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  1. why do I kiss boys
    okay I know this sounds dumb but here it goes ,| okay well im a guy . . as you see . . and I think im bisexual . . but I dont know because I dont date guys .. I just kis them .. and I love it . . . . why do I kiss boys
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  2. Was it rape or sexual assult or something like that
    k SO I have bin going out with dis guy for 2 weeks hes name is mathew brownive known him since the second grade and his twin sis is mah bff he has kissed my on the cheek and I want him to do it again but that kis was only doen because if he didnt do ...
    3 Sex 38
  3. Does he stil love me? help
    Me and this guy have been in love for a year and a half we went out for 2 months then sh!t got startd so we broke it off ... he wantd to get back with me ever since but I've been so scard to get back with him I've just f.u.c.k.d it all up I've broken ...
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