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  1. Do you know what is Islam???
    Do you know what is Islam???
    8 Politics 10
  2. What is the difference between Islam and Christanity?
    what is the difference between islam and christanity?
    89 Religion 130
  3. What are the five pillars of Islam?
    What are the five pillars of Islam?
    2 Religion 35
  4. Is islam the wrong religion?
    Is islam the wrong religion?
    18 Religion 106
  5. How are christiantiy judasim and islam relgions similar?
    How are christiantiy judasim and islam relgions similar?
    2 Politics 32
  6. Does islam belives in having more than one wives??
    16 Religion 85
  7. Is playing piano allowed in Islam?
    how much do you know about islam? Is playing piano allowed in Islam?
    10 Religion 2766
  8. Who (and when) were the most recent Christian, Islamic and Judaic prophets?
    12 Religion 65
  9. Did Michael Jackson accept Islam??
    did he convert 2 Islam?
    11 Religion 43
  10. If islam is a peace religion why is...
    If Islam naturally a peace religion, why are Christians scared of the spread of Islam.
    16 Religion 43
  11. What religions apart from Islam don't allow alcohol consumption?
    7 Religion 4360
  12. What do you think of Islam and Muslims?
    I want to know how people in west think about islam and muslims?
    28 Religion 60
  13. Who wrote the Quran?
    who wrot the Quran? not who said it..its prophet Mohammed I think who said it..
    5 Religion 53
  14. How many wives does islamic law allow a man to have at the sa
    How many wives does islamic law allow a man to have at the same time?
    4 Religion 62
  15. What makes people think that Islam isn't the right religion?
    What makes you people think that Islam isnt the correct religion?
    64 Religion 129
  16. Islamically married but love a coworker
    am islamically married but of recent I loved a co-worker seriouly. what do I do
    2 Relationships 23
  17. Can I Muslim man who follows Sunna marry someone following Islam?
    can a muslim man who follows the sunna marry a muslim women who follows the nation of islam?
    8 Religion 45
  18. Where to learn accurately about Islam?
    There are many websites in the internet which provides informations on islam, but many are not authenticated. Which is the most reliable and corrct information islamic website which provide information on islam and history of islam.
    3 Religion 19
  19. Are the five religions (Islam, Catholic, Christian, Hindu and Buddhism) coming from the same God?
    56 Religion 68
  20. Is painting allowed in Islam?
    is painting allowed in islam? I have heard 1 shud not paint faces of animals and humanbeings.if not y?
    2 Religion 68
  21. Does anyone need advice on islam
    Does anyone need advice on islam ?? If you do please ask on this I love to help people about my religion
    21 Religion 54
  22. Puberty in the Islamic religion?
    Can someone tell me about the rituals of going through puberty in girls in the Islamic religion (Muslims)? Thanks :)
    2 Religion 60
  23. what do you people think of Islam???
    what do you people think of the islamic religion??? plzzz answer freely... bst wishes, !!!*~*may*~*!!!
    9 Religion 17
  24. Do you think islam is a good thing to have in your life
    Do you find there are more people converting to islam where you come from x
    3 Religion 27
  25. What non Muslims really think about Muslims and Islam?
    What non Muslims really think about Muslims and Islam? Are most of the terrorists in the world Muslims? I would like to clarify that Islam is the religion and followers of Islam are called Muslims (so differentiate between religion and its followers).
    18 Religion 51
  26. Christianity and Islam
    Well why is it that more people are converting from christianity to islam and almost none from islam to christianity?The convert rate is also high.Why??? Please this is a serious question.
    8 Religion 42
  27. Why isn't the world talking about women being mutilated in Islamic countries?
    To me this is a huge human rights violation, and it is only happening in Islamic countries.
    3 Politics 54
  28. Will Islams US influence equal it's power in W. Europe?
    Do you think Islam's influence in the U.S. will ever grow to equal its power in Western Europe ?
    2 Religion 11
  29. Can a girl have a male penpal in Islam?
    What do you think? According to Islam can a girl have a pen friend or e-pal who is a boy? If she can then I want you to be my e-pal.
    2 Religion 13
  30. What are the 5 Islamic daily prayers and what do they mean?
    please help plz (i.i), what are the names of the 5 daily prayers and what do they say?, thanks :*)
    3 Religion 50
  31. Where does Islam and Christianity divide?
    I recently saw an article telling about similarities between islam and ultimately goes to tell that jesus is an islamic prophet...will be glad to know more on it...
    8 Religion 50
  32. Why don't people think Islam is the right religion?
    islam has all the right answers and hasnt been altered since Allah wrote the quarn,y people are other religious
    12 Religion 48
  33. Why do people think islam teaches hatetred.
    Why do people think islam teaches hatred? You cant judje a religion without studying theyre source of belief
    4 Religion 20
  34. Do women have to wear the hijab in Islam?
    I was doing some research in Islam and im wondering because I have heard two stories for this question!! Do women have to wear the hijab or is it a choice? whats the meaning of wearing it?
    10 Religion 71
  35. The Quran?
    I recently downloaded an English translation of the Quran. I am interesting in reading and understanding it, but I don't know much about it. What religion(s) believe in the words of the Quran? What is the Quran? Basically, anyone who believes in the Qu...
    7 Religion 48
  36. Why do Islamic boys have to be at least 7 years old to pray?
    i read that muslim boys cant pray until they are about 7 yrs, why is this?, thanks for your answer!!!!!!! :*)
    6 Religion 25
  37. Why is islam the fastest growing religion
    Hey I have read quiet a few books and sites about islam and I found out there is about 1.3 billion muslims and it is the fastest growing religion in the world. Have you seen the same? What do you think?
    16 Religion 42
  38. I have an islamic friend
    I have an islamic friend who is only islamic because of her parents. I'm a christian and she wants to convert to christianity. my question is what will her islamic parents say? I do know the the kuran says ''fight all those who do not submit to islam'...
    18 Religion 26
  39. Converting to Islam
    Salaam Aleikoum, I am christian but I believe in the Holy Quran, I believe in Islam, I am having serious thoughts of converting to Islam, although I have faith I am afraid of taking the leap. I think it might be because my family disagrees with my deci...
    11 Religion 22
  40. I am christian and I want to revert to Islam
    Im a christian that is very well informed about christianity and islam and recently I have this feeling that God is calling me to Islam. I first learned about islam by my close friend that I met at school. I told my mother of my intentions to revert bu...
    28 Religion 61
  41. Magic In Islam
    Islam tells us about staying away from black magic,which is a taboo.But if there is bad magic-is there good magic?Is that forbidden,too?Or does God not want humans to practice magic because we are incapable of handling it?And we may just use it for bad...
    5 Religion 23
  42. converting to islam
    ok so I was introduced to islam by friends and my boyfriend,,I admit at first I had a total misconeption of muslims..but the more I learn about it the more I want to learn..I grew up as a catholic..but I do not see myself continuing that path...if I we...
    3 Religion 12
  43. Islam and Christianity?
    I know that Muslims believe in Jesus, but they do not believe that he is the son of God. I had a Muslim friend and she said that she believes that Jesus is the Savior, that he will come back. If this is true, than why do some Christians believe Islam...
    6 Religion 29
  44. What do you think about the Islamic religon?
    What do you think about islamic religon? Im a muslim woman and I ware a scarf and cover my hair, and 60% of the pepole look at me like I have a desies. Islamik religon is like all religons but some pepole make it look diffrent. Tell me your opinion or ...
    6 Religion 26
  45. What is the difference between Christianity and Islam???
    What is the difference between Christianity and Islam? I know Christianity is when you believe Jesus is the SON of god (some other people said he was god which confrusled meh), there are like, a billion different types of it and Islam is similar expec...
    20 Religion 58
  46. How to tell my Mom I want to convert to Islam?
    This is the latest the more I have done research in ISLAM the more it pulls me in...Something in my heart tells me to convert but what is holding me back is telling my mother, because I know my dad will understand..I need help telling my mother my dec...
    25 Religion 71
  47. Are Islamic girls allowed to date white guys?
    Let me rephrase that because I believe the answer is no. Islamic girls, have you ever dated a christian boy before? And Christan boys, have you ever dated an Islamic girl. I have a thing for this girl and I'm afraid I'll be rejected by her religion. I ...
    10 Relationships 67
  48. Why are all the official prayers in Islam in Arabic?
    It seems to me that somehow, people got confused and believe that Allah can only understand one language. As they want you to also read the Quran in Arabic, too, if you are a "good muslim" one time, the Islamic faith embraced science, math and sch...
    9 Religion 42
  49. Why did the Islamic intentionally crash airliners into the Twin Towers on 9/11?
    hey guyz especially those great American peepz you wouldnt know how much I love America even though im livin in Ozzie but any/wayz does anyone know why those islamists intentionally crashed the ailiners into the twin towers. Its part of a history assig...
    6 Politics 62
  50. Can Muslims marry outside of Islam?
    Im very confused at the whole Islam religion, see I was dating a muslim for about three years and his parents didnt have a problem with it but about five months ago they decided to break us up because I wasnt muslim...His parents said that if I wanted ...
    20 Religion 192
  51. What does my recurring dream mean (islam) ?
    I have started having a recurring dream about a jinn. I'll be in my room and all of a sudden a powerful force will take over my room and I can sense the jinn is there doing it. Then if I try to escape out of my door it forces the door shut and my bedro...
    2 Religion 183
  52. What do you guys think about Islam?
    what do you guys think about islam? I mean islam really is a beautiful religion. and please. not everyone is a terrorist. muslims pray 5 times a day you know. 1. before sunrise 2. noon 3. afternoon 4. sunset 5. before sleeping. the muslims thank the...
    22 Religion 54
  53. What are your feelings on the Islam extremist group that burned a giant poppy today, Rememberence Day?
    Well today, at Hyde Park, in London, a group of around 35 Muslim extremeists, in a group named "Muslims against the Crusades" gathered. They carried banners and chanted slogans such as "British soldiers: terrorists". Posters bore slogans including "Han...
    12 Politics 32
  54. Michael(Mikaeel) Jackson
    why did michael jackson convert to islam?
    5 Religion 13
  55. Worid religion
    Islam and eightfold path
    2 Religion 6
  56. what do you know about Islam?
    actually I don't even know is it the right place to post this topic or not but I think it is because its a general topic ,,, lately I read something that attracted and shocked me it was a paragraph starting with its attracting topic "IT WAS THE PU...
    7 Religion 29
  57. Did Sunita Williams really accept Islam?
    "Recently after coming back from Space station Sunita Wiliams, an Indian origin female astronaut has accepted Islam" a news like this is spreading all over the internet and in some of the daily news paper atleast in some locals. What is the actual fac...
    19 Religion 1783
  58. Why is my dad so against islam and how do I tell him I'm muslim?
    I am learning Arabic, I pray, I beleive in Allah and Muhammad and I am loyal to Allah. But no one knows except my best friend. Last night I came SO close to telling my Dad that I am now Muslim, but when I mentioned the word 'Islam' he went right off ...
    6 Family 66
  59. Converting to Islam?
    I am a Roman Catholic, and whne I was 6 years ols I made the choice to follow my mothers religion, as my father was Church of England. I have never eally understood or believed everything ihave been taught either at school or at church. I find that man...
    11 Religion 44
  60. Can it be controlled ?
    Is any Islamic nation capable of controlling terrorism? (violent/extremeists/jihadists)
    19 Politics 22
  61. To marry a younger guy
    Is it accepted in islam religion to marry a younger guy???
    2 Relationships 9
  62. american marries a muslim
    does the Quran say muslims can not marry outside there race
    8 Religion 56
  63. How many versions does the Bible have?
    does bible really has that many verisons? isnt it hard then to believe which one is true? in islam. there is only one Quran and no 2nd or 3rd verisons.. and how many versions does a bible have ?
    11 Religion 54
  64. best religion
    Which religion is better? Islam, judiasim, or christianity?Please answer
    31 Religion 55
  65. Is the beard becoming a symbol of terrorism?
    Is beard becoming a symbol of islamic terrorism? How do you view a person with beard post 9/11 and before?
    2 Religion 29
  66. What was the religion of abraham?
    Abrahamic religions are judaism, chrisianity and islam as abraham is a common ancestor and prophet. My question is what was the religion of abraham?
    35 Religion 22
  67. Polygamy
    Islam allows polygamy (one man having multiple wives). God said: “… marry women of your choice, two or three or four; but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with them, then only one.” Quran (4,3) Islam permits polygamy but places s...
    13 Religion 56
  68. Non Muslims and Christians
    If you were a non christian and God showed himself to you...that christianity is the true religion...would you convert? If God showed himself to you... that islam is the true religion, would you convert? why or why not?
    12 Religion 30
  69. What do you think about this , americans?
    Well I study medicine in oiu , which stands for omddurman islamic university , and I know that americans dont like that word ,, islamic ,, so do you think I will be able to come to usa to work there as a doctor if so will it be easy ?
    4 Education 11
  70. Is it possible that Terrorism is caused by this?
    Is it possible that Terrorism is caused by problematic interpretations of Islam, thus threatening world peace ?
    15 Religion 15
  71. If there's no Bible tomorrow, could someone recite it ?
    if there was no bible tomorrow, if it all were somehow missing, will someone be able to recite the whole bible without making any mistakes?? if you're asking whether someone can recite the Quran without the Quran, yes, an Imam can without making mistak...
    12 Religion 66
  72. Would you say this statement is true or false?
    Would you say this statement is true or false - 'Radical Islam is a malignancy on the body of man and sooner or later will have to be excised or it will take over' ?
    4 Religion 20
  73. What is politically correct to call them?
    BRITAIN - Gordon Brown has banned ministers from using the word "Muslim" in ­connection with the ­terrorism crisis (wonder what his response will be when it happens again to the reporter who asks him the Dr Phil question - How's that workin' for ya ?) ...
    8 Politics 35
  74. Why don't the moderate Islamists issue a fatwa on all the extremist and zealots?
    There was a video clip from Dennis Miller I caught the headline of this morning and it occurred to me that within Islam, there is the idea of 'fatwa' or religious law. Why don't the more moderates (say, the largest Muslim country in the world, Indonesi...
    19 Politics 38
  75. Religious Customs
    Which religion forbids the custom of shaking hands? I know Islam forbids a female shaking hands with a male, but I have never heard of two male not being able to shake hands. Any thoughts?
    3 Religion 30
  76. Religion and spiritualuty
    I have the holy quran hanging up at home on my wall. Everytime I look at it and the arabic words I can see myself sitting on the words praying. What does this mean?
    3 Religion 9
  77. Why you people in western world wheather it was europe,spacificly e
    Why you people in western world wheather it was europe,spacificly england germany,america,inspite that islam tell muslims to love every one and we believe in all prophets and we resprct jesus and if anyone said anything bad about him he will be detroye...
    7 Politics 49
  78. Why do Christians follow the Bible?
    I don't understand why people study the Bible!?!? I mean why? What is so special about the Bible? How come you don't read the Quran. How do you know that the Bible is not true? Does it have some kind of code? Does it have a sign or do you read it b/...
    22 Religion 158
  79. How can we be accepted with different religions?
    If my boyfriend's religion is Islam and mine is Christian and we believe in a lot the same but others don't, is that bad and how can we help or ask others to be nice about us being together?
    6 Religion 29
  80. muslim women hajib
    do muslim women half to ware the hijab if she is over 54 years old and does not have monthly period any more does she half to ware hijab in the usa and where in the quran does it say that they dont half to ware hajib anymore after they reach that point...
    11 Religion 59
  81. How to learn arabic online free?
    I am interested to learn Arabic including holy Quran through internet, online. I am interested to learn the language in such a way that I should be able to speak Arabic and at the same time I should be able to understand the meaning of the article or b...
    2 Education 32
  82. Should the Olympics be adjusted for Ramadan?
    The 2012 Summer Olympics will be right in the middle of the Islamic fasting period Ramadan. This will affect about 3,000 athletes practicing Islam. Proponents have also argued it will affect people hoping to travel to London to watch the games. Some...
    2 Religion 31
  83. God doesn't exist?
    Questions for atheists (No offense here) : I believe in a Unique God, All-powerful. He is most High and He is above all His creation. Islam teaches that although a person may deny the existence of God, in the depth of his heart, it's a fact he cannot d...
    60 Religion 48
  84. What if a nuclear bomb took out Mecca?
    As in, no more 'haaj', no more visits to the first mosque in Islam, no more black stone...nothing. As in, nuclear holocaust the whole area around. Would that change Islam forever...? Would every Muslim have to go to hell, b/c they couldn't do one of th...
    6 Religion 40
  85. Is it sinful for a Muslim to be an actor?
    Is it sinful for a person who is muslim to be an actor? can a muslim person become an actor? is it ok? I mean is there any sin left out if a muslim being does acting? I don't think non-muslims will be able to answer thi question no offence though but i...
    4 Religion 95
  86. I want to Adopt an Animal
    I want to adopt an animal But I dont knw which animal to choose ? Birds : I think they are boring .. Sorry Flying Guys Fish : same as above Dogs : I cant adopt Dogs .. Its not allowed in Islam Cats : I hope .. But my mum is afraid of them SO .. waiting
    12 Pets 25
  87. Eliminate negative thoughts and feelings
    According to my religion (Islam), the Satan was the most knowledgeable of his Lord but he was destroyed because of his pride and envy... I recognize when someone gets something I wanted, I become envious. Is it possible to get rid of these bad though...
    9 Religion 69
  88. What is God's name?
    so I talked to my mother about converting and she practically said that in her house we will praise JEHOVAH our God. She also said that Islam God's name is ALLAH but I tried explaining to her that ALLAH means God but she refused to believe me. She also...
    34 Religion 99
  89. Are Jehovah, Allah same?
    Somebody telling jehovah and allah are different. because jehovah is god for jews and christians. but allah is arabian moon god for muslims. My question is if both are different how judaism, islam and christianity are abarahamic religions? If Allah is ...
    15 Religion 65
  90. What begins with m and its darker then night?
    A word begins with m and has 5 letters if you spell it in urdu or english. Women does this once in a lifetime and men do it 3 times a day, its brighter then sun and darker then night. If you drink this it is halal and if you eat it its haraam. It is ...
    4 Religion 1116
  91. Do Aliens have a religion?
    I believe in sceince, and evolutyion. yes I am christian as well. I read and hear that god created the universe, so am I to believe that the aliens are christian, jewish, jahova witeness, islamic, morman, muslim, baptist, cathlic, or athiest? Or do the...
    8 Religion 63
  92. Is this a future crime in the U.S.?
    When Saudi authorities discovered a man working in Mecca was a Christian -- thanks to a new fingerprinting system -- they immediately arrested him, highlighting the desert kingdom's law barring non-Muslims from the Islamic holy city - Do you think 'bei...
    3 Religion 12
  93. Are these claims true or false?
    The much-anticipated Q&A with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took place at Columbia University on Monday, and the controversial Iranian president did not disappoint. Here he is claiming 1) that homosexuality does not exist in his country 2) that women are treasu...
    3 Sex 37
  94. Who is the Real Antichrist?
    Most people says, Jew is the real antichrist. In christians: They dont worship jesus because they are not christian. In Islam: They Don't believe in jesus, they want to crucifix him. Instead Allah brought him up in the heaven and Turn the leader of peo...
    10 Religion 34
  95. How can I learn more about other religions?
    so I m Christian but I have a very open idea of religion (look at my profile for more info) and I was wanting to learn more about other religions especially ones that aren't very common or aren't abrahamic religions. I have studied Islam, Buddhism and ...
    3 Religion 27
  96. Do you consider Bahà'ism an Abrahamic religion?
    If so why? I'm just curious,i have Persian Bahai friends who agree that Bahà'ism is an Abrahamic religion and some Catholic and Muslim friends who agree.Whereas some Orthodox Christians disagree.Just to show some resemblances between Bahà'ism,Islam,Jud...
    4 Religion 48
  97. Why no outrage ?
    Just read: Rampaging Muslims have killed 10 Christians, injured 61 others, destroyed nine churches and displaced more than 500 people in northern Nigeria, according to eyewitnesses – all because Muslim high school students claimed a Christian student h...
    10 Religion 40
  98. Do terrorists mean it or is it an idle threat?
    Terrorist leaders threatened to kill Madonna and Britney Spears for "spreading Satanic culture" in a new book released today (9/12/07). "If I meet these w---s I will have the honor – I repeat, I will have the honor – to be the first one to cut the head...
    2 Politics 18
  99. Messiah from Islam, Judaism, Christian?
    Which is the real AntiChrist? Muslims? The Cristians? or the Jews? Christians believe that the Messiah was Jesus, but Jews do not believe that. Christians believe that Jesus' claims to be God go against the beliefs of Judaism. JUDAISM The concept of...
    8 Sex 61
  100. Do you get this Childrens' program in your country ?
    An Islamic TV station using a Bugs Bunny lookalike to preach to children has been slammed by religious leaders in the UK who fear it could brainwash vulnerable British children. Assud the rabbit, who vows to 'kill and eat Jews' and glorifies the maimin...
    5 Entertainment 11
  101. Why is having more than one girl a bother for many?
    Just watched HBO's "Big Love" and the show had me thinking why girls get riled up when they know their man has another woman... to me, it seems plural relationships are being given the negative treatment here... I'm not putting Islam in some negati...
    6 Relationships 24
  102. Who thinks the 10,000 Afghanistan protestors shouting "death to America" went overboard?
    I get it, it was wrong for the American, Christian pastor to suggest burning the Quran. However, their response was more than a bit extreme....and, if people in the US are ever to actually respect Muslims, I think that tolerance, on all sides, is lacki...
    28 Politics 33
  103. Meaning of life..
    Looking into past and current events in areas such as Darfur, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine, and during WWII, im kind of in the midst of asking myself what makes me so special? like why couldnt have it been me suffering instead of others?I mean honestly, w...
    7 Religion 31
  104. How to explain my decision to Christian parents... Help please!
    I am a 15 year old woman, brought up in a Christian family who, after a lot of prayer and research wants to convert to Islam. Although I am worried about telling my parents this, my true concern is that I wish to follow Allah's comands and cover myself...
    26 Religion 54
  105. When it comes to religion, how do you begin? like I always get asked questions about religion...islam to be exact because like im muslim;)...but I was wondering what do people actually want to know about religion/islam??...any hints would be greatly appreciated;) *gasps*...ohh yeah...a...
    19 Religion 22
  106. Do the Christians pick on the Mormon Religion?
    Ziggy's thread on the Mormon Religion seemed to spark some heat so I will try to state upfront that this is in no way an attempt to incite resentment or anger. I just noticed that the Christians tended not to take the Mormons as serious as other Chris...
    12 Religion 47
  107. This is a question for Muslim women...
    Or people who know muslim women. I met a Muslim girl once and we were just talking. She said she wanted to model at one time but the dream was quickly terminated because of her religion. She said it is prohibited to expose her body in public. She...
    11 Religion 40
  108. Which God is real?
    The New Testament is about 1700 years old (in its current form). Other religions (Greek and Roman mythology) had religious texts older than that describing their deities and Gods. So why don't people still believe in those Gods? Why is Christianity ...
    21 Religion 30
  109. Should I make a group about sharing religious beliefs?
    Hi everyone, I was just wondering, is anybody intrested in learning about Islam? because I love teaching peple what I know and also love to listen about their religion or cultural beliefs. In addition I thought I could create another group instead of t...
    10 Religion 33
  110. Can muslim like a buddhist?
    I'm a mum was a buddhist but before she marry my dad, she converted to islam and she's now kinda into it..d prob is, I'm in love with a buddhist..but I dun mind at all..I heard that he once said that he's not gonna date other races due to di...
    6 Religion 71
  111. Why do/would you pray for Japan?
    I am curious as to why you think in a majority Shinto and Bhuddist country your prayers would have any meaning. Do people of christianity, judaism, islam and other religions believe prayer will help them? With different ideas of god how do they know wh...
    46 Religion 83
  112. What religion do I belong to?
    I know it is a personal choice, but for some reason I don't know if I should be baptized because I don't think I could uphold gods laws. My parents are JW's but I'm more of an agnostic. Jw's are nice people what they believe in is true.(at least from...
    3 Relationships 37
  113. Should the religious slaughter of animals be banned?
    Animal welfare activists campaign for only the most ‘humane’ methods of slaughter to be used when killing animals for meat. Switzerland and Sweden – already restrict the practice of religious slaughter. The UK’s Farm Animal Welfare Council recently...
    18 Religion 90
  114. Are these reports made up or real ?
    Just read this in the Daily Mail: A gang of British Muslims planned to blow up seven planes within hours in the biggest terrorist atrocity since 9/11, a court heard yesterday Two thousand passengers would have died in the plot by eight fanatics workin...
    4 Politics 11
  115. Racial profiling, is it wrong?
    I only ask because im a security guard, I inspect vehicles entering and leaving the facility. And the only time I inspect a vehicle coming in is when he's islamic or some kind of middle eastern ethnenticity. 20-30 years ago that would be perfectly le...
    26 Politics 55
  116. What is the truth? did Moses see God?
    Question for theists of Abrahamic religions. Well, God spoke directly to Moses: God said :"We sent the revelation to Nûh(Noah) and the prophets after him; We also sent the revelation to Ibrâhîm (Abraham), Ismâ'îl(Ishmael), Ishâq(Isaac), Ya'qûb(Jacob)...
    3 Religion 34
  117. Why is people believe others of other faiths are "evil"?
    I have met a lot of people of different faiths then mine ,that believe I am "evil " ,just because I dont believe that most of this earths religions are right . I don't believe the creator is happy to see Its/his/hers creations killing each other for a ...
    10 Religion 9
  118. Why doesn't age matter?
    I have seen may questions where the questioner says something like "I was a Christian but now I have become an atheist because Christianity does not make any sense to me any more?" We see them take a position in life - from Christianity to atheism, fro...
    73 Religion 53
  119. What do you think of this assessment ?
    I read this today: If Barack Obama is elected President of the United States, I fear our enemies will smell the blood of weakness and rise in retaliation here and abroad. While Obama makes sweeping promises to end the war in Iraq, he never projects the...
    33 Politics 104
  120. Why? (Mostly goes to republicans)
    I never got this in the first place? Why did everyone make a big deal about all of the Democratic candidates this year? They're all equal American citizens that should deserve as many rights as any other person in this country. People said obama was...
    3 Politics 11
  121. What religion didn't convert at sword point?
    Growing up in Oregon, in a state run school system, and then going to a University again in Oregon, you learn a few things. One is history. From my understanding, every western religion in the world (Judaism, Catholicism, Islam) all rose to prominence ...
    20 Religion 46
  122. How can the abrahamaic god be omnibenevolent?
    If we are to believe the accounts of the bible and other related holy books (the Quran, the Torah), the abrahamaic god is omnipotent and omniscient - he sees all and knows all - and is also supposed to be omnibenevolent, or at least a pretty good kind...
    18 Religion 44
  123. Victory in Iraq?
    What exactly is "victory in Iraq"? I am not an anti-war protester or anything, but I have been confused about this war. We all now know that there was no connection prewar between Iraqi government and the Al Qeda, we all know there is no WMD's. What...
    6 Politics 23
  124. How do I make my mom take me out of a crap school?
    My mom thinks this school is gr8. I only went there because I thought they had sed they have "gr8 sports facilities". Some teachers try 2 brainwash u (except 4 a few people most of the class is brainwashed) into thinking that music is bad (fuck her) ...
    2 Family 41
  125. Ridiculed because of my nationality and religion.
    Im really upset.I went to America last week with my cousins and we're girls so there were these girls there who began to pass comments when we were at the park.they were our age,I think and looked normal and all until they saw us.One of them asked me ...
    9 General 24
  126. Cause of Global Crisis? War on Iraq and Afghanistan
    US War On Terror. Do you reall Agree that Muslim Is the Terrorist? Why Clinton Time, There are almost no terrorist. But Since Bush became president, the world Terrorist in every Dictionary and also Wikipedia there is Islam and Muslim as a Terroris. ...
    4 Politics 42
  127. Does this make Sense?
    A lot of people on this site have been saying stuff like,'There seem to be more Muslim extremists out there and every terrorist is a Muslim'. I found this article.Does it change your opinion or smthin?It makes sense 2 me. V iolence by extrem...
    12 Religion 54
  128. Religion Interviews..
    I thought this place was pretty interesting so I guess I'll seek what I need I am unsure as to whether this is appropriate for this website, feel free to inform me if it is not. Thank you. I am a student of Axia College of University of Phoe...
    2 Religion 36
  129. Iran, A true threat?
    I've been looking at topics about Iran. Personally, I'm hung up on the Iraq War. But it ISN'T because of Iran. And people are constantly telling me that Iran would invade Iraq if we left early and that Iran would disrupt Middle East peace and prosperi...
    9 Politics 30
  130. Equality
    In the media in the UK at the moment there is loads of coverage about whites being racist to blacks. What about us whites? Whn I was at school I was a accoused of calling a boy in my class a N***er and I got suspended and find out a few years la...
    7 Politics 34
  131. Religion has been corrupted by man?
    What did you think of when you first read that Statement? Christians vs. Islam? Christians vs. Satanist? Christians vs. Wiccan? What is the connecting factor in everybodies thoughts? Christianity. Now before anyone reads this and starts trying to be al...
    21 Religion 62
  132. Is 2011 the end of the world?
    I've been listening to familyradio for more than one year. Familyradio is a Christian radio station sponsored by listeners. I am most interested in its open forum program hosted by its general manager Harold Camping, who has caused a great commotion am...
    19 Religion 51
  133. Is a dirty bomb headed to a city near you?
    If so... who mailed the care package? Nestled somewhere between the front page and sports section of your favorite newspaper you may have come across the visage of 36 year old CIA contractor Raymond Davis. He is being held by Pakistani authoritie...
    3 Politics 15
  134. What if I can't stand my Mom's husband?
    Sorry this may be a bit long its a very Long painful Story! But I Really Need Advice I Feel Really Down. My mum lied, went behind EVERYONES back and kept BIG secrets from me and my sister. ok, so what happend was she met a man ( I dont know how, I th...
    6 Family 87