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  1. Project Playlist deleting playlists
    on project playlist is it possible to delete your playlists? if so, how?
    3 Technology 54
  2. Deleting an iPod playlist?
    how do I delete an ipod playlist
    4 Music 44
  3. how do you put music on iTunes?
    how do you put music on iTunes?
    2 Technology 10
  4. What are some good playlist names??
    4 Music 102
  5. what's so special about the beatles being on iTunes?
    8 Music 35
  6. Why on iTunes is there only one song but on my iTouch there is a copy of the songs I have brought off of iTunes and how do I fix it?
    2 Music 24
  7. how do I create an itunes account?
    how do I create an itunes account? is it free?
    3 Technology 17
  8. Burning songs from itunes to a CD?
    How do I burn songs from itunes to a cd
    2 Technology 14
  9. limewire/frostwire and itunes!!
    can limewire/frostwire be used for ipods on itunes? if so, how?
    2 Music 59
  10. How can I send songs from my itunes to my phone?
    How can I send songs from my itunes to my phone?
    3 Technology 25
  11. Can you undo a ringtone you bought on iTunes?
    2 Technology 12
  12. Is the itunes version 10 good?
    4 Technology 17
  13. why does my ipod not come up on itunes when i plug it in??
    4 Technology 13
  14. how can i add my songs on itunes to my droid?
    2 Technology 10
  15. Do you have to register an itouch on itunes before you can use it?
    3 Technology 11
  16. How di I get my Limewire playlist, on Itunes to sync to my iPOD Classic? Getting very frustrated!!!
    2 Technology 25
  17. Is this band on itunes?
    Is this band on itunes??? Nevershoutnever.. just wondering
    5 Music 18
  18. Can you put your DVDs on iTunes?
    Is there a way you can put your dvd's on itunes?
    4 Entertainment 134
  19. How do I remove duplicate songs in my iTunes library?
    4 Music 21
  20. How do I update my iTunes if I already chose not to the other day?
    3 Technology 13
  21. Is there any way to put movies from uTorrent into iTunes?
    2 Technology 23
  22. Can you get movies that aren't out yet on Itunes?
    3 Technology 33
  23. Why aren't there any new songs coming out on iTunes?
    4 Music 28
  24. Songs to buy on itunes?
    I am gonna buy about 10 more songs on itunes. Any ideas?
    2 Music 15
  25. Ares songs into itunes?
    How do you download Ares songs onto itunes? or limewire?
    3 Technology 77
  26. How can I find Stunner Glasses on iTunes?
    I am trying to find it on iTunes. I can't. If it is there, what is it named under?
    2 Music 26
  27. Do they have the Beatles on Itunes?
    yeah I cant find the real beatles on itunes
    2 Music 11
  28. Songs from iPod Touch to iTunes?
    Is there a way to put my songs from my touch to my iTunes and if so how
    3 Music 8
  29. Need itunes help?
    How much does an itunes account cost?
    3 Technology 20
  30. How do I put dvd's on my itunes?
    I am trying to but my dvd's on my itunes but I dont know how to do it.
    5 Technology 44
  31. How to i transfer the music from the library on itunes,to my actual ipod?
    7 Technology 38
  32. Why does iTunes take so long to read my iPod Touch?
    3 Technology 15
  33. When on Itunes, do things you download can they only go on your ipod or a disk too?
    5 Technology 16
  34. The New Version Of iTunes Is Out Has Anyone installed it yet?
    2 Technology 7
  35. How you you get songs from your laptop (iTunes) onto a cd?
    3 Technology 13
  36. Why isn't Paranormal Activity available for rent on iTunes?
    3 Entertainment 12
  37. Can you buy apps with an iTunes gift card, or is there an app store gift card?
    3 Shopping 20
  38. How do I get a downloaded .zip music file into my iTunes?
    3 Technology 12
  39. How come I cant find any techno songs on itunes?
    How come I cant find any techno songs on itunes? Any tips?
    5 Music 40
  40. How to upload songs from iTunes to Bebo?
    How Do I Upload My Music From Itunes Onto Bebo... Or Is It Possible?
    2 Technology 45
  41. Transfer music from Ipod to Itunes
    How can I put music on my Ipod onto the Itunes library?
    6 Technology 47
  42. iTunes Help..
    How do you order your iTunes music by the artist/album and not alphabetical order?
    2 Technology 9
  43. How many songs do your friends have on itunes?
    BORED SO I AM ASKING THIS QUESTION... how many songs do you have on your itunes?
    9 Music 8
  44. Why are all my desktop icons set for iTunes?
    why are all my icons the same picture (itunes picture) and when i try to open an icon it takes me to my itunes?
    3 Technology 70
  45. Why is my iTunes taking almost an entire day just to import a cd?
    3 General 10
  46. why won't my itunes recognises that my ipod touch is connected to the computer?
    2 Technology 49
  47. Do I have to have an iTunes account to download music to my phone, does it cost anything?
    3 Technology 33
  48. Does anyone know how to get your downloaded songs from Frostwire to itunes?
    2 Music 7
  49. Why won't the cover art for iTunes work any more?
    is everyone having this error?
    3 Technology 9
  50. Do iTunes gift cards expire if you don't use them for a long time?
    8 Shopping 20
  51. What are some fun games I can put on my iPod Touch from The iTunes Store?
    4 Technology 10
  52. Major confusion with the itunes
    Why isn't kid rock on I tunes???
    4 Technology 19
  53. Songs to itunes
    Is there anyway 2 insert songs from your ipod to itunes if all the ongs are from limewire?
    3 Technology 26
  54. Movie transfer from pc to itunes
    Please help me. How can I transfer movies I already have on my computer to itunes movies
    2 Technology 19
  55. itunes, can it detect Limewire?
    if you download itunes can it detect lime wire on your computer or ipod?
    2 Technology 46
  56. getting music from my ipod onto itunes?
    how can I put music FROM my ipod onto my itunes? which program do I need?
    4 Music 42
  57. convert dvds onto iTunes..?
    How can I get one of my dvds onto iTunes so I can watch it on my iPhone?
    3 Technology 54
  58. Music on iPod without iTunes?
    How can I put music on my ipod without having itunes but if I have music in the my documents part of my comuter
    15 Technology 93
  59. burning itunes movies
    okay so I know how to burn music from itunes to a blank CD. but how do I burn movies from my itunes to a blank dvd?
    2 Technology 24
  60. What does it mean when itunes says I need to download 64 bit itunes instead of 32 bit?
    I tried downloading the standard itunes from on my laptop but it didn't work and said that.
    7 Technology 101
  61. How come my iTunes is frozen on my computer screen and it wont let me exit off ??
    7 Technology 58
  62. Is there a way to transfer all the songs from iTunes on one computer to another?
    Not just the purchased songs?
    3 Technology 6
  63. What are good playlist names?
    I have all kinds of music so I'm open to anything =)
    2 Music 58
  64. How do you make a playlist with QuickTime?
    Like on Windows Media Player. Is it possible?
    4 Technology 91
  65. Song I cant find on itunes
    have any of you heard the song "do you wanna F*ck" ? and why isnt it on itunes?
    2 Music 10
  66. Why does my connection time out on iTunes?
    when I try to download anything off itunes it says my conection timed out how do I fix it
    2 Technology 8
  67. Putting itunes videos on youtube
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to put an itunes video on youtube? Thanks
    4 Technology 45
  68. Ipod to Itunes Transfer
    How can I take music off old ipod and put on new laptop Itunes?
    3 Technology 66
  69. How to burn a CD from iTunes?
    hey can anyone help me? can you tell me how to burn songs from itunes to a cd? thanxx
    5 Technology 46
  70. I can't find this song on itunes!
    I can't find the song - I'm sorry I am.. by brokencyde- on itunes. what do I do?? I really want that song!
    7 Music 32
  71. where's a site where i can download full length new songs for free and transfer them to itunes?
    4 Music 12
  72. where can i go to find the full version of let me sign by robert pattison other than itunes?
    4 Music 9
  73. ACDC won't come up when I try searching for it on itunes?
    how come ACDC won't come up when I try searching for it on itunes? there are tributes to it, but how come the original artists aren't there?
    2 Music 48
  74. iTunes + Virus
    Ok quick one before I end up yelling at my mom,does iTunes have any kidn of viruses attached to it!!!
    3 Technology 12
  75. How many MB does downloading itunes take?
    How many MB does downloading itunes take. I tried downloading it and it's at 23.1MB It's been about an hour. How long is it going to take?
    3 Technology 366
  76. Where to put the code for a playlist on Myspace?
    I made a playlist at project and I got the code but where do I put the code in so that it will show up on myspace on my profile??
    2 Technology 121
  77. Can I unblock my Itunes if I un-install and then reinstall?
    IF I uninstall and then reinstall my itunes from my computer will it be unblocked from my family protection if I reinstall it?
    3 Technology 19
  78. What should I download on iTunes?
    I don't know what to download on iTunes. When I'm not here to do it I'm thinking of songs all the time but when I get there I forget. Any song suggestions?
    2 Music 8
  79. How do I get my iTunes to sync?
    I used limewire, I dragged and dropped all the songs onto my itunes, and now it wont sync... How do I get it to sync???
    2 Music 22
  80. Anyone know of any good sites to make a music playlist?
    Anyone know of any good sites to make a music playlist that I can post on my myspace besides project playlist?
    4 Music 62
  81. How much does the song "Chaccaron Maccaron" by El Chombo cost on iTunes?
    2 Music 13
  82. Why have itunes prices gone up???
    When you buy a itunes card, it says each song is $1.69, now some of them are $2.19 or sumthing... Why is this??? I hate it!!! :@
    6 Music 56
  83. transferring from frostwire to itunes?
    my frostwire won't let me drag the files to the itunes there a different way to get them there?
    5 Music 172
  84. Playlist on profile page on FunAdvice
    Do you think it would be cool if on this site you could have a song playlist on your profile page? x
    6 Funadvice 22
  85. How to add a playlist on windows media player to burn a cd?
    I have a windows media player for burning cd and I was wondering how do I add songs to my playlist cause its empty?
    2 Technology 42
  86. creating ringtones on itunes
    Has anyone tried creating ringtones on itunes? [[you right click the song and click create ringtone]] Does it work? And is it for only one dollar?
    2 Music 14
  87. How much does an iTunes gift card cost?
    Can someone please let me know? Thanks
    5 Shopping 16
  88. Movies from computer onto itunes
    I have movies that are already downloaded onto my computer I want some of these movies onto my ipod. Is there anyway to transfer some of these movies onto itunes so they can be put onto my ipod? If so how?
    8 Technology 66
  89. Convert iTunes songs into Mp3 format?
    How do I convert my itunes music songs into mp3 files so that I can get them onto my walkman phone?
    4 Technology 58
  90. Why do the songs that I convert from YouTube to iTunes have errors when I click on them?
    and they say that the file cant be located?
    2 Technology 9
  91. How do I transfer music (drag and drop method) to my Blackberry without making a playlist or having to sync?
    3 Technology 18
  92. From itunes to my ipod
    Does anyone know stepbystep how I can download music to my folder then to ultimately on the ipod nano ???
    3 Entertainment 15
  93. can you put the playlists from on here?
    The playlists that you can get off of can you put those on here? because you can put them on facebook & stuff but not myspace anymore. but can u??? thanx! ~Ciara~
    2 Funadvice 8
  94. will my new ipod wipe my songs on itunes?
    my ipod may get sent back and have a new one so if I got a new one will it wipe my songs on itunes?
    4 Technology 44
  95. Why won't my Limewire songs go into my iTunes anymore?
    All the songs I got from limewire are in my limewire folders on limewire, but won't transfer into my itunes and to my ipod. Why is this? And what can I do to fix it?
    10 Technology 36
  96. who know if you get music from itunes you can transfer it to an mp3 like windows media player?
    6 Technology 23
  97. how do I move my frostwire music into my itunes?
    It wont et me drag my music into m itunes. on my itunes it has a link under homeshareing that has my frostwire music on there. but how do I get it on my itunes list??? PLEASE HELP!!!
    3 Technology 47
  98. iTunes rentals
    Is there any way to make the iTunesw rentals last longer? And also, how do you view what movies you rented from iTunes on iTunes? There on my iPod, but I can't find them on iTunes. Help!?!?!
    4 Technology 24
  99. Why does my iphone tell me to hook it up to itunes?
    I just bought an iphone... not from the store. but on ebay. and I have no ideaa how to use it. and it says to hook it up to itunes... what will happen next. and what will happen to the itunes on the computer
    2 Music 83
  100. What are some good songs to download from iTunes?
    I've pretty much downloaded all the songs that I like from iTunes and am looking for your suggestions. Please send me some good song choices to download from iTunes.
    18 Music 275
  101. Why doesn't iTunes let you download mixtapes to your iphone/ipod?
    It allows you to download to itunes, but when you try to sync the mixtape(s) onto your device it won't let you. Why is that?
    2 Technology 23
  102. iTunes, please answer(:
    if you download an app for free on iTunes, will you still get billed? or anything sent in the mail?
    3 Gaming 10
  103. What will happen if I try to plug in my new Ipod on my old Itunes?
    will I have to download a new Itunes and lose all my songs? Please and Thank you!
    3 Technology 52
  104. Why doesnt itunes download on windows 7?
    I tried to download itunes on my pc and it said wasnt compatiable with win 32.
    2 Technology 72
  105. When you buy a movie from itunes can you watch it on your ipod?
    I am wanting to buy a movie from itunes but I don't know if I can watch it. Can anyone answer my question? Also when I 'buy' it I am really buying it?
    2 Technology 58
  106. is it possible with itunes to change my account from an old ipod to a new one and regain all the songs and apps i had on the old one?
    2 Technology 9
  107. Fun Pumping Playlist
    Does Anyone Know Any Good Playlists For Jogging? I Jog Daily With My Dog But I'm Getting Tired Of My Playlist. I Need A Pumping Fun One. ??? ;)
    10 Nutritionfitness 19
  108. Why isn't iTunes working?
    When I plug my iPod into my computer..and go on iTunes..and try to sync the won't work..and the songs I try putting on it,isn't working? Is there something wrong with my iTunes?
    2 Music 33
  109. Itunes Applacations
    How do I make an Applacation, like name a good free programme for making them... Godd ones that I could submit to iTunes or something
    2 Technology 33
  110. Song Lyrics On iTunes.
    How can you put song lyrics on iTunes if you didn't buy the song from it? If you downloaded it from Limewire or another one similar to it, how would you do that? Thankss. [:
    5 Music 31
  111. What are some songs for my playlist?
    Mmk, so I started a new playlist with stuff, and I was wondering if anyone had some songs to contribute? I can't think of anymore, lol..
    3 Music 48
  112. What version of itunes did the motorola rokr e1 come with?
    My rokr doesnt seem to connect with the lastest version of itunes...wanna dl a earlier version
    2 Technology 7
  113. Why does iTunes keep deleting my music?
    Everytime I open it my music is GONE. So I put it all back off of Frostwore and it's gone again! I just want this to end :'( I want my music to stay where it's put!!! Why does iTunes keep doing this??
    5 Technology 56
  114. Why wont my ipod show up on itunes?!
    Ohhkayy so I pluged in my ipod and it wont show up on itunes, I know theres nothing wrong with the cord because it says its charging. What do I do?
    4 Technology 32
  115. How to put your itunes music on a blackberry 8800?
    Ok so I just got a blackberry 8800 and I was wanting to put music on it but I dont know how? And can you put itunes music on it?? Please help me!!1 =]
    2 Music 41
  116. Is there any program, 100% free, that can transfer my songs off my iPod to my iTunes?
    I've looked but in the end I have to end up buying it to download all my songs.
    5 Technology 16
  117. Good love playlist?
    I'm making a CD for my best friend (guy) and I want it to be love songs - any suggestions?
    6 Relationships 36
  118. What are the most expensive apps in the iTunes store?
    I know: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are Apple apps that are worth $9.99 each, but I was wondering if there are some that are more expensive.
    5 Technology 10
  119. Rented Movies on Itunes
    how do I put my rented movies onto my video ipod??? It is in my libray but not in my ipod I have tried everything please help me!
    2 Technology 10
  120. Why doesn't iTunes let me change the title of my songs?
    I double click the song, doesn't work. I click 'get info' and it doesn't let me click on anything. How can I change the titles? :/
    3 Technology 11
  121. how do i put music on my ipod without buying off of itunes, i dont mind buying it but i dont have money for 1.29 or .99 all the time,???
    10 General 20
  122. Renting movies from iTunes?
    What is the deal with rented movies from iTunes? How long do we get to keep them? Can we download them onto our iPods? Why are they so cheap? Can anyone tell me what its about, because there is a movie I want to get off of iTunes but it says I can only...
    3 Technology 144
  123. itune wont burn
    why wont my itunes burn me an mp3 disc off the playlist I chose? I ripped three of my discs and want them on one mp3 disc to conserve space in my cd changer.
    2 Technology 13
  124. How to burn a movie from iTunes?
    hey can you tell me how to burn a movie from itunes onto a disc and alos how to import a movie from a disc onto itunes and also where to fing the chat at thanks in advance
    3 Technology 82
  125. Can you put songs from your iPod into iTunes?
    Can you plug your iPod into your comp, and transfer your iPod songs into your iTunes library? I have thousands of songs and am hoping that I can transfer them from my iPod to my girlfriend's iTunes library. So she can pick out which songs she wants on...
    11 Technology 44
  126. How can I put a YouTube song I converted into an mp3 file on iTunes?
    I want to put the song on my ipod through itunes. My friend does it, but she has a different computer. I have an HP and she has some other kind.
    7 Technology 20
  127. How do I edit my songs in iTunes?
    When I plug my iPod touch into the computer, it brings up iTunes, and all my songs have on it. How do I change the name of some of the songs? On some of the songs, it'll let me edit them, and others it won't.
    2 Music 39
  128. how do you by itunes and pay per month instead of song?
    im getting an ipod touch but my parents want to pay by the month because its cheaper...
    4 Music 156
  129. itunes doesnt work on my computer
    I have windows vista 32 bit and download and reinstall many times and it still doesnt work
    2 Technology 19
  130. 2009 hollister playlist
    I heard a song todya that was acoustic by a younger guy with a great beat anyone know what it is?
    17 Music 126
  131. Why doesnt it show that I have itunes?
    A while ago my computer broke down. So I couldnt put songs on my ipod. We had to get a new computer & I downloaded itunes I guess? It sends my emails and stuff but it doesnt show that I have itunes. Why? What do I do to get itunes so I can put songs on...
    2 Technology 15
  132. Where do I find my playlist on my ipod?
    I have syncd and put a playlist on my ipod but I cant find it on my ipod. it doesnt say "playlist" or "workout mix" or anything like that anywhere on my ipod. Can anyone help me please?
    3 Technology 147
  133. How can I move music from my Windows Media Player to my Itunes?
    How can I transfer music please be specific I tried highlighting the songs and dragging them over to my ITunes but it didnt work.
    3 Technology 47
  134. how do i put songs onto itunes from cds??
    i put the cd in the cd drive and i choose for it to go on itunes but each track is an 'album' of its own and its labled as 'track 1' or 'track 15' etc.
    5 Music 42
  135. Why won't my iPod show up on iTunes
    My ipod will no longer show up on itunes when connected to the computer,although the cable is obviously working since it says the ipod is charging - any ideas?
    26 Technology 553
  136. Check all the songs on my itunes
    I want to add my itunes songs to my ipod but I dont want to click on them all individually is there a way I can just check them all it would save a lot of time thanks
    2 Music 47
  137. where can I get music besides limewire and itunes?
    where can I get a good version of the song I wouldnt mind by he is we? limewire just isnt working, and I tried itunes but they dont have it either.
    5 Music 54
  138. free iTunes games
    How do I get the free itunes games?I have an account but every time I try to install one it says authorization failed how do I DO IT??? (for iPod touch)
    2 Gaming 40
  139. Deleting loads of songs at once off itunes?
    I've really gone off Nickelback, and I want to delete all their songs I have on their. Is their a way that I can delete a load of artist's songs at once, rather than going one by one?
    2 Technology 51
  140. If itunes uninstalls does it delete all your purchased songs?
    When you get a new hardrive, it uninstalls everything, correct? Which means it uninstalls itunes, but if you reinstall itunes, does the songs you purcahsed stay on there or do you have to re-purchase them all? Thanks,
    4 Music 104
  141. How Do I Delete A Playlist From My iPod Nano 4th Generation?
    I want to delete a playlist from my 8GB iPod Nano 4th Generation WITHOUT using that stupid iTunes. I know it's possible because I've done it before. I just can't remember how I did it.
    4 Technology 125
  142. When: Can an itunes prepaid card?
    Can a prepaid Itunes card buy apps for anipod touch? Cause there's one I saw one for 15 dollars that said itunes music. I was just wondering would this work to buy apps.
    2 Technology 7
  143. Why doesn't Windows live messenger show music I'm listening to on Itunes but shows music on Windows media player ?
    Itunes is set as default but it doesn't show on Windows live messenger. I don't like WMP but messenger keeps showing the music on there.
    3 Technology 35
  144. How do you use an iTunes gift card?
    ummmmm okay I've clearly never done this before :D I scratched off the thing on the back but I can't figure out where you enter that on iTunes…
    2 Shopping 44
  145. Is iTunes allowed erase my downloaded songs?
    I just downloaded 14 new songs, as soon as I plugged my iPod in, it erased EVERYTHING I had on it without my permission. Are they allowed to do this? Is there anything I can do to recover my songs?
    3 Technology 16
  146. Why has all my itunes music disappeared?
    I'm quite worried :o I just opened up my itunes to find that everything had disappeared! There is absolutely nothing and all my playlists have gone. What on earth is going on? Can anyone help?
    2 Technology 80
  147. My iPod isn't showing up in iTunes...
    It says that iTunes isn't working because something's not letting it communicate with the iPod. I've tried installing iTunes twice already, and nothing seems to be working. Please help!
    2 Technology 54
  148. Can't open up iTunes
    Whenever I try to open up iTunes I have this error box popping up saying 'The folder "iTunes' cannot be found or created, and is required. The default location for this folder is inside the "My Music" folder.' That's all it says. Can I fix it? How?
    4 Technology 15
  149. How do I get itunes to count what I listen to on my ipod?
    Sometimes when I listen to songs on my ipod and I connect it to my computer my play counts don't change but sometimes it will work? and I'm not sure what I'm doing differently each time? How can I get my songs to always get counted on itunes? once conn...
    3 Music 9
  150. How do I put music on my ipod touch from playlist?
    Okay so I got music on my ipod touch but I want music from play list So how do I get playlist songs on to my ipod touch? I realy need help please and thankes
    2 Technology 64
  151. iTunes help please?
    can someone please tell me who to create an iTunes acount without putting in a crdit card number, I jus want to be able to get album artwork. help me please!
    2 Music 12
  152. How do you put someone elses itunes library onto my ipod?
    alright me fiend wants me to put some songs on her ipod using my itunes but I heard the only way you can put songs on someone else's ipod is by deleting all the songs on that ipod is there another way I can put songs on here ipod without doin that
    4 Technology 69
  153. can I charge my ipod without an itunes?
    I switched computars recently, and I lost my itunes obviously. Im going to download it later with my brother but I was wondering if I could charge my ipod from my computar without the itunes? And also when I make my new itunes will my ipod loose all it...
    4 Technology 10
  154. on iTunes, is there a difference between HD and normal
    I want to get a movie, but I'm not sure if it's worth the extra 4 dollars or whatever for it. I have an iPod classic, if that makes a difference.
    2 Technology 64
  155. What are the best songs to get from the Beatles now that they are on itunes?
    I love many of their songs, but frankly don't know any by song title....if somebody could post a few of the titles of their favorites, I'd be really grateful.
    19 Music 27
  156. Help with itunes please
    I cant get my security code on my american express card to work, and I know that the number is on the front of the card above the main card number but it wont work. Someone help?
    3 Technology 12
  157. why won't podcasts drag into playlists like they did on my ipod?
    a friend said they need converted into audio/music files first, but I don't know how to accomplish this. Please, please help.
    2 Technology 14
  158. How can I know if I'm buying tracks by having an itunes gift card and maybe not
    So an itunes code generator was just received by me and I used it using my iphone. A song was purchased by me, and I was thinking how could I know if it's using the gift card to buy tracks, or my credit card using my phone?
    3 Shopping 39
  159. How can I group songs by different composers into one album on itunes?
    I imported my Plastic Beach by gorillaz CD onto iTunes and it broke a majority of the songs into their own seperate albums. How do i put them all together to be more organized?
    3 Music 33
  160. When I put itunes back on and try and put new songs on it will it
    Hey so I have a ipod nano and I just got my laptop fixed(broken hard drive) and I was wondering when I put itunes back on and try and put new songs on it will it delete all my other songs..thanks guys
    2 Technology 11
  161. Ipod- itunes help?
    Can I take music from an ipod and move it into an empty itunes library? I just got a new one ipod touch.. but on my old ipod touch... I bought music from the itunes on my ipod.. so they weren't on my computer.. so if I sync my new one with the old lib...
    4 Technology 58
  162. Downloading from computer to iTunes???
    Hey, everyone! I've got a computer-related question. If I use iTunes for my MP3 stuff, but I also have music on my computer that's NOT in iTunes, but that I want on my iPod/ iPhone, could I just download it from my computer? And NO, I'm not very good w...
    4 Technology 11
  163. My Music, My Playlists
    OK so I made this account on, and I was do you add music? It says something about clickin a plus sign next to each track but I dont understand. Help Me!!!
    2 Music 30
  164. How do you sync your iPhone to a new iTunes account without erasing data off your phone?
    I can add the new music but it says it will erase my existing tunes! thats a big NO! Help please? :)
    4 Technology 9
  165. Alternatives to itunes
    Seriously...are there any? I just went and spent like $300 on an ipod classic and sat there and waited for itunes to download and it finally finished and then tells me I cant use it with windows xp...any suggestions??
    10 Music 18
  166. How can ipod to sync again to itunes?
    I have an 80gb which I cant sync to itunes, it worked fin before but now it starts syncing and then it gives me and \"error 50 or 69\". I have tried restoring but I keep having the same problem. all software is up to date. HELP! PLEASE!!!
    2 Technology 13
  167. Deleting iTune library that copied onto another computer
    Someone plugged their iPod into my computer and then plugged it back into their computer and now they have my whole iTunes library on their computer (I still have mine). Mine is a Mac, they have a PC. When highlighting the whole library, the option isn...
    3 Technology 41
  168. iTunes Problem
    Ok I ahven't used iTunes in such a long time,before I got on here I tried redownloading it,but it keeps saying that Norton Security Centere whatever is suspened and well I am having issues trying to get iTunes back.Help me out if you understand me.
    2 Entertainment 13
  169. Why does ITunes keep importing doubles and triples of my songs when I only have 1 copy of each?
    Very annoying.. I couldn't use a backup to make my library so had to start from scratch and now i have so many duplicates =(
    2 Technology 48
  170. How to re-add the "recently added" folder on itunes?
    I accidently deleted it when i tried deleting a song. now i need to put it back on so i can view all my new adds. but i have no clue how to and will all of my songs that i recently added still be on the list?
    2 Music 15
  171. Syncing Someone Else's iPod on My iTunes
    Will I still be able to keep the exact same songs I have on my iPod,cause at the moment I'm putting songs on my friends' iPod,will it effect my iPod in anyway shape or form?
    4 Technology 72
  172. How to make a Myspace playlist?
    ok I have a mysapce and I want mroe than jsut one song playing and my friends all have playlists! but I don't know how to do that so thats what im wodnering how do I do it? also umm how do I change my extened network?
    3 Technology 40
  173. How do I get itunes back?
    Last week my computer froze so I flipped the switch which shut it down completely. When I turned it back on my Itunes was gone, and when I try to download it again it kept saying that I need to log-in as an administrator, but I don't know how. So, how ...
    2 Technology 37
  174. how do I get an itunes acount for my ipod without using credit ?
    when I try to click on itunes on my ipod a bubble pops up and asks for a password, "I dont know what thats about". wich brings me to my question, how do I delete the account and create my own itunes account with out using a credit card?
    3 Shopping 26
  175. Is there any way I can get rid of this stupid music player thing on iTunes?
    It's really freaking annoying. I'm talking about the big black thing thats suppose to show album covers.
    5 Technology 16
  176. Why won't iTunes recognize my iPod?
    I've already updated my iTunes to the latest version, tried turning off my computer, and have tried pluggin in my iPod to every USB on my computer. I also tried putting my iPod into recovery mode but neither iTunes nor my computer will recognize
    5 Technology 12
  177. Why does itunes keep rejecting my Ipod Nano?
    just recently... my ipod has been getting rejected by my itunes... it says "An iPod has been detected, but it could not be identified properly. Please disconnect and reconnect your iPod, then try again." This is very recent... its bugging and gettin m...
    2 Music 137
  178. How do I view top 200 most bought songs on itunes?
    I used to go to the itunes stores and in the side it would say the top 10 most bought songs, then there was a button you could click to view the top 200 but now it isn't there anymore. Does anyone know how I can view it again? it helped me with new music.
    2 Technology 62
  179. Eightys Playlist
    I'm making a playlist and I want it to be the 80s :D Electric. Ha Or maybe anything close to that. Examples: Billy Idol Styx Heart Dio The Cars Help me get some more ideas of who I want on there. Please ;]
    6 Music 15
  180. What if I don't have a credit card for iTunes?
    Okat this is driving me crazy! I got a Itunes gift card. But I do not have a credit card. When I go to the Itunes store, click redeem and press continue it said to sign up so I am, but now it says I need a credit card... I dont have a stupid credit car...
    5 Technology 29
  181. Why won't my ipod nano sync playlists?
    My ipod no longer sync playlists from itunes. I have the second generation ipod nano and people always tell me to click restore or refresh but the thing is that is nowhere on the screen. All the songs fit into my ipod but it won't go in there. Everytim...
    11 Technology 1662
  182. Why does my Ipod freeze iTunes?
    Several issues are plauging my Ipod yet again. ITunes is frozen everytime i connect my Ipod to the computer (tried different connections and wires). ITunes becomes completely unresponsive until i pull out my Ipod. Then it reverts to normal. My Ipod, ho...
    6 Technology 40
  183. Chocolate phone and iTunes library
    ok I just got a chocolate [phone] and I dont understnad how to sync mi itunes library to it, like the guide says to. its not worknig. someone please explain almost step by step bc this is frustrating me greatly thnx<3333
    2 Gaming 13
  184. How Can I Convert Youtube songs to iTunes?
    Hiya, I want to convert songs from youtube to itunes. Does anybody know any GOOD websites if possible without having to download a programme? I've tried SUPER and anyvideo any others people know that are quick and easy? thanks xxx
    3 Music 32
  185. Put songs on the ipod from itunes we dont know how to
    Most people have I pods and I tunes rite? Well my friend doesn't know who to do it. If anyone can help us that would be grate. Please explain clearly thanks
    3 Technology 6
  186. Why cant I get iTunes to work?
    I recently wanted to download something from itunes, but when I tried to, a window popped up saying I needed to download the newest version of itunes to do so. So I did, but then, when I tried to connect to the itunes store it said I needed to install ...
    2 Technology 35
  187. If I change computers will my iTunes songs still be there?
    I'm getting a new computer soon. I have never done this before so I NEED HELP!!! I have over 600 songs on iTunes, how do I transfer them to my new computer? Do I have to? I'm pretty much lost. (I have a compaq and i will be getting an hp, and im talkin...
    12 Technology 39
  188. How can I remove the middle part of a song in iTunes?
    So I have California Gurls by Katy Perry with Snoop Dog and I really want to take the part with Snoop Dog out. I searched iTunes and every version of this song features Snoop Dog so I can't buy it without him. Does anyone know if/how I can take the mid...
    5 Music 278
  189. How Do I get music I got from itunes onto my new laptop??
    Ok ...Help ! My Laptop Crashed so I got a new one :Dbut then I bought music of the itunes app on my ipod then when I plugged it into my new laptop ...nothin happend and now it wants to sync all my newly bought songs and the 495 others from CDs ... HEL...
    2 Technology 48
  190. How do I sync my iPod Nano with the iTunes on my computer?
    I got an ipod nano for christmas, and a 50dollar itunes card. I installed i tunes and downloaded a bunch of music, but I cant figure out how to get it all onto my ipod. I know about syncronization, but i cant figure it out... lol i feel like a caveman :P
    3 Technology 14
  191. Mp4 videos show up in iTunes but not on iPod.
    So I've been downloading a lot of mp4 videos, and there was no problem with putting them on my iPod. But for some reason about 10 of those videos DO show up in iTunes, but don't show up on my iPod. I have no idea why! Does anyone know what I have to do...
    3 Technology 54
  192. Lost my money on itunes. How to get it back?
    My computer froze up while I was in the process of buying songs. So I had to shut it down and when I went back on all the money was lost. I tried putting the card back in but it said it was already used. Someone told me how to get it back but I dont r...
    3 Technology 78
  193. Why does the song quality sound better on youtube and vs the song download from Itunes?
    Argh. I have the song Darling from Eyes Set To Kill on my ipod and when i just watched the vid and i'm listening to it now on to compare the sound quality because when i downloaded it off itunes it sounds different and...
    3 Technology 45
  194. How can I send iTunes music from one computer to another?
    The computer that has iTunes is having problem with its disc drive. Anyway i need to e-mail some music to my other computer so I can put it onto a cd. I need answers by thursday...srry if this isnt allowed but first person to help out will get points
    2 Technology 11
  195. How do you put your sogs onto itunes from limewire?
    I recently downloaded some songs using limewire, im trying to get them onto itunes but doesnt appear to be working. I have done it before but now I cant do it, when I go onto file in itunes I dont have the import button, I have tried everything else bu...
    3 Music 24
  196. Synching an iPod Nano
    I've noticed that when I sync my iPod with my computer, I have to resynch everything all over again in order to get just new songs that I've recently added. Is there anyway to get just new songs? If I select "recently added" then it just adds this an...
    2 Technology 39
  197. how do I get songs from frostwire to my itunes library?
    Yesterday I downloaded loads of songs and put them onto my ipod touch. but today I cant. I've tried click and dragging them to the library and I cant find what my shared folder is. In the side of itunes though it has a folder called Ricky's frostwire t...
    3 Technology 73
  198. ..sync songs from iphone to itunes?
    Is there a way I can sync songs from an iPhone to iTunes? Okay here is the thing .. I had to restore my computer to day one .. I had to delete everything .. I put everything on a external hard drive so everything but songs that I had rip from cds tha...
    2 Technology 36
  199. Chill music on iTunes radio?
    So most of the time when I work, I need some sort of music to keep me sane, especially since I'm on a busy road and the cars are super loud. So I listen to iTunes Radio, which has so many stations. But I was wondering, is there a station for just chill...
    3 Music 16
  200. Frostwire to itunes
    I downloaded frostwire and songs from frostwire about 2 hours ago and im trying to get them onto my ipod. I managed to figure out how to get the songs onto itunes but its under "shared music" and I cant seem to be able to drag and drop into my library...
    2 Technology 46
  201. Why is flo rida's new song right round not on itunes?
    I found it on another site (listening to a stream now)...but, I wanted to *buy* it. It's not on Itunes yet...seriously, that's not right. I want to send this guy (and the woman on it) Money, you know, for their work. I'm not about to find a CD store.....
    3 Music 46
  202. What is a good website were I can create a playlist?
    Okay so I listen to a lot of music and I go on youtube and now im just tired of always having to type in my songs and have to resite ALL of them so I thought, hey I should create a playlist bu the problem is I dont know a good website and I cant downlo...
    5 Music 14
  203. How much should my total be for this iPad with the insurance and iTunes card? (read more)
    So, I am getting an Ipad tomorrow, and am buying the insurance, and a $25 Itunes card. They charge me six cents per dollar, and the insurance cost $75. So, how much should it be? The Ipads at my walmart are $400. The Ipad and Insurance, I got $503.50....
    7 Shopping 37
  204. How to find my ipod on itunes
    I have just shared my limewire with my itunes. When I tried to sync my ipod with the new music I just got from limewire(in the itunes page) it wont reconise my ipod . Whenever I plug my ipod in it just opens up a new file that doesnt mean anything. I s...
    2 Music 24
  205. How do I add Album Artwork in iTunes?
    I've been using Frostwire to download my songs and now my "OCD" has kicked in and I have the need to get the album covers for all my songs. I know if you right click and hit Get Album Artwork it will put on the album cover but I have about 100 songs le...
    2 Music 11
  206. Ipod and Itunes help
    I have an 80 GB Ipod Classic and my computers hard drive is also 80 GB I have movies on my itunes/ipod but I do not have much memory left of my computer but I want the vids to still be on my ipod. Is it necessary to keep the movies on my computer in or...
    2 Technology 17
  207. How do you dowload songs from itunes to your ipod touch?
    Well, I just got my itouch. Im so excited to play with it, but.. I dont know how to download the songs from itunes to my ipod. Plus, my computer is saying I cant sync the device. I tried yahoo answers.. But they said it very complicated. Step by step o...
    2 Technology 12
  208. Itunes video playing choppy and slow.
    I am getting a serious lag in the videos I download on my wife's laptop. The video on Itunes is playing choppy and slow. I tried disabling the microphone which didn't work. I adjusted the graphics driver, no luck. I reinstalled the program twice and...
    2 Technology 128
  209. What do you do if you share an iTunes library?
    I used to be the only one with an iPod in my family. Now my younger sister has one and we share a computer. So therefore we share a library on iTunes. I don't want all the songs she has, and she doesn't want all the songs I have. How should we go a...
    2 Technology 35
  210. I can't install itunes...
    Well I just bought an ipod touch. and I had an older version of itunes. I can't put music onto my ipod touch unless I have the new version of itunes. but I can't install the new version. everytimne it gets to a certain point and then stops. So I trie...
    2 Technology 40
  211. itunes 8 trouble
    I need help burning CDs. I have itunes 8 and windows XP. I bought the songs I want on itunes, made a playlist and dragged the songs into it, put in a blank CD-R cd, and clicked burn disc. but at the top it says "Disc Recording not found..." ...
    2 Music 37
  212. What are some music downloading programs that actually work well and let you transfer the songs to iTunes?
    Not Bearshare or Frostwire because I've tried both of those. Bearshare won't let me put the music onto iTunes and Frostwire doesn't have any actual songs. I don't want to convert YouTube videos into MP3s either, because you can't edit the info and it l...
    12 Technology 9
  213. Sugestions for a new playlist??
    My music is getting boring to me, and I know have about 950 songs on my ipod makes it seem like I have a lot of choice, but I want to make a new playlist which I can just put on shuffle and listen to without skipping songs.. I like pretty much e...
    4 Music 20
  214. Why won't my ipod show up on itunes or 'My Computer' ?
    When i plug it in the computer makes the connected noise & the ipod lights up & thats it. my friend gave me it for christmas. (it's used.) I told her it didn't work on my computer, so she took it home, & tried it on her computer. It worked, & it let he...
    3 Technology 51
  215. When putting music on my phone do I need...?
    When I put music on my phone do I need itunes and limewire or can I just use itunes?
    2 Technology 46
  216. for itune users what is the most 5 played songs, and how many ...
    for me , nm.1 ": note to god - by charice ( 38) nm2 : no boundaries - by kris allen (25) nm 3 : no surprise - by chris daughtry ( 21 ) nm4: walk away -by good charlotte & what ever it is - by zac brown band ( 20) nm 5 ain't no sunshine - ...
    6 Music 21
  217. problems with itunes
    so yesterday i finally caved in and upgraded itunes. it was a terrible mistake. it is awful. so i went to computer restore, and restored my computer to around a week ago. i figured this would also put my itunes back to the way it was. i should have fac...
    4 Technology 10
  218. Why won't my itunes give me the option to sync(I have a new ipod that I'm trying to sync my music to)?
    By the way, I downloaded the latest version of itunes. Please help me, I bought this new ipod and now its not even letting me do anything with it :( It's an ipod touch, just like my old one. I plug in the new one and itunes comes up but there is no...
    2 Technology 113
  219. How to put Limewire songs on iTunes?
    Okay this is hella pissing me off. I've downloaded loads of songs on limewire and they all opened up in my itunes in a folder called limewire under the category "SHARED". ( I didn't tell it to that it did it on its own) Well all the folders under share...
    10 Technology 311
  220. How do I get iTunes to sync music correctly?
    I just recently got a new hard drive. I moved the music from the old one to the new one, and whilst my computer was down, I bought two albums from a band. When I got it back up, I installed iTunes, and plugged in my iPod Touch. It synced one of the alb...
    2 Technology 50
  221. How do I use my ipod shuffle without itunes?
    I have gotten a second hand ipod shuffle (2nd generation) which is actually quite new. But if I needed a disk or something to install it on my computer, I didnt get it. When autoplay pops up I click on open files and copy music onto it, then when I try...
    4 Technology 61
  222. Help with itunes?:(!! I've been stuck for 4days
    Okay.. I have all my songs I want to sync onto my ipod touch.. but everytime I press sync nothin happens!! its like wastin its time sayin "syncing in progress" I've tried for 4 days now and I just forgot :( how to put songs on my ipod! ughh!!! also I u...
    5 Technology 23
  223. What can I do to fix my iPod without going to the iTunes store?
    My phones broke, so i've been texting off my ipod for the past day. I had it sitting next to the computer & i forgot about it for like 2 minutes, then i press the home button so it'd light up & nothing happens, so i'm like okay, maybe it died. So I too...
    7 Technology 13
  224. g00d music
    2 Music 15
  225. Itunes Won't Open !!!
    Was working fine ... I download from Limewire, Turned off computer, Next day went into sync to iphone and Itunes wont open. I downloaded updated I tunes and chose repair & reload. Still nothing. I removed Itunes completely and reinstall and still nothi...
    3 Technology 11
  226. Rap/hip-hop playlist.
    Hey everyone. I just got hired to work for club as an DJ. Do anyone know any good rap/hip-hop music? I want something that will get people to the dance floor. Something not too slow, not too fast. I want it just right. If you could make me a playlist o...
    3 Music 41
  227. Why cant I find music in library on itunes?
    I want to get rid of the crap songs that are on my ipod nano, its the new one with the video camera on it. I used my dads computer to load it and he unistalled it, by accident, so does that mean that it deleted my music too? I have reinstalled it and t...
    3 Technology 46
  228. What is the top 10 songs in your itunes?
    What are your top 10 songs in your itunes right now? And what is your favourite song right now? My top ten are: 10- Feel the love - cut copy 9- Moths wings - passionpit 8- Always more - AutoKratz 7- Postcard - An horse 6- Lights and music - Cut ...
    4 Music 35
  229. This is irking my nerves!
    How do I download music from itunes ???
    2 Music 66
  230. How Do You Copy a song From a Computer To a cd?
    How do you copy a song from itunes to a cd?
    5 Technology 35
  231. New songs to buy???
    What are some good songs to buy on itunes?
    4 Music 9
  232. Ipod disabled.
    sooo... I have a password on my ipod and my little sister tried getting on it and it disabled it, now it says to connect it to itunes, which I did and itunes said "itunes could not connect with the ipod "moe =]" because this ipod is locked with a passc...
    4 Technology 166
  233. How to upload songs to my Zune?
    so I know how to upload songs on my ipod using itunes, but what program do I use for my zune? and how to I transfer playlists from limewire to it..??
    4 Music 93
  234. ituens burn
    y cant I burn mi playlist onto cds?? on itunes...PLEASE HELP!!!
    4 Music 25
  235. MP3 player but I have a mac
    ok so my grandparents gave me an mp3 but I have a macbook and only itunes how can I turn my itunes into files compatible with an mp3?
    4 Technology 17
  236. Putting songs from Limewire on iPod?
    how do I put songs on my ipod using limewire, not itunes?
    2 Music 47
  237. Who has some good playlists?
    I've already asked this question,I got answers and I was going to go back and write some of the bands people sent me,but I can not find my question ANYwhere on here,so I need help..again haha. Ok so I only have like 276 songs on my iPod and im gett...
    7 Music 38
  238. What does erase and sync mean?
    When I plug my ipod in my itunes say erase and sync what does that mean?
    4 Technology 101
  239. Ipod pics
    Do you have to have itunes to put pics/album art or videos on your ipod
    4 Technology 11
  240. Why won't my app sync to my iPod?
    I downloaded an app on iTunes on my computer and when I try to sync it to my iPod iTunes says it's "preparing to sync" and then "determining which apps to sync" and then it finishes without syncing the new app.
    2 Technology 14
  241. visa gift card
    can you use a visa gift card to buy songs on iTunes?
    3 Shopping 38
  242. Ipod to Limewire Transfer
    Need to take songs off Ipod and put back into Itunes. Can I put it into Limewire and transfer into Itunes? Seems like it might be easier but can it be done?
    2 Technology 43
  243. Who can tell me what happened to my iPod music (read more)?
    when i connect my ipod to itunes i can see all my music and playlists and when i disconnect it its all gone! anybody know why this is happening and what i got to do?
    5 Technology 26
  244. how do I get music on my ipod?
    How do I get music from my friends itunes without getting my music deleted??
    4 Technology 42
  245. What are some good love songs?
    any will do, im just bored and browsing through itunes.
    10 Music 21
  246. Converting Music
    Does anyone have an account on , if you do or even if you don't, can you pleese tell me (if you can do this) how do you convert the songs from your playlists on there onto either itunes, or a folder in my documents.
    2 Relationships 36
  247. My computer isn't recognising my ipod
    I just plugged my ipod into my computer and its's not recognising it. It's not coming up on itunes or my computer. I have windows XP, but it's always worked before. The other day, I charged it on my dad's computer, which doesn't have itunes installed, ...
    2 Technology 36
  248. finding lyrics on your ipod chromatic
    On the ipod chromatic - - if you added lyrics to songs on itunes, how do you see them on your ipod ?
    3 Music 38
  249. Download songs... Please answer
    Is there a webiste where you can download songs to your ipod legally other than itunes??
    4 Technology 8
  250. When downloading things do you have to pay?
    Itunes for your ipod and such do you have to pay to download it? And as for a social site browsers do you have to pay to download that too??
    2 Technology 19