon on and you pee. and by accidenet you get the tampon string wet , will something happen. like do you have to change it cus . your urine got on it ?
    9 Health 471
  247. In the morning
    Why do you have to pee in the morning :)
    7 General 18
  248. How can I tell the diffrence between
    How can I tell the diffrence between lie and lay as in lie and lay down?
    12 General 23
  249. How do I get my 21 month old to understand what pee pee means?
    Im a stay at home mom and im sick of buying diapers! My son is 21 months old and when I ask him if he needs to go pee pee he says yea... so I take him to the bathroom and stand him on a stool, put cherrios in the potty and tell him to sink them. Well h...
    6 Babies 37
  250. Is it normal for a 4 month old puppy to walk while peeing (read)?
    It's almost as if he doesn't know he's doing it. Like when I take him outside to pee, he will squat & it's obvious he knows he's doing it, but sometimes in the house he will just be walking around & he will pee all over the place & it looks like he doe...
    11 Pets 134