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  1. Should you put moisturizer on your forehead?
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  2. Why is it that when you get a fever your forehead gets hot?
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  3. how do i get rid of tiny scabs on my forehead?
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  4. Foreheads.
    What do you do to make it look like you dont have a big forehead?
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  5. How long is a big forehead?
    how long is a big forehead I think my forehead is huge but can't tell how do I konw
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  6. is it true that if you have bangs then you could get more pimples on your forehead?
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  7. How to remove hair growth from my forehead?
    is that natural that hair grows in forehead too?how do I remove it permanently?
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  8. Veins in my forehead how do I make them go away?
    I have veins in my forehead and I hate them. How do I make them go away? Are they from stresss???
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  9. which hair style looks the best for a person with broad forehead?
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  10. Does anyone else have a translucent/white/silk like hair growing out of their forehead?
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  11. How can I avoid staining my forehead when I’m dyeing my hair at home?
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  12. do bangs make you look like u have a small forehead??
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  13. How do you remove a lot of pimples on your forehead?
    I have a whole bunch of pimples on my forehead! My mom even tried to remove it, so what do I do? Please help!
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  14. I have a massive forehead
    I have a really big forehead. is there any way that I could wear my head so that it doesn't look as big and fringes don't suit me
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  15. How can I embrace my big forehead?
    why is it that people think that having a big forehead is weird? I have a big forehead and sometimes the things that people say like: "five head" and all the other remarks are not necessary. Big forehead are beautiful! But how can I embrace it?
    2 Style 609
  16. What does a kiss on the forehead mean?
    what does it mean? I dont think guys go around randomly kissing girls on the forehead ...doesnt it mean something more than a kiss on the cheek?
    5 Relationships 3013
  17. How can I make my forehead look smaller?
    I have quite a big forehead and I was wondering if anyone has any pointers on how to make it look smaller, please let me know..
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  18. Why does Jean-Claude Van Damme have a bump on his forehead?
    I think its in all his movies or seems to be in all I've seen.
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  19. How can I get rid of forehead pimples?
    I know to prevent pimples you should wash your face everyday but how do you get rid of them? I have a few of them on my forehead and they just wont go away. please help me!
    8 Style 120
  20. How could I get rid of those little pimples on my forehead overnight?
    i gots little pimples on my forhead and they tend to get annoying :/ i could use some advice plz
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  21. Pimples in my forehead remedie to get rid of them?
    Well im getting pimples in my forehead.. Whats a good remedie to get rid of them at home? Not using pro-activ or that other!!
    8 Style 164
  22. Little bumps on forehead?
    I have these like, bumps on my forehead. they aren't zits or anything but they are almost like under the skin zits...they're not red, they're just like little bumps. does anyone else have these/know how to get rid of them?
    8 Style 65
  23. How do I make my forehead smaller?
    How do I make my forehead smaller? How do you make pimples disappear faster? Shid I'm using toothpaste and it works a little bit however I need to find a better solution.
    3 Style 76
  24. Do youu like to be kissed on the forehead and when?
    okay well do all girls like to be kissed on the forehead? my mate michael asked me today and I said yes butt I thought id just ask yous soo do youu? and when do youu like it?
    2 Relationships 55
  25. Is it weird having a big forehead?
    I have a big forehead people always made fun of it. but then I look up to Rhianna and Tyra Banks and they both look beautiful. its not funny when people crack jokes about big foreheads. to me I feel if mines is big then that means im smart!
    10 Style 427
  26. Why do people make fun of those with big foreheads?
    It is really staggering why people make fun of others for having a big forehead. Tyra Banks and Rihanna both have big foreheads and even me! And for one I think it's really stupid. Not only that but flaws as a whole. Why do others make fun of those bec...
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  27. What is the dot on the forehead of Pakistani women?
    okay im not saying this to be rude. I always wondered this. a person who lives in Pakistan, they dot on the womens fore head. is that just a diamond stuck there with glue, is it a sticker? what is it & how does it stay
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  28. I have horrible looking pimples on my!!!
    I have this "circle" of pimples on my forehead. it looks disgusting!!! (THANK GOD IM ON SPRING BREAK) I tried my usual remedy of toothpaste, but that sadly didnt work. does anybody have any quick, easy home remedies for this... I KNOW ITS NOT A RING...
    3 Style 27
  29. What are these little spots on my forehead that are the same colour as my skin?
    I have had these little spots on my forehead for about 4 weeks now. They are not sore or have White heads or anything like but they are little spots and the are exactly the same colour as the rest of my skin. I have tried leaving my skin with no produc...
    9 Style 51
  30. How can I get rid of these bumps on my forehead?
    I had bangs for a while and the oil from the bangs, I guess rubed on my skin. But I been washing my face regularly and try to put acne cream but it not really working. What else can I do? I go back to school tomorrow and you can see them on my face sni...
    3 Style 29
  31. What can I do to get rid of all these tiny bumps on my forehead?
    They aren't red. They're leftover from acne i hae before. I've tried scrubs, creams, cleansers, peels,going to facials, thething with the needle. Nothing will get ridof them. Can someone recomend something for me to try?
    6 Style 22
  32. My Baby's forehead
    My child is about to be 6 months old. He started getting a ridge on the middle of his forehead about 3 months ago. I just wanted to know if this is normal and if any other parents have ever experienced this? The ridge appears to be bone. I have taken...
    2 Babies 173
  33. My forehead is itchy and swollen
    I used some acne cream this afternoon. but its nothing new. I've used it before. and my forehead started to itch, but I didnt think much of it. then I made a mad face a few hours ago and it felt like I had a big crease. so I looked in the mirror ...
    2 Health 91
  34. How to hide my gruesome forehead?
    Hi !! i need help on hiding a majorly high forehead !! Its pretty horrible and don't say side fringe or bangs cus its totally out of the question !! Cus I'm a traveller and bangs are kinda outcast so anyone up for helping me ? Thanks j-summer :* xxx. O...
    20 Style 113
  35. What does this kiss on a forehead mean?
    Sooo, im away at school, this is my second year up here. I have a guy friend, we have been friend since we our first year, we live in the same buliding. We are just friends nothing more, he never said he like more then a friend, he had a crush on my ro...
    2 Relationships 100
  36. What are these small hard bumps on my forehead?
    Every one in awhile i get these small bumps. Some hard, some not so hard. Only about 3 come and go. Right near where the hair starts on the forehead they appear. Some appear to be pimples, but they arent. I have one right now. its little. Not to little...
    4 Style 46
  37. How can I get rid of the acne on my forehead and chin?
    I've tried so many things it really broke out at the end of summer and it hasn't been getting any better! I've tried clean and clear products... Neutogena.. St.ives...uhh acene clear.. Almost everything they have on the shelves at walmart. Also recentl...
    4 Style 57
  38. How to stop the stress in my forehead?
    After reading the links on this webbie to Build greater self esteem and confidence, I've learnt so much more, but even with increased awareness, I tend to frown and I can feel the headache., So I went out todae with some family memebers, and I tried to...
    2 Health 28
  39. How do I get rid of pimples?
    I usually get them on my forehead, my nose & chin. How do I get rid of them? I do was my face, btw.
    7 Style 54
  40. Bright pimple
    Hello, Well I recently had a pimple on my nose and when it was time I popped it like always, I had another on my forehead and I popped them at the same time, the one on my forehead is gone, but the one of my nose is now bright red and kinda pops...
    2 Style 71
  41. How to get good skin?
    I have horrible skin, its greasy and I have a spotty forehead and it feels nawwwsty, I want good skin, tipppsss?...
    3 Style 19
  42. Ok What is this about?!
    Ok every night when I'm asleep, my cat withh rub against my forehead, and I just think he's being cuddly right? well next thing I know, he Bites my forehead!!! This has happened every night for the last week!!! What is going on? He loves me, he doesnt ...
    6 Pets 16
  43. Who Knows of any easy ways to get acne away ?
    My Forehead breaks out a lot ! but I want a home remedy to getting acne away can anyone help ?
    6 Style 11
  44. How do I get bangs?
    I want bangs real bad cause my forehead sticks out and I have zits there too but I dont know how to cut my hair that way.
    5 Style 21
  45. Why is it when something hits your head, you see white below your eyes?
    I got hit with a soccer ball today (on my forehead) and I blinked and saw white like below my eyes...
    2 Health 59
  46. How do I get rid of my acne?
    when I squeeze my acnes, they get red and my face seems bad when they are like red points on my forehead. how can I make them go or make them invisible?
    7 Style 26
  47. Would bangs look good?
    I have a long oval face, blue eyes, relatively straight light brown hair (past shoulders), and a medium sized forehead...not HUGE but not small either :( I want to try a new hairstyle...would bangs (to the eyebrows or the eyes) look good on me? I wa...
    6 Style 64
  48. How can I get rid of my "super-man curls"?
    You know that little patch of hair on superman's forehead that curls? Yea I have that and it only in like two spots.I have naturally curly hair and some people like that look for me so I'll keep it but I hate having those little curls on my forehead. S...
    3 Style 161
  49. black marks from popping a pimple, how do I remove?
    I poped a bump on my forehead and on my chin and it turned black how can I get my skin color back its really black it
    4 Health 7180
  50. Should I stop wearing makeup for a while?
    I'm starting to break out with bumps on my forehead and around my nose and it hurts when I put on my glasses. should I stop wearing makeup so that the bumps can go away???
    3 Style 50
  51. How do you get rid of pimples or zits?
    My friend needs help! She has a little bit of pimples on her forehead and I really want to help her but how? Is there some kind of formula or something? HELP!!!
    4 Style 42
  52. Facial Scars :(
    I have these two really red cuts on my forehead right now and I was just wondering if anyone had a clue how to cover them up without them looking caky or weird looking?
    3 Style 15
  53. Huge painful zit won't pop!
    So for the last few days, I've had this HUGE painful zit on my forehead. I've tried and tried to pop it but it wont pop. It is really unusually painful. Any ideas on how to get ride of it?!
    2 Style 121
  54. Training bangs to swoop?
    I want my bangs to come over my forehead like a swoop or whatever. But my hair never listens to me! How do I get my bangs to part far to the side and STAY?
    7 Style 105
  55. Are dreads ok ?
    hi, I think of getting dreadlocks My hair is like 7 cm long, and I also would like it to hang on my forehead like around all head what do you think ?
    6 Style 63
  56. How do I hide a bad break-out without make-up?
    the right side of my forehead is breaking out really bad and I dont know how to hide it without make-up any ideas please? and I cant really hide it with my bangs
    2 Style 54
  57. why do I kiss boys
    okay I know this sounds dumb but here it goes ,| okay well im a guy . . as you see . . and I think im bisexual . . but I dont know because I dont date guys .. I just kis them .. and I love it . . . . why do I kiss boys
    2 Sex 21
  58. When planning on trying ProActiv, should I just get the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer or should I also get the refining mask?
    I have a lot of little under the skin bumps on my forehead that I wish to get rid of that have been there for years.
    5 Style 23
  59. How can I clear up my skin?
    Well I regularly Have Very CLEAR SKIN but like a week ago I broke out on my forehead. I tried so much acne medicines and it doesn't help. What Do I USE? I FEEL SO UGLY!!!!!!!
    4 Style 15
  60. I have a Monobrow!
    Hey, I have a big monobrow. I used to have two eyebrows but the last few years hair just started growing in between so I can still see the shape of my old two eyebrows if I look really close. The hairs in the middle are just as thick as the rest of my...
    4 Style 66
  61. Can contacts get lost in your head or something ?
    i want to get contacts and i've heard stories that they can get lost if you sleep with them like get lost in your head or something . But someone else said that there is a thing ( bone or skin ) that separates your eye from your head or forehead . . .
    3 Health 15
  62. When I brush my fringe I have big noticable bumps in my hair
    I really like those fringes that kinda cover one side of your forehead, like the indie ones but everytime I brush my side fringe over there are big noticable bumps in my hair, could a hairdresser be able to sort it out or are there ways that I can do i...
    2 Style 37
  63. would bangs look good??
    I have like a kinda circle face...goldish-brownish hair,curly,small forehead,small mouth,small green eyes...would bangs look right?...if not what other haircut would look right..??
    3 Style 44
  64. How to get rid of large pores on face?
    Hi I have really large pores on my nose, around my nose and on my forehead and chin but none on my cheeks and im just wondering if there is a inexpensive way I can get rid of these without wearing makeup
    4 Style 59
  65. How to get rid of Curly Hair
    Whenever I wake up in the morning I have just a little bit of hair that's too short to be bangs or anything and like never grows but just drops down on my forehead in these little annoying curls and I cant get them to straighten. What do I do?
    4 Style 79
  66. What can I do to help future me from getting horrible wrinkles?
    I make a lot of facial expressions all the time and you can already see tiny little lines on my forehead sometimes and I'm only 15 o_o I can't just stop being myself and being expressive so what can I do? :(
    10 Style 32
  67. How can I quickly get rid of my acne.
    I have really bad acne on my forehead and chin. I wash my face in the morning and night, use a mask every Friday night, use peroxide wipes, and exercise and eat healthy. How can I quickly get rid of my acne.
    6 Style 46
  68. What to do..burn from hot water, help!?
    My sister applied a facecloth with water too hot & it burnt a patch of her forehead. The skin peeled & now it's all red and noticable. She has a party to go to in a few days, any quick remedies on getting rid of burns?!
    4 Health 23
  69. Hairstyle issues..:)
    I have waist length black hair...and im ok with it...but I want a new look:) what do you suggest? Should I cut it? My face is oval but I have a wide forehead...any hairstyles that would suit me? please give me some advice:)
    2 Style 15
  70. Could my diet be the reason I have a headache?
    I complained of a headache to my husband, who asked if I ate anything where I'm on a diet. I told him all I had today was a bagel with peanut butter and one cup of coffee, and he told me my sugar is probably low. Could that be why I'm having a headac...
    3 Health 16
  71. why does a washcloth soaked in warm water make you cold?
    I just want to know the science behind that. for example, if you put a warm washcloth on your forehead, it's warm for a little bit, but it's like as soon as the air hits your wet skin, it gets cold.
    2 Science 32
  72. What would you do for a shot for hair loss?
    I heard this morning that they may have a cure for male pattern balding, right now it is undergoing testing with rats. If this works I would be on board, my wife keeps says I am growing forehead.
    10 Style 16
  73. How: can exercise get rid of blackheads?
    My question is: can exercise get rid of blackheads?because I have a couple of blackheads on my chin and a few on my forehead and yes I do exfoliate and wash my face 2x's a day and I do a mask 2x's a week.. But I dont really exercise so I was wondering ...
    3 Style 549
  74. How do you make spots/acne go away quickly?
    I have spots on my forehead, which I just noticed, they aint big they are really small but there are quite a few of them. My fringe covers them, but I want to clip back my fringe before school, only if my spots go away! Help, please. thanks
    2 Style 25
  75. How do people get their hair to look perfect after a shower?
    My hair is long-ish, slightly past my shoulders. I had it straightened a year ago. So its gone now. But I find that the part that's not been straightened (the part thats grown out) is "poofier" and more tangly. Any way to stop that? I don't wanna strai...
    2 Style 54
  76. Can a fever make you feel high (or cause delusions)?
    Okay, so, I have the stomach flu. I was laying in bed, but all I could hear was "crack addict" and There were people standing over me. I knew I had to get up, so I jumped out of bed, but "they" followed me. I asked my dad if my forehead was hot and he ...
    3 Health 59
  77. Where do you like to be kissed??
    I like to be kissed softly on the lips, or when in snuggling mode, I like to be kissed on the forehead and ear...also just to the side of the cheek, they are really sweet and make me feel special =3 I tell my boyfriend this and he does it to me out of ...
    10 Relationships 57
  78. What is this black dot on my head?
    Well I have had this black dot on my head for quite a few years now, its probably the same size as a large freckle. It is on the top of my forehead by the hairline but I have wondered for years what it actually is. It's raised a little bit from the ski...
    2 Style 159
  79. Is there something wrong with my hormones.?
    Well, ive suddenly starting getting spots on my forehead, ive seemed to lost weight, my blonde facial hairs are becoming darker, my period is becoming heavier.. Has this got to do with my hormones.? What do i do seriously.?
    10 Health 125
  80. How do I make short side bangs look good?
    Ok so I have side bangs, and they arent superrr short, but when pulled down over my forehead (not swept to the side) the shortest piece is about an inch or so after my eyebrow. I wanna know how I can either blow dry or straighten them to make them l...
    2 Style 44
  81. Did I find a ceremonial mask?
    The mask is all wooden with paitned black carved hair. It also has indents all ovcer the face but more notably a triangular bulge on its forehead. Can I take it somewhere to get someone to look at it? I found it on the side of the raod in California.
    2 Shopping 21
  82. Getting rid of pimpols ? :s
    hi I have loads of pimpols and littly lumps on my forehead I jsut want to know they best way to get rid of it what to use ? have you tried it ? did it work ? how long till pimpols are gone any other advice ?? I tried loads of clearsil, too...
    4 Style 43
  83. Sister not eating enough
    My sister is in prison and only eats once per week when they serve bread and cheese if she eats on any other day it's because she got something at the prison canteen. As a result she has started to lose her hair and she has developed a red rash on her ...
    5 Health 15
  84. What kind of hair style do you think i should do?
    .. Well i have a square head, lmfao .. my face shape is square, it kind of looks like a strawberry sometimes lol, my forehead is the same length as my cheecks, i have dark brown hair, but i wanna go 2 shades lighter? .. what styles will look good ?
    6 Style 13
  85. What does each kiss mean ?
    kaaay welll apperantly each kiss means something diffferentt aha , and I was chilllan with this guy , that I reallly likee , we're not dating or anything ... but we were laying down on the bed , watching tv together , annnd he kissed my forehead :o I t...
    5 Relationships 60
  86. Toothpaste on pimple
    It doesn't work! I want this zit gone! RIGHT NOW! It is annoying the hell out of me and I've had it for a week. I want to pop it but it hurts! Can someone tell me a way to make it just go away, I hate this, if it were on my forehead I wouldn't care, bu...
    27 Style 73
  87. Which face care products would you recommend?
    I'm looking at Proactiv and PerfectSkin. My skin type is a combination of oily, sensitive and dry. I also have acne on my forehead and chin, its not bad acne, but it is red and itchy and looks ugly. Are there any good (cheap) products out there that re...
    2 Style 12
  88. How do get rid of black heads
    I have black heads under the skin like right on the edge of my lips, just so every one knows I wash my face...enough...also I kinda have acne on the sides of my face and on my forehead, I cant get rid of it...GAH...but yeah the black main co...
    6 Style 66
  89. skin problem solved in 2 day
    ok so fridays my formal. I had a zit right between my eyebrows in the middle of my forehead last week. well the zits gone but like the skin is red and damaged. and cover up and conceler and powder doesnt cover it up(the texture). how do I fix this by f...
    3 Style 21
  90. What gets rid of acne for people with sensative skin?
    I only get pimples on my forehead and chin but they never seem to go away. I have sensative skin and things like retin-a make my skin burn flake and bleed. Nothing seems to work for me so I was wondering if you all could tell me what works for you and ...
    3 Style 13
  91. How can I fix my iron deficciency ?
    It sounds silly but I got a 18 carot gold ring and rubbed it across my forehead and a black line apearred meaning I have an I ron defficiency. I dont eat red meat and I always feel tired is there anyways I can fix it without going to a doctor ?
    4 Health 62
  92. How to get rid of pimples fast?
    I have pimples all over my forehead and am going on a date friday!!I need help quick and add me as your friend please!!im only 12 and I do not need anything painful and I cant go buy anything!!would be great if just had to use houshold items!!thanks!...
    4 Style 41
  93. PDA where do you draw the line?
    I know PDA means Public Display of Affection, but where do you draw the line? What should be considered PDA? Kissing infront of friends? Groping in public? Cause I know I don't do THAT...but my boyfriend and I were cuddling at a friends house...and he'...
    4 Relationships 478
  94. How bout them side bangs?
    ok so I was thinking of getting a hair cut that was thinned at the bottoms so that it stays long, but then I want to get a couple layers but would a layer all the way at your eye be too short? also, I wanted to get more side bangs but the ones I have n...
    2 Style 37
  95. Should I get a fringe?
    my forehead is short... and I have long and straight hair... I permed it you see... before I permed it I had sort of curly hair... my mom said that I shouldn't get a fringe... but my friends ask me to try it might look cute... so I told my mom... she s...
    4 Style 75
  96. How do I get rid of acne fast?
    I'm having a terrible experience in acne and I need help :( I have acne on my back, chest, forehead, and nose I always pop my pimples at night but I think it only helps for like few days and I use cleansers and all that but they still come out :( I...
    14 Style 82
  97. how can I get rid of these stupid pimples?
    ummm.. if I washed my face a lot, drink lots of water and eat healthy, will that help stop pimples? because im starrting to get them on my forehead and yeh I hate it so feed us wit sum advice yo please>>>and please tell me good ways to prevent them aii...
    7 Style 49
  98. What are all these tiny colorless bumps on my face?
    I have lots of these tiny little bumps on my forehead and cheeks.. You can't squeeze them out because there under the skin. I have acne on my face also but its not that bad but how can I get rid of these little bumps?? Doctor gave me antibiotics for th...
    2 Style 83
  99. What can I put on a scar to take the redness out?
    I need to find a good lotion, cream or something to take out the redness on the scar on my forehead. It's right inbetween my eye brow and VERY red the size of a penny. PLEAzzz if you know of anything that actualy works to take out the redness, I have o...
    6 Style 58
  100. Bumps On My Head
    Every now and then, I find these little bumps on my head. They can be anywhere on my scalp. They are hard and when I press them, sometimes they hurt. I usually get them on the hairline of my forehead, but sometimes I get them on the back of my head. I"...
    3 Health 51
  101. How to be sexy?
    I have:love handles,thick legs,and a flabby stomach.How do I lose these? At my school,the girls that are considered sexy are thin or blond with nearly flawless skin.I have really dark hair and I'm african-american,so I can't be blond. I want to B SEXY!...
    3 Sex 34
  102. Can't escape, I look in pain in my sleep
    My boyfriend hates it when I sleep. He says that I look tense. He says that all the line in my forehead show and I look like I'm in pain. He often asks me when I wake up what I was thinking about while I slept. I also often wake up a couple times a nig...
    2 Relationships 37
  103. Facial scars
    I have a bunch of light/ shallow pimple scars all across my forehead. You can't really tell I have them since I wear make-up and have bangs but I was wondering if a light-moderate chemical peel would help. I know for some peels your face needs recovery...
    3 Style 30
  104. Will lemon juice work to remove pimples?
    27 Style 314
  105. For this hairstyle.
    I'm going to get a haircut and I'm thinknig something like zac efron (only person I know with the haircut) where you just like flick your head to the left. I want mine a little longer so maybe it slightly covers one eye. But my question is. Ever...
    2 Style 23
  106. What's a cute and easy style for my hair?
    I have curlyish wavyish lower back long hair. my dad wont let me cut it, so I need a cute style. and super quick! I only have 20 minuets. I have brunette hair with red and blonde highlights. Also, to make matters worse, I have a reeeaaally high forehea...
    3 Style 49
  107. Pimples on my lip?
    I got like 6 pimples in my face, by my lip, in my forehead, on my cheek, by my nose (both sides of nose). I hate going out in public because they are so red and big. I tried concealer, hot water, products, ect. But nothing works. I can't pop them eithe...
    4 Style 30
  108. Pain In The Neck!
    I woke up this morning without any pain, and I haven't done anything strenuous or moved in any way that would cause injury, but I suddenly felt a pain in my neck. It shot down my spine, and moved over my head, leaving a pressure headache in my forehead...
    4 Health 81
  109. Was the Mark of the Beast on his hand?
    Okay...Well I suppose people living in Idaho may know what I am talking about. Unless its traveled around that quickly. But...yesterday in my English teacher brought up something random. She asked if anyone read the paper that morning...and ...
    11 Religion 282
  110. How to start to use cover up when I'm not into makeup?
    I Need Help!! I Have About 4 Red Zits On my forehead, and I have this hideouse birthmark the siz of a golfball on my neck. and I hate that!!! I am a tomboy, so I dont use makeup and my mom nows that, but I really want to cover these ugly things up! ho...
    2 Style 19
  111. Why does this acne stuff work but everything else didn't?!??
    Ok so I have like bad acne. It's all over my forehead, cheeks, chin, and lip, and like I've tried Clean and Clear, Noxema, Life, face masks, and like a million other things. I don't understand why after trying like 20 products my acne didn't go away. A...
    2 Style 23
  112. Acne! Is it a huge turn off 4 guys!!!
    K so... I have soma acne on my forehead and cheeks but its not too severe... Im gettin treated for it and the woman who is treating me says it will clear in 3 months. Anyways wit make up I can hide it so it looks like I only have a couple small piples...
    2 Style 21
  113. I'm self-consious of my elf ears, any suggestions?
    I'm self-consious of my elf ears and just recently I started to flaunt them but now I fear that someone would have something to say about them. I know that God created everyone uniquely but I'm still trying to appreaciate both my elf-ears and my big fo...
    4 Style 129
  114. Re occuring acne problems
    I need a cheap FOOL PROOF way to git read of my horrible acne problem I have it on my back, part of my neck, and my forehead and cheeks (a lot of them are black heads mind you) I need a painless way to coax them out and just get rid of the nasty li...
    5 Style 24
  115. How can I make myself more pretty if I have a birthmark?
    Okay soo... I have this birthmark righttt on my forehead and its seriously annoying caus everyone asks & makes fun of it. it really brings down my self esteem and I wanna bring it up but I dont feel pretty at alll! im just so awkward now. what can I do...
    3 Style 54
  116. What kind of makeup- az in foundation and such- would be best for me and my specific skin type???
    Okay, well i have acne and i say it's pretty bad- but my friends always tell me that mine's not all that bad, it's all over my forehead and chin...My skin- i hate to say- iz pretty oily, i shower everyday and when i put on my makeup- usually i use conc...
    6 Style 33
  117. Graduation and Zits
    My brother's graduation is next thursday and he has this prom after it. One of his friends asked me out to the prom just 2 days ago. I have everything ready except one tiny problem: the white heads on my forehead. I need to get rid of them in 1 week (a...
    7 Style 26
  118. How do I get rid of an acne scab?
    I used tooth past last night thinking it would help and woke up this morning with it being a big black scab, it was an under the skin pimple coming but it was a big bump, I wanted it gone and stayed home all day with stuff on it hoping it would help an...
    4 Style 623
  119. Can I get second-hand high from lots of people smoking weed?
    So on new years eve I was at a party where there was a lot of weed being smoked; I didn't smoke any, although I usually do. There were few places I could stand without smelling weed or being in a small cloud of smoke. I was quuite a bit tipsy and I rem...
    5 Health 84
  120. i'm sick of having bad skin, any suggestions?
    I am 16 and ive had spots for about 2 years. By spots i dont mean full on acne but i get bumpy lumps on my forehead and white heads which later tune into blocked pores on my cheeks under my eyes. Ive tried everything to get rid of them, from drinking...
    2 Style 60
  121. How can I get rid of my acne by paying $30 or less?
    My mom is a cridic when it comes 2 me. I'm an average teen who get's acne. I have average skin, not 2 oily, but not 2 dry. I have so far black heads on my nose and the occasional red bums on my nose and cheeks right by my nose. I alslo get it on my for...
    4 Health 17
  122. Is the spot on my face a growing mole?
    About a week ago I saw this thing on my forehead, it was just like a little spot, and I thought it was just ink or something. So I just brushed it off and assumed it would come off when I washed my face later on. So today when I looked again I noticed ...
    2 Health 105
  123. Pimples" killing me!!!help
    Hi...I've been trying so hard to get rid of my pimples more than a year now unfortunately it doesnt really work out...I got lots of piplmes on my forehead and cheeks and it is so embarassing the way they look.honestly my skin was so perfect before but ...
    4 Style 18
  124. I feel like I want to end it all...
    I'm really depressed. I'm unpopular at school, and kids are picking on me because I'm ugly. I've got this huge fat nose and a big forehead. Even my own father called me ugly. He won't look at me. He told me to go and die, because nobody wants to see my...
    4 Health 42
  125. What do you think about Bethany Storro admitting she faked the story of an acid attack and that her burns were self-inflicted?
    I think its disgusting & that she obviously has some sort of mental illness to make up such a story & accuse an African American woman of it. I felt bad for her at first but then i studied the pictures & it looked planned, the burns were only on her ch...
    2 General 42
  126. Do people look sick and dead in Heaven?
    im just wondering if you will give your opinion..and what you truly believe. well..a reletive passed away and I went to the prayer was very hard for me because I dident really think how different he would look. I thought he would look pret...
    9 Religion 89
  127. My cat's head injury
    my cat came in about two days ago with a puncture wound on his head. its right on the his forehead and its about 1cm deep and 1cm wide. (possibly ripped on barbed wire or something cant think how he could have done it) anyway it smell and is pussing, I...
    6 Pets 88
  128. What's wrong with my dog?
    Ok my dog is an old maltese and she has this ONE little bump right in the forehead...what is this? INFO. YOU MIGHT NEED: 1.We found a tick today or what seemed like tick on her back...(the figure was black, small, and really hard to kill...we tried ...
    4 Pets 28
  129. How should I dye/cut my hair if I have blue eyes and cool skintone?
    So I'm half Norwegian so I have naturally a dark blonde hair colour, grey/blue eyes and a cool skintone (I don't get tan very easily, it takes awhile). Right now my hair goes about 2 1/2 inches below collar bone and it's slightly more golden then my...
    3 Style 16
  130. Why do I get pimples when I use liquid foundation?
    when I put liquid foundation all over my face I get pimples around my hairline & on my forehead.. but if I use powder foundations I dont get any pimples ( but I dont like that bc its not enough coverage) I have revlon colorstay foundation which breaks...
    6 Style 96
  131. Why aren't I pretty anymore?
    Ok, so i used to be so pretty in primary school.. i have this pic from my yr 6 farwell nd i looked heaps cool, but now im older i look like crap i hate my hair i hate my face nd i hate my body shape. My hair is the same as its always mum won't...
    2 Style 64
  132. Naturally sparse eyebrows...please help.
    I have naturally sparse eyebrows. I have been made fun of it my whole life. My father has the same thing as well, it's horrible but I sometimes blame him for that. I'm kinda scared because I may never be accepted by my boyfriend(when I have one) in the...
    4 Style 146
  133. How to put up really short full bangs (cut too short)?
    I got my hair cut, and I got full bangs (bangs that go all the way across your forehead) I originally asked for my bangs to fall right above where your eye starts to cave in (I don't really know how to explain it exactly) like, if you were to open your...
    3 Style 49
  134. Is liquid eyeliner waterproof and other makeup advice
    so, um. I wear eyeshadow. and I thinkits called concealer. I dont know. its a powder you put all over your face. umm. what are some good ides with eyeshadow. I have a friend who put two different shades of green on the same lid and it looked cute. what...
    6 Style 28
  135. How do I tame my naturally straight but frizzy hair?
    My hair is naturally straight, parted down the middle, and about shoulder length, but my hair is constantly frizzy along where my hair is parted, especially along the front near my forehead. We have very hard water at my house with lots of soapstone, ...
    3 Style 89
  136. Why do I keep getting dreams about my friend who committed suicide?
    So a close friend of mine 'mike' committed suicide in January. He shot himself right in the forehead. At the funeral it was open casket. this whole thing it really hurt me I find myself thinking about it everyday. Right after the funeral I found myself...
    8 Religion 742
  137. I am very anxious!
    I am 33 years old. I am a mother of one year 5 years old son. We are expecting our second baby. In our 6 years of marraige, we have seen lot of difficulties like we met with a major car accident( My son was badly hit on forehead,was just 2.5 years old)...
    2 Family 36
  138. How can I talk to guys on my campus?
    I'm in college and lately I've been around girls' and completely avoided boys around me. The school I go to has the majority of Caucasian people, which I'm totally ok with. I'm VERY shy talking with a guy, scratch that a cute guy. I like white guys and...
    2 Relationships 41
  139. How to stop this horrible head pain?
    I have had horrible head pain in my forehead, temples, eyes, and ears, I have been very sensitive to light and sound, and have hd a runny nose, cough, and off and on sore throat for about two weeks now, I have had problems focusing, colors have looked ...
    6 Health 335
  140. How to lessen my hair so I don't get teased?
    I am 14 years old and I have very low self esteem because I am hairier than the normal person.It is really hard to deal with those nasty comments and questions like "you are so hairy!" "why are you so hairy!?!?" every day I come home and I look in the ...
    8 Style 127
  141. What's is your opinion on this?
    Supernatural Ownership My actions- I can’t control With myself- I’m at war Involuntarily- I do things Spiders- I eat off the floor My own urine- I can taste The voices start to overtake My life is such a waste I can’t stop- My body quake...
    13 Literature 14
  142. How to get rid of acne with extremely dry skin?
    I am 14 years old. My stress level is always extremely high!!! I have really dry skin. All over my body, I have those dry bumps. I don't have the bumps on my face but my face seems to be ALWAYS flaky & dry. I always am breaking out, (maybe because of ...
    5 Style 18
  143. Random Survey
    How amazing was your last kiss 1-10? what was the last thing you did with your right hand? worst drug you've ever done? last thing you put in your mouth? You get three wishes, you can't wish for money or more wishes, what do you wish for? Do you k...
    9 General 29
  144. what do you think of this<and I dont think I am an addict>
    and with my hands I make I create I please I kill I am lost in a profound sense of love and a vicodin high with the streets over-flowing with the materialistic human beings I resent and forget the beauty of what love can be like standing with an ove...
    2 Relationships 16
  145. Was it rape or sexual assult or something like that
    k SO I have bin going out with dis guy for 2 weeks hes name is mathew brownive known him since the second grade and his twin sis is mah bff he has kissed my on the cheek and I want him to do it again but that kis was only doen because if he didnt do ...
    3 Sex 38
  146. 6 random Questions
    This is a game so have fun with it. for those who are bored. =] 1. What things are too personal to discuss with others?? 2. You and and a person you love deeply are placed in seprate rooms with a button next to each of you. you know that you w...
    3 Relationships 11
  147. Sunburned really bad
    Hey Everyone:D thanks for reading. Well on july 4th I went to the beach from 9am-4pm (pretty long hughh??) So Duh.! What did I get?? Major sunburn.YIKKKESSS! s:( On the same day, I applied petroleum jelly to my face. And now its the official 3rd day, I...
    5 Health 223
  148. Would you consider this child abuse?
    Yesterday was terrible! My mum "beat me up" if you want to call it that. She said to me that I have a terrible attitude, "I don't couldn't give two f*cks about anything" - quote. Shes gunna kick me out of the house(she did for a night, last night) Ri...
    6 Sex 51
  149. Help!!! I'm only 21 and I have wrinkles
    I have a question about Anti wrinke creams and lotions that smooth wrinkles and restore skin. I am only 21 years old and I have very deep wrinkles around my eyes and dark circles, in addition to visible lines in my forehead. I've had a lot of stress fr...
    2 Style 71
  150. Pimple scars that wont go away
    ..its been 2 years and my scars have been going away but new pimples just cause new scars even when I dun pop it and wait for it to dry up and peel off on its own it still leaves a scar...clearasil doesnt work for me..I was using it for 3 months and th...
    4 Style 55
  151. Does he stil love me? help
    Me and this guy have been in love for a year and a half we went out for 2 months then sh!t got startd so we broke it off ... he wantd to get back with me ever since but I've been so scard to get back with him I've just f.u.c.k.d it all up I've broken ...
    6 Sex 67
  152. Need An Unbiased Opinion, does he genuinely like me?
    Hey y'all. So I met this guy through a friend at a party about 3 weeks ago...we immediately hit it off and made out for a bit, during which he sat me down on his lap and told me how beautiful I was and that he wanted to take me out on a date. Well, my ...
    7 Relationships 11
  153. What do you think of my short story that I based off a dream?
    And this be my dream Cobblestone street, we are on a corner, your huddled up next to me, not touching me. The walls of the closest house are a off-cream, paint cracking and peeling, and the roof is brown ceramic tiles, with some moss/aging showing. Be...
    6 Literature 39
  154. How can I be pretty?
    Since this is a long description I'll answer anyone's question that takes the time to answer mine :) I know beauty is on the inside (which I focus on too), but I would also like to be beautiful on the outside, as well. Here is a complete descript...
    2 Sex 48
  155. What does he mean "Not Ready"?
    Okay... I have an ex & he actually is the only one I have truly loved & I didn't realize it until, well.. it was too late. Anyways... I've joined the Marines & he the Air Force & we met at MEPS, things went great & we got along very well together. I ha...
    3 Relationships 58
    Untitled `Page 1 Chapter One, Defiance “I don’t want to go to some stupid private school. I was happy where I was! Why can’t you ever just leave me alone?” I pleaded. I could tell by the expression on Paul, my uncles face, that no matter what I ...
    7 Literature 46
  157. What.. I just wrote this yesterday, what do yall think (Its long)?
    Im With You.. Me and my Momma were in a different town, about fifty minutes away from home, visiting one of her friends from work. I was dragged by my ears, so it seemed. I didn't want to be there.. Its not like it was MY friend. So, why shou...
    3 Literature 24
  158. tell me what you think of this? please!
    Hi, could you please read my gcse creative writing piece and tell me what you think, I I can improve it in anyway, any advice really or help! it's not finished. Thanks Diary entry Monday 24th October 1999 Dear Diary, I was once a person fi...
    4 Education 33
  159. New and improved version of GCSE essay
    Hi, I just improved my gcse creative writing essay, actually finished it. please read and give me advice on any ways I can improve it, any help is appreciated, I need it. Thanks --- Dear Diary, I was once a person filled with dreams that I wanted to p...
    2 Literature 18