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  1. Where in Canada is Toronto?
    where in canada is toronto?
    2 Travel 12
  2. When was Canada Founded, by whom?
    2 Politics 91
  3. Is Canada Dry Ginger Ale made in Canada?
    5 Food 13
  4. Will Canada invade the U.S.?
    4 Politics 18
  5. Does Canada have Capital Punishment?
    11 Politics 50
  6. Why does somepeople hate Canada???
    34 Travel 33
  7. Where can I buy TOMS in Canada?
    2 Shopping 24
  8. What's it like in everyday Canada?
    5 Health 23
  9. Do you need to have a passport to fly to places within Canada, if you are from Canada?
    6 Travel 32
  10. What's the best thing about Canada?
    9 Travel 13
  11. Who is the president/government in Canada 2011?
    2 Politics 16
  12. Is there any interesting information on Vancouver, Canada?
    7 Travel 9
  13. what is the weather mainly like in canada?
    11 Travel 25
  14. What are the positives and negatives about living in Canada?
    3 Travel 65
  15. Does Gamestop Canada ship to Newfoundland?
    2 Shopping 44
  16. What's it like to live in Canada? What part do you live in?
    6 Travel 46
  17. What do you think of the conjoined twins in Canada?
    5 Babies 42
  18. What are similarities between Australia's Aborigines and Canada's aboriginals?
    5 General 39
  19. Who knows if there are fireworks on canada day?
    3 Entertainment 11
  20. Where can I get liquid latex in Canada?
    2 Shopping 28
  21. Can a friend sponsorship help me immigrate to Canada?
    Can a sponsorship by a friend help me to immigrate to Canada?
    2 Travel 55
  22. Wheres the best place to travel in canada?
    Wheres the best place to travel in canada?
    2 Travel 21
  23. Drinking age in Canada?
    LOL whats the drinking age in Canada?
    7 General 70
  24. What: Is marijuana (or however you spell it) legal to have in Canada now?
    14 Politics 42
  25. Is obesity a problem in Canada, and how does it affect the health?
    2 Health 12
  26. Where can you buy a lighter if you're under 18 in Canada?
    6 Shopping 150
  27. Is it true that they are trying to legalize weed in Canada?
    7 Politics 24
  28. Do universities in Canada give unconditional offers?
    4 Education 188
  29. Can you cash out your points by check if you live in Canada?
    7 Funadvice 10
  30. can I hear canadas news if im in the states?
    I was wondering can I hear canadas news if im in the states?? and can canada hear our newss??
    3 Travel 107
  31. What are conditions for a foreignerto study medicine in USA or Canada?
    2 Education 14
  32. Is there a Forever 21, Target, and Hot Topic in Canada?
    6 Shopping 28
  33. How much money does it cost to adopt a child in Canada?
    3 Babies 18
  34. Where could I find NATURAL/VIRGIN coconut oil in Canada?
    2 Shopping 11
  35. Who thinks my cousin should apply for Miss Teen Canada?
    6 Style 16
  36. character traits for Julilly in underground to Canada ?
    I need traits for her!!
    2 Literature 567
  37. What's Canada like?
    I wanna move there soon..
    7 Travel 16
  38. Do anyone know of any colleges in Canada that have psychology as a major?
    2 Education 15
  39. How old od you need to be to get a credit card in canada
    How old od you need to be to get a credit card in canada
    3 Money 37
  40. How old must you be to watch Sweeney Todd in the theater in Canada?
    How old must you be to watch Sweeney Todd in the theater in Canada?
    4 Entertainment 14
  41. Can anyone immigrate to Canada?
    can any people become eligible for immigration to Canada as a refugee?
    2 Travel 63
  42. Do you know an train or bus that goes from new york to canada
    Do you know any train or bus that goes from new york to canada.
    2 Travel 13
  43. How big should one portfolio picture be in Canada?
    what are the dimensions it should be to qualify?
    3 Money 18
  44. What are some special-to-Canada foods that I should and can mail to my friend in Malaysia?
    6 Travel 23
  45. Where is the nicest place to move in Canada?
    I want to move in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
    11 Travel 16
  46. Whats an affortable store where i can buy alot of hoodies in Canada?
    4 Shopping 16
  47. What are positives or negatives or living in Canada/ USA opposed to Mexico?
    3 General 46
  48. What kinds of opportunities are in Canada for an MBA Graduate from India?
    3 Money 16
  49. Can I move to Canada with a sponsor for high school year 12 there?
    2 Education 55
  50. what is a very good work out or yoga video sold in ontario, canada??
    2 Nutritionfitness 13
  51. What stores in Canada have really nice clothes that aren't too expensive?
    7 Shopping 31
  52. How much does it costs to get your beginners license in Ontario Canada?
    2 Cars 102
  53. How long is going to canada by plane from new york?
    Can you tellme how long is going to canada from new york by plane and how much is it.
    3 Travel 103
  54. Are Evol foods sold anywhere in Canada?
    3 Food 109
  55. Where can I buy borax in Canada?
    They don't seem to sell it at Wal-Mart
    2 Shopping 32
  56. Is the Katy Perry black shatter OPI nail polish out in Canada?
    4 Style 38
  57. Does Jackson TN United States have the same time line as Canada BC?
    3 General 11
  58. Drive through canada from alaska
    Can a ex felon drive through canada been off probation for a little over 5 years
    2 Travel 119
  59. Do I need to earn a minimum salary to immigrate to Canada?
    should I earn minimum salary (or) my experiences is to be relevant to my qualifications for immigration to Canada?
    2 Travel 36
  60. How long will it take to immigrate to Canada?
    If I am an Indian resident and if I want to immigrate to Canada, how long it will take for me to complete the formalities?
    2 Travel 24
  61. Canada's point of view in world war two?
    does anyone know canada's point of view..
    3 Education 16
  62. Where can I buy a good, inexpensive sports bra with support for bigger boobs in Canada?
    3 Shopping 22
  63. How can we sell our house in Canada and convince my parents to move back home to Europe?
    4 General 40
  64. Does Apple online store (Canada) take debit cards?
    if so how come its not working for me?
    5 Shopping 26
  65. What channel is Oxygen in Canada?
    I have a shaw box btw so if you know the channel please share!
    3 Entertainment 166
  66. does anyone know where i can watch tower prep online or when it's going to air in Canada?
    6 Entertainment 52
  67. Does any one know anything about the fire near Pickle Lake, Ontario, Canada?
    4 Environment 28
  68. what, does anyone know the date of the last day of shool for people in canada, b.c?
    2 Education 56
  69. whats canada and america like?
    whats canada and america like? and which parts are best for a holiday with less crimee and stuff?
    5 Travel 26
  70. If I marry a US felon could I move him to Canada? His arrest was 19 years ago.
    3 Politics 79
  71. Is Titanic going to be playing in IMAX 3D at the Colossus theatre in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada?
    5 Entertainment 22
  72. What do I need to live in canada, I'm a british citizen?
    I,m a british citizen and want to go to canada, so I,m not sure what do I need. Do I need visa or permit?
    2 Travel 47
  73. Who has been to Canada ?
    Ok so me and my family are taking a trip to Canada has anyone been ther is it pretty can you do a lot of stuff ther how is it like
    5 Travel 18
  74. What sort of restrictions are there when sending food parcels from Canada to places outside of Canada?
    I've searched online for the restrictions but failed to find a page that outlined it. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could find a page that describe that.
    2 Politics 9
  75. Do you think canada is usa older brother.
    I saw the daily show yesterday and they were saying that canada is like usa older brother do you think that is true.
    2 Politics 16
  76. Canada or USA Where would you rather live?
    Your opinion... Where would you rather live? Canada or USA? Take governent, immigration, and business opportunities into consideration!
    26 Travel 175
  77. how much money do I need for 3 month visit to canada?
    im going to be going to canada to visit family for 3 months. I want to know how much money I should I need for my visit?
    2 Travel 65
  78. Do people in canada speak a different lanuange?
    Do people in canada speak a different launauge to us in england? Lol if So How Do they Say hello? And Goodbye?
    9 General 54
  79. Does anyone else think its kinda funny that at 18 in canada you are old enough to be in porn but not to buy it??
    14 Shopping 32
  80. Why doesn't the government limit the ability for cars to go over 100km/h since it's the maximum speed here in Canada?
    27 Politics 35
  81. America and Canada
    Are we friends,neighbors,or hockey adversaries ? I'm depending on your advice for my questions :P
    3 Travel 18
  82. Where is the cheapest place to buy Katy Perry's black shatter OPI nail polish in Canada?
    4 Shopping 48
  83. Where Can You Get Cheap,Yet Good Hair Straighteners In Canada,Ottawa Or Gatineau?
    4 Style 35
  84. FunAdvice Trivia: Which beer is not made in Canada?
    A) Molson B) LaBatt's C) Heineken D) A and C
    11 Funadvice 17
  85. Who knows if plastic knuckle dusters are legal in canada???
    Does anyone know??? I know brass ones are illegal but I am unsure about plastic
    2 Politics 1836
  86. How to buy Airsoft guns in canada (metal)
    My boyfriend is trying to get an airsoft gun and no where ships it to canada. I was wondering if anyone knew of a place that would ship the guns to canada.
    2 Shopping 26
  87. US or Canada?
    I would like to move to somewhere in Canada or the US. any suggestions where is best for a young dude looking for some fun? Mikey.
    5 Travel 20
  88. How long does it take to ship from UK to Canada?
    I ordered hair extensions on Ebay and I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to get from UK to Canada?
    4 Shopping 1028
  89. Moving from Germany to Canada
    Can you take appliances I.e T.V., washing machine, kettle etc. from Germany to Canada and will they work with an adapter?
    2 General 17
  90. Can you buy supplements from GMC in Canada at 13 years old?
    Would I be allowed to buy some supplments from GMC if I am 13 and living in Coquitlam,BC,Canada
    2 Shopping 22
  91. What do I bring to a 3 day trip to another country, as in from Ottawa, Canada, to Boston, USA?
    Like what are the necessities?
    4 Travel 17
  92. How much electricity (kWh) does the average family (living in a large house) use each day in Canada (Ontario)?
    2 Homegarden 8
  93. How much is a 160 GB Playstation 3 at $299.99 in Canada plus tax?
    I need to calculate how much I need to save!
    3 Gaming 29
  94. What's there to do in Canada?
    i live in wisconsin and was thinking about going to canada next summer for a week or two and i was wondering what might be some interesting places to visit.
    2 Travel 21
  95. Passport to go from US to Canada?
    I am a us citizen. I'm going to canada this week to visit my dad, because he lives there. Do I need a passport to get there, or come back?
    9 Travel 63
  96. Where can I purchase NOH8 bracelets in Canada?
    Is there a store in Canada that has NOH8 bracelets, I don't have paypal or anything to purchase things online so I would like to go to a store but can't find them anywhere?
    2 Shopping 46
  97. what flowers should I plant in canada?
    I live in canada and I am lookig for a nice garden flower to plant in the spring. my fave coulers are purple and blue. please help
    3 Homegarden 18
  98. How old do you have to be to work at Subway, Mcdonalds, Or Tim Hortans in Canada?
    Better yet, a clothing store or a real resteraunt?
    6 Money 159
  99. What- does canada support factory farming?
    I was researching some things and I found that britain will ban factory farming in 2012 and I just wondered about canada. I googled it but didn't find anything. So does canada have any factory farms? If so are they going to ban them?
    2 Politics 10
  100. Who has any info on Canada?
    Help ! I am writing a book and Canada is included in it any info would help please e.g. Places to meet up , hang out, cities neer forrests please help thanks
    3 Travel 12
  101. What is your favourite place to buy clothing(canada only please)?
    Just wondering what people like.. I live in Canada though so don't tease me with all the awesome shopping in the U.S..
    2 Shopping 12
  102. Is it possible to buy an iPhone in the US and use it in Canada?
    I was wondering if this is possible, I plan on going to NY soon to visit my boyfriend, he wanted to buy me a I Phone for my birthday can i buy it there and use it in Canada?
    3 Technology 16
  103. FunAdvice Trivia: A 'Bubba' in the U.S., is a 'Norm' in Australia. What is the name in Canada?
    A) Tubba B) Hoser C) Botoboto D) Poutine
    7 Funadvice 8
  104. What are some cool sites I can go to in Montreal, Canada?
    Ok, so this summer we'e going to montreal and what are some cool places we can go to there? Shops, cool views, mueseums, monuments, cities, etc.
    2 Travel 14
  105. How can a CA professional from india get a job in canada?
    My Brother is an CA professional with more than 10 years experience in area like Accounts,finance and Audit.
    2 Money 20
  106. facts and info on Canada.
    hi, I need some information on Canada and some statistics for a project that needs finishing off for thursday. I'm just finishing one part, so I can have some info on canada for when I get onto it. I need these by the end of tomorrow please. Thanks.
    2 Education 20
  107. How much does hip piercings cost in canada?
    how much does it cost to get hip piercings in cananda and how do I convince my mom to get them for me and ill pay it all.I really want to get hip piercings PLEASE HELP!!!
    3 Style 61
  108. Who has seen the geese return yet (canada)?
    I live in the north and haven't yet seen the geese returning from the south (you can hear them coming from miles away), but yet the ducks are here. Have I just missed the return or are they not back yet?
    4 Environment 16
  109. What's so good about Canada?
    I've seen a lot of my mates from the Uk. and my parents Mate all Wanting to Move to Canada. like Even my Nan lived out der for some time. Why do people want to visit Canada? or even move der :S wot so good about itt?
    7 Travel 213
  110. Does Canada allow Americans to bring atv's / four wheelers across the border?
    And are there any public places to trail ride and camp all in one general location ?
    5 Travel 13
  111. Anyone in hamiliton ontario Canada?
    okay, I'm 15 and visiting my mom for the summer, but I don't have any friends up here so if you live in hamilton ontario, canada let me know and maybe we could chill sometime!
    2 Travel 11
  112. What is the best acting school here in Canada?
    need to find leads on college or university, because family member wants to become an actress, but has no clue. Please help? Thanks.
    2 Education 15
  113. Are there any workwear websites that carry bibs and coveralls for women that will send to Canada?
    I am having a hard time finding bibs and coverall brands that make women sizes. Coveralls seem to be the hardest... Do they even exist?
    4 Shopping 19
  114. Canada-Britain Relation
    As a Canadian would you technically be a foreign national, in regard to Britain, even though we still see the Queen as our top ranking official?
    2 Politics 13
  115. How much do things usualy cost in canada I.e. Vodka and coke,
    How much do things usualy cost in canada I.e. Vodka and coke, B and H silver or soverign (Fags), and genewral things bread, milk, butter etc. thanks xx
    3 Shopping 147
  116. Emancipation in Canada
    Ok well I'm 14 and want to be emancipated, I can't find any info on it for Canada just other places. But when my friend and I are 16 we're moving out together in a an apartment, and emanciaption is under consideration. Lol I need help on how to get ema...
    2 Family 58
  117. should I move to the usa or canada and why
    I am thinking about packing up and going for a big move and I am undecided on where I want to move I like the usa but canada has the health care FREE and well the usa dose not and in canada wages are a little lower but cost of liveing is dirt cheap wha...
    10 Travel 106
  118. Can you move out into an apartment before you're 19 in Canada, BC?
    I was wondering if I could move into an apartment with my boyfriend at the age of like 16 or 17, is it legal or no? Could it be possible? Thanks to anyone who has a good answer! :)
    4 Family 14
  119. Why can't the US just mind its own business like Canada?
    why usa has to be in everywhere why cannot be like canada they are a big country too but they live in peace and they dont have to solve every problem of every country. Canadians live happily and no terrorist want to attack them .
    15 Politics 172
  120. Can my best friend from China go to Canada and back with me without a green card?
    my best friend is from china and shes been in the u.s. for 9 months and doesn't have a green card and i want to take her to canada with me and my family she has an a05 card and a chinese passport just not a green card could she still go?
    11 Travel 21
  121. Are there any Stunt Schools in Canada?
    My boyfriend has always wanted to be a stuntman and as a surprise I figured I'd find him some info on some courses he could take and where he could take them. I would prefure places in Canada but if there is absolutely nowhere else other countries are ok.
    2 Education 42
  122. ultimate game cards in canada
    HI ummm ultimate game cards came out in canada already I am trying to find out where to buy them because some stores dont have them like best buy and future shop AND IM IN ONTARIO can anyone tell me where to get please
    2 Gaming 49
  123. would i be considered an international student in canada?
    i know this may sound like a dumb question but i just want to be sure. i live in pennsylvania and i want to go to college in canada, but i need to know if i'd count as an international student because im from another country.
    2 Education 17
  124. Where can I buy vegan products in Canada?
    I am trying to become a vegan and I'm going to slowly approach it, but it seems difficult to find the vegan products like chocolate tofu and cheeses and things like that, I was wondering if there were a store or two that sold many vegan products in Can...
    2 Shopping 15
  125. Canada to Australia?
    Hi, I'm from Canada. I'm in my last year of school and I've been considering moving to Australia after I'm done. So I'm looking for advice to whether this is a good idea or no. & I'm also looking for information about Australian ways, culture, clim...
    6 Travel 10
  126. Help finding a toy in a store in Canada
    Has anyone seen this toy in a store (needs to be in canada) 23" CAT Massive Machine Remote 10-Wheel Crane with Light and Sound. My friends lil boy really wants it but we can't find it anywhere :(
    3 Shopping 15
  127. Is south park racist to canada?
    Is south park racist to canada ? I mean I luv the show and its not like I care but kinda wondering what you think! Lol I personally find the "beady little eyes" and "floppy heads" hilarious! I know this is a dumb question
    11 Entertainment 132
  128. Who knows a lot about Taranto, Canada?
    I'm doing a project and i would like to learn the most about it,( clture, foods, fashion, schools, sports, ect) as i can, anything you may know any might wanna mention would be grately appreciated! (:
    3 Travel 15
  129. Where can a 14 year old get a job in montreal, canada?
    I am 14 years old and I want a job so I can buy stuff and have money to save for my future :) I am really lost and dont know how to get one. can someone please help me? thank you in advance!
    3 Money 617
  130. What usually happens if you're caught by the cops with more than 2 gr of weed in Canada?
    I Recently Got Caught With About 2Grams Of Weed On Me, I Got Arrested For The Possession Of Weed, Then They Let Me Go But I Have To Go To Court Now. What Would Usually Happen After Court? Like Would I Get Sent To Jail, Or Just Get Probation? BTW I Liv...
    3 Politics 44
  131. Passport ...canada ! Please help!
    So my passport expired and I didnt even know until just now and I leave to go to canada this friday were driving there and I just wanted to now if I could use my birth certificate instead of my passport? Cause its to late renew my passport now itll tak...
    4 Travel 38
  132. Where can I buy N-acetylcysteine (NAC) in Canada?
    Its a pretty common supplement.. Or its suppose to be, I can't find anywhere that sells it and I can't buy it online. Help would be WONDERFUL. I really need it to help treat a medical condition of mine. Thank you!
    2 Health 47
  133. What's an affordable and cute cell phone in Canada?
    Hey everyone, I really want a cell phone. I need one that has a VERY good plan but is also super-cute. Also, it has to work in CANADA. Oh, and I want something thats affordable for a 13yr old who wont nessecarily use it TOO often. Please help! xoxo
    2 Technology 13
  134. How much does it generally cost to see a psychologist in Canada or is it covered by our health care?
    I am thinking I need to see one, soon. But I don't know how to go about it. I do not want to tell my parents about it because they have no idea what is going on whatsoever, and they don't seem to understand the concept either. but I feel like I do need...
    6 Health 20
  135. Should I study in The Netherlands or Canada?
    This is a huuge question for me. I live in belgium but i am canadian. I'm debating whether to study at a vocational university in Utrecht (more practical) in holland or a university in canada (york). I just need some help (pros and cons) from people wh...
    2 Education 27
  136. Anyone from Ontario in Canada.
    I was just wonderin if anyone was from Ontario, Canada. Where I am. And if you are, are you around toronto. Just seein hoo else lives in Ontario basikly cus usually its only americans or brits that I tok to. (And on Xbox its usually that too). you dont...
    7 Funadvice 9
  137. Theme Park in Canada?
    When I was about 4 or 5, my family and I all went to Canada (pretty sure it was Canada) and there was a theme park that we went to. I can't figure out what it was called, but the main thing I remember is that Yogi Bear and the Flintstones were there. ...
    2 Travel 44
  138. is canada viewed as a "hockey" nation?
    english... we have to write an entire essay about hockey, yes im from canada and I have to write mine on "is canada viewed as a "hockey" nation?" so this seems like the DUMBEST question on the face of the earth I KNOW! -but I have no choice but to ans...
    7 Sports 20
  139. Can a US felon move to Canada
    What is the first step an ex convict has to make to move to Canada legally. I am a Canadian citizen and my US boyfriend just got out of prison in ID. We want to get married and live in Canada. I can't go to the US to marrry him because I've been deport...
    4 General 958
  140. Does anyone actually care if Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper photo-shopped his Christmas card?
    Harper is being called out on his 2011 Christmas card which seems photo-shopped with his family from photos of previous years, but with all the things one can complain about, is this really necessary? Are journalists running out of things to complain a...
    2 Politics 8
  141. Is Canada's censorship going too far by banishing the novel "The Golden Mean" from store bookshelves?
    The novel, written by Annabel Lyon, outlining the childhood of Alexander the Great, depicts a photo on the front cover of a naked man lying on a horse. In my opinion, the photo was tastefully done and artistic. What do you think?
    10 Literature 26
  142. Can my girlfriend's Mom make her move to Canada?
    Hi my current GF is in a crisis, her mum has moved to Canada and she is currently living with her dad, her mum and dad split up ages ago. Anyway, my GF wants to stay here in England but her mum is booking her plane tickets and everything without her da...
    2 Family 47
  143. Anyone visit Canada's wonderland in the 80's?
    I am writing a short story that takes place in '85 where a family goes to Canada's Wonderland. I've looked around on the Internet and all I've found out is that they added the Sky Rider then. I just want to know if they had the water park there and kid...
    2 Travel 20
  144. does anyone know of a store in canada that sells affordable scene clothes?!?
    my mom just lost her job and trips to the states and hot toppic shopping sprees and such are now going to be a thing of the past until she gets a new job BUT I NEED CLOTHES!!! i need 2 start back 2 school shopping and so far, walmart and zellers have b...
    10 Style 14
  145. want to moveto canada dont get the skilled workers
    Okay.. So Sometime in My Life.. Maybe when im about 23, I want to move to canada.. I've Decided im 16 now, and im going to Study, Retaill Assient manager - because its what I want I want to do that for 2 YEARS> but I also want to move to canada when im...
    2 Travel 30
  146. What are the major contrasts between living in Canada vs living in the UK?
    I've been in the UK many times and worked with the RAF while in the USAF many years ago, and met lots of great folks. I've never took the time to learn what the relationship between the two geographically distant locations is all about and how connecte...
    4 Travel 12
  147. Can you help me get to Canada?
    I'm cheerful person and I' m serous,reliable,creative and honest man.I' d to make a good relationships with others.I need some help to immigrate to Canada because I want to build my life freely.I also ,I want to make a great trade and my children have...
    2 Travel 47
  148. How old do ii havee to be to be a court interpreter in Canada?
    Well my dad just came up to me and asked me if I was willing to help out a family and I said in what way? And he asked me if I would help them by being a court interpreter to translate everything the person accused is saying. I'm 16 in 4 months and m...
    3 Money 75
  149. What do you think of Canada's pay-per-usage proposal regarding internet usage?
    ISP's want to enforce a per-per-use fee that will charge Canadians every time they download data (music, movies, programs, photos, etc), on top of what they pay for internet service. The government is stepping in to try and stop this from happening, bu...
    9 Politics 8
  150. Can you move in with your friend at the age 15 in canada ?
    okay, well my parents they dont let me do nothing , on weekends I have to be in at 9 and weekends and I have to be in at 8 on week days . They dont let me spend the night at my friends house's or anything . they dont trust me ? I cant even go outside ...
    3 Family 50
  151. Does Canada need to be more proactive in dealing with the Giant Hogweed infestation?
    Giant Hogweed is a plant native to Central Asia and can grow to be 5 meters in height. Coming into contact with the sap can cause blistering and blindness. Now the fast-spreading weed has somehow managed to make it's way onto Canadian soil, and the gov...
    6 Homegarden 18
  152. Where's green day from
    Is green day from england? Or canada
    17 Music 56
  153. How long should it take to send a letter to South Carolina, USA from British Columbia, Canada?
    i am sending a guy in boot camp letters right now, and ive gotten 5 of his letters and sent out 3 now, but he hasnt gotten any of mine yet. the latest one i have gotten was today, and its date was July 28th, which was also the day i sent my FIRST lette...
    5 General 41
  154. Where would be the best place to move to; Canada, California, or Great Britain?
    So if I were to move to Great Britain/UK/England I would want to live in either Manchester, Nottingham, or Gloucester. If i couldn't live in any of those I'd be willing to live in Bolton, Northampton, or Belfast. If I were to live in Canada I'd lik...
    9 Travel 55
  155. Hacking law in Canada
    My boyfriends ex called the police on him trying to say that he hacked her e-mail account and all this stuff, which he didn't do (because I'm with him pretty much all the time so I'd know). Anyways, so the police called him and he was like "No, I didn'...
    6 Technology 1703
  156. Will my order be shipped to Canada?
    On the mailing site, I put my address and everything and I put Canada, dont worry. It showed me my shipping address and all that, which was all correct. Afterwards it told me to chose which type of shipping id want to use, so I clicked USPS First Class...
    2 General 38
  157. Pastry Shoes
    What stores can you buy Pastry Shoes in Canada?
    2 Style 54
  158. Hochey
    Who do you think will win - canada or russia?
    3 Sports 18
  159. Canada vs America? For specific requirements?
    Canada vs America? For specific requirements? For: 1) More accepting community (not racist, gays are okay etc etc) 2) More career opportunities (not business, I'm going for biotechnology) 3) Most snowy regions (this one is for my little brother. ...
    2 Travel 15
  160. What do I do im in love with a guy from ohio, im from canada, help?
    Okay, so I have an ipod touch and added the taproom. But I met this amazinggg guy who's from ohio, the same age as I am [being 16] and really gorgeus and kind. I sortta figured out it was an actual 16 year old, because he's sent me like 6 picture...
    5 Relationships 18
  161. When you get married in Las Vegas is it legal..?
    if you lived in Canada and ran off to Las Vegas to get married would you legally be married in Canada when you came back?
    3 Relationships 18
  162. Price for an abortion
    How much would it cost in canada for an abortion
    5 Health 60
  163. canadian loan
    I need a personal loan with bad credit asap. I am in canada and they only offer them in the states...does anyone know of any in Canada
    4 Money 32
  164. Why are some americans so ignorant about Canada?
    I live in Southern Ontario 1. I have never seen a moose 2. I live in a house 3. We have summer 4. I don't say "eh" constantly 5. I'm not always polite 6. I don't like back bacon 7. I eat maple syrup once in a blue moon 8. I've never seen ...
    3 General 39
  165. What age do you have to be to buy birth control pills?
    hey. so what age in Canada do you have to be to buy birth control pills?
    2 Health 60
  166. Does the U.S have Universities?
    I noticed that in Canada, Universities are like the states' colleges.
    2 Education 18
  167. Photography how much ...?
    How much does a photographer in canada get paid.. ??
    2 Money 34
  168. How do we know whether we're qualified for immigration?
    how we know whether we are qualified for immigration to Australia or Canada?
    4 Travel 12
  169. is this true or false???
    is it true that in canada you can get an apt at 16 with parent signature???
    2 Travel 11
  170. How long would it take to get to L.A?
    ...if you live in ontario, canada ?
    3 Travel 12
  171. What is "Day of Silence"?
    When is it? How would you ask your school to partispate in it, if you live in canada?
    4 General 11
  172. How do I validate my FunMail if I live in Australia?
    It says only Canada and USA is supported :/ ?
    6 Funadvice 19
  173. Canadian Rape?
    is it really illeagal to poke a belly button in canada?
    5 Politics 559
  174. international calling?
    does it cost extra to talk or text from California to Canada?
    4 Technology 38
  175. Desinger bags?
    In Canada, Ontario; what stores can you find big designer bags at? thnkss
    3 Shopping 16
  176. how much do passports cost?
    how much does it cost to get a passport? my family wants to go to canada in the summer.
    2 Travel 22
  177. Are you glad that Obama won?
    So long days of freedom, Im moving to Canada!!!
    9 Politics 28
  178. What is the second language that people have to learn in the UK?
    Like, Canada is French, America is Spanish, what do they learn in the UK?
    17 Education 42
  179. Does anyone know where I can watch The Real World Cancun episode 3?
    3 Entertainment 35
  180. Where can I watch South Park free online?
    most websites will not show anything in canada. so please help !
    4 Entertainment 82
  181. How much is a 5-6 bedroom house?
    How much in Canada is a regular size 5 to 6 bedroom house? please help
    2 Homegarden 53
  182. Keep hair dye in longer?
    Is there a product out there (Canada) that can make my hair dye last longer? Like a spray or anything?
    2 Style 15
  183. Border crossing
    We are going to the us from canada can we take some food along for our use on our time share?
    3 Travel 15
  184. New Nintendo DSi ! :o
    how much are they? I live in canada, and what colours do they come in? where can I buy it? :D
    5 Entertainment 35
  185. Should there be a Superstate ?
    Should the U.S., Mexico and Canada be integrated into a unified superstate, where U.S. citizens of the future will be known as "North Americanists" ?
    5 Politics 18
  186. Where would you relocate (country wise) for a year as an exchange student if you could?
    Me: Canada, in Banff or Jasper.
    23 Education 35
  187. Buying airline ticket from abroad
    I live in Toronto and want to buy airline tickets from other country where it is cheap. Is it allowed in Canada?
    2 Travel 27
  188. Questions on Canadian drivers test?
    can someone tell me what kind of qeustions exactly are on you drivers test [not learners and in canada]
    2 Education 43
  189. Why is there so little Canadian media content compared to American content?
    Even in Canada, you don't see much Canadian content, it's flooded with American content.
    8 Politics 14
  190. Petafile
    I would like to know what web site I can use to look up petafiles in my windsor ontario (canada) area
    2 General 69
  191. Where do I buy posters??
    sooo my room is really dull and I want to start out buying posters but where do I even find them? I live in Canada.
    2 Shopping 28
  192. What kind of e-reader do you recommend?
    I live in Canada so I don't think the Kindle works, what about Sony or Kobo?
    4 Technology 12
  193. Why is Thanksgiving celebrated different days?
    In Canada, Thanksgiving is always the second Monday of October. I find that odd because the United States and Canada celebrate almost all holidays the same except Thanks Giving like; Christmas, Halloween, Valentines day, etc. So why is it a different...
    4 General 28
  194. What could CP possibly stand for?
    It was a heading in my exam review for communication studies within Canada, but I have no idea what they stand for.
    12 Education 39
  195. Anyone know Karl wolff?
    Anybody knows karl wolff?!! He's from lebanon, he sings english though (lives in canada I think) Moved to canada when he was 3 His last album 2007 was "bite the bullet" Anybody knows him?!! I'll put his picture as soon as I get it!!
    2 Music 12
  196. How can I get started in Porn as an Actor?
    i just turned 18 and I'd like to know how i can get started in porn,. I'm from Canada btw.
    3 Entertainment 17
  197. How much does it cost to fill an oil tank?
    (For home heating, its about 50 Gallons. I'm located in Canada)
    4 Homegarden 148
  198. Can you use a Sidekick without TMobile?
    I just got a sidekick but I live in Canada can I set it up with a different provider than t-mobile???
    3 Technology 46
  199. Why don't other countries use freshman,sophomore,junior,senior??
    Was wondering how come no other countries use the terms freshman, sophomore, Junior, and senior?? well I don't know about Canada, but what about UK???
    5 Education 154
  200. What is the style scene?
    so my friend lives in canada and she says shes not emo just scene and waht style is that cause I hear it a lot now and days...
    4 Style 18
  201. Are you getting ready to go to bed or just waking up?
    Here , Western Canada , supper & a relaxing evening . How about you & where do you live ? Have fun . DD :)
    4 General 8
  202. How many postage stamps do I need to put?
    Hey, do any of you know how many postage stamps I need to put on a letter going to Canada (I'm in the US). Thanks!
    2 General 78
  203. Where do I buy my cod mw2 walmart or ebgames?
    Or any other places to get it cheap you can list in canada is sunday market good
    3 Technology 45
  204. Lip piercing at a young age
    Can I get a lip piercing at 13 with my moms signature??? In canada,scarbrough??? How much would it hurt???
    3 Style 72
  205. Do you think its acceptable to have black only schools?
    Do you think it's ok to have black only schools (especially in Canada), although our ancestors worked so hard to stop segregation?
    10 Education 78
  206. What to do for my 22nd birthday?
    My birthday is coming up, Jan 3rd, and I haven't got a clue of what to do. any suggestions?!?! By the way, I live in Toronto Canada.
    15 Entertainment 18165
  207. How expensive are abortions and where do you go to get one?
    (canada) How expensive are abortions? Do you have to tell anyone your pregnant or can you just go get a abortion? Where do people get abortions? Are these dangerous to the pregnant women? Does it hurt?
    6 Health 47
  208. How could I publish a book at my age?
    Also, could I publish it from, let's say Canada and send it to some U.S publisher? Not gonna do that I'm just curious
    3 Literature 14
  209. FunAdvice Trivia: Which country has more tractors per capita?
    A) USA B) Iceland C) Canada D) Japan
    10 Funadvice 211
  210. Where can I buy a System jo online?
    Does any one know where I can but system jo original online some where with a pay pal and a website that actualy ships to canada?
    2 Shopping 58
  211. Whats a best/worst tanning place?
    Im planning on going tanning But I need some info Whats a good tanning place In hamilton ontario canada! :)
    5 Style 47
  212. Hurt Doesnt no what to do - liers
    ok well I was talking to this guy I've liked ages and he knows I like him, we were talking and I was asking him about work and he was like ye tiring as useual but wont be there long I was like oh where you going and hes like on a manager corse, so I wa...
    3 Relationships 22
  213. how do you find a perfet spouse?
    how do you find a spouse that lives in america ,canada or london?I want a pouse that would think positive and have nothing against my parents>
    3 Relationships 10
  214. Where to buy a Brian Dawkins (Broncos) jersey?
    What's a good and trustful website, besides, that I could order a broncos brian dawkins jersey from?? and that ships to canada?
    4 Shopping 48
  215. What companies are always hiring?
    I know like mcdonalds, walmart, superstore, grocery stores, and restraunts, etc. but what are some other places that are always hiring in canada???
    2 Money 116
  216. I need a way out!
    Ok so has anyone heard of emancipation? Does this exist in Canada? I know it does in the States. I am now living away from home with my grandparents because I was having some serious family problems. I don't want to stay permanantly at my grandparents ...
    2 Family 39
  217. FunAdvice Trivia: In which country is the Troi-Rivieres bridge?
    A) Spain B) France C) USA D) Canada
    8 Funadvice 42
  218. Whats your favorite country or state overall?
    It could be style reasons, their accents, or whatever. It doesnt have to be your own country or state though. Mine favorite is Canada :)
    2 Travel 11
  219. Weather prediction for the comming fall and winter seasons
    Hi im living in toronto canada can anyody find a weather prediction for the comming fall and winter seasons for me thanks!
    2 Environment 48
  220. Moving Companies
    I live in Canada and I am looking for a decent priced moving company. I am moving from Alberta to Ontario. If anyone knows of one please let me know! Thanks.
    4 General 15
  221. What are some of the coolest large roadside attractions that you've seen?
    Like the giant Canada Goose in Wawa, Ontario, or big Nickel in Sudbury, Ontario.
    5 General 16
  222. Where can a 14 year old work in quebec?
    I'm in need of a job but I live in quebec...(canada) But I've only looked at a couple places, Is there a place in quebec where they let 14 year olds work?
    4 Money 220
  223. French or Japanese?
    Which is better? French: Sounds sexy, my parents 1st language, used more in canada. Japanese: More useful to me, cooler, kinda confusing. Yeah my pros/cons.
    9 Sex 40
  224. Ontario cell number can I text people in Mexico free?
    If I live in Canada .. And have an Ontario cell number and I go on vacation to Mexico , can I still text people in Ontario for free cause I have a plan ? Or no cause I'm in Mexico ..
    3 Technology 33
  225. Ebay Shipping
    Does anybody know roughly how long it would take for something bought on Ebay to get to Ontario, Canada from United States?
    4 Shopping 19
  226. Can snow ruin Converse high tops?
    Theres alot alot of snow here (Well thats canada eh? xD) Will they ruin my pink fabric hightops ?
    5 Style 182
  227. What age do you have to be to legally move out of the country?
    I live in canada.. How old do I have to be to legally move to the us? I want to leave home when I can and I want to go into the us.. Help? Thanks.
    2 Travel 71
  228. Can I add someone who was a blackberry on bbm, who is halfway across the world?
    (Like australia or japani-- i live in canada) will i still be able to talk to them?
    2 Technology 8
  229. Colour vs. Color
    Does anyone happen to know why the word "colour" gets spelled differently from country to country? Here in canada is gets spelled "colour" and I think its americans that spell it "color". I don't understand why its different. How about other countries...
    12 General 63
  230. how is it spelt
    last weekend we went to canada we saw to spellings of this word.. which way is proper? "Canadians" or "Canadiens" :s we were very confused!!! thanks
    3 General 11
  231. I want to runaway
    I am a 16 year old girl, I am a canadian citizen. I am right now living in santo domingo (dr) and my parents are divorced and I hate my life here and I am very depressed and want to go home, I also have a boyfriend in canada and I want to be with him. ...
    2 Relationships 24
  232. Point Pelee National Park
    For my Geography CPT I need to know the longitude and latitude of Point Pelee national park here in Canada if anybody could help me that would be great.
    2 General 12
  233. Do US appliances work in other countries?
    do US appliances work in other countries? like would a toaster work in *canada *the UK or around eurpoe *in asia??? j/w if you lived there before please tell me if they work.
    5 Homegarden 59
  234. How do you dispose of old mercury thermostats?
    We're upgrading the heating system in our house and getting new thermostats, but the old ones we have are the kind with mercury in them...where would I dispose of these safely (in Canada)?
    3 Environment 52
  235. Why is recycling electronics good for the enviroment?
    okaii I know that recycling is good but I'm doing a project an I need to know 3 reason why recycling electronics are good... Ps:they recently did a new recycling program and you can recycle electronics in Canada :)
    3 Environment 20
  236. Firming Creams..
    hey so I want to get some firming creams, and I live in canada (I dont know if people are or arent on here soo) and I just wanted to know your opinions on what the best ones are :)
    3 Style 14
  237. How to find musician to hire in Liverpool or Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
    Hi out there! I´m looking for a musician to hire in Liverpool or Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. Could anyone give ma an idea?
    2 Music 25
  238. How do I get a work holiday visa for Germany?
    I'm in Canada right now but going to Europe in October. I'm hoping to b e in Germany by the beginning of September and maybe working/living there for a year. But I can't find exact details on how to go about applying for a holiday work visa. Canada in...
    4 Money 16
  239. How can I file a report on someone whos not an immagrant ?
    How can I file a report on someone for not being an immagrant in canada ? I tried calling their immagrant phone number but its down at the moment Is there other ways to file a report online or sumthing? I noe of someone here whos not an immagrant he...
    5 Politics 36
  240. Is KFC open tomorrow?
    I live in Canada and it's a holiday tomorrow, not sure about the US but does anyone know if KFC will be open? I'd call but it's too late. (I guess I mean *today*, Friday)
    4 General 139
  241. How I will choose?
    I have problem with my family I love a guy in different religion I am muslim and they want to force me to marry another guy that I even do not know him and my boyfriend saying to runaway with him I dunno what I have to do can someone help me do you thi...
    3 Relationships 23
  242. Why do Canadians act like Obama's there president?
    Obama is America's president, so why do Canadians act like it's theres?? Like last year at school we had a assembly about it, were not American! Like I don't know even know Canadas president and im Canadian lol.
    5 Politics 36
  243. where to go shopping in downtown Toronto?
    I wanted to know if anyone knows what the best street in downtown Toronto, ON, Canada is to go shopping, like little stores. mostly clothes and accessories please!
    3 Shopping 16
  244. When I'm 16 canni move out without a parents permission?
    I need to know what age I have to be to move out in ontario Canada at the age of 16. Do I need a parents permission or can I just leave? I would be moving in with my boyfriend and his parents who are willing to take me in.
    2 Family 91
  245. FunAdvice Trivia: What nation leads the world in the annual number of toaster deaths?
    A) USA B) Canada C) Norway D) South Korea
    11 Funadvice 30
  246. Any good tattoo sites?
    Does anyone know any good tattoo sites? I'm going over to canada to get a tattoo in november since I'm turning 15 and I would just love to get inked haha.
    2 Style 25
  247. Who are you rooting for?
    USA or someone else? USA is basically blowing out Canada in basketball. Like they do every year! Do you think this years USA team is the new Dream Team? And who's your favorite player on the USA team? Or any other team.
    2 Sports 30
  248. Is Eestor a fraud?
    I know that Zenn motor company in Canada made a 10% of their stock investment, which looks like it k!lled their company, and now there is no new news on Eestor.
    2 Cars 62
  249. Who knows if the U.S. have these foods?
    Okay I live in Canada, and I worked at a call center for T-Mobile. We had to talk to hundereds of people obviously so I was talking with this one man from somewhere in the US, and he said that his friend brought him back some Ketchup Potato Chips and s...
    4 Food 11
  250. What eyeliner does the trick to make your eyes brighter and less tired?
    Peach eyeliner or white eyeliner? I've heard that both of them work. Tell me your thoughts and if you recommend peach eyeliner please tell me where I can pick some up in CANADA!?
    3 Style 15