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  1. What's the difference between prison and jail?
    What's the difference between prison and jail?
    4 Politics 51
  2. Why do prostitutes go to jail?
    why do prostitutes go to jail, and how long do they go to jail?
    7 Politics 85
  3. How to deal with my boyfriend being in jail?
    how do I deal wit my boyfriend being in jail?
    3 Relationships 147
  4. How long can you be put in jail for stealing?
    How long can you be put in jail for stealing?
    11 Shopping 4283
  5. Jail break an ipod touch
    How do you jail break the ipod touch?
    3 Technology 36
  6. What does "general release" from jail mean?
    2 General 2503
  7. Should parents be jailed when kids drink, or not?
    9 Politics 54
  8. can you search for people that has been in jail but are not in jail
    can you search for people who have been in jail but are not in jail at the moment? if you no any websites please rite them 4 me please and thank u.
    5 Entertainment 374
  9. What are you guys thoughts on lil wayne being in jail???
    5 Music 13
  10. Is it possible that my stepdad could go to jail?
    10 Family 76
  11. jail for STD's
    Is it true that you can go to jail if you give someone an STD ??
    7 Politics 102
  12. do you go to jail if you fail your school drug test?
    do you go to jail if you fail your school drug test?
    4 Drugs 60
  13. Difference between prison and jail?
    What's the difference between prison and jail? I wasn't aware that there was a difference, so...HELP?
    4 General 53
  14. How long can you go to jail for stealing perscription pills?
    2 Shopping 28
  15. How Do You Survive When Your Best Friend In The World Goes To Jail??
    16 Relationships 31
  16. How Long Would you be in jail if you where caught Pickpocketing someone??
    3 General 94
  17. Can i become a registered nurse with a junvelile shoplifting record?
    2 Money 36
  18. Should we start a family when my boyfriend gets out of jail?
    My boyfriend is in jail and he's getting out soon so do you think we should start a family?
    8 Family 50
  19. Can you go to jail for running away?
    can you go to juvie for running away if your like 13?
    11 Family 579
  20. Does anyone know why J3T from Hollywood Undead got jailed?
    3 Entertainment 14
  21. Is it possible to get in trouble for being with someone who was shoplifting if they get caught and you already have been caught before?
    13 Shopping 53
  22. what should i do the guy i really like and have been bestfriends with for 6 years is in jail?
    3 Relationships 11
  23. How much time does someone have to do in jail for not following the judge's rules?
    6 Politics 37
  24. Can you go to jail for hacking someone's accounts online?
    If so, how long... and under what circumstances?
    5 Technology 248
  25. Should I treat my man any different than before when he comes home from being in jail 4 months?
    11 Relationships 24
  26. if I get preagnant can my mom put my boyfriend and his mom in jail?
    6 Family 85
  27. Can you go to jail for egging and tipeeing someones house, if so for hw long?
    2 Gaming 138
  28. What is jail like?
    3 General 34
  29. Jail time for stealing car?
    How long can you go to jail for grand theft auto
    3 General 105
  30. Anyone waiting for a loved one whos in jail?
    Is there anyone out there who is waiting for a loved one in jail?? I want to no there are other people in my shoes!!
    3 Relationships 46
  31. Is jail the right place for people with a drug problem?
    Do you think jail is the correct place for someone who has a drug problem?
    6 Drugs 82
  32. Can I take my 15-1/2 year old brother to jail for doing drugs?
    5 Drugs 37
  33. did Lindsay Lohan go to jail? i read on the news she got charged with a felon
    3 Entertainment 10
  34. Why in one jail do some dudes get to wear orange and others wear brown or blue?
    6 General 81
  35. jail info
    what time do probation officers usually come Buy on saturdays?
    3 General 16
  36. Attempted rape jail sentences in ny?
    What is the maximum sentence a guy can get in ny for attempted rape? And what is the average?
    2 General 47
  37. how long is ti gunna b in jail?
    and plez only answer if you no 4 sure
    3 Entertainment 40
  38. Do you think people in jail should have rights?
    Do you think people in jail should have rights even though they killed, raped, stolen, ect.?
    13 Politics 30
  39. How long can someone go to jail for if they were on probation?
    How long can someone go to jail for if they were on probation for possession and distribution of marijuana and they were caught with a tazer... :[ ?
    3 Politics 104
  40. Where can I find a free jail look up site?
    I need to know if there is an internet site that is free for jail inmate searches.
    2 General 14
  41. My dad's in jail now, I don't know where to go or what to do?
    My dad's in jail now...I don't know what to do where to go and if I should save up my $$ to bail him out, but also its a $10,00 bond
    7 Family 40
  42. What do I tell my kids about my boyfriend being in jail ?
    I want to know what to tell my kids about my boyfriend being in jail. He is not there real father but hes been around for a few months.
    3 Relationships 35
  43. longer jails terms vs counseling classes.
    what do you think would be better give to the criminals a longer jail term or give them counseling and classes meanwhile they are in jail what do you think.
    5 Education 37
  44. Why does Lindsey Lohan always get out of jail?
    She never has to serve her jail sentence,If it was a regular person they would never get out.
    2 Entertainment 19
  45. Why do women write guys in jail?
    I know a girl that writes guys in jail? Why would a girl even entertain some dude that is in jail. It seems pretty pathetic to me.
    2 Relationships 33
  46. Can you go to jail for running away and then coming home?
    Can you go to jail for running away for the first time.. and then coming back in 2 days
    3 Family 84
  47. How can I stop from shoplifting?
    How can I stop from shoplifting? I sometimes shoplift even I wont need it or use it, and sometimes I think I just challenge myself thats why im doing what im doing. I know there is something wrong with me but what can I do to stop this?
    6 General 134
  48. What is a catchy title for a research paper on shoplifting?
    I need to know a catchy title for a research paper on shoplifting. Something that will kind of pop out or be noticed. Or just something really good.
    8 Education 318
  49. Should Paris Hilton have to go to jail?
    Paris Hilton in jail? Is this right? Wouldn't her life be in danger and wouldn't that be bad should anything happen to the heiress in prison?
    11 Entertainment 45
  50. Can he go to jail for getting me pregnant?
    isit wrong on his part ...will he go to jail . I love him ...I know I do . I cant loose him ...I need him...he loves me ... but he cant go to jail... who's gone be there for my bay if my parents wont.
    6 Health 52
  51. Can a 19-year-old go to jail for impregnating a 13-year-old?
    Could a 19 year old boy go to jail if he got a 13 year old girl pregnant?If it wasn't rape?
    10 Relationships 121
  52. Is it bad if I don't want my mom to stay with us when she gets out of jail?
    my mom gets outta jail on the 12th . shes stayign with us..supposedly.. is it bad if i honestly dont want her here?
    12 Family 17
  53. Should Michael Vick get outta jail early?
    I read article sayin Vick was behavin in jail and might be eligible to get out you think if he behaves he should get out and play again for the nfl?
    9 Sports 52
  54. Why do famous people shoplift if they already have money to buy everything?
    Why famous people like lyndsay lohan do shoplifting if she already has money to buy the whole store , why is that if you know tellme please thank you.
    5 Shopping 15
  55. My boyfriend is in jail
    Ok he is in jail and I really dont know what to write to him because I wrote him like 17 letters already what else can I write to him anon e help
    2 Relationships 61
  56. What should I do about my boyfrined being in jail?
    My boyfriends in jail for the last 5 months. He finally wrote to me telling me he loves and misses me. Should I wait for him? It could be a really long time.
    4 Relationships 48
  57. When someone steals your Identity and buys say 1,000 woth of stuff before you find out who it is Do you get your money back after they go to Jail?
    3 Money 14
  58. Should I plan something for when he gets out of jail?
    My boyfriend is getting out of jail. He has been in there for 2 months, this is the longest time we have spent away from each other. I have not had sex in 2 months!!! I want to do something romantic and sexy. Should I plan something or just go with the...
    3 Sex 48
  59. will I go to jail or have to pay $10000?
    I have charges pending against me. I have violated part of my bail and theres a warrant out for my arrest until the prelimanary hearing. now the charges are supposed to be dropped at the hearing. So if I do not go to jail will I have to still pay the 1...
    3 Money 39
  60. What can I send to someone who is away in jail to make them happy? I've sent pictures, letters, books..but I need more creatie ideas please &thanks!!
    7 Literature 32
  61. do you think george bush and his administration should be jailed for war crimes?
    specially since he never had UN approval and invaded Iraq and Afganhastan anyway?
    8 Politics 25
  62. My Mans In Jail
    My man wants out of jail and I cant get him out.. I dont have the money.. this guy is my life, I feel like im going to go crazy without him... He is the only reason I am where I am today...
    3 Relationships 40
  63. Do you think Debra Lafave should go to jail?
    Debra Lafave is the teacher who was arrested for having sex with a 14-year-old student. She got probation until 2015. Do you think she should have gone to jail? For how long?
    2 Sex 67
  64. Do you know someone who has changed from jail?
    I'm talking to my first love who is in jail. I really care for him but I'm worried that he's all talk b/c he's locked up. Has anyone known someone who got locked up and really changed their life for the good when they got out?
    3 Relationships 15
  65. How do I cope, mom has been in jail for almost 5 years?
    My mom has been in jail for almost 5 years. So I havnt seen her for 5 years now. Sometimes, but not often, I miss her so much I consider taking my life. Can someone help me figure out why I miss her so much
    5 Family 22
  66. what should I do my man is in jail and its his first time in love?
    what should I do my boyfriend is in jail and its his first time in love and in order not to get hurt his trying to push me away even though it hurts him a lot and I dont want to loose him what should I do?
    3 Relationships 48
  67. Why are scary movies set up in places like hospitals, houses, or jail cells?
    I want a scary movie in walmart "Clean up Aisle 13", 'But sir there is no aisle 13... (dramatic music)
    3 Entertainment 6
  68. Friend Shoplifting
    Well, my best friend always shoplifts and I love her to bits but she always does it and I always have an police record from a few years ago and I don't want to get caught, cause they'll blame me and not her. What should I say to her 'cause I still ...
    4 Shopping 45
  69. My Son In Jail
    I have a son in jail , I would like to help him while he is in there with advice , books , anything else you can offer. he is open to continuing his college education but has no internet access so I would like to help him that way too. please advise
    8 Family 432
  70. How can I recieve collect calls from jail?
    I want to recieve collect calls from jail on my verizon wireless cell phone, is there any way I can do this ? I also have a tmobile prepaid phone, can I recieve collect calls from jail on that phone ? and how does the whole collect call thing work on h...
    2 Technology 47
  71. How much time will my boyfriend do in jail?
    Hello my boyfriend got caught with cocaine. He has a prior weed charge hes 24 has a good lawyer was on probation but hes serving his time for that now do you think he will be there for a while?
    3 General 43
  72. Jail time and unemployed
    I have to spend 160 days in jail (120 days on good time) in aug. I just recently lost job and qualified for unemployment in california. Am I going to lose my ability to continue on my unemployment is there a way to keep them
    6 Money 156
  73. a poem for my boyfriend in jail.
    okk so my boyfriend is in jail what should I give him for valentines? should I write him a poem.. drawing?? I don't know :/ dooes anyonee know a love poem that could be sent to an inmate. and actually make them feel better?
    4 Literature 544
  74. How can you go to jail for being the victim in a street fight?
    Ok, so my friend got in a fight, and someone called the cops. They took both of them into custody, and let them call one person each. But, that's all I know of, so would he go to jail if he was not the one who started the fight? And if so, what are the...
    4 General 63
  75. Will the mall remember her as a shoplifter?
    my friend used to shoplift untill she got caught, then she stopped. she was 15 when she did shoplift and just turned 16 so if she goes back to the mall and gets caught for the past shoplifting shes done would they punish her as an adult or a minor? and...
    7 Shopping 44
  76. Should people go to jail for failure to buy health insurance?
    Th reason I ask, is because that's what the current "health care plan" basically does. It forces people buy health insurance. But if you are required to buy it, yet don't have the money to buy it, and can't afford the fine for failing to buy it, you...
    11 Politics 42
  77. How much will it cost to "jail break" my phone?
    I have at&t and my phone just broke. My sister just got off of her t mobile contract so she gave me her old phone. They both have sim cards but mine doesn't work in her old phone because of the different companies. Where would I go to get it "jail brok...
    4 Technology 47
  78. lilwayne
    4 Music 7
  79. Why was Brooks, from Shawshank Redemption, sentenced to jail?
    I love this movie but I was just recently thinking about it and I had forgotten the reason why Brooks (the librarian) got sent to jail for. I remember that it was for like half of his life and that was the reason why he was upset that the warden gave h...
    3 Entertainment 44
  80. What to say to my boyfriend who is about to go to jail?
    I am in Love with my boyfriend that I have been with for one year he is about to go to jail and I just wanted some advice on what to say to him when we talk what not to say just help going threw this period i am not asking should i stay with him becaus...
    3 Relationships 70
  81. Do cops normally escort people who have stayed the night at jail to get their things, then escort them away from the home?
    Just wondering why... And also they were supposed to be released and were free to go wherever they please, but all of a sudden they need to be escorted???
    7 Cars 10
  82. Should I go out with this new guy if my man is in jail?
    ok so this guy that I've been friends with for 4 years just asked me out today and I sayed I will think about it but I have a boy friend already in jail im still waiting for him to get out but theres a chance he could be dead in jail or turned gay what...
    5 Relationships 65
  83. About Aaron Carter, is he still in jail?
    "On February 21, 2008, Carter was arrested in Kimble County, Texas, when he was pulled over for speeding, and authorities found less than 2 ounces of marijuana in his car" so? and is he still singing or acting?
    5 Music 42
  84. Im pregnant sooo could he go to jail for that?
    My pyscho a$$ grandma called my boyfriend and told him were not aloud to be or talk together anymore and she said if me and him talk she is gonna call the cops and tell them that teenage rape or something like that when im 14 and he is 17 could they th...
    4 Relationships 36
  85. Can my parents put my boyfriend in jail?
    8 Family 39
  86. Shoplifting over 2 months ago, could she get caught?
    One of my friends shoplifted in a department store and got away with it, now shes really scared that somehow there going to be able to track her down, I personally have no idea what to say to her so is there any way she could get caught? And by the way...
    9 Shopping 2176
  87. shoplifting
    okay, I stole from claires an eight dollar necklace. the lady caught me and called my parents and the cops. I am so scared. I stole in the state of arizona but I live in New mexico. What is going to happen to me? am I going to juvenile? please give me ...
    4 Shopping 12
  88. How much jail time for abortion if it were criminalized?
    This question came up recently in a forum I frequent. The question is: Many people believe abortion is wrong, and should be criminalized. If it is, how much jailtime for women who get abortions anyway? I'd appreciate any answer, be it pro or anti a...
    10 Politics 40
  89. got arrested on June 19 for shoplifting
    Im 18 years old, and I got arrested on June 19 for shoplifting. My court date is on October 16 and I was wondering if anyone has been in this situation and what happened to you. Its a class B, it was 300 dollars worth and its my first offence. My frien...
    2 General 73
  90. How to handle my boyfriend being in jail?
    My boyfriend is in jail for violating probation. He is every thing to me and I cant get him off of my mind. He helped me threw some hard times in my life I don't know yet if he is staying there for a long time but I am going nuts sitting here without h...
    2 Relationships 52
  91. Helpful scriptures for my boyfriend in jail?
    My boyfriends in jail and I can't ever think of anything helpful or inspiring to tell him. Does anyone know any good advice or scriptures I could tell him to keep his spirits up? He goes to court in a weak and he will find out then if he has a 6 month ...
    2 Religion 145
  92. Shoplifted a year ago, can I return to the same mall safely?
    I used to go thru a phase of shoplifting untill I got caught once. then I never returned to the mall again in fear that I will be caught for past shoplufing that I did. its been almost a year now and im completley clean from shoplifting and would like ...
    11 Shopping 373
  93. Is this enough to get my rapist in jail?
    I have lots of texts saved on my phone from him admitting to it. I also saved a message on facebook of him admitting it. He was 18 at the time, I was 17. He can't afford a lawyer. I also have threats from him saying he's going to rape me again and...
    14 Technology 70
  94. Women with boyfriends in jail only!
    Do you ever forget what he looks like, the way he smells, how his touch feels? I miss him with all of my heart and im not to sure if I can handle him being gone much longer. Im so angry all the time and im finding my self just being a complete b**ch to...
    4 Relationships 46
  95. Should I see my dad when he gets out of jail?
    My dad is in jail and he says that he has changed into a different person, he told my grandma, and I don't know if I should believe him or not. He sexually abused my sister and when he was probably about to start with me, she told so I wouldn't have to...
    4 Sex 47
  96. How much time will my boyfriend do in jail?
    My boyfriend turned him self in on nov. 1st to a federal prison and they sentenced him to 21 months but they took off 3 months for turning Himself that leaves him to 18 mnths and he was wanting to get into some programs but they dnt have that i...
    5 Politics 22
  97. Do you think they should change jail and police station regulations to where they can not release women in the middle of the night if they dont have a ride?
    It seems that women are disapeering left and right, as soon as they are released from or police custody in the middle of the night, they are released with no phones and some have no rides and are just released to walk through the streets at night...
    7 Politics 18
  98. Anybody know what to expect going to jail?
    I am probably going to jail for 90 days in a few weeks. I've only been in police cells overnight before and am not really sure what to expect. Is it as bad to be there as it looks on TV or is it alright if you stay out of trouble? What should I expect ...
    2 General 12
  99. Should I believe that my ex in jail still likes me?
    I am 23 years old. I am in love with a guy who is in jail. He's been in there for 2 years he gets out in Jan.08. He's my first love we lost contact before after I left him alone. I got into contact with him again April 2006. When I called his house his...
    3 Relationships 37
  100. What if I got caught stealing and im 17, will I go to jail?
    I got caught stealing a 40 dollar bathing suit and im 17 but I have never done anything really bad or put on record in my life. if I do everything I can to correct the situation and show the judge that I will not ever do it again and ihave been punish...
    4 General 76
  101. My boyfriend is in Jail and I love him so much!!!
    My boyfriend is in jail and I love him so much!!! He is the best man I ever cam e in contact with, he help me in school, He open my eyes in many ways. I feel lonley without him, he is facing 15 years in federal prision. Honestly he was and is my futu...
    61 Relationships 4466
  102. Do you think with the old singer of escape the fate being out of jail he will get back with the band?
    i personally am a huge fan of the original lead singer and liked their first cd best over the newer songs. i heard that he was sentenced to jail because his failed attempt of suicide and in the state he was in failed suicide is considered tempted homic...
    7 Music 35
  103. What do we do for 3 yr old when mommy goes to jail for a month?
    Our daughter (21) and grandaughter (3) live with us. Our daughter is going to serve a 25 day sentence, and we must keep a "so-far" well adjusted three year old for the duration. How do we explain it and get our grandaughter through it all with the fe...
    6 Babies 55
  104. The boy I love is in jail I need advice before it drive me crazy
    Hi my name shamaya. And everyday I cray because im scared I dont no what to do here's my problem I stress everyday. My male friend that I have had sex with many times is now in jail for at least 5 years I rejected him because I wasnt ready for a boyfri...
    2 Sex 18
  105. Weapon Posession Charges (Jail,etc. please help)
    My cousin was recently accused by an ex that he broke into the house and had a weapon on him. He was in the house but did not break in and ran from the police for some reason. They found no weapon BECAUSE he didn't have one. He's currently in jail unti...
    3 Education 37
  106. How can I get my boyfriend to be like he was before jail?
    ok well me and ma b/f have been together 4 almost 5months and we been through alot he was in jail like a month ago and he got out like the past week he has been actin diff and i dont kno y he been actin stuck up and not talkin to me or payin as much at...
    2 Relationships 54
  107. Boyfriends in jail
    So my boyfriend is in jail. This is the longest I've gone without talking to him. I have no idea when he's getting out My parents won't let us be together but I've been with him for a year and 4 months. He went to jail fr stealing pills n taking tools ...
    2 Relationships 30
  108. My boyfriend is in jail
    My boyfriend is in jail (for a year) for some stupid things from along time ago and it nothing serious, I write him all the time, and we talk on the phone some too. But in 15 days on st.patricks day is are anaversary and how am I suppose to celibrate a...
    6 Relationships 62
  109. Shoplifting
    My friend used to steal from a couple of stores but she got caught once and ever since then she never stole again and isnt planning on it, its been 4 months and hasent been back to that mall since but now she wants to know that if she goes back to the ...
    5 Shopping 40
  110. Boyfriend in Jail
    My boyfriend is in jail and has been there since October. I don't know what to do, I really like him but at the same time everyone is telling me that I can do better. I don't know when he will get out because he is still going through pretrials, but I ...
    3 Relationships 37
  111. Is it weird i'm still sending my boyfriend texts even though he's in jail?
    He's really all i have over here so now he's gone for awhile i dont have anyone to talk to so im still texting him, yes i know i wont get a reply but still it's a comfort. We've been together a long time and spend every waking hour together just about,...
    8 Relationships 41
  112. What if I've fallen for someone else while he's in jail?
    I was 16 when I fell in love with my boyfriend. He was 22 at this time and I ran away from home to be with him. Then he with to jail on som drugs charges. So I move back home with my mama. He had to do 15 year in jail so I stayed by his side. Now ...
    2 Relationships 27
  113. Can my friend go to jail for going on webcam with strangers online?
    Ok so here's the story. My friend went to chatroom and she before went to this chat room looking for people to go on cam. She went on cam too and showed her private areas and then suddenly this message popped up and said that she been banned from the s...
    5 Entertainment 57
  114. Anyone From The UK With a Boyfriend In Jail?
    Alright, so the title sez it all! My fella has got 3months and Im lost He does this all the time! I cant break from him he my soulmate but we were apart xmas and new year because he was in jail now he will miss my 18th and ill miss his 20th b'day!!...
    2 Relationships 20
  115. Think VP Cheney will go to jail?
    Now that our outgoing Vice President's been indicted (it's on reuters & other news outlets) do you think he'll go to jail? I find his investments in privatized prisons fascinating,'s like you profit from finding excuses to take money aw...
    3 Politics 14
  116. What Should I Do About Him Cheating While He's In Jail?
    My boyfriend && I have been together for a yr now.[11.28.09] He just turned 16yrs old&&I'm 15yrs...At first we weren't official[we could talk to other people] In August 2009 we made it official,although he was still cheating..I eventually lost my virgi...
    4 Relationships 12
  117. What kind of trouble do you get fr shoplifting at age 14?
    Oky,so I gt caught shoplifting at jc penney I live in maryland,I steal abt $40 so da manager called da police,and they didnt arrested me dey just told me 2 pay abt $123 somethin like that and told me 2 go 2 court,I was wondring what will they do 2 me i...
    3 Shopping 31
  118. Can you get in trouble for being with friends who are shoplifting?
    Today I went with some friends to the grocery store and they started putting things into their bags and asking me to "cover them" I didn't know what they were doing, I was so stupid and in denial, I thought they would pay later for some ridiculous reas...
    9 Politics 514
  119. Is anyone in a similar situation with their man being in jail?
    theres this guy...when I was thirteen he was my first everything...I fell in love with him...he got locked up for 4 and a half years...I wrote to him and stuff but I did have other boyfriends...I love this dude...sooo much...but now hes doing the same ...
    6 Relationships 24
  120. How am I gonna cope now my boyfriend is in jail?
    I miss my boyfriend so much, all I can do right now is think of him. The only person who seems to understand is my mum and she loves him like a son and is heartbroken too. My mates don't seem to understand that he is not normally like this and he is a ...
    2 Relationships 39
  121. How to deal with my boyfriend in jail?
    Okay heres the deal. My boyfriend is in jail, he was charged with under age consuption breaking his probation. He was going to get out Fri (Nov.2) & I dont know what happend.I love this boy to death & I really dont know what to do at this point. My mo...
    4 Relationships 60
  122. My son
    How do I write a letter to my son in jail?
    3 Babies 43
  123. Can he go to jail if we have sex?
    ok in south carolina im not sure what the age is for sex. but could my boyfriend go too jail if im underage & he is 17 ? or does it depend on my mom's choice ? I've heard as long as nobody press charges than he can't go too jail. but if they do then he...
    5 Sex 56
  124. Can you put music on a jail broken ipod?
    My grandad found an ipod and gave it to my dad and my dad erased everything off the ipod then gave it to me and when i plugged it up to the comp. my friend said itunes was suposed to automaticly pop up but it doesnt, i already got some mus...
    2 Music 48
  125. my abusive dad in jail
    ok so long story short.. my dad abused my sister when she was little and he is in jail for like 12 years now. he of course still talks to my grandma and he says that he loves me and I don't know whether to believe it or not. I mean we need to forgive e...
    3 Family 37
  126. Do I need to stay in jail?
    so I just got busted for doin a whole buncha stuff like vandalizing public property and stealin a girlfriend says it will be good for me to stay behind bars for a while to keep me outta trouble...she also says she will visit me... but I thi...
    3 Relationships 21
  127. Can my mom put my boyfriend in jail?
    Well, my boyfriend is 17 almost 18 and I'm 16. My mom one day asked me if I was a virgin, and since she always complains that I never tell her anything, I said no I'm not. And she started asking all these questions like who's idea was it and what were ...
    10 Sex 65
  128. Shoplifting
    Hi I'm 17 years old and I was cought shoplifting in victoria seceret. I know it sounds horrible but please don't judge me, I was under peer presure and I didn't know what to do and I have never done anything that can cause me to get anything put on my ...
    7 Shopping 29
  129. How do you get someone to jail?
    Okay in july I got raped and I guy that raped me was my boyfriends uncle he has nothing to do with him now and my mom called the cops and we keep calling them bout it and they keep saying there on the case I cant sleep and will not sleep until that cre...
    3 Relationships 16
  130. should he???
    should chris brown just go to jail or should rihanna go too??
    5 Music 12
  131. Does anyone feel like home
    Does anyone feel like home is jail
    6 Family 8
  132. About scooter libby
    why didnt he go to jail?
    3 Politics 10
  133. How much the shoplifting's fine at Fry's Electronic in usually is ?
    My younger brother got caught of stealing 2 screen protectors (10 bucks each) at Fry's Electronic in San Jose . He was nice and listen to the security when he got caught . Later the police came and gave him a ticket so he has to go get fingerprint at t...
    2 Shopping 99
  134. Caught Shoplifting
    Recently me & my friend got caught taking $100 worth of items from a retail store.. Im 19..A certified nursing assistant & also a phlebotomist.. I accidently left my wallet in my vehicle & made a very stupid choice not to go get it.. I am scared th...
    11 Money 75
  135. What would you do if your mom was going to jail next month?!?!?!
    Okay in my book im finally at the part where one of my main characters(ju'nis)has to tell her daughter(sage)that she is going to jail next month for two years which is also sages birthday and she has to tell her that she has to go to foster care but im...
    7 Literature 40
  136. Love... How to get past the tough times when boyfriend in jail?
    I have this boyfriend that I have had for the past 4 years. I love him with all my heart, he means so much too me. But he has been locked up for the past year and half. (still dont know if or when he will get paroled out). I want to stay with him and s...
    2 Relationships 47
  137. My boyfriend was refused bail and is in jail
    Can someone help me My boyfriend was under the influence of a lot of drugs with a older mate of his. His mate drove him 2 a sex shop while he waited in the car my boyfriend had to go in and grab the til. He had a knife but didnt hold it against the sho...
    2 Sex 29
  138. Boyfriend has 4 Felonies and is in jail for 4 more months
    My ex boyfriend is in jail because he had 4 prior felonies and fell down the drug hole. Got arrested for possession and they locked his ass up. I used to use with him but never was addicted (coke, oxycotton and xanax). I broke up with him because I co...
    5 Relationships 36
  139. How do I handle that my boyfriend is in jail?
    In January my boyfriend went to jail. He might be getting out in May. I've done everything for him. I've gone to all his court dates, put money on my phone so we can talk, I write to him, send him pictures, visit him every week, put money on his books ...
    5 Relationships 47
  140. My boyfriend In Jail
    Okay my bofriend Edward is in jail and he won't be getting out until June 3rd and he's been in there since January six months.But I have a huge problem that I can't get off my mind .He's really scared that I'll cheat on him while he's in there (which I...
    29 Relationships 1704
  141. My Ex called me from jail.
    I stop talking to my Ex because I got with somone new. A couple of days ago when I was with my boyfriend. My Ex was my 1st love so I was kinda happy to here from him. Until I found out where the call was coming from. He was been calling me everyday.I a...
    2 Relationships 314
  142. Can shoplifters get a criminal conviction too if they are banned fr
    My friend recently was caught shoplifting an item of cosmetics worth approx. £5 in boots store... she saw the security man on the gate so she quietly put the item back. But they banned her from that particular store. she has for sure done it for the fi...
    3 General 45
  143. Is there a legal way to get high?
    is there a legal way to get high not not go to jail
    9 Health 38
  144. Love songs?
    What is some love sad songs. About missing him. Or even him being in jail and missing him.
    5 Music 27
  145. My boyfriends in jail.
    Okay, so I've been seeing this boy for about 5 months.. then he asked me out, we are now dating for about 4 months so all together about .. 9 months of being together.. but now hes in jail. and his ex girlfriend keeps teeling everyone that he still lo...
    6 Relationships 36
  146. Lyfe Jennings Back and Jail!
    I just found out that lyfe jennings in back in jail! He got locked back up in October 2008. If you know lyfe you are probably familiar of his past. He went to prison at 19 years old. He spent 10 years and jail for arson and then got out of jail and bec...
    3 Music 63
  147. my boyfriend is in jail and keeps acusing me of cheating
    hi Me and my boyfriend have been going out for 2 years and my first sexual partner and he went to jail about 2 months ago and I knew he had cheated on me befor he went but he would neva admit it so I asked him while he was in there and he wrote me a...
    4 Sex 44
  148. How to cope with my boyfriend in jail for rape?
    I know this is really not a question. but im going through a hard time right now =[. my boyfriend is in jail for rape. his friends told me that it was a lie that he didnt rape the girl he was just walking her home. I kind off believe them but anyways w...
    8 Relationships 71
  149. Boyfriend in jail for 2months & my feelngs are changing what is going on?
    He is incarcerated for 2months, he calls all day everyday, if I dont answer he gets his mom to 3way call me & even that doesnt get me to answer. I love him but iv been through ups & downs with him for 3yrs and he now is finally ready to be the man Iv b...
    2 Relationships 47
  150. How long?
    Does it take to write back from jail,juvie whatever ???
    4 General 22
  151. How do you guys feel about the Rihanna/Chris explosion???
    Is chris going to jail or not???
    4 Entertainment 15
  152. running away from home
    are there any laws like " you can go to jail for running away"
    6 General 21
  153. What should I do about my boyfriend being in jail?
    my boyfriend is in jail and he got sentenced to almost three years...ouch! Although we have a wierd situation for a relationship I love him with all my heart. We only met on april 25 and it was totally love at first sight..most people dont believe and ...
    2 Relationships 45
  154. Will I Go To Jail?
    Today I was at the mall with my friends, Shiloh, Brandon, Noah, Dylan, Josh, and Adam and we were in the parking lot hanging out. Adam dropped his bike and walked to the other side of the parking lot and about five or ten minutes later we saw him speed...
    5 General 24
  155. My sons biologicalfather went to jail for killing his own daughter.
    I need some advise, My son is 7yrs, I met his father at a party onething led to the next blah blah blah,,,I had his son. Not until my son turns 5yrs do I finally see him again...Yada yada yad blah blah blah...I'm watching T.V and low and behold whos o...
    2 Relationships 46
  156. what do I do about my shoplifting incident?
    Me and my boyfirned went to target and stole some stuff I took some movies and put them in a bag and had an old reciept and returned the movies I had stolen for cash and bought stuff. so my boyfriend had the bag when we were leaving the store and we w...
    6 Family 42
  157. My boyfriend is in jail for something he didnt do
    My boyfriend of almost 7 months is in jail. For a crime he supposedly committed. But he was with me that time and day it happened!! His bond is a million.. So ita 100,000 he's facing a lot of time there. No one will help him out. The only one who can g...
    3 Relationships 31
  158. Legal matters
    When some one is arrested for retail thef, on the first offense if convicted what are the typical sentences? Jail, Fines, probation? What is the stimated time in jail if that were the sentence?
    2 General 40
  159. When is a good time to talk to him?
    what do I do my soon to be husband is in jail for the 2nd time and we are having a baby what do I do about him?
    2 Relationships 17
  160. Where did the word "jailbird" come from?
    If you're in jail, someone keeps calling you a jailbird. Where did this word come from?
    2 General 147
  161. Has anyone had a sibling in jail?
    My brother is in jail for trafficking drugs he has been in for 6 months but when he first went in he told us that it was for getting into a fight with a weapon. I have been very supportive of him and his wife and niece. I have let her stay with me so s...
    4 Family 15
  162. Is it bad to look up porn when underage?
    I scared my friend marco with this crazy lie about porn. He was surfing the web for porno and he's only 15. just earlier he was looking at some , I told him " hey you can go to jail for looking at porn when your not 18 years or older, you could do li...
    3 Relationships 42
  163. do you think its my fault? I need help.
    is it my fault my dad went to jail? im 13 and I started seeing him again when I was 11. before that I hadnt seen him sence I was 2. but for 1 of the 2 years he was in jail for not going to the half-time-house [he had to go there cause he had been in ...
    3 Family 48
  164. Shoplifting fine? need advice.
    Ok heres the deal, I didn't know where else to turn so I'm going to give this place a shot. My 18 year old brother and his girlfriend shoplifted a pair of 50 dollar shoes from Kohls about 3 weeks ago. They were caught on camera walked out with the shoe...
    3 General 20
  165. its freakin hard dude!
    how do I stay faithful while my boyfriend is and jail? its tempting to cheat..
    2 Relationships 46
  166. Ronnie Radke from Escape The Fate
    Did Ronnie Radke get out of jail yesterday, 6-12-09?
    7 Music 49
  167. Life Behind Bars?
    next week I have to report to jail to serve my sentence...which is 18 months. I have been to jail once before but only for a misdemeanor. this is my first felony. I do not really know what to expect about what jail will be like. please give me any t...
    5 Politics 34
  168. How much time serve motion to revoke parole?
    about how much time in jail can you get for theft between $500 and $1500 and motion to revoke parole???
    4 General 61
  169. What happened to Bam Margera's uncle Don Vito?
    What happened to Bam Margera's uncle Don Vito? Why did he have to go to jail? Just curious... me and my friend havent heard.
    3 Politics 118
  170. Please Help me im only 14
    im only 14 and my boyfriens went to jail because he was 19 and I dont know what to do like I miss him and plus I lost my virginity to him And I want to see him in jail and write to him but I cant Why b-because We have restraining order. What should I do?
    8 Relationships 28
  171. Just saying
    I ask the question earlier if it's okay to wait on this guy till september to get out of jail. But it's not this september. It's September 2010.
    2 Relationships 15
  172. Is my boyfriend going to change?
    well i mlove my boyfriend and we have been through alot and he is always in jail and he tells me he love me and that he will do better and he is going to change should i belive him or not?
    3 Relationships 49
  173. Willl I be in with the violent crowd?
    Im going to jail for 26 days for violating a bail. Will I be put in with the violent criminals and what not?
    2 General 14
  174. What will happen if you stalk your ex?
    I am being stalked and threatened can this person go to jail for that?even if you still love them and they call you name
    4 Relationships 10
  175. What should I do run away or stay?
    Iam thinking about running away to a forgein coutry for a year or so because my mum might be going to jail what should I do?
    2 Family 43
  176. Whats the punishment for retail theft
    If you are 18. Less than $150 dollars. First time offense. Shoplifting.
    2 Politics 39
  177. Shouldn't George Bush be arrested for deleting all his email?
    Clear, 100% violation of federal law. Bush's administration nuked all his emails...and can't recover them. So, a federal judge is demanding an explanation. Come on, I can't break federal law & get a demand for "explanations" if I do that, I go to ja...
    11 Politics 19
  178. expierinced in manufacturing/producion
    Can I as a felon( 4th degree state jail felon) get a job in Austin Texas in the manufacturing industry
    4 Technology 43
  179. Moving out without cops involved
    Okay, my dad just choked me and I need to know how to move out without getting him sent to jail and without their permission.
    4 Family 65
  180. Would it hurt to have a baby?
    Would it hurt to have a baby? What are the steps you go through. Would they be able to put the daddy in jail if your 15 & hes 24? They baby wouldnt have a daddy then
    12 Health 33
  181. What will happen im 17 and I stole from macys what could happen?
    Im 17 and I stole from macys I got arrested what will happen im very scared I dont want to go to jail.
    6 Shopping 70
  182. Lil wayne's teardrop tattoos
    What does lil wayne's tattoo under the eye mean? (teardrops) did he go to jail, loss of a love one, or kill someone?
    7 Entertainment 82
  183. What do you do when he cheats?
    what do you do when your boyfriend cheatz on you wit YOUR FRIEND!!(or datz what you thought. C I want to BEAT HIZ...! But I've already been to the kiddie jail for another proble like thiz so what can I do to get himReal good(I don't need to go back 2 t...
    4 Relationships 20
  184. limewire really totally legal?
    I want the free music, but could due without jail time. Is it actually legal though?
    7 Technology 13
  185. Is there favoritism in Paris Hilton's early prison release?
    Does the very early ( 3 days) release of Paris Hilton from jail give the appearance of economic and/or status favoritism - why or why not ?
    8 Entertainment 24
  186. Ronnie radke release date?
    I heard that Ronnie Radke is gettiing out of jail in December, but I don't really know...dose ayone know 4 sure???
    2 Music 39
  187. Encouragement
    I need a poem or something for me to print and send to my daughter to help her cope while she's in jail. Any lyrics or anything with encouraging words would help.
    4 Literature 108
  188. Penality for selling drugs in new jersey
    Like how long could someone go to jail for selling drugs in nj? Or what kind of punishments are there?
    3 Drugs 11
  189. how to write a drity letter to my boyfriend?
    my boyfriend is in jail and I want to wright him a dirty sexy letter. I just dont know how to start. can any one help?
    2 Sex 389
  190. Will Lindsay Lohan's early release from rehab help or hinder the fallen star?
    After serving only 14 of her 90 day jail sentence, Lohan is free again. The reason was stated as overcrowding of jails. Do you think this is a good enough reason to allow someone out of prison after serving so little of the sentence? Do you think she l...
    5 Entertainment 31
  191. How can I get my childrens fathers' parental rights taken away?
    My kids' dad is in jail on megans law charges. How can I get his parental rights terminated?
    5 Family 60
  192. Is it safe for her to go back?
    My friend went thru a shoplifting phase that came to an end when she finally got caught, its been 5 months since shes been back to that mall and is scared that is she goes back she will get caught for past shoplifting she has done I other stores that s...
    5 Shopping 45
  193. Should I like him ?
    There is this boy, l & I don't know if I should get involved or if he'll like me . he is in jail right now, he's getting out soon . And I don't know, if I should try and talk to him . P.s I like him as a person and his looks /
    4 Relationships 12
  194. What did Linsday Loha do to get into all this trouble?
    I dont really watch the news much, I just saw it on the internet that she is supposed to go to jail or something.
    4 Politics 21
  195. How can I find out who called?
    I have a witheld call just like an hour ago, I wasnt able to get to my phone when they called, but im just wanting to know if it was from the there anyway I can find out who it was?
    2 Technology 41
  196. How do I let him know I miss him?
    My boyfriend is in jail and I really miss him..we both care for each other and I dont know whether or not he'll stay in wasnt a big of a crime he did more like he has been accused and snitched on about something his stupid friends made him do...
    2 Relationships 60
  197. Safe for her to go back to the mall?
    One of my friends went through a shoplifting phase and stopped once she finnaly got caught. Now shes worried that if she goes back to the mall shed get caught for the past shoplifting she did due to video surrvallience pictures..its been 4 months so do...
    6 Shopping 24
  198. Guys? What intrest you about a girl
    I thought I would ask what intrest you the most about a girl!!! And I have another one if you had to go to jail for 90 days would you want your ex that you have been on and off for five years or no why or why not?
    4 Relationships 13
  199. April 15th coming, if you don't pay will you also get a pass ?
    Does America have leaders that don't pay their taxes, but expect the little people to ante up or go to jail?
    3 Politics 12
  200. who thinks chris b beat up rih...???
    who thinks chris b beat up rih...??? I do and I think she should either kick his butt or put his butt in jail for 9 years...!!! "dang chris you really freaked it up this time"... :(
    2 Entertainment 12
  201. what is the right limit age to date?
    If a 17 year almost 18 gets a 14 year old pregnant will the 17 year go to jail still if he got her pregnant when he was 17?
    4 Relationships 44
  202. Stay or move on
    My ex is in jail ..getting 2 years he has realy hurt me and still wants me to be with him I love him so you think he will change how he says or should I just forget about him?
    2 Relationships 20
  203. how to pass a U.A. fast
    okay so I' on probation and I have to give u.a.'s but how doi clean them fast like pills or secret tricks please thank you your all saving me from jail! +peace out
    3 Health 506
  204. How to get back to school if I left home years ago?
    I need to know what I can do. Im 18 now I left home when I was 15 what can I do so I can get my I.d so I can go back 2 school.without going 2 jail
    4 Education 51
  205. getting high
    my dad is threating me. he sayin he going to throw me in jail for smelluin like weed and looking high even tho I aint so help damnit help
    4 Family 53
  206. My boyfriend is really comfortable with being naked
    Ok so if you have read my earlier questions then you know that my boyfriend is in jail right now. We communicate through letters and through visiting eachother. He is really comfortable with being naked and I don't know I think it is just weird I don't...
    2 Relationships 120
  207. Why does he try ??
    My dad has never been around .. Hes alway been a drug addict an clucked off all my mons stuff .. He stole from here and everything . He's been in and out of jail and evrytging . Now that I'm visiting his my ( my grandma ) and now he's trying to be my d...
    6 Family 34
  208. Will they revoke or reinstate and give him a chance?
    My boyfriend is in jail,and I miss him so on probation so I cant see him.tomorrow is his court.its his 1st violation and no new you think they will revoke or reinstate and give him a chance?.
    2 General 14
  209. Is it likely his new addiction to God will stick?
    I have an old friend who was recently released from jail. He was pretty bad into drugs. Now he has discovered religion (I am not against it) I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with this and if it is likely his new God addiction will stick?
    8 Religion 30
  210. Can a 15 year old date a 18 year old legally?
    I am 15 years of age and the guy I am talking to us 18 years of age. We are not have any sexually contact just hold hands and things like that, is it legal for us to date! Or can he be sent to jail over it?
    5 Sex 21
  211. How easy is it for someone like a future employer or, well, anyone, to discover if you've been arrested for a misdemeanor as an adult?
    My girlfriend was arrested for shoplifting and is now applying for jobs and is worried about the outcome.
    5 General 27
  212. Does anyone know the handgun laws???
    I know handgun laws vary from state to state but I have a permit to carry and if someone threatened me can I shoot them? Do I have to be attacked first??? Will I go to jail if someone is attacking me and I shoot them??? Btw I live in washington
    4 Politics 19
  213. Running away till your 18
    Can you get in trouble or go to jail if your 16 and run away till your 18. then finally come back?and you left with your girl friend who has a child that we took with us?
    4 Family 88
  214. How can I move out of my dads house and I'm 14?
    I dont like living with my mom so I moved into my dads. I hate it here more,I want to move out and possibly move in with either my best friend or my boyfriend. But! My boyfriend is 17 soon to turn 18 in a few months and we're not allowed to be together...
    3 Family 137
  215. Mah aunt! =(
    My uncle is in jail for trying to rape his own daughter... Hes the husband of my aunt(mom's sister) but the husband is the worst of the worst... He's bipolar, he thinks men are greater then women,he hits my aunt,he made my aunt hate her own family! He ...
    6 Relationships 50
  216. What places hire for felonies??
    My boyfriend is in jail right now and he has felonies on him... And he gets out in december and wants to get a job.. But we arent to sure what places hire felonies.. I would apperciate it if anybody could give me a list of places that hire felonies...
    2 Money 55
  217. Is this right
    Is it right that my dad told me that he was going to come get me 4 fathers day and never did?? He was always in and out of my lyfe and always in and out of jail whe he said that how was going to come get me for weekends he never kept his word. I just d...
    3 Family 7
  218. Is it OK to leave a 9-year-old home alone?
    okay my friend has a stepson and they just found out that his momand grandmom leaves this 9yo alone all day while they are at work and her husband is to scared to do anything ... and to make things even more wierd is the boys mom married a flipping per...
    5 Babies 104
  219. What to do if I'm 15 and might be pregnant?
    ok look I am 15 and I might pregnant but im 15 and mi boifriends 18 but what shotld I do he will be thre for me and the baby but I am scared and I really dont want himgoing to jail
    10 Health 135
  220. should I stay or should I go
    ok I found out my boyfriend got a girl pregnant befor he went to jail and she lost the baby. now he wants to get married. so does he really love me or am I a rebound. :(
    4 Relationships 8
  221. What should I do with my Cheating boyfriend?
    Ok so I have a boyfriend. He went to jail on Jan.1, 2010. I've heard a lot of rumors about that he cheated on me before he went to jail. When he called my house phone, I asked him about it and he said it wasn't true. So I believed him. Then I go to his...
    4 Relationships 51
  222. The love of my life is in juvie for 90 days what to do?
    I dont know what to do im going crazyyy? He droped dirty once and they have not even started him jail time yettt he has been there sense spring break ;(?
    8 Relationships 21
  223. Josh getting out
    My boyfriend is finally gettin out of jail, but now I have a problem. I started talking to another boy, and he thinks I like him, but I dont know how to turn him away from me before josh thinks I was cheating. I dont know what to flippin out
    2 Relationships 39
  224. Online poker, is it illegal?
    I'm terrible but learning, so I'm actually winnning a little bit, will I be sent to jail by the irs or the fbi or the cia? I won $100. Is that income? I'm totally confused.
    10 Gaming 14
  225. Law and order svu??
    Ok, well I love law and order svu. And my friend was telling me about a good episode and she doesn't know what it is called. All she said was that is it when olivia goes undercover in a jail and pretends to be an inmate.
    2 Entertainment 46
  226. Homeschooling: Agree or Disagree ?
    A German family is paying a high price for home schooling their children. Juergen and Rosemarie Dudek were hauled into court and ordered to pay $1,500 in fines for home schooling their children. But the prosecutor was not satisfied and brought them bac...
    21 Education 647
  227. Cars problem
    A client of me bought a cars using my credit and after we deliver the cars to mexico he stop the payments in hide the cars, now the bank is suit me ...! I do not what to do, the guy change his address phone # and my family is very scare that I can g...
    3 Technology 26
  228. Can I move out if I'm only 16?
    my momz is always yelling at me for something. I think she is on drugs but I dont want to send her to jail again. so I have been taking the abuse from her but not her boyfriend. if he comes near me I will beat his face in. so I want to move out but im ...
    7 Family 128
  229. How to get emancipated?
    I want to get emancipated but my parents wont let me I hate living with my dad step mom and grandma I used to live in michigan but my mom went back to jail,and my dad took me back.. what do I do I just want to get away and leave them
    7 Family 51
  230. What will happen to a young person who has been falsely accused of a crime?
    Hi, we live in Florida and my friend is in jail right now because someone stole some stuff and blamed it on him. I know he didn't do anything wrong. They have no proof because all the hand prints were wiped off of everything. My friend is very young a...
    5 Politics 26
  231. Poetry for someone who needs encouragement
    Okay so I know someone who needs some encouragement to stay strong and always stay up through this difficult time. Does anyone know a good poem I could send him?? ((he's in jail serving 7 years only 21years old))
    3 Literature 54
  232. Luv Lockdown
    So I have a boyfriend whom I luv tons, we have been together for almost 5 years. But druing that WHOLE 5 years he has been in jail. Im kinda seeing this other guy and he is the sweetest person ever! My question is should I stay with my boyfriend or 5 y...
    2 Relationships 57
  233. Female sex offenders get away with the crime more?
    Ok I'm gonna get a little serious here. But I want to know if you think female sex offenders get away with the crime more than the male sex offenders? Because if you really think about it you rarely hear about female sex offenders being arrested or ge...
    9 Sex 137
  234. Why can't I forget about being raped?
    When I was 3 or 4 I was raped by my father. He went to jail for sexual abuse. Now I am scared to do anything with a guy. When will I get over being raped? Do you think my dad will ever call me back? I hate having that though in my head. I hate the thou...
    9 Sex 58
  235. My dad is always standing me up
    so my dad always lies to me he;s controlling and is always playing mind games with me and I hate it...he was in jail my hole life till I was like 10 and the he got out may of 03 and was out till october he was arrested for like 2 days ad then was out ...
    3 Family 46
  236. Consequences of taking a child out of state without permission from the other parent?
    If two people were divorced and had joint custody of their children and one of those parents took their children out of state (AZ) on vacation without the other parents permission what would the consequences be? Would that particular parent lose joint ...
    2 Family 45
  237. Are the Jonas Brothers in court for drug use?
    people are saying really gay things like the jonas brothers are in court and maybe going to jail for drug use and its making me mad because I dont think they would do that but I keep on hearing it over and over again. does any one no anything???
    4 Drugs 23
  238. I am not supposed to hate anyone... yet how can I NOT hate him?
    ok I am trying to become more religious and I want to involve God more in my life. one of the sins is hating someone. yet how can I not hate someone who abused my own sister and ruined my life? and no not her boyfriend or anything, my dad, her stepdad....
    6 Religion 35
  239. Should we help to get you arrested in your home country?
    I'm not going to name names, but one of the sites out there which people routinely use helped put somebody in jail. Turned over their personal info so the authorities in that country could track them down and arrest them. This wasn't in the US. Pers...
    11 Funadvice 24
  240. What happens if an 18 year old boy gets a 15 year old girl pregnant in Scotland?
    I am writing an essay about underage pregnancies in the UK but mostly in Scotland. I know a few girls that got pregnant when they were under 16 and none of the boys got charged or went to jail, so I've got a question: What would happen if an 18 year ol...
    7 Relationships 509
  241. Why does our justice system allow rapists to live?
    I want to know why people who rape someone are allowed to live. Why are they let out of jail after a certain time and allowed to walk down the street among billions of possible victims? explain this to me, why can people who have done something so repu...
    19 Politics 120
  242. Does this mean I am pregnant?
    Hello plezz help!! I know older women get mad at this problem but I really need help!! I think I'm pregnant!! My boyfriend is in jail!! and I'm just a lost person!! See my brest are very soar and they are growing!! my belly is really getting big!! and ...
    6 Health 17
  243. Hiding My Boyfriend from my Mother
    I am 16 I will be 17 August 16TH and my boyfriend is 22 and I think I love him but I don't know how to tell him im scared he wont fell the same,and my mother works in a jail and she doesnt want me dating older guys but she did when she was younger what...
    3 Relationships 17
  244. Are child sex offenders let off too lightly?
    do you think child sex offenders should get a longer jail sentence for ruining a childs life? 5-10 years isnt really a lot to traumatise and probably ruin a young persons life before it has really even begun!
    10 Sex 18
  245. How much time will my boyfriend have to do ?
    He's 17 last night he got cought robbing a car they charged him with a felony and a mistor meaner he's currently in jail now and they gave him a 10,000 bail tomorrow is his court will the judge lower his bail ?
    4 General 15
  246. I am having a baby
    am pregnant and am happy but dont know how to tell my parents especially my dad that the father of my baby is a bald headed gangster who didnt finish high school doesnt work has been in and out of jail many times and has to do with umm drugs
    7 Relationships 39
  247. I need help
    jonathan is 24. im 15 . we started dating when I was 14 and him 23. He taught me how to be strong and stand up for myself. My dad dont approve of him because of his past. So my dad had him put in jail for stagitory rape. Its not a walk in the park for ...
    7 Relationships 26
  248. true thoughts needed!
    do you think that theres anything wrong for a 16 year old to date or hang out with a 19yr going on 20 or do you think like my mom that hes just trying to be a crib robber/ jail bait honest opinons
    2 Relationships 20
  249. trying to help my brother get a job
    do you know anyone who hire peoples with felony record but only been to jail in dallas texas I'm trying to help my brother get a job I took him some temp service and he could not get a job because of his record and he is really trying if you know of a...
    3 Money 46
  250. Is it common for a Vice President to shoot somebody?
    I realize that he's the former Vice President now...but, it's still shocking to think that the 2nd highest elected official in the country could shoot a guy and not do jail time. Is it common to shoot people when you're vice president? If so...I think...
    11 Politics 63