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  1. What country is the most violent?
    5 Education 31
  2. How can I help myself from being/becoming violent?
    How can I help myself from being/becoming violent?
    2 Health 21
  3. What are the top 3 most violent cities in the US?
    3 Travel 13
  4. Is violent behavior an inherited gene or is it a learned behavior?
    8 Health 36
  5. Violent parents, how will this impact me?
    Do you think I have more chance og being violent because my parents were?
    5 Family 9
  6. Who wrote the Quran?
    who wrot the Quran? not who said it..its prophet Mohammed I think who said it..
    5 Religion 53
  7. Should I worry about the impact violent video games have on children?
    I'm enjoying this project!
    6 Gaming 16
  8. Heaviest and most violent
    I want to write another but this time my most heaviest and violent album. Give me some names and ideas.
    8 Music 33
  9. Who thinks that if your dad starts to get violent and try and hurt you it's alright to call the police?
    13 Family 32
  10. Willl I be in with the violent crowd?
    Im going to jail for 26 days for violating a bail. Will I be put in with the violent criminals and what not?
    2 General 14
  11. The Quran?
    I recently downloaded an English translation of the Quran. I am interesting in reading and understanding it, but I don't know much about it. What religion(s) believe in the words of the Quran? What is the Quran? Basically, anyone who believes in the Qu...
    7 Religion 48
  12. Are the people of Russia violent people?
    I want to know because one day I plan on visiting Russia and I just want to make sure I'm safe.
    10 Politics 29
  13. My Most Violent Song
    I don't think I should post it on FunAdvice cause it's that graphic it's called A Life Loss,where should I post it cause it has so much anger in it,more than all the other song I have wrote.
    4 Music 14
  14. Violent Sex
    how do you have violent sex? me and my girlfriend want to go extra hard. giv me advice! PLEASE!! IM SO FREAKING HORNY 8===D~~~ (.)(.)
    3 Sex 20
  15. What are some violent children's shows?
    Anybody know any violent kid's shows other than Power Rangers, The Simpsons, Tom and Jerry, Futurama and South Park. Thank-you to those who answer:)
    6 Babies 11
  16. violent teens
    my husband is leaving me. He has a troubled teen with a violent history and doesn't think this kid (16) would do anything to hurt my kids, 5 and 2. I don't trust the kid when he's angry, as he has a violent history. Can I get a restraining order to pro...
    4 Babies 50
  17. What are your opinions about violent video games?
    Do you think violent video games really cause bad behavior in children? Many kids today are playing violent video games, and their parents allow it. They see nothing wrong with it...and completely ignore the ratings "Teen", "Mature", "18+", "13+"..etc....
    16 Gaming 59
  18. Who noticed the typo in "behind the paint" by violent j?
    Did anyone notice the typo in "behind the paint" by violent j? The first chapter is called "the butterfly" yet at the bottom of the first chapters pages it says "the butterly"..don't get me wrong I love the book, I just noticed the misprint and wanted ...
    2 Literature 79
  19. Is it wrong to tell my boyfriend that he can't get a violent job?
    my boyfriend first wanted to go to the military. i said no, im afraid of something happening to him. now he wants to go to college for law enforcement to be on the swat team. i wanna tell him no but i already took a dream away from him, what should i d...
    16 Relationships 24
  20. Are all Rottweilers violent?
    I have a rottie, he's just turned one but he is the softest big thing ever.. he doesnt even bark.. a lot of people get scared of him in the street and it really annoys me.. just because other rotties are aggresive does that mean they all are or can it ...
    10 Pets 41
  21. What can I do to make my brother less violent and more nice?
    My 11-year-old brother has these violent outbursts of anger most days. I really upsets me and my family as its not nice for any of us. He attacks us and it scares me. He is really violent and goes crazing and he damages and breaks our furniture and oth...
    4 Family 52
  22. Is sly three for playstation two too violent for kids?
    I was thinking of buying sly three for ps2 for my son, but he's only five, so not sure if it's age appropriate. I've played sly 2 myself, but didn't let him play it because it's not age appropriate (he didn't get to watch me play either, etc). He h...
    3 Gaming 35
  23. Why are so many people violent and racist these days?
    I don't understand it all. I know there are different situations for these actions, but why do people murder? Why do people hate? Why do people torture? Why do people judge so damn much? One thing I wish I could understand... is murder. Why do people d...
    11 General 56
  24. Are pitbull puppies violent or dangerous?
    I plan to get a pit who is 8 weeks everone tellin me its goanna turn on me I have a 2year old thats why kinda weiry about it I also plan to have him near poodles that my parents own if I raise him arround other dogs will he attack them when he is older...
    77 Pets 206
  25. How do I get over this fear of violent movies?
    I have a really bad problem. I have this fear of watching movies. Well movies with violence, or that even suggest violence, or have graphic pics. And I have never had this prob b-4 It happende last year and I'm afraid it's afecting my life to much and ...
    3 General 89
  26. Do you think violent "shoot em up" video games are having a negative influence
    Although I've never been a fan of censorship or Govt. control of anykind, and I know that it's the "parents responsibility" to keep tabs on such, I have to wonder if teens are becoming desensetized to real world tradjedy through playing them for hours ...
    3 Gaming 10
  27. Violent dad 2!!! (getting worse)
    after all the great advice on my other question(violent dad) I decided to talk to my dad about it. He got so angry cause he thought my brother had put me up to this that he smacked me across the face! I ran out of there and am now in my brothers new ap...
    14 Family 45
  28. Violent Dad!
    My dad came home really drunk one night and started yelling at my brother! The night ended with him hitting my brother. Now my brother is moving out as he is 18 and he cant stand my dad, neither can I. I am not old enough to move out as I am only 16 an...
    11 Family 45
  29. Gta 4 will make people violent
    I love videogames but I dont think we should underestimate the impact of the sort of violence on little ones. I bought gta4 the other day and I just went around stabbing people for money in the park and killing cops and hookers. And I think its funny ...
    7 Gaming 29
  30. Why is my friend being so violently sick when he remembers?
    My friend Andrew recentley confessed that he had been sexually abused throughout the majority of his childhood by his neighbor. (Who was a man.) He had a really hard time telling me, said he was sick to his stomach and shortly afterwards he vomited. It...
    4 Sex 8
  31. Violent sister
    My sister, 11 and I, 13 fight more than anyone I've ever met. She's so violent to me! Whenever I do one little thing, such as use one of her pillows, she elbows me in the chest, pulls my hair, smacks me, and one time she punched me twice. The worst par...
    11 Family 36
  32. What can I do about someone else's unruly, violent child?
    My son is 10 years old, but he is constantly being attacked by a very undisciplined 4 year old boy. My son can defend himself, but we never wanted him to be seen punching or hitting a child half his size! Yet, this little boy is now in karate classe...
    3 Babies 39
  33. Should I stick by my violent friend?
    well hes not really my freind anymore, he went over to a kid in our school, half his size and randomly punched him round the face and this little boy was crying, I said you had no right to do that then slapped him... he went mental at me holding his fi...
    2 Relationships 23
  34. How to deal with a violent 2 year old?
    My doughter is 2 1/2 and is crazy. I love her to pieces but shes out of control. when shes calm, shes perfect, sweet, cuddlie and very playful. but if you have to disipline her she goes crazy. she hits, bits (and she has drawn blood), bashes her he...
    5 Babies 91
  35. How can I make my 21-year-old son less violent?
    my 21 month old son hits and climbs on other children, he also goes into stuff that he knows hes not alloweed to. I know that he understands hes not alloweed to do this because the way he acts when he does it. hell do it when im out of the room and whe...
    4 Babies 15
  36. american marries a muslim
    does the Quran say muslims can not marry outside there race
    8 Religion 56
  37. Why am I suddenly becoming more violent around my period?
    ok, lately I have noticed a pattern forming in my temper, and my periods. I don't know why?? I have two brothers, and we ALWAYS used to play fight...and sometimes it would get VERY aggresive...and very OTT... you know, to the death stuff. however, la...
    3 Health 65
  38. Why can't I deal with pressure?
    when pressure heats to me , i get very angry and violent. what can i do to control my anger?
    6 Health 12
  39. Help my son is violent
    I could really use some suggestions on what to do about my son. He is 6 years old and is becoming increasingly violent. My husband and I have had problems with him bullying, stealing, being violent, and chronically lying since he was a toddler. We have...
    10 Babies 53
  40. Where can a non-violend felony find employment?
    where can a person with a non violent felony get employment
    2 Money 34
  41. Is this hurricane season going to be bad?
    I've heard that the 2008 hurricane season will be violent, is that true?
    2 General 37
  42. What do you do about a defiant and violent toddler
    My nephew lives with me and my mother. He just turned 2 about a week ago. He doesnt talk much but when you do something he doesnt like he starts screaming and yells no and likes to hit us. We try putting him in time out but I dont see that its working,...
    9 Babies 69
  43. If there's no Bible tomorrow, could someone recite it ?
    if there was no bible tomorrow, if it all were somehow missing, will someone be able to recite the whole bible without making any mistakes?? if you're asking whether someone can recite the Quran without the Quran, yes, an Imam can without making mistak...
    12 Religion 66
  44. What companies hire felons in Raleigh, NC?
    What companies hire felons in Raleigh? My charge is not violent, nor a drug charge and is five years old.
    2 Money 154
  45. How can I deal with my Mom's violent boyfriend?
    Ok, this is going to be long but please listen!! My moms been dating this guy for almost 6 months now, maybe more, I don't know! ...but, he seemed pretty cool, seemed like someone I could get along with. I was happy because my mom was happy. Then aft...
    12 Family 34
  46. Nintendo Games
    What games would you recommend for the Nintendo Wii and/or DS? Probably games that are aimed for teens/pre-teens and that aren't violent.
    6 Gaming 16
  47. Felonies
    Will I stand a better chance of finding employment with a bachelor degree after being convicted of a violent crime or will this hinder my chances even more?
    3 Education 39
  48. Who do you tell you dont like moms boyfriend?
    How do you tell your mom you dont like her boyfriends agressive side when he drinks(real violent), and you want to go live with her dad
    6 Family 18
  49. Why is always I get hit?
    Lol my friends always hit me for some reason. I hang out with the popular side. I mean really what should I really do if one day my friends really get violent with me?
    3 Relationships 17
  50. Religion and spiritualuty
    I have the holy quran hanging up at home on my wall. Everytime I look at it and the arabic words I can see myself sitting on the words praying. What does this mean?
    3 Religion 9
  51. How many versions does the Bible have?
    does bible really has that many verisons? isnt it hard then to believe which one is true? in islam. there is only one Quran and no 2nd or 3rd verisons.. and how many versions does a bible have ?
    11 Religion 54
  52. Why do Christians follow the Bible?
    I don't understand why people study the Bible!?!? I mean why? What is so special about the Bible? How come you don't read the Quran. How do you know that the Bible is not true? Does it have some kind of code? Does it have a sign or do you read it b/...
    22 Religion 158
  53. Can anybody help me ? I have a violent cousin?
    I have a cousin around the same age who has been living with me ever since my uncle her papa passed away.I think since we were 9.She is a very normal girl.Smart at class very talented in singing and piano and indeed prettier than me and for some reason...
    6 Relationships 21
  54. What is this SHARP breast pain?
    I have a SUPER SHARP pain on, and right under, my left breast. It also it pulsing rapidly and violently. I can hardly breathe, and to communicate I have to whisper. WHAT is it? Please answer!
    2 Health 56
  55. Hamster making noises all the time
    we got a new hamster today, and its makin really loud violent hissing/squeaking noises all the time it never shuts up can someone tell me why?
    3 Pets 65
  56. Headaches and blackouts
    I have been having headaches, blackouts and violent outbursts. My husband is leaving and I dont know what is wrong with me. One minute I am fine the next out ot it and have no memory. Help
    5 Health 47
  57. Why do people hate ICP so much?
    Okay yea they are violent and a little sexist but at the end of the day its not about the violence its about the clown love and the family that they have created
    8 Sex 53
  58. How in gods name is Norway the lowest rate of crime in the world?
    Home of black metal, which is really violent music and involves church burning bands.
    12 Politics 24
  59. Should some or all drugs be legalized?
    Personally, I am in favor of legalizing pretty much all drugs for adults. I would consider exceptions to that - if there are drugs that cause you to become violent for example, but I doubt many such exceptions would apply.
    13 Drugs 39
  60. My sister is kind of weird
    My sister acts really mean to me. I have a little sister who is 12 and she is really mean. She has really bad mood swings and goes from being friendly to like screaming at me in a matter of 2 seconds. My older sister who is 15 is the only one who can c...
    4 Family 62
  61. muslim women hajib
    do muslim women half to ware the hijab if she is over 54 years old and does not have monthly period any more does she half to ware hijab in the usa and where in the quran does it say that they dont half to ware hajib anymore after they reach that point...
    11 Religion 59
  62. I Need Satanists To Answer This,Please
    I was once Satanic,but I changed for various reasons. So I've been thinking of going back to it,because you can actually be violent,then (I'm quite violent). I have some questions,though: Can you believe there is ONLY Satan and no God at all? Can you...
    16 Religion 47
  63. How to learn arabic online free?
    I am interested to learn Arabic including holy Quran through internet, online. I am interested to learn the language in such a way that I should be able to speak Arabic and at the same time I should be able to understand the meaning of the article or b...
    2 Education 32
  64. How can I get my boyfriends parental rights taken away?
    My boyfriend is a drunk with bipolor, he has had a dui and just got his driving privlages back and he is out now again dinking and driving. He is mean to me and his parents. He can be violent and has had some run ins with the police. If I leave him cou...
    4 Family 28
  65. FunAdvice Trivia: What section of the FBI do The X-Files fall under?
    A) Paranormal Investigations B) Serial Kιller Task Force C) Special Operations D) Violent Crimes
    13 Funadvice 31
  66. Converting to Islam
    Salaam Aleikoum, I am christian but I believe in the Holy Quran, I believe in Islam, I am having serious thoughts of converting to Islam, although I have faith I am afraid of taking the leap. I think it might be because my family disagrees with my deci...
    11 Religion 22
  67. How do I open up to him?
    There's a guy on here I like; he doesn't know. he does know about my past (a brutal violent date that happened 2 years ago). I think he understands that I can't move on yet and I probly won't be able to. the trouble is...I have some feelings for him...
    2 Relationships 14
  68. Where does someone with a felony get a decent job?
    Where does someone with a felony on their record go to get a decent job? I cannot get a job ANYWHERE...I have a 6 year old Forgery charge...which I didn't do (honestly) and I cannot get a break. I live in Arizona where a Forgery charge is worse than vi...
    2 Money 51
  69. How to get raspy voice but not screaming!?
    1.' not screamo 2. no booze or cigs 3. metal voice 4. violent sounding like Rev Theory (look em' up) 5. anyone help please!!!
    5 Music 79
  70. How do I find out whos txting me?
    Someone keeps txting me and I have her # but they wont say who it is. Its nothing violent. But im suspecting its my ex =/... Its obv a cell so I cant check the phone book, any ideas how I could figure out who the # belongs to? I called it and couldnt ...
    5 Technology 22
  71. What are some home remedies for treating a really bad dry cough?
    It's bad to the point every time I breathe or swallow it hurts and I feel like I'm going to puke. And I cough rather violently. :/ I've taken some cold medicine for dry cough but they seem to have no effect.
    3 Health 16
  72. What begins with m and its darker then night?
    A word begins with m and has 5 letters if you spell it in urdu or english. Women does this once in a lifetime and men do it 3 times a day, its brighter then sun and darker then night. If you drink this it is halal and if you eat it its haraam. It is ...
    4 Religion 1115
  73. Which is more cruel ?
    Justice Kennedy and four others on the Supreme Court overturn the death sentence for Louisiana child rapists. Kennedy wrote that it's "disproportionate" punishment, and cruel and unusual. What is crueler: the violent rape of a young girl, or death by l...
    8 Family 14
  74. How can I stop my Dad from drinking?
    recently my dad got barred from a pub for getting violent after drinking too much, now hes going to another pub and getting drunk everytime. when he comes home he always finds things to argue about and he gets quite violent. he doesnt hit me or anythin...
    12 Family 157
  75. Which hemisphere is most dangerous?
    I was recently told that there are 20 million people in the western hemisphere who desire that the world would come to a violent apocalyptic end. Apparently, they also believe that they will survive that event as a result of their religious beliefs and...
    11 Religion 16
  76. what illness could this be? please help :(
    what would be an illness where you are very violent and feel like evwryone is ag I found out his true self.. What everyone has been hiding from me.. He threatens to kill people, he goes insane when he dosnt get what he wants, he lies, he is very violen...
    2 Health 24
  77. Deprresed
    My boyfriend got really violent today and I left with my grandma im 18 and I have a baby I lied to my grandma and told he that our house was getting fixed and all the dust was bad for my four month old baby I have no money and nowhere to go what shoul...
    6 Family 39
  78. Should I keep it to myself that my boyfriend's friend raped me?
    my b/f anthony is kinda violent when it comes to people hurting me and I was raped a year ago by his best friend. him his friend mike and I wer hanging out in anthonys basement one night and I started to feel sick so anthony ran to the store to get som...
    6 Relationships 104
  79. Am I racist against my own kind or the way they act?
    well no offense or racism because I hate that black people live up to this stereotype and all others but this is waaay better than I have it and my folks aren't divorced blacks rely on abuse and threatening and violence and I hate the portion of blacks...
    6 General 70
  80. God doesn't exist?
    Questions for atheists (No offense here) : I believe in a Unique God, All-powerful. He is most High and He is above all His creation. Islam teaches that although a person may deny the existence of God, in the depth of his heart, it's a fact he cannot d...
    60 Religion 48
  81. What do you think of stricter or looser gun-laws and its consequences?
    Since the Sandy Hook shooting, many people are blaming the United States' gun-laws so I was wondering what each person thought on the subject. I, myself have mixed feelings on the subject. As the saying goes "Guns don't kill people, people kill peop...
    20 Politics 20
  82. Should I put up with my fiance hitting me?
    Ok im 17 and have just recently had a gawjus babii girl i love her 2 bits i am also engaged 2 the man of my dreams i love him sooo sooo much but he gets violent when i want 2 go out with my friends 2 the point he has had me up against the wall with a...
    8 Relationships 19
  83. New lyrics/song I wrote, what do you think??
    Intro Look around What cant you say? Simply me in the background scene They say shy girls are quite Never to be seen The time has come for my dreams to be heard Wonderful you`ll see Wonderful I`ll be Verse 1 Passion was robbed from me And now I am ta...
    2 Literature 14
  84. How can I get close to God again?
    I love God and want to know him more and want him and his son jesus christ to be in my life more but I've been so confused like masturbating, seeking fortune tellers, and trying to be a imagine being a violent person. I feel I am stuck at this point of...
    9 Sex 36
  85. How do I stop having terrible nightmares?
    I am having horrible nightmares almost everytime I fall asleep. I used to smoke a lot of marijuana and did not dream when going to sleep high, but I have stopped smoke and now am haunted with terrible nightmares. Sometimes they are horrific and violent...
    6 Health 58
  86. What would be a good type of job in crime-fighting for me?
    I love watching shows like 48 hours, dateline, and looking at evidence from cold cases and trying to figure them out in my head. I like looking at Criminology things, but I wouldn't want to see violent crime secenes first hand (Like not a CSI)?
    13 Money 23
  87. Do your cats like to be spanked?
    Okay so. My two cats loved getting *spanked*, like..right above their tails. I don't know if it's normal. Like if all cats like that.. Not to sound violent but you can hit either of my cats as HARD as you can, and it just loves it! And you can do it fo...
    21 Pets 385
  88. Polygamy
    Islam allows polygamy (one man having multiple wives). God said: “… marry women of your choice, two or three or four; but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with them, then only one.” Quran (4,3) Islam permits polygamy but places s...
    13 Religion 56
  89. Oscilating Universe Theory?
    O.K. So the universe is currently expanding faster than the speed of light. The theory is that when the universe stops expanding, it will begin to retract to a single point, smaller than the size of an atom, and then violently explode in another "big b...
    4 Science 35
  90. How do I get my boyfriend to see someone about his rib?
    My boyfriend is a big fan of metal music and their concerts tend to be a bit violent. Earlier this year (about May/June time) he went to one of these concerts and got elbowed in the chest and he heard one of his ribs crack. You can see it poking out w...
    6 Health 44
  91. 14 and preganant...
    Im so scared I dont know how to tell my mom or my dad.. they''ll hate me.. Im just scared what my mom will do.. shes an alcoholic. she''ll like beat me or something. Its like I wanna run away so bad. im 13 weeks. I need to get outta here.. my fam is wa...
    11 Family 17
  92. Need a job in Virginia!
    I am a convicted female felon in Virginia, and although my felony is non-violent and almost 10 years old, I am still having a difficult time finding a job - even at McDonald's. I see why the recidivism rate is so high! I do not want to go back to my ...
    4 Money 45
  93. Should I tell about my mental problems?
    I'm 18 years old and for years I've hid my severe problems with depression and anger. But know I'm becoming increasingly violent and depressed and have no one to talk to. Every day I feel like taking a gun to my head pulling the trigger but I can't tel...
    4 Health 16
  94. Family violence
    My family are really violent im scared My uncle has a serious swearing and rage issue My aunty is an alcoholic My nan threw something at me the other day... I've never seen them like this Do you think it will go back to normal when my aunty goes back t...
    4 Family 20
  95. Who think this make me a punk?
    I was sitting in school before spring break and the other kids started asking me questions like if someone walk up and hit you in the face what would you do? I told them I was walk away then they said what if someone spit in my face I told the same thi...
    4 General 36
  96. Who thinks the 10,000 Afghanistan protestors shouting "death to America" went overboard?
    I get it, it was wrong for the American, Christian pastor to suggest burning the Quran. However, their response was more than a bit extreme....and, if people in the US are ever to actually respect Muslims, I think that tolerance, on all sides, is lacki...
    28 Politics 33
  97. Can I find a company to give me a chance thats offers cdl training?
    Im a convicted felon in georgia I've been trying to find employment in the trucking industry for months and keep getting turn down because of my felonies they werent violent crimes or drug or alcahol related were can I find a company to give me a chan...
    4 Money 50
  98. Have you ever heard of being convicted before the trial?
    My situation is somewhat difficult to explain but, I was charged with felony charge, non violent, white collar crime 6 months ago, my court proceeding are still going on at this time, but I've been looking for employment and the background checks are a...
    3 Money 17
  99. What can I do about falling for my boyfriend's nephew?
    I've been with my boyfriend for over 2 years, things have been pretty rocky, sometimes even physically violent. About 3 months ago his nephew came down to stay with us. His nephew and I hit it off from the start and became instant friends. Well, recent...
    5 Relationships 65
  100. I got raped by the love of my life:(
    My man and I got in an argument and he got physical and extremely violent for the first time. He agressivly forced me to perform oral sex on him. even though I was violently throwing up, he managed to ejaculate all over my head and face. I was begging...
    9 Sex 94
  101. Where do I find a decent job in Cincinnati?
    Ok... I have a Felony Conviction for a violent crime, and I was doing things right for a while beforehand... I graduated High School and joined the military, but now I'm dishonorably discharged, and am living in hell! Where do I find a decent job in Ci...
    6 Money 36
  102. Just asking lol[on my mind]
    Ok well After school I was playing with my friend nick, lolz were violent lolz so I kick him and he grabs my leg and I fell back wards so I got up and kicked him again and his friend santi was there so he held me back [YAY!!] but when I was done trying...
    2 Relationships 17
  103. Where can I find the original version of fairy-tales that were meant for adults?
    Im talking before the grimm brothers wrote them in the 1800s im way way way back when they were from France and stuff like that. But an english version. I've looked for hours all over the internet and i can't find them. There a more violent, explicinet...
    16 Literature 45
  104. How can I escape my drunk father?
    My father is a drunk he is very violent and is a total jerk about things, he calls me names and all kinds of things. My mother died at age 13. I am currently mostly living with my best friend. I work for her mom and she doesn't mind me staying here. My...
    5 Family 88
  105. Is it normal to shake, and have your heart beat accelerate?
    Whenever I'm around my crush, I can't help but get that heated throat feeling but if I'm around him for a long period of time it only intensifies, and my heartbeat grows faster [I've had many of my friends feel my chest] their eyes grow wide and the...
    2 Health 35
  106. Boyfriend becoming Abusive
    Okay I known my b/f since we were 14. Lately he has been becoming Violent . he has started pushing me yell at me like im a little kid. im 3 months pregnant with his baby he keeps telling me that if I leave him its going to end badly today I got a resta...
    13 Family 34
  107. Why are all the official prayers in Islam in Arabic?
    It seems to me that somehow, people got confused and believe that Allah can only understand one language. As they want you to also read the Quran in Arabic, too, if you are a "good muslim" one time, the Islamic faith embraced science, math and sch...
    9 Religion 42
  108. What am I to do? I can't bear to see my mother?
    I've missed about 20 days of school, faliling all my classes because I've been in and out of Facilities and dealing with suicidal thoughts blah blah. Today I had a panic attack in the morning and I told my mother I didn't want to go to school. She be...
    2 Family 18
  109. how- would I get emancipated?
    I have anger management and bipolar disorder. I am taking medication for it thought. but I want to get emancipated because I am more mentally stable without my family. when with them I tend to have more violent mood swings and more anger episodes. when...
    4 Family 77
  110. What happened to me?
    I was feeling upset and down as me and a close friend fell out, and I felt fine apart from that. I went to my lesson after and I was watching the teacher and I started hearing a phone going off really loud but no one else could hear it, then I started ...
    2 Health 6
  111. What should I do?
    Ok, so the chick I am trying to pick up :) has a few other dudes hitting on her too. Anyways, today a grade 10 punk came to my locker ( he had lots of balls for doing that) he said if I keep hitting on her he is going to kick my @$$. My buddies wanted ...
    3 Relationships 18
  112. Who's side do I take, my mothers?
    Here's the deal my mom has an incredible boy friend he's great to me and my siblings loves my mother unconditionally and I love him very much. The only thing is he and my mom fight ALL THE TIME, they've even gotten violent both of them. The truth is in...
    8 Family 18
  113. US incidents and the game and movie industry
    this might be a stupid question but ill ask it anyway... whats the reason movie makers and/or game creators try to avoid a certain scene if it depicts something that could remind or look like the twin towers attack or the virginia tech massacre... I ...
    5 Entertainment 58
  114. How do I break up with my boyfriend of 7 months?
    okay, so I've dated my boyfriend, ryan, for 7 months. he's starting to get a little violent. I'm 15 and he's 16. I don't know exactly what's wrong with him. I don't know if he's having family problems or what. maybe he is going through a stage. anyway,...
    5 Relationships 36
  115. How to get rid of my nagging mom?
    She's suffering from mental disorder..a kinda psychological problem in which a person starts thinking that he/she is totally right in whatever he/she does. My mom doesnt consider any ones views and specially she thinks that I'm always wrong..and though...
    3 Family 59
  116. How afraid of one or both of your parents are/were you?
    When I was growing up my father was an alcoholic and he was also a violent alcoholic. He used to go and drink heavily and then drive home and then create a lot of drama with my mom and usually break things. This caused me a lot of panic and the ear...
    17 Family 12
  117. Terrifed Guys out there
    seriously? Why are guys so terrifed of girls? I'm just curious. is there a epidemic of violent girls out there terrorizing guys? I see so many questions about guys too scared to ask a girl out on a date or something... guys, listen, this is coming f...
    6 Relationships 18
  118. There are millions of ladybugs in my house! How do I get rid of em?
    Please help me, I couldn't get into my house today cause there were millions [[no exxaggeration at all]] of ladybugs on my house, doorknob,. Everywhere when I finally got in, thousaaands came in w/ ,me && asre all over tghe inside of the door, and ceil...
    3 Homegarden 39
  119. Why does everyone dislike/ hate on "emo"
    I know that the stereotype is misunderstood and I don't see how it happened but I really dislike it anyways, but I feel like I'm getting into a rant so on to the real question Why is being truly emo by the definition of a group of 47 real people who I ...
    5 Style 111
  120. Pranks to get rid of Mom's new boyfriend?
    OK so, my boyfriends mom just recently started dating again, and its pretty recent to the divorce. It kills him! the fact that shes dating but the guys thats shes dating are even worse. Just the other day his[[my boyfriend's]] sister went to pick somet...
    19 Relationships 836
  121. What is the truth? did Moses see God?
    Question for theists of Abrahamic religions. Well, God spoke directly to Moses: God said :"We sent the revelation to Nûh(Noah) and the prophets after him; We also sent the revelation to Ibrâhîm (Abraham), Ismâ'îl(Ishmael), Ishâq(Isaac), Ya'qûb(Jacob)...
    3 Religion 34
  122. How do I know if I am mentally ill?
    I know I am not normal, in the head, I think I might be mentaly ill? how can I find out? I am 14 years old and I cant stop having violent graphic fantasys that I cant controle, weird holusinations I can feel and I have phases were I am either suicidaly...
    6 Health 197
  123. who can I tell about my dad?
    He constantly calls me ugly, says I have an ugly personality, says I'm fat, stupid, a twat, an idiot, threatens he'll smash my head against a wall and threatens me with other violent things too, if I do the slightest thing he doesn't want. Like I went...
    10 Family 33
  124. What can I do about this situation?
    My mother is an extreme hoarder, she does not live with me but is trying to. I have called housing authorities about her extremely hazardous living conditions in reguards concerning no running water, no electricity, insulation pouring out of cealings, ...
    3 Relationships 40
  125. Why is people believe others of other faiths are "evil"?
    I have met a lot of people of different faiths then mine ,that believe I am "evil " ,just because I dont believe that most of this earths religions are right . I don't believe the creator is happy to see Its/his/hers creations killing each other for a ...
    10 Religion 9
  126. Is peta really bad?
    I have been a vegetarian for about two and a half years now. I have been really supportive of peta and and everything I have recently found though that PETA has killed over 14,400 dogs and cats at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters. During 2...
    6 Pets 35
  127. What do you think of the start of my short story based on fear?
    In english we have to write a short story and this is the beginning of it : I stood there in the shadows, isolated. The sky was dark without stars to enhance it, only the luminous glow of the moon shined its small rays past the leafless branches. T...
    5 Literature 56
  128. Does not getting Cyclothymia diagnosed matter?
    I'm pretty sure I've got Cyclothymia - (the weaker version of Bi-polar syndrome), I can say this by refering to my daily life, my mood swings have been violent for over a year now- to the point where I'm literally jumping for joy, before instantly feel...
    2 Health 10
  129. How can I help my relationship with my Mom and Dad?
    So my real father passed away when I was 8 years old and ever since then my mom and I have been best friends. And when I say best friends, I mean it's like she's not my mom, and she's just my friend. It has its advantages, but the cons overdo them. Whe...
    3 Family 38
  130. How can we train our kitten to be less aggressive?
    Okay so we have a kitten and she is about 9 weeks old now, shes gorgeous and we love her to bits shes so cutewhen shes sleeping or quiet or even just sitting down, however, when she is playful which is about 80% of the time she is very violent and a...
    3 Pets 47
  131. How to deal with rape
    I was raped when I was 15. I kind of brought the situation on myself but I said NO and they contined anyway. Itw as a really violent experience but I never reported it because I was so ashamed and felt it was my fault. Anyway, I am now 19 going on 2...
    11 Sex 47
  132. I hate my brother
    please help I hate my brother I hate him so much that I want to do everything bad to him and it's all violent he instantly cusses and hits me if I cuss or hit him back he does double to me because of him I hate being at home hear this, I love school mo...
    5 Family 95
  133. What is media enforcing to children these days?
    Dosen't it make you sick to hear such songs being listened to/ music viedos watched by children!! Most may think that kids are to innocet to understand and not smart enough to catch on!! - but trust me... They all eventually do!! From songs like superm...
    4 Sex 36
  134. Should I go out with him?
    okay, this guy really likes me, and I like him a lot too. but he gets kinda violent when hes mad, and he is very strong, and im afraid hed hurt me or something. but thats the only thing keeping me from going out with him. but he alsomakes me feel good ...
    6 Sex 37
  135. Can Muslims marry outside of Islam?
    Im very confused at the whole Islam religion, see I was dating a muslim for about three years and his parents didnt have a problem with it but about five months ago they decided to break us up because I wasnt muslim...His parents said that if I wanted ...
    20 Religion 192
  136. How can we get me brother to leave the house?
    I live with my mom and brother.. My brother is 17 years old, and he is too violent... He uses curse words to talk to me an my mom all the time. He has been in a mental instituion before, he has even been to boot camp due to a violet act... He is cons...
    3 Family 19
  137. Why do white guys hate black girls?
    I mean I am like mostly native american, but I am 1/4 african american so I have the skin of one. I DO NOT fit the stereotypes of what people think of them (loud, violent, abusive), just like the way that not all black guys have huge endowments, or any...
    4 Relationships 90
  138. I think my house is haunted...Please Help!
    I really believe that my house is haunted. A few people have died in this house (no violent deaths or anything like that). I reason I believe this is because sometimes when im alone in my room, I feel like there's somebody standing in my doorway just s...
    17 Religion 63
  139. What do you do when your parents just flip out?
    my dad and step mum have been fighting alot and i know they plan on divorsing but its getting really bad at a part to night they started yelling and my dad pulled my stepmums hair. my dads not a violent person usally but after that him and my step mum ...
    20 Family 41
  140. How do Clinton and Obama plant on bringing back the American dream?
    I would like to know how Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama plan on bringing back the fibers of the American Dream...meaning how they plan on making America more economically balanced, and safer to live in? Our home crime is getting worse and worse. Even smal...
    11 Politics 26
  141. Early Labor
    OK so tomorrow I will be 36 weeks and I lhave a few questions. My doctor said that at 37 weeks the baby's lung should be fully developed and after that it would be safe for me to go into early labor I wanted to know if anyone else has heard something d...
    3 Health 21
  142. END OF MY ROPE!
    I had my son when I was 18 and I'm now 24 and he is 6. Me and his dad have been split since just before he turned 2 so he doesn't really know what it's like to have us together. I now have a boyfriend who I have a 6 month old with. He is a very good ki...
    4 Babies 25
  143. Can 3 year olds have psychological issues?
    Im starting to worry about my 3 year old little brother, there has been a few cases in my dads side of the family of depression including me, and im not sure of my moms side but my 3 year old little brother has been expressing some scary things such as...
    2 Babies 67
  144. What do you think of this poem I wrote?
    This poem is not about me. I like to write about things teenagers can relate to. This poem is about a child, watching their mother get beaten by their father. Take some time and tell me what you think! <3 Though you don’t know im watching I a...
    12 Literature 39
  145. Did the weed do it?
    I'm in a off and on argument persay with some of the people on here about how bad weed is for you and how doing it makes you dumb, stupid, unfocused, or whatever they said. I don't feel that way, you may be a dumb person who smokes weed, but weed didn'...
    21 Health 127
  146. My mum and dad drink all the time :(
    my mum drinks all the time when she wakes up she starts drinkin she says she doesnt have a problem but I know she does. my dad drinks aswell but he is not as bad as my mum but they both get really violent and all I hear is arguements, I just did my gcs...
    8 Family 85
  147. Very young marriage
    Ok so a friend of mine whom I havn't seen in about 9 months now has texted me saying she and her boyfriend both want to get married. She is 19 but I'm not sure how old he is I guess 19 or 20) I met him a few times and is a nice guy. Turns out her boyfr...
    2 Relationships 18
  148. Should I tell or not?
    All right, I'll be straight-up about this. Here's the situation: Someone in my family, 19 years of age, has been sexually abusing me 2 months now. I think he may be smoking something (drugs) and he'll disappear into one room for like 15 minu...
    11 Sex 7
  149. How can the abrahamaic god be omnibenevolent?
    If we are to believe the accounts of the bible and other related holy books (the Quran, the Torah), the abrahamaic god is omnipotent and omniscient - he sees all and knows all - and is also supposed to be omnibenevolent, or at least a pretty good kind...
    18 Religion 44
  150. How do I get ready for my next year of school?
    am going to be a junior this fall and a lot is gonna change. ill probably be working or trying to get a job worrying about the school being shot up. Why? you may ask well my school is closing so everyone is going to different school. but Ton of kids go...
    2 Education 31
  151. How to deal with these type of people?
    Don't you hate when people act as if they're better than everyone else? There's this guy at school and he's supposedly this big-hot shot baseball player, and all the girls think he's so hot. He literally treats EVERYONE like crap and it disgusts me. T...
    2 Relationships 16
  152. Stress and anger problems
    I think I've found the root of my "problems" *my period concern I asked about and stuff along those lines* - I'm big time stressed out. There's a lot of stuff going on right now in my life *I'm having problems with this guy, I'm worried about a good fr...
    2 Relationships 12
  153. Is sleeping too long bad for you?
    This probably a stupid question, but.. I'm sick, and I went to bed at like 1:00 AM the previous night, when I WASN'T sick. But then, I woke up at like 5:00 AM and I was shaking so violently it was hard to move, and I felt cold even though I was really ...
    9 Health 54
  154. Am I a bad person
    So I've been going out with this boy for about 2 months now, it's Christmas and he spent like £25 on me but I wasn't able to give him anything back (no money) and also I have feelings for someone else. I'm really grateful for what he does for me and I ...
    8 Relationships 24
  155. How can i improve my brother's attitude?
    I'm seriously sick of it he is 19 , he is always so mean, has a bad temper and is so disrespectful to my mom!! When he gets mad at her he calls her a dumb A@# a stupid A&8 a Bit&h and every bad word you can think of. Idk i feel like he has change...
    5 Family 31
  156. Do you feel that Obama's use of executive privilege in the Fast and Furious scandal makes him look guilty?
    So there's this organization called FTA that is designed to stop drug cartels and illegal arms selling by actually selling guns that they keep track of, wait for them to reach higher ups, and then catch the leaders of drug cartels and other deadly orga...
    6 Politics 17
  157. She shoulda stuck up for me!
    I used to work as a sales associate in ladies wear at wal-mart and was productive, sometimes more than other dept, where I help out occasionally. I work hard as hell. The asst mgr said I was doing fine in late dec. But then justified the canning by ano...
    6 Money 55
  158. What are symptoms of depression and do I have it?
    1)What are some signs or symptoms of depression? 2)And do you think I AM depressed? 1) I have looked on the net but I cannot find anything that is not in "doctorial language", and I need to know because I think I have some of the sypmtoms od deppress...
    2 Health 16
  159. Poems what do you think?
    Stunning eyes Betray your lies Give into the truth Your naive youth They speak a fortune Given away A million dollars Is on display Thoughts strung together Tie your open pain So smile through it all And hop aboard this train... Prepare for the ride T...
    8 Literature 12
  160. Alcohol vs. Pot. Why is one legal?
    Both Alcohol and Marijuana are intoxicants, however one is legal and the other is not. Why is that? Alcohol is more addictive, kills brain cells, and invokes violent behavior, while ultimately screwing you up. Marijuana is a mild psychadelic dru...
    8 Politics 73
  161. How can I stop being fearful of my brothers?
    Well I'm 14 ad have to younger brothers.. 10 and 8. They both have medical problems to od with there brain. but they are normal every day people. yet thye get all the attension. and I get into truble for everything. My brother who is 10 has a cemical i...
    2 Family 36
  162. So much for homeland security...What do you think?
    I know this isn't about international terrorists, yet it does effect the security of our nation as a whole. PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Lawmakers from California to Kentucky are trying to save money with a drastic and potentially dangerous budget-cutting p...
    5 Politics 14
  163. What to do when my mom hates me
    When school is over I hate coming home because my yells at me for almost everything I do. When I play with my sister and make her mad a little my says I do it because I hate her and im just playing with her When I get mad and leave the house my m...
    5 Family 43
  164. Hating your mother?
    I cant help but hate my mother, yes I know this sounds awful but I hate my mother and I want to stop hating her but I cant help it. I'm angry with my mother because I got taken away from my family yes a parent who did cocaine and drank constantly altho...
    5 Family 48
  165. How do I make my friend feel safer?
    There is this 12 year old girl that I tutor. I tutor her in Math. (I know I have been asking a lot of questions today but this one just happened.) I tutor her on Sundays,Wednesdays,Fridays, and sometimes Saturdays. She has a VERY bad home life. She has...
    4 Sex 29
  166. Random hookup...
    So, I worked at this place and this dude used to work there too before I got there, then he got laid off. I started working there and he was always around the area hanging with his friends, so I saw him every once and a while and talked a bit here and ...
    5 Sex 47
  167. A song for my band?
    Yes. For those who don't know I DO have a band. The reason I hadn't mentioned it before is because, well, I don't know. We might be splitting up. Our drummer Adam is very violent and abusive so we either need another drummer or split. But anyway, I am ...
    5 Music 18
  168. What Should I do about my neighbor?
    My neighbor is really trying to get me into serious trouble with the police. She calls them over everything. Some of it is my fault, I can own up to and take responsibility for my actions. Here's the deal. She's called the police on my for putting a ...
    11 General 70
  169. Did anyone else find this offensive?
    During the RNC convention last night, they played a video that was supposed to be a tribute to the victims of 9/11. It opened with pictures of the Iranian hostage crisis and the narrator saying: "The first attack occured in Iran." Huh? Iran had noth...
    8 Politics 37
  170. What do you think of this Family situations whose the abusive ones?
    So, this weekend I talked my boyfriend into going to ny with my family and I. He doesn't really like my family but he agreed to make me happy. The day of going, my dad tried waking us up and claims I answered him.. I don't remember this. He finally wo...
    7 Family 29
  171. Is he treating me right?
    I have a boyfriend...weve dated...hmmm I don't know...almost more than a year. Once we got passed the whole "happy happy joy joy" months (you know when he's all you ever think about...ever!) Well we changed. He wanted sex all the time...but I wasn't wi...
    3 Sex 83
  172. What type of attack is this? Nervous breakdown? anxiety attack? or panic attack?
    It started when i was 14, i had a nervous breakdown nd went into manic depression when my mum left shortly after my 14th birthday, when she told me nd my sis, i was fine i didn't think it'd be bad, thought it was for the best, until the next day it kic...
    3 Health 44
  173. How do I deal with my teenage children being involved in gangs?
    I have four children between the ages of 14 and 17 all living at home with me- Leyland- 17, Riley- 16, Dustin- 15 and Jared- 14.. I am a single parent and often struggle with the raging hormones of the teenage years, as well as having four younger chil...
    19 Family 30
  174. Never been in a situation so convoluted...
    Ok so ill try to explain my current situation... I need some help and ill do my best to explane this. just a warning theres lots of bisexuality and homosexuality in this story... I'm torn between 2 people... about 2 months ago, I broke up with m...
    2 Sex 48
  175. What religion didn't convert at sword point?
    Growing up in Oregon, in a state run school system, and then going to a University again in Oregon, you learn a few things. One is history. From my understanding, every western religion in the world (Judaism, Catholicism, Islam) all rose to prominence ...
    20 Religion 46
  176. Right-wing extremists
    A couple of months ago the DHS issued a report to law enforcement agencies warning them of the possiblity of right-wing extremist activites. This was met with great indignation from many conservatives, and treated it as an attack on their ideology. ...
    32 Politics 52
  177. Messiah from Islam, Judaism, Christian?
    Which is the real AntiChrist? Muslims? The Cristians? or the Jews? Christians believe that the Messiah was Jesus, but Jews do not believe that. Christians believe that Jesus' claims to be God go against the beliefs of Judaism. JUDAISM The concept of...
    8 Sex 61
  178. how to handle a problem step child?
    my stepdaughter is 5. I know that she has not suffered any personal trauma. she is in pre-k. she has done pretty violent things in her class to the point where NO other kids in the class will have ANYTHING to do with her. her teachers have told me ...
    3 Babies 31
  179. how do I know if am dreaming to big?
    ( sorry for it being long.. there a couple of questions in here I need advice on)) almost alll my life. I wanted to go to college get a good job And move out the hood.but now am starting to hoping for a little to family don't have m...
    5 General 42
  180. Why am I acting like this?
    I don't know am I psychotic or something?! I've been acting really weird lately and I know I have been but I don't know why...truth is...I kind of like it. Like I'll read lots of really scary stories right before I go to sleep just because I love the f...
    2 Health 34
  181. How can anyone ignore the benefits?
    I know I'm beating a dead horse here, for some people, but how can anyone ignore the benefits of marijuana legalization? Marijuana is California's largest cash crop, illegal or not. It's estimated that marijuana accounts for $14 billion of revenue ...
    3 Politics 53
  182. I can't stand my parents! Help!
    My parents are too overprotective! period! I cant do anything! even my aunts and uncles, and my cousins say they are too strict! I absolutely know they mean well and they love me but I cant take it! my cousin tells me I should get a modeling agenc...
    8 Family 106
  183. What should I do about my brother's constant mental abuse?
    Recently I asked a question about my brother's unemployed situation. For those who did not read it I will sum it up, My mom left me and my brother about a month ago or so, he and I did not have a job but I found one in retail i am (18) btw and I paid f...
    4 Family 23
  184. How would you critique this short story I wrote not long ago?
    My feet pounded upon the rocky road slicing my bare feet. Hammering in my chest my heart beat wildly. What have I done? Why do I precede to commit such acts of sin? The street lamps shinned a dim yellow illuminating the streets as I ran faster than I h...
    4 Literature 21
  185. Does anyone know how this depression feels?
    I feel like I have an interesting case. I am going to be very curt and frank in this post, so that whoever sees this and answers may understand my entire perspective.. therefore, please don't think that I am being arrogant, or haughty. I am a 20 yea...
    5 Health 37
  186. Whattcha think of my short story?
    An impenetrable fog lingered low, interweaving itself between all in its path, concealing even the figures of the skyscrapers in the far-off distance, holding everything in sight hostage. An adornment of snow bedecked the road and all else surrounding...
    3 Literature 44
  187. My boyfriend and I broke up for a week, but he slept with someone a few days after our break up?
    My boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months and have argued in the past, but nothing worth a break up. My father is an alcoholic and sometimes gets violent when he's drunk. He slapped me across the face and shoved me to the ground Friday evenin...
    9 Sex 23
  188. I told my best friend I was in love with him.
    Ok, here I go, we dated for a few months and he moved away with his family, far away to the other side of the country, we kept in touch through phone calls and email but basically went on with our lives. A year and a half later I land a job not two hou...
    4 Relationships 35
  189. When will I ever get over the stuff which ruined my past?
    I was never a pretty kid and experienced rejection and some bullying at school. My parents were deeply discouraging of me having any boyfriends anyway so it wouldn't have helped if I had had any male attention. I developed physically later than most of...
    5 Sex 42
  190. Why are my parents like this? (PLEASE HELP!!) ?
    I turn 18 in June. I still live at home, I am the eldest of 3 kids,my sister is 2 years younger than I and the youngest is my brother, 4 years younger than I. Next year is my final year of school and then I plan to move out, to the capital. My pare...
    5 Sex 35
  191. Should I move out to keep my sanity, or stay and go nuts?
    Hey Everyone, Being the scape goat in the family I have been tormented, abused (physically, mentally, emotionally and any other way possible) and ripped to pieces inside over the years of my life. I am 18 very soon to be 19 and I am losing my sanity h...
    31 Sex 165
    Untitled `Page 1 Chapter One, Defiance “I don’t want to go to some stupid private school. I was happy where I was! Why can’t you ever just leave me alone?” I pleaded. I could tell by the expression on Paul, my uncles face, that no matter what I ...
    7 Literature 46